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Recycling at the Curb Recycling at the Drop-off Center Recycling’s Dirty Dozen Worst Contaminants Recycling Details CHaRM: For Electronics, Plastic Bags, etc. Where to Recycle Additonal Materials

A Recycling at the Curb

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In Longmont, curbside Single-Stream recycling is provided by the city. Longmont residents are automatically on the recycling schedule. Use the carts provided by the city. Recycling is collected every other week, same day as trash. Carts must be out by 7a.m. For schedule information and recycling carts, call 303-651-8416.

Single-Stream: All your curbside recyclables can go in one cart!



1 – #7 Plastic bottles, tubs & screw-top jars (no lids, no #7 PLA compostables)

Corrugated cardboard, paperboard boxes & paper bags

Opened mail, greeting cards, blueprints, office paper & file folders (no neon or construction paper)

Empty aerosol cans (no lids)

Plastic lids or caps Plastic bags Glass bottles & jars Paper Loose metal jar lids Phone books egg cartons & steel bottle caps Hard-back books Tyvek® envelopes Shredded paper Ice cream containers plastic bags Frozen juice containers Light bulbs, plates or vases Mirrors, ceramics or Pyrex® Plastics, other than those listed Clean, balled aluminum foil Waxed paper or waxed cardboard Magazines, brochures, (2” or larger), pie pans newspapers & inserts, Stickers or sheets of address labels & cans paperback books ® Kraft (orange/brown) envelopes (do not crush) materials in shredded Foam or paper to-go containers plastic bags paper Hazardous or bio-hazardous waste Tissues, paper towels or napkins Paper ream wrappers Needles or syringes Drinking glasses Window glass Paper milk / juice cartons (no foil pouches) Scrap metal foam or paper take-out plastic caps
containers or cups or lids



For schedule information or recycling carts: City of Longmont www.ci.longmont.co.us/solidwaste


For recycling questions: Eco-Cycle www.ecocycle.org



Page A

Paperboard boxes that were designed for frozen foods. jugs.ecocycle. If our buyer sees just one of these on the top of a load of glass.org 303. The pieces get wet. Find grocery store recycling locations at www. NO Non-Recyclable Plastics While we have added new plastic items. NOT the Recycling Center. Tree Limb Diversion Center Open Mon. Thurs – Sat. (Scrap metal.. 3.m. 5. porcelain and window glass should not go in the cart! Their different melting points and chemical compositions will ruin new glass bottles. NO Shredded Paper 7. 9. Recycle shredded paper in the bin marked “Paperboard” at either the Longmont or Boulder Recycling Drop-off Center. NO Scrap Metal Scrap metal items of any size should not go in your curbside cart. the entire load could be rejected. caps and lids keep liquid inside the container (see item #10). NO Plastic Lids or Caps 12.772.m. but NOT in your curbside cart. That same coating prevents the box from breaking up in the recycling process. dishes. Plastic bags with a #2 or #4 CAN be recycled at CHaRM (see Page D) or at participating grocery stores if they are clean. such as frozen pizza and entrees. • Shredded paper (please include in the paperboard bin) • Scrap metal • Motor/automotive oil (must be in securely-sealed. NO Ceramics or Non-Recyclable Glass Ceramics. needles. Call 303. Below is Eco-Cycle’s Dirty Dozen hit list of the worst recycling contaminants that must NOT go in your grey Single-Stream recycling cart. These materials are not recyclable OR compostable. NO Materials in Plastic Bags Workers have to slow the conveyor belts to rip open bags that contain recyclables and then add the bag to the heap of bags bound for the landfill. Residents outside the City of Longmont will be charged a small fee based on volume. 10. have a plastic polymer sprayed on them to protect against freezer burn. ©Eco-Cycle 1.7300 .org/htrg. Please remove and recycle metal caps and jar lids separately.441. light bulbs. These items cause excessive damage to the recycling equipment. Visit www. 8:30 a.ecocycle. They get wet and dirty and cannot be recycled. see-through. pie pans & clean aluminum foil Steel (tin) cans & empty aerosol cans Plastic bottles. many plastics are still not recyclable because there is no market to accept them.) Please help make recycling a success by keeping these materials OUT.B Recycling at the Drop-off Center Longmont Recycling Drop-off Center 140 Martin Street Open 24 Hours/7 days a week 303. Pyrex®. NO Hazardous Waste Hazardous waste such as paint. Plastic lids.8416 The Recycling Drop-off Center accepts the same materials as those accepted at the curb but separated into the following categories: COMMINGLED CONTAINERS • • • • Glass bottles & jars Aluminum cans. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THESE ITEMS IN YOUR CURBSIDE BIN. china. NO Lids or Caps Left on Containers Left on the bottle.651. NO Frozen Food Boxes Plastic lids and caps are NOT recyclable on or off the bottle. 6. one-gallon containers) • Automotive batteries (household batteries are NOT accepted) The Tree Limb Diversion Center is co-located at the Recycling Center. creating a sticky. Please throw away plastic lids and caps! 2. PAPERBOARD & SHREDDED PAPER* CARDBOARD & BROWN PAPER BAGS NEWSPAPER PLUS • • • • Newspaper Catalogs Magazines Office paper/Opened mail ADDITIONAL MATERIALS ACCEPTED AT THE DROP-OFF CENTER ONLY. Residents can bring tree branches & leaves at no charge during business hours. It is ONLY accepted at the Drop-off Center. one-gallon containers) • Cooking oil (must be in securely-sealed. Shredded paper is too small to sort. ® Page B www. Please completely empty and quickly rinse out all containers before recycling. NO Diapers or Bio–Hazardous Waste Syringes. liquids drip and splatter. automotive fluids. NO Liquids When we compact bottles for shipping. smelly mess on the sorting floor. 8:30 a. – Wed.ecocycle. See #3 in “The Dirty Dozen” below to learn why. tubs and screw-top containers with a #1–#7 on the bottom • Paper milk and juice cartons • Juice boxes & drink boxes PHONE BOOKS *NOTE: Shredded paper is NOT accepted at the curb. mirrors. see-through.m. gum up the sorting equipment and cause it to malfunction. 11.. diapers and other sanitary products are not recyclable. car batteries and pesticides must be taken to the Boulder County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Please take these materials to either the Boulder or Longmong Recycling Drop-off Centers and look for the bin marked “Scrap Metal. – 5:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.4800 for more information. NO Plastic Bags Plastic bags are the WORST contaminant in the recycling cart. dry and empty. automotive batteries & shredded paper ARE accepted at the Drop-off Center. 4.” 8. Styrofoam® and any other plastics not listed in these guidelines are not recyclable. Closed Sunday.org/htrg for information about handling sharps safely. These inefficiencies waste time and money.

refrigerators or freezers. metal beer bottle caps OK •Pinch the open ends of cans closed with lids inside NO plastic lids/caps Plastic bottles.772. plastic tabs.g. shampoo bottles •Includes margarine. wire or plastic spiral bindings. low-grade paper items such as: •Cracker boxes (throw away inside bag) •Soap boxes •Paper tubes (e. toilet paper tubes. windows in envelopes Aluminum cans. At the Recycling Drop-off Center. No plastic bags. metal fasteners. Please empty and rinse all containers and do not �latten or crush. paper towel tubes. dishwashers. ice cream & paper frozen juice containers •Pet food/charcoal/fertilizer bags •Sheets of address labels •Tyvek® envelopes •Carbon paper •Photographs •Stickers NO paperboard boxes or low-grade paper products (see right) Phone books Magazine & catalogs •Any size ® *These items are compostable where curbside service is available. staples. lids. juice boxes & drink boxes •Remove & throw away straws and plastic caps •No need to remove plastic spouts •Do not flatten • Please empty & rinse •Appliances without Freon®. antifreeze or fluid bottles.” Glass bottles & jars of all colors •Please avoid breaking glass •Labels OK • Please empty & rinse •Remove metal lids/caps from glass containers & recycle them loose NO vases. jugs. Please do not bag materials. car batteries. light bulbs.C Recycling Details For preparing materials collected at the CURB or at the recycling DROP-OFF CENTER.org 303. pressurized containers such as propane canisters. soda bottles. stamps & address labels on envelopes. in bin marked “Scrap Metal” The following items are NOT recyclable in ANY category: •Kraft (orange/brownish envelopes)* •Wrapping and tissue paper* •Paper towels & paper plates/cups* •Facial tissues & napkins* •Waxed paper & waxed cardboard* •Neon. low-grade paper products Smaller. tubs & screw-top containers with a #1–#7 on the bottom •Includes milk jugs. other types of plastics. the following materials go together in the bin marked Larger paperboard items Larger. pie pans & clean aluminum foil •Please ball aluminum foil together into one ball (2” or larger) •Do not crush or flatten cans NO flattened foil Steel (tin) cans & empty aerosol cans •Labels OK • Please empty & rinse •Metal jar lids. air conditioners. etc. rubber bands. tape.brake oil. microwaves. yogurt & deli tubs •Remove & throw away lids •Do not flatten • Please empty & rinse Newspapers & newspaper inserts NO other papers. plastic bags or string DROP-OFF CENTER ITEMS ONLY Smaller. oil. D) NO NO foil drink pouches Corrugated cardboard & brown paper bags •Please flatten • Glossy boxes OK Accepted at the Boulder or Longmont Drop-off Centers only. window glass or drinking glasses NO Office paper & opened mail •Adding machine tape •Blueprints •Brochures •Computer printouts •Copy & typing paper •Pamphlets •Pastel-colored legal pad paper •Fax paper •Slick/glossy ads •Greeting cards •Stationery & letters •Index cards •White & pastel-colored paper •Letterhead •White & pastel-colored envelopes •Loose leaf paper •Windowed envelopes •File folders (manilla or pastel-colored only) No need to remove these: paper clips. single-layer items such as: •Cereal boxes (throw away the inside bag. boxes. goldenrod & dark-colored paper* •Frozen food. computers or other electronic equipment (see p. dishes. hot water heaters. www.ecocycle. mirrors. foam containers or # 7 PLA compostable plastics Longmont Drop-off Centers only. tires.) •Shredded paper Accepted at the Boulder or motor NO plastic bags. in bin marked “Paperboard” NOTE: Please do NOT include any plastics other than those listed. Including non-recyclable plastics jeopardizes the entire plastic recycling program! Scrap metal Paper milk & juice cartons. or reuse it!) •Facial tissue boxes •Gift/shirt/shoe boxes •Paper egg cartons •Paper shopping bags (brown bags go with corrugated cardboard) •6-pack & 12-pack cartons/boxes •Hanging file folders frozen food boxes “COMMINGLED CONTAINERS. Post-it® sticky notes (no neon colors). fluorescent.etc. metal pipe.7300 Page C .

m. 1901 63rd St.) • MUST be clean. 10 a.–noon.) Metal appliances that do not contain Freon® can be recycled as scrap metal at: Appliances without Freon ® Household Hazardous Waste • Boulder County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility Located at Western Disposal 5880 Butte Mill Rd. • Athletic shoes should be placed unbound in the Athletic Shoes bin (no cleats. Longmont • 303.m. plastic food wrap or black bags Small Electronic Items Bicycles & Bike Parts Textiles • PDAs/Gameboys/iPods: $2 • Video game systems: $4-$8 (depending on size) • Cameras: $2-$4 (depending on size) • Clothing. towels & fabrics • Items may be stained or ripped. This is not the regular drop-off center (see map for location). there is an additional fee to help offset the costs of recycling responsibly. The CHaRM is funded by the City of Boulder. bedding.–3:30 p. NO BIO-HAZARDS. metal parts. • NO underwear. grocery bags.–5 p. DRY.7300 Open 24 hours. pallets and other cut-offs left over from construction or demolition projects are accepted.CHaRM MATERIALS ACCEPTED: Audio Equipment • Home stereo components: $8 • Car stereos: $4 • NO wooden speakers D Eco-Cycle/City of Boulder Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials 5030 “Old” Pearl. etc. Accepts building materials and some household items in good shape. unpainted and untreated dimensional lumber.. dry cleaner bags. • NO flower pots without a #2. microwaves. corn. computer equip. Hours for large scrap metal:8 a. For some materials. From Appliances to Yard Waste.441. (See previous entry. (Turn north on 49th St. 9 a. Also accepted at the Boulder County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. • Unwanted Appliances • Bizzy B’s Recycling 202 Martin St. mice.888. Electronics are recycled safely. 1. Boulder businesses and Boulder County residents will be charged a reduced fee. & metal accessories such as baskets and pannier racks • NO other accessories or sporting goods • #2 large plastics such as plastic toys like big wheels and plastic play structures. visit the scalehouse Mon–Fri. Books & Manuals Computers & Computer Equipment • Computer and office manuals • Hard-bound books & paperbacks • Computer monitors 19" or smaller:$10 • Computer monitors 20" to 34": $15 • Computer towers/CPUs: $8 • Printers/scanners: $8 • Laptops: $4 • Universal power supply (UPS): $8 • Keyboards.682.419. dryers.772. crates. (washers.) Also accepted at the Longmont Recycling Center. more difficult items to recycle. doors. handlebars. Eco-Cycle. see story p. 1.. 1. olive and sesame oils) • NO motor oil or any oil used for purposes other than cooking • We cannot recycle or dispose of your oil container. 8 a.com Picks up all major appliances. etc. air conditioners..stvrainhfh. Accepts batteries (except non-rechargeable alkalines).5418 • www. See Eco-Cycle’s full A-Z Recycling Guide at: www. YOU and our Partner for Responsible Recycling Funded in part by City of Boulder Trash Tax Dollars. Reusable Building Materials (windows.” foam cups or “to-go” boxes NEW! White Block Foam Packaging Bike Tires & Inner Tubes • Reusable paired shoes (all types) should be tied together or rubber banded & placed in the Paired Shoes and Accessories bin. 8 a.3334 • www. arsenic and cadmium. domestically and responsibly. partical board.888. compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).4800 ® • ReSource • Boulder County Recycling Center NEW LOCATION: 6400 Arapahoe. There is a charge for pickup.. No charge for city of Boulder residents. Boulder 303. Yoga Mats • For guidelines. Some stores also accept bubble wrap. Sinks & Urinals TVs & VCRs/DVD Players Cooking Oil Copiers & Fax Machines Fire Extinguishers • Fax machines: $8 • Desktop copiers: $8 • Large copiers (over 40 lbs..: 30¢/lb.. etc.772.7300 . then east on “Old” Pearl) Visit ecocycle. mud or Keds-type sneakers). • Tires: 50¢ • Tubes: NO CHARGE Porcelain Toilets. These and other electronics also contain a host of other toxic substances such as mercury.2235 For large scrap metal items. pedals.org Tues–Sat.886. funding for our electronics recycling program Where Can I Recycle My.9268 • www..m.776. dishwashers. air conditioners and refrigerators.): 30¢/lb. Clean.m..444. • 303.m.m. Appliances with Freon® (refrigerators.m. Small scrap metal items can be recycled 24 hours/day. water beds. from Pearl Parkway. Materials also available for purchase. Bicyclists are not charged a facility fee. chew toys. Fri & Sat. but they must be clean. In addition.m. (See next entry. No painted or chemically treated wood. sandwich bags. Get paint and other useful home-care products for free! • Habitat for Humanity ReStore 1351 Sherman Dr. with tape and stickers removed • NO garbage bags. laundry baskets.–6 p. Eco-Cycle does NOT accept appliances containing Freon®.m. whole (other materials still attached): $10 • Sink or urinal: $2 • Sink or urinal (plumbing attached): $5 • Porcelain must be as clean as possible. • Ink jet & laser jet printer cartridges • #6 white block foam packaging & white rigid foam insulation only • Residents: NO CHARGE • Businesses: $6 per cubic yard • NO packing “peanuts.m. CD jewel cases. Phones Plastic Bags • Cell phones: NO CHARGE • Home phones: $2 • Office phones: $4 • #2 and #4 ONLY (newspaper bags. Boulder 303. plastic trash containers with a #2. 7a. zippers.org Page D www. rubber foam or jute yoga mats: $1 per mat • NO badly soiled or smelly mats • NO Tatami or other grass mats Televisions and computer monitors each contain 3-8 pounds of lead. and empty of all food. cables: NO CHARGE • Large misc. Freon® contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which contribute to ozone depletion in the atmosphere.etc. Boulder 303. plastic watering cans. etc.) Packing “Peanuts” and Bubble Wrap Foam packing “peanuts” are generally accepted at local mail service centers for reuse. which can contaminate the groundwater when landfilled. Thank you for your support in helping us keep this important service going. rigid backyard kiddie pools.ecocycle. Visit our website or call your local store for information. In most cases. Hours: Wed.org 303..com Provides pickup and Freon® removal of all major appliances. receipts.441. socks or swimsuits • • • • • TVs 19" or smaller: $10 Mid-Size TVs 20" to 34": $15 Consoles & TVs larger than 34": $30 VCRs/DVD players: $8 Satellite boxes: $8 Big Durable #2 Plastics • Bikes can be in any condition • Includes integral parts such as seats..–3 p. Buy a frequent CHaRMer card and get 5 visits for $10! Ask about it at the window. clean flower pots with a #2. Materials are also available for purchase.9268 • www. Must be 12” square or larger.m. • Cooking oil (such as canola.. there will be a fee for CFC removal.unwanted. Materials in good shape are accepted. clean #2 plastic buckets (no residue). by state law.unwanted.m . and nearly 100% of the material is recycled. Some smaller shops—even your local mechanic—may accept batteries as well. automotive products and other household hazardous items from residents of Boulder County.org for detailed guidelines and more information. small toys such as action figures. the County sponsors a reusable products give-away at the facility during regular collection hours. inflatable pools or other inflatable plastics.6634 or 720.org Hours of operation vary.m. • Plastic foam. lumber. paints. • Longmont Recycling Center 140 Martin St.4204 Summer hours: Mon–Sat. Please do not leave any of these materials at any location other than the CHaRM.Saturday. Longmont 303.564. Why is it Important to Recycle Electronics? Eco-Cycle is a proud signer of the Basel Action Network’s Electronic Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship.–4 p. off NOTICE: Eco-Cycle charges a $3 facility fee for every vehicle coming to the CHaRM to recycle materials. have it removed by a company licensed to do so before disposal or recycling. • Please remove non-plastic parts.886. Wood Waste • City of Boulder/Boulder County Clean Wood Waste Drop-off Car Batteries • Unwanted Appliances Most major auto repair retailers and parts stores accept car batteries for recycling. The CHaRM is a unique center designed to accept those unusual. 7:30 a. plastic lawn furniture. • Boulder residents with ID: NO CHARGE • Non-Boulder residents: $4 Printer Cartridges Shoes • Toilet (all other materials removed):$4 • Toilet. etc.) Non-reusable appliances containing Freon® must.) (located at Western Disposal) 5880 Butte Mill Rd. freezers.ecocycle. vegetable. wheels. Closed for inclement weather and holidays. solvents. – 4 p. Boulder Monday . etc.resourceyard. Boulder •303.2454 Removes and recycles Freon® free of charge from freezers. Broomfield County and Erie.

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