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ABOUT OUR COLLEGE K.Ramakrishnan College of Engineering was started in 2008. It is located 1 km away from Samayapuram, Tiruchirappalli.

It has very good infrastructure including necessary labs, libraries with e-learning process. Many more buildings are under construction to meet the demands of the institution. This fledging institution has already secured the 2nd place among colleges affiliated to Anna University of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. It offers Four U.G. and One P.G Programme.

ABOUT OUR DEPARTMENT The Department of Mechanical Engineering is known for the skilled faculty. The department has secured the 1st place in the fourth semester results of Anna University of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. It also has a well organized association titled MECKTRON. The department has well equipped laboratories which enhances the teaching learning process. The department conducts Quiz programmes that induce the learners to widen their knowledge. It is continually strives to make the students highly knowledgeable in todays society. SAE conducts various programmes like poster and video presentations in the department.

AN INTRODUCTION TO AEROMODELING WORKSHOP 1 The workshop on introduction to aeromodeling will cover the following aspects. 2 The workshop will include construction of a basic chuck glider the various parts of the glider will be pre cut and will have a blueprint and instruction sheet. This model will be made of balsa wood a special wood used for making aero models. This model is capable of flying from the hand when chucked with care or catapulted with a rubber band. 3 Apart from this the students will get three more aero plane models made of thermocole, foam sheet, corrugated plastic sheet and all these planes are designed to fly from the hand of the flyer and gives sample opportunity to learn and experiment the basics of flight with minor trimming adjustments.

4 During this workshop the student will learn the basics of construction, various parts of an aircraft, the purpose of control and effects related and to an extent the principles of flight. This workshop will undoubtedly create in the young student an attraction to aviation and be of inspiration towards aviation field to work.

REGISTRATION FEE 1 Kit with 1 Person Rs 650/1 Kit with 2 Persons Rs 800/HOW TO APPLY Candidates are requested to send the DD in favour of The Principal, K.Ramakrishnan College Of Engineering along with registration form to the convener on or before August 16th 2011 Registration form is available on college website

ADDRESS FOR COMMUNICATION: CONVENER L. Madan Ananda Kumar Asst.Professor,Mechanical.Engg.Dept. K.R.C.E, Tiruchirappalli-12. 9786075473 STUDENT COORDINATOR D.Raghavendiran -9994094619