THE IS USE WITH:1) WHEN A comon noun is use for 2nd time.

2) when we wish to point out a particular thing. e.g.i gave hime the red pen 3) before the names of nations and communities e.g. the english, the germons, th e muslims 4) before the names of holy books, journals, operas, newpaper and magzines e.g. The quran 5) when a comon noun is use as a proper noun e.g. chota 6) Before the plural nouns of the countries e.g. USSR, USA and UAE 7) Before unique objects e.g. the sun, the moon 8) before singular noun when it represent the whole community e.g.the cow is use ful animal, the lion is the king of jungle 9) before the superlative degree e.g. the biggest. 10)when we are using two comparitives together e.g. the higher you go the cooler it is. 11)Before a proper noun when it is use as an adjective e.g. ALi is the shakesper e in my class. 12)when there is only one thing by reason on locality e.g. my mother is in the k itchen (because only one kitchen is in the home) 13)the is use before the names of rivers, oceans and canals 14)the is use before the names of country continents of irlands THE IS NOT USE WITH: 1)the is not use before proper noun e.g. pakistan 2)before the names of relaationship e.g. brother, sister 3)before the names of languages and color 4) before material noun and abstract noun e.g. wisdom is the gift of GOD 5) Before nouns used in the widest sense e.g. birds fly, man is mortal

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