Introduction to WiMAX

12th Sept 2006


All rights reserved © 2005, Alcatel

Alcatel .What’s WiMAX? Page 2 Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. All rights reserved © 2005.

16 standards procedures and certifications that demonstrate interoperability among WiMax vendors' gear All rights reserved © 2005.16 and ETSI HiperMAN) IEEE 802. Alcatel .WiMAX Forum vs IEEE 802.16 Group Page 3 WIMAX Forum • Organization to certify the compatibility and the interoperability of BWA products (specifically those described by IEEE 802.16 • A working group under IEEE • To develop the test • To define 802.

16 Amendment WiMAX System Profiles 10 .16e (802.16 (Dec 2001) • Original fixed wireless broadband air Interface for 10 – 66 GHz: Line-of-sight only.802. Point-toMulti-Point applications 802. Alcatel .16-2005) (Dec 2005) • MAC/PHY Enhancements to support subscribers moving at vehicular speeds All rights reserved © 2005.16 Standards History Page 4 802. Point-to-Multi-Point applications like “last mile” broadband access 802.16REVd (802.16c (2002) 802.16a (Jan 2003) • Extension for 2-11 GHz: Targeted for nonline-of-sight.16-2004) (Oct 2004) • Adds WiMAX System Profiles for 2-11 GHz 802.66 GHz 802.

All rights reserved © 2005.WiFi vs WiMAX Page 5 WiFi • 802.16d/e standards • Use licensed and unlicensed spectrum • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) • QoS can be guaranteed • Max~ 35km(~10km : 802.11a/g standards • Use unlicensed spectrum • Hotspot or LAN • QoS not guaranteed • max < 100m • Up to 54Mbps • No Mobility WiMAX • 802.16e) • Up to 70Mbps • Mobility is possible. Alcatel .

• Cost higher • Guard time required between DL and UL All rights reserved © 2005. but suitable for Voice and E1 backhauling. mixers etc. for transmitter and receiver • Guard channel required between DL and UL FDD • A pair of spectrum blocks required for DL and UL • Difficult to support multiple national FDD spectrum allocation • Not efficient for asymmetric operations. Alcatel .WIMAX FDD and TDD Profiles Page 6 TDD • Same frequency spectrum block for DL and UL • Easier to support multiple national TDD spectrum allocation • Little waste of spectrum for asymmetric operations • Cost lower as same filters.

WiMAX Forum Certification Process Page 7 All rights reserved © 2005. Alcatel .

WiMAX Standardisation – Definition of Profile Page 8 All rights reserved © 2005. Alcatel .

16 group defines standards for PHY and MAC. Initial WiMAX product focus on TDD mode as it is ideally for transport of asymmetric traffic and lower cost for modem. Alcatel .Summary Page 9 WiMAX Forum certify products follow 802. WiMAX is extension of WiFi.16 and ETSI HiperMAN. IEEE 802. with capability to guarantee quality of service and provide mobility. All rights reserved © 2005.

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