Hi! In this page i have written some directions of restaurants in Altea that are pretty good.

Restaurants In the Old Town I recommend. In the old town you can find a lots of Italian restaurants. All of them are very good , but if you don’t want an Italian Restaurant . As Rafaela told you, the best ones is the Ousteau, (if you want to get right). Another option could be La Capella, it’s very near to the Ousteau. This restaurant it´s next to the church, going down through the principal slope. But between those I prefer the Ousteau. -To arrive to the old town. 1º Go Direction Altea. 2º You have to arrive to a main intersection in the main road in the middle of Altea ( You will see at your right a Church and park with yellow sand). Turn Right, up the slope. Go straight (you wil see a very little roundabout), carry on straight until you find another roundabout, take the third exit , and take the steep slope . One you have arrive nearly to the top. You will see “P” of parking. Try to park over there, because it’s nearest place where you can find place for your car. After that, you will have to walk. At your side, you will have the “Bar Cocoliso” , you have cross to the other side of the slope and you will see a street where is a lot of people going through that street ( Calle Alcoi I think), then you have to take the street “Carrer Miquel”, go straight and you will have arrived to the main square. Then you will see at your left a peatonal slope of stone, you have to go down and you will see first la Capella and then the Ousteau. Other Restaurants in Altea - Restaurante Bellaguarda They have recommended me the restaurante Bellaguarda. It seems a beautiful place because the restaurant is inside a typical house of Altea of the 18th century. They have told me that the dishes are very good and it’s also a romantic and comfortable place. Telf: 965842008 This restaurant is in the first exit on your right of the little roundabout I told you. I propose to try to park in the first place and if there is no parking, try the second place. Some places where you can park the car is : During the slope, you will see at your left a small street (next to a bakery shop called L’Alteana), at the end there is a lot of parking places. If you park

And when you arrive till the end turn right . -Restaurante Club Nautico Campomanes It´s very near from your house. fresh fish every day and a nice and relax place also. It’s a good restaurante also. you have to turn right just before “mas y mas”. and carry straight . because you will see the boats. i prefer the restaurant of Campomanes. normally this happens at 12:00 0’clock in the morning when the provider brings the fish to the restaurant for the launch or dinner. you can turn left. Because the chef likes to show to his costumers the quality of the fish he buys. Other option could Restaurante Club Nautico of Altea. whatever dish you try. actually. it’s delicious. The restaurant it’s at the other side of the harbour (you only have to go straight till the end). The food is excellent. The first building that it’s infront of the windscreen of your car is the restaurant. Until you see a Petrol Station that says “Galp”. I never saw something like that. you have to go direction Altea. Carry on straight until you see a gate opened with some flags nearby. maybe you will be able to see a fishrunway. take the first exit of the roundabout. And if you go for lunch over there. Normally. carry on the slope down. Between the restaurant of Altea or Campomanes. Last time I went they showed the costumers a tuna of nearly 50 kg. you have to cross Altea. Now try to park over there. Turn left. Before or a few meters after. but the street’s end is little bit far. I was stunned. There is no lost . I totally recommend it. To arrive here. there is a lot of space. The other place to park the car is going along the restaurants street until the end.there. you have to carry walk a long the slope until you arrive to the little roundabout and then take the street of your right. it’s down your hill. . To arrive to this restaurant. going down the slope . and when you arrive till the end turn left. It’s a great place because it’s a very peacefull place where you can hear the charming sound of the boats in water and seagulls.

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