FADE IN: INT - THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY - NIGHT Smolder takes the phone from Scullery.

SMOLDER (into phone) Arkham? INT - ARKHAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS ARKHAM sits at his desk. ARKHAM (into phone) Hello Smolder. It's been a long time. INT - THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY - CONTINUOUS Scullery opens a desk drawer and pulls out a book titled "The Squirrel-Pigeon 3: Nature's Deadliest End To A Trilogy". She walks over to the couch and starts reading it. SMOLDER (into phone) It sure has. I can still remember how you kicked Scullery and me out of the FBI though. You literally kicked me out because I wouldn't leave the building. It was embarrassing for everyone involved. INT - ARKHAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Arkham leans back in his chair. ARKHAM (into phone) I'm sorry about that. Things were different back then. The FBI has changed. INT - THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY - CONTINUOUS Smolder leans against the edge of the desk.

SMOLDER (into phone) How has it changed? INT - ARKHAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS ARKHAM (into phone) The majority of the FBI is investigating the strange stuff you guys use to investigate. It's become our top priority. We all believe. INT - THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY - CONTINUOUS SMOLDER (into phone) Your not asking for us to come back are you? INT - ARKHAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Arkham stands up and walks around to the front of his desk. ARKHAM (into phone) Unfortunately that's not possible. INT - THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY - CONTINUOUS SMOLDER (into phone) Why? INT - ARKHAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS ARKHAM (into phone) Because you're under investigation. You've been in contact with Indrid Cold and the Bureau considers you an enemy combatant. INT - THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY - CONTINUOUS

SMOLDER (into phone) Why'd you call me then? INT - ARKHAM'S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS ARKHAM (into phone) I trust you and I need your help. CUT TO: EXT. OFFICE BUILDING COURT YARD - NIGHT Smolder and Scullery sit at a table. A few people are sitting at other tables nearby. SCULLERY I've got a bad feeling about this. SMOLDER If I didn't know better I'd think you were quoting Star Wars. SCULLERY Whatever that means... SMOLDER It's a line from the Stars Wars movies. George Lucas wasn't good at writing dialogue so he liked to reuse lines over and over and over again. SCULLERY He doesn't sound very creative. SMOLDER He wasn't. He basically ripped off the entire idea for Star Wars from the guy who started the Campbell Soup Company. SCULLERY How can you be so trusting of Arkham?

He could be setting some sort of trap. SMOLDER If he was setting a trap he would have caught us in it already. SCULLERY That's true. He never wasted any time getting stuff done. SMOLDER Remember that one time when he ate a box of ice cream in sixty seconds? SCULLERY That was you and you almost died. SMOLDER Oh yeah. Arkham walks over to Scullery and Smolder's table. Walking with him is UNICORN DICTIONARY. Unicorn is an Africa-American woman and she's wearing a sari. She speaks with a German accent ARKHAM Hi guys. Arkham and Unicorn sit down at the table with Scullery and Smolder. SCULLERY Who's this with you Arkham? ARKHAM (gesturing to Unicorn) This is Unicorn Dictionary. UNICORN Shalom. SMOLDER You wouldn't happen to know Shirt Badass would you?

UNICORN I yada of him. SMOLDER Okay then... ARKHAM Unicorn uses Hebrew words in the same way Shirt uses Spanish. SCULLERY You know about Shirt? ARKHAM We arrested him. SCULLERY That's nice... I hope you tortured him too. SMOLDER (to Unicorn) So you're from Felix Callkadawn? UNICORN Ken. I'm ktzat different then Shirt though. For one thing I make less sense in Hebrew then Shirt does in Spanish. Rav todot I don't use Hebrew as much as he uses Spanish so that's kol tuv.

SMOLDER (to Arkham) So what's the deal with Unicorn and you. ARKHAM She's working with me. An Ander named Mug Ruith has been using Felix Callkadawn's doors to invade government facilities and we need you two to help us find and catch him. SMOLDER Why would I be able to find him?

ARKHAM You have the thingamajig. SMOLDER Is that was it's officially called? UNICORN Yeah. We know it's lo tov name for it but we couldn't think of a better achat. ARKHAM Will you locate him and help us catch him? Smolder closes his eyes. SMOLDER He's nearby. Smolder opens his eyes. SMOLDER We'll have to hurry. They all stand up. SMOLDER Follow me. CUT TO: INT. DARK ROOM BAAL sits in the chair. He's wearing a black trench coat and a burlap bag over his head. The burlap bag has hole's for his eyes and mouth. His mouth is bright red and the skin around his eyes is black. Alan suddenly appears on the small table nearby. Baal has a deep scratchy voice. Hello Alan. BAAL

ALAN Are you Baal? I am. BAAL

(pauses) I heard about what you did. ALAN Really? BAAL It sounded impressive. What did you learn from your encounter with the president? ALAN He knows that we're preparing to attack but that's all he knows. I also learned that he's a big fan of one of the movies I greenlighted. It was called Tokyo Gameshow Nightmare and it was about a Japanese gameshow that came to life and started killing people. Surprisingly it was based on a true story... but that's not important. BAAL You've done well Alan. Baal stands up, walks over to Alan, and places his hand on him. BAAL I'm glad you're on the right side of this fight. ALAN I can't believe my fam-- I mean the humans I'd been staying with had me so mixed up. Baal turns away from Alan.

BAAL It's understandable. Their wickedness can work as a mask hiding their revolting true selves. ALAN That doesn't even make sense... The room starts to shake a little. ALAN Well actually if I think about it without using logic it does make sense. The room stops shaking. BAAL Logic is a human concept. Learn to abandon it at the door. Okay... (pauses) What's under the bag on your head? Baal flops down on the chair. BAAL Unspeakable horrors... CUT TO: INT/EXT. FELIX CALLKADAWN'S DOORWAY SYSTEM ALAN

MUG RUITH enters-A HALLWAY --and closes the door behind him. Mug Ruith has an irish accent. He's holding a white cane and moves it about. The cane hits the walls on either side of the hallway and he walks down it.

SUDDENLY Unicorn bursts through a door at the other end of the hallway. Scullery, Smolder, and Arkham follow her. ARKHAM Stop right there! Mug Ruith turns around, heads towards the doorway he just came out of, and walks though it. Unicorn turns around and touches the door knob on the door they just came out of. UNICORN Smolder, Scullery. Go through this dalet. Arkham. Follow me. Arkham and Unicorn run down the hallway and follow Mug Ruith through his door. SMOLDER I guess she's in charge. Come on Scullery. Smolder and Scullery run through their door, enter-THE SEQUENTIAL DETECTIVE AGENCY --and close the door behind them. The room is dark. SMOLDER What are we doing here? They walk around the desk. Mug Ruith pops out from underneath the desk and throws a shoe, which completely misses Smolder and Scullery. MUG RUITH Take that! SCULLERY Quick! Grab him! Smolder lunges at Mug Ruith who smacks Smolder in the face with his

cane. Smolder falls on to the couch. Mug Ruith trips over one of the chairs, falls on the desk, slides across it, and lands on his feet. MUG RUITH Gotta run. Mug Ruith runs into the door, opens the door, and then runs through it. Scullery helps Smolder up. They run through the door and close it behind them. Unicorn and Arkham enter the room through the same door. UNICORN Ezer me move this bookcase. Arkham and Unicorn move the bookcase and go through the door behind it. APARTMENT COMPLEX COURTYARD Smolder and Scullery enter the courtyard from the door of one of the apartments. They look around. Scullery points across the courtyard at Mug Ruith as he enters the door of an apartment. SCULLERY (yelling) There he is! Scullery and Smolder run over to the door and follow Mug Ruith through it. Drake pops his head out of his apartment. DRAKE Who's yelling out here? SUDDENLY Arkham and Unicorn push Drake out of the way and enter the courtyard. DRAKE What the hell are you guys doing here? UNICORN We're on a mission.

ARKHAM Unicorn, don't draw attention to us. DRAKE It's too late for that Mr. Mysterious. Attention has been drawn in bright shiny Crayola colors. A BEDROOM Smolder and Scullery enter a bedroom. Mug Ruith is hiding behind the door. SCULLERY Where'd he go? Mug Ruith quietly sneaks out from behind the door and goes through it. Smolder closes his eyes and QUICKLY opens them again. He turns around. SMOLDER He just went through this door. Smolder and Scullery go through the door and enter-DRAKE'S APARTMENT They run out into the living room where Drake and Jeff are sitting on the couch watching TV. SMOLDER Did you guys see a blind guy run through here? DRAKE Yes... yes we did. SCULLERY Where'd he go?

JEFF He went out the front door. Smolder and Scullery leave Drake's apartment through the front door. DRAKE I don't remember letting any of you guys into my apartment. JEFF You let me into your apartment. No I didn't. DRAKE

JEFF Oh yeah. I just walked in didn't I. APARTMENT COMPLEX COURTYARD Smolder and Scullery are standing at the top of the stairs, Unicorn and Arkham are standing at the bottom of the stairs, and Mug Ruith is standing between them. It's over! ARKHAM

MUG RUITH I don't think so! Mug Ruith dives off of the stairs and crashes onto the ground. Smolder rushes down the stairs. Mug Ruith gets up and runs right into a tree. Arkham grabs and handcuffs him. SMOLDER Why was this so hard? The guy's blind! Indrid Cold sneaks up behind Scullery and grabs her. Arkham, Smolder, and Unicorn look up and see him. INDRID An eye for an eye.

Indrid disappears with Scullery. SMOLDER Oh crap! CUT TO BLACK: THE END