Adverbs of Manner

Los adverbios de modo señalan cómo se realiza la acción indicada por el verbo.
Muchos se forman partiendo del adjetivo y agregando "-ly". Si el adjetivo termina con "y", se
cambia por "ily". Si termina en "ble", se cambia por "bly". Si termina en "ic", se agrega "ally".
sudden (rápido) - suddenly (rápidamente)
She came back home suddenly.
Volvió a la casa rápidamente.
happy (feliz) - happily (felizmente)
The dog wags its tail happily.
El perro mueve felizmente la cola.
possible (posible) - possibly (posiblemente)
You will possibly arrive late.
Posiblemente llegues tarde.
basic (básico) - basically (básicamente)
Basically, you have to do this.
Básicamente, debes hacer esto.
Algunos adjetivos pueden no modificarse cuando se convierten en adverbios.
This train goes fast.
Este tren va rápido.
I work hard.
Trabajo mucho.
Muchas veces en lugar de usar una sola palabra se forman frases que comienzan con preposición.
Jim goes to school by bus.
Jim va a la escuela en autobús.

everything in its place. My mum looked at me _________________. . Here is ______________ very noisy. She arranged her room ____________________. (complete. (hard) 4. (usual. (angry) 5. The play ended ___________________ with the hero's death.Exercise: In the following sentences put in each space the adverb made from the adjective in brackets. (tidy) Adjective or adverb badly beautiful beautiful beautifully beautifully boring fast interesting nice stupid well different easily We have got a lot of __________________ pupils in our class. (noisy) 7. Here are some of them: Sally is a ___________________________ girl and she plays the guitar very _________________________. (dramatic) 10. The work very _________________. too. but today it is _________ quiet. absolute) 2. (continuous) 9. The boys think Sandra is even _____________________ and she is _______________________. But the girls think she is ________________ because she always talks so clever and she plays volleyball ________________________. It snowed _____________________ for the three days. (public) 8. You're __________ right. He apologized ______________________ for his mistakes. I agree with you _________________. absolutely angrily completely continuously dramatically hard publicly strangely stupidly tidily usually noisily 1. The students were behaving _________________ in the classroom. (stupid) 3. I'm afraid I _______________forgot to bring my camera. strange) 6.

Mary waits _____________________ in the doctor's waiting room (patient). His story sounds ________________ (strange). 9. He is often very ___________________. She is tall. Ann often behaves __________________ in school. The cat drinks its milk in a ___________________ way (thirsty). 3. 16. He works very ___________________. This lady has a _________________ voice (loud). She is very clever and she doesn't talk as _________________________ as a lot of our other girl. That man is a ___________________ person (nervous). (careful) 17. 15. 15. Adjective or adverb 1. Susan and George work ___________________ (slow). Dad was quite ______________________ yesterday (sleepy). The most ___________________________ pupil is Cindy. 11. good looking and all the boys fall in love with her ___________________________. Mary Works __________________ (careful). But everybody likes Pat because she sings _______________________. Jim picked up the phone and spoke __________________ (quiet).She cannot swim ______________________ enough and she always does what the teachers tell her. 5. Jack is often __________________ (happy). 7. Jill runs to school _________________ (fast) 12. She always works _________________. And she plays the saxophone even more ______________________________. The dog is always __________________ (hungry). (great) . 14. 6. 4. (good) 20. (bad) 18. Tom runs home _________________ (quick) 13. 10. Jack always speaks ______________________ (loud). Nelly walked around _________________ (nervous). This steak tastes ________________. 8. 2. (nervous) 19.

I like roses. Their son is a bit _____________________. That sounds ____________________. The doctor said that my leg was ______________________. (great) 26. The restaurant seems to be _____________________. He was very ___________________ that he won the race. They skate ___________________. (warm) . She looked at me ____________________. (silly) 30. (happy) 25. (nice) 28. She looks _____________________. They smell _______________________. (good) 24. (angry) 22.21. (fragil) 27. (good) 29. (pretty) 23. The cat's fur (skin) felt _______________ ( soft) and ___________________.

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