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Profit & Loss account of Reliance Industries Mar '07 12 mths Income Sales Turnover Excise Duty Net

Sales Other Income Stock Adjustments Total Income Expenditure Raw Materials Power & Fuel Cost Employee Cost Other Manufacturing Expenses Selling and Admin Expenses Miscellaneous Expenses Preoperative Exp Capitalised Total Expenses 80,791.65 2,261.69 2,094.09 1,112.17 5,478.10 321.23 -111.21 91,947.72 Mar '07 12 mths Operating Profit PBDIT Interest PBDT Depreciation Other Written Off Profit Before Tax Extra-ordinary items PBT (Post Extra-ord Items) Tax Reported Net Profit Total Value Addition Preference Dividend Equity Dividend Corporate Dividend Tax Per share data (annualised) Shares in issue (lakhs) Earning Per Share (Rs) Equity Dividend (%) Book Value (Rs)
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited

------------------- in Rs. Cr. ------------------Mar '08 12 mths Mar '09 12 mths Mar '10 12 mths

Mar '1 12 mt

118,353.71 6,654.68 111,699.03 236.89 654.60 112,590.52

139,269.46 5,463.68 133,805.78 6,595.66 -1,867.16 138,534.28 98,832.14 2,052.84 2,119.33 715.19 5,549.40 412.66 -175.46 109,506.10 Mar '08 12 mths 22,432.52 29,028.18 1,162.90 27,865.28 4,847.14 0.00 23,018.14 48.10 23,066.24 3,559.85 19,458.29 10,673.96 0.00 1,631.24 277.23 14,536.49 133.86 130.00 542.74

146,328.07 4,369.07 141,959.00 1,264.03 427.56 143,650.59 109,284.34 3,355.98 2,397.50 1,162.98 4,736.60 562.42 -3,265.65 118,234.17 Mar '09 12 mths 24,152.39 25,416.42 1,774.47 23,641.95 5,195.29 0.00 18,446.66 0.00 18,446.66 3,137.34 15,309.32 8,949.83 0.00 1,897.05 322.40 15,737.98 97.28 130.00 727.66

200,399.79 8,307.92 192,091.87 3,088.05 3,947.89 199,127.81 153,689.01 2,706.71 2,330.82 2,153.67 5,756.44 651.96 -1,217.92 166,070.69 Mar '10 12 mths 29,969.07 33,057.12 1,999.95 31,057.17 10,496.53 0.00 20,560.64 0.00 20,560.64 4,324.97 16,235.67 12,381.68 0.00 2,084.67 346.24 32,703.74 49.64 70.00 392.51


10,515.0 248,136.0 3,358.6

3,243.0 254,737.7

198,076.2 2,255.0

2,621.5 2,915.4

7,207.8 500.5 -30.2

213,546.4 Mar '1 12 mt

20,405.91 20,642.80 1,298.90 19,343.90 4,815.15 0.00 14,528.75 0.51 14,529.26 2,585.35 11,943.40 11,156.07 0.00 1,440.44 202.02 13,935.08 85.71 110.00 439.57


41,191.3 2,328.3 38,863.0

13,607.5 0.0

25,255.4 0.0 25,255.4

4,969.1 20,286.3

15,470.1 0.0 2,384.9


32,733.7 61.9



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Results of Reliance

Reliance's philosophy of 'Growth is Life' has truly manifested itself in value creation opportunities for its myriad stakeholders, which include its valued customers. The focus on Growth has helped us grow as one of the world's largest producers of polymers. Our 2010-11 polymer production (Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polyvinyl Chloride) is 4,094 kilo tonnes. This growth has been achieved with state-of-the-art world scale projects and setting global benchmarks in product quality, standards and services. Reliance's sites at Hazira, Vadodara, Gandhar in Gujarat and Nagothane in Maharashtra are integrated with crackers. The Jamnagar site is integrated with the world class refinery, ensuring feedstock security at all the sites. At Reliance our constant endeavour is to provide products and services that meet global standards. Based on our extensive interaction with the industry, we offer a wide range of grades for diverse applications across packaging, agriculture, automotive, housing, healthcare, water and gas transportation and consumer durables. Superior technologies, strong focus on R&D, latest IT-enabled services to support supply chain management and the endto-end solutions offered across the value chain reinforce our commitment to customer satisfaction
Reliance Industries Limited
Value in

10.00 INE002A01018 1124.90 828.10

Price Information
Open High Low Last Price Prev. Close Close Price Change % Change VWAP Total traded quantity Turnover in Lakhs 867.70 876.00 865.00 872.50 867.55 873.20 4.95 0.57 871.34 23,32,976

Order Book
Buy Qty Bu y Pri ce Sell Price Sel l Qty 22 57 -

873.20 -

Tot al Total - Bu Sell Qty y Qty

22 57

Corporate Action Information

Record Date EX Date 05 MA Y11 14


BC Start Date


BC End Date

MA Y11 ND start Date Purpose ND End Date

MA Y11 -


Security-wise Delivery Position 15JUL2011

Quantity Traded 2332976 Deliverable Quantity (gross across client level) 1168716 % of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity 50.10

Value at Risk (VaR)

Security Index VAR VAR VAR Margin 6.00

Extreme Applicable Adhoc Loss Margin Margin Rate Rate 5.00 12.50


y y y y

% change is w.r.t. Prev. Close On ex-date % change is w.r.t. open price On the date of movement of security from/to trade for trade segment, % change is w.r.t. open price 52 week high & 52 week low prices are based on the trade date & not adjusted with corporate action

Reliance Industries Limited Company Profile

India and Reliance Industries rely on each other. The company is India's largest petrochemical firm and among the country's largest companies (with Indian Oil and the Tata Group), accounting for more than 13% of India's total exports. Oil refining and the manufacture of polyolefins and related chemicals account for the bulk of Reliance Industries' sales. It also makes textiles and explores for oil and gas. Reliance Industries operates more than a dozen manufacturing plants in India. The company has fully integrated its oil and gas refining subsidiary, Reliance Petroleum, in an effort to consolidate the company's position as a major player in the global refining business.
Reliance Fresh is the convenience store format which forms part of the retail business of Reliance Industries of India which is headed by Mukesh Ambani 25000 crores in the next 4 years in their retail division. fresh outlets across the country. juice, bars and dairy products. A typical Reliance Fresh store is approximately 3000-4000 square feet and caters to a catchment area of 23 km.[
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. Reliance plans to invest in excess of Rs The company already has in excess of 560 reliance

[citation needed]

These stores sell fresh fruits and vegetables, staples, groceries, fresh

Growth through Recognition

Reliance has merited a series of awards and recognitions for excellence for businesses and operations.


Shri Mukesh Ambani, Chairman & Managing Director, RIL, has been nominated to a 'key advocacy group of Millennium Development Goals', whose mandate includes finding ways to fight socio-economic evils such as poverty, by the United Nations in 2010. Shri Ambani is the only Indian to be a part of the MDG Advocacy Group that comprises eminent international personalities.

Shri Mukesh Ambani has been re-elected as Vice Chairman of the Business Council for Sustainable Development's (WBCSD) Executive Committee for a second consecutive term in 2010.

The Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum (WEF) elected Shri Mukesh Ambani on its Board. WEF's mission is to improve the state of the world and the elected board members make valuable contributions to this mission through their involvement.

Shri Mukesh Ambani received the prestigious 'Dwight D Eisenhower Global Leadership Award' at the Business Council for International Understanding's Annual Global Awards Gala in 2010.

The Asia Society, New York presented the 'Global Vision Award' to Shri Mukesh Ambani, honoring global leaders who help promote understanding between Asians and Americans in 2010.

Shri Mukesh Ambani received the NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award 2010 from the Finance Minister, Government of India in 2010.

The senior editors of Financial Chronicle unanimously voted Shri Mukesh Ambani as 'Businessman of the Year for 2010'.

Shri PMS Prasad was bestowed with the "Outstanding Achievement Natural Gas" Award at the OCEANTEX 2010.

Corporate Ranking & Ratings:

RIL continues to be featured, for the sixth consecutive year, in the Fortune Global 500 list of the World's Largest Corporations, ranking for 2010 is as follows:


Ranked 175 based on Revenues Ranked 100 based on Profits

RIL is ranked 68th in 2010, in the Financial Times' FT Global 500 list of the world's largest companies (up from previous year's 75th rank).

RIL has been ranked at 20th position, on the basis of sales, in the ICIS Top 100 Chemicals Companies list.

RIL is the only Indian company in the world's Top 20 chemical companies in the global ranking. RIL has also been named as the 8th biggest gainer in the list in terms of operating profits.

RIL is the only Indian company to get a perfect score from CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets (CLSA) in a list of Asia's best companies in terms of CSR and termed the Company as the region's 'Corporate Good Guy'. In its 'Ethical Asia' 2010 report, CLSA has named RIL among its top picks for providing very good data and going well beyond required disclosure.

RIL is rated as the 33rd 'Most Innovative Company in the World' in a survey conducted by the US financial publication- Business Week in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Further, in 2010, BCG has ranked RIL second amongst the world's 10 biggest, 'Sustainable Value Creators', companies for creating the most shareholder value for the period 2000 to 2009.

Project Management E&P Division received the Petrotech-2010 Special Technical Award in the 'Project Management' category for completion of schedule. Health, Safety and Environment of their Krishna Godavari Gas project ahead

Allahabad Manufacturing Division received a rating of 90% for its environmental initiatives from British Safety Council in 2010.

Barabanki Manufacturing Division received '5 Star Rating on BSC Environment' from British Safety Council in 2010.

Dahej Manufacturing Division received 'Greentech Environment Excellence Award 2010 - Gold' for its excellence in environment practices from Greentech Foundation in 2010.

Dahej Manufacturing Division received the 'National Award for the Prevention of Pollution in Petrochemicals Sector' for its excellence in environment practices from the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, in 2010.

Dahej Manufacturing Division received "Our Cup of Joy India's Best Practices on Water Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) October 2010" Award for the Best practice of water conservation of "Utilizing Cooling Tower Blow Down water for Irrigation Purpose".

Hazira Manufacturing Division received the DuPont Safety Award for outstanding initiatives towards workplace safety enhancements and accident prevention in 2010, thus making RIL the first Indian / Asian company to win this award.

Hazira Manufacturing Division received the British Safety Council's (BSC), Five Star Environment Award for its "beyond compliance" initiatives, best environmental practices, innovations and resource conservation efforts in 2010.

Hazira Manufacturing Division won the UK Energy Institute's Safety Award for 'Road Safety TRUST

Programme' in 2010, making RIL the first Indian / Asian company to win this award.

Hazira Manufacturing Division won the FGI Award for Excellence in Environmental Pollution Abatement and Preservation in 2010.

Hazira Manufacturing Division won CII's Best Environmental Practice Award under "Most Innovative Project" and "Innovative Project" category in January 2011.

Hoshiarpur Manufacturing Division, for four consecutive years in a row won the 'State Safety Award' from Punjab Industrial Safety Council & Chief Inspector of Factories, Punjab in 2011.

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) Refinery received the 'Golden Peacock Award for Occupational Health & Safety' for pace setting performance in OH and Safety in 2010.

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division DTA Refinery received 'Safety Innovation Award' from Safety & Quality Forum of Institute of Engineers (India).

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division DTA Refinery won the "Greentech Platinum Award (2010)" Safety Category, in Petroleum Refinery Sector for its outstanding Achievement in Safety Management.

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division has been granted by The National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL), Ministry of Science & Technology; Government of India, "NABL accreditation" based on ISO 15189: 2007 for the DAOH & FWC Medical Laboratory.

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Refinery received '5 Star Award for Health & Safety' from British Safety Council for sustained performance in Health & Safety in 2010.

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division SEZ Refinery has won the prestigious 'Greentech Environment Excellence Award 2010' in Gold Category in Petroleum Refinery Sector for its best practices in Environment Management.

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division SEZ Refinery has been selected as the winner of the "10th Annual Greentech Safety Award 2011", in Platinum Category in the Petroleum Refinery Sector.

Nagothane Manufacturing Division received the "Vana Shree Award" from the State Government of Maharashtra in 2010.

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Nagpur Manufacturing Division received the 'Sword of Honour' from the British Safety Council in 2010. Vadodara Manufacturing Division received the CII Environmental Best Practice Award in 2011.

Energy and Water Conservation / Efficiency

Hazira Manufacturing Division won the 'Excellent Energy Efficient Unit Award for FY 2009-10' from CII in 2010.

Dahej Manufacturing Division bagged the 'Excellent Energy Efficient Unit Award 2010' for its energy

conservation efforts from CII in 2010.

Dahej Manufacturing Division received the 'National Energy Conservation Award 2010' for its energy conservation initiatives from the Ministry of Power, Government of India.

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division received the 'National Award for Excellence in Energy Management' for its energy conservation techniques from CII in 2010.

Jamnagar Manufacturing Division received the 'I.C.C. Award for Excellence in Energy Management' for its energy performance from the Indian Chemical Council in 2010.

Technology, Patents, R&D and Innovation

Nagpur Manufacturing Division received the 'Innovation Quest 2010 Trophy' instituted by the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering.

E&P's KG-D6 won the 'Innovation for India Awards 2010' instituted by the Marico Innovation Foundation for their combined synthesis of advanced technologies, extreme engineering, innovative execution, yielding unprecedented results and impact on India's energy security.

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Hazira Manufacturing Division won the "Innovative Project" from the CII in 2010. Hazira Manufacturing Division won the FGI Federation of Gujarat Industries Award for technology development in 2010.

Hazira Manufacturing Division won the Indian Chemical Council Award for chemical plant design and engineering in 2010.

Reliance Technology Group (RTG) received "Certificate of Merit" from the Federation of Gujarat Industries and "ICC award for excellence in chemical plant design and engineering" in 2010.


Reliance Footprint received the Retailer of the Year Award in the Non Apparel and Footwear category at Asia Retail Congress 2010.

Reliance TimeOut received the Retailer of the Year Award in the Leisure Category at Asia Retail Congress 2010.

Vision Express was bestowed the 'Award 2010' for its contribution by the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade in 2010.

Reliance Trends received the 'Retail Marketing Campaign of the Year Award' at the Asia Retail Congress 2010.

Reliance Trends received the 'Impactful Retail Design and Visual Merchandising of the Year Award' at the

Asia Retail Congress 2010.


Jamnagar Manufacturing Division won the 'Golden Peacock Global Award for Sustainability for the year 2010'.

For those who study innovative organizations Reliance Industries will be a shining example of how innovation is practised in almost everything that they do. Here are few things that set them apart: "Impossible is an inspiring word" - Nothing turns on the leadership at Reliance Industries than this magical word. Again to quote the Jamnagar example, it was considered impossible to turn a barren land into a greenbelt. Today mangoes grown in Jamnagar are sold in Harrods London.

"Hands on thinking, hands off execution." - It is characteristic of Reliance leadership. They think everything through and meticulous planning is their hall mark. When it comes to execution empowerment delegation down to the last employee in the chain is clearly demonstrated.

"First time it is learning. Second time it is a mistake." - Mistakes are never frowned upon; instead they are treated as a learning opportunity. It is one such mistake converted to learning that created the world's largest 'Craft Centre' located at Jamnagar. Cumulatively it has trained 1, 50,000 workmen - electricians, welders, carpenters.

"Sense of urgency" - Reliance speed is legendary now. Reliance has mastered project management skills and has made it virtually into a fine art. It is this sense of speed that restored operations in record time in Jamnagar, Patalganga and Hazira after being affected by cyclones and floods.

"Think. Anticipate. Be prepared." Part of meticulous thinking is the ability to anticipate problems. "Every transformation initiative will face resistance. It is our job to anticipate the resistance, take the responsibility to earn the respect of all stakeholders to create a win-win business model."

"Dreams and Vision are the most potent fuels in the world." - This is an unmistakable Reliance hallmark espoused both by the founder Chairman Sh. Dhirubhai Ambani and the current Chairman Sh. Mukesh Ambani. To a question on what would be his next big ambition Sh. Mukesh Ambani answered "Rural transformation. Creating direct employment for half a million people in rural India. Creating a supply chain that the world will envy."

"Measuring success differently" - Developing a metric to measure how much money was spent, is just one example of inspiring people to think and act differently and effectively.

"Asking the right questions." - Reliance Leadership excels in asking the right questions. The company folklore is replete with examples of deceptively simple questions, leading on to incredible outcomes. Commonsense is the bedrock of such thinking.

"Hard work, timely decisions, speed and ingenuity" says one of the senior managers of Reliance Industries to sum up

what Reliance is all about. It is evident that Reliance Industries is where it is today because of Innovation in thinking and execution. Given its ambition for India and its own organization Reliance leadership has now taken on a major initiative in the innovation domain. The leadership of RIL recognizes that its biggest competitive advantage and differentiator in the future would be innovation. Innovation has to become the language, the behaviour definer, the culture and the soul of Reliance, even more explicitly than ever before.

Research & Development, Technology Development and Innovation

In order to sustain and enhance profitable growth, RIL aspires to become a developer of leading edge technologies and continues to be an efficient user of technology.

RIL intends to create world-class physical and intellectual capabilities, with some of the leading scientists bolstering its innovation agenda. The Company focuses its attention to fundamental R&D for sustainability of its business, advanced technical services, enhancing internal capability to develop basic engineering packages, and in building capabilities. In refining, the focus areas include maximising light olefins yields from the fluidised catalytic cracker (FCC), improving propylene recovery in FCC; advanced characterisation of crude and evaluation of chemicals for desalting; increasing efficiency and reliability of refinery processes and enhancing process capabilities in coking technology to help widen the crude operating window.

In the petrochemicals area, the focus is on providing technology support to ensure efficient asset utilisation, development of specialty grades/materials, development of catalysts /additives for cost reduction, value addition to by-product streams, and leveraging opportunities at the chemicals/oil interface.

RIL is involved in some cutting-edge technologies like fuel cells, carbon fibres, bio-fuels, and gasification of several types of feedstocks. RIL is the sole industry partner in the New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI) project on indigenous Fuel Cell Technology Development. Some major ongoing/completed projects include: Selection of cost effective FCC catalysts and additives for improved conversion and yields. Propylene yield improvements. Benzene reduction in refining to promote clean fuel. Upgrading of bottom barrel through initiatives such as carbon black production, reduced conversion etc. De-salter operation improvements. Computational fluid dynamics for trouble shooting. Molecular compositional blending models. Polypropylene quality control. Polyolefin inorganic precursor technology development. High performance PP homo and copolymers. Development of high performance additives for polyolefins.

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Development of clarifiers for PP grades. High melt strength PP by post reactor route. Superabsorbent polymers. Bio-filtration process for effluent water treatment. Catalyst for selective dehydrogenation of C11-C14 nparaffins. Inhouse development and utilization of additives for cracker coking passivation. Development of oxygen barrier PET for beer packaging. Productivity enhancement through polymer modification. New co-catalyst systems for bottle-grade PET productivity enhancement. Development of anti-pill polyester, elastic polyester, low melt polyester, low cost flame retardant polyester, low antimony/antimony free polyester, and super micro denier polyester staple fiber. Development of low cost catalyst, additives and spin finish for polyester. Spinning productivity enhancement. Deep cut operation Revamption of coker unit and process of pitch.

Creation and protection of intellectual property (IP) for the Company continues to be an ongoing area of focus. RIL's portfolio for national and international patents is increasing in existing as well as new technology areas. As a part of our business transformation, RIL is adopting and implementing best in class business processes with stateof- the-art applications to enhance technical excellence. Innovation RIL aspires to be one of the most innovative companies in the world. The Reliance Innovation Leadership Centre designs, develops and deploys programmes in realizing this vision anchored around this agenda. The Leading Expert Access Programme (LEAP) created a hat trick of Nobel Laureates' lectures. Prof Venki Ramakrishnane delivered the 13th Reliance LEAP lecture at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL). In the past, LEAP speakers have included Nobel Laureates Prof Jean Marie Lehn and Prof Robert Grubbs. LEAP has been designed to inspire the RIL family through the life, work and experience of global innovation leaders. Sustainable growth of any organisation has one important element- generation, exploitation and management of its IP. Last year saw a new energy in this domain through the structuring and institutionalising of the IP thrust area. The focus of the IP team is to transform the organisation from being an IP user to an IP creator. RIL's patent portfolio is on the upswing, both in quality and quantity terms including protection in overseas markets.