Hogan’s Classroom Management So that the classroom environment will be conducive to learning, the rules listed below will be followed. Rules: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Follow directions quickly. Raise your hand to speak. Raise your hand to leave your seat. Make smart choices. Keep your dear teacher happy.

Students practice these rules each day. When students break a rule, it will be repeated. Rules are recited each day to remind the class. I try to be proactive about class behavior. Consequences for breaking the class rules: All students begin each day with a clip on green of our classroom traffic light. 1. The first time a rule is broken: There will be a verbal reminder or warning and the rule is repeated. 2. The second time a rule is broken: the student loses 5 minutes of recess and meets with the teacher to discuss the behavior/practice the broken rule and moves clip to yellow. 3. The third time a rule is broken: the student loses 10 minutes of recess and moves clip to red. A note may go home depending on actions. 4. The fourth time a rule is broken: the student loses all recess and a note/phone call to parents to discuss the broken rule. The student moves clip to the top of red. 5. The fifth time rule is broken: the student may be sent to the office to meet with Principal/Assistant Principal and referral is written.

Rewards for following rules: If you are "caught being good," you may have a reward. • Stickers, treats, prizes, hugs, extra computer time, special recognition, etc.

Please sign and return this sheet tomorrow. I have read Mrs. Hogan’s Classroom Management Plan and have discussed it with my child. Parent's Signature: ____________________________

Child's Signature:______________________________ Date:____________________

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