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ICTJ In Focus
Issue 5 August 2011

In Focus

Save the Judiciary, Save the Revolution

The appearance of Hosni Mubarak in the opening of his trial this week reassured millions of Egyptians that their revolutionary struggle was not in vain. But the truth about Mubaraks ability to participate in his trial is still unclear. With the public doubting the courts seriousness, Mubaraks appearance could have been a political decision aimed at boosting confidence. If this is the case, the judiciary risks appearing politicized in the eyes of Egyptians.

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Syria: UN and Arab League Must Act Swiftly to Address Crimes As the international community considers its response to the surging violence in Syria, those responsible for gross human rights violations in the country should be held to account. The first step for accountability is investigation. The lack of action on the part of international actors, including the Security Council and the Arab League makes the cause of human rights and justice look selective and opportunistic, said Habib Nassar, director of ICTJ's Middle East and North Africa Program.

ICTJ Presents: Campaign for a Rwanda Center for Multimedia Heritage

ICTJ is pleased to present the KickStarter campaign to launch the Iriba Center for Multimedia Heritage in Kigali, Rwanda. The Iriba Center, whose name means the source, is a project to make accessible an audiovisual history of Rwanda, to keep the countrys history alive.

To Live as Other Kenyans Do: A Study of the Reparative Demands of Kenyan Victims of Human Rights Violations
This paper documents the opinions of victims of human rights violations in Kenya about the countrys unfolding transitional justice process. The first section gives background into the human rights violations; the second section presents victims ideas about reparative justice.
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August 24, 2011

Selection and Prioritization as a Prosecution Strategy in Cases Involving International Crimes

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