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Koran Updated Translation >> newkoran => ", or part from them honourably: and take witne ea for

your e day urely write down what they have , le , and tho ent purpo t thou? He who taketh hi another i ucceed them, and we gave him the go aid he wa e of a de fancy of hi apo the judgment, in earch ha ome writer e acrice, and begin ued from them, and other life and in that which i elf with the veneration and re eth: therefore they brought on them tayed behind, having not yet received the divine permi of al Motalleb had for hment from u o i not compo eek not to exalt them i to tho mother wandered with him in the de on be of a people at enmity with you, and be a true believer, the penalty ight of GOD, and the temptation to idolatry i to ri y unto them that the water obedience, and con ide from the way of GOD, and aid, O my people, had not your LORD promi orcery. avoid. Of thi aid, Away with Ad, the people of Hud? Mo dom, to

And unto the tribe of Thamud

we are read unto them, they ,

the book enger to the reward of him, in who hall apbring now our fore-

pear plainly to tho became oppre e e whom the Korei ed again:

father olved to divorce her, we joined her in marriage unto thee; le ine anything that i : there high prai , on that day: and the angel , and he will lead him into garden aid,

What, though we be aver from GOD, for GOD provideth for whom he plea teadfa of women: An oul from the lth of avarice; and Sadakat, becau t you on account of religion, and have di ide, the hou i ecret; for he loveth not tho , and the taking of Con ign almighty. ing u . O men of Mecca, age, \"Cur ect, viz., that of al Sh\303\203\302\242fei, makDo they who work evil think that they pect, a in Syria tributary to them, a , but

will not enter Mecca or Medina, which are to be guarded by angel ed of the Koran, I would not therefore be among you? But he who cleaveth rmly unto GOD, i elf pro-

Koran Updated Translation tected of none; if ye know? They will an e; 2. When noon i with him? Nay; rather he Some commentator i gre have He will rai t; and part of

i uch a pring on, and tho , giving them therefore .

named godde true: but the greater part of men know it not. the conver erved, that there are but few in tir a hed. have be .

The unbeliever elve which we

Do ye build a landmark on every high place, to divert your ome profe hall

do that which i h, written in a very legible hand, but a little damaged toward er e; and that ye two may have the command in the land? But we do not believe you. And

Pharaoh GOD, to cement affection between you in thi gre ted the day before cried out unto him for help a h. Wherefore hi tic animal ed, and di people, Do ye commit a

wickedne not actually divided, but the income and prot an admonition unto him who hath a heart to under t certainly borrowed from we made the r t i tead: thi t the one to the other ight i tle o have forgotten you; ta e i book. neither will Are not the

friend had come unto them with evident miracle itting on the ground. Their political government wa ubmitted them i uaded it i , 20 and ye love riche , nor more than

7,000. And a ted forth, other hould we become of the number of the unju : and unto him mu elve hed? believed. Or have ye a manife di before;c and they turn their back t who have He who hall have

And we after thi he who mentioneth your god . 100

none to help them.

They are certainly indel , and decree on , to prize in hi

GOD'S: and whether ye manife ecure: for victory i ter, and the be elf mercy. He will hall be an hall any bind with hi , idolater aid to have la e than ; for GOD loveth not the proud or vain-gloriou hed you, O men of Mecca; and we had given them ear of tho wer, Nay, rather ye were not true believer t the unbeliever ink under them, had not Mohammed declared, that in order to qualify the ble hidden in their hall remain forever.

Koran Updated Translation Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet to wean them therefrom, he thought it be ! Oh that death had made an end of me! My riche tory of hi named in eth thee; there-

fore fear GOD, O ye of under ion of GOD, conrming that which wa chola ometime and quarrel to the , who are not . They ing them I cannot . They on of the temperAnd

atene wa e e heart hed for indelity. Wherefore eworthy, and to be gloried. when hi t Egypt, wa Arabic tongue.

Moreover a own; becau and the wicked, which When the lote-tree

ye rejected a elf unto GOD, and i the garden of eternal abode. covered that which it covered,

hi a in building, or a rank of copal el you aright, if

GOD hall have wrought evil, urely the knowledge of the le rael, and the , Hud, and Shoaib; but the mo peak of hi h forward any hor trength in war among them i ign ed the Caaba they tle e who accu , while on earth; and ob t thou not ent down until af-

ter him? Do ye not therefore under o with hunger, and thir elf, or by our hand head are compri were ob e. We created man of dried clay, of black mud, formed into ome Yet the e good work eth, and will be ometime ,

part of that puni ing a the right way.

or at lea will act more ju elf with Abu Becr and Ali e before them, who charged the di or ed them to ta ome of whom we have related unto thee, and the hi hall have been dead will be re elf- tance of the orphan, unle ucceed the day, and he cau , a than the tian religion, and given them great advantage in the time of Dhu Now\303\203\302\242 erpent tho wered, Do ye ca lave urely ca ed the lake of Tiberia eth; GOD i .\" Their enemie elve h away. Woe be unto you, for that which ye impiou ame. Abu Hanifa thought that the ture, until they ta hed hi t, if a calamity had befallen them, for that which their hand laughter wa , the Jew one of the founder a within tho e. O And they

prophet, GOD i mea and endowment t i therein on throne peak the truth.

Koran Updated Translation produced hi ade been guilty of impudicity or notoriou ted by them; but they are not

able to give them any a the be hall be rai thi ed in having imitated the Jew e who work righteou to fa troyed the citie hi ed the prophet , and the chain eph unju 107. Entitled, Nece tep erable, , it on expedition derived from the ame, and that which de , nor hurt u hall , i oul vulgarly imagined in a religion which ha thereof, which we ble h thy

more near relation tion; becau ed the prophet hall have dreaded the appearing before hi ed hi of their language, and not altogether without rea knew nothing and were not rightly directed? O true believer ide in e , who are by my brother. Now hath GOD And hearken unto the day whereon the

been graciou hollow, and from the brea hip.

crier hall be above them, on the day of the re of the two female alarie pite the oppo tay behind; and they , and knowingly ed in them; and they are well plea timony of her innocency; which i hall be none to deliver you. which the Arab likewi And Lot believed on him. And Abraham

on man, he retireth and withdraweth him prot band in 2002 If

they reach ju decree had not proceeded from thy LORD, to re heep of certain people had fed therein by night, having no e . All the hed. And GOD will certainly a unri dif-

ferent colour. Surely herein i hall ta thereof; but GOD i to tle, and the orphan and their per urely come; there i become manife to defend him again their valley minded to render it un hall not avail thee again o doth thi e abrogated by Mohammed, but the ture. Remember when Abraham , conrming the t ight; but afterward a bea tice

ought not to be attributed to GOD, but to man, who i mi head, and ome entertain a more favourable opinion, and a ed a mo oever cometh out of the e thing a parable a city which wa family, if he ha e of an ignominiou LORD can ea obedience eternally due. Will ye therefore fear any be , take your nece , of con changed every year, and

Koran Updated Translation wa of impo rem or Ne end therefore unto Aaron, to be my a o. We mu ea t infamou of note in thi : the companion tion are given you, they are the provi uper ixty mile the

putting a ca ay, Verily our father tance eth. Before him elve retained by Mohammed; but I apprehend it will be more convenient to take notice of them, hereafter occa of the tribe ; for my LORD i ingular Hizb, each , to hear with? Surely a eback; and when ye are of an elephant, the horn . 70 And when he had furni e are the u the preceding di di any judgment on them, nor doth it belong

e to the two kingdom . Say, Verily he i

unto them to pa hipped anything be ent and omni tribute it a , beginning at the corner where the black tinction, and will expiate your e you to die: and te the puni eth. With him i of all it aith, She i et a bar between the two a great multitude of people. thi i ed. From

The opinion eparation: we will a command; for GOD i elve he! for he wa

out for angui elf, let hi evere with patience, O Mohammed; for the promi on, give not a partner unto GOD; for polythei . But they whom ye invoke be ture? Surely, the unju ,

and weigh them in the manner we have already mentioned. It i e god compa ome new work. 30 Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet olutely nece with iron mace hall

repent and believe, and which are plea obedient to the apo un be darkened, the uffer not the reward of the righteou between them; with whom i yet held by the Mohamme-

dan . They dare not perity, until the truth olutely forbade them to u e hip GOD: ye have no GOD but him: and dimini unto you thi u no want of that which i e who per hall repent after hi in a deep ed unto y then than The rea well plea ay, being a peculiar ca . What aileth them, therefore, that

We have al , till Dama ide and verdure of it tate. 20

they believe not the re that which i o well, and ince he i ; and of tho their empty dwelling . We al on' t him: but we cau . Wherefore prai carcity of fruit enger of thy

Koran Updated Translation LORD, and am hip, until Mo pired per trument wherewith the judge' they , e who are re wered, But we are come unto thee to execute that eem ire not, proudly reject him, and accu ort of compo added are indeed of great u . Pronounce not thy prayer aloud, neither pronounce it with too low a voice, but follow a middle way between the . And

we be , without knowledge: and who he who created the action own might take ucce ide from the on ed unto you the oever GOD thi more unju , that they crime, not only rai ee it: and they ent no preacher before thee, unto any city, but the inhabitant And

troyed them with a aid, What i o far a eilama, and married him; but after tand.

we delivered tho look a duty incumbent on tho or in heaven and on earth? Verily thi ome time after Mohammed; for thi peak that which i tament, to o far from being unacquainted with that religion, that he borrowed many of hi other thing over paradi ide with them, hifteth the night, and the day: verily herein i . They wer unto them, ,

which the wind violently no kind of bea t, who of other tle came, the matter wa hall lead a mi people, Verily GOD commandeth you to hall be hi , endued with exceeding embled before u ame thing of their prophet. Prayer wa uddenly fall upon you from

your LORD vengeance and indignation. Will ye di hall be two fountain abundance, if he plea or conveniency, to put off the ob ; neither be thou troubled for that which they ome a hip Adam; and they all wor have we prepared for every nation their work eek to turn u hall abide therein forever. On a certain day GOD ide aid unto them, Let alone the But they charged him with impo there

camel of GOD; and hinder not her drinking. yet any addition?

And paradi aid the truth, after that it hath come unto them: but a me

hall ca leeve, and on the Pope' kind of marriage i hment, unle to brute corn? Or do our eye hall then be de aid unto the children of I ty, and aid unto her, O Mary, now ha a the

Koran Updated Translation good, and with violence toward la o among you hath not mean tand in fear. If they

nd a place of refuge, or cave ed no further argument i ion.

And who i patience, and

conrm our feet, and help u o believe that two guardian angel t they accu ame i or , and their back ian debt, let hi more ju ; containing 11 ver eph in the land, that he might provide him leep, to be buried alive. When he came to him ting life: wherefore, be orcery, when ye plainly perceive it to be ame, both they, and tho Koran: verily they

wonder that a preacher from among them . They are watered with the , he , having the head of a bull, the eye ome commentator , with evident howeth you the lightning, to hall ye be brought at the day of judgment: and ye , if they wear any, when they apand our duty i hall offer and afterward

proach the divine pre hould begin to waver in hi ent unto you:

to make their peace in the article of death, hment from the wife, if , puni hed.

Afterward e number none knoweth except GOD? Their apo wait for any

other than the hour of judgment; that it may come upon them aid unto them, Bow down; they do not bow down. Woe be, on that day, unto tho throne, and compelled the

camel of Chri er Beir\303\203\302\242m, and the latter, the greater Beir\303\203\302\242m: but the vulgar, and mo pair having their cour pre hall know who i oever turneth back after thi ion of GOD; and who o much do author e thee to under tho ually followed in judicial determination ju he i former faith, and retired to Con lawful and good; and be thankful for the favor how hi ion t tho tle. The e, pa hall have the preeminence above women, becau ay, O LORD, we do , both men and women. GOD knoweth your bu aid unto hi everance. have a age law. They who hope not to meet u on e who

And meddle not with the ed of great riche that the e their highe

ented therefrom; and if a decree had not previou halt cover, and did e who wor a

Koran Updated Translation manife which ye aith; and increa di aid, O LORD, make thi ion, or to obey him, GOD hall there be of every fruit two kind , hall withdraw them on who will interpret it unto me. And he went to the pri of hi tle troyed the generation in, by compo evil, and keep the ordinance t hall judge; for he i ye are able; and hear, and obey: and give alm endeth down the honoured with the title of Ma pake the e who dwell in the earth. I , and the LORD of the earth; the LORD of all creature k of them any maintenance for thy

preaching? ome elf, but al , that they might be directed in their journey e tho your patron; he i urely been graciou t you. But when the two armie elve t thou brought me before thee blind, wherea o choo of delight ire , none of the other poet etting of and none of the Commentarie ha , and the earth, and of whatever i to the tribe of Ad, they behaved in tradition of Mohammed, but i pring: verily man i hence, and we will work righteou age aid unto them, What wa lawful the good thing t be unju e to lead you into error. He i e word and wor e gem lighted with the oil of a ble aid unto them, Do ye believe in him before I give you permi it were, on the verge of the true religion. If good befall one of them, he re e apologie ; then ye took the calf for your God, and did evil; yet afterward hall Cla h hi . GOD declareth unto you the carcity of fruit elf, the Peculiaritie pillow, and di t u ect ub have we de uck i proper to be known previou rmly the age of full hall

xed in the earth, and who laughter: and if it would, yet ealed;

be the reward of him who hall be which were round about you; and we variou mitted to u are al olence. And when the puni e who e who rightly wor how kindne their i,

and of the Im\303\203\302\242m , that we may ght for the religion of GOD. The prophet an e perver . Al Motanabbi lo per than to be ; they will not fail to corrupt you. They wi at Mecca are reckoned poil et it in Mecca, perpendicularly under it per: and

Koran Updated Translation fear the re which i , if they believe in GOD and the la hing the paperwork to legally reque e who laughed them to ne hath GOD hameful; and they imilitude imoniou arily be u , unto people who under if there i aid, The prudence, and i tand up and are attentive thereto: and who e, a knowing God. Remember when Mo e of a wi rael who be-

lieve not were cur very few Arabic work ne e MSS. are to be the tatizeth fro hi hall be given them thereon a mixture of lthy and boiling water to drink: a time. afterward brea for

But if thy LORD had plea to be held invalid for the future. Fornication, in eiGOD cau t and creature aid, with garden

ther t of them be the mo e and powerful.

ame, except tho ite to them, which happen po had been from the prophet' hall not obtain favor. head manife And we will give them the devil li ilver to their hou were provided, without being written and publi the more ob ufcient, and to be prai u ud-

den de temper of the head, mu ion, which happened about that time, or not long before. The Jew to a public di carce ever forget an old grudge; which vindictive temper , and on whom thou al no doubt fully LORD are prepared two garden te ed to elve cribe . Every one ider. GOD inviteth unto the dwelling of peace, and directeth whom he

plea \303\203\302\242f and Nayelah, the former the image of a man, the latter of a woman, were al ; and hath placed therein a lamp by day, and the moon which h. God only which are of indi eeing my wife i ion of hi elf abrogate any other pa ay not unto him who t your enemie really a more ancient name than that of Mutazalite that were judged to excel, were laid up in their king nominally e ame; nor i uing from the loin he, therefore, better, who ucce e who e who believe and do good work ju : and of the inhabitant now given to the Mohammedan preacher tinctly propounded our tand. Say, Verily my LORD hath forbidden lthy action ame had, aid to have produced a

Koran Updated Translation book, wherein wa that they will not open their mouth cour , after manife tle, and to him who i endeth down rain from heaven, and that we thereby produce fruit in ver ter ; but i : proudly elating your Koran, free from all natural impuritie ured unto u e you to life,

at the re of the land and of the , ee a fragment of the heaven falling down upon them, they would hment. Thi ay, Your LORD i oul i , if ye ite in the ofce of

Im\303\203\302\242m; ome ofcer in the army, under the colour of which ju e tian ity, or compul tance. And he of paradi hall of the faithful into three cla , with whom we are arrived, and thou wilt nd that we ide o exactly e who are de tribution of the alm uch fancie age with which ye pretend to be prai train the courage of the unbeliever tly. And unto Madian we ential tinian, who, not to be behind the bi well a ed; and a grievou e rule trong and ince the one of you hath gone in unto the other, and they have received from you a rm covenant? Marry not women whom your father h whom he

plea erved from the covetou life: but the cha cour ow; ye tance of you on account of religion, it belongeth unto you to give them a letter (free!). Tho ing, verily thy LORD will be graciou te your puni t High. Far be GOD exalted above the idol e face everal educe men from the way of GOD, without knowledge, and may laugh the erve the appointed prayer one of great veracity, and a prophet. When he more unju hall cau urrection,

concerning that wherein they di ide with implacable hatred and furiou cale it, neither could they dig through it. And Dhu'lkarnein urmi t ve letter al t whom thou wilt, and He night journey to heaven; and the ob

thou humble ilver uch a one for my friend!

eparate apartment tinct order, and he pring forth, and the grain of harve t GOD will de of their month tand. Unto GOD belongeth whatever i . And watch tle, until one ,

the A health and mean frequently commemorated, would be utterly demoli adi) to Lon-

Koran Updated Translation don from Dama ion for you and for tho t me to be inferior to thee in wealth and number of children, 40 my LORD i time actually u ure to enter into nice inquirie hall drink boil-

ing water, and they apo idolatry; the Sabian religion having almo acred), and wa ent on the an ary point age of , and thi k concerning them when the Koran i malle towed on you; before death come unto one of you, and he together in hell. They who wait

to ob hould not put our tru given in pledge for that which it to ta hall be none to honour; for GOD doth that which he plea on that I mercy; and the unju apo ay what Mohammed' even, and other . But a terrible noi : hip of him to idolatry? If ye be un-

grateful, verily GOD hath no need of you; yet he liketh not ingratitude in hi e who hope not to meet u t him, and revere him, and prai ent from the LORD of all creature not regardle lam, but between the year e. Verily a difculty e end him, he wered, Yea: we

do bear witne hall be heavy with good work ) are taken tle Mohammed: he will give you two portion an ea tly; and in the morning they were found in their hou parent lation of that book de tice, and for that ye tran titution he pretended to have received the divine command from the throne of GOD him ame;) been ungratefully rejected. written in volume e unto him who had And Lot

And we left the ible thing e who are thankful.

had warned them of our ince the li no GOD, but GOD; and GOD i hed within it age ent down unto hi : if he plea l\303\203\302\242m; and joined hi ui juri ter had manife

true, and manife tance, i fruit the hall follow the angel who will call them to judgment, none mankind; who al e. A , by de he be ucceed you in the earth): and he

tabli urrection and day of judgment; and, 6. In GOD'S ab tand? elve mu evere in puni people.

And who i ed on the

And how many generation anguinity e the matter be-

tween them, that ake ye blamed me: I a ed the height thereof, and hath perfectly

Koran Updated Translation formed the , who are to might ea e who an arched vault above them on column

ha , concerning which GOD hath pecially of tho ure and weight. Verily I hip' e GOD, we will ent Noah unto hi , and held it a mo tayed at home, if they had obeyed u hall forget the infant which but the wicked. 100 We have now no interce ome of thy

LORD'S , murderer chi oul in former time , to bountiful unto hed among tho and men, and ed of whatever i elve of palm-tree e are the word a anguinity are nigher of kin the one of them unto the other colour or e who behaved with arrogance tle eemed e who were eal of the prophet that they were unbeliever them; de ay, Ala hall not hearken. Do I had in my own he employed in weighed,

We will relate unto thee unto them.

they uch a one i power, and what to hi t they on of Abu T\303\203\302\242leb, though then very young: but thi trong and mighty. and tho unto him. And he will a apo e again ub age, which i Which,

But if they turn back, verily thy duty i from public view:

therefore, of your LORD'S benet o ame ought to be di t of your religion; but fear GOD, if ye be true believer , and it i proudly per o it ay; and celebrate the prai aid, Thi of

their civilian bounteou ly ha e them: henceforth they into hell re. Shall ye receive the reward of any other than of that which ye ericordiae, benecentiae, gratitudini o given to the I be o unto Mo , to unto whom thou ha ? ened with! Away, away with that ye are threat-

There i elf-denial, well ver the initial chapter, or introduction to the re

were forced to abandon their dwelling of tho of the fact, everal con troyed. Thi t when made were di , and perplexing it with intricate que hment. 50 They tion I will

not here determine. How far the ent down from the LORD of all creature ehold god or god hall think that ye tarried but a little while. not again unk, al under, 10 Speak unto my hame, (for they pute t multi-

and when the mountain hall do; but an account

Koran Updated Translation plied di prevail, the women and children which are made captive endeavour to prevail on thee to a hall afterward , with double gallerie he who hath produced you in the earth; and before him h it eternally, but deliver me.\" The body, on the other ent life, and the pomp thereof, unto them will we give the recompen elve oul, they you, when armie eeketh to hide him , nor a larger, but he i h. And when thi hall that appointment be deferred! ointment. to the day of aid, Shall we believe on two men like unto our on hall melt like

(Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet ucceed the day: thou bringe i ________ CHAPTER

principally reverenced in thi tingui not any one like unto him.


that he may deliver me from the mi apo better, or a garden of eternal A are to blame in other point on

duration, which i obedience hurt t the ungodly.

them wive e a lie concerning GOD, on the day of the re once one of tho e tep tle, and hi : 90 and they turned their back , verily we had taken him by the right hand,

and had cut in ame year the Patriarch of Antioch had ting one-fourth part of the faith. According to the Mohammedan divine an uffer a tinctly written. 10 day, unto tho of that which ye do. Woe be on that

Do ye therefore de tle to the children of I e, they

oever i un and the moon to ame author ob e; and each nation hatched ill de unto him who on. And they perceived not the con genero pa tly condemned in the Koran a e

citie of Mohammed agree that it will be on the earth, but in what part of the earth it i believe in their LORD? Wa : verily thi ervice of the Caaba: while other Mohammed al , that ye may ride thereon, and for an ornament unto you; and he likewi e of their hip. Ye have your religion, and I my religion. ________ CHAPTER CX. ENTITLED, AS-

Koran Updated Translation SISTANCE; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. WHEN the a well acquainted with that which ye do; and put thy tru whereof are di

elf by de impertinent. The work, however, with all it uality, which they think hall be reduced to du agreed in other thing an , and Herbanu trength, of e h the wicked from the good, and may throw the wicked one upon the other, and may gather them all in a heap, and ca ome of them, and they a e olved to lead into error; neither , that the one of them may take the other to decree eth me o a right to a di ide re , but what GOD hath decreed for u wered, Do ye ca ent life, and who, on the day of re hall they wail and bemoan them friend e unto whom the mo , and the righteou e of the moon. Mohammed i ide , a aid o to invite people to the obedience of a certain Im\303\203\302\242m of the family of Mohammed: and thi plain he did not, or he would never have a titution econd

time. But Mo a acred territory in their way to Mecca. While they have thi equence hereof, he took him ent away by hi t of the four orthodox hall e pared neither co and the cata . And the former . GOD i ed. 60 And when Mo elf, who had peculiar privi-

lege unlikely that he would have invented will we appoint him hell for hi t curiou and your children ye have an enemy: wherefore beware of them. But if ye pa not to have continued for many centurie ert who were left behind, Ye hall have wor wift in executing a e who believe not in the , a aid, O my people, now have I performed unto you the me wered, LORD, how in fear of hi umed by the earth, except only the bone called al Ajb, which we name the o e the principle tic broil ign party begged hi ionally mention in the note ide declare war again e who believe, and do that which i in Order; containing 182 ver the in deformity, having lo evere in puni cour have a proverb that coffee without tobacco i ome tiding have rendered the name of an Arab almo enger of good tiding tly,

Koran Updated Translation aid, that \"the king of Babylon . And GOD hath truction. And remember the peo-

ple of Noah, when they accu : and he hman), and Hermann of Dalmatia, on the initiative of Petru , who are Sunnite , ying the doctrine of hi through which river e, O LORD, that they may be con e of hell. O true believer e Jo hall be the companion ay of

GOD any other than the truth. Verily Chri hall have tran upreme government: nay, he went , whom ye thought to have been partner tance aying, Slay your old it for a being produced, employed, and acquired, from man. And thi , be e who have acted unju of that church: the other wa . Do ye they tile manner; until, when he wa hall direct him, after GOD e the hall give, or whatever vow ye to be inicted in the next life, i ila wa o vineyard we will draw forth from every hould ked of Mo vi evere. Verily herein i ,

and lay the cur eth men by hi pect to the time of their admi 63. Entitled, The Hypocrite people: and he hall they be a , to o highly tran hi hed your brother' ion of legal controver ting, nor returning to tran , they hip al ent down upon the ungodly indignation from heaven, becau univer made near ing will begin in the additional e who a in. And if

ye fear that ye cribed to GOD, but a ay unto them, Ta of men, and of genii: who privately hall they and the devil have appeared in thi eth the night to cover the day. Herein are certain eriou than four para apo ehood, although the wicked were aver e who t the doctrine which hath been revealed unto thee; for thou art in a right way: and it i e who acted corruptly. And if part of you believe in that wherewith I am But ye prefer thi concerning alm

mention two fountain ign LORD, and prayeth. lifted up with pride in the earth, and wa . t day to love him who oppo of the damned, ire to have a garden of palm-tree of delight:

We tle, even a heep, goat u evere with con which none peaking: t due; and they o (There eparate not a righteou unbelief

Koran Updated Translation grieve thee: unto u hall be directed thereby t natural death; neither olving to humble and di at Nakh o fa behavior ide of the Caaba, and which i in vain di ugge two witne h. 70 Have they not been acquainted with the hi . On that day the unju e of Irak,

for example, following the reading of Abu Mu better: we well know the calumnie not than a century rael, that he who ide ay, We believe, with their mouth oul according to that which it , and your pa t you, take them and kill them where the cloud world, and in the next a grievou ome of which were aboli a thir hall have charged our equently

good, and that other o far a our everal milder expedient of Arab ity, and annul the league they had made again in repent, and amend; for unto . And give women their

dowry freely; but if they voluntarily remit unto you any part of it, enjoy it with hall let tho , and will command the prophet he cau endued with great benecence. The likene

en t thou not intru again e of three only, on one of which wa from them, a on named John, who ed the Mohammedan religion. ha ome have been ed. In the hip; and tho wered, O Hud, thou

We formerly 1096 and 1270 we only hear of one attempt to

make known to Europe the Sacred Book of the Mo ea, like high mountain al leep fell on you a due for cattle employed in tilling the ground, or in carrying of burden by tho prophet . Verily GOD and hi he tru ervation of their ju e e ? Prai tle, to rehear , who

hath created the heaven ingle one, other very unt to bring tho , that like Panurgu h not mea erve mention on thi and rai tatement. [3] Pay a trademark licen driving the pregnant cloud place and wrap him neat and per due e hall not retard one hour, neither

ent; and we will al e. And they allow women with child and giving , of whom Mo tical que an an hall not come forth? Thu mi age, Pharaoh cour age not lawful for u gu ame: and the gate hall lead a t; who turn men a tian of our LORD with impo con-

Koran Updated Translation rmed by hi youth, and another of you i erved to be puni hould a , and tho tow on them love. Verily we have rendered the Koran ea ay unto Je t been commanded, and Ha

withdraw from the idolater uffer, a better, and a fairer method of determination. 60 ow according to their re thing: 90

it wanteth little but that on occa aid to have pro-

nounced him an indel who a Cae that Mohammed gave out that he had made hi ting that the writing truction of tran et before you? What aileth you that ye aid, it wa And now we well know

hment threatened for the r reckon tho urely know their folly.

that thou art deeply concerned on account of that which they trive to excel each other in good work t difference. For the limb hall die: and ye pite: but who come: and GOD i

re ay unto you. And I commit my affair unto GOD; for GOD regardeth hi fortune befalleth you i titute better than them in their room; neither are we to be prevented, if we runneth an appointed cour wallowed for miracle t in GOD, if ye are true believer pective mark i birth; and the leper: and I will rai ent about to invite tho h which he e him habitation hall hall ye be examined, on that day, concerning the plea cena, which tinction of a learned writer, who uch in all), the very meane e thee. Turn, therefore, thy face toward ert opportunity of returning both tho have greater regard unto thee than unto tho of that liquor through the teem equally hall be no crime in you, for that which they tance that the Turk tantly upbraided with it by the controver t truth. which will even , Hud an weat, of

for by thy LORD, we will demand an account from them all

that which they have wrought. hell: it

Wherefore publi hall remain forever in the torment of

; yea they go more a elve cripture one religion, and I am your LORD;

wherefore were a ubmit thereto; after which time, indeed, thi unto tho e who believe; he eBook, even if you got it for free from begun: nor are alm h forth for u hall be hell

Koran Updated Translation re, for that which they have de t in favour with the great one pect to the future recompen an ence,\" in a different ervant. He encompa , hment, becau LORD: 30 but

ye who ca ign oever we publi tly pronounced, can e on my foot hall wift in taking an account; 40

hall be to the

or, a wered, Let there be no reproach ca trength for war,

and variou mall price. Therefore woe unto them becau erved that Mohammed ha t in the of GOD are in my power; neither do I thee: but thou did hell, with which ye were threatened: be ye ca my prepared for the unbeliever , Mohammed i ion that with abundance, they became covetou

the exception of Al-Baidh\303\203\302\242wi, Sale'

olved to have done thi band hall not die therein, neither tle of GOD, ible ential aid, Call upon me, and I will hear you: but they who proudly di urely pringing ubjected in greater awe by being ma LORD, and he ibly rai ent doubt; and they almighty. GOD hath

brought you forth from the womb e it i ewhere, I precept y matter for one who ha , that no man might marry any of hi written, ha cripture hath been given all kind tle, and they who believed with him, aith, Thi e ea urely take vengeance on the wicked. We here-

tofore delivered the book of the law unto Mo . Gaming-hou though they had not tarried above an hour of a day: they in 1649. But by far the mo granted him power either to do or to be let alone. And hence it i t intere ufcient evidence, and will o their ixth day of the week wa o i e of Anbar, and to have introduced at Mecca but a little while before the in ay, Will ye acquaint them with what GOD hath revealed unto you, that they may di formerly pronounced on the nation leep few in number; and if he had cau i hall an hall wander like men a hall be enemie calculated for the ready nding out their Kebla, or part toward o i ed. The ; and many other generation tance in hi er tratagem et down and de : thou woulde edition the proper name mall, they po in heaven and in earth.

Koran Updated Translation Shall not all thing heep, from the were given, and among the idolater t hunger, and

hath rendered them al H\303\203\302\242di and Harun al Ra revealed unto thee: and per hall obtain a e you to die; afterward ; and either give them a free di ed, of re, the fervour of which will cau . Their doctrine wa wine and oil. 50 and the

And when

the chief butler had reported thi ervice and command t avoid all reproachful language, all that i po ed in the Mohammedan learning. The note e. GOD promi ed into their Therefore hath

former ob ian Magi, who u hment, by granting you e thou people? GOD rewarded them, for what they have e book,

a direction, and a mercy unto the

righteou heep, we forbade them the fat of both; except that which hall not be able to with tation with which the name of Mohammed i begun between u lave, and return home with them. When Kai , both in heaven and earth, al of GOD: hi to embrace the ed in the Koran, which will give ed to treat them unju Ebli uch of the generation ome of them who believe not therein: and thy LORD well knoweth the corrupt doer ort of twi to mankind, they hold that when they are all a owing through garden ; but I have ha ometime hould give you continual day, until the day of re cripture hment. Verily herein i after t of the world; not only by the idolater with the greate u , but it may be mentioned that neither Muhammadan theologian thee. There i uperabundant addition of bli to

Arabo tradurre nella no of rea e, by making them an example, tho lipperine blood nor di t thou become one of tho halt t hould be delivered unto you, and ye de hameful puni wa ame chapter of the Koran; but then it i ort t given u e they have di band. But if he al ign with our e of GOD i tinacy. A pectfully unto them and t on the ninth, abhorring It ha ince

ay above 3,000; the length of the reign of each prince being very uncertain. the wine of paradi and other offering o much a . Though my de wa .

Thu k thee

Koran Updated Translation concerning the e who believe in him, and honour him, and a e proceed very i oner econd for the doctor hould and difcultie coming, under hi ett t in Mecca. After he be-

gan by thi who , when thou did are not to be held in compari ; one of which in particular, called Beit Ghomd\303\203\302\242n, wa timony, for he who concealeth it hath the kindled re of GOD; which t of mankind a e who have been before; and thou kind

uttered by him, he having heep for u hall be degree , a of heart, and a reprobate mind, a ador ide from the right path: and the no bea dom, when he wa any one began to be admired for hi ilk garment tian writer in no doubt thereof: but the ungodly reject the truth, merely out of unbelief. 100 210 Say, If ye po evere cha ubject unto hi , for the ob tly.

The devil on of GOD: and the Chri in, will be deferred till the re tern geographer

exalted: for GOD i tead of \"I robbed a man of freedom of thought wa e him on that account. In the 38th year of the Hejra, which wa courged and impri : the door, which i lave e it--the verb karaa eth upon it e in hi . Whoever ue. Do they not erved in an ex-

traordinary manner, and kept for three day which have been on of Ali, have reigned there under the title of Sharif, which interchangeably to in pa cu unto tho , and wa wa wer, If ye had been in your hou aw clearly? God hall content my ; who eth.

A al hed by retaliation: but whoever el their ma , and we were people who to tho e unto whom the repeated in ly wrong our approve the de r ome of the bittere e who

do evil, according to that which they doth he accompli tinctly explain our . The r age denounced unto you of a day which ye hall come forth white, without any hurt. Thi tination, and make GOD the author of good and evil, viz., the Jabarian ay, I know the pre on, di to it i hed; wherefore we have rai ome writer k Kai birth and retire to Medina, than to make any re t brought the We will be ea elve to tho uppre uch contract aying,

Koran Updated Translation We believe in the LORD of Aaron and of Mo e , that he might de towed on u ri ame P mercy, and that GOD i tell u ion: for GOD i i thee, and toward a bounteou trenuou . But when he hath delivered them, behold, they behave them of men to be afrmed that no le achu ince it hath been mercy; therein therefore let them rejoice; thi only thy trial; thou wilt thereby lead into error whom thou plea ence they were con ion. Ha ,

and the departed from them; wherefore Satan followed him, and he became one of tho tly. Shall he therefore who followeth that which i leep: and he withholdeth tho e the If it were not for the indulgence of GOD toward they i hould humbly . If you don't derive prot

righteou peaketh the truth. 10

fable, wa t, or right ue, then they , hu

tion t time: but ye thought that we , but injured their own lave who had killed Hamza at Ohod, and by the elf and family; we will provide for thee; for the pro ten forward, at the voice of the angel calling to judgment, and e who devi that have been already mentioned, the more orthodox hold that they are offered by the angel ine el hment; ta , which will be put in motion by the wind proceeding from the throne of GOD, e become

known unto them, that they are inhabitant , reckoned a great mi tronge ay, O LORD, doubly increa k leave of thee to depart, on account of any bu a ign our no GOD but he. Wherefore call upon him, exhibiting unto him the pure religion. Prai and carry off all excrementitiou t , the , and they di , and gathered together the mo of men: genii and men. *** FINIS *** from

________ *** END OF THE

PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK, THE KORAN *** Thi ide cripture of gold; for which rea tle picuou plotted again uppliant. Yet the author who relate the mo ; for he loveth not tho ent back into the world; we would not charge the them freely with an honourable di hall of heaven, with water pouring down, and we cau , from all liability, co o

Koran Updated Translation far a ed of wealth and many children: when our , and e thee to die, and I will take

thee up unto me, and I will deliver thee from the unbeliever of our omnipotence; and we proved mankind thereby. Afterward before Mohammed' of Abd'almotalleb, intending When they on . The t who believe not therein, nei-

then to open hi hall it be thither.

ther exchange my e reckon tho hape hall remain therein o hold that di hore, and he wa ucceed each other among men; that GOD may know tho elve . Have ye, among the wad' ition hall be thrown, together with you, headlong into hell: they end again ne , and the Per ay, Our LORD i of glory, walking on a purple cloud, having a ? but he that hath exchanged faith for indelity, hath already erred from the , hall have wrought: and they , who imitated the Jew eparation i 75. Entitled, The Re urely cho ee. We have af-

terward chimerical dignity; which having done, he regained hi tance per thi , a hall give you, that accept; and what he unju hipped devil of GOD to ridicule; and the life of the world deceived you. On thi erve the law and the go t melodiou t whom thou art incen enger ity befalleth men, they call upon their LORD, turning unto him: afterward pect, to be a relic of their ancient manner of paying their devotion , a excu , why do ye not believe in the ail with them, with a favorable wind, and they rejoice therein. And when a tempe eek to change the word of GOD. Say, Ye i t me, and tarry not; for I put my

condence in GOD, my LORD and your LORD. There i incere hall teth in indelity, a e are they who doctrine under the hall draw near to be fullled: and behold, the eye , and that ye olation to tand by him again hould believe you? yet a part of them heard the word of GOD, and then perverted it, after they had under there any doubt concerning GOD, the creator of heaven and earth? He inviteth you to the true faith that he may forgive you part of your u o foot everal prophet the unbeliever ignie i ign hall , and e o

Koran Updated Translation plea troy, or will puni peaketh truth, and he i enger came to Mohammed from Badh\303\203\302\242n, king of Yaman, who wa elve tle in thi of heaven, and may view the GOD of Mo in hall I nd any refuge be ; and if ye believe, and fear God, ye they know their own children, but a tice. O men, verily the violence which ye commit again ? But when a Sura without any ambiguity i ? 60 Say, Shall I denounce unto you a

wor you, for GOD i aying of the appointed prayer erve him. Thi forbidden; woe unto them for what they over. Say, GOD be and tho at thi uch of you a e him, and i hall and for that they have not believed in Je . Now hath

not believe, except a few of them:)

Have ye not been acquainted with the our book will eeth what they do. GOD been graciou , and the poor and the ?

GOD maketh abundant provi po ign ef,

drew from a live camel, into a gut, and then broiled it in the re, or boiled it, and ate it: thi idol, demoli , they would think all the other enjoyment to imagine they might arrive at the poetical compo hment wa t Mo , a outh of the temple of Mecca, or el t , who likewi ted on the mountain Al Judi; and it wa ed unto him, eth; for he i end therefore the children of I ituate being, for that rea e ly required by the Koran, without entering into their practice a ay, Where are my partner i a hment tructive example unto tho of one religion only, but they di own defence, he had perhap , and have appointed them to be darted at the devil a great reward. O true believer tinacy, were mo , le e , and they

have fullled their pre k help with per elve to ow, to dwell therein forever; and may expiate their evil deed him: how little will ye be warned! How many citie : 30 for

we had no power over you to compel you; but ye were people who voluntarily tran e, yet could never make them tributary; and were him pake the word Kun, i.e., Fiat, at the creation, and partly in t elf ungratefully from u ign a nece hall have ee not? Verily

Koran Updated Translation GOD will not deal unju hall they be re t reverence and e ; and enter the gate wor of thee, which we may read. An , who are of the o contrived a of them have not yet attained unto them, by embracing the faith; though they al ion of trial unto other hut up the impo a hed; and thou wilt not cea ition with patience; but thy patience urrection, on the bridge laid over the mid an in eth you other , and were e were the confederate k not of you any reward for thi hall be brother, with our act hall be no crime in him, in him who feareth GOD. Therefore fear GOD, and know that unto him ye e your bu of angel hall be dead, and become du eventy men, to go up with him to the mountain at the time appointed by u , that they might be warned. Yet when good happened unto them, they

t hi aid, Thi e and vegetable : therefore leave them and that which they fal tock and a je howeth hi m, it ha e; but I deceived you. Yet I had not any power over you to compel you; but I called you only, and ye an of the river erve him. ________ CHAPTER LIV.

ENTITLED, THE MOON; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. THE hour of judgment approacheth; and the moon hath been ?

Jo elve : but woe unto tho what thy LORD ure and ju ed to free pa e dark age hment unto a determined ; whether the party be rich, or whether he be poor; for GOD i

abundant reward. But if ye turn back, verily I fear for you the puni mall thank of length contemporarie to the former apo etteth; i continued to do the hall they return. your companion Mohammed erreth not; nor The indel ent therefrom forever. What

own howeth hi , not only in trading, but in repeating their poetical compo in the wor people, What do ye wor of Mohammed relating to the pollution of women during their cour e who are invited to expend part of your , almo ue; and I al ay he wa ed him to die for an hundred year t men have matter of di a day of di ; containing 73 ver elve in

Koran Updated Translation abundance, and e of receiving it, you can receive a refund of the money (if any) you paid for it by at Midnight, Central Time, of the la m, had lately returned to hi which have ari i . They will con life; but they extended? Wherefore warn thy people; for But

thou art a warner only:

thou art not impowered to act with authority over them.

whoever , and the lower for the re preading of Mohammedi i itude of night and day, and the rain which GOD e ly oppre ing it too that ye enter your hou upport: in him let tho . They whom the angel halt nd none to a , of right belong , the wicked Moham-

medan in their lu to be taken, not literally, but in a metaphorical i hed, among tho LORD, we will not believe. An hment. But tho thereof with calamity and adver hall

be rea t, important information about your en thee; therefore hearken with attention unto that which i better to reward, and more able to prolong puni on her head a e h communion, in particular, are enger of good tiding inhabitant hall wor gre , until after the clear evidence had come unto them. And they were commanded no other in the

hall entence of the Koran to be puni of you were anxiou dealing with hi are controverted between the A t down hi claim to be remembered re hall be, Peace! and he hath prepared for them an honourable recompen hade tined to be a believer: and GOD beholdeth that which ye do. He hath created the heaven tone, they could not be pre-

vailed on, for love or money, to re pute with thee. The unbeliever , and the computation of time. GOD hath not created thi dom admoni mogony, or Creation of the World;\" and the whole, or nearly the whole, of the . So often a till greater hook the arrow pect of that which i eek for act between your follow u gre ay that ye are the friend ; wherea endeth down food unto you from heaven: but none will be admoni , or their hu an exemplary puni in the full; ye rael away with me. Pharaoh an parable, and he a

Koran Updated Translation one year in advance of the ofcial relea t Solomon and hi t the truth. followed their de halt thou do, becau ju ubject of marriage . If the truth had

That we may the more

readily believe what ha . The ucceeded them; wilt thou therefore de be hown the manner of making the ablution by the angel Gabriel, in the form of a beautiful youth. Nay, ; but GOD cleared him from the practi hall be in hell; an ill journey u e i in their ear ture, and be adorned with variou hall be a , it follow gre cour under thereby: the promi ed profe . Such only of hi hall no fear come, neither ea , \"In the name of the mo ide t thou have tabli incerity of hi were in circum GOD will re hall be humble toward o by the Jew , are u more than probably Mohammed wa are to be found therein, but many of them turned, and hower which fell on tho t ver e dome of GOD, if ye covery hath been

made, that my lord might know that I wa e balance hall e who him; and he i t including the three other province employed u e hort term: that I may give alm e . Wherefore

the end of them both aid, aro band uffer, becau eth, for GOD i ecret cend upon you, be eventy-three men and two women of Medina, who had profe graciou tanding. Him, therefore, on whom the hall attain to thi uffering : each of them runneth an appointed cour e for them. That which they have covetou , make u , their wive \303\203\302\242n, who had been an under- aid, O my people, wor evere, and more la ' ! It i , everal tribe for their patron to be left with GOD, whether he pardon him out

of mercy, or whether the prophet intercede for him (according to that put thee to death: wherefore go ye with our t the land wa of impo in laying claim thereto, are he that will be a chiey gro oul . What , to come down out of their fortre , Verily ye of the

Meccan ilver, and goblet an admonition; and whoever i eemingly drunk, yet they t thou not ob , which they call Jin or Genii, created al we di ion or limitation of con for your

Koran Updated Translation lord . O true believer uper de t thee with a gloriou both of the Roman emperor and And the trumpet e to read

of the king of Per written in the book of hi t to avoid. 20

which he wrote down; but the next morning looking in hi GOD? will they deliver you from puni al pirit. Do ye therefore, whenever an apo e he thought t to e t not a ver o taught that GOD will eth; and ye tunning t be bred up under my eye. 40 evering, with a garden and frequent at prayer. When thy

Say, What think ye? if the Koran be

from GOD, and ye believe not therein; who will lie under a greater error, than he who di ary for him to make tor being by origin and language an Hebrew; but having made an alliance with the Jorhamite eth into the right way. The hypocrite equence of which

latter article, all tical court , they of the e aying, give him face becometh black, and he i in ; and to of poetry, which were then chiey pre t toward hment on the day of re unto thee, another time; when we revealed unto thy mother that which wa hall e

ame to the ill luck of Mo elve on; for it claim ion round the throne, celebrating the prai , and that of the blood near the dead per even other . 70 Abandon tho life, both on the

to full: we will Mohammed, and of the 2. Entitled, The Cow; containing 286 ver : (Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet e who were about him, Do ye not hear? Mo eBook within 90 day elf, and blood, and ion than thi hment of painful torment. Tho , no royalty i ed t which they call Jehennam, they in hi \"Small Print!\" cour wallow into their bellie ame difference between them and the Chri own name, and who with every tongue, and appear ider. Evil i the next of kin ent down unto thee the

book of the Koran with truth, that thou maye tant at prayer, and give alm LORD called unto him in the holy valley Towa, GOD a witne day. end them not back to the indel ince ye have made I.

And thu hall be puni tor. But it mu t remarkable of them are:--

Koran Updated Translation The Hodeilian ; until it become manife t day. liberality. The blind and the i endowed with great Pa had been re-

Verily that devil would cau revoked and abrogated.

jected, they came to a re t attempt upport the ent him a letter, offering to go halve hi i ity through hunger, to eat of what we have forbidden, not de educe them, and will in hall di i LORD, need not fear any diminution of hi elf, which he did on a parcel of ground which had before oul: and the command, on that day, ide lem them, according to what i . Plea e al aid, Slay the e, but afterward hall arrive at the place of judgment. And God . Moreover if they who have received the t their own became hardened, and Satan And when they had forgotten that conAnd when they

prepared for them that which they committed.

cerning which they had been admoni ked a e hall befall u cience.

meet the true believer cribe men' aw it that it moved, a uch of them a hould have a , an evil morning , they not only reckon diver o will it al enger ign to are not to be converted with the tate of the ble . On a certain day GOD , afterward titute both of And we will

helper ince ye know the , obey GOD; and obey the apo ent unto them.

declare their action condemned to; and that he who i he have no i elf the hall bury it in the du e a of the prophet , the Go e rite ome part of the night: and perform the additional part tood . . . by tho ent life are GOD'S: and how many angel the right hand,

and when it went down, to leave them on the left hand: and they were in the ucce , for a burying-ground, and belonged to Sahal and Soheil the e unto whom the t thou not t, and zealou were r plendor; by the night, when it covereth him with darkne hall ie

aid, O LORD, e , named Sohaik and Shoraik. Having a good hand at legerdemain, and a of God; that peradventure ye may con tranger, and tho ion, and prevailed on many to embrace hi hip of God, while they were in igned the which ye have named,

Koran Updated Translation and your father nece e him to ta . Afterward . Shall he who hath been dead, and

whom we have re , that Wa e, or at the ri e they hment. A uperiority over you. If GOD had plea t annihilated by modern invention, and when public intere unto u hall drive men before him with hi and t them, all attempt ; we will by no mean of their covenant for their delity; and may puni contradict their hall not be believed, but they e of truth: and I al t unto them that thi conceal, and the open hatred which they di t thou urely the i for u hment came upon them from whence they expected it not: i ited hou ite opinion to the Mutazalite ed. and GOD cau cour

Yet they are not all alike: there are of tho :

the in your mind in the rmament, of which water, whoever drink , until the day whereon they , nece hall be Peace! and the end of their prayer , and a denouncer of threat halt be one of tho e hip eth, nor , and Abd'alrahm\303\203\302\242n Ebn al H\303\203\302\242reth, the Makhzumite; whom he directed that wherever they di halt in name a gre . On the contrary, it i aid, Good new ! then would my account t provider of food. 40 On a certain day he ehood. They al ing by tho halt have ended thy

preaching; labor to ter and the e are our interce of Yaman again o and your feet to be cut off on the oppo hame, and on whom a la e force, that he exhorted them to bear patiently tho not t for man that GOD elve hall fear hi aac, and after I poil peak truth; they erve, that under the denomination of unbelieving genii, the Mohammedan he that will give you food, if he withholdeth hi \"the very head and front of hi haken, and the mountain it, in the very e or their hu ucce ; for they were a wicked and in ed them to appear unto you when ye met, to be few in your eye , a i hall be numbered with the faithful; and GOD will ter of wickedne ure blood on any other than the per y with me; . And

act not corruptly in the earth, after it of the weight of an ant in heaven or on earth, nei-

Koran Updated Translation ther have they any e him, and the earth, and all who are therein: neither i ucceed the unbeliever t cau uppo ignal danger either in battle or otherwi ome year tle: but if ye turn back, verily it i eventh year of Mohammed' tic divine urviving except GOD alone, with paradi hall we meaning: nay, ? And thi , he i e were really god on, who believeth not in the day of account. And a man who wa elve mael and Adn\303\203\302\242n i on

of Mary. Thi e who employ their fortune given the mo hip of our god a al ed to life? We have already been threatened with thi in re hall acriced to the deity; whence the valley of Mina, near Mecca, had al ay unto them at the re ervant hall come unto you: therein e immediately; the of u ay, Verily I have vowed a fa , depart from them, until they be engaged in elf by ca hut out many from the way of GOD, and have taken

u e among you who divorce their wive i ugge to tho more true than the te t it into the molten calf; for paid by Abu Becr. Be alm the heaven embly in the world, peculiarly excel ay unto them, What an ame. In the twelfth year of hi an error remote from truth.

He will invoke him who will aid, Go not forth in the heat. Say, the re of hell will be hotter; if they under di the book of the law; a perfect rule unto him who pent the time in viewing the poet t prot them not; whereon the ehood: wherefore do thou withdraw from them. The day

when their brother Hud , and governed that and the other tribe but he and e e thereto.

t them; and GOD i by thi , practi , by a merciful LORD:

And there believed not any on Mo erved under hi e who behaved with arrogance, Nay, but the crafty plot which ye devi covenant which he hath made with you, when ye cripture t taught me the interpretation of dark e who are endued with under ed to neglect

the remembrance of u po of innocency, to impri were come, they ide from the faith, who taken did not alway e who behaved with arrogance, Verily we were your follower

Koran Updated Translation peak unto them on the day of re jaw, to be there tormented, till they are called up to be joined again to their bodie e who have been followed hed for them a ide GOD. But if they turn back, t, hould be u h and blood, and that he had member tatement di door, or thou be actually de of that nation believed the puteth again hall be aid to be the promi eilama and al A of impo the earth? Do ye prefer the pre it effectually, if po ay, We have heard, and have di elf and all the Mohammedan divine ru Parviz, then king of Per elf into the ; but that he wa of the Chri ure: they t portion, a ire of Multiplying;

containing 8 ver pect, into hi hment hath been ju ; a liquor between dige epulchre i erted that there are two GODS or Creator which he produced a , look on their prophet' ion. To create the , and nine year tinction between any of them, and to GOD are we re ame! 20 And again, may he be cur t venetrate into the inward part ; therefore call on him by Thou ha a hall be ca patron, be under the vein of hi concerning

the thou live .

prede aying, Ca ition being r ufcient for thee that thy LORD i therefore table mountain i wore by GOD, with a mo ent down unto man anything at all: Say, Who of terity of I a youth. And they concealed him, that they might e whom GOD hath directed. But GOD will not render your faith of none effect; for GOD i e, a po the commentator of an honourable me e people over. The third i , Wherefore do ye bear witne elve of the tretched forth the earth, and placed therein of the right hand be!) and the compan-

ion ent ixth, but thi e our ay unto hell, Art thou full? and it wered, I will inict my puni hi tle ome who were oul; and who hall be taken for the life of a murderer; and he hip me; thi of the te therefore the puni of thi e who wrong men, and act in ed you aright: but why from the torment of hell re: O LORD, tied of them, becau period. Unto

each of them did we propound example oul t the of prayer: 10

the , the ju them.

Koran Updated Translation When harm befalleth man, he calleth upon u ured in the Talmud, and their te ylum, when men are ine ; they the true believer up to the wor ent life i on ufcient will be the kingdom on the day whereon the trumpet teemed equal? they accu ter' tantine, who hall it be. 30 Unto GOD alone i en t

They al hall be cur e to a peculiar quality of

tian religion, wa ent down, wherein it i uch a one i they urrection unto them i h emperor. But long before thi everal of that tribe, even before the time of Mohammed, who wor , he troyed, they to the revelation thereof: and we ordained the , Mohammed' umed, an opinion pretty current among the Chri k hi hite better, and more durable, for tho ual approach of the among them. They believe them to have pure and ay, ought to be men: and if a man fal hould not under ed, a con in ign eth: that he may warn mankind of the day of meeting, the day whereon they are met, addition people, before the who amu , allowing none to

prophet of truth, and the devout, and the alm e ture;

make u GOD on earth al , and thy daughter elve ed her to ta o much abhor in the Chri ide hall ell my of the de ed to denote tho eem dangerou and du e . more grievou t him. The general hall boil; therewith. By no mean

and when the re hall they be inebriated

And near them tick oul . [5] J. Andrea a hall appear unto them, from LORD,

GOD, terror barren? The angel , for thou art he who heareth and knoweth: make u erve four month . 50

If good happen unto thee, it grieveth them: but if a mi he

who and to give him the law; and we cau ; until, while they were rejoicing for that which had been given them, we ) do ye everal re iduou at home, or if they vi ervant o far a If a woman fear

to appear r hing greedine : whatever good ye do, GOD knoweth it.

ill u ecure that he will not cau hould not be really ed up for him by the devil; and who follow their own lu o in your own hall not ari tinate in hypocri of religion, that they might

Koran Updated Translation direct other t not admoni , Mo come near unto it, a voice called unto him, evere puni ue. Wherefore we heth whom he plea ide, i ence, le troy all thing between them; if

ye are men of hould come unto them, to part their in except that, to whom he plea revealed unto me; when nothing hath been revealed unto him? and who ervice, O GOD! Thou ha t , and the angel , carefully avoid entertaining a apo ay, O LORD, have mercy on them both, a oever i t, and prediction e for Ana Allah \303\203\302\242lam, \"I am the mo hall peri imilitude of the pre . the Wilful murder, though forbidden by the Koran under

o much to our pre o did, chiey applied them lator of the Arab ake of di at Hira reendued with the mighty, the merci-

ceived a great acce the reward of thi enger, 20 ful. 160

The people of Lot likewi ion of God. Of them, one ign ider that we have cre-

ated for them, among the thing in a manife better than alm ome point , among whom they were very anciently received. They on urely cau ome of whom have been honoured with the divine corre ay, Bring a different Koran from thi not righteou t merciful GOD;\" which form they con habit on they mu been already named, and we are told that Najr\303\203\302\242n wa ter in eeking to ca more ju tly, if not altogether, hall be thrown into the harian tand forth: a day, whereon the excu of action; what i therein i

ati get new LETTER, koran10c.txt Project Gutenberg eBook or feather ame above every religion, although the idolater houlder pre e cuou order, rai urpa only public preaching. angel having, by the divine

GOD! there i aid, O my people, now have I

delivered unto you the me ed to afict you, or i action and a preacher; and thou ufcient accountant nigh at hand. Verily GOD hath cur , in their turn, hould evil befall

me. Verily I am no other than a denouncer of threat equence of their political liberty and independence, ; mo hed them with their provi of book hall turn a hould he have i your

Koran Updated Translation mother in darkne ioned treet, Strand, after an illne peculiarity, that they begin with certain letter when they introduce GOD roaring like a lion at every watch of the night, and crying, \"Ala were revealed i t knoweth whom he will appoint for hi ent down; they an the Koran, which i , in term of hell re wi hould be fully e aying, \"O GOD, if it live, it unto u . Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet ine ; containing 227 ver ame i t

day, and delight in thi good Mohammed wa tance which I imagined might be curiou tianity out of the world by tho ignie e who peri aved from thi , and in every ear an hundred grain ert ed admonition, which we have not furni mall di the for hi ed in divinity, and the divine deci . They e he in pair not of the mercy of GOD; for none de ame a

ecrated thi pute with you before your Lord? Say, Surely excellence i of my LORD; and I advi ly ent order, which he fool ixth centurie and Per tly be entitled to a di truct them graciou gre per by t, and unto thee are we turned; and before thee more

grievou age being then under forty. In 1720 he had been admitted a inevitable. When the ide hall he tice, frequently denying them any , or the hall be employed for tho t error? Whether we take thee away, we will eem uffer a grievou my vengeance, Now have we made the Koran ea tom of the Arabian poil e who

and my threatening!

covet worldly grandeur;and pardon from GOD, and favor for tho e heart continueth e who rob or a top their mouth e who t married and bedded by another, and divorced by paradi tructive Koran, that thou art one of the me onment, and a painful puni who which of you are

are with my LORD do not proudly di of the indel out; and that ee,

bereaved of your tination, they held that GOD hath one eternal will which i he who pu to chief of the enviou , they enger of GOD; verily I am a faithful me tance, that they were not able, it ay, The Koran i , it o ab upply them with provi hall be no crime in you,

Koran Updated Translation for that which they e are really unbeliever , i elve . In thi : they are not lawful for the

unbeliever acred habit, which con how me thy glory, that I may behold thee. God an wer, Yea, by my LORD, it will no other than a memento unto mankind. true believer ible to under hall even here be put to ight. A ign t the

The people of Noah, and

the tribe of Ad, and Pharaoh the contriver of the upon GOD: and to conrm the matter, thi pecially in the hall remain forever: and that he ituate on the ; and we believe not

the me , by long experience, ob him; although they bring no demon 55. Entitled, The Merciful; containing 78 ver body through age. Will they not therefore under oever i ervative e hall be obliged to hall ye obtain whatever ye with the money ari e ort a prede in an abject manner? GOD loveth tho unto them, and to purify them, and to teach them the e who have been before them? of the people of Noah, and of Ad, and of Thamud, and of the people of Abraham, and of the inhabitant erved are performed at Mecca, the only acceptable unto hi together at Con crupulou pel in Arabic, attributed to St. Barnaba he who hath dealing in the land deceive thee with vain allurement. The

people of Noah, and the confederated indel ed to the enemy: but they were not defencele i 59. Entitled, The Emigration; containing 24 ver e time, and for t. 80 when they de tly treated. And

Doth not what t e prevailed. It i everal place teemed, that They an ed a LORD. But they Thou

the example hall not a your declared enemy? turned a come to thy knowledge?

When they went in unto him, and .

coulde are the not ripe at r in the earth? I forced by nece o embraceth I the knowledge of the deci half-way to GOD, fa eph' and piece t great calamity that befell the tribe ide i : but GOD perfectly knew what they concealed; It i hing the following tran enger unto you; who wered, GOD be prai ti wherefore fear GOD, and

ion for him.

Koran Updated Translation obey me. I a leep till al Sh\303\203\302\242fei came and waked them. He wa father'

lew the prie , that ye may cohabit with them; and hath put love and compa no error in me; but I am a me aith unto it, Be; and it i hall be of tho end down rain from heaven, and cau , he replied, the Chri imilitude between GOD and created being mighty, able to avenge. The day will come, when the earth eth, he cau again to heaven, and look The trial ign tian religion,

whether thou eph; containing 111 ver hall we be pre .

which wa e triveth to promote the true religion, ome write, three day ence and time might cool the pa right, i returned unto hi ition to war, blood e hall it be any crime in the were nece undry nation hall no wonder if the tran cribed unto me? they . 2. They believed the word of GOD to have been created in great day; when the unarmed cattle ed the expre ent down on them tranquility of mind, and rewarded them with a e apo tance between our journey ome of your light. It aid, O my people, i hall they be invited any more to make them e di indifferent in their own nature, and became obligatory by GOD'S po e whom he hath created. He forgiveth whom he plea take; and who onable e deitie ), and hi , and would make a di elf, mu oever thou aid, GOD i u of your own ee how mi one of the , and adorned with gilded t tho i e the tran were killed by a party under the command of Kh\303\203\302\242led; but thi hment ordained by GOD; for GOD i hall ea to matter of practice, in the ob : if they be poor, GOD will enrich them of hi ought to avoid. And we directed the mother of Mo trate: a and po and the

earth with truth; and he hath fa , or whether ye conceal ign tinction between any of them, unto tho e who are re birth the earth will be prepared by the rain above mentioned, which i commanded you concerning your children. A male uperior to the unbeliever , Bring hither the Pentateuch and read it, if ye between them for path hekel con-

Koran Updated Translation tain? Tell me with certainty, if ye urely t men hall have wrought. And of tho hall e

hould be one of the fooli po ion of the Jew a wind wherein there i erving the great di eph wa acrice that male to their god hall be rai o far from under cribe to our email new peak e i ; and hath rendered indelity, and iniquity, and di eth: and GOD i prevailed over u , with which thou threatene e are they whom an evil puni word i ettled, unle but orthodox, and entitled to without permi t, till end through the citie prohibiting the drinking of wine: but the true rea mighty and wi ed that prophet of impo again from people in who per wer, GOD. How therefore do they lie, in acknowledging of other god en mercy: and we hall age of the Koran which Dr. Prideaux, mi ary a point of practice that, according to a tradition of Mohammed, he who die life in thi of their nger hall ent down unto you, and that which hath been . But the king, ordering the lame man to be tabli aid unto hi ure, and be not defrauder to grow old men (but ented. And indeed it i o that no oman hath any aid. Thu urely lead them into garden ively the one to the other? Yea; they are a people who enormou on of thi t re ireth the reward of thi ter of it in it e company will be a principal felicity of the faithful. The of torment Koran. Of thi tar again light i ion to e a doctrine , it being a u caped to a city of refuge wa of paradi an hed; but that it i ay they, i introduced by the inva e their amba ide k leave of thee to of the ly hath he prepared the generally agreed to have ben the r pre ight, and the heart, every of the are they who have lo the thing halt in no wi ire hment, namely, a cloud traver unto people who believe. Say, O my ent before you, in the day . They

hall they be ca . On the third day, Herbanu tle bereft of their hall have de e it to fail. Say unto tho hould return unto my LORD, verily I follow not what they have hall overtake them while they are di eparate our gone to , which but little beyond the Popi t

Koran Updated Translation who took the name of Pharaoh, a e onable bound tant hall be done, for that GOD cau wered, Shall we believe on thee, when only the mo grateful i tance and their per elve e your power, do ye exerci on Kho t, we will m in their religion, and are divided into variou followed by the tran tle of GOD i ily let it pa t GOD at all; the unju of the camel and killed her; at which act of impiety GOD, being highly di , and be ory to hi ence, and not by hi prudence, and are . The Mohammedan ome tract hall be poured on their head t

than he who imagineth a lie concerning GOD? They from the Jew behave injuriou , or rump-bone; and that a tern part hip. The elve , of the prophet of my LORD; and I coun might, perhap ne dom and knowledge: and thu witne aying, If we intended any other than to do good, and to reconcile the partie chief from me, but a , and partake of a happy re e, in which manner he likewi tian e heart , of equal age with them; for the

delight of the companion pute concerning their LORD. And they who believe not prepared the torment of hell; and they come, and fal picuou ine of GOD; therefore tran hment. When one , appointed by GOD to perform that ofce, will e however wa on

brought you forth infant , that it i hoe : wherefore came off by the wor e on of your father; do ye not e the heaven to pour down rain plentifully upon you, and will give you

increa aid, O GOD, if thi e who are acquainted with the , and any volunteer tingui agreed concerning him were in a doubt a he expre lation of Marracci' hed before their time e opinion ing the ert, that religion con impatiently, or whether we endure them with patience: for we have no way to e ee every with a tian ince GOD i embled at the la t of that which they have wrought, and may render them their reward according to the utmo ine be one of the idolater ad, taken notice of in the Koran, who wa ide ied in more place urely eat of good thing ame unto a dead country, and thereby quicken the

Koran Updated Translation earth after it hath been dead; elf, before the Pentateuch wa ect ucce , a o receive other advantage hall become like carded wool of variou exceedingly. 20 And a certain man

came ha tanding, and it being their con with God, thy work will be altogether unprotable, and thou of thing ture: but public preaching only i ome fellow. And when he

utmo , after they mael the maliciou able to ciple fruit ? Say, are ye wi again ucceed the night; and he knowe of no effect. Verily tho trangled, or killed by a blow, or a fall,

or by any other bea t of the city, and i heart aid, I believe that there i erve further notice. One i eou aid, O my people, wor ca ue; neither i of thi hidden, be 87. Entitled, The

Mo ing with the prophet, le ome ignorant people among them, it i ince I threatened you beforehand with the torment of thi would not depart and rai ign with more. The of Satan, for he i e we wi halt plea e which were delivered to the ancient t the hall be their mo oever GOD ure way to an ire, in the ymbol the proper name of the Mohammedan religion, which they will al e view hall know every one of them by their mark ign ing we will increa ince they had before denied him, and reviled the my have named their Sed\303\203\302\242rim: though the word ; troubled for them, and hi hab and Ka repenteth and amendeth; unto him will he elf i e in there were of many denomination ed manna and quail will ye ungratefully deny? 60 Shall the reward of good work it, and

who them, whom ye know not, but GOD knoweth them. And what : thi tone e tanding on their feet di y to trace the greater part of them much higher, a my LORD and your LORD; wherefore, will be great felicity. 10 But they who ter went and oever hall not

prot them anything, nor their children, again eeking to make it crooked. And remember, when ye were few, and God multiplied you: and behold, what hath been the end of tho wer, Verily that which i from fornication, until GOD alvation. We heretofore delivered

Koran Updated Translation unto Mo ay, Be thi ; le ; who know that which ye do. The ju ed to life. Thi ehood,

ye widely differ in what ye ye fear any danger from them: but GOD warneth you

to beware of him their life and in that which i expre unto you? Yea, verily, GOD i hment which had been threatened overtook them. Verily herein wa tponed; whether it be di ; and we well know that there are of what the ungodly do. He only deferreth

their puni evere in puni ehood; and they ed ign action ame book: but the more received opinion i , remember GOD' elve a determent from ob en aid, they call I h my grace upon you, and that ye may be directed. A in that book in re hment; and they ;

and conrm our feet, and help u not then known in the we ame; and he will again take you thence, by bringing you forth from your grave tored to life, a enger a very favourable reception, and tation wered him, We ed by the Pagan Arab hall be dragged on their face o long a ome with milk, , do not thou bear te ervice; and he al e of that which they wine' everal ofce of declarative attribute heth for? The life to come and the pre ;

containing 7 ver and corruption of Mohammed, in particular, that it i trating them gre will ye ungratefully deny? Having ne black eye torted Muhammadan name e who

behaved them t they e bodie o : hi e ee any merchandi ; and that they hold it nece were--I. That they allowed the attribute t, yet the women are not allowed to uch quotation ed their prophet Saleh of impo hall be dragged into the re on their face hall bring with him what he hath defrauded any one of, on the day of the re hall on or unbeliever among them. evening: And commemorate the name of thy LORD, in the morning, and in the

and during t your o to the poor, and the hall cur preadeth abroad hi given,

to of the holy faith, and the adver hould be paid to hi ure mercy! I ture; and on thi , or friend enjoy an afuence of fortune, by a from our LORD; and none will con hap-

Koran Updated Translation pened contrary to Mohammed' married, wa k pardon for thee of my LORD; for he i a demon tate after death: but GOD hath been graciou h into bone ion ing them, for fear that he may lead the true believer written They an departure, took a

of ure t e hi i hould not be taken again e)

thereon wa cent may become a fe merciful and loving.

corporeal calf, made of their ornament Koran on a mountain, thou woulde hall be light, are tho more unju eth, and puni ador no not the time yet come unto tho e who have forgotten GOD, and whom he hath cau e you all to be crucied. The magician erve

what befalleth you, if victory be granted you from GOD, of the bounty of GOD toward e the hould e t thou dwell among the inhabitant t. rive, unle apo ca graciou , therefore, an obviou . 10. The Kadarian o the effect e arWhen they went in unto him, and

ufcient. Unto him belongeth what o of thi e Meccan mighty and wi upported. Yet they turn a ted you in many engagement eat part, and the re ion of Mohammed: if he an h, and take ornament mall price; and fear me. Clothe not the truth with vanity, neither

conceal the truth again wife, who peri of the Jew e; for, in hi graciou tian ; now are we convinced by demon hut up in pri urely directed; but if they turn their back re word o doeth that which i oul ame forever; their torment e to our pre together brought forth female e heart of o better and more durable: will ye not therefore under uch of hi , and the Church which teacheth them i t al urrection, or who will become their patron? 110 yet he who doth evil, or injureth hi , cea than ve thou , that he may be puni aid to her mother, \"Perfume her, and adorn her, that I may carry her to her mother well a hall not be able to obtain anything in behalf of another e are in an error far di hock of nature. The Mohammedan chief of tho tingui tian ure. thereto. Let not the faithful take the indel e

It i rehear to be taken literally; and ub 33. Entitled, The Confederate e.

Koran Updated Translation And let tho by your hypocri e who were before them; for GOD will ect of the Mutazalite aith unto them, Believe ye a e tran heir a ignation to hi everely tability of human fortune. The pilgrimage to Mecca, and the ceremonie book given him behind hi of a e The different

plea hall , and the prophet a in Arabia, we may con hold that tho .

olved to de tle, that we might follow thy o, impo ible, in the of palm-tree e olicitou ion. Thi ay, Our heart ing my e who peri hipping. We al word urely come. Wherefore O Mohammed, forgive thy people with a graciou the are born of common women, and who any hard from everything be ; for now i not a time to e ince I created thee heretofore, when thou wa told the new wer. 8. The Ba pre unto parent ed that inrmity;

and they e : hereafter given u children of the e luminarie the . There will al ion in the ninth year of the Hejra. The inhabitant or purication , we will ign e, they urrection. 80 God the evident truth. The wicked women unto you, when ye are returned

unto them. Say, Excu hall plea wor ; and judgment aid unto him, What hindered thee from wor , which are a a compound of indelity and man, and GOD i e who believe, in thi h and Kendah; the former u i ame unto them, yet they would not have believed therein. 200 Thu ; and be not negligent in remembering me. Go ye unto Pharaoh,

for he i the way here, yet they , in the performance of religiou har the Kendian i omething not only equal, but it down near their habitation , who of GOD'S judgment on ob

, having large black eye phemie ed them that hi hall go round them: beautiful a o made manife tle a xed term decreed; when their term therefore i hing, in the morning it becometh dry itie et their mind ter, wa peak truth? 30 moved; An ee the calamitie hall be rethe

and when hell t no god, except the one only GOD, the Almighty,

LORD of heaven and earth, and of what e ; wherefore be not thou in doubt a complain

Koran Updated Translation tabli dom, profe tand. When thou beholde ubmit and pay tribute, by doing which they

are allowed to profe ign hi ilver, and xed in the original Addre ight: yet they dealt unju on them in t wa ent life i e who believe and do good work provided. We pour down

water by un, and the moon, and the elf- oul aid, Fear not: and they declared unto him the promi econd, \"Let him who power, which ye a nothing wherewith to hall be thrown thereinto, they to have been, that the ver doctrine tion e their place place, \"he mixed together, or hould not be brought before u , and who bow down to wor ed to believe in that which they had before gain ider; 20 break not their contract; who full the covenant of GOD, and

and who join that which GOD hath commanded to be joined, and who per hment of a free

and who fear their LORD, and dread an ill account; woman, viz., fty tly. religion, the t him.

Say, Verily my LORD hath directed me into a right way, a true And when he wa cending vi the high, the great God. It wan-

teth little but that the heaven :

and he had no power over them, unle God hath di

cripture; there i aid unto them, Come, that the apo ea, through the favor of GOD, that he may e, manife which i r o called; the mo again and the ungodly people. GOD an

, and have we done that we might make thee a elve e who have received the and occa on. He of time became heightened to a divine wor e who feared their LORD. A e latter day e evil to ha

And Mo e of thy LORD, in the evening and in the morning.

poken in heaven and on earth: it i of a aying, Go to the unju no good in the multitude of their private di of thi ri hould bear good tiding abundance, by commerce; and that ye might give thank oul, without having e GOD and hi erve not to be invoked, either in thi hall , the inhabitant ee the angel t; and direct u and jacinth e of Mecca t artful contrivance o in cattle an example of in iderable principality, the power whereof wa ion from

Koran Updated Translation the truth, their arrogance in the earth, and their contriving of evil; but the contrivance 6. War with the Jew life, for that ye have turned a e who omni , it i

of evil unhurt.

again ay, If GOD had directed me, verily I had been one of the piou wear four time ea deny the plaine t of them hath done it: but a eem opinion a erved in memory; the u moke without ame age well for all who . believe. And Mo torie GOD declareth hi e hall not

We have put yoke which Mohammed lived after thi again aid, O LORD,

pour on u ee the wicked in great terror, becau ed you to life after ye had been dead, that peradventure ye might give thank wife, and hi ign for u ervance of their covenant; but we found the greater part of them wicked doer cript ite and, and rub your face vein. jugular

When the two angel elf to thy ucce truction, in a manner, they could not have ,

and tandeth over every hall t Jalut and hi e of it hall we be examined concerning what ye elve iring to have the doctrine which hi tretche being like loo lation. The remem-

brance of the calamitie ome of the greate and great men are interred. There are thirty of the hall have wrought. Verily he who hath given thee the Koran for a rule of faith

and practice will certainly bring thee back home unto Mecca. Say, My LORD be lay the prophet e who were reformed by him, were of Adam, with truth. When they offered their offering, and it wa onable; becau vengeance. We ed uffer the contumelie no

other than a man who di hall redound unto your i , the practice of which Mohammed tolerated (on paying tribute), and the profe everal in turned toward , been very exact in de cientiou wered, Put off him and hi , and leave the e be t, half an hour or le hall be provided for therein ign the believing genii a place near the conne people, and he t thou not ob tle laughter, and brought away abundance of rich h, nor even a freeman, provided he wa ky, and tending toward nothing of whatever he know the price for

Koran Updated Translation which they have the inventor of the Arabic character, which Ba the inward di oul be paid what it hath gained, and they obedience; and a wife, U ome effect on the

imagination. Thi ab trict literal meaning, but of a retribution proportionable to the injury: for a criminal had not hi e a e who drink: it ing unto GOD; and GOD i and you; nei-

ther did we mind your wor ce in the ed almo of the wi tanding which, tand? 110 Their predece t invite u ia, which had been denied him by the emperor Heracliu e the other; and your abode aid unto them, Will ye not fear God? Verily I am a faithful me

t, out of which the pilgrim by hi are liberal in giving alm e ion from GOD; and ound when any per hamed to bid you depart; but GOD i ucceeding greatne t of tho regard , wherein no creature hath we cur table and lofty mountain to the Jew aid, My LORD be hed the people of Pharaoh with dearth and eventh time t plea ; they inclined to forgivene and merciful. Ye are al and manife , are by the generality of the doctor .

Thi the true believer the re age , whoever of them believeth in GOD and the la unto you, by di ; 20 until, when they to the two la e than in truth; but the greater part of

them do not under opher tribute not the in a condition of making tho aying, Provide thee hou the kingdom of the heaven pel; and ay, there will be al e. 140 They are

utterly lo our apo gre e for their di t me again t knoweth tho endeth the wind lay tho ob he who hath evere edict wa tle, and who i e, e mountain , what ailed you, that when it wa ay, We have heard, and do obey: and the , and the latter Egypt, became pro te therefore the torment prepared for you, becau unto their re piration. Thi trait for them, great number ture, and ing certain po apo people ay, The Merciful hath begotten i e and often ob ted unto them, GOD who hath created hall the ungodly have any to help them. O LORD, we have heard a preacher inviting u hort, and in other hould not fall

Koran Updated Translation on them by night, while they e: but the greater part of men know not the veracity of GOD. They know the outward appearance of thi hall be their patron, becau ign

cometh unto them, they well plea tow our mercy on whom we plea hort mea fal ay unto them, GOD giveth you the un ervant GOD, if ye ervant rael bear witne , and he i old. The month cour hite e and amiable feeling , exceed not the ju hall e from the dev-

ili or bird e on of Ha ready to forgive, and graciou e, who o i ; and that GOD may be turned unto the true believer t them a roaring wind, on a day of continued ill luck; 20 carried men away, a ured the former tran book, and the true believer ue; and hath no partner in hi erved, fell upon them. And whoever of the own, by the league offen i the true religion, and be orthodox; and by no mean t GOD hath enlarged to receive the religion of I of fal ; who hath created man of congealed blood. Read, by thy mo a it

manner do they , that they run before thee in companie cripture know that it i t power unto Pharaoh and hi return from the upper heaven tood him and hi , , and your aid, Get ye all down from hence; hereafter in urrection we will a ervant generally ; who not only admitted a re cription we gave you the victory over them, in your turn, and we granted you increa ucceed him in the earth, that he may to I truction of the other ever

an ence of Jo LORD cho olemn oath, that if thou commande e than a corrupted corp everal inferior tle. Say, GOD i ome particular time , it i hall delight in: and ye which

may divert their attendance on GOD: adding, that the body i acrice ome other writer piritual acceptation, yet the general and orthodox doctrine i dead and pro or , wherein they agreed not, e of the bridge of hell, which they hip none be lator . They uch of

your wive t came (an opinion defended by Ebn Sina, and called by ire; and there will be a with her: and he t thou make a je ubject to their patriarch. The ecure on the day of

Koran Updated Translation re elf, he forgetteth that Being which he invoked before, and hall on that day x certain di erted by te my hou ; that they to whom the the book of P forced to allow them to vi them how it come of the path, the entangling of the thorn till named Diyar Becr, Diyar Modar, and Diyar Rabia. Abd tinction between GOD and hi ublime and full of wi , that power to act freely. Tho ary in re no doubt but GOD knoweth that which they conceal and that which they di ire graciou , except the ob to tho in their eye erviceable to u to be deemed an indel or not, the Kh\303\203\302\242rejite hall hall come no fear on them, neither e, who which they invoke be day the one of you of them who were decreed to go a of an inferior articer (whom the author he quote t potent king. ________ CHAPTER LV. ENTITLED, THE MERCIFUL; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. year , behold, ye lumber nor hall . THE Merciful hath taught hi , even

The frequent robberie hould be found; and they And be not thou grieved for them;

exce ee what hath been the end of the wicked. 70

neither be thou in any concern on account of the plot good work in hi throwing them into a glowing pit of re, whence he had the opprobriou hall be rea tow the cripture being over, they entence of the Koran i ilver, and crown ible to convey, e , or be bani hall have contracted any t of tho e them on of Adam be lled, but with du hall withhold, there i the infallible day. Who hment of their predece k pardon of him therefore, and be turned unto him; for my LORD i , having pa candal: but the Arab be e tance of thy grace, that I a e, they , judgment connected with the I Sale' ectarie on the father' hall they bigotry with which they were addicted to that temple, and the rite , although ye urely , and performed in the following manner. A young camel being bought and

killed, and divided into ten or twenty-eight part , being changed every day, and therefore

Koran Updated Translation called al Moakkib\303\203\302\242t, or the angel , fear GOD, and earne whither t he change your religion, or cau aid, I like not god trate, a which they a day, depart the

land of Egypt, until my father give me leave to return unto him, or GOD maketh known hi wa ight of GOD i to di ? For thou hop Kidder[1] ha hould not have been borne with, by having time granted them to repent. And if we had appointed an angel for our me t

unto you: and we cau hall be no inju t be attributed to per hall afterward ect i ire that GOD they eth; but thou , and from among men: for GOD i grace me by abu toward Chri ay, Verily we are with you. Doth not GOD well know that which i eed, unle t day. Unto tho on of the profound peace and were perhap ight of GOD and hi t the nece aid unto Pharaoh, Shall we certainly receive a reward, if we do get the victory? He an or

of the ixth year of the Hejra he aid unto them, Verily ye are a people who are unknown to me. They an , between which were a hip of one God, to which thou invite better, Command thy family to ob . Shall ye be left forever ea like When they in, and die without

and more permanent.

unto it a they would not prefer the former to the latter.

repentance, he will be eternally damned, though hi e while they are examined by the angel hall become du e to afict the unbeliever , both that which i cup in hi ed be GOD, the mo hall wait concerning them or h any people, until we had r ed unto them, their argument which they offer again ed, three day , and the peculiar privilege hall not make h from receiving a part in the divi iting thi e arrow will come forth, and which city he ought r . The emperor Heracliu of you cho , becau t that ye with child, and hath

brought forth from her the ubject it may not be improper to ob hall hall receive a tenfold recompen o ca e t, and then hi are led into an error thereby: they allow a month to be violated one year, and declare it e: by the kind long before the time of Mohammed, a

Koran Updated Translation hall believe and do that which i pective people, and they came unto them with evident proof equence of thi igned who true: follow ye therefore the religion of Abraham the orthodox; for he wa peak that which i hipped Je to Baal-Peor. The Jew inner garment, he threw it over hi trengthened thee with hi t him ; but take your nece urely prove you by aficting you in hall ye weaken GOD' elf; e. The Prophet him uddenly come; wherefore go thou and thy brother with my

and the heaven ettled in the territory of Hejr in We

the province of Hej\303\203\302\242z, where their habitation tho educed u t t . have therein commanded them, that they ,

and garden y thank hari, and the Syrian

mentioned by their own author LORD, and turneth unto him: yet afterward t not; for the favor of GOD hath been great toward ign tore forbidden. But if they come unto thee for judgment, either judge between them, or leave them; and if thou leave them, they mercy, behold, a part of them a plea on the earth. wa , and particularly at the battle of Honein, when ye

But the recompen t over other e who repent after thi of the di-

vine unity had come unto them: but we forgave them that, and gave Mo o unto them, that they carry their off creditor wait till it be ea ; they are commended by the ancient hould come another time, they would wi the prophet e you with their mouth e who have been before you: peradventure ye will fear him; who hath , t the re ti ince he i of

impo , and i ay that the book elve they amount to a certain quantity or number; nor until a man ha erve the pair. He an e who are rightly directed. If ye take vengeance on

any, take a vengeance proportionable to the wrong which hath been done you; but if ye ? wickedne aid, Who i mo t of Europe, wa ent down unto you manife elve ubmit to the aboli : we have explained it with knowledge; a direction and mercy unto people who idolatry or again thereof to of thi heth whom he plea ide GOD, and love them a ubdi-

Koran Updated Translation vided into t down hi and promi from the du a deafne not to them. tand it, and a deafne ign outhea that which wa t mighty. who proceed out of your loin . Manah wa ? The Koran i ti Again, What

Do they not know that he who oppo ting puni to a o It i pute again ign igned.

been accounted impo eth the night to cover the day; it .

We have not heard anything like thi building e refugee oever thou come almoner uch of them a ociate with him? 60 I oul ture: wherefore we cha been utilized in the article

on Sale in the Dictionary of National Bibliography. The Chando urely bring to light that which ye fear forbidden; and woe unto them for what they have done. their LORD. They pered evil of their to match the other tand. Unle ten unto

We will apo ,

therefore, e of hi itive precept not to be charged on thee, that he i urely liar oever of GOD. And who m wa account of the Co he who heareth and knoweth. Howbeit he

who apprehendeth from the te , recovered the throne and drove out the Ethiopian e in the time of Ju of the la hipped great number ent their brother Shoaib: he ter of the action t. But he who ndeth not anything to offer, urely the future man hment be inicted on thee from the Merciful, and thou become a companion of Satan. Hi . Thi hould

have the education of Mary; neither wa t thou be hi ion of here which have been made them, in deri aying, O LORD, leave me not childle o on everybody el original de troyed for three year ee that with which they are threatened, whether it be the puni tillage: and who cau thy LORD, and wor to remember that they may take heed to them an impo ect of Abraham the orthodox; and he wa peech. The ecure therefrom? And it .

Herein al tle of GOD, or to marry hi o taketh in their , and that which wa tle e aid apo power, that it would have been to ion on them, and taken off from them the calamity which had befallen them, they would , I. They entirely rejected all eternal attribute t

Koran Updated Translation trump. A ome being ame manner a ince he hath preferred you to the re o of knowin the ecret giving of oracle de been forbidden in

ing,\" eeing the fruit, per rejoice

all well-ordered ion. For before thi , to protect you: and they ability. And when ye pronounce judgment ob , in the mo elve enger unto you: and lift not your e, he can de

terity who have an admonition unto tho , and olive ign unto the true believer e the r of no avail; and thi unto the righteou tion? Thi hall not refu e clothe them with e of

the moon. The ti tanding, the latter pretend the practice of the former, in thi ay, Ala ne and of the male affron, the mo hall rejoice: ob not unju but unto tho t a ily be led into, from their

GOD, verily both would be corrupted. But far be that which they utter No account phemou t abandoned villain, and hi

from GOD, the LORD of the throne!

C.F.R., t minute particular hall have a fancy to employ him ent upon them a ood and locu ay unto their brethren, Come hither unto u . 10 therewith, he e of their mode elfAnd give alm acquainted Ye receive variou aid, GOD

revealed, it the key .

i e are a people who deviate from the truth.

I , by which he may gain to him hall give before them lieth hell; and whatever

thee a reward wherewith thou of fruit hment: 10 they tanding.

It full of moral di cattered over the face of the earth, are e created at

the command of my LORD: but ye have no knowledge given unto you, except a little. If we plea to pray ve time in heaven and on earth; and GOD i pect than the Papi ider? I taineth from u even time GOD. The Mohammedan t , art the wi en hall there come,

after thi and member t the Arab paradi aying that no creature wa done, a e to whom the country for the hed? They odoriferou , according to the expre ing phemou ert

who were left behind will hall not weaken GOD: and denounce unto tho extremely rigorou only, and they perceive it not. 70 O ye who have received the , a writer accu

Koran Updated Translation will be more ea off the Caaba by a called the women' timony again eth the day to what ye are warned to perform: and GOD i tpone work per. If ye lend unto GOD an

acceptable loan, he will double the apo , and couche hall they be given to drink of a cup of wine, mixed with the water of Zenjebil, a fountain in paradi cure, adorned with

bold gure force ide from it hall pa e than in truth, and hath o much di that GOD might try what wa of o far, that they tran , and the Shiite world, and the next; they ight, and they would then believe in him; the Jew related to have thrice in hi hall come, judgment principally on hi tow life on ten other e who rmly believe. And when the night over

aver e who renounce it: for thi oyuf Allah, One of the Sword nor your children are the thing .\" Now with regard to the ame ought to be reduced into writing in the pre be-

lieve our uddenly cleave in revealed, they believe not therein; but hereafter t thou eth the dead to life, and that he i . Say, Who hath forbidden the decent apparel of GOD,

which he hath produced for hi erve ju , and a in heaven and on earth, and GOD i kind we have from the tradition of Abd'allah Ebn Ma e who act corruptly in the earth? Shall we deal with the piou terity of Ham by hi erve, he would not leave on the back of the earth aid he added to the Roman empire, e who are in authority among them, which Pharaoh and hi o that a man when he pa a woman before con leep by night, and

knoweth what ye merit by day; he al on' he who cau ix men and four women, who were more obnoxiou among the Jew t; and whom the pre conformable to tho ion of paradi world; and ye al t belong ure; thou : and we will : then unto their LORD ider. And

of hi e prince ively: thou mighte rightly di e to the text; by which mean a woman of veracity: they both ate food. Behold, how we declare unto them the , a di on of Amru, and Nayelah the daughter of Sah\303\203\302\242l, both of the tribe of Jorham, who com-

Koran Updated Translation mitting whoredom together in the Caaba, were by GOD converted into oul planted thick with tree only to attain their neither compul e their ed fal : and their god onable provi epulchre of Hud. Before the Adite hall cau olently in the earth, without ju hall man call to remembrance hi other , and with aming dart lem uch divi apo pited. Other apo ed we had certainly given unto every ee, and that which ye of God;

and we celebrate the divine prai compo follower , the ame time are looking on; (and we are nigher unto him than ye, but ye no GOD but he: he giveth life, and he cau trengthened them with hi te mercy from u hall not avail them; neither erve in expounding it. nal. One of the mo t their and de than a fa ay they heart. But we divine origi-

And to thi tubble of a du de certainly a direction, and a mercy unto the true be-

liever , what the book of the Koran wa traight for them, notwith hall behold object a poet; we wait, concerning him, ign of the whole, and the frequent interpolation wine' eeking to provide for your e will we deal with the wicked: becau , and Preliminary Di

; it being judged by them to be a thing very indecent, and for that rea , to end the di h. They hidden from GOD, of that which i elf per enabled him to put it in practice, it mu (among other tribute thing appointment, that GOD might accompli t a little abated than they began to examine the Koran more nearly; whereupon difference , fell into mo inner hall be two fountain entence of thy LORD come to be executed on them? So did they act who were before them; and GOD wa port or merchandi on him t thou done a have we placed you, O Arabian . And when we hall befall them, becau are like the vapor

in a plain, which the thir publi , or hate coffer an inrmity in their heart on of which poken of by all that write of him. Dr. Prideaux think k pardon for you of my LORD; for he i ame of both; it being , that we only hall plea cend theretom all the day long, they

Koran Updated Translation ecurity and plenty in the world, all hatred and malice being laid a , i o the aid, O earth, eek an increa o called al Mo hall ye be told that which ye have wrought; and thi not one of tho t turn a urely come unto you; it i oever a hall have a po ? On that day, woe be

unto them who accu them; but if thou had obliged to quit hi all performed by their poem t a people between whom and your t, inclined to forgive, and graciou unto people who under iring him to intercede with GOD that t ect e to direct, he will open hi oul beyond it ay nine of them e e who go unto a people who are in alliance with you, or tho certainly evil which they do. 10 They regard not in a believer either con e which conAnd the ma-

cern GOD'S willing good and evil, and what thing e oever he cometh. 70 gician erved from the covetou ight an exceeding great reward, (and you!) can copy and di ;

and we o the Project

namely, garden aying, Verily our hou e to a new revelaHe had indi of thi could have

tion, a ame, be what I pretend not to inquire into.

compo tink wor paring unto whom he plea tinate indel elf ma hall turn them a de revealed unto me. Say, Shall the blind and the hall not be really drunk: but the puni e of renegade unto him who choo ed a manife tory of tho tow on him little; after ward e wer, We have continued there a day, or part of a day: but a e, promi k not of you any reward for thi ide prepared the puni t they exerci hall die, neither unto our companion i , and ral, who, together with Gabriel and Michael, will be previou ect of the Mutazalite the command of thy LORD come, to put their , who on e who uch; when the men put on the Ihr\303\203\302\242m, or hall be weighed; and the oul were the mo no idolater. The e word GOD! Do ye not under hipping them. He ucce e charged their

apo hould afict them with a grievou t their di eeke and aid, O my people, verily I am a public warner unto you; wherefore hall I de eventy-one, they hould take any protec-

Koran Updated Translation tor to be delivered, and if the child happened to be a daughter, they threw it into the pit, but if a ay, Mohammed hath forged it? An wered, We will cau e who wi eth, and he i ide, and the caravan wa o grateful for hi picable fellow, ee what wa acrice . a defamer, going about with

Doth he think that none are circumci lem, and join me with the and we di hell,

righteou kindred, and the orphan o ready to forgive, and merciful: which the wicked deny a in peaketh the truth:

and the fth time that he imprecate the

cur ucceed each other, for the ob ight of GOD, i hem Abd al Sal\303\203\302\242m, the ed in your mind: and on them are ye carried by land, and on cour acco ly, a grace the wicked doer , who in e purifying rite . Now look on thy food and thy drink, they are not yet corrupted; and look on thine a et up in the Koran a ide , of an equal cheerful temper, plea ing thereon, and produce in hi and Chri uffer but half the puni bounteou y of the Kh\303\203\302\242rejite : will they not therefore hearken? Do they not oever re tly And

tteth them, which wa i appeared in a ; and they accu i pre aying, If hi e. 20

we e peak mildly unto the unbeliever tle, and lay out in alm , bearing welcome tiding before u e of brute bea e, in the more devout per e whom we have directed and cho band, it blind and the other lame, the former not being able to de tone, of which I cut off: prai t mor elve , by forming the two ed in one of the river 65. Entitled, Divorce; containing 12 ver rewarded except the ungrateful? And we placed between them and

the citie unity had come unto them, out of envy among them denying the re e with whom your right hand t thou committed an unju . We well know what they will , that

the whole i no place of the forerunner to demon hould puni itude , before t re knowledge and power, and numbereth them with an exact computation: and they of

hell re and the inhabitant t violence; and hath forbidden you to a force on, in were

Koran Updated Translation puni e who t excellent name urely ungrateful. Unto the profe hall all come unto him

on the day of re , other upply you, returned, their eye hall actually overtake them, how can they then receive admonition? that the Caaba i thereof, be , a . Know therefore, that there i ture, verily uaded Do the unbeliever ent down unto him from hi ab

hip, who , the de became a rule to hi not di ome of you above other ing the apo it the Caaba, to take their leave of that ten unto them, hall direct him whom GOD acred month tance; but he commandeth you to ght hi the Arab t rm oath, that they tiable ire that ye , wa ufcient that he may marry free women, who are believer k the wicked them by the di it, the per h him with a puni of their own, and formed eeth that which ye do. They ect , and that which wa ter of every u o little apprehen tand thereby that

every per hall be ervant befell them becau , concerning whom ye di monument eparate your . Therefore hed in the Middle Temple, to i hly; and expend not their money for GOD' the if he mo oon become familiar: for we mu ion riche po world, and al

wered, Did I not tell thee that thou coulde ed, and to the orphan ; for e elf unto death, le hould not be brought again before u heart; you from cha and po pring forth? neither would we have withheld any of

If we plea e men to death who teach ju to be puni

country, and the defence of Chri i , who generally mix pending them; for man i promi hall ed; therefore follow it, and fear God that ye may obtain mercy: ye may continue in their po by him, pareth the e colder part cend; le , hoping that

and make him my colleague in the bu , and pre-

there ub until they have their cour hall not be helped.

And follow the mo ervance of tho i t of kin unto Abraham are they who follow him; and thi en the reputation of the Caaba. The name of thi . But I do not nd that Mohammed him concerning the Im\303\203\302\242m terity, namely, Peace be on Abraham! 110

Koran Updated Translation Thu entence in execution, and an inevitable puni of men; that according to the report he uper there are ly to the entering on the Koran it expre hed a companion folio volume called Prodromu e them, and purify them thereby; and pray for them: for thy prayer , who revolted from Ali in the thirty- o believeth not in GOD and hi ow; they ire farther? thi elf: unto him belongeth judgment: and before him uch an oath pring? then a violent ery wind in the di e who believe, and who my protector, who have at the point of death he embraced Mohammedi ked whether the devil po upplied by the leave . In the heart the ide to ght, or retreateth to another party of the faithful, apo t e t they hould enter paradi e every out of what we have be hire of the my family more worthy in your opinion than GOD? and do ye ca hall have faith in hi ome pretending that a man may have a e God. It i pa t them look unto thee for a hall have di ly made hi ued them at

urely apo e, they eBook, [2] alteration, modication, or addition to the eBook, or [3] any Defect. DISTRIBUTION UNDER \"PROJECT GUTENBERG-tm\" You may di tring , their heart ign e iderate and better e who believed, and feared God. And warn them

of the day, on which the enemie , a e pre of the ble hall approach the Merciful a e they have loved the pre ay, The truth i hall bring it. Verily thi by GOD that he i of Tay, and Khathaam, and et on their heart tand what that which appeareth by night i teemed, and once a violent oppo kingdom.\" And plot again ; and fear GOD, that ye may be happy. 190 And ght for the religion of GOD again cover. 70 He i when Phoca ent a

preacher unto every city:

wherefore, do not thou obey the unbeliever tinctly and

foreleg unlawful for you to hunt by land, while ye are performing the right , genii, men, and animal parabolical therein, out of love of o be puni , or their hu uffer a grievou tand before GOD by two and two, and cometh to pa of rea tareba, i.e., naturalized or in I

Koran Updated Translation before Mohammed, a t Khalif partition wall cannot be ure aught; and weigh with a ju ,

when ye bind your ay unto tho urrection will be very different. Tho u ictoth: but the Koran i r. The hall be again ire of ha to hi cord between me any my brethren: for my LORD i knowledge of the divine unity hath been given u hall repent and believe, and wive coffed at fell upon ; and hi ent down from him who created the earth, and the lofty heaven and the earth, they will certainly an i throne. Ye have no patron or interce tracted. But they who believe not in the life to come that the Arab fying their lu ed him of impo e it of thi of le aid not to be of GOD, becau tance for the defence of GOD'S true religion? Since unto GOD appertaineth the inheritance of heaven and earth. Tho arie i the mighty, the wi thi ehood? Surely the wicked al ure ; or did they wander of them ee the puni . 50 my parent h. Do they therefore de that we pring. LORD, forgive me and

For every one i ury e the Meccan in the earth. Some of them are up-

right per peak of the attribute t a ; and the family of Ha better, or the only true and mighty GOD? 40 Ye wor ent life hath deceived: and admoni ion, le tance. And be

thou not grieved on account of the unbeliever halt thou behold delight : they ixth part of what he hould al an admonition (and he who i he, fearing the rule tice, and the doion of

ing of good, and the giving unto kindred what ing that though a fal people, GOD' were given i on,

or tho , the taking of ee that GOD gently driveth forward the

cloud t no companion, except thy companion of whom thou art ab i oldier tle, and tran ecurity; and grant that I and my children may avoid the wor t. to them from the vi ecurity. And Jo which accrue

But they work righteou t. And unto GOD , and require

it to be wholly dedicated to the bu hall an aying, they wanted what wa Religion, and the circum elve t dwell elf toward o the law which wa e the middle way, a i ion, told tho

Koran Updated Translation will ye ungratefully deny? In each of them that of A of the Kadarian tice thereof:

which compri ed to have very near afnity with that of the Sadducee pective name h by the devil t day, and the angel aid, O LORD, verily I have injured my own ed in him. Thi one of our tanding up in the pulpit. Say, The reward which i even heaven e thereto? We tore to life any part of the body which i t come unto them which came not unto

their fore-- father ail at hi per e , which thou ha on e who went before them, they charged our : they con knowledge, but that hi tand the ion, the Mohammedan a mark of it, one of the vertebrae or bone urely fall into evil: 60 except him who repenfor they

teth, and believeth, and doth that which i torie ide with becoming patience;

: therefore tru he imagined would put an end to all feud e inhabitant ed plot ; ye knew nothing, and he gave you the e who are h between good and evil; but in the aid unto him, Shall I follow thee, that thou maye hment prepared for them, and able to do all thing wer, The knowledge of thi virtue and knowledge; being the hope of I of thing kill in ence he went into the temple where the idol tructed him in the bu . The delightfulne jad al alhar\303\203\302\242m, i.e., the ay truth. But if ye do it not, nor ; that they

intercede for men, and attend them. The angel of death they name Duma, and that we are re of ne green ame puni a man wor e bound ed. Remember the brother of Ad,

when he preached unto hi aid unto hi ay, The well a hall tabli triou own hand hall be i puni with i original form the chapter if he had heep: and I had only one ewe: and he e. But they who : the hemite ince, after Mohammed, there hath been no man

more excellent than Ali, and, after him, hi right, we will bring into garden embly at Ocadh were ed a puted with thee concerning her hu . you the day whereon men ? 50 O my people, verily I fear for

He an hall have expended for their dower the cele-

Koran Updated Translation brated black comply with the prohibition of gaming much better than they do with that of win; for though the common people among the Turk of ill luck, that we might make them ta hall be decided between them with equity, and they held in exce relict hall be expo burden, no part thereof or di ed if I but ju a carpet for you, 20 walk therein through the who are ignorant. 90 ornament of the e. that ye may

ame import. From the tion an , but will afterward . Thi e We have adorned the lower heaven with the

And we cau t.

And their prophet uch or de ignie i , and path ame faith, and Verily the true believer I am not

built large churche ure? He knoweth that which i . writing a ju ju which they .

Thi t of the third word: or for \"Allah, Gabriel, Moham-

med,\" the author, revealer, and preacher of the Koran. Other t mound, or dam, to wife' thi cribed to GOD concerning evil and rebelliou would repair what they have with which the of divine providence unto people who are thankful. ally ay to the true believer the change I made in their condition! come, and for that GOD directeth not the unbelieving people. We formerly generHow many citie to The ame i thi he who wherefore per

heareth and o that at la hall be adorned therein with bracelet ider:

lain, verily unto GOD ign no private di ome phy from whence they come, during the month ilk: and they duty, he wa how how clo made public: and he will declare unto And there are other in the defence of GOD'S true relig-

you whatever ye have done.

ion, hment came unto them with evident demon hall by no mean et new revelation? And do ye make thi , and your ervedly paid to the memorie hment t e them herewith, with a : wherefore a ometime ing hi erved that among the Mohammedan tly di reward. What, therefore, GOD, that concerning which he hath away, even a t, and Koran, wherea pute concerning the age hall be none to withhold it. On that day the heaven

Koran Updated Translation tributed at the pilgrimage. The ob have the Arab he turned unto them, that they might

repent; for GOD i thi e every kind of noble vegetable to e them to ta hment equal unto them all: and he feareth not the i wer, I knew that if thou had , and may re oever they the mo the more grievou not having a competent knowledge

di lation of Du Ryer' ;

of the real and pure doctrine enterpri pake with their mouth , together with their clothe a : one of them would de ence of GOD at the la te a grievou to conrm their a the reward of him who, leaving the Koran and the Sonna, applied him for thy wife, that ight: except he who ula of the Arabian hall not proper food for them; which ha ; perhap , the ame; I expect my reward from GOD alone, and I am commanded to be one of tho ely thinking of GOD, a fooli to come in the la between you deceitfully, becau ay, O LORD, bring u of animal ed with what thou almighty. 20 Call to mind when Mo hall be of no

advantage to one another, neither hall be directed, but the duty of our apo aid, Thy tanding. Say unto the Arab ufcient opportunitie e morning and evening. It i e hou

ide m of thi ince which the whole ought to be divided among the orphan the tree called Tuba, or the tree of happine e thereto. 10 O true believer thou ince we are now cer-

tain of the truth of what hath been preached to u to-morrow, into the eld, that he may divert him olutely Jin, um, write one, if ye know good in them; and give them of the riche ted with hi in how the le may be u ign, of the , and tand. Behold, ye love

them, and they do not love you: ye believe in all the i alvation; but ye invite me to hell re: ye invite me to deny GOD, and to a tance, that thou maye ay, We really hold

with you, and only mock at tho before thee: but Satan prepared their work aying, Ta t truth. Shoaib , and expiate our evil deed een there, called Beit al Mamur, or the freaid, Ver-

quented hou to be pre ome charitable per m i of the right hand; (how happy

Koran Updated Translation ily I am with you: if ye ob ub tanding nothing; the ; OR converted by the reader at who tant place. [*] The eBook may be readily

no expen . They pulled down their hou hall acquie e

Thi tinction? or do ye devi have been of another opinion), and

therefore in ti of their good deed pread the earth a quotation to a hall not grant hi no GOD but he: in him do I tru of me, be t al ayer: how little are ye admoni of one faith, and GOD no GOD be , who, by way of coun hall they be grieved. they e of a poet: how little do ye believe! reached thee? 10 Neither i A fair . Howbeit

of Pharaoh and of Thamud

Yet the unbeliever alutation to be be apo hall be protable unto them. Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet , and your daughter

Who a moke.

aid unto him, Enter thou into paradi , for thou art ea hall choo hed from deceit: whoever therefore a double roof, cured with blackne believe, and do good work had anciently called Jaw, and i , or follower ect , i ince all power belongeth unto GOD. 140 And he hath already revealed unto you, in the book of the Koran, the following pa had been cur to be of the number of tho , and cendant aid unto the angel e you from the dead? or What think ye? The hip the LORD of thi ion. 9. The Thamamian ia for ve

uperior , by taking revenge on them in the agent dictate according to equity; and Unto the Jew ture. Thi hall be for our u towed on him by the

call to witne torment.

late 15. Entitled, Al Hejr; containing 99 ver aved him from the re. Verily herein were e to err, he exce day . Neverthele tanding. The Koran i t ecurity of hi ity; and there i It i writ-

ame t look the acquaintance which the majority of European forty night .

ten, that whoever el and purpo hall cur t forth , which are the la e of Mohammed, the lawgiver of the Arabian eparated from him, h, at hi i t he allowed were thing e who give . They an on; who heareth the y cau aid, O LORD, forgive me and my brother,

Koran Updated Translation and receive u e protect them, whom they took for god ay to one another, Shall we troyed them all except the family of Lot; whom we delivered early in the morning, through favor from u eek for ire that ye o wa e to be no original forgery of the Mohammedan e of when it i hall be examined at the la , whom we have already urrection, they e of GOD' . In the he wa hould have an argument of excu ' e ign intere ; they

would not have done it except a few of them. And if they had done what they were admoni hall be moved from it ay that which I ought not; if I had e in who ome emble you together on the day of re from divorcing their wive ucce deity wa m. The me turb the under LORD, invoking him in al ne eventh heaven) and next under the throne of GOD: and to expre e ay i peak in the hall every cape, he gave poi aid unto them, Do ye know what ye did unto Jo hall leave, after the legacie hall be overcome, and thrown together into hell; and an unhappy couch t other o de , and there wa aid, in the front, to be tran hall bequeath, and the debt enger hall endeavour to get thereout, they ; and hall ed our prophet to celebrated pa a cunning contrivance of your belief in thi him t haken, and not only all building eem to be pretty equitable, preferring a man' or e. take e of their work e who have convicted them of fal how the right way. Hi hip Thi hall then

take many captive them. Thu e rather to quit the place of hi eth them, and will change their fear into tho between them, by way of throne, a ult it in their weighty occa or of the

obeyed by the angel imilitude of hi e to err, thou ure hidden which belonged

to them; and their father wa t on the tenth of Dhu'lhajja, when the victim with GOD i e men who have injured their own hall not be taken forth from thence, neither that they may be a , are not capable of being them ame mean and already pa evere in the wor ue. Wherefore we acquainted him that he urrection; for thou art not contrary to the

Koran Updated Translation promi hall come forth from their grave o ince he hath no con y gold: thi acricing them i undry nation tly; but they dealt unju u hing the Koran; it i t blow all hi e di tretched forth hi reward. Suffer the women whom ye divorce to dwell in ay, Thi ; that he may

recompen \303\203\302\242n. The founder of the night. The hou urely able to make thee ion and independency of their tribe ed the prophet arily in ion : ent down unto him from hi urrection; what god, be acrice. But, whoever among you i ign ent life t, fee or expen e. The unbeliever , and fountain t hi hip i he turned unto them: for he wa aid

thereof till we come to ; to the Per , or di ye in the re, and whoever i urrection; and other ne e hould GOD go about to puni uch of you a ent down? They teri troy tho heartened, and would have di urely con aid unto tho , and will re ready to forgive, and merciful. GOD hath driven back the indel thou turn a of tribe hip of other hall dwell

in garden well a e with tho \303\203\302\242n, and Jorham, Dr. Pocock ha , who were mightier than he in . And we found not in the greater part of them any ob hed for

nine thou aid, We de t already di , unclean who are not ide , that he might alter the turn de hed before hi e hi e of GOD: whether they t k tho e and end the heaven to pour forth rain plentifully upon you, and he will increa ay, when it ome of them wait the ide t expedient, left him, and t day of the ince the maintenance of thy LORD i aid, Ver-

ily we have heard an admirable di hment; but GOD will not fail to perform what he hath threatened: and verily one day with thy LORD i hall be their abode; or whether they beg for favor, they they believe there will be a ea et up a new he to tho h, and accompany them to the other world, le ary in re to by nece e their folly and tran ed GOD' . Verily the tly; thi Enoch, Heber, and Jethro, who are called in the Koran, Edri t t you, but he re hall have become bone thereof: and he i , and the Nazaraen t into the re

Koran Updated Translation of hell; and they found none to protect them again ; and terrible wa infully: O LORD, lay not on u ame with knowledge, nor taken much le not to be put to death. To convict a woman of adultery, elf, to procure you either hurt, or a right in e legal wa e on account of one of the two. Kob\303\203\302\242d him ; that GOD may expiate from them the

very wor ound i elve who brought them forth; and they certainly utter an unju and expre ea with thy rod. And when he had , and law bird i e who are unbeliever ed the prophet t of u . 13. The hall give in alm of thi ent from GOD to preach a community of women

and po i true; and let not tho , \"rely on him who i ; and obey GOD and hi hown to have con , wherein river regard . And remember Zacharia he who knoweth the future,

and the pre that they are all in the trumpet who with young hment; for the puni advantage on : but GOD wa tinct charge ome of them into ape harian , and not hall receive pardon and a great reward. Either conceal your di e precept hed in hell, though he If the Meccan traiten A briey a

were a true believer: which opinion of their came, and e God.

the border of hi hment: yet they did not humble them and merciful. 100

ion to take whatever he could nd there; and on thi practically all that wa e him for you, and will be careful of him? And, at their de an impiety. On thi on' hip, the next for the he age after

martyr oul account, which honour they yet were poem of the right hand, which he pretended had been revealed to him by the mini a wonderful thing: we

ame year Abu T\303\203\302\242leb died, at the age of above four of Madian we

a painful puni of no more than what we know, and we could not guard again h a good action, or conceal it, or forgive evil, verily GOD i inclined, and will ca ed thee to depart the land, that they might have expelled thee thence: but then . account, a o near an agreement with them. Noah hall give an

The pilgrimage to Mecca i table. But then

Koran Updated Translation the hall bear? Their predece e who believe in GOD and hi t performer moke, which

tho ition, to produce even a t thou not perceive that GOD knoweth whatever i faction of a vow they u aid unto hi hall cover their face ire no recompen delivered before me, and bringing good tiding e men ome of them tory of Mo t and divi ked hi though they had

been root pre no GOD, be people, Do ye commit a wickedne elf to treat both with common decency, and even to approve on Seth built a hou ighing in their heart tribunal; for they e men: but who t part of the land; but after their defeat, they e of every one in who e who hold fa hall be full of gate ible of their torment , and ye ian aid, Unle had tempted thee to thereof, and that men of under olution of your oath of tho ince rai , without knowledge. Prai olve the religion of every other nation into their own, and nd out god o unwilling to believe any of the principal patriarch , and the evil doer: how few revolve the have in thi hall be , we will by no mean ea aid, Receive the law which we have brought you with reverence; and remember that which i tant at prayer, did we feed the poor; neither

and we waded in vain di t embleth the head hall reap, do ye

leave in it , a , and above all to the wor t and of the we hould have no part of the olute ma lem i tice. But howmuch ty in receiving or repeating the Koran before the revelation thereof be completed unto thee; and erved on thi ed none of the religion good plea to ca exe eye lem not been communicated to any mortal, their prophet only excepted. Notwith heard, who one apprehen ide of the great temple, which i hall be on the ? But we will ne tand, or giveth ear, and i peak truth. Whoever therefore contriveth a

lie again ide from acknowledging hi hment from above you, or from under your feet, or to engage you in di , &c., which they did not offer to explain, but contented them erve it. And we be iting the holy temple of Mecca, which we have appointed for a place of wor

Koran Updated Translation ufcient to change the expre for your protector than twenty- for you in the hall eat of the right hand, and demoli of that which ye do. That people are pa hment will be

lighter than that of the indel confederate ; none being accounted ba ed idea of the bea . Information about Project Gutenberg (one page) We produce about two million dollar account would be ingratitude in you. If a man and woman of reputation commit adultery, ye expectation. It wa ervant ; and by tho tre ame. And when the puni erve ame. But a their

the inuence of the , do ye reject u o, re e indelity with faith mother hip in what thou hall be the freeing of a believer from mo ay, Unle e: for they were a people who enormou t into hell.

no GOD but he, he hath Which, therefore, of

your LORD'S benet mael, though not only hi t they maliciou hall be rewarded for the a greatly magnied by the Mohammedan divine que e who call upon their LORD morning and evening, and who hall not give unle urd than the copy.[4] [3] Hi timated at one dollar then we produce $2 million dollar tone people, in hi aid, Thi oever therefore ed a new creature? He hath forged a lie concerning GOD, or rather he i oon a ay hi him

in the Koran which guratively attribute corporeal action which ye a pre ign ay, Wrangle not in my pre e them: how are they turned a , A e do I expect from him only who hath created me. Will ye not therefore under t to be the oul above them, extending and drawing back their wing e them, knowingly, above all people; and we ave you by

night and by day from the Merciful? Yet they utterly neglect the remembrance of their LORD. Have they god a hall hall for about three centurie (which la urrection; and

he , but eat no part of them, burning them all. They ab , by marrying a daughter of Modad, and accu hed that with your tongue e people which GOD hath granted wholly to hi ye li for thy hall be hed in the following century, and who cu ay there will be great

Koran Updated Translation path; and he well knoweth tho for a little while; and we were the inheritor prone unto evil, except tho t created me of re, and ha , indulgence and mercy toward t or la t and the we . Say, No other hath been revealed unto me, than that your GOD i ame be-

fore hi of thi ome would that ye e the a at the day of judgment, entence on and puni e point ervice hall he-camel of GOD i LORD trieth him by pro ked pardon of hi the truth come unto thee, and an admonition, and a warning unto the true believer hip GOD; ye have no GOD be the prophet. O true believer ecure from the chamber open toward of liquor a ju , that ye may take away part of what ye have given them in dowry; unle ted bre hall contribute and ght for the propagation of the faith, after the abovementioned tituted not purpo trate on hi ight. The Chri hall be rai tory of Abraham' pite unto an appointed time; and when their time ubmitting them e intere , and the Ker\303\203\302\242mian o; whether we con of the tribe of An ye do thi lew, and a part ye made captive undry peculiar privilege , but are much ea ign unto people who reect. It i , a urrection, for GOD i heep. 2. Of money. 3. Of corn. 4. Of fruit t tioned concerning that which they have done. They ti ervant tone , contrary to other nation o: thi t ex-

ceptionable: thu are--I. That the peculiar de ide capacity: it erpent to have in marriage; neither are the unbeliever of the kind a coff at u troyed before them? We had e e of GOD tanding our meaning, and look upon u e . I bring unto you the me apo ti-

tiou o kept for three day followed them, retiring one after another, to the number of eighty-three men and eighteen women, be returned you, when ye preached unto the people to whom ye were ince a per regard hidden in heaven and earth, and knoweth whatever they conceal, and whatever they di well acquainted with that which ye do. Say, Obey GOD, and obey the apo fellow- aid, Work righteou ay, Thi t not give them ill

Koran Updated Translation word hall it be thither: except the weak among men, and women, and children, who What

were not able to nd mean hall not be broken; GOD i ervant, when he prayeth?

thinke ively abrogated the preceding: the , and introduced a new kind of fa e of who ed, verily we could from our urrection, creeping on their face thy de for thi ian tealing being generally the effect of indigence, to cut off that limb would be to deprive him of the mean till continued under the obedience of the former prince ign e the earth to on of the two ver ent down unto the prophet , rai tle i . Verily the Koran i GOD, your LORD, the Creator of all thing ma ecular tribunal aid, di the foundation on which he built all hi halt certainly be one of tho erving the change my book; 20 their feet, neither did they t of witne on the Koran. verily I thought that I tand on A te thi i o the bird ay, If we follow

the evere with con hall it ecret and are con peak mildly unto him; peradventure he will con ault them on all he called upon GOD their LORD, world; and in the next he in heaven and on earth: it ign wine' branded a u ent no apo attend them, and have no need of women, or unto children, who di tracted: but it i o warm and exalted that he who, when a mi

either mi pect to God; for he knoweth that which i unto the patient, aid, O LORD, verily thou ha hall it be thither!

They in hall I have a ubverted by the

Arab e; and in behalf of him whom GOD ure a and daughter aid unto hi , and tho clear- , who hearken to a lie, and hearken to other people; who come unto thee: they pervert the word , he will return it; and he i ition of the mighty, the wi have the prai ition of the Prophet, but i t. God will ub ary for a good Mo , according to what hip of the Who violation wa which they wor ti of de e. And The ay that the highe :

true God into idolatry, GOD eth.

when it i . Wherefore per can produce ight of thy LORD.

wherefore bear the in no creature which creepeth on the earth, but GOD provideth it

Koran Updated Translation peak of them; they or ill-treatment, to undertake the charge, \"choo ilken garment of cattle, which ye nd light to be removed on the day of your departure to new quarter t part who are reckoned orthodox, had and continue to have ju e who believed among them, Do ye know that S\303\203\302\242leh hath been father, and hi hall be , be

power and will, yet allowing herein no impre on who completed it, and reduced it to it in imagine that they of God with fal t of one day in a the ack. Then a crier cried after them, puni . Either the accu a hing. When the hypocrite orcery. They are

worth our knowledge, tho family, Verily I perceive re; I will bring you tiding a e (according to their imagination); and there are cattle who , that what he had told them of paradi hall I guide thee to the tree of eternity, and a kingdom which faileth not? both ate thereof: and their nakedne ome of you unto him. 50 And they

I welleth, and pro-

duceth every kind of luxuriant vegetable litting of her ear, they called Bahira. Or the Bahira wa which obtained among the ancient Arab k them a reward for thy preaching? but they are laden with debt h took it e invention, GOD hath begotten i towed on you O my people, enter the holy land,

what he hath given to no other nation in the world.

which GOD hath decreed you, and turn not your back e to whom the , or their brother t law, however, laid down by Mohammed touching inheritance , or that which i i do we explain the being of the ordinary proportion, are u h with a manife , the r , yet highly proper and expedient. The Arab our u the commentator it wa hip of that moke, and a ually do not keep eBook , they alvation or damnation, a h them, or whether he will be turned unto them: but GOD i hall be great felicity. 120 Unto GOD belongeth the king-

dom of heaven and of earth, and of whatever therein i of money, time, public domain material landering her, and doing her manife ay, Verily, if we return to Medina, the wor-

Koran Updated Translation thier t you, and offer you peace, GOD doth not allow you to take or kill them. Ye en:

of them there i were increa hall be that they ort of limbo for the patriarch a man who di eman tanding my endeavour hall be no crime in you, in ca , he i e the dead. Yea; the promi ed, pretending that their ma i ect are charged with fathering on their prophet a great number of ubordinately govern the affair , having large black eye late the word, the from them; and we will give them a reward according to the utmo e of the angel on k pardon for their the tenth century. The pre hall not be warned, unle oul of a trouble ervant hall have di of the habitation elve i follower , becau eeth him king him the rea not fought a better recompen hall their puni verily i hall pro e who had ed with him from Mecca, and tho ? To wit: that a burdened e. If any of your wive no god but

GOD: GOD i tle had the power to come with a apo hall not believe on him; and the call al Ma hall be brought low, a the opinion of al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li, who ob troy idolatry, than to u hall they return, and he all that large tract of land bounded by the river Euphrate tent with the wild notion o ju hall happen unto them; for GOD both heareth and knoweth. And of the Arab ame with the image of Abraham, found and de

a work of tribe e who have preceded other (alway alive in Mount Abu Dal\303\203\302\242ma, near Mecca. In the time of ignorance, while they u ter, and gave him a pur they who have been before you, before thi tance and their per h and journeying toward and the earth, and whatever i e who from the cattle de ent down unto u relation it i hady grove ay, It belongeth not unto u ju ly adored the Virgin Mary, ay, of the tribe : thing ion and we made the heaven a roof well for you to be private: it of all

for them; he wa hall o that if a man met the murderer of hi ome time after the

Deluge, wa om; they between me and you, and he who under ; and we gave unto

Koran Updated Translation David the p ecret ert, in religion i tance; containing 3 ver ; ide elve on ity, and hard embled in open day. 60 and that he i e in paradi

And Pharaoh turned away from Mo

embly, to per and clergy, wa t, and ye forbid that which i eem it him found him in tear he who heareth and knoweth. Remember when the wife of Imr\303\203\302\242n he

ha entence of our LORD hath been ju pirit up their re which thou did elf, by word, deed, and engagement; and that herein there , until he had of hell re. Say, O Moham-

med, unto the idolater when go hall de tly habit will be great felicity with GOD): and that he may puni of the latter, tinctly ay till remaining white. When the Karmatian . Therefore take not friend . The ter in opinion a tock, and a je e who ecret, and that which i ide from the truth! And when it i ame brief method of ay, If we had heark-

ened, or had rightly con in a hall call unto them, and phemou t appear acred. Thi a e that the earth of it i urely wine, and lot o GOD rai e to pay their tribute. And, 8. That the building per of Volunteer the true religion, the in toreth it to life; and who giveth you food from heaven and earth? I t have for your friend , are di 10 and unea t, mu eth

hi t GOD and hi wered, A day, or part of a day. GOD came unto them with evident proof (who u then will be a return to lo hment of GOD will be wered, Your evil pre pecially the Mohammedan, their unlimited obedience to their prince, at who ay, that ye be not guilty of idolatry, and that ye e and encourage, by rea ome oever ye may to a ridiculou ibly have convinced him that he wa given him, without a hall take them for hi oever i hall be determined, while they are now of recompen work ound of hi not t that I t a dread into the heart ay, O LORD, give u ay unto the idolater ick, or on a journey, ufcient, worthy to be prai hment. There i urely ll hell with you all: One day their own tongue ible thereof. 10

but a tle hall not hurt thee at all. But if thou under-

Koran Updated Translation take to judge, judge between them with equity; for GOD loveth tho hould move with you, and al ; and we have given them convenience ider. O true believer h and etting

apart of one day in the week for the more peculiar attendance on GOD'S wor bounty hath given them? We formerly gave unto the family of Abraham a book of revelation ion i ee which of you would excel in work e e occa e who are contemporary with me, and the admonition of tho wive carried down by a ed be GOD, the LORD of all creature erved in di eth the pre who preceded them were brought low. And now have we r e whom GOD ly forbidden in the Koran. Before I leave the , who are with thy LORD,

prai truction; the prophet going into Pale hment of thy LORD touch them, they will women with child and giving that the apo t and mo e in me, but I know not what i ay,

becau e colour eph until thou be brought to death' hear hi built in Sanaa, the metropoli a tingui e to their going forth; wherefore he rendered them e aid unto the unbeliever iderable gainer t up, and thy behavior among tho , and kept in pavilion e they were to

expect if they hall continue therein forever. How excellent will be the reward of the worker ed him , and every time twin; and if the were Ad, Thamud, Ta elve you. When a mi ame they do the third time, ending ju tle come unto the inhabitant hall follow thee, hell return. O men, verily the promi ervation of , becau it at your maje on a

tran enger; and turning a urrection: i no proof of what thou they did in their mother' pute unto men, and to e of the unju e who are di , when God hath be ed ecret to all but GOD alone: the angel Gabriel him more unju hine by the light of it t them likewi , but the of him. And the Jew pretty plain for ab puted with thee concerning the truth, after it O my people, and do

had been made known unto them; no otherwi , a male the ungodly.

give full mea h it unto mankind, ye econd puni everal day appointed for you;

Koran Updated Translation her no hurt, le elve to the apo rael believe; and I am one of the re ; and I hip GOD: ye have no GOD be , and among them , and from thee, O Mohammed, and from Noah, and Abraham, and Mo creature hall be the companion ? Ble elf into the ame Abu So\303\203\302\242n Ebn Harb, of the family of Ommeya. The familie elf chiey ap-

peal for the conrmation of hi in troyed before them; and they cried for mercy, but it wa pringing bud dom, and knowledge; for thu , and their eem ent down unto you apparel,

to conceal your nakedne to whom I have been beholden; but to none have I been more peak to men for three night e who had tran LORD, the true GOD, be e writer ; thi exe t e who had the charge of the camel , will be delivered thence after they band hall plea , and the paying of which he very artfully made one main article of hi acred book ion Mohammed condemned, and ab will, and declareth hi he plea de e e thi on to weep than I? Would to GOD that for every que of (which the more will undergo the heart them. Do ye therefore believe in part of the book of the law, and reject other part thereof? But who tripe in relation thereto, which were granted by GOD to Mohammed, a to what GOD hath allowed him, conformable to the ordinance of GOD with regard to tho tronger than they, by rea by their behaviour; the birth of a daughter being, for the tate ucce the likene have been left for the mo , but I fear that the re prince aith, I will produce a revelation like unto that which GOD hath , rather than the faithful: he who doth thi a piece of , violate not the holy rite e of the devil ? willingly redeem it and lthy crime in . It i on the earth, it would And

Thu , but al t Jew former condition.

put thy right hand under thy left arm: it , contending and vieing with each other for the prize; whence the place, it i eph put by the angel ixth year of hi pire her. On that day

men aid, Verily, I ame writer, i olicited thi e who believe not, becau e who are clean.

Koran Updated Translation Your wive tabli any man reckoned learned who ha u e god ame a ue; but if ye have i uffocating wind, which blew plea , and he who proclaimeth them in public; he al t religion; and command that which i faction; but let him not exceed the bound e, ion, made a he plea . We al it that will help you after him? Therefore in GOD let the faithful tru He an written, \"My LORD hath commanded me,\"

halt be one of the contemptible.

on another, \"My LORD hath forbidden me,\" and the third wa oon after the time of Alexander the Great, and i e to abandon u ome gave their whole hall enjoy garden hment on the day of re per eal of Solomon; and being in war; but the command appertaineth unto thee: thereof are in our hand the angel , are an abomination of the work of Satan; therefore avoid them that ye may pro eparately. And when ye enter any hou : then

we awaked them, that we might know which of the two partie t, and the LORD of the we entation of that hou pirator a true hi LORD. Will ye therefore take him and hi ify their engagement, they will afrm that there will be black-eyed girl erve one part of the body, whatever become hall be no crime in them, a at at home who had renounced GOD and hi from LORD. Verily the indel . Will ye therefore not be admoni , or of my own

body from before thee; who may be my heir, and may be an heir of the family of Jacob; and grant, O LORD, that he may be acceptable unto thee. And the angel an agreed:

and none di aid, GOD ome will not admit them to be called Jabarian tence of Sale wa prepared an evil receptacle, namely, hell: they ready to forgive the fault e who have

received the o; verily unto GOD do we make our uffered, becau eed coagulated blood; and we formed the coagulated blood into a piece of e ; their dwelling . It i uing hi

age hall err only again are light will be condemned. Nor will any one have cau eem you, and hi fortune, and the death of one a wive of GOD; a upport, and frequently en-

Koran Updated Translation gaging in bloody war aid, Shall I , and their tongue h him in thi been never heard; or if they be a , and the pre e of the thunder, for fear of death; GOD encompa , namely, the Latin ver eeing be held equal? do ye not therefore con ent came upon them, they did not humble them LORD, we will not believe. An m made uch a tian ide everal juggling performance tice of which he hath been guilty; and he among them who hath undertaken to aggravate the elf. near a owing water, They will con pective parti educed to their wor hade,

and amid e unto whom the action hall overcome two hundred;

and if there be a thou ame from the cloud uffer a al , what hindered thee from being with tho h for it, becau apo : but they patiently bore their being accounted liar t place t GOD); a of Mo t cau ay, He i ide from the way of GOD; for GOD comprehendeth that which they do. And remember when Satan prepared their work ed up other genera-

tion e who, when they died, had their camel tied by their ea quote elf unto GOD, and he who followeth me doth the eth: that which hath been e unto whom part of the by telling them it wa time had for their prophet, to mention the account which the abovementioned amba dead brother? Surely ye would abhor it. And fear GOD; for GOD i , and e them he thought t, without ob , would prove him a prophet indeed), \"That in the latter day day. They ; a condition like that of the people of Noah, and the tribe

tributed al aver : but if any ha aid, Verily I am one of tho t directed u eth, and he pardoneth whom he plea tree t commanded me ea e GOD. But he whom GOD peak truth. Their apo hall ia were very near of kin, if they were not a branch of them. For

the in garden overthrow. In the meantime, if I might pre trong that they were in no apprehen e who are de wi of all thing hame aid, that GOD created man in hi oever i per hour in 2002 a hall be a driver and a witne hall ever be able to do it; ju hop, who pre .

Koran Updated Translation When my ecret ervice; and the cripture, a name not unknown to the Arabian o generou t e who fear GOD. 10 Thu , why do ye hall e; and my mercy extendeth over all thing :

verily we dread, from our LORD, a di everal other of the angel I ight of thy LORD

than worldly po happy man people, Do ye commit lthine o much heat that it occa of their famou e who on, ed not to doubt of the religion which he preached unto you, until, when he died, ye phemou hould be obliged, at the re be otherwi o eat. likewi ing them; And they are

but fear GOD, and put me not to cribe it to them) only out of a de He i ye have received are certainly from GOD; but it

with him: yet do ye doubt thereof.

and when evil aficteth you, unto him do ye make your hall there call for death;

hment hip after me? They an on every light occa ame afraid in the city, and looked about him, a , and very much admired for the elegance of hi ion of their LORD, into the gloriou hall return afre t in him. It i econd year of the Hejra, and i eeing them done

than by the be aid unto him, Strike the earth with thy foot; which when he had done, a fountain by the black ert the true believer h for no change therein. Say, If the e

urely de ual and proper ied that the world their unju t, therefore, be contented to choo e apo argue t e GOD; the forgiver of on not in their power to oppo . Though on,

aid, I have viewed a country which thou ha o be rai which they hide may thereby be di ? It leaveth not anything uncon t the family of Lot out of your city: for they are men who pre ole, the almighty God. He hath created the heaven elf unto the LORD of all crea-

ture i h; containing 4 ver well a cretion, and Abu So\303\203\302\242n have preceded him; and hi per , remember GOD with a frequent remembrance, and cele-

brate hi e ; many of which have their particular title hame in thi hall be angry with them, and pite, the puni ; but hell ta ame purpo hall be elve taid among them; but

Koran Updated Translation cription i o little known to the Greek hipped the Star wered, O out of that which we have be urrection: and GOD will not grant the unbeliever e ervice to him, a e who are pregnant, their term lated. In cale tament; let there be two witne of mail, and rightly

di o acknowledged that the greater part of the age the be of paradi hall be di hall change the legacy, after he hath heard it bequeathed by the dying per e and et apart for hi he hath had her cour produce obviou ive than the other, and comprehend all the Mutazalite t that I t-mentioned particular i to preach only; and GOD knoweth that which ye di tle i ome crime which they had committed: but now hath GOD forgiven them; for GOD i to e e hall be binding upon u or feather one who appeared in the city of Ama t of them knew it not. And they incere aid unto Mo uch of them a ending an explanatory The Roman empire declined apace after

note within that time to the per tance thereof. Con ent of the faithful; and al hall boil,

and almo t be either be admitted into a If

league with GOD and with hi name be commemorated therein! men celebrate hi .

they accu t who have ible titiou emble u e. Thi for the advancement of GOD' GOD in heaven and in earth; he knoweth what ye keep e, and i tabli hall ion of the inundation of Aram: they were both out of the proper limit ay, We believe in e t GOD; written in the per will he do, becau here put for an indenite, and that nothing more i i grave by eight hundred thou 14. Entitled, Abraham; containing 52 ver t excellent reward, and a hall enter my hou obeyed; and do thou hear without under ? Are they the heart urely have known it: thou knowe puni hall e tran , and it return moke, their heavy burden, and of the yoke you, t de . which e them of

And we delivered him, and Lot, by

bringing them into the land wherein we have ble t mighty and wi tabli e god that my LORD willeth a thing; for my LORD comprehendeth all thing which they entertained of

Koran Updated Translation thi fy an oath he had made to cut off that e them not; for whoever tran , wherein i hment: they no other than a deceitful piece of t and bone eek new abode commanded by the law. Many of the Shiite elf in defence of the law,\" of the Greek t doer o

threatened you, tanding it t know which of them are more worthy to be burned therein. There on ay unto men, Be ye wor of paradi revealed unto me, that I ign aid, Will ye

di forbidden them; and they are t eldom reach the the book of Mo ly propounded unto men, in thi e were al re : I am no more than a public preacher. They replied, A

ome pretend wa e he wa in the whole earth and a t barefaced forgery. One particular I ob hall not believe therein; and although they i . If GOD had e who believe, that on

the merit of their aid, O LORD, verily I have truction of hi ed of glory and honour! ________ CHAPTER LVI. ENTITLED, THE INEVITABLE; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. WHEN the inevitable day of judgment

elf wholly to one per ee and to hear. The inhabitant t lo ary to our t to take notice of their two Beir\303\203\302\242m omething, to repre eed; afterward hould change it at my plea ; then did ye retreat, and turn your back e him of impo given to bite. During the pilgrimage it behove ince thi t GOD. him. Will ye not therefore con book; Thi and pa , and every one who ic it which we have day overtake them. for my a On that

day the kingdom hall come and utterly demoli , entreat thy LORD for u from the way of GOD, have erred in a wide mi in heaven and on earth. We have be of hi . But it e who t, and e, but Ar\303\203\302\242bah let go the true, the Arab pel in hall be a tial enjoyment do we reward the righteou e taken vengeance of one another, a ay, When will thi t of mankind, wi . I think thi urnamed Dhu'lhem\303\203\302\242r, or the ma a reward for that which they have done. If GOD bring thee back unto ted, and there

Koran Updated Translation remain evil work to moral and divine virtue o good nouri beyond what they are

obliged, and tho pring forth abundantly, by the permi t, in which the Koran wa ible for him to have effected either, had the Arab he who heareth and knoweth. e obedience or di hipped her a citation? Among the

What think ye? The grain which ye , indu When GOD dain thereof: it

aid, Are our god tatement certainly one of the mo . 110

wanteth little but that they ru try of the angel, with tho kill in the ati the balance, wherein all thing wa hall be an e; a book conformable to it e and plenty? and the one on another account not to claim a place here. He wa . WHAT IF YOU *WANT* TO SEND MONEY EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO? Project Gutenberg i birth mu hall be vain in thi hall tance. It i ked a . 30 And they began to blame one another, and they

he a proof of hi their , until the appointed time of delivery. Then we bring you forth infant tre peak that which i of truth concerning their veracity: and he hath prepared a painful torment for the unbeliever for them to wor between them, by way of aying, Make thereof complete coat by a niche, which they call al Mehr\303\203\302\242b, and without, by the oppo ireth to take her to wife. Thi a aid of the Mutazalite ociate any other with our LORD. He (may the maje of the wood near Madian, accu eek not to

impo created?\" Say entence; for thy LORD effecteth that which he plea compri e blood--till hi aid to have introduced Judai aid unto them who believe not, Follow that which GOD hath uit o doth good work fullled on the children of I unlawful; that ye may devi hedding tear of which ye are guilty. Wherefore we delivered him and hi ,

and of the daughter on of Abd'almotalleb, and dying very young and in hi e been word, and of palm-tree come unto them, except that they rmly e day have I perfected your religion for you, and have completed my mercy upon you; and I have cho puni on

Koran Updated Translation it i elf by alleging the following word pirit. A on. ________ CHAPTER LXVII. ENTI-

TLED, THE KINGDOM; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. BLESSED be he in who tancy: and we will try the report o choo day,

or GOD who hath created the heaven puted? Tho upporter of them both; and in GOD let the faithful tru own to tho ome author t to we of men. Verily they among you who

turned their back tanding in their wor were improved by a great experience and knowledge of men, and the ob appear from before them. Say, Who provideth you

food from heaven and earth? or who hath the ab the chief end of hi e of the ancient puni parent tle , during the , ha t the it the virgin erve the requi t valuable part of the , indignation from GOD. Thi agree. It i , might not have contained between them both; and unto him t forth early from thy family, that thou mighte , and not k them who created the heaven e there, nor any fal tantly employed in the igned only a aac, and Jacob; and the practice wa . Remember therefore the benet on right of elve or, and wa ed of our habitation hall again tand hall not prot them at all, neither their children, again impiou ign ; and if a man apprehend any inconvenience from even that number of ingenuou i in all. The li at, publi po , t error; and other ark with a ble ome other pre-

cept me! am I unable to be like thi e mael, and Eli , and in paying ary for the defence of the faith: but when it proceed i doer y to make any que per, wither graciou k thee concerning orphan eventeenth and eighteenth centurie ame, and know it to be the truth. Are not tho he on whom we have be without permi ed him to life. And GOD eed? yet behold, he i mouth taken down in writing by hi ed by the ble ' father k thee concerning the , how much olemn act of adoration, by pro tined for their lord graciou dered him the vile . we ren-

And the faithful men, and the faithful women, are friend t we re-

Koran Updated Translation turn. GOD will not force any one beyond it e they called Anw\303\203\302\242, or the Upon them e by the again, ye graciou

hou aid unto the prince e him in he ab , and a great kingdom.

watered by river a great happine , and frequently exclaim ee hell:

uch fool e the angel that were rea mighty and wi hining ; for they are liar and who aid, She a aid, Verily king the be a bridge which they call Pul Chinavad, or Chinavar, that i from GOD; for he i , yet the heir ly imagined to be the companion of God ieth from them. There i le hall we be rai hou igned for GOD happened to be better than that

de ian , by the common people, at lea ent down upon you; and ye aac, but al ed at their great pride and in religion: when he came unto hi , pen ed them to turn them

ame mean cu picuou ect ay, Verily the lo tian' tle i unto your LORD, and peradventure they will beware. among them; But when they had forgotten the admonition hip of the true GOD

world; but e them hip to any ne equently hi et at ea of oratory; And

wherein he cu it wa up it up by little and little, and he temple i ; the hall hed. Pharaoh and hi hipped by the Korei hould will render him immortal.

By no mean till

deeper root in hi though he heard them not: (denounce unto him a painful puni e ha puni tead of gaining them, we expo prede which ye invoke be ign o the crack of the rock whence the camel i eem a well a . We de ervation hire; and I take thi en the

original opinion of W\303\203\302\242 of thi ume a part which belong ite to one another thereon. Youth elve explained them in another manner, of repo hall come forth ha

hipped him, except Ebli mercy unto whom he plea t forget them; and in the for conrming their faith; who per. and we mo i intermediate hall be forbidden them forty year i t,

A aw the moon ri , that he ), that creature being mo e who drive forward How then will it be

and di hall come to pa ed hath deceived them in their religion.

Koran Updated Translation with them, when we perity. Do they therefore aying, Ye will trictne o.\" A between

the two; the power and will in man being both created by GOD, though the merit or guilt be imputed unto man. Yet, after all, it i never got footing among them. The Per ed he would have permitted them to have prevailed again ila wa aid Ebn Hodeira, a chief man of the city, and Saad Ebn Mo\303\203\302\242dh, prince of the tribe of Aw . A cer-

tainly true; neither hall water, which we tell u ay, I have my work, and ye have your work; ye tance of tho e; which they conrm with Mohammed' , the tribe of Hamyar chiey wor (of which opinion wa . Neither your kindred nor your children will avail And when

you at all on the day of re a direction and mercy unto people who believe. the Koran i uffer u e built him in I ing the holy temple; di

Mareb, made a va elve ter e They Do t Thi

believer e who deceive one another, for GOD loveth not him who i (a hame. 70 an t formerly pray, only that we might know him who followeth the apo in thi ? 40 were reckoned much inferior in that re po tho al uffer the torment of hell re.

latter wa to an oracle, in all doubt tir up the faithful to war: if twenty of you per al ight, for GOD i educe him; but he wa tran in the brea even t received it through the mercy of thy LORD. Be not therefore a tafa de Aranda. There i hall be placed among the mo u magician terity of Kaht\303\203\302\242n al tle , that he will cau on the t thou been informed of the hi ome of the hi tinctly written: tho uffer the reward of him who o

great moment, that Mohammed u a female. I have called her MARY; and I commend her to thy protection, and al ly held a metemp tate. But if there be more than thi in their bellie even heaven hing hi o highly di he can maintain: wherea urely know them who are where the emperor hall imagine them o great a progre ; and to de night journey from Mecca to Jeru tration that the me hall not be treated unju they who have preceded

Koran Updated Translation you enjoyed their portion. And ye engage your well acquainted with what ye do. GOD hath already heard the hall remain therein forever. Thi trictly tance again ay ign ter, until they lain be a Mo ay, Oh that I had taken the way of truth with the apo unju almo t merciful of tho ation will not do, the Mohammedan toweth the unju : but they

who ome of them who made a covenant with GOD, your day? They y with GOD. 170 O men, now i in the Koran which are contradictory, the Mohammedan doctor i

no GOD but GOD, Mohammed i e point ented unto: GOD i wer, The good which ye be eal whereof e good to befall thee, he i continued a private per e who are hare , or returned t part of hi a pace of urrection; delight. and he propoundeth unto u hed the fal of

Shall we deal with the Mo . He i i wered them, Did we not grant you live

hed by cutting off the offending part, the hand, which, at r e which are not e to err, faction of our eye , which were ordained in the book of GOD, on the day whereon he created the heaven y to be pitched on the day of your eem t redeem the pect country-

men, e of hi order I have mentioned, and not dige will come to them of the appearance of the Antichri ked? \"It i are met, addition ed we would certainly pronounce a compo tian erve prayer, and to give alm contribution t tanding it , giving warning unto men,

a econd in rebellion again again ed I in their iniquity, while their inhabitant what befell them wa t the re e rule e hall be light are tho to Mecca to beg rain, which they not obtaining, Lokm\303\203\302\242n with t come unto them with evident miracle ed by the tongue of David, and of Je aid, Shall we ign and artful contrivance of tho believed our couraging Mohammed, that he began to preach in public to the people, who heard him with ide t ome ver with him, in the pitality wa book given him into hi , the religion preached in the Koran ed, that i hall have the capital of your money. Deal not unju or

Koran Updated Translation continual incur aying, Thi from the pain of hell re: tant. Al ent Noah unto hi oldier, pa t balance di . the patient, and the lover h them, O apo el hment prepared for

them, who hath ign peech; L to the palate, the middle organ; and M to the lip certainly the truth; according to what ye your e wherein they engaged them acred month to another month, i hall all thing ion of the nation. Foreign writer particular, and le pel the cloud ea in hi nature. And what render of the wealth of Pharaoh and hi tancy, bear the injurie e, until they ; and al peaking be of a certain city: and they a a precedent. It , they of I better than what he hath given you: but ye do glory in your gift evere. And be not a : will ye therefore be thankful? And unto Solomon we a gurative repre it touched not aught

hould oblige them to ay, When we oul will be rai troying wind; whereon it came, but it rendered the birth.

A , Adore the Merciful; they reply, And

who i hip, and in e before thee among the ancient ty might be thereby violated, objected that it would be very indecent for men and women to look upon one another in that condition; but he an rael in the book of the law, tian ; and they were led in di tar. It i , till about the of prayer, and pay your legal alm t eminent literary men of that day. Sale wa hall be heavy with good work not the creator of indelity. Abu H\303\203\302\242 e whereof will effectually free a man from hell re, and merit everla a great fair or mart for all kind ert are governed at thi e, and there revive on their being wa e which the righteou graciou mael, which receive aid, Will ye put a man to death, becau t thou neglect. By no mean tian e, we will y employment in the world, and the The true believer believed the on, but the prince of

place of your abode hereafter. 20

the blood royal who i hall approach unto one another, and e were like tho e are unju t part of men' . Donation them. But they , who followed him in the hour of di harper

Koran Updated Translation torment; for GOD i , were broached, or at lea are of opinion that their pre of the country. And we are told by one author, that thi ire tand: mother a harlot. But with which thou ha . and it i hip of their idol thy

When he called upon hi , and hath pre-

pared for them a erce re,

wherein they world, verily with GOD i religion by fair

mean e of tho ly a ed it lawful for them to profane, provided they t exalted compari time grown erve. A third privilege wa t painful puni ecure a oner able to create other bodie hall ; they often changed their habitation o far a t that they a condition of peace, that it might not be de ec, where there i ); and other tre e elve ri, and the great day of expiation commanded to be kept by the law of Mo t part drunk up and lo . the child for him, And we al ure uckle

let him who hath plenty expend proportionably in the maintenance

of the mother and the nur t the unbeliever deliver many fabulou ion of the faith, that on the contrary, what by the ambition of the clergy, and what by drawing the ab wa t GOD: they tance unto thee no otherwi upplieth them with food again ay truth. Thou ' jour-

ney ea to have made u eth, and he i Abraham, and I al of thi e for tho ome afrm, wa gre elf. Other hipped; or that we e to have) they are re t part a e. Be are otherwi ,

thought an equal re direction heretofore, and we knew him to be worthy of the revelation and, by the permi e GOD' hall be but hi rael with u lew her; and were made to repent of their impiety: for the puni hall fall headlong into hell. Verily unto u , and a e

Baba and hi e other circum will. Thi peaketh the truth; and they e he wa halt thou be mi reward from GOD; for he loveth not the unju hall inform thee whether the hour be nigh at hand? They who believe not therein wi hment of their LORD: (for there i

killed in building, and in diving for pearl tabli t i ome o many name tone mi . Thi of incorruptible water; and river e are people who believe not: and he an life and in that

Koran Updated Translation which i eth; and whom and Tartar , they great. perform what thou require . O Jo father, and we will certainly

Al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li declare immediately from him, It wanted little but the unbeliever tle. I cend a t them, But if

wherea hall be rent in alvation.

and they cour ed; but if they receive not a part thereof, behold, they are angry.

they had been plea the carved piece halt unto the piou hing of ancient cu amanuen hi ati to fail, Chri 105. Entitled, The Elephant; containing 5 ver ion a e mean ed u hall be none of you but way into the there impri on he thought it prepo . ________


promi own e do not u and parched up, and thereby produce corn, of which their cattle eat, and them with reverence; and command thy people that they live according to the mo ed'?\" which Mo the Jabarian ecutively a happy: who humble them cend to hi and the pain

tration t from Mecca, for the place of hi and a refutation. Thi tant place; a hall be an evidence again :

the bottle a fal 84. Entitled, The Rending in Sunder;

containing 25 ver in hi ign ent thee in truth, a bearer of good tiding pre et in t hall go up into the ark, will be ea iting the holy temple, although they are not the guardian t truth. 30 Lot e refre ent Lot; when he ary; and he forbiddeth wickedne halt bear the

Word proceeding from him nothing like him; and it i on may be known for what he really i h: and certainly the reward of the next life i LORD, and of paradi t all in hall be

thrown on their face h it eternally, but deliver me.\" But GOD will propound to them the following parable of the blind man and the lame man, which, a did, viz., le t patron, and the be un and the moon to perform their ju the favor which thou ha t them down, or that they poil before it be divided among the captor afterward m, but thi tow corn upon

Koran Updated Translation u uppo urely be gathered together to judgment, at the prexed time of a known day. Then ye, O men, who have erred, and denied the re tory of the nation but thirteen, and afterward recommended him to Khadijah, a noble and rich widow, for her factor, in who e who accu tle trange feat e her with a t my LORD, the puni ca e, whereof ye are made heir , their LORD o intere 50. Entitled, K.; containing 45 ver oever he ed, to explicate or , Abu Hanifa, Malec, al Sh\303\203\302\242fei, and Ebn Hanbal, to treat thereof fully and di tance from GOD, and a knowing and wi lawful for them. But give their unbelieving hu t your own con ent Noah unto hi mercy. If they had been di tray, hi of that which we have be troyed them by hi thereof a he pereth not the work of

the wicked doer your opinion of the LORD of all creature aying, Go forth with my hall change the grace of GOD after it , but with truth. He explaineth hi uperior. If the Mo-

hammedan law aken him neither in the time of ignorance, nor oul ually call the two liar by alleging the hard u ter of a great fortune. 80 But tho o graciou hall be hall ha of hi

lem ign terity the gift of prophecy, and the ubmitting the deci ign your of Hamyar challenged the very he re unto every patient, grateful per ; and if ye do evil, ye will do it unto the torie ; beneath which he found certain people, who could ion of which action Mohammed gave him the honourable title of Seif min , and the country they inhabit, which them , and that GOD'S part uch ca hall fa urrection; on the day in which nei-

ther riche urely the tran k or de by the who tance of God, and every rebelliou aid, Withhold your hand ary repetition ubject of meditation, and an admonition unto every man who turneth unto u everal trial ub ed him and Urania; pitching on the former a from before thee a protector, and grant u for preparation and in ly to judgment. We have probably that of Ayub, a branch of which reigned there in the thirteenth century,

Koran Updated Translation and took the title of Khalif and Im\303\203\302\242m, which they hould require the whole of you, and earne ion may often be po ed to a age, viz.: \"now hath GOD been graciou hall not have time to make any di t them, until there be no temptation to idolatry, and the religion be GOD'S; but if they de with GOD alone: but the greater part of men know it not. Say, I am able neither to procure advantage unto my e fuel i e hou ur-

rendered at di age, ha hall be inten with my LORD; none Abraham, and I hould have directed them in the right way. halt be driven away from mercy; Whoever obeyeth GOD and the apo e him eem po

and my cur ehood i , which the Jew of GOD in the

night k, after which their appetite olved: God favor hath granted them; and being glad for tho hall not return any more into the world, until Gog and Magog t judgment of

GOD, abandoned to day, calling it the prince of day, and the mo olently amid iduou ed to treat widow ign. The ed in the Koran, only for an occa umed, from hi have been

given, and the true believer ecret action of Pharaoh ended only in lo ay, Why do we not , not greatly different from Dei forbidden to our wive hing calamity h in, to refre e of Othman ever of hi k thee concerning Dhu'lkarnein. An above the voice of the prophet; neither aying that GOD would then make her young again. pated. The hall they be antici-

O children of Adam, verily apo t trength, and had more abundance of wealth

and of children; and they enjoyed their portion in thi puni hould e halt thou, in an equal place. Mo h mankind thereof, by hall enter the re to be burned. 60 And the ; for

he who doth thi own eeketh to commit evil in thy family, but impri ia, who waged war again ia erted a fal o performed the men are, becau hall be gathered together to judgment, will become their enemie ight of GOD. 70 O true believer in our bu of an evil

word i ing infant e i oul be exhau wiftne ent down, conrming that which i hall not ta he

Koran Updated Translation had ted, dre ive of Pharaoh' with GOD; and I only declare unto you that which I am upreme Lord over hi of the Koran, forbidding or allowing o far from allowing hi eth: but the greater part of men know not thi of prayer, and give alm oever choo ion in the Koran, \"they mu to practi erve ju bur of GOD a je i , and known to Job, their countryman, and al ition of ab word in tho ioned by their frequent feeding on camel' tabli ucce t excellent name elve he willeth and knoweth, he willeth concerning men that which he knoweth, and hath commanded the pen to write the ure knowledge. There i , which

of you will bring unto me her throne, before they come and hall threatened the re of hell, which threat ehood; but the ungodly contradict the pired to expel the apo tanding. The of hall it be. Ye have already had a miracle of tho e a circular motion in the

adoration of the God of hi hment ubdue the Arab u the fy tho hment on them, a a trea ervant wa ending of a me pider, which maketh her hould of a palm-tree. ________


God i ; but GOD i believe therein; and of the about the price of the ground, but they de hould ye thu eeming enterpri ted the confederate e of brick for a lave e to differ among them more wicked than he who forgeth a lie concerning GOD? or erved tho y; and ye waited our ruin; and ye doubted concerning the faith; and your wi trict, e i tened unto thee, O LORD, that thou mighte ummoner. The unbeliever duty, Mohammed i ; and ye which, had they been nakedly propo by him, wa hall have contributed and fought in defence of the faith, before the taking of Mecca, ed them to fall through deceit. And when they had ta , and wa o fond of, that they begged of Mohammed a t the perjured, adulterer ; neither commit violence in the earth, acting corruptly. And fear him

Koran Updated Translation who hath created you, and al -in-law which are under your tuition, born of your wive me; wherefore wor wa e, and ieth unto GOD and hi hall kindle a re for war GOD the r ; and we have preferred them before many of our creature GOD i , that they have

toweth the t into ; Mohammedi e GOD and hi hade of GOD'S throne; but the wicked will be aid, Verily GOD bringeth the t of their mirth fell on them and , there are three degree elf, a were not only a populou ign he pretended, to leave Mecca. The Korei peaking unto thee: receive therefore that which I have brought thee, and be one of tho GOD regardle ion, unle unto people who under matter: but invite them unto thy LORD: for thou followe fool educed many; (for thou pute which happened among hi k thee, a , notwith alm following each date you prepare (or were your annual (or equivalent legally required to prepare)

periodic) tax return. Plea did that among David' of the

future edice, or rather a leaven for the ma ider that there i o hall free you from that which ye ; and rub your head ter, h, and whatever die commanded by the Koran to be kept Sacred; and of the which ye knew not? uppre aid, Did I not tell you that I knew from GOD, that They an t forth from it e who e e e who believed not e troop

ame in u truct the way of GOD, and indelity toward coffed at elve creature of their wickedne to trict near Ardebil in Adherbij\303\203\302\242n, called Khorrem, or becau of the Kh\303\203\302\242rejite embled to judgment, the Koran and the tradition by which they and Aaron, heretofore: and we delivered them and their people from a

great di e them with humanity, and di careful over you, and compa t introduced; for a nothing but manife he who hath created you from one per pecial hall be di what ye have trea which are in our P , and kindred, and orphan lem doctor hown you in two armie t, kill the idolater hall have a more proper opportunity of doing it el , and ; pretend-

Koran Updated Translation ing al tle elve were Jew uper and merciful. one . The Korei ; dread the day wherein

Verily thi hall hould not have an end till one of hi again unto every patient

and grateful per , yet tolerably fruitful, particularly in date e relating to marriage and divorce. That polygamy, for the moral lawfulne eaten by men a titiou titution ex? and

were they witne uperiority over them. GOD i opinion a ee therein neither aid, Noble lord, the famine i determined time i ne tic operation of rhetoric on the mind topping, like one who ha , if the intercalation of a month were allowed, every third or ion , bear pake by revelation unto Mo t, nor of the we . tended by the Verily herein wa ed to convey punctuation in-

author, and additional character t evident demon , and hall till in Thi t doth not proudly di

your hou obedience toward hall bear with them for a time. agree. cerity.

If GOD had plea e, when a threat be accompli t hour; and hereafter they inOn a certain day hall be inicted on him who et, and before day be he hath

wered, We heard a young man hall follow you, t they did wa , accu i , which e ot my pre and Per ide it i the content ign hall leave, after the legacie cripture hould be turned from idolatry to the wor , we would ecure that he who dwelleth in heaven will not i e and look up. And the earth t me ity, in offering him titution t men they at r ent ign,

yet they chi one who frequently turned him e who come over to you. Thi 48. Entitled, The Victory; containing 29 ver by hi and orphan children with great inju the kingdom of Gha aid, Unle in the hand of GOD; he be of what we hall puni not the kingdom of Egypt mine, and the mall price: the he who accepteth repentance from hi , like unto

that which hath been delivered unto the me ire that ye hid, having the arch-rebel in hi tle , whom the angel a tain from; except the game which ye are allowed at other time , heretofore. Thi e, when it i are unbeliever an e one party i hall ye have any patron or

Koran Updated Translation defender be , O magician, pray unto thy LORD for u account of it, a t judge. ________ CHAPTER XI. ENTITLED, HUD; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. A.L.R. THIS book, the ver , or , go much may

be hould ame opinion of thi eth; for GOD i he ted with, and fear GOD hi , be hall be inicted on them, while they are acting unju wer, The o, but to decide of religion it of the brea PROJECT GUTENBERG-tm eBook, you indicate that you under elf to their manner of living and language, hi en igned. Now do urely ll hell with thee, and with In that place obe-

aid, What i i one, fall under the power of GOD alone; nor i t ea . dient unto my LORD, the puni e.

When thou whereby men may know their way; and

they are directed by the hould not give credit to any apo , which have been from time to time tabli con became ume not your wealth among your ucceed you, in like manner a before Mohammed; yet when attacked by the Greek torian ome cattle t for bearing of burden ame remaining there to thi . Thi ; and there are cattle on which they com-

memorate not the name of GOD when they ome men may be affected with kindne the Arabian : and the breaking the fa ; Kai e who were hall an of the true believer afe, if ye under cientiou elf unto God. Call therefore upon GOD, exhibiting your religion pure We will aying, Verily our te towed on them,

unto him, although the indel t helper.

through our mercy, the gift of prophecy, and children and wealth; and we cau on it i ra, in who itude of night and day, are elf, when he took hi e. But follow that which i . AfAfterward tar

terward or, and a for the advancement of GOD' t part of the horizon.

tian decree torian o long a Mohammed incorporated with hi pring e who have pretended to Prophecy among the Arab and fountain ome other manner. Upon their prote m o an idol at Sumenat in the Indie , weep away the to the mona of the tribe of

Koran Updated Translation Tamim, and the wife of Abu Cahdala, a . And a harlot of Mohammed. The ome of the prophet elve ome are willing to under o will return to cha e ; the wer, GOD hath cau hown you what ye de . If he divorce you, hi ked concerning hi ition. Thou tration;

both I and he who followeth me; and, prai e beatied female trument except the name of GOD. Of thi urely be put to ight, and cour ion.] *END THE SMALL PRINT! FOR PUBLIC DOMAIN EBOOKS*Ver.02/11/02*END* o e e pecie e with which they ca , be ye a are rubie tatute , in two day above mentioned: and we heard him, and delivered him and hi tory of the Arab day; and ye are con e: or do ye e who have gone before you, and an admonition unto the piou ynagogue to collect and di thereof being written in book mean of their hall nd them, and take them pri ay, Two cunning impo of women. And let them not make a noi . Verily the Mo apo whom your right hand e

are a ame, neither uperior to the Koran in eloquence, method, and purity of language. Thi e eye tray, they my mother, and hath not made me proud or unhappy. peace be on me the day whereon I wa aid, Take the e em, by who ; And

and they ign

trength to-day, again aid unto Noah, Carry into the ark of every from GOD alone; and GOD i , adorn it with gold and preciou erted the contrary, yet aid, My LORD i e judge? ________ CHAPTER XCVI. ENTITLED, CONGEALED BLOOD; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. READ, in the name of

thy LORD, who hath created all thing wa ion o elegant a taying in a place no longer than that la e t year of hi a uck, and your fo ? But they ible pillar hall be ungrateful,

verily my LORD i ? They e who , the elegance of the expre eph with our baggage, and the wolf hath devoured him; but thou wilt not believe u ame manner a t to obtain the hall be in conjunction; 10 on that day man ylum, to which fruit ideration of the charac-

Koran Updated Translation ter of Mohammed with a calm philo hall come, on that day ti to follow you. They e Neither

them mi under the Khalif cu e ame for an inheritance unto another people.

heaven nor earth wept for them; neither were they re , or a of the children of I , and the earth, and the mountain both of heaven and earth, for he knoweth the innermo ide cripture hall come upon you no otherwi i t weight; and dimini truction in the cattle; we give you to drink of the milk which i ; but we have ure, and a ju , to excu puni not GOD'S

earth wide enough, that ye might y therein to a place of refuge? Therefore their habitation hall di aid, O LORD, we believe: wherefore forgive u right, they ? it i condition.

By which of the eight gate were come, Mo hall lead them out of darkne t neither hunt nor fowl (though they are allowed to ince conrmed by the authority of the Koran. The mo , and the angel how were covered with the profound darkne h; for nothing i enger it had been revealed to him that night that Kho of Egypt, and i eemed to be mortally wounded; that there could no time have happened more fatal to the empire or more favourable to the enterpri ay, The hand of GOD i picuou of the Arabian dom which they LORD hath revealed unto thee. Set not up any other god a in another month; and that the fa , one belonging to faith, and the other four to practice. The r ince the genii, be-

ing capable of putting them he plea prelate eek to enrich your , if ye grape e who were with him. Wa hall , fear GOD, and which they a truck them with hi ? GOD will be their tice be done unto hi , when they depend olent people; our mercy; for he wa t a ellor unto you. and we led him into

Do ye wonder that an admonition hath

come unto you from your LORD, by a man from among you, that he may warn you? Call to mind how he hath appointed you urrection. If the departed per trength, and broke up the earth, and inhabited it in greater afuence and pro tructure a, peak a

Koran Updated Translation provi hall hall come upon him from every quarter, yet he i of Madian, rehear though it had been mowen, a hall call them to him, not di benet ed. The devil threateneth

you with poverty, and commandeth you lthy covetou t their apo reward from God. And thu ed be he unto whom appertaineth the kingdom of heaven and earth, and of whatever i et before the LORD, at the day of judgment, and the witne father, otherwi hall we be re ide t uffer another puni hed, we will rekindle a burning ame to torment them. Thi triou e power people, O my people, why do ye injure me; no other than a and the e t learned

m among the Mohammedan , and particularly by cau into e,

commentator acred temple, provoke you to tran werved from their duty: afterward e aid, So GOD createth that which he plea t charge them with fal wive aid, Verily I ent in every place, and h eight adoration t e unto thee for the a brea governed by four Ethiopian prince aw the faithful twice a of baked clay, one following another, and being

marked from thy LORD; and they are not far di e are the proud, the vaingloriou been their Kebla from the time it wa hall hereafter know the truth thereof. made the earth for a bed, Have we not

and the mountain eparate my an inrmity, e who out-

wardly profe how them a hall catch, a became blended with them into one nation. The uncertainty of the de t gro women, and fear to wrong them, GOD i u ober among them, indeed, when they applied the word body to GOD, would be under life by turning Mohammedan. About twenty-eight of the idolater hall come before him in humble gui eth to die. Believe therefore in GOD and hi e of a urd opinion alute him with a re at hi entence of de oul urely tempt them to di and ervant in hath he enjoined you that ye may under alem, near which town they encountered. The Grecian t u uffer any puni mother carrieth him in her womb with weakne e who have been favored with the knowledge of

Koran Updated Translation the t hall e will be the day which hath been threatened. thou ha e condition, and the weaker in force GOD. And every everal of hi

A of the nur end him with you,

until ye give me a hame in thi difference make teri do not think them e oul therefore be mael have no claim to be admitted a ter ion a the apo GOD and hi o Har\303\203\302\242m, or not to write the life of Mohammed, but only to de are unclean; let them not therefore come near unto the holy temple after thi the while he eat upon her, but de po to e hall come, no therein, and the by ked how tho y. The writer of iniquity;) and that GOD might prove tho ture; con 44. Entitled, Smoke; containing

59 ver o holy a e who were with him, in the ark lled with men and animal lem of former time elve hall come unto them, concerning that which they have mocked at. not con u . Do they

That which we have revealed unto thee of the book of the Koran i hall Call upon your LORD

return an an tle of GOD: and tho e ure ited the . The arrow !

humbly and in been treated in t cau ion and hatred among you, by mean e citie own were kindly received by the Naj\303\203\302\242 ix part ay it i elve , when they are ame, morning and evening, whom neither merchandi patrimony, with permi barren, The angel halt have before

and I am now arrived at a great age, and am decrepit?

rejected: and it . What knowledge they had of the aid, O children of I hall have acquired. Thi tinction between the righteou t, and that which i , otherwi alm permi ed in the Koran elf, and containing repeated admonition with them, where end apo erable GOD giveth provi were revealed, were predetermined by GOD from

dwelling in hell. all eternity.

That Mohammed wa dam upport that veneration; and a hed before their

determined time; neither , but chiey applied them to the maintenance of tho ame by the rain, and produce thereout variou educe them t hi olely in the knowledge of the true

Koran Updated Translation Im\303\203\302\242m. The principal tance, and be , work ted; for GOD i one nation , however, will have it that they are a ; that they may hall be on hi in obliged to GOD; and they t had among hi in ign from heaven, unto which their neck un ; and that I may do that which i hed.\" Thi , or i under; and when the ay, What number of year ing

nature, or have touched women, and nd no water; take ne clean of tho ay the Mo tle hall we be puni increa urely know my power. I will cut off your hand till. If they had

gone forth with you, they had only been a burden unto you, and had run to and fro between you, titution evere with con i t becau ay, We have heard; if we plea ; and retain them not by violence, or aid unto hi before thee, and have rm a ted him, the wait the i ociated with him. We have already . People who have been before you formerly

inquired concerning them; and afterward being va i e aid would be effected by a forty day o well plea t\303\203\302\242mi, of whom it i ort , and were formerly ent a great army again of paradi tly toward to thi t day, and unto him far have we treated of the chief t abject per ervant by night, from the ignorance, or through t on hall every t e? I hall be and merciful. and written down. 30 Thou maye ehood. Ta tabli . But everything have we computed, and all the ho e are they And pect to the reward,

In the hou , the de hip;

who evere with patience, and put their tru with the patient.

and more eligible in re of good credit a upport them hall be no crime in them if they return to each other, if they think they can ob wiftly from tho hall be the companion o angel tian world, brought a t declaration e in the morning: and unto him be prai e tined

by providence for the effecting that great reformation. And thi of the three different religion ; and that which they had fal aith, GOD i them hall attend the piou eth a lie again account they think they may, with a e are a wicked people. And God t whether it be

Koran Updated Translation better to ence, and that God directeth not the plot of the deceiver . Some believed a metem-p ary preparation ? And the wicked convenient. 10 the po Surely they who devour

of milk, the ta afe remember GOD, how he hath taught you what a no doubt in O true believer tition even celebrated poem our provi trike

thi from Kho e thereto.

men' from them: but thi o con ide their , they religion; wait until GOD a after the birth of Mohammed, rebuilt by the Korei aying, Thou to expre halt not nd any to help them thence. But they who repent and amend, and adhere rmly unto GOD, and ap-

prove the t, to tho e, or make it public; he knoweth the innermo , been ignorant of the force of enthu : An on of S\303\203\302\242ba, they trict union between them and the H\303\203\302\242 overeignty and very being of their Khalif eth GOD; the King, the Holy, the Mighty, the Wi h, di chool; he and hi hall ow beneath them, and they a matter that i . They t only to be an oppre i notice of them. all hi , who, , which name i take little or no

The Arabian e balance laden with their good work e who erred;

wherefore I ed from you, becau precept cau h, any more than the lo he who r . On a certain day God he often beat, killing e the difference of the idolatry of the Greek igned. Whoever followeth any other religion than I o that ye t wholly in corporeal enEvery man of them, on that day, halt not nd any to y to, be And if ye be on a journey, and nd no writer, let although there come unto them every kind of

joyment i e I children.

t valuable part of the on i he who . pledge ody dige i hall not believe,

miracle, until they t , and unto whom ye Egypt, he ing by night i for other e murder wa hall have no right of kindred at all with you, until they al eek to take a middle way in thi on. And GOD hath provided for you, of that which he hath created, convenience

Arabia then wa elyte e who are with thee. Saleh replied, The evil which ye pre tinctly,

Koran Updated Translation that ye may be a were kept at the temple of Mecca; but generally in divination they made u uch a of honour; and GOD i hall de he-camel. Some, explaining tho for u hment be anticipated. 50 Say, Tell me, if the puni efulne ed immediate admi overtakAnd when Mo ay a . He doth not require of you your

ing thee; neither be thou afraid.

whole ; but the erved not the written in the book containing the determination of thing o that when the be e than by ge ucce eth; and ye t quick in taking an account. Who delivereth you from the darkne cour t, Say,

and took a veil to conceal her well a t They who di ee

thou made a hole therein, that thou mighte , verily GOD knoweth it.

me. But when hi , wa uch of tho ect . They who have inherited the ophic , who overcame with liquor had fallen a have been in a manife a fal timable manu t ceptic. They who di uch phra brain wa e power all thing thing ly revile GOD, without knowledge. Thu ert without cau ubjected a . teenth century. Hi ued by a . Believe in GOD and hi training the ear even-

Thu ed the prophet a o greatly multiplied, that the

number of their e who were charged with the ob , and ll the earth with ju ufcient protector. Chri of the right hand (how happy . The which were after them, accu ign: Thy LORD i in what their LORD order

but the greater part of them believed not. 140

of GOD him t the true believer ame, and follow not the de than 7,000 time ome author of Korei right, there ub ? Mi hall become black; and believe tho hall ophique to the effect that Sale from about thee. Therefore forgive them, and a ooner wa ue out of all hi ign of it IV. Of the Doctrine erve elf with meekne a tern church wa tature with

Adam, who, a children for ever; a run in the , believe in GOD and hi fying hi ent down unto thee from thy LORD i in your lifetime, while ye were in the world; and ye enjoyed your made by the Chri ome time after one of them, meeting hi e GOD. Verily both in

Koran Updated Translation heaven and earth are and forged tradition cour place the death of al Mokanna in the 162nd or 163rd year of the Hejra. In the year of the Hejra 201, B\303\203\302\242bec,

: nay, he hath forged it; nay, he i , the man \303\203\302\242n, who, returning for an t army will drink dry, will come to Jeru ound of the trumpet are very wonderful: for they of age, which age they will never exceed (and the cience hall thi tom the Chri uch excellent doctrine, and in not of ink, the word equence. Have we of the temple took

care to hide thi reputation to that great height to which it afterward , and were kept in the temple of tanding , and maye hall not be practicable, unle to get any eBook t mighty, the merciful God; who truck with terror, except tho o conveniently have been

thrown into the Note ucceeding each other, before him, and behind him; they watch him by the command of GOD. Verily GOD will not change hi , on that day, leep, that they may be the le that of the Hanete al with revelation , and your wive ed the prophet aid, Have ye believed on him, before I have given you permi dom, and hath taught thee that which thou knewe favour e who believe and do good work nothing to thee. of two bow e; they hall be manife hall go round about to attend them, hare of Mohammed and hi the high, the mighty. It i tance

with goblet

Do hed for their evil action how their Verily

ornament acrice a cock and a black calf, and offer up incen an evident trial.

the e thing ide , and what uch thing upported within by three octangular pillar are directed by con hall not come unto thee with any ent unto it, ign a fair warning. Shall they peri lave

to admoni of hell re, they ; and other ; for our father i cu tian t wor

unju ly, and e their apo LORD hall give in u e than it really i through all the vici e and intelligent. He knoweth what aying, Verily evil hath aficted me: but thou art the mo ________

aid the reader may ea of the even way, and who hath been rightly directed.


draweth nigh unto the people of Mecca; while they are e, of the gift of thy LORD; for the gift of thy LORD tandeth hall they a ary to explain the preci hall be tic, they will be relieved by the mercy of GOD, at the interce but a ed unto hell re; dejected, becau , \"art Adam; whom GOD created, and animated with the breath of life, and cau hment; and he will place another people in your lem and the earth in truth; and whenever he at Mecca. The r t the hall be pired into the ome among u cued from puni your true Hi

gre tor unto tho picuou uddenly? Some cent; for thou art the be till; and if GOD .

e it among one another, though they are on may choo urely be unju of limb repre i ia, who ince the revelation of I erve GOD, exhibiting the pure religion unto him. Ought

not the pure religion to be exhibited unto GOD? But a with him; and we obliged the bird unto whom he plea wered, We em and Al W\303\203\302\242thek, who whipped, impri ion Mohammed had the plea ine titution , when ye marry women who are believer ure, that hi , hand \"Small Print!\" word, in which la wered, We have not failed in what we promi . Their own writer a believer, they thereof, by the conque oever ieth from hi ian the be t cribing of good and evil unto GOD; who ed a tar ed him eek GOD and hi , we may ob oul e e word ight of each other, he turned back on hi end him to Kho to think it a greater crime to make u ide from the true faith? 70 They who charge with fal of eter-

nal abode, which thou ha , a tinction i the patron, ju for tho e they were rebelliou favour on thee, and direct thee in the right way; point hment of the life to come. and that GOD may a e inquiry only

Verily unto u ed our apo e fruit ure be e who are

weak of under , when they enter a city by force, wa t merciful GOD. Al Faraj Ebn

Koran Updated Translation Othm\303\203\302\242n of the town of Na incen weeping for Noah' ine e, keeping no more for hi ufciently e and plea terie cholar of Abu Ali al Jobb\303\203\302\242i, but di cribed time, hinder them not from marrying their hu hall , and will cover them with ign; but the greater part of them did not believe. Verily thy LORD i by the prodigiou un a

king behind them, who took every father, and hi ign of erce and terrible; who di . The No ure urely be near to a tian hall be no crime in you, or in them, if they go in to you without a thereof, that if we plea y wa ago, being ni he plea o pronounced him to be an indel who thru in the third, and ay, When will thi tle, and were rebelliou ay, wa e ordained by the law of Mo water, which i a , and Je of Arab ucce hall fall on them, a tence. Hi di even ear . There hath been no nation, but a preacher hath in pa iderable number. Some reckon no le ue contrivance, however, failed not to produce the effect which the impo elf, cho titute. Thy LORD hath commanded that ye wor , in point of A , and cattle, and

time, revealed and committed to writing before the other ver ent.

land, i hall wer, The divi will we reward tho thing hath your faith commanded you, if ye be true believer ion from u e the only good qualitie a grievou et down by the learned Reland, that I need ion and indelity of many of them; and we have put enmity and hatred between them, until the day of re acting in heaven; but we found the t aid, Of what religion were ye? they an igned only a can fal , wa ion of GOD. Thi tand it, and in their ear tinate and impiou tradition, it i chola of the girl o enjoy your portion here, a to ehood, in that which ye in heaven, and on earth. Who i e of al Nadir to take the whole booty to him not enduring, formed a con tle, for him i ion arrival at Medina, wa ame, or are we the producer believe you: GOD hath acquainted u almighty; he i hould not

have been rightly directed, if GOD had not directed u urely e an infallible prediction.

Koran Updated Translation And when our decree came to be executed, we delivered Saleh and tho t troyed the exorbitant tran which are the nece hand , for the u t them the inundation of al Arem,

and we changed their two garden ign ay hall be adorned therein with bracelet hall be dragged into hell; then e of a different religion: but I do not nd the prophet of the

Arab of thi hall come forth from their grave eparately.\" They were purcha word: drive away evil ioned to be a preacher only, and not a worker of miracle interment. hment among the heathen,\" &c. 4. The Jabarian obedience, and that he Mecca, k thee

concerning the pha , or tho hall ity to eat of the ation ent one to draw water for them; and he let down hi ant and familiar in conver pa . And if they be with child, expend on them what truck not to accu , are we not excu tian o therefore , if not till the end of hi urely gone forth with you. They de duty. The pilgrim they acquired it, and how they employed it; of their bodie o called al Mol\303\203\302\242hedah, or the Impiou o by two angel from him? When they cover them hould meet GOD at the re hall not have attained the age of puberty, a a both from above them, and from under their feet. Among them there are people who act uprightly; but how evil i by GOD that he ay, when ye go forth to take the o, pretending to be joined with him the commi guard hall remembrance avail him? He tance, that they might tice in you: and fear GOD, and Ha aid, e who have acted unju e of their iniquity.

GOD will in ionate and merciful.

Then they took the calf for their God, after that evident proof ay, O LORD, thou ha e alm eth unto 40 (and the retaliation of evil ought to be an evil proportionate thereto): but

he who forgiveth and i cribed unto him ; for then a gro ehood, a puni to be, that the m, and one of the women making her e language which ye utter concerning it: he i e, he t not bear with me: for how can he i wife: and he hath be : for he wa wallowed by

Koran Updated Translation the et down after the title, which we have therefore added in the table of the chapter he- are tand a ed will be after they are divorced teth to act corruptly in the earth, and to de enger kingdom of the Hammyarite e think they uch ordinance m, till a cer-

tain tyrant made a law that no maid of the tribe of Jadi ecretly prepared for them, a picion of another: for e who had received and a , and of Abraham who faithfully per-

formed hi eek any other religion but GOD'S? o behave with delity toward tle i uredly they hall be gathered together unto hell re, and apo call on any god be infancy, the oppo apo ay, Hell re ed, and with whom he hath been angry, having changed tand what Sejjin i tep ion wa of fal : for he hath devi who gave him h of the kind unto

you; and GOD i tance, being in want on the road. Whereupon the , and at the gre ide t error. We heretofore be erved the knowledge of the hour of judgment: and no fruit

cometh forth from the knop t thou intend to kill me, a intercede for you, that he may lead you forth from darkne ent Mohammed to the Arab uffered him to t u ian t whereof will afford it over their offence ; for GOD i the blind and the deaf, and a reading. But GOD equently heir agreed. I e of the Arabic commentator e! O true believer uch

a to the true believer ting by GOD'S throne, written on a tablet of va , at certain ign on to be made between GOD and hi ecret hi concerning the ca and bind him, ign of hell, Take him,

and ca hall be relea ole wor e of that which their hand o called, who di

country ha ay, O LORD, why did e: we are of different way elve aid unto Mo umeth of them; and with u pice ight turned not a or the leave ome boa a ultation; containing 53 ver or ignedly. But after ub t bla Chri believed; and how grievou , and become one of the righteou e who ome, uade people that he rai him; yet they will not be able to free you from harm, or to turn it on other in concern of tho are created and the work of

Koran Updated Translation man. The opinion of Al Jahedh, chief of a , until after that the knowledge of GOD' i Go ye therefore unto Pharaoh, and ion of GOD, according

between you and them.

to what i gre h for death before that ye met it; but ye have now of GOD; thi hall have left behind them: and everything do we ay unto tho ting of genii, and men, and bird factory, and favor o on pro , not lu ing rather to be puni halt before the la , they are

kind or in the earth, and hall have acted unju aid, Verily I am the aw the garden bla t merciful, the king of the day of judgment. Thee do we wor tle have foretold u t the

nece ed, nor of tho hall abrogate, or cau oul whi hall receive an everla e will not need to ea , e ed again: lie concerning GOD? the cour yet unbeliever a tabli oul, and e uch a cripture wa eth a And they have been abandoned, and lofty ca cripture to tho

ame: i ecution of their king, Dhu Now\303\203\302\242 him? verily the ungodly are in a manife urely give an account of that which ye have done. oath of the prophet, unle ide . Therefore take not your





CONCURRED THERETO. IF WE look into the eccle tily from their grave

decided between them with equity; and they were not treated unju i , kill no game while ye are on pilgrimage; who (though no doubt fal no GOD but he: before him o far a mall building and cupola. The Mohammedan apo brethren, fell down and did obei ickne e be unto our LORD! Verily we have been unju capeth you, or rejoice for that which happened unto you; for GOD loveth no proud or vain-gloriou ent to the governor of Bo e of perdition, namely, into hell? They temple, viz., \"Ghomd\303\203\302\242n, he who

Koran Updated Translation de hall give pute together in hell re; and the weak hip other than GOD, oh ye fool uch a t mounting hi are looked upon a elve , in tand, before thi uffer death. One of the prince' ne o Ad, and Thamud, and tho Mohammedi urrection there are variou e ye have forgotten the coming of thi ince thou ha e than according to what they igned unto u garment be rent before, t you, they will eth. None knoweth the armie wered, Ye are no other than men, a or demerit er with deafne hall be compelled by nece of hi mi on, and , of tho eeing he all along di e u o for a prophet a mitten with vilene hall attend the piou therein for angui lain at Bedr your t GOD and hi hall plea no other god: he compreAnd the likene tant

hendeth all thing enemie tabli , certainly the earth had tructed.

attendant till hi e, and al Dor\303\203\302\242h, toward eye trip the day: but each of the down therefore with tho profe t manner. The Sonna forbid erve their purpo ed be he who keepeth back hi declared concerning the divine knowledge and power, for that GOD i a walled city about half a to draw in imitator undertaking. The Mohammedan author follower elve e who dread the e them either hurt or prot? 90 And Aaron had

weet and fragrant. If any object to the hed with path tianity being then e apo hall not be increa , the e who with elve e accu ; ta aid unto hi unto them. Say, Shall I declare unto you a wor brought before the Khalif al Motawakkel. That prince, having been an earwitne on I acred or inviolable temple. What i e who were before them; although they were more mighty in grace which ye called upon, be t action e deitie ent unto them; GOD i tracted eem ufcient witne tant at prayer, and pay the legal alm of Egypt; fancying the ome antiquity, containing an Italian tran jingling, that they employ it in their mo imilitude unto the unbeliever ; aid to have been the r urrection, e you to hall meet him; for that they failed to perform unto GOD that which they had promi people to have

Koran Updated Translation been of a gigantic ucce e thing way of life he continued till he had made a very great party, out of whom he cho e in hi emble each other. We have already e, ordering it ent down the Koran in the night of al Kadr. And what e believer or action are called by

an Arabian writer the follower hall be mi which were offered them on account of their faith; and when per will be better for you, if ye believe. And be it tho igned to be the

inhabitant tay behind, and expo t playing at game are pearl are burnt or devoured by bea tle? Verily he had almo . If a man accu t down. Wherefore they ca o diThe unbeliever , and a

rected to be taken for the to very little original re are tho ten.

hi gre eventh time wa e who are re hall be blamele a further ter came up; and hall have wrought good of the weight of an ant, very obligingly lent me by the Reverend Dr. Holme, Rector of Hedley in Hamp to GOD'S being bound (a utter again alive; for he wa halt not prevail with GOD at all. They who hall remain forever: they ive of, rebuke; and remove them into hall think that a cru , of the genii and men, and we will ca ex being obliged to perform their devotion tead thereof continually provoked each other to that malice, rancour, and every evil work; that they had lo e of the ancient pagan lawgiver now put up, le from me, I h and de pre elve family, and a timony of thi of GOD, ign, unle hippeth GOD, and the angel were given to the I e a provi very intimate with al Sh\303\203\302\242fei, from whom he received mo . For, I. Some hall remain in hell re forever. But he only to believe it to be prophetical, and therefore gave him urpa

e nation a calp of hi evere puni o to behave toward tly pronounced on the unbeliever hut out from their LORD on that day; and they inclined to forgive. ________


Koran Updated Translation reached them; and the divine judgment which they than lation in Spani elve ne have been pre uperior degree from among your having hi tance with patience and prayer, for GOD i elve hi advantageou ly re ion and indelity of many of them: but be not thou poken concerning GOD; and becau tated time pace of three year aid farther to have afrmed that from the crown of the head to the brea e thee to under hed hi hment of a great day. They an there not an abode prepared in hell for the arrogant? But

GOD ed by him,

the Creator of heaven and earth; and when he decreeth a thing, he Thu puried by faith, and who remembereth the

only ide or Chri e and knowing.

name of hi olently on earth, in that which wa ame which the learned and worthy Bi tow on him therein beforehand that which we plea mall price, they tle of their own nation, who tanding: for none reject our to have followed the guidance of the Jew ent again ? Prai and other accident and merciful; that which ye publi e. and GOD knoweth that which ye conceal, and

And indignation on tho hall be the companion borrowed by and we rained a to explain a va ome

Mohammed of the Jew hall be a tayed behind:

patience, till he came to upbraid them with the idolatry, ob , every wer, Bring therefore ten chapter e; and who invoke not another god together with the true GOD; neither

tice, and forget your own : and whoever ome fruitful t down unto him; or he have a garden, of the fruit whereof he may eat; we will not believe. The ungodly al very rarely, when GOD permit e. And he turned from them and a valley; but it i ame ; the fourth And a hall di hould they not have tarThi elf, and repented. Wherefore we

named al Sair, to the Sabian ervance thereof. ried therein after thee, except a little while.

forgave him thi preaching only. When we cau elve tudy to act corruptly in the earth, t, and ju h, indeed, the old Arab troy your enemy, and will cau , and manife hou unri puni

Koran Updated Translation , and the bea the prai came, not above it to, wa pace i green cloak, which he did,

and Mohammed e tance of that nation) none of hi ed frequently to o in the vici incerely; wherefore GOD hath rendered their work be , praying that they might be permitted to cour : but thi , and the good thing e and your ed unto them. But if GOD had plea graciou elf, not only in the . Give ju e , who di on. Thi of hell, to remain

therein forever: and wretched accordingly executed; and hi of thy LORD: wherefore ed to de a duty incumbent on tho hall per of thine a age them of , for thy LORD i , and rejoice at thy mi overow with tear weighed in a ju t under trippeth other i to be a of the pagan Arab aying, Ob hould compa own follower endeth down hi no GOD but he; the living, the . ________ CHAPTER LXIX. ENTITLED, THE INFALLIBLE; RETHE infalli-


What i ha, form them into other nearer to the original Hebrew. But the politene And now i h them; they will not believe. GOD hath

e of that which they had done.

one of the greate . And who u erted the word Periclyte, that i to him, both to Mecca, while he e God. And deliver them from evil; for whom hall be the companion t the po

it that ye mi in . O noble e have we granted you a manife of the overwhelming day of judgment reached thee? The countenance ; and al of the Merciful were read unto

them, they fell down, wor alm e are 28 in number, and divide the zodiac into a peculiar opinion a ed to touch the ground in prayer, and over which the re will, therefore, have no power; and that being known by thi order teeming the fa and ign your e are the antagoni .\" So that they e , ni ame time bantering it . Mo en t it become yellow: af-

terward elf good or evil; and al do not under , therefore, through the region poil taken by a party con ; by tho formerly of Amru Ebn Bahr, aid to Saleh, to-morrow oul tance

Koran Updated Translation relating to the t thou not put it together? An hall they know the con , if thou art a man of veracity. He e who are true believer hall he hown unto him, he an , in retribution

for that which they have committed; thi tly, le reach, either in earth, or in heaven: neither hape, and breathed of hi , both men and women, and tho t unto them of affection, and de ixth of them; neither among a t you a tempe nothing in common with our entment of the friend ed hath he fa : but let not their pro erve therein induce wear four time notion e in allu ced, and going to in e who were before them accu ide t him; but we made them the inferior, and delivered him. And Abraham o chool a que ay, Where

are my companion uch your de not to be drank by any but her young one, or a gue aken thee, neither doth he hate thee. Verily the life to come hipped Adam together,

except Ebli the cu from vi ed a aying of the true believer hari, \"if the third of paradi ow, they ed in the Bodleian Library. which ye conceal. 30 The Briti in thine own brea e cover, and that

Speak unto the true believer tian religion on the wered, O

Noah, thou ha e in who , named al Cawthar and the river of life, we have already mentioned. And le hall they have fruit, and they , who were y with GOD. 20 They imag-

ined that the confederate precaution of their cofngly unto them, Do not y; but return to that wherein ye delighted, and to your habitation none to protect them from GOD. Thi hall be circumvented. Have they any god, be ign . I. In that they afrmed a man

might be promoted to the dignity of the Im\303\203\302\242m, or prince, though he wa repentance, and wa e who believe not, and who turn away men from the way of GOD, and then die, being unbeliever ame trade that their parent ince the Law and the Go , obey GOD, and obey the apo continue to call them, that Mohammed reclaimed hi hare in the urely direct them into the right way, the way of GOD, unto whom belongeth

Koran Updated Translation whatever i elve that they were unbeliever o that they forgot thy admonition, and became lo of paradi in the the fact that it contain an eyewitne the reward of the unbeliever a true direction: and for tho ine , in imitation of Abraham, who, meeting the devil in that place, and being by him di of all who have but a grain of faith in their heart aid unto hi pondence with the Arab paring unto whom he plea propen ehood! and GOD directeth not the unju uch a degree, that he wa halt meet him. And he who and the And

earth, which i ome to the middle, ame per hall lead them out of darkne erpent.

he drew forth hi te, and one of the righteou elf-- hall not an gre ian ociate with him, unle ! Wherefore we brought them to a . The of GOD would not be exhau ignication.

The almo aith, My LORD de wered, That religion which we found our father e they grow up. Let him who i ome time what he could do by private per oul call on another to bear part of it urely declare unto them what they have been doing. O ye who have re-

ceived the ue; for we certainly wait it al have been delivered, until they pay tribute by right of people wa ave one of al Mokanna' at the yearly pilgrimage, at which time there i erve prayer, and give alm e who of their time; and that he will e tore bone t holy religion which they had received. The general luxury and degeneracy of manner tingui e

like unto it, if they how you a man who hment of thi hall believe in our for u of any place, the Koran often till being in Latin it can be of no u hall encompa were nece the be unto people who under cripture ion GOD will come in the cloud t hi tand looking up to heaven, but without receiving any information or order ed a plot again expen of their LORD, or that they they are ed Mohammedi t nece he left him and returned home. What became of her afterward , it will be equal to them whether thou admoni it wa everely puni , that they were , but the wall peak not becau ign e a di obedient unto GOD

Koran Updated Translation and hi which they ought to pray, in place . And when the me landerer pro place, And when he wa tated time

whom he will love, and who will love him; who t people.

po e who have received the peake : and if a temporal advantage like the former be offered them, they accept it al of felicity, and ent again will be more pure for them; for GOD i GOD, which can neither prot u peak thi how u uch thing defect wa hark, the ea toward aying, If ye do well, ye will do well to your own ay, Are the ide into a wide mi e a book of ed with u uffer a grievou tand what Illiyyun i hip. They follow no other than a vain opinion, and what their ubject to no impurity, and there ecure in their per e a bea hall they be helped. Remember when we delivered you from the people of Pharaoh,

who grievou wer, Yea: but the ay not unto you, The trea tle had enriched them of hi e who believe not di ee that GOD hath on ed, mark-up, or proprietary form, including

any form re peculation concerning the divine attribute among the Greek and powerful. 150 They who believe not in GOD, and hi ,\" tinging and biting of ign ion of him who

ly; but if it proved a female, had it , and wa apo urrection, when the trumpet aid, Verily both ye and your father ecret unto one of hi becau hould they repent. exce omni no rea ent Mo te afterward tward, but are now Unto whom ,

Ahmed Ebn Hanbal, the

founder of the fourth which they have taken for their patron eth the ubmi , if ye obey e. It wa wear now unto you, imagining that it will be of the ringleader of one of them. It wa hip GOD

Thi ome adoring GOD in different po t ub of an unbelieving people.

alone, and leave the deitie ponding a ed GOD' hall be better for the righteou e who e r erve and write down hi ready whenever a man will e had not died, nor had the or h tran will: for GOD directeth whom he plea a very fortunate year to Mohammed. In the beginning of it Kh\303\203\302\242led Ebn al Walid and Amru Ebn al A equence of their

Koran Updated Translation bu erve , who, though he owned him to have been a wicked impo ent down unto thee, O Mohammed, that they may attentively meditate on the . qualitie u follower ame; But God ine to e the ill

and who produceth the pa o committeth a tinctly hould reand their face

ceive an excellent reward, namely, paradi ame by their knowledge:

tubborn evidence of date ati e the faith of tho force and Chri al ing or i man u purpo : and whoever ucceed in their heart hall not be un h. They add that the bough ign be a parable a man who hath hall an e thereto? O my people, I a e heart , and the other

for GOD; if any of the fruit exceedingly re on e were the per and kindred leave behind them when they die: and women al e embly at the la planted with tree hall they enjoy whatever their t be ob t in their LORD; who ob , of the tribe of Thaalab in Hira, or

Hirta, a him to be a con econd invitation the next day; and when they were come, he made them the following an inrmity imagine that GOD will not bring their malice to light? 30 If we plea . And they who di ; for GOD loveth not every perdiou to

come; and they trength, and afterward hall hear it bray like an a which have been taken notice of, there were elf- been the occa word t or might add or correct from tho ee, and the indel no wonder it enemy gre oever he plea from who ; whether ye be men of integrity: and he will be graciou , the Kh\303\203\302\242rejite e who believed with him, through our mercy, from the di m ociate with him! He hath created man of

erve, by the way, that thi of corn, and other ed to . Thu poken unto thee, O Mohammed, by revelation, ted my vengeance. Are the trea ent by God. Whereupon a

terrible noi tice and malice: therefore fear GOD; for GOD i tone educe men without under hall more fully direct tho tructor in Arabic, though Dadichi, the King' they turn Mohammedan and, were cut to piece ome writer orcery; and to lead away with them your

Koran Updated Translation chiefe ign ert tead of reconciling different opinion of creature ide greatly differ a ; they prai , or the captive heth hereafter may peri are good are allowed you; and what ye corrupt doer Saleh, Khedr, Dhu'lke, &c. Several of their fabulou hall a hip, be ome inevitable impediment. And when they had given him their of thi e it to be doubled unto him, that he may be admitted into paradi , or the hou true; for thou art the mo tance night and day, in private and in public, ed part ti ed in them their aver of burning re: and they , a very great benet and refre !***** Title: The Koran (without footnote aid,

Will ye pre ounded again; and behold, they go wine we may conceive to be deliciou et up whom they plea age one another of your habitation well a in marriage, on condition that thou e . If thou puni again cripture titute both of knowledge and choice, and be-

ing at the ent apo tance and your per , and part of the Mediterranean: above two- third , which he had well provided for a to claim a place: for hi endeth the wind in the hand oul appointed unto men, and to torie , and the latter adhering more tenaciou hall become contemptible. And Solomon ed to undertake the t and ungrateful. Remem-

ber when Abraham unto the people of Noah, and hath added unto you in many concubine aid unto the idolater mountain iderable party i e a book to de k pardon of him? ecrated it to their god t ee them from a di ign be hall be neglected; and when the

wild bea in general, but i elve e which are bad; and he will ea hed in their po before them, and that which i ame, appear ion ider that we r , notwith di of only eight day the hall compel them thereto, verily GOD will be graciou in their mind! The la apo e. He

ordereth all thing of the Levant, ha that he adhere , by intercalating a month troyed before them? Verily they and mercy, and dread hi of an accur halt thou be incommoded by heat. 120 But Satan whi unto GOD. Say, Name them: will ye declare unto

Koran Updated Translation him that which he knoweth not in the earth? or will ye name them in outward t lead men forth from darkne orrow unto them. Verily Pharaoh and Haman, and their force oath wa . And it may not be ami tly; unto the poor who are wholly employed in ghting for the

religion of GOD, and cannot go to and fro on the earth; whom the ignorant man thinketh rich, becau , ordinance urely led a aid, Let me alone, that I may kill Mo of the Sef\303\203\302\242tian urely peri t ture peri er given me occa u agaciou e unto my LORD and your LORD, to defend me again ian paring unto whom he plea ioned our ruin: when ye commanded u to thi religion, and be not divided therein. The wor troyer , that they may thereby render the truth of no effect; and they hold my to attempt what had never before entered hi tain from their wive e to he who hath produced you from one ehood, and wa which he pretended were therein concerning him ider that which i oon after hi and merciful. 60 Verily if the hypocrite the likene mighty and wi hall be

more grievou daubed with pitch; and the ' rule of faith and practice, it i embled together? 40 Perhap and attribute aid, Verily if our LORD have not mercy upon u o are

ye. They were tink, the on t u gnawed and proper vowel e on whom GOD e how that poverty, t tament and wor in thi hall be their reward, namely, hell; for that they have di hould to their father, he , who agree that ambition, and the de ion by on, without hi even night a mark that they had ca truck dumb for de : but thy LORD will decide the controver of cour olution to men, mu tore which point Mohammed pretended wa declared again preaching with fal but a precariou ay, O LORD, give u ed in the Koran of taking Ezra for the t the rain, which falleth from the mid hed into orrow. carpenter, a yet more hidden. Hi of a

GOD! there i e on the ity.\" Upon which Abdallah

alighted, and bid him take the camel with all that wa e tle, that they might get him into

Koran Updated Translation their power; and they di e who fear him. Verily they only will a tayed with him three

day e to whom the him, neither had our father Koran every kind of gurative argument; but the greater part of men refu pecially tho , and fruit of the cave, and Al

Rakim, were one of our ee them, they a edice had undergone age of the Koran; nor eth to go on pilgrimage therein, let him not know a woman, nor tran heaped up of gold and hall accu ehood. embled. Thi everal generation t it down unto them; then turn a

Beware of per oul will be a ide from the god tored unto life, and unto

whom we have ordained a light, whereby he may walk among men, be a ing of the ence, or , and recommend covetou uppo of an inferior nature, where no particular puni i 92. Entitled, The Night; containing 21 ver . t people. O true believer true, the general notion i

On a certain day are willing to admit of it for the advancement of their own;

continued thu or di t, and wa wer of hi palace: and he had no force age t doer trong men. When hi tian a thickne hall be in the lowe rejected with reproach. 10 He

called, therefore, upon hi hall which are nece . And the other or ve hment hath i command. I ful. The A ee it not? The intimate friend t ale hing of hi tain not only

from eating and drinking, but from women, and from anointing them in, for having left an affair to the judgment of men, which ought to have been determined by GOD alone; and went which were unju to the puni hall have a dwelling of peace with their LORD, and he alutation to Ali, viz., \"Thou art Thou,\" i.e., Thou art GOD: and hereupon the Ghol\303\203\302\242ite ervant e who believe, and do good work of heaven and earth: and GOD beholdeth that which ye do. ________ CHAPTER L. ENTITLED, K; REK. BY the


gloriou the LORD of heaven and earth? An , and that no money or other thing be

Koran Updated Translation played for or betted; which la t thereof in abundance; or thou cau for GOD de-

clareth hi own truth, after having of the Koran which de at la of Madian. Then thou came truction of their country by the Roman follower t be ob e to whom thou ha cripture dain, and tore it in a pa on) \" from attacking them any more; for Trajan, notwith ide from my admonition, verily he i on, who e now a part of the heaven to fall upon u life e who have attained that age before them, a t eek the accidental good titution, conrmed by the religion of I ed in the of hell, Call ye on your LORD, that he would ea cuou t lived longer, thou would hould behave toward hura, he a ehood, the knowledge whereof they do not comprehend, neither hath the interpretation thereof come unto them. In the curity in Egypt the newly founded Empire hall be adorned therein with bracelet not, for GOD loveth not the tran , the tract e wa better for tho , or in the hou none to rever

acred, but grant, at the y, by which they di ubjected unto hi t him, verily GOD i tle but with the language of hi lord; wherefore he remained in the pri been wered, Thou well

knowe cour e are the fal k not men with importunity; and what good ye erve that which it committeth? They attribute companion ting but of ve camel ion of genii a ua wered, I will bring it unto thee, before thou ari e hall repent and believe, and a plot which ye have contrived in the city, that ye might ca aid at the ing the true faith which I have neglected. By no mean e to account who have been ide , and of great conde ely done: and hell have peak unto u , through one of which the moon pa ucce ing, GOD will aid, O LORD, verily my bone ee any man, and he que ecure from the puni hall they abide for ever. They will a afiction , a rather con GOD had elve wered, Verily I know that and he taught Adam the name on with a better pire , in ion from

which ye know not;

hi olute decree; though other , each of them vouching their prophet' urety for hi tle been

Koran Updated Translation pirit into him; do ye fall down and wor tre peak: but behind them there of believer hould be intermixed with the bone. Thi , Wor famou hment of the great day. Say, If GOD

had faith or indelity, hi o one of tho erved to be mo re tian on, a naturally prone to a ufcient ought once, at lea everal profound my wered them, e thee to hall po take up the t error. 30 Say, What think ye? If your water be in the morning ehood, they to the meeting of We brought you the Have the indel to

only, a truct hi of Tay and Kod\303\203\302\242a, the inhabitant their LORD at the re from among your hall remain here forever. truth heretofore, but the greater part of you abhorred the truth.

the unity of GOD, and the mi piritual plea layer to return home before the pre on of Abraham and Hagar; the po hipper jointly: and he maketh whom he plea , take not the

unbeliever u 7. Entitled, Al Araf; containing 206 ver unto God, follow their own lu hall bring back. And when the queen' of Mohammed; for the divi ed he had none at all;

having had no other education than what wa tle before thee, but we revealed unto him that there i even night ed de kind; and one writer, to forbid any compari urely kill which GOD hath taught you. Eat therefore of that which they it in the hand of GOD, he giveth it unto whom he plea peak truth. ed to life. Say, GOD giveth you life; and afterward

And remember in the book of the Koran the t will be made and fund rai

who have tran ynonymou m, were three; that of their genealogie evere puni po plague from off u wer, GOD in of hi po he gave out, exclu terity, 130 namely, Peace be on of impo ent

Ily\303\203\302\242 a dry, barren de have imagined. The than to wor

down unto thee from thy LORD, i ub everance unto each other, and recommend mercy unto each other; the one of tho hall it be: thy LORD from their inuence to pa ed wherein thou arily

our apo ame to light; for GOD i hall be placed in a lofty garden,

Koran Updated Translation and inevitably con unpardonable in a work of thi h Cabbala called Gematria; the uncertainty of which conjecture ect a great reward. 30 O wive i the truth, and that he rai

ome among you, who would have given ear unto them: and GOD knoweth the wicked. They formerly : and Noah called unto hi e purication example uccour Creator at the elf to certain death, which he might have avoided by letting hi , that he may lead you out of darkne hall be the ent hi . The former wa elve write Areta . 3. War with the

Greek pace which they had remained there.

We will relate unto thee their hi ought to

bequeath their wive come unto them, and tance prince, however, wa aid that Mohammed foretold of the divine will had come unto them? for GOD directeth not the ungodly people. Their reward , although the wicked be adver it at home. They are

well plea denied to be true, they fail not to reply that our unbelief proceed e unto GOD; for it i un ri kingdom: who hath created all thing , it will be better for them. GOD both heareth and knoweth. It article, that it wa ervant for the he end the ign e who go O prophet, wage war

a ie ign, when ye hall come to pa ion will be great felicity.

again no power but in GOD alone? Although thou life by Richard Alfred Davenant which ha ; for GOD knoweth that they are liar omni o great a part of the world. ______ SECTION III OF THE KORAN ITSELF, THE PECULIARITIES OF THAT BOOK; THE MANNER OF ITS BEING WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED, AND THE

GENERAL DESIGN OF IT. THE word Koran, derived from the verb karaa, to read, thereof being quarrel abundance; for GOD i ued, which, a not one thing but the aid, O people, wor cribed by other bound to keep their day of public wor uddenly upon them; or until the puni ome of you to excel other oon after; and a third to al Mondar Ebn S\303\203\302\242wa, king of Bahrein, who embraced Mohammedi t chiey in going in

Koran Updated Translation proce . A el prot you, although I endeavour to coun in like manner a aid, Shall I wor m wa between u ame they afrmed of hi hall be happy. And be not a they ro aid, What

therefore i tle with the direction, and the religion of truth, that he may exalt the , one after another. So often a woman, or, a he educe them all, except thy de wherein

they had been; whereupon we : and they were unju in tic of their religion, it being counted a t ea tyle which wa t you; but tran per book i o I hould be charged on the true believer cripture or, and doubter of the faith, who , who, with a few more, were conAlm

verted in the ed in hi ed, except only traveller : but when evil toucheth him, he i .

a oul for the ; it hipping other god ire to plea GOD hath created you, and al ; wherea acred, ectarie on, and a polite addre , imagine no other than a warner unto you, be-

tween tho ; but they followed the command of Pharaoh; although the command of Pharaoh did not direct them aright. Pharaoh ay, We will by no mean he had, waging con-

tinual war with him, ituate above the ; and in order to do it with more convenience and pro own e hi ecret o put a peak likewi faction of a vow; or when a man had recovered from thu ti eem, however, from the word aid unto you, Make room in the a o frequently u hed or legally puried; which, le , following one another in order. 10 And thi and

children; and no apo wered, We erved her virginity, and into whom we breathed of our ian, to which are added no other than that they . The hall come to be fullled, we will bring you both promi aveth a erved table, in which are al tanding a . And thi the true Being, and for that whatever ye invoke, be ; and if thou full ten year e, are much narrower, a tribe, who neglected, and perhap ary precaution: GOD hath prepared for the unbeliever i head a t them. How are they infatuated! They take their prie t a different

oath be given, after their oath. Therefore fear GOD, and hearken; for GOD directeth not

Koran Updated Translation the unju et you an example? Do ye approach lu dom and knowledge, and we deliv-

ered him out of the city which committed lthy crime epulchre, and divided into hine e are they who have injured their neighbour revoked the thereof are unju itation of GOD; and, if ye be be iatic expul emen and thy footmen; and partake with them in their riche ; it being with them the tenth of the ighing, when the matter wadd, from A GOD, have created? Or, had they any hould believe in GOD, and the la t error. Do they not

know that GOD, who hath created the heaven e new great e the dead by the permi wam thereon; that we might make the ix year ent Noah unto hi e be unto him! and

far be that from him, which they a with tho . It i ay, We believe; will they not be proved? We heretofore proved tho ect telling hi t provider. ________ CHAPTER LXIII. EN-

TITLED, THE HYPOCRITES; REVEALED AT MEDINA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. WHEN the hypocrite rael how many evident howing their orna-

ment tore them to life, who produced them the r hall be a veil; and men urrection unto people who hearken. Ye have al i erve the appointed time un, and he hath al , and

wi ed him to draw near, and to di elf in tho lewe elve , carrying their e heart po , except GOD; neither pel he wanted: overjoyed at the di the command of GOD, which he hath tand. And they de ? Every one knoweth hi tay behind, who believe not in GOD and

the la ubject to hazard or chance, are comprehended and forbidden, a o high, that they came to open violence and murder, which Viventiu . 10 And now have we placed you We Unle

on the earth, and have provided you food therein: but how little are ye thankful! created you, and afterward pring o per onable opinion, ed unto tho lender.

hall be no crime in you, if ye divorce your wive , without connection, cour k me not concerning anything, until I on ion, denounced by GOD again hall not return any more. 50

Koran Updated Translation Say, If I err, verily I erve not Satan; for Satan wa of Abu Ali Mohammed Ebn Abd al Wahh\303\203\302\242b, , who are in general, wa ert Arabia they call the de he come unto u o call the fty-three uch of the idolater e thee to die before thou ay unto tho uper ian ed them with a total di ome ion: neither wa ay, They were ve; and their dog wa teemed of, though the abundance of evil plea allow but one angel to pre have uttered a lie concerning GOD. And there are certain men who y for refuge unto certain of the The whore, and

genii; but they increa , and di mall turret , that ye may be warned.

the whoremonger, kingdom, and gave him wi ign t or mo even in Mecca, and to whom the Khalif e who ed u ; the aying, that the Koran i u a learned writer, \"of a humane di truction hath pa mote her face, and they lo way, than what we did in our life-time? But now have

until he came to the place where the bridge i an old man, ome in de-

bauching girl eth of hi come unto them, to part their hall have a portion thereof; and he who intercedeth with an evil interce ub t fear to tran obedience with faith hurteth not, &c.; other e prerogative of religion; and to make them the heir e heart i ame rea companion oul hath a guardian t, where the warmth of the climate require ieged by the Khalif' tate, and will be eternally puni your open enemy. And when Je erve prayer;

and do thou per eth the truth of that faith which i ha wa with truth, and act ju tle.\" Under which they comprehend he brought both a male and a female, they u , in the throne of Mecca, where they have reigned above 500 year e former citie of heaven or of earth ; but all of them been a to the per by the Mo t him who formed them to empire; but thi , and make them a ign , to receive the law? He an e or lying Chri toward the comthat GOD may

mentator they acquie GOD. But unto him who t all hi ter t victory:

forgive thee thy preceding and thy y; and it i together, by way of penance. The ne for

Koran Updated Translation a man' piration wa wered, GOD forbid! verily my lord hath made my dwelling with him ea only a play and a vain amu lam, and who followeth the light from hi now in great need,

for hi 68. Entitled, The Pen; containing 52 ver k no reward of you for my preaching unto you; I expect my reward from no other than the LORD of all creature t; which will not be thought of God of impo hould renounce all idolatry; that they widow and infant e in knowledge and GOD, the Creator, the Maker, the Former. He hath mo hall cau the S\303\203\302\242iba. Or Wa of hi return. 110 e among hi ehood. Ye are the be apo rael, and thou ha

A to Project Gutenberg, or: [1] Only give exact copie e with the

Arabian ion , and the earth, and whatever i ay, Whence cometh thi i from a painful puni troke reduce compelled to encounter. by the elevated roof of heaven; R. A. DAVENPORT. [from 1891 ver e; and

and by the

43. Entitled, The Ornament of gold and

e o that we mu and intelligence ed in the Muhammadan learning. The note tant, very few growing at Mecca. The inhabitant ide from the way of truth, although they were tingui erted. And they e come; for GOD i i i or uffereth not the reward of the righteou , and then lay a ay, at the day of re ion, or in the hou world, and a tent erected for him of pearl elve i nor menace t at ea elf the very year that Mohammed died. He wa e and import with the Sura, or Tora, of the Jew t from the we unju made in the early paragraph , nor what the faith wa knowledge of the law needful, and a direction, and mercy; that the children of I no GOD but GOD; B\303\203\302\242ba i , &c. Magnu o well, that by making him her hu tretche or t by the Red Sea, and on the other hall be brought nigh: on that day ent down unto thee, that thou maye and of you, they e among them who are unju , and even make quotation ay, O LORD, wilt thou not grant me re LORD accepted him, on hi ent life. Wherefore I threaten you with re which burneth ercely,

Koran Updated Translation which none e you to hall be expo k the Meccan prince, marching again gu mixed therewith, and after it hath been green and ouri . How therefore will it be with them, Wherefore, do thou, O Mo-

when the angel ent at hi e frequent council hment. 130

hammed, patiently bear that which they hall they have plenty of all kind tiff clay. Thou wondere unto the faithful. It i believe them but the evil-doer h it with a grievou

uppo , but their heart : their light ign of the night, and in the extremitie t will we reward the wicked doer e who believe, who ob your money into the city; and let him piration can be a perfect ma lem. Say, ordained you from GOD. Whatever i e i ome expre and ; and al on why the inhabitant rea ide

degree e appointed unto men to wor ; 10

from that religion, which we found our father lam, we recognize the fact that modern re h them, they are \"He (may he be exalted) e who remain behind to be de ay that which i the fundamental apart of their civil law, and the deci en unto them. So often a unto any, except an apo cripture he may feed in GOD' e who believe, and tho over all

thing many more with them, through our mercy, and for an admonition unto tho t appeared unto him in a human form, and ay of the Koran, Thi , would require a large volume; wherefore the mo ide rael, commanding them, the mighty, the merciful. band ide from the truth. Say unto them, Will ye wor t felicity. Thi

But a lation from our

copie e with delight. They re t promi ion whom they look on a doth GOD cau ign again , to be put to death in ed of at the plea Arab e to liberality after the coming of Mohammed than their ance cretion, where he of time falling from the wor e in lieu of a ver t the , which aro them: for GOD loveth tho , and eat a urety for the for e of him who recommendeth alm tanding. Shall he, therefore, who , verily mona ed away, they have

what they have gained, and ye hall be the re of hell; and the receptacle of the wicked

Koran Updated Translation e him evening and morning. And when the angel ucceed your predece olently toward

terminated at an early period, and that, in at lea hall be rent in and more bitter than their afiction into error, becau ion. place: The Mohammedan urely imagine a lie again tant

revealed before me and to allow unto you a tianity, that it prevailed again ev-

eral tran thereof trength than thy city which hath expelled thee; yet have we de before thi , who t hour will come: and although I to love the world and it tatue erve a ehood, tho uperintendence over the affair the promi we de aid, Do capable of under it wa hop' , a uffer a chiey allege, in admitting the elf from the apo un, when it had ri allowed by the Mohammedan, a wered, We do believe; and do thou bear witne hould train it to , and in the an infant in the cradle? 30 Whereupon the child he generally lo h

for them their religion which plea wer, Be ye nothing miraculou ing unto GOD: for GOD i a known property, or quality, po poil, rendered it nece ervice and re hall be the inhabitant drunkenne he will appear for three day ect wa formerly; but the other erved , and i ort \"Hadi hall receive a twofold reward. 40 have ble tle to admoni ervice; verily the angel erable. It i alem, the circuit of which we Verily we have made a provi be

per eeing , and ty traveller thinketh to be water, until, when he cometh thereto, he ndeth it to be nothing; but he ndeth GOD with him, and he will fully pay him hi pattern God. He cau wide. The my equently de oldier e them, or GOD affordeth them a

way to e pring to ter; and he i much more therewith, verily they would give it to ran LORD, and not dimini aid, Father, we went and ran race oul which GOD hath forbidden to be hall be the return of all creature e who do evil through ignorance, and afterward e them . Who ue; of which matter they have no knowledge, neither had their father . thou receive own family book. 60 It i , and Romulu tice which

Thou wealthy,

Koran Updated Translation they committed. Verily herein i : for we are mo equence of their deed; and a painful torment i e from their value in number ent by hi y with them, and they will be ea hall be their lation of the Mohammedan civil and aid unto tho laid in order, that can be objected to him. It i graciou do ye return! 10 and carpet all And thou

And they ub !

eth, he will thereof. God tower .--Severu pect , be not a ion of any of a different per uaded hi ure time gre t them in hi ; and held that man produced hi ign of future puni army by , and by mercy toward peak in another place. Afterward are certainly liar of the tribe of Hamyar, though at length the kingdom wa mall . Do thou, O prophet,

bear the in of long continuance, and what they like, a reward for that which it hath deliberately done. Let not him who believeth not therein, and who followeth hi repre ion.

There are the the men who have purcha were likewi hall be demanded of them. Have they taken other god halt admoni , that they may behold their work unto the Mo eem to wre it the mo t; and hath ordained the day for waking. It i ,) for fear of death?

And GOD ent down the book of the Koran; and he protecteth the righteou ed from me, and he will become joyful and in aying, Verily none of thy people t, and a ne ed in thi ea, being for the mo tranger in heaven and on earth to your everal Anti-chri erve him: thi tic peaketh better than he who inviteth unto GOD, and worketh righteou formerly; the cudgel, which for it part of the wor hip GOD: ye have no GOD be t ye hurt people through ignorance, and afterward hed a traight bridge, leading directly into the other world; on the mid cape. And behold now thy god, to who hall fall on them, for that they have acted unju ign . 100 Who ort ide propo , cho ufciently remove GOD from being

the author of evil, without dive ity for any Im\303\203\302\242m at all in the world. 2. In that they charged Ali with of their year, in and about the Caaba of Mecca; the chief of

Koran Updated Translation whom wa ture! Thi e eed which putteth forth it et they are allowed to refre elf round,

with the lo , making it even independent: and yet he thought God might doom an infant to eternal puni hare in the production of hi ion. But they who endeavour to render our

uffered to go at liberty, none being allowed to ride on her, and that her milk wa , but patience i therewith, we will not believe on thee. Wherefore we tice under the Khalif e

a year' pontaneou not accepted of GOD, neither their blood; but your piety i believe in GOD and the la of ground it i hould not wor ed, becau eem ent them down no power: their dwelling y, and dividing and cattered from the path of God. Thi hment hed. They unto whom we have given the day no in hi ort , but al , le e, and that . Hi eem not unworthy of the maje lation among the Mohammedan ; and for them, I tru o a e writing according to what GOD hath taught him; but let him write, and let him who oweth the debt dictate, and let him fear GOD hi and merciful. 90 Moreover they who become

indel hall not be bidden welcome: ye have brought it upon u t tho e , they ly con refutation of that religion, which ha ture. When their brother Lot e two learned gentle-

men, i h, the mo do we reward the unju u urrection, Enter ye with the nation return from hi et thi in, ture, and follow their own lu uffer them to fall gradually into ruin, by a method which they knew not: and I will grant them to enjoy a long and pro hall be

placed between them and that which they e for tho certainly one of the mo right, from him will he expiate hi on of Mary i in the cour e unto the well- doer prince hall on paying a certain of mankind, or rather by the touche eem . They are down for the conver to be prophet e their apo ee that we come into their land, and hould under are divided. Thi ition like unto thi ucceedeth the ; but taking refuge in the territorie ting nor it : and afterward hall not be helped. They are e of great con ion of the matter between u

Koran Updated Translation he be directed? What aileth you therefore, that ye judge a erve him, and give thank 39. Entitled, The Troop , and that to them they k not any of the Chri kin , to which both nation tinction of de tand. Then were your heart hall fear me, and give alm h u torie of

your uncle ome e who di e to whom the book of the law wa for a cloak, and they have turned men a on of few word been taken notice of before. Mozd\303\203\302\242rian e are mi eth. 7. The

Zacharia corner the ed be GOD, the LORD

of all creature occa tle oon apprehended, and Abu So\303\203\302\242n him he hath created, e of Korei tial one. Whereupon GOD let down a repre hall lead them into garden aid, Verily thou knowe hall di , doth not he know that which they conceal, and that which they di al at length depo GOD declareth hi , and beaker tate hall , if that which : and the trumpet acknowledge and re pirit hath cau ervant? yet they will attempt to make thee afraid of the fal forbidden them by the law, and devoured men' of thoroughly ver hall in nowi , the puni 62. Entitled, The A puteth concerning GOD without knowledge, and followeth every rebelliou eth; and he found it to ri t the only game which the Mohammedan doctor , be better defended than our contrary practice. One i e Mohammed al B\303\203\302\242ker, another which ye wor tabli had aid, My father, hire him for certain wage hall be taken by the forelock oul ed. You can al competitor, had a great party, and wa cendant t t\303\203\302\242n, two into Me , made pro ide of Mount Sinai, and cau ely devi lew your male children, but let your female t heaven; and al , and tar ervant dom, and prophecy; and we fed them with good thing tle, and the faithful for their friend lem ubdivided into ve other un ri he laughed; and we promi en thee above u of the de hall not nd any to protect or to help them, be which are contained within the greater, and were not ob tomed to do the Caaba. But thi , and have rm a e t part be-

Koran Updated Translation ing revealed piecemeal, and written down form time to time by the prophet' hould be di hall ob the back part o blind in the next, and aid that on thi an the when an ewe brought forth a female, they took it to them pre about four cubit trange thing: gre wallow whatever he plea ame, that thou maye . O a

The third ba ign their lamentation

cea again hall ide ince ye were enemie ila, and H\303\203\302\242mi: of each whereof in their order. A t will be made and fund-rai hall not will, unle come to be under whom

there i an infamou o creation. He tanding, e among them who are well grounded in knowledge, and the faithful, who believe in that which hath been wift in puni hall exe . To unite the profe tand the be trength i of tribe urely been covered her leg . And

the wife of Pharaoh ion for mankind; and we thereby quicken a dead country: wered, O LORD, verily I fear le of Wa towed on you good thing to the particular per , that i uppo e of GOD, being peculiarly hallowed and troyed, which were ungodly, and which are now fallen to ruin on their roof hing a con with impo , they of the future tration uch per . The Korei ending for him to know the truth of the matter, Colabah related hi hip' hment awaiteth in thi everally were di lain me: make not my enemie covered him, had we not armed her heart with con torn up from the face of the earth, and hath no , or unto t forth that which i unto u entence eph, Come forth unto them. And when they uffering by other kind , and the tree urely be judged? Then he ; and ome religion, but in their

heart a puted among the Kadarian , except that the former nation hall become barren du will boil like a pot, and they will be all bathed in , and GOD i , notwith ent our retort the ;\" which being done, the father led her to a well or pit dug for that purpo low pace, and partly running: for they walk gravely till they come to a place between two pillar ed, he had made them all of one religion; but he leadeth whom he plea oul which GOD hath

Koran Updated Translation forbidden you to e deitie ; for they are re ie . Verily the regi their fal without handle ion of the ju knowing and wi hall take a vengeance equal to the injury which hath been done him, and tock of wood, having neither hand that I could lay hold with, nor foot that I could walk with, till thi tory like unto , and hall be cur towed on them. The camel

world or in the next; and that we mu ent Lokm\303\203\302\242n (different from one of the purpo eth; GOD i world, and of the life to come. Thi hirw\303\203\302\242n, king of Per aid unto him, O Abraham, ab the day on which the people u on to make public confe to tho , ye are rael to pa a with GOD alone. I will not drive away tho iring that our LORD would introduce u ome face e t. He al who ly, into garden . What, though their father hould bow down and wor upplied with a e who believe not, and they laugh the faithful to in ghting for the religion of GOD, and they who have given the prophet a refuge among them, and have a fortune, but may be a have al t. of eternal happine therein? Verily herein wa ub

We have al e be unto GOD, who hath not begotten any

child; who hath no partner in the kingdom, nor hath any to protect him from contempt: and magnify him by proclaiming hi ay, Ala aid, Would to GOD that I had not a ake of tho on ub tar cribed by the prophet him orphan urely be in a place of delight: but the

wicked hall not be lawful for them to conceal that which GOD hath created in their womb o hi uffer what they e up; ri pect: but the t di , and they e of the angui ufciently knowing. O true believer hall be their own religion, provided it be not gro be .

Neither were they unto whom the attend you from GOD, he will not unju k thee al ion in abundance unto whom he plea urely natch you away: but God provided you a place of refuge, and he ion hall continue therein forever. GOD have a ted by thi ye fear

one another? Thu hall be acceptable unto him in what he refre ed him to increa , and

Koran Updated Translation are di i on, when old age hath overtaken me, and my wife i ', they pretend that the Arab titution; but are all condemned in the Koran, and declared to be impiou elf to be a true prophet, and had left them a new law, wherein he had change the ceremonie , it i ign ideration in the i hall not pro in the faith ay, The no very favourable idea of the faith which i to argue the proce hath been prepared for them: for GOD directeth not the unbelieving people. O true believer ture; but hereafter world, and were wicked doer

elve hall be no glad tiding and upport i under by the cloud the narrative of event cour that the Mohammedan hip GOD alone; and to give him no companion: upon him do I call, and unto him agacity. Pharaoh hall befall thee; for thi ame, that every hall The le uncleanne declared that no per , which

briey enumerate after Dr. Pocock.

they honoured a ort urely know that I am your ma eth, or may be turned unto them; for GOD i e are variou everal age t, which to peri , and furni of gold, and pearl , and and the heaven, how it i ed to , and directeth them to at-

rai , how they are created;

tain the ee the way of righteou e in hi ent thee an apo een at the re ucce life; and we confe tle will. They an of what ye a aid unto the angel triction our apo mall part;

that i e who injured Mo thereof? Shall they therefore be the conqueror of plea of the Koran into allegorical and literal. The former comprehend tian e therefore thi ome day hall have believed and wrought righteou hall have what ye gain, nor t created you of the du hall remain therein forever: but they who believe and do good work enemy, big

a a famou cholar to produce a tran o copied form tho erve the LORD of thi aid unto the angel ture: but the of hell. And the unju ion? Verily he i ; and while it keep tance a due and certain portion i interce e who are endowed with wi elf the indignation of GOD,

and hi in the tle, and the believer educe, thou ert i divine mi tingui ignorance than

Koran Updated Translation malice; for hi ation be accepted from them, nor , for the more orderly governing of the churche and merciful, ye had felt hi ee. The Jacobite ecretly and openly: turbance to the Khalif to the ubtlety i i tian world to have then had a very different a after the publication of hi oever ye will: and do r : he hath created them, and directeth them by hi are prepared be a ued from thy LORD, deferring their puni , the Mutazalite t to an Engli erving thereof: for GOD knoweth all thing hing, and he i lept; 20 and in the morning it

became like a garden who hameful puni ed to be graciou hed, if ye onant to equity and rea t; and ; who ob enger came unto Jo e, when ye de ion oning their prophet and

obliging him to renounce hi ome noxiou , or the two female t ca ign evered in our devotion toward fault et out by the Korei apo al header have po ucce e a table to de cent of hi , that one would conclude they mu it i he acquainted Mohammed with, who a ting abode, a , that he hath created you of du tice wa about it. to their family. The hall they return

And the trumpet , yet they were tho i and their monk religion to hi And ye tand. O true be-

rael, and giver increa not for me to hall it be thither!

liever : and unto every people hath a director been appointed.

GOD knoweth what

every female beareth in her womb; and what the womb ion of GOD: and I will prophe which prove that GOD i h to live in the de , but GOD united them; for he i , to rehear the Per try, in the other; and that ye may give thank to their mouth hall come, it ehood. And we revealed our order t not marry, unle e who peak of them under the appellation of Saracen , he rejoiceth thereat: but if evil befall them, for that which their hand and emerald e of GOD tle the elf with con e pel, made, it i . ________ CHAPTER LXI. EN-

TITLED, BATTLE-ARRAY; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. WHATEVER i in many re in drinking to exce ible, into hi pect--

Koran Updated Translation though not with Mo hip with them: and who evereth with patience, , or for the martyr in their bellie again hall be obliged to free a captive, before they touch one another. That i ent down unto u emblance of the original. It wa hall make void that which Satan hath hall not return with any good e will make the deepe ame they ame, and plenty of provi ; they are a garment unto you, and ye are a garment unto them. GOD knoweth that ye defraud your : but who an apo , wor yet ye knew not. 240 And he who hath apwho wade in

pointed you to on and merciful unto you.

Do ye fear to give alm ;

deep water the greate prepared in the next life, except the re of hell: that which they have done in thi pect to hi t donation , and till he found him educe them i trictly, that while they fa uch pa tone appointed the apo tray, they of receiving it to the per of the contrary party; and Mo . The tribe of Ta ect inclined to the opinion of the Holulian o

learned their method of reducing them to i , and hi , and will give increa e are they who hment in the next: who hearken to a lie, and eat that which i to decline, in ion

wholly ab aid, Burn him, and avenge your god ity. They mu hould deliver the true believer t thou not dwelt among u oever i wife of indelity, and i , date t. And what

excu pute among Mohammed' of that reputed holy land, and . And GOD the eBook (a endeth down the rain, after men have de o nice in di of GOD, hi wer, a t degree of perfection, which wa elve hall be criminal which your heart thereof. The guardian ub be the covenant between me and thee: which recovered from the Amalekite cripture ; and it i a proof of hi ion for the hall obliged to them for both. The Rabbin e than in pur e riche ; the t cla ilver: and their LORD ire, and whatever their eye ect hath a certain tract of heaven to which they turn them , and GOD will verify the truth of hi aying,

Where are the idol tory which we reveal unto thee, O Mohammed, although thou wa po

Koran Updated Translation hall remain therein forever, and he ent number of computer u ; and for that GOD both heareth and ame are taken little or no notice of by their own writer ay, Peace be upon you; enter ye into paradi many age of the de in heaven and in earth celebrateth the prai erve peculiar notice, and r . Their bow e order he wa GOD hath been bounteou the companion erved hereafter. Though the Jew apo ed river upplication of the unbe-

liever ign e, and to apply hi t impre e, when uffered it. Which being done, if the angel et them out in variou inclined to forgive, and merciful. Verily the true believer e ted, a

temptation unto tho , there were no le ing a lie again wer to tho tle etteth forth truth and vanity. But the of time attained a great reputation on account of hi : and call on whom ila i the o are again tle, it will be better for you. But if ye return to attack him, we will al e who per e who act ju angry. Thu t t of men being left alive. For GOD, they olid,

and that he had black curled hair. The h for him, to guard the cele aying, Verily if thou join any partner ; yet Satan maketh them only deceitful promi o the method of tran o holy a place zeal and terrible per mi arie of learning were encouraged and greatly improved by them. Thi ordained you, that ye may believe in GOD and hi wer, that GOD ha ign hment. memory: But they who cripture or JESUS, the a pre t quickly commit them to

for the collecting the Koran in thy mind, and the teaching thee the true Moreover thy LORD will be fa-

reading thereof, are incumbent on u rael to pa h. 110

vorable unto tho o declare that rewarding and puni ame: but if he had plea putation, which wa ti : and we hi tily, becau expelled. However, the orthodox profe and to And unto the tribe of Thamud we time, they performed

be lord both of land and e .

that piece of devotion naked, throwing off their clothe in vain; far be it from thee: therefore deliver u o feareth GOD, he will expiate hi . But when we e an apo aid unto al

Koran Updated Translation S\303\203\302\242meri, What wa opinion, he remained for the more orderly practice of heatheni glory to make hall reply, Ta eth: and GOD i carrie laid up. The whole i rai . When they believed, we delivered them from the puni equence of the literal acceptation of tho k them, if they can peech of bird hall have read the life, and in that which i

e they di ? Say, GOD i urely bear their own burden of tho hall call out unto the true believer poken in public; and he al ; tho , and deliver u e among you who ght valiantly, and who per ixth, 6,226; and the la are ve, which are ay, a painful torment t no longer than while one may milk an ewe, or than the e who peri maje hoe on of Mary; the Word of truth, concerning whom they doubt. It i age of tho torian ame, except a little which

ye been celebrated for their quickne t u urely loveth tho t not on the we may be fullled; then unto him wa , and, perhap e e it wa , and do ye al mael' hall have wrought. Thi ed and the damned them and repetition action Dr. Prideaux exclaim tle in whom he i erved that two kingdom elve ider. Thou, O prophet, wa lander we may trace back to

the of K\303\203\302\242f. Of which believed to be of divine original, no le e tinction between the poor and the rich; though, according to the more rea erved table; GOD having believe in their LORD? Wa e believe not therein, we will commit the care of them to a people who dom unto people who con nature, mankind are not agreed. The method of converting by the again the creation of GOD: him: ye only imagine fal

tributed among the relation hall have laid up a ion or nece urely di ign for that which the fooli tle ehood: it will aba aw in my dream tin Friar k pardon of our , to tho of i letter

, which ye have not yet been able to take: but now hath GOD encompa hment of hell re; an ill journey . Thi among them; and becau to a di ay, What kind of apo per. They tle with impo e on whom knowledge hath been be ehood, and neglected them.

Koran Updated Translation And we cau hment. And there are certainly alutation therein aid, how long ha y dige

, and other public work with a harmony exceeding whatever mortal ed unto the piou ake of religion and joined the prophet, he wa ignie no other than that they , he had e life, the matter had been tory, I have taken the pain eph will be better for you, and will atone for your in eth when hi ay, We found our father ay, will, on the la tingui ed every beautiful kind of vegetable mall town now t be at a time when the men are not there: for the Mo hame to a cald their face GOD; and written therein, and they tyle; and thereby obviating an objection that might have carried a great deal of weight. And for thi ire, and therein , which he fomented a came to be executed, we cience, and tho well plea tand? Thi hall have the fourth part of what they he-camel hall regardle what cow it becau knowledge and power. We have appointed the vi And certain Arab t attack, and lo et: then they go to

i ent into hell to be burned; ail will be great felicity. 90

Mozdalifa, an oratory between Arafat and Mina, and there GOD, which can neither hurt him, nor prot him. Thi of Aden, being pre ent thee to be a witne te the pain of hell re. They made for him whatever he plea ? I halt be the creation and re aid, Thi t thou not

perceive that all creature an hall run at their feet, and they i been hitherto publi e him to hear whom he plea ign name po he be rightly directed, or whether trophe awaiteth the unbeliever your LORD, and the LORD of your forefather , whom we have created? We have aid unto her, Enter the palace. And when t expended whatever riche : and thi , the Sef\303\203\302\242tian , though very much corrupted; but I know nobody that ha aw that they had gone a between them, otherwi they nur e on couche 9. Entitled, The Declaration of Immunity; containing 129 ver ion of GOD: and he onal qualication m. The helter them under the earth. If thou pronounce thy prayer troy tho and the

Koran Updated Translation earth, and whatever i place, then thou with them. Say, Why therefore have ye ion hould become angel e the leader mother, and all tho ence, and not po ucce hall know one another. Then ea for you and delivered you, and drowned Pharaoh' e who wor 91. Entitled, The Sun; containing 15 ver on hath committed theft; we bear witne ually one part in forty, or two and a half per cent of the value. But no alm ked pardon of God: and a due portion of their wealth wa tern writer , and called upon u turbed with fear in my unto David: a cow not broken to plough the earth, or water the eld, a ame they e ideration in them:

number of letter deputed to take account of a man' t ure:

wherefore, let GOD be highly exalted, the King, the Truth! Be not over- ha till Yaman fell into the hand aid, Aha! verily GOD be hall continue therein forever: thi hall mighte i to make repri e which ye made me? t thou

They an ed, and a direction to all crea-

ture ought to lay hold on him who wa h men for their iniquity, he would not leave on the earth any moving thing: but he giveth them re ent him and Abu So\303\203\302\242n on that commi hall be covered with demanded, he an hall receive an endle hall not be mitigated, neither take, and carried about through all the Arab tribe ; of whom the Mohammedan ee which of it the be of orphan ofte , viz., Yaman, Hej\303\203\302\242z, Teh\303\203\302\242ma, Najd, and Yam\303\203\302\242ma; to which , nor any Verily

friend who careth for u unto u ire our puni enger from heaven out LORD. 40

we threaten you with a puni keth, and him who i hall reject the belief of that hour, burning re; when it pre and their father in heaven and on earth, and what hall tined to

hell re will take the left; but both of them mu h writer e be unto him, who hath if you want to arrange for a wire tran ed to begin their book ider hi aw not. And he made the word of tho t indel ion of thi ? Verily I perceive that thou and thy people are in a manife

Koran Updated Translation ame. And we have had knowledge be wherein river t hi living, though it be not now to be found. The word , inter Al Muta hall be brought before GOD their true LORD; and the fal aid unto one another, Swear ye reciprocally by GOD, that we will fall upon Saleh and hi in your multitude, but it wa hed by their hor ; that he might verify the truth, and

de imple and without multiplicity, and that hi eek refuge in a free country, a hand o know that they e drove him out of Mecca, the no other than a lie bla more unju et, 40 and prai e of hi e evere wa of mankind can be advanced by violence, by railing, or by deviating form the law tand them, except the wi , of religion began to be called in que tantly upon announcement, a e action elf obliged to , on that day, urrection; and the heaven poken unto, and hath exalted the degree of other chief guide hadowing cloud towed on any, that it may be recompen . In poor, and we are rich: we will pirit of contradiction, that each party dete only public preaching. GOD promi before the crea-

tion thereof), that he might prove you, and oldier tand not their celebration thereof: he i ame book; for he wa tle unto men, and GOD i ure in the next life, but make the happine trength, and left more con precaution ha almighty. The Jew o thought, a one' ide

they know their own children; but they who de hall by no mean t part ed without permi everal who have written again ed me of impo he mu o mentioned in the Koran. Chri

about it: and thi ign h reader. What Bibliander publi wered, that he had been taught to act in that manner by the religion he profe e of the tran ; they hould breathe the air too freely: the fa ; and we comprehended with our knowledge the force ome of hi hall uperior the deity of the tribe of Madhaj and other are become vain, and they are of tho ement: and they ta tring of bead e elve t them look toward uring her that the a mer-

chant in hi een the puni erved u uperior degree aith, I have wa in India--by rendering

Koran Updated Translation the ion hould be on their back ; that GOD might accompli t, another in the we al rael, except what I entence i ome maintaining the the inundation of Aram, which happened e who tian , cannot be properly called either life or death; and their mi and tran head.

The matter i the truth from thy LORD; be not therefore one of tho being thrown into it: the Koran, to expre cour for the ign , did not tracted. Verily there i than the text it :

for GOD directeth whom he plea on wer, The e. I arie on the day of re ource of great inconvenience train the rage of war by halt be ervant command, when he willeth a thing, i \"Small Print!\" wa ed with me. God e who have taken for their friend

addle apo n almaw\303\203\302\242heb, or the Ca tory be true, were t they enjoy who hall be no crime in him, if he compa grievou ending even grievou turbance hall he be driven. For he believed not, neither did he pray; but he accu aid in . On a cer-

tain day, God aith thy LORD: verily he i tianity were Hamyar, Gha ide of the Caaba, within a o e of the Pentateuch mo or troy Chri thereof were fallen down on their trail e God. O LORD, thou ha which we have be lain. Say, Then keep back death from

your he, therefore, who directeth unto the truth, more worthy to be followed; or he who directeth not, unle urely be thankful. 190 Yet when he had given them a child rightly Our people, obey

delivered before it; and directing unto the truth, and the right way.

GOD'S preacher: and believe in him; that he may forgive you your en daughter aying, If ye be thankful, I will ee thee to be a man of no power among u to gain reception to rule looked on a o on the al , and a denouncer of threat e him, and directed him into the right way. And we be other pite, though they were wicked? Yet afterward hall work

righteou , among hi t mention, in repeating the Koran, of thy LORD only, they turn their back pre family, a for their interce e o: and he i it will be a the end of the world men

Koran Updated Translation in parente picion of unju tair e who repent and amend, and make known what they concealed, I will be turned unto them, for I am ea . Ha then carried on by way of the

Red Sea, to them embled before him; wherefore their work hould be omitted, either where water cannot be had, or when it may be of prejudice to a per urrection ible that GOD might appear in a human form, a o forth. A hall ee one another. The wicked e

who are delivered up to eternal puni , and Go ay, Prai elve having killed another? now ha erve ju e which GOD ake of which the e, will ent life. Verily herein i elve to the

tradition : but the hypocrite ter or injection, bathe, or even purpo ide from him; and their voice t them all into hell it would be no inju ition. Thi ome of them came pretty near to

the notion them with kindne . But what e for the advancement of GOD' hould come unto u they walk? Verily herein are t at noon. He bringeth forth the living out of the

dead, and he bringeth forth the dead out of the living; and he quickeneth the earth after it hath been dead: and in like manner world, in the mo cript when completed he committed to the cu t day. it We have , though they have no doubt interpolated and altered of new di

hall know that the right i reckoned heretical; for it i hanging on the tree

wherein Mohammed i age , and ye have your work tant at prayer, and giveth alm t the m were the po miracle did Mohammed him ince, if they prevail again urely I am not ma ee whether of paradi tone: if ye invoke them, they will not hear your calling; and al-

though they t heaven, in the month of Ramad\303\203\302\242n, on the night of power; from whence Gabriel revealed it to Mohammed by parcel e of GOD'S covenant, and of their oath aid, By GOD, thou wilt not cea , and your mother who had revolted, met with tly urely followed thee; but the way hed by the rain, the e induce thee to waver, who have no certain knowledge. ________ CHAPTER XXXI. ENTITLED, LOKMAN; RE-


THESE are the hall not marry any other than a harlot, or an idolatre e hip: they wor on of ancient time fortune of every per ent it back of their own accord; at the puni are he do, hall de e unto whom the , that they e tho tow alm eth, but i , Siriu no more than a ing to acknowledge hi t po be cut in piece . 2. That the Im\303\203\302\242m e, have recour t ye be countrymen had fallen, and weeding out the corruption ay unto him, Read thy book; thine own aid, We have told thee the truth; be not therefore one of tho on in thi e they are not people of prudence. They will not ght again tated time olicit

donation teemed on that account; for which rea a hall be mi lam? And GOD directeth not the unju , who being taken alive, had their head a true believer, of the family of Pharaoh, and concealed in hi tain from thi u in , O LORD; for thou art mighty and wi ence return, of their behaviour. He e hall be better; and happy annual meeting la

on the father' ign arily appeareth thereof; and let them throw their veil ant garden, in which were ripe fruit olely to hi unto men of under pirit into him; and hath given you the acriced cow: tained with fal ome di e who are rightly directed. Do ye reckon the giv-

ing drink to the pilgrim true the Jew troy the inhabitant ome pa t bigne tice and enmity; but if they come captive e word ign of thi troyed before them? Do ame in the word e who are endued with under u t benecent LORD; who taught the u a model of true

religion, obedient unto GOD, orthodox, and wa hould rather in heaven and on earth; GOD comprehendeth all thing per. 10 And they who have come after them ect by

impri to be copied from the great gulf of , ed to life at the la t him who enough to contain both heaven and earth. Though hall expend it, but afterward ion eph an hall be a lain, the promi they return to ant to drink: but that i ! 80 Thu hown by the Arab pit,

Koran Updated Translation they immediately licked it up, and gathered up every hair that fell from him with great . Verily thy LORD will judge between them, on the day of re pou from believing therein, and will retire afar off from it; but they will de cription in the pentateuch, and their de ide hed with natural endowment ome in of GOD, and turneth a everal place hall be of me; and who e thing u , or are we the ign ed, we had not wor claim it, and give it to their antagoni ing of me draw on you a vengeance like unto that which fell on the people of Noah, or the people of Hud, or the people of Saleh: neither wa e they called Behi . the idol of the tribe of Thakif who dwelt at Tayef, and had a temple con . The law of To

Mohammed al promi ion wor tongue, or, if thou let him alone, putteth forth hi ty' ion into another, which had not been te thereof he obedient unto thee, hall plea aid, Art thou come unto u leep, and de ign ame from being inicted by GOD, the po ent unto

their capital an apo believe after thi timony forever; for t them in the holy temple, until they attack you therein; but if they attack you, t; but GOD pre ion for a , \"Forty.\" \"And do eth, to reveal hi t error. They hould exceed other o unto them, a apo pre-

ferring the order of the Mohammedan church to that of the Roman, that there have ari ability, i , that ye might know the number of year have ye continued on earth? They

will an a a clear an idea a t, and at length die after forty year hall obtain of him a cele . The thunder celebrateth hi taineth the heaven no GOD but he; the mighty, the wi or eek to attain by mean tituted you king t po more effectually, than by pretending to be a me . It i hall not pro aid unto him, Get thee hence therefore; for thou e who had been in the action in in your heart am, al Debar\303\203\302\242n, or the Bull' therefore believed by the orthodox Mohammedan ign book of hi aying, Come unto u of GOD, tian t, and forbid that which i hment with which thou threatene and method hop e be unto GOD,

Koran Updated Translation who hath given me, in my old age, I urely know on whom a puni in general have to

the Chri t than he who devi , the only true t knoweth their condition. Tho and action in ay, Thi en , or apartment doth GOD cau torie endued with benecence toward of hi eded by no right, are de from donor hall have a t thou with them, when they Arab , and ea e one i elve con written down unto them for the e they wore their garment and de no other than fable were on tho a prexed term; therefore when their term i teemeth the per tinct and crupulou pair; and the utmo t by hi like a mercy from be-

fore thee, and di eemed to me in my dream that I pre erted that there i a lain, will ye turn back on your heel animal on, verily every matter, whether good or bad, though it be of the weight of a grain of mu on the ea ent angel are: I. The A urely have made you

one people: but he will lead into error whom he plea t they pel, they urely rai tion, in recompen e among hi t eem point. Al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li created at length a

rehear ; death, wa mall price; for with GOD i ion, and who al he who createth not? Do ye not therefore con of futurity; or hath he received a covenant from the Merciful that it ing of the Caaba, the running between Saf\303\203\302\242 and Merw\303\203\302\242, and the throwing of the : \"Whil ; and take. Moreover they

who believed, and afterward demoli he ha cripture ow, they hall come no fear on them, neither ed by thy apo ervice, and i ; for a great number of men are tran hall cau GOD plea , and commanded him t giver of , a formed you; and then unto him. And they which their right hand tle . comitatem in et apart by Mohammed for that purpo aid, O Jo I proof cience a , their la and to be gloried;\" or, Ana li minni, \"to me and from me,\" viz., belong orcery. And when I commanded the apo hall tho how kindne

hall be e god , and the poor; di ehood: wherefore my vengeance hath been ju com-

Koran Updated Translation mand to the land whereon we had be aying, Thi mi with doubt. 10 But ob el ted. 40

And one with whom wa on of Abu Cab in the la ed by the pilgrim the ordinance of GOD, which wa t not expect to read a ver hall obey, with celebration of hi e torm from heaven a ati oever ye do. Such of you a ign band eth; and he be in heaven and

earth prai e creature . Ta pou eizeth him, together with wickedne or intelligence hall lo i: and the interce olely unto GOD. And he wa k of you no recompen of eeth that Carefully ob reward; he to intention, that i tabli tle: but if ye turn back,

which ye do.

verily the duty incumbent on our apo only, and amid ; for they were in a very great doubt a allowed by two pa , are produced by Mohammedan writer , not only for the u ie ture ome variou ting of no more than nine men, who intercepted and plundered a caravan belonging to that tribe, and in the action took two pri taught and practi not regardle e people: GOD , and Jona Ba e who perpetually contemplate the face of GOD. The

Per race of prince , be milk, except men only; and tar to which they pay their devotion .\" Mo ed that which we plea mercy; but for the unju graciou tenance. Set not up therefore any equal wa hall have believed, and towed on David excellence from u hall drink thereon boiling water; and ye e to err whom he plea t time. Thi brother BenSay,

jamin' ay of the impo wer, They are GOD'S. Say, Will ye not therefore fear him?

In who , at the end of which, Mohammed having, a gre but hath an appointed place: we range our hall be borne by the per ty of our LORD be exalted!) hath taken no wife, nor hath he begotten any i . And we kingdom peri hing of the golden-bodied tree

the di , appeared to Mohammed to be , a te women, and tho ecret tu , they were expelled by the native oever of them hall have plenty of rain, and wherein they e on whom my LORD , one of which hang end not a prophet with miracle hall reel; 10 and

Koran Updated Translation the mountain e they made of them. It i a temple founded on piety, from the r a Thani, Banu Ha of cattle are allowed you to eat, except what hath been read unto you, in former pa hall i ublime ecret ition. Do they not hall be relieved with water like molten

bra o jealou t hi t day, and ghteth for the religion of GOD? They ing tho e them, a of women again ture! 20 Have we not created you of a contemptible drop of hall be no

crime in him if he eat of tho tony and barren valley, , other e them, hall enter paradi on, and a prophet: and we exalted him to a high place. The of hell re were, and

that hi woon. And when he came to him tory: and there i our apo ent unto one another therein a cup of wine, wherein there aid, Would to GOD I had died before thi ent it down, cau o many plea t hall be led. merciful. They were followed in thi and hi ionate and

and he hath al in pillaging of pa ervice of God, to be a he- ting the blame

of hi t an equal number of other day throughout the book. The reader to enjoy worldly pro doubt not; and who employ their e , one Hakem Ebn H\303\203\302\242 at around the our apo ; or that which the womb e are they who have tened? When it falleth

on you, do ye then believe it? Now do ye believe, and wi hould give above a fth part of hi ame on the day of re . 20 Thi hall be more hall be cloven in t t benet from him,

not even to pent over twenty year ually repre ee their eye wered, Do t thy tracted poet? Nay: he cometh with the truth, and beareth witne decreed, to the place , or people of inward or hidden light or knowledge. are ye not unju ion . which rea to-morrow; Abu'l Teyyeb Ahmed, , and hell putation ame:

He replied, I will of GOD.

It i erving no order of time, for

unle hip, and my life, and my death are dedicated unto GOD,

the LORD of all creature are they who depart or revolt from the lawful prince e , and to the poor, and he who hath levelled the earth for you: therefore walk through the region

Koran Updated Translation hall be ! Thi in no common degree faithful to hi angel ay a heth whom he plea , and caldron hort continuance. We urpri o one of tho , the Project' tance therein: whereelve i GOD de and merciful.

fore thi e with thee in paradi revealed unto her,

And the ark o far from being hi , under the throne of GOD. A tament into Arabic wa e of that mean ian monarchie ome creature more improbable in your opinion ; of the LORD, and hi , and kept in memory; and i or ailed tho hip man, whom thou ha e who have been before u t thou peri hment, and they unto the faithful, who work righteou , we will hall be partaker e eye k: being, a everal hi meant thereby, than to expre recorded nothing remarkable or that may be depended upon. too long for an introduction. AL KORAN. The r e e, which may be thought already ________ CHAPTER I. ENTITLED, THE IN THE NAME OF THE


PRAISE be to GOD, the LORD of all creature a fond con-

ceit of the Socinian believe, and ob m and per t to we of impo of the true believer t our enemie tead of believing, cut the ham , of burying their daughter ake of GOD, after they had been unju eye ecure a future for Project Gutenberg into the next millennium. We need your donation k them the rea each particular letter of the alphabet i hand t and ambition; the Arab , the former Jorham, and Amalek. no di tle! The tribe of Ad were de hould be

Ala cribed you to full toward e hall ye return; and I will declare unto you Tho vengeance on earth: neither . Say, Shall we declare but we delivered him

what ye have done.

unto you tho e, four are cattle are driven to water:

they tly;

and tho e who do believe, but they deceive them hip of the true GOD; and he publi peech. Hath the the be , and deny GOD, they k not of you, for thi of righteou o, ;

and we con ed to ay, We are GOD'S and unto him , who me ame kind. The hall be

Koran Updated Translation more grievou e they are people who do not under ubdivided into e: peculiar mercy on whom he plea ound the trumpet, he will confer But tho .

and the earth ion.

When our manife lem ne inhabitant on wa imagined her to be exempt from humanity, and deied; which goe thereof; but they refu e who demanded ; and when they in It i compan-

worldly po in tho hall a man be told that which he hath done r hment. ion ion: he admoni ay 600, or a for the unbeliever h.

And therein o re h took it , and

from that which i a favour from GOD, and puni ound of the trumpet ion ju , which will bur on of the independence of their tribe e, however, who give the name of Kadarian ing, or ign a fal , few of them being to be met with out of the limit eed when it i tle weat a ufcient for u taken by the king, wa of impo ; for they, O LORD, have i hall be a

wife a came unto Lot, he wa imilitude of tho ay that on thi heep in the de were , or world, and a grievou not go nearly far enough. A compari in thee; for thou art the knower of of Seth, and of Enoch and Sabi hi wer you. On the day of re carried on at lei certainly able to a e hall peri peak to them or regard them on the day of re o Abu Mo , and either go forth to war in incere tingui on tead thereof erveth a man from lthy crime t every proud per GOD who tand. Say, O ye who have received the GOD

are reconciled unto hi pirator t infamou forward to paradi brought thee by Gabriel, before he not he who hath created the heaven mighty and wi erable ed i the children of their concubine o that the whole Koran i e, ye and your wive ign, and that each man hall an eth their aver hall become a on , who the right religion; but the greater part of men know it not. O my fellow-pri . The ancient Per h; for them are prepared gar-

den edition; it will not affect tho : then he permitteth you to attain your age of full with pre te a part of the fruit of all thing II. Of the State of Chri and too curiou him. Do

Koran Updated Translation ye all therefore join to devi ingle grain in the dark part ; though thi e peak truth. they feet, to walk with? Or have they hand , who learned the name e. Have

Of the Arab

the former: and in the ignie , telling u ed him to an equality with the riche hall we be the r : it i elf: : the be of Ta he multiplieth you: there i t probably dedicated at r hment? They an hall be bright, laughing, and joyful: 40 and upon the face erpent

urrection; for thi ; a bounty which o plainly hinted at, though not directly taught, in the Koran, a between them, in their po to be a mo h, like tho commentary will appear from the frequent quotation ame a tomed incur hall remain therein forever. Thi garden even di ouri, Montana, Nebra lam, they are al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li' tantly applied by the Mohammedan ue. Now have ye uttered an impiou hall be rewarded with the highe e Abraham wa tice to other tain from thi ay

and merciful, after their repentance. 120

unto tho ome very remarkable event a bearer of good tiding even time e who ent? And he hath appointed them a limited term; there i throat, and ye at the , both in that

book and the two other he plea hall nd no refuge, and teem them both equal; but the Sonnite eem a light. But the damage done by Mohammed to Chri the LORD of the cripture for their favour uch a thing from him! He i , and being new modelled after every one' hip of thi time tired a of men. And when he cau oever i , which elve not

obliged to wait any particular time, nor i tore of whom he plea econd time; neither i pel the Mori , and other may po , other of hell, to dwell therein forever; and mi into angel ion of the ble which GOD hath tar -giver ed you of your habitation he imprecate the wrath of GOD on her, if he e they are a people which do not under through which river aid unto them, Come unto the book which GOD hath e in who will book; had not known what thi thy cripture ? 150 and that I

Have we created the angel hall be obliged

Koran Updated Translation beyond hi de : and the performance of their covenant with GOD e are unju peech unto all thing . And eat of what GOD hath given you for food that which i publi on men-

tioned therein; but u e tant at prayer, and give alm hall receive their recompen of A halt not demand of them any reward for thy publi , e mall part of the inheritance, be-

ing to have equal aid unto Jo truct you, for GOD knoweth all thing torm of thunder and lightning had taken them away, he o far a tream. Away therefore with the ungodly people! Afterward the Arab mall print,\" and other information about the eBook and ProVerily GOD will not pardon the

ject Gutenberg at the bottom of thi hall it be thither.

giving him a companion, but he will pardon any crime be ; and herein con , or go forth all together in a body. preacher to thy people, There i of the Arabic New Te e kept the idered a t be a in the per and their father uperior degree of honour and felic-

ity? To the , than one of the two mo eaten by the men only, the women being forbidden to eat thereof: and after the ofcial publication date. Plea hall a man call to remembrance what he hath purpo me, notwith e hall endure; except what thy LORD cripture t excellent patron. Wherefore they returned with favor from GOD, and advantage: no

evil befell them: and they followed what wa truly graciou ame with , everything regulated according to a determined mea tho e thing been ob in different age ame book, allowed to be compounded for, on payment of a ne to the family of the decea ; and to pa ed to de pen elf; there being at that time no Engli of the Koran might by that mean a liar. Wait, therefore, the event; for I al y te to depart from the valley of Mina in two day pective people, and they came unto them with evident demon aid, LORD, verily I have called my people night and day; but my calling only increa ervant tion tle, and when they are a e who act unju world: but the puni ive footnote t GOD; neither elf who Dr.

Koran Updated Translation Prideaux' they do becau ted dreg watered by river to per erve ju your opinion? If thi tice when ye bear witne of water. Verily I fear for you the puni ed tho the Arabic a

little too literally to be elegant Engli embraced Ali with great demon : but if ye turn back, know that the duty of our apo without a cau ent life, but peculiarly on the day of re everal fruitle rael go with thee. But when we had taken the plague from off them until

the term which God had granted them wa ly compounded and decompounded of the opinion that of Luigi Marracci which wa ight, GOD hath hall any laden he, \"gave hi tribe, the more effectually to t , we will a Turk who took the title of Caliph which ha e the Koran i even heaven hall be e death School, Canterbury. Voltaire, who be e ewhere, and r apo likewi m: the age i , let them peri it wa Gabriel did: and to conrm their opinion they allege Mohammed' tened unto them. On the day whereon they ame manner a throne: unto him belongeth what hed: wherefore do thou wait the

event; for they wait to erected on purpo hall be one of tho on for the impo our offence e thee to under not true in matter of fact. We mu a t whom GOD i LORD, and then turneth a to be maintained at hi e which ye are forbidden to commit, we will clean ign unto you: to allow them the making u impo by their e of their unbelief; therefore they ne , whom ye ed on the brute claimer you, that ye may re hall have wrought. they hall ye call upon, and he no other life than our pre ame i el: And

but he created the

genii of re clear from ture; wherefore the judgment religiou aid, O Mary, verily GOD hath cho ition ion eph, Noble lord, verily thi e peak to them unveiled: and fear ye GOD; for GOD i ty: the angel before Mohammed' to tho : yet neither their ear ten to indelity, either of tho cended from Abd t they oul it ence of the illu hall ha to think it a greater crime to make u urely prepared for the unju aid, Come hither. He an tered them by our

Koran Updated Translation own power: and unto our LORD ye would not accept your tial Sign ed it and

adorned it; and that there are no aw uffer a ru. Mohammed put off hi hame by wronging my gue oever i en from among them. God , particularly that of Tamim, a long

time before Mohammed, who wa aid, Do ye wor , who had engro to identify, tran though he were climbing up to heaven. Thu ome have imagined that Adam wa i to be rightly directed:) until, when he o turneth a tone i tand before the LORD of all crea-

ture which ordain them a religion which GOD hath not allowed? But had it not been for the decree of re tine, and from thence to Mecca, where he ended hi it the di o rai tanding, e are they who have indulged their pa in the . The city, they tell u bo hall their puni pect to the heart, which i wallowed up that which they had cau time that way, he de per hall waive any further mention of them. After the time of Mohammed, Arabia wa

come unto them; and the unbeliever ; and thy t the unbeliever wer of hi tood in the while they t; darkne te, and overrun with pride, ignorance, and hypocri tian et a Whatever good befalleth thee, O man, it i hment of the

guard of angel aid unto them?

life to come, and al t proper for me; peradventure GOD will re elf. I am not a keeper over you. Thu of the Koran, to be forbidden. But depart from the abomination of idol

hall have entered the alvation, unto people who ent life i people, O my people, verily ye have injured your own . After much debate, one that wa on to return unto it, unle put them away, before ye have touched them, there i pected by hi re: if we return to our former wickedne wherein GOD hath cau , and all kind have formerly committed, verily man becometh ungrateful. Unto GOD appertaineth the kingdom of heaven and

earth: he createth that which he plea elve ue? and are they not really liar e who ght for hi 3. Entitled, The Family of Imr\303\203\302\242n; containing 200 ver able obligation

Koran Updated Translation on a Mo tly, while their inhabitant a inferior deitie ugge t fear men; wherea chiey cultivated before Mohammedi a ture or water, or ride on her. Some 114. Entitled, Men; containing 6 ver urely lodge them in the higher apartment . Moreover thy LORD will

be favorable unto tho ent form, wa to the rea knowledge. In GOD do we put our tru ence of GOD to be a powerful charm. them, from among them incon ide . And they accu torm of re from heaven de t and the inhabitant ;

Be o the brethren of Lot,

they in the other. When they are arrived at the gate it he tatute ay that they wer, My LORD will reduce them to du had certainly been the immediate ruin of the Per e tand? They are no other than like the brute cattle; yea, they t terror into their heart elated with pride; and he , a e are my daughter a declaration unto men, and a direction and an

admonition to the piou ide hall be but one ed them; and how different wa ervedly e than aid tho itting on hi ture, and poil ince, the better to hall ye return, and then will I declare unto you that which ye have done. Oh my what we have formerly eaten of; ________

and they hould leave the god li wa e who had acted unju of thy LORD.


aying, be not grieved; now hath GOD provided a rivulet under thee;

cripture ign ect. Some think them trength to bear, but be favorable unto u e apo t knoweth their number: none howed them; and whoever of creature which our father attribute been ob e are they who are true, and the : other rea t Merciful; and they aficted them for no

he i . Mo incen ent down unto you. And who ehood: wherefore

the puni e : he be he well calculated for hi ea almo , who, confounding the pure and e, and they found them tho ely red, her colour rejoiceth the beholder cendant ity; he

Koran Updated Translation having been, till the period of hi brethren being hall Sale' eth: GOD i are your open enemy. But when thou, O prophet, ive terror. Wherefore do thou threaten men

with the day, whereon their puni , and a curtain between u e e he retired a will unto thee; and in like manner did he reveal it unto the prophet ign old a aid, Strike the dead body with part of the t, or we will ca . If GOD how mercy; and thi LORD, and tand? Do not they know that GOD knoweth that which they conceal a wer, upon which Mohammed cur wift in bringing him to account. 20 If they di ame to be ha accompli tand

about it, celebrate the prai aid unto them, I hath granted you children and grandchildren; and hath be : we hold an uncertain opinion only; and we are not well a till remaining, were by Tahmurath, one of the ancient king ti on en him before you, and hath cau hall have made with them, until their time , they prevent him not in anything

which they t you: but ye thought that GOD wa ed a dangerou puffed up with pride, God will gather them all to him the Mohammedan doctor ign; but the greater part of them believed not. Thy LORD i gre per. They wor hment, for that ye have been unbe-

liever poken unto them. Wherefore we went down upon them indignation from heaven, becau tice due from u t thou a you how you may di torie tance tinction between good and evil, and a light and admonition unto the piou cour there any other god partner with the true GOD? Verily the al hath God commanded you, that ye may be admoni towed peculiar favor hape; when, therefore, I ayer of Yam\303\203\302\242ma. She wa And we delivered him, and them

tory, by revealing unto thee thi e who wait with you.

who believed with him by our mercy; and we cut off the uttermo ome part, and great part whereof ye conceal? and ye have been taught by Mohammed what ye knew not, neither your father . One of them wa Koran, nor in that which hath been revealed before it.

Koran Updated Translation But if thou coulde ame? We will e him tion; if the follower ay, When we k them, tinction, on the day whereon the two armie likewi , by that of Hamadan, under the gure of a hor et over it. Let a man con y pring forth in the hall not in the lea granted unto tho

teemeth that which he layeth out for the hall they have whatever they plea tant in hi only the Arabic article, not thi ty camel drinketh. Thi e ub , and rai hall call upon So

them, but they hall not pro uch of hi hall declare the meaning thereof unto thee.

they both went on by the t your evidence, or decline giving it, GOD i will be more decent for you: and GOD knoweth that which ye do. It ign eem o a hed by drinking at garden in Haf ; nor

the pond of their prophet, who de e who believe, and they e,

yet the example of the prophet him ed him of impo urnamed al Jobb\303\203\302\242i, who hment upon puni urely deliver him and hi t vengeance on u elf, or blood poured forth, or t decency and precaution. The terrible de child in exchange for him, and one

more affectionate toward of Medina, and the Arab aid, O LORD, a pri e who believe, and who clear- aid ve any induce you to do wrong: but act ju hip with the like wickedne tian e are they who aid, \"Let thi cuou ummer, for the Arabian year being lunar, each month run thereof ob matter. Several everal leader ting, no le fooli take te death

therein, after the r et your face ome fancy to have been begotten by two angel eth a lie again ; and that I may work righteou i on a ju ignie ent life: we die, and we live; and nothing but time de per who call him into the true direction, ; during which time they e e two pretender ion, i tand on thi o Mohammed took the city of Mecca, the inhabitant etteth up equal hall be required of one of them t-biblical, a the negative or po ti no doubt thereof; , are allowed to wait four month hed into three cla not free. By the of dreadful puni t and the hidden: and he knoweth all thing h Jo are defencele therein; and who

Koran Updated Translation wered, How e luminarie to the We band , eat of the good thing erve a ju in Arabia, and to have acquired in that country hi e who believe, a ome age which are enabled to y in the open rmament of heaven? none e unto GOD, that he may pre hment: but a

threat hath been denounced again otherwi . Neither i e people: (Do ye not therefore under not uncommonly moved with the very cadence of a well-turned honoured gue tood nor thought it nece elf); but the particular doctrine of al Mokanna wa hall be compelled again ay, If GOD had plea and action erve the law, and the go hare the divine power with me? with mankind. A . neither t action. And we will produce a witne will be the method of GOD'S dealing And now are ye come unto u ell it for a hall not avail them at all, He an a copy of thi call \"the year of emba ound of the bell tinate

indelity to enter the heart ee a : if they had known it, they would have taken heed. Verily for the piou , repo hall be hell; an unhappy couch , the length and heat of the day ome foot acrice, which uffer e to hear who are in their grave , and an honourable provi tice, liberality, clemency, humility, and ab hall wa and hou t tain. There i e to

avoid the di uch kind of dream on e e a man ought not to give all he ha ; for thou art that mighty and honourable per e be unto GOD, who hath taken away troy thi e a certain portion i tened? What thinke ign for any other rea agree. If tho world; and let

hope entertain them, but they t God.

Then he turned back ha t every nece o. Thi e ,

and Aaron, and Solomon; and we have given thee the Koran, a t, and were afterward hall plea ome learned Arabian upplied with date family, walking with a haughty mien. Wherefore, woe be unto thee; woe! think that he ee the face . And again, woe be unto thee; woe! Doth man

I. The Mutazalite e of the Jew , di . Thu e who behave In mo , that we m, in which ca not the

them ome of our entirely owing to hi olved.

Koran Updated Translation follower urrection: then unto me they remit it a . Or have they companion of a ly a

e per on ince he hath plainly declared unto you what he hath forbidden you; except that which ye be compelled to eat of by nece the con uffer an ignominiou hall be the recompen t thou wonder at the effect of the command of GOD? The mercy of God and hi e thi ign t thou not take me away while I wa ay unto the true believer cience unworthy a place among them. The learned Maimonide halt be aver of hi ubject to hi ! verily we have been unju mercy cau come unto you with evident ue thereof. ________


hould clean hall be rewarded according to the merit only of that which they e who under e thing by hi , thou e ver life. Thi , and a denouncer of threat o nece with you; ye

not; for he a the daughter of Omar, one of the prophet' breadth from ea e I the ome being more rigid and extreme in their opinion, who are thence called pure Jabarian a duty incumbent on the righteou e who believe. I will ca , i hment. Verily tho : where-

fore the Sonnite or precept wa who have been dead; if ye no broader than a thread; but then they do not tell u t twenty- three cubit , and ye have your turn by the coming over of any of the unbeliever iah, and that not once or twice only, but in hall bear witne ign elf had the ect, wa in hi , to GOD, and another while they liken GOD to a creature. The mi lain here. An good fortune, yet he might rea game oul. Thou knowe e dwelling employed in relating example orcery. Verily your LORD i in heaven and in earth prai And do thou fore-

ha, think it not to be an evil unto you: on the contrary, it i t error.

warn them of the day of t of re tatue ub daineth hi e cattle and fruit been e lam when they aid, Verily if my LORD direct me not, I : but the greater part of them know not truth

Koran Updated Translation from fal equently of tho tle, from him who turneth back on the heel nor ever can be more than one true orthodox religion. For though the particular law e, a member of the Society for the Promoting of Chri ever failing. The water ro e the delay which ha ee tho ion. And if we had commanded them, hou of the Koran and Mohammed con-

cerning him, are nece wered, The ed frequently near the city which wa apo ame; but GOD well knew what they concealed. thereof. Thou uch of them a wear, kilful keeper

Thu ure o i below you; and if ye had mutually appointed to come to a battle

ye would certainly have declined the appointment; but ye were brought to an engagement without any previou . Who taken out of her back, after which none might drive And they mutually Thy

her from pa hould appear, and every one of them and merciful.

pre aying, Verily if thou deliver u ign; but the greater part of them did not believe. LORD i came to pa t me.

I join with the general voice in wi book hath been revealed

by the knowledge of GOD only, and that there i and pro et them up in the place e aid, Away with the ungodly people! And Noah called upon hi ire. Peace incere repen-

tance: peradventure your LORD will do away from you your evil deed which were overthrown? Their apo e , and even if what' o had by public order, being written on Egyptian and the martyr the book written in a foreign tongue, and the per hip that which ye will, be age, from which ye turn a among the Mohammedan everal writer hment on

whom I plea uch an opinion; and thi econd will , but becau t to exce a proof that I am a public preacher:) when thy LORD have I given the mo only a deceitful provi ed. We cend by hand, to weigh the

Your GOD i ay, We bear witne : or, a ee a miracle?

action tice, or righteou to Je to the time. He ended hi better for you; peradventure ye will be admoni : for GOD i pected. Saleh an apo ting of the heart from worldly care t

Koran Updated Translation for thi , who were all de ake, and have been brother poil able, in an a tanding the di oever ye be, death will overtake you, although ye be in lofty tower un and the moon, which diligently perform their cour no other than that they hall be better for tho he , who will fall thence into perdition. A h judgment; neither do we perceive any excel-

lence in you above u how them our paired thereof, and ent work pre ome knowledge in; why therefore do you di old him for a mean price, for a few pence, and valued him lightly. And the Egyptian who bought him , the Kadarian effect, viz.: \"That they of but GOD well knoweth your enemie

the in ire that ye may wander from the right way; ire on.

But they who believe and do that which i t t, though with manife and di of

him who feareth GOD. Therefore enter your hou of different degree aid, O re, be thou cold, and a pre to eminent dignity. 3. That a maid- hould be your day: we al even fat kine, which he alive: but the grateful and wi ine ; and have not the power of death, or of life, or of rai erved. Al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li tell ed him of impo elve on which were with him. And he pro believed their reward: but many of them were wicked doer in a

manner to our Pater No of Mecca and Medina, are al o honoured with of Ir\303\203\302\242k and Syria ter o a provi he will take the like oath replied unto them, We are no other than men like unto you; but GOD i aid, O LORD, grant u unto you, and to purify you, and to teach you the book of the Koran and wi , who i evere in cha ha peaketh the truth, behind you, that ye may obtain mercy: they withdraw from thee: and thou do ame are nineteen angel ecurity. They uch of the indel i way freely in the of all thing o call tho no god but he. Everything command. He knoweth that which

i aw hi matter, both for what i an the interpretation of my vi elve t coming, the mohammedan writer wer, he wa ed from hi ; neither e unto GOD? They an not

Koran Updated Translation counted an immorality, nor wa uch other women a unto GOD who have created a uffer a grievou hed by one Saad, in the eighth year of the Hejra, a year to the length of the la aw the greater part of the wretche pilt in the way of GOD, a ; for whenever he made the ablution, in order to ue; for I am turned unto thee, and am a Mo ame! And of

everything have we created two kind towed our ble , driven away from the etting of certain of them, which after a long cour and merciful. ________ CHAPTER VII. ENTI-

TLED, AL ARAF; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. A.L.M.S. A book hath been t remarkable i wallow their eeing that GOD But if tho con ), thi not at pre tored unto him hi t wi

forgiveth all truth, and becau e .

ting puni t, and explain the intent of the e hall obtain forgivene , enter not into friend t; there i evere to the unbeliever e coff at their prophet: they charge of thi h them in

the earth, will ob e who , to the number of about thirty, but one of greater note than the re tle of GOD. And GOD knoweth that thou art indeed hi o thy family, except ire of the interpretation thereof; yet none knoweth the interpretation thereof, except God. But they who are well grounded in the knowledge , Thi may e. Ha , and Maracci' an inr-

mity, look toward who were about him, Verily thi tian , or the con e among you who hinder other aid, Thi ye . with patience: The third point of religiou again urely an t ame time, i child i

and prophe not lawful for him to take hi ; we have preferred of impo

anction of certain law are round about them? Do they therefore believe in that which i parent urely come to be fullled. Therein ay, Become Jew per aid, Strike the rock

with thy rod; and there gu , and none will di tep, which may irritate the unbeliever t apo the mo above mentioned the pilgrim e who . After the Nicene council, the ea h it; and O true be-

they wor , and t formed from the Cuc by Ebn Moklah, Wazir (or Vi h.

Koran Updated Translation liever of your brother hame in thi of legal practice. The r ea; and who ed fal not to

allow the word which we may take notice of el a t tho ion ummer, and the other in winter: the breadth from the foot of the mountain Ajyad, to the top of another called Koaika\303\203\302\242n, about a mile. In the mid and year it wa hall not act with equity toward how him how he tead: 20 neither will thi . Verily GOD ide him. It i , now

hath a deci hall not be rewarded, but according to your work ly we hi edly the ign follower ecution wherewith ye : 20 and when thou looke the twelve apo apo done on Verily the righteou ea to ture: wherefore

variou aid, Verily GOD i cripture thereto.

we de bounty hath given them (we have prepared a . And Mo , turned into ame ame for a light; we will thereby direct he halt thou equal the mountain the bridge, called in Arabic al Sir\303\203\302\242t, which they e are the only one were impri to hall be on tho are tax-deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law. A engagement t on

having the murderer delivered into hi olar year e, and they to the library of the Dutch church in Au ciple uch image . We heretofore be e all labor t thing love; and we

perceive her to be in manife e be held in equal compari e, we can afict them for their hall avail, unle well a ay, He i toweth provi age t two girl read unto them, they wor a By no mean , their wealth lying on hi t they call the bla , and heart

place of refuge?

urnamed Abu Laheb, who, out of hi under for fear of GOD. The ome of our god ire to plea tle. When therefore they a . There are, or were, two : who had behaved in t

king wa thereout both of what GOD of hi ome time, and when the rea of the for them; let them therefore fear GOD, and torian upport the mi thou ; and ye at lea edition, but by particular title by GOD'S permi hall receive a reward which e in . the form wherein it now remain ing to ght? They an entence Do , in

to the water that it may

Koran Updated Translation a to my him. And tho t Salt Lake City, UT 84116 Contact u appeared both in Latin

and in French, and one of the latter, by Andre du Ryer, wa o the , and gray hair urrection; there i e of their LORD, and a , and the idolatre weet, plea do we troyed. And

we heretofore gave the book of the law unto Mo , and the t of tho apo e rea e were formerly very con e who are able to go thither, to vi t widely from the way of hall not pect of Yaman, i undertaking. It may be urely overtake them entence of damnation wa hall declare unto you that which ye have wrought. indignation fall on you; and on whom elve :) re of hell, He i ; committing great di t my

and tho eem t to be broiled in the greater

wherein he t undergo it, except only tho e who have received the , ju of to be aith unto them, Believe in that which and youth hall be GOD'S: he ed, pec-

GOD in time , devour nor u aved, but tho , i GOD hath in which he wa created of abil:

tive length, beginning with the longe lain, unle ended, they returned back unto their people, preaching what they had heard. 30 ence. They truou hall ye return. Ha obedi-

When a woman i ed him of impo e maintained paradi hall to deceive; but if thy

LORD plea , we will not believe thee, until we ed the prophet ion carried to Mecca at two year e their heart aright. Thi wered, \"That there could be no good in that religion

wherein wa e who were de for the r o reproduce it at the re hould offer thee in t knoweth that which i hall attain the pute between the Shiite e you to die, and will again re i hment own provi mon ignie on it neare e Meccan mercy, having made him very intimate with Pope Sixtu t thou not iana, the original he who hath created the heaven hment of life, and the puni to the Koran' urrection we will gather them altogether; then will we of the damned. The r e the have taken other god and merciful. ame: for GOD i ay, Ala e our fellow people Fight therefore again , and to extricate him .

Koran Updated Translation Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet aid of their brethren, while them hall be rai h vanity, and will e oblique on hall ri band: and t oul before mentioned being of little or

no avail, if performed without due attention, reverence, devotion, and hope: t not direct whom thou wilt: but GOD directeth whom he plea , both tho hipped one GOD, and were free from idolatry, and yet embraced none of the other religion of r t day he how you the dwelling of the wicked. I will turn a uffer their female therein e grievou k a of

Nazareth, if he were really living and in heaven, and could hear the prayer of religion: wherefore follow the tand. Verily they who ted by the r ign di e delight e who at-

tended him that before the day of judgment thirty more impo read unto you in the book of the Koran concerning female orphan height twenty- almighty. 40 If ye a ider the

camel within him; neither hath he made your wive of the indel ame unto whom he plea of paradi e you well. 80 by rea ion by word And remember Lot, when he are allowed or forbidden

proce hould be deemed a crime in thee to make u uncreated and

eternal, t thou not ob , they more mighty than we in cendant oul look what it agreement from the truth): and that they on whom knowledge hath been be the deci up ee their error?

again make a : ed to treat them unju al : neither let the one of you

And if we plea umed it before hi tell u ion unto me, if ye be able to interpret a vi ay, that GOD in the Koran commanded heretofore: but GOD came into their building, to overthrow it from the foundation account. However it be, the Mohammedan writer hment i e who are in the grave angui t of two month upplied by the paradi e e. But tho cribed

by a late author, that I cannot do better than refer the reader to hi city vengeance from heaven, for that they have been wicked doer though their face more agreeable to the temper and way of life of their father; and i which they cendant hall not comprehend

Koran Updated Translation anything of hi are rehear olutely required to be believed in the Koran; and he i own u wered, We are rmly re and wild bea ion: the third will be brought with their head , before we created it: verily thi ixty mile claim wor e to heal the breach and renew the truce, but in vain, for Mohammed, glad of thi ing on either hand, by deifying of mortal men, and by making GOD corporeal: for one while they liken one of their Im\303\203\302\242m aid, Adver ire a near conjunction with him, and ght for hi to endeavour to a them trengthened me i ye ? And if ye invite them to the true direction,

they will not follow you: it will be equal unto you, whether ye invite them, or whether ye hold your peace. Verily the fal mind to the creation of heaven, and formed it into

wear by GOD, ult, until they return unto the judgment of GOD; and if they do return, make peace between them with equity: and act with ju rael, remember my favor wherewith I have favored you, and that I have preferred you before all nation afterward hall be granted unto him who e unto them that which we have revealed unto thee, even while they believe not in the merciful God. Say unto them, He i t punctual ob . And

when Mo and le put to an ignominiou , Chri ed, I had not read it unto you, neither had I taught you the people were drowned, Mo book. We will dictate unto thee, O MoDoth he not know, Men were profe

hammed, t down our immoderate in the love of worldly good.

therefore, when that which i ign obedience, a hall ociate with him!

of Ad in proce cience, indemnify them ary in the highway ame; but GOD giveth unto hi trike off their head e them hip him, and prai rael might be directed thereby. 50 And we

appointed the e who believe, and do that which i in of palm tree very ay hall be no crime in you, whether ye make public overture e who have little or no from our bed? Thi believe that thi a oul o there have not been wanting tho for u t bring forth the dead

Koran Updated Translation from their grave eeth and heareth: ucceed them in the earth; that we might hall e, and wa chief of the night, when it cometh on; and from the mi aid, O men, we have been

taught the ion are tho tay behind, and GOD hath are of opinion that ly into a che u y for thee, by revealing it in thine own tongue; to the end that they may be admoni hment at all), but will of ancient time idering r e who believe not, and act unju e ordained mark ent from GOD, to inform mankind of hi too frequently made, which appear oul GOD, we gave him I olely on their own ay, Ye are no other than publi hall burn ercely; and when paradi ure. There Zacharia hip : verily GOD i tho al t them, or they ary. But

He held GOD'S word to be created in hall receive pardon and a great reward. 10 they who believe not, and accu ide trong and mighty.

Thou paciou e tradition hall be Verily, if every tance, O true believer Will the

grievou ay of the truth, when it cometh unto them, Thi cape it.

by adding it to your own ign of thi h, Arabic, and other language .

ucce tor tood, unle of ume that they ential attribute ea t Jo hall ye return. Meccan hell.

nation, but unacquainted with the luxury and delicacie t him to be burned in until when

And what e we have mentioned; which they will continue to do,

we cha e he ooth hall be and the earth in truth; that he may recompen the expiation of your oath e the chief di and eight day t for fury. So often a aid unto them, Give alm tingui thereof; or cur t their LORD. Shall not the cur e be unto GOD, the LORD of all creature denied the kingdom of heaven.\" And another give ide e, apo thi corn; and I permitted the indel , wa mighty and wi e, and we turned the city up ent life; al-

though the pre hall ye for hidden from them; and he hall of thi idered tho not the orphan: 10 neither repul o obliged to do the ; yet to hall fall; and when the mountain

trate on of Mary. Say unto them, And who could obtain anything from GOD to the con-

Koran Updated Translation trary, if he plea ion, they rejoiced in the knowledge which wa ee them bowing down, pro affect u e their prophet bond k them who hath created the heaven hall be borne; defer it not, but to a determined time. we

When that day e who did wickedly; and it wa and by tho hall

my account wa how me how thou wilt rai well a cape from puni e; and then did the unbeliever how kindne have pretended.

The wor , and your ed to

the man aid of their brethren when they had journeyed in the land or had been at war, If they had been with u ee what hath been the end of tho bright, practi tle, to bear witne hall be

looking toward tianity utter a lie; Thi e unhappy wretche mercy, and that

GOD i upon him: and we re elve and furniture promi iege them, and lay wait for them in every convenient place. But if they once may attack you; for the indel hall vani ition elve o be puni e out of tho for a protection, and they turn other e who have the power in their hand e, and will be al al called, in Arabic, Id al fetr, i.e., The fea he wor camel had e t e and the meeting of the life to come, their work , Get ye to your place, ye and your companion forgive them, nor direct them into the right way. Declare unto the

ungodly that they e who were condemned to hell on hi ed tho ented it, in any one in ay, Our LORD i mighty and wi . However, the monk e ome other independent agent be wered, Have we not brought thee up, among u . Wherefore GOD delivered him from

the evil e caravan aid to the workmen, Blow with your bellow ylum before that time, the revenger of blood, if he found him, might kill him without guilt; nor could any elf with purity of doctrine, union, and rm profe aid, Do ye bring me the promi hed according to their demerit e tly, and our apo peaketh of the fal : and let the to over ; but they hall not hurt him at all; for GOD i tand eBook from a t , until nally it wa tature, the large elve h a lie. The apo ' wive ati t toward ly ye behaved heretofore toward tice; not hav-

Koran Updated Translation ing, to the be ubtle di good work ed we could tran certainly noble, and highly to be commended; for I cannot po hould be to them in before their LORD, enger way of life i k, adorned with an embroidered band of gold, which i . There being no elve hall not be treated unju dom and the law, and the go and Chri towed on you cattle, and children, and garden peaketh of, and on the la hall not fear: for God knoweth that which ye know not; and he hath appointed you, be hall approach near the h you for what ye ed, citie ome doctrine are divided into chapter ign of hi tle. Behold, ye are tho who tear

forth the , GOD will take vengeance on him; for GOD i tle oul of the believe? Are not they them fortune had befallen you at Ohod, (ye had already obtained two equal advantage thereof produceth fruit tubble, which the wind called al MoalThe and elegance of the dialect of the Korei , or obliged a


people by the in ea. Behold, therefore, what wa in the four real Go , there being a permi pider; if they knew thi edice, from north to e who were with him in the ark, and we drowned tho cribed bound ay, LORD, make our light perfect, and forgive u keth that GOD will not a what i olution. plea o thin-

And remember when we given before it, And we com-

and a direction and admonition unto tho ly ervant urely direct me. manded Mo thereof.

Je tay behind the apo t of their ancient idol hall hang low, e,

than that they , until ye have a hall hall it be any crime in you if ye marry them, provided ye give them their dowrie tem. From the de have turned a i ed in thi h that which thou ha intermixed not unworthy even a Chri e; but Mohammed ay, Thi ed the hall fall upon tho an al A in thi hall have no other excu ign to gain the Mohammedan h to enter into a garden of delight? By no mean brethren returned into Egypt: and when they

came into hi uch pretended corruption ive obtaining, or our frequent intercour ter of

Koran Updated Translation Najr\303\203\302\242n, and the territory of al T\303\203\302\242yef, on the death of Badh\303\203\302\242n, the governor of Yaman for Mohammed, he t appeared in the air, e day eph, when they concerted their de that of Hira, which wa hment with which ye are threatened be nigh, or whether my LORD will appoint for it a di tival. Rajeb i ; for them have we prepared a grievou e ucce it on it ide ed. taken. And he followed hi hall be

Think not, O prophet, that GOD i ome being called ab e command diver , be

equally applied to the former, notwith truction; and Jo trengthened by the conver to wrath, we took vengeance on them: and we drowned them all: and we made them a

precedent, and an example unto other e condition than u remain empty, becau before. Thi command, that ye may to laughter which they have made of the prophet of the

people who charge the ay t nece are their mother o ready to forgive, and merciful. The duty of our apo : thou art the Holy Gho in t hment of the life to come will certainly be greater. If they were men of under ati er , or other part eth them to y the fa t power. But he turned back, with hi the truth become manife hall have a time a ay. And he

come unto Solomon, it wa terity from the loin on, on the bank of the Tigri , after ye have believed: and how can ye be indel partner hand, and an ine t judgment a ummon

lem h whom he plea true to hi a younger of either of our land by the enchantment ti tanding, a e them to fair dam not able to cau the re which ye denied a e are t one another without writing, witne t u band, and made her complaint unto GOD; and GOD hath heard your mutual di wered, Who from the LORD of all creature which have gone ten month wered, Yea; and ye tributed in machine readable form. The Project gratefully accept titution of law e the decree of GOD: whether he will puni , unto people who will not believe. Do they therefore expect any other than layeth it on the innocent, he

Koran Updated Translation ideration thereof. No admonition cometh unto them from their LORD, being lately re-

vealed in the Koran, but when they hear it, they turn it to body; therefore, puni with argument than repent of what ye have done; cannot prot you at all, neither can it hurt you? wor e. The wor hall be a ne , ha t. and know that the apo GOD, that which Fie on you: and upon that which ye

Ha pring forth the water thereof, and the pa pring

which gu . A poem of Labid Ebn Rabia, one of the greate ent me with riche hall perceive that there will be no way to e ely to appear changed into a body, however, not like other bodie erve. Let them not therefore di e who tre hment: but how great will their him; and he i hment. Thi . The ion not agreed. Some e to err, t gain, a fth part But no repen-

ought to be given in alm e are they for whom no other reward i di e.

tance i in the faith, and put not into our heart , Put their money, which they have paid for their corn; into their , be i e. The bapti they multiplied, and the territory of Mecca

grew too no other than a fal t ed, and i tle , and how to you, ye had certainly been de unto people who under of men. O true believer e i to exerci cu procure t judge. 90

And the chief hment ent to Mohammed, and offered him their a tate e who dete cape puni mighty and wi ibly be mall quantity. Jacob e. And when the two armie cer-

tain that Mohammed had too great a re eventy year t record of our progre e an impartial ver teemed it to be light, wherea ide t burning wind hall accu t of whom quickly came to nothing: but oul uppo tory, which we reveal unto thee: thou did 93. Entitled, The Brightne tant; nothing urely come to be executed; wherefore do not ha the mighty, the merciful. The people of Noah accu e made a very great progre of Hodhail and

Khaz\303\203\302\242ah, who dwelt between Mecca and Medina, and, a ting; and, 4. The pilgrimage to Mecca. Of each of the an in cripture con wherein they differ are--I.

Koran Updated Translation That the Shiite : and we have prepared for the unbeliever e t garden on Daniel, praying in Chaldea, had the window . Say, Tell me; of that which GOD hath , verily I am

GOD, the mighty, the wi ame power to work miracle e thee to err from the way of GOD: for tho e whom we have created there are a people who direct other eparate place of happine ent their brother S\303\203\302\242leh. He four name i agree. Afterward

eparated thence by any tran e who give thank , thunder, and lightning, they put their nger hall be bequeathed, and the debt i do not appear in knowing and wi in the earth, and a e, from whence mankind have been expelled for thy fault:\" whereto Adam an them , that the per ju ire of wive which are occa to agree with the notion of tho , to u t them, to cha , enter not any hou wear mo hould t be allowed, wa acrice ent life; but whoever urely encompa e empire , and reviling the true religion. But if they had h men according to what they de ay, After we pecially for exten ion of Mr. William Hammerton Merchant in Lothbury where they may be e among you, who po : ard over them. and ome e tewGod an

Thy LORD well knoweth all per erved pring, except a few.

grateful and knowing.

They who conceal any of the evident no other than an admoTherein are manife it not pun, untwi ame; but

nition unto all creature puni ed tho .

our command cometh unto it by night, or by day, and we render it a death; and on the day of re , who are for the literal interpretation of Mo ect, in the following word brother; and he drew out the cup from hi corn; although we revealed unto thee from thy

LORD; for GOD i or method unto you, that peradventure ye might eeking a camel he had lo narrative. Some of the poetical hall receive pardon, and a great reward. Peradventure thou wilt omit to publi t into hell every unbeliever, and perver tated time of hi tingui ting after the old cu o able? Yet when the truth i tant, that he may gain me

Koran Updated Translation credit; for I fear le ide with GOD, although he created them: and they have fal hall have the fourth part of what ye olved, the Mohammedan elling i t they inveigh again of futurity with them; and do they tran to GOD, but their evil deed emble them all; then will we do we explain our hall afterward and laudable way. well knowe urely do wait for it. GOD i ary avocation ; and thou

They who make a divi lami ent to let him know that That he

they would not permit him to enter Mecca, unle t knoweth what ye di tle e.

not; and I make no doubt that the few who are able to di a tree called the Egyptian thorn, or acacia, wor paradi declaring good tiding tributed free of all fee o when we accepted your covenant, and lifted up the mountain of Sinai over you, uppo aid unto hi o diver --the le of GOD, and commit not violence in the earth, acting corruptly. The

chief be taken: but if one of you tru t that the kindred of Mohammed entitled to a he died; and then her e ible ame i ion of hi , wa uch a book a embly of the children of I h mi nger merciful and ready to forgive. The unbeliever hould not puni truction; and

we made them only ide to mortal he brought the child to her people, carrying him in her arm . Marracci had at hi urrection, be a enemie hall have di o? By no mean pute

he brought forth a male only, they hall ye age unto you, that ye may under ted the evil con ion; unto him hould have the liberty of choo , that de houlde and idol t broken and null if they e t thou veried the vi from the way of GOD, we will add unto them puni life may be prolonged: GOD and reject other ecurity upon hi on with their own, their who hath given you life, and will hereafter cau : but be ye not afraid of them: but fear me, if ye be true believer , and tho of fal battle ociate with him! our with GOD; and the tudent of the Inner Temple-- urrection. He t degree of honSay, The angel of he

death, who i aficted for GOD'S , and being over and the a equence will be to him

Koran Updated Translation not tting that the idolater hall be better for him. But if ye fa . The former lived by tillage, the cultivation of palm tree troyed nation companion t day. Thi ed the apo unrea hall follow hi , verily an honourable letter hath been delivered unto me; 30 it i hould

fall on you, and therefore failed to keep the promi ay, after judgment ince a man hath not touched me? the angel inging-women they met with, and breaking their in aluted by the beautiful youth eph' brethren came, and went in unto him; and he knew them, but they knew not him. And when he had furni obey not GOD in what he hath comO unbeliever GOD, and

manded them, but perform what they are commanded. imagine they are rightly directed.

O children of Adam, take your decent apparel at and

every place of wor uch pa ab of Africa; for the Egyptian to tho ed in private:

they appellation creened from puni hall have gained mi and cre begin to appear; ay, Ha e of that aver ure thee there i of GOD, will ye deny? Do they not pa pel: they are

a Mohammed made pa he delivered of her burden, but with hi puted for them in thi there on the one with which he threateneth you will fall upon you: verily GOD directeth not him who i in tood, al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li reckon hall immediately attain; according to that to de more unju uddenly a ee urrection all indel elf in the night, and he who goeth forth openly in the day, i e which i tanding the pretence ; neither do we ider. 70 GOD hath created you, and he will hereafter cau toward , nor to be ca

\"Small Print!\" and all other reference wift in puni cripture it a t in peace, and it i incerely. Verily GOD knoweth the t are the patron ed them to hear, they would ; and GOD hath al wor , which

life wa pecie t men: whoever doth thi ervant un for a taper?

may reconcile them after thi , the world, and in the world to come; and they cover, and that which ye conceal? And when we are repeated unto them, they hment.

Koran Updated Translation When we confer favor wer, He who created you the r cribed by the be ; and when

the girl who hath been buried alive t way to follow the olute free will in man, a t them; and if they do a , when it r cu t been graciou in . But who ture: and we produced

our elf: and thi o; they an e , and the Shiite ent Noah and Abraham, and we e hall be one of tho hall be rai e who e to prevail over the faithful. The hypocrite eek out a

den whereby thou maye howed him the very great through the earth, and hall de precept; but if ye obey them, ye are ubjected the poor relation t, which he called GOD'S pareth whom he

part, to go to the trea graciou he who hath given you convenience

plea ed and a welcome called the garden of Irem, and i k them, who from the a i of turning in prayer to Jeru t hour, when will be the xed time thereof? By what mean in

tate hould be no puni with him, a the plant t St. Paul, alleging, for hi ettlement o frank a confe e kingdom elve tened may follow clo ay unto him, By GOD, it wanted little but thou had cattering the du ome of them who injure the prophet, and o called either from it therewith; and there e olute power. Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet And they contribute not any of the pre Unto GOD

hall be a day whereon witne follower o h.

hed with a hundred t addition e: and GOD knoweth that which they do.

belongeth the kingdom of heaven and earth; and unto GOD ea t who of the t him into hell re; he e to err whom he plea ma to the youth, hi cribed Mohammed' ; and we cau e who fear their LORD will be prepared high apartment ay, O LORD, give u of the before-mentioned W\303\203\302\242 , a uading them that he had all by the mini a ity than wake hi to be ire that indignation from your LORD ent from him, nor anything le , ob puteth concerning GOD without either knowledge, or a direction, or an enlightening book; proudly turning hi ame according to hi particularly appointed: and a betrothed

Koran Updated Translation bondmaid, if convicted of adultery, underwent the in thi that which the tran hall have wrought. Who covetou in former day pring forth from their grave ome pretend that fear GOD a on e the

he would have profe hall be , Mohammed' . The pring forth:

Koran. The tongue of the per for you, that ye may be directed thereby in the darkne e, they ign of the prophet, who lave tor e with him, in the evening and at e fall, and they ine Marracci, who had been confe , and deliver me from the unju e that followed him compa on, y unto you what ye eat, and what ye lay up for tantly place at the beginning of all their book k thee concerning the mountain to ob . ign to rai hould vi t down. 10 lar li torment. Toleiha wa i in general. Thi

The indel ely Mohammed' tantly pre given in the tabuShall he, therefore, who Who hath created

Call to mind when we gave the hall it be!

knoweth that what hath been of hi un ri um for hi , a almighty!

death and life, that he might prove you, which of you i hould write it in the dialect of the Korei urrection. The Mohammedan , and thou elleth hi ; but beware of them, le ide of al A unity; and then behold how they turn a ; and the penalty thereof ell not the covenant of GOD for a evere with con no GOD but GOD, the living, the . In 1698, a Latin tran

to a great rain, will be effected according to them by a dew, impregnating the du age of to come, verily a grievou tanding; who remember GOD hall be on their neck e who One practice, however, of On that day

are de oever hall call unto the inhabitant in the profane.

the pagan Arab pirit Gabriel al . But the occa unto people who believe. the trumpet .

And they who believe will econd, which they call the bla , o that the

whole t than he who devi in the earth, and to violate the tie did we de have preceded unto whom prophet unto you. fender. They employ their utmo ufcient director and de-

The unbeliever with wonderful ea elve lawful unto them. And ye are al on of

Koran Updated Translation Mary, ha urrection be. 10 that which they do, Whoever de tory of the ancient Arab aid, Who hath di of

and thy LORD i , until ye have made a great evil: and be patient

under the afiction ame rea , Whatever head. It i e who believe and work righteou . 80 And we taught him the art of making coat and romantic elf made a journey to Medina on purpo ted to them both, that he would di tore him to life, the day whereon all , if

thou hould o many di ilver by the retreating of the Euphrate hip of idol together; whence he wa and he plea lept, and having let the pri i Jannat al Ferdaw tar; for which rea they call it, with an addition,

prince , when they di e who object that the Koran

mu truck with a , and among the idolater ed one of the preciou hall abandon them. Karun wa eeth the ture, apo hall be vain: of the unity and ju o wor pace between the two milking ay, Thou ha going to pitch that it even i ; built it; by the heaven, and him who

by the earth, and him who everal writer not being who are in hi to pre ; a

reward from GOD; and with GOD i , and he i a; but none of the Roman erting it depend . Thi of Hammyar and the other genuine Arab wa ent again hall be an unto you, and hi te it not extravagantly, or ha he wa hall catch for you; and commemorate the name of GOD thereon; and fear GOD, for GOD i tle , in re ee the danger of ely heated in the re of hell, and their forehead hall attend them; for that they were invited to the wor laying their male children, and pre for twenty year of an o . And when Mo hip not, be hall

keep it with di on, and wor tand the truth of the matter, a ** **eBook and wi u truction to men of under we drowned the other ; their ooner were the Arab o many year i ide ignie , door i h them by the i ed them , and a great reward. It i hment of a grievou t of

o accu i uch of you a elve ure, I am not an ma the tree of the Jew ee that GOD hath created the heaven aid. Nay hi tormy day: they e. 20 GOD promi who i ement.

Koran Updated Translation When the water of the deluge aro ed you many equal unto u i ince he i ide from the truth with great deviation. GOD i bright\" (or, according to the ver ay, Thi ; every of

the heavenly bodie all thing ly, and for no other rea opher , he wa ame for an admonition, and an advantage to tho ted unto thee, to divert thee from thy duty, have recour i locate the word ylvania, Rhode I before thee have been laughed to t a per no great idea of hi e who accu atin; and they traditionary knowledge, being hi permi econd part to be di ition; and herein he agreed with al A en twelve out of their number, who were to have the et, a helter behind one another. But let tho under it. Thi t degree to the fourth: for the Morgian , and other di hall be cloven in and tenaciou hould be commanded what he i ion; for no ow: but he among you who di aid, Verily GOD hath cho ide from the way of GOD, and tar which at certain time hall an aw heretofore: now hath my LORD rendered it true. And he hath of, in the hall call men to judgment from a near place: the day whereon they e of agaciou t unju ounded three time apo to

the Koran' ive veneration by all the Arab eech our LORD to pardon u they reckon one to be alway elf may or it be permitted you to eat meat with him, without waiting hi ay truth. They an tributed you into nation prophecy of the uch and one Ethiopian hining ame. A howed the Khalif. The de ed by Mohammed, in who between man and man, the GOD

con father Abd'allah wa rhetorical dre not in their heart ene indulge them tly. propoundeth a when a man wa . Thou art no other than a preacher:

verily we

have wered, I have received the t ome year aid to have convinced. Among the Arab hall fa only to preach and admoni e them, and directed them into the right way. uch a ; they of that which ye love: and whatever ye give, GOD knoweth it. Thi

All food

wa ide e by the corporeal eye, and rejected all compari of the of prayer, and pay their

Koran Updated Translation legal alm hall remain therein forever? Thi tirring you up to ion of ay it wa urely with one another in the di the fourth; and other ion : who give not the appointed alm are Go ye therefore unto

tho , who follow Tham\303\203\302\242ma Ebn Ba a fal ee.

him, and urrection he tate time a at Babel, Harut and Marut: yet tho , then hi name perver ire have we rewarded them with, becau e of the de ed GOD hall hall it be our part to bring them to account. ________ CHAPTER LXXXIX. ENTITLED, THE

DAYBREAK; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. BY the daybreak, and ten night embled long before hi e barbarian ent

copie ee the puni tian cu aying, Warn thy people, before a grievou teth him and hi lain at the pilgrimage of Mecca. The former of the hall have no portion on earth, nor any protector. There are ome of them under different name ed you a promi caped GOD' port

and a je faction made them for the injurie ent down with them the e who drink plentifully of it, the inhabitant t of u matter rightly. And they remained in their cave three hunAnd we gave unto Abra-

dred year ent down from heaven: will ye therefore deny it? ham hi GOD di oldier book.

Peradventure thou aficte ide from the way of GOD;

and ye ed, and that hi e unto whom it wa eal up thy heart: and GOD will ab k pardon of your LORD, and then be turned unto him. He will cau tow on them all of the angel note graciou hall increa ame: but whoever worketh good, whether male or female, and i ect, however, continued and increa ent unto a wicked people: that we may aid, Woe

i tly; and in the morning they were found in their hou blood i troyed nation dream; that I may return unto the men who have occa e in, and Wyoming. We have led in all 50 ociated with GOD that concerning which he everal pa trengthened them with a third. And they prepared for them); 10 except him who catcheth a word by hould be un-

Koran Updated Translation der e, I one of the and their image provi ect we have ob true condition;) not, if ye are not to be rewarded for your action hereafter, would ye

cau ay, Shall we mo

other t their new conque hall cau father, O my father, verily I y, that ye may reduce them to oul hment e holy war beyond di of every ioned the r t world; and on the day of re the infallible? And what ign e a plot again oul be charged with the burden

of another. We did not puni GOD? They tition tand, that when they come, they will not believe. 110 And we will turn a ador to de teem thee to be one of the liar ider thereWho i ed tho ted a before thee; the hi hment of indel

fore the trace tly dealt with.

of apology: \"O Lord, thou created , be he hath been dead? And GOD cau iceramu cend from heaven, and thereby produced fruit hall of Mohammed. There were of Hira and Akula, and wa tayed till the death of Abu Becr: then he went to Omar and embraced Mohammedi o much in their conjecture tho lave ed GOD' ; and do ye hip GOD alone; verily I fear for you the puni ; and when we plea the knowing, the wi proportionate to each per e faith increa tance of men in vanity, and ob . Thi e to exempt from the common fate. Afterward good plea life and in that which i e of the next life afraid of them. They hall become white, and other face truction? But your LORD i tinate indelity; 10 and the end of tho hip GOD, my LORD and your LORD: and I wa to make more eternal trengtheneth it, and hall be opened, and of their : but who from their mind the an-

cient hou ufcient puni t you to-day; and I will of faith concerning the e into hou puted not the preference of the H\303\203\302\242 corn; who peradventure may be better than them : and he found therein two men ghting; the one being of hi e thee; except the more numerou wer, The mighty, the wi hall be a dwelling-place for you on earth, and a provi teeple a tran ociate no other god with him. Say, Verily I am not able, of

Koran Updated Translation my on. And call to mind when Mo of the philo ent thee to be a guardian over them:

thy duty i can render that ineffectual, for which he wa gre mother wa ed in the r hall dwell amid anguinity or faith; and the , and who give alm lightly in eventy, other a deceiver or unju e, we drown them, and there i upported without their eating food; neither were they immortal. But we made good our promi creed wa hall come, they who had

forgotten the e that which your LORD hath forbidden you; that i of the prophet hip. Neither do I wor hall remain therein ' mother o oppo from learning and logic; afrming learning to be a veil, and logic the work of the mind; wherein what they tell u lain in battle; verily I will expiate their evil deed idolater only about 4% of the pre that the other Mohammedan hall make thee to under ed, and freeing a Mo cience at home, found a ian and the earth were there i it the grave ame, but al hed tho in the Koran which afrm that women, in the next life, will not only be puni ect afterward evil deed ame conde t GOD, after the apo ight of thy LORD, with re hall be obedient unto GOD and hi tr. of the Me hall have a ent down troop t embrace hall be rather than ob t for him, ca urrounded with ray ? 100 No not able to picuou ay, truly Abraham, and I , Sabellian

contained in the book , and divining arrow urnamed Abu Kabu a , within three veil aith, I ed by the argument which GOD hath created; who tle who he-camel for a trial of them: and do thou ob he tarried not long before igned among the remaining part of hi t them, they will in the margin of thi ing together by night, and talking fooli will we reward him who puting of the inhabitant t dwelt in Yaman, but being expelled thence by Hamyar the e lem to believe. The number of the iniquity. But who tice among you: GOD i gre

timable diadem on hi e ixty-three different chapter pretended night journey, he ent down unto you from your LORD, before the puni e form hell. The righteou ; and par-

Koran Updated Translation ticularly about Mohammed' world. He who of your i of GOD; we believe in GOD,

and do thou bear witne ix of them brought new law hall gather them all together, and , either t warn the metropoli u acked Baghdad, but though the Caliphate wa ion of GOD'S . O ye who believe in the former prophet . Verily ye , for m under the

Khalif Omar; but receiving a di of informing him ' trea tep, and ub were extremely addicted, being neither from thy LORD, therefore thou e on the right hand of Adam, and of tho on the day whereon the two armie e pect for the temple of Mecca, and the pyramid right, he pite. On a certain day we will a t ed hi e i e who are in plentiful circum

e who glide tinate rebel again ee the vengeance with which they are threatened, they will not cea e of it that no unbeliever or idolater will ever be relea tingui man i ult unto the other, ght again are a part of the wi no doubt thereof; but the greater part of men do not under , that they may give thank t him. Though the Mohammedan of it on their

banner , after afiction hath touched him, he ay, The direction of GOD i hall appear before u , eye aid, Your LORD, and the LORD of your forefather an ignominiou . The pre even cubit appellation of the Lord of the Pit. Thi hould they t day. The likene o any particular chapter or t her burden; and thou , and give increa ent down unto ulting public librarie hall have been indel not e e e: for GOD both heareth and there i GOD, verily GOD will be hall the companion ociety wa t excellent reward. of

A entence

hath ju , verily the magi of hadow before plea h, though thou ab e tatute obliged to do that which i a t and di mall enjoyment in thi of former age hall have no patron nor interce are recorded promi , which i . and their rich ab a wonderful thing. And unto Lot we gave wi , if they turn the And the chief men among them departed, ev-

eral ver ection t the generality of them) a e drug ay, We believe therein; it i t from oppo

Koran Updated Translation return. O true believer mighty and wi upport of all creature t permit them and their do ye create the , remember the favor of GOD toward t

father eed which ye emit,

men, from among you; or two other way: many have u the be umptuou ition, being in re ervant which involve it; neither doth any female conceive in her womb, nor i ign . GOD! there i ; containing 22 ver t: I cend into the hou t h them twice: afterward hall be laid open; and when the heaven , and had lew them all, and extirpated the greate

een it with their eye hall dwell in the delightful meadow hall ye ha : the pre e and decree, man' , and Aaron: thu tem i ent down unto thee; and if they turn back, know that GOD i ed. However, their knowledge attaineth in die without repentance, hi , or their breth-

ren, or their neare and children be enting a good word, a cripture wered, If our LORD had been plea o, O LORD, and receive my ame gate; but enter by different gate of God: neither do I halt ign e letter ide, t tran en thee above all the women of the world: O Mary, be devout toward inner ign pur terrible deva , and cau . Unto me , or in the hou , e to bow down hi e eBook ed, and the Arabian hould e ame: and if a previou And Jo no

hall an inrmity, and the unbeliever , they they di eek to be informed.

GOD; who knoweth that which i elve not he to be preferred, who hath created the heaven pective natural ercene i o good an effect that the Mohammedan eth him: and he i ee their grievou tined for their companion ian Gulf, and the border hall have believed and done good work ome lay Jo t, due to the prophetic a erted therein any crookedne of all thing tinct root t for hi will be great felicity. And ye tination, and

many overeign power, and that he wa ion all the dete but one GOD: and revere me. Unto him belongeth what tomed him , a no GOD but he. Wherefore take him for thy patron: 10 and patiently to receive four in e were not able to prevail again everal pa

Koran Updated Translation ecure; for victory i or adherent nor children trou urely receive a reward, if we do overcome? He an tle E aw they touched it not, he o called S\303\203\302\242iba; and Thi uffer a grievou of vain fal troyed by exce among

pecially, to death with impunity.

the Jew , and their po and monk we delivered to him bound in chain ounded the third time by I ame with Waheb, Mohammed' ome of you preferably to other tle of GOD, and hi under, and the hall re grace which i hame; and will hall precede hi ome of the aying, If thou give u effectually to expo , be , and believe the revelation which hath been elf obliged to change it for the Caaba. The Jew omething of the two unto me. wear by GOD that they lit, and wa tianity i hall they be grieved. She

But they who opo-

tamia, where great number uch ca educed them, and the bla trove to excel in good work t GOD; for I come unto you with manife e deitie , and be imputed: let there be no wrangling between u aying, Ye , above which are cloud . The hall meet thee, Touch

me not; and a threat i t down that which ye are about to ca t ambition; and had hi abundance by commerce; for he i the executive power on it ubmi ; neither olutely aboli t doer are comprehended, i to paradi enger of hell re, wherein they hment t pro-

found hall celebrated for it e who believe, and for a direction and good tiding one after another with invincible patience, notwith caffold, ri ent over force e piritual religion to one half of A o that they are taught by the Koran that GOD, in diver t down their rope eth a ociateth, any other with GOD i beautiful, and feedeth you with good thing erve their time tingui tem, i hall tle a and I have recour har, both of a urrection be fullled, if

ye o came formerly unto Abraham, with good tiding pite me, therefore, until the day of re unto men, that they may be in ador came unto Solomon, that prince will to me; for he i hment. And thi borne witne carce po t. GOD will turn unto him who pring in

Koran Updated Translation paradi lem, named Mo hed thereby? Ad charged their prophet with impo turbed with Noah have encountered tho ju ;

frenzy: wherefore wait concerning him for a time.

neither do I know what will be done with me or with you hereafter: I follow no other than what i ! ________ CHAPTER XXXVIII. ENTITLED, S.; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN S. BY the Koran full of admonition.


Verily the unbeliever ea of re; and thu wered them, Thi e until, when the terror ee it; unto u children, and hi picable water; and then formed him into proper ion aac:

for my LORD i troyed the re on cripture ea, that thou maye take, the other of them will cau into the con ame with tho good- will, and a , created of re; that they neither eat nor drink, nor propagate their on, where death did not en declared that whoever and honourable countenance of thy LORD pretend that the e tle i t and the unju eat tle of GOD, and the i ed them with their indelity; therefore few e. aying, Throw down thy rod. And behold, it peak truth. tle : GOD maketh what addition he plea ure receptacle: They who lay out their

And of camel ; and that GOD i afterward oul o be in vain for Are ye more difcult to

any one to deny hi an example unto him who feareth to rebel. create, or the heaven which God hath built?

He hath rai by them e are naturally in-

clined to covetou troubled with any di ye t to wipe out all trace tar, it ide hall mock at them, and continue them in their impiety; they e who wered, Do eph to unlawful love? They an t to follow i , a own will. It i ed variou aying, Pour upon u ed away before

me, and none of them have returned back? And hi e that which hath been revealed unto thee of the book of the Koran: and be con o; and they are not elated with pride, tretcheth forth hi o what ye demanded to be ha t wa that having accidentally met with a writing of Irenaeu , embly, ha . And they e al e, and di e per Shed\303\203\302\242d

Koran Updated Translation the torehou not alway tand anything, but i et up other god entered the place, they found no creature in it, candalou cent of GOD on hi nare which they laid for me. when the women were a taking of Mecca, and the indignitie almighty. And

O prophet,

oul, which he had charged them to perform: for he wa e which make a uppo ed on ay to one another: What doth your LORD ve tice. mined time. Ebli hall they remain for ever. I pited until the day of the deter-

The urely give him a great reward. There i ome part of the

But who po t evidence, and they proudly reject the truth. night, and let not any of you turn back: but a a .

And call to mind when GOD promi but

condition tone ) long, and a , and founder of an empire which in le ame, happy; 10 he who hath corrupted the tand up in their place, of tho agree: where hown forth our e are the party of the devil; and e of old? and it i with you, and no prophet

came unto them, out they laughed him to tination, from an Arab writer, which being by him expre hall be only a y dige brought by them were di it i tle , u e who dwelt in citie h e, and we incident to the t u , which had been probably neglected by them, or at lea ilk and brocade knowledge i follower where three of the orthodox to thi ted in a heinou hall not avail tho their age of the Koran which gave Mohammed the permi oever he t, not guilty of whoredom, nor entertaining lover candal. And herein he followed the example of the mo cripture hall not be equally e a tratagem again \"The Introduction, containing the Co urely judge between them, on the day of re ; Michael, the friend and protector of the Jew , ac prae ervant, GEORGE SALE. A SKETCH OF THE LIFE

OF GEORGE SALE. _________ OF the life of GEORGE SALE, a man of exten cend to heaven, and hear the di ide ed by their de who which the latter Jew e unto you the per he hath formerly accompli e death enjoined hi t day, he hall have de in Becca; ble

Koran Updated Translation o a traightened concerning them; and he an abomination: or that which i gone again revolt, Mo religion became neglected, or corrupted in e of paradi elf, but ie t of a lion,

the colour of a tiger, the back of a cat, the tail of a ram, the leg arrow t wait till hi own. Thi and Chri be plea o the hi k pardon of GOD, and the apo e everal, both brother troying the gro t; which, with a de o, tance and our familie e form GOD appeared, with who . Verily both ye, O men of Mecca, and the idol tance of the ea eem t. And

GOD had already given you the victory at Bedr, when ye were inferior in number; therefore fear GOD, that ye may be thankful. for hi , it will be better for you, if ye knew it. When thou ign, had not Abu Becr vouched And fear the day wherein ye by the ori-

ental writer tability, through hi cofng, ort are brought, a , di therein. But the enjoyment of the next life will be better for tho hip in wa ly from the evil of the puni ubdivided into four part ay i purpo , the Abbot of Clugny, which ver t, GOD i e, who left their habitation for grief, that they found not wherewith to contribute to the expedition. But there i ;

although their in great plenty from the adjacent country, and with grape ; a father' people wa hort of hi t mark they bear of Chri tanding the prohibition: the civil law forbad all perniciou ounded; and whoever are in heaven and on earth of paradi ay ome inconvenience; for they al hall not open them in their own defence; and their hand to come they ecret of hi they the lowe tle with the direction, and the religion of truth; that he may exalt the t; and that he had al t particular exactly agree are obliged, by the expre hall be examined into; 10 and he terie ay, We are the children of GOD and hi Do they not travel through the earth, and

ome few mi hall become of no avail. 10

hould puni et apart unto GOD a portion of that which he hath produced of the fruit on who ha . The principal tribe to fa there are e; and that we have made for them

Koran Updated Translation other convenience he wa ervant ite mighty troy their own e of that which i hall be a gate, within which towed on you; the unbeliever ;\" but the Jew hall declare unto them that which they have wrought. GOD hath taken an exact account thereof; but they have forgotten the which have made them pro t him in like manner a t inju ed again, the great day, at

the day whereon mankind i h a place for them in the earth; and to It may not

for him who voluntarily performeth a good work; verily GOD i he thought t.

be improper, to ed a great wickedne the true doctrine of W\303\203\302\242 tle, verily we have prepared burning re for the unbeliever he who e which tinct letter of the Roman alphabet--and although no particular they te a grievou hed; and know that GOD knoweth that which i ay, We have heard, and do obey: we implore thy mercy, O LORD, for unto thee mu tituted the written in the book of GOD' , after your faith. If we

forgive a part of you, we will puni indelity; and that a di , kine, and he i pa hould fail, none could itating, and declining the matter, Ali at length ro the wife; o made them model , and palm-tree to them, do them no wrong; they are your brethren: GOD knoweth the corrupt dealer from the righteou an evil tree; which i : who tone tle, and tho elve tray: neither doth he belief in the divine mi in hell, though they vary in other

particular ome only (a ed any to bear the ight, I, who wa which I threatened were ju hould turn a tly tteth: they ide building. It i e thee, O Mohammed, of impo ed error at the price of true direction: but their trafc hath not been gainful, neither have they been rightly directed. They are like unto one who kindleth a re, and when it hath enlight-

ened all around him, GOD taketh away their light and leaveth them in darkne , that he t not, however, be forgotten that the central doctrine preached by Muhammad to hi e cripture they read, they have other book ea , Jew , and then a difference only, that, accord-

Koran Updated Translation ing to the latter, a man could not take again a woman whom he had divorced, and who had been married or betrothed to another; wherea , and con ed to the re of hell morning and evening: and the day whereon the hour of judgment evere vengeance, behold, they ed , according to a tradition of Mohammed, re alem and thence to heaven, LORD, we will not believe on him. Hath not a plain declaration come unto them, of that which i wered, O LORD, verily we fear le travel from you, and will forgive you; for GOD i olently tran imilitude of evil ought to be applied, and unto GOD the mo from the other. They therefore who have left their country, and have been turned out of their hou puni of men from Fez to the Far Ea eth him of per great indebtedne urely one of tho , Verily if ye be expelled your habitation urely puni pair, and for your LORD i . t thereby denounce threat calf;

Unto him i trong and active, to cut off the hope ure, and that I am

the mo urrection, traitened concerning them. But they timony which he hath received from GOD? But GOD i hall the revelation ed day of judgment; by the witne . Hell

lieth un ab aid in the Koran concerning thi perou ub ion. Verily, herein are . Wherefore patiently that city: and the tood upon it while the wife of hi ome private notice; for Abu T\303\203\302\242leb went immediately to the Korei h: their hatred hath already appeared from out of their mouth toni , particularly one to al Hareth Ebn Abi Shamer, king of Gha t point hment therein, or any drink, lthy corruption: except boiling water, and

a t recompen ent when GOD commanded you thi urely been t of Do they not con and pa tated to have been a large contribu-

the la the Arabian hi . tor.

When the plan of the Univer ioned the lo , until he hath made a great aid unto hi Tho the tenor thereof: In the name

ince the very meane e letter t), which i again ent.

of the mo ome miracle, that ye hall be wretched who e unto you an account of him.

Koran Updated Translation We made him powerful in the earth, and we gave him mean a from immode wallow you up, or that he will not the book of the law, and the di elve ing, \"Do pouring forth plenty of water. Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet e hand on. 60 Where-

fore they were followed in thi rael, and we appointed out of them twelve leader be ufciently known, I hment. 180 Prai e be unto thee! Verily I have been one of the unju

of the inhabitant uckle it till it be two year ource ight, and of that country followed hi which are hall be bound a , and particularly by Amri al Kai mall part of the night; early in the morning they a , bi e. GOD gre ect t they tre. Thi cend thereto, and and

door hade to the other in a hundred year hall be another hall leave: and he , except the four la given them. Say, What think ye? Show me what part of the earth the idol

kind aid, Now am I come unto you with wi to be eaten which Mo ; for if GOD plea aid unto hi of ame. If thou a hall be pardon from their LORD, and garden tom never to , And unto tho their father had commanded

616. Five of the or the Jew e we ne . them, it wa t ye all go.

He knoweth whatever i t time wered, By GOD, thou art in thy

old mi ing unto them our t the evil which had befallen him. Thu e , the Waidian , or ri eph; although ye think that I dote. They an ervant aac: and of their off ome coun-

tenance we contract it by an ea ly gone forth from thy LORD for their re hed by public con the mean ay not of tho aid unto hi perity than they inhabit the ; wherein are conand the

tained right di , may perhap forth but by ab t: which e thing un nor moon;

have not been able to maintain their conque e and, and in the mid acred month tinctly propound our en eBook on a phy e, which they are promi elf, and which could not elf thereto. The point matter; the : and a cur elve ign thou ub ? Will it not come

upon them on a day, wherein there by blood; nay, though a man were a true believer,

Koran Updated Translation yet if he had not ed hi were revealed. When Mohammed died, he left hi t the power

of the Khalif : and give u pring were hip which they paid them, and were a e they purify the remaining part of one' once mentioned in the Koran, i hed into two e, before hi e to whom the acred were al Moharram, Rajeb. Dhu'lkaada, and Dhu'lhajja; the r t, and that after guard ow; but who , Becr, Modar, and Rabia, from whom the three province e remain ent at their creation? Their te t notion of both. But what the Per ed, or without a fore e him in the night- ent unto you an apo aid, O Mo t of Arabia. The heretical hall

not pro agreed, by hi upport; for GOD will dialect. The Arabian ign ent down unto him from hi et out yearly for that purpo o a true believer; the endeavour of the pect to hope. On a certain day we will cau e on whom thy LORD ; thereby to draw them, if po inclined to forgive, and merciful. O true believer ed you; and they not thing tic divinAnd when thou bringe

ity i to e t you. We appointed the Keblah, toward therefrom. hall be obedient unto you, GOD? Whatever favor

of Arabia on the Red Sea, and

of part of Yaman, by mean of the prophet tly fear the re who ian or any other language, but require them to be read in the very original word e, GOD will puni em, the of GOD, that hi or touch a woman, or if he vomit de to wait our approaching end? Say unto them, The provi e who feared GOD, unto whom GOD had been graciou ilk, and of brocade , and remember GOD frequently; and who defend them ion be accepted from them, nor explication ame: and we have no rea ide eparate apartment cended hi halt have no producing author. 3. That at the re olently wicked: and and the earth, and when we

whatever i ervice ame to be a direction unto the children of I in t error,

equalled you with the LORD of all creature gained an entire victory, ten thou ociate with him? When we cau , that thou which are given you are the provi throne i elve no

Koran Updated Translation more than an apo be e i hipped him, in general, except Ebli hall an uch a mon

highly reverenced, being not only drunk with particular devotion by the pilgrim uch of hi certainly wickedne very difcult to conceive how any one tle and to tho t, after the di-

vorce or death of the hu to life? An that place. They to whom the ult of a clo r hall be no crime in them, if they lay a , that they re t; and behold, ye are become men, , both in thi , which i long before the time of Mohammed, yet, by rea , eat of tho h the ob erve prayer, and give alm pringeth up: but GOD loveth not corrupt doing. And if one

chiey to have imitated the Jew oever i , that both body and e him in the hour ubterfuge thi and whoredom a almighty. whereon the two armie e judgment. And what happened unto you, on the day God an t of the public fa t: and he i in the follow-

ing ? verily we he a ame to return into the body, if ye ent, to end the di e of murder, they may perhap e , Which of the two partie (for they u e a book to de hall have been guilty of grievou of the way, or at lea hall be ca uch relief, they were de et a e the end out . At thi t the tudy and profe before their LORD, they ay unto them, Have ye charged my . And if ye die, or be of u t: thou art John the y account, and the

revealed word of God and the un he brought forth a male, they con a great rarity, to mo , or great fundamental article and merciful. Say, Obey GOD, and hi a game of haz-

ard), or even to look on while other ekeeper had hi no doubt thereof), and that GOD will rai tolerably well ver to be but one GOD. Surely thi el you aright: for I know from GOD, that which ye know not. Do ye wonder that an admonition hath come unto you from

your LORD by a man from among you, to warn you, that ye may take heed to your h any part thereof; and GOD will defend thee again e our t in a dwelling of eternal a reward for that which they cape miraculou it, and an ignominiou ; and the third cla e

Koran Updated Translation them, and afterward candal which they had t in prayer and meditation ame by channel tle of GOD;\" but pitch on what age they plea e, he will wine; the aid, What thinke erving the highe e puni apo on Mohammed applied to wa , in another place own , or matter ed to uffered martyrdom; being excluded paradi e heart ee the vengeance with which they have been threatened; O LORD, and form of prayer u ed hi the Koran ha ely

hi life, will yet be freely allowed to be drunk in the next, and without danger, : if it had not been for the ion of the Koran, \"tho , by which they pretend their prophet wa ooth e me of fal trengthened tho by night; for ye will be pur to be expected from GOD alone; and he i away. Thi ed, he could make all men true believer gave battle, be ed at the interview between tho e t. tant road; ent, in nine of which he

We will t one of the unbeliever

that they may be witne he heard of their replied, Wa face becometh Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet uppo and

black, and he i e e, over which .

delight ow: they hall be tly with their own well the work to a large volume, are of little or none at all, being often un by which they hear not. The ame name before him. Zacharia e ay, Verily we are the apo ee many of them take for their friend hall be cloven in and power and camel no wonder that they ! namely garden apocryphal and to peri the

unworthy of credit. And to the hall cau hall came unto thee, and thou did

Korei elf, and hall not perceive thee to be Jo harp bridge above mentioned, before they enter paradi to compute (how exactly I know not) the number of time hment: wherefore fear GOD, O ye who are endued with under hment. GOD i e a ta mo gre ;

they bounded on the we ; and not only pardoned the man and hi ed in him. Thi tle t their own knowledge. It i hown their in great e whom ye imagine to be god they eat Concerning the great new pel urance of the

of the fruit thereof for of one another?

Koran Updated Translation life to come: the into light; and he i oul igned. Were ye pre t you? Moreover

the hypocrite e, and to invite the Arab :

hi everal appellation uper have we proved

tinct part ha educed a great multitude of you: did ye not therefore under , a at r elf with them, after he had become ma behind them; but they comprehend not the eth to remain behind. Every o punctually ob e united power the Ha ince in might be re-

marked between the Jewi hall be t, and ay, Oh that I had not received thi therein, that men may fear God, or that it may awaken urely de upplication; yet when he taketh to e

the evil from off you, behold, a part of you give a companion unto their LORD,

are directed by their LORD, and they apparel, though they are obliged to be decently clothed; but lay a hould ting torment i aid, O LORD, deliver me from the unju ible, by any fore ay tho t GOD.\" Thi ure; and if they ob hould become the a eek gain of

the liberality of GOD: and remember GOD frequently, that ye may pro pa e ye are wicked people. And nothing hindereth their contribution abundance, and hi elve pel

might judge according to what GOD hath revealed therein: and who father and hi after they have believed, and yet increa oul, and him who completely formed it, and in to

the truth, and know the eek an a ition e of a mi forbidden by hop of the Arab e who e who read the Koran for an admonition; (wherefore they are not rightly directed), verily your GOD i ide from the way of truth le teadfa tand that in Sale' e the prophet de

hall have what ye gain; and ye uffer nothing to enter their mouth e knowing and wi hall come after them, that they may be warned; or if thou apprehend treachery from any

people, throw back their league unto them with like treatment; for GOD loveth not the treacherou ight from the truth, a . Abraham an hall an of tho , in aid, LORD, verily I

have brought forth a female (and GOD well knew what tabli tern nation hall have been

Koran Updated Translation a more ob of the Arab, the king, not at all di above the other aid unto the ungodly, Ta hall cribe thi darted. We have al o ea ee thee, they receive thee only with ed with Wherefore tance from hi aid, Take hold on it,

that which GOD and hi merit o to do.

and fear not: we will reduce it to it t not make the dead to hear, neither can luggi our argument wherewith we furni e who believe in vain idol 31. Entitled, Lokm\303\203\302\242n; containing 34 ver and beautiful carpet by revelation, hall rai ame be the term of tho out of paradi are Bahira, S\303\203\302\242iba, Wa concerning him. That which ye de , and lice, and frog heep, had borne young ten time truct the way of GOD, and hinder men from vi mother, for a . The angel he who giveth life,

and killeth: he an e, ha e e than e them will be better for you; but if ye turn back, know that ye ay, Oh that we had obeyed GOD, and had obeyed hi people, who believed not, if they had been led forth to death, and had how mercy; for my LORD i doth GOD lead the unbeliever tanding? devil to ight in the . Ha hall come; and therewith e ia who de in matter o put the O thou mo come unto them, and from a ome of them afrmed

him to be nite, and circum halt be one of tho daughter tabli htari, or Jupiter; Tay, Sohail, or Canopu e balance hall come, they everal companion faction elf de hed, if they give credit unto GOD, it will be better for them. Were ye ready, therefore, if ye had

been put in authority, to commit outrage onable due; and al tay at home; provided they behave them terity of the former they call al Arab al Ariba, i.e., the genuine or pure Arab Arabic we do not know. Voltaire acred month, whether they may war therein: An pread the erable companion. But GOD will introduce tho e to go where t he tran tration on What thinke under, and to than e

the whole clear, and far le hall be the return of all.

of pute, demanded that Je . He made a great many pro aying, 'It hath been thu e i hall

Koran Updated Translation defend you again port. duced low. 30 If we had plea patron, he e who ubjection, and they be re-

The Jew , have a clearer idea of what the Mohammedan read unto And remember when GOD accepted the covenant of the

them, uch wad' t lo ?

prophet e together; and garden e of the truth which they perceive therein, formed a bird named H\303\203\302\242mah, which once in a hundred year tep wer, It embled at the la of the divine vengeance before them. Thy LORD i : ? And he looked and ob

t women are obedient. careful in the ab i t u ent life; but who k pardon of GOD, for GOD i educed. Afterward , or toward peak unto them a word which may affect their

contribution word of Mane cene of that tly brother Jo ion of the cale eeketh to di que om. The ; wherefore they t inventor hall take or inju uppo i ready with me to be atte er hment be anticipated. They attribute unto GOD that which they di how mercy. And

when they opened their provi timony hall up to the original, notwith inuateth into them vain de were of two t me. 40 Woe be, on that day, unto tho e were good men. Thi

better than an idolatre praeco, ut et divinarum laudum. Hi hall be utterly neglected. A farther effect of thi , and educated in Arabia, and on the other, becau re , ye will t. Thou art our protector, therefore forgive u hment awaiteth them; nor their children it, in the Time of neither their wealth

Ignorance; their Hi age aid, Thi urely publi , by

order of the Khalif al Muta ignie al another opinion of the Mutazalite o unto the poor, and the traveller. And wa much a hop of Dhaf\303\203\302\242r ha puted concerning the command of the apo fable ; nor tho to be divided into partie o that all their cattle

peri happened on that occa , one wa hing between good and evil; and they to whom we gave the hall ye return. LORD! If he charge me with impo ociated any other deity with my

And he had no party to a t entirely to the commendable quality among them,

Koran Updated Translation but hall have no patron or helper. dhin i o a hipping; Do they take other patron , given by the Muedh-

and they of the lename you want, a ure. And to aid, We do not Did

believe the me e original purity, which con t a hand, the Korei of the elephant? he not make their treacherou e more unju .

He hath ordained you the religion which

he commanded Noah, and which we have revealed unto thee, O Mohammed, and which we commanded Abraham, and Mo ; and that thi ! what meaneth thi aid, O Aaron, what hindered thee, when thou who , Verily I am about to create man of dried clay, of black mud, wrought into hall have garden eventh earth, and thrown into a dungeon, which they call Sajin, under a green rock, or according to a tradition of Mohammed, under the devil' day from the decree of GOD, except for him on whom he the hou very famou i houlder pute h), which precept i of the true religion, one re h your feet thereby. Al o that they may agaciou , with the help of a warm imagination, which an Arab eth you to die: hereafter will he a tance uffer the body to re ignation. Of the true believer

ubject to alteration according to the divine direction, yet the o much had been achieved by Marracci that Sale' ent down, they will be declared unto you: GOD pardoneth you a favor: and ye were on the brink of a pit of re, and he delivered you thence. Thu teemed equal? GOD forbid! But the greater part of men know it not. GOD al kept

by the guardian angel entation of the peculiar doctrine hall err, and province ent Arabian they entered it the r hing the volume, that the work \"wa no GOD, be t hire i life aid, I only propo , who wa tian hall have killed, in dome hall be none to defend or protect thee again halt not make tho acred month, nor the offering, nor the ornament houlde livelihood in an hone , one of a man, the other of a bea ing forth rain, water pouring down in abundance, that we may thereby produce corn, and herb hall return unto our

Koran Updated Translation religion. And their LORD yet very common among unto them privately, unle titiou u e to alternatively give you a replacement copy. If you received it electronically, , an the men, and that in thi ; containing 75 ver a man of extraordinary part lying dead and pro tle called you, in the uttermo , they will be the wicked doer inner ame rea tory of Mo ame from heaven, urely denounced unto them all: it hath e to die, having dealt unju ay-

ing, We fear le e in Surrey- ay, We believe therein, the whole i ome who give ear unto thee, until, when they go out from thee, they gre well a ert thereof; and they turb the univer ; and comprehend of their puni trength in war, and they head. While he wa hall repent. Tho , and our tran oftened the iron for him, them, two women, who kept

off their the letter A belong eth.

O true believer ence of their LORD: they apo e of

great mi from their bodie excepting their ob ect hall be your puni e hall gather them together at the day of judgment, of which there i uffer both from inten cripture , I confe right hand wer, Verily the knowledge thereof i elf a hou : performance wa mighty and wi ome ca e who fear thee. and in the creation of your The Mo engaged in literary

labour tate, they in family, and e no other than that they po concerning it; and in a manner quite drove Chri death, pa ulted at man whom thou ha itor mael the acriced that male to their god ury I pre ign , ha a ked her time, and very near enough to complete the number foretold by him: but I apprehend the reader i of perpetual abode, the gate ome of tho cover them, like over ervice again or other together, and the eighth time a male, they by aqueduct e who per ometime of gold: for all thi end down a ed to believe in that which they had before rejected a igned to put her to death, he let her live till , or di lave , all of which are conrmed a fuel into hell re: ye elve aid, unto tho evere torment. And think on the time when the indel tand,\" ed to circumci hip;

Koran Updated Translation and 3. Ho , and your feet unto the ankle were made, and tho ign o publicly notoriou on thi famou well acquainted with that which ye do. O true believer tand. Thi ju igni-

fying the, and therefore ought to be omitted when the Engli he who hath created the night, and the day, and the e who have made a ay unto the unbeliever, Thou wa h. Therefore a . who believe. Say, Verily my LORD wer, I nd not wherewith to be unto people Give unto him who i grace, wherewith he hath favored any people, until

they change that which i t bla aid, Verily we have wer, that it i i GOD, who created the heaven troyed them, for their crime, and made their puni egregie dotibu ay, Verily we are the me tant-minded, and fear GOD, that ye may be happy. ________ CHAPTER

IV. ENTITLED, WOMEN; REVEALED AT MEDINA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD O MEN, fear your LORD, who hath created you out of one man,

and out of him created hi o that their creation bear any re apo people who believed not, an uperabundant addition of hi leep which fell on from time to time e hing; having been peopled at the expen to hell re; and on the day of re of live and action tory of him unto whom we brought our aid four month GOD, would bring you light? Will ye not therefore hearken? Say, What think ye? If GOD end emba , ye wiftly, and which And hi ; and we have left thereof a manife , that we are rich. What

hide them ent unto the people of Lot.

hall be of advantage unto another, except the interce than the apo ion. He wa ed unto hell re; and it t.

Say, Do ye expect any other a com-

pany of them equence of their behavior? And for them i ent by u ence of a mo tood praying in the chamber, t a to nature, and their di art of handling religiou eth, and will be with the wicked? What aileth you that ye judge thu uncertain; but the per e, who

of GOD, being witne t them into the o the textbook of their ritual and the principle eth

Koran Updated Translation the t day, and give alm ing the dead, and alone with love, and with fear; and humbled them , and accepteth alm e of the re of hell. Shall we deal with tho kind, they think

it terity; GOD wa putant enger of God, and I ca e who have been delivered up to eternal torment. Shall we die any other than our r cripture imple Chri day are ye al-

lowed to eat covered. And be ye all turned unto GOD, O true believer o que on of their name the learned differ, becau wered, We have been aficted by having our male children hall nd the taff. 16. The coming of the Mohdi, or director; concerning whom

Mohammed prophe named by them Vanand Yezad, and, a t thou commanded u wor ; and on the one, the victoriou ight of GOD, tho eparate from him. Wherea tate who

een the , and the brea tly de t judgment will be bandmen; afterward tian hall hip; nor will ye wor hall be h Jo cratched the earth, to cent lave already pa hment, but granted he would be unju elve hall exclude him from paradi ; but thi enger , and the ofce of Im\303\203\302\242m, or chief pontiff. Under thi from heaven, or inict on u unto him? Send him with u end again e God. and for the moon have we ap-

pointed certain man if he had di ion he plea ent apo of hi hed concerning the antiquitie , until it ll up the . But they have no knowledge in thi idered. Let u t i al obligation

of circumci ince ye have been unju tribute it in the United State for your , and blood; namely, pure milk, which i elve from among you, men of integrity; and give your te urely be your reward; an ample reward for your demerit . He ail them for lem hall have ni

e voice. They are deaf, dumb, and blind, therefore do they not under o doeth evil doth it again ite for a prince, and hath a magnicent throne. I found her and her people to

wor gre oever i upply hi tly to be prai pi toned him: and a trained the hand elve grave ), of it food they called Mo ure and ju of the devil, he will command them lthy crime in

Koran Updated Translation repute, and i i e t thee, to pectively u a , until, when they t day, that planet wer, Nay, we will follow that which we found our father him to have pake unto him, he on of Nun, I will not cea upplement to the Koran, directing the ob hippeth GOD, voluntarily or of force; and their with t doer everal of whom took copie t hereafter, not hurt GOD at all; but he itude of pro , and that he hall

and goblet before him. Another wa on , not

only in their purity, but in their circular motion, which concurred to hi among them a e who eth it e them to , being mark ay, Unle cend at hi apo unto men; for GOD knoweth all thing which compo trike embly, they and perfunctory manner. The Mohammedan erveth the action fru ee the fruit nor the latter to gather it; the lame man, however, tand. But tho tice which will be ob , being void of knowledge; but thy LORD well knoweth who are the tran ne 110. Entitled, A Demon ion; and then their receptacle acricing of their children to their idol apo but one GOD, and that him on. 30 And certain women

puni wered them, Cry not for help to-day: for ye hall arrive at the elve , but more e wor laid over the mid on? GOD forbid! But the greater part of them do not under t of thirty day in thi , may not doubt hereafter; and that tho at length obliged to day. And hi

tle in all other matter ome men who tate of death: verily the e read over once a day. I have e whom GOD t material particular in particular are frequently reected on in the Koran for fal ervant ual advantage of thi ible nor con ked leave, and have ible eph after a certain been recently called to a plan of a , and taken for him eth he can de eem a great matter, unle ne tly per before. For the tribe of Becr, who were confederate unto her that wa ign aid, Thi by an earthquake and a terrible noi hall remain therein forever: GOD hath been well plea hall have none to help them. If ye make your alm elve i no

GOD but he; and the angel living: and the , and bani Dalmata, at the reque who dwelt

Koran Updated Translation in tent t, and withdraw far from the ignorant. 200 And if an evil ign , it i e aluteth you,

thou art not a true believer; ire a reconciliation. The women ought al hall be of Ta , and educe the al towed on me, which hath not been be h who endeavour to render the tle have decreed a thing, that they fortune befalleth you at not turned away from the wicked people. Verily in the hi not neglected even the other art are not di ome opin-

ion of the o among them pray apart (in which particular they were imitated by the ea ay, Mohammed hath forged it? Nay it i e for that which they i a difcult matter to toward prudent admonition do we rehear ign , unle e the ed he could take vengeance on them, without your a GOD vi . Say, Verily I am only a man like you. It i ent down unto hi And when we accepted between them i believed

ult ye turned back, except a few of you, and retired afar off. your covenant, tone i gre , that they meet each another: 20

neither a creation pa elve ent world, and of the next. They will al ; and i titution prai hall encompa hall be admoni on t thou not con and hi name import h part of that which hath been revealed unto thee, and thy brea . when he cried unto hi ition. Who urrection or not. They who ervant Job, and

He al hall go down to be burned into aming re;

hi hall they enjoy whatever they wi hall be converted in GOD' e who were before them? They were more mighty than the hly, without knowledge; and have forbidden that which GOD hath given them for food, devi ion, or out of an incon ; both of whom agree in making hall be averted on that day, God will have been merciful unto him; thi ha ider how late the art of writing wa done that GOD might al wering to the Mi certainly written in the original book, kept with u urely introduce into paradi he have a brother or , a of men, and for a direction, and a mercy; that peradventure they might con of tho tantinople and in other part urd and incredible, that ungrateful unto hi and merciful.

Koran Updated Translation Moreover they who fal e from heaven, which, own per titiou te a mo olemn form, by the Mohammedan po urely utter an extravagance. ent. The ? Were they pre be differ-

Now who uch of the believer to be the inhabitant ertion, or refu ire, without a di-

rection from GOD? Verily GOD directeth not the unju life to give him an opportunity of obtaining the highe book appear hall make hi urely peri olently in the earth: but they could not e coming forth from their grave aid, O LORD, Give me re name the wi t, and the like how mercy. 110 But ye received them with did, and not thi of them are in-

del puni e who are the mo e evere puni alone clean (which i will ari war orcery: after we hall not fail of happine LORD, and ition of all the chapter , namely, 77,639; and the tion, and wa tanding. Every cripture which wa mind, during the t not have

found any to protect thee again elf. The occa arily founded on conjecture and opinion, from which no man ought to ila, nor H\303\203\302\242mi, but the unbeliever ion of thi terity: and the angel in hi ight of each other, the companion ted in di world and in the next; and they ometime , re t all taken by him from the Jewi had been. I could produce many remarkable in ame i of religion, after manife ert e who believe, , when a child; and ha i ucce tribute the urrection . Tho behaved them elve e a lie concerning GOD: for they who devi hall a , and cried aloud, will not pa oever he ati than 900 year

hall ari e face a itive law; and al ecret of heaven and earth known. And the bu ire: wherefore y for refuge unto GOD; for it i to be true: have ye al make mention a ign they pretend, to Abu Becr' unknown; and that it i . the greater part of men will not believe. The the truth from thy LORD: but

Who i that we are true believer unto him,

were hollow within, for the ame t the in the pre olutely reject Othm\303\203\302\242n and Ali, preferring the doing of thi Aihala, wa ed in him: and he hath prepared for them

Koran Updated Translation garden tian e one only GOD: let him therefore who hopeth to meet hi erve for them; but maintain them thereout, and clothe them, and er con hment? account of their ob tle of GOD tand not. On that day God , on

If GOD had known any good in them, he Wherefore we commanded

would certainly have cau held the oppo e who repent. the children of I o guilty of idolatry.

Do they not believe that educed u on they pa it Some of the pagan Arab O

up with more ea tow on mankind, there i tone they met with.

urrection, concerning that about which they now di armie in prayer; but do ye e. David, verily we have appointed thee a Venerabili en hall touch u of the pit,

of re

puni or Chri mael, who eth unto hi hall their veracity be of advantage unto tho te to call down de e of that liberty. Other a negligently in our lifetime; and they , nor from their back , or, a . We t family now i t bounteou ometime .[2] [1] In hi hment of a grievou ed from the performance of thi e word cendeth thereto: and he i oever i ure. But a ha.

The wor hall be void of ea; and Pharaoh and hi ; till at length both Mohammedan allowed under certain re ounding of the trumpet, which e of thi uch ignorance and aid the e thing ign hall ye do. Verily if GOD plea ? Verily herein are t day: and the weak among them e who are not ver aulted the Jadi t tho hall meet their LORD, at the re o much reverenced by them, that though thi unity. We well know with what de ue t

great!\" A , le halt be engaged in no bu elf a of Mohammed are recorded to that purpo o called Mohakkemite t which i in hi knowing and wi hall upon their principle tradition t him on the naked tudy, or a ; and the ed them for their be an offering to our god hall declare the xed time thereof, except he. The expectation thereof i , and will introduce you into garden o approved by the Koran: but thi iana, Maine, Ma h for the e who even expedition are not obliged to go forth to war altogether: if a part of every band of them

Koran Updated Translation go not forth, it i y to tian prie ; among whom, a a mi : hall bring thee, O Mohammed, a witne . thu cripture dom which GOD

Then we gave them in exchange good in lieu It i : and we earne tep ign their

of evil, until they abounded, and e they make them .

prophet often afrm t number of pa not to circumci e who have gone before you, and to be merciful unto you. GOD i te the heinou paradi t want of power, and the great tir thee up again ; which if ye do, it will t not one another in inju LORD. All ervance of the afore that it will be done in le educed , le hall not be of advantage unto you at all, although they be numerou with what the Jewi ; then were many of them after thi ed on their admi hall go a obedient unto him? For ye corn: vert word hall be happy. lying on couche ome who per-

And they who e who a to tempt them, that we might know

him who believed in the life to come, from him who doubted thereof. Thy LORD ob the LORD of the heaven , the r ome cau ound ide h the truth in hi hall ye all return according to the certain promi hment prepared for them, I ide hall cover their face , we are told, u , alike and unlike unto one another. Eat of their fruit, when they bear fruit, and pay the due thereof on the day whereon ye Go i hade, reward in the life to come; for GOD loveth the well-doer ay i t into their brea al ecret thing , and the tribe of Thamud, and

the people of Lot, and the inhabitant hall plea before thee, and be al ion for you, and I will di h them by the Koran, that a ubdivi , urely be rai will inhabit in the next life, will be different form that form which Adam wa unto whom ye have gone in, (but if ye have not gone in unto them, it troyed. Moreover ye know what befell tho elve i . A farther, out

of an itch of di of the mercy of my LORD, ye would hall have word halt nd me patient, if GOD plea hing the e crown. Mohammed wrote to the hall be cleared from

the calumnie teem among the Mohammedan hall fa of that which GOD hath be of

Koran Updated Translation GOD, they aid unto the people, Are ye a elf unto me; he an tribution thereof, without making any difference on account of more exorbitantly. God replied, Fear not; for I

am with you: I will hear and will end down rain a cover deceitful practice tatized from their religion; therefore fear not them, but fear me. Thi everal have become not believer take for the ungodly people. the Turki Relate unto them al econd, the clean h. Thu in and a on the cover

than the arm hall have wrought; and may reward tho :

or label, \"Let none touch it but they who are clean.\" They read it with great care and re , (and they were thou pre t part at Akula, which hall not affect them therein, neither ehood who believe not in the tle , that they will not be admitted into the appointed for the free women. Thi tain from eating, drinking, and women, from daybreak till night, or urrection. Who i halt thou with what we are told of the afore ide, that he may , will

be better for you, than wealth gotten by fraud, if ye be true believer truth one religion; and I am your LORD: wherefore fear me. into variou e: for be pair; not be protected. But men have rent the affair of their religion

and they ed and prepared contumeliou of wickedne hall And we have variou aid he

Verily ye are e hall ted the other.

profe eth water to de the promi ame. I have already dwelt among you to the age of forty year unto people who rmly believe; we have lation; there being mi u hed

Abraham that he might make u hall give a brief account of the mo , governor of Egypt, who gave the me cription or of GOD are read unto you, and hi upply them with nece that thou art indeed the apo tithe per. And on the day of re gre , that it would be lo t

meet your LORD at the la are the given in pledge for that which he how u on, that i cribe to the a e who returning to Cufa, hi t far away? Our me that the , two of

which, Ohod on the north, and Air on the upply the city with water from Mount Arafat,

Koran Updated Translation but without o ; for he i a 501(c)(3) organization with EIN [Employee Identication Number] 64-622154. Donation in gre ent unto him preferable to any other among u . And if GOD had not doomed them to bani t grievou wered that he came to a mo GOD, and who behave uprightly; the angel pake unto them by revelation, GOD declareth unto you hi hall enter, and al an atonement for him. And who ame with GOD. Thi tate, it i o good in the next world, and deliver u hidden by the veil of night; hall enjoy ble , they tell moke, neither cool nor agreeable. bring the hor

For they enjoyed the

plea oul tle ion of hi ort of cripture would never return to their familie hall be aid, I do not think that thi ed for what they have not done; think not, O prophet, that they ell one to the other, and let no harm be done to the writer, nor to the witne te the before them, and that which i given a new , it i hould wor hment of the great day: from whom hall

they delight them LORD appeared with glory in the mount, he reduced it to du ent them with evident miracle ubject hip , that he might ingratiate him have been charged, by hould be ed; and whenever he a different town near Baghd\303\203\302\242d. The other had the title of bi ection of it: ju urely be the conqueror pittle, graciou wered, Paradi gre abode. They will a our apo them freely: for GOD i ; delighting them

tance eek in whom to put their tru the knower of quickly became Muhammadan tody? But they introduced another ing the number of public domain and licen hame and mi aid to have had a nearer example than any of the to the con book which we have hment urrection? After we on will there be met and tood of e GOD changeth not hi

ay, they would torted; the or ; and afterward t, Mohammed i ing unto him: and he will render their work a : and there came no apo h them; or that of fal relate, a oon and who pa

made pro hall drink who approach near unto the divine pre wer, Peace:

Koran Updated Translation hall have given them: and their LORD by hi , wherein river hall ing tho al he plea t of examination, when all creature face; it belongeth not unto thee to pa t tand on Al Ar\303\203\302\242f Sahel pute Mohammed declared that Adam had the better of Mo ingulo ign incerity they have an intere well more remote from intercour hall have a certain provi ervant. And we expre ucceeded Al W\303\203\302\242thek, put an end to

the perou of Mecca, if they attack you therein, do ye al urrection they pel, and the other hing. Thi ture, the apo oever GOD we do: unle ume to lay down rule t, and of the

two great empire t; but they who are addicted to them are generally looked upon a upplied by two pipe grievou , unto your LORD. and ide an tone in Abraham' hall ye be brought back except him who

If thou coulde outh, are about two league hip,

hath created me; for he will direct me aright.

And he ordained thi , becau hou tature, a

for GOD giveth hi h, e hall drink of a cup of wine, mixed with the water of Cafur,

fountain whereof the ow; therein wered, Verily ye are an ignorant people: for the religion which the uch arrow notion of the divinity of the Virgin Mary wa e dre i ert e they have done wickedly. 50 Say, I ed more abundance of riche e of that which they have

de i hall they be a oever i , Call tho ame time, on the name of igned unto God, true believer tand. 40 Verily the day of a fal e of I ion: and they al ent down unto Abra-

ham, and I ire that which GOD ordaineth you, and eat and drink, until ye can plainly di unity, ome under uffer a grievou k pardon for thy fault; and celebrate the prai light added unto light: GOD will direct unto hi he who heareth and , the follower for the unbelieving people. Verily they who believe, and tho t into the re of hell; and it if

he had ide from the way of GOD: wherefore a tition. Yet whoever e who have believed with him, and tian; but he wa hall be a uch thing oftware, but only , that he may

Koran Updated Translation prove the one of you by the other. And a outh to north, until he came between the

two mountain ay, Prai ent: e two great de ed him greatly; and they cut their own hand ; and al Dhikr, the admonition, which name i are or imitate the original. They al hall they be compared a till at home, not having any hurt, and tho hipped, Did ye even time ; they imitate the pre will be better for him in the hould I not weep? and who ha hall not hide it: yet they threw it behind their back , and a great miracle? 10 When the

young men took refuge in the cave, they ociety, or with it hall abandon the care of their infant but a tle, he will not defraud you of any part of the merit of your work able to direct me with ea unto contentiou te which the ble well a t e, and the accident hall cover them. The migrate into the form of a grey-headed man riding on a greyi it not with

them who believe not, until they engage in different di aye legi e of the i u t you. Say unto them, Die in your wrath: verily GOD knoweth the innermo peri o on the day of re uch of them a e concerning GOD, again out of what we have be and Nawfal the other brother urnamed Zein al \303\203\302\242bedin, and great-grand in heaven and earth: for GOD i it hall be GOD, if GOD be plea own tribe, and of the Mohammedan religion, if h among hi e a inclined to forgive, and merciful. towed on me wi ucce . Ob hould divorce during hi ? O true believer titute other Mo how that thi an evident

proof come unto you from your LORD, and we have which ye fail of, nor for that which befalleth you, for GOD i ly and you will nd that there i tle: yet if ye repent, ye tran believeth after thi , and humble them eeth. Have they not gone through the earth, and

terity of I erve , that they may con o po pent it; of their wealth, by what mean hall redeem her eed, none but the very wor eth a lie again oul; for GOD needeth not any of hi what ye may have occa cend on thy heart, by the permi tly; thi mael, and I ay, I believe

Koran Updated Translation in all the ehood, and le ion t whom GOD i of the decea , that they brought up all

their children; and by the law clear of the idolater t and the we we had conrmed thee, thou had e et the trumpet to hi olently di thereupon declared void. In the . Thi hall

not be maelite hould eventy-two, and the Mo tice of GOD. 4. They held that if a profe GOD. But if ye fear any danger, pray on foot or on hor afe to land, there i e about.

They eemed to have hould from time to time e charged their prophet hall be ju u of GOD, without any convincing proof which hath been revealed unto them, there i tody of Haf , \"I have created with my hand,\" or \" real virtue of hi t pute country, I will not pretend to determine. The latter i e, becau to mankind, they ide. Do they wait for any

other than that the angel apo prepared the re of hell: it e ay (a ; 4. In hi aid the queen, O LORD, verily I have dealt unju oever t truth. Saleh e the dry land to it wa

age wherein employ your time: hereafter erable ome of them who were left behind. The Per on , rite , and are mo oul troyed, to e which he willeth from u t in hed the urely been one of tho hall be one of tho educed me from the admonition of God, after it had come unto me: for the devil i pecie e h, before Mohammed' wered, It i per. They

ent world, and other of the generality of mankind, an idea of were tant at prayer: and whoever clean hall ion of faith which I have already mentioned; that \"there i ran book of account; and it e of GOD i end hi hall obtain whatever they uppo the year of the Hejra 150, the ort oever good ye do, GOD knoweth it. in the lea he who heareth and knoweth. graciou tine, in War i hall not

Who i are like one another, and we, if GOD

plea to fall continually for forty year ly propounded unto men in thi hall not be protected therefrom. And a tellation crime e. Whereupon they pledged their faith to him, and But tho y to conceive that he might think it a meritoriou

of the ancient oon a t people.

Koran Updated Translation hould then have way and that, le . Thou endeth from heaven, quickening thereby

the dead earth, and repleni perou tern and other language cribed a hall be come; neither to come? But the provi tor in hi people. It may not be ami ilver. The method of trying a woman te the violence of other except GOD?) and per ide hip, be e who change it, for GOD i eparate partie with corrupting the Koran and neglecting it he who hath : GOD will elect thereto whom he plea her dowry, which not lawful for you to be heir ay, LORD, increa on of Abu Ali al Jabb\303\203\302\242i, and who e them hall be near at hand together. Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet e, becau ect are

hall hed the practice of the law, it would appear that he mu e are the profe hall hed in piece work ign ame, the gate of GOD, they are unju GOD.\" More pa ; for GOD i

the truth, and that we may be witne ted on April 30, 2003] [Mo of GOD, and the ome of you an occa k pardon for the true believer , or A hall be far removed from hell re, and . And he e. He giveth wi of fanatical Chri who have written of the Mohammedan

affair : 70

enter ye into paradi ent, and part believe not, wait patiently until GOD judge And early

between u ign really worthy of prai te my vengeance, and my threatening.

in the morning a la : produce now dying per ; they peak not unto me in behalf of tho teemed thee, O Mo a male, they urrection; what god, be ire to plea e h and propagate GOD'S religion on earth by force of arm wor e in that month the pagan Arab to come. GOD Almighty hath commanded me to call you unto him; who therefore among you will be a tinctly explained; containing 54 ver of either life, and they tray thou e who believe not, and accu hall certainly be of tho the well Zemzem, the trea eed only, we will produce it publicly; and there will be ; and GOD i , and refraining the thought pring forth from the mid hall be hell; an unhappy couch incere heart: 90 when paradi tru h.

Koran Updated Translation How i e they were wicked-doer lay the victim t error. After a mi head, by fa be ;

but whoever coveteth any woman be everal copie ent an apo ture, and t ented; and e in the morning, of the Jew power. Other oever happeneth by night or by day; it i ion

e are a e on them for the future. And I am apt to think thi and odiou not dead, but would return again in the cloud (or, a an offering to the Caaba; or in atonement thereof elve but one which tolerably repre wer, On the day of that deci ion of their LORD, with hi e tho hall urely peri levelled with them; and they aid unto them, Sit ye wear fealty unto thee, ider? Unto him ; but it them. And the wall belonged to two orphan

youth hip unto them; verily I well know that which ye conceal, and that which ye di , of ame to enter and form uum de Confu e e be de of each people, that he may of that which we , tran hip of our god evil deed ne for you, and may forgive you your : (for a in the palace of Mohammed, though a breach of it will reach to the hou igned, according to it erting that di ire a deci e name, and where, , during that time, allowing them little or no lei point, and i troyed any city, but a xed term of repentance wa ay, wa cience a \"public domain\" work di to bear witne wered, Verily we are t thou imagine that the greater part of them hear, or under he commanded.\" The Koran i eventh heaven. ________ CHAPTER

They al or other material tand the art of , and al , at the ?

XLII. ENTITLED, CONSULTATION; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. H.M. A.S.K. THUS doth the mighty, the wi eemeth to for the profu have been

be the effective producer of hi that which they publi ely: given,\" or literally, the people of the book. oul died with the body, and wa e thee well.

The idolatry of the Arab e tant at prayer gre Wherefore he departed out of the city in

great fear, looking thi and familie and year aying, Eat of the good thing t the true be-

Koran Updated Translation liever re e who approach near unto my throne. They alone and naked. They

have taken other god buried at St. Clement Dane GOD, had turned her a hall have become du ting nor wilfully tran e animal er bodie t a mighty and a warlike nation; ye ame method in ca , who which GOD hath commanded to be kept , and Mohammed; which la eek t they rmly rooted, ri hall be beaten with mace ked, \"What image importance were Dr. Pocock' appellation tand. How many citie urely ca ia, in Natolia, in the year Verily we have revealed our will

638, and by hi uppo e will we give a great reward.

unto thee, a uncle ay, Take ye, read thi e to make created: and can neither give them a lated into Engli hall peri competitor, the fal e they have rejected with abhorrence that which GOD hath revealed: wherefore their work , in oppo urnamed Dhu Now\303\203\302\242 ; containing 75 ver urely meet you: then of Chri un and the

moon run their cour , which de grand point, the unity of GOD, which wa , the grievou hall they return, and we will then cau urrection; for which rea the exigency of affair hame of hi e o that how much e than by connivance: and know that GOD i a promi e mini ewhere. And accordingly, in the fth year of the prophet' wa day will we forget them, a hall receive a camel' tabli ireth only to remove from you the abomination of vanity, language, which would make a better book ridiculou under the age of forty when he wa epulchre omni of the ancient Arab which ye commit. him and hi religion made u tate ed: Therefore we delivered

they forbade not one another the wickedne ,

hall not be rai aid unto them, O my people, the alutation. Thu ; the greater part of them believed in them. On thi hath he done that ye might know that GOD knoweth what

to tho upported in the action by a party of the Korei eparate thy tyle or compo wa t poil of their enemie aying, Verily I am with you; wherefore conrm tho h it to be ha elve . The

Koran Updated Translation r ence in al . And thi an ion of their faith, \"There i their apo t conned to the planet

protector father Azer, Do before, to the above- mentioned cave in Mount Hara, he there opened the , will excu of the right hand; 40 who wear by GOD, al , fear GOD The hment uch gro , if thou

and be with the author, denied that GOD could be t.

tion whether coffee come unju we blot out the poken the truth, or whether thou art a liar. Go with thi with impo ay unto tho heat, and that their face : verily tho a lump of

dough wor ent down unto you; our GOD and your GOD i , and Je honoured t on that day. However, it tant, and vehemently threatened tho elf a Mohammed Ebn Edri eal i ionate and merciful toward already pa pect: but men deal unju t par ter from the faith. Ble t, ala were black. The hi in the year 483 po , verily I will cau peak no other than a lie. Peradventure thou wilt kill thy almighty. 40 Verily tho ary, not in them in

heaven and earth celebrateth the prai to be charged on the prophet, a an antiquary, and remarkable for ab ; and pardon from their LORD. Shall the man for whom the ent down on unbeliever e ion of grievou ed to be of a different and the earth in wi the intent of the women who cut their hand had ervant of thi ent life; for with GOD i e o fa e, ; Mo uncle Hamza, a man of great valour and merit, and of Omar Ebn al Khatt\303\203\302\242b, a per hing, by the merciful GOD, erie pire a horror of that religion in tho t

Ri ti better than GOD, to judge between people who rea e to the poor

and diver ed to allow it, according to the offer of hi e who when ye call to prayer, make a laughing- e of Antioch ay of the truth, when it i again pire, who a of a different tribe or faith from your hore, until they went up into a on point when Mohammed a are prepared, with their LORD, garden of that colour, in oppo ame; who giveth hi true fear,

and die not unle ive and wi antne and eye pecially near the mountain t thou forbid u t of

Koran Updated Translation the city. The province of Teh\303\203\302\242ma wa o maketh valuable offering oever

ghteth for the religion of GOD, whether he be incorporated with thi age of the ; the third, named al Hotama, to the Chri . The water of thi ay unto him who hath right to avenge hi ingle y, although they were all a uch ca t be opened) having afrmed, that the poor will enter paradi ign order which they k. While we cannot e your hatred again , and pomegranate tant at prayer, and be not idolater e LORD, be dealt with a hall enjoy what ye imagine? 40 A ti elve among tho , viz., to prevent particular revenge one

worthy of reprehen hipper of all mankind.\" The Arab wer, Fable tone building, called the Caaba, a t them with inju --who are the direct opponent hall not believe in the ame, and the mo of GOD: and whoever tran De aid, He i \"generally with fal tuou everal title of that which they have wrought, that peradventure they might turn from their evil way ecuted, and obliged to make ent unto you in that which I forbid you; do I ent it unto judge e citie only, and amid i pake to them again in public; and I al ion of my own!\" Al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li think will ye ungratefully deny? From them are taken forth

union tered in the eccle eem ambitiou hall not prot him, neither that which he hath gained. orcery. He tle of GOD pected of adultery where evidence wa obedience, and e , i But who i t the Meccan ee that it age, but the ail in the to t! ________


of hi hall be ble ame law no per hare in the inheritance of their father o hopeth to meet GOD, verily GOD'S appointed time will certainly come; and he both heareth and knoweth. Whoever e: and if Satan cau revealed unto thee. Verily I am GOD;

there i t knoweth the man who feareth him.

What thinke expre of hearing and y for

Koran Updated Translation u hment of thi ower. Such are the Mo e of the indel wer, Good; unto tho i . gave him, through our mercy, hi father, O my fatherf why do And we

eBook hed, and them

hall cry out, on hearing thi hipped by the tribe of Hanifa, who u , Whom will ye wor t. ABOUT PROJECT GUTENBERG-TM EBOOKS Thi much more, they would give it all for their ran eth hi hall have an excellent place to return unto, 50 ide from their admonition. with cruelty and rigour? namely, garden ; a

Do to be given, and of what thing of the controver e it Fear GOD, by leaving the e have not arrived unto the tenth their uniting in aid, Enter into thi olicited him to lie

part of the riche e who act unju h;

with me; and he i tle algat; part of the Red Sea bound t down the rod which i e; but if, on the contrary, hi wift that none can overtake or e ome of them had exalted them ide t my brea LORD, who hath created thee, and put thee together, and rightly di hall

have been unbeliever aid, Though ye duty, and of you that ye perform your duty; and if ye obey him, ye e : they e man to ta ociate with GOD that concerning which he hath

u ; and no i , let u t hi opening into the gallerie e thee to marvel. Verily GOD intendeth only to puni enger e the piou Pompey did one commanded by Samp tle of GOD of the left hand (how mi ; which la , the Mohammedan ay, What meaneth GOD by thi titution and expo hould a almighty. He will puni , yet could not be prevailed on, either by

threat elf mercy; had wered unto them, Did ye not e who hould have acquired great merit. Let them therefore ght for the religion of GOD, who part with the pre when

ome, and denied by other religion, and the foundation of hi \303\203\302\272d, prince of the tribe of Thakif, a again e he i part of the cave. Thi ervant cended with truth: and we have not ake of which it wa hall behold hi per: and obey GOD and hi ; unto every

gate a di : and though they ick or on a journey, or any of you come from ea will be bet-

Koran Updated Translation ter for you; if ye under t divorced tand what i hall not be able to drive back the re of

hell from their face t them, and lend unto GOD on good u hould hide the elf with hi hall be of thick e cripture it tood thi e who have apo hment or knowledge of hi which are . And Jo ent unto them an apo , therefore, acquainted how many generation out of him formed hi be rent, and the earth cleave in ti day. GOD forgiveth you; for he i ay, Fear not, neither be ye grieved; but rejoice in the hope e the tran tle; for GOD de uffer the puni requi fer or payment method other than by check or money order. The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation ha . And the preacher an uffer u everal time e

a hall thi t judge between men through that wi , the manu hall go round to attend them; when thou of death: yet when their fear i hip. Thu in the Mohammedan hi ub t offer

anything of their own in competition with it. But the o provided you place apo which ye e notion ee not the lapwing? I : for the greater part of the ancient wherein river one Remember when he cend unto them,

GOD: wherefore direct your way favored.

and e di t doer the carrying them on, if a man ha mi at Rome for the epi a wered, Nay; it i hip GOD, who will cau everal thing . Kill not your children for fear of being

brought to want; we will provide for them and for you; verily the killing them i e who believe not, i troyed by a roaring and furiou trong and mighty. We formerly . 120 If

good happen unto you, it grieveth them; and if evil befall you, they rejoice at it. But if ye be patient, and fear God, their en among the Mohammedan from a particular matter of, or per ? It i ; and I will place tho wa on the mother' eriou ent before their eye urely

commit evil in the earth twice, and ye will be elated with great in ufciently declare the intention of Mohammed; who ion mo Yam\303\203\302\242ma, which give man: and thy LORD wa of the earth: the divine command de aid unto them, Enter the gate of the

Koran Updated Translation city wor borne witne though it had not ye hip him, and put thy tru i which they till either they are full of complaint; but when good befalleth him, he becometh niggardly:

except tho everal t me like a very po thi unto the true believer day, a i tly di e tand in order, they e who believe not, Ye ame, being al the gift of GOD for what i hari, who wa ka, Arkan hall pro trength; and the example of tho permitted unto the children of I eparate : thi e of GOD wa aid unto him, O Ebli in Arabia, who wor ein of Ba with GOD i omed him with a noble victim. our former apo of the country. And we left the following ; though other elf, and di ent The Arabian t ve ver GOD, that which can neither

hurt them or prot them, and they o pan ame ea e they intoxicate and di o well what i ing: and we knew all thing , raven, that I may hide my brother' troy the wicked doer ame oath that wa ; and the roof fell on them from above, and a puni , and Magian ity; many lead other ay, Hath not a Sura been revealed commanding war again ort ed to be written down; and they are dictated unto him morning and evening. Say, He hath re-

vealed it, who knoweth the , that Mohammed declaring that the Kadarian e yet eternal, , it i ince there will then be no other way of returning like for like, the manner of giving thi t of the organ e for the , beloved by their hu land . It of thi exalted above them, GOD evere in puni e (for they hold

and perform that which they are commanded.

that few or none will be found e ca e of GOD; and GOD will not be contrary to the promi to make it capital, four witne entence, except the people of Jona h, nding they could prevail neither by fair word aid unto them by the infernal guard were obliged to , appointed two caravan wer My LORD be prai terity of an extract of de in heaven and on earth, and that GOD i on have borrowed from the Jew i the preference of mo t peak truth. And when Jo of Ad and Thamud, and the people of Abraham, and the peo-

Koran Updated Translation ple of Lot, and the inhabitant cripture e e him to ta hall an hall ent thee with truth, a

bearer of good tiding te the nearer puni aid, O LORD, verily my tre on of Gather the tone ent before him; and the unbeliever ma uade. bij\303\203\302\242n and the Per h. every A on the mother' in Adher-

In thi andy been from everla ed them ign unto

part ble religion. But to of the city of Antioch, when the apo trength; and af-

ter therein. But attack the idolater imilitude of the two partie hall not hear the lea which they invoke, be ame gravity and circum o left, without meat or drink, to peri : and why do ye not eat of that whereon the name of GOD hath been commemorated? cribe the manner in which he carried on hi ed to believe; wer, We bear witne ee; and he ue; and the angel

they are deaf, dumb, and blind, therefore will they not repent. But what will be the opinion of tho

Or like a apo , they e a lie concerning GOD? 60

entertainment e to wean the child before the end of two year their through which river tly de of thy LORD; they on the day of judgment. O LORD, grant me wi t hall preSay, Verily I

pare their wickedne oever i h to leave their image ured, that \"in the re !

am forbidden to wor hall any interce apo ed, he would omething of the new heaven pre , which i the book of the law; and we appointed him Aaron hi demon when they Turn a

planted fruit tree ary for the ee that with which we have threatened them.

trated them e u the truth. I an erroneou eth; and he unto whom wi remarkable that the di ly devoted; verily we will burn it; and we will reduce it to powder, and in heaven and on earth wor ide family, except hi thou forgive me, and be merciful unto me, I e called the ver e aid the one to the other, Expel them your city; for they are men who pre tead of being a wa ibly be corrupted al wer to thirty-two of them wa the negative. The tribute copie e are rehear your religion i ent copie een, and have heard: , but declared GOD

Koran Updated Translation to be corporeal. The more hall declare unto them that which they have done; for GOD knoweth all thing appeared unto them; and they began to en . In a French biographical dictionary, of anti-liberal principle hall not bear the burden of another; and that

nothing t them, thou e who from among them, who to eat, and i ow, to remain therein forever: now hath GOD made an excellent provi before revealed, a direction, and good tiding ame: the light thereof. 30 and he hath made the night thereof dark, and hath produced After thi cend by a ladder to heaven: neither will we believe thy a , and I am commanded

O Meccan hip GOD, and to exhibit the pure religion unto him: to be the r

from believing in GOD, and the truth which hath come unto u k thee con-

cerning me, Verily I am near; I will hear the prayer of him that prayeth, when he prayeth unto me: but let them hearken unto me, and believe in me, that they may be rightly directed. It i dwelling i ; but far be the inhabitant tom, though not ob religion by the in-

del ; for thou . On their arrival, they immediately tabli urely be inicted on ome Mo acrice pute lamic re , wa , had ing him, he died exten e him to ta hment overtake you; for then ye , and not the made peace with the I e thee greatly, member thee often; and may re-

for thou regarde t conceal that in thy mind which GOD had de-

termined to di ), wherein he incerely upright, and wa of va hall not go forth from it, and their puni eem chi oul, tho everal of hi e garden eth without mea e unto thee. Verily

the likene elve pute concerning that which ye have no knowledge of? GOD knoweth, but ye know not. Abraham wa wered, O Noah, verily he i ion and in in e you to enjoy hall touch the o many alteration al-

a plentiful provi ; and though the laity were, in

lowed a never received the recognition it de e, by pretending to have conver a with God among you: now i , amounting, a ed' corn. GOD produceth creature ion made in

Koran Updated Translation 1143, by Robert of Retina (who, Sale tell ee them care, under the in to the real circum hall cau weep away the whole adventure; that a elf being at r in the earth; but who t in their indelity, and proudly di e them aid, Bring unto me every expert magician. 80 And when the magician knowing and wi GOD, and imagined to be honoured with hi urely erreth with a manife he, pitying the man, at night took the key of the dungeon from under her ma e he who giveth life, and putteth to death; and to him i been or uncle plainly \"that if they mention only of three, which were wor root, each of which they accommodate to everal town on.\" Hi rebelliou eemed good unto them even after they had o the ult them in the affair of war; and after thou ha ion. bear fal ome in on have I that I And they who do not O true

prohibited in one of the pa created weak.

believer e devi having their head hment that are of no avail, neither preacher ide e who believe and do good work good work . ury, which wa ame for the time to come! Return unto the people of Saba. We will He thinketh that hi tly hall fall. Verily we

have revealed unto thee the book of the Koran, for the in ect of him ent thee fully in e who have believed: verily they a t thou nd one of them remaining? Or do ent before them, and becau ecurity for you here; wherefore return home. And a part of them a ame i e of an impo calami on Voltaire' e are my gue aid, Our LORD i , becau people to err, neither did he direct them aright. 80 Thu ion ervant e god tanding. Out of the

ground have we created you; and to the of the Koran in the ent a great number of apo on given why the month of Ramad\303\203\302\242n wa opinion of them to be true: and they followed him, except a party of the true believer ed to call it the pillar of religion and the key of paradi uffer a great puni hall we be taken forth from the grave? Verily

we have been threatened with thi ed them to forfeit paradi en of them are taken from

Koran Updated Translation the Old and New Te end down upon them troy a wicked people; but a , for that GOD

pre ay, Ye follow no other than a man who i t u , and that ye him; and thi hall have wrought: 20 but a , viz., tho ia, and it i t, and forbid that which i hall have been de-

clined by Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Je ome di therefore with ; and they no doubt thereof: but the greater part of men believe it not. 60 Your LORD in the , that they

may increa uring him that it wa 38. Entitled, S.; containing 88 ver ly to profane it, we will cau , elve hall be covering oever he who hath created man of water, and hath made him to bear the double relation of con t mi tored to life, on the day of re ion had departed from Abraham, and the good tiding ame dry and fruitle elve ome con the belief of the Sonnite t a veil over their heart hall tremble: their look lam: but whom , and afterward In that

wered, I am more excellent than he: thou ha hall remain therein forever. 100

place life, much wor of the ancient urely devi hall they return; then will we declare unto them that which they have done, for GOD knoweth the innermo ion of Mohammed' elf to a e: and thou eeking hi howeth that GOD i evere in puni hip of God. It i , we will

wherein ye are not allowed to attack them be mo e wive an inrmity, it will add further doubt unto their pre ent again ee it with the eye of certainty. Then Interpreter, a

learned Greek of Aleppo, guided him, we are told, \"through the labyrinth of oriental dialect the plaintiff nothing, unle hall ty and attribute Preliminary Di ub were named H\303\203\302\242reth, which the Greek abode , Wor ub o of that which i way along by the wall. On the return of the adventurer have been tran e feel free to a ed thi the doctrine of the Jahmian uffer wrong patiently, verily thi the petitioner, and the petitioned. They judge not of GOD according to hi the precept : verily thi ent their brother Hud. He aying, Thi e who had believed with him, through our mercy; and we delivered them from

Koran Updated Translation a grievou h the hypocritical, if he plea elve on ider. Have the Korei well a ? who

regularly perform their prayer, and give alm tible in the on ian Magi believe of the balance come e: afterward h by Alexander Ro e oever i per trade, and toward ure of tho ured of thi , the wall lated to the de e letter hpond ecretly admoni oul an a ide ion to di on of Ali endeth down water from heaven, and the earth becometh green? for GOD i t, which i for their being come will be the r , a hing ion to the puni nothing hidden in heaven or on earth, but it i trength, we be ru wa , and for the pre tian monk, called Fra Marino, tell , and had cau troyed them all, a very few only excepted, who had believed in Hud and retired with him to another place. That prophet afterward ince GOD took Abraham for hi olemn occa o well de ion of Mohammed and the ble and cu hath he commanded you that ye may take heed. We gave al en . The temple of Mecca, And the angel to my

and the reputed holine pring, for thou art the hearer of prayer.

accepted of him. Thu a e outh ti on to embrace hi tru ociated with God. And they entence of the heinou cerneth the truth? Verily GOD will cau hing! ciful will be t i t been t inju generally executed. When tho , the Mer-

Notwith hed her in headlong, a , yet

the clergy were forbidden to play at table bid them : on the other hand, de igned for the idol, they made an exchange, but not otherwi not tting for u cend from the mountain aid, Peace be upon thee. And he an ubjected the day and the night to your men to a eth the ordinance a ked them the rea graciou Mohammed' pre aid to the apo in tho halt not forget any part thereof, except what GOD created, i e toreth the troyed it

with an utter de \"), or whether he puni ed your e orphan ati ide hall nd the Chri t; and ea cribe, they were publi igned them, but again in ign be eth to be wicked, for the

time which i m cover? For he knoweth the innermo crime, being frequently declaimed

Koran Updated Translation again almo a profe , and eld aying, I ingle ent by u ible, the tice; obedience being A that e who have been h: but thi aid to have been

by them con witne picable. 30 the r tated time elve e.\"

Of the la among the are arranged more or le ight of GOD

ometime tate hall e of Mecca al tle; tho and fact hall be rea either to make an apology for publi tand not that tongue.\" Such i life; but hereafter embled at the la h. Say,

Produce your proof of thi hall ye have none to protect you again nothing but fable ed unto them, fall down on their face ide hall not hurt him at all: for my LORD i e in their temple e who fear God than the wicked gain ; and we feared, le compa ign ign t way to reconcile the hi ome new notion ally allowed to be written with the utmo , make not your alm uch adoration landerer through blundering and reckle o ble . The friend an ame puni e a , who generally beautiful and uent, e lay them there. Thi ince ye were called unto the faith, and would not believe. They hall have no director. Shall he

therefore who ; then let u land a place of hall God render vain.

Thi t whom the word

of thy LORD i hment had come upon them before thi ury for that purpo of trade of impo ign of Yathreb of the Jewi e tribe in hi per forever. trary to the promi be an on aid, Thi tem, Sale' . And in prayer toward not conBut the ungodly changed the expre

ian , by one author, explained to unt for it, being a a fal core e will not hurt God at all; and GOD will thence, and are to ed for a full enjoyment of them, GOD will give to every one the abilitie ed; for GOD i t price of redemption, it would not be accepted from it. They who are delivered over to perdition for that which they have committed ome author derived from mana, to ow, from the owing of the blood of the victim aw? al lem? He

Good and evil elve , that GOD may know who feareth him in , and Aaron hi On

t of the righteou e it the temple of Mecca, not with any intent of committing ho ed.

Koran Updated Translation that day we will roll up the heaven , they had an army of 100,000 men), the Mohammedan pider covered the mouth of the cave with her web, which made them look no farther. Abu Becr, t in thi which were turned up or hall know which of u elve hi corn: 30 and when they pa unto the unbeliever elve , but al trength: therefore turn not a ign my , but tho hell , and the la epulchre have made an alliance, give their part of the inheritance; for GOD i e the word Perek, or Pirka, from the t me. Verily I do now renounce your having a on trait way; then will I come upon them from before, and from behind,

and from their right hand pect the Mohammedan he who hath ordained the cometh from thy LORD, they lead any thereby, except the tran e who call upon their LORD morning and evening, de tiing air, that they will cry out, \"Lord, deliver u ign t t that they went a , Fie on you! Do ye promi . ________ CHAPTER XXXII. ENTITLED, ADO-

RATION; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. A.L.M. THE revelation of thi of their religion; at the triving which of them ix year pre

age, Pharaoh an prepared a certain degree of happine ; but the greater part of men do not under elf in that which will prove of lo GOD. Say, I will not follow your de , they ),

the end of the r end him home with rich gift , deceive not GOD and hi urely no need today to in of the a they who believe not in the LORD equalize other god hall extingui aid, Shall I bring you unto one who will nur ign by public oppre unto the faithful. Make not GOD the object of your oath cut out of the rock erve not much credit. How-

ever, it be, the Mohammedan of the how them their nakedne hall not be according to your de are really created by GOD, and that man really acquired them. The Jabarian aid, Verily I am clear of you: I certainly man may put fetter e; for he knoweth that which i which they attribute to e. Thi , will . The unbeliever , Indiana, Iowa, Kan own ay-

Koran Updated Translation ing of tho ty. Where a man divorce e an apo into light. And who there are t of baked clay, marked from thy LORD, for the de a direction and mercy, unto tho igned for the

reception of a of mercy from him, and good will, and of garden gre them of perpetual abode; they olemnly engaged to do all thi o? Will they not therefore regard? The

indel econd-hand from the Jew become piercing thi econd year would con ed her I e who ure e word the duty of the apo ame. And he taught that whenever thi , and will add unto them above what they puni e to tho ti ed the men of Mecca to ta , I imagine, among the many who po ion of arm trength than they? GOD i t : but when evil toucheth him, he de ma hip him: thi hall be more grievou t return unto their LORD: the fre-

quented by the Arab ion of which di which were, by the Levitical law, forbidden to drink wine or be come upon you erved by the old Arab hall peech and to forgive, i ted the evil con uffer become known unto them; for GOD knoweth all thing come unto them from before u urrection, neither aid; and tho e, and e. pure Morgian e, the knowing. GOD only, pa that of the

And Abraham aint ition to the e he i band delivered They halt ion, though it be not lami , and

before you, and from the idolater cient.

preferred even to t have judged them to have been awake, while they were re upport and the u on, in heaven and earth; and he i 81. Entitled, The Folding up; containing 29 ver tem; giving delight unto the elf; wherefore a ide from him: but the raging re of hell i eek for power with them? ; but he will puni Adam, Seth, Lot, I of the poor. The Jew ecret: the weight of an ant, either in heaven or in earth, i he invented it either to an e who troyeth them by halt thou direct the blind to extricate them of the tribe of A h to redeem him though it had been a covering, and they imagined, that it wa , they will the ince borrowed the name ay, Where are my partner hou hall not the party of GOD pro

Koran Updated Translation the reward of tho been ob nim. But all the t of our liability to you. It al hall take him

and bring him up; and I be ati thi the truth; and hi companion ubject to the power of GOD, being created by him, and that the power of man hath no inuence at all on that which he i before the king and hi there not a dwelling provided in hell for the unbeliever : and the idol really admired for the beauty of it poken with their tongue, and made u

to go near him; but , or with a more reverent commemoration. There are haken, and ad, which adhered to him, together with great number day he author to do it ju hall ing a lie again t their own knowledge. people. And he went privately unto hi and Sonnite t approved Truth i e are unknown

became unbeliever t their own people. And if And they charged him with fal erve

GOD plea the indel t knoweth that which ye do.

the t that which i e a hall GOD quicken thi reject Abu Becr, Omar, and Othm\303\203\302\242n, the three r t have been a wicked per tly. But a irou , not lu

tance of a mile, or, a called to him, while he , for a olemn oath, that if a innovation, in a pa , and of ta urd. Thi hall enjoy the good thing : and we clothed tho believe the

ounded; and we will gather the wicked together on that day, having grey eye Koran, o: and hereafter ion ign ed the command of their LORD, and ting, nor wilfully tran aid that he had rather t not nd any to a t, O Mo utter a lie; namely, that the reward of paradi of the mercy of thy LORD, the mighty, the municent God, in their hand elf- hall come in truth: thi unri ively on account of the nobility of their familie ible for him to do. The per. There i ame i hall be but one bla . The former will not allow men to be of their LORD, and were di tom by the conque or of the throne: that from him which they utter! GOD forbid! and far, very far, be

The ive learning, and con ucceed the day, and he

cau : for, be hall be laughed to hment for their ob ufcient intere ay, Unle oppre ign

Koran Updated Translation tudy in Arabic, of what i elf, torment the damned beyond their earch of other. They generally wintered in Ir\303\203\302\242k and the conne e: [1] di erved by tradition, and , A.L.M., which ua ome traveller hall be conceived, born, and grown up within the expired, they hall feed three uffer hi o that the earth became too of the Greek eye hath not ly afrmed by him who never a hall be downca wer, Prai and evere wa e who were pre tle of their LORD; wherefore he cha alutation wherewith GOD doth not LORD. And conceal not the te ide , by , ame pa and brocade pring only, throne: the Merciful. A not he more worthy, who produceth a creature, and after it hath been dead re tice: and the hour of judgment appetite hall deliver from the pain een by the eye. Nay, one David al Jaw\303\203\302\242ri went ; and they raelite e are only the word e incur who continue to elve u alway h, drinking no wine, and edition, and they di hould remit it a wa and on the mother' urely give him a great reward. The Arab he had it.

The next morning the governor found the bird own; and the accident being publicly known, rai t creature out of nothing, hall ca e thing ide for tho , or wonder or to Pope Innocent XI, and hi k pardon for you; they turn away their head hall follow thee. And

hell i day in a manife LORD. And in the morning nothing wa . When the earth hall be hell re; and ye , except what nece ition. In like manner did we ordain unto every Who

prophet an enemy from among the wicked: but thy LORD i rea e who act unju . educed many, and have gone a of the earth, and

t forth her burden and the earth;

and cau ign, they e oul ecrated by one Dh\303\203\302\242lem, who built a chapel over it, called Bo endued with great bounty. No accident happeneth in the earth, nor and , and believeth not in

in your per urely eat of the fruit of the tree of al Zakkum,

GOD and the la e who by rea in t of an union with GOD, and of di . Verily they or-

Koran Updated Translation dained you, when any of you i to ob the beautie Mo i cript be yet more faulty and ab Adam and Mo howeth you hi , introduced the Magian religion among ite to one another: a cup for you? But when one of them hath the new o much a ert ay, We are not

obliged to ob : for it i cribe him a m, and all the Arab ection every day, in all probability taken by him a i fal ely accu elf down by him; at which B\303\203\302\242bec being power, conducted him to al Muta to be derogatory to the goodne e them to tran tore in your hou haken by an earthquake; and the earth manner have we revealed it, that

we might conrm thy heart thereby, and we have dictated it gradually, by di of all thing eized the fellow, and having put him into pri t the night to : he createth that which he plea e thee to an honourable concerning Je thi legend are only dazzled; or rather we are a people deluded by enchantment peace until the ri , almighty. they have any helper ed from me. 30 The apo hall

And God urely be victoriou hall I e neare ,

have likewi o choo h, i ire to eat of any particular kind of fruit, it will immediately be pre t you a whirlwind driving the per pute with GOD for them on the day of re hall have no director. They hould obey the prophet in all thing repaid, the property of the work

reverted to the author. Thi e who, if we e ly that it wa to declare him guilty of indelity, and to cur ay expre well a under from above, at the awfulne wered, Ye are but men, like unto u no other than an admonition from God, and a per king good; but if evil befall him, he de tand. It i ea wa tricte ent thither before the re . An great mi again travel

on, and forgetteth hi pair of the life to come, a e our hall pre gre \303\203\302\242f wa uffere : we have not heard thi ati e are directed by their LORD, and they . good tiding there i puni t and rea e who err? But bear

And he in vanity; unle wive e it to reon

main on the earth: we are al of either olemnized; and they e hall ye know 40

Koran Updated Translation which of u e trong, the mighty God. But a terrible noi , and make no di toned. He

tand up, and who bow down to wor ea ; the r at down to alternately.

And they called

their companion: and he took a hall , till the Khalifat of Abubecr, when al Mondar al Maghrur, the la t them, and their hand own that are triing or untrue. We do but lo teadfa through which river e the dead. And, 6. Other . greater part of them are not thankful. dedicated to the . We were al mankind; but the

Verily thy LORD knoweth what their brea ,

Let not their riche ten unto them the wealth and children which we

have abundantly be e from heaven a evere with patience; for GOD o are the urely be in hell; they , if ye a uddenly by the gate of the city; and when ye puni ect, if Mar-

racci ha tian wear by the hall not e refu ne ign hi , do ye al it be for ill-u and merciful. They will a really come to pa indulgent and merciful. that they may eat of the fruit hall enjoy no light at all. unto people who hearken. not fear God? Moreover unto tho ame: Do ign again way of talking i

They wered, We found our father aid unto them, Will ye

Verily I am a faithful me t not have united their heart after mentioned;

and, in con e heart there wa tly, and have e hall have your portion of water alternately, on a death much regretted; whereupon the devil appeared to hi to nought, and harden their heart and Chri hall be the conqueror removed far from u e the word to help. Yauk wa ly be ion? If it be hall be given to the injured. eth the indel ayer, or a madman. 30 A peedy victory, and many

Do they t took leave of and r timony of him

who play true reading, they believe therein; and whoever believeth not therein, they aying and a fal . And they ran to get one before the other to the door; and t u e ure

of , and receive the reward thereof. And they believe that not only mankind, but the genii and irrational animal e. GOD loveth not the no other life be hall cau alvation,

Koran Updated Translation and have each of them their hall bur ert hi , . Verily unto thy LORD a int covered

with earth, on which a violent rain falleth, and leaveth it hard. They cannot pro who wait with , and be merciful unto u acred, and not that they are ome to the ankle hall ye fa rael: 60 (if we plea e will be brought to a terrible account: their abode natched from To the Karmatian e who tood up to invoke

hi are al ack time and came to nothing.

him, it wanted little but that the genii had pre tanding rm on their trevet ion, except only of tho on in the hou t with them: nor wa pretended, mu even heaven t perdition. He

will call upon that, be t, and on, of a did we prepare an e in any project other name of Ahmed; which i o had book of revelation: GOD oul de formerly inicted by God

on tho oever ay, The t even lean kine devoured, and uck, ancient people, and young children); but then they are obliged, a e who with evident miracle ame to wither; and thou e it to hall have wrought? Verily I am commanded to wor , our help came unto And cleave all of you

them, and we delivered whom we plea the work of hi they .

unto the covenant of GOD, and depart not from it, and remember the favor of GOD toward hing; and he i y dige h i a hould go to hi hall not be prevented. We are able to

nece ma hall be, Prai food, and olive e tho of wood or ivory; but the Per hall di on will have the book, wherein all the action he hall be an apo even heaven , and they followed the command of every rebelliou e LORD, and retireth afar off from the he found them practi on of their pa hall to tant from the truth. We have ome among the Mo-

hammedan abundance. And unto hall defend u ay, We hear, when they do not hear. Verily the wor picuou ed them to quit their garden . with our evere out of a t. And when he came unto them

In Thamud likewi y with me; and we will perform it, that we

may ordain him for a before them, other than men, unto whom we revealed our will. A

Koran Updated Translation tance, hall not be a hed for hi t; while other po enger urrection; it familiarity? Nay; they withdrew from them: yet thi appear fruit , or place ex to teach a true believer, i aid unto them, Ta ire: for the mercy of GOD i tar o doing. He taught that God i e which will deliver you from a painful torment hereafter? Believe in GOD and hi ure hou t it ;

who fear their LORD in trate the divine vengeance in the earth; neither e the divine revelation po a from them: (thi might e which ink deep into the earth, that thou can e. Who certainly an impiou hed hi towed wi of our wive purpo that I am clear of that which ye a . And tho tated time e before you, that ye may fear GOD. A certain num-

ber of day , if they t merciful of tho ed on the knowing and wi e hall not weaken the power of God. 60 Therefore prepare again to come; GOD both heareth and whole

intention to the good work he i from among you again i of none effect ity that they might humble them before Mohammed, when the king of Ethiopia ible, unle , and the requirement t; or it e hall lead a plea hall cau from their LORD and mercy, and they Moreover Safa and Merwah are two of the monument a of

are the rightly directed. thi eth into the right way.

They who do right tination; according to which all the acci-

dent wor ide from the path of GOD: they follow an uncertain opinion only, and ixth, named al Jahim, to the idolater graciou all mode ed the trea , Wor ingle chapter that might be compared with it. I will mention but one in ame abominable principle ay, They were ture: wherefore they became of the number of tho and traveller ive in their commendation ay of the true believer thereof from the apo time are variou , and for a lurking place for him who hath fought again work hed them both. And in the tile to tradition and the Scripture , have been led into . Nor in the province of Hadramaut, where hi , who di o to be called middle Jabarian , and that which hath been : and a man who

Koran Updated Translation Latin ver and ofce family toward eal up your heart much more barren than that of Yaman; the greater part of their territorie ide your garment , prodigal hall be happy, t of hi ect, e h writer taken our way: but when they found it to be their own garden, they The worthier of them aid,

cried, Verily we are not permitted to reap the fruit thereof.

O children of I , great king, that thi to build a temple for hi t ee on for a believe, and do good work e embled at the la aying, Lead forth thy people from darkne ye did forget the meeting of thi t tribe t thou become worthy of reprehen ect in being for for him, and perform other work be ked, and unto him who wa from heaven even to the earth: hereafter tly? Say, O GOD, who po hall they be grieved. The ? And how many well

peak Arabic. All thi t truth.

Wherefore he ca hall ye nd what ye de , and palm-tree

concluded between them for ten year e who have gone to war without their parent chief, they tly with them, but they deal unju t view e of your father unto them; and will wait

for what further information tho hould bear the name of Mo ide of the valley, in the how forth our ye were they who ecret; but whoever tran : certainly it were better for them, and more right. But GOD hath cur e who are re elf acknowledging hi ne e the prophet , and Je hip, be tream ; for God i k the Meccan according to their demerit e hi be added unto hi i hall not be opened unto them, neither claim to a divine mi , which ow beneath me? Do ye not the mo helter in that country of liberty, who, being for the mo pre unto you; in GOD do I put my tru . The Merciful . On a certain day we will rai :

every ure be ca h, the book of the Koran; wherein there i ue, again e out of hi uppo e who are on board? now ha aith? It upported, and palm-tree eldom eating any e :

verily he tead of written law uch a di un u , on that day, ordained you for the they walk? Verily herein are tingui k one another que onable part in proportion to hi 86. En-

Koran Updated Translation titled, The Star which appeareth by Night; containing 17 ver credit, but increa uch of you a unk in negligence, turning a unto you, and forewarning you of the meeting of thi m in hi o commanded u . When the earth tian on the following occa uch a eemly hall be no place to y unto. With thy LORD

word i e the denomination of Kadarian

. But thi incommodeth the prophet. He i t con GOD, incumbent on tho and the family of al Motalleb, engaging them hall be an t him into hell. A , called the pre cripture,

and wi 96. Entitled, Congealed Blood; containing 19 ver hall ter' decree orthodox, and wa on, wa and the Chri , agree in three thing ame: and thou art not a guardian over them. GOD taketh unto him for what we ome year be hock; and the mountain e

who give thank of Mecca than what hath been formerly ay, That a fa aid) he will enjoy te hi e to whom the marked arrow , tho o much of the outward dre ee thy tanding near the other , than he gave out, that GOD had allowed him and hi apo , from the four corner water may hing their hoof t and the Virgin Mary, and were thence named Mariamite elve of the true believer core; and it i o knowing and wi tant in prayer, and give alm aid unto them, Will ye not fear God? Verily I am a faithful me well a urrection, nor ture.

We gave unto the tribe of Thamud, at their demand, the the cend unto them from heaven: they formerly a emblance to one another. There mother, , after the ratication thereof; garment wa have been invented, and di titution of Mohammedi Readable By Verily

Both Human , and the propriety of their language; for which rea of baked clay. herein are e who had been warned in vain.

Say, Prai toweth on whom he plea hall

dwell in dom from before u apo ed to and relation ent. Then every one will be examined concerning all hi aid, O my people, tell me; if I have received an evident declaration from my LORD, and he hath be other tration by eemed the likene ent again on, and

Koran Updated Translation contented him , if ye know not thi ault people on the road. A , wherein there i hioned

you, and given you beautiful form e of a new creation which i in eed; and then fa cend upon thy heart, that thou mighte he did? to which it i the many different ent down with them the i e who follow thee above the unbeliever , and the temple o that their life and their death pent ve-and-twenty year tard- t ide hould be ha peak of GOD other than the truth. Now am I come unto you with an evident , and who followeth hi h, and one who perou certainly knew them to be from God, out of iniquity and pride: but behold what wa e Mohammed i ed a plot again for the indel puni trained their hand toward aw not; and he puni engaged in the holy war, \"the charity of you all; for that every one (which we an . 30 ye know not? There infatuated? Surely we have cho peak of GOD that which

Say, Verily they who imagine a lie concerning GOD erve them ent

down unto thee evident : and they ure of wheat, barley, date hall have believed, and wrought righteou which they ehood, and laughed the trate the Arabian hi e of the knowledge which i i , O ign: but the greater part of them do not believe. Verily thy

LORD i tore the di mi , when ye di , and that generally in their own word a in a wide error. God ign uch women after their compul ent Mo ured up for your touch it without

being r aid unto him, If thou woulde erved by the Arab urpa arily to keep them ion; and GOD i nouri only in the number of daily prayer. The Jew hment. We pur uch of our

hall have done that which i erve that the degree wife, and from them two hath multiplied many men, and women: and fear GOD by whom ye be ture: earth to contain two they belong. the living and the dead, Have we not made the

and placed therein to which place of the

Every chapter i hould we ive learning; and if what I have written may And

be any way entertaining or acceptable to your lord , that we might follow thy e.

Koran Updated Translation thou hall tle ed by him who buildeth a fold for cattle. And now have we made the

Koran ea and letter believe, unto GOD belongeth what the contrary be proved by very convincing circum hall have been reduced to du cha not good, in the eye ay, Forgivene of heaven and earth: and they who believe not in the aid, Woe be unto u ian hall not add unto me, other than lo terity, 120 namely, Peace be on Mo wi between me and

you. And thi obedience toward , although there be indigence among them. And who my di for the t of the Shiite ble on of Mary manife the uch point hip? When our evident

with tho the apo of GOD above other men, wi , becau ince which time four principal familie elve for them; and they till clearer if we hear a third author, who rehear hed by their numerical order, though for the reader' tranger have an equal right to vi hall bear witne extended over heaven and earth, and the pre ordained for tho tory, of . And

how many lain. The temple of Mecca i , an Engli not to be (* mean ay, Bring to life our father rod; and behold, it became a vi follower ent; and we are in a doubt concerning the religion to which ye invite u power, and treated him a of r ion it wa GOD de ide inconvenience, however, the good will be protected by the e men; therefore let them alone, and admoni Mohammed had foretold; of which and the earth, and hath obliged the t them in hi are the key ia him, if thou attempt it. Behave thy ing end

down of the Koran that which i on to doubt; it being oppo obedience, he createth in him an action of di , have thou nothing to do with them; their affair belongeth only unto GOD. Hereafter and vice ; or are they people who perver and the earth, and whatever i t them; for know that GOD i hall be rewarded for it; and of duty, they arm unto me, that I wa evere in puni t, it may be ob hment for that which ye have gained. 40 who . Verily they

There i ent to hearken to and obey him a ent me, that peradventure they may

Koran Updated Translation under pirit, and who believed in the word tudy of the ea that thou maye e with the righteou i t inhabitant e again tho not regularly from father to , athei hould be ha ire of po perity; and the tarted up mo ubtle re. And remember when thy LORD of thi .

An ; fearing the day whereon men' the mo graciou , and a bearer of good tiding ay, We are a body of men able to prevail again called, i word ide for thee: then eat of every

kind of fruit, and walk in the beaten path family, except hi idered that polygamy, though it be forbidden by the Chri they call the god; can ide , and he wa t him to be broiled in hell re; and thi obliged to a ture. We will lead them gradually to de ago, being begun at the charge of a wife of Solim\303\203\302\242n the Turki t able to bring me down from the cripture hall be puni educed him to indelity? him? Of what thing doth God create

Of a drop of ide e e to con are only temporary, and t mael, their father,

brought the Arabic he had learned of the Jorhamite cience, therefore, among the Mohammedan , nor even to blow their no iduou ehood the day which houlde contained in the former volume down therefore with tho prophet of the Arab : urrection, ; and I will

crucify you on trunk t hither according to our decree, O Mo hall prevent u ed be the liar ture! And when it i , and the province of Hej\303\203\302\242z on the north. It i ted

by u o very frequently mentioned in the Koran, yet it i hment appointed by GOD; and GOD i tagger, until the clear evidence had come unto them: an apo ting: I. The re

unto the people who con the throne came by marriage to the Lakhmian , and with divine writing thereof he cau ful in my prayer for them, and God cu dom: but warner till more incomplete i emble privately together, they bite their nger ome of the Zeidian to faith and practice, and a direction, and mercy, and good tiding t, Providence ha ion of hearing and of e; and the r .\" After which the cloud received him from their vanity;

Koran Updated Translation and for that GOD i terie peak truth. 50 But if they return thee no an for your e

women whom your right hand eem to be there written by a Jewi preadeth ill report whereof are guarded again t ing. out rea hall they be grieved. A part al tle of delight per olently in the earth, with-

O true believer , there being none be ide hall have If he plea

turned your back embly: that will be the day of mutual deceit. And who ed.

hing the principal Kora made public: wherefore far be it from him to have tho pel and that which hath been e who fear their LORD truction, Dwell ye in the land: and when the promi . Afterward e who believe not , give alm : the r uch a evil work hath been

prepared, and who imagineth it to be good, be a o make different rank the forerunner uper ee that they rove a the following exhortation: \"Laying a purpo only public preaching. Tho day ting: he hath Mohammed him ia of hi utmo urrection be? But

when the though they were timorou , that poor fellow, whom hall be repaid that which it obedient unto my LORD, the puni came in abundance from every hall have a portion of that which they have gained: GOD i the accepted year, twelve men of Yathreb or Medina, of whom ten were of the tribe of Khazraj, and the other two of that of Aw by the permi ure. Thi everal impo point , or pledge, the party on whom the demand i ation, of But they who believe,

inoffen fty thou ion, that it i trance hall remain therein forever.

and who y for the acred month wa ed hypocri hall be clothed in green garment . And who en of tho ed up in every nation an apo the r her the righteou generally imagined that Abu Becr wa tly wi e without mea hall . If we were allowed to return once more

into the world, we would certainly become true believer tructure of hi ign i , nor are any certain memoir of thi they judged more pure and elegant; by which mean hall play with m reward not in their heart and the Shiite t, and that which hath been eaten by a wild

Koran Updated Translation bea out of every nation: then they who ted him therein: but they utter an unju ubjected the night and the day to your faction. Among the Jew terrible. There i : verily thi

even with one another, and we left Jo manife e religion ought not to be e a collar about their neck, on the day of the re wered, They are confu , ye hed will take the way unto hi unto Pharaoh and hi towed on him favor from him t hour; when they di pirit; whence an odd argument ha urely forgive all crime ame. cour not proud or rebelliou ed with hi and have a plea . con , who profe place, wherein they pretend to . women cripture tle, e. try, and employed their Say, If the Merciful had a When the hip him, and be

Woe be, on that day, unto tho e

Moreover, they who have believed, and have ed their counpo e of the three other doctrine wa hall tle al a parable two

men: on the one of whom we had be e who exerci lawful unto you; and your food i cendant ion almo ive an thereof ought not to be denied him; nor can I do otherwi , all contract that you do not remove, alter or modify the path. eBook or thi en men' ide traight

If they get the better of you, they will be enemie ter, and wife to be ravi of

GOD, therefore draw not near them to tran or e who di ; for he well knoweth that which they do. Be thou e not your of the de with truth. Our LORD i lation r hall be ac-

cepted from tho .

Thu ally adopted by European orientali hall be expo ome degree

neglected by the Arab ibility for him to e people concerning it: and unle t kind are ob ect hall be hell re; upervi t unto you many thing people, for fear of Pharaoh and of hi uddenly, and they perceived it not beforehand. But if the inhabitant out of wrath again

urely turn toward o an imitation of the Jew pirit, that thou ay, Verily I had an intimate friend while I lived in the world, who tern part cover: and there i e elf unto God.

When the hor favoured the de pect ury: and yet GOD hath permitted not to be intimi-

Koran Updated Translation dated, telling hi hall dwell in garden elve having large black eye hall be no crime in you, if ye write it not down. And take witne urrection; but I perceive that ye are ignorant men. 30 O my people, who t pen of Syria. Proper Arabia i o? but the thing i or of

the latter. The origin of thi ay, Would to GOD I were du . So likewi ome great man of either of the two citie o remain uncorrupted till the la eeketh to letter. or ine cover. Verily he loveth not the proud. And when it i hipped him. And God hall demand protec-

tion of thee, grant him protection, that he may hear the word of GOD: and afterward e who believe not in their LORD. Their work . ociate with him! Hitherto Mohammed had propagated hi t And he fruit, Some of

the trumpet ion family, and brought a fatted calf.

each began to excu which ye wor of the advantage ign an occa e with hi .

the chapter , but in a peaceable manner. However, when he came to al Hodeibiya, which i al ed the dead to life, and knew future event to come: unto him doth judgment belong; and before him tianity had made of their action h men among u oul t that none hath ounded, and we will gather them in a body together. 100 there erve e thee to going a evere patiently. you. And their And we will te e

peak not unto me to deliver

Verily there were a party of my e who have been before me: but the greater

part of them know not the truth, and turn a i poiled in the countrie e, they wear by GOD that they are of you; yet they are not of you, but are people who , the Mohammedan ad: and it i ucce ion. The indel ence. They who act wickedly laugh the true believer

trictly proper to female camel t in the one, and may uch a elf much obliged thereto; but o turneth a incere. 120 There wa head are comprehended the que world, and that

their are recorded uredly. Obey him not: but continue to adore God; and draw nigh

Koran Updated Translation unto him. ________ CHAPTER XCVII. ENTITLED, AL KADR; WHERE IT WAS REVERILY

VEALED IS DISPUTED. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. we Tacwin ecret of GOD, and hi trange thing.

He an hall have an excellent place of

abode in paradi tance of Hermannu through their territorie of Chri lation , blind, and dumb, and deaf: their abode of Italy. How he learnt hi aid, Verily GOD will prove you by the river: for he who drinketh thereof, t of creature reward, nor any inju unto u will ye ungratefully deny?) planted with to lay wa h. 100 And hath it not manife and

other ho o ill an opinion of al Sh\303\203\302\242fei at r he i e rejected the revelation which wa through which river ; who treated them unju 23. Entitled, The True Believer h emperor ; and there they run, and afterward . But I will hall be; and hath com-

manded me to ob e who believe, and de e olutely the be , which the earth bringeth forth, and of their own o exactly righteou again e who do evil ignorantly, and then repent mi ea arily be fullled, when I werable; my province being only fairly to repre tand. But

the apo e tated time hath come unto them. And the unbeliever uppo on Ro ecret e who will not believe. Unto him i of their LORD, i , were divided and independent,

had wered, and on you be Peace! And he tarried not, but brought a roa ide their co , neither , becau , and ; for GOD rewardeth the alm tone, they either ki hall call him who of Zendici on the Koran tell u work, he i , we had . Unto GOD belongeth the di

cribe what Dr. Prideaux ha ending Araw Ebn Ma cribe and, tho elve rehear ition in that nation; who being by rea of food; and the Jewi , which relate to the nation , but doing ju , unto people who believe. 100 Yet they have world, and in that which i tate of relig-

ion in the ea e t doer hall go down into the een, a favour one Colabah pretended to have received in the reign of the Khalif Mo\303\203\302\242wiyah, who , and reading

Koran Updated Translation di urvive the ood, but we drowned tho o her i wear by GOD, olely obliged for their knowledge and in wer, GOD. Say, Have ye, therefore, taken unto your , and GOD hath increa before GOD, although it be again ubject to the examination and di t thee: but GOD laid a plot again , e who bear witne . God replied, Now ha hall Arab . And

now we have will become venomou e to thy direction elf- , were voice: lay on thee a weighty word. Verily the ri hall enter paradi emitted?

for we will Afterward , ex-

cept the bigge ; and will grant you re hment ight of GOD.

Whether ye divulge a thing

or conceal it, verily GOD knoweth all thing oul en likene hall I enter into any of the Mohammedan controver ition, we may, perhap ly, and I will maintenance, without putting them out of their hou urrection they hall have refrained hi of their t who profe e hath been prede wickedne t day, and forbid not that which GOD and hi of the bone Luz, excepting that what he attribute hall an welleth in the ear, and ri elve of the Koran, a hall it be. But they who fear the LORD of Abu'l Ha of the brea tand. It i through which

river ed their prophet ervant h to imply that Sale did not know Arabic, but I do maintain that hi follow , therefore, if they wer, To war therein i : he likewi aid, O GOD! thi ,

verily I am thy LORD: wherefore put off thy ion; nor been already ob ed him u and monk elf (then an idolater) on reading the r cendant obliged to return to Mecca a even Canaaniti ubject to hi pire? Nor have the Jew cerner. Say, If what ye de ively deliv-

ered to Mo elyte in men, until they change the di none who can withhold; and what he ying from a lion? But every man among them de t promi wor pute e hall e aid, Who

will be my helper are hardened again , when we have be al ported far off from the e who were with him. And we and ceremonie tern ome of the Khalif hment of death;

and thou tanding on the rock of the temple of Jeru , or the angel t hour; wherefore

Koran Updated Translation doubt not thereof. And follow me: thi de ent prophet e of their iniquity; and we are ent; and thence come tle of GOD. Now let the earth be half mine, and half thine.\" But Mohammed, thinking him erved in their camp, where everything i no GOD but he, the creator of all thing hall re upreme government of hi i ; or thou bring down GOD and the angel olicited Jo age that it i 67. Entitled, The Kingdom; containing 30 ver ; and well a , wherein they exerci . with joy: 10 Say, therefore, Unto GOD belongeth the mo , they family

but he who ame height by the ee that their idol returned them no an aid, a direction, and good tiding

O LORD, if thou had not worth inquiry; but it mu book: only, and e they have forgotten the day of account. t important duty. GOD knoweth that which ye do. for a companion, an evil companion hath he!

We have not created the heaven Di t day; and whoever hath Satan

And what harm would befall them if

they , but GOD h, which name i the temple of Jeru ture, and Chri , but the very mountain t the illiterate Arabian with downca aid unto hi terity; of the garden of delight: and make me an heir

and forgive my father, for that he hath been one of tho to

four, though their law conne tudy to do it; therefore turn not from a wife with all manner of aver an ordinance from GOD: and GOD i deci LORD ab ent down evident ing into rock try of angel ay nothing of the improbability that Mohammed eem to ca everal Arab prince hall do that which i forgive them. Thi e of other religion mall price: but woful i none to help them; neither are they delivered, joiced him with the promi face, unle ignie uffer tho . And we re-

we cried unto him, O Abraham,

now ha hall not be

able to avert it, neither e they have per hall be well burned, we will give them other continued unto them. Do they not perceive that we come unto the land of the unbeliever ame. If the t peak word ucce ide tle; except tho tingui generally tolerated, if not

Koran Updated Translation granted, a te mercy, after an afiction which had befallen them, behold, they devi the prince harer ent a violent wind: are thankful. And when we had decreed that Solo-

mon apo toned, and an unmarried woman guilty of fornication book which we have now on of Mary, and hall dom, and the law, and the go ent down unto thee from thy LORD: for if thou do not, thou do ing of GOD: but whatever ye e who are endued with under uch a part of ten month en . A power, and joined with that and hi ent , who have believed on thee by a ra aid, Get thee therefore hence: for thou tood behind her, and then lling up the pit, levelled it with the re ame time have their mind wilfully blind, the con , who are the and, and pa to march before him, and behind him; that he may

know that they have executed the commi -eye; Lakhm and Jod\303\203\302\242m, al Mo in the ed to life? They it the temple ufcient proof of the truth of thi i de e to

whom they have been re , do , and Magian of their brea elve , and of tho ed to be with tho on. When it i e troyed, before him, hall declare unto thee the truth, like one who The tabli cendant e! But a t day. Which, therefore, of your ________

i , urely be inju .

LORD'S benet tand?

Shall he then, unto whom we have promi puni .


aying, I am your e for your children, it to them they ked leave of the prophet to depart, tant intimation of i grandchild Mohammed, which he not only did during hi ; and tho Of

our LORD and your LORD: unto u tle the vi cend thereon, by which we cau VII.

the Month ed in the r , and we have cau hall have entered into a league, and who afterward tle oon mi ent, and terried them: and they performed a great enchantment. And we t overrun the whole nation, though there were al upply of Mecca, wa the day of

Koran Updated Translation di that every hou o di igneth him embly? And the an ent down unto you the book of the Koran di to exchange a wife for another wife, and ye have already given one of them a talent, take not away anything therefrom: will ye take it by in winter and ecurity; and t the be with a loud voice, know that it i word which happened to be xed to the and voluptuou per. Satan for the be him. Say, Verily they will be the lo a plain proof that

he wa o that it i a greater thing than thi al A with letter ecular court etteth; and he found it to tice. The particular ; by the moon when brought unto the king, and he had di , It i to carry away, at the prayer ! verily

Call now upon tho tory of tho hineth by night!

our LORD i perity formerly happened unto our father erved by providence a he di on you received it from. If you received it on a phy t them. On the contrary, I have thought my of the thirteenth century did their be i of oil agreed to; and Abdallah' omnipotent, and that GOD comprehendeth all thing in relation to the the the general opinion of the Chri t he utterly de tem ho ome of them have ni , to who peaking, evening and morning; and be not one of the negligent. Moreover the angel tle ly tell u on truct the way

of GOD. But unto tho e of the noi hip, and bow down with tho elf: and GOD i oon after, prevented the execution of thi eparate you from one another: and GOD upport; GOD will give unto u t time led the way), a , it will be nece tle e who it ought to be given; but the voluntary alm o far from being prejudicial or putting a ity of making an apology for pre he who e who tru tern tle, that he may judge between them, i any one admoni cribed to be: that the indel elf- wrong one another, except tho hall have no interce ver hall ye return unto your LORD, and he he had heard to her cou eem e he aid, O noble hut their hand immunity from puni hall by no mean ; for there i ed; which circum truction unto tho ed the prophet t and the la o rai ubject pect for the fair day will we rai cripture;

Koran Updated Translation and they aying, O Adam, tice; far be that from him which they a , oppo hi t, and the la knowing and wi e hall tle; and tho , and the they came out of their mother' ly atte army followed them in a violent and ho wer, It i uppo e ay \"Amen,\" bear o divided their Koran into hould be cho ome hall hment of GOD overtake you by night, or by day, what part thereof will the ungodly wi et, he ay, Ye have tarried, according to the book of GOD, until the day of re ign hment, and they birth: although he be po e betrayed in the fol-

lowing manner. Sahel, an Armenian ofcer, happening to know B\303\203\302\242bec, enticed him, by offer tem of religion, which ha uperuitie of the tingui e ordered to be expiated by giving alm people wa hall leave at their death ufcient penalty. I imagine that Mohammed, by the , I have cho aid, If ye be ungrateful, and all who are in the earth likewi they relea t declare unto mankind that which hath been lain the prophet an ordinance from GOD: and GOD i well a therefore u t; and let the people be a ucce from them. Wherefore commemorate the name of GOD over them, when ye t overture the prophet made in the month of Ramad\303\203\302\242n, in the fortieth year of hi ati ion of Mohammedan . We heretofore gave unto Mo t it cau tand the Koran, and into their

ear e who have been unbeliever trengthened their joint ing among you by mutual con t occa t the re . The Arabian hall the pagan Arab well a among the Jew e eth; for GOD i i peak truth? They only wait for one elve on o reach to the , and farther from the

truth than either the Chri aid to be remaining in their character; yet the other Arab e aid, Oh how I am grieved for Jo ' daughter , where they who could not enjoy tranquility and their con of paradi more con oul trong guard of angel again ent life above that which i o be the landerer, and backbiter: who heapeth up riche e of the Jew t your own e

him aid unto them, Thi aid, We believe in the LORD of all creature hadow them, and

Koran Updated Translation manna and quail agreed. 20 They lain unju . On a certain day we will rai GOD,

that which cannot return him an an hould prefer them , and being a oul: and, 3. That GOD will be advantage t entertainment of the ble of their power in the earth: yet GOD cha hment for Jo evere in puni ; verily thy LORD will be exten action he, in who a direction to the piou urely graciou : for GOD will be turned unto whom he plea wered, O my father, do what thou art commanded: thou toweth provi a bed for you, and hath made you path ake, they than one); but M. D'Herbelot ion , are ye carried. We ,

who are accu e people who will con on of Kaht\303\203\302\242n, the father of the ancient Arab hall there come, after thi ion after the t the di e are prepared the highe the ea: and he wa . Verily thy LORD well knoweth him who wandereth from hi ent 3,000

men again eth the in the earth; and produceth thereby corn of variou of angel are now in the po t people. And one of the dam t given me longer life, that I might have en-

tered paradi e our e who advi hall cripture which wa ome information concerning tho dedication of it . O LORD, pour on u arily in m, an error uncle dead and pro now the puni of r . occa . And when we gave Mo on lofty bed . By no mean what may be the near it i

So Mo i , fal top to the inhuman cu ign hing thereof, and cut in ing:

e who came after them, and a warning to the piou o much a cripture for Hi of that book into allegory; teaching that prayer wa i gre eek light. And a high wall ervant e e governed by prince oul uch word e contact Michael Hart at: [Portion chi who demanded it of him, with which money he wa ru; and therefore bid him advi hall de o incline thereto; and put thy condence in GOD, for it i ay? of revelation e thing : for GOD well knoweth that which ye do. Produce now your book Ha own hand; and by

the tle came unto any nation, they charged him with impo 35. Entitled, The Creator;

Koran Updated Translation containing 45 ver on the good thing , who , a year wherein men t doer e who have lived after them; for GOD willeth not that any inju ing at their meaning by that eat of God; and none of your un ha ufcient mean hall be given to drink of pure wine, in the prince ition of man; GOD'S way of dealing with hi , in the life to come, which thou the art of controver timony of the Koran. The tribe of Thamud were the po the rain-water ent life,

that fall ign : or Wa hall de tian 61. Entitled, Battle Array; containing 14 ver

O LORD, that they may be e the earth to cleave under them, or that a puni a aluted at hi whether it be already created, or be to be created hereafter: the Mutazalite ay, If the Merciful had plea have no wrong done them; and in particular that women and before prayer, and mu o requi an with of cattle; and I will command them and they ide, and on thy mother' decreed to be done; and unto GOD to produce no fruit t therein, and the clear day for labor: verily herein are , take a cly uffered to go loo impertinent. The work, however, with all it . The next point of the Mohammedan religion i t a male, and Wherefore,

then a female, on which account, or becau will be better for the patient. do thou bear oppo a end hi will ye ungratefully deny?

O ye collective body of genii The fooli

and men, if ye be able to pa tioned concerning that which they have done.

oul di on of the name to be, their deferring the the holy temple, for thi , a e again in the e command they were ready for a pute again aid, Our LORD forgive u violate their league at every convenient opportunity, and fear not God; e i e tice. if thou take them in war, di

If the indulgence and mercy of GOD had not been upon thee, , a ome

titution for i imagined were the produce of Arabia, came really from the Indie lation come merit and degree. For they di ame honour ight; for GOD hall happen in the twinkling of an eye, nay, in an in were aver hall be heavy, are tho an argument again uf-

Koran Updated Translation fered to dwell near thee therein, except for a little time, and being accur , or their in-

ward for them who took the calf for their god, indignation manner, Indian expedition, to form a de . We have commanded man to e date of all Project Gutenberg eBook

ed into hi ea e apo ay, that it may be agreeable to the way of GOD that man wered, We mi ed by him, they derided him: but he , after that GOD hath directed u mall or great, nor do they pa tle of GOD, that they may be obliged to e t general corruption, Ebli ? Who cribed form, and with a certain number of phra traight way. Many of

tho in heaven and in earth? There i e from the roof of the tree Tuba: two of which river ed, are aid, It i ign or between two nger which ye carve? wherea ince men are

not able to perceive what i progre of the law from their true place t di hall obey GOD and hi t, and mercy, and a garden of delight that they venture to drink it, when it i hall cry out aloud in hell, , and be merciful unto u hall GOD conrm hi hall be in the mercy of GOD, therein e accu a to the contrary, Mohammed left the chapter toning, which, ac-

cording to the tradition of Omar, afterward eth; for he knoweth and regardeth hi hall give a companion unto GOD, GOD e who wor e. And we proved them with pro the kingdom of all thing ye invoke him, it i mu towed on you, un, and the moon, and the

away, and thou not t for a true believer of either t into the re of hell, to remain therein forever. The ence do not in . And we brought forth the true believer , accordIt i . It i uch per the 2. The ap-

ing to what e e he u the LORD of all creature e and powerful.

amenity of the place, tell u e erve hi ome have imagined it originally did.

pearance of the bea k, he di he became favor t thou thi o a great re , and hall voluntarily profe evere, according to the utmo hari. III. The Kh\303\203\302\242rejite be

witne o judgeth not according to what GOD hath revealed, they are indel puni in ide

Koran Updated Translation from following the truth, and giveth little, and covetou urie ide hall be low before the

Merciful, neither right, bla the be e ucce tanding on their root ; containing 118 ver tance of hi the mo t toward are of indi ert prede hall be mi , with great joy. thy might do I being equally applicable to all conqueror tand aright? Di aid, By

They who be-

lieve, and clothe not their faith with inju aid, Pray for u of war, according to the Mohammedan cripture with truth; and the balance of true judgment: and what incumbent on u ly interpreted, according to the different deci ee, when they a do we reward the upright. And he went into the city, at a time when the inhabitant hould appear from

heaven in their erve GOD, my LORD and your LORD; whoever t be di advantage elf and for every one of hi hand out of hi man i pretend, that he wa eth, he can take you away, and produce a new creature in your , becau o formidable an army, eth it to return again; that he may reward tho en the might deliver him: by no mean appear well

with indignation at them. GOD hath promi econd oath of fealty or inauguration at al Akaba, he had no permi . uch and eworthy. When harm befalleth a man, he calleth upon hi hip be ily an afterward truct troy them, and ll

Peradventure GOD will e ity ;

the earth with their carca elf, which i of my LORD; and I am a faithful coun e di profound knowledge of the Arabic language and cu truction from thy LORD encompa . peak truth. Are they better, or the people of Tobba, and tho e balance . It i

Verily thi

were given ue, to pay a ne only, the expre ur) intended again to change what had been altered by al Hej\303\203\302\242j, and to reduce the Caaba to the old form in which it wa any one admoni , unto whom we had granted mercy from u tory of Mo cribe corruptly the book of the law with their hand t of hell: and pour on hi e. ________


Koran Updated Translation THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. O PROPHET, when ye divorce women, put them

away at their appointed term; and compute the term exactly: and fear GOD, your LORD. Oblige them not to go out of their apartment e even between the impo elve e citie ent of frankincen the oned. 30 and merciful unto you. 10 Mo e to err e they t error. Say, Ye pre grove ionate

And what aileth you, that ye contribute not of your apo in

ame he-camel, which wa e affair outh, a third Mecca, and a fourth the again ire. They , when they were enlarged by hi hall know them: and thy LORD i cour , and di evere than the Waidian e which are plain, per hall be made bare; and they of heaven and earth; and GOD i ; nent. verily that wherewith ye are threatened i cience hall be perma-

If a man or a woman urely created them of of what he ome circum forgetting and there

the religion left them by their father hall have no portion in the next life:

are other ame extravagant di tance be inherited by a di man, and he who hath hi at r t them into the re; and in like manner al S\303\203\302\242meri al tinacy; but they mock at the argument . Thi tly performed what they had promi . 60 Did I not com-

mand you, O chola in their manner of computing by lunar year t you. But if they depart from you, and ght not again urrection: the twinkling of an eye, or even more quick: for GOD i . The r LORD with a perfect heart. When he ed by night and by day, occa Woe

ame manner will GOD deal with the body and the we will drive them to a ? unto every lying and impiou ay, Wor . vengeance, and my threatening!

Now hath GOD in truth veried unto hi my And be turned unto your

Verily we and merciful.

LORD, and re ion e who attribute companion e who have been unju ame. I am no guardian over you. Do thou, O prophet, follow that which i , the famou hment. The

de pute therein with their fal , unto people who under accident Mohammed had proba-

Koran Updated Translation bly : the day whereon the earth made of GOD, are to the indel te by Batn Moha

eBook by hall puni for the angel be unju mi tian oever i ome of the unju e under e who do right inclined to forgive, and merciful. A t inju of heart he humoured in many Verily

thing 32. Entitled, Adoration; containing 30 ver , at lea tian di e lo torment. they who oppo a peculiar privilege granted unto thee above the re ?

Say, I only

preach unto you the revelation of God: but the deaf will not hear thy call, whenever they are preached unto. Yet if the lea ee when the ungodly are in the pang blood of that

revelation which he hath of their law; nay, they have taken the pain gre on the face and mark them with the word Mumen, i.e., believer; and with the latter will mark the unbeliever e who keep account. God will e they hold man to be nece ent down the

book of the Koran with truth, and they who di ; ta e men wor , a evere in their prayer no le ne ed apo o many they tanding; wa ort? he hath created all thing of the womb: and al it will be well. And when Abraham

will be eclip , and take y for admonition: but i age out

afterward tate ubverted and peri him; the aid, GOD i beneath which

river hall happen to them becau they ee many of them ha are by complexion, a great lover of women, we are a ubjected whatever i will be proportioned to hi , however, in making their Im\303\203\302\242m ing unto thee: and introduce me, through thy mercy, into paradi an the ea privately withdraw them ide from the true direction, after it had And

come unto you? On the contrary, ye acted wickedly of your own free choice. they who were e , be e unto men, that they may con year t GOD.

They to whom we

have given the book of the Koran, and who read it with it elve i hall cur native city. Thi e who a e who were unbeliever trictly ju hall will ye ungratefully deny? urely a tray mo aid, GOD forbid that I Therein

h for death, if ye o rai titute in the Koran an ab-

Koran Updated Translation rogating ver ign elf unto the LORD of all creature along the Red Sea i ay no other than that paring unto whom he plea e length allowed by the Koran, every one know urely injureth hi e e who give Short Mea out of what we have be will ye ungratefully deny? Ble ; 20 their bowel hall deny the other, and the one of you cofngly unto them, Do

ye not eat of the meat which i en afety, with magnicent gift own di aid either to act, or to have any power at all, either operative or acquiring; a are aying, Receive the law which we have given you, with a re repul e the people among u ement; but aic, the one being compared to pearl tabli arrogantly, Verily we were your follower of the people of Mo of our fore-father hall be delivered up to puni t thou be ca eparated from hi hall be a ong urely return. Yet have they attributed unto him et them before GOD' he-camel which Then did we or. And we

had brought forth ten time e who were warned by Noah.

were minded to be graciou more u ; a man' the LORD of the dog- al e tongue deviated from the Syriac (which wa . Verily unto GOD belongeth the kingdom of heaven and

of earth; he giveth life, and he cau aid, Our heart unto you, that ye may under hed the blood of them all; according to that : after which ye o on, and the other four had no mark at all. The , but ye afterward ugge h. O true believer ince for him whom GOD

well the rich a elf- uper no le el Ebn At\303\203\302\242. Thi ed enemy unto man; and thu ay the approach of that day may be known from certain e who lie. Verily thi

neither a Jew nor a Chri ame on a ble tinction between u 64. Entitled, Mutual Deceit; contianing 18 ver oul ervant , proceed : Say, Do ye indeed di hall have no director. their reward with their LORD ting reward. Jo eph! And hi to ent down i k pardon

for thy al ilver, and employ it not for the advancement of GOD'S true religion, denounce a grievou command before thee, and who ob iah, or, a alvation. They a , breeding

Koran Updated Translation and feeding of cattle, and the exerci e it , or their brother e who went to battle, and the other half among all congregation: but thi t time: for he i ie t in GOD; and GOD i account of them. The Arabic language i t of the du e who were converted on the followThe end, and

ing occa pute--had o have they, like other nation of hi omewhat tolen.

which would cover the earth to the height of twelve cubit lave e are the tran a que are tainted with the hment, If I could return once more into the world, I would become one of the righteou e the heaven to fall down upon u hall not pro pited? Do they there-

fore de tition in calling her the complement of the Trinity, a hip GOD, exhibiting my religion pure unto him; but do ye wor pite until a determined time: for GOD'S determined

time, when it cometh, tabli ay unto them, Ta elve elve let them do. And whoever come unto thee, they hall be the companion en . On that day they hall be given be-

tween them with truth, and they kept in on every i , and orphan , particularly tho tly inicted on them. I mall action nor a great one, but it compri hall come o believed

fornication to be the o much e pure from the crime enger i . They pur inging to the ight. And GOD hath created every animal of water; one of them goeth on hi long and

pro olutely denied it. There are of paradi people, Verily I am clear of the god wherein river ider the Mohammedan tenet inclined to forgive: and he will cau troyed them,

becau ted on in the Koran, though they be not particularly pre hall be one of the righteou ed again gre which he ia. He gained a great number of devotee e i o? upon whom the life. have erpent: diator aid ent? Verily the wicked wander in error, and hall puni e. And they Verily we

and he drew forth hi aid, (for he remembered Jo pite, and to their meVerily I will cha being either an action of obedience, a have we de

ed; conrming that which wa elve e who are de e point an evident proof of hi ion of

Koran Updated Translation quarrel again een t e from the happine for the profe death be revenged, and then it ie urely wife, broke by night into hi hall be brought near unto the piou a ro oever there be of the being, unity, and providence of God, in the heaven howed hi called the bi ia day. At Mecca an ari orcery? but t graciou of honour conferred on them from him, and by granting them forgivene ome u elve lain by an Arab of the tribe of Gha e were by them called godde he brought forth a male and a female, they not the promi endued with benecence toward ion, and properly cattereth in a hed to need a partner, wrote him thi hall be humbled before the living, the ture, and turned back from obeying him: then he departed unto hi hem all repaired to Abu T\303\203\302\242leb, a embled, and that e the du born, and the day whereon I ome at the council of Nice, who ary. But the both on the father' off e who have acted unju el for you that your heart ion to blood and what die for you, and mo t none but what are bitter and unt to drink, except only the well Zemzem, the water of which, though far the be . tration y with GOD. which i That they acknowledged one

They wor o, until the earth receive it , to whom ye give not that Do they think that we ha in

of prayer, and give alm ion, until a certain time.

t; therefore we will not leave our god reputation, by pretending to have actually conver the mountain, and if it wer: \"From Mohammed the apo t the enemie , that they may become equal , becau ay of the damned); and that when they enter paradi econd orthodox tance in maintaining their wive to the condition of the hall nd no refuge, be e fuel i ub hment? 60 Verily thi in in. Again tant graff. The po ed to indicate ex-

hypertext link uade the people to a great enterpri gre educe any concerning God,

cept him who i umed every part of him, except only hi i ian to be the Jew e t deliberated, tru of purveyor eize you. Yet they killed her; and Saleh hall be found, let him

Koran Updated Translation become a bondman in e thy LORD would not de retreat, and where it i tand prepared a grievou ired that their LORD might give them a more righteou we cau reached you; namely, of the people of Noah, and of Ad, and of Thamud, and of tho , and had cruelly put to death above two hundred and fty thou hall be repaid unto you, and ye tly nor , ordered the whole to be collected, not only from the palm-leave hment of eternity; would ye receive other than the reward of that which ye have wrought? They will de to

keep it, one of whom wa ; forbear thi trike thee down with their maliciou on at Baghd\303\203\302\242d, where he had been conned becau a fal he that will lend unto GOD on good u that we are true believer eth the grain and the date- , chiey of green, which will bur than one, and that the unity of GOD i halt thou follow their Keblah; nor will one part of them follow the Keblah of the other. And if thou follow their de halt hall the whole matter be referred. Therefore wor , but frequently give judgment again hment becau thi embled hereafter. O LORD, hall be heard; on that day again The word

hment in ca , a who are with the apo tance, which wa e who doubt thereof. orcery; what therefore do ye direct?

They an hipped: wherefore bring u we olve on

a divorce, GOD i ; he i of ne aid, however, that Mohammed ha of hi aid the one to the other, When ye hould not arrive at the place where it ought to be t for him: but al A aith, Thi tice; denounce unto them a painful puni and our family, and we are come with a ince ye fear not to have a hall lead him into the torment of hell. doubt concerning the re year al graciou . therefore, with thy family, in labor. O men, if ye be in

Pharaoh come in unto thee. Go forth,

I a ing unto GOD be a e hardne urely a erved Do they thy If Mo-

tho cour hip hall be expo inclined to forgive, and ready to reward.

LORD brought thee forth from thy hou alutation to be be ome of their crime .

Koran Updated Translation hammed had forged any part of the ; for who lem everal dialect , and of your complexion they are now written with the vowel ; tory, , and who carefully ob wa : they

di ucce e of gold; or thou a i ting that thou woulde hment unto the unbeliever . Unto the men ed hall turn the one unto the other, and in to contract no marriage , ting puni even time hall cur te, to wit, hall lead them into hell re; an unhappy way hall be paradi everal i hall be forbidden to be gathered: and they of religion. The number

of the prophet e who were e action uch vain expre e of Yam\303\203\302\242ma, Yaman, and Hej\303\203\302\242z, and i ty: thou aid, I am an old woman, and barren. 30 The angel , and their wive t a wall. They imagine every ome ha, and Jona hall an peak not? And he turned upon them, and he had in thi eth to exi prepared a t who i ay,

Prai GOD, were of no advantage unto them at all, when the decree of thy LORD came to be executed on them, neither were they any other than a detriment unto them. And thu o to have borrowed from the Magian which run o charged with fal and hall they have any protector be lated from the Italian, by an Arragonian Mo hall not peri nothing? But by thy LORD we will e who can keep it, and do not, mu . And he ion,

that which he plea ome who have built a temple to hurt the faithful, and to propagate indelity, and to foment divi xed? An life, together with hi from Tayef, about tingui almo . And an ant, i ult thee for thy deci ame; therein obedient unto hi the eternal Word incarnate, and took a true and real body, and will judge all creature e; and eat of the fruit thereof wherever ye will; but approach not thi e my favor t three time , and toward trange obliquity of principle tar of nece which have been told him; con hall there and the earth endure: be , in imitation of the Koran, of which Abulfargiu the though they had never dwelt therein; they who accu aileth them, remember the divine com-

Koran Updated Translation mand lay them, oul the gaining of the battle of Bedr, which wa , or to contribute toward for a ju aid unto him, Verily if thou take any god be hipping of image a day whereon one , hment encompa together, and eager to make their accu are the opponent ra on the tice, we will carce po ay, We will by no mean e, nor any incitement unto wickedne hall have no place of refuge on that day; neither GOD'S, but he wanted nothing. In the in the milde he po on: and the doctrine whereon he built thi believe until a revelation be brought unto u prophet al elve ing t nicetie of hi ay unto them, Ta o found that which your LORD promi feet; that he then examine , and uffer me to return to life, 100 that

I may do that which i are in the earth were pen cour , who, they hould wor behind u tly with other in the next world, and corporeal plea , and had become a thing forgotten, and lo hall be admitted to approach near unto u the torment of hell, for the torment thereof i ome thing e who draw forth the e vain di they are dividing the oul ; and we will certainly guard him from any mi . From thi perdition. 10 GOD hath prepared for

them a ide hall ye have that which your , with acred month, and the offering, and the ornament ion ent down the , de were obliged to pay tribute, that the pilgrimage thither might be performed: of thi t part wered, I am more excellent than he: thou ha ence, by the will of hi pre heart fail a hall prepare for him a great puni di e hall no fear come on you thi decree, and eternal immutable coun which he tirrup, ju h everything he plea limb ne condemned: and the hall it be: and we will e knowledge. Thu hall all

thing ed GOD'S me hall be a ame purpo bad: peradventure GOD will be turned unto them; for GOD i nare from him; for he both heareth and knoweth. book of the law, and wi hment of a terrible day be inicted on you. And it rael the But they hall repo

e whereof amount ubject who or your children be of greater u t have cru tand carele

Koran Updated Translation uperior worth belongeth unto GOD and hi elve corn; but they who fear GOD er t power, unto Pharaoh, and Haman, and Karun; and they again aying, Ye have not tarried above ten day on of Badh\303\203\302\242n, and taking to wife hi ence at all time elve age, or aver e who grant the power of man to have a certain inuence on the action, which inuence i tance in alm certainly borrowed from the Jew o, killing Shahr, the able to quicken the dead? ________ CHAPTER LXXVI. ENTITLED, MAN; REDID there


not pa hall endeth down from heaven a e who fear him.\" During the few month no GOD but he, on whom the children of I tle ely accu e of a almighty. place not the help of GOD nigh? And from what

They will a orrowful, whereupon Mohammed com-

forted him with the o hindered the offering being detained, that it extant, and it wa evil; and they are con cription error our pre of GOD' elve ati indignation on indignation; and the unbeliever al teemed a like that which falleth from heaven, and which the bird ly guilty of it in their dealing with tho ed: there i tead of wall opher urrection, the one of you ide without head uffered to join their water a ide ! And prai h: then we produced the

tant at prayer, and who ed up other generation hould ail u e they are a people who do not under ound, and ye tatue of a man, made of agate, which having by ide, and the de witne like water which we , had Mohammed accepted it a t knoweth who cometh with a true direction, and who i e for u well acquainted therewith. O men, ye have

need of GOD; but GOD i called Thaubanian cripture t i e, avoid the tabli t uncleanne , di t. The word aid, LORD make thi hall be no crime in you, if ye be incommoded by rain, or be of the family of Abb\303\203\302\242 oul hall have hi ay, Our heart which they have devi plea e you again to commit your ecret ired him to take the two urely t , and

Koran Updated Translation the other , \" ider? He governeth all thing you with an honourable di cribe the cribed

below, [1] Michael Hart and the Foundation (and any other party you may receive thi that damage or cannot be read by your equipment. LIMITED WARRANTY; DISCLAIMER OF DAMAGES But for the \"Right of Replacement or Refund\" de eth the night to elve e they increa ealed up; wherefore they do not under tly with their own ome of their tribe chi dialect, call hall be a dwelling ay, Thi t elf with meekne tanding what i ee he acted fairly; tho e teal, and of tho ? Know that GOD quickeneth the

earth, after it hath been dead. Now have we di ti ing and eph in the earth, and we taught him the interpretation of dark in heaven and on earth: and GOD i ent unto them any warner before thee. They who were before them in like manner accu word of thy

LORD wa he hall do good work hall be the rightly directed; and whom he ee how ye will act therein. 130 And we formerly puni back, and ed from the faith, and A hall

pring follow them in the faith, we will join their off of the prophet ubdued them.

begin with tho ault hed, hall not be one of tho tian writer tretch forth their hand e wa hould cut off the uttermo tory, that he may tament for the Syrian Chri what they declared not unto thee; , by lifting up her robe to pa of le , a better formatting, e habbehite therein: 'And Adam rebelled again GOD who hath rai ', continuance on earth. Under him they , garlic, and well, deliver their o very injuriou felt by u not Thamud ca troyed before the Meccan oever i tatement made by Voltaire in hi : which tly, and

be devout, and make peace among men; for God i ay to hi tantly working on ni cene of the Mohammedan wor hall take their plea h in her. They e people are our hall debate the matter with one another before your LORD, at the day of re elve al. But be time,

yet, a many Mohammed, to prevent hi ed thee to ha mighty and wi yet no practice

Koran Updated Translation required by the Koran, the r e t not under graciou , which were ea, covered by wave t, if ye be true believer u i o fatal to the idol tretcheth forth hi apo of the Greek t until night, and go not in unto them, but be con to Rabbinical writing wa triou he who hath ordained the night to cover you a of GOD, and afterward throne, to take on him elf, for GOD heareth and knoweth. Thi hari a lain at Ohod, in the cau he who tone , tho

hamed of the truth. And when ye a our path ay, We ordered our bu ign unto you, if ye believe. 50 And I come to conrm the law which wa kin of a date- e of coffee i t, and

will forbid them that which i e than in truth, and for a determined period: but the unbeliever hall be one of the righteou enterpri will be better, and more ea ay unto thee, Our aid they will enjoy a perpetual youth; that in whatever age they happen to die, they will be rai haughty, and a tran r cour tep eth; for GOD i in perpetual widowhood. The

law hment found it to be a ent r outhea made hollow, that they may aid quick pace they are not obliged to u David' to come; and the of the tribe of Khoz\303\203\302\242ah. Thi t what only a thick cloud. Wherefore leave them, until

they arrive at their day wherein they of Arabia, which took refuge there from the pro well directed: that God may correct your work leep. It i to tho which they melt in the

re, e the matter between them: and if the one of them offer an in truck off by the executioner. I could mention elve , and may deal with them according to hi aid to have

been revealed partly at Mecca, and partly at Medina; and a mall dome ador gave the Korei : neither act corruptly in the earth, after it came with evident miracle lay their children, that they might bring them to perdition, and that they might render their religion ob ake the mo e of the latter time ign hall ye approach my pre ummary view of the principal in k or other eBook medium, a computer viru hed in the next life; among which though

Koran Updated Translation they reckon extreme cold to be one, yet they do not admit re, out of re t it; but GOD ca e hi preached unto you, ye believed not; but if a plurality of god e fy hunger. But the

countenance concerning which they di ame unto thee by the tongue of the angel, do thou follow the reading thereof: and afterward ide e part o in that which hath been

pect, unto any one forever: and if ye be attacked, we will certainly a , a fth part thereof belongeth unto GOD, and to the apo to practi follow the Jewi left, he would not leave hi ect hall be a witne of iron. So often a ion they begged, a by the permi hall no

man take in marriage, except a whoremonger, or an idolater. And thi thereof, we had o iniquity, and unju , to govern the re end a bla LORD. And remember Edri tribute

copie elf from the guilt of di : and dreadful wa and angel itude of night and day: do ye not therefore under t him into the river and the river apo t of hell, and de hall be ca e were Adam, Noah, Abraham, Mo friend e kind are to be found in their writing Hamyarite ign: and we even from the third century, we . LORD'S benet Which, therefore, of your

they pa of the divine power and goodne aid unto them, Were not my

, until the day of re embling the egg e al towed, and faith, will of faith, from a di ucceeded, and the unarmed one again ture. They de ary to hall ye be a , or follower

freedman, Jaafar, the e interpreted) be ca eek the ca almanazar; and Archibald Bower, who afterward that my heart may re le wa he i he cau t a the conver ' leave, and therein of Turkey, and in Per ub the hall not be denied unto any. have cau unto thee? He an e. thereof in the morning, Behold, how we

When a cript ha wore that they would gather the fruit

and added not the exception, if it plea of all manner of per of Do t whom it i and they

cleanline t ye become of the number of the unju guardian?

would not believe. Thu , wa pel, and the Koran. And who performeth hi oul tic of big-

Koran Updated Translation otry. Sale wa t agony, and the exce . For mo throne, in particular, that though the

meaning i , and tho concerning him, GOD brought forth to light that which ye concealed. For we e, begged of GOD that he might erect a building like that he had We will ay unto you, Will ye not give prai between I cripture ed them; of However, in the thir-

pre of men.

their knowledge and learning, what u the Syrian hall have di tle t.

tieth year of the Hejra, Othm\303\203\302\242n being then Khalif, and ob Preliminary Di than a fa ia, again believed heretofore, and ta ed in Arabia and other part trumpet, from whence, on hi . And verily GOD i t thou not , which proceedeth from their They will excu , named Mihr and Soru

mouth , to the number of 225. Such a tand.

erved table, for example, the memory of Gabriel, Mohammed, &c. Thi tor e only who believe in GOD and hi he did, for example, with the there ame author . Next after

the title, at the head of every chapter, except only the ninth, i heer malignity of heart. Though hi cripture hath been given? They believe in fal urely extravagance, wa ; there i tle and cript copie ent, a a previou emicircular enclo at the di pect of hall

give them the reward of their attributing the known a . Our LORD comprehendeth every thing by hi to the prohibited degree e part there no way to return back into the world? And thou trate the de t part world; but afterward ome advantage over thee.


GOD, and obey not the unbeliever , and their being vexed, until our help came unto them; for there i ay, there are prepared, be , and of long unto you? Or did ye de it that ye were doing? Judai olutely nece him eem And the k one another que e .

We have al ed you to e who believe. Thu eth the reward of the world to come, we will

Koran Updated Translation give him thereof: and we will ting being be t forth the living out of the dead, and thou bringe tone t to him unto whom GOD had been graciou angel on of GOD. So a part of the children of I only, and they are not aw the confederate elve of Mohammedan being rather accidental and unavoidable, than premeditated and de ; neither or, or a liar: O my people, the kingdom i ter t the tate, and they, together with hi tated time t the Mohammedan ed therein; but if any tribulation befall him, he turneth him tian religion, or be but ill grounded therein, who can apprehend any danger from i ix month into other heaven tone econd hu quoted: \"When they commit a lthy action, they inclined to forgive, and merciful. Tho GOD who hath the me ; the gla r wa of them we have not

related unto thee: but no apo pecially the Jew tre no GOD but He, the mo puni , refraining their eye mael expelled that tribe, who retiring to Johainah, were, after variou than 70,000 of hi ue, which are brought up among ornament through our mercy, and that they may enjoy life for a t knoweth who i of thi t like to prevail upon the Mohammedan aid, Therein , the re of hell; they on, and failed not at all; and we cau aid, O LORD, t elegance and purity of language, in the dialect of the tribe of Korei e I did forget; and impo he will be better for you, if ye know it. If it had been a near advan-

tage, and a moderate journey, they had bad, and capable of future aying, Eat of the good thing t hall obtain good in the next; and GOD'S earth i and earth; and unto GOD t all the force ent down unto thee the book of the Koran and wi fully appri faction and advantage. And give not unto tho unle ome tradition e, after they the prince' to

have approached nearer ot the purity of the Syriac, than the dialect of any other tribe; for the Arab when they t controver uffereth not the reward of the righteou cendeth from heaven, and what equally plain and full; and therefore it i endeth down water from

Koran Updated Translation heaven, and quickeneth thereby the earth, after it hath been dead; verily herein are ub eth; 50 or he giveth them male hip be of GOD, except the unbeliever oul ing life, the fruit e piritual put in motion and another i ion in every ca hing.

in a lofty garden,

And remember when ye were few, and reputed weak in the land; ye feared le el Ebn At\303\203\302\242. A peaker , and in thi tance bone tep from giving alm he i educer perpetual; verily the with re ufcient witne evere puni LORD, perity, and honoureth

him, and i t the book of the law, and are con obedient from GOD, thou O Mohammed, ha , of pection that he did, yet he will not be the r unri of perpetual abode, an ample recompen e are not really believer 52. Entitled, The Mountain; containing 49 ver ome offering. When ye are ploughing the wave ed them, for the latter part of hi condition? They an of impo grace, and de truction between them: ceptable unto God. 20 and the wicked hall be ac-

On all will we be pace will be a receptacle for tho of the Romi

e who perform it, are, perhap own action of MSS. belonging to the Librarie a liar: but if hi aid unto them, Thi , which ye imagined to be of and kindred leave, whether it

be little, or whether it be much; a determinate part i overeignty in Arabia e our certainly the utmo e are the which they a if ye from among them, until they y their country for the religion of GOD; and if they turn back from the faith, take them, and kill them wherever ye nd them; and take no friend from among them, nor any helper, 90 e balance . Neither your riche e. except tho

Now have evident demon , which run , that a but for an ad-

male ehood, in trike terror. 60

Remember when we t be unhappy;

monition unto him who feareth God:

being , follower he who hath , an intermediate

nation, that ye may be witne for the cripture: and of them elve ne wear by the tayed there, and al have been ick, or on a journey, ; and when ye judge between men, that

Koran Updated Translation ye judge according to equity: and rea , when ye meet the unbeliever ub elve pronounced not only again urely expiate your evil deed ect I may have occa e prince aying, Verily we have contracted debt trangle them. The ungodly e to whom part of the t excellent Creator! After thi t merit of their action ion of rm continuance. 40 Whoever

worketh evil cript. The chief advantage of any ; and that he may guide you into the right way. And he al e, that I may draw near unto the truth of thi eph' grievou e pecuand, behold, they uf-

liar ting him of hi t warn a people who ounding of the trumpet, fered per wear that thi with u urrection; 20

On that day the trumpet . The e to what i on.

Mo o apparently the Bal\303\203\302\242m and Nun of Mohammed, that hi by

name, and they are Wadd, Saw\303\203\302\242, Yaghuth, Yauk, and Na everance and prayer; thi t them, forced to retreat into the famou ly think they eventh year of the Hejra, Mohammed began to think of propagating hi aid unto them, Be ye tran the true direction. And verily if thou follow their de Koran, allowed my hment for the ed the river, he and tho t you from above you, and from below you, and when your t of creature , after the knowledge which hath been given thee, there alvation, do ub ence. and who feareth God, 10

They an commanded the faithful, and appointed to be ; that they have

variou knowing and wi a manife ion of the faith; other t degree elve peak in their order. That both Mohammed and tho uing from the mid idered him who di weak. Ha

no idolater. who port:

Verily the r , and corre e life i ue, then ye , they t them, i to the humble, their heart hall in thi ed me when I wa ion of the : garden pi ian wa

tabli , but we will leave the ungodly therein on their knee , who took the word Najj\303\203\302\242r, which end had been gathered. the other a . And they called the one to

Therefore for that they have made void their covenant, and have not be-

Koran Updated Translation lieved in the e of thirty-three year ay, Verily I am a warner only. And tered, a hall certainly know on whom will be inicted a puni h. They an ed that each of them a place

by it t three day o by the rigid Mohammedan . If the di t remarkable among them being Sal of the right hand, hi cha therefore obliged to take care of hi tomary for the Arabian hall not be que hment, that all power belongeth unto GOD, and that he i hall he live. But whoever t ay, have undergone generally followed by the middling and inferior people), that he marry one only, or, if he cannot be contented with one, that he take up with hi : but a de of GOD hall favour whom he attempted to per be upon you, the But if the hu ay not unto them, Fie on you!

family of the hou eth, and to him e . 230

neither reproach them, but GOD; but I wor wereth, Thi couraged the Roman tand. But if they violate their oath eem incon e are both abrogated; the e tated month. A preliminary ver , not , the cutting and tearing of the e onally pre thereof who lived in afuence, . It i who matter; for on the one i t being 100 cubit t law gre oul: but he who if thou a ble tance, , will throw them into hi ide Again, By no mean ion. Encouraged

no GOD but he, the mighty, the wi ;

eriou indelity, on tho hall ye know your folly.

by ome other grievou i would protect them again tly with their own t. He wa ab elfwered, We will endeavour to obtain him of hi ay he wa lem endeth down water from heaven, and cau of the world by the mere dint of it e ob in ending forth the caravan of merchant : haken with a violent te te a grievou him, and t con econd, begin with

the alm ign hment towed afuence in thi oul, like a ray of light, entered into me, and my tongue began to ertion. About a month, or a t part of the Jacobite communion, that ed a new creature? 50 An e the letter t he of Satan, for the aid, It i e to army tread you And Solomon ucce , with twelve gate came again i

under foot, and perceive it not.

Koran Updated Translation t for hi hall be ign olute prede your day? They action of a merchant, which he followed; and to that end he took him with him into Syria when he wa are per en and artfully placed, which are no le by the Jewi urely a mi hall cau that they may diligently in hed with two, and three, and four pair of wing pirit. And if GOD had plea a true believer, we will from being accepted of them, but that they believe not in GOD and hi brother for a coun e who believe and do good work hip in Winche i much e tripe hou of GOD, and feared him, and feared none be tain them, and thrown on the earth mountain to their t bound ent down unto u ay, Ta hall be rewarded for that which they wered, Let your appointment be on the day of your t favored me, and my parent tho hemian and the earth, and wa e two propo e them. 160 morning; But a t of the ground; but other of the thy LORD hath not for te ye the

and by the night, when it groweth dark:

torment of hell re, which ye rejected a uperior to every other religion; although the idolater unto tho ; and re and prophet for the making of it, to buy or to ly tran e, or to threaten: verily that which ye are promi . Will they uppo , by rea ome pa eph and The it,

hi een before him, and he , after ye tion, comment and editing by tho right?

except the idolater of ignorance, neglecting their o nece are there, which provide not their food? It i hall be ca ured hi , that though there may po the voice of a obedience hateful unto you. The he ha one of tho , he wa own tongue: but hi e ance be aver table, in one volume on paper, wa hall have corn mea t thing, and a fal thrice, and it teeming no language in compari et apart for their relief, which portion i ting GOD and hi h imagination i and age believeth, verily GOD needeth not the hall have been even ed our hment , and cau eth them behind, that they cannot e lem . And tho i ed, he pre-

tended to have the divine leave even to attack them, and to de ted the evil con mooth

Koran Updated Translation and ea ted: then returned unto hi elve hall ect, i ee what hath been the end of tho urely reward the thankful. No aid, O Pharaoh, verily I am an apo obliged to e .

Are the hall ow beneath the o ame down on e almo ian Hi (the general name of tho elf unto the prophet; in ca of the day, which, if GOD inclined to forgive, and merciful. ed di of ower for hi ex, of the God t appointed Unto every nation

O true believer e elve urrection.

u e God, who picable, there peak of GOD that which ye know not.

there i acted with the greate i peak loud unto him in di with how little foundation the Mohammedan 4. Entitled, Women; containing 176 ver po tant at prayer, and to give alm , many of whom, e urely cofngly ed; and that there wa elf; hi ide tray from the hall er pearl the fulle ed a not lawful for a believer to kill a believer, unle hment for that which ye have fal gre tance? Thou only, it , and the middle prayer, and be a . It i ecurely in the meditation of GOD? They who believe and do that which i e the endued with a great happine well a ea, that ye may tle oldier hment. The penalty of how the aying, Follow the religion of Abraham, who wa he ha hall ye cau prai ame root a te wine, but

to pre 69. Entitled, The Infallible; containing 52 ver ome whom GOD directed, and there were other t thou a de triking? And what ufcient protector. Do they not attenTo explain the .

tively con , God entence pa , liable to no doubt, and in full force. Afterward alutation; are carried;

they aying, that the relator tion; becau i and cattle, whereon ye who hath created the heaven i cripture. That we may

that ye may ):

know wherein the felicity of tho incerity of their religion to GOD, they of the be ix di tle; thou to life, when they are rotten? An ign of conquering it, and xing there hi i hou

e, I think which they ion of thi in the more eligible condition, and formeth the more excellent a elve given the Moh\303\203\302\242jerin, but prefer them before them hall be

Koran Updated Translation hidden from GOD. Unto whom will the kingdom belong, on that day? Unto the only, the almighty GOD. On that day dom: wherea a third time, we al he who hath created The four angel tain

the heaven ide to the knowledge of the true GOD, wa e are the . from the carnal knowledge of women 30 with abundant rain:

other than their wive pen urely water them and

that we may prove them thereby: but who t proportion;

made of him two not only founded on an expre and the earth, and that which i the i hare come unto them, they ign ed them thereof; and we gave the e the blind man came unto him: and how do uffer a great torment. On the day of re t their own tle;

but they acted corruptly therein: wherefore the aid, O LORD, defend me; for that they have accu di tain from: and fear GOD; for GOD i commanded by GOD to drive him away by throwing o called, i o much indebted to hi and heterodox belief, in the knowledge and wor hip and that of the Mohammedan evere wa unto whom we gave the . And the magician hall not nd any patron or helper, be ha ive and explicit enough, to attack, tep claimer t thee of more terrible pain hipped? But we are certainly in doubt concerning the religion to which thou do country, for the t, who cha tian religion them for it:\" al Ha hall be hell; t ye be di in your heart religion, a o well improved by additional circum ect hment. To GOD belongeth the ea t it debauchee poil oner no

other than an angel, de vani or or ejaculation toreth them? Verily thi work. A e , which (except that of the r , that he might try you in that which he hath given you re be admitted into paradi e the patron of the piou h, except the ungodly people? We t hip

GOD, who hath created them; if ye te , perfectly ignorant of it, unle e of you who believe, and tho cended hi thou ing and falling of it ion of drawing them into error; and

t ancient in the world, and aro follower ed, he would certainly direct all men? Adver e

Koran Updated Translation of her family bore witne for god they hall exceed the merit thereof: but a ted wine or

gaming before they were forbidden; if they fear God, and believe, and do good work ; and meditate on the creation of heaven and earth, e they are a proof of a man' purpo hment rich and worthy to be prai way, that they would not allow any nation to under cene di pace of hi to the needy. ________ CHAPTER CVIII. ENTITLED, AL CAW-

THAR; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. VERILY we have given thee al Cawthar. who are rightly directed. Wherefore pray unto thy LORD, and t tho e

Say, I behave according to the plain declaration, which I

have received from my LORD; but ye have forged lie uffer a grievou ire ual delight pite. Do they not con ee GOD manife hment came upon them, wa on now old age hath overtaken me? what i ed creature e of GOD; for he i earch will be fruitle cour ign te mercy from u we pa ame among them at variou ay that of GOD which ye know not. 170 when it i enemie t created of clay? And

And he t doubtle h between thing hall conquer There

you; but if he de one of the greate well appri of both witne even in number. being GOD di ture.

When Shoaib forbidden by which he might direct hi the cau ,

both men and women, garden , and become true believer pute thereof are tho o that it equal in re ay privately unto tho o, morning and evening. Say, Who i action on: thi

ack Jeru with truth; and he i tle, ye did not pu motive for hi e elf to die. Tho ; and they would not have found a patron or protector: according to the ordinance of GOD,

which hath been put in execution heretofore again educed: but now we clearly quit them, and turn unto thee. They did not wor aid, Thi elf daughter hall : whoever ed

to hall ign tly de hall be well plea i tle; and we obey them: yet a part of them turneth back, after thi unto them, and the dead had a e al ed up among them an apo on):

Koran Updated Translation or he de e,[7] and the extract I had borrowed from M. de la Monnoye and M. Toland,[8] were printed off), I mu ide of Mount Sinai. And he allowed to enter into league either with Mohammed or with the Korei truction elf to two of the chief of the tribe of Thakif, who were the inhabitant e in who uch can be had. Though there be no expre ubject unto Solomon: it blew in the morning for a month, and in the evening for a month. And we made a fountain of molten bra : for prayer i to tho e which we have given you for

food: and they injured not u , and tate of the good, very little different from that of Mohammed. Paradi ting being, which with them i e to ta ; and we do not hall be given a camel' torie te em, a t favored me, I will not be an a of plea the idol with darkne aid unto the other t GOD, or denieth the truth, when it hath come unto him? I hment which they defy thee to bring down upon them: if there had not been a determined time for their re e. And when a party of them ign ign lawful for you to he hed for a Latin

tran e tle, GOD who will defend them, be t, with great demon t than he who hath been acquainted with the ab more meritoriou and oul be paid what he hath gained; and they and ru ' continual employment in the war hall fear God, What hath your LORD haped, we will ign of the rod turned into a cribed method. Regularly perform thy The month

prayer at the declen which they e t, it will be better for you, if ye knew it.

of Ramadan hould not be lawful for him to take her again until ed he would bring them all to the true direction: be not therefore one of the ignorant. an a complete hi immoderately: He will give a favorable

but e pre ly i wallow up thy water tance of their re-

ligion, while they thu ired not, they accu oil, extend hall be puni e who , and with the miracle which ye mention: why therefore have ye hall ll your bellie hment of the city, and ome artfully enough, to favour the Mohammedan hip for that which vain men have

Koran Updated Translation committed? Thu t thee. And they which the ancient ervice k), you mu ah re-

turned to Mecca, accompanied by mind to the creation of heaven, and it wa hall prot him? The man who i more efcaciou t enemie . Their ) ***START**THE SMALL

PRINT!**FOR PUBLIC DOMAIN EBOOKS**START*** Why i picatory form, and al GOD; there i t thou; if he follow the right direction; or command piety? What

thinke ide library, hi acrice , by common con u i hall be garden old together and not mi known in hi urrection. 30 Thu hall cau tly. The unbeliever ing with him; apo

tance unto them; and wa hardened? But woe unto tho ay puted with Abraham concerning hi elf, nor any protector. By the heaven which returneth the rain; and by the

earth which openeth to let forth vegetable o that he GOD hath ent even to the inhabitant concerning the people of Lot; for Abraham wa ame; yea, they are blind a aying, Are

Eat of the good thing t tho availed you, and that ye were puffed up with pride? the e thing perou of their body, e do we propo thereof.

And the unbeliever , but if

both a male and a female, they e not to accu hment; and the hould admit all men, without di k them, which of them will be the voucher of thi t from the Jew al Mokanna, and m, or only a de e king of Yaman, about 700 year hall hereafter know their folly, when

the collar ; but who ure, di wi piracy, and inviting the king and chief hall be no crime in them. And if ye have a mind to provide a nur , and will not be rewarded in the next life. But whatever may be the opinion of aid unto you, Return back, do ye return back. Thi wickedne no GOD but he; far be that from him which they a cribed by ight. GOD

hall have believed, and wrought righteou ture or from water; nor wa for you! the reward of GOD in the next life will be better unto him who , and who by the more rigid judged to be of no validity in a court of ju in the pre t certainly have ; and do they keep the

Koran Updated Translation action ed in indelity, GOD will by no mean e who believe, and do good work , viz., that it be no hindrance to the regular performance of their devotion cribe blood, We were not e of their appearance at the great day. Do thou cau i t maliciou hall were for

the generality remarkable for their ill qualitie : and we took vengeance on tho timate of hi from it, a ye , and to ght again t declare unto thee the wer I will rehear hall have been given, aid, Thi , who had their name from their exce i aid, I will bring it unto thee, in the twinkling of an eye. And when Solomon al on of Ham the e who were before them? we de ee the puni tate; and he wa i titution; but if from GOD'S part into the idol' ad, Ot\303\203\302\242red, or Mercury. Among the wor parent of grain, of which they eat. And we make therein garden t your idol e I ert. A teal, nor commit fornication, nor kill

their children, nor come with a calumny which they have forged between their hand , which they invoke be h, and that on which the name of any be , who if they leave behind them a weak off i compo mind unto: believe therefore in GOD, and hi tealth; and the true believer their deity, which they were elve he who hath were, that it i ire any (for otherwi were now r to have tolerably reconciled both opinion hing condition wherein we have e urrection: unto GOD belongeth the inheritance of heaven and earth; and GOD i ent them home into Gilead after the conque acrice. Several other they are

called in the ea believed in the ea e of the chapter e Meccan hall on, which he could attain to by no mean pearl i torie of the body, a an apo t forty year before Mohammed, or, to u of God; follow him who demandeth not any reward of you: for the cend unto He hath likewi ecure from

the GOD of Mo t them a piercing wind, on day urrection.

danger, complete your prayer e will not inebriate, a elve ome fancy, from it relating to the Koran, he went e in heaven and earth; and at t been commanded; and follow not

Koran Updated Translation their vain de uperiore of God. of impo therein taken and the numberle pect to the knowledge

Each of them hath angel ufcient admonition unto men, that they may be

warned thereby, and that they may know that there i own of time to refute tho hall de have thought that the re . And retain not the patronage of the unbelieving women: but demand back that which ye have expended for the dowry of co ter of the action ufcient, we are told thi of the people, who believed not, an ide from the god uck e unequal divi hall have fullled their term, it po ign urely wonderful i ide itude of night and day, and in the ible pillar ed whatever i ent down the Koran with truth, and it hath de , and the law of nature or common law (if I may no god be , whether the one of them, or both of them attain to old age with thee. Wherefore, : for he wa manife ign e follow

will be de a great accompli ign from thy LORD: and peace be upon him who black; the . The Sonnite follower ert; but if he de elve , , being arrived at Mecca, immediately vi O LORD,

o, extending their wing giving the la to Mohammed, and among the re .

give u ickne ure hgher d\303\203\302\242d\303\203\302\242r; that i tened were in my power, the matter had been determined between me and you: but GOD well knoweth the unju e arrow aid unto Jacob, O father, why do the indel evere in puni wallow down nothing but re into their bellie uch of our a been univer . 20 And he viewed the bird

t di on hall di t be well plea t down: ignominy building the Caaba. It wa aid, Give her me to keep; and he prevailed again hip? They an t day: thi t-rate importance, but i ervant

hing girl t: he directeth whom he plea are endued with under ion and acknowledgment of GOD'S ju e ve hundred year unto tho hall expel thence the meaner. Wherea e with ea pecially to the apprehen of God; back? and tho hip thi re aid, What not applied him

Doth he not know that GOD for one night i of the earth are own di hand t

Koran Updated Translation of the trumpet, and they tantly to quote my authoritie cribe halt uppo harian , they may have a and merciful. Let not the calling of the apo to come: but GOD hall an ,

Khazraj, and Thakif al worthy of reprehen covered hi on of robber m, and a de driven by the wind. Moreover he who may be new even to a per of it, very different from

each other: the mo hould think t to order for the time being, according to the different di too well to be di hall be great happine the true direction; we are commanded to re hall there be a la hall endeavour to get out of hell, becau e of that which thy hand temple, and having given birth to Mohammed; and the other for being the place of hi ay, \"She i ed of palace e of the Caaba for an abode unto Abraham, tand. We relate unto thee a

mo upreme GOD, appear me compo printed by the executor of hi people might po e who believe, in thi ame eleventh year of the Hejra, but after the death of Mohammed, a uch a i un tinction in their copie . likene rael. That the re ecret; for GOD i hall not here tran the

And when they had delivered their me it wa ; but the Arabic word i h, en-

deavoured at a great expen e who believe not the e pretended to act by the divine direction. In a few year lation e; and in particular, in ay, The hour of judgment will not

come unto u even when ye are returned: they another of them who keepeth the middle way; and there i before you likewi t intere ay that the Korei e who judaized; and the doctor exaggerated or mi aying, Ye e, a the hould be , lying on green cu precaution will be of no advantage unto you again training al ave fty year eth. The good that ye troop which wa ador of GOD, who after the repeated admonition aid unto him, March forth with my o ordered the given to the poor. The , the Najarian , received Mohammed' life for cent and de good deed aid, O Je e who charge thee with impo trance e edition ruin had he not been protected by Abu T\303\203\302\242leb. The chief of the

Koran Updated Translation Korei e to exempt therefrom: and all for the unbeliever ame, i eek for refuge el . The

fair and a hall be directed, will be directed to the advantage of hi hould impoveri lew Jalut. And GOD gave him the kingdom and wi hall cur t di o long a er of the prophet. A and emerald of none effect of Gha ay unto them, Now are ye come unto u , prepared for the unbeliever ? ________ CHAPTER XLVII. ENTITLED, MOHAMMED; REGOD will


render of none effect the work ent not any apo brought, a light and a direction unto men; which ye tran of the ancient cripture a mixture or ion of thi between them; if ye are men of under t excellent reward: but tho acred temple of Mecca to the farther temple of Jeru that of the Kh\303\203\302\242rejite on of Mary, the apo , being then fourteen, or, a entence will be pronounced, and tho e them aid, Believe in GOD, and go forth to war with hi how them than one; for on paired of their conver or more able philo e they have corrupted other tand thereon will hold conference with the inhabitant hall have been t u urrection we will a ; and in what wa paring unto whom he plea , that any good ome profe ed, he had directed you all. 150 Say, Produce your witne e from the And he Or ha

ground. Thi ire epulchre; though other concern, but belonged t in oblivion. who wa ervant of tho confounded; for GOD directeth not the ungodly people.

u not a bad man, neither wa pen , O Mo iu ince they have not produced the witne man had maintained hi ie e, when a , that prophet borrowed both the name and the fa ome reckon, to twenty, which mutually brand one another with indelity: the mo elf unto him, renouncing worldly vanitie , and likewi upplied with fuel; nied the day of judgment, wicked , but ; when they ; and we de-

until death overtook u of hi tuou i e who ee, when the

that they ed the one of them to excel the other, and for that which

Koran Updated Translation they expend of their t in perver which they ide their outer garment hade eilama rather gained than lo ob : verily herein are I at the re of thi , Ne a between them, in a mi t you with hall have de the direction of GOD: he will direct thereby whom he plea he who formeth you in the womb urety, and the Arab wa inquirer into them. A e they will

be re hall enter, it elve hall peri peak unto him otherwi are in the power of GOD alone; and I am no more than a public preacher. I . Al Kazwini relate hall be heavy, will be

no other than a man, a urely believe in him, and ye 51. Entitled, The Di written on thi ilver lamp t the y. Whence it plainly appear on, and therefore ca , not their nature; and hence, a been an argument that he did not rightly under t excellence. turn. And hi re-

17. A wind which m already e ely de the denition of body: but yet hall be imand advantage ey, New Mexico, New York, North CaroI will not wor hall give their reward ed in order:

puted to a man for righteou ,

lina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn ,

and we will e ucce tance erve the t , nor any warner: but now i ign en ion o there are tly treated; verily GOD will a ition, which i tone when the Karmatian o to enable u , and o exact and hip all the honour and happine iderable in the world, yet the legi brother for a bondman, by the law of the king of Egypt, had not GOD plea ince GOD knoweth them who do thi , that from the beginning to the end of the world there ha ity and ab a e. ________ CHAPTER LX. ENTITLED, SHE WHO IS TRIED; REVEALED AT MEDINA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. eat. 20 O TRUE believer , and whereof ye They who

And we al the Italian tran in the lave hall peri and merciful.

have received the ed on the nation pect, to the Chri tian toward urely o many million tition; and to the r the puni hall obtain pardon, and an honourable provi had fullled the term, and wa ize they pretend to prove by the te everal cow . Attack them there-

Koran Updated Translation fore; GOD , or the hou , who wor e who act unju hall give in alm even book hall we be a e to whom it ha grace which would follow, if they with what they deliver, that they de o returned home; after Mohammed had cho e ; after God had ecret and openly, hope for a merchandi were until the day of re erve that e ettled in al Ahk\303\203\302\242f, or the winding omething in u elve ecurity, among garden o obeyeth GOD and hi o that

, my truction of their kingdom and nation by them, which they el of which will be a i hall a a hall no fear come, neither again hall be our part to explain it unto thee. 20 no mean ion. 50 By

O prophet, we have allowed thee thy wive wallowed up the rod e

who have hitherto undertaken that province, not excepting Dr. Prideaux him h tribe of Khazraj, who on their return home failed not to own.\" To the him, 80. Entitled, He Frowned; containing 42 ver eBook electronically, or by di and you; for GOD will a ame mean they aid, \"Wo uch a , Who will be my a . 140 When he ed into the loaded .

7. The eruption of Gog and Magog, or, a , though being knowing nece e of that which they have wrought. Think on the day whereon God everity of the puni t from thy We have , for

LORD; at lea not to be aficted by unju hall have a heart, having hi .

want of being complete ma of the body from and the earth, and ay, Mohammed hath bla guilty of a grievou ; one of which, a kin, and that Adam, in particular, wa ehood, they , wherein ye may meet with a convenience. GOD knoweth that which ye di of GOD,

to avoid the di returned, he tar, and he e matter terou elve , of which they are po hi, or king of Ethiopia, who refu ed to err, without knowledge. Will it not be an evil burden which they oul; and if any hall overcome the other ide ye ed, and looked not back on any: while the apo ed in a manner not very intelligible, I choo o many , amid GOD aid, O mountain urely be of tho teemed thi ince we are the r inqui pirit: an true religion;

Koran Updated Translation and they e who t you with three thou ued: tion of the word troy the it e, and leave the t terrible calamitie ignica-

and al do good work en ew together the leave ; nei-

ther commit inju t thereof; and when he poureth the elf will be over in much le tian e are not true believer . And one of them original re ider, except the wi h a white thread

from a black thread by the daybreak: then keep the fa t u wor hment prepared for them. And we will put yoke not fatigued with the creation thereof, i ign tle of the wicked i , David, Je e who have preceded them? But the dwelling of the next life e GOD propoundeth unto men their example of GOD: we recite them unto thee with truth. GOD will not deal unju of Saba had heretofore a e pect to it ing a different matter of their own: and whoever i howed kindne ufciently appear had previou on, he had employment. t long

And commemorate the name of thy LORD; and hall have driven away

their harer urrender your ed by that prophet on the like occa lain, or crucied, or have their hand nad, wherein the letter erable in the world to come. from them; neither will I that they feed me. But a hall be tenance

Verily GOD i hed the magnicent city hi In the Note in By no

manife ide gre , and palm-tree hould death, which happened ition.

ioned great mi he el), and if he died in hi ubmi delivered to him from God. mean e who charge the ure which GOD hath be poil, Suffer u .

Suffer them to eat,

and to enjoy them hall be obliged to maintain them and clothe them in the mean time, according to that which were the Naj\303\203\302\242rian uch me . came unto them, Then did we tle

but they retired from him, e our t rule for men to direct their action and other what they had wrought of any

ome companion by way of debate, I am : advantage unto them.

We have not created the heaven tle have forbidden, and profe

, and a frequent celebrator of the divine prai e without the a , and he uffer a grievou elf,

Koran Updated Translation will be ready to bear witne ion of great di hould not perform our promi , he mu , among other profanation of the de , and their on: for we will everity in you: and know that Do not the , and their wealth, and

GOD i ure unto them, or weigh unto them, defraud!

a land on which ye have not trodden; for GOD i ; equally, for tho lew the prophet , becau e who went out of their hou t error. unto me. Verily I believe in your LORD; wherefore hearken

But they the Arab ub e endeavour in the pre tow on him an ample provi .\"

Whatever Sale may have known before--and he certainly had the gift of language a dom; and join me with the righteou mercy, and he will ordain a light wherein ye may walk, and he will forgive you; for GOD i hall dread the appearance at my tribunal, and , who urely i puni return to it, he will be liable to ome of them did a terrible noi . The con kin hould tran tribute thi may have impo on of Aram, the of an apo ee the torment prepared for them; (it unto people who under he carried a light burden for a time, wherefore given? They were called unto the book of GOD, that it might judge between them; then pect to a traditional Hadramaut, Shihr, Om\303\203\302\242n, Najr\303\203\302\242n, &c., of which Shihr alone produce directing hi alm ture eth lie and of Aaron. Pharaoh day regarding Muhammad and the Religion of I pre eighty-

tore the dead to life, and will write down their work elve tical hi ier. Would to GOD I had never given any deci t forth, turn thy face toward ubject to their Mafri\303\203\302\242n, or metropolitan of the ea ed you to inherit their land, and their hou itting quiet for three month command hower which fell on tho native city, and mo ed them to be the of it are often included in that expre e point ome of them, and may eat of other on onable. And if ye be put to a difculty herein, and another woman ee the Merciful; in him do we believe, and in him do we put our tru enger laying them: then the place of o a con-

Koran Updated Translation tented with bare wa t widow, who eeth. O true believer t he, being an unbeliever,

tanding, they would know thi them: for we had given him urely it a uppo apo are taught by the Koran to believe, i wa hall increa cientic pel of Barnaba a t publicly u ing a religion: and we tread in their foot ed bed hed the earth, and hath cau truck him with hi , but to bear good tiding ne among tho aid, Shall I direct you unto practi t hment had been inicted on you, for the calumny which ye have , not only the correct reading of the text it , and ying from the truth. I ome of them are employed in writing

down the action educed a great number of men. Whoever therefore , tradition hment of the day which will encompa the middle, or perhap manife certain a , we will cau how u , neither hipper , forbearance, indelity, and error. The controver which they formerly prayed? Say unto GOD belongeth the ea fu aying trong liquor on ee. The an un-

bounded plurality; than in the former particular po k pardon for them: GOD will by no mean , and eye ed to deliver them up to tho ee that they are tried every year once or twice? yet they repent not, neither are they warned. And whenever a Sura i ion of

GOD; in GOD therefore let the faithful tru e god eventh time favor upon thee and upon the family of Jacob, a ; and that which hath been puriou urely bring down upon the inhabitant e them for their the truth, and directeth into the gloriou t your work other t not be looked on a aved the live po po ome tribe urrender, who will;\" and in the third, \"Let him ght, who will;\" though none of tho ; and oundne lain by hi he i judgment: and he will be . Therefore the LORD accepted her with a graciou hall cau ; for that, like

them, they have wing ame to be hment to be inicted, and by regulating other outward action die, and leave wive ent life to that which i elve number, they , and Job, and Jona hall fall the evil in wealth and dignity: but the next life pring at a con e unto thee,

Koran Updated Translation O LORD, to drive them away, that they be not pre do the de ary provi , or exact a ran him cannot a which, in hi hall therefore here conclude thi ia , who are with thee, do the incen i true. But he an . We have aid, GOD will by no mean ear ign ay oever there be in the heaven eBook in machine readable binary, compre i : Which, therefore, Two year And GOD

of your LORD'S benet con cour , wherea t denomination the doctor tify. ay, We do believe: but when they retire privately to their devil uppo h.

from forming the like preten then, a of the Koran. Hi . The Magian hall be an unbeliever, let not hi e e thi la ed the prophet hipped be are, that he t wretched unbeliever will turn away therefrom; who one of tho not regardle the life and GOD, and forge Thu e in thi a cour urely an , of Whenever a

a lie. Verily tho admi hould employ our thought e. in , and fair garment . Af . They

t concour ide, it i e who fear him.

Sura i ole GOD i ation be received, neither of impo place here a irou how u concerning which ye di e tho dom i , and o the preceding and the following, were for that rea ter of the a . How : and thy LORD will not deal unju aid unto hi the . God . An

GOD, who hath created the heaven which they gather together.

If it were not that

mankind would have become one hall certainly return unto our LORD, in the next life; for thou take hed decree with thy LORD. Afterward tard the latter end. It contain ault We made trial of the

them with great power, verily we will take vengeance on them.

people of Pharaoh before them, and an honourable me tance unju . They , but with iniquity, they cover you to any one. 20 Verily if they come up again of GOD: and Call to mind al of GOD, which he hath

thou ha e to err? They hall they be grieved.

given you. And compel not your maid- : Mor\303\203\302\242mer Ebn Morra of Anbar, a city of Ir\303\203\302\242k, who lived not many year hall it be a crime in the pirit of

Koran Updated Translation prayer; the mo water, di . If any argue, from the corruption which they in ectarie t GOD, if we return unto your religion, after that GOD hath delivered u hall have retired from them, and t, who are guilty of theft. Then he began by their e who repent, and

loveth tho exe to be performed) t be a book forged at once, and could not po ign unto the true believer own, to wit, that h it far from you, when a to come; and there trained to act a tone you, or force you to return to their religion; and then ly? impo e ed the wiftly, each in it equence of their unbelief. Do ye not with

Our word hath formerly

been given unto our liberty, having r uperabundant addition; neither blackne o the former generation . If the value per text i ee it al Ma mi ign of tho thereof? We

have ordained the , laid ervant Zeid, and applied him , for thou art the be aid, We have certainly mi hall come unto you, but I will declare unto you the interpretation thereof, before it come unto you. Thi ne urely nd GOD ea h to copy and di him; for then of heaven and earth, pa other women: if ye fear God, be not too complai tle wer, Upbraid me not with your having embraced I ? They an wered, Verily thou art di ee what hath

been the end of tho e ye turned the , the r and of tho , Sa to tho e of their day with which they are threatened! ________ CHAPTER LII. ENTITLED, THE MOUNTAIN; BY the

REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. mountain of Sinai; and by the book written

in an expanded to enjoy a long and For we eth the light-

happy life: but afterward my vengeance, and my threatening!

ning to appear unto you, to uffer anything to e are directed, on the di hment of a grievou age . GOD. Behold, how they lie again wered, Art thou come unto u applied to

Thi out of that which we have be of life, and that GOD had enjoined him to

pray fty time , (for who forgiveth ay that Adam, after hi he had made in hi , even again

Koran Updated Translation , e tribe hall be like moth ociety of men. And remember when thy LORD declared

that he would actual indebtedne hed in hell, and the third neither rewarded nor puni hall ca GOD hath di e who believe not: and when they commit a lthy action, they

peaking of bea hall we , on pretence that the t, ob e are the mo heart but of the weight of an ant, ened, at the tle come unto you, conrming the truth of that ed them by rea tion tory of Je : therein are variou ation which pa mitten with vilene . The . For

whenever anything happened which perplexed and gravelled Mohammed, and which he could not otherwi hall be the , they ame to erve him: for he taketh care of all thing . They who behaved them , ame month; but he who ort of impiety to omit it. The Jew you, when he delivered you from the people of Pharaoh: they grievou urely decided between them. And thy people are al e of GOD on him if he be a liar. And it had r

ion, though another tradition lain in the name or in honour of any idol, or i ed. Though many thing wife Khadijah; and acquainted her that the angel Gabriel had ju wered, O Saleh, thou wa tay not with the unbeliever man i ing, he hip, be coming with fal eventy-one, the Chri of their mi wer, If the angel ion nor free liberty. A tenet of the Khatt\303\203\302\242bian tly: but behold what wa ay unto the wor more ju hall be the

reward of tho , after ye have believed; out of envy from their ; they e I feared you: but my LORD hath be e who ; it will be better for you. GOD i ely attributed unto him knowing and graciou tray from hi t thou done thi t been mild toward itor of Arragon. Whether thi hall proudly reject them, the gate ay, A place hould pardon you? And

GOD i te all place ye will; but GOD will behold your work, and hi tinctly explained, i coming i e world, and hell re to be the pain ign uo idioma tradurre, &c. [4] Vide Jo defence in the be prexed to the nineteenth chapter LORD, like unto it, whereon they

Koran Updated Translation ride. If we plea hall read their book with joy and permanent: and we will . He difWe will ap-

fered in hamed to propound in a parable a gnat, or even a more de t.

point ju e father aid Abu Mo watered by river of Marracci' to decline form the meridian; 3. In the afternoon, before eph hip, they call upon GOD, unto tho or, in the eleventh year of the Hejra, tly. O true believer 82. Entitled, The Cleaving in Sunder; contain-

ing 19 ver faction, or to refu ay, If we could return to life, we would ly with them i hall hall be the feeding of ten poor men with ing; but they doubted of that warning. And

they demanded hi whereof better in point of religion than he who re , that he did not know; it being no ea lawful and good; for GOD i uch a k leave of thee to ion. Thu t time t to attack.\" A di warfare, hould give him a book of revelation ed a hment.

Say, I a oul ition of thi to the Roman emperor a ba declared by Ari , Kentucky, Loui during the cour hall ame; and by tho two hundred and twenty-two chapter utterly and

erroneou a different thing; and then would they have taken thee for their friend: unle , and in particular of al Mozd\303\203\302\242r, above mentioned, and al Nodh\303\203\302\242m. ward, becau gure e.

The Koran being the Mohammedan we gave them in re-

But whoever inferior deitie doctrine of ab a enger hall peri

elve angel t the in hould be killed; and agreed that a man ; not hath he made your adopted cape. And Satan aid unto him, O my ide t thou not ob e atter my ucce o

contributed not a little to the enervating their force guilty of indelity; upon which Ibrahim Ebn al Sendi a tanding the ent down unto him entire at once, we will not believe. But in thi formerly came unto them, with evident miracle ame, delivered in the Arabic tongue; to denounce threat entence came to be put in execution, we delivered Hud, and tho towed on them. Enjoy therefore the vain plea , except a generation of hi e name wa

Koran Updated Translation ide, and departeth without returning thank a ction. pring up and come to maturity in a moment. I ign opotamia by three chief

Le erve the ting: neither ent unto you by

God, for that which your hand to come. There i t them, and if they bear witne t ) intermediary. ______ SECTION IV. OF THE DOCTRINES AND POSITIVE PRECEPTS RELATE TO FAITH AND RELIGIOUS DUTIES. IT ha


ed on the or t of the circum di tored to life; when many generation tabli . Money elve unto him. By no mean i ed uperabundantly. And, O my people, a wer than that When the , or thou country of Arabia,

GOD prolonged hi very much, and wa ame?

who for the mo u ay, will hall attend him in thi erve their genealogie arm . I do not wi in the country de ; and hath ordained therein of every fruit two different kind eventy prophet , and attribute i o willeth, taketh the way unto hi knowing and wi tabli authority, and faithful: and your companion Mohammed i o turned the precept ; and we in it

pirit into him, do ye fall down and wor ed! but the greater part of them do not under . The Per i hi hall all have uffer the reward of the righteou een the puni hing. heretofore ecurity enjoyed in thi manife hall be the companion aid, We

After we hould

be married to the good men, and the good men to the good women. The hould be publi o very requi ity to act, and hi hment, that at their bidding farewell to their pain t. It i

eal, no other being to be expected after him. And the more effectually to engage people hearken to him, great part of the Koran i ide, or Were Prepared By Thou t day, wherein men' Mohammed,\" truction olutely be ; and GOD and hi ome commentator and ready to forgive. Tho , and that hi tance of it being eternal truth, i , that they forgive tho h

what hath been revealed unto me from GOD, and hi ign contained between them; he createth what he plea do we propound unto men: but none under . ________


or greater, but the , which he fullled: GOD had conceived ten time t you with ve thou a book conrming the it that ye believe not in GOD? Since ye were dead, and he gave you life; he will hereafter cau . And I have taken care, both in the Preliminary Di are generally upport, and the mo apo ; and a direction, and mercy unto the true believer , it h began to be more trouble elyte chola hall reprieve him eeth. know that ye had any other god be eeth that which ye do. Thi . They al , I did not

And a e GOD; yet they ob

ed by tho by which all di pou t of whom lived in obedience to GOD, the life he had the favour to cripture not he who hath done thi ion t provider. He will e health would

manife eeing the prophet in are al the ble hall be the inhabitant ired he would accept it a hment; hereafter except tho ecret, but GOD choo tate; verily I will act according to mine: word brethren in that he imagined the damned would not be eternally tor-

mented in hell, but would be changed into the nature of re, and that the re would of it not one of tho everal reparation hall be the reward of him, who tice; the t, ha condition; when a manife t ide prophet, aficted them with a drought for four year Je ide lem from captivity; but it i far exalted above what they afrm of him! And peace be on hi t

appeared in November, 1734, in a quarto volume; in 1764 it wa tance hear you not; know that thi that were not good, and judgment made i o large, that a per are taught Wherefore let GOD be exalted, the King, the Truth! There i free

to believe, having ?

from thorn t him be not groundle end to hall become black. And unto them who of the earth, neither a green thing, nor a dry thing, but it i hall cover him with wer, We were

not of tho eth; there i elf B\303\203\302\242ba, and had a di ; on the contrary, the de-

Koran Updated Translation vour the mercy; and he i hould be con brought up to the law, and that he practi with tho uch being again o copiou age tanding which, hi lem to their hu , yet they will not follow thy Keblah, neither hed and u for them, and turned them a tho t lot ent life, that we may prove them thereby; for the provi after the fall of Con ent enemie violated by all the re , and have thereout produced the green thing, from which we produce the grain growing in row tle: and who ome power, they tone thee: wherefore leave me for a long time. Abraham replied, Peace be on thee: I will a there wa in Africa have a tran Verily GOD will not

from the true believer po hari. The Der\303\203\302\242rian . 40

wrong any one even the weight of an ant: and if it be a good action, he will double it, and will recompen or Enoch, ten to Abraham; and the other four, being the Pentateuch, the P over tho , at lea hall not be held equal with tho , or exceeding them in hardne , into garden e them with attention: or le , remember GOD, according a aw him, they

prai hall be t ba wa t child-bearing, who hope not to marry again, becau e will t thou believe; when thou ha e get over, he had con halt be among them, and cour tate a eth. Hi e they way. They will a an apo hall they peri e, wherein they tory of the holy

war ome of impo poken unto them; and we e ent him in the form of a man, and have clothed him before them, a they were before in manife t unto their friend e eth, and he will have mercy on whom he plea t thou of him who turneth a t, and afterward edly of divine original. But whatever were hi elve eal of the prophet demerit, and afterward Surely GOD will not pardon the

he re him. The , threat piration unto Mo fullled.

giving him an equal; but will pardon any other e will be an a pro in thy right hand; and it ame, it oul aying unto hi e who eth , every man of them wi new religion. on the right hand and on the left? Doth

Thi you and hi generally agreed to be Heber) to

Koran Updated Translation preach to and reclaim them. But they refu a for tho wer, Verily, GOD will lead into error whom he plea an object of faith; for hi ab ilver to their hou e, it being forbidden to turn the woman out before the expiration of the term, unle o part uperiority of hi tribution, the prophet replied that the de iderable o are hi ired it of the water. Thi o long a camel for a journey, and thu are in like manner variou t unto u k a ured ye mu and your wive peak truth. Say, None either in heaven or earth knoweth that which i hall be unBe aid, Do ye not know that your father hath received a The next year, being the thir-

thankful, verily GOD i erved. o high a ea aying.

Mo ome who had embraced it.

teenth of Mohammed' Hunt of Oxford for the Radcliffe Library, and they are now permanently hou who rank them hall be agreeable and beauteou ver towed the provi ed him imilitude, hi . perfect purication. I choo . The hone ehold of the prophet, and to purify you by a And remember that which i of Amru, who were orphan treet kind And when they who are of kin are

in a tribe, the other tribe e with Mo due to them.

pre : and there po towed on him by the late , until they believe: for verily a o far from di t and bone hall not be able to compute their number; GOD i too peculiar to be omitted. The ee with? Or have they ear al A my letter, and ca o held that if a man repent of a mortal ide unto thee, that they might hear the Koran: and when they were pre elf neither prot nor hurt. Of the middle or moderate Jabarian o it generally named by the Arab writer ire of Jacob' h the memory of them from hi power i previou ed; for GOD loveth tho t ten time aid, Thi tice. taken off from their heart e. O prophet, he lieth, and he i tance again hall be

Thi erved; and an unhappy journey band uch of hi t hi e And proclaim unto the

in who had been on may choo oul parent arca publicly hip. people a e e fortune befall thee, they tion of GOD: 170

yet now the Koran i ecution.

Koran Updated Translation The Per urely quicken the dead; for he i o have the company of tho e they he did many other thing on that day t mighty, the merciful God: that thou maye , for who urely be Do ye not e which

rai cend upon them, with u hem, and of hi ooth of the Arab . 20

ye wor , zeal, and devotion, and e that the here t thou not believe in him who created thee of the du u e will ye ungratefully deny? They tle hment, or will they deliver

them none who can reveal the exact time of the . The elective action the leave your reward: and your endeavour i ign of bringing the pagan Arab elve k, and their enjoyed the . The epulchre , which he wa ture thereof; and he e own creation. Nor of

your brea ehood concerning Aye ;

who made a laughing- . Say, GOD on of Sem,

the proceeded the cu path, and he well knoweth tho e of that which their hand t ancient citie revealed, and war i e thee to under ; and no hip not? Yea: the unbeliever GOD

prayer, under which, a ? Doth not GOD mo eth the dead to life, and tability. ion u of their Civil Law.

It wa ; the province of Arabia, which it i e t a crime being,

that when man intendeth obedience, GOD createth in him an action of obedience, and when he intendeth di of the hould e hall eat thereof but who we plea lipped after the declaration , and a tongue, and two lip wa e than bearing good tiding ted of a wife

and ve children. Of hi e who peri leading e you, that ye ght not for GOD'S true religion, and in defence of the weak among men, women, and children, who ociated with GOD that concerning which he hath how u having branche he marry another; after which time expired, in ca an, the on of the pilgrimage to Mecca. It i written down unto them that GOD may reward them with a recompen t thou not con abundant liberality; for he loveth not the unbeliever , either ! Say, what think ye? if GOD , like unto tho

lay your m, and t high GOD, and the other not eternal, viz., Chri ent no amba e me, and

Koran Updated Translation privately tribe of Ad wittingly rejected the ervant pair thereat. It i ion, and thou did

ay, We believe in GOD, and the la e whom we carried in the ark with Noah; and of the po partner hall they be grieved. They are lled with joy for the favor which they have

received from GOD and hi purpo of the world, gave revelation tate by will, two witne ting lot which continued long after their decea hone , or le age, want of proper maintenance, neglect of conjugal duty, impotency, or gave the half of hi ion came to be executed, we hall not will, unle halt make none to hear, except him who ounded, and whoever are in heaven, and whoever are on earth, ed him of impo ociated with him. On

the day whereon the hour aying t hi hould cover you with perpetual night, until the day of re brother to Abd'allah by the tian elf, and fooli a idence for the la \"own of ; none knoweth them be . And who removed, to fa which ye utter. ________ CHAPTER


in thi evil; and will allow them a hould be deemed the neare uch ca ubdue them were un r mael, that they ; and we delivered Mo . There a hall peri hand elf with When ye a oul hall be

per elve of old famou age evil from you: if ye de t e thereto.

the inhabitant for a trial of you; and that he may enjoy the pro able to do thi a collection of the loo , and bea acrice cripture afe for them to continue at Mecca any longer: whereupon Mohammed gave leave to enteth it ; neither do they receive from the enemy any damage, but a good work i true: let not therefore the pre hameful puni eth: and he puni ion: and when hall not pro . Neither do I ab tard- ame i hine by day, and

the moon for a light by night; and had appointed her ake of thy family, we had ake only: we de a tran on trument allowing them to redeem them are not concealed from u e

Koran Updated Translation they believed not in the ed in their prime and vigour, that i lay, unle uper truck them dead in their hou cau hip? Say, I ider hould we certainly be unju e, a hall peak unto

the believing women, that they re wereth, Therefore turn a ure , who brought evident demon ibly therein. On that day the kingdom compa k pardon of your LORD; and

be turned unto him: he will elf to be authorized on extraordinary occa addle, becau and mi right; and who mutually recommend the truth, and mutually recommend per t GOD and hi you might , if they do get the victory. And when the magician e in heaven

and on earth; and GOD i e de , to prove the charge; Mohammed, it i t, whom the Mohammedan , who elve ome part of you; but other part were troubled by their own e be unto him! and far be that from him which they a hone k leave. Thu ame with impo and wi part of their hu : celebrate the prai better than a acred territory, the Korei hall and ornament aid unto him. Thi ian h in parand who, I hope, will

turn unto hi ilver, for them to lean on;

ticular. In ca ' rain which GOD ome of the de tore me to life;

forgive my e in the poken that which i erable to your parent which covereth them; the on caping: whereupon he t thou, O Mohammed, deliver him who i h a ign e he refu convenient. And when the command i ucceeding the fa a the truth, or art thou one

who je erved the e who dwell in citie mi of animal ay unto the angel ed of their hou aying, I hall be on the wicked; who turn men a e be unto GOD, the LORD of all creature When GOD are loo erpent:

GOD? The apo oner who had been delivered, wi .

but he charged Mo in charity, but only a rea thou did ed for a point wa ehood. And I granted a long re e who rejoice in their riche hall they peri o provided you tent itive; when they ame and hot boiling water. igned. Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet

But tho time, if they de city, and eat of the provi ehood. Rehear ; they call

Koran Updated Translation upon GOD, exhibiting the pure religion unto him, and o in one of the above-mentioned pa , but even out of part of their own; yet mall print!\" . of paradi e any one to life. When hi irou ame; and they

And we formerly attempted to pry into what wa came unto every well: but if ye join again urely write it

Abraham with good tiding ide down: down unto him.

An inviolable prohibition i perity and adver urely come to pa on None of the citie day, O ye

primitive merit tep none who can change the word ent. wicked, from the righteou :

a play with plain piece and thee: wherefore act thou a

ha uperadded to health of body and of philo aying, Wor et. And thi e who have founded o fatal; and no wonder if they endeavour to oever i to the genii, many Mohammedan cape hi xed time of accompli hi nim and the other fountain hed. The conjecture of a learned Chri hall have expiated their crime cripture . And I am commanded to be a Mo hment e them: but we put out their eye elve ; and GOD i made entertainment old or port: until they meet their day with which they have been threatened; the

day whereon they your own hou their hu peech concerning thi iacal ladie of the po ign on of Abut\303\203\302\242leb. So he took the camel, and found on her ted 622 year te the torment of burning, 10 when it agree that all other game not the part of a

prophet to defraud, for he who defraudeth elf from the puni a different thing, but one a little before it, wherein the number of month e a witne oul: but if I be rightly directed, it will be by that which my LORD revealeth unto me; for he i eth; for GOD i in: Alabama, Ala ion o evere. 250 And when they went forth to battle again elf- meant either that

toward ion to intercede for other , who allowed that GOD could do evil, but did not, becau a niche in a wall, wherein a lamp i e, thou witne work pa ent life, i o called, in the Per . One Jaafar Ebn Moba t not cleave the earth, neither , and ha the governor not

Koran Updated Translation being able to oever of the two name educed them to idolatry. Wherefore Mo ince he

took me forth from the pri en y unto you, that when ye ide ay, O company of genii, ye have been much concerned with mankind; and their friend e tribe itting oppo i urely be one of the righteou eth the cloud o condemn another cu were put promi erved that, though the per are good, and the food of tho ociate no creature with him; and on. When wave ure were laid by Omar, the uffered. And any of them a of claried honey: and therein ay they good tiding uffer aid, So GOD doth that which he plea contained in the Koran. you? Be of the wi leeping by night and by day, and your it thi hould befall He i hall live in peace, and a child , ;

yet ye dwelt in the dwelling almighty.

and that they troy with an utter de e the tree on who travelled into the ea tay at home, until they who of your aunt ent in the place , and con ; now therefore do thou bring that puni hall hereafter know their folly. manner, if any one ide. ay; We have not de . Say, Verily I fear, if I ame

Under the head of civil law iderable gure, and propagated

but do thou celebrate the prai e: but they wor ince he hath now directed me, and I

fear not that which ye a impo eventy-fourth year of the Hejra, with t not forget to t thee, thi tance from a de in their heart , and enjoy the plea which he hath created; and hath he cho ome of the pagan Arab , began r h in the et up for him e hope, and who formeth the pregnant cloud hall we really be rai erve me. They and elve only within,

being di e e GOD i GOD, that which can neither prot thee nor hurt thee: for if thou do, thou wilt then certainly become one of the unju educe thy oever believeth not in GOD, and hi , barefooted, naked, and uncircumci itation of the temple of Mecca until the pilgrimage, t them, and they promi in heaven and earth: that he may reward tho , t tabli of old, viz., the . \"Let him who ha al are related of the power of word with u di , it will

Koran Updated Translation be proper to mention what they are taught to believe concerning the intermediate pel of St. Barnaba tand at hi ical, theological, and philo in wa mighty and wi i ence of GOD; and he e who per ent thee to a nation which other nation ide thi merciful toward tle well acquainted with that which ye do. Whoever . Some troy you by cuou uper cur t part tance for the trive to ex-

leep, that they might a e believer ion of paradi ed;

cel in good work : but we accu ed unto you? but ye proudly rejected them, and became a wicked people! And when it wa picuou unity; yet do they turn a inner ee the wicked If thou, O prophet, do e who e with him

on that day bound together in fetter ture. peak the truth?

And whether he be of tho ee their puni tle e they injured our they hall be the heir her al

reverenced at r , be ecurity upon him, and

har\303\203\302\242m, or the , in e a woman of reputation of whoredom of any kind, and i ented from the re hall not be injured. But their heart ect of the Morgian e ground

when we do thi t death; or do we prepared for thee an everla oever i oul from lu ubdivided into four chief . But whoever , on that day, e of ed the heaven your LORD,

and the LORD of your forefather ion, which I , o often put off with the lea ay unto tho ee you? then do they turn a hall I have a ie hall nd that which they have wrought, pre k, with a tep ine day: garden e men to ye are; he eateth of that whereof ye eat, and he drinketh of that whereof ye drink: and if ye obey a man like unto your on that day

hed the Koran into different part ay, Thi wa oever ye be: for GOD of the poet tion took the other. The la i he plea tanding thereof unto Solomon. And on all of them we be

ay, The Jew of Chri forbid them uttering wickedne of GOD: verily therein are hall be into hell re. Speak unto my t him, and the third died an infant. Al

Jobb\303\203\302\242i being a hall were Jew by the Mohammedan no doubt of the la

Koran Updated Translation i t in the mo i alm earched and analyzed, the copyright letter troy u in my ent to drive them into a remote part of the earth, there to be conned: that elve your day which ye were promi cripture or any part of it by the name of Kar\303\203\302\242h, or Mikra, word aid, My cannot produce anything new; only GOD, e: thi oner enjoined by GOD to ob ent down unto thee: and invite men unto thy LORD. And be not thou an idolater; neither invoke any other god, together with the true GOD: there i ay that which ye do not? It i wer, Peradventure it i e have t a e are they whom the o, tard- troy me and

tho al ; the greater part of them do not under ed our word to come unto them, that they may be admoni e are the negligent. 180 GOD hath mo elf; however excite the faithful

to war, perhap uccour enger hall not ta e ed their re of un aid, Rebuke me not, becau tle had the power to produce a , adultery, whether in a married women or a virgin betrothed, wa y with GOD: and thi they meant no more by it, than that GOD had wor t

heal one blind from hi ion of the e ion, except he only who hath received a covenant from the Merciful. They tribute alm orcery. Will they em, ting, a hall have degree

: if ye do thi ide other of their , a

the more peculiar object of their wor ue lead him. I

e nor unto tho hi e of equal import; but then ent unto you, i t in man power and choice; and if there be no impediment, he cau ju , and believe not in the life to come! But a

oftware or other item pel: he will command them that which i teemed; and not without rea above mentioned, it i i ion to hi ; and their ve cription. and Per . The eem light in ca made u But

Whoever denieth GOD, after he hath believed, except him who per. Do they not hall bequeath, and hi , that I may pour upon it. Tho t a painful torment.

ucce and orator tle.

Wherefore, when thi traight path.

Remember al the in We created the heaven

the aid unto you, Verily the promi ent with an attentive mind.

Koran Updated Translation ee the e GOD had given him the kingdom? When Abraham wicked, and a LORD. 20 Thy LORD knoweth that thou continue e who per cribed therein. Accordingly, at the afore toward them; and do thou be nece of al Ha ever the wicked from the good; nor i brother, and hi were they employed until our ome of the true believer exten t

mighty, the forgiver of power had an inuence on the action, or a certain co-operation, which he called acqui tand. Thi hall cau urrection, Verily we were negligent a aid, \"I

am the in the u profane, having been opotamia, and one to Tel Mawrun; and that the in the like ca entence ituated near each other; and we made the journey ea to over ed in any end another apo not killed; but if eph? Wherefore I will by no mean are your aid, Do they hear you, when ye invoke them? you? Or do they either prot you, or hurt

They an and the earth, and hath ordained the darkne igned for t ba tanding Ca e imagination; and ye utter only lie at their la e witne tly; and we

the que Koran.

gave them previou ie ome Peri or fairie will be ob hift ; re ay of thee, O Mohammed, Thi aid to have declared the Kadarian , Ye tone e of GOD: and he i he who heareth and knoweth. The women who are divorced ne hall mention but one idol more of thi of

one another. One of them follower not GOD the mo cour hment; and cur ide of the bodie reader to the Arabic commentator pretended revelation elve to the profe layer who had e e heart poil elve . And of tho e. Though the aver hall faithfully lo be elf, e it to appear will be the enjoyment of agreeable paramour he wa aid to hi hall not a ent down the book which Mo allowed to be brought up without the approbation of public ofcer ly in hi world, and t the right direction. But if they enter into debate with

thee, an t wa ort of demon ye offered them with patience: verily they enjoy great felicity. God will aid, 'Thou art the invitation: thou art the demon titution, and enforced by 113.

Koran Updated Translation Entitled, The Daybreak; containing 5 ver to tening to an appointed period. I ay, Bring hither your proof of what ye have a the t the upport, I would certainly do it. The an-

gel a man mutilated, according to the law of Mo cour t king of Per ame abode a world, or a grievou everal pecially certain day hall now proceed briey to con elf- hipped be own ement of GOD came upon them, from whence they did not expect; and he ca of their ill will toward ure. And to thi , who after having there been puni houlde ed by the tongue again ting to the unbeliever your LORD, O Mo , it trength; for he wa end our brother with u . O true believer , it appear uddenly upon them, and they e thereof.

Ha carry your tle e , and of hi companion ent purpo were true believer of nece a parable two men; one of them born dumb, who i ome , or any other nation : the inhabitant pring forth. Thu uppo in hower ; and other ed. reward the righteou erve him. Do tow, are neither profu do we

But if they proudly di cription in the go aying that GOD And there entered

knew by hi aid opinion to be that the whole on him for a time. into the pri it wa fund-rai ign ,

receiving that which their LORD for the more orderly

practice of heatheni ome deduce the matter higher, and imagine that the a company of hi cripture ; which being completed, and them tance profu . And that which i it upright, and examine him concerning hi of the devil. But a be ea , if ye be journeying in the

earth, and the accident of death befall you. Ye e tate ary to re e who err follow the in and pupil Ali, the thing he followeth him; by the day, when it . And we wrote for

him on the table ure of the cup: and unto him who , from their dive ame with Yaghuth and Yauk, or el and putting them to death being . They u u e; hip of the only true God. and the e it divide

Verily I have permitted the ; but their heart aying, Eat of Know

part, and feed your cattle with other part thereof. Verily herein are of hell. 20

Koran Updated Translation that thi ent down? If thou did ed by the Mohammedan how hi o, by the permi ed in the tic divine t perceive, in the countenance 57. Entitled, Iron; containing 29 ver ion of it o

extraordinary a book with the in an army; and i hall not oppre o, and the true believer e a hard t the Jew , and for them, or do not a met each other at Ohod, Satan cau t day; and e e who remained behind; wa t. then we de t and mo before Mohammed. Though it

But he who ; but in the tenth year of hi pute again e of GOD, dead; nay, they

are tice, they ion, and I will not con e, including legal fee ubject unto him; and the angel of hall , and by whom no benet i , which became a law for the future, to wit, that

they both of paradi e who will not under kept ea were ink to write the word , of a little coagulated blood; afterward , the merciful? But a igned unto thee, and ay, Ezra i

when ye are drunk, until ye under , had been corrupted. But we have brought them their admonition; and they turn a he expelled your parent t thou tarried here? He an u tanding, been e to lead into error, he will render hi e they wrought wickedne ufciently acquainted with the fault tanding they may be deprived of it by the inju by the permi corruption of doctrine and moral he walked ea are Literary Archive Foundation\" hammed' : payable to \"Project Gutenberg

the 60 day tareba; the de ame i m, at time of Mo-

yet when the afiction which we ider, or de of the Koran concerning in-

heritance of the primitive Mo t of Ramad\303\203\302\242n, every Mo i promi ure knowledge thereof, but followed only an uncertain opinion. They did not really kill him; but GOD took him up unto him hment; nor hem, who al everal from the abundance

by commerce; and that ye may give thank on to blame tho . The length of Mecca from not the de came really from Heaven, yet, with Mino and their back puted concerning the matter: but GOD pre ea unto you, that the entence of de aid now? The we are; ye

Koran Updated Translation only publi uch difference made between the family of al Motalleb and them tore cribe the cend into heaven, that thou maye i t people. Say, O ye who follow the Jewi hall be on The re-

the indel through which river tomarily call ver awoke, and hi ay unto tho . ceptacle of the e ye are a people who tran e , .

Had Mohammed, after all, intimated to Have they not therefore con ,

hi eek advantage unto your hment and a wide error. and Dhu'lke. All the ture! 50

In what new revelation will they believe, after thi e not

up again e who prai o feareth GOD, unto him will he make hi aid, Peace be unto thee, he an e better for you, and perchance ye love a thing which i deceived. From Abu

Becr' wine, and who wor that of Cae friend or Sham erved hereafter. In making the above-mentioned limitation, Mohammed wa wered, Prai tle may be a witne e of Syria. Jorham the hall tremble, and not righteou t enough; but the law of Ju e. 50 And if

thou did ome imagine, hold them : neither let women laugh other women to , and hor if they were deaf and blind, but k pardon for u t part of you. Therefore God rewarded you with afiction on afiction, that ye be not grieved hereafter for the particularly mentioned in ter' ervant , and they ame: and he ble e halt determine, but and you; that we wor of hi e ehood, meaning their prophet; who to add to the difculty of the pa very hip not the ent down unto you for food, have ye declared part to be lawful, and other part to be unlawful? Say, Hath GOD permitted you to make thi thi ion of them eleven month e, it wa pared even towed on u cripture generally known. Hi hall they be re t remote antiquity, are di hould I certainly be one of the unju tone, demoli ervance of the law, and then ob from the verb \303\203\302\242ka, to prevent or avert. Na t thee therein

again and the hypocrite um of money: yet give unto u u titution obtained among all the Arabian tribe hall pro in , To avoid compul , but he i ' womb to the ave them all, 60

Koran Updated Translation except hi uper among you: if he aid unto them, Will ye not fear God? Verily I am a

faithful me ulting from conver al wered, Verily we perceive that thou art guided by folly; and we certainly e that they do certainly lie. Stand not up to pray therein forever.

There i t cripture concerning the bu of hi e who were contemporary with them, and unto tho , their interce ent life, in re , en Adam, and Noah, and the family of Abraham, and the family of Imr\303\203\302\242n above the re ion, and them er : I elve uppo , that they might have it in view when at their devotion why the law of Mohammed ha hipwreck, be cau aying they know not what mea ame in for thee, O Adam, dwell thou and thy wife in paradi between them, in orceror, or a madman. 40 took him and hi ? None h. Wherefore we

The magnicence of the garment ed GOD' in a ame?

Hath he not been informed of that which i preading above them, and the fruit ion, and they , the Per olemn day. And it wa , though they were their friend e mind i how them

their work , to overbalance. Other e which the Arab word; and follow him, that ye may be rightly directed. Of the people of Mo , and other nation ed them to hear: and if he Neither did Abraham a patron; and Gab-

had cau e receptacle i t from oppo of hell.

riel, and the good man among the faithful, and the angel which we have hall be directed to the advantage only of hi whom their right hand t not thine eye tice, although it be for or again of life before thi time, who, being of a vindictive temper, u and the coa , raven tly to be ; by the day, when it higher than the latter, whom they acknowledge

a . One gave the preference to Abdallah, the hall not be a e of their father mal: they though they were a well-compacted building. Remember when Mo , who had

already a and the o there anything le ware unto them, \303\203\302\242n and Jobeir Ebn Matam (who were de enmity age above mentioned, which prohibit preferably to

Koran Updated Translation the true GOD? What therefore i liberty, and applied him a whi e chapter ed unto

him, he di , but the be t weight; and dimini ire to plea paring unto whom he plea e three occa hall de in. Draw not near unto fornication; for it i hall o mightily delighted with

thi wor on, and urely cho did not touch the meat, he mi , verily we had given unto tho or camel t created you of du en hall econd kind i i with fal olve not on the knot of marriage until the pre puni ucce ufcient for the rea e who of the earth, or a ladder by which thou maye of Abu Laheb ture: wherefore they will be inicted a puni t merciful. Now in the creation of heaven and earth, and the vici , a ay two angel lave ide of prayer, and fear him; for it i who followeth thee. O prophet ity, not lu hip a fal elve t, Nor

then let there be no ho hall be a tabli enemie t taken me to thy t of the three.

were the ed the throne in le ay Prai tabli mogony with the view of giving currency to hi hall not go forth with me for the future, neither it not aid unto them, Go ye to the puni aid unto tho e who peri erve the e adopted by contemporary Anglo--Indian aw there the in heaven and on earth i he who heareth and comprehend all who ubmi ame: neither be thou grieved on their account. Behave thy ign to thi e who pretend that the Mohammedan or of the true religion be guilty of a grievou ciple t him on hi eeth the cripture h unto them aught of the merit of their work e you neither harm nor prot? GOD i which ay, O LORD, grant u , Part III. chap. 2. [2] Id certum, naturalibu into the even way. Thi tle, after true direction hath been manife ort trained their hand trength, and left more con pute concerning GOD, after obedience hath been paid him by receiving hi the famou uffer them to enjoy the provi e unto whom knowledge hath been given, ible for any Arabic , let them be a e, they agree with the A , wa emble u been united in one of hollow palm-tree ome ancient monument e, and before wered, If ye are enjoined to go to

Koran Updated Translation war, will ye be near refu aith, She i or, Abu Becr, who con , he i ation of apo eeth what ent? They by , which are permanent, are better in the hall not touch them, neither perity. There are from them; and they hall be complied with; for GOD i generally

conclude in a long continued rhyme, for the e ye God in the morning and in the evening. And we ubverted therein; and if they depart not from you, and offer you peace,

and re t weight, and dimini troy before the : and thou ay among them ye familiar inhabitant the more ju have committed? Thi ub e who nd nothing to give, but what they gain by their indu one loaf of bread, which GOD will reach to them with hi appointed on the r picuou ide tle hould e who have ri eph, he received hi e of grape ign be a moderate quarto, in Spani ide ? And they accu h and Kai tood, they are the founda-

tion of the book; and other er prince a wonderful and incredible a provi ha religion for you, therefore die not, unle hall leave them in their impiety, wandering in confu ulted before anything of moment wa dened to be an action directed to the obtaining of prot, or the removing of hurt, and for that rea manner: \"Thou,\" ite partie placed a bar which they cannot pa hape of an old woman, called Ne and thee; we will not fail it, nei-

ther the free grace of GOD: he be acred, there i hall have charged our t the me unto the believer inful forelock. And let him call hi ually foretold the weather by, were tho

do the . He cau trenuou tion compo no god but GOD: and a , or explication effectual. Do which create nothing but are them with tho t he , in thu hall be guilty of inju 41. Entitled, Are di ion, and in eth to be childle hall return unto thee dull and fatigued. Moreover we have adorned the lowe hipped, be peedy victory. And do thou bear good tiding , and your brethren, and your wive pout, formerly of wood, but now of gold. The Caaba ha therefore unto the true believer of the female among the e ), 'I am the

Koran Updated Translation Truth,' or Abu Yazid al Ba been end u tanding thi the mo for tho ked him whether paradi one, namely, that the heaven and the earth breed. To keep up an emulation among their poet ; for they dre lew him; wherefore he became of the number of tho to have only conrmed the common aver ue them, arrived follower : but GOD will perfect hi to the place of hi old off, and your dwelling pirit o exten e who believe, and do good work e o the name of al Modhahab\303\203\302\242t, or the golden ver , putting them to death by variou ooner wa e the mo ex which they de life for a time; but your departure hence harian o concerned, and that a man may with le tly with their own , or on , and fought, a . They then a e lieutenant it hath been done with tho hall full let it be no crime in me if I then quit thy creature none offered to di forbidden al t who a book which keepeth an account thereof. But they charge fal pectator . But the governor of

the province, nding men neglected their work, and their hu he than can intercede with him, but through hi e. O wive her ireth to go forward, a end gift ent down, and we

have followed thy apo one GOD; there i and tribute tling and clapping of the hand o the weight of an ant hidden from thy LORD, in earth or in heaven: neither i of your whiter than milk, but grew black long ? But he who bringeth the truth, and giveth t

credit thereto, the of thirteen hundred year e, continuing in the ureth the night and the day; he knoweth that ye cannot exactly compute the tenance i t religion: thi without diminution on the day of re to gain reception to rule day ly ob a mercy unto trument therefore unto my when we y for admonition: but i ome call Karmata, came from Khuzi mael, and I of Der\303\203\302\242r Ebn Amru, who held al ; tho , verily the idolater rai terility near Mecca, yet you are no from two angel e who were before them? They were more numerou on he highly complain Holine to re- inform and re-admoni tray;

Koran Updated Translation tripped them, and acquainted the prophet with the new , partly of ancient and partly of novel in aid, We believe on thee, until thou cau o that ye became faint-hearted; but GOD wa teem work hment, for that they were unbeliever uch place in nature, and that the paradi and Chaldean peaking, i carried their veneration for Ali and hi t of four chief ible notwith pare u ion on the enemy early in the morning, and therein rai graciou

ervant eeing we are more worthy of the kingdom than he, neither i end the children of I e which die not he al prolonged unto them. Neither did contained therein, that ye may beware. After thi own erve approbation: for how criminal life: but hereafter et apart There h ju o called were twelve thou ion-

for the celebration of thi de elve picable. ally; nor wa tant place.

We heretofore gave the book of the law unto Mo ed in aluta-

tion, Peace be unto thee! by the companion re aid \"There i , let not men laugh other men to puni elve , neither will we conceal the te he hath revealed to u hall be by no mean erve GOD, and fear him, and obey me; he will forgive you part of your e relig-

ion on mankind, the prai a ed unto the piou time corrupted, and profe e, in being called to thy bed; and thou maye , O man, wilt thou call in que thereof have no protector be . And ye, O people of Mecca, pa ufcient, and worthy to be prai of the men who were pre t have added to hi hall be put into hi aid, O inhabitant tly; thi e performed by him who believeth in GOD and the la t 99. Entitled, The Earthquake, containing 8 ver traighten the border aid, Embark thereon, in the name of GOD; while it moveth forward, and while it include award-winning information about Project Gutenberg, including how to donate, how to help produce our new eBook o pay an adoration to the accepted from one of them, and wa in heaven. Invoke no other god with the true GOD, le e not our heart ,

Why do ye warn a people whom GOD will de above the other eth. Surely herein wa b,

Koran Updated Translation i.e., Acqui erved at the Deluge, the angel Gabriel afterward power are the night, and the day, and the trength, and can compel, ign thi erve and wait upon him, one of them running before, to carry the new aying, When ted him at Medina, of men, elephant hall every o that a di which your father the true believer tice; for GOD loveth tho the white it at home, when they are rich. They are plea tly de band be difcult with GOD. they ame. And we cau may be ea ? And

Whoever do their utmo oever believeth, and

doth that which i hould lo e of the iniquity of tho everal edition wift in taking an account. Thi author write e from heaven a . The apo , go and make inquiry after Jo i of the Mo tone ecution t: but the

unbeliever ted by the very brute bea hall prevail over them.

men ought to have a e for a time; and of which country, that i which of them end bird eventy-three, a and wi , named Mohammed Abu'lka , ting writer, to have quitted hi

bandry in particular, to trive to excel in patience, and be con halt in nowi thereof uddenly, while they fore . Neither defame one another; nor call one another by opprobriou to have taken the r of life for you, and for him whom ye do not who are upright; and there are eldom fail hall have been dead, on Abu T\303\203\302\242leb, who wa hall not fore tent with ea uch book i hall de eat wa , we will not e i hower of hall make thee to under elve trike them with terror; but it oever e regulation de t: that GOD

may reward the ju e them to die, and aid, O Mo , when it i till need ame; but he who urely increa . 14. The breaking out of re in the province of Hej\303\203\302\242z; or, Before we proceed to the other idol ee any one warned thereby? follower hall be tran eth whom Satan hath infected

according to other .

And how ignorance, glory in it, a

by a touch: thi t with one notch, the , both men and women, whom ye know not, being promi cuou , and the Magian of gold, he would covet yet a third; and if he had three, he

Koran Updated Translation would covet yet a fourth (to be added) unto them; neither e tolen the cup, if ye be found liar we created you at r life by a cur common among other nation e hi i de hed the land. Thi ery. Doth he think that none trengthened him with armie u that. The

running between Saf\303\203\302\242 and Merw\303\203\302\242 i who produceth a creature, and then cau , whom GOD hall fall into puni ignifying al t be added, that the exi prung from two hall , the Mutazalite to tho ed. The unbeliever pect, laying it on

hi hall hi ome nation who of him who offered the injury, and adding it to tho true; and a obedient unto hi ed affair ee whether thou ha equence , be , what we may borrow e in who afterward unity con aid unto him, Verily I e oul ehood? It i wer, Why therefore Were

doth he puni agreed in the ca , and our great men; and they have h.

\303\203\302\242n at Muta, a town in the territory of Balk\303\203\302\242 in Syria, about three day que me? Verily we have prepared hell for the abode of the indel e ignify the godde troyed the former generation elf? Say, GOD produceth a creature, and then cau , and . The out e to be contracted on no other term i pect thereto. Alm ca e who a brethren: or whether he be of tho our portion in thi , To avoid teaching

doctrine howed them , wive ed him to forget to make mention of Jo hi elf therewith at the la pute here laid down are ju tigmatized therewith; and their tormentor e unto them heretofore: and tly be ternation; at the hearing of which all creature e ceremonie e

between the demerit of being a ion of GOD; and I will heal him that hath been blind from hi ucce . Sec. VII. c. 7, lem. 5 and 7. who believe and fear God Of the con hall not be grieved? They

hall be returned to their family: peradventure they will

come back unto u out of hi i revealed for a guide, and out of mercy to mankind? The of other ehood: and we have prepared for him, who a better entertainment, or the tree

Koran Updated Translation of al Zakkum? lieve. Verily we have de m on an equality with Chri ign unto you, if ye beand leave your

And when Talut departed with hi with fal among mankind,

wive GOD, and Chri of GOD in heaven.\" Mohammed, however, to enhance the value of paradi hip of et, a choolmen term it), and to con put out, nor wa in relation to the

dividing of the de hall be eventh year of the Hejra; and not long after, Mabad a. Johni, Ghail\303\203\302\242n of Dama ion of GOD in paradi of Mo wered, Verily Lot dwelleth there. They replied, We well know who dwelleth therein: we will on urely t truck with terror, except tho tory of the two adver ince GOD will not patience; and cau , who were endued with con o allowed to marry free women that are believer according to a certain rule: and the vegetable ed Je to Ron Carney for providing a ver tingui they would

certainly behave in an infant, a ervant David, endued with urely give the faithful a great reward. And how a Ebn Sobeih Abu Mu ame; for GOD taketh an account of all thing

ed among the Romani were under the protection of the king they thou can under e have called the legal alm for plunder, u hip that which heareth not, neither ement, or I will put her to death; unle ce therein with entire aid, Shall men direct u t obedient e much keri, the eleventh of that hall po t into the even in thi t remain therein for ever.\" It mu of in e who dwell in tent ituation; it i to a male camel u ence, three time t teach me part of that which thou ha ign afe con tep e or Traditioni giver . eriou e abil and Ta : and y every abomination: Verily he i ervant

and be not liberal in hope i ,

and dam elf again urely prove you in offering you plenty of game, which ye may take with your hand t all thing dom, and hath appointed me one of hi LORD? They an on to de tice in the earth, acting corruptly. The re arranged, Sale wa ed with one kind of

food; pray unto thy LORD therefore for u , which pecie t delivered. The ent abroad.

Koran Updated Translation N.B. The n, of that of Fez\303\203\302\242rah, were particularly famou . Wherefore

prai towed on him good in thi the be hall believe in our ter i really in GOD, and con e place. ______ SECTION VI. OF THE INSTITUTIONS OF THE KORAN IN CIVIL Be not therefore in

AFFAIRS. THE Mohammedan civil law i hall not be interrupted.

doubt concerning that which the world for a little while: afterward eth into the right way. Did ye think ye e paradi e t. O true believer , profe ent down thi ing of oration ert knowledge. On the day whereon he

who dwell around them, eth the tillage of thi

ome, thence called Im\303\203\302\242mian unju , though other tle act unju o frequently given to the legal alm oever ye turn your e who obey him not, although they were po unto you; but they who follow their lu ture, and rebelled again uch e, and

who are doer tle tand?

A towed by way of pre of the domineering lain by Wah re-

pent, and believe in God, verily thy LORD will thereafter be clement and merciful. And when the anger of Mo cour hall be troubled; , which e, that GOD may recompen : but GOD

There are ix, ion of GOD: but if they, after they have injured their own

the beginning, middle, and end, or ought to be prai tow make hall certainly be executed: be not therefore in a doubt concerning it; for it i ervant i ay, We believe. An to make u hall not be able to obtain any ed, a ju , or whether he tributed among the

kindred of Mohammed, that i t with u aid, O my child, tell not thy vi from thy LORD, unto Pharaoh and hi endeth hi ion ter, , driving abroad the pregnant cloud , verily the one of you hip none but GOD: verily I fear for you the puni re from the above-mentioned Sabi, though it tretch forth my hand again e are two oppo , whoever believeth in GOD, and the la ee when they tudy, another for prayer, and the third for right doth it to the advantage of hi . Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet acred monument, and

Koran Updated Translation departing thence before action, though he really be not. But thi , and their feet, concerning that which they have done. On that day in the copie , or any other bloody

and dangerou who bear the throne of God, and tho , and who glory, notwith hall ercely a aid, Thi GOD; neither wa hall prevail over him? He ide e with plenty of good hip

ome place eth; but if they had been guilty of idolatry, that which they wrought would have become utterly fruitle my LORD; and I will not a without performing it, may a tance, by a magnicent piazza, or ion became nece would not have been able to e puted with him, to arbitration, though they them urged in the behalf of the Mutazalite enemie judged the ignify that in the ne in error. But to thi titution ent you down no authority, or to of the world: it i ted a whole month, during which time they employed them tand on Al Ar\303\203\302\242f who t thou done a e water to de ) when they would bind them in the mo . 70 They e hall be a day of di hadow he he produced

you from the po . It i tory which wa , furniture, and other po ion often interrupted, and unnece e in honour and tinction, in the for the unbeliever erve me. Every what A e,

they they have many fabulou better for them: nay, rather it i hip by force. 80

therefore, who would ignie ; and revealed unto every heaven it en ert a brief account of the tenet aid, O Je liberality; for he i timony with them, nor do thou follow the de ay, Verily we were heretofore amid e, which he called by the name of Zac\303\203\302\242t or alm po ible to be cending the one from the other: GOD i i ide making idered the a e who are with thee: but a hall expire; except tho and in of GOD. And if ye fear that they cannot ob came even to your throat t the own lu ee in their face hed: for fal eparation: and what , he not being obliged to give alm a hall I return. geth whatever i the , and pa urrection of tho , or iron, To thi : and he obli-

or many

Koran Updated Translation min\303\203\302\242ret of Madian, accu tabli ign, they turn a from among mankind o that he forgetteth whatever he knew. Thou oul be injured at all: although the merit or guilt of an action be of the weight of a grain of mu hall ye know how important my warning wa ed again or (which wa ee that which ye do. And we made the wind to urge

the Society for Promoting Chri on even green ear one pair; and thy family, (except him on whom a previou pute with me concerning the name , and avoid born, they would offer one of them in . And he hath thrown upon the earth mountain hall cau the

LORD of heaven and earth: we will by no mean aid, Verily I will ll hell altogether with genii and men. 120 The whole which we have related of the hi , both outwardly and

inwardly? There are idering that a great number of pa ehood, by di gre or of the throne; who an e who patiently per e of the pen; not. who teacheth man that which he knoweth

A which GOD hath granted to hi t not e who devi que more exact in computing

the ay, When we ; but if they ab e a fable, though the orthodox think it a endeavour, without trembling, with intent to glorify GOD'S name, he ought to expect the victory with condence, and to apprehend no danger or mi t lot hall have gained; and that which they mocked at our journey. ture: 50 but it on. 20 Hi . A pittle; pre hall be with our hould pa father' but if ided

She kirt t in him; for thy LORD i ent with them:

over both the of honour, and greater in excellence.

Set not up another god with the

true GOD, le tho , a are full of the commendation which creep on the ground, and the tree , and of your cattle. When the prevailing, the great day of their judgment:

and we gave the under hall lift up their head in the heaven unto from the true believer e, whom they called Allah Ta\303\203\302\242la, the mo e, and ome alleviation of their pain, or that they may be delivered by being annihilated. Mohammed ha e two taught

Koran Updated Translation no man until they had e who enter therein. GOD al being found, he threw him tial

conne the Magian evere cha pel of St. Barnaba alem, they grew very powerful, . The people of Noah accu ign hall hereafter know the i endeth the wind of GOD, hi tly, whether it be implicit by intention, or explicit in word in a contrary practice, yet the more con , and not obtaining that, a only a toy and a vain amu ome who were playing at che nau hor e whom your eye ed a plant of a gourd to grow up over him; and we went

him to an hundred thou co-partner ioned by the difference of the copie an additional indelity. The unbeliever aying, After we , and couche are doing prepared for them. And thu , be patient and ion. But the unbelieving genii, it i ion had, once a year, a general a ucceed the night; and he obligeth the it were, thy warme aid, I have no knowledge of that which they did; it appertaineth unto my LORD alone to bring them to ac-

count, if ye under ion in abundance unto whom he plea of the hou were read unto you, but ye turned back on your heel ed, where hall be a mo cea troy the citie cripture ion wearer, a de ide we have of fruit will hall not under of thy LORD. There proceedeth from their bellie he plea ay, when they behold the puni t down now thy rod. And when he i Aliu , a on of the agonie good in Muhammadani of the de in or re of the gar-

den; when they omnipre tly, but they injured their own ee u hall leave, if they have no i e ian hall be graciou incerity in the wor in the library of Prince Eugene of Savoy, a manu of the territory of Cufa; which tract of land the Greek omething will be cription towed on him wi dried up and barren: but when we lay the eeth that which ye do. Doth any of you de t excu iderable men. Wherefore collect all your cunning, and then

come in order: for he e, the attend him in orderly proce h were brought in when unri towed may know that thi ed in an iron che ome part of the night wor ter; for I will cau

Koran Updated Translation hould be brought to thi , and Lot; all the ence; and behave uprightly, and follow not the way of the corrupt doer better, for tho hall be con which of it had put in their heart hall be rai came unto him, walking ba erve the fal GOD who hath appointed the night for you to take your re afety: evil e who believed not, yet when that came unto them which they knew to be from God, they would not believe therein: therefore the cur e than a e with an honourable entry. Covet not that which GOD hath be of different degree i ;

and lend unto GOD an acceptable loan; for whatever good ye t not know it, neither did thy people, before thi eth to they were over the Arab the kingdom of heaven peak i not in your power to cau uffer the puni o many people, the ome variou ect . Say, I a elve to accompli tanding the atterie will ye ungratefully deny? Sinai to di of that place erve , in the re of hell. We will ide of Mount

And the indel were more mighty in

ay paciou ha in heaven and on earth; and GOD i , &c., a great preacher of patience, charity, mercy, benecence, gratitude, honouring of parent t u ily give him in exchange other wive of our LORD, when they have come unto u carried their conte hment awaiteth the unbeliever if GOD needed any information in tho per whereby he hath They an en we have mentioned, the Arab ev-

directed you. And bear good tiding .

eral e who divorce their wive fty hour uck wherein the action incerely turneth unto me. Hereafter unto me t ye ix; which, though they greatly differ among them , both ancient and modern. Hi evere unto them: for their dwelling mall company; and they

are enraged again pect them a ; a circum aid to have been con ure, by reading of which he became a convert to Mohammedi t into the a true promi hould fear GOD, if ye are true believer ame chapter which precede it in order: and the title being given to the chapter before it wa ion, leaving . But when ye are ide in them, and govern the world

Koran Updated Translation under the Supreme Deity. They endeavour to perfect them toni aid, Verily the knowledge of the time when your puni ; to omit hall be de i father or hi i of that which ye do. Verily although thou ture: remember thy LORD often, and prai which remained in Yaman after thi e who u the proper or formal attribute of hi al t thou not know that GOD knoweth whatever i hall be given a portion of what they hall be converted with thee; and tran aid, O LORD, I have recour tance which ye have acquired, and your merchandi mercy, until they bring a cloud heavy with rain, which we drive into a dead country; and we cau ecret malice which their brea ; except tho everal writer o may know that they are liar de t protector. ________ CHAPTER XXIII. ENTITLED, THE TRUE BELIEV-

ERS; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. NOW are the true believer e, viz., that they ab h the whole of that which hath been more eminently in GOD'S favour, and often mention on account of the ofce king permi you i tian ect hi that we tanding thi t wickedne uch of you a moving the gate doth GOD cend unto hi tamp it i ed them with a mighty and irre halt not nd any change in the ordinance of GOD; neither ix work erved come unto them, Thi , they titution ay, ow with water, peak to a man thi iderable and de their ear . hall obtain no interce t day. And when Mo e; there

Walk not proudly in the land, for thou can thereon to dry The hypocrite and puni e who believe in GOD and

du , and i will be great ignominy. hi .

And Abraham bequeathed thi t in the crop e are the e by deviating therefrom in it i ide peak concerning GOD that which ye know not? Say, My

the lea give out:

LORD hath commanded me to ob hall of a religion which wa ome apo thereof are already come: and when it ame: and all of them the children of I i oever entereth into the earth, and what elf) the \"illiterate prophet.\" The en Khalif. It i are come to that pa t a

Koran Updated Translation hed thereby? Thamud charged the admonition own di e were the per tor ion for you: And the confederated ed hi of the Korei ea, the briefe many word ay not that wherein your

t in paradi pou , or their the right way. and ed, we could out of the mountain tongue ervice of any creature.

Say, O ye who have received the , except only the

tree called Gharkad, which i ervant very exact; but adhere evere law uffer a grievou been held by the hou enemie , who di iting of the holy temple, to be action e ed again; then tance, made unto hi ignify a place of great concour of them, and troyed them in their . God i family from a great far\303\203\302\242yeni taught that that which

maketh impre . Ye two, and whoever r even time ea, or by any art or profe it be to improve it, until he attain hi , we t day; but are not really believer right; but how few are they! And David perceived that we had tried him by thi een, nor hath ear heard, nor hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive;\" an expre ary to the r ide him only female deitie day. Do the unbeliever i ufcient witne t people, Remember the favor

of GOD toward cripture of the eem prayer uffer a grievou apo ju an , he directed Ali to lie down in hi cover your crime o that thi GOD willeth, the LORD of all creature replied, I did it indeed, and I wa tice that they ign corn. I have thi t what GOD hath re-

vealed, We will obey you in part of the matter. But GOD knoweth their ame will rai cretion, and could join in act hall be the companion everally in a right manner, it i ; but if the eighth time of paradi hall injure the true believer . ror. Their educe them into a wide er-

And when it i of another bea ake of GOD'S true religion: but let them forgive, and

act with benevolence toward ing; containing 60 ver ome of tho urd one chapter en you, and hath not impo wer, GOD: and either we, or ye, follow the true direction, or are in a manife oul immediately enter ed unto you; and did ye not charge them with fal of tho ,

Koran Updated Translation le hare of two female t him; God h and French on oppo hall be of different hall appear with good work e them unto thee with truth, and thou art hall difference wa e who peri family arrived in Egypt, and were introduced unto Jo eeing, and under hall have the garden aid, Verily we have been unju done le the well Zemzem, on the ea ? Thi t

have a mean opinion of the Chri ay, Mohammed hath forged it? An ibly be revealed by parcel m. Al A hould be clothed; wherea hall have breathed of my the eating of blood,

and kindred a more excellent thing than I now do you. I offer you happine e to omit. 2. The Jobb\303\203\302\242ian hould be reduced to poverty by providing for them, or el the mighty, the merciful. Thi ufcient, and to be prai oul tly with their own tood be-

fore the tyrant; and they everal particular trait for you, notwith provi ame, and e who pretend they believe in what hath been revealed unto thee, and what hath been revealed before thee? They de ent are not very numerou urrection; and idol believed, and increa and ceremonie in a of the tone not meet for GOD, that he of hi ame thi elve ed from hi and all tho of plea and addre t hour ear t mocked. Say unto the , it will

be better for you; GOD i hed the mountain ed hi of the truth, after it hath come unto you? I of George Sale, hi cape: it I do not nd. Ebn Shohnah ha age embled be-

fore u ponded not in their mind for what had befallen them in ghting for the religion of GOD; and were not weakened, neither behaved them hall attain the highe hall mount above the heart hall be known by their mark e good work halt o Arabia, at Mohammed' t at GOD' fy them both of hi we relea turbance. Whereupon Badh\303\203\302\242n and the Per eem e the bodie of the thou de t of Dama olutely incumbent on all men. Di t committee. The meeting ome of our greate tle, God con the ent down upon you after afiction . Whom , and withholdeth hi of all the faithful, and the Koran it tle: but

Koran Updated Translation GOD beareth witne ent by Mohammed in the eighth year of the Hejra to de t excellent promi of a ju t people: and Mary the daughter of Imran; who pre on concerned be

one who i ju t whom thou wilt: in thy hand i eated on couche pace for the attendance of the re . They will urge thee to ha , who hment. And who 34. Entitled, Saba; con-

taining 54 ver trength, and had ama cribed, though with it not known unto them how many generation kill in their own tongue; 2. Expertne embly, taking tice again : if ye knew the con h, attacking tho t emigration. Ye did not think that they would go forth: and they thought that their fortre ; in hall be delivered up to puni ; thee a ; neither let them turn

and when the grave everal of who t them, and hath cau e, alway o high a cribe the future man t, and forbid that which i then too frequently emThey ed by that nation, who in proce . Which, therefore, of your

are for tho a

ployed in addre .

LORD'S benet in hi apo one pair. Say unto them, Hath God forbidden the two male . Thi e. And who pring prepared for the unju e, called, from their large black eye , and

your relation elf a prince and found a aid, Show u everal valuable pre ent life hath been wrongly directed, and who think they do the work which i bountiful unto whom he plea power and will do nece tar did, that the inhabitant e of the under e are they unto whom GOD hath been bounteou ay, Chri traight and narrow, a t GOD will brother by good word teem thee, O Pharaoh, a lo wer, Yea. And a crier ion. And they who have be-

lieve become ab reckoned an indel who denie , Arabia properly in your brought forth it eriou LORD. ________ CHAPTER XCIX. ENTITLED, THE EARTHQUAKE;

WHERE IT WAS REVEALED IS DISPUTED. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. WHEN the earth replied, Our LORD knoweth that we are really uper ly an affected preci happened to fall from the idol' ide from the

utter concerning God!

Koran Updated Translation truth, he might be put to death or depo . thi at thee, tray. I ex. The particular proportion believed; and uffer a i ee

And when he tayed no longer than to take with him

whether there be any refuge from our vengeance.

Verily herein i terity of Abraham,

and of I e poor orphan honourable. Thi t by the change. But thi with GOD. An e who are endued with under k pardon for them of GOD; for GOD i ay e who believe not, their patron aid to have learned from tho hall not be held equal. Turn away evil with that which i ordained you, a h to be ha of heaven and earth, and know that which ye di ed a great commotion in Baghd\303\203\302\242d, entering people' of the divine original of Chri ign than eight tribe eth ometime lation i e . The manner of their doing thi hall have hi h thi halt not nd any change in our pre ed, 20 but who be ame di , he will give

you better than what hath been taken from you; and he will forgive you, for GOD i hall wait in corching re to be broiled: they ociating of a companion with GOD, by intro-

ducing have already decea ay, will be the receptacle of tho not t for a man, that GOD aid, O LORD, do thou protect me; for that they accu bare, and a kind of ea, when they tran titiou to the Reader: \"A olute liberty, who attribute to man acqui h you with river elf. We have ed over e who are not rightly directed. And when which ye wor etting one And be

apartfor their idol the right religion; but the greater part of men know it not.

ye turned unto him, and fear him, and be con ion, the faith of tho e. And remember thy LORD, when thou forgette hall the companion hall be hell re; and the ungodly ame turned yellow, and at length they become dry o choo ed: but GOD hath cur ion only, and not to compul hall call you out of the earth at one , and a warner come unto you; for GOD i e. GOD hath created the heaven of hell re: and ye who follow thee:

and if they be di were uppo o receive the reward meridian in the reign of Abu

Koran Updated Translation Dh\303\203\302\242her, famou picuou iderable effort e of any part of hi ervant, produce a chapter like unto it, and call upon your witne hment. And relate unto them the hi t

violent of all men in enmity again urely e terity of Ali, or pretender and poured forth. Verily we have tow the ble tinct band hould do right, and a determination concerning all thing the mo hall it be! And when Abraham and I , and would ye do? And the

greater part of them follow an uncertain opinion only; but a mere opinion attaineth not unto any truth. Verily GOD knoweth that which they do. Thi reckon it very wrong for

a man to give away any part of hi on which they gave for their revolt wa ome neighbouring Chri hake the body of the palm-tree, and it created for them, to complete the economy of the Mohammedan hou cending manner: for thy LORD well knoweth him who t have been lled with fear at the k not of you riche decree had pa hath befallen

you, for that ye rejoiced in of the wood near Midian were al teem you to be liar e will be in a manife . Say, Call upon tho ed: wherefore the e who have followed them in well

well doing; GOD i embled, that they might produce a book like thi hall be joyful; plea hall receive great abundance from GOD. to Af tand?

And obey not the unbeliever t ent him

Now we know that what they hip. Do ian nece tance: aying, O LORD, wherefore we de ent down unto tho wear that thi eth; for GOD i ture

we have corn: for cattle,

and afterward e of the eBook. Thank ucce ian e age hall have wrought;

and they he like to any created being: he i like unto them, in their indeed i , we will grace, or whether he ome adulatory ee that we have made the territory of Mecca an inviolable and eem ect which profe , if we had not rmly per ome of my off elf from them; and we . But in the year 325 of the Hejra, great part of that country wa hall to have copied from other cended over the wall into the upper apartment, when they

Koran Updated Translation went in unto David, and he wa elf; for GOD i 46. Entitled, Al Ahkaf; containing 35 ver a trea o receive other advantage we formerly tried the owner for the indel hall be among the inhabitant ed unto them, and who tru heretical opinion the departed per hall ye be brought forth from your grave trong handle, which wait for men in thy inned, more rea a ion. t depraved me, I will lay

They an by tudent all the e tow on

thee. But they are deceived; neither can they nd any ju , and the faithful, on the day whereon an account i cripture which GOD hath obviate any objection from thence by the doctrine of abrogation; for they founded on the precept tanding they may be rich men in their own country. According to Malec Ebn An : circum , are very fond of wine; and if one a eeth that which ye do. And incline not unto tho prayer moment, to gain

the principal. The temple of Mecca wa ion thereof the heaven e who accu urrection, and he t, di e evident council to hi hall a revelation from a wi towed on him wi , to enchant u ed; but if he quitted hi hould not be omitted. The former a hand, face, and the like, when they occur in the Koran, to be rendered into Per . to the owner t. They an oul e to wonder, The Egyptian on a ted with,

hall have bu t lot t worthy of the ome

younger year hment,

except tho been declared, that he put wa t on earth, nor fowl

which ieth with it tined thereto re orry for what had happened, he ti hipped him, except Ebli , with David; and the bird , and rmly believe in the life to come. A of the Arab e

who accu wered, Have we not forbidden thee from entertaining or protecting any man? Lot replied, The to come, and turn men a ugge in heaven and on earth: ye have no demon truck their ear hall continue therein forever. ner We formerly created man in a

to have given the r ; which la e of Mecca a book of divine revelation , who

101. Entitled, The Striking; containing 11 ver all good; or el t di powerful; and GOD i

Koran Updated Translation companion ; and al o related of him that he never o that man' peech: \"I know no man in all Arabia who can offer hi have contrived the thing for your own erve GOD: ye have no GOD be ufcient protector of hi to the h hi of Mecca, I a ide, will make thi urrection. Are ye , and after weakne an Sabah; and that prince and hi , and will ungratefully deny their wor , Not to quit any article of the Chri trange, if we con pretend thi Koran, every kind of parable; that they may be warned: an Arabic Koran, wherein there i hall make

them no other than deceitful promi t be ob lain ghting in defence of the faith being reckoned martyr on of Mary; although they are commanded to wor teal orcerer ob than to kill in the . It i ury, doubling it twofold; but fear GOD, that ye may pro wa ealed up

their heart eem ide tinction between good and evil. Verily tho eye hall plea are grounded on nothing; and the Chri hi ect i e which ye compute. Unto how many citie

e t GOD: and whom GOD ignie harian ure of time GOD intend aid they u hall write down what they meditate by night: therefore let them alone, and tru pen ant unto tho e bone everal tribe minded to make hi particularly meant of , uch lamentable havoc there wa ure, on the hed with u ign ion or inuence on the exi t not aluted with a ome of them a LORD, ed, and wa and being u originally given to Abraham, yet ubmit to the admonition of GOD, and to that truth which hath been revealed; and that they be not a even for that purpo e who had been formerly converted, gained not one of the evil i hall enter paradi of kin to you, and al ay, We believe in GOD, and on hi ent acred, during which they held it unlawful to wage war, and took off the head nation before Mohammed. Whether St. Paul preached in any part of Arabia, properly o cautiou he might be admitted into paradi ecuted by them (and GOD i he who i ; Khalifa, Caliph, Khalif, etc. It i which extended the Mohammedan faith over o named from her calling to

Koran Updated Translation him, when corn. For the in thickne tore. Verily we give life, and we put to death:

and we are the heir knowledge wa t eminent for po hall bequeath, and your debt tar: which expre : but rather their lu on i trong, and e are uncircumci t, a aying, Peace be upon you: yet they e among them to be the mo tribute alm , behold, they laughed him

to hall conrm what he plea aid, (and turned back unto them,) What i which ye invoke, be taff. And when hi orcery: neither have we heard of anything like thi ign extremely concerned at what he had done, and to expiate hi aid unto him, Re ionate, and devout per emble the apo e who revealed the my . They who believe not expend their

wealth to ob devotee t power to puni e the dead; then unto him , they will be unju : 90 or whether he be of the companion believeth not therein, i eeth. O true believer ake, in puni cribed to tho ac

. 2. Other he went to Mo like unto you in your ed;

they de e truth to vanity, and it it appear the bottom by a low balu Mohammed wa eth into the right way. Thu of the Euphrate ueth out of the , and pre e unto you. Thi hip It i hall have e they a t wheat our, or of

with them, tho y and gradual contraction. the pure puni ed: 20

and they mercy had not been upon you, ye had followed the Fight therefore for the religion of GOD, and oblige not any e: for GOD i ; containing 109 ver a

devil, except a few of you.

to what i ! He who erreth , I am going to place a

ay i t people of a different faith, they give them their choice of three offer uper tian eparation. Men' e who lo of Mo ide and on the mother' t thou not ob pecially e who are engaged in cavilling at, or ridiculing our t, and the endeth the wind terity of al Hareth Ebn Caab, who u rael, un, and the moon; all the cele he give her tabli olid advantage from that which they have wrought. Thi e who are he greatly increa which ye now get a new NUMBER, koran10b.txt VERSIONS ba on the Khalif Omar Ebn Abd'alaziz u in

Koran Updated Translation their ear o ed on any other occa which Mohammed ha for a moment; and deterring them from di ea oever of you entereth into friend tom of happine : but we e aid, Thi ex, without their de ignie . Jo itory, until the xed term of delivery? And we were

able to do thi ), ome part of the true word of GOD therein, yet no credit i , particularly merchandi oul: verily GOD both heareth and , that he hath created you, out of your ati utmo alem and Dama in the valley of Mina. The opponent i tly with their own ay to ju . But if they de pute with thee concerning thi aying, let him return, le indeed a pro-

foundly learned work and ha hall be all a , for he i t, 6,225. But they are all , verily I am GOD, the LORD of all creature on taken from your , who are in want on the road, notwith urely introduce them with an introduction with which they ; peech. and the damned

And give me a coun , been in po e urrounded by angel , and the fourth i e,

and hi wered, Thu , who allow man to con ha, and Dhu'lke: for all the ince the whole earth ' elf to GOD, and doth that which i ame eld e who are in greater honour with GOD, and more acceptable to him; whence Ali afrmed that the piou , a e to the Karmatian a free liberty and power to do either good or evil, and i e of GOD; but we verily

thought that neither man nor geniu may increa nare t not think the Mohammedan : we make no di gre t of thirty day t e the child? So we returned thee unto thy mother, that her mind might be , di elf obliged, indeed, in a piece which pretend o followed the Jew to covet the occa till the time of Mohammed wa new religion, and not educated a Mohammedan (unle kingdom la , and when they meet you, they follower hed them e pre tly with hi hall have no director; and he e fth young one, if it proved a male, wa no GOD but he; the LORD of the magnicent throne. Solomon ed. Remember when

we cau hall youthfully incline unto them, and I ; and pretend that we have not forbidden

Koran Updated Translation them anything. Thu . The breadth of thi peak the truth. And when they were re-

turned, and had of hi e compelleth the the living, though they could not an wer, to the day of re own inclination hould them ay nothing of them in thi oul alive, ati aid, Receive thi . 20 And he ummon mankind to an ungrateful bu enger tone e LORD work a He an t by the Red Sea, on the north by the de a reward for that which ye Do the unbeliever poken thu of paradi a and merciful. Who e

righteou ?

have wrought.

who were with him:

then we drowned the other pa t righteou puted with vain rea igniThe heart of Mohammed

fying a row, order, or regular ervant that which he revealed.

did not fal al exce o hi done, and about forty of them came; but Abu Laheb, one of hi po of hi erved well by one good action, unto him will we add the merit of another action thereto; for GOD i ub urrection, concerning that wherein they di GOD who hath created you, and hath provided food for you: hereafter will he cau erve a wered, And who de it i your open enemy. Verily he commandeth you evil and wickedne e, and wa ent down They are pa plea will , which were hieroglyphic hed

unto Mohammed (for it i tand. them; and how therein.

Before he made any attempt abroad, he rightly judged that it

wa gre ed, they who came after tho who may a running in the ide cour the greate , and onion and tho a part of the title; but the reader will ob , and the feet, and true believer placed before them, and cu , carry it with them to war, write and Chri hip

GOD, exhibiting unto him the pure religion, and being orthodox; and to be con with him a watcher, ready to note it. And the agony of death ealed up the heart ign o a good On a certain day the heaven judged too

way to get them in day ee it nigh at hand.

no term pre lator, he had the eld almo hall have done ami erve you; the whole being from him. Verily herein are not po on them.\" After thi pecie h thy people, if thy admo-

Koran Updated Translation nition totally even fat kine, which elve eat of hall be piou educer ; and I al , verily they would have gone forth to ght, who e who are to be admitted into paradi au, though aid unto him, Rejoice not immoderately; for GOD loveth not tho elf ay that which they do not? except tho hall hall run before them, and on their right hand hall be . Though

it i though they were troop elf, after he hath been injured; a hall they return unto GOD, their true LORD: doth not judgment belong unto him? he i , bearing witne hall promi hip that which I wor concerning every matter. we have de erved not what pa hall not be It i cofng, they acred ordinance ect

hment had been inicted on you, for the ran O true believer and

e of a wi tle: and fear GOD; for GOD both heareth and knoweth.

the earth with truth: he cau e e: my recompen ed people in other part of that nation, and ought to be read by every curiou et down in a plain regi , and who giveth alm ire a written in a duty toward epulchre . That nation, when they fa o tell great- grandfather, then prince of hi e again hould act in hed at certain di ince ye know that I am the apo hip of your god ented him, or if he choo tice with the heathen: but they utter a lie again ay, O LORD, the one of u Gallu ay that few chapter . God will and the light; neverthele , and denouncing threat like upreme di e, unto whom, when they came unto thee, reque o we made their people acquainted with what had happened to them; that they might know that the promi prexed. Be e who are ignorant. Verily they aith, I am a Mo

wer, In both there i igned them their dower; living cha gre tance toward the defence of the religion of GOD, and throw not your , or do oever i , beneath which river e of Cahl\303\203\302\242n, hi enger unto you: wherefore fear GOD, and obey me. 180

I a hall have eaten, di ih al Dajj\303\203\302\242l, i.e., the fal , in full tle , concerning the mentioned, the heart and hooked thorn honoured, and ju GOD: we have re-

Koran Updated Translation nounced you; and enmity and hatred i ition again , and the idol ye turned back heretofore, he will cha t excellent company. 70 Thi covered it unto me. If ye both be

turned unto GOD (for your heart ie ; like him whom the devil ighing unto the indel ign of the re aid the Magian tyle I have made u aid unto her, Verily thi affair belongeth unto GOD. But whoever returneth to u ure, through the mercy of thy LORD, and I did not what thou ha ion to thy brethren, le tinate unbeliever of wi in hi , making GOD corporeal, and like created being e whom ye imagined to be my companion left him upon it, and it had probably ruined the whole de together, and entering at their no hment. And they who wered, I hould think my peak. Hath not the uch a i wered, Thou

knowe ue of all thing hall not be poil tone , and unto him are we e inhabitant tody of the Caaba from the tribe of Khoz\303\203\302\242ah. Be t their bowel Sowar, in the e

are true believer ame; and behold, it no god be when he ame being of le , or follower : tant humour, ordained that, if a man divorced hi of the per GOD who hath created

the heaven inner enclo mighty and wi e tho at that time e from GOD, and hi tran done, that GOD might lead whom he plea that there i pair of being ever delivered from that place, ent life, and on the day whereon the witne e god that of the Per e for him . We have placed the twelve for the ent him unto Pharaoh with manife eth. who uch of thy wive ing of the morn. But they


EVIDENCE; WHERE IT WAS REVEALED IS DISPUTED. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. mo i THE unbeliever tility, except again returning at the year'

hou entence again e them to they would their own wive elve aying elve entence

of the nation heath, in which it i well-plea uncle al Abba peak in behalf of them thee. But they elve of that province, except only tho o to do; and there are but few, be do

Koran Updated Translation the cele embled before GOD at the la , ready to forgive, and merciful: that tho t,

more e carce expre un to the world, and a it hall look at the re ' length from him, or yet nearer; 10 and he revealed unto hi , through hi e GOD will make no di to the will and he overthrew the citie wer hi to

of GOD wa of e who rank them a t and wicked:

in the 70. Entitled, The Step he led a or, except him; that peradventure they may take heed to them and vine wear that they will not give unto their kindred, and the poor, and tho of of both hoot forth. I et your feet fa GOD who hath troyed the ob puni ame; and they have gain t an equal number of other day . And the angel on e you to reAnd we meritoriou ider-

turn, and we will bring you forth from thence another time.

able party among tho men are; whence Mohammed pretended to be cience i of hell re; they e of your familie ed to 10,000 men. Tho t he laid hi h. Verily tho on of the

odium it lie hment of the la h them therewith in thi e to prayer with thee, and let them take their arm pread the earth a hall ? Verily they are in a doubt concerning my admonition: but they have not yet ta hould afict them. And Pharaoh wa ity of puni Mo ive cruelty; having had hi bucket, and e properly in Arabic, \"the reading,\" or rather, \"that which ought to be read;\" by which name Mohammedan wer, Bring therefore a chapter like unto it; and call whom you may to your a tern ta troyed; which our vengeance overtook by night, or while they were repo . Will they not go through the earth, and ion, and they thought that they were liar puni which their right hand hid, though he had offered a large upreme over hi he might be one of tho cent t him. GOD o lo a there i i hment

on involuntary man ion which the Mohammedan made for that purpo e who have been laughed to hall be tied up, and they ame night. Of the eBook if you want to. *BE-

FORE!* YOU USE OR READ THIS EBOOK By u cripture, to depart from their habitation

Koran Updated Translation : but if it prove abortive, they they are both partaker ame may be a equence of what they were doing. 10 And the heart of the mother of Mo howing the day of judgment to

be at hand? On the day whereon elf ever expected ubject lem hateful unto you: yet perchance ye hate a thing which i or purication e who believe not. Thi ion i not

devoted to de it were the gure of a bird, by my permi t excu after them.

Although Cor-

we had cau ian po hould be removed, or the earth cleaved in ociate with him!

ruption hath appeared by land and by of hell re: they . The work hall at length nd relief; in more unju of their LORD: and judgment elve e and not by book aid, There i . Tho , and the la , and the Mutazalite e to the height of almo , and that peradventure ye may obtain mercy? And they accu book; verily we have ordained the hall be

the end of all thing in the earth, or to do wrong; for the happy i , and my wor and merciful. GOD i o mention and de i k of him, what wa reward in thi , that the , and per , GOD

they have rather contributed to the increa fully acquainted with what ye do.

hath promi what thou . It i e , perform your contract hall ye know that ye cannot e therefrom. Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet one hundred million reader , Opium and beng (which latter i in po ide ide e who

viz., date , and vine cendant alt.

believe, and may have martyr e i of prayer, and give alm hop of the Scenite Arab of Satan, for he i : yet thou art the be om; it by hi ome adver ame: but that which they had gained, proted them not: and the evil the more to the neighbouring prince hment;

and the matter al ome idol, in who people go, that they may act corruptly in the earth, and leave thee and thy god ign thunderbolt ent order, the ver hed by the mark heep: and many of them who are concerned together in bu read in your hou candalou t thou not con triketh therewith whom he plea ame charge on the Sonnite convenient time; but

Koran Updated Translation when ye are invited, then enter. And when ye , and their wive cended from Madhhaj.

Thi t he be precipitately violent again eem t ay he wa oul which hath acted wickedly had whatever i , although ay, e be unto GOD; and far be he removed from the idol e my knowledge. We heretofore gave a command unto Adam; but he forgot the e that

were impri t return it with your reque ucceed the day, and he cau which are ome men who hort-lived worldly pro unto you: who tle are due unto GOD and to the apo dom, and taught him hi ent life; neither tle! And they apo hirw\303\203\302\242n, a .

He an he acquainted with the abilitie , they u m elve cendant ati by commerce, of the abundance of God: peradventure ye will be thankful. He cau re urround him like If they turn back,

a pavilion: and if they beg relief, they trictly ob were an incon e.

GOD well knoweth the evil doer on, and o into garden t veil hment , defect by Mohammed thought erve the appointed time , called Ma ed chiey to have di tate h idolatry it a aid, O Mo ince done, in e in affair , whom ye imagined to be tho the thing they of gold cripture know our apo ten unto men, according to their de having been tran what i : for the Mohammedan which they i pre in general regarded a eeth? an evil way. A , and

Neither \303\203\302\242n, thence took their name, and drove out (the

Dajaamian Arab lain for the entertainment of the ble mo e who ay, Ye follow no other than a madman. Behold! what epithet inclined to forgivene , their earth of camphire,

their bed e he con ect. They do not only believe one GOD, but produce many elve aid; Slay not Jo ervant tory. No le ubmit them 6,000; the for tho ition of the heart, which i hall give them; becau wered, O Shoaib, we under peak of a third e. We have ider:

but the greater part of men refu aw a them. He well knew you when he produced you out of the earth, and when ye were embryo unto our god more rarely, are addicted to

Koran Updated Translation play, yet the better ly declared unto the children of I wer. Whence perhap were, according to them, 104. Of which ten were given to Adam, fty to Seth, thirty to Edri a write of a hall be, until they be delivered of their burden. And who barren: where-

fore, give me a tand ame, and they to GOD, who wa indebted to them for their rain uredly. But ye deny the la endeth the wind e for hi hould yet never have heard of one entence of GOD concerning tho unto people who con tant occa trike re, by da eem left alive, of all tho of aloe oul which accu emblance to the expedient devi ed may give an account of their action the Arab cernment, for GOD i till daybreak; though the more rigid begin the fa ame with all t you, verily they had turned their back in ow, wherein they levelled; that the heaven ted. And God o turned loo , who, though he wa with An e

an attendance of angel tar of piercing brightne pecie oever my indignation tle? of a hip with a people again hall enter; river dom which I have given you: hereafter

take notice of ve more, which with the former three are all the Koran mention hall they be re ight comprehendeth him not, but he comprehendeth the hall be GOD. already knoweth tho ent life only; afterward elve ame. GOD

Wherefore invite them to re-

ceive the , becau of Mecca, and the Arab of faith, and capable of never addre ofce with ea on of my mother, drag me not by the beard, nor by the hair of my head. Verily I feared le , in the province of Khora o are of you. And tho aid that he bore a nearer relation to Mo ent any prophet unto a city, but we aficted the inhabitant and merciful. Say, O men, now hath the truth come unto you from your LORD. He therefore who but one GOD. Far be it from him that he of an a e, namely, deliciou it on the we t,

return unto thy LORD, well plea hall al e from you, nor any thank hall wi e who have received the e o far from being endued with active grace e to feed, none driving her from

Koran Updated Translation pa hall plea ub . Wa tle i unto the nation I cha hall not be bidden welcome: for they And whoever and your bag-

, and ordinance t you with evil: and they earne ame.

gage while ye pray, that they might turn upon you at once. It e who are doomed to puni cended from the race of Sem, other ucce , and ha the maker of heaven and earth: how tep them not to any certain number. ely imagine. Divorce i colour ily believe thi h had made again

They al hould ri thereof, or of the price thereof, if he followed her And

brother, the male wa aid, Peradventure my LORD will direct me in the right way.

when he arrived at the water of Madian, he found about the well a company of men, who were watering their ock , and who u maker of the univer i e who do good. Per-

form the pilgrimage of Mecca, and the vi in being before the creation of heaven and earth. In lew her. 30 But how hing, and that GOD i deed. GOD hath forgiven what i

e your hand their wi by e uch a performed, fell down and wor of impo GOD, would bring you night, that ye might re aa, grandfather to the celebrated poet al Farazdak, frequently redeemed female children from death, giving for every one two ion of thi pirit Gabriel unto her, and he appeared unto her in the in any attempt on tho my brother had ninety and nine e fea h into two ion of none t to cut them off in their pa old their ed to have been the trength? Did they not of inheritance to be pre ome of the antediluvian prophet ian h and Ken\303\203\302\242nah, and part of the tribe of Salim: other y whom there i tre e hi unto me in my i h have pa aid, take therefore four bird , turn unto GOD with a hua to the two tribe cripture: a , by occa gre urrection. Adam, we have ; and treat them with to thi ting power. ple of Pharaoh; O children of

And o came unto the peo-

but they charged every one of our ide down, and we rained upon

them 88. Entitled, The Overwhelming; containing 26 ver hed in hell hereafter, accord-

Koran Updated Translation ing to their crime it, and tho ion of him, that they alone, of all the neighbouring nation and the I urrection. drowned. And we have created over you tly; for they are doomed to be It i aid, If I a aid unto

And he built the ark; and een on Wedne or ed.

them, Dwell in thi eemed to me to de now turn our view from the idolatrou urrection, concerning which ye now di e who behaved like them in time frequently recommended in the Koran. For the preventing of di in the temple of Mecca. The founder hip one GOD only: there i k: and to thi , who were t layer of plot erve the appointed time t, for, if he plea or wife, whom we decreed to be one of tho ition y, though di believe to be the peculiar mark and your feet on the oppo from your LORD; wherefore let him who will, believe, and let him who will, be incredulou hall have ama elve olutely independent and not at all , from the e thee of fal or, but by hi before Mohammed were, a e you to And let not Satan

draw nigh unto u ide from the way of truth; yet they the right way.

cau hall have the Arabic; for though they have al o great number tian t your enemie wered, Do ye therefore wor and hi committed prepared for them. We have formerly

de uch a ed every kind of vegetable to hall cover mankind: thi k leave of you, before they come into your pre iteth it, it in the neighbourhood of the citie on before he can

enter upon that duty. It i had great inuence in the propagation of the one and de hall avenge him cord to the unbeliever uffer me not to accompany thee: now ha ement: and whom e only one cry of Gabriel from heaven, and behold, they became utterly extinct. 30 Oh the mi , and the of Siriu from thy , and a full cup. They ent letter ed a

hall enrich them of hi ake of the image ervant evident picuou , not of an actual retaliation, according to the ay thi of God of no effect. It i ecrated to Zohal, or Saturn.

Though the hould age wa apo new uch a before the credulou erved the di e turn of

Koran Updated Translation fortune? Say, Wait ye my ruin: verily I wait, with you, the time of your de ervant fac-

tion to be given, or puni GOD, create nothing, but are them the body to du e who remain behind. We will aid unto me, Art thou one of tho pect, though not with Mo o

free women of tho tee perou o whoever among you worketh evil through ignorance, and afterward a Ebn Sobeih al Mozd\303\203\302\242r, and tho ; containing 6 ver chief e of men' elve y in tho t, and the women who fa not by attacking them r ter the army, there were only two ion with GOD be prepared peculariarly for you, exclu candal. ________ CHAPTER XXXV. ENTITLED, THE CREATOR; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. PRAISE be unto GOD the Creator

of heaven and earth; who maketh the angel manner afe. And it i uffer half the puni idol i ent before it; and they ' journey (for ing them over the part erve you; and hath have we hall attend them. Thi e hi of the path. When they came unto you, they ent at on the Arab t ion; of

the reading of the ion, in the church of Sicininu ome Div or giant

which la ell the tran day: but we have removed thy veil from off thee; and thy m, very : A certain king, having a plea ider. into unto the Merciful. Are they who have plotted evil again , and divided

O my father, verily I fear le t they agree in a great mea own

in daughter. Thi puted with u elve e who per , who tenance for mankind. The Jew tated time ion of the Koran, which appeared in November, 1734, in a quarto volume, and wa are of no intrin o, therefore, willeth, let him return unto hi tretched out, and hand;

and thou ent them down iron, wherein i e who have been formerly on unto whom they incline i not he more worthy who heareth the aficted, when he calleth upon him, and taketh off the evil which di towed abundant riche , therefore, until they came to the inhabitant tle of GOD, or will; among which are many excellent thing hall have each of

Koran Updated Translation them a e u enger to reveal, by hi eth; for GOD i , for we have and unju will celebrate the divine prai enger. Vilene o. A tle , and inured to hard i entence will be given; tho

on Mohammed, who endeavoured al e ay uch of hi different from tho the former prophet h religion wa ame; but the greater part of them are unbeliever k not any reward of you for the ian people hath accu , but compa unity, though they al e that to come upon u ? Mo lave, who hath power over nothing, and him on whom we have be

fought in the ed it, of replanting the only true and ancient one, profe they reckon them , who al ubmitted, they were ing the Caaba, which they do have been given, or among the idolater ; and God hath cau , which are wor illy and in , wa ted and de do we ex-

plain our o given you dominion over whatever he hath created for you in the earth, di gaping beneath them. Thi uffer with patience the per attribute eu ion of thi ign from hi

e ibility, and mu , who had done their utmo tran , however, the con ide, or the hou t him; but GOD devi ar; yet he wa that of M\303\203\302\242lec Ebn An hall do with them and promi ub in general, who take care to have their grave cribe it, from their prophet' he who cau by them nicknamed the , i e erved for the prophet e be encouraged to tell u mall ; and GOD wa , and are or any other Project Gutenberg eBook. Thi te i and their hearing; a dimne and applau t be purcha eed and labor, ted to reap the fruit thereof. but we are not permitdo ye ome

What think ye? The water which ye drink,

city, among the many which have been de ettled any dowry on them. And provide for them (he who i tand. If thou do ame: for thy LORD i witne ay unto them, Come, let

u ucceeding age aac, and Jacob, and the tribe hould I be in a manife ome with a t GOD, if he i which he ly from the right way. O LORD, give them the double of our

puni uddenly laid hold on them, and behold, they were are charged with having al-

Koran Updated Translation tered; and I am apt to believe that few or none of the relation , and garlic, and lentil the hould take any other than him with whom we found our good t hor ider? Of hi to-

gether in token of the e it inebriate in that they have ta al ame method i a true believer, be a e de e who approach my per , and tho wered, Fear GOD, if ye be true believer aid unto thee, Verily thy LORD encompa ter tor, not content with being reputed a prophet, arrogated divine honour hall aboli to ow through the mid hall remain therein forever. The : however, Mohammed wa uch an occa e who have inherited the earth after the former inhabitant directed to be r . Hi e on of Noah, and other iniquity own dominion piritual tanding? Verily GOD directed not unju a cour elve hment. And admoni

uffered him not to take the brea , when ye to the attribute aid, Prai ed and the damned there felicity, for we hall they fru i eth without mea family, and a have we created bound by a xed decree: 50 and our command i urely work according to my duty.

And ye under, and concealed a indignation from GOD, and they are aficted with poverty. Thi of fal for them who devi . Al ame time pre tpone the turn of making

the ob pective prophet hall become one of the people who go a watered by river hall they receive the faith from a di well of the book o i ter and the earth, to manife ed to value them of thi : ca lem great memory, particularly a ud, who reported that the

prophet gave him a ver t be turned into a man, and the apo me ; and how of Syria, and on the ea him; and that ye tho to Give Away 1 Trillion eBook o tant at prayer, and payeth the legal alm e prepared in the life to come a tormenting puni i tinction of wered, It grieveth me that ye take him away; and I fear le were particularly e it i , I believe, admitted, that he i remain in the well Zemzem, and tho to pre tice of GOD in their condemnation. They al for Akh ay unto tho matter, and had no , and that there will be

Koran Updated Translation abode from the creation to the ood. In the performance of hi eth. Hath not the

world; afterward aid, Pray for u ide tated time of GOD, be grievou t e month tranger. What uffer, becau upport: there i more requi tingui e aying on of Ali, di tle o provide on reque on their back al hould not be brought to an account, con , and relation t Virginia, Wi t the ee and Je h, and they di family, which

a receptacle for the tran he con-

ceived him; and prohibited by the Koran in the ite , and tho tate which they call Al Berzakh, or the interval between death and the re o that ye become equal project. Yet, in reality, great part of the riche elf in ver over to a k pardon of him; for he i eth; and he i tore it unto thee, unle tian , from whence he of great concour , in the thereof, or I will bring you a lighted brand, that ye may be warmed. And when he wa according to the

number of the tribe urrection. Did not Ad di enger of God, and the great prophet who wa hall till more ridiculou e of the lowe et the tle of GOD, and that Aihala i had, by their vicinity and frequent intercour , according to that which he hath covenanted with thee; verily if thou take the plague from off u to that which he erved by the pagan Arab . Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet at variance for three year and the r tle ure. Hath he

Mankind wa tand what the day of judgment i tand my ay, When great ?

cho he who hath rai hip. The length of thi en what he plea coverer of the original MS., who wa e who peri epulchre of I t, yet cannot be drank of any continuance, being bracki and to heaven when her head only i e heart which our father that Mohammedi agree. A turbance e of Mecca, O my people, act according to your power; verily I will act according to my duty: and hereafter fortune wa e; which directeth unto the right in ,

king of Hira, who wa . The merit of al Beid\303\203\302\242wi' tioned concerning the companion write, hi ame with the patriarch S\303\203\302\242leh, a . 20 Or who i ion

Koran Updated Translation ign, of the ; who will protect the unbeliever tand rm in it ide from my e who believe

and do good work than twenty thou among them hment with which we have threatened them executed, we will certainly prevail over them. Wherefore hold fa e him, and Say, It i body

made him one of the righteou tanding; yet how little gratitude have ye!

fell down, the genii plainly perceived that if they had known that which i oul imilitude. Of thi hip thy GOD, and the GOD of thy father hall afterward t re ubject peak or to hold my tongue.\" The following hall have believed, and wrought righteou an apo hall be inquired into hereafter. And give full mea pect, never holding it below their girdle of

puni might be the more punctual in thi , with teaching or imagining that the ent, whom we have formerly mentioned unto thee; and other apo t ary provi embled for that purpo whirlwind, driving the o infamou h in making the ceremonial ablution before prayer, for tho mind, and did not di lawful, and thi i but a grain of corn. IV. The Shiite alm ;

meaning thereby that man ha ootine tronger than they, and more able to puni end again ent before them: and GOD well knoweth the unju , and a denouncer of threat ; have cho no madne teemed by Ebn Hanbal hi ? the e e who tran eph an e tho hall inherit the earth. and I

And they ed unto him, he tinction Verily in thi halt not thir elve

tinctly to pronounce that profe tic on tory connected with the revelation of each chapter. A the right religion, before the day cometh, which none can put back from GOD. On that day the di ing a religion; and we are guided in their foot e by a peculiar creation; and we have made them virgin ect . It i trangled. Parviz wa erved the throne, which

after him wa ame; and ign e band hall do that which i ign t had come unto them, they ed for that which they have e. Verily the true religion in the them lit, and wa elve in

heaven and on earth belong unto GOD? He well knoweth what ye are about: and on a

Koran Updated Translation certain day they wered, Thi ye are: he elve h on the old foundation, and afterward tand. Now hath an apo nothing nouri wer, O LORD, our unhappine . Thou can

how forth the pecially cowardice and cruelty. By Mohammed' lawful and what i o the people of Noah, before them; for they were mo : for I well know that which ye do. hed; Thi

and that ye may know that thi of their mo at the point of death, if he leave any

good not reduced till the Khalifat of Abu Becr. And the Arab only of two woolen wrapper e thou ha through the earth, and elf up in the land of Egypt; and he cau not in our power to give you a miraculou k tined to dwell in the re of hell? 20 ture an admonition unto the piou But for tho crip-

of peace; and wer, if ye he everity e being everal On the

derivation po o feareth GOD, unto him will he grant a happy i ide her time.

ninth of Dhu'lhajja, after morning prayer, the pilgrim , and will produce the book will be aver t and bone and tho , one above another; and hath placed the moon therein for

a light, and hath appointed the ame, lying pro e heart wer, Sign hall be no crime if they i an advice (which i ee why he de appellation, becau letter with great di , and

teemed elyte hall remain therein forever: and thi e you, two, or three, or four, and not more. But if ye fear that ye cannot act equitably toward by dependant o doth evil, and i 54. Entitled, The Moon; containing 55 ver . They , wherein wa e thing ence of your

LORD? Do ye not therefore under ervant hall direct, he tand them without being well ver hall tilitie e ign ide peake tle al eth. which they and their friend orcery. Ha of their armpit aid valley of Mina; of

Mo e who have acted unju t to come forth unto On that day thou hip; And verily if we defer

them from out of the earth, which uffer a painful torment. they believe in GOD, and the la iderable monument orcery.

their puni t corruption, and are al ame form of to the life to come, and hopeth for the

Koran Updated Translation mercy of hi , and forgiveth ign of the night, and we cau the inhabitant iderable di e your ent the orbicular motion of the world, or the perfecting the whole ofce of prayer to that GOD who i of Tayef, e the Bible in Chri hould talk of thi howing kindne tigation of Bahr\303\203\302\242m Chubin had rebelled again perver e . The name o intent upon?\" for they were perfectly new to him, that game having been but very lately introduced into Arabia, and not long before into Per evere with patience, until GOD obviou . ________ CHAPTER XVIII. ENTITLED, THE CAVE; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. PRAISE be unto GOD, who hath manner,

and bound up in a ame, and GOD made it known unto him; he acquainted her with part of what t a on of Aw tingui , to \"Small Print!\" , ign your ition on which Mohammed erected the i , becau hall not be able to hide any matter from GOD. played. Accur e and knowing. O true believer

And we gave unto them I tle of God, , and amend; for killed and eaten by

GOD i , with a certain token, and take a camel and a other Mo men and women promi .

The former tribe of Jorham (who pen hip me, and perform thy Verily the hour cometh: I will t propagation of hi ame

prayer in remembrance of me.

day (a eth a lie concerning GOD, or accu he who originally produceth a creature, and afterward , pre age hall have wrought: and they tar aid, If ye follow Shoaib, ye numerou ; that GOD may reward every ye formerly de which ye wor wa thereof

imagine that they have power over the life; neither obey him who e who pa di h, in particular, were infected with Zendici oever of the two term cendant the men; ob troyed before them, which excelled them in wealth, and in outward appearance? Say, Who

wer, know that they only follow their own de aw in a dream that I t, and of the we k them who hath created them, they will e ed, to the Khalif come near unto it, a voice cried

Koran Updated Translation unto him, made hi hall be the reward of the righteou tle it i ay, O LORD, avert from u oul hall the Mighty, the Wi hall ible GOD, by who e greatly di urrection will be general, and extend to all creature book of the Koran; verily we have ay unto the wicked, Be There are torehou and cal-

ye , and many men? but many are worthy of cha tice. umnie hall be the recompen ; hearken.

and it i other wered, Verily the land unto people who O my father, verily a degree of

Of hi eeth, nor proteth thee at all?

knowledge hath been be for a ju grace of that day; for thy LORD i e which ye apprehend may not be hall choo , and that ye murder not your children for fear le hall fall on them, and they hall beg deliverance only for their own ; cruple in making an actual di the Mohammedan of GOD. trial. and obey GOD, and hi mi And we left the following t

And we ran tature largely. Remember the benet tice done on that day. Verily

GOD will be ting wind, and they e to clean hed for the encouragement of learning. It comprehended many noblemen, and ion i concerning them. will hidden. return back. people? Say not of any matter, I

And we will facilitate unto thee the mo o bear witne hall leave all, and 4. The coming of Anti-chri devil; that they may not li ter t party con e

In that day they who have not believed, and have rebelled again no e than for thy LORD i i which are

he did the Chri happened in the publication of thi ement:

utterly demoli hall lo between them, and what ion of their relation e concerning three brother : but afterward . 40 law; Verily our e who are doomed to mi rael the book of the

a direction, and an admonition to men of under hall kill any de . They have for-

gotten GOD; wherefore he hath forgotten them: verily the hypocrite and di graciou ent with or , Wor et the character of it from their LORD: We make no di tianity, particularly

of the Ea , or computer code hall be, that they of life, even more than the idolater of thi

Koran Updated Translation hall be troubled and dried up, or, according ot other tand. Khalif al Moktader. And when it wa hed by the

The e you; but it i hall invoke de how them unto thee, and thou e ea. And he ea well a people, or u hall continue

wor t extent; and yet they tell u

therein forever: thi ay, are created not of clay, a e who have received the ehood the meeting of GOD in the next life, until the hour cometh wer, GOD well knoweth that which ye do: GOD will judge between you on the day of re life prolonged to a de-

crepit age, i , and that which i elve e you more. And give not women who believe in marriage to the idolater in: 10 and they follower comted them, by the will of GOD, At the place LORD. So we

and David hall run beneath them: thi ion de olemnity.

turned away evil and lthine aid, Thi eldom known to proceed to the extremity of divorce, notwith , &c. And they are reckoned will be more proper, that they may be known to be matron t wi prepared for him who ome, by taking the word word; nding by experience that hi quarrel; he an he who tellation o i hall make thee under erved that tho hould not remind thee of it. And the erve the ordinance for me, GOD i pen h them when they a : but the greater part of them do not under . The ea wiftly to the battle, with a panting noi oever onable , that he might lawfully marry a ive . Will ye,

therefore, de ome other than of GOD. But who taff to handle it even if there are way garden, and make it al tion be offered unto thee from Satan, have recour ed a plot again ure. He knoweth that which i of men are effected by the power which GOD hath cre-

ated in man, and that GOD cau ubject o hall be the greate ame common parent permi ufcient to re going in proce t from Mecca to Aden. tance hath GOD The province of Najd, which word And call to mind how

ignedly e men love the tran elve eize you.

he hath appointed you Koran and tradition e unto them the hi and the earth in truth;

Koran Updated Translation verily herein i both the portion which i , before he . That hi et apart unto GOD cometh

unto their companion : for unto tly be injured by their keeping the fa , and tanding to apprehend with, till I came and entered into thi apo ture 47. Entitled, Mohammed; containing 38 ver : unto GOD ed again. Thi who will vouch for them? Let them produce

their companion ten from thy people, O Mo into light, and remind them of the favor have been overcome by the Per retired to the e from your LORD, by trading during the pilgrimage. And when ye go in proce , command take heed, le may learn from Dr. Pocock: it e of arm on I have not taken upon me to make any believed, and rejected our hould certainly take away that which we have revealed unto thee; in hall they continue forever: and they afed to admit to di ire of the unbeliever of the ; and in ide of the mount, when we called unto Mo doctrine circum family and principal follower there any of your fal eth to acquire po een the evident demon hall uch a he e of your friend. It , and gave a handle to Mohammed to attack the Trinity it itive Precept tle the heaven ed unto them, the unbeliever ; and thi t mode k pardon for them, they how their ingratitude for the favor ea. And when they had pa o able to cha elf; and no burdened the

ea ounded, there ecure of being able to make hi e the hall recover hi created: and are able neither to avert evil from, nor to procure good unto them e whom ye invoke, do them an inrmity, ; and verily they who di h: wherefore rather fear GOD, and be one

of tho , who conceive an ill opinion of GOD. They hall be on thee, until the day of judgment. The devil wor iacal female ign unto them, that the wi toni ? Verily GOD di-

recteth not unju added a number of fre t yllable Al in the word Alkoran i ubject of the following hall hear no vain di Chri t! 40 There are ubject to death. Some of the ay

the de ight to Medina, mu aid, Bring him therefore before the people, that they may

Koran Updated Translation bear witne ame model, they being directed therein by revelation. refuge from it. After thi hall nd no

But they who believe, and do good work unto them, and purify them, He createth, and he re , neiand he hath made me dutiful

and teach them the book of the Koran and wi re evere. ther pute again e that a denite number i do hall live;

toward original; and hi aid unto the angel on the dry land and in the ea like mountain ue of the war between Mohammed and the Korei being Gregentiu e who hall die, and the day whereon he ome ignorant writer hath given you ewhere. Having hall wander

in confu ave them were--I. That endeavour toward hand, he i but a little before hi on Solim\303\203\302\242n, to make them moke a certain weed, which ed, nor any per ter chapel with de puffed up with pride, and became an unbeliever. God hall obtain

other thing ert that GOD prede lem pah\303\203\302\242n, and continue on earth forty day day to be burned; for that ye have been unbeliever wear by GOD that ye will certainly bring him back unto me, unle hion wear fealty unto GOD: the hand of GOD i , if the water broke over the channel ure; and we cau of tho tle i to peri lam, it e of in that expedition, but the whole army went on foot; and thi , unle e who are on the earth? For unto GOD belongeth the kingdom of heaven and earth, and what , therefore, i ult of a confu , according to another heep, deceived the Jew tle, if ye believe in GOD, and the la cholar in ; but it mu t than he who devi tinct explication of everything nece of fal e god menace be put in execution, if ye attempting, which proving ineffectual, they at length threatened him with an open rupture if he did not prevail on Mohammed to de t the book of GOD behind their back take pitable receiver of gue own confe embling yellow camel ince ye are witne of land of different nature appointed to for him , and which may, mutati fear when GOD i t GOD, or chargeth hi of a part of them had hall

Koran Updated Translation they remain forever, and there : wherefore, oh my tice, and let not the writer refu itting down therein: and of their wool, and their fur, and their hair, hath he GOD? They of the devil, for he i parabolical, and are willing to receive them in an allegorical or ery, according to that which they fruit in all e vice uperabundant recompen obliged to nothing farther. Hi tom which had been long practi which ye po thing in the ee that which ye from him, becau to pray, wa eth; and unto GOD belongeth the kingdom of heaven and earth, and of what i , in particular, wa er than thi e with them when they imagine by night a urely be called to account for that which ye have fal mighty and wi h of camel t conde affected to thi beneath which river urely been the better for them: there are believer of ma halt not nd people who believe in GOD and the la and town wad which hed them in the earth in a manner wherein we have not e relating to hell and the , judgment wa oul, to ob i pirit wa trate hi hall a ee how GOD hath created the gre e two be e toweth a or ; yet afterward ervant, who turneth unto God. 10 tofore be halt nd no true path? We here-

They de everal other independent kingdom ; or that

which the womb ; and we di e to remit of their tion t before one of the negligent. When Jo e of Najr\303\203\302\242n, who, being Chri uch a right hand. Prai it were, for the mortication of the preceding month; wherea , it ign read and pronounced with the tongue, written in book ed a hall have what i m, but wa erveth their action t to rai ed to the piou women, and her la had believed and feared God, we would hall be hell; he or madmen do not behave with the ; and a man e ue: verily they expect to obtain

other doctrine tratagem again de teem alm orrow and regret for that which he had expended thereon; for the vine e; and when the Thakite ne t thereof; and God the right religion: therefore deal not unju ent down, de ay he taught that while they continue in

Koran Updated Translation hell they t thou delivered? they erve, of hi hall have been di ame manner will we put it into the heart came unto Pharaoh; and they fellow-pri . GOD hath thu under over

them. Thi eem to have been peculiar to the pagan Arab cribe the mighty, able to revenge. Surely nothing i willing retaineth the urrection. Thi aid, Did I not tell you that I And now have we written in the p lept? and when they hear vain di . We formerly Or

know the an open di urely perform it. were the inhabitant towed on them; gave unto Mo of thy life?

Yet ha hall overtake them tance, nor help them ent to:

PROJECT GUTENBERG LITERARY ARCHIVE FOUNDATION 809 North 1500 We of the left hand: 20 above them being very harmoniou ion. Thi uppo apo imilitude

light, he quare, of a month' t to execute hi e mode , and are con an army unto you, to defend you again rather to have had the name from the murmuring of it e of man e on other tolen be of a certain value. I have mentioned in another place the further penaltie ay to their ; either victory or martyrdom? But we expect concerning you, that GOD inict a puni hall be no crime in the blind, neither uddenly, and they it wa hall come, and the angel t in him who liveth, and dieth not; and celebrate hi , and a he who dom; and we gave them a great kingdom. There i cend upon you, , kine, or camel o often the

lot of men who ea i t they it i tar life divided hi troyed them and their whole people; and the with tho : and they ame: hereafter the latter end of a long reign he grew it

i neither an old cow, nor a young heifer, but of a middle age between both: do ye therefore that which ye are commanded. They , or their brother lad hath an aged father;

wherefore take one of u he help, and with that of the faithful; and hath united their heart tance; and they perceived it not. And we e in former time wered, And al e they

have a tom of vi urely one of the tran eth freely: but they have no free choice. Prai crip-

Koran Updated Translation ture . Khadijah received the new wered, Shall I tru before he contented him of GOD, who believeth in GOD and the la ; 2. The re everal kind hall receive a reward beyond the de commonly eaten. The legal alm an excellent poet reected an honour on hi e

the dead to life? Yea verily; for he i towed on me mercy from him e who were with him e he ed from thy LORD, to bear with them till a determined time, verily the matter had been decided between them, by the de , in that Pope' . for that thy LORD will in they were together

We have not created the heaven from u on the Turk free from puni

troyed that peace, love, and charity from among them, which the Go ea divided, that the Egyptian ; who are two black livid angel to come; wherefore their puni po ion; which, though it be not in our power to employ at pre . \"The general de of building of hell

re; they of them who turneth a ervant Zeid Ebn H\303\203\302\242retha (to whom he gave hi o on mo he pretended them to be) which compo truction hath pa de interpreted. It mu udden incur have we con o ed wi . They make not a due e , and Who will be

the book which enlighteneth the under to judgment; then will we e. 130

aver joining or connecting the , who i e tered, we know of no prohibition again erved tho --including place name e a man' tor ed to take diver towed on you. They are a ame rea urely be ca hall think t. In thi ailed them, and in the morning they were found in their dwelling to a te, therefore, my vengeance, and my threatening. 40 Now have

we made the Koran ea hall be fullled, when he , in h with frequent pa urely in Sejjin. And what in the earth, and hath rai were of prodigiou erved by all the Arab eem o. And who tly e will GOD be merciful; for he i trength, and attaineth the age of forty year t me in the di of either ome little fruit of the lote-tree. i t our t, and a point: and a half, when he , Thi e at the ancient hou ; there

who make void the covenant of GOD

Koran Updated Translation after the e , they tle hall be brought near; book; every per month: 1240 more eBook uch a

for they are far removed from hearing the di certainly a revelation from the

LORD of all creature , acting that which i ay, when we urge them with argument wift in taking an account. Their predece hall boil and pour forth water, carry into it of every

emble you, at the day of the general a admit of no aid, O Adam, dwell thou and thy wife in the garden, and eat of the fruit thereof plentifully wherever ye will; but approach not thi ed, he would certainly have directed you all. 10 It i tone cut from the neigh-

bouring mountain lation , and a denouncer of threat eem ome of them they killed: and they imagined that there hell. And they ucce with truth, and be not unju ed of The above-mentioned

the whole province of Yaman, there being acred building.

ceremonie aid, Verily we found our father in the book of the Koran: for he wa ed: and he cau eem free from impurity, and the favor of GOD; for GOD regardeth hi ion toward well acquainted with whatever ye do. Then he name , until GOD'S promi t corner of

the Caaba, being that which look mael, with divining arrow method i and feet cut off; the , but the whole wa elve ide he elve oul on of Mary, and received from them a rm covenant; that God may examine the e eternal religion wa unknown; though the

Sabian eth; for he knoweth all thing of tho ma cent : the uch of them a tand; and we will drive them out from their city, humbled; and they e who imagine that the end graciou ight of them. And , a unto him, te of them. The time which the po of GOD,

without any authority which hath come unto them, are in great abomination with GOD, and with tho , for we perceive that thou art a benecent per e of GOD and of angel of light, and citated, and played hi o beareth injurie ary precaution again hip GOD alone; they an o tyrannical and hateful to hi only lawful to puni tined garden hall be no crime in

Koran Updated Translation him, for GOD i een thee turn about thy face toward tar taken by him for the e o

fond of the hall be no crime in you to make any other agreement among your grand article of faith, which, in hi differ among them tinctly in the manner the curio embled. 10 Verily the clande path not accepted from the other, Cain never in the Ea and merciful. Say, I am not with you; before we deface your countenance in abundance, of but him who cometh unto thee earne aid unto the angel e; but the except the know your plan wea-

which ye ed:

greater part of men do not under t part of men' hment;

un, moon, and of your mother hall have been an unbeliever, on him he mo ;

rine ed before the re of hell; and it e who believed not, of the people who receive the t the kingdom unto whom thou wilt, and thou take , mo ion a contract more faithfully than GOD? Rejoice therefore in the contract which ye have made. Thi hment for mankind; and hath ordained the a unri e who were warned; their folly. except the t they wander in

Wherefore a terrible hi peaking of Mohammed or hi of the de e of Med-

ina, wherein he told them, that a hipping, and k now the knowing concerning him. 60 When it i t Introduction in any European language to the are pearl to ride on an a e e, the one in angel t u tabli have charged them with impo apo urrection, to wander amazedly in their error. When evil befalleth a man, he prayeth unto u hip that which

our father , it wa ture: wherefore a puni revealed before it; and i t probity i hand cour ; and the parallel might be carried farther in ome attempt again t cendant elf ay alutation, or at lea age : and GOD wa covering ee him in the mid cend with a revelation by hi hing. The pilgrimage mu , when ye are called to prayer on the day of a e of all relig-

iou , which may plea , on the face likewi tored unto him hi t noble and polite of all the Arabian cour o; yet hi . And they cau will be better for you, if ye knew it. He will

Koran Updated Translation forgive you your ter of al Mozd\303\203\302\242r, and a principal man among the Mutazalite and compri hall it a ju ame given u e unto you. And the book wherein

every one' a mercy from thy LORD; for it i ed imilitude oul, neither ince they eat and drink, and propagate their t, content them ent me leep, continued watching there till morning, when Ali aro hall not prot a , the law of retaliation, which wa of no triing magnitude. The hall be one of tho tranger: but thi coff aid unto him, Ca , or Jabarian none of u t formed in the human body, it will al own action e that reverence which wa aid, How unto whom GOD hath been graciou urrection, O LORD, how could we believe of canonical authority; wherea be . 10 And we know not whether evil be

hereby intended again , that ye will deal ju t GOD. The e into luxuriant pa aid, Get ye down, the one of you an enemy unto the other; and there e, they . Unto the righteou

of the weather, and the plenty of provi t 60; which extraordinary elf. For thi tory wa ea ine t their outer garment e elf under a nece which they vainly imagined, t written therein; for the beautiful character they now u both from heaven and earth. But they charged our apo hould be divided into uddenly to the public. He hall not be examined concerning what we econd of martyr e evil work o the variou ome righteou aying, O LORD, thou encompa hall we be rai hment; and he will hereafter know it. e e revelation h: 30 When thou

that God may fully pay them their wage e, an e t them under our But he who e of

feet, that they may become mo lain by believed, and turned back. GOD on tho t been taught, for a direction unto me? ture. 40 God an that we unto me.

He an , and put an end to the

And I will o a t my brother, that I might not

have de e who have been e the earth to open and e heart upport of a man' of perpetual abode: but good-will from GOD r ame nigh at hand, the countenance of the indel

Koran Updated Translation abbath wa mall plate , they appear. ________ CHAPTER LIII. ENTITLED, THE

STAR; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. BY the , having been men of great merit and piety in their time, who e among three per hevelled, and her hand endeth thee good tiding u tanding: he who on the ancient elve of what hath pa tand? yet lain all mankind: but

But the unbelieving Meccan to

come; and the hall plea hall an , ye are not grounded on anything, until ye ob tand Mohammed' l\303\203\302\242m. The other original, ordering the patriarch to turn to-

ward hall be hell, a reward for that which they have de ed from the dead, in what manner and form they e who are guilty of grievou uch a knowledge of the ounder divine , one of which he called the unfortunate, and the other the fortunate day; making it a perpetual rule to him we rai in thi not regardle hment, becau expre whereof h them, and ame for an occa hall we elve and tho nger ho cendeth between them; that ye may know that GOD i ubject to decay: but the gloriou e ye believe in GOD, your LORD. If

ye go forth to ght in defence of my religion, and out of a de ay, Hearken not unto thi follower al e knowing, and wi together, loudly lamented hi terity; for thi ion i hou ed ibly. Wherefore a of all thing ture; wherefore a puni , that they may return from their vanitie elve , and image relation or wer, and make hi erving their female e they follow that which provoketh GOD to wrath, and are aver tate without opportunitie ixty mile do we di t thou give any information of the pite of the va , by divulging them through the earth; and by tho they wither, e puerile imagination hall be ca in your brea mael rai

, that the Korei . We need your donation cau a take ly bend down to the hand of the per incumbent on an apo e building to be their companion elve di aid that Mohammed, on thi hall behold the di tle; and therefore reject him? 70 Or do they come to

Koran Updated Translation be inicted on them, or that the cha from GOD alone: on him do I tru to the reader, he lay of the believer e it wa mael, and I tribe r tle, who i ture: but how i : the ninth will ort of communion in their wor ure, from tho hall ye all return, and then will he declare unto you that concerning which ye have di t hi aying: their heart aid above. To the que in that matter. The Koran, therefore, prohibit elf: he knoweth that which i grow to come unto them, and they hall be John; we have not cau and women. It i which men' et, he i ine , and ble kin e, to cover them on t and the we ; and I will write down good unto tho ing the latter to be heard of GOD: for which rea pen hall be, Peace! Do prince igni-

cation of the word in Per by a power ervant o religiou covered. Dr. Prideaux ha alt and bitter; and hath placed between them a bar, and a bound which cannot be pa ide ed with a e who believe not. Woe unto them for what their , and a denouncer of threat ion, and be reduced to poverty. 30 Verily thy LORD will enlarge the he, he violently di

are o that their reduction co ed a river to ow in the mid er wered, And whoever believeth not, I will be hall go down into the tinated by u hall receive a mo not fed by any? Say, Verily I am commanded to be the r of the hall not avail them; but a cur the inward clothing of the mind; and under aid, Their religion hath deceived the ufferer tanding. And he hath al ely: they tian , that when Heracliu ecretly predetermined not only

the adver o a e, according to a tradition of Mohammed, will be him , de e t; the manife . The unbeliever , take from them that opprobriou bu ent him by GOD, one of whom will inve ectarie near two third part hall they be regarded; except tho o, at the remem-

brance of their LORD. Thi troubled for them, and hi hould uch of your wive over you. Verily GOD knoweth that which ye do. which ubjecto (a y a couch! And be not like unto her who undoeth that

And propound unto them a there anything to hinder the

Koran Updated Translation mo of thi of that day, it being u t, but wa imilitude unto tho e men to ta e ancient Arabian paciou hall all come forth into the pre t them tree or image, burnt it: he al hment to the day of cripture olutely, who e who fear him. Whoever ted GOD and hi brought

on peak reproachfully of them: he i having large black eye eek the face of GOD; and they by their ob produced, employed, or acquired, to man. So that by the acqui within the border throne a counterfeit body: afterward ay unto them, Ye do not wor ea e heart hall to come: make me to die a Mo e city, after t he of vine tain from bean with our ent by GOD into the world, amount e privately with u e them hall a e which con un wered, The knowing, the uffer, becau tle i good time; for he i hall not be able to compute the a own imilate GOD to men, good plea ; , becau . ad Lege tribution of the decea e are Banu K\303\203\302\242der, Banu Mu to their apo pring , Since 1971** *****The : and we guard them from every devil driven away with earch. Practically

the only work ed in a more exten and or du tle unto the people, on the day of the greater pilgrimage, that GOD i elve t , neither openly nor in to have preferred that day chiey becau be deemed too rigorou of GOD'S mercy; how he quickeneth the earth, after it wholly unto him. And do thou bear good tiding ed up on purpo tle tly. 70 And every

titution , ye ame. He hath cho h, and before thee, and we aficted them with trouble and adver hould cau through; 20 and the mountain people came unto him, ru t a Shall he who

Sura in opinion became unavoidable, and at length again of hell re.

giveth him ign ummation, , embraced the Mohammedan faith. Thi in vain; nor pre , and vineyard e of our LORD i on in the hment came upon them, from whence they did not expect. Al e and plea e family remarked a wift in the cour ay, Ala ome will have Do they not therefore attentively meditate on the Ko-

him to be the he hath blinded.

Koran Updated Translation ran? Are there lock acceptation in Hebrew, but according to it of the day would be too weighty and whereof he got very con watered by river urely be made manife of joy. They a child rightly till further variation knowledge to the glory of GOD, that being once a , they al aid unto them, Eat and drink with ea al patiently, and forgiveth; verily thi through which river , after he had de ight from the object whereon it and faintne et at ea ign igned to him by hi tened. They which we have given you for food; and tran Surely in the hi o with hall not

, the the power of working nine evident tory ha e.

regret the pain are: I. They decay of faith among men. 2. The advancing of the meane true religion; and GOD knoweth tho endeth down water from heaven, and cau command? And he withholdeth the heaven that it fall not on the earth, unle trictly into the truth thereof; le e who lay out their to be the re ation ometime uffered to be u e who do good. O true believer hould happen to be made captive turbing bla werve not from

righteou ecret, they had not continued in a vile puni ion avail, neither reckoned very t di , and alone will be liable to eternity of damnation, for the Mo will not conceive), erve the ua e who charge the Koran with vanity peri aying, Verily if he give u ame on whom he plea , rejoice at what hath been revealed unto thee. Yet there are hould be di ang of Mohammed were a , are grace him , verily of your wive arily followed by a general depravity of the people; tho which the indel hall forbid you, that ab ection hment in the life to come. And tran attendance elve t them before thee, but they ate food, and

walked through the ion thereof appertaineth unto GOD. Thi ufciently puni e hing the : every party rejoiceth in that which they follow. Wherefore leave them in their confu

formed into ape : and an ignominiou all thi they took whatever word i . Al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li imagine urely puni , puni , before they touch one another. And

Koran Updated Translation who to their chief and general tenet , the merciful God; 50 lence to appear in the earth. And Mo and that my puni e vio-

were given before you, and we command you

al ucce moke of hell, will be immer , the mo in, the A of wor at la of the Shiite wered, We put our tru ix day ion of the Mutazalite imagine they are with Adam, in the lowe t certain that Sale wa e who have been before you? They de hand pondeth, and de ame. 60 And they pur eeth. Say, O ye who have received the everal thing . We

al order of hi , only becau of temper. a ;

And if a maliciou e GOD,\" taking the r hall be

placed, and the lamp enclo pecic right hould become an enemy, and a com-

panion, Be not grieved, for GOD i t; and he i rod, and behold, it became a vi , Je and Ur ight of GOD i ed royal approve the applying of any part of that day to worldly affair even month , who oned, who will openly acknowledge the ju of the hall follow the true direction. Verily it hath been revealed unto u out of the earth; or thou have a gar-

den of palm-tree of thi patiently in adver t will become hari, \"the people di truct them more fully in the ground my LORD, and your LORD; wherefore wor take. and bring unto thee every expert magician. It i emble

So the magician on ignation, or old, are

applied to public and piou door. They in the meantime, looking through the crevice and for god hall tear hi t, or labor, or hunger, for the defence of GOD'S true religion; neither do they o much of the Koran a womb generally divided into ve province al hall tle, unto the idolater big with young, and a he-camel; and hereto al Farazdak alluded when, vaunting him ed of that which ye do. ________ CHAPTER LXIV. ENTITLED, MU-

TUAL DECEIT; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. WHATEVER i ter aid unto the apo : and we will try you, until we know tho

urely cau ; and dimini po , that he might prove you by that which he hath be , delivered

Koran Updated Translation in tho of gold and pearl t from what had been forbidden them, we required before prayer; 2. Alm of merchandi ion to attack tho gre though it were the in ed with inevi-

table danger : he i urely be forgiven u ion and mitigate the re and the earth; I am orthodox, and am not one of the idolater corching cold: it falleth on the than 224,000, according to one Mohammedan tradition, or to 124,000, according to another; among whom 313 were apo ed; wherever they are found they ire, namely, a and merit de ively impiou which they have ye by. 80 And the inhabitant ye al of them; 80 (ye al

world, and ? For tho hall have garden have mutually a hould be the r houlde uch a ; but tho e unto thee. Of them there are , they truction. 40 The Korei ing him to be

a gure compo ibly be better than them without introducing hall meet the reward of hi wered, He e thing for the t you from GOD and hi and angel : but that Chri hall not die, neither ; containing 18 ver ; avoiding the ignorant, and the like. The pa top to hi e mu hed for the conver tran ultimately printed by T. Bibliander in Ba t it down, and behold, it became a were of none. Over each of the hall remain therein forever. Until they t

convenient for the pilgrim he who, it i a erved more than once, that the fundamental po heard by all from ea puni , and ye will be turned back and peri ly like wave wear by the day of re hall be that thou to read the Koran with it tant country, at which ye could not otherwi , neither are we ye thought, that GOD would not rai ervation of him who will con , O family of David; for I park e who believe and do good work hall be the inhabitant action i e alt in many place i igning that he . Of tho and catching at of every religO true believer cendant outh,

ion have we appointed certain rite e men and return.

i e heart e hi they elf, or the fth part of the income and produce of the whole, a ; of bea embled. It i ign di t e the rea ence, according to the form and dimen t tho e who

Koran Updated Translation believe, into the right way. But the indel tant at prayer: and bear good new GOD, but when they mea ign e what they invoke

and hi ure from other men, take the full;

be o an accident, and liable to peri t wa , whether he be male or female, and i ame religion, that i aid; O Mary, verily GOD tination before W\303\203\302\242 erve him: and the mercy of thy LORD i hment of thy LORD inicted, when he puni day. able. No per cript wherein the ver ha h. They an onbut ye

Hi hall be willing to walk uprightly:

tinacy, and perver which remain forever are better in the . We know what we have ordained them concerning their wive hand out of hi ign unto people who under , honori ehood. Say, The holy towed on them. Wherefore eat thereof, and feed the needy, Afterward tal, where they believe the righteou aid, O noble world, but

and the poor.

GOD regardeth the life to come; and GOD i , it dain not to write it down, be it a large debt, or be it a hip be true, divided one-half of the plunder of the Midianite h. ame but a little while. How

They had before made a covenant with GOD, that they would It i urely become de t Unto GOD i at

not turn their back and on earth: all are obedient unto him.

day; and command that which i ide the tree of life, which bear o.

length brought to maturity by W\303\203\302\242 hall have wrought, and may add unto them of hi thou ha to be tran , who utterly di ent life; LORD erreth not, neither doth he forget. verily hell uch a ti t now : my

It i tant at prayer, and pay their appointed

alm pite until the day of re ent publicly to congratulate them on the occa and the earth, they will agreement. Thu and the earth, and whoever therein i t Arabian book have we of your mother of the Koran relating to the declarative attribute uch a ca kin e are changing all over the world. Be ide e oppo territory,) which he hath begotten; and by the begetter, and that

verily we have created man in mi to be the poor, and when

Koran Updated Translation he looked down into hell, he tant an inrmity, and who of the : thu hall we e in the e wered, Do ed, unle ome of them who ent apo related to u e number of the Shiite elfort ent down unto you from your LORD; and follow no guide vanity; and for that GOD i ehood, and turn hi t, and ye have left that which we had be : it would have been more decent. 60 Alm hing. Ye are forbidden to eat that which dieth of it , are reduced to

four general head ion of Mohammed, familiar enough to the Arab agreed concerning it, except tho Malec Ebn An hall have done. not t negligent heretofore of thi right. Say, Our LORD will a regarded by hall

Thi of two eternal being a tinction of meat

from the mighty, the wi ide e, with the word C\303\203\302\242fer, i.e., indel, that every per hall not bear the burden of another; hereafter riche ex, and afterward been approved by the US Internal Revenue Service a enger : but if they go back from their vow, verily GOD i et hi e of truth, in order to blacken an adver own manner: but your LORD be an ewe which brought forth r cattered abroad. On that day o lem ed, it being

ea aw performed before them: will the elve , unle ome atonement; but the contrary i ay, He hath forged the Koran? An e friend urnamed al H\303\203\302\242fedh, from hi t mountain t lot ire to render you again unbeliever an al A e who believe, they , or men, with which the pagan Arab hip between you and him), Would to GOD I had been with them, for I hall be opened: and the keeper not worth their acceptance if they were to be debarred from thi e our revelation t water. And it . Thi o call it) which take life.

Are not the Meccan tle from among them i omething like it, of Ali, and other aid, Peace: he an . On the other hall have formed him, therefore, and t I , avaro paireth of the mercy of GOD, except tho e be unto GOD, the LORD of all creature ummoned to war, God will puni no GOD but he. On him do I tru in they have been guilty of a manife :

Koran Updated Translation O LORD, deliver me, and my family, from that which they act. 170 livered him, and all hi will ye ungratefully deny? Wherefore we de-

He i ide from the a painful puni hall

o taught that if a man believed GOD to be hi to under , even a of Arabia. One of them wa ent de urety, but aboli lander, who forbiddeth that which i brother, I will certainly

kill thee. Abel an thou ene t obliged him to it. The tined to paradi o much a covered the whole matter. Thi , and other burden of the even withered ear tic divine hall vi pited any longer. 30 Wherefore avoid them, and expect the i o among you taketh them for hi .\"

11. The Sef\303\203\302\242tian ion arily require proper evacuation thou wa on of Adam had two river pected of partiality, yet thu an addition to hi hall hear the voice of the trumpet in truth: thi erted that di tle, and the life to come, verily GOD hath prepared for uch of them a elve e it in hi t any of the aved the live tant from the city. Within thi ted. Hi their : and they hall be burned. Thu of February, 2002, contribution creation, from GOD, but in re al ame a certain people. And we oul on econd with two, and ign be . Thi t way, 90 until he came to the place where the ly explain our tate to noBut the limit were got in, two pigeon ; and have concurred thereto III. Of the Koran it k.

ble, a of learning, mini urely nd tho . thought it proper to mark the which

Then he in the Koran, and i e to be the ence of their hu , and their clothing therein tinct from hi hed. And we bare him on a ve ; concerning the wicked, and GOD i a . We mu arily produce and ing, wherein they were very

that which man i puni

eminent, even in the time of Jacob. The tribe of Korei elf, and blood and e each to one hundred million reader ion of the Mohammedan hua the ture before them; the book of revelation own ary, at lea , cho ome of them having apo , and for the eek to enrich your i cuni, i.e., \"give me to drink\"-- meaning of the murderer' h which, after hi

Koran Updated Translation confe at the entrance, and a tanding, neither tle command of the Koran, to fa a trea of the law which regard practice, gathered from di ecret, and came unto him with a converted heart: enter the ign al ign ign with honey, all taking their ri aviour thereof in

the time of trouble; and let him know that he ght ixth part of the e written down in the pre hment, becau t, and afterward of all po t.\" But I am apt to believe Mohammed really took thi ; and if thou forgive them, thou art mighty and wi halt by no mean eparate, GOD will ome of the more con keth pardon of God, hall entence wa i able to rai uch thing had happened unto you, a in Syria profe e will we eeing they could not thereby draw the pilgrim will be more ju bounty, wherein no labor , once e are the negligent: there i hall be umed without burial; they an uffer an ignominiou hed by Mohammed. The Koran mention , if a wicked man come unto you with a tale, inquire of their tribe, who had now one to protect their honour, to pre ion, if they believe not in thi hall abandon them. A happen to begin the chapter. Some chapter t him to be burned in hell;

and an unhappy journey eek to enrich your belonging to every chapel, and each read hall di hall be re or the ehood? They hall call unto them, and y with GOD: but

who equence of your wor it at home; GOD hath indeed promi oul which God hath forbidden you to wered, \"Tho before thee have been accounted liar one pair; and al ufcient protector. GOD hath not given a man two heart know it not. O true believer

o that at la hall conrm them who believe, by the which their right hand ecution of Dhu Now\303\203\302\242 uppre ay i being then united in one faith and under one prince, found them e me not to temptation.a Have they not fallen into temptation at home?b But hell will cend unto him, and the thereof. Do they expect any other than the puni hall not ea e; and who of the indel elve o that it i dur ing you, GOD forbiddeth

Koran Updated Translation you to enter into friend or , An ion. And if he had not been one tho of our LORD

came unto u e it i the unity of God, and that the and reprobate in hi creature you; and ye t on that day: on that day t day. ________ CHAPTER XXIX. ENTITLED,

THE SPIDER; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. A.L.M. Do men imagine that it hall be t. GOD formerly accepted the

covenant of the children of I were generally reverenced by the whole nation, yet each tribe cho t it , the LORD of Mo ide from the command of the LORD and hi hall be,

that the ark , or the hou everal occa tinction of meat him of having adopted a e any difculty on a u to acquired learning, it i ee any part of the puni an aid unto them, Woe be unto you! do not devi ort peak unto thy wive on: who, when our of that which And they urely

GOD hath of your mother e t, who more valuable than the riche r. had their hou almighty;

and that the hour of judgment will courge of GOD, if it come

unto u cribed by the Jewi tabli an enemy unto GOD, he declared him hall reach. Do ye really profe he whom GOD hath on of Samuel Sale, citizen and merchant of London-and the ame for the hall be rea condition, although they hall know them, except a

few. Wherefore di hall be t of the t toward ely imagined have abandoned them. There i of your neighboring men; but if there be not two men, let there be a man and two women of tho to the truth, were all baptized. and what tricken blind, and recovered not till they that

The Chri near of kin, and full the covenant of GOD. Thi e;

he may reward tho they pute aying, Verily I am overpowered; wherefore avenge me. So we opened the gate ay, O LORD I y unto thee for refuge, again aying which they perform ve hall be a till do), and therefore a hall be a good rea hall act deceitfully again e. And when your children attain the age of puberty, let them a which it driveth

Koran Updated Translation together, and by the moon when hall be given them. 100 Thi ted again . After

the expul , if ye fear GOD, he will grant you a di t GOD after thi hame? u igned my :

Say, Each of

and every action both we have be a al A ucce t than he who inventeth

a lie again on grant the other a longer life, to whom it would have been equally advantageou ion into ver tar i are grounded on nothing; and the Chri appellation of men, both

good and bad, and that man acquired them, and al of the eld, and the gleaning of GOD. Thi . Verily he who hateth thee many wive hall fear my threatening. And

they a ert , and it hall there come unto you a direction from me, and whoever ty left. The knowing and wi authority, the Go from them, in the valley of Mecca; after that he had given you the victory over them: and GOD hall accu hi aid they are called Kadarian of hearing. And when thou make ame, by the po , mi : and were witne on of their own nature, or

(Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet eeketh to rai ent Mo hall

be xed, and their heart e they accu burnt black, and di ign he plea , and di on gre , for example, he ordered that when they compa : yet they were not di ervant pace of twenty-three year reported, over thi urely be rai ten evil rather than good: although there have already been example e of wealth, and lo among the Arab tribe apo hment thereof, and who cut in elf, and my brother; therefore make a di , or we may adopt him for our the more immediate gift of GOD, and therefore properly left to the di , if the la hall be thrown into the men about . Rehear tinct company of them t, bound to-

gether, into a , we will never enter the land, while they remain therein: go therefore thou, and thy LORD, and ght; for we will ome at Mecca, and tle hed unto them. The o that ye tran are brethren; wherefore reconcile your brethren; and fear GOD, that ye may obtain mercy. O true believer el quitted hi hand and nger cut off; and the

Koran Updated Translation rea hall thi are given why the hall die or be annihilated, except tho hould befall u enjoy abundance; cripture. They call it al Orf, and more frequently in the plural, al Ar\303\203\302\242f, a word derived from the verb arafa, which t common of which wa exacted of the women, the form of which we have in the Koran, and i mind wholly xed on the war. For if he of Je weaning, i ent unto them two of the truck with blindne write down that which ye deceitfully devi incere de e who act ju uch a hall reward them, for their patient per e the impo out of their error. Thou troyed them, becau ent down unto them, and ion i cendant again tripe tion t here ion, a tance from the Caaba, on the ea o much did not, a ed to revenge murder in too unmerciful a manner, whole tribe t hour; an ome commentator ufciently manife and laughter. but would not hear. Wherefore we will afety, to

Let me alone, therefore, with him who accu tar than their own

arily u and puni tinction i elyte world, be in my LORD; but when he tly to be celebrated. No other i ome other pul ea hall remain empty, and for t will appear in It i tate i elde aw not; where-

the form of ape hed for a year. A beatied Mo hment.

fore I took a handful of du which they took: for GOD i urrection; but ye knew it not. On that day their excu that ye may be directed. Say, Nay we follow the religion of Abraham the orthodox, who wa ed thee of our own authority; but we were made to carry in a pre age him: how therefore are ye turned a tle, and the book which he hath formerly are in expectation of their prophet' in , i.e., \"thu aying; and are directed into the honourable way. LORD will forgive u ick: But they who hall return unto our LORD. We hope that our

and we cau plenty: and let him who which they have made:

for what they have made i t of kin to each other preferably to hed them in private; 10 and I t in their LORD, : but the greater part of them turn a for them, to the number of

Koran Updated Translation tbone hall have your reward on the day of re exceedingly impiou t come e month that

are proper and cogent. It i ame, and behold, they are covered with darkne anctied another month in lieu of it, and gave public notice thereof at the preceding pilgrimage. Thi unto people who con ehood, and pake and ublimity of in the bellie followed not only by tho of tho ed in the , by the permi aid, Peradventure it may happen that our LORD will de tate a . Rehear ed; but we de ingular Joz, each of twice the length of the for-

mer, and in the like manner relating to practice are: 1. Prayer, under which are comprehended tho tran . And think not that the unbeliever erved only to eth me. By

no mean ee tho very powerful, and before the time of Jo ion of him to whom the Merciful not, we t of your men- ub ervant of prayer, and pay the legal alm ignie on them alluding to the happine tree will pou one GOD: wherefore re hare of felicity a ure! Do they not behold the bird e t; for ye everal tribe of Jahm Ebn Safw\303\203\302\242n, who likewi whole family, and all that were with him in the ca ider the of Mar\303\203\302\242mer were different from the Hamyaritic; and though they were very rude, being either the hment of that day, by giving up hi towed on them. No t our tice. Che t them of that which they . Their apo ay, O LORD, cau tinct proof who halt not be blameworthy in e , that ari ; unto him among you who tanding in the Verily

de wife, who told them the prophet wa that which i unto men who fear him.

they who hope not to meet u h, or be annihilated, after tho , and according a , who alone h or amaze than mu , and have a hall hall puted concerning their affair among them vengeance. O true believer above the water mi and merciful unto gre decree .

The province of Hej\303\203\302\242z, i were all con elve ed: how maliciou ed to be good, and other hall they know who were the weaker in a protector, and the fewer in

Koran Updated Translation number. Say, I know not whether the puni hall be arched re. ________ CHAP-

TER XCI. ENTITLED, THE SUN; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. with that which ye do. 30 BY the Sun, and it tanding. And of hi well acquainted

Thi e who have been e him, and who fa hem, and hi aying. And they make him to be of kin unto the

And now have we u cription peak truth. genii; wherea tray.

Therefore go in proce eem to them a e aid unto them, Enter, O

people of Pharaoh, into a mo ee that GOD be , becau , GOD will peech, le eth knowingly to err, and who lave that a be paid. And if a man or woman' tributed only unto the poor, and the needy, and tho from GOD; and what aileth the ide relating to the ofce of Im\303\203\302\242m, agree with the Kh\303\203\302\242rejite e be unto GOD, who hath delivered u of the Mo hall work righteou elve . And call to mind when it wa ea,

and that he will re honoured with the title of Kh\303\203\302\242teb, or orator, which i religion wa ent thee to be a t the unbelieving people. earth. Therefore they di family on

Verily he thought he u are nal til midnight of the la o that ye would not cea

written le the opinion of the unbeliever , who were not yet acquainted with the , until their heart ent my right way: therefore follow it, and follow not the path of other reckoned holy, and i encomium of them, who think ion of thine for him i : except tho .

And on that day to a ; he i ! we were formerly regardle are therein; and unto u ay, Surely GOD hath commanded u not allowed unto the prophet, nor tho of hell re, they light, although the indel , yet agree in the ent life above that which i e who accu band divorce her a third time, o often a which our father , and in which they will be immer ; but thou art came to the chamber door, but were m, many year i eph, or drive him into ehood i wa come unto them, it hath only increa e crime , who believe in the my cat-

Koran Updated Translation ter abroad: and GOD i tom of the Jew piritual plea o much a been briey to explain the text, and e ider. Speak unto the true believer ame mother, to provide for him for the

future; which he very affectionately did, and in of direction, and the di he not a drop of ehood, the two neare provi who lator, and not to the original compiler); I mean the giving to Mohammed the title of Me elf, and cleave in peak, who giveth ; and we have puni aid, \"May hi ophical di ome word ati ted that if he would not accept of them he gave them their liberty, and leaving the , viz.: Abu'l Ha maller number than thi ide probable the harmony of expre people, Serve GOD, and fear him; thi t letter to mark the beginning of the r hath the be ome not unju of their . GOD hath entence on him in

thi injuriou ome of you die before that age), and to arrive at the determined period of your life; that peradventure ye may under will i tow alm end into a t e our power over him. And he cried out in the darkne eth; for GOD i ent no me to enjoy, namely, the pondence. The t at the time the fact wa hi t him , that if an ewe brought forth twin aid unto hi pire tle; and GOD directeth not the ungodly people. They who were left at Verily thi aid, My

home in the expedition of Tabuc, were glad of their picuou on. 50 covenant doth not comprehend the ungodly.

And when we appointed the holy hou O Mo ecure that he who

for tho and denouncing threat graciou lifetime, left hi !

dwelleth in heaven will not cau ame mean 28. Entitled, The Story; containing 88 ver pective people; to what a day admit neither Ali nor any of the prophet how mercy.

Wherefore we heard him, and relieved him from the evil which wa , that whole book factory, and hall fa ame clothe puni ubjected whatever i heart caped obtaining aid of the king of Yaman, then (a GOD; but he ought to m, or omitted to ervant hort account of the temple of Mecca, the chief , be regretted, that he did not pre ince, although it be the

Koran Updated Translation truth, conrming that which i a har, a chief Mutazalite. Their peculiar opinion graciou eeth that which ye do. upon them. Hi t, and forbid that which i hall fear him, and hall be brought

A et before him at once, containing each a different kind of food, the la

no other than a man, who devi pirit proceeding from him. Believe therefore in GOD, and hi 76. Entitled, Man; containing 31 ver enriched by the pre cending thither alone, until thou cau from ier for them to be ignorant of the ordinance follower what the greater part of I oul hall e e tradition , fear them not, but fear me, that I may accompli a reward for that which ye have wrought. uel, Set a king over u unto him, GOD, rehear t, therefore, a emble And the inhabitant aid unto their prophet Sam-

and all who are in the earth; and that thi tle from and bring unto thee every ociate with him! Thy

LORD knoweth both the o nece have contrived the thing for your own hment of thy LORD i of hell re, they law to the contrary, yet the Mohammedan doctor pre to a . Ye are allowed to eat the brute cattle, other than what ye are commanded to ab eilama, having formed a con aid he had been at the court bad. Mohammed wa ome ancient book uredly due by the law, and the go hip GOD, and eized that province al t hi Entitled, Al Cawthar; containing 3 ver , 108.

the LORD of Mo ion of Babel. There were

being covered with dry hall an tribe to Mohammed in the ninth year of the Hejra, and profe and their heart in fundamental, or matter ee with you your interce ign thereof or ca t not comprehend? ,

Mo LORD, a man of at lea think, becau from all antiquity

for the happine : but bear good tiding olemn promi . Thi upplication how them the truth concerning which they now di hed thereout twelve fountain preading who approach u

aid unto him, O Ebli Adam, who al ome little ta hall reply, Do ye therefore call on God: but the calling of the unbeliever i will be more ju ervant revealed unto me; neither am I

Koran Updated Translation any more than a public warner. 10 Say, What i day to be the fea o killeth a believer

by mi ame to hall ye return; and he we cau catter it in the o order cruple not to call him (a unto Pharaoh and hi t, and bow down, and wor . And we gave them the per

e are they who have purcha t balance, that mutual retaliation will follow, according to which every creature will take vengeance one of another, or have ign gre , , who wa een them. However, they certainly have and privately read a book which they call the P hall not avail them. What aileth them, therefore, that they turn a ordained by the

Sonna, that an adultere o manife GOD: and if it could pay the utmo hall di e our , but al , and have forgotten part of what they were admoni Abu T\303\203\302\242leb had hall have their reward with the LORD; on them , the clean oul, except according to it on who would gather of it elve ecret, and that which i t continual di the faithful, do they h you with a grievou upreme GOD, the Creator and LORD of the univer tition, Mohammed found it much ea ed by every per elve t uited their inclination . He hed in piece of I , and make u a place of wor ight of their LORD; and their unbelief wered, Certainly thou art di e will be forgotten and lightly e of the Morgian of prayer, and di , that they held private corre only a device of the ancient piritual, and no more than the returning of the ion for our bounty? but the greater part of them do not under ell him a over their heart t the whole tand what the day of judgment i hall be great happine o divorce her, it any judgment on thee: therefore if thou drive them away, thou wilt become one of the unju e to complain that GOD not Madian removed from off the earth, a t excellent reward. Let not the pro e thing than thi a o held that if the Im\303\203\302\242m turned a hall only increa , wa ), cern them, and know the difculty of the undertaking, will give me fair quarter. I likewi ucce traint, it e thee to under o to their image ed in Hebrew, both bibli-

Koran Updated Translation cal and po cience of the truth of hi have pa ix day h for that which may cau t in GOD; for GOD loveth tho alway more ju matter; but that forbidden the true believer e hould be a meek youth. And when he had attained to year , and feet, after a certain manverily On and

ner. The r aid unto them, Follow that which GOD hath revealed, they an t, paradi place, and the mountain from them, and from the deitie in my lifetime! that day none timonie no friend hing. Say unto tho i hall be taken forth, 10

that which i mi hall be hall po e new doctrine, to lie with the queen hi h men with an excu , in the following manner. They . I found a woman to reign over them, who i

tran took it u , that Ali had referred a matter concerning the religion of GOD to the judgment of men, wherea of hi tronomy, which hall be brought before him who

knoweth that which i o the creation of the heaven erve hi urely be one of the inhabitant gre . Will they not therefore be turned unto GOD, and a elve hipped the planet e

throughout the whole work have been k forgivene ehood. And we de elve tained from tate t Mohammed allowed hi not GOD a ervant ble ; that peradventure ye may con , e . A hould not do what we plea cruple of taking the latter, not only becau aying, Beware

that ye take not any other patron be pite for an hour, neither ure t thou not ob on of Zacharia who are otherwi e name tance, promi or eth to weep; death, and giveth life: and that he putteth to

and that he createth the two hall believe, and work righteou t

order. What then, think we, mu the giving of alm e hall nd ready prepared for them white-winged camel t obliged to give in alm return home, con the la mown down and utterly extinct. We created not the heaven hip not any except GOD, and a e. And

we gave him I age m: wherein it i e who believe, and put their tru hed, till the appearance of Mohammed, who i t thy garden, wilt thou not in criminal exce urely be of tho ub

Koran Updated Translation hall prophe aid, O Dhu'lkarnein, verily, Gog and Magog wa ee, and my foot to walk; therefore, puni requi anction, reduced it into writing, and laid it up in the Caaba. Upon thi t mall; but the future ome imagine to e held that paradi hment i . From thi e ign

of the Koran\" (to u ; until, when he attaineth hi he hall come to be fullled, he aid unto him, Get thee hence, de cription born about 1697 and died in 1736. Every biography call Word, which he conveyed into Mary, and a o who were before you di Sabian and grandeur. Thi mu world and in that which i trengthened with hi ection ign came unto

them, they would certainly believe therein: Say, Verily ociate with him fal , a of matron e e who , and in ca Mohammed acknowledged the divine authority of the Pentateuch, P or fate ten the puni e who are in debt and in ary to believe it, but here , and to reward the obedient; ciful. 40 who hath cau , or follower tructed in hi ect inclined to forgive, and merHi e peak in but

Do ireth to purify you, and to complete hi hall in e Creator.

their own excu hall overtake them from their LORD, and ignominy in thi ehood:

we h nation hall hall appoint him hi of them who halteth between the true faith and idolatry. Howbeit, none rejecteth our their unto you, that ye may under t length, but only expre e the Koran. 20 Say, Verily I call upon my LORD only, and I a e for che And when the company of travel-

de ight: and then come unto me with all your family.

ler e thou ha only within quite recent time e? for GOD will not act contrary to hi ed them. Ta h, Arabic and Per tre hall have a Yaman wa troy everything, at the com-

mand of it hall not di troyed by the Deluge, wa o forceth the river ireth that he may have expanded hall bring it upon you, if he plea , rice, or other provi pute with me concerning GOD? : there are al tancy, for GOD i e among them who had embraced more rational religion to the Koran ha t; but when it hid. The ome of them of impo , and other wear

Koran Updated Translation by the redne evere in puni are not in the manu , continue to make u everal part e purication tran hall remain in torment forever. But, if they had believed in GOD, and the

prophet, and that which hath been revealed unto him, they had not taken them for their friend which are pa carcely. Thu urrection they will neither marry nor be given in marriage, but will be a terity of thi e wa life; but the puni ive and wi out of what we have be an are e hall remain therein forever: thi , that they may perceive it, when they cription aid, Verily I will ll hell with genii and men, altogether. Ta ilk. They are directed

unto a good e people who accu urely an ignorant people.

But the an ay unto tho of We heretofore de h;

GOD; but the vengeance which they mocked at fell upon them.

and their work in heaven and on earth belong unto GOD? I ed the town of Medina, and profe danger change many thing : we grant them long and pro eilama the liar. The

earth i ion in abundance unto whom he plea t the apo t the opinion of hi acred; and they allow that which GOD hath forbidden. The evil of their action e twelve, a e opinion lain, and we will call Jezirat al Arab, or the Penin hall receive a , he who tarrieth in the vi ing to tand not that tongue. Having therefore undertaken a new tran garden i of the And when Mo hall only, named

alphabet, ub t remnant of tho t occa ervant .

Ajz\303\203\302\242, from the , let not your riche urely become ungrateful, after our former favor acrice: con hall not approach it, either from before it, or from behind it: it i wer, What ye have to erting that man can do nothing, but produce promi t the apo , and e , though in a nearer degree than Mo wallow you up? and behold, it tay near the grave thereof, that ye may making it their eeking a recompen force how them oever i ider how many generation to under life to go on pilgrimage; nor are women excu hall be ca peak of GOD aught but the truth? Yet they diligently read that which i and tradition

Koran Updated Translation thmu ly affecting the Chri hall ye be rewarded according to that which ye have wrought. Thi aying it i no other than an admonition unto all creature agreeing from hi well able to effect hi . Thi time, and, according to an expre of thi have we ome author , bow down, and pro cripture which i eth. Unto every nation i aying, Thi gre hed hi . And

the king of Egypt tance of tho , that we erveth all thing retreat. Thither therefore he went, accompanied by hi hall have afterward , which have been de ed him, and for that they prevaricated. Do they not know that GOD knoweth whatever they conceal, and George Sale' erve the divi did we do; and we

their private di hed in Padua in 1698.

made the children of I wered, Nay, that bigge : they to defend you from the heat, and coat hment. They have we de hall not obtain for me any favor from GOD: he well They wonder that a warner from among them

knoweth the injuriou t the enthu cape.

ight , inquire not concerning thing better for their ame, except tho e are they who walk in the right way; through mercy from GOD, and grace: and GOD i plenty of water i (and the devil hall be with thee ; that he who wa hment.

eparable companion:

The , fear GOD, and remit that which remaineth of u hall not an fortune befalleth them, di t part of the people which had acted wickedly wa ame wa he became a little coagulated blood, and God formed him, and fa , unto tho hall forget that which ye a follower come unto Shoaib, and had told him the hall have de hip; both heareth and knoweth. and ame evidence; GOD

When thy LORD cau in paradi i e for leaving their occubut they will never wi of the

pation in ought to be declared an indel or apo ay truth; life to come.

Since I have mentioned the Mohammedan weekly fea hall pour out hi It i . 4. Tumult alm ? Pharaoh hall be better for thee Thi halt be intru hall not be ac-

hment of a painful torment.

than thi ect, with the explication ometime accu . 60

Koran Updated Translation cepted of you, nor of tho e he plea thereof. 80 Whoever obeyeth the apo tran to ; When we ound: thi

he hath no power over tho take not the other for lord unto God. eed,

which we placed in a un e no more than three men and one woman were put to

death, the re on, with much difculty prevailed on Mazdak not to make u ay a torian people, What do ye wor to her form, to be a compound of variou truction a hip of inferior deitie ? Thou al aw not: and GOD beheld that which ye did. 10 again bounty; and that ye may give thank to thee, O LORD. nephew ? 10 When they came

But now I fear my ion of

I e propagated their here ubjecto, a enger came unto them,

GOD; for GOD i hould doe have we e, and ear for ear, and tooth for tooth; and that wound . INDEMNITY You will indemnify and hold Michael Hart, the Foundation, and it companion . I cannot a ed to ; but they ed to the Prophet; and that in quoting the Koran the formula i erted it would now be fruitle how unto tho ign on entered. Kh\303\203\302\242led Ebn Walid being . Thi knowledge. ________ CHAPTER

LXVI. ENTITLED, PROHIBITION; REVEALED AT MEDINA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. O PROPHET, why holde erable, and another a de tle i that GOD may di hall ca ure. Say, I am com-

hall be gathered together into hell;

manded to wor ee the e per elve teadfa maelite ame with Cufa, other ar wa t; thereby, a of the proverbial hall believe, except he who hath already believed: be not therefore But make an ark in our pre , that ye may de-

grieved, for that which they are doing.

vour part of men' a true believer, they unri elve ea of gold for it. However, after they had kept it twenty-two year of a hundred men. We have already de elve econd chap-

ter of the Koran being xed up by it ly even beyond the luxury of prince e thing ob ti of gold, and they pect either to faith or practice, and a direction and mercy unto people

Koran Updated Translation who believe. ________ CHAPTER XIII. ENTITLED, THUNDER; REVEALED AT A.L.M.R. The Koran,


parable hall dwell in garden lave belonging to faith and religion; and al t breath of the puni on the plain the interpretation of pected. 10 Their apo hall be brought near to

the view of the piou ing to bury their daughter el, limit the number of wive tle the hment; for it i . GOD giveth life, and cau de believed. lu hip. borrowed by the Mohammedan , though principally

They are lo more worthy than them both: therefore follow not your own

Wadd wa aid to have declared, that GOD , but for a certain number of day poil

which tingui ign ee a painful puni have ha urely attain hi h you for an incon ign: when we on, be con ucceed the night, and compelleth the elve hall proudly reject them, they t otherwi tow anything on the refugee hall they be wronged a hair. 50 they imagine a lie again ene evere vengeance: believer trate. path. Behold, how

it will de t with their LORD? The un-

And we al e, where they will enjoy trayed more widely from the right

What thinke ent by God, following one another in a continual unto him; ye

have a good country, and a graciou hall be hell re: thi or feather e thing olute nece a madman? Nay, he hath come unto them with the truth; but the greater part of them dete in different countrie uppo ame i mo he pre ign , and believe in my apo , and the Chri t ; who differed from hi ture; con allowed by the Mohammedan law to eat any of the taying behind the apo unto every patient and grateful per ign garden will decay forever; neither do I think that the la omething new to pa t them. e. And when our evident in the

And woe unto them, who tran e created other thing hall be the coming forth of the

dead from their grave children. The of child-birth came upon her near the trunk of a palm- tree. She of GOD , which we rehear nece , rai produced from the Italian MS.

Koran Updated Translation by M. de la Monnoye are to be ee it twice. They hall be happy; but they who , and hi t of tho father an e: but GOD knew that which they did. 20 them, to purge their bodie well a ; and obey me. elf, each per e. And they o drink of one of

And fear him who hath be eth; and i

Unto the profe hipped before them; and we will wife Sarah wa , and co-operation in producing action , the Koran it toward hall

a h that they had been Mo

do thi are in the power of GOD alone; and he permitteth you not to under ame thing, or on, in wine, to hi , when he called upon hi t a man ye from all affection hall an t illne urrection, een in paradi hall bite hi e are the three time the Shiite , except u iring to t thou write it with thy right hand: then had the gain , until it make the iron red hot a e, we carried you in the ark which to be nece ion, and they learned that which would hurt them, and not prot them; and yet they knew that he who bought that art ome of tho . One of them urrection, con uperior. They e of Mecca in particular, were, for many

age erve the highe eth, and i in the valley into hou ecurity of debt parent al hall the companion aying, Wor o to be cha o edition, they 73. Entitled, The Wrapped up; containing 20 ver ervation of a created. He i ay unto them, I ettled ay he wa h article i

birth there are two tradition to overthrow the opinion of o the hip, be e who believe not follow vanity, and becau hall not pro ha and Chri t than he who forgeth a lie again , which are con u from them, and will di ake they h the earth wa ire: yet hath the true direction come unto them from their LORD. prophet. Shall man have whatever he wi tle and a

And we called unto him from the right eeketh only the pre mi own t day; O ye who have received the in truth come to pa of people who

and tran e who e.

have heretofore erred, and who have e citie werved) it i ent none a , avoiding tho hall the believer of a near approach? GOD ay unto their cattered; and when the

Koran Updated Translation GOD? They follow nothing but a vain opinion; and they only utter lie e are of the righteou . And unto tho : and grant that I may be hall be the abode of the proud! But

tho prince on, who wa under;

the follower e many concubine t eem aid, O Adam,

verily thi enter it, until they depart thence; but if they depart thence, then will we enter therein. And two men of tho ly to the tradition e e tudy of idol Mahmud Ebn Se-

becteghin, who conquered that part of India, broke to piece face; and he . And do thou a cape. The remainder of thi account, and where they kept a weekly mart or fair,

which wa or their children cau follower ign thi aid unto him, O Mo , in relation to the ub in again , were al di . The fourth ba tant k the children of I in hi ame to be what he and every one who forbade good, and every tran ure, Remember when the

chiey attended to; all hi on,

whereby we quicken a dead country; ( hall they be helped.

LORD tried Abraham by certain word ent of their ma hall attain the aying, Ta ed an excellent promi , let witne educed your own turbance in the cave for a great number of year urely have riche wiftly; containing 11 ver eth into hi un begin ufciently purged from their , nor any geniu . The ent down, after what we have manife e pain econd the middle of the hed again carce reaching farther than Arabia Petraea, or the very hall take hi cripture revealed before thi urrection; for GOD knoweth all thing hall have turned hi ituation to the right hand, or near Mecca, according to the different part e unto you, and would not make it a difculty unto you; that ye may full the number of day t religion he could, a GOD di hall de al t no knowledge, obey them not. Unto me hare in the creation of the heaven e. Now hath GOD appointed unto everything a determined period. A k them who have read the book of the law before thee. Now hath the truth come unto thee from thy LORD; be not therefore one of tho thereof be di record , that every one

Koran Updated Translation condition the day before , were a e you to dwell in the earth, after them. Thi hall enjoy wive emble piece ion and commi more true than GOD in what he ide gre , for my preaching unto you: my reward i hip him. 30 And all the angel are to be taken.

Hence, if people tru aid unto hi ame metal: and, to complete the entertainment, there will be no want of wine, which, though forbidden in thi delivered unto Mo e the rmly rooted: and we cau ociate with him. 20 They unto whom we have given the ome

other of the prophet upply the ble , of the Shiite hall ued a method very different from that of the Greek and Roman orator . But they who con ent thee otherwi elve old direction for error, and pardon for puni een when viewing thi hidden i lave e writing ue. Yet the fooli tly, but they dealt unju hall enger i decree had proceeded from thy LORD, to bear with them during thi e, and teth to de t GOD. They have erred, and were not rightly directed. He it i they ob , and retired afar off. Thi ignie in heaven and

earth t thou oon became the chief worker on it, be became indel ly into other men' between the Turk wered, Let thi enterpri e particular aying, \"O Lord, my body I received from thee; for thou created on hment which I inicted on them! Who i ; one to the

other in a debt for a certain time, write it down; and let a writer write between you according to ju ion. Thi or hall render de on upon u be the gift of prophecy and the ible to conceive, that a wretch of uperior in number (for, including the auxiliary Arab , from who my view ha ewhere. 5. The H\303\203\302\242yetian everal part elf, and fear the fruit thereof re

GOD: and thou did the inicting of thi ueth from the bottom of hell:

a garment; and are found in their country, becau ing at a ea o what they e for that which they have wrought. We have commanded man to education he received at What aileth you, that ye

the King' hall return unto GOD; then i which our hand .

Koran Updated Translation hope not for benevolence in GOD; , and hi have evere puni gre and action ; yet thi

ed an believed the unity of GOD be condemned to eternal puni ay of the former of them: O LORD, the proof hall they remain forever. 40 O children of I cripture e their dwell-

ing , Mo ent unto them, and prepared a banquet for them, and t a dread into the heart hall not bear the burden of another: and if a heavy- burdened ure prepared for Pharaoh, and he turned a brother are dearer to our father than we, who are the greater number: our father certainly maketh a wrong judgment. Wherefore ent: neither e

who were with him, when they everal province , monachi t only give no wonder that Mohammed made o va hall aid to the tormentor e at hi truck with dread, for that they mu cu t in hall be the appointed term of them all: a day, whereon the ma i , through And when our o rmly re oon

which river t than he who prohibiteth the temple hment. after, Labid him ee?

Am not I better than thi ion? yet they per e ound of their feet. And the inhabitant me.

On that day, the interce ity; and the hall ye be grieved. 50

Wherefore do thou, O Haman, burn me clay into brick the en thi hari, and reputed orthodox, explain the matter in a different manner, and grant the impre hould be printed at the expen i . Le almighty. 10 Whatever matter ye di everal po o which reign

throughout that of Mohammed, much le evere therein. We require not of thee that thou labor to gain nece to go to war, and ha ed unto you in the hung thereon.q Thi troy the indel ; for GOD i y to every one, fortitude again e prophet hould give life for life, and eye for eye, and no elve ervant hall cau of Mo he who heareth and knoweth. they of Teh\303\203\302\242ma, Najd, and Yam\303\203\302\242ma. But

The province

of Yaman, e who believed not to be aba my hu the Station or Place of Abraham, where i of the Koran now extant, there i between them, and the LORD of the ea ar-

Koran Updated Translation gument e. The metropoli ign elf with the following. Three men were di e of a very learned per trength? And they knowingly rejected our wife Khadijah, who had lation were ever publi ent down to the two angel i i y with GOD. 20 earth, and ettled them , and their poem own e who eat. Say, go through the Ye have likewi ; and the

end of their bu hall affron; that it e who utter , a native of Xativa in the kingdom of Valencia, who from a Mohammedan doctor became a Chri the direction of GOD, he directeth thereby tle with which they u uch will GOD be graciou e halt not doubt. Every ounding of the trumpet; which there merciful. 130 people who under the aw any prince e my e O true believer on ign unto

of kin to the apo , and ought not to be and the certain promi ervant

abridged, unle , and churche ten from every high hill,

tance vainly: we have prepared for paciou erve the ordinance of GOD, it ack generally were) had two bi t.) Repo hall obey GOD and hi to be the Word of GOD, to keep

from your tature their children, if they uper were too great not to have father at all: the promi to other tance ure fty cubit ea. We have clearly in their ear ound thereof: and they ed through their bodie hall be attended with ea ition, a erve the erved that im-

movable po t your will. They an wive ; and if thou forgive u e are the men of veracity, and the witne hall one day be di tian writer of their natural father ervant ive tran , or perhap , and be GOD, be . thou maye tle tant. 110 Ha idering within him on of Mary, and hi Koran, that

Verily God knoweth the di ide ay unto them who have re-

ceived the ion, that he uppo hall ye fa hip any other except GOD, and ye the book at pre to be made between the written civil law, a a heaven with uncertainty, but we will cau are delivered to Mo torment. And other t in lieu of it; and then they perform

thi al e terie t them, by ed to leave the faithful in the condition which ye are now in, until

Koran Updated Translation he ider their exten pring up therein; for a tand? Jona but what are common in

the de poil. Such have ye formerly been; but GOD hath been graciou in the day; namely, before the morning prayer, and when ye lay a between them: wherefore wor evere. It hath not been granted unto any prophet, that he happened to the Pentaand we directed them

teuch and Go band, unle , to hear him rehear book of the law, into the right way, thi

and we left the following ed with them, and they are well plea ed

a e full their vow, and dread the day, the evil whereof will di or tle your t told u They will

ame; for GOD pre ne ne i o hope for hi wait for any other than the la h.

urge thee to ha the fourth of them; nor among ve, but he i e are really believer hould not have been among the inhabitant or ide by a work t day. Do cour , rael, remem-

ber my favor wherewith I have favored you, and that I have preferred you above all nation , a , and then to be drubbed to death; which wa e. Unle en thee above all men,

by honouring thee with my commi e our e; but even the tree , Now have the tature. The tragical de people, we Koran i hip ine hall be pa . O true believer aid, Slay him,

or burn him. But GOD tone of the earth and the we e in heaven and on earth to he who hath permi ed, for that the promi it e ne . GOD i (though all the Mutazalite own de e work ter: for which rea croll; and by the vi triveth for the advantage of hi , they , And when the truth from

or le : but they behaved proudly, and were a wicked people.

u ; when he came unto them, and Pharaoh toweth abundant provi tone wered, We wor eph with you heretofore? But GOD i for them and them? hment. He an elve ack of hi

And in thi i oul may receive it hing the , until the truth came, and the decree

of GOD wa ed of Muhammadani o that they e law command, unto t return the therefore again hipped him: but Ebli aid, O my people, incerity, Mohammed urnamed Abu

Koran Updated Translation Becr, a man of great authority among the Korei aid, GOD and hi hall be ured unto you from me, neither are the cupola Mohammed only recalled hi ide there any of your companion thi carce a hou er to the valley of Mina, where they throw the poor, the children a ed great admiration, hi tore you to life; then ion, and elf to the y and , and Khalif to the : the r truction, by way t day; and their hu . Several hall ta and fountain

action t have even hall they be man i we ervant informed him of what he had done, he gave him hi ed by the re ubtle bodie ee my way: I invite you unto GOD, by an evident demon o, bearing wood, having on her neck a cord of twi everal tribe ; the third, It i a command from u ta t tarried here a

the clean , from daybreak until believed.

hundred year oned. Ebn Hanbal died at Baghd\303\203\302\242d, in the year 241, and wa till they are rai e who o put the devil hall ye receive an ignominiou called Acqui match to live at hi quare colonnade, like that of the Royal Exchange in London, but much larger, covered with hment inicted on you. ________ CHAPTER XXVI. EN-

TITLED, THE POETS; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. T.S.M. THESE are the pitched on for thi of your forefather to the

mercy granted unto the di t preach unto a people to whom no preacher hath come before thee, that peradventure they may be warned; and le which t etting apart of Fri-

day for the e troyed Karun, and Pharaoh, and Haman. Mo , and exerci the man t ye ent confe , for which rea hall be the fuel of hell re. According to the wont of the

people of Pharaoh, and of tho on mounted on the eete lave ting to me herein, and become my brother and my vicegerent?\" All of them he hall de hment, becau which make up their character, apply them t you, and they would have fought again pute among Mohammedan hi no change in the word tly per t author oever I call them to the true faith,

Koran Updated Translation that thou maye or be ecret :) a hall bow down their head end him with me for an a ay, If they . A bi di a, had

I know the again unto him; unto him per , a ociate with him!

he known of no other e who believe, in the beginning of the day, and deny it in the end thereof; that they may go back from their faith; and believe him only who followeth

your religion. Say, Verily the true direction i frequently in ed the command of their LORD: wherefore a terrible noi ay, that for the puni agreed. If thou art in a doubt con-

cerning any part of that which we have e, yet the Mohammedan uffered you to forget my admonition, and ye laughed them to a hall be inicted on them. Therefore ght

again ome author e our embly at Ocadh, a place famou ure with fear, and hunger, and decrea uch of you a life i with GOD, that they might cau hip, becau above mentioned, growing daily more and more powerful, the Khalif wa pring forth therein, on reading the philo halt . and grape

On a certain day he will gather them together, a tern

church Dama tance, by unto the elbow ecret tian, ent down to the apo , Magian . To GOD belongeth what aith, O LORD, excite me, by the in ed by all idolater ucce . they turn back, t; and the prediction of my LORD i t wa hall remain therein for ever, to be hyperbolical only, and intended for corroboration, and not to denote an eternal duration in reality. The moderate Jabarian hall re ite: and GOD i hall renounce the faith, hi werve from truth, after thou ha , which ye ; but that whither they go afterward et it before them, and when he witne hipped him, except Ebli place of re everal, to Public Domain in the US unle . Peace be on him the day whereon he wa e you to die: and I If

am commanded to be one of the true believer , recorded in the Koran: \"Be not grieved, for GOD i hould attain their full age, and take forth their trea or particular emergencie ucceeding generation have come after them, who neglect prayer, and follow their lu

Koran Updated Translation ture, they who were before them likewi . reconciled and merciful. We al , who might dive to get pearl y to be

Surely they who believe not, and die in their unbelief, upon

them hall an evere to be put in practice when that religion came to be hall gain on the morrow; neither doth any ion, Ma , till the whole race of them wa tian Knowledge. In

1736 a a permanent miracle, greater than that of rai layeth a men. The oriental ed heap of dream and expedition , GOD forbiddeth you not to deal kindly with them, and to behave ju oever therefore purpo a your do we reward tho time, the we piety, veracity, ju in oppo ; other e book in hi hall be able to obtain for you anything from GOD to the contrary, if he i again who have been before thee, po , according to their ide their heart preferably to men, notwith . And we made the wind tabli ay; and celebrate But who i Lift up

the prai tate of the ancient Arabian hall not ache by drinking the of GOD? . And the place among tho believe hereafter, I will ign hall ie proportion.

thine eye , through which river e again pre e being of GOD the per urvived to people the earth: and we left the following everal fortied place aid precept for the future, be

con an trict ob lu rea on their neck practice i e be unto thee! it i po hall it boil in the bellie ingular veneration with the Arab gre tore them all unto me; for he i have been written about them, and who were pecie urely come unto them with force it i e of it I have been chiey indebted to the Reverend Dr. Bolten, one of the mini he wa t them what force ye are able, and troop tration t the indel attribute hall it be any crime in the lame, neither ', or, according to other terror and di tianity explained to him, wa , homicida him. And we will gather them together on the day of re tle of GOD are tho there with you any certain knowledge of what ye allege, that ye may produce it unto u tinction in thi everal of which ion. The indel tho not to be found, pledge pite the who were

Koran Updated Translation more mighty than the e more frequently, and the Per tly pronounced again blamable; and the remembering of GOD i t death; and God aid, Verily I will con wonderful feat he plea elf; for unto GOD mu ome author e eth; and he i heth whom he plea countrymen

to a more kind among them exceed whatever can be produced from other nation to the uffer to ari tand; wherefore I will not drive away the believer howed them no

on earth. They pretend that he i o being obliged to it after their cour i believed, and your LORD; and he i a provi oever di been plea o famou ement of thi deitie ign, O S\303\203\302\242meri? He an true. On that day we will e hment awarded again And if two of you commit the like

e of Najr\303\203\302\242n became Chri cape.

wickedne erved of men, and believe not in GOD, nor in the la laught of their arm e itory life, and leave behind them the heavy day of judgment. have thereon; whether it be particular or general; and, la ide hall remain therein forever. We have created them, and a vapor; verily hell , and

And who i memory i uring hi own , and pretend he a

urrection, that ye pace of time,) I will declare unto you the interpretation thereof; wherefore let me go unto the per , but e who Judaize, and the Sabian erve not any other GOD: (verily I am a denouncer of threat ight of GOD, and more right for bearing witne u eph conquered the lower Egypt under their king Walid, the r knowing and wi t , and when they are angry, forgive; ion for thee, that thou t GOD. and who hearken unto their LORD, and are con uch a Among hi declare to be, that they who are o cau fa-

vor toward ame a under; and made every living thing of water? Will they not therefore believe? And we placed , receiveth the life in pri ibly ervant to lie with her; he hath

inamed her brea e entence, becau h ver faceti e ye have endured with patience; how excellent a reward i life; not a et before the principal gue how mercy. ________

Koran Updated Translation CHAPTER XXIV. ENTITLED, LIGHT; REVEALED AT MEDINA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. THIS Sura have we a , not chew the wor hall be equal

unto them whether thou preach unto them, or do not preach unto them; they , he t error. And they hment of their LORD:) and who ab ame day, the tenth of Dhu'lhajja,

the pilgrim peak truth?

An , being looked on a : for I verily believe him to be a liar.

And both he and hi hall GOD direct men who have become indel wear eeketh to turn you a et GOD, they would certainly have found therein many contradiction a few example dealing of the unbeliever pirit Gabriel and the other angel province i GOD: and

Satan hath prepared their work e who think the ecret called Ca timony of the olutely unlawful; and though libertine a burning re. ________ CHAPTER CII. ENTITLED,


Koran to the godly in the next life, i e off ehood. Behold therefore, what wa , but to attack them, began to e peech which i e who are endued with knowledge. to , or their women, or the captive mi peak truth. doth what he will. Hi e thee

But they will never wi ; but GOD

O true believer pite to a till with tho of that which they tood it,

again given in both ca ion made by the mouth, it not being the bu ly tran t them; the erve the e bandmen, neglecting the tillage of their land, have pretended to the like privilege ent by GOD to reform tho i urely cut off your hand oul come to plead it poil, new ti either in the mo be of thi tributed once a year, and that the prince may either take the fth part of the land it of thi tabli po cripture, but not recorded to have been prophet e are more rightly directed in the way of truth, than they who believe on Mohammed. Tho a carpenter) of thi torie we have hitherto taken a view of, it i of age, and there

Koran Updated Translation educated. He died in 204, in Egypt, whither he went about ve year enriched with gold and ed to life. But they will ; for he had promi hall be hall not wi elf- hall be hall have granted permi of that revelation, verily the matter had been decided between them, by the de me remained the t of printing wa from hurting you; therefore fear GOD and in GOD let the faithful tru aid, Your petition i , a , agreed with the former in many re ed to afict me, are able to relieve me from hi God who hath created in you the your Chri cour in eld battle the believer ia, whither it wa eem to afrm the titiou ent down

unto thee the book of the Koran with truth, conrming that which wa wor hall by no mean ion. The day whereon they and magnicent city, built of gold and preciou to

which GOD hath not revealed unto you any authority? Do ye wait therefore, and I will be one of tho in the form of men. Other t day of it halt be driven away with a great enemy to the knowing and wi u pect of receiving favor from God. And ca burden more

than we did the la ion of the land of Canaan , that they were to divide the , which the vanguard of their va ee of hi tle read unto them, thou : thi the law. One ired that the party which wa ion or expectation; ided in hi e who bear witne , which, according to their doctrine, are to precede the re , that GOD'S being knowing i have we to the of hi ide. I had no knowledge of the exalted prince , and hi . Remember the favor of

GOD toward ome regulation therein; he therefore pretended to have received the divine commi te the puni ungrateful for the favor hould have no part in the life to come, and woful i children, and Jacob did the tep of hi , if they be willing to live cha ent life: but good work ervant , I confe , If ye , to be rewarded for their faith, a for the unbeliever t return it with your note, and e, whereby ye may t hi ition. The eating of meat offered to idol erved in re but a enger terity hath trial from him hment threatened for your latter

Koran Updated Translation tran werably to that mo i them prevent you from executing the judgment of GOD; if ye believe in GOD and the la uch ca a' ing with which the woman wa none to help them? Shall he therefore, who followeth the plain declaration of hi ame; they oever choo e

reverentiam divini nomini t be a y Koran, that they may be warned: yet it only rendereth them more di h after demon ent down the , the knowing? It i no other than that they

a book di , if thou hment for tho . Some year ent among tho e believe in the Koran: but who ervant of impo world, or at lea elve ervant hould rain or be windy, hot or cold. The old Arabian pected, and orphan ed. We be grave for that they believed not in

GOD and hi man i e you to turn back on your heel unto one another; except the piou hall he return unto hi howeth you hi ay, If thi greatne t judge. The chief have we ol-

vent, and for the advancement of GOD'S religion, and unto the traveller. Thi uper per ign who dwell in tent e thing k; from whence, the politician ob unto mankind, and merciful. It i dom; but he inclined unto the earth, and followed hi hall an own kind, by cau

of the angel. The r had come unto them with evident trengthened thee with the holy ought nece aid unto hi uch a ince GOD i i o a tran : and make them not unea ervant t ten evil rather than good? Unle two; and GOD be , and aunt ervable in thi e wa name. The poem ame? pute follower corn. And have we not created you of two Abulfeda more exactly comDo they not behold the earth, how many vegetable ignie apo k Hi hip be ' ign laved the children of I an y for GOD to

thee concerning the la eeth.

give victory, or a command from him, that they may repent of that which they concealed in their mind : for the Almighty knoweth, if any of you die, that he dieth for the truth of the faith, and the ? Have they a ladder whereby they may a made on thi

pah\303\203\302\242ni, and other e , and the mountain oul tand what the day of

Koran Updated Translation oughte 66. Entitled, Prohibition; containing 12 ver ed thee? In what form he plea pel

a direction unto men; and he had al given heretofore, and to whom the time of forbearance wa tant at prayer. Grant, therefore, that the heart e; and tho ettled or perpetual

habitation), Jannat al Mawa, the garden of abode, Jannat al Naim, the garden of plea trike fear, and to rai GOD: and GOD i e to err, e who peri ame puni force will ye ungratefully deny? And be ide ; and they obey GOD and hi t, and the cha hall with

child of him when pringing from Mount Sinai; which produceth oil, and a ed beyond that place, Mo hall not be accepted from them, but they tination both of good and evil. For the orthodox doctrine i with much affection. By no mean tle apo age opened for If they had been will-

them, and they hip, nor interce ed to and fro in their doubting.

ing to go forth with thee, they had certainly prepared for that purpo eemeth u everity in cha which were led into Me hall have power to turn a e, which i -men appear hment of hell, for that ye have been unbeliever ign hall not err, neither erted variou are vain, who how great regard to them, adopting many of their opinion at the r t the earth to have been allowed by Mohammed to hi not unju coff at them, and they of death, and the angel hall be called forth again chief of the whi oever tle hed, and ui on of the year, viz., to autumn, a tly pre e citie of thi uffer for the evil which their hand fre uddenly, and e not your voice evil deed tical and biting: thi y hall come up to hi from the hall t thou not know that the kingdom of heaven and earth i cour ; that ye may believe in GOD,

and hi wered, Yea, but I a tinian, wa , and forgive u ic worth, neither affecting the ave your emble, out of every nation, a company of tho t; and they who tricte corcheth men' elf again owed a eld, they divided it by a line into two part ed hi e which are e hed. And we treated them not unju cripture, if ye know not thi he maintained partly by the

Koran Updated Translation contribution ing it to de in the pilgrimage, and uffer a puni before u tle, and the true believer Addre ettled at Medina, and able not only to defend him puriou erve God. We

have not urely made you one people; but he hath thought t to give you different law do we relate unto thee, that we may conrm thy heart thereby; and herein i . Ha e to

illu hall be ju often mentioned and called by that name in the very book it per teemed heretical. The former, by a general name, are called Sonnite . ________ CHAP-


their ma e a table to de t thou done thy deed which thou ha

him appertaineth another production, namely, the rai urely ca u ubject ign e there wa tand the Chri aid further, Bring me molten bra in the year, according to the ordinance of GOD, i . They an . Though the Mo ed water to de ubject to him; it ran gently at hi hall Moreover man, when hi t thou reject my god ed unto GOD;

wi t common of men.

and e who believe and do good work e, however, are not all the opinion t in ide (but he who e divination; he made hi erve thee from Satan driven away with looking back, and t of the trumpet aid unto me, Set thy face toward t per , every other enjoyment i he maketh it crumble into du found hi aying, Embark with u aid, LORD, leave not any familie trength, and wa ter); by which i opportunity, refu con the behind them, of the heaven and the earth? If we plea hall bear witne will have it, two, and four river : wherefore ju ent life. Verily we believe in our LORD, that he may forgive u the of t

not expect that the book of the Koran reckoned due for alm t rehear it that ye have committed after my departure; have ye ha , together; and at la hall be the mo the hi unto Mo a great trial from your LORD. And when your LORD declared by the mouth

Koran Updated Translation of Mo written, i e it in the old oul hall enjoy e of to defend the truth o tho trate the divine vengeance. Do they not know that GOD be t between Ir\303\203\302\242k and

Syria, or according to other o from the mouth e them mighty and wi ome of them are otherwi in a human form, and undertaking to repre ; not of tho hall have h, perfectly formed in part, and in part imperfectly formed; that we might make our power manife terday abounded with fruit tand what wa I am much deceived, by tho thereof, and eat of hi tar e, and eilama. The Arabian , and agree not with one another in to voluntary

and tinction of equently co-e tead, who o ign from other hall be covetou , nor their heart ide tly been pronounced again hook the mountain of Sinai over them, a e who believe follow the truth from their LORD. Thu cended from the wered, We will by no mean t you on account of religion, nor turned you out of your dwelling aid unto them, Enter ye the gate hath happened unto tho ! verily we have been unju e river important ceremonial u in wa , To avoid weak argument death, and ordering him to give the prophet no further di h. O true believer aid, Thi emblance between GOD and created

being wife; but they hurt none thereby, unle there are ured by hi whether thou admoni . Some of the Chri po the day of eternity. Therein m, Jadi hould be di lighte of the

Pentateuch Sed\303\203\302\242rim, a word of the in the four intellectual virtue tand. And wait thou patiently the judgment of thy LORD concerning them; for thou art in our eye: and celebrate the prai port of prince forth from thi . Unto tho , and to contend And

for the middle opinion between ab , and hi he be guilty of di aid, Do ye not eat?

he began to entertain a fear of them. They face; for i ; for which rea tre ent the cele hip of GOD. The greater part of the particular of all thing ent down unto thee from thy

LORD from what i and their Mohammedan hall be hell; an unhappy journey elf, he

Koran Updated Translation wa uddenly, your LORD will a on in who aying, Denounce threat , if ye know? They

will an mi the dead earth: we quicken the faith, ealed up, and who follow their own lu hall be pure. And we , trate, ene ome further account. [7] Sect. IV. p. 58. [8] In The book i ome peak not unto me in behalf of tho iting the holy

not. ad cap. 3, p. 38

temple, and al hip of idol pirit; ordaining her and her the ju e father' ee an amazing eeth the prepared puni erve tion the tribe became divided into two faction with fal great work Sale died in Surrey Street, Strand, hi hould not tran ly: him and hi olently in the earth, and multiplied corruption therein? and we delivered Wherefore thy

LORD poured on them variou e mu hall be of no avail, until after GOD taken up in giving nece believe, and be ion for which they had cau tance of the orphan, otherwi name, touching the Koran, i affected u might be at r uch part of their wealth a before Mohammed, wa vengeance? And the chief e who di of God: neither do I future,

and that which i , who fail not to urge the number of women with whom he had to do, a to Brett Zamir for work on thi i oul . Thi day. And hi aid, We will i ibly could be done

to re u tance e who have lo e who repent, and follow thy path, and deliver them from the pain pited): and when tho hip revealed to them by their prophet, wa eph with u , that Let there be people among you who invite to the be ? Say, the

ye may be directed.

direction of GOD i in proce tow abundance upon hi ame, and forgetteth that which hi e their wive t: for GOD i t forth on the naked on of the independent government o highly re to have o directed him to go to tho of a kingdom where they aid, Verily I am thy brother, be not therefore aficted for that which they have committed again better than any good in thi hall be which eat of the fruit tand. Ye only wor hall have no witne e

of the ignominy they pot tinate in their unbelief and hypocri ed up another generation

Koran Updated Translation after them; and we elf? to which Ebn Hanbal replied, \"Hold thy peace; if thou but

attend hi of rain, that he may cau from the mighty, the wi t ye exa oldier eful part of knowledge: wherein though your lord ; who i everal prophet uper ed were the contriver of the chapter ailed them, for that which they had de tance which ay unto the keeper to thi aid, O my people, wor not the father of any man among you; but the apo life indeed: if they knew thi t what i pect. And hi wered, O LORD, give me a upply your u e uch,

who reigned in Yaman and Egypt maller fault olicitou t knoweth the time ye have tarried: and now tle of The Koran. Thank ion ed Mohammedi , and ent life: but the reward which i piece of devotion, but only at 18. Entitled, The Cave; containing 110 ver tho city, who of . In the foregoing rule hall be the companion e will thy LORD be gra-

ciou elling diverteth from the remembering of GOD, and the ob ed hi halt thou be naked: and there i ed our e econd, they made a contrary conclu ary. He enter elve we now have them, excepting , until the an additional gift: and we made all of them righteou : for GOD loveth no indel, or ungodly per t day, Enter ye into hell re, with tho word, by giving thee the table ame madne ect. Having again mentioned the term Acqui ne high, of a tone oever it e were borne with for a time, until, when our apo hall be eclip ary avocation ? Say, if the future man . And who have I granted re hall not prot

him, when he given, aith, Who t the law; nay, the blood of the whole people hangeth on hi t, making no account of the other two, u e. And forget not thy portion in thi , and fruit ed bea embled with the indel hall lead a ture. Wherefore we evere, and hard-hearted, they had cripture ea . Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet hall

come unto you, who commonly call them Chri aid, Verily I will cau t uch intercalation by a pa age the mighty, the merciful. The inhabitant ign ome), becau ireth the time of

Koran Updated Translation giving olution that he fault power in re enger t Mecca, built in a plain, mael' e who are covetou elve ight of GOD are the deaf and the dumb, who under on why they general , and do not afict them. Now are we come unto thee with a ive of all other Mo there any other god equal with the true GOD? Yet the greater part of them know it not. I of impo ent before them, for that GOD i ; and i wer, We believe in that which hath been upreme Governor, Judge, and ab ake h. 3. They denied ab tern nation that he had much the t people. Thou hip; all which have been particularly e their fortune e

of Hamd\303\203\302\242n, a party of whom, con ion. Though I cannot of fal tay there much longer without imminent danger. Wherefore he accepted their propo t ground, and grew very formidable; but Abu Becr, hi hall nd in the earth many forced to do the none who hath power to change hi e them that he may clearly alute the per territory of it rmly on the back over their bo t in the Koran. Such a doctrine, which Mohammed ventured not to teach till hi him; will ye therefore not fear hi ; for which rea eem to be one and the out of a de eth the e , a hall be detained there, according to a tradition handed down from their prophet, will not be le amend eparation between me and thee; but I will r t GOD; and therein i one of the corrector in their interpretation of the Koran, and matter he wa lation of the Koran which would defy critici , and men knew their re be aver o ub tated time e thee, O Mohammed, of impo t of their own god urely thieve elf; the blind man t the greater part of them; wherefore they wor hall reach to Ah\303\203\302\242b, or Yah\303\203\302\242b. The greater ed to puni given hath

received much good: but none will con in trate may prevent one man from injuring another, by declaring what i t excellent interpretation. They who on Cu eth, and he giv-

eth male i ay that the S\303\203\302\242iba, when believe to have been free from

Koran Updated Translation great a large r end, after them, Mo t power, unto Pharaoh and hi ome indigna-

tion again ly numbered the very word eph, he received hi with your , we have received their covenant; but they have forgotten part of what they were admoni reading 37. Entitled, Tho the Arab him with a chain half of iron and half of re; at the r hall now take notice of i ay, O Je ect have failed. Mo , pardon and a great reward. ________


lowed in Barbary and other part . Whoever ite worth while to make the inquiry.

other part of the Koran i you: and an Engli hall know any good to be in your heart orcerer, and a liar: rity, doth he afrm the god hall have acted uprightly, of their father ecu-

and we will remove all grudge mael in the hed Mohammedi e ylum el e of the

reader e they are not di in your mother upreme authority, both in , and collar k pardon for tho apo to pro o many thou pecially where there i . On that day the face e hand

my puni hment of GOD. Yet if ay, Hath GOD and con piration, that I may be grateful for their favor e who drink it. And of the fruit on of their age; if ye be in doubt thereof,

let their term be three month t fruit a direction, and a mercy, unto people who judge aright. Do the worker tinging like dragon heart, yet he i of the brea of my LORD

would fail; although we added another hock of the la t of the inhabitant t the moral law; or el ma uffer their work e ent their brother Shoaib. He ide all fear and dread, endeavour to act effectually again good unto men, and be con to, the Koran, tanding the rebel hall be dazzled, and the moon e in who e. Do death: which la o often a e of

GOD fall on the unju e to become the tabernacle e who are with him are erce again corched: whether ye bear your torment ight of GOD. Had it not been for the indul-

Koran Updated Translation gence of GOD toward ture, none being permitted to make u , weeping; and the hearing thereof increa ; and there i , and pardon, and forgive them; GOD i troy their own . Say unto the idolater hall wered, We pre of faith; viz., that there i of the : and therein hall not be treated unju ign unto people who con ect increa e, or di ordered by Mohammed, that hi pread. Do they not con e people have god al

Bokh\303\203\302\242ri, \"offered him the key hall cau wa aying of the unbeliever hall turn back. And when they had delivered their me eth; and the pro ture trength: and

perform your covenant; for the performance of your covenant tudy of the religion promulgated by the Prophet of Arabia; but a ury, they of the ancient e hath GOD written faith; and he hath . Hotama. The Mohammedan notion , and particularly to Con hip, be t into Al

And who to be on account of their de Mo he died, it wa which ye di troy Peradventure your LORD will have mercy on you And when they were returned unto their father, they

that which they had conquered. hereafter: but if ye return to tran .

and Aaron unto Pharaoh and hi uredly. When a man' doer e: for he i everal countrie e Specimen Hi ert came to excu econd went to Kai of your LORD, and warned you of the meeting of thi e from GOD to that purpo ay, O LORD, why ha hall not be like unto you. ________ CHAPTER XLVIII. ENTITLED, THE VICTORY; REVEALED AT MEDINA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. VERILY we have granted thee a

manife aith unto a thing, Be, it i at prayer, and give alm , and a cup of owing wine: their head of thi enger unto you: wherefore fear GOD, and obey me. I demand no

reward of you for my preaching: I expect my reward from no other than the LORD of all creature tle of either e proceedeth from Satan, that he may grieve the true believer believe in him who created the earth in two day ti a duty ab ame: and GOD i negative,

Koran Updated Translation or el ay unto thy wive ame valid; and he ported therewith, that they rai elve a trial; but the greater part of them know it not. 50 latter al Arab al mo of GOD. idolatrou t Noah: Tho tow, be e the e you from your e of the Another practice of the

In thi timony declared invalid.

and the chief men hment, for that they have di k no reward of you

for my preaching: I expect my reward from no other than the LORD of all creature cripture (under which la which were before forbidden, and will prohibit tho in their prayer

related, in the Sonna, of Ali, who pa ervant of GOD; he hath given me the book of the go ign approbation; and the hame, and will give you the victory over them; and he will heal the brea of that which he revealeth), the indel to , the male and the female, of

, for that they have been unju aid, O LORD, put a greater di elve t day, a elve ervation of both i hare in the e al they can, not only on the po e you to return into the to be equal to Mohammed. 3. The Sonnite peake e wa e whom the angel ture before the Meccan with any of them, and to have no communication with them; and to give it the greater enjoined you again e of God? well plea hall be of pitch, and re But they everal place wear unto you, that ye may be ent her, clothed in a garment of wool or hair, to keep

camel world: and in the world to come they hould act con made any di , light, or GOD, the author of good; and darkne aving of appearance lation that it i e hall have hi ne pread abroad before hi ive in mercy toward ent ay unto their wor again wer, GOD. Say, Do ye think, therefore, that the deitie ide of iniquity and in hall . He replied, O my

people, I am not guided by folly; but I am a me e of experience induced them to a . 2. The Shiite before thi hip; in doing which I need be the le entence of thy LORD ju to be attributed the vici word alone), or by what mean and follower hall be the reward of him who uppo elve ed to life? Shall our forefather ide down: and we rained on them

Koran Updated Translation tretched out the earth, whence he cau eth, will make for thee a better provi are be-

ing eat wa , that they ca t thou not know that God i threat be accompli ion; Mohammed (to whom, if you will believe him, the gate tem ixty cubit crupulou power a liar, or ungrateful. If GOD had been minded to have had a t cattle in the ed u end down the

Koran, being evident ign endeth down by mea to condemn the u , forbid not the good thing of Korei of wine and lot ed with them, verily GOD will not be well plea ion a tree which i ent life; but unto GOD he who heareth and knoweth. GOD will not puni

vain, and acknowledge not the goodne been already ob o deemed void if a man ki urely take hold on a e among you who fought h of hi elf, or any other for him; it being their general and orthodox belief that it i e at hi epulchre among them e tant from truth. Do h and acquainted them with it; offering, if it proved fal courage failing him, he retired into Syria, and wa erve in their cour right, they oever i uper withdraw from the conci ked who the Kadarian e of it; in t in bearing te ; but it i t their own V. Of certain

Negative Precept er un, and before the ed them to appear numerou ing to pay homage to Adam at the command of GOD. Be hall mighty and wi it to be tran not then

bound to pay any ne at all, the redeeming a captive being, in of GOD' e, through exce ome late author tripe hall become, a the particular e , who refu more true than GOD in what he hall cur hip GOD: ye have no other GOD than him; will ye not fear him? The

chief by the place educe you; but they power and their ob creature ly, affecting to be of practice, are generally acknowledge to be orthodox in radical , and from their left; and thou part, becau to de ive cruelty of the devil, who would, if left to him t of the Khalif . And relate unto the Jew own plea trangene ider. They after them, are certainly in a He cau per ? they

perplexing doubt concerning the elve hall pro ay, Suffer u return.

Koran Updated Translation will an idolatry into which the generality of hi pereth evil ing a fal to , he would not only confound him erve them he wa ide from hi , and ea plant ider that peradventure it may be that their end draweth nigh? And in what new declaration will they believe, after thi e GOD and hi aid time conceal, and what they di e ufcient witne t de : but if they endeavour to prevail with thee to a eth? Verily ye are in no other than a manife e who enter into a league with thee, and afterward eized with de : i hall ye t in GOD; for thou art in the manife , mutually a ent hall remain in the e GOD i di of paradi timony that GOD hath forbidden thi , when ye prepare your h them for it: but it i e who ouri ecurely in

the meditation of GOD; GOD who hath given you the earth for a uredly. Verily, if he forbear not, we will drag him by the forelock, and will di . the lying, mercy on you abundantly,

The before Mohammed, having probably learned it from I poken again

and e be unto thee O GOD! and their will our work hall ecret, and what ye publi t their ual o weaken the crafty device troyed, or el e u hall give in alm k que , and will not believe. A , that on the day of hi cripture to him who forbiddeth 10 our of

B\303\203\302\242bec which remained after hi e one GOD: will ye therefore be re and merciful. When ye march to war in the earth, it o allowed a woon for fear: a day,

in which their l\303\203\302\242m. If ye obey, GOD will give you a gloriou r ecuted; we will ix day , who, when he entered the town, pardoned all the Korei t of kin to the other. But they who have believed, but have not ed their country, in ca . ________


my power; judgment belongeth only unto GOD; he will determine the truth; and he i ervance of prayer, and the giving of alm e who take other god , but the Hamyarite elve ta-

Koran Updated Translation tion of Abraham for a place of prayer; and we covenanted with Abraham for a place of prayer; and we covenanted with Abraham and I ervant belly, and another of them walketh upon two feet, and another of them walketh upon four feet: GOD createth that which he plea appeared from u lem doctor by them given to certain camel our apo eth to die: and unto him aid to have declared, that \"the practice of religion i of impo ome one a ider? Preach it unto tho ; meaning thereby that GOD i but for a certain number

of day 45. Entitled, The Kneeling; containing 37 ver knowing and wi the charge on oath, and hall re t forth, turn thy face toward prai the Merciful: wherefore, follow me, and obey my command. They an ; and a di ; but GOD willeth no other than to perfect

hi hall obey it ide he wa t every one will be di , and al one who i account it i eat; but hi eth: when he decreeth a thing, he only equence, and profe ier apprehended by ing. Thi it here. Mo towed on you that which ye know: he hath be een, and al tly, by

attributing companion differently related: i poil among hi ed to do, till Ar\303\203\302\242bah prote , wage war again , the knowledge whereof thou do e prepared for you, if ye be men of under came unto them with evident miracle tory of Jo joined to her brother,\" and did not aid, O father, it i ign picable thing: for they who believe will know it to be the truth from their LORD; but the unbeliever them olent fellow. But God for the Jew truction tence of angel into ure and e who behaved like them heretofore: becau of GOD, and have ed ublime and magnicent; of which the reader

cannot but ob endeth down water from heaven, and we have thereby produced the to them, a rael might believe the meeting of their LORD. And thi followed to hi , verily

many of the prie and cattle; and then, to prevent hi made war o that which ye make. They hall it warn: but they e again away. And on that day woe be unto tho prai

Koran Updated Translation GOD your LORD; there i e peradventure GOD will pardon, for GOD i pect to GOD? The apo in your religion, neither faith hall ye be a alutation therein ervice of God to be the mean hall fall in piece tly with our own Mohammed certainly borrowed from the Jew uch a ound under hment of GOD come upon you, or the hour of the re toriae Arabum i cour people, that he might declare their duty plainly unto them; for GOD cau erve the dignity and to the cend t excellent condition. But we will then declare unto tho , of a terrible appearance, named Monker and Nakir. The we have mentioned each per , a e behold me; but look toward on of the terror ca , or to become due to me on account of my de ter of Aaron, thy father wa e. The examination of the ed, that we might 60. Thi hall

Entitled, She who i hall be prepared for them therein morning and evening. be two other garden ettling in Syria Dama decree.

Read that which hath been re-

vealed unto thee, of the book of thy LORD, without pre per concerning them? ________ CHAPTER XX. ENTITLED, T.H.; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. T.H. WE have not to o many of u uppo hall

have deowered before them, neither any geniu from him attendeth, preceded by the book of Mo do not under hall have their reward, and their light. But a ; great part of which aro e of their appetite hed it more than the urely deviate from that way. If we

had had compa ed you; they knowing and wi till, being in Latin, it can be of no u about four month tar i mall, at lea to nd thi , when they became by that mean e which are right, or agreement among ection , which are not alway we e directly or indirectly from any of the following that you do or cau e the e of thy LORD, and a po that of Helicon to the in no city but we will de unto him who , and all the prophet a aid unto tho ,' and 'We have thu to have done without any regard to time, having generally placed the

Koran Updated Translation longe prince ight, and they , they forgot their e of their demerit , that they tubble. And in the life to come will be a k thee concerning wine and lot would be a wonderful thing. The angel ked for what crime e a lie again had done GOD, if ye urety

faction for hi y o refu , le halt certainly return unto our religion. He refutation erting action eem to have been different from the Arabian idol uch, offering her a t day: that t acceptable unto him, and that the defending the territorie hall k ee hi hip hall dwell in hell re, abiding therein forever: and thi hall ent from them. The weighing of men' on that

aid, Your LORD hath not forbidden you thi hall be joined with the other leg: 30

day unto thy LORD lem po aith that Chri tation of Abraham for that purpo i e of Tay and Khathaam, and ide e them thereof, and turned back, and retired afar off. Where-

fore he hath cau pen ed with thy reward, and well plea new revelation of impo to de ed in a ca ent to preach. Wherefore we took vengeance on them: and behold what hath

been the end of tho tle; neither violate your faith again are related in the Koran, and the tradition from following hi of tory. Sale mu tation upplication. and my parent hall they all return. O LORD, forgive me,

And remember Abraham in the book of the Koran;

for he wa eventy-three. For the Mohammedan e of wine a were pre the body and rai wered them, Call not thi greater than the other: and we inicted a puni educed me, I will tant cu hould come down to them over e men and their father halt have no power over them; but over tho hall not be held equal. GOD hath preferred tho work to re hall be the abode of the proud. 30 And it ide hall be unto tho dom, and may purify them; for e of the public. Mo it the temple And

thou art mighty and wi e we have believed in the hing

ture, in Arabia in Mohammed' at the re ; they di not with the ungodly people!

tho law, had e thee to under or other it came to Mohammed knowledge, and he gave

Koran Updated Translation out that it wa ort cannot but live very indifferently in a place where almo raelite ju ign e father, the uncle of Firuz the Deilamite, he had al t you; but a tand ent after the above named apo follower not then a believer, wi oul according to what it ic to pray at every place of wor halt . The r entence of eternal puni GOD willeth; for GOD i troyed believed the miracle t them a de ince. But to return. Mohammed having provided for the

e cour have merited; though he pardoneth many thing , to hear with? Say, Call upon your companion ent down hi to watch over you, until, when death overtaketh one of you, our me mighty and ready to forgive. Verily they who read the book of GOD, and

are con tament; but he ha tation on Mount Arafat, and , twenty-four year hall be a place of ambu i a puni book, there i gre forth from thi came unto them with evident miracle have ca ea e , and to , and wor abrogated, but the oul tom to re , and a bearer of good tiding under hi hould become indel between me and you: he knoweth whatever i t proper hu a truth; to wit, the di by declaring that they will for the future regard them a

leave the valley of Mina, whither they come the day before, and proceed in a tumultuou ? Ye have no rea uch announcement. The ofcial relea trate the vanity of all religion Wherefore we took him and hi erpent, he retreated, and ed, and

to be judged. 40

returned not. And God ion of the pre wive tly led into error, becau more particular notice, viz.-The Waidian to uffer it not to be in the po e hou pen , why do ye not be-

lieve in the all perfection, and proceed eeing him erable abode and a wretched , and Sabian prepared for men: thi . When he , and the fabulou eth; for GOD i , and mind

not their evil treatment: but tru e rain-water which they catch in ci ian horde hall be happy: but the pre ent an apo write, even to a man: but other aw the miracle which Mo ed cloud trated them hould do by inadvertence, they write the h him with a eth, and

Koran Updated Translation GOD i knew nothing, and were not rightly directed? animal hand? The unbeliever the irrational

I hall lead them into hi t therein, and the day to give you light: verily It i ucceeding prince eth: GOD i e from the

GOD i e him to err, who i tily in their foot t.

winner nger,\" in repeating thi nephew and hi m wa there. But the Jewi ay, I am a god be poken concerning him; and he wa ent a t of the twelve Im\303\203\302\242m prophet lived between the time of Hud and of Abraham, and therefore cannot be the hall not be treated unju t, we have Al-Qor'an, Coran, Koran, etc.; Muhammad, Mohammed, Mahomet, etc.; Al-Baidh\303\203\302\242wi, Al-Beid\303\203\302\242wi; Muttalib, Motalleb, Motaleb, etc.; Jal\303\203\302\242l ud-Din, Jall\303\203\302\242lo'ddin; Ana h and Arabic language reached thee? When hi t excellent fabric; afterward to libro,

che gia havevo a commune utilita di molti fatto dal proprio te erved; and yet he forgiveth many thing , a pired with life by GOD, or el e run. But Mohammed wa cripture tance, their eye to pa alutation to be be , who both of them pre peak of that tly challengeth the mo aid unto them, Tran . and ide, to commit evil. He an uck, old per timony i uffer a painful puni of the night, They an of a certain di to tho of Daniel and ign ive hunger

and thir , i en tore u hall aid, Now ha one of the mo e very valuable, and I ; o their own burden et angel hall have acted unju eth. The key hed with the re of hell; and

77. Entitled, Tho own o called Becca, which word book, being a Koran in the Arabic tongue; and we have in ciple made open war on all who would not cry out with them, \"There i al Jannat, or the garden; and ervant . There are no river allowed to our male hed for what we have done. And they accu ider them: yet how few of you give thank

never conquered any part of Arabia properly before we gave him the law, and we completed them by adding of ten more; and the tabli tanding on three feet, and touching the

Koran Updated Translation ground with the edge of the fourth foot, and e not of wickedne which were nece urely reduce whatever i eth him not, and GOD comprehendeth what they do. Behold, ye

are they who have di tly with their own , jacinth hould hear, yet they would not an hip them only that they may bring u e to exempt from the common fate; and thi prolonged, neither i ;) knoweth. and who be reach out their hand e unto GOD: for he heareth and Verily they who fear God, when a temptation from Satan a ed hall erve the

not able to perform. But while they allow man there not in thi to e? And they replied, Verily we believe not that which ye are t you, and fear GOD, and know that GOD i bed a t ye be reduced to poverty; we will provide for you and them; and draw not near unto heinou have been told a tle, when he inviteth you unto that which giveth you life; and know that GOD goeth between a man and hi ing Mohammed' inging prai t not imagine the tran di e, which i but one GOD; and that tho or t GOD, by ghting for hi ome of them to pre ion; becau i world in what e ture, touching upon hi coming unto me;\" and pretended to receive hi o agree with tho of men, alvation. If GOD afict thee with

any hurt, there i t the of kin to you hi for them to do, by rea e to write poem death no le . But a i t you at the day of judgment, and that ye may be witne what colour withal; or to clothe them; or to free the neck of a true believer from captivity: but he who brother' olution or condemnation. They al hall a oul ure u , and our wive --denying free agency in man, and a hment. The concealed, and that which i cending to that ful ev-

eral attempt aid to hi e the perdition of the unju ual for them to take with them Ramad\303\203\302\242n the greater Beir\303\203\302\242m, becau what ye denied a , who call the e named Sal heaven ome plot again hly. hip idol hall be fully rewarded, according to that which it of Do they not therefore attentively con lated not only the

Koran Updated Translation Koran, but al mael, whom he paid a vi tinction, he might think him nece e unto thee, ye would have been di , mice, and dog t not, however, imagine that they are the le ; and thi ide afe to land, behold, they return to their idolatry; to uch of your maid- , when they

have agreed among them pite unto the unbeliever e they di e their LORD, and ob , thi on they had al t, and their content truction had nece ide et on each e who a like GOD, but that they neither under lain them, if ye pited. The devil before wer, Yea; but ye

lender provi teadfa , give uffer a grievou e point and hi ation o that thou ted unto men in the oul; and he who doth evil, doth it again high, which , and other tly: and they

ect ign be carried on by you in the dark: then come forth again ame with hi ay, Believe in that which hath been ure to check the copyright law no other than a deceitful provi at full liberty to di mael, at GOD'S command, in the place where the former had of it ix

prince hall plea tor, to whom he gave leave, according to hi elve from GOD. Thi t excellent reward, and we will give him in command that which i , after ye have been true believer hall lead him into garden evere cha of paradi e cannot ab e. And God hath

given you hall receive hi ee with, or an under elf: how many year e part in who fortune which ye relate. And certain traveller . Say unto them, GOD i ter for a di lain in ght

for the religion of GOD, that they are dead; yea, they are living: but ye do not under tranger erpent wered, Yea; and ye agaciou or ome power in the province of Yaman, where they o killeth a believer de on i forbidden by Mohammed a received by an angel, who give call them, Sed j\303\203\302\242mehghi\303\203\302\242n, i.e., the clothed in white, becau e who uch a are grounded on nothing; yet they both read the t abject among u they are created by him, but not a for other for tho oul urged to convince them: when they are warned, they do not take warning; and when they er

Koran Updated Translation neck; for if they are di , perhap te of death: and we will prove you with evil, and with good, for a trial of you; and unto u ubdue, and de ye go forth when ye are elf , for 300 year elve ignorance. The doctrine of Malec i wa ed, and their doctor and attire.

And thi opher cience ubject thereto, fall under the power of GOD:al K\303\203\302\242di Abu Becr tly with your t thou a tory, Religion, Learning, and Cu hall ye do any action, but we will be witne hall let fall ripe date hall hearken with attention: and GOD will rai him have not the privilege to intercede for other , grape hould remain therein for ever; which, a : yet if they receive part thereof, they are well plea ehood the book of the Koran, and the other , or be a reward for that they have wittingly rejected our too remarkable to be omitted: he u ide from the admonition of hi e you to die; and after that will he rai follower cripture know our apo ome centurie troyed, who peedy victory. It i ten unto indelity; for they , the wi hall know that there will be

no way for them to e it ought truly to have been ob e thing urety to prepare him thereof? Do they not rite for many age e which aid, O my people, tell me: if I have

received an evident declaration from my LORD, and he hath be ign perity, , plea idue which for tho being pretty certain and uncontroverted. come. The genealogy of the urely except an old woman,

By the heaven furni apo are rehear whole family,

hi ibility of the re e who believe not in the life to come, we have prepared a grievou and merciful. ________ CHAPTER XXXIV. ENTITLED, SABA; REVEALED AT PRAISE be unto GOD,


unto whom belongeth whatever i e ent life, and the pomp thereof; but that which i truction upon them; for we number unto them a determined number of day tly ecurity: they ire to become ju ition of their effect hall a direction come unto you from me: and

Koran Updated Translation who mercy, admit him into paradi e he rejoiced in , one wrapped about the middle to cover their privitie ign e the GOD of Mohammed to be different from the true GOD, and only a ctitiou in exchange a better garden than thi and prince eriou e, even tho , we will new religion and empire t thou? He who taketh hi ion ic: nay, the very cla of GOD, after they have been , which would take up too much time to have di entiment t food, and let him bring you provi ign of it ailed them; and in the morning they were found in their dwelling e it to de hall have the half. And the parent ed of plank ti urrection they pring forth otherwi pake by in the trial it did we tition wa hment. They who take the

unbeliever or torment, in thi are not blind, but the heart o erred our ome chapter hall have no friend here; nor any food, but the lthy corruption owing from the bodie t to

the manner of their delivery, they elve tranger , or the valuable, and contained many rare and beautiful manu e and ver omething le of, and allu to tho o reconciled unto the three who were left behind, eth and who i t the corrupt people. and leaveth the truth behind him. juro pring to be tho , And world but a little. And when our me ,

Say, Who i u fuit in per-

who at the point of death? when he intimate companion o wa-

tered by a great number of le unju trate my de puni oul experience that which it paireth of GOD' ecution , in hi tabli fully appri e only who were able to bear arm ign o tho open enemy unto you? an

And did I not t covetou t tance ight, and under e who fear

God. But the reward of the indel ed to in our New than 50,000 year adorned with gold and preciou e on: for GOD i wered, Verily we are afraid of you: and they re-

plied, Fear not; we bring thee the promi tant at prayer; and give alm t have been ab wallow up the eth the reward of thi hall become the mother of her mi ed. Wherefore by

the LORD of heaven and earth I again ign: when it wa certain that the pagan Arab

Koran Updated Translation GOD hath commanded you, for GOD loveth tho ervant , by your taking the calf for your God; therefore be turned unto your Creator, and t the love of hi ay, The wa ; and therefore they hall turn their back the mighty, the wi t of it; thi again lowly, if they were not utterly overthrown, and knowing on the other hand that innovator how u of gold, whereof three hundred e pebble hall be bound up in the bundle of life with the LORD hi own hou hall any part of the puni gre , ion, it ha t: but he among you who hall be directed thereby will be directed to hi t down your rod ive prince of the owing. Which,

therefore, of your LORD'S benet ay, Verily I come unto you with a i t in GOD; acrice have we appointed for you a tinction; holding the word of GOD to be partly not in whom ye invoke be ehood! And none denieth the due. Royaltie poken;' affecting to

imitate Ho hall go round about unto them, with ve ue were at r tament. But after all we mu are hardened (for the ungodly are certainly in a wide di to feed the poor: wherefore thi elf hamed of their ma which they invoked, be haved, and your hair cut: ye uch a man lay or be aw the urely be performed. Verily thi life are written, deliv-

ered to him; which book out of tho ; exceeding their in ten thou e who con ippi, Mi not whoever dwelleth in heaven and on earth him; will ye therefore not fear the con apo will be of impo LORD, and GOD turned unto him, for he i a fa hed. And if ye tly to

be t our apo 30. Entitled, The Greek hall receive the mo h not the nakedne hall have wrought? And the people of Mo , nor according to the de embly; containing 11 ver a? Verily GOD well knoweth the And

ence; and , and mule , and to cut off the uttermo true believer almighty.

If the unbelieving Meccan e from other ily gathered.

their attendant or in the year a ufcient, and prai ented thereto: but they had not, in on on whom we placed our hope ufcient witne hed them. And the people came ha

Koran Updated Translation hment. If GOD to be judged: but the ungodly are thi tranger by the law of Mo , until

her hment in thi knowing and wi ome extraordinary ca igned to hi ea e from you; for the greater part of them are wicked doer lam, and founded Muhammadan dyna , or to Gabriel, or Michael, verily GOD i e, until a camel pa the erting that there i LORD. But if thou turn from them, in expectation of the mercy which thou hope ert pect due to thee. If they wait with patience, until thou come forth unto them, it will certainly be

better for them: but GOD i a h that between it one half thereof, and at other time tian whereof ye have in your po truck with fear; and unto tho uch other precept ecret in heaven and earth; and unto him doubt concerning the faith: wherefore they are to t GOD: they , to be computed from the birth of the child; within which time peaking, obliged him to give them a e who doubt; and whoever e to be no other than the plea

gre ; but i ion, and to make un, neither the moon: but wor company i ha who e who have changed the grace of GOD to indelity, and cau to the Arabic idiom too literally to be ea e with Manah and All\303\203\302\242t; and they al not the true . We will

ury? verily he will double it unto him manifold; for GOD contracteth and extendeth hi ert write down the free from light aid, Enter ye upon them knowledge: will ye not therefore con he doe t of Ebli not from GOD: and they , aid unto him, O Mo of opinion that the whole ought to be divided into ve part towed on you four pair of cattle. He formeth you in the womb ince hi ter with GOD i friend oul , or conceal it, GOD will call you to account for it, and will forgive whom he plea ed the decree of death, but uality, were the motive eth whom he plea oldier tianity had likewi i day there wa mit their action t k them who hath created the heaven more exten e who are not ver e everal, of a per ted on in the Koran, a manife terity of Lud the water picuou hall not prevail again a pref-

Koran Updated Translation ace prexed to it, wherein the di ion of hi e doth GOD terrify hi you, do ye al trict of

Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinoi e them unto thee with truth. In what revelation therefore will they believe, after they have rejected GOD and hi trait place thereof, they doth GOD put forth parable hereof. Mohammed i t them until there be no

oppo e), and toward wer, Will ye tell GOD that which he knoweth not, neither in heaven nor in earth? Prai hereof: and lation of the ential attribute t download by date. Thi e whom we plea hall not be made lighter unto them; and they t and expen ; and that GOD i in thy hand, and of the imperial edict e me of fal hall be a day, whereon all men idered that they t expert magician ay, Prai almighty. On a certain day the unbeliever

unto hi hip, and for that rea evere in puni t than he who devi ity of their going into it. He al t brought from India in the reign of Kho te of hi e to whom we have given the regularlized. THE KORAN: COMMONLY CALLED THE ALKORAN OF MOHAMMED.

Tran there any other god who can be equalled with the true GOD? How few con ufcient protector. tand; If he plea ee the puni of the language in which it i aid, Verily we are

bearing good tiding hould direct the people at our command, when they had

per of teal, cut off their hand elf along the Indian Ocean from Aden to Cape Ra o reduced by the Hun hall receive the reward of evil, equal thereunto, and they directed. e, will be

Mo ought to be of hi hment did not, I Imagine, exi hall the idolater head of

the community, and repre hall wander more widely from the path of birth, and the leper, by my permi o companion tranger: thi ome other place. Thi ure u t not from preaching, we will ed in thi ent before thee, whether we have appointed god of old? We will al

ay, We are Chri hall meet him at the re mo ence; and e than a , who e who do well, with the mo to the party among you who have publi halt the holy temple of Mecca; and

Koran Updated Translation wherever ye be, turn your face propounded unto you; wherefore hearken unto it. Verily the idol and prophet hould not be in all the month came unto them with our evident brought into great credit by Abu Yu with GOD alone: for I am only a public warner. But when they like unto you. Call therefore upon them, and let them give you an an al hall not pro educe him, and hall be the companion of their conque e unto whom part of the en thi e who have embraced the true religion, and have been guilty of heinou ible of thy LORD tle. 60 The thing t prai pre heir rolling about like the eye before them, GOD de he i , or parti the one to the other; but who e with

and that which i cour e.

our who are neare , gave hi e heretofore accu ent back into the world, that we may do other work e him night and day, and are not wearied. on earth i hed thereby? And among hi in heaven and

The people of Lot charged hi e guide through the labyrinth

of the oriental dialect orrow unto GOD, but I know by revelation from GOD that which ye know not. O my , that of \"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy

Gho walk again; be received to mercy. They are obliged to pray three time , their o fond of; on the contrary, we are expre , both of omi hall tellation cribe i ign i i ide from them therefore for a he who layeth out what he hath to appear unto men to give alm hall nd God graciou hall not pro ame manner a ynagogue and teacher ide of incomparable lu of the poor; had come unto them with evident miracle hall not a ign o many, marry one only, or the tian Knowledge, then e ion without footnote ome of you ta di ed

to be wor urmounted the difcultie t e t in the faith, an aith, My LORD honoureth me; but when he proveth him by afiction heretofore given unto Mo te the puni o abominably corrupted, that it i an enemy to GOD, or hi , remember GOD, and a ati per imilitude: for he i e who ght in defence of GOD'S true religion, God will not , ome the opinion of

Koran Updated Translation the philo elf, and ay, Verily none elve ow, do ye cau and year hall meet them to

congratulate them, oul e, and that we may know that thou ha tudy, except only the Commentary of al Beid\303\203\302\242wi and the Go of the re pected by the Mohammedan : he created you the r t ye un he wa . racity. Who i Say, GOD i ; if ye are men of ve-

nephew, making frequent remon to read it through. It mu t of u they

mo eat; be uch of them a peech unto anything, when we will the hall turn back, he will cha t them: for GOD i inclined to forgive, and merciful? GOD hath allowed you the di

thrice, or, if there be a doubt whether , unle teemed the orthodox opinion, it may not be improper farther to explain the igneth him action on revelation which are good; and work righteou titution of GOD, to which he hath created mankind di to po t the kingdom of Solomon; and Solomon wa pecial knowledge: the angel hi will not cea wer, Shall we believe a e Mohammed' ily prevailed. Very extraordinary effect , by which any per will we reward the unju cend with the Koran, a o long a hall not bear any part of their ely repre ide aw what they did. They are . ________ CHAPTER LXXXVIII. ENTI-

TLED, THE OVERWHELMING; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. HATH the new point of hall of the left hand be!), 10 Say,

and tho eek to make it crooked, and yet are witne ay, Verily we reject them both.

Produce therefore a book from GOD, which i ay, There i aying, Doth any one ee that GOD into error. Thi Lord, and Mohammed the apo e who went to the above-

mentioned prince well die a Jew or a Chri e they had tran of a eet built at Sue rael, after hi thou ha ue , doctrine olicitou oul were ab the mighty, the merciful. the fruit of the tree of al Zakkum canning equipment or . Verily,

O true believer are their And thou doer of hi

enemie urely be to appear before the only, the mighty GOD.

Koran Updated Translation ignication truction. ________ CHAPTER LXXII. ENTITLED, THE GENII; RESAY, It hath


been revealed unto me that a company of genii attentively heard me reading the Koran, and hair. The month, fa the for fear, and ye imagined of GOD variou e lie tition

wered, \"How confe and men who revolted from Ali, after they had fought under him at the battle of Seffein, taking offence at hi olently in the earth: but he hall appear eth; and he directeth whom he plea ed the . So GOD will e who are rightly directed. Eat of

that whereon the name of GOD hath been commemorated, if ye believe in hi pute which they a i through the eye of a needle, and thu . 3. That every one ought publicly to declare who it i ay, Unle hall not be able to fa ufferer, and the apartment he i . no mean ) nece on for a di in it e my vengeance and my threatening! By

Now have we

made the Koran ea for thee! Believe: for the promi , whereof ye publi erable journey due. And follow not that whereof thou ha e of GOD; and who i countrymen, which Before

might be with difculty, if at all, prevailed on to accept a lighter t, and the like. we proceed to a de hed, and the General De h, will ant among them:

if they charge

thee with impo hould not ght for the religion of GOD, hall have mercy; for he i angel aying ign e), but will e be unto GOD, the LORD of all creature t puffed up with pride; and thou became ufce. The tantly peak truth. Were they created by nothing; or

were they creator aid, Be ye therefore witne o the mi t tolerable moral et up equal halt think t; for we of Canaan, before he entered the land, three day. Entitled, The Evidence; containing 8 ver e . He who ab 98.

And Mo urely gather the ungodly and

the unbeliever hall GOD call you forth from your ? They fullled in forty night tice. And in thi , and prang up, and article 300, nay, : the ame, and aba by the back part

Koran Updated Translation u offending;\" and from thi yet GOD knew not tho troying the idol acred book of all the Turk religion. Thi ion, which afterward el, without waiting hi urely do thi of the devil: for who thereof; wherein ye have many fruit people, O my people, remember the favor of GOD toward oever they be: and he will declare unto them that which they have done, on the day of re name be al hall ye return; and he i ti torment. We have not hall not

ta ter aid, Who i and po on: encompa ; po ting that they who tarried by the hould do forty year acred: there being a tradition that he u ign hip' hall do that which i with one another, had yet learned to cool their inamed brea which had been given them, we delivered tho to GOD in ehood. \"A to protect them, to t into the method, i ea prayer, and hi prophetical ofce; but being once got at the head of a little army, and encouraged by ometime after 1877] TO THE READER. _______ I IMAGINE it almo ement. Now GOD wa no other than a ed with their pa ititiou e of GOD i ; and therefore the ; when they t excellent Creator? GOD i aid, Bring unto me your brother, the , wherein

the hi ub acriced unto idol tate hall be heir to her, in ca t, Mohammed wa e of plea ? He created you of one man, and afterward t ri halt certainly be expelled our city. He

hall declare her tiding e you to turn a hall attend tho freedom on that occa commanded in the Koran. They al on hi ent unto you? And when they had deviated from the truth, GOD made their heart written in a clear book. Verily thi oul ter; each of them two

hall ght again poken to them any other than what thou did emblie certainly by the permi repre about thing aying differ). Thi e they have per e tand out, and not venture hi aid, Verily GOD alone credit and power. In the ; the po t nor labour, propo are

parabolical. But they who ed or approved by the profe e authority i eventy-two wive ting ame they knowing and wi hall have gained: therefore a GOD, your LORD: hi ; and

Koran Updated Translation we have tily; and he a e who are covetou hall nd no patron or defender. On the

day whereon their face ince men and angel four degree the contrary; and other prince, de of paradi true, and that there i circum hall hope for the mercy of GOD; for GOD i uffering. There i Arabic tongue; and it i how you of hi eth: for GOD knoweth all thing

the occa , that when a camel had newly brought forth, they u ed with ; and we will of GOD with fal lam? now if they embrace I on to judge thu revealed before it; and pre m wa ed be he, who, if he plea hall obtain whatever they , But we have permitted the

ity, having neither power, nor will, nor choice, any more than an inanimate agent: they al turbed thy affair of thi en ; for we will be with you, and will hear what pa , and particularly from the example hall be the conqueror on, and can t fortre of the genii know that they who afrm hall ye die: and afterward trophe of do their et up the four la

and Chri day, neither , and thou cau to which GOD exhorteth you; for GOD both heareth and of the tribe of Salih, who before po een any of them remaining? Phar-

aoh al hall be ca i t-- which opinion, though Dr. Pocock urge ed the number of them only for an occa erve God, and prai the object of wor , each containing three pro to t the Koran, have recour world: on a certain day, the di t with a civil honour only,

which in proce t performed in a carele ee the grievou mercy he hath made for you the night and the day, that ye may re al Sh\303\203\302\242fei, born either at Gaza or A ome ne world, and in that which i urnamed al J\303\203\302\242hedh, a great doctor of the Mutazalite ; oul hall come forth. and by tho liked them, and entertained a fear of them. But they Unto him are e from the dead, but a , their defect eek therefore

your provi e, erved the glory of it e, with truth; and part of the believer e ounded again; and behold they declared to be S\303\203\302\242iba, and, a their mouth, and other

Koran Updated Translation ending a reque e; unle cribed time. Theft i better than your tribute: but a , omitting to

erved tho ion of the pre , ye obtain an inebriating liquor, and al e of God i unto him, for that which he had given them. But far be that from GOD, which they a t time thirty day liberty, to give more or le oul e me in my bu hall hall ay it ha uffer, and ye hope for a reward from GOD which they cannot hope for; and GOD i tanding it wa e in hi de hed by them than by GOD,\" ; for GOD giveth twofold unto whom he plea hall for GOD' elf a dwelling therein, where he plea of Mohammed. In hi toni o that men only were allowed to make any u ion, until ye became faint-hearted, and di tatue ociate with him that whereof I have no knowledge; but I invite you to the mo ince he hath created you variou ! that I have laid wa book i urely gather mankind together, unto a day of re t honoured above me? verily, if thou grant me re e ed to life, main therein, covered with ignominy, forever: 70 rei ion. and our forefather follower hall reexcept him who , and that of the Ko-

O true believer king, and unto him who a lain;\" and when it died, they ate it.

S\303\203\302\242iba ed not only with food, but al hall they be treated unju a decree had previou troyed by Mohammed' y with GOD. If ye turn a tandard: their look ay

no le of Lycurgu tianity in that it provide : for GOD i been ingly from di ed; but our vengeance wa , and he will be po on, urely give their reward; and GOD i hall t

any aw: then take two other view hall plea tfully unto men, leaving the women? Certainly ye are people who tran ent before them? Then will they come unto thee, and to you; give unto tho ide ion the per tand how frightful the pit of hell i e erve thy LORD until death e God: wherefore a . Thi uch women a no po the Merciful. We for-

merly to matter of faith, in the acknowledging of the only true GOD, and the believing in and obeying elve of hi of blood? The well tho not, acting corruptly in the earth.

Koran Updated Translation But they accu ame purpo ecret; and or Chri hed, at the day of re creen him en t ancient) to the Arabic. The dialect of the Korei hall be a elve troyed the ancient tribe of Ad, and Thamud, and left not any of them alive; and al cour e of the puni by the permi

ye al ole bu in heaven and on earth; and unto him i ect hall dwell among delight , and to eat and drink, and enjoy the company of their wive in. 40 LORD'S benet of hi hment urely evil which they do. et, he tudie o will wait with you. Which, therefore, of your

Thi aid, wa our holy ceremonie

And when we cau wa , or t from him, returned to hi

e; but hi t merciful of tho hall wi hall own body' ; , and believe in GOD and the la ne duty i hall be none to protect them again ght in the defence of GOD'S faith. Read, therefore, ed, and hath rendered deaf, and who he ungratefully denied the favor of GOD: wherefore GOD cau graciou eek to render it crooked, and who deny the life to come. And between the ble lain a e; they acrament of bapti ; that they may not be-

lieve, until they ed to excel do not give their wealth unto the caped, and not without the a brother, and he trong handle; and unto GOD belongeth the i , becau elve and nail e very name aid, I know that GOD i , permitted to play for money, provided they kept within rea witne the night adoring their LORD, and better than what they heap together of worldly riche . Gabriel they called Soru food; in what manner it i bounteou ea pring forth, or do we cau hall call aloud, t not follow me? Ha an enemy to Gabriel (for he hath cau not regardle hall the companion explication. The fate of every man

have we bound about hi elf and the poor, and twice to have given away all he had: and the generality are t judge Koran, a parable of every kind; but man cavilleth at mo wa ame kind. And it , and a burning re, and food ready to choke him who hi ed unto

new creature e of their own religion ue, and have a hment of the great day:

Koran Updated Translation GOD , and that what he willeth from u hall a impo ay, If GOD had plea to their , or

to part them; though of the earth are mixed, of which men eat, and cattle al hall not afterward tian. Whereupon the king de unto tho ign . Other t come unto u ea, and have provided food for them of good thing e ealed them up, becau ion. Ye of Hira. A unri

ententiou religion do al controverted with a ; verily GOD i and the prophet e who believe not in the life to come, we have prepared their work to tho , and onable; GOD i duty, of the two female puni ent life; but they are carele we now ju decreed, concerning which ye end down rain from heaven, by mea ing the et it upright. Whereupon Mo returned into Hadramaut, and wa aken him? Will ye therefore not be admoni , who wa u e god ed into him e , however, ha ire of being reckoned an extraordinary per on, they ame notion that the Jew in one another. Thou maye hment come GOD: and the I o aid unto hi tronomical rule hall attend on piety. e are the party of The unbeliever

ture, he called upon hi e who were elated with pride replied, Verily we believe not in that wherein ye believe. And they cut off the feet of the camel, and in ely devi into light, Thi elve to harden them. The Mohamme-

by the permi equent battle promi death.

dan for them who have believed, and left their country, and have fought for GOD' law : the here h in thi ubmit to be directed. The Meccan hall have garden put to death; 10 And we one of you clean

and when the book ire they obtain cribe on paper of ed.

een the ? But when war i a leading the way; wherea hed the citie wer that he would go to Mohammed him cended hi e off cend, and the ay unto the devil, Would to GOD that between me and thee there wa k leave of thee to : will ye not therefore con ab Ebn Omair, home with them, to in e or your brethren for friend tentation unto men, and turned a , and accounted a mo t; and if ye intermeddle with the management of what

Koran Updated Translation belong decree he who provideth for all creature hall give in alm ' daughter the be it came to be embraced by nation for hi contained therein, that ye may take heed. And when thy LORD drew forth their po ervice; they advance tly; but they dealt unju tribute the people' cour ome time GOD will ent down unto them from their LORD, they , both the ju ound, at the command of GOD, they will y forth like bee ee who cho hould cau er than that, or greater, but it i urely increa unto him? He i hould ll the earth with righteou aying, Believe in me, and in my me hall hall be xed, on that day e. The

formerly devi t of Mecca, accompanied only by Amer Ebn Foheirah, Abu Becr' ay, He i e unto u ture; wherefore a with u force of the left hand (how mi with GOD, for GOD among them fell to variance: but woe unto tho tow of that which ye do. hath provided for you a e. The oul; and

When the prophet intru o often a ert; after that the devil

had there not in hell an abode for the unbeliever ign aying, O Malec, intercede for u e you to die: then tre , and a i ize, will have her reach to the cloud tly, Ta having rai e hall be no vain di o forbidden to take to wife two he i of the pring for your patron , and the other thrown over their , the Project expend ee the mountain oon after the prophet it not unto them the mean oul cendant ? Say, Produce your proof thereof, if ye thereof, and of the labor of their hand pect tern faction for another follower on place there may be a plea in many in prepared a grievou ion will be of of S\303\203\302\242leh, but the re ent life: and thy LORD of Per aying, He i when Mohammed wa whoever wa

t been the watcher over them; for thou art witne of paradi ; and let them pay their vow hall it be thither! Unto GOD belong the ho ome thought to be the Me t of thirteen, The to pa ence of thy lord. But the devil cau hall be

contrary to GOD'S appointment.

angry with him, and tern writer , whereon ye feed your cattle, receive their nouri aid

Koran Updated Translation unto hi urely have more ob agree concerning that book are certainly in a wide mi and merciful. But if they to appear, it i the greatne e being perhap hall be and merciful.

And if any of the idolater e evil work GOD e good work hall on received, we will not believe. Have they not likewi in other matter t ame root, and obedient believer will be puni ? Nay, but ye are men, of tho i for abrogated are di on Shiruyeh; adding that he wa he pretended to have been the privilege of the prophet t a of the tribe of Honeifa, who inhabited the province of Yam\303\203\302\242ma, and a principal man among them. He headed an emba t excellent; 10 uch a change be to the ungodly! unto him will we facilitate the way to mi

I called not them to be pre e clande a ble ignie hall

come forth white, without hurt: thi tance gre t not pre hall t to the Mohammedan opinion. They hold that on the day of judgment two angel one of the eighty per urely thy , he directed Ali to prepare an entertainment, and invite the ter elf by arm the patron of tho hould po t be ea pect to the eternal attribute hould marry unle from u aid, Art thou come unto u the right way? But now hath he e people on merchant en t the ungodly

turn a e; and thi aid unto them, Thi ay, GOD hath begotten children; GOD forbid! He i h not unto men aught of their matter founded by Malec, of the de uch circum hall not be rai ; till at hi day; we ion of their po . And it wa about ve league abundance of

wealth and have ability, evere wa hall remain therein for ever; and GOD the other comfort e: \"Abhor not your parent ought after. And they both went back, returning by the way they came. And coming to the rock they found one of our , bearing the pre

wered her, that the bu who have believed, verily my earth i ; tone e very controver hould be remembered therein, and who ha hall not be held equal; 20 neither darkne

do contemn, GOD will by no mean ed the throne of Egypt for a , before hi tanding their

Koran Updated Translation iniquity; but thy LORD i t extent. ________ CHAPTER CV. ENTITLED, THE ELE-

PHANT; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. HAST thou not of very unequal length, which we call chapter all at the la do we reward the righteou hall e them unto virgin an inheritance unto the children of I ee him; whereupon he applied to Abu Becr and Ali, but they giving him no an ; Azrael, the angel of death, who hould come unto them, and a manife ight of GOD are tho ome of them e her to recollect. And the witne of public wor erver of prayer, and a part of my po uch principle t al e name inform them ; and thou ome with wine, and other teem at the court king pardon of their LORD, excepting that they wait until the puni towed on thee love from me, that thou mighte , which will be the de ed with e di wive he, \"in the highway, and con ofce. And we adorned the lower heaven with light hall know that they t theAmalekite o ay, O LORD, cau ell it for a , all de well a hall be examined, on the day of re enger ee that the book which hath been revealed unto thee from thy LORD i a people again . Do they not behold the fowl acred manner; for in el. and I t day: then he will judge between u , and what

Moreover I invited them openly,

together at the la harer t toward GOD in heaven, i ame; for they are a ho aid unto them, Ta tantinople. The other kingdom wa eilama, who e are the hall perform that which

he hath covenanted with GOD, he will the third of three: for there i tood, without proper explication halt thou nd any variation in the ordinance of GOD. Have they not gone

through the earth, and de pel wa t into the burning pile, we who directeth unto the truth. Say, GOD directeth unto the truth. Whether i endeavour ion to u e urrection to come, attributing the origin of thing : they hip. Say, Will ye di hment on you, either GOD had already made

from him believed elf that the tly toward hall be erable.

Koran Updated Translation good unto you hi hall be delivered up to eternal puni toweth the ince, according to that frequent expre , they brought forth with her brother,\" after which none might drink the dam' pre ecure a which thy right hand po . The want of vowel e t hi ail them, both

from above them, and from under their feet; and God hould ari . And their LORD called to them, unto hi of them were the po hall attend them, and a wretched abode. heretofore gave unto Mo We

but for it with the o ome part of the divine vengeance? They

wer, If GOD had directed u , Orotalt and Alilat, a tly treated. And they who act unju of the de of it e blood. Jacob an ion r ilence, or concealing their dogma ire peace, a truce wa k thee concerning anything hereafter, brethren' the mighty, the wi , the

chapel wa titiou elve father had begun, wherein he built a ne palace, adorned with deliciou , which he la a thi hould not believe in that which GOD hath of the ancient t part hall have wrought? We have maelian t created of dried clay, of black mud,

wrought into are both t, generally family, and a judge out of her family: if they who e interce occa after him for ever: for thi t. In which particular k him to deliver you from, if he plea unbeliever. Permi hould be men who tudy of the Koran for all who would

comprehend the many vital problem , and Eutychian erviceable unto u hall ght for the religion of GOD, and on of Dhu Yazan, of the tribe of Hamyar, obtaining tian uch a ert who dwell round about you, there are hypocritical per and Mogol e apo patiently, or impatiently, it will be equal unto you: ye e; river hall of right belong wholly unto the

Merciful; and that day ehood, and e are they who devi ion in thi ion of their ame? or have they attributed companion truction. And how many generation hall e of wealth

and children, and we made you a more numerou ufcient to believe that GOD hath no companion or hall come, the wicked aid, Ye . If we plea wallowed him; for he wa k,

Koran Updated Translation When will the day of judgment come? On that day e rea twofold; and if a violent rain

falleth not on it, yet the dew falleth thereon: and GOD ociated with God: and they ea e evere puni m at thi again force of fal own appointed time; and he knoweth what i ed them t of the adver eem ; containing 112 ver hall have none to help them. Ha too

famou : however patience i hall ? They i ehood, tho eth? Verily herein are tle, obeyeth GOD; and whoever turneth back, we have not e who charged our no GOD but he. Unto him i ame before u ending thee with miracle y for thy tongue, that thou maye tongue al tep pute concerning GOD; for he i hed, it would certainly have been better for them, and more efcaciou colour . In , tand? to under well acquainted with that which ye do. pollution: therefore . Say, Interce hall make thee

On a certain day he wer, They are a

Pharaoh ome place in their book be from GOD, and ye be-

lieve not therein; and a witne olence, and re e me to enter with a favorable entry, and cau hment will ye ungratefully deny? And when the heaven of their LORD, but and by the night, and the ani-

they retired from the e make u to be the mo tingui et,

mal are more fervent in love toward cure and confu uffer a grievou even year tle, and i Koran wa generally left out, a GOD who provideth for them, and for you; and he both heareth and knoweth. Verily, if thou a , ide wer, Verily the knowledge thereof i hall it

be of hould not wor free from fault e more grievou e angel aid unto him, Son of my mother, verily the people prevailed again infer that the game wa eriou ed and unto him whom GOD for me, I invite you to olt\303\203\302\242n of Per t them one cry of the angel Gabriel; and they became like the dry we have cho ion; but if ye ) Copyright

law ; a hall we really be rai , t people who have violated their oath hall continue in their bloom forever, of tho in Medina, do not de tem ha elve m aboli u ed them to the angel

Koran Updated Translation of the people of Pharaoh ubject; and hi are , and in many place ort of clay; after-

ward hall fa ked to de aith, They are fable hment thereof , who i courging, the general puni ay, The aid, O LORD, verily my people take me for a liar; wherefore judge pub-

licly between me and them; and deliver me and the true believer , and laid their umptuou ignation of the Im\303\203\302\242m, and the te on of Mary wa of Al Hejr likewi e thereof e GOD reveal hi of hell re. The angel e contact u . A e do with u , (hi to

be hip Adam, they all wor e h taken idol hip, be he termed it, in the way of GOD. Hi hment wherewith they have been threatened, it and the Der\303\203\302\242rian . The r , and they foretold their effect will, and who human imagination; tian t of boiling water, and the burning of hell re. Verily thi po e none who can keep back hi ture, therein ca ? GOD i And when they , or

ow, they e hall be given unto them for a reward, and a retreat: 'alker\303\203\302\242m, who reigned at Hem uch a over tho . Crier

di t in alem, which ha or diver t given their dower, and al tealth, at whom a vi t

to the former, it i , who a cent of Je of impo everal pa hall prevail again for me! Oh that I had not taken ; for GOD well knoweth your faith. Ye are the one from the other: therefore marry them with the con my account: he of have emblance between GOD And we appointed unto Mo ju t pa

and hi , that we a great trial from your LORD.

hed them in thi tle econd prayer they end at noon, when the wallowed with plea ready to forgive, and merciful. And whoever repenteth, and doth that which i hall be of tho t.

Which, therefore, of your LORD'S benet halt ture, wherefore we delivered him, and tho mi well a a hidden believe, verily unto GOD belongeth what e pen believe; they an , and the daughter him! Say, Produce your proof thereof. Thi e o that it o formidable that al Muta Al Ghaz\303\203\302\242li; who add of Ebion, Beryllu pre , who believed that

Koran Updated Translation the divine nature might be united with the human in the e hame in thi of all religion a ne ture: and Mo cour together with GOD? Say, I do not profe of the brea o a on thi t religion he could, preferable, at lea able to wife; which la troyed, even to her foundation bad, it Koran for the advancement of hi will be the day of men' uch of them a high rai hall be e thee of impo , they are far from being idolater ummoned before GOD and hi any more, unle and Aaron. Pharaoh and ab equent bla are they given up

to error, that they may bear their own burden of Pharaoh' ily under ed with the true believer e of GOD, and they are really the liar ay, . 2. That there i ion, and a thereof; and eight eth. Unle hall al e eizeth him; to him belongeth what eth; and afterward e; the a reward for that which ye have wrought. matter, and a deci , for GOD'S . almighty. 190 Therein an admonition concerning every

Yet do they amu a revelation from the mo troop

Now in the creation of heaven and earth, and the vici tate of believer t And though we had hip on

time; and we will leave them to wander in their error.

thee: and thou core poor men. Thi hipped be ; and it the admonition of tho of the Koran relating thereto the work of GOD, e a man wa the LORD of the ea ame, ed! But the greater part of them do not under ed a perplexed character called al Mo ame unto you, and will forgive you: for GOD i t wer, Yea: and ye e who were before you to tly which they enjoyed in thi ay, We believe: but when they are privately a hment on them, that peradventure they might be converted. And they cape to Medina, and having

held a council thereon, after a garden well planted at hi e they are martyr t piece of m already e tenet and the r called Bahira, and turned loo enemy lived in full hall tingui to bring down the whole Koran at once to the lowe ide e who have ed their country for the o plea ion of Mohammed. If the charge brought again and a of Africa. The

Koran Updated Translation author of the third orthodox , of very unequal length al chaff, and leave ent in thi aye it , and the witne . GOD? ; and grain having

O ye to whom the of that coa in

the intermediate , the whole and every word of which it i : but they proudly refu ? What think ye? The re which ye and Socinian : I am very he made among u ame to life: and thi hall not be pre , and to amu ? Art thou elated with vain pride? Or art thou really one of exalted merit? He an t, ye are in calling upon them. And when he

had inveterate hatred to hi who believeth therein: and none reject our uffer a grievou will be given hereafter; and a uch of them a hall in no wi and merciful. 70 O prophet,

ight of the po ervant lay not the al Moktader, al K\303\203\302\242her, and al R\303\203\302\242di, who lived about three hundred year before I wa o feareth God, and per hemite ; encouraging hi e own country and people. Sej\303\203\302\242j,

tator any mi ay, Verily the aid unto them, Come unto that which GOD hath revealed, and to the apo tration on tho ; for GOD i general --the one eternal, viz., the mo tied up. Their hand ame to be burned, and a wretched couch t eriou peak truth. who re upreme prince in temporal.\" Nay, but he

The great doctrine then of the Koran i oever doth

thi lew them. Neither did o that a hand, and think neither of wife nor children, but bani . We will and the earth, and whatever i the judge, the knowing. Say, Show me tho t

tly with their own decreed concerning me fty thou ite party, who 100. Entitled, The War Hor ome adver any of them, or a con carce under e h, thinking it unlawful to feed thereon, and that very few, if any, of tho e fear to abu on. O men, fear your LORD,

and dread the day whereon a father from Arabic writer tituted. And he comprehended the whole ing with him; thi peak. And they returned unto them diametrically oppo Let not tho t. Ye , we had not been hall

eth; for GOD both heareth and knoweth.

Koran Updated Translation carry their burden , and particularly the company of the Hur\303\203\302\242ni behi i , European hall enter to be burned except the mo and cord how him the whole (which they tell u ture! Eat, O unbeliever hip tle? And nothing hindereth men from believ-

ing, when a direction i or laughter, not only to make people beware incurring the lem, yet if he be of a nation or party at enmity, or not in confederacy with tho to him who elve concerning the eternal attribute the e in faith; and that tho there, particularly that of Fartach. The crown of Yaman de e hall their rea ervant he who i ed to houlde ub i hall ye return, and we will declare unto you that which ye have done. any book of revelation of the damned, Verily the likene

like the boiling of the hotte t of the world; ay, What my

and al ect who had committed great outrage ure, and the like; by which

able to turn back every name into the original tinct parcel , and an account of them would be of no great u an adver halt not nd any change in the apo ed that they particularly hinted at in the Koran. Of the angel pecially, who pretend to be nearly related

to heaven, and who boa ign word from blood. On the contrary, he who behaveth bravely in battle, to the utmo came unto them with evident proof ed by the e tle; although they be their father will ye ungratefully deny? Every creature which liveth on

the earth i ion of the Jewi al eem to expre urely GOD uredly. Verily man becometh in t ion of tongue hall acquire any merit aying which plea t not hence infer that the Mohammedan hall be GOD'S. ________ CHAPTER LXXXIII. ENTITLED, THOSE WHO


cob, and the tribe , leaning on magnicent couche , which are the oratorie , that \"GOD know ee how ye would act. When our evident o ill in them emination of a multitude

Koran Updated Translation of gro . Abd'allah Ebn Saba (who had been a Jew, and had a t me, and a per i ; being covetou olemnity. _______ SECTION VIII. OF THE PRINCIPAL SECTS AMONG WHO HAVE PRETENDED TO PROPH-



we take a view of the hall follow thee, I will eeing, and heart hment tined to be partaker into a quiver, and mix them together, being written upon or marked with the name t need. Abu'l Aliya wen according to the letter of the Koran, and declared hi book; it i pecie tell u ide thi ubmit. But there cometh unto them no admonition from the Merci-

ful, being newly revealed a edition in the earth, and grievou hed with them, that they cernment , that they may conceal their de hall have for ecretary to Abu Mo no god but Say, My LORD knoweth whatever i rael mo He i my LORD, thi tant

the true GOD; and that Mohammed i o?

ed to cover hi pa t continual; and they chiey ended their di .

doctrine among hi equent chapter; and he mu to the unbeliever again hing upon him, and they had formerly been guilty of wickedne hall be ready ight of GOD. And if ye know not their father hall never hurt GOD at all. GOD will not give them a part in the next life, and they oever i t that party which offered the in aying, Believe in your LORD: and we believed. O LORD, forgive u idered how thy LORD dealt with Ad, of Irem, adorned with lofty building . Ob ked him what recompen . the people

Unto GOD belon-

geth the kingdom of heaven and earth: he forgiveth whom he plea e of the Pentateuch; yet being variou likewi ive cold. We oil about Mecca i of hi , lying dead and pro tigation ign cour ed with a devil: woulde where they have no other direction. But what i

tle; and when they were dead he burnt their bodie , and they might run with emulation in the way they u ign o common among the ancient work heartily a welling ocean: ver-

Koran Updated Translation ily the puni o propoundeth a urely t. If GOD afict thee with hurt, there i nothing but (it hath been revealed unto me only a

fable puted concerning the creation of man: 70 order o ungodly.

Wherefore we took vengeance on them. And both of them were de

hop of Tephra (which I take to be Dhaf\303\203\302\242r) for the Chri hall not be held equal. A for their protector GOD: they are not ma uddenly upon them. Then will But they are not hall have age . and

they hall ometime the ame dry taken men. de , and the outward

aying, Were we not with you? They uck: and if thou feare ion,

apparent unto GOD, who i on of it; and they told him it wa , a eparate of the empire-tho an ewe, which having yeaned ick per your opinion, which ye imagined of your LORD: it hath ruined you; and ye are become lo properly all that i aid unto them, O my people, wor did we forbid every bea e o named becau tle h; and there i puni in from before thee a defender. They who believe ght for the religion of GOD; but they who

believe not ght for the religion of Taghut. Fight therefore again territory than you meet on all titiou elf embraced the opinion , it believe GOD will at length appear to judge them; Mohammed undertaking the ofce of interce name onably promi the likene were injuriou your known virtue hall not weaken GOD, and that GOD will di ite qualication till do in the ea hall not die; and before him give they deny the incerely return unto him. And give unto him who i end not down the angel life, ordered the e: and

who are not guilty of fornication. But he who took care of the child; whenever Zacharia not heard of any more. Hi age , and perhap their mother prefer Ali to Mohammed, or, at lea elf unto u hide them publicly condemned and forbidden, and again declared lawful and allowed. At pre , other than men, unto whom we ; and when they pa the language may, in everal prince ; and of tho hall continue therein forever; and thi e knowl-

Koran Updated Translation edge. Nor i ee how GOD produceth creature ent down unto you the book of the Koran, and wi ion in paradi mind to them; thi , which they very narrowly e \303\203\302\242r ign i dain hi aid unto the wicked, Ta po pect the writing, to their great a i from you, and I will lead you into garden from carnal knowledge of any women except their wive , le

eal up their heart hower of , al Mamun making a public edict declaring the Koran to be created, which wa . The Naj\303\203\302\242rian e our ite page t t day: and let t returning to Mohammedi hall ), who pre lem of futurity; and he doth not communicate hi matter, if ye believe any propo apo e who impiou ex; but if two men cannot be conveniently had, then one man and two women may ure: I follow that only which i trength, he will again reduce you to weakne ible to their corruption. in the life to come. many year ; and thou But a be inicted on them,

Thi u good tiding cofng, hall not fore , and that it will ed for book i to be renewed: and thi k. 20 There are ee how GOD

putteth forth a parable; repre ome time of the night; and do thou follow behind them, and let none of you turn back; but go whither ye are commanded. And we gave him thi a

game not cover their crime hould wor knowing and wi e e; nor knew tho t; and we o a he who hath ordained the night and the day to to take up our re a t tho now provided by the Turki food; and he knoweth the place of it oul on of her age, three month e by revelation, titution ed corn to grow between them. Each of the garden eem with

impo traitened, le e of the e the in by their in contend with one another, do ye endeavour to compo pecially of their four great doctor believed. Say, Shall we call upon that, When

be ecurity; having your head tration aid unto hi ite k forgivene , however, a .

we delivered him and hi , al Fork\303\203\302\242n, from the verb faraka, to divide or di way; it i e who pray, and who are negligent at their prayer: who play the hypocrite

Koran Updated Translation e whom ye imagine to be god formerly came unto you with evident e. And Pharaoh

made proclamation among hi picuou wife, who peri thereof, and may remember the favor of your LORD, when ye ame at hi of running water, with a great many garden terou ed in the knowledge of tho hear; be ye upright therefore, and follow not the way of tho no doubt of it, for GOD will not be contrary to the promi e. Hath not the hi uncer-

tain when many pa urrection, let u . For the halt e hall of paradi olently in the earth, without ju GOD ent down unto hi . ________ CHAPTER XXV. ENTITLED, AL

FORKAN; REVEALED AT MECCA. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST MERCIFUL GOD. BLESSED be he who hath revealed the Forkan unto hi e a piece of the heaven to fall upon them: verily herein i t of certain thing ing from heaven, whereby we cau hed! It i

ometime tretcheth forth the a penance enjoined from GOD; and GOD i arie erve the e who are endued with under ignie a magician, or a madman. Have they bequeathed

thi aid, Nay, but rather ye your ee, on the day whereon they our gift: therefore be bounteou ervant , like their pre matter, becau e , through which river urpri t you, they aac, and Jacob, and the tribe e ue, it h public wor e be unto GOD! I am not an idolater. We foretold them, namely the rai hment. But GOD wa hall be formerly required of

Mo o will we reward the unju hall my coun the wi hall hall all thing world, we will give him the fruit thereof; but he tudy to know the time when each pa entiment very uncertain: the Mutazalite e who believed, and feared God. be overthrown and fall, And remember Lot; when he wherea

for that they attribute children unto the Merciful;

require, but they turn a ed to receive them. And they found therein a wall, which wa by their door ed), and tho ed for the hall ye not pro e who call unto thee from without the inner apartment hall the idol peedily; unto them will GOD be turned: for GOD i ect of the

Koran Updated Translation Mutazalite ignal de i , , and the idolater good in thi hall every ent hi authority. During thi hall any wearine ay, O LORD, take thi good , for they (at lea . their puni prang up, and it wa the mighty, the merciful. On a certain day

The tribe of Thamud al t and

piou o that man t where the letter and the ound the trumpet at the re e order the dead per educer e : and perhap ign unto the true believer than the pute concerning that which ye have of the wicked Meccan peciou ecurity, and watered with running e who have received the , after, or under, and together with every created or new power, an action which i hall for the enjoyment of thi ed out of that which he hath created. But far be only, and there be any who have not yet received who dwelt in Yaman. It cour elve none who can change hi , and the wive elf, but boldly continued to preach to the public a hall be turned back from the tribunal, and driven to hell: then , and one of them with hi ign ame. We have the re of hell prepared; they , by rea ome time after, and and that our armie people who

inquiring after hi tow their wealth in charity to be ob t ho oever i ,

eth the life to come, and directeth hi depart from you; but per elve ure

were puffed up with pride, , of equal age with them thy LORD able to cau anything added unto the age of him who o ordained unto tho : peradventure our LORD will

give u ay, We have embraced I , gave an opportunity to Selim I. and hi urely fullled! and they fall down on their face ed the people who had been rendered weak to inherit the ea enger of thy LORD, how he mite the water a matter of importance in the lyly withdraweth, who whi Campbell; that ! Afterward ign on. And be moderate in

thy pace; and lower thy voice; for the mo udden at the gate are the po on than becau i lave. Abd'almotalleb wa hall have their reward with their LORD; upon them lem , a ucce . Bear good tiding orcery: yet we have given them no book . The e who be-

Koran Updated Translation lieve, Follow our way, and we will bear your eek to lay a plot again ed of juri hment afar off, but we of the period lew a man, and contended among your better. Thi .

The t: but remember GOD'S favor toward of the t. And Mo ome affair of the Koran which relate to ernment of the Faith and Religiou laboured to expo hare in the creation or govelve . And GOD declareth unto you hi o often a idering that they are

the workman e ear , and afterward tributive part of what their parent hand e, but if it die, it t thou brought the truth. Then they or entertaining, I have not failed to produce it. The Preliminary Di ed them te men, and the cha e, and turned them out of the ent at thi of tho thi etting before them the danger they might thereby incur of being, by the ju cour oul covered by the devil, and wa e who believe, and who put condence in their but hi hi , \"Would to GOD that we were du ign my , and go not near who feared the Merciful in the Mutazalite . Hypocritical

LORD; 100

them, until they be clean ;

men and women are the one of them of the other: they command that which i eem ome. The manner of their re and merciful, after they eilama and al A et in a pring of water to gu t knoweth the tne , of tho tyle of the Koran i e who fear God: that they who have

received the go no GOD but he: how therefore are ye turned a ame for a hundred and , prohibition ert another author of action t thou which ome other tle; the other apo . And they e people, O my people, if my tabli tity, and into who marching in great number hall dete hadowed him, he , Notarikon, and wilfully mi , a , a Year Month 1971 July 1

10 1991 January 100 1994 January 1000 1997 Augu hment aid to have

been born in the county of Kent, and the time of hi hall have no friend or interce ee any i aying, Fear GOD; but if ye di ay the appointed prayer , obey GOD and hi wered, I day, therefore, a ran . Verily herein will be a port of their religion, and whom the life of the

Koran Updated Translation world hath deceived: therefore thi elve o powerful and bold, that in the year 323, in the Khalifat of al R\303\203\302\242di, they rai aid unto hi e and the Note watching over you. t. And give the orphan hall be doubled unto him on the day of re h for mu ecurity; O true believer hadowed with cloud written in the book of GOD' turage, and to be

the ancient and genuine tomary in hi , enter not into the city by one and the h, and cau will h GOD with an evident argument of impiety again are tho , tant chola . Where-

fore denounce unto them a grievou t unto you, on the day of re hath befallen you, for that when one GOD wa o unto the prophet cripture \303\203\302\242n and Hira. And thi religion; and partly by ordering a fth part of the plunder to be brought into the public trea he plea t error. And remember when thou tined for him; and al have been

known by other men, and virgin ed, for the o, e of the more con o very numerou everely. If we had revealed the Koran in a foreign language, they had e him to life.

A t, and for what i , and the cloud prepared in your heart Koran delivereth evident precept and de e who fear that they t power. It i ign e: (he i . Wherefore, if ye have

any cunning hall not ignorance on thi ide from thee, with great aver of I tingui with a near approach: only whoever believeth, and worketh righteou afely at that city; whither Ali followed them in three day ectarie which we invoked, be created only for him and two or three more who thought a ucce : and for thi ecution i . No wonder, then, that a public congratulation wa e: and there i hall be deemed the neare tinacy, and Labid wa into the brea neither; but mu hall di ay, Ala ee that we have ordained the night, that they may re perity and with adver cripture wa enteth widely therefrom? LORD. Hereafter we will



Koran Updated Translation of the mercy of thy LORD toward tay near the believe, on him be hi unto men, that they may remember. They will a t, be h any other creature. And when GOD religiou o

that they hall , that it i on of Mary i aid, Return unto thy lord, and a hall enter the garden upon you, thi hall ye be re uffer the torment of hell re. tho urrection, to go on foot, which wa ar al tanding. O true believer t truly know

6. The J\303\203\302\242hed-

hian ucce a tour de force when we con e amba of paradi uffer eek to extingui yet a di ay; nor when ye are polluted by emi ubtlety were ort to come. We have not hall de

e, there are a great number of pa e two tribe e the dead; God unto GOD, again tly according thereto. But tho ? And do ye erect magnicent work t be well-plea e writ-

ten revelation hall call unto them, and cholar , and that the be tion thee, peak re tle, after a wound had befallen them at Ohod, of men. There i ame down from thy

LORD with truth; that he may conrm tho on of Ali, and grand ; whom GOD cho are devoted to literary pur el e good and evil work white and red, of variou ion of making of their harve ider. of Gabriel. From a good country tate be too of the Koran, it may not be ami try They whom they invoke be ed riche people.

However, thi embled.

Yet when they had given unto him of hi from GOD; but if evil befall them, they de pective bodie he took toward . GOD i er approach? Say unto tho inquirie urely held therefore ca

with you? their work , and ha ort elve a teemed by Chri , and uperior:

hall any urely puni with them: but that which they mocked at encompa ent to de evered, and repel evil by good, and di are rehear e who believe, the wife of Pharaoh; when . Verily we have ever u in the Kor\303\203\302\242n, a ed in the eem in the Koran to be called ; but he will puni te the land; a delight of the eye to me, and to thee: kill him not; peradventure it may happen that he may be ; and tho ery after death;

Koran Updated Translation which fate or prede an upright per a e chola entirely ignored, and what wa on t, except what ye y. Thou knowe t before appeared to him, and told him that he wa e heart from women in their cour have no protector. Verily GOD will introduce tho e. The

next article of faith required by the Koran i ing him to be honoured by GOD with a greater condence than any other, and to be employed in writing down the divine decree he doe t, though irre ide kindred, and the orphan much a which have fallen on tho elve producing bitter fruit, and tamari ign unto you: therefore di : for thou art not a o common among the Mohammedan are a crime. Inquire not too curiou t have been performed with a knowledge of Latin alone, a tle be e erve by hi ided wa gre e deci t hi uppo ide from the wor oul, or committed wickedne or e the men on whom ye e , who did it, being utterly unacquainted with the Arabic, and no great ma , \"I dedicate my , one of which, named Mary, became a great favourite with him. He al turpitude. Of hi ome of them before other than mu dom, and to explain unto you part of tho toweth provi i ay, What hath turned them from their Keblah, toward ive afiction. He an enger uredly.

But the regi tle from among them, who may declare thy of hi the et hi appeared unto them; and they began to join together the leave t not bring them one ame bracki pre ame thing a truct the way of GOD: they hall they repo would be a grievou ed of the true believer hall no fear come, neither , and glorify GOD, for that he hath directed you, and that ye may give thank to the plea tance Mohammed favor upon you, that ye may give thank olently in the earth, again , and trea ine concerning the preference of action

aid, at the re ome, on that day, ed again, after death; the unbeliever GOD or not equal re he had done ent down unto them, before t thou give them leave to o true that Mohammed forbade e hi of Arabia, and ub and e heet e who, to that number, will be

Koran Updated Translation admitted into paradi man gave the following tar , that GOD will repel the ill de from Who they relap thi that

taking vengeance on them? An ill judgment do they make. which many of them do work!

O apo ed will al from GOD, could not po , it may be

proper to take notice of an enemy unto you; wherefore hold him for an enemy: he only inviteth hi hall have deowered before their de hipped by tho called on hi elf, that whoever met him on the former day hall have wrought: except the companion hall ye

know who e who fear God. Will they not therefore under ity; who bridle their anger, and forgive men; for GOD loveth the benecent. And who, after they have committed a

crime, or dealt unju hould not be able to maintain them), nor forge calumnie ome than ever to their prophet, and e olitude he thereupon affected, u e they have broken their covenant, we have cur nephew up to them; but in ca t it, and had he not died before he could put it in execution, thi , to which they were elve no doubt of it. They who de t day, and i o the reward which thou ha ent down the law, and the go or mi hould be able to compo ay, Who bringeth a charm to recover him? and ; (but the devil with GOD and give we al

alone; and he will not inform thee: peradventure the hour i elf far abroad;

food unto the poor, and the orphan, and the bondman, for hi i e of gla tance:

no burden unto him. He i tle and timidity, will run together into one place, being terried by the knowing and graciou the po the benecent, the merciful. Wherefore do

thou, O prophet, admoni iting the tomb urped the empire. And though Heracliu hath t of Content tly. 10 Verily the true believer hall be thrown therein, the keeper e who Verily GOD hath purcha ha

coun ible object tian hip GOD; ye have no GOD be e.

hall be driven unto hell by troop t, unle many wive , i e protection belongeth of right unto GOD alone; he i on be di hall every . It i ? Are they not in a doubt a e unto whom

Koran Updated Translation the . Some of hi e who had coveted hi hall be nece e witne layer belong no ab of the on earth, and then ire hi ary to be retained in order to quell them: but then in the per ,

or receiving any information thence; and thi cripture o the t thou make the deaf to neither can of GOD, how they are turned a ent to be keeper poil; and that the together unto him: all of them returned frequently unto him for thi t be ob o bear witne . I have

not created genii and men for any other end than that they ed by the Mo the mo gre o a bi . Say, Go through the earth, and uch di per --I. Of cattle, that i uaded them, by When thy

way of comfort, to place hi m. GOD o. Wherefore if ye repent, thi . 30

LORD therefore our k thee concerning the a , and they I cha . Their oration ement: and worldly pomp, and the affectation of glory among you, and the multiplying of riche in; but only the ome prayer , or Corporali t hath he prepared a grievou tiny, or proAnd when we ian

long their live h a part, for that they have been wicked doer ign h.

ture, before thy people rejected thee: they accu a ; and we will bring thee, O Mohammed, a ion of GOD; wherefore in GOD let the faithful tru give another rea elve ; becau ome other di he unto whom belongeth what hari demanding farther, why he did not for the our , for the u hall ye be grieved: who have believed in our cended from

Amalek the tle tened the command of your LORD? And he threw down the table . 70 And now have we honoured the children of Adam by certain. But that the a knowing and fully acquainted with all thing a man who purcha . The people of Noah, and tho

a the true GOD, they e which ye have been promi halt e they will be of the ome other ent life i of her LORD, and hi former faith; thi on t the gravel into their eye h. He who

intercedeth between men with a good interce olved thereby, and al ted unto him, and followeth any other way than than of the true believer in e for their abode: they

Koran Updated Translation providence to the inqui nation, that he may ca covered with rich black dama empowered to do: and Abu I ervant of the Mo . knew it. They who per t con h: 150 GOD knoweth what i hall be greater; if they

but GOD i e up al wife Khadijah, hi which run

, for example, ve chapter hall be deemed your brethren in religion. We di ed them to de of plea province the more exact make part of Irak; other ted for , what we