This is a partial listing of colleges and universities from which degrees will not be accepted by the Michigan Civil Service Commission to satisfy educational requirements indicated on job specifications. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive; schools will be added as we become aware of them. Degrees issued by institutions that are accredited by an accrediting body recognized in the database maintained by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation ( are typically accepted. (Please note that individual degree programs that have not been accredited by the recognized, programmatic accrediting body may not be accepted.) Degrees issued by foreign colleges and universities may be accepted if an applicant or employee can present evidence to demonstrate that the degree represents education equivalent to similar studies at an accredited university.

Abba Institute – Texas Abacus Academy Academie Europeene d’Informationsation – Belgium Academy for Contemporary Research Academy of Healing Arts Academy of Health Sciences and Nutrition Academy of Natural Therapies – Hawaii, California, Wyoming, Montana Academy of Religious and Spiritual Studies Accelerated Degree Programs Adam Smith University – Hawaii, Liberia, Saipan Adams and Washington University – England, South Carolina Adams Institute of Technology Addison State University – Ottawa Canada Adjunct College – Texas Advanced Education Trust Advanced Learning Network – Vermont Akamai University – Hawaii Al Qasim University – Pakistan Alabama Christian College – Montgomery, Alabama Alberdeen University – New Mexico Albert University – Delaware Alexandria University – Nevada - US online, not Egyptian Almeda College and University – Florida, Idaho Al Qasim University All Saints American University – Liberia Almeda College (University) – Florida, Idaho Alston University – Stockton, California Ambai University – Massachusetts Ambassador University Corporation American Austin University American Capital University – Wyoming, Liberia American Central University – Wyoming American City University – Wyoming American Coastline University – Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, California, Russia American College of Health Science – Texas American College of Metaphysical Theology American Columbus University – California American Extension School of Law – Chicago, Illinois
Revised 01/12/2011 1

American Global Universities – Wyoming, Iowa, California American Independent International University American Institute of Management Studies – Hawaii, Indonesia American Institute of Science – Indianapolis, Indiana American International Academy – New York and Washington American International University – Canoga Park, California American International University of Management and Technology – Hawaii, California American Legion University American Management Institute American Medical College - Idaho American National University – Phoenix, Arizona, Hawaii, California American Open University American PacWest International University – Hawaii American School of Metaphysics American States University – Honolulu, Hawaii American University – San Diego, California (the one in Washington, D.C. is accredited) American University for Humanities – Mississippi American University of Asturias – Spain American University of Hawaii – Hawaii, Mississippi, India, Republic of Georgia, Armenia, Lebanon and others American University of London – St. Kitts/Nevis, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka American West University American Western University – Arizona American World University – California, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi Americana University – Liberia Americus University – Washington, D.C. Ameritech University – Liberia Ames Christian University – Florida Amity University – India Amstead University – New Mexico Anacrusis Institute – Greece, United Kingdom Anderson University – California Anglo-American College of Medicine Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Medicine Anglo American University – Hawaii, California Apache University Apostolic/Prophetic Bible College & Theological Seminary – Rochester Hills, Michigan Aquinas University of Scholastic Philosophy – New York Argus University – Fairplay, Colorado Aristotle University – California Arizona Midland University Ashbourne – Great Britain Ashford University – Great Britain (not to be confused with Ashford University in Iowa-formerly Franciscan University) Ashington University – Louisiana, British Virgin Islands Ashwood University
Revised 01/12/2011 2

Athenaeum U – Panama, United Kingdom Athens Clark University Atlanta Southern University – Atlanta, Georgia Atlantic International University – Florida, Hawaii Atlantic National University – California Atlantic Northeastern University Atlantic Southern University – Georgia Washington Atlantic University – New York (the one in Virginia is accredited) Atworth University Auberdeen University – Idaho Azaliah – New Mexico (lost accreditation in 2002), South Africa, Asia Baltimore State University (not to be confused with the University of Baltimore) Bangalore Institute of Science, Technology, and Management – India Bangladesh University Barrington University – Alabama, New York (not to be confused with Barrington College in Rhode Island) Barron University Beacon Learning Center – Grand Rapids, Michigan and St. Joseph, Michigan Belford University – Texas, Nevada, Arizona Beloved Community Seminary – Oregon, Hawaii Ben Franklin Academy and Institute For Advanced Studies – Washington, D. C. Benchley State University Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education Bennington University – United States (not to be confused with Bennington College – Vermont) Benson University Berean Community College Berkeley International University of Southern California Bernadean University – Van Nuys, California Berne University – New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, St. Kitts-Nevis Bernelli University – Virginia Bettis Christian University – Arkansas Beulah College – Nigeria and Texas Bienville University – Louisiana, Mississippi Bircham International University – United Kingdom, Spain, Bahamas Blackstone University Bonavista University – Wyoming Bosdon Academy of Music Boston City College (not to be confused with Boston College) Bradford University (not be confused with Bradford College) Brainwells University – United States, Canada Brantridge Forest School Brantridge University – Hawaii Brentwick University Bretton Woods University – New Hampshire Breyer State University –Alabama, Idaho, Liberia Bridgewater University – United Kingdom, Seychelles (not to be confused with Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts or Bridgewater College in Virginia) Brighton University – Hawaii, Missouri
Revised 01/12/2011 3

Bright Way Technical University Britain College of Management and Science – United Kingdom British American Business Institute Broadway Institute of Technology Bronte International – Louisiana, Caribbean Brownell University Buckner University – Texas Buktronix University Burnell College – Great Britain Business and Computer University College – Lebanon Buxton University – United Kingdom C & E American University Institute – Lebanon Cal Southern University – Texas Calamus International University – British West Indies Calgary Providence University California Christian College California Institute of Behavior Sciences – California California Institute of Higher Learning California Pacifica University – California California Pacific University – California California University of Management and Sciences – California California Valley State University Calvary University – Virginia, Oregon, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and others Cambridge International University – South Africa Cambridge State University – Shreveport, Louisiana and Honolulu, Hawaii Campile University – United Kingdom, Belize Canadian School of Management – Canada Canbourne University – United Kingdom Canterbury University – United Kingdom Canyon College – Idaho Capital American University – Liberia Capital City Religious Institute – Baton Rouge, Louisiana Capitol University (not to be confused with Capital University in Ohio) Caribbean Medical University – Curacao Carlton University (not to be confused with Carleton College in Minnesota) Carnegie Institute of Engineering Carolina Institute of Human Relations – South Carolina Carolina University of Theology Carrington University Center College of Executive and Professional Development – India Center of University Studies Graduate College Center State University of Executive and Professional Development – Liberia Central Pacific University – Hawaii, Delaware, Dubai Central State University – California, Canada (CSU in Wilberforce, Ohio is accredited) Central State Consortium of Colleges and Schools Central States Research Center – Ontario, Canada Central University
Revised 01/12/2011 4

Century University – Albuquerque, New Mexico (not to be confused with Century College) CETEC University – Santo Domingo Chadwick University – Alabama Chancery International University Charis School of Divinity – Florida Charitable University of Delaware Chase University Chelsea University – United Kingdom Chicago Medical College – Florida Chillicothe Business College – Ohio Chirological College of California Christian College Christian Leadership University – New York CIFAS University – Santo Domingo City University Los Angeles – California Clayton College of Natural Health – Alabama Clayton Theological Institute – California Clayton University – Hong Kong (not to be confused with Clayton College and State University in Georgia) Clemson College (not to be confused with Clemson University in South Carolina) Clermont College (not to be confused with University of Cincinnati – Clermont College) Clermont College of Business – Montana Cleveland University (not to be confused with Cleveland State University) Clinton University – Livonia, Michigan Coast University Colgate College (not to be confused with Colgate University) College of Franklin and Marshall (not to be confused with Franklin and Marshall College of Lancaster, PA) College of Hilton Head College of Homeopathy – Missouri College of Journalism – West Virginia College of Life – Florida College of Life Science – Texas College of Medical and Health Science – St. Lucia College of Natural Therapeutics College of Naturatrics – Missouri College of Nonsense – Nevada College of Universal Truth – Chicago, Illinois Colony University – Liberia Colorado University of Naturopathic Medicine – Spain, British Virgin Islands Columbia Commonwealth University – Montana, Wyoming, Malawi, Africa Columbia Pacific University – California Columbia School Columbia State University – Louisiana (not to be confused with Columbia University in New York or Columbus State University in Georgia) Columbus University – Louisiana, Mississippi (not to be confused with Columbus State University in Georgia)
Revised 01/12/2011 5

Commonwealth Open University – Virgin Islands Commonwealth School of Law – Washington Commonwealth University – California Communion of Saints Seminary – Oregon Concordia College and University – Spain, St. Johns, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Indonesia (“registered by the government” of Liberia) Concordia Ivy College – Hawaii, Taiwan Continental University – Liberia, Phillipines Continuing Career Institute – Texas Cook’s Institute of Electronics Engineering – Jackson, Mississippi Cornerstone University – Louisiana (not to be confused with Cornerstone University in Michigan which is accredited) Cosmopolitan University – Missouri? Cranston University – Nevada, Singapore Cromwell College of IT and Management – Great Britain Cromwell University Crossworld Institute of Professional Studies – Kenya Crown Church College and University Crown College of the Bible – Tennessee Culture University –Hawaii Dallas State College – Dallas, Texas Darthmouth College (not to be confused with Dartmouth College in NH) Dartmouth University (not to be confused with Dartmouth College in NH) Darton University – Texas, Florida, Mexico Delaware Law School Del Sur Christian College – Texas Denmark College of Management and IT – Denmark Denver State University Devonshire University Diamond Head University Diplomatic State University Diplomatic University DiUlus Institute and University – New Mexico, Italy Donsbach University – California Dorcas University Drake College (not to be confused with Drake University in Iowa or Drake College of Business in New Jersey) Dream Institute, The Dublin Metropolitan University – Ireland Earlscroft University – Great Britain, Seychelles Earthnet Institute – Hawaii Eastern Caribbean University – Texas, St. Kitts Eastern Missouri Business College – St. Louis, Missouri Eastern State University Eastern University – Albuquerque, New Mexico East Point University Ecole Superieure Internationale de Bruxelles – Belgium Eden University – Hawaii?
Revised 01/12/2011 6

Edenvale University – Texas, New York, Great Britain Edison University –Hawaii (not to be confused with Thomas Edison University in New Jersey) Ellington University Elysion College – California Emerson University – California (not to be confused with Emerson College in Massachusetts) Esoteric Theological Seminary – Texas Euclid University – Belgium, Chad, Central African Republic, Pakistan Eula Wesley University – Ruston, Louisiana European Carolus Magnus University – Belgium European College of Medicine – United Kingdom European Graduate School – New York, Switzerland European University of Ireland – Ireland Eurotechnical Research University – Hilo, Hawaii Expressive Psychology Association Evergreen University – Reston, Virginia Excelsior University (not to be confused with Excelsior College in Albany, NY) Fairfax University – Louisiana, Montana, South Dakota, United Kingdom Fairmont International University (formerly Preston University) Farington University Felix Adler Memorial University – North Carolina Felton University Firelake University – Finland Florida Atlantic Southeastern University – (not to be confused with Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida) Florida State Christian College – Florida Forest Park University – Chicago, Illinois Fort Young University – Liberia Foundation for Economic Education – Irvington-on-Hudson, New York Foundation University – Netherlands Four States Cooperative University – Texas Frederick Taylor International University – Hawaii, California Frederick Taylor University – Moraga, California Friends International Christian University – Hawaii, California Full Gospel Christian College – Pontiac, Michigan Garfield Technical College Geo-Metaphysical Institute – New York George Washington State College George Washington University – California (GWU in Washington, D.C. is accredited) Georgia Christian University – Georgia Georgia South Technical Institute German-American Dental College – Chicago, Illinois Gestalt Institute of New Orleans – New Orleans, Louisiana Glencullen University – United Kingdom Glendale University – United Kingdom Glenford University – Louisiana Glenndale University – United Kingdom
Revised 01/12/2011 7

Global Church Theological Seminary Global Church University Global University School of Nursing (Jamaica) Global Virtual University (not to be confused with Global University in Springfield, MO) Goa University Gold Coast University – Hawaii Golden Pacific University – Hawaii, California Golden State University – Hawaii (not to be confused with Golden State College in California) Graduate College Graduate University Grandview International University – Missouri Great Lakes University – Michigan (not to be confused with Great Lakes Christian College) Greenleaf University – Missouri Greenwich University – California, Hawaii, Norfolk Island Gulf Southern University – Louisiana Halifax University – Wyoming Hamilton State University – Arizona Hamilton University – Wyoming, Hawaii, Bahamas (not to be confused with Hamilton College in Clinton, NY) Hamline State University (not to be confused with Hamline University in Minnesota) Hampton Bay University – Liberia Hampton College – Nevada (not to be confused with Hampton University in Virginia) Hancock University – Tennessee Harmony College of Applied Science – Los Altos, California Harrington University – United Kingdom Hartford Technical Institute Hartford University – Vanatu (Claims of Minnesota location are false) Hartland University – Liberia Hartley University – United Kingdom Hawaii American University – Hawaii Hawthorne University – Utah Heed University – Florida, Wisconsin, Caribbean His Majesty’s University of Polytechnics – Sacramento, California Hollywood College – California Hollywood Southern University Holos University – Missouri, South Dakota, and Norfolk Island Honolulu University – Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities – Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu USA – Thailand, Pakistan Horizons University Humberman University College Huntington Pacific University Hyles Anderson College – Crown Point, Indiana Idaho College of Commerce Illawarra College – New Hampshire, Virginia, Australia
Revised 01/12/2011 8

Illinois College of Physicians and Surgeons Independence University – Missouri Information University of America – Hawaii Institute for Creative Process Institute for Human Dynamics Institute for Science in Mind Institute for the Management of Information Systems – Great Britain Institute of Executive and Professional Development – Liberia Institute of Excellence – Florida Institute of Global Education – Oregon Institute of New Media and Technology Instituto Biblico Ebenezer – Michigan InTech University – Liberia InterAmerican University – California, New York (not to be confused with the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico) Intermountain Institute of Natural Health – Idaho International Academy for Planetary Planning International Academy of Education University – New York, Japan International Bible University International Career Academy International College of Associates in Medicine – Texas International Earth Environment University – Delaware, Japan International East-West University –Hawaii International Further Studies Institute International Graduate Center –Vermont, St. Croix International MBS – Liberia International Medical School of America –Texas International Mid Pac College – Hawaii International Open University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana International Organization for Nontraditional Distance Education – Hawaii, Japan, Phillipines International Seminary – Plymouth, Florida International Theological University – California International University – Austria, International University – Missouri, Louisiana International University for Graduate Studies – St. Kitts and Nevis International University of Fundamental Studies International University of Nursing – St. Kitts International Universities Consortium – Missouri IOND University – Hawaii, Japan, Phillipines Irish International University – Ireland, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Malaysia, Kenya, Switzerland, Seborga Irish University Business School – Ireland ITECOPAM – Haiti Ivory Carlson University – Minnesota Jackson State University –Los Angeles, Nashville, Reno, Chicago (JSU in Mississippi is accredited) James Cook Medical School – Texas, Cook Islands James Monroe University – Liberia, Arizona, Idaho, Washington
Revised 01/12/2011 9

Jenzabar University Johann Keppler School of Medicine John Hancock University John Quincy Adams College - Portland, Oregon John Thomas – Missouri Johnson Daves University – Liberia Johnson Davids University – Liberia Kalinga University – India (not to be considered with Kalinga University in Phillipines) Kennedy-Western University – California, Wyoming, Idaho Kensington University – Hawaii, California (not to be confused with Kensington College in California) Kent College – Louisiana Kentucky Christian University – Ashland, Kentucky (Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, Kentucky is accredited) Keystone University – Florida Kincaid Academy of the Arts Kingdom College of Natural Health – Louisiana, Wyoming, Guam, Russia Kingsfield University – Great Britain Kingsley University Knightsbridge University – Denmark Knoxville College – Knoxville, Tennessee (only degrees obtained prior to December 1996 are accepted) LA International University – New Orleans, Louisiana Lacrosse University – Louisiana, Mississippi Lamberhurst University – United Kingdom Lambert University – Hawaii LaJolla University Lamp Beacon University Landegg International University – Switzerland Landford University Landsfield University – Seychelles Langley University Lansbridge University – British Columbia, Canada LaSalle University – Louisiana (not to be confused with LaSalle University in Pennsylvania) Laureate University – Canada?, United Kingdom? Laurence University – Hawaii Lawford State University – Maryland Leal University – Hazelwood, Missouri Lee Community College – Singapore Leibniz – New Mexico, Italy Leiland College of Arts and Sciences – Hawaii Leland Stanford University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana Leugenia University – South Carolina Lexington University – Online, Nevada (not to be confused with Lexington College in Illinois) Life Science College – California and Oklahoma Lincoln International University, Inc. – Hawaii
Revised 01/12/2011 10

Lincoln University – New Mexico, Italy (not to be confused with Lincoln College in Illinois) Lincoln-Jefferson University – Iowa (?) Lion Investigative Academy – Pennsylvania Logos Bible College – Texas, Florida Logos Christian College London College of Technology – United Kingdom London University Colleges Lorenz University Los Angeles State University Los Angeles University – North Hollywood, California Louisiana Capital University – Kenner, Louisiana Louisiana Christian University – Lake Charles, Louisiana Loyola State University – Illinois and Louisiana (not to be confused with Loyola University) Madison State University – New York Madison University – Mississippi Management Institute of Canada – Ontario, Quebec Manhattan University – Hawaii, British Columbia Manitoba University of Science and Arts Marcus Tullius Cicero University San Francisco – California Marlborough University – Hawaii Marlowe University – New Jersey and Florida Marmaduke University – California Martin College – Florida McPherson Institute of Technology Medical College of London – St. Lucia, West Indies; United Kingdom, Montserrat Medical University of the Americas – St.Kitts/Nevis, Belize Mellen University – Lewiston, New York Meridan University Meta Collegiate Extension – Nevada Metropolitan Collegiate Institute – Great Britain Metropolitan University of Florida Miami Christian University – Miami, Florida Miami State University – (not to be confused with Miami University, Oxford, OH) Middle Tennessee University (not to be confused with Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN) Midwest Missouri University – Missouri Midwestern University –Missouri (not to be confused with Midwestern University in Arizona or Illinois or Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Missouri) Miller University – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Milton University – Maryland and New York Miranda Internal University – Tennessee, Washington, Italy Mole Ltd. University - River Ridge, Louisiana Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies – Texas, Florida Monticello University – Hawaii, Kansas, South Dakota, West Indies Montserrat University – California More University – Lafayette, California
Revised 01/12/2011 11

Morris Brown College – Atlanta, Georgia (only degrees obtained prior to December 2002 are accepted) Must University Myers College Online (not to be confused with Myers University, Cleveland, Ohio) Nassau State Teachers College Nasson University Nation State University Nation University – Hawaii National Christian University – Texas National College – Kansas, Oklahoma National College of Arts and Sciences National Consortium Staff College – Missouri National Graduate University National Stevens University – California National University of Colorado – Denver, Colorado National University of Dakota – South Dakota National University of Hawaii – Hawaii Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education – Mt Pleasant, Michigan Nebraska College of Physical Medicine New Horizons University New Manhattan University New Tribes Bible Institute – Jackson, Michigan New World College – Baton Rouge, Louisiana New York City University (not to be confused with the City University of New York – CUNY) New York State College Newport Asia Pacific University – Hawaii Newport University – California, Hawaii, Lebanon Newton University – Hawaii; British Columbia, Canada Nightingale University – Panama Nobel University – South Korea Nonprofit Management University North American College of the Artsy North American University – Scottsdale, Arizona North Norway University – Norway, Panama, United Kingdom North United University Northern American College Northern New England University Northern Michigan State University (not to be confused with Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI) Northern Utah University/Northern Utah Management Institute Northern Washington University Northfield University Northland Open University - Yukon, Canada Northridge State University Northwest Florida University Northwestern Californian University Northwestern College of Allied Sciences – Oklahoma Northwestern Graduate School – Montana
Revised 01/12/2011 12

Northwestern International University, Ltd. – Cyprus, Denmark Norway University – Norway, Panama, United Kingdom Notre Dame de Lafayette University – Long Prairie, Minnesota Notre Dame University (not to be confused with the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana) Nova College – Calgary, Canada Novus University – Mississippi Oaklands University – United Kingdom (not to be confused with Oakland University in Rochester, MI) Oceania University of Medicine – Samoa Ohio Central College Ohio Christian College Ohio Saint Mathew University - Ohio Oklahoma A&M University Open University of America – Maryland, Puerto Rico (not to be confused with the United States Open University in Wilmington, Delaware) Open University of Lincoln – Nebraska Orienta University Oriental University – Washington, D. C. Orion University Oxford International University – Great Britain (not to be confused with Oxford University in Great Britain) Oxford Trent University – Texas Pacific Basin University – Texas, Mexico, Micronesia Pacific Buddhist University – Hawaii, Japan Pacific Coast University – California Pacific International University – Springfield, Missouri Pacific National University and Theological Institute – Los Angeles, California Pacific Southern University – Hawaii Pacific Western University – Hawaii, China, Hong Kong Pacific Yale University – Hawaii, California, South Korea Panama Canal University PanAmerican University – Liberia Paramount University of Technology – Wyoming Parkhurst University Parkwood University – U.S., Great Britain Patriot University – Colorado Pebble Hills University – Italy, Australia Pensacola Christian College – Pensacola, Florida Personal Therapy Institute Pickering University – Hawaii Port Rhode University Prescott College of Business and Leadership Studies – Hawaii Prescott University (not to be confused with Prescott College in Arizona) Preston University – Alabama, Wyoming, Pakistan, Dubai, Netherlands Prixio Southern University Promis University of London – United Kingdom, Belize Pylon University – Hawaii, California, South Korea Queens University – California
Revised 01/12/2011 13

Queens University of Brighton – Missouri Queenston University – Utah, Australia, Vanuatu Randford Uninversity – District of Columbia, Florida, Virginia Ravenhurst University Redding University – United States? Regent International University – Australia? Regency College Rhode Island School of Law Rhode Island State University Richardson University – Wyoming, Caribbean Robert de Sorbon – Maine, Florida, France, Switzerland, Comoro Islands Robertstown University – Liberia, Arizona, Idaho, Washington Rochelle Univeristy Rochfort College Rochville University Rockford Community College Rocklands University – United Kingdom Romano Byzantine – Minnesota, Virginia Rosebud University Royal Canadian Institute of Technology – British Columbia, Canada Royal College of Science Royal Open University Rushmore University – South Dakota, Wyoming, Georgia, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands Rutherford University – Wyoming, British Columbia, Swaziland Sacramento International University Sacramento Regent University – California Saint Andrews Correspondence College Saint Augustin University – Florida Saint John’s University – Springfield, Louisiana Saint Joseph University – New York (not to be confused with St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, NY) Saint Martin’s College and Seminary – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Saint Marys Universities (not to be confused with Saint Mary’s College in Michigan, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, or St. Mary’s University in Texas) Saint Renoir University Saint Stephen’s Educational Bible College – Los Angeles, California Saint Thomas University (not to be confused with St. Thomas University in Florida) San Diego Pacific University San Francisco College of Music and Theater Arts San Francisco International University – California Sands University – Yuma, Arizona Scarsdale University – California, United Kingdom Senior University – British Columbia, Canada Shaftsbury University – Great Britain ? Shelbourne University – Pennsylvania Shepperton University Sierra University – Costa Mesa, California (not to be confused with Sierra College in Rocklin, California)
Revised 01/12/2011 14

Solsbury University – Ontario, Canada South Atlantic University South Pacific University – Hawaii, California South Pacific School of Medicine – Texas Southern California University – California Southern California University for Professional Studies – Santa Ana, California Southern Graduate Institute – Kentucky Southern Indiana Baptist College – Dupont, Indiana Southern Institute of Technology Southern International University – New Orleans, Louisiana Southern Pacific University – Hawaii, Malaysia Southland University – California Southwest International University – Bayside, New York, Hawaii, Nevada Southwestern State University (not to be confused with Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas) Southwestern University – Tucson, Arizona and St. George, Utah Spartan Health Sciences University – Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, St. Lucia Spartan University of Health Sciences – Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, St. Lucia St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants – Georgia St. Augustine University St. Christopher’s College of Medicine – Senegal, United Kingdom, Belize St. Clements University – Australia, Turks and Caicos, Niue, Botswana, Ghana, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia St. George University International – St. Kitts, Grenada St. James University West St. John’s University College of Medicine – Montserrat St. Lourdes University St. Lucia College of Medicine – St. Lucia St. Luke School of Medicine – California, Kentucky, Ghana, Liberia St. Mary’s College of Medicine – Hawaii St. Mary’s School of Medicine – Hawaii, Texas, Cook Islands St. Matthew’s University – Florida, Maine, New York, Grand Cayman St. Michael University – California, New York, Florida, District of Columbia, British Columbia St. Paul’s College & Seminary St. Regis University – Dominica; Liberia; Washington, D.C., Washington St. Renoir University St. Theresa Medical School – St. Kitts St. Theresa’s Medical School – St. Kitts St. Thomas Institute – India Stafford University Standford University – Florida, Texas (not to be confused with Stanford University in California) Stanley State University Stanton University – Texas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, South Dakota Stefan International University, Inc. – Hawaii, California Stensan International University, Inc. – California Stetson College (not to be confused with Stetson University in DeLand, Florida) Strassford University – Great Britain
Revised 01/12/2011 15

Success Seminary – Oregon Suffield College and University – Connecticut Summerset University – United Kingdom Summit University – Louisiana, Japan Summit University of Louisiana – Louisiana, Texas Sunshine Community College Sussex College of Technology aka Copen Labs Sutherland University Synergystics – Rochester, New York Taiken Wilmington University – United States, Japan? Taurus International University – California Taylor University of Bio-Psycho-Dynamic Sciences – Chattanooga, Tennessee Tecana International Universita – South America Technopole University Temple Bar College Templeton University – Nevada, Singapore Texas Christian Bible University – Texas (not to be confused with Texas Christian University) Tennessee Christian University – Tennessee Texas Theological University – Texas Texas University (not to be confused with the University of Texas, Texas State University, or Texas Tech University) The Dream Institute The Gemini College – Great Britain The Thornwood University – Netherlands, U.K. Thomas A. Edison College – Florida and Arkansas (not be confused with Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey) Thomas Jefferson University – Missouri (Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA is accredited) Thomas University – Pennsylvania Thornewood University – Great Britain Thornhill University – London, UK and Brooklyn, NY Toronto Metropolitan University (not to be confused with the University of Toronto) Trident University of Technology – New Jersey, Wisconsin, Singapore Trinity College and University – South Dakota, Pakistan, Venezuela, Netherlands, Canada?, Caribbean? Trinity College of Natural Health – Indiana Trinity College of Science and Management of Southwest International University Trinity International University College – Wyoming, Delaware, France ( not to be confused with Trinity International University in Illinois) Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary - Indiana Trinity Southern University – Texas, Florida Tuit University – Georgia Tulsa College Two Dragon University Union University – Los Angeles, California (Union University of Tennessee is accredited) United American Medical College United Nations University
Revised 01/12/2011 16

United Pacific University – Hawaii United States Open University – Hawaii, California, South Dakota United States University of America – Washington, Florida Universal Bible Institute – Birmingham, Alabama Universal Ecclesiastical University Universal Life – California Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos (UNIREMHOS) – Dominican Republic Universidad Federico Henriquez y Carvajal – Dominican Republic Universidad Hispanica de America Universitas Sancti Martin – Oklahoma Universitas 21 – Channel Islands, United Kingdom Universite de Wallis – Wallis and Fortuna Islands, South Pacific Universite Libre Internationale – Belgium Universiteit Russell Hobbes – Netherlands? University College for Advanced Studies – India University de la Romande – United Kingdom University Degree Program (1) – United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, Cyprus, Romania University Degree Program (2) – Washington? University for Integrative Learning – California University for Professional Studies University of Advanced Research – California, Hawaii, Pakistan, Thailand University of America - New Orleans, Louisiana University of Beford University of Berkeley – Pennsylvania (not to be confused with the University of California, Berkeley) University of Berkley – Michigan University of Boston (not to be confused with Boston University, Boston College, or University of Massachusetts - Boston) University of Cape Cod University of Central Europe – Mississippi University of Central Kentucky University of Corpus Christi - Reno, Nevada University of Devonshire – United Kingdom University of Doncaster - England University of Dorchester University of Dublin – California University of Dunham University of East Carolina University of East Georgia – Georgia University of East-West Alternative Medicine – Hawaii, South Korea University of Eastern Florida - Chicago, Illinois University of Ecoforum for Peace – Hawaii, Belgium, Switzerland University of England at Oxford University of Esoterica – Maryland and other locations University of Esoterica and the Esoteric Theological Seminary –Texas University of Health Science – Hawaii University of Health Science Antigua – Antigua University of Honiara – Solomon Islands, New Zealand?
Revised 01/12/2011 17

University of Honolulu – Hawaii, China University of Honolulu USA – Utah, Thailand, Pakistan University of Independence University of Metaphysical Studies – New Mexico University of Metaphysics – California, Nevada? University of Middle Tennessee University of Natural Medicine – New Mexico University of New Castle – Oregon, Washington, D.C., Ireland, United Kingdom, South Pacific islands University of Newcastle – Oregon University of Newlands University of North America University of Northern Washington – Hawaii; Washington, Vancouver, British Columbia University of Northwest – Louisiana, New Jersey, Wyoming, India, Pakistan University of Palmers Green – United Kingdom University of Pittsburg (University of Pittsburgh is accredited) University of Ravenhurst – Great Britain University of San Gabriel Valley – California University of San Moritz – United Kingdom, Cyprus University of San Rafael University of Santa Barbara – California (not to be confused with the University of California, Santa Barbara) University of Santa Monica – California University of Science at Berkeley – Japan University of Science, Arts, and Technology (USAT) – Montserrat University of Sciences in America – Baton Rouge, Louisiana University of Sealand University of Sint Eustatius – Caribbean University of Southern Minnesota University of Sussex at Brantridge University of Switzerland University of Teesside University of the Bahama Islands University of the Eastern United States University of the Holy Land – Oregon, Israel University of the New World – Arizona University of the President – Utah University of the Rockies – Denver, Colorado University of the United States University of Walla Walla – California (Walla Walla College in Washington is accredited) University of Wexford – United Kingdom University of Wyoming – London England USA International University – Hawaii UTESA University – Santo Domingo Valde University – Illinois Vancouver University Worldwide – British Columbia, Singapore Van Ives University
Revised 01/12/2011 18

Vernell University Verity Education – Illinois, Indiana, Michigan Vernell University – Nevada ? Wakefield International University – St. Kitts/Nevis Warnborough College – Texas, Washington, Washington, D.C., United Kingdom, Ireland Warnborough University – Ireland, Great Britain Warren National University (formerly Kennedy-Western University) – Wyoming Washington American Open University – Hawaii Washington Institute for Graduate Studies – Utah Washington International Academy – New York Washington International University – King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, British Virgin Islands Washington School of Law – Salt Lake, Utah Washington School of Theology – Oregon Weimar College – Weimar, California Wellington University – New Jersey Wesleyan International University West American University West Clayton University West Coast University – Australia, Panama, United Kingdom Westbourne University – Great Britain Westbrook University – California, New Mexico, New York (not to be confused with Westbrook College in Maine) Western Cascade University – California Western College Western Michigan Bible Institute – Muskegon, Michigan Western States University – Doniphan, Missouri, Texas Western States University for Professional Studies – Missouri Western University – California Western Washington International University – Hawaii Western Washington State University Westgate University – Delaware? Westhampton University – Great Britain Westmore College – Singapore Westmore University – Singapore Weston Reserve University – Canada, Kuwait, Seychelles Wexford University William Bradford University William Tucker University – District of Columbia, Italy Williams College – Idaho (Williams College in Massachusetts is accredited Williamsburg University – New York, Saudi Arabia Wilson State University, Inc. – New Jersey, Hawaii Wisconsin International University – Ghana, Ukraine, and other locations Wittfield University – Hawaii Worcester University – Panama World Information Distributed University – Belgium, Switzerland, Russia World Pacific University – Guam, Ascension Island World University – Santo Domingo
Revised 01/12/2011 19

Yorker International University – New York, South Dakota Youngstown College (not to be confused with Youngstown State University in Ohio) YUIN/American University – Hawaii, California Zenith University – Hawaii

Unapproved Accrediting Bodies These bodies are not approved by the U.S. Department of Education and therefore any so-called “accreditation” by these bodies is meaningless. Accrediting Commission International (Beebe, Arkansas Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries Accrediting Council for Colleges and Schools Accreditation Governing Commission of the United States of America Alternative Institution Accrediting Association American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions (Rocky Mount, NC) American Association of Bible Colleges American Association of Drugless Practitioners Commission on Accreditation American Association of Independent Collegiate Schools of Business American Association of International Medical Graduates American Association of Non-traditional Colleges and Universities American Association of Schools American Council on Private Colleges and Universities American Federation of Christian Colleges and Schools (Lakeland, Florida) American Federation of College and Schools American Federation of Colleges and Seminaries (Lakeland, Florida) American Naturopathic Certification Board American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board American Naturopathic Medicine Association Arizona Commission of Non-traditional Private Postsecondary Education Asia Theological Association Association for Distance Learning Association for Online Academic Excellence (Wales) Association of Christian Colleges and Theological Schools (Louisiana or Virginia) Association of Christian Schools International (Colorado Springs, Colorado) Association of Distance Learning Programs Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries Board of Online Universities Accreditation British Learning Association Central State Consortium of Colleges and Schools Central States Council on Distance Education - 4401 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 205, Washington DC 20001 Centre of Academic Excellence Christian Accrediting Association
Revised 01/12/2011 20

Commission on Medical Denturitry Accreditation Council for Distance Education Accreditation Council for International Education Accreditation Council on Medical Denturitry Accreditation Distance Education Council (connected to the operator of St Regis University; not to be confused with the legitimate Distance Education Council recognized by the Indian Department of Education) Distance Graduation Accrediting Association Distance Learning Accreditation Board Distance Learning Council of Europe European Committee for Home and Online Education European Council for Distance and Open Learning Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners Global Accreditation Commission Higher Education Accreditation Commission Higher Education Services Association Integra Accreditation Association Inter-Collegiate Joint Committee on Academic Standards Interfaith Education Ministries International Academic Accrediting Commission International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities International Accreditation Association International Accreditation for Universities, Colleges and Institutes International Accreditation and Recognition Council International Accrediting Association for Colleges and Universities International Accrediting Commission International Accrediting Commission for Postsecondary Institutions International Association of Educators for World Peace International Association of Universities and Schools International Commission for Higher Education International Commission of Open Post Secondary Education International Council for Accrediting Alternate and Theological Studies (India) International Council for Open and Distance Education International Distance Education and Training Council (IDETC) (not to be confused with the Distance Education and Training Council – DETC) International Distance Learning Accrediting Association International University Accrediting Association (California) Kingdom Fellowship of Christian Schools and Colleges Middle States Accrediting Board Midwestern States Accreditation Agency National Academy of Higher Learning National Accreditation Association National Association for Private Nontraditional Schools and Colleges National Association for Private Post-secondary Education National Association of Alternative Schools and Colleges National Association of Open Campus Colleges National Commission on Higher Education National Council of Schools and Colleges National Distance Learning Accreditation Council
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National Learning Online Council Naturopathic National Council Non-traditional Course Accreditation Body Online Christ Centered Ministries Pacific Association of Schools and Colleges Regional Education Accreditation Commission Southern Accrediting Association of Bible Institutes and Colleges Tennessee Association of Christian Schools The Association for Online Distance Learning United Congress of Colleges (Ireland, UK) US-DETC – Nevada (not to be confused with the legitimate DETC, based in Washington DC.) United States Distance Learning Association Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation Virtual University Accrediting Association (California) West European Accrediting Society Western Association of Private Alternative Schools Western Council on Non-traditional Private Post Secondary Education World Association of Universities and Colleges (Nevada) World Online Education Accrediting Commission World-wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions

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