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jlyherc__ the Sun Sleeps"? Well, t we all write the music together! Normally someone comes in Godslave (Germany) plays death/thrash with a real with an idea or a riff and then we develop it together mafurity and professionalism that comes across in in the rehearsal room. That's the normal way, birt we music very well. Reading the interview you will 11."t: are open to any other way of songwriting. if anyone find out yhy, according to them, they are jusi getting -all comes in with a final song which we started!! Bernie (guitars) has the patience to answer like, no problem. There are no boundaries whatsoever. some standard and some not-so-comfortable As for the job of the guitarists: Meyer plays almost all questions. Check them out at solos and leads and I am the rhythm- devil hehe.'godslaveband and hear for We've been a little bit lazy in songwriting lately y_o_urself. because we concentrated on playing live - 2006. Furthermore I am going to Londbn for three months in In 2Q0By_ou made two recordings: Bound by Chains in April and then in October Orzf o/fhe Ashes. Have things January because of my studies. After that we will continue to kill again and write some new funes! yet, go"negreat for Godslave in 2008? Do you like the walz not much is ready, but there a plenty of ideas that are things are going so far? Will you record two or three more to albums be in explored. 2009?t waiting In respect of the lyrics: Normally the one who 6ad the Hehe, well, first of all, YES, 2008 was a great year for main icleas for a song, writes the lyrics. It depends on GODSLAVE. We actually destroyed stages in 2008 for if someone is interested in doing the lyrics or if the first time (our first gig ever was in April), did some someone already has an idea or something. Inspiration great concerts with DESTRUCTION and many other comes from different things, movies, an idea in the great bands, released the two records and had lots of sick head of a musician or anything else hehe. fun! So, we can be really satisfied with the outcomes of "Wings of wrath" and "Where the sun sleeps" are both 2008! written by our guitarist Meyer and they both happen Well, 2009 is planned to be a live-year for us. We just want to play as much as we can and won't release to treat aerial warfare in some way, hehe. Whereas the latter is dealing much in the year 7) There will be one single release in with nuclear war. 2009, but I won't go into detail on that hehe. Stay patient, there's a cool thing coming. Furthermore there Y-ou are from Saarbnicken correct? What is )zour town will be our second video (for "slaves to the black") and like-.with a metal scene? Do )zou plalz in )zour town a t"li Ir tngr" p".fi gigs gigs gigs! The second full length record won't be " Did you form the band in school? FIow old are the recorded before the beginning of 2010. id you get into metal? Whu!.* In 2008 you plalzed festivals like Rockmania metal? Saarbanger. Endless Summertime. From Dusk Till Well, Saarbri.icken and our region Saarland and Dawn. Thrashing Like a Maniac and Metal Invasion!! Cermany in general enjoys a very vivid metal scene at Can )zou explain )zour experiences at those festivals? Flovq many people attended? Do the,v happen everlz the moment! Things are going pretty well, there are )zear? Tany good bands, but also many ridiculously bad bands emerging from the metalcore swamp, as you That was a total blast, every single gig! We are very can imagine. We try not to play too often in our region, huppy that we could play these events. It was very because everything is pretty small and it's atmosi the nice to experience all these professionally organized same people every time, at least half of them. There is festivals as a rather small band coming directly from no particular Thrash scene, but in our region hard the underground. We met lots of interesting people metal is more popular than the melodic one. and had the opportunity to play big stages, which is Except our drummer (who turned 18 recently) we are amazing! not young enough to have the band formed in school Rockmania and Metal Invasion are German festivals with about 2000 visitors, the others were smaller ones. hehe. It goes from 18 to 34 years of age within the band. Normally they are all planned once ayear. We had not more than half an hour to play, that's not much. But as We all got into metal almost the same wdy, but in a fresh and new band, we didn't have more songs different times. There were people who introduced anyway ha! some bands to us and the disease was spread more and more years, you over the know. You have two guitar plalzers: Melzer and )zou. \Alhat And I think I can speak for the whole Uana when I am are )zour roles in the band? Does Thommy (vocals\ saying that there has been no particular band who brought us to the making music ourselves, it was just write the lyrics and write music? Do you write the METAL itself that woke a desire inside of us to enter music together? Ouf o.f fhe Aslles has five songs: when the stage and kiil! were these songs written? How manlr new songs do you have now that you have not recorded yet? What Do )zou have a big metal collecfion? Do )zou bulzs cds? inspires the llzrics to "Wings of Death"? How about

Do )zou download music more than buys cds? Do )zou listen to music mostllz on things like ipods? Well, a decent size I would say ;-) We are all kind of collectors of the music we love and we have collections from a thousand upwards. Actually, all except for our drummer, he is still in his beginning as he is only 18 years old hehe. But he has some goocl teachers ;-) We all hate downloading stuff instead of buying what we like as hell. It's great to reckognize bands, you don't know, I personally am downloading some tunes at the moment to get to know some new bands and make a small collection for my mp3 player. We buy everything that we like as soon as our pockets allow us to 7) Mp3-players are a great invenfion, when you're traveling a lot, so you have only one thing to carry, that's totally great! But at home, the record has to be played in an appropriate player! We want to have quality for our money, so we as kind of collectors love the special issues of records as the new LECION OF TIIE DAMNED one and yes, we celebrate every record that we have by looking into the booklet and at the lyrics! 7) In some categories of metal like some gore bands thelz like to talk about mutilating women in particular. It's not considered acceptable to promote racism in music or persecution of certain race'religion. etc. Whlz do )zou suppose that in metal music it is considered acceptable to promote phlzsical violence and phlzsical abuse of women and women's bodies? So, for example. racism is not acceptable but sexism does not much. too criticized set That's a very difficult question, that would have to be discussion! looooong further in a explored First of aIl, I guess it's pretty clear that brutal music needs brutal lyrics. I guess that no one would doubt that. about I can't really tell you why violence against women is written about so often nor do I think that there is written more about violence against women than against men. I think the topic "violence" is in general the most important in metal music. Why distinguish between men and women? All have to be violated haha. I could imagine that it's acceptable to write about the abuse of women (which is in reality a thing not to be accepted!) because there are such few women in the guess. my be would That all! scene at Sure, if you would take these lyrics serious, there is much potential to discuss, but to be honest, who does serious? Iyrics ;-) these take What is the role or function in )zour band of your bass pla)zer and drummer? Is )zour bassigt Leal name ')Blitz"? Maybe the drummer should be called "Donner" so thelz sound like metal team: Blitz und

Donner!! Who brings the beer to rehearsals? Flahaha, that's a funny suggestion. No, ro, it's different hehe. Blitz is called Blitz because its nickname has been "lightnin" for quite a while. I guess it was me, who changed his name to the German version "Blttz" just for fun. To call him "Blitz" was much easier for me and I thought it sounded much better as it is a one syllabic word hehe. We call ourselves by our nicknames, exactly as we call ourselves during the rehearsal, so there is not more intention behind that ;-) The drummer is in my opinion the most important part in a band, because he is the machine that keeps the music going. We already experienced in the past, how much a band can decline with a bad drumrner. Now, we can really be happy with Max, he's great! Beer is the most important topic, you're totally right hehe. We dicl a rehearsal without beer because we forgot to buy some, it just wasn't the same... hehe. Do )zou think metal people generally have some kind of idea that metal is not for gay people? Does that actuall)z make sense to )zou? Do )zou think maybe metal people should relax more. not worrlz about such issues?! OFI YES!!! Metal people should relax MUCFI more/ that's fore sure haha. They/We (I am member of this metal club too hehe) should throw all these ridiculous rules over board, it's sometimes so damn disgusting that I'd like to puke... I personally don't care shit about someone's sexual direction. I would clrink beer with a gay guy as I drink beer with a hetero, I don't fucking care. But it is a fact, that there are almost no homosexuals in the metal scene at all (at least they do not tell to be gay ;-) but I really think, there are much less gay people in the others.) metal in SCENC AS The reason why many parts of the metal scene seem to be homophobic is, because in the scene, only REAL MEN count! There is no place for weakness whatsoever. And a gay guy is not considered to be a some. man by real But you know, I don't really think that most people would have a problem with gays. I just have the feeling that gay people don't like the aggressive music that much and therefore there are not that much homosexuals in the scene. Just my two cents, I haven't yet. that about much thought I n correct. couldtnke ruhilc! tlrink,tlmrglt,tlrcpoitttis Tltis lYou're snd thnt gny rlonrcnutd nrcn nre renl u.)onrcn nrcn.Tlings like lrcterosexunl to nre strengtlt loaeof nrctnl not exclusitte so-cnlled or - editorl ru\rc nmL!Metnlisfor ezterybody is interested. jokes news? or comments. Last thoughts Damn, that was a tough but extremely interesting interview, thank you very much for your support! Check GODSLAVE out if you like some honest music


directly from the heart. And relax more, it's not always THAT bad or importan t ;-) That's it, thank you very much for your support!! :-) How can I order 5 of the magazines? [lvoprohlem. scnd I'll salte by post nnil or by entnil pdf/scnn -editor] Best wishes and a good slide into the new year!!

in though? We are somewhat different from all the rest I must say, but I believe we are appreciated! Elias and Caroline do vocals. Tan plays the instruments. Who writes the songs? Do you use a drum machine? I don't like drum machines! We are all part of the musical creation and each contributes with ideas. Since Ian handles all instruments the greater part of this obviously lies on his shoulders. But we usually begin to work with a riff and an idea, and then we all interfer and take part of the devel opment. The l yri cs are usual l y co-wr if t en by me and Caroline. Im not a big fan of drummacl'rine eather, but that was the solution at the time we recorded the demo. We started writing and recording a little new material yesterday, and from now on Jan will do the drums on a cligisei. The sound will still be the same, but atleast it will be more livefeeling to it. When a live performance will appear were going to use sessionmusicians. We already have a bunch of friends who claimed their spot and shown real interest, so this won't be any problem. The band will however always be the three of us and no one else! We share a lot of same thoughts, ideas and ambitions and it works really well between us, so we are happy with the situation and dont feel the need of the involvment of a fourth or a fifht person. We have known each other since I moved to this city almost three years ago. We have a strong friendship and really enjoy each others company. What does "Atra Filia" mean as a band name? The bandname Atra Filia is Latin and means "daughter of the dark". It applies very well to our music and lyrics I think. We all carry a lot of anxiety, grief and rage wl-rich takes tl're form of an inner demon that we both love and hate. We refere to this demon as our daughter of darkness. Your song "Haunted blz Grief" was inspired b)z what? That song is inspired by some doleful experiences in life. Its rather personal stuff... The lyrics sort of just came out of me as I listened to the first riff in the song. And then Jan took it to a truly beautiful level with the guitarsolos, and Caroline emediately understood my feelings and wrote part of the Iyrics and did a fantastic job with her vocals! "Sanctum Obliteration" refers to what? What about the song "Atra Filia"? Is this song the first )zour band wrote? "Sanctum Obliteration" was acfually composed by me as I was Iying with a terrible hangover and a heart filled with misery. "Atra Filia" is kind of our anthem that somehow summerize what and who we are. But "Inside me" is our first song that actually was written about a year before we formed Atra Filia and was from



Atra Filia (Srveden) keep it crushingly heavy, atmospheric and grim. Anhrrus Obscuru"m at times sounds like black metal, then Iike real heavy doom, then brutal, and then just when you are about to get comfortable, they twist everything into massive melancholy. This is why perhaps it is a good idea to let Elias, one of the two vocalists, clarify a thing or two about Atra Filia. www.myspace. com / officialatrafilia In 2008 you recorded Aninrus Obscuntnz.correct? Do Yes, thats correct! We formed the band on a beerdrenched evening in the summer of 2008, and we recorded and released our first demo "Animus obscurum" during the autumn. We have acfually discussed our future and come to the conclusion that another demo will be rather unnecassary, not atleast considering that all our songs areT-B minutes long. So we have decided that our next release will be a fulllength album. This will for sure be out sometime during 2009, and we are currently looking for a label who will be interested in a collaboration. If no label will appear we will release the album by ourselfes, so you can be sure that a Atra Filia debutalbum will be out in 2009! Was it distributed blz Khaoz Star Records? Khaoz Star Records is actually my own label, which I run together with a friend. The Atra Filia demo is not distributed in that sence by the label. Its just possible to buy it from the webshop, where you also can find lots of other great stuff! What tvpe of metal scene is there in )zour citlz and how do you fit in the picture? We all live in the city called Eskilstuna. It's kind of a working city with a population of circa 100000. The metalscene was enormous back in the old days, with bands like The Black, Crypt of Kerberos, Vinterland, Eternal Darkness, Exanthema and so forth... Lately the scene have been a bit quite though, but a revival have luckely come and we are once again a great musiccity! The reunion of The Black and their new album says it all I think!! And a new band called Tyrant is really great! Also Arcana and a few other constellations contributes to the scene. Im not sure where we will fit

the beginning meant to be a song for Jans other band Fornborg. called Your songs have different moods, some suggesting death and black metal, others doom metal, etc. How out? are to this able balance vou I think our songs have quite a good balance that suits the content of the lyrics. We try to capture both sorrow, despair, darkness and beauty within our sollgs. Do )zou think that people into certain bands or stlzlesin particular would enjolr and understand what )zour music is about? If so. what bands would those be? I think and hope we will appeal to most kind of metalheads. But of course its not completelv -Dyin[ unconsiderable that fans of bands such as My Bride and simular doomy stuff will have easier to enjoy our music. Flowever, I see ourselfes as much deathmetal. heavier and more What are )zour favorite metal bands and alburns? Do )zou like BOsmetal. like thrash and death metal? How about 90s death and black metal? What is )zour favorite 2008? metal from cd I enjoy quite a spectra of metal I must say. More or less all kinds and eras have sometl-ring great. Blackmetal is however the genre which I enjoy the most. The Mayhem-album "De mysteriis dom Sathanas" is in my opinion the absolute best album ever made!! My favourites this year is The Black "Alongside Death" Arckanum and "Antikosrnos" Do you think that the current economic crisis will result in a depression? Do )zou think that there will be depression? revolutions because of the future Well, I think the depression has been around for a while already, and it surely wont get any better because of the econotnic crisis and all greedy disgusting people on the face of the earth. Revolutions, chaos and rvar are not a question of if? It's a question of WHEN!?! And I guess the answer is quite soon. I have a rather dark view on this world and its inhabitants, and I dont care much for the ongoing existence. Last thoughts Thanks a Cheers!--Elias jokes news? or comments. interview! the lot for THE END.

the Boss plays traditional heavy metal. And wouldn't you know it, it rocks!! Ross, the man, answers here. It seems like NezuMefal Lenderhas been received verlr well in Europe. You must be a lot busier now. Will you be plalzing live in the U.S.? Thank you! Yes, NML is being received very well pretfy much everywhere. Am I busier these days? I would say so. If we dont perform we work on new material. We did 11 dates in Europe in November, hopefully we will go back in the spring and we will play Bang your Flead Festival this summer. Our US release is Jan. 13th on Candlelight Records so far there are no US dates yet but that can change quickly. Did )uou expect people to receive it so well? Did you think a lot of people would remember Ross the Boss ? To be honest when you put out something new you really never know what will happen, and I really did not know if anyone would remember me, but obviosly thats not the case! What are the llzrics about for "Matador" and whlz did you choose bullfighting as a specific topic for lyrical concepts?Who contributes what in Ross the Boss? Matador is about a very famous bull and a great Matador, and its not about the bull dying, the bull was so strong and smart it lived and became legendary! a truly great story! if you have the CD you can read the lyrics. Why did we choose bullfighting as a concept for Matador? I had this concept for a title and Patrick Fuchs our singer went and researched some stories! he writes all his lyrics! by the way. Also we all contribute to the musical end, this is a band and not one person doing everything. RTB is a BAND and not a solo project, I have no desire to do that! As I said before we are already working on new music for our 2nd CD. Can )zou say where the lyrics came from for "Plague of Lies", religion, politics, etc.? Plague of Lies is not about religion but about crooked politicians that are everywhere! they lie, cheat, steal in the name of the people. On mluspace there is a busy list of bands or projects that )zou are involved in. FIow many of those bands are metal music? Do )zou have dozens of songs not released )zet? Well after I left Manowar in 1988, I joined my friends and put out Manitobas Wild Kingdom "AND YOU" this was a metal record! came out in early 9L, Brain Surgeons are pretty much metal , alot of the things ive done outside Manowar are metallic and some where not. Do I have dozens of songs? I have a bunch !!

Nezu Metnl Lend'erby Ross the Boss band has been receiving a lot of airplay at the basement of the multinational headquarters (!!) of Metal Bulletin because it is a well-routrded energy-power-rockingmetal packed released with memorable songs. Ross

Not so long ago )zou played with Manowar live again. Do you think that there is no animositlz anymore between )zou and those gu],,s? I played with Manowar in 2005 for a reunion of all past and present members. There is no animosity at all. As i said before there will be another RTB CD , touring etc. We want to wish everyone a Flappy New Year !! see you in 2009 ! Thanks for all the support! Keep the metal faith. Ross The Boss. THE END.

very low quality music lately is that the bands get caught up in a frenzy of tours, women and an industrial society that demands products in short time. Ancl slowly... their art becomes only a product. A shadow of what it could have been. In mlzspace you salz )zou have three albums worth of material?! Reallv?! Three?! Whv have vou not released at least one?! We will not settle with mediocracy. We have expanded our music from the lightes and softest of melodic caressing, to beeing overrun by a monumental titan. We are trying to achieve a sound no one else can imitate. Arrangements with classical influences, like Wagner. A Fear Factory sound and speed, but with melodic depths of Icelandic mellower bands like Mogwai, Mum. This album is not only our album. It is our statement to this fucking world. What can we expect? People who heard the album and gave it a chance, basically, are saying )zou are one their favorite bands plalzing doom or whatever )zou call it. We are on the road of creating a unique expression of doom and hope that will attract many urban souls. Our music elevates the listener if he/she is in the right mood. They need it in these times I think. I do. What is the current line-up and who writes the main riffs and vocal lines, etc.? All material is written by me, Jari and Siavosh. Also our lates member Markus Hill has joined the trenches and is backing up the hard writing process. Current line up is like it used to be but with two exceptions. Two went out, one came in. The two that were released were not involved in songwriting. There is a strict drug restriction in the studio of Slumber. Experiences in the past has shown very dark results of having a liberal drug politic in the state of Slumber. Now, we work focused, strong and with bestial determination. When plalzing live. metal musicians bang their heads and the vocalists puts his foot on the speaker. etc. How much headbanging goes on when )zou are rehearsing? Some parts of our new music forces the head to bang whether you like it or not, other parts makes the body transcend beyond the words in your mind and you get that elevetad epic feeling of weightlessness.That is our main strength of this coming album. Big words, yes? No. Hard fucking work! Nowadays do )zou hear music that impressesyou? V"ry rarely do I hear something that I believe is made of true feeling and a desire to reach higher above and beyond. I hear bits and pieces of shining music here and there. Music nowadays seems to be showing alot of side effects of the fast modern McDonald society.

Slumber (Sweden) has a release called FnIIoutthat is so good in the way that makes upbeat, heavy, melancholic, moody doom sound so catchy that it's pretty easy to forget how rare Fallout really is. Flowever, Slumber is pretty much an exception in doomy music: it does not sound like the soundtrack to misery and despair. It is actually uplifting. Believe it or not, but it is true. Ehsan (keyboards) gives some perspective on Slumber and why taking your shirt off while playing live is so problematic as an ethical matter affecting differences while showing none at all, functionally aside disaffected soonever. Yes, of course! Slu mberband I enjolz Fallollf and I was wondering when you will have a new one. Fallorrf is from 2005, correct? Where have )zou been?! Did )zou disappear from the face of the Earth?! Life took us on separate roads for about two years after release of Fallout. For me personally it was a lesser version of "fear and loathing in vegas" lifestyle, and had no space for music in that chaos. Siavosh and Jari, had their own journeys up and down. After a while we started making this new album happen. I can assure we have not dissappeared. We have established a somewhat military discipline when it comes to songwriting. 3-4 wholeday sessions every week. Do our best until we drop. We are creating an album that has to fit our very very high standards. That sucks the life out of you, and at the same time, gives you energy to fucking move mountains. Will the new album come out in 2009?What problems h a v e . v ou been h a v i n g ? ! Wh a t' s ta k i n g so l ong?! It will definately come 2009.The reason this process is long is simply the fact that we are chasing an album that can truly make an impact. Something that can take us all soaring high above whatever clouds looking down on us. Chasing a vision sometimes transcends the perception of timescales and deadlines, wich this society often enforces on us. We've taken the liberty to give massive amount of time and effort to make our vision spark and shine like nothing else. I believe one of the main reasons for the (in my opinion)

It's made mostly for entertainment, and the bands get caught up in this technical aspects of music instead of the true essence of melodies. But sometimes... aaaahh... some music, often for brief moments, it sweeps me away to landscapes too beatiful for eyes. To be honest, main reason I'm doing music is because the music I love doesn't exist. Yet. I love music, not for be. what it is, for what it CAN but Do )zou think it's a good idea to take )zou shirt off plav live? when vou That is one the main things I oppose as a leftistrightist-anarchist lifestyle carrier. Recent articles about starwation in the world is that it has now reached 900 million people. I can understand that. But why.... oh fuckweed why... take off the shirt when playing live? Is that really good advertisement for the comfort and safety from the cold outside the shirt once brought you? Fuck you, miserable ungrateful child behind the too easy. fence. Your life is

Voyager, Prophet 08, Virus TI, Nord Wave. I am one of the main three writers of Slumber. With the type of vocals )zou do is that very harsh on the vocal chords? Is it painful? What things do )uou do to avoid hurting vocal your chords? We have done changes in the singing front. In the parts of our music where we want to build a war atmosphere, a wild untamed bestial machinery we use our traditional growl, sometimes with effects. But now, with the somber or big landscape epic parts we use clean vocals and sometimes both. We do not use clean vocals as testeless bullshit mcdonald way that many neo metal bands are doing today. We are doing it with style and glace. -editorf is true!!!It is elagnft grcnoling!! lTlris

What is a trullz stupid movie you have seen recentllz? High sclrool musicnl. It was a great movie with emotional depth and really brought out issues worthy of our attention is these troubled times. The incredible If I want to plalz guitars like )zour band. what do I need bursts of optimism when they sing and dance the cheesiestsongs ever created, I can do nothing but hold know? to my fist by -y heart and sing the american national Get low, get fucked, get up, get down again, get up, rise... rise...fall....fall....fall deeper....RISE....FUCKING anthem. Highly recommended for a psychological degeneration. ! ! ! studie of SHINE People used to salz that Sweden's economlz was great and that it worked well. that it provided for everlzone blah blah. blah. What do )zou think now? Do )zou think that capitalism has prosperity to offer now? Do )zou see signs that in realitlz working people are not doing well and more people are doing worse than before, lower wages. more unemployment. etc.? Capitalism will have to reach it's peak before the mass will make what is necessary to change. When it's reached it's peak, it will fall. Mayby it has even begun now with the financial crisis around the world. Although, I believe mankind is too far behind to realise the long term side effects of relentless capitalism just yet. It will have to get alot worse before it gets better. Personally I just wish the days of riots in streets, tanks, molotov cocktails, and furious masses versus payroll cops ancl military,Ijust wish these days come while I'm still young and strong so I can join. Although I would not take stand for socialism of anything else. I've read too much Nietzche to make a wholehearted stand for anything. All I want is change.. and I'm ready to turn the world upside down haPPen. it see too cnTtitttlinr!editorf reuohrtiott trntsfonn cnn tttnk onlya socialist ft What types of keyboards do ,vou use? Does )zour kelzboard plalzer write songs in )zour band? For Fallout I had only a shitty synth and some software synths. Now it has expanded to a beatiful set of both old analogue and modern synths. Moog What is a good metal cd from the specific )zearsof 1984 like? and of 1997 that you I'm not in mood for name dropping. The album that had the major baggiest impact on my sould and heart was Samael - Pnssage. took me far beyond myself It works. many my and shaped of coming jokes news? or Last thoughts. comments Don't know. Just stumbled upon this great quote from Night Stalker, a lady that went with motorbike during nights and took photographs of the Tchernobyl nuclear plant just after it's explosion. What a fucking intriguing woman. Anyway, she said "Great minds discuss ideas, average people discuss events, small Cheers to that miss minds talk about others..." Stalker. Night Mauricio. Take care Kalantarpour /Ehsan TFIE END.

Unleashed (Sweclen) has with Hnnmer Bsttnlion delivered an energized, upfront cd of death metal in the manner the band does it best: quality. Anders (drums) wants metal people to join their battalion. / 666unleashed People have commented that the whole album is so filler songs! no are because there good

That's great to hear because that's exactly what we were aiming for. it's definately one of our most solicl albums all the way through! What will Unleashed be cloing in 2009?! Will )zou writing a new album? A dvd? We're keeping busy! we'll start the year with a festival and a scandinavian/baltic tour and more festivals/tours will definately follow. also we are indeed working on new material as well as a dvd. no release dates yet but will be- forthcoming. Unleashed listeners have alwalzs known that Unleashed will continue working as your classic debut Wrcre I'JoLlfe Dwells.Is it more drtficult to write l:rncs nowadalzs? What about guitar riffs and drum patterns? Yeah, there will never be doubt as to what it is when putting on an unleashecl album! the greatest challenge is to keep within the same spirit but at the same time evolving the writing and performance to new levels. but still to this day we've never had problems doing just that, not with lyrics or music. it just seems to come naturally. when you've been doing it for so long it's like it's in blood. your Hnntmer Battnlion has quite a good amount of blasttng and frenzied speed. Is this a conscious plan? Did you think that a previous album like Hell's Uruleaslled was a b i t t oo s low ov e ra l l ? l Vi l l )z o u b e c o n ti n ui ng thi s speed? Well we definately wanted to up the pace and agression of the last few albums. one of the steps of evolution of the unleashed sound. as for previous albums being slower overall is nothing we have regretted. it's important to mix it up and not get all caught up with the speed alone. Unleashed has been concerned with the historlz of the pre-Christian past. Do kids learn about that past in school? Yeah, it's one of our trademarks and something we've pioneered within this style of music so it's very important to us. as for what is taught in schools, at least at the time we went has much to be desired. it's there but very limited. so one has to research out of interest. which is something we hope people will do after listening to our music and reading the lyrics. Who wrote the guitar solos on this album? It seems like the solos are getting better and even more memorable. Good to hear! fredrik writes all of the solos. he's an incredible musician and has great talent in making the craziest solos fit the songs. What type of equipment do you plalz? How old were 8

)zou when )zou started to plalz drums? What bands did you plav alonq to? I play a yamaha set with assorted cymbals. but usually on tours and fest etc there are always kits to use. i'm not picky really, i'll anything. play started playing at 13 or so and the influences were of course all i Iistened to at the time like slayer, death, just autopsy and really. a long list What Wpe of working relationship do the guitarists Tomas and Fredik have? What Wpe of working relationship does have? Tohnnlz Usually johnny and fredrik write most of the songs but all members have their say in the final process of course. Do )zou think the current economic crisis will turn into a depression? Will there be wars again in Westerrr Europe? Do )zou think the people who run the Swedish government are a bunch of corrupt capitalist thieves? Is a revolution necessarlzin Sweden? I think one is necessarlzhere in the United States.The people who run this countrlz certainly are a bunch greedlz. savage warmonqers! It may, but one will have to wait a bit longer and see. lots of doomsday prophets out there. personally i'm not too worried. but one does see effects at shows. people definately have less money to spend overall. as for wars in western europe it may happen in the future but i would say thats a long time away. and politicians? they are the same everywhere which is why personally i could'nt care less. Last jokes thoughts comments news? or Thanks for the intie! look out for 2009, 20 years of join the battalion! unleashed! THE END. POINTLESS "The Bastards Have Landed" is the motto of these thrash crazymads from Harbo, Sweden. Jakob (singer/guitarist) and Lars (Guitarist) answer the questions: J for and L for Lars. Jakob www. pointlesshc In 2009 )zou will be plalzing in VaisterAs. Kungsor and Norberg. How manlz people do you expect there? What can you tell us about ViisterAs. Kungsor and Norberg? J - Yes, that's correct. Well, we don't really know what to expect. It's always different from show to show. And we've never played in these towns so we don't know really. L - And we play like ten songs at least at each show. and try to mix it so much as we can with old and new songs and stuff Iike that.

One of )zour songs is called "Place of Suffering." Who wrote the llurics for that? What place is the place of Harbo?! it Is suffering? - I wrote that song. And if you read the lyrics, you'll J see that the place of suffering can be anything. It could be mental problems or physical problems. I don't really know myself to be honest. I just thaught it could be nice if the listeners could make themselfes an own about. is what the song about opinion The motto of )zour band is "The bastards have landed." What kinds of things do bastards from Harbo. Uppsala, Sweden do to practice their bastardness or bastarddom? When you visit )zour grandparents do )zou switch the salt for the sugar? When ]zou run wild through the dangerous and violent streets of Harbo. do )zou go up to strangers and tell them. "This town sucks!! The only thing good in Pointless!!" band is mlz this town J - haha, yeah, exactly! But really, the thing about the Bastards stuff, is just that we've never tryed to sound serious about our stuff. And in the beginning, when we released"The bastards have landed!" demo in2007, we were not serious at all. And that have just followecl now. til US L - And the truth about Harbo, is that there are no strangers. It's a very small town and everybody knows everybody so I don't think they would be offended, think. I lame, kinda lhat's and

songs. A fucking crap demo actually. But it was fun as hell! L - The plans for 2009 is, to play so many live shows as we can and maybe go in to the studio for another demo. We would love to release a full album soon, but I think that's not the next thing for Pointless at this shit. monev and time. It takes much Do )zou think you can ever reach the level of success where you are able to buy two new shirts per )zearand two new pair of jeans per year. too?! Malzbe bulz new would success!! socks, too!! That be true J - haha yeah! That's what we started this band for! No, but I have no idea how far we can go with this band. We'll just take the day as it comes, you know? We've always been in this for the fun and that's what comes first in all the things that we do. And as it is right now/ blast! having a we're L - It would be great for us if some nice label wanted to sign us. But right now, I don't think there are any band. wants a pointless who

What bands do )zou gulzs like as influences? J - For me, it's many bands from the B0's thrash metal scene, early Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer to name a few. But also many late 70's and early B0's hardcore/punk bands like Bad Brains and Black Flag and such bands. And I think we've been influenced by old bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. And new wave of bands. metal heavy british mYself! it better say Couldn't did you record )zour demo Mass Pslzchosis? L Where Does everyrone in the band like the name Pointless? How big are )zour cd collections? Do you bulzs cds? Do Mass Psychosis would be better! "Pointless" as a name but you download music more than buys cds? Do )zou makes i[ sound like ]zour band should be ignored. listen to music mostl)z on things like iPods or mp3 after listening to )zour music. it's not a silly band' but plalzers? with solos longer songs of thrash metal. What serious. J - I actually buy most vinyls. It's better sound and it do )zou think of mlz suggestion of changing lhe name -Mass Pslzchosis or Mass Pslzchosis UPpsal-aj! feels a lot better to go buy a vinyl than a cd. And I to listen to music everywhere. I have an mp3 with a lot of - We did reCord the demo at our rehearsal place with J music, and I have it with me anywhere I go. But when to do that so we could a portable studio. We wanted I'm home, I like to put on a old nice lp and blow the lt all by ourselfs. So no one could come ancl say ao 'that's not how you should do it!' or stuff. We wanted fucking speakers! And I like to read the lyrics, yes, and look at artwork, yes. I could be influenced by lyrics as to do it our own way. And the thing about the name music. the of as much We've has come to our ears a lot of times actually. L - I mostly buy just cds. I think I listen to music 24 it (at least me) but that been thinking about changing hours a day, haha. But that's just like the question name has just (like the bastards thing) followed us it! said daYs. before, Jakob earlY the since L - The name question has been around. And we never What did you listen to and really enjoyed in 2008? have an answer for that fucking question. But L - I actually really enjoyed the new Metallica album. We really have to changing name isn't a bad iclea man! It wasn't Master of puppets part two, but it was nice! that. about thinkJ - Yeah it was nice. But I found about an awesome swedish thrash band called Dr. Livingdead! I was You made )zour first recording in 2008, WhaJ Wil!-you fucking blown away! Everybody should take some album 2009? Do uou have Olans for a full be cloi*E stuff! their to listen ancl time soon? - Actually, our first recording was in 2007 for the J lbastarcls' demo. We recorded eleven one minutes What is the name of a movie that ]zou saw in 2008 that

stupid movie?! )zou thought was a horrible J - There is one movie that I saw the other day, I think it was called 'Ichi the killer' and it's a japanese splatter movie. And I can't really figure out how anybody can produce a movie like that. It's not that I don't liked it, I thaught it was nice. But how was the idea from the start to make a movie like that? Whlz do you think that Takob and Toel fight all the time? Do )zou think that they are jealous of each other because one is a lot more handsome and good-looking thu.t th" otfr"t o L - Maybe, it's because they're cousins. But I don't know. But what you say is maybe not wrong. Sometimes, they break windows and try to kill each other! But thatis just a day in the life" of Pointless. What is )zour favorite Swedish holidalz and whlz? What foods and drinks do you have on that day? I - In the middle of the summer, we have a holiday called midsummer! Barbequect meat and french friei, with a cold Corona with a lime in! Nothing can beat that! L - Midsommar for sure! Grilled chicken and rice with curry sauce, and a cold beer! Last thoughts. comments. jokes or news? Check out or website pointless. tk! J L 4"4 buy our stuff! So we can afford some fucking clothes! So long fuckers! TFIE END.

Mrs. No Patience for Nonsense: What a promising future this band has with this cd!! This is certainly a band to check out now. Bright, mean and sharp. Mr. Metalenglischer: Impressive und even eclectic black/death/thrash metal cd with good guitarrriffs und dynamic delivery system machine gun fire deatl'r metal attack. I Iikes it very much und I hopes Dreaming Dead makes more musik in the futures for peoples to hears. Ja, Dreaming Dead ist sehr bueno para metaleros freaks. www. dreamingdead Ven gehind the Sun: Ms. Little Monelz for Cds (LMC): Difficult to tell if this is good because the recording quality is not so good. This sounds like loud, rowdy rock music. Th"y a certain groove to them, but it just doesn't seem to have that metal feeling, you know, the tightness and sharpness,etc. Mr. Ever the Optimist: Will need to hear the music in a better quality recording. This is too garage, homemade. This sounds loud, kind of hard beer roik. The vocals fade out in some places. Actually, this sounds kind of punky hard rock. menbts

Nervo Chaos: Qunrrel in HelI (,IbexMoon) Little Monelzfor Cds: Brutal, pounding,gritty Ms.
death metal: pretty street and muscular, with a dirty thrash feel. This is not melodic or too catchy, but more like music-for-the-moshing mood or like in-themoment chaos. Mr. Eyer the Optimist: Well, it is not nice at all, just plain fuglyface death metal. Nervo Chaos is the kind of band that can cause pretty violent mosh pits by the sounds of this. It has that type of energy, though I think that a studio recording takes away iome of that feel, as the cd begins to sound a bit too samey by the second half. Mrs. No Patience for Nonsense: This band sounds a bit too sloppy, though it's nasty alright. This is nasty, lasty, angry death metal the brutal way. Basic and tothe-death-metal point. Mr. Metalenglischer: They do gots the sickvomit korrekt, but the musik ist may be need more distinctive riff guitar musik from chugga-chugga growl-growl pound-pound-pound-blast. nervochaos

REVIEWS Blue Coconut: End at 953

Mrs. No Patience for Nonsense: Blue Coconut is a promising, talented prog rock band, making music that shows they know what they are doing. It is also obvious that some of their music has metal elements. F{owever, they are not a metal band per se. Their music is too light and too rock to be metal. www. bluecoconut

Ms. Little Money for Cds: There is something special about the whole combination of songs that span the range and mix of blackdeath/thrash and sound so raging metal tight. Mr. Elzer the Optimist: This is a surprisi.gly strong and diverse release. It's got plenty of deaih /black metal fury with thrashiness, but it's how good the songs are that makes the band one to keep eye and an ear on. Make an effort to find out about this band. I doubt you will regret it! Dreaming Dead has arrived, now you know!!

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