Equipment Checklist

Nansulate® coatings can be applied with standard paint spray and texture spray equipment. Equipment size and performance varies widely, so it is our intention to provide the following recommendations for various sizes of equipment which may be used for the coatings, in addition to other important items to ensure proper application. 1. Airless or H.V.L.P. sprayer to apply Nansulate® Translucent Coatings (all coatings except for Nansulate® EPX) a) Recommended: Graco Silver Gun, 395, Titan 440i (or similar) Wagner/Spraytech hand held sprayers are suitable for small areas. b) Wagner Project Pro 115, or Paint Crew c) Graco Minimax-battery operated is also suitable.
(example: Wagner Project Pro 115) (example: Titan 440i)

Tips & Extensions for Airless Sprayers: You will need various tip fan sizes; such as 2, 4, 8 inch, and 0.011-0.013 tip. Tip extensions are rod-like attachments which are attached in between the sprayer gun and the spray tip so that one can reach long distances where human arm reach is not possible. Tip extensions come in 12, 24, 36, 48 inch sizes. Having one or more of each size is recommended. We recommend having a supply of additional tips and accessories on hand, so that work is not stopped due to clogged parts. 2. Texture sprayer to apply Nansulate® EPX a) Recommended: Graco TexSpray RTX 650, 900, 1250 or 1500 Others that are suitable include: b) Graco Hopper Gun c) Wagner Powertex
(example: Wagner Powertex) (example: Graco TexSpray RTX 1500i)

d) Laco MA1000

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800-767-3998 p.2 of 5 . Hand held sprayers allow for easier movement around smaller areas. the smaller the tip size. the rougher the finished surface of the EPX. Other Equipment . apron Hand. The bigger the tip size.www. Air compressors should be used with sprayers as needed. the smoother the finished surface of the EPX. Graco RTX 650 and higher is recommended.Check List: Equipment Safety glasses or goggles Use Eye protection Example Photo Painterʼs mask Respiratory protection Gloves. easier to reach surfaces.Both hand held or larger are suitable. Tips for Texture Sprayers: Most texture sprayers will come with 3 various tip sizes. trowels Touch up work Recommended Equipment Checklist . clothing protection Paint brushes. Any of these can be used. for larger.

www. duct tape Power drill For use with hurricane mixer and rotary wire brush Rotary wire brush for drill For surface cleaning of equipment .nansulate.800-767-3998 . For use with power drill.3 of 5 . plastic or canvas drop cloths.Equipment Rigid spatula Use Scraping EPX Part B from can To cover or tape off any needed areas to protect from spillage or overspray Example Photo Tarps. and air compressor Extension cords Recommended Equipment Checklist .larger areas Manual wire brushes For surface cleaning of equipment .smaller areas Hurricane mixers (also known as mixing paddle) To stir Nansulate® Translucent Coatings and Mix Nansulate® EPX Recommended one for each product. paint sprayers.

013 tip Tip extensions come in 12. 24. . 48 inch sizes. water.www. Hose extensions For use with paint sprayers and compressors Industrial fans For use around the machinery to remove excess heat around the machinery during application and provide a better working environment To look under the equipment and difficult to reach areas For cleaning sprayer parts during application Portable lights Buckets.800-767-3998 p. 36.4 of 5 . 4. shop towels Recommended Equipment Checklist . 8 inch.011-0. and 0. such as .Equipment Small electric or battery powered air compressor Use For use with paint sprayers Example Photo Tips and extensions For use with airless paint sprayer You will need various tip fan sizes.

nansulate.Equipment Step ladder Use As needed to reach taller equipment Example Photo Dry Film Thickness Gauge (Recommended: QuaNix 4200 Coating Thickness Gauge) To measure proper dry film thickness of dried application Wet Film Thickness Gauge To measure proper wet film thickness Clipboards To use with Project Application Logs for each machine Recommended Equipment Checklist .800-767-3998 p.5 of 5 .

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