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Harriet Lyons

4999 Forbes Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 10302
(303) 345-8977

PROFESSIONAL Pennsylvania Benefit Systems, Pittsburgh, PA

EXPERIENCE Benefit Administrator, 2004 – Present
 Responsible for all aspects of HR processing for 10 client
organizations, including invoicing, policy and workforce changes,
insuring data integrity and accuracy, and resolving individual issues

 Reviewed approximately 100 insurance applications per month for
completeness and adherence to regulations
 Integral to the preparation of software training manuals used by
over 10,000 employees
 Provided IT support and answered questions on software related


Mellon Financial, Pittsburgh, PA
Customer Support Representative, 2002 – 2004
 Handled approximately 100 customer calls per day and resolved
95% of client questions within the first 3 minutes
 Answered and fulfilled all customer inquiries by the end of the next
business day, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction

Pennsylvania Insurance Company, Pittsburgh, PA

Policy Coordinator, 2000 – 2002
 Reviewed 30+ insurance applications per day for completeness

and adherence to regulations

 Processed up to 20 deceased refunds and cancellation of
insurance policies within 2 business days, ensuring clients received

timely delivery of refunds

 Provided requests for information from policyholders, agents and
supervisors – which served as a critical source of information for
sales and client service

Technology Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA

Administrative Assistant, 1998 – 2000

 Responsible for providing office support for a $100 million

technology solutions provider - duties included heavy telephone

support, maintaining extensive filing system, billing and accounting,

scheduling, and preparing client facing correspondence

EDUCATION University of Virginia, Richmond, VA

Bachelor of Art in Communication Studies, 1998
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