3  Steps  To  Transform  Social  Media  Love  Into  PR  Results

Its  official  -­‐  Public  Rela1ons  (PR)  professionals  love  (or  'like',  depending  on   the  channel  you  are  discussing)  social  media! Of  course,  falling  in  love  is  only  one  of  the  first  benchmarks  in  a  las1ng   rela1onship.    More  important  is  learning  how  to  work  together,  building  on   your  partner's  strengths,  and  producing  ever-­‐las1ng  results.    In  other  words,   crea1ng  a  life  together. And  so  aHer  we  fall  in  love,  what  steps  should  PR  professionals  take  when   building  a  las1ng  rela1onship  with  social  media?    

 your  facts  must   transform  into  a  story  your  reader  wants  to  read.Step  1:    Feature  Story  Development An  old  adage  states  that  'facts  tell.    And  because  it  is  very  rare   that  a  modern  news  story  will  be  leveraged  for  only  one  medium.  'Tired  of  Doggy  Breath?  Preven1on  is  Key  to  Protect  Pets   from  Oral  Disease?'    That's  Tweet-­‐worthy.  'Oral  Disease  Preven1on  in  Pets'  is  not  necessarily   a  headline  that  would  compel  corresponding  'likes.  these  two   statements  mean  the  same  thing:     whether  you  are  developing   content  for  tradi1onal  media   rela1ons  efforts  or  a  more  targeted  social  ini1a1ve.' On  the  other  hand.    And  while  nearly  any  pet  lover   would  find  themselves  compelled  to  read  an  ar1cle  dedicated  to  keeping   their  furry  friends  healthy.' Fundamentally.'  'shares'  or  'Tweets.  the  story   you  develop  must  be  in  adherence  with  mul1ple  guidelines  -­‐  from  AP   (Associated  Press)  to  SEO  (Search  Engine  Op1miza1on.) Banfield  Pet  Hospital  approached  NewsUSA  needing  to  achieve  coverage  for   their  oral  disease  preven1on  program.   but  stories  sell.  but  stories   are  what  you  share. .'    A  revision  of  this   adage  to  sync  with  our  increasingly   social  focused  world  may  read.   'facts  keep  you  there.

 NewsUSA  built  promo1onal  elements  directly  into  the   story.  allowing  readers  to  pull.  its  core   differs  very  liYle  from  the  story   development  techniques  that  have   been  used  to  capture  the  minds  of   readers  for  genera1ons. However.' .  by  defini1on.   content  marke1ng  is  comparable  to  the  pen  that  is  always  within  our  reach   that  we  just  can't  seem  to  find.  the  best  form   of  promo1on  is  nearly  always  word  of  mouth.    While  the  hotness   of  this  term  may  indicate  that  'content   marke1ng'  is  a  modern  tac1c.    Metaphorically.  one  aspect  of  the  content  marke1ng  process  that  many  fail  to   grasp  the  importance  of  is  the  promo1onal  component.  is   the  development  of  stories  that  will   compel  prospects  and  customers  to   share  and  engage.  link  to  and  post  comments.  NewsUSA  distributed  the  'Tired  of  Doggy  Breath'   story  directly  to  key  social  media  outlets.  but  brought  it  right  to  us.  download. For  Banfield  Pet  Hospital.    This   helped  each  reader  evolve  beyond  the  status  of  'audience  member'  to  an   individual  'promo1onal  outlet.  as  always.Step  2:  Content  MarkeBng  &  PromoBon Content  marke1ng.    Promo1on  is  the  furry  helper  above  who  not   only  found  the  pen.  But  rather  than  simply  send  this   story  to  key  outlets.    And.

 the  true  1e  that  binds  all  of  this  together  is  results   measurement.267.641 Ad  Value  Equivalency:  $255.  which  makes  up  the  cornerstone  of  our  Social  Syndica1on   services.    Social  Syndica1on  is  the  bow  that  1es   up  the  burgeoning  love  affair  between  PR  and   social  media.     Every  feature  story  we  create  adheres  to  both  AP   style  guidelines  and  SEO  best  prac1ces  -­‐  meaning   every  piece  of  content  we  create  is  ready  to  print   in  any  publica1on  -­‐  and  pre-­‐op1mized  to  help   achieve  search  results  and  drive  website  traffic.   neat  bow. Social  Syndica1on  from  NewsUSA  entails   distribu1ng  copyright  free  stories  to  more  than   30  social  des1na1ons  -­‐  guaranteeing  exposure  to   30  million  bloggers.  tying  up  the  en1re  narra1ve  in  a  nice.213.Step  3:  Social  SyndicaBon The  best  stories  end  with  a  reminder  of  how  they   began.  the  star  of  this  story. So  what  results  did  Banfield  Pet  Hospital.05 Social  &  Online  Placements:  131 Average  Google  Rank:  8 .  journalists  and  consumers.  generate   from  its  Social  Syndica1on  program  with  NewsUSA: •   •   •   •   Total  Reach:    202. But  of  course.

 contact  NewsUSA  to   request  a  social  syndica:on  consulta:on  today.  PR  professionals  like  you  can   minimize  the  amount  of  1me  spent  building  this  rela1onship.  Just  as  in  life.In  the  end.    By  working  with  NewsUSA.  if  you  are  a  PR  professional  looking  for  the  best  way  to  take  that  next   step  into  building  a  rela:onship  with  social  media. .  social  Syndica1on  services  from  NewsUSA  transformed  Banfield   Pet  Hospital's  concept  into  PR  and  social  media  results  they  could  not  help   but  love.  while  s1ll   guaranteeing  results.   And  so.  the  building  of  a  rela1onship  between  PR  and  social  media  is   one  that  can  produce  riches  and  rewards  -­‐  provided  the  proper  amount  of   1me  is  invested.

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