Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

Daniel Boone 1734-1820

John Adams 1735-1826

George Washington 1732-1799

God Save the King first sung 1744

Frederick II invades Silesia 1740

John Hancock 1737-1793

Benjamin West 1738-1820

Father Junipero Serra began working with CA missions 1768

J. S. Bach writes fugue for Frederick the Great 1747

Catherine II travels to Russia 1744

Louis XV ruled France 1715-1744

Pierre Caron becomes nobleman 1756

Voltaire Chamberlain to Frederick the Great 1750

James Cook runs away to sea 1742

James Watt 1736-1819

George II 1683-1760

George III 1738-1820

Seven Years’ War 1756-1763 Ch’ien Lung Emperor of China beginning 1735 Ch’ien Lung forbade European “barbarians” to enter China 1757 beginning 1735 William Pitt led Britain during Seven Years’ War James Cook takes soundings during the French and Indian War 1759 Lord Clive victory in India 1751 Pontiac rebels against British 1763-1766 George III crowned king 1760

Martha Custis marries G. Washington 1759 1763-1766

French and Indian War begins 1754

James Wolfe dies leading Brits to victory at Quebec 1759

Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826

Frederick II called “the Great” 1763

Joseph Priestly discovered oxygen 1774

Patrick Henry 1736-1799 Patrick Henry famous speech against Stamp Act 1765 Benjamin Franklin in England during passage of Stamp Act 1765

Goethe 1749-1832 Catherine II crowned Empress of Russia 1762 Voltaire writes against war and hatred 1763 James Cook claims Australia for England 1770 James Watt patents steam engine 1769 Benjamin West court painter 1763 Joshua Reynolds President of Royal Academy of Painting 1768 George III reserves land for Indians 1763 George III Stamp Act 1765 John Adams speaks against Stamp Act 1765 1765

William Pitt supports American resistance to Stamp Act 1765

Thomas Paine 1737-1809

Frederick II rebuilds Prussia beginning 1763 Louis XV takes the costly mistress Madame du Barry 1764

Marie Antoinette marries Louis XVI 1770 Lafayette moves to Paris 1768

Mozart visits Italy 1770

Francisco José Goya studying in Rome 1770

Marie Antoinette 1755-1793 Dey of Algiers pirate king late 1700s

Marquis de Lafayette 1757-1834

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791 Catherine II mistreated under her rule, 600,000 Kalmucks return to China 1770-1771

Pompeii ruins discovered 1748 Catherine II leads Russia against the Turks 1768

Poland divided 1772 John Paul Jones escapes to Virginia 1775

Samuel Adams and Paul Revere spread word about Boston “Massacre” 1770 John Hancock forced to forfeit his ship due to smuggling 1768 John Adams defends British soldiers in court 1770

Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821

John Paul (Jones) 1747-1792 Father Junipero Serra works with California missions 1768 Father Junipero Serra “baptizes” California 1770

Hokusai 1760-1849 George III determines to enforce Acts of Navigation against Dutch 1770

Daniel Boone explores over Allegheny Mountains 1768

Boston Tea Party 1773

Lexington and Concord 1775

Samuel Adams 1722-1803 Alexander Hamilton 1755-1804 Tuscarora War 1711-1715

Marie Antoinette plays the frivolous queen 1776 Declaration of Independence 1776 1st Continental Congress at Carpenter’s Hall 1774 Benjamin Franklin sails home from England 1774 Benjamin West painting George III’s portrait when he hears of the Declaration 1776 George III hires soldiers from Frederick II 1776 Pierre Caron acts as secret agent for French to supply assistance to the Americans 1776 Benjamin Franklin ambassador to France 1776 Lafayette sails for America 1777 Adams and Franklin meet for talks with the British 1776

Burgoyne surrenders! 1777 John Paul Jones carries the news to Benjamin Franklin 1777

Battle of Bunker Hill 1775 John Adams nominates George Washington as general 1775

Valley Forge 1778 Alexander Hamilton aide-de-camp to General Washington 1778

2nd Continental Congress 1775

Louis XVI crowned king of France 1774

John Adams ambassador to France 1778 Pierre Caron drafts French treaty with America 1778

Lafayette returns to America to fight 1780

Napoleon Bonaparte attends military school 1779

Cornwallis Surrenders! 1781 George Washington refuses to be king 1781

George Rogers Clark 1752-1818 George Rogers Clark fights British along Ohio & Mississippi 1778 Lafayette sails home 1778 John Paul Jones made commander of the Ranger 1777 John Paul Jones captures the Serapis 1779

Benedict Arnold plays the traitor 1780 Robert Morris superintends financial affairs 1781

General Rochambeau leader of French forces in Revolutionary War 1780

Franklin Penny first coin in new US mint 1792

Haym Salomon finances post-war colonies 1781

Catherine II does not impress John Quincy Adams 1783

Thomas Jefferson widowed 1783

Catherine II to war with Turks (again) 1787 Benjamin Franklin returns to US from France 1784 Marie Antoinette plays at peasantry 1784 John Adams US Ambassador to George III 1784

Treaty of Paris signed 1783

Montgolfier Brothers demonstrate hot air balloon 1783 Pierre Caron debuts The Marriage of Figaro 1784 Thomas Jefferson ambassador to France 1784 John Adams ambassador to France 1784 Frederick II signs commerce treaty with US 1784

Simon Bolívar born 1783 George Washington heads home after the war Christmas Eve 1783 Lafayette visits Mount Vernon 1784

Marie Antoinette painted in muslin 1783 Marie Antoinette French people turn against her 1784 Lafayette visits Frederick II 1786

John Paul Jones briefly helps Russia with Turkish wars 1787 Lafayette proposes financial investigation 1787

Lafayette proposes the Declaration of Rights 1789

Lafayette condemned as friend of the king 1791 Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette escape attempt 1791

The Bastille stormed by the peasants 1789 Constitutional Convention 1787 George Washington appoints his cabinet 1790 Alexander Hamilton proposes national bank 1790 Thomas Paine essay on The Rights of Man 1790 George Washington first US President 1789 Louis XVI calls national assembly 1789 Eli Whitney invents cotton gin 1791 Jean-Paul Marat leads September Massacre 1792 Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette beheaded 1793

Robespierre Reign of Terror 1793-1794

Rosetta Stone discovered 1799 Dr. Edward Jenner develops smallpox vaccine 1796 Catherine II loves to play with her grandchildren 1794 Catherine II dies 1796 Napoleon Bonapart fights Italians and Austrians 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte marries Countess Josephine Beauharnais 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte goes to Egypt 1798 Connecticut founded 1636 Ch’ien Lung “No Christianity in China!” 1793 Ch’ien Lung abdicates to fifteenth son 1796 John Adams President of US 1797 Richard Cameron 1644-1680


George Washington dies 1799

John Davenport founded New Haven 1638

Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1809-1892

Charles II (Commonwealth ends) rules England 1660-1685

James II rules England 1685-1688

Margaret Wilson martyred along with Margaret McLachlan 1685

“King Philip” leads war against British colonists 1675-1676

William III of Orange rules England 1689-1702

Salem Witch Trials 1692-1693

Maryland founded 1632

“Charter Oak” Captain Wadsworth hides Connecticut charter in this tree 1687

Mary II ruled jointly with William III 1689-1694

New York becomes British colony 1664

New Jersey founded 1665 Jacob Leisler governs New York 1689 Emily Dickinson 1830-1886

Pennsylvania founded 1681

John Bunyan debuts Pilgrim’s Progress 1678, 1684

North & South Carolina settled late 1600s

Jonathan Edwards revival begins 1731 Georgia debtors’ settlement 1733

Captain Kidd turns pirate 1696

Frederick II dies 1786

Queen Anne’s War 1702-1713

George Whitfield Great Awakening in Europe 1737 Mississippi Bubble 1719-1720

Abigail Adams 1744-1818

Robert de la Salle claims Mississippi River Valley for France 1682

John Newton converts 1648 John Wesley first mission 1735

King William’s War 1689-1697 Paul Revere midnight ride 1775

“Captain” Molly fights in the Battle of Monmouth 1778

David Brainerd missionary to Native Americans 1743-1746

John W. Waterhouse 1849-1917

William Wordsworth 1770-1850

John Singer Sargent 1856-1925

Jan Vermeer 1632-1675

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