Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the LGBT Students’ Association

Held on Sunday 26th August 2004 in Committee Room 2, Queen Margaret Union Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • Persons Present Apologies Received Other factors of note Calendar Freshers PR Toilets Gay Straight Alliance GUU Events Payments Website AOCB

Persons present: Emma Smillie, Genevieve Curran, Eilidh Jensen, Pip McVey, Robert Price Apologies received from: Alex Robertshaw

Other factors of note: The ban on B is lifted, for slapping J

Calendar Term starts 27th September Fresher’s Week Fair is 14-16th (ish). Unsure of exact dates.

Week 0 – Under Fresher’s week Week 1 – 29th September Freshers may be keen for a scene tour of Glasgow. Include LGBT Centre, Revolver and other clubs. Organised by Gen Week 2 – 6th October Launch Night. Big piss up. Licences to be sorted. Alex and Andy to sort between them. Decent music. Gen to get prizes.

Week 3 – 13th October Week 4 – 20th October Week 5 – 27th October Week 6 – 3 November Week 7 – 10th November Week 8 – 17th November Week 9 – 24rd November Week 10 – 1st December Week 11 – 8th December Week 12 – 15 December
th rd

Stereotype workshop. Organised by Eilidh and Emma Games night Rocky Horror. Organised by Emma LGBT History. Organise by Gen Glasgay (Probably). Mental Health. Organise by Eilidh and Robert Cartoon Night. Organise by Emma and Pip Inter Uni night. Organised by Gen Girls Sex Ed. Organised by Pip and Eilidh Christmas Social. Organised by Gen

Drops-ins to be held, but days to by finalised.

Freshers Stall is booked. More girls stuff to be got. Safo and the Lesbian Line to be contacted. All the committee are glad that Nadia won Big Brother. Eilidh to get stock for the stall as well as what we have. Shifts for the stall to be organised.

Eilidh and Alex to be in charge of the chillout rooms. Try to get the same room as last year. Rooms to be booked. Chillout rooms 13th-18th Sept at 12pm-4pm, Boyd Orr Room 213.

Launch Night in the Williams room. Video and DVD players to be booked for 23rd Nov, 27th Oct

PR Leaflets. Suggested new layout for fliers. Robert wants to remove the insults. Pip draws up new idea for layout. Robert suggests pictures of members. Gen is worried about security. Member names have been found on malicious websites. Decided that only first names of ordinary committee members should be posted on the site. This is another reason for us never to release out mailing list. We shall never release it even for affiliation.

Considering Nadia for photographs on leaflets. Others for LGB include Alan Cummings, Ellen, Rhona Cameron, Skunk Anansie, Skin.

Figures are in the last minutes for leaflet numbers.

A serial cable is required for the printer so that Robert can print the leaflets/

Pip downs a Jaffa cake. Robert downs faster. Eilidh notes that it is style, not speed, which counts for going down.

Eilidh suggests women’s meeting before first meeting. Meeting up before going out so that women do not need to worry about turning up to a room full of men. Gen loses her mind and announces that her last pull kissed like a frog. Meet up at 6pm before event.

Robert wants a non-scene night later in the year

Possible event for freshers week. Suggested informal meeting similar to summer.

Suggested event for week 0 is treasure hunt either in the Botanics or the QM, organised by Alex

Toilets SRC policy on transgender students using toilets. They don’t have one so we should suggest one to them. Pip and Eilidh to look at wording for the proposal. Still to find out what the SRC’s opinion is.

Gay Straight Alliance Suggested by Robert . A night for people of all sexualities. Held in the GU. Designed to breakdown barriers. Reduce homophobia and hetrophobia. Reinforces the relationship between the QM and the GU. Suggested for Thursday nights. Announce we are in the Beer Bar. Let anyone who wants join us.

GUU events GUU specific leaflets. Encourage the joint membership of the unions.

Payments £20 to Gen for LGBT phone voucher. Pip tries to pay online for the website renewal but fails. Cheque made out to Robert McLagan for $42.50 for the printer. Receipt must be collected from Robert, to be used to check balance to avoid cheques bouncing.

Website Request that Emma deals with chancellors fund in relation to the website. Should get into from Robert McLagan. Emma’s contact, Collin Riley may redesign website cheaper. Also 1 advert in the 1st and 2nd term of the guardian. Robert Price’s responsibility. Robert P to approach GU over free publicity in the Union mag. Parents Section New GU Student Scene guide Transgender section Coming out section

Website updates to: -

To be written by Eilidh and Robert.

AOCB Robert declares us all gerbils named Pete. Eilidh seconds. Eilidh and Pip to apply for unload training with Craig.

Minutes recorded by Pip McVey, Recording Secretary.

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