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Since November 22, 1963, there have been over 2,000 books, dozens of television programs and countless

movies filled with theory, conjecture and myth as to why John F Kennedy was gunned down in broad daylight on a downtown Dallas street. And still to this day, our questions on who killed JFK are still only answered with conspiracies. Among the conspiracies, Oswalds claim that he was not alone responsible for the assassination of JFK is strongly supported through the examination of other bodies including the CIA and their motive, resources and opportunity in seeing the death of their president. As an ancient saying wisely dictates, a first impression is a lasting impression. This was successfully portrayed through the unstable relations shared between JFK and the CIA. From the beginning of Kennedys presidential term, evidence outlines that the two parties were often at odds with one another, shown most significantly through the Bay of Pigs fiasco, where JFK openly criticised the CIA for their lack of foresight including details such as the failure to detect the corals off the coast of Cuba, architects assuming too much and knowing too little concerning the landing site and the highly exaggerated and unreliable information Kennedy received regarding the political situation. Hence, the tension and lack of trust between Kennedy and the CIA is effectively indicated. CIAs involvement in the Kennedy assassination was sustained through the link created between CIAs significant figurehead - David Atlee Phillips - and the assassination as Phillips was seen months before the assassination with Oswald. Considering the circumstances, this meeting can be correctly labelled as suspicious. To add to this collection of untrustworthiness we have conjured regarding Phillips, at the time of the assassination, Phillips was in charge of the CIAs Cuban operations in Mexico City. This fact, combined with the undeniable authority of Phillips involvement with the Bay of Pigs operation and the two opposing views of Kennedy and the CIA, beyond question, points to the involvement of the CIA in the death of the president. However, most significant in accusing CIA of involvement with the Kennedy assassination is the many inconsistencies found in the Warren Commission the official assassination investigation. Among the many inconsistencies found in the Warren Commission is the blame Lee Harvey Oswald had to take onto his shoulders. Oswald did not act alone on the assassination, with the unwanted help of the CIA, the termination of JFK was horrifically achieved. There is a never ending list of evidence that testifies any wanted or controllable actions towards the assassination of the president. Evidence that strongly suggests Oswald was not mentally capable nor physical capable to be the assassinator of JFK. Some pieces of evidence that strongly weakens the Warren Commission and their Lone Gunman Theory is the fact that Oswald is not an outstanding marksman and even an outstanding marksman like Carlos Hathcock - a credited man with 93 confirmed kills in Vietnam - wasnt capable of duplicating what the Warren Commission said Oswald did. Also the declaration of Dr. Charles Crenshaw, who was then a physician at Parkland Hospital, in the care of John F Kennedy provides Oswald did not act alone. Crenshaw claims All I could see there was mangled, bloody tissue. From the damage I saw, there was

no doubt in my mind that the bullet had entered his head through the front, and as it surgically passed through his cranium, the missile obliterated (ob blit - er - rated) part of the temporal and all the parietal (pa - rye - e - tool) and occipital (ok - sip - i - til) lobes before it lacerated (lass - er - rated) the cerebellum (se - rah - bell - lem).The numerous intelligence agencies were the main sources of information for the Warren Commission and thus, were in an excellent position to tamper with and manipulate the evidence available.

One other interesting detail that determines the involvement of the CIA involves CIA director Allen Dulles, whom Kennedy dismissed, yet who went on to serve a vital role in the Warren Commission. Kennedy once quoted that The basic problems facing today, are not susceptible to a military solution. One of these issues which JFK was particularly passionate about was the elimination of organised crime. John Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy had taken a much more aggressive approach on organised crime than any previous government. The CIA had not only the authority, the resources and the power, but also shared the desire to see JFK destroyed. Although tragic and horrific, it is logical and even rational to suggest that the CIA was behind this dreadful crime and left Lee Harvey Oswald to take the blame.