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From the Editor Here we are half way threw the year and the Kindred Tribune is still going strong. In this issue members of the communities will share their own stories and offer tips and advice to help those who are just beginning their walk down these to your e-mail address book might solve the problem! ***Your E-mail address is for the exclusive use of obtaining a subscription to the Kindred Tribune and your e-mail will never be sold or provided to any other party. vampire or to the world of paganism and magic. And we have YOU to thank for that. Be it to your nature as otherkin.*** Subscribe to the Kindred Tribune . Please be sure to check these folders regularly to see if you got your copy. The Kindred Tribune may go directly to your Bulk. Junk. or Spam mail with Subscription in the subject line. Know that you are not alone and that even though it may seem hard now you will survive. Would you like to get the Kindred Tribune FREE of charge E-mailed directly to your inbox upon its release? Well now you can! All you need to do is send e-mail to ktsubscription@gmail. In this issue we address the issues and difficulties of awakening. Also adding ktsubscription@gmail.

. intaglio and anything that looks useful for me to bring my ideas and imagination out into the physical world. . I am a painter. Events. . . . .4 Tips For Awakening .. mostly.jessepeper.. . & Announcements. . .. .3 How I came to be & What I've learned. . If you would care to view my works or correspond with me please visit my website: http://www. .15 . . . . . 14 News. .7 Awakening .. . . I find myself engaging in a process that interferes with the actual paintings as individual entities. I feel as if painting is a language of sorts. .com Thank you! . .What’s wrong with me? . . .. 1 Cover Artwork Provided By Jesse Peper For any of you Kindred Tribune readers interested in knowing. A great deal of what I use or see as such. .Table Of Contents Awakening: Learning to Believe What is Awakening? . sculpture. I also work with sound-related projects. . .. Symbolism has a very strong impression on my work.Jesse Issues with Awakening Today . One day my paintings will have to live without me and speak for themselves. . 6 Red Letters of Love . Currently. Titles and sometimes inscriptions are as far as I usually incorporate the use of words regarding my visual ideas.13 . . Whenever I attempt to describe my work as a painter. Although. . . are thusly incorporated with some degree of personal association and interpretation. .

I got really pissed off at someone and tried to make things happen to them. saying I had no idea what they were talking about. people got really weird about it and were either scared of me afterward or told me I was crazy. we were flying kites in the schoolyard. And I’ve seen this in others again and again . so of course I fought to fit everything into a paradigm that agreed with what I was being taught about what was possible and impossible. there were times when. “It’s all psycho-somatic. The way they went on about what I could do just plain scared me. I was a pretty rational / scientific-minded kid growing up. I didn’t start connecting all this to me until fourth or fifth grade. seemed to think I was some kind of little angel come down with great gifts from just sort of came to me. Coincidence was my favorite excuse. or fifteen weird things all happening at about the same time with no good explanation just couldn’t be coincidence any more. I could have explained one or two away. and so I naturally decided to call a wind to make it fly higher than everyone else’s. Eventually. I was so embarrassed for getting caught doing something I obviously shouldn’t have been. it was a whole lot of little things that piled up till I couldn’t ignore them anymore. but five. lightning. wind and rain. lightning. no one had taught me anything about magick at that point in my life. or ashamed of what I could do. Lightning flash and thunder wail! It is a chant I use to this day whenever I do storm magick. I closed my eyes and sort of reached up into the wind to pull a stronger gust my way. Blow the clouds in. It was even harder to accept that it wasn’t just accidental. all those little incidents build up into a huge pile of crushing proof: . and I know I hadn’t learned the chant from anyone .I knew what they’d done to that Jesus guy. Swimming in Denial It was hard at first to accept that it was me doing these things. so what was I worried about anyway? The Balance of Belief There is no single. Michelle Belanger When I was in second grade. I’d gone to Sunday school . specific incident that finally tipped the balance of belief for me. that I didn’t do anything like that for quite some time. They made me feel scared as well. the endless string of little intuitions and “coincidences” and “luck” are what finally prove it to people. but couldn’t control any other way. Rather. I usually escaped the guilt with the same excuse I used for so many years: it was just a coincidence. ten. Gifts from Heaven or Hell Sometimes other kids and adults would connect these strange happenings with me. circuits and things blowing out. But the day-to-day incidents. and if I was pretty sure I’d done it. wind and hail. so I talked less and less and usually tried to pretend I had nothing to do with anything weird if things happened around me. and I started chanting quietly to myself to help focus: Thunder. I’d feel guilty for a while.the really big. Although. to be honest. Heck. because anytime I’d talk about the things I could do. there were a lot of little incidents that hinted there was something a little strange about me: lights going on and off. and I didn’t want anything like that happening to me! Then there were the folks who would be afraid of me.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 Awakening: Learning to Believe By. because it seemed like a terrible responsibility to be walking around with miraculous gifts. being a kid. but I still didn’t understand how anything worked or what it meant. If someone confronted me about these “coincidences” I usually claimed innocence. or decide it had something to do with Satan. for example. Now. reality-popping incidents don’t do it for them. After that. Some folks at my church. At that point I knew I could do things. and then I started studying what I could find on psychic phenomenon at the time. and I was disappointed because my kite would not fly very high. Those they can somehow turn a blind eye to. it’s all psycho-somatic” I’d say over and over again. I wavered back and if she knew that I was calling the wind. I was a very competitive child. And of course. Their responses also made me want to be pretty secretive about things. It usually scared the hell out of me when something finally did. storm again! Thunder. or that it was somehow all psycho-somatic Sometimes this would be my mantra when something strange was going ~1~ on that I really wanted to stop. but that I could learn to do these things consciously. as did my responses to their responses. until the unwanted phenomenon would just go away. The really funny thing about this is that not only did it work to call a really strong wind. other electrical devices like TVs and radios not working right around me. or maybe trick themselves into forgetting about. but one of the teachers on recess duty apparently noticed me chanting and yelled at me to cut it out . and their responses would vary.

Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 Reality is not always what it seems. And we can alter it through Will and through dreams. Thine darkest wings of onyx stone Do they so take captive weak me Moaning sighs. To feel your warm heart against Amazon. crying now Take me with you away from pain You smile. Quietly hoping to see you. a kiss on me Standing on the sill you there are You smile from the spot you grace and Before you realize it I wake I don’t want you to go. kind emeralds Take swiftly away. Have dominion over my eyes.lulu. pooling. finally. heated lust from us Your hands now slide downward. You place a loving sentiment A rose. lower. ecstatic purrs Run slender arms across hot skin Time. Let dark wings occlude our bodies. ever Why must you? But before you do I cling to your arm. a sharp inhale. take my hand and lead me Away and far from worldly pain David Goddard ©2007 You can find Lady CG’s Book at the following Websites: http://www. ------------------------------------© 2003 Michelle Belanger Sentiments I write once more So soft did my window open I stall my breath. Our love now heralds high above Aphrodite now envies our sight Raging angrily from our lust Dark wings unfold and morn is here. Let lips collide. sweaty kiss. Your wings provide a heated dark Have dominion over my heart Let precious tears fall from my eyes These dark. a ring. you lay with ~2~ .

That's why this page has articles on Awakening -what it's like from people who have been there. Most often. Those who we term "Awakened" have their eyes open and are able to see all of those things that make the universe a richer and more profound experience than one of just the material senses. spiritual component that our current culture encourages us to be blind to. Belief is the crux of Awakening. teachers. More often. those latent abilities do not just go away. Either way. There is not just body. they must work their whole lives to forcibly keep their spiritual eyes shut when seeing and experiencing things on that level are as natural to them as breathing. and if you have the courage and the perseverance.episodes of precognition. The world is changing as are the people in it. with work. A person at this stage has a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of experiences that seem to defy the very rules of possibility. Instead. At this stage it is also common to experiment with different belief systems in an attempt to understand what is really going on with a reality that does not seem to conform to the accepted rules. These self-imposed mental blocks often do not start to come loose until the onset of puberty or later adolescence. But as our parents. And we know how hard it is to keep going. On one hand. This is the time and the place for it. and then our sensations and perceptions become something which we cannot deny. as we go through that period of individuation in adolescence wherein we question the rules and boundaries set by society and by our parents. There are more and more Awakened in every generation now. we start to also question those boundaries that tell us what we can and cannot believe. Sometimes latent abilities manifest with renewed strength as puberty comes upon us. ______________________ © 2003 Michelle Belanger . physical reality. There is usually a critical point at which a person who is Awakening makes a decision to believe or not to believe. It takes a strong personality and a profound belief in yourself to be able to reject the ~3~ accepted paradigm and seek to define one of your own. If they choose to accept that there is more to reality than they have been told. the Awakened person enters a period of deep repression that can continue their whole lives. and other feelings which cannot be explained. However. tips for getting through it. If they choose not to believe. then the process continues and. Together we are pushing the takes a strong ego to survive the process of Awakening without buckling under the pressure to just disbelieve. visual perception of auras or spirits. The challenge with Awakening is breaking through those barriers imposed by your parents. Others come to their Awakening later in life. they will eventually come to understand and even master the latent abilities that they have. and encouraging words that will hopefully make you realize that you're as not crazy as you think you are. This is not an easy thing to do. for some of us. It is very common in this stage of Awakening to reevaluate the experiences and beliefs of childhood in an attempt to discern what was real and what was truly imagination. so it becomes easier each time someone new gives them a push. Some of us are born Awakened. it is impossible to remain blind. and we have known nothing else. On the other. and your birth religion. We've been there. We've seen people go either way. Michelle Belanger There is more to the world than just ordinary. your society.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 What is Awakening? By. strong moments of empathy or telepathy. and latent talents and abilities manifest in early childhood. All of the material things around us have a vital. we are born with the capacity to Awaken. Awakening comes at various points in people's lives. they must work their whole lives to believe in something most other people regard as fantasy. we start to block off this aspect of our experience. and all other authority figures in our lives repeatedly reinforce the notion that our subtle senses are just our imagination. that spirits aren't real and that magick doesn't exist. the road before the person is not an easy one. there is something wonderful to be achieved. even once you've made the decision to believe. It is not uncommon to have spontaneous numinous experiences at this stage as well -. This is one of the reasons so many Awakened people are such egoists -. There is also spirit.

I've only slightly begun my journey! Again we learn new things. five years of learning. His wings are fully visible. He was in complete control.. He awakened something within me that night. I can't really explain what it was like but it's an amped up version of feeling my own phantom limbs.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 How I came to be & What I've learned. . It all became a part of life. ~Nox The Wolf with the Broken Wings ---. I enter cautiously.. the thirst.. This is the awakening of a new ability. I take a look at myself long and hard.. I then realized what my gift was.. I went through the process of awakening. not how I awakened to my vampirism or therianthropy or how I found the Goddess. I tried to research it but to no avail. As I read everything. am walking down a long road. The wind howling. Something. I posted on boards and web sites and nobody knew.. I become closer and closer to finding out exactly what it is I can do. I become hyper sensitive and have the most amazing feeling.. Only wings though nothing else. cracks of lightning easing me into my walk. hers are very different from *his*. I awakened as a sanguinarian. I can now control who's wings I feel and when. At that moment I could feel them on me as if they were mine! I was in physical pain.. and I became numb to it. I call it the "Mirror of the Goddess".. and I suffered a great deal of emotional and physical pain. and five years of pain. *** This is the story of my 4th awakening. I don't know how I do it or why. or what "Psi vamps" were.. Five years of dealing with vampirism... yellow at the time. that cold that tells me that 'kin are near. In 2002. The scars on my back. that I don't quite understand. placed exactly where one may have once had wings. Even at this stage I did'nt really know what being a vampire meant. something different. *** I’m in my Arctic Wolf form. *THE* cave. I have a gryphon friend who's wings I can also feel. the sensitivity to sunlight. at first it was spontaneous. paws and tail). I can see. Everyone's wings were different but I could feel them all. the rage. a vampire. *** From that moment on something was different. They suddenly became cold and pupils a piercing white. I was constantly reminded of it.. I can't break the connection.-----------------Its been five years. Then it happened. A few weeks later I came to the realization that I also experienced the mental shifts of the 'kin who's wings I was feeling. It’s as if he sees right into my very soul. Silly I know but I did so anyway. I cleared my mind. They're very bird-like and twitchy. It started with a dream. I could feel it. I just know I can. The dark warm eyes I had always subconsciously avoided are now staring back at mine. Within days of that night I began to develop something else. For 3 years before that. at rehearsal one night. it gets cold. Along with experiencing the rapidly changing mindset of my fellow 'kin It's almost as if I speed up while the world slows down. He poked me lightly and told me to "pass it on". I walk on slowly.. With every step I take my gift sharpens and unfold itself. I look at him. In January 1999.. Then I reach it the silvery pond at the end of the tunnel. the one where I found myself for the 1st time. Whenever I pick up their belongings I automatically feel their wings.very cold.. I noticed things and experienced things in new ways.. five years of emotion.. the angry stage. and decided that I was a vampire. I get cold again..the long sicknesses. hear. This is developing to be a very powerful ability. I could now sense otherkin by scanning their energy and could also see phantom limbs. smell. and the bizarre stage. And on a cold January day in 1999. One that apparently no one's heard of.. All I remember was those eyes. That was normal. I focus on their energies and say a word that relates to their wings. I got on the Internet for the first time. I suddenly knew *he* was 'kin. I can also feel their moods now. I did'nt know what a "sanguinarian" was. But oh how desperately I want to. I can feel the wings of the otherkin without being near them now. I take the image in and all at once I snap awake! *** That dream never left my mind. I lost all sense of time. cleared away the pain for a moment. touch and taste EVERY little thing. My dragon friends are large and sturdy. and I knew that it was blood that made me feel better. A flood of memories saturated my mind. With this gift I can feel things behind me pass through the wings of the 'kin around me.weird.carefully. The stone of the path is cold to the pads of my feet.. What's wrong with having a little innocent fun every now and again? I look back at him. I went through the denial stage. I'm learning to control it more an more. and stumbled across this whole world of real vampires. So there I was.. I call it "Broken Wings".*his* eyes.Did it make sense? not really. Then I see them.. I knew these wings were not my own.. that same unbearable cold. direction and sound into his eyes. This really fascinated me.especially when I was around *him*. Broken Wings: A new ability? Those eyes. I could feel other people's phantom wings. I trail on into a cave.. Was it real? you bet your ass it was. It feels as if he's telling me things about myself that I don't even know.. ~4~ (Ears... They're odd.. that's how intense his wings are.

here I am. On the other hand. who calls us psycho. there's plenty of people who support us. befriend us. I've made a lot of good friends. and asking the same questions. and where im headed. funniest. trying to find the answers. that I could never dare think of denying it ever again. Its been one hell of a ride the past two years. to all of the people that will awaken. I have learned so much about people. and researching. and friendliest people here. in 2004. That would'nt be fair to everyone here. It would'nt be fair to the seekers who are genuinely interested in learning about us. I believe there is a hidden condition within us. or who have just awakened. donate to us. Whatever I decide to do with myself. just like there are plenty of other things science does'nt know about the human body. My life as a vampire is good right now. The other friends are'nt mature enough to understand yet. and even some enemies.Kindred Tribune it all started to make sense. ~MFuture Volume-2 Issue-2 ~5~ . However. And even some vampires think its all in our heads. I have gotten to know some of the smartest. I spent a lot of time questioning our condition. and now helping others who are feeling the same pain. trying to grasp something real. I thought that it was time to reflect on where i've been for the past 5 years. Maybe they will be someday. I have one best friend who knows what I am (outside of the Internet). and help us understand our condition. and thats the best I could ask for. Vampirism has become such a big part of my life. I live with vampirism. and I have learned to accept it. Its here with me every day. There's a whole world out there who despises us. still learning. do I damn myself 5 years later? no. So. So. who puts us down.

Meditation helps. memories. you must learn to not envy others progress. Energy and Chakra work helps and most of all your acceptance of what you are. being able to energy siphon for vampires. karma. not out of greed. but is responsibility. It never stops. feeling phantom limbs for some kin. who you have been. and the deeper awareness. one to a few past lifetimes. the more you will become aware ©2007 Yara Nightshade . Also contrary to popular belief. Only a handle of vampires and kin find their deeper awareness. but the more you'll awaken. ~6~ . You may think there's nothing out there that guides us. You hold the joystick. The basic awakening.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 By: Yara Nightshade Tips For Awakening : How do I know I'm on track? Awakening is simply defined but not easily handled. Most of the vampires and other-kin I know are awakened now. Basic awakening is simple things. Source and our guardians know when we can handle something. and sometimes a curse. what you may be. a few abilities. what you're capable of both good and bad is very key to when you awaken what within. abilities. senses. Either way for either path. and learn there is no set time frame for you to remember how or what. intricate deeper abilities. It can't be rushed. You control your own awakening. You will see what you're meant to when you are ready to see and know. know more and become more. Remembering what we are and have been is not only a gift. If you're still saying "Oh! but that's so cool! I wanna do that!" You're not ready. and the insane quest to learn more. the deeper one goes. being able to astral project. Spirituality helps it doesn't really matter the path. I have come to understand however there are two phases of awakening. realizations and more. The deeper awareness is the wicked tailspin one is thrown into that uncovers more lifetimes. commitment and interesting theories and truths one forms. it has no set time line. and most importantly because we are who we are. It is a range of emotions. because so few are comfortable with the depth. but because it is the destiny of the soul to rejoin with True Source in this manner. and when we can't.

Both were panting heavily. if you want me. Pleased. Wynter had discovered some papers that the man had listed everything he had stolen and people he had cheated over the recent years. Thank you. they rummaged through the apartment.” He listened again. cupped Wynter’s face.” He paused and listened. “As much as I would really. She blinked like she was confused. Tucking the device into his pocket. Wynter’s cell phone announced he had a text message. He sent back his message. trying to look and act normal even though she jumped at every sound.” Wynter kissed her hard before clutching her close. “Aine. just blinking. ~7~ I have document you are looking for.” He gave Aine a quick shake to stop her roaming hands and to focus her attention. Wynter asked her again. the man pulled a phone out his pocket and made a phone call. Staying many feet behind the couple. it probably would be better if we left. Wynter groaned and crushed Aine close to him. After they drove off. Wynter had shown her how to use a knife and make the wounds created by her teeth look like an attack and less like a bite. I think it if best we go home. . “Yes. leaving the place looking like it had been robbed. Wynter glanced at Aine before he flipped open his phone to read the message. as much as I would like to continue this. “Yes. do you wish to join me in this life? Aine growled low in her throat. roughly pulling her hair. they hide any sign of their visit before slipping out the way they had come in. I will take over the watch tomorrow night.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 Red Letters Of Love By . She is one of us. so her face. but only one. she took the man Wynter had been stalking. staring with unseeing eyes out the car window. he followed them and paused when they got into the car.Angela Pearson & William Blumberg Chapter Nine Aine rose to look into Wynter’s eyes. At the entrance to the alley that would lead them back to the bar. Together. I want this. he took the car and appeared to be returning to his place… Yes. Wynter was stunned. sir. With minimal words exchanged. in an urgent meeting.” Wynter gasped. Aine slowly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Aine thought over everything that had just happened. “Mi carus. he fought Aine. “Aine. I want you. Her hands were as wild in his hair as her tongue is in his mouth. Wynter made sure to place them where the police would easily find them. they walked back to where Wynter had left the car in the shadows. I wasn’t close enough to hear anything. Wynter closed his phone with a click. Call me with details in three hours or when you have a chance. Yes. at least. After a few moments.” The man ended the call and slipped the phone back into his pocket. “What do I do now?” Wynter gave Aine quiet directions as he set to work. Aine’s thoughts shifted to what had brought her to this point. Damek. Call me to discuss details and payment. She had taken a life. “Master Damek. I have to know if this is adrenaline or if you want this. really like to continue this.” Aine slipped slowly out of Wynter’s arms. tipped away from his. Together. “Aine.” Wynter couldn’t keep the anguish from his voice. but I think it was just a text message anyway. Cannot call now. He paused under the feeble glow of a streetlight to read it. “The only thing that happened was he got a message. Aine stood at his side. She was silent so long. He sauntered back to the bar for a drink to celebrate. “No one was alerted to what happened. A man had been watching them from the overhang above the bar door. Information he had spent the past several decades of his life searching for may now be his. Damek would kill him if he were hung over on the job tomorrow. “Yes. She opened her eyes and cupped Wynter’s face again. sir. sure it was the police. but this time Wynter felt sure he was on the right track. and pulled him into a passionate embrace. The return trip was a quiet one. it is done. There had been many mistakes made over the years and many false leads.” “Home?” Aine looked at the dead man at her feet. he took Aine’s hand in his.” The man nodded to the voice he was listening to. Wynter.

I have spent the last several decades of my life searching for the answer to the question you asked a few minutes ago. the same lies I was told. She wondered what else was in the unobtrusive building. It is hard to say what is true and what is embellishment ~8~ and fable. chasing away the doubt that had hung heavy in the car. “I would not be surprised if we are. he said in a quiet voice. “I am not sure. I also know vampires were made this way and did not evolve to be homo lamia from some branch of modern humans. The man whose life she had ended deserved to die. Wynter flinched at her sudden question. if there is a need. Well. yet. While she had been draining his blood she had been able to touch his mind. Aine had been lost in thought and didn’t recognize where they were. will lead us to despair. he fished keys out of his pocket and opened the door. She was about to ask when the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Instead. Wynter lead her to a door near the roll-up one and stopped her. What I do know is we must drink blood to survive. Wynter told her. she remembered a listing of a storage property near the office in her accounting work. Gathering Aine into his arms. “We may be monster. “Wynter. The things he had done through his life had nearly made her wretch and toss him away like a rag doll. “It is difficult. he thought. He knew Aine needed to walk down a much different path than he had. my quest.” Aine spoke in a quiet voice. the door began to close of its own accord. but I do not think that is true. Wynter drove into the dark space. It was complex. together. As they got out of the car. lost as he was in his own thoughts of the message he had just received. The quest for the answer to the very question Aine just asked. Aine looked with interest because Wynter hadn’t used a clicker or pushed any buttons to activate the door.” “Then tell me what you think and what you know. Wynter told her.” Wynter paused to turn the corner into a generic industrial park before continuing his answer. Wynter was not sure how to answer her question. Wynter never broke stride. He passed by the front door and lead Aine to the security door they had left the building through . While he waited. Instead of sharing his thoughts with Aine.” He held her close for a moment before brushing his lips over hers. “Wynter. they walked along the road between the buildings and onto the main street. brushing the back of her hand briefly. I will not lie to her nor will I continue the lie we vampires have told ourselves for centuries. sending goose bumps over her body and awareness into her senses. the door began to open. just not as much as some vampires would have us believe. Aine was filled with satisfaction.” He stopped the car in front of a bland building with a roll-up door on the side.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 It was a monumental event that should have left her wracked with guilt. the beginnings of understanding shadowing her words. but that kind of being exists in all cultures and realms. I discovered information that has set me on a quest to find the truth of who we are as vampires. What is left is hidden in myth and legends. Aine recognize the street as the one Wynter’s office was on. Much of the truth has been lost to us. she focused on draining his life essence to provide herself with energy she needed to survive. is it wrong to feel satisfied at ending a life or should I feel like a monster?. He took Aine’s hand and.” Wynter continued to walk to the building he owned. stopping for another traffic light.” Aine demanded suddenly.” He saw in her face the same doubt he had felt when he started down the path to the life he now lead. there are some who really are monsters. How do I tell her it maybe that we are both monster and victim? He thought. but it the only one I have. When I was in Scotland. His mind went back to the text message he had received and what it meant. the possibility of answers to so many questions he had. The answer may be closer than ever before. Stepping away from Aine. I will protect you. I think we are being watched. it is fate that we are together for the last part of my quest. but I do not think that anything will happen.” Aine said. The light turned green and he used the time it took to negotiate the intersection with people turning in front of them to think. “I know that was not a satisfactory answer for you. Thinking quickly. Perhaps. but I must see it to the end. “I do not know if this path.

“Even though I think we were made with magic and blood. They stood that way for a long time before Wynter lightly kissed her and opened the door. “Ambivalent.Kindred Tribune earlier. even half truths. manner. not after being so sick recently. Tell me. “I couldn’t see anyone or anything but shadows. I believe there is more to us. but not seeing anything. “That is why so many who become vampires put so much into the idea of being the hunter.” “That gives me a whole new meaning to adrenaline junkie. Picking up the keys. but as I said. even those who are old for vampires. I’m restless.” Sadness welled up in Wynter. he looked to where Aine had said. There are some of our kind who will scare or excite their prey just so they can have that adrenaline.” Wynter took her elbow and started up the long flight of stairs. leaving her with nothing. he smiled to Aine. like wines?” “That is a good analogy. Being ambivalent is what has lead so many of our kind to ruin. I will not claim that it is right or that we are somehow entitled to do so.” Wynter paused. “There are some of our kind who live their lives to extremes—in dress.” he looked up at her with his head down and shoulders hunched. too. I only wished for you to be with me.” Aine said to the window. Releasing her. Locking the door. She would only see through anything else I tell her. That meant taking a life. looking at various objects. “I know I did not give a choice and I do regret that. She toed off her battered sneakers and socks near the refectory table and padded barefoot on the wood floor. has adrenaline pumping through them. “A person who is afraid or excited.” Wynter stopped to unlock the stout door to the apartment. Looking at his hands he asked Aine. I am just reminding her that I forced this life on her. “Is there something specific you want to know?” “Not really. “Don’t look where you feel it coming from. even remember. Yes. What should I say? I want her to know all of the truth I know. “You are not missing anything. Her questions had been answered. Wynter sighed heavily and looked down at his feet. He fiddled with the keys. activities. Do people taste different. While I am satisfied about ending that man’s life.” Wynter pulled Aine into his arms and kissed the top of her head. Aine forced herself to walk normally into the building. no matter what the future holds for us. “All that I can offer now is my longing for you to join me in this life. like they had become tangled in the ring. Tell me about blood. “Do you still feel like we are being watched?” “Um. my dear Aine.” It was Aine’s turn to offer comfort.” “Damek?” Aine asked. just more information. “Wynter. Sometimes depending on what the person has just eaten or their diet or their mood. but I am afraid of loosing her if I take away all the mythos surrounding our kind. but could see only shadows. Aine. She is bright and asks excellent questions. I made her this way. will taste much different than a person who is relaxed. yet I can give so little comfort to her in her time of need.” Aine said. “Let us go inside.” Aine shifted a bit. but she felt as if there were more she should know. After Wynter opened the door. She wandered. can you tell me more about being a vampire?” Aine asked at a landing. he stepped back and pocketed his keys. More than any of us. resting his cheek on her hair. like there is something I am missing.” he told her.” “Mood?” Aine asked. Under the glare of the overhead light. Wynter said. blood can taste different from person to person. Aine still felt restless. squatting down. I wouldn’t want you to catch cold. Wynter dropped his keys. Saying nothing. Wynter removed the keys from his pocket. how are you feeling?” he asked gently. His mind went back to when Aine opened the curtains and burned them both and decided to tell her the truth. I do not regret having you at my side. please. I understand. Walking into the darkened apartment. Not that she .” “Toward the front of the building. more invincible. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were being watched.” Wynter said in a loud voice. she slipped her arms around Wynter and rested her cheek against his. It makes them feel stronger. ~9~ Volume-2 Issue-2 “Aine. “More likely one of his mercenaries.” “Oh.

I am not sure what happened after those first warriors came back from battle. vampires were created. they became the strongest of beings and conquered the demons of the shadow realm. “There is this world. “There were creatures from this shadowed realm that were very powerful and wanted to rule the magical world. but more like she wasn’t seeing the whole picture. She could still even smell the orange she had shared with Wynter before they left. He ~10~ Volume-2 Issue-2 was organizing his thoughts. to be the swiftest and quietest of hunters. Unfortunately. Aine heard Wynter close the door somewhere behind her and worked at using her senses to follow him. He lightly nuzzled her neck. Yes. At the dawn of recorded history. staring into the flames leap among the logs in the fireplace. Separating these two worlds is another realm.” Wynter fell silent. There is so much misinformation. what is it that creates a vampire? Do you know?” Aine asked. selfrighteous of the humans volunteered to be created into twenty of these new warriors. The battle escalated and spilled over into this world. Atrocities were committed by all sides. it had become embroidered in the mists of time. Aine shivered and leaned her head against his shoulder. It appeared the demons would win the battle and conquer both realms. why do we have to drink blood? I mean. things changed. “Why didn’t the original vampires die after the demons were gone? Couldn’t the vampires be changed back? To their original form?” Wynter smiled briefly at Aine’s determination for the answer. By draining the blood of the demons.” “During the night. as if reciting a tale so old. Chapter Ten “Wynter. seriously. but none survived who were being sheltered. destroying all the demons that could be found. She inhaled slowly and could smell the lingering scent of him in the room. even for the most powerful of necromancers to perform. Inhaling again. Forty of the most intolerant. why the blood?” Aine pressed for more information.” he began. and cloud the minds of their prey. She would be able to hear that man’s heart stop. just as she had. were able to all the things their creators wanted them to—to blend into the darkness. In his letter before taking her first prey. she could smell the warmth of his cologne as he moved closer to her. correct?” Aine asked. one of shadows. “Mmm. Aine’s laughter filling the air around them. I think I would like to take a shower. settling onto the floor between Wynter’s knees. I am not sure which side was responsible. gazing at the sluggish flames in the fireplace. It is not an easy piece of magic. many of the humans proved to be… intolerant and distrustful of anything magical. “What is it you would like to do?” Wynter whispered in her ear. She heard the sound of metal jingling and clink as Wynter set his keys on a table. Wynter stepped up behind Aine and slipped his arms around her. saviors of humans and magical beings alike.” Wynter answered. who were able to blend into the night. the one we live in and were born to and another world where magic rules. but some fled to the darkest reaches of the shadow realm. “Vampires were first created with magic.Kindred Tribune thought Wynter was keeping things from her. The few necromancers that were alive then would not have bothered to . The beings from the magical realms wanted to join forces with the humans of this world. “So. that smoldering desire flickered to life once more. Wynter had told her about her senses being heightened now. “So many questions. the most powerful of the remaining magical beings joined sides with the remaining humans and performed a ritual to make warriors that were able to heal quickly. She had already noticed how improved her sense of smell was. Then. Finally. after a strong hold that had been sheltering children of all the races and those too old or weak to fight on any side was attacked. who were physically stronger than any other being. You could call them demons.” Wynter paused and looked at Aine. Their true names have been lost to the mists of time. The desire she had felt after draining that man of his blood had settled into a smoldering heat after taking care of the body and during the drive home. a vampire could be returned to their original form. deciding what to tell Aine and what could be left to a later time. “Yes. Through magic. that the truth may have been lost. He gathered Aine’s wet hair and began combing it. never to be seen again. Hundreds of beings died horribly. but only by a necromancer. As the smell of Wynter’s cologne grew stronger as he came closer to her.” “That can be arranged. I will answer your last question first. They created these warriors to drain the blood of their victims. to confuse the minds of their prey. be it human or magical being. “It was becoming a blood bath for all sides with the demons destroying humans and magical beings alike. Wynter was quiet for a time before speaking.” Wynter scooped Aine up in his arms and walked to the bedroom. these warriors. thus a silent death.

” “Really. Once coagulation sets in. “No. the Chinese call it Ch’I. “Life essence—the Force. the blood begins to coagulate. Am I ready to travel. why the first vampires did not die at the end of the battle. it is not as easy as it would appear. “Only through the consumption of another life force. The spells that were used have been lost to the ages. madness sets in. Wynter continued. it is easy to create another vampire.” Wynter sighed. he was right for many years. The spell that made the vampire ‘virus’ ended the physical life of the body. gilded with an artificial tan by the glow of the fire. “Should I be flippant or concerned?” “Well.” Aine said with certainty. “No. The morals we had then are usually carried over into this life. “Anyway.” Wynter began to absently flick at the edge of the towel Aine wore where it pooled between them. the natural decomposition of our bodies begins. “Only through the intake of another’s life essence staves off the body’s natural decomposition.” Wynter said. “Damek chose me for my vanity and devotion. but said nothing. That Jedi thing from the movies. close enough to touch. no vampires.” Wynter brushed Aine’s drying hair over her bare shoulder and adjusted the huge bath sheet around her. I do not know the answer of why vampires did not die when the demons were conquered. as I said. the brain decomposes. giving me what he thought I would want. as—“ Aine gestured to herself.” Wynter said. not only the human race would be wiped out.” Wynter looked at Aine. There are some who revel in the power being a vampire gives to them.Kindred Tribune even try. ~11~ Volume-2 Issue-2 “Will that man become a vampire now?” Aine asked.” The snap and crackle of the fire was the only sound in the room for a long while.” Aine was silent as she thought on this new information.” “He was wrong. “Now. Were it that simple. Aine nodded in conformation tugging her hair from the comb. If we do not have that blood and life essence-” Wynter snorted in sudden humor. “What you told me about my options makes sense now. “No. but the magic that created vampires still exists in the virus and keeps us alive. “I need you to go to China soon. as the body. not touching her. Do you think you will be able to do that? With me?” “I’m not sure.” Wynter touched his chest absently. those few necromancers feel it is beneath their skills and a waste of a vast amount of energy to return a vampire to their original form. as the creators intended.” “So.” Aine looked at Wynter’s profile. either. Many of us retain our personalities. both in the creation and the being chosen to be the new vampire. He thought my devotion to my beliefs would be transferred to devotion to him. “In a sense. decomposition begins in earnest. He looked at Aine. The fresh blood we ingest replaces the decomposing blood inside of us. “When the body ceases to live according to medical standards.” “More questions?” Aine flashed Wynter a saucy smile. One historical document stated that at the moment of death. our essence. those twenty who became vampires drank the blood of the other twenty. studying Wynter’s hand where it rested on her shoulder. Our awareness. No food source. “Yes. He sat the comb on the stark pew he had been sitting on and slid to the floor next to Aine. yet. It is also very costly and I am not talking about money either. but the vampires as well. and possibly. The steps are simple and straightforward. who we were in our other life. I have something to ask of you. “What changed?” “I will tell you some other time. “I have never wished this life on another. though. He felt he could appeal to the vanity.” He paused in his combing. This is not always true. That explains the need to drink blood. Even today.” “Is that why I am the only vampire you have made? Because it wasn’t easy?” Aine asked.” Aine said.” “For your second question. neither really. In reality. there would be so many vampires. is connected to the body for as long as the body remains whole. letting the red locks curl around his wrist. That new life essence energizes the magic that allows us to live. that is not the reason. Aine looked over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow. The magic that forces us to take another’s life is also the magic that allows us to live. Mistakes are made. .” “Like Damek?” Aine interrupted. I do not think those were the reasons the first vampires were not returned to the original forms. very much like Damek. Not all vampires are killing machines.

I am not doubting you. Thank you for being so prompt and discreet with this delicate matter. It has just been so long. “No.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 “There are some precautions you will need to take. pulling the phone out. You look too obviously American for security to believe you could be Muslim. I think it would be best if you fly more traditionally. I will be bringing my assistant as soon as I can make arrangements. as soon as I can make the arrangements. “What do I need to know?” Wynter opened his mouth to speak when the phone in his shirt pocket began to ring. but for this. “We are being watched and I do not want to draw any more attention than necessary to you. “Excellent.” Aine broke her gaze away from the dancing orange flames to look at Wynter. “Really? Are you certain?” Wynter paused. and the beings you will be meeting with in China. Now. “I trust her explicitly and I know she will be discreet as your people will be. Unfortunately. She speaks fluent Chinese. as if we were going to China for medical treatment for a rare skin condition. This will work in our favor. but things have actually become easier for vampires to travel. I could charter a private plane for that. but not understand the words. this trip.” he said. a vampire could wear a burka to travel. I am not saying there are no caucasian Muslims. I will let you know.” “How so? The element of surprise?” Aine asked.” Wynter said looking in confirmation at Aine. “Yes. you would have difficulties with this. “She is very capable.” “I think I can understand that. I want her to be apart of this. I have a doctor who will write documentation for us to travel.” Wynter said. He slipped the phone back into his pocket as he said. I will contact him as a part of preparation for the trip we need you to make.” Aine cocked her head and wondered what Wynter had not told her. I think.” Wynter said with a note of satisfaction ------------------------------------------------Copyright 2007 By Angela Pearson & William Blumberg Stay tuned for the next installment of: Red Letters of Love See what awaits Wynter and Aine in China when Angela and William bring you the next installment of Wynter and Aine's story. “Excellent. No. The more restrictions the airlines set down. “Things are proceeding much more quickly than I had planned or expected. “Exactly. Aine studied Wynter’s profile.” Wynter plucked a curl from Aine shoulder and brushed it against her cheek.” Wynter said before ending the conversation. I would not bring her otherwise.” Wynter’s voice trailed off and Aine could hear a male voice coming from the phone. ~12~ . half listening to his conversation. just that many people believe the stereotype that Muslims are dark haired and dark skinned. Before September eleventh. “I need to take this. one of the ways we used to travel has become hampered. has made it clear what needs to be done and what will draw attention to one of our kind while traveling. That could cause problems and delays. covered. Aine nodded. There have been so many false leads that ended badly. It was a tone Aine had only heard once or twice in the time she had been working for Wynter. The change in his voice ended her daydream of returning to the bedroom.” Wynter said again.

disagreeable creatures. People call you high strung. It wont' hurt you. Only YOU know the answer to that. that normal people don't seem to notice." I have conversations similar to this every month or so. I can't and won't even try to tell someone whether they are or are not an awakening vampyre. I have the same response every time. Once you KNOW you are a vampyre.. Do you feel better? What changes do you feel? Have the cravings gone away? The need to feed is one of the single most basic facts of being a Sanguine Vampyre. Try a steak a week for a month. You need to find whatever it is you know is out there. fast and we have the ability to nurture other very cool skills. But I haven't had one for three weeks now." Lady CG: "But we talked about this before. You feel like you know things you shouldn't' know and somewhere just on the edge of your consciousness is an awareness of greater things you feel you can almost touch. You feel different. ______________________ © 2004 Lady CG The conversation went something like this. IF you really are a vampyre it will give you what you need to feed on. Moonlight doesn't' hurt your eyes. You want to know what the hell is wrong with YOU. even though you're starving. You NEED to find whatever it is you're craving. but you are STILL craving. calcium and B vitamins will help stabilize your emotions a bit. You want to sleep too much.. get a blood test and if you a re over the age of 18. Millions of people eat their steak with blood running out of it. Your weight becomes a concern. For a Sanguine vampyre" Newbie: "Is that why I feel so crumbie?" Lady CG: "No.. Eventually you're driven to look for answers. and settle your stomach. I'm sleeping better now" Lady CG: "Did the bloody steak help at all?" Newbie: "For a while. You have to learn not to starve yourself too. Some person will write to me or meet me on IM wanting to know if they are a vampyre. Being a Hungry vampyre does. Or you go exactly the opposite direction and nothing appeals to you. but only the B vitamins and the Calcium seemed to help much. Its smart to rule out any physical illnesses or diseases. The next step is to learn to survive and thrive as a developing Sang. You're always hungry. Most people don't notice the physical symptoms first. But THAT is for another article. with our affinity with energy. and apathy. smart. You’re more comfortable. If you aren't. You feel crumbie because you haven't fed. TRY a rare steak." Lady CG: "Then I know what’s wrong with you. You're attracted to darker subjects and you start to notice an affinity with the night. The first step is to see a doctor. Sometimes you get angry and unstable. or a great sympathetic butcher in your neighborhood. apathetic. Try a multi vitamin. you should definitely study Safe bloodletting. Newbie: "What’s wrong with me?" Lady CG: "Have you been to see a doctor?" Newbie: "Ya. There are however things you can do to help yourself decide. Lady CG Awakening – What’s wrong with me? you see better in the dark than lots of people. out of place. Without it we are sick. Sangs NEED blood. hyperactive. If you can rule out anything physically. your attention span can suck. a One a Day isn't' going to do you any harm. You start to take an interest in occult.. start on the endless search for a lifetime worth of donors. emotionally unstable.. You start to become angry and irritable on a regular basis. and you realize ~13~ . Blood work was fine." Newbie: "I'm sure I'm awakening" Lady CG: "Then. everything you have described is perfectly normal. They call it "awakening' because the very first sign is an awareness of things and currents around you. there is NOTHING wrong with you... IF you happen to be a vampyre. medically tangible. Being a vampyre doesn't' hurt. hungry. A normal person wouldn't starve themselves. With it we are stronger. quick to mend. as I said before. I still feel like crap" Lady CG: You tried the vitamin supplements? Newbie: "Ya. Its hard to get out of bed in the mornings.I checked out fine.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 By. About this time you realize you are having problems with depression. and your metabolism sucks.

but awakening. the large number of teens between the ages of 13 to 19 could be believing in something that may not be true in there case. don't just say that you are without knowing anything about it at all. The answer usually is contradicting to that of the question or they awakened a week or month before.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 Issues with Awakening Today By: Vampire kitten I've noticed a lot lately when cruising the many vampirism and occult related boards out there on the Internet that one of the big issues today with vampirism is not the fact that people are role playing or making a mockery of the term “Vampire”. I also crave blood and feel as if my body craves and longs for it. Stop for a second and think about it. Yet. Personally I don't feel like lying to myself my entire life is a good way to live. just that if you aren't you could be lying to yourself and living with that lie. nor does it rule out the possibility of being one. I think these people need to take it upon themselves (if they are going to follow a certain ~14~ lifestyle. Being awakened means that one has found themselves and have come to terms with their vampirism knowing: How to feed. I usually take it upon myself to ask when they did. for example: “I am a teen in search of who I am. if these people are “awakened” and still in need of help and trying hard to find who they are then they are either in desperate need of attention. The idea struck me that many of the people claiming what they are might not be true. So please if you are one of these people…. but the increasingly large number of people claiming to be vampires (mostly of the psychic sorts). I don't believe that lack of information or lack of soul searching is all of the problem. Yet. It seems as though vampirism is the end all of their search if they see themselves having troubles with bright lights or feelings of depression. but the fact that awakened is such a nonchalant term nowadays. Feel energy. and the like. lack the knowledge of what true vampirism is and means. ©2005 Vampire kitten . do a bit of research and try not to lie to yourself. or not yet awakened. Trust me. This does not make one a vampire. it will help you in the long run knowing who You really are. By this I mean people are taking the word completely out of context with the meaning An awakening is the realization that one is of the vampiric sorts. Guessing and Knowing are completely different and guessing doesn't mean you are a vampire. please help me” If they don't admit to when they awakened within the initial e-mail. especially one with as much detail as vampirism) to actually do a bit of soul searching. I am allergic to sunlight as the bright lights bother me. When people email me for help with there awakening or vampirism they all say the same thing. If you really think you're a vampire. Some even want so much to believe that they are of the vampiric sorts that it causes them to live with the fact that they “just might be”. are following vampirism as a fad. then look into it. I am depressed and feel all alone in the world with no one to turn to. I am a psychic vampire and I awakened 2 months ago.

group. you will have to sign and submit a release form granting Vampire Voices the rights to reproduce the ritual in the anthology. They should be at least 4x6 inches. including stage directions (where applicable). Photo Guidelines: Submit photos in . saved at 300 dpi. personal growth & wisdom. & Announcements The Vampire Ritual Book Projected release: Fall 2008 Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Michelle Belanger is currently seeking submissions for the upcoming collection. Formatting: So the book has standard formatting throughout. You should also submit a short biography (up to 500 words) on yourself as well as a short description of your house.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 News. handfastings/weddings. What to Submit: a fully developed ritual. Michelle is also seeking photographs of actual altars and/or ritual space. Material submitted for this section can read more like an article. and can take whatever form you please. groups. When giving stage directions (such as "High Priest lifts the chalice before the bride and groom") please italicize these stage directions and put between parentheses in a paragraph of their own. she asks that you follow these formatting guidelines: When someone (such as the High Priest) is speaking in the ritual. Photos of actual vampire rituals will also be considered for publication. and one or two paragraphs that introduce the concept of the ritual. including its relevance to your particular tradition. LHP. Everyone whose work is accepted will receive as payment one contributor's copy of the final ritual book. and so forth) A secondary part of the book will involve setting up ritual space and/or creating an altar appropriate for a vampire tradition. Rights & Payment: If your ritual is selected for inclusion in the collection. spotlighting the work of various houses. You can submit rituals for more than one category.doc or . Events. or rites for the seasonal holidays your particular group observes) Rites of Passage (initiatory rituals. although ritual material is also with "Ritual Book" in the subject heading. ~15~ .rtf files. The only hard guideline is that the ritual must be relevant to the vampire community. Deadline: June 28th. They are not buying exclusive rights to these rituals. or other rites that mark a significant change in a person's life) Personal Rites (rituals intended for one person to perform. or tradition (also up to 500 words). just the right to reproduce them in the anthology. 2007. directed to glenarvon -@. providing they meet the same criteria. you only need to submit one bio and one write-up about your tradition. for magick.jpg format. Categories are as follows: Seasonal Rituals (rites for holidays like Samhain or the Winter Solstice. How to Submit: Michelle prefers to receive submissions as . Photos can be color or black and white. Payment reflects this. a list of items & roles needed for the Photos can only be used in the final collection if the photographer submits a release form *and* if any living person who appears in the photos also submits a release form for the book. The book will be divided up into several categories. please put the title of the speaker (High Priest) in bold followed by a colon before the words to be spoken." This will be the second installment in the "Vampire Voices" series. Please note that if you are submitting more than one ritual. Rituals can be RHP. "The Vampire Ritual Book. and individuals within the worldwide vampire community.

The text size should be in a normal sized range (i. submissions may be edited for these really tiny or large font sizes!).. and all those interested in vampires and the vampire culture. nothing fancy or decorative. Times. but nobody can prove anything. but they treat you funny. support. no really. capitalization. and an easily readable font. The text needs to be black on a white background.e. Read below for the requirements.) If sending by postal mail.sanguinarius. anyway? Sanguinarius is collecting stories and anecdotes about stupid things that real vampires' bosses..doc. and then scan that as a graphic to attach with your submission. or . preferably size 10 or 12. . or typed or printed out on plain white paper. Proofread! Please check your submission for spelling. and include the Copyright Release Form along with your submission. Do not submit in ALL CAPS.rtf format. etc. sign.shtml Orange County Vampire Meet up http://vampires. such as Arial. fill it out and sign it. If you would like to contribute your story for consideration to be included in a future publication. family or anyone else they know. please submit it along with the completed and signed Copyright Release Form. have said or done because they suspected or found out the person was a real vampire. Submissions should be in .** To find out more information and to obtain the Copyright Release Form please visit: http://www. clarity and brevity. your submission (and Copyright Release Form) must be included on a floppy disk. If sending by email. ** Personal information you submit via the Copyright Release Form will remain confidential and will be used only for copyright records and contacting you in relation to the publication. Verdana. punctuation and grammatical errors before you submit This is a group for vampires. coworkers. donors. friends.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 Sanguinarius Book Project Working title: How to Act Stupid Around a Vampire Do you have a tale to tell? Did your brother do something really DUMB when he found out you were a vampire? Did your boss set a trap to try and "out you"? Are rumors going around. Georgia. This is a place for you to seek help and guidance. ~16~ . submissions and Copyright Release Form should be sent as email attachments.meetup.txt. Completely fill out. (Tip: You can print out a copy. and to just have a place were you can meet with other people like yourself and who have like interests.

a response far in excess of what we had ever expected to receive. 2007: Questions: 392. 285 AVEWRS Preliminary Sample Charts: To be released on/about March 31. 2006. abilities. 137. 669. 2007 + a one month grace period through April. or phenomenological research to be properly conducted on a community a foundation must first be established and this is one of the primary purposes of this research study. In order for detailed anthropological. To be able to firmly grasp and understand the elements of this Community. and state of being or condition. 155. 037. there needs to be an exploration into the shared commonalities. 008. medical. We've collected volumes of information that we hope will directly aid the better understanding of our Community. At present we have over 232. 549. psychological. It's our sincere hope that everyone has benefited from participating in the VEWRS & AVEWRS and that our final analysis will be useful to our Community. ~17~ .html Questions: 001. 871 Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study The Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study is officially a year old and the formal process of accepting surveys will come to an end in a few days on March 31. and level of experience within the Community. e-mail through the month of April but will no longer be openly encouraging participation or sending any reminders past the official deadline of March 31. 794. 831.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 If you would like to view the preliminary raw data samples please visit the web addresses provided below: VEWRS Preliminary Sample Charts: http://www.000 individual data points and hundreds of pages of written information representative of virtually every path. 172. 398. While we code both the VEWRS & AVEWRS into the SPSS data analysis program and review all qualitative (written) answers we will accept surveys at the same response@vampiresurvey. age group. 006. and developing trends in a concise and centralized format. 262. 413. 827. 246. belief. geographic region. Over 370 self-identifying vampires and/or energy workers have participated in this study that began on March 22. differences.vampiresurvey. 557. 004. 030. 479. 2007.

Photos. Comic Strips To preserve the artistic content. anything over 5000 words may be split and published in consecutive issues. Artwork. If your submission includes any other languages (human or otherwise). Additional notes and/or markup may be appended to the submission indicate and must be sent no less than one month before publication. (Your mother may be reading this!) Specific Submission Guidelines Nonfiction Submissions should be between 100 to 5000 words. Content must either be original work. You can contact us at: Get Involved! ~18~ . Textual content must be in simple text format only (either as an attachment or within the e-mail body). Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-3 Release Date: July 1. however the final submission must still be made before the final deadline. Larger submissions may be considered to be published as a serial.gif format. Please be civil. This isn't a forum where you can talk about how much better you are than anyone else. please provide an English translation. If your submission is rejected. feel free to e-mail the Kindred Tribune with your stories and/or original artwork! Due to space and/or other considerations. please. Reviews for Movies/Books/Clubs/Events Submissions should be between 200 to 500 words.. submitters of non-textual content will be responsible to produce actual-size artwork to fit within the size constraints as communicated by the editor. not all submissions may be able to be incorporated into a given issue. All submissions must be in electronic form only and be e-mailed to: Kindred. All reviews are to be fair. Excessively poor grammar and/or spelling will result in a returned submission with a request to run a spell checker. Humor. All submissions remain property of the creator/artist/author and they retain the copyright to any and all material submitted. Larger submissions may be considered to be published as a serial. 2007 Topic: I am For this issue we will be looking for all different kinds of Kin who would like to share about themselves and what type of kin they are. Fiction and Poetry ~Fiction~ Submissions should be between 100 to 5000 words. If you would like to share about yourself.Tribune@gmail.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 Submissions Guidelines for The Kindred Tribune Submissions will only be rejected if they do not abide by the guidelines set forth below. ~Poetry~ Length should be a minimum of 3 lines and a maximum of 35 lines.Tribune@gmail. Images must be either . Cartoons. it will be returned indicating the guideline(s) not followed so that it can be resubmitted. A small amount of profanity is fine. Good grammar and spelling is a must.jpg or . anything over 5000 words may be split and published in consecutive issues. This is an educational issue… Help the Kindred Tribune educate others about what types of Kin are out there in the world. just make sure it doesn't comprise the bulk of your writing. English. well balanced and just. or the submitter must be legally able to provide the Do you have a topic you would like to see the Kindred Tribune cover? Send us an e-mail at: Kindred. In the event this occurs. colors. etc. the submission may be carried over into the following issue. ~19~ .Taintedink.Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 Family http://www.

Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 ~20~ .

Kindred Tribune Volume-2 Issue-2 ~21~ .

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