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Airtel :Product Portfolio 1.Mobile Network i)Internet on 3G ii)Mobile Number Portability 2.Broadband i)Airtel Live ii)Broadband TV iii)PC Secure iv)3G USB Stick

3.Digital TV i)Airtel Movies ii)IPTV iii)HD TV 4.Fixed Line

since it provides uninterrupted and quality network Leadership or popularity:Airtel enjoys a high popularity which is visible with the high subscriber base of 20 cr (approx. .  Other customer-oriented associations or differentiation measures 5. in Bangladesh Airtel. Organizational associations:Airtel corporate brand is more visible than any other brand in telecom in India. in India Airtel Sri Lanka. 4. Market share :Market Share of Airtel is 20. 2.Airtel :Current Markets The Indian Subcontinent: Airtel Bangla.  Market behavior measures 9. 6. Brand awareness: It is high. Price premium: Airtel has a very loyal following who are ready to pay price premium Customer satisfaction or loyalty: Airtel leads the industry in the satisfaction level of customers.20%(2011 data) and is the larget telecom provider in India 10. in Sri Lanka Airtel Africa.  Perceived Quality or Leadership Measures 3. Market price and distribution coverage :Coverage is among the highest.  Awareness measures 8. which operates in 16 African countries Aaker s brand equity Ten  Loyalty Measures 1. Brand personality:Comes across as a exciting and competent brand. Perceived quality:The perceived quality is high.) world wide. The advertisements connect with the masses as they project Airtel to be a vibrant and emotional brand. Perceived value:Airtel is considered to be expensive by customers. 7.

but as something that gave him a badge value. "We positioned Airtel as an aspirational and lifestyle brand. . upmarket professionals and entrepreneurs.Airtel:Currrent Associations Brand associations are formed on the following basis: y y y y y y y y y Customers contact with the organization and it s employees Advertisements Word of mouth publicity Price at which the brand is sold Celebrity/big entity association Quality of the product Products and schemes offered by competitors Product class/category to which the brand belongs POP ( Point of purchase) display On the basis of small survey conducted to identify the brand associations of Airtel. iii)Airtel uses successful personalities in their ad campaigns which creates a leadership association iv)Airtel as a brand is dynamic and has changed with times. It was pitched not merely as a mobile service. In recent communications Airtel has projected  The spirit of leadership  The emotional angle Airtel has been successful in creating a very positive and strong brand association since its inception.It is emotional in nature and represents every socio-economic class. The target customer was clearly defined: elite. in a way that trivialised the price in the mind of the consumer. Some of the conclusions of our survey are documented below i)Airtel is synonymous with Quality and Uninterrupted service ii)Current Brand Personality of Airtel is that of an Indian youth who is cheerful and active. Also the current advertisements which are broadcast in recent times are trying to position the brand Airtel as an International brand.

the India Telecoms industry will grow at a CAGR of 15. will grow at over 30 percent during 2012 to touch revenues of Rs 83.05.377 Crore (USD 18 billion).454 Crore (USD 45 billion) will be contributed by .8% . that includes featurephones and smartphones.77. Categories Telecom services Mobile Phones 2010 159519 50714 2011 184207 64077 2012 505454 83377 2013 226741 105625 2014 248956 128729 CAGR 2010-14 11.In the five year period between 2010 and 2014.8% to touch revenues of Rs 3.Future Brand Extensions Possible By looking at the brand associations of Airtel we can move forward and suggest our brand extensions Extensions Suggested: i)Online Movie distributor ii)Hand Held Device for Financial Inclusion iii)Movies on demand on mobile use of 3G Evaluation of extension suggested Online Movie Distributor Bharti Airtel made its Media & Entertainment debut in 2009-10 and launched it s Digital Media Business One of its kind integrated approach to the Global Digital Media Business by an Asian telco Created a Digital Media exchange for integrated content delivery Marked its entry into the Digital Cinema Delivery market Launched Airtel s Teleport Services to enable content gathering and its distribution across the Globe According to premiere research firm CyberMedia Research expects the India telecom services and mobile handsets market to grow at 16.8% 26.832 crore or (USD 63 billion).2 15.7% in 2012 (over 2011) to touch revenues of Rs 288.683 Crore or USD 82 billion. the telecom services (including mobile and fixed line services) and India mobile handsets market.Out of this Rs 2.

Indian telecom services market(Rs crs) 210233 248284 288832 332366 377685 15. VAS and data services.28. developers and service providers looking to build their own portfolio of unique 'apps'. Mobile VAS etc. CyberMedia Research expects over 1. content creation and mobile application development will witness increased focus by vendors. IP-VPN. .714 Crore in 2010 to Rs 1. Apple. Olive and others. .00. Establishment of 3G and BWA (WiMax and Long Term Evolution or LTE) will have a positive impact on the India market. on. A 'game changer' in this space could happen in late 2011 / early 2012 if a players such as Reliance Infotel introduces a 'mass market' Tablet priced lower than Rs.729 Crore in 2014. broadband content will remain in early stages of development through 2011.000 per unit. media tablets in their present form and currently prevailing price points are unlikely to excite the large majority of consumers. India Telecom Services and Products Sector.000 Tablets to enter in 2011 alone.With the allocation of 3G and BWA spectrum and rollout of services by private as well as incumbent operators.However. The major growth drivers for the Telecom Services segments would be launch and roll-out of 3G and BWA / WiMax / LTE services and the consequent growth in usage of high speed broadband. The smartphones market in India is expected grow to over 10 million units in 2011 from 6 million units in 2010. The Android Operating System will continue to gain acceptance as a mobile operating system (OS) and 12% of all smartphones shipped in India during 2011 are expected to be based on the Android platform. Other high growth Telecom Services areas include IP-TV. as WiMax / LTE services gain in popularity. 10. based on the current portfolio of players like Samsung. WiMax/LTE will help in overcoming the infrastructure issues in the country as well as deliver enhanced performance to end-users. However. VoIP. however. 2010-2014 The growth in the India domestic mobile handsets market will be more than 150% increment in the value of featurephones and smartphones from Rs 50.8 % Table 1.

These brand extensions will provide the following benefits to the parent brands ii)Strong competitive positioning in new category iii)Extends the parent brand vision to be a leader The brand extensions suggested here will not be doing the following: i)Dilute brand meaning ii)Cannibalize Sales of Parent brand iii)Confuse or Frustrate consumers .

2011 1) Mobile Telecommunication Services include voice telephony services. . 3) Mobile Phones include featurephones and smartphones. 4) Spends on Telecoms Network Infrastructure and Tablets not included. IP-VPN. leased line. WLL. data services and VAS. 2) Fixed-line Telecommunication Services include PSTN.Source: CyberMedia Research (CMR). xDSL and other services.

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