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About the Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute’s mission is twofold: to foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals
to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society, and to provide a neutral and balanced
venue for discussing and acting on critical issues. The Institute does this primarily in four ways:

• Seminars, which help participants reflect on what they think makes a good society, thereby
deepening knowledge, broadening perspectives, and enhancing their capacity to solve the
problems leaders face.

• Young-leader fellowships around the globe, which bring a selected class of proven leaders
together for an intense multiyear program and commitment. The Fellows become better
leaders and apply their skills to significant challenges.

• Policy programs, which serve as nonpartisan forums for analysis, consensus-building, and
problem-solving on a wide variety of issues.

• Public conferences and events, which provide a commons for people to share ideas.

The Institute is based in Washington, DC; Aspen, Colorado; and on the Wye River on Maryland’s
Eastern Shore. The Institute also has offices in New York City and an international network of partners.
“ A t the Aspen Institute we respect the
traditions of our values and ideals,
but we are also looking to the future
for how we can be more imaginative
in a wide variety of fields—from the
environment to education to foreign
policy to creating the right new group
of young global leaders. We are trying
to find the most creative thinking and
translate that into leadership.”
Walter Isaacson, President and CEO, The Aspen Institute
The Power of Great Ideas

Aspen Institute founder Walter Paepcke was a great believer

in the transformative power of modern art in advertising. As chairman of
the Container Corporation of America, Paepcke commissioned advertising
artwork over the years by many prominent artists, illustrators, and designers
who celebrated great ideas, including this one from Alexis de Tocqueville’s
classic Democracy in America, a text that has served since the beginning of
the Aspen Institute as one of the core readings in its seminars.
The values and principles of democracy have been at the forefront of
a number of the Institute’s recent programs and partnerships, from
conferences on educating for democracy in a digital age and reports on
the information needs of democratic communities to conversations about
privacy and democracy, a series on civility and making our democracy
work, discussions of women as a critical force in democratic governance,
dialogues on democracy and our schools, projects on economic opportunity,
and considerations of whether democracy will take root in the Arab world
as protests and uprisings sweep across the Middle East and North Africa at
what seems to be a defining moment for the region.
Since its creation more than 60 years ago, the Aspen Institute has witnessed
times of enormous change at home and abroad, and it has always
remained a place where those changes can be examined and understood
from different perspectives. Just as Walter Paepcke wanted his company
advertising to serve a public interest, so the Aspen Institute’s seminars,
policy programs, public events, and leadership programs serve the public
interest by addressing urgent social and cultural issues, educating leaders
and decision-makers of all kinds, seeking policy solutions, and offering a
venue for informed public debate and nonpartisan dialogue.
As these pages describe, the power of great ideas—old and new—
continues to inform our mission, drive our work, and guide our commitment
to understanding the world both as it is and as it should be.
“ T he Aspen Institute intends to be a
place of excellence and excitement
where men and women of the finest
qualities of mind and spirit from
all walks of life in the United States
and abroad can meet to learn from
one another by serious discussion of
the most important problems facing
man and the greatest ideas that have
been expressed throughout history
concerning these problems.”

Joseph E. Slater, President of the Aspen Institute, 1969-1986

Robert O. Anderson, President of the Aspen Institute, 1957-1963,
and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 1963-1987
From their foreword to Aspen Readings, an anthology of texts
used in the early years of the Aspen Seminar program.

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Policy Programs
and Partnerships
Advancing Public Policy Through Dialogue and Action

The Aspen Institute policy programs advance public and private sector
knowledge on the most pressing issues facing contemporary society.
Policy programs frame critical topics, bring new evidence, propose innovative
new ideas, and convene leaders and experts to reach constructive solutions
to issues. While each is unique in substance and approach, the Institute’s
policy programs share a common mission and methodology. Each serves as
an impartial forum, bringing a diversity of perspectives together in informed
dialogue, research, and action.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano along with her predecessors Tom Ridge
and Michael Chertoff with NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell commemorating
the eight-year anniversary of the Department at an Aspen Institute Homeland Security
10 Program/Georgetown University event. (photo by Barry Bahler) 11
Advocacy Planning and Ascend, the Family Economic
Evaluation Program Security Program
This program helps its partners and Ascend is a hub for breakthrough ideas
clients plan and evaluate efforts to and proven strategies that move parents,
shape public policy. Program staff and especially women, and their children
consultants work with foundations beyond poverty toward educational
and nongovernmental organizations in success and economic security.
the United States, Africa, and Europe Ascend’s work builds on lessons learned
assessing advocacy efforts on issues as internationally about the power of investing
diverse as curbing obesity, combating in women and encourages similar
human trafficking, and increasing access investments in the US. Ascend takes a
to family planning. The program also “two-generation” approach, focusing on
leads the Institute’s internal program opportunities for both parents and their
review process. children. The program concentrates on
three key content areas — education,
Agent Orange in Vietnam Program economics, and social capital. Ascend’s core strategies are to change the
agentorangeprogram conversation around low-income families
This bipartisan program promotes in the US, convene and engage across
dialogue in the US policy community and diverse sectors to build political will and
among US and Vietnamese officials on develop a network of leaders, and elevate
eliminating the health and environmental effective two-generation policies and
impact of wartime herbicides in Vietnam. community solutions.
It sponsors meetings and briefings
on dioxin, the highly toxic chemical Aspen Global Health and Development
compound in the defoliant Agent
Orange, and strengthens US-Vietnamese The mission of this program is to
cooperation on mitigating contamination identify breakthrough solutions for
problems. The program also builds global health and poverty by informing
public support through education and and strengthening the capacity of
advocacy for practical solutions, such as political leaders, moving country-
soil-restoration and community-health level best practices to global policy
programs, education and treatment attention, developing and promoting
centers, improved services for those new evidence, and providing high-level
with dioxin-related disabilities, local forums for debate and implementation
environmental training, and remediation of innovative strategies that have the
work at contaminated sites. In 2010, potential to result in positive, large-
the Agent Orange in Vietnam Program scale outcomes. The program currently
released a ten-year plan to supports the development of four ideas:
address the toxic legacy of building the capacity of public-sector
dioxin contamination. leaders and institutions in health crisis
countries; recognizing reproductive

health as a key contributor to other Aspen Strategy Group
development outcomes; adopting policy
innovations to address the global health How can America’s national security
workforce shortage, with a special focus establishment better adapt to nascent
on the role of health worker migration and threats and security challenges? As
collaborative solutions to health worker current global trends defy traditional
imbalance; and investing in high value- notions of international relations, what
added African agriculture. common problems do nations face in the
21st century? This program examines
Aspen Network of foreign policy trends by focusing on
Development Entrepreneurs transnational issues that blend foreign and domestic subjects. Founded in
ANDE is a global network of organizations 1984 with a concentration on strategic
that propel entrepreneurship in emerging relations, arms-control issues, and the
markets. Its 130-plus members—drawn US-Soviet relationship, its roots as
from nonprofits, investment funds, an annual conference for researchers
foundations, and research institutions that associated with arms-control projects at
work in 150 developing economies—are at universities and think tanks date back
the vanguard of a movement focused on to the 1970s. As the group evolved, it
supporting small and growing businesses also included legislators, government
that create economic, environmental, and officials, business and industry
social benefits for developing countries. representatives, and journalists. The
The network advocates that policymakers current program has moved beyond its
and financial leaders drive more resources Cold War origins and today includes
to these entrepreneurial businesses. ANDE a new generation of policymakers
hosts conferences and training programs representing a range of perspectives.
for capacity development builders and The approach, however, has remained
investors and provides financial support for constant: to use a bipartisan lens to
innovative partnerships aimed at improving identify the most contentious foreign
services to emerging-market entrepreneurs. policy and national security concerns
It also sponsors annual events focused facing our nation and to assess
on the small-business sector, including America’s evolving interests. Recent
a conference on key trends and new workshops, briefings, and reports have
developments, a workshop on metrics and covered American interests in South
impact assessment, and an orientation Asia, the global economic crisis and
session for new employees of network its implications for foreign policy and
members. ANDE has regional chapters in national security, the national security
Brazil, Central America, East Africa, India, implications of climate change, China
and South Africa. Additional chapters are in the 21st century, and the challenge
envisioned for 2011. of nuclear proliferation. An ongoing
US-India dialogue also meets under
the auspices of the group, as well as
the Aspen Ministers Forum, a meeting 13
of former foreign ministers from across Center for Native American Youth
the political spectrum who develop
nonpartisan recommendations for Founded by former US Senator Byron
addressing common global challenges. Dorgan, the Center is dedicated to
improving the health, safety, and
Business and Society Program overall well-being of Native American youth through communication, policy
The program builds on 60 years of Aspen development, and advocacy. Despite
Institute programming to help established the efforts of tribal governments and
and emerging business leaders put values advocates, difficult conditions persist
at the heart of practice. Through dialogue, in many tribal communities. High rates
research, and outreach, this program of unemployment, poverty, alcohol and
creates opportunities for executives substance abuse, crime, and health
and educators to explore new routes disparities in Indian Country all have
to business sustainability and values- an impact on the lives of young Native
based leadership. The Corporate Values Americans. Too many Native youth face
Strategy Group for business executives long odds to success when confronted
supports long-term thinking in business with these daunting challenges. The
and investing through change in corporate Center seeks to raise awareness of
practice, as well as in public policy. The these issues by increasing the dialogue
Aspen Center for Business Education is between Native youth, tribal leaders,
the home to several signature programs advocacy organizations, academic
including Beyond Grey Pinstripes, a institutions, and other experts through
survey and ranking of business schools roundtables, summits, and other events
that integrate social and environmental held throughout Indian Country. Technical
stewardship into their curricula and assistance is also provided to tribal
research, and, a resource governments and organizations to identify
for online case studies and MBA teaching and secure programs and resources and
materials on topics ranging from corporate to encourage replication of successful
governance and accountability to prevention programs. Strong partnerships
entrepreneurship, ethics, and stakeholder with tribal leaders and organizations are
management. The First Movers fellowship critical to the program’s success.
is for exceptional business innovators who
are integrating profitability and social value College Excellence Program
in their companies.
Improving college completion rates from
their current level of 50 percent is a vital
national priority. Over the past 50 years,
increased college access has benefitted
millions of Americans, but now the nation
must get more students successfully
through college with the skills and abilities
needed for success in a knowledge-based
economy. The goal of this program is to

“ I
n emerging markets, small and growing
businesses can become the backbone
of economic growth and are critical to
expanding prosperity for the poor.
Market-based approaches to poverty
reduction are a viable, but underutilized,
model for providing key products and
services to disadvantaged populations.”
Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

Agriculturalists at Nandan Biomatrix Limited inspect jathropa seedlings. Nandan is a Hyderabad, India-based portfolio company of New Ventures,
a founding member of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs. (photo by John-Michael Mass/Darby Communications)

identify and accelerate the replication of Commission on No Child Left Behind
campus-based practices and policies that
improve student success. The program’s This bipartisan, independent effort
first initiative is the Aspen Prize for builds support for improvements in
Community College Excellence, which will federal education policy in order to
award one million dollars annually to the spur academic progress and close
nation’s best community colleges. The achievement gaps. In the years since
prize aims to bring together community the release of its blueprint for improving
colleges around a measurable definition the landmark No Child Left Behind Act,
of excellence and to recognize community major strides have been made toward
colleges that achieve exceptional student some of its key recommendations,
results. By focusing on student success including measuring teacher quality
and highlighting models that work, the primarily on effectiveness in increasing
prize will honor excellence, stimulate student achievement, strengthening
innovation, and create benchmarks school leadership, developing common
for measuring progress. Established in standards and assessments, improving
partnership with the Joyce Foundation, the use of data, and undertaking
the Lumina Foundation for Education, more aggressive interventions in low-
and the charitable foundations of Bank performing schools. Co-chaired by
of America and JP Morgan Chase, the Tommy Thompson, former US Secretary
first million-dollar award will be made in of Health and Human Services, and Roy
December 2011. Barnes, former Governor of Georgia, the

From left to right: Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile, Juan Williams of Fox News, University of Southern California political science professor
Jane Junn and former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele at the Aspen Institute Symposium on the State of Race in America sponsored
by the Institute’s Communications and Society Program and the Roundtable on Community Change. (photo by Laurence Genon)

commission includes leaders of national technology and network communications.
civil rights organizations, state legislators, It also creates a multidisciplinary space in
successful principals and teachers, the communications policymaking world
business leaders, state education chiefs, where veteran and emerging decision-
school superintendents, higher education makers can explore new concepts and
leaders, researchers, and school board develop policy networks. The program
members. Together, they are working to convenes approximately ten leadership
develop updated recommendations that roundtables each year on subjects such
will advance effective education reform. as new technologies and democratic
values, business models to sustain
Commission to Reform the Federal journalism, communications industries
Appointments Process and the environment, reforms in spectrum policy, public-service media, mobile
federal-appointments technologies, cloud computing, and
The Aspen Institute, with support from broadband communications policies.
the Rockefeller Foundation, formed in Leaders from across disciplines and
2010 this independent, nonpartisan effort perspectives engage in moderated
to evaluate the federal government’s discussions that culminate in specific
vetting and clearance procedures, identify conclusions and recommendations.
opportunities for improvement, and work Meetings have led to the creation of the
with interested parties to effect reform Knight Commission on the Information
of the process. The commission is co- Needs of Communities in a Democracy,
chaired by former US Senators Bill Frist new initiatives in public media, and the
and Chuck Robb and former White House Federal Communications Commission’s
officials Mack McLarty and Clay Johnson. new media inquiry. Conference reports
The Commission was created to work are distributed to key policymakers and
with the White House, Congress, and opinion leaders around the world and are
other interested parties to help identify also made available to the public online.
and adopt measures to streamline and
expedite the vetting process without Community Strategies Group
sacrificing high standards of quality for
government leaders. The goal is to assure Since 1985, this group has equipped
that Presidents can more quickly fill key community leaders to connect with the
positions particularly during the first six best ideas, tools, and strategies available
months of a new administration with the to improve economic development,
qualified people necessary to serve the strengthen families, sustain natural
public interest, while reducing the burden resources, create locally controlled
and intrusiveness on nominees. philanthropic assets, and build vital and
just civic cultures. The group’s hallmark
Communications and Society Program is tailored, peer-to-peer exchanges in which community-based leaders create
This program serves as a venue for immediate back-home action plans.
global leaders and experts to exchange It convenes action-learning sessions
insights on the societal impact of digital for teams from multiple locations and

““ I
mproving student learning on the
school level is unlikely to succeed
without reassessing the system in which
schools operate.”
Education and Society Program

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Secretary General Angel Gurria and Karen Kornbluh, US Representative
to the OECD, at the Education for Innovation town hall held at the Newseum, sponsored by Intel Corporation. (photo by Laurence Genon)

organizes site visits for peer communities the program. There is no identification
to examine exemplary community with a political or party viewpoint and
change at close range. It brings together no endorsement of specific legislation.
disconnected leaders from a specific No lobbyists, congressional staff, or
geographic region to collaborate and find outside observers are permitted, and all
common aims. The group also connects conference agendas are reviewed by the
community innovators with regional House and Senate ethics committees.
and national experts and funders. It The program also sponsors two dozen
develops community lessons into action annual breakfast meetings in the Capitol
guides, good-practice profiles, and web featuring distinguished scholars and
resources. Through its Rural Development international experts.
Philanthropy Learning Network, the group
has helped hundreds of community-based Council of Women World Leaders
business, nonprofit, church, government,
and civic leaders work together to grow This network of 45 current and former
locally controlled philanthropic funds women heads of state and government
and use them to improve community mobilizes women leaders for action
outcomes. In its Family Economic Success on issues of global importance and
Initiative, the group is engaging an enhances the experience of democracy
expanding network of community leaders around the world by increasing the
across the country to help hard-working, visibility, effectiveness, and number of
low-income families earn more, keep more women leaders. The council provides a
of what they earn, and grow what they platform for members to participate in
save into assets that reduce family and high-level summits, discuss their policy
community poverty over time. agendas, and raise global issues of
critical importance to women through
Congressional Program its Spotlight on Leadership Series. The Madeleine K. Albright Women’s Voices
This program is a nongovernmental, at the Aspen Institute Series offers
nonpartisan, educational initiative internationally acclaimed experts a forum
for members of the US Congress to address the gender dimensions of
to strengthen their grasp of critical timely policy issues and provide a catalyst
public policy issues. It holds high-level for future action. Council programs also
conferences offering legislators the include the Business Case for Women
opportunity to learn from internationally Initiative to promote the importance of
recognized academics, experts, and women’s leadership in the corporate
leaders to explore policy alternatives. sector and the Graduate Fellowship
Current subjects include nuclear security, Programs to allow graduate students to
policy challenges in the Muslim world, work with presidents, prime ministers,
energy security, and education reform. ministers, and leaders of international
Over the years, hundreds of members of organizations on important global issues,
Congress, international parliamentarians, applying a gender perspective to their
political and government leaders, and work and observing first-hand the ways
scholar-experts have been involved in leadership is manifested. 19
Economic Opportunities Program Education and Society Program
This program supports fields of practice Recognizing the importance of effective
that make economic opportunity more education policy to improve US schools,
accessible to those who are struggling this program convenes workshops for
in the changing economy, including federal, state, and local policymakers,
workforce training and education, education leaders, researchers, and
microenterprise development, and analysts to provide ongoing peer-to-peer
financial services. The program learning and professional development.
investigates and documents strategies It facilitates knowledge-sharing among
for economic opportunity that work. urban school district leaders about
It develops practical tools that help how school systems can improve
program leaders better implement the education and life chances of all
those strategies, and it offers leadership students. Program participants also work
development opportunities for to identify solutions that will support,
collaborative learning about promising nurture, and develop new cadres of
practices designed to help low-income leaders in schools and classrooms. In
individuals start businesses, find better addition, the program’s Aspen Senior
jobs, and build wealth. It actively Education Congressional Staff Network
engages leaders of community-based informs federal policy development by
organizations, community colleges, and assisting congressional staff members in
local government, as well as leaders from better understanding innovations in the
businesses and philanthropy, and it seeks field, shared challenges, and the impact
to bring the voices and experiences of of federal education laws on states and
local initiatives into policy discussions. urban school districts.
The program is currently composed
of four related initiatives: Access to Energy and Environment Program
Capital and Credit; the Microenterprise
Fund for Innovation, Effectiveness, This interdisciplinary policy program
Learning, and Dissemination; Skills for stimulates open-minded dialogue about
America’s Future; and the Workforce the state of the natural world, global
Strategies Initiative. Projects in these energy, environmental challenges, and
areas include developing an online sustainable solutions. It draws on the
platform that organizations can use to knowledge and experience of leaders
help low-income individuals connect to in science, government, business, and
mainstream financial services, convening civil society and raises public attention
philanthropic leaders to discuss through policy dialogues and forums, a
investment strategies in microenterprise, leadership initiative, and major
and investigating key features that lead to public events. For more than
success in community college-nonprofit three decades, its Energy
collaborations. Policy Forum has convened
senior industry, government,
environmental, and other
leaders to report on a

broad range of energy issues, including employment creation, cross-cultural
climate change, electricity markets, dialogue, international exchanges, and
nuclear power, renewable fuels, and peace-building. The initiative creates
fuel efficiency. At its Global Forum on and convenes networks of leading
Energy, Economy, and Security, experts professionals from diverse backgrounds
and policymakers discuss oil and gas to share information, generate arts and
issues and global markets. Its newly culture policy debates, and seed new
created Clean Energy Roundtable actions. Recent activities have included
addresses commercial and public policy meetings of the Aspen Cultural Diplomacy
issues at the intersection of renewable Forum in Paris, France; Aviles, Spain;
energy, clean technology, innovation, and Washington, DC. The initiative
and financing. In 2010, the program facilitated the creation of the Arts and
continued to advance policy discussions Business Council for the city of Rio de
on the impact and governance of climate Janeiro, Brazil; and organized a dialogue
change in the Arctic, conservation and in Aspen on the power of fashion that
human development, and international engaged distinguished fashion industry
institutional responsibilities for validating insiders in a candid conversation on
emerging carbon markets. The the interdependent dynamic of fashion,
program also spearheads the Institute’s cultural identities, international relations,
Catto Fellowship Program for young socioeconomic development, poverty
environmental professionals and partners alleviation, environmental concerns,
with National Geographic to convene the entertainment, and human security. An
annual Aspen Environment Forum. These ROH Muscat – Aspen Creative Arts World
efforts advance collaborative dialogue Summit is scheduled for November
and collective knowledge to help solve 2011 in Oman; and an Aspen Cultural
critical environmental problems. Diplomacy Forum in Tokyo is slated for
2012. Also on the horizon are a Fashion
Global Initiative on Culture and Society and Society Forum in the US, a Cultural Enterprise Development Roundtable
In the midst of growing recognition of the in China, and a series of national and
power of artistic and cultural expression regional meetings in Africa, Latin America,
to inspire solutions to societal challenges, and the Middle East to address culture
sustain livelihoods, and create conditions and socioeconomic development
necessary for social change, this initiative challenges and opportunities.
seeks to build a neutral platform for
reflection, network-building, policy Health, Biomedical Science,
formulation, leadership development, and and Society Initiative
resource mobilization in the fields of arts,
culture, and socioeconomic development. This program is a venue for academic,
Through domestic and international government, and industry leaders to
roundtables, forums, seminars, and explore critical issues in health care
summits, it fosters leadership and and health policy and to understand
raises awareness of the value of arts their effects on the health of individuals,
and culture in human development, families, communities, nations, and 21
the world. By convening bipartisan, Initiative on Financial Security
multidisciplinary forums, the program
facilitates the exchange of knowledge Saving sparks entrepreneurship,
and insights among decision-makers increases the gross domestic product,
and forges networks and collaborations builds the middle class, and creates jobs
to improve human health. Through for the future, but America’s savings
public programs and strategic dialogue, system is broken. Working toward
including roundtables, policy briefings, restoring financial security for all, this
conferences, and Internet discussion initiative is the nation’s leading policy
forums, the program charts the way program focused on helping Americans
forward on issues of health and medical at every stage of life to save, invest, and
science by bringing together leading own. In roundtables, panel discussions,
scientists, economists, physicians, and other forums, it brings together
policymakers, historians, patients, and federal officials and industry experts
other committed voices in health care to craft innovative policies that enable
and health policy. Initiatives include the low- and moderate-income families
Aspen Health Stewardship Project, an to acquire financial assets. It designs
effort to broaden and reframe the national new savings accounts for children and
dialogue on health care reform; the Aspen homeownership as well as safe and
Health Forum, a public event where lay simple investment products for adult
people can exchange ideas with Nobel savers and lifelong income products
laureates, prominent National Institutes for seniors. It also researches new
of Health officials, health care industry approaches to savings and tax policy
leaders, and health policy experts from and works with federal policymakers
government and academia; and the to support efforts to increase financial
Aspen Global Health and Nutrition Task security for all Americans.
Force, an international strategy group
with the goal of reducing obesity and Justice and Society Program
malnutrition among children worldwide.
Homeland Security Program This program brings together individuals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds
to discuss what justice means and how a
Ten years have passed since 9/11, yet just society ought to deal with issues such
holes remain in America’s defenses as private conduct and public mores,
against terrorism, heightening the risk entitlements, race and gender, criminal
of another terrorist attack. This program justice and the morality of punishment,
identifies gaps in the nation’s defenses and the meaning of justice beyond
against terrorism and recommends national borders. Judicial seminars
ways to close them. Through reports, introduce judges to international human
roundtable discussions, congressional rights and humanitarian laws. The annual
testimony, and forums, it strives to Justice and Society Seminar, cofounded
convince policymakers, stakeholders, and by former Supreme Court Justice Harry
the public at large to reduce America’s A. Blackmun, is held in Aspen and led by
vulnerability to terrorism. preeminent judges and law professors.

“ L
arge-scale change in global health
must be driven by country leaders.
Building leadership capacity in health
ministries will have lasting impact
so that countries can measurably
improve health outcomes.”
Aspen Global Health and Development

The health and well being of these Masai girls in Kenya depends on leaders who champion breakthrough policy solutions
that link health and development services in new ways.

Additional program conferences, Middle East Programs
publications, and events have focused
on transitional justice in post-conflict Partners for a New Beginning, the US-
settings, human rights protection in Palestinian Partnership, the North Africa
peacekeeping field operations, and Partnership for Economic Opportunity,
the US relationship to the International the Emirates-Aspen Forum on Innovation,
Criminal Court. Public programming the US-Lebanon Dialogue, and the
in Washington, Aspen, and New York Huda and Samia Farouki Luncheon
has concentrated on participatory Series all focus on a comprehensive
democracy and the intersection of law approach to the Middle East. Working
and social policy, judicial elections and with prominent American, Middle Eastern,
selection, federal regulation of executive and Muslim business and political leaders
compensation, civic education in America, throughout the region, these initiatives
and rule-of-law training for foreign judges are dedicated to achieving a peaceful
and lawyers. resolution to all Middle East conflicts
and to forging partnerships between the
Market Building Initiative United States and the Muslim world. They concentrate on pragmatic policy
This initiative addresses one of the initiatives that build trust, enhance
most problematic issues of our time: innovation, and promote regional stability
the proliferation of fragile or failed and economic development. They also
states across the world and the inability create new projects that strive to further
to stabilize them. At the heart of the the prospects for enduring peace, end
breakdown of the social compact the Arab-Israeli conflict, and bridge the
between citizens and their governments US-Muslim divide. The programs include
is the failure to provide for economic targeted economic projects to benefit
opportunity. Millions of young people in private entrepreneurs and moderate
countries across the world are without political leaders. Together, the programs
the prospect of earning a living or the strengthen the region’s private sector
dignity of a job. The initiative takes a and its civic leadership. They serve as
market-oriented approach to generating a networking forum, and they create a
innovative ideas for building legitimate political space in the United States that
market economies and proposes supports its peace efforts.
strategies for positive economic change
informed by the realities of a globalized Program on Philanthropy and
world. It looks for ways to foster common Social Innovation
interests among economic stakeholders
through the creation of rules, structures, Through convenings, leadership
and programs that support legitimate development initiatives, communications,
market activities; convenes innovative and strategic partnerships, this program
thinkers to refine approaches and toolkits; seeks to maximize the impact of social-
supports senior economic policymakers sector leaders in contributing to the good
on market-building in a number of fragile society at home and abroad. It hosts the
contexts; and contributes to high-level Aspen Philanthropy Group, an agenda-
strategy formulation and implementation.

setting body of foundation, public, and funders and practitioners key lessons
private-sector leaders at the cutting edge on improving outcomes for low-income
of change, and it spurs partnerships and children, families, and communities. The
collaborative action among them in cross- program covers a wide range of issues,
sector working groups. The program’s such as poverty alleviation, employment,
current workshop series is an effort housing, neighborhood change, public
to build consensus for a transparent, health, education, youth development,
decision-based approach to impact child welfare, and criminal justice. It
measurement. Leadership-development also focuses on dismantling structural
initiatives include the American Express racism and hosts a seminar series for
Foundation-Aspen Institute Fellowship for government, nonprofit, media, and
Emerging Nonprofit Leaders, the Aspen business leaders to develop strategies in
Philanthropy Seminar and the Seminar for their work that will further racial equity.
Mid-America Foundation CEOs. Its policy
initiatives include its nonprofit data working Sports and Society Program
group and its Impact Economy Initiative.
The program partners with the Global This new program convenes leaders,
Philanthropy Forum, and its online Aspen fosters dialogue, and inspires solutions
Philanthropy Blog offers fresh thinking and that help sport serve the public interest.
timely observations on developments that It covers a range of topics and is
will affect the future of philanthropy. currently focused on developing active
children and communities and elevating
Program on the World Economy public conversation around the critical need to keep more children involved in
Begun in 1981, this program promotes healthy sport into the teenage years and
sustainable economic growth and beyond—a key component in confronting
financial stability in the world economy by the nation’s obesity epidemic. It also
convening prominent leaders from both brings together high-level leaders from
industrial and developing nations. It uses across the sports landscape, as well as
an interdisciplinary approach to generate those from policy and other realms, to
pragmatic solutions to major economic address the barriers that limit widespread
and financial challenges and to advance participation in sport. The program’s
cooperation on key issues facing the inaugural meeting featured topics such
global economic and financial system. as the role of sport organizations in
defeating childhood obesity, lessons
Roundtable on Community Change to be learned from video games about competition-friendly environments, and
This program focuses on the problems the challenge of creating a national sport
of distressed communities and seeks development model.
solutions to individual, family, and
neighborhood poverty. It convenes
national leaders in the community-
change field, reviews community anti-
poverty initiatives, and disseminates to

Public Programs
Promoting Nonpartisan Inquiry
and Engaging the Public

Public programs open the Institute to wider audiences, offering opportunities

to engage in thoughtful, nonpartisan inquiry. They range from major
conferences — such as the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Cultural Diplomacy
Forum, and the Aspen Security Forum — to more intimate discussion series
and topical symposia offered by the Socrates Program. They take place in
Aspen, Colorado; Washington, DC; New York City; and occasionally in varied
locations outside the US.

26 The Greenwald Pavilion on the Aspen Meadows campus. (photo by Dan Bayer) 27
Recent speakers have included, clockwise from left, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson;
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates with Walter Isaacson (photos by Michael Brands); filmmaker Spike Lee
(photo by Bill Burke); Carnegie Corporation President Vartan Gregorian (photo by Riccardo Savi);
author Kathryn Stockett (photo by Dan Bayer); Ted Leonsis, owner of the NBA’s Washington Wizards and
NHL’s Washington Capitals (photo by Steve Johnson); Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike
Mullen (photo by Dan Bayer); and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (photo by Bill Burke).

Aspen Ideas Festival journalists in an attempt to ask big questions, identify overarching themes,
This annual event in partnership with and bring together diverse perspectives
The Atlantic gathers together some of for provocative civil dialogue.
the world’s foremost academic, political,
scientific, business, and cultural leaders Aspen Writers’ Foundation
for a week-long exchange of ideas on
the Institute’s Aspen, Colorado, campus. This pioneering arts organization has
Lectures and panel discussions address been bringing readers and writers
wide-ranging topics, including some of together since 1976. Its repertoire of
the most pressing issues of the day. year-round programs includes the Aspen
Summer Words Writing Retreat and
Aspen Institute Arts Program and Literary Festival; AWF Reads, a televised
Harman-Eisner Artist-in-Residence book club; Lyrically Speaking, an
Program interview and concert series; The Great Read, a community reading initiative;
These programs were established in Scribes and Scribblers, creative writing
2006 to increase the importance of the camps for children; Story Swap, a cross-
arts at the Institute and to enhance the cultural storytelling exchange; Weekly
presence of the arts in society at large. Writers Group, a read-and-critique
They expand the Institute’s already forum; Winter Words, an author reading
vital dialogue in the areas of science, series; and Writers in the Schools, an
business, politics, and social policy to educational outreach program.
encompass the different ways of thinking
and communicating fostered by the arts, McCloskey Speaker Series
and reach out to artists, philanthropists,
arts administrators, writers, policymakers, This summer program held in Aspen
and patrons to connect them to every features talks by leaders who have a
part of the Institute community. far-reaching impact on society. Past
A distinguished artist-in-residence speakers have included Chairman of the
program has been created through which Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen,
artists join the Aspen Ideas Festival, as Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan,
well as other Aspen programs on many documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, New
topics. Roundtable discussions and other York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof,
public programs are also among many Carnegie Corporation President Vartan
new and developing efforts in the arts. Gregorian, and infectious disease expert
Anthony Fauci, among many others. The
Washington Ideas Forum series is made possible by a generous
The Institute and partner The Atlantic host donation from the McCloskey Family
an annual two-day session of interviews Charitable Foundation.
and conversations at the Newseum in
Washington, DC, pairing today’s key
newsmakers with the nation’s leading

PepsiCo chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi speaking at the Institute’s
Need to put a caption about the photo on the other page that is not too long

Former Secretaries of State Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, and James Baker with Walter Isaacson
at the National Cathedral for a public forum on values and diplomacy. (photo by Donovan Marks)

Aspen Community Programs systems—human culture and the natural environment. Topics include climate
The Institute hosts dozens of affordable change, biodiversity, conservation, energy,
and inspiring public events in Aspen that clean-technology innovations, sustainable
attract a cross-section of community development, water and ocean resources, and
members, from high school students and many other environmental and energy issues.
year-round residents to part-time residents
and visitors. Programs include the Great Aspen Health Forum
Ideas Seminars, Great Books and Great
Decisions Discussion Series, Sharing Presented by the Institute and Time
Shakespeare, Fireside Chats, The Great magazine, this public gathering is an
Conversation: Engaging Young Aspen, and opportunity to learn about issues in global
the Arts & Ideas Series, which traveled to health and medical science and their
Florence, Italy for a recent program. implications for our lives, families, and
communities. Participants exchange ideas
Aspen Environment Forum with Nobel Prize laureates, prominent officials from the National Institutes of
This annual public convocation in Health, health care industry leaders, and
partnership with National Geographic other experts in health and biomedicine.
convenes leaders in business, Panel discussions and keynote speeches
government, science, nonprofit cover topics such as the science of sex,
organizations, and the media to exchange the brain, food for a new world, frontiers
ideas, stimulate discussion, and raise in biotechnology, and the challenges and
awareness about the relationship promises of health care reform.
between the Earth’s two most complex

Aspen Security Forum CEO Jamie Dimon, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Teach for America founder Wendy
What are the key security threats we face as Kopp, musician and arts advocate Wynton
a nation, and how safe are we today? The Marsalis, and others. The Institute also hosts
Institute and The New York Times launched an author discussion series in New York City,
this three-day symposium in Aspen that featuring current authors of books of social,
brings together leaders in government, cultural, or political importance.
industry, media, think tanks, and academia
to explore key homeland security and Alma and Joseph Gildenhorn Book Series
counterterrorism issues, including the state This regular series in Washington, DC,
of aviation, maritime, border, and mass- presents informal conversations with
transit security; critical infrastructure and notable authors of current books. It is a
cyber protection; emergency preparedness; chance to discover new books and to talk
and counterterrorism strategy and to biographers, historians, philosophers,
intelligence issues. political scientists, journalists, scholars, and
other writers about their work.
Conversations With Great Leaders in
Memory of Preston Robert Tisch and Washington Leadership Series
The Aspen Book Series in New York
Since the inception of this series in 2008
with the support of Liz Dubin and Michelle
Founded in 2009, the Institute’s flagship Smith, the Institute has offered intimate
discussion series in New York City is discussions with top Washington leaders in
underwritten by Laurie, Steve, and Jonathan city government, education, and the media.
Tisch to memorialize the legacy of their Recent guests have included Washington, DC
father, an extraordinary business leader, Mayor Vincent Gray and Ted Leonsis, owner
philanthropist, and public servant. The series of the NBA’s Washington Wizards and NHL’s
features moderated conversations with Washington Capitals.
influential leaders from all walks of civic life.
It also includes the annual Preston Robert Washington Ideas Roundtable Series
Tisch Award in Civic Leadership. Highlights
This monthly Washington-based lunchtime
have included conversations with JP Morgan
discussion series focusing on world affairs,
arts, and culture is made possible by the
generous support of Michelle Smith and the
Robert H. Smith Family Foundation. It has
recently featured Under Secretary of Defense
Michèle Flournoy, Chairman of the Council
of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee, and
Modigliani biographer Meryle Secrest.

Preston Robert Tisch Award in Civic Leadership recipient

jazz musician Wynton Marsalis. (photo by Bao Nguyen) 31
Deepening Knowledge and Fostering Leadership

Aspen Institute seminars help leaders reflect on timeless ideas and values.
Through text-based dialogue with expert moderators and accomplished peers,
seminar participants expand their knowledge, refine their tools of intellectual
analysis, test the wellsprings of their convictions, and enhance their capacities
to think more creatively in solving the problems that confront society.

A group of Socrates Program participants assembled at Maroon Bells in the

32 heart of the White River National Forest. (photo by Michael Brands) 33
The Aspen Seminar Socrates Program
For almost 60 years, this premier For 15 years, this program has served as
roundtable has challenged leaders in every a forum for emerging young leaders from
field to think more critically and deeply. The various professions to explore contemporary
seminar is a unique opportunity to step issues through expert-moderated dialogue.
away from the demands of the present and It also provides the opportunity for
reflect with other leaders in moderated, participants to enter a diverse professional
text-based Socratic dialogue on the network as well as the broader range of
concept of a good and just society: What is the Institute’s programs. Its weekend-long
it? How does it become a reality? What is seminars in Aspen and day-long seminars
our role in making it happen? The settings in major US cities are values-based Socratic
in Aspen, Colorado, and on Maryland’s explorations that facilitate the exchange
Eastern Shore are ideal for rejuvenating of ideas. Selected recent topics include
the mind, body, and spirit of participants the US economy, energy security, twenty-
who emerge personally renewed and first-century media, education innovation,
professionally refocused. bioethics, technology and privacy,
immigration, green investing, Afghanistan
and Pakistan, and US-China relations.

The Institute’s Aspen Meadows campus.

The Institute’s Wye River campus.

Wye Faculty and Deans Seminars Custom Seminars
In a longstanding collaboration with the These seminars are tailored to address
Association of American Colleges and specific leadership issues facing major
Universities, these seminars engage faculty, corporations, government agencies, and
senior academic administrators, and college nonprofit organizations. Building on the
presidents in an exchange of ideas about Institute’s historic strength in professional
education, citizenship, and the global polity. development through text-based dialogue,
Sessions address the need of a liberal these seminars are led by skilled moderators
arts institution’s faculty and leadership to who help organizational teams identify and
exchange ideas with colleagues from other align fundamental institutional and personal
colleges and disciplines while exploring the values, think critically and creatively about
ideas and values that underlie their teaching. strategic and operational issues, and build a
Modeled after the Aspen Seminar and culture of cooperation and trust.
offered at the Institute’s Wye River campus
near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, the
seminars focus on issues such as individual
rights and responsibilities and the public
purpose of education.

Leadership Programs
Developing Leaders at Home and Abroad

For more than a decade, the Aspen Institute has supported programs for
accomplished leaders in the United States and around the world. Beginning
with the creation of the Henry Crown Fellowship Program, these initiatives have
a common goal of encouraging a new generation of civically engaged men and
women to move “from success to significance” and apply their entrepreneurial
talents to addressing the foremost challenges of their organizations, communities,
and countries. Each Aspen Global Leadership Network program selects a class
of Fellows, approximately 20 proven leaders typically between the ages of 30 and
45, and convenes them several times over the course of two years for a series of
intensive leadership seminars. Fellows are also required to design and carry out
high-impact community projects. The Institute has gathered its leadership Fellows
and initiatives into an international network to connect leaders across programs
and leverage their talents on a global basis. Today, the Aspen Global Leadership
Network counts more than 1,300 Fellows in 43 countries, and it continues to grow.
Another leadership program, the First Movers Fellowship, founded by the
Institute’s Business and Society Program, seeks to have the business community
live up to its full potential as a vehicle for positive social change.

36 Middle East Leadership Initiative Fellow Fatma Ghaly above Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. 37
The Aspen Global Leadership Network

Liberty Fellowship Program
This program promotes outstanding
leadership in South Carolina, empowering
the state and its leaders to realize their
full potential. Founded in 2003 by Institute
trustee Hayne Hipp, it is a partnership of
Mr. Hipp, the Institute, and Wofford College,
where it is based.
Fellows from the fifth class of the Central America Leadership Initiative
discuss creating the good society during the Aspen Seminar in Nicaragua.
(photo by Caitlin Colegrove) Central America Leadership Initiative
Henry Crown Fellowship Program
Inspired by two Henry Crown Fellows and
begun in 2004, this initiative develops
Founded in 1997, this flagship leadership values-based leadership talent in all six
initiative challenges the next generation countries of Central America to tackle
of leaders, largely from the US business the challenges this region confronts. A
sector, to use their talents and energies to partnership of the Institute, TechnoServe,
make a difference in the world. The program INCAE, and FUNDEMAS, the initiative
honors the memory of Chicago industrialist was formalized in 2007 as an independent
Henry Crown (1896-1990), whose career nonprofit foundation.
was marked by a lifelong commitment to
integrity, industry, and philanthropy. Aspen Institute-Rodel Fellowships
in Public Leadership
Africa Leadership Initiative
This program, introduced in 2005, seeks
This initiative captures the energy, talent, to strengthen US democracy by bringing
and resolve of an emerging generation together the nation’s most promising young
of leaders in Africa and engages them in elected political leaders, both Democrats
confronting the foremost challenges of their and Republicans, to explore Western
countries. Founded in 2001 by four Henry democratic values and the responsibilities
Crown Fellows, it is a collaborative venture of public leadership. The fellowships help
of the Institute, the Databank Foundation recipients excel in public service through
(Ghana), Infotech Investments (Tanzania), thoughtful and civil bipartisan dialogue.
LEAP Africa (Nigeria), the Letsema
Foundation (South Africa), and CETA Top of page 39 from left to right: Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellows discuss
Construction and Services (Mozambique). projects during their Leading in an Era of Globalization seminar (photo by Dan Bayer);
India Leadership Initiative fellow Sudha Iyer’s leadership project Srishti Annam, a com-
The initiative has programs in West Africa, prehensive feeding and skill-building program for the poor; Fellows from the fifth class
of the Africa Leadership Initiative/South Africa during a seminar session; an image from
East Africa, South Africa, and Mozambique. one of Henry Crown Fellow Sonny Garg’s visits to Haiti during reconstruction.

India Leadership Initiative Catto Fellowship Program
Begun in 2006, this collaboration between Established in 2007 with support from
the Aspen Institute (US) and the Aspen Institute trustee Henry Catto and his
Institute India helps leaders from across India wife, Jessica, this Aspen leadership
explore leadership approaches to addressing initiative seeks creative solutions to
challenges faced by the world’s largest global environmental problems by
democracy. gathering emerging leaders from business,
government, and civil society to work
Nigeria Leadership Initiative-Senior collaboratively as a fellowship across
Fellows Program public, private, and nonprofit lines. The program is administered by the Institute’s
Launched in 2006 by Segun Aganga, an Energy and Environment Program.
Africa Leadership Initiative Fellow, and Dr.
Christopher Kolade, Nigeria’s then-high Middle East Leadership Initiative
commissioner to the United Kingdom, this
program focuses on senior leaders in Nigeria Launched in 2009 by three Henry Crown
and in the diaspora. Its goal is to effect Fellows, the aim of this initiative is to identify
positive change in the most populous country emerging leaders and motivate them to
in Africa through a growing network of apply their energies, skills, and resources
community-spirited, values-based leaders. to the important societal challenges in their
countries and region.
Aspen Institute-NewSchools Fellowship:
Entrepreneurial Leaders for Public
Education Other Leadership Programs
First Movers Fellowship
Inaugurated in 2007 in partnership with
NewSchools Venture Fund through a
collaboration of two Henry Crown Fellows, Established in 2009 by the Business and
this program offers entrepreneurial leaders Society Program, this fellowship is designed
in US education an opportunity to broaden for exceptional business innovators who are
their perspectives, build networks of like- integrating profitability and social value in
minded change agents, and hone their skills their companies. It meets a growing need
in values-based leadership to improve US for values-based business leaders who
public education. understand the interdependency of business
success and the long-term health of society. 39
Society of Fellows

Because of its policy work, global leadership

network, public programs, and seminars, the
Institute has access to some of the world’s
most inspired and provocative thinkers, writ-
ers, artists, business people, teachers, and
leaders. Members of the Society of Fellows
share in this access and are able to hear
from, talk to, and debate with top minds while
expanding their own.
The Institute offers six Society of Fellows
donor levels, each of which includes year-
Harvard professor and Aspen Institute trustee David Gergen addressing a round invitations to special events in Aspen,
Society of Fellows gathering at a private home in Aspen. (photo by Nora Feller)
Colorado; Washington, DC; New York City;
In 1964, a group of Aspen Institute sup- and other major metropolitan areas.
porters founded the Society of Fellows to Recent Society of Fellows events have in-
champion the work of the Institute and to cluded symposia on The Future of Free
participate in its programs and projects. Over Speech: Balancing Tensions of the First
the years it has become an important source Amendment; Mind, Body, and Behavior: The
of unrestricted financial support, helping to Science of Meditation; What’s So Funny? The
sustain the Institute’s mission, expand its pro- Power of Humor; The Golden Decade: How
grams, and ensure its future. Today, the Soci- 1900-1910 Transformed Music and Shaped
ety of Fellows has more than 1,000 donors. the Modern World; Afghanistan and Pakistan:
Joining the Society of Fellows is a chance A Critical Crossroads; and Thoughts on the
to support the Aspen Institute and become Good Life: Just Living or Living Well.
involved in the full scope of its programs,
including policy discussions, public forums,
Aspen Wye Fellows
and symposia, as well as special programs
and events created exclusively for Fellows.
These include luncheons, private receptions, The Aspen Wye Fellows program is a special
and gatherings held in the homes of Fellows, donor and public outreach initiative on the
courses moderated by leading scholars, Institute’s Wye River campus in Maryland.
and discussions with top policy experts and Fellows are Chesapeake Bay-area residents
the Institute’s own policy program directors. who support and share the Institute’s interest
Fellows sustain the mission of the Institute in global, open-minded dialogue. The pro-
year after year and understand the need for gram includes discussions, receptions, book
values-based leadership in today’s compli- signings, and other special events featuring
cated world. prominent leaders and policy experts.

Attendees entering the Doerr-Hosier Center at the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival.
40 (photo by Dan Bayer) 41
2010-2011 Selected Highlights of Our Work
• Seventh annual Aspen Ideas Festival convenes to • The Communications and Society Program,
discuss topics such as the post-9/11 world, the US the Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community
economy, social media, medicine, music, art and Change, and Comcast Corporation sponsor
design in American culture, and the environment. inaugural Aspen Institute Symposium on the State
of Race in America.
• Annual Aspen Environment Forum in partnership
with National Geographic focuses on the fast- • “Educating for Democracy in a Digital Age,”
approaching global population of seven billion. a conference on civics education featuring
historians, authors, digital pioneers, and
• The Institute creates a Sports and Society education policymakers from across the country,
Program to identify future directions in sports is hosted by the Institute.
policy, practice, and research that will serve the
public good. • The Institute announces the launch of Ascend, a
new Family Economic Security Program to serve as
• Aspen Institute joins with NewSchools Venture a hub for strategies that move parents, especially
Fund for Summit 2011 in Silicon Valley on women, and their children beyond poverty.
innovations in education for low-income children.
• The Institute launches the North Africa
• Bipartisan Policy Center and the Aspen Institute Partnership for Economic Opportunity with the
host “Making Our Democracy Work,” a series of US Department of State to create economic
roundtable conversations on how to improve civil opportunities in Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia,
discourse in American politics. Algeria, and Libya.

• Council of Women World Leaders meets at the • The million-dollar Aspen Prize for Community
United Nations to discuss the role of women in College Excellence is announced at the White
democratic governance. House Community College Summit.

• Aspen Commission on Arctic Climate Change • Cultural Diplomacy Forum partners with the
releases The Shared Future, its final report and Phillips Collection and New York University’s John
recommendations on managing the Arctic marine Brademas Center for the Study of Congress for
environment. a Washington, DC, event about using cultural
exchange to communicate with other nations.
• The Institute and the Aspen Young Professionals
Association launch “The Great Conversation: • Economic Opportunities Program’s Fund
Engaging Young Aspen,” a new series of for Innovation, Effectiveness, Learning, and
discussions on national and international issues. Dissemination (FIELD) publishes online directory
of US microenterprise programs that provide
• The Institute hosts an Education Innovation Forum direct business services to entrepreneurs.
& Expo in partnership with the US Department of
Education to connect education innovators with • The Institute welcomes the Center for Native
venture capitalists, social innovation investors, and American Youth, founded by former US Senator
policymakers. Byron Dorgan, to improve the health, safety, and
well-being of Native American youth.
• Agent Orange in Vietnam Program unveils
comprehensive ten-year action plan to address the • The Institute begins gathering Fellows from across
toxic legacy of Agent Orange and other herbicides the Aspen Global Leadership Network to explore
in Vietnam. the challenges of leading in an increasingly
complex and intertwined world with the “Leading
• Initiative on Financial Security holds Capitol Hill in an Era of Globalization” seminar.
briefing on post-financial crisis home ownership
policy and roundtable discussion on lifelong • The Socrates Program celebrates its 15th
retirement policy. anniversary.

• Aspen Strategy Group convenes its 15th US-India • Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellow John
Strategic Dialogue in New Delhi. Danner wins the third annual John P. McNulty
Prize for his work with Rocketship Education, a
• Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs national network of high-performing elementary
releases impact report on supporting small business charter schools whose mission is to eliminate the
entrepreneurs to alleviate poverty around the world. income achievement gap.

A Global Presence

International Partners discussion and debate on global, foreign policy, defense, and trade issues as well as
current political and international affairs.
The Aspen Institute has international partners
in France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Recent international events have included
Romania and Spain. These centers represent leadership seminars for young scientific re-
a broad range of opinion from the corporate, searchers and young political leaders; confer-
academic, political, and other sectors of ences on the economic crisis in a globalized
society. They focus on the development of world, civil society in Iran, and elections in
leadership networks and informed dialogue Lebanon; a discussion of US democracy
about the values and principles of democracy, promotion in the Middle East; roundtables on
the rule of law, and a wide array of economic, fighting poverty in India and reforming Italy’s
financial, social, and political topics. The public administration; seminars on the clas-
centers host seminars, workshops, confer- sics for Japanese high school students; and
ences, and policy programs for high-level symposia on leadership, philanthropy, and hu-
leaders and decision-makers to encourage man rights advocacy.

Institut Aspen France Aspen Institute Italia Aspen Institute Romania

84 rue de Lille Piazza dei SS. Apostoli, 49 50, Plantelor Street (Mosilor area)
75007 Paris, Fr 00187 Rome, Italy Sector 2, Bucharest 0039.06.9784511 Romania Phone: +4021 316 4279
Aspen Institute Germany Fax: +4021 317 3443
Friedrichstrasse 60,
10117 Berlin Aspen Institute Japan Harks Roppongi Bldg, 2 Fl. 6-15-2, Roppongi 6-chome, Fundación Aspen Institute España
Minato-City, Tokyo, Japan 106-0032 Gran Vía 28
Aspen Institute India 28013 Madrid, Spain
2P, Sector 31,
Haryana 122001

Our Locations
The Aspen Institute is headquartered in
The Aspen Institute
Washington, DC, where a variety of policy program
One Dupont Circle, NW
events and meetings, roundtable lunches, and book Suite 700
talks are held. The Institute also carries out much of its Washington, DC 20036-1133
work on its two campuses in Colorado and Maryland, 202-736-5800 • 202-467-0790 (fax)
where natural beauty and quiet surroundings encour-
age thoughtful reflection and refresh the mind, body,
and spirit. Both campuses are also favorite retreats for
corporate and organizational meetings.

The Aspen Meadows campus, nestled in the quiet

West End of the Rocky Mountain town of Aspen, was
created by Bauhaus designer Herbert Bayer. Its 40 The Aspen Institute
acres, bordered by mountain streams and fields of wild- 1000 North Third Street
flowers, are just minutes away from the center of Aspen. Aspen, CO 81611
970-925-7010 • 970-925-4188 (fax)

The Aspen Wye River campus is located near

Queenstown, on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake
Bay in Maryland. Its conference centers are set on
950-plus acres on the banks of the Wye River.

New York City is home to an increasing number The Aspen Institute

of Aspen Institute activities, including policy work, 2010 Carmichael Road
public programs, and special events. New York-based P.O. Box 222
Queenstown, MD 21658
staff will be centralized at 477 Madison Avenue as of
410-827-7400 • 410-827-9295 (fax)
November 2011. Many Institute events take place at
Roosevelt House on the Upper East Side, the onetime
home of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt that is now
part of Hunter College.

The Aspen Institute

477 Madison Avenue
Suite 703
New York, NY 10022
(as of Nov. 2011)

Aspen Institute Executive Officers
Walter Isaacson Dolores Gorgone Peter Reiling
President and Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President,
Chief Executive Officer Finance and Human Resources Leadership and Seminar Programs Vice President Executive Director, Henry Crown Fellowship Program
Elliot Gerson
Executive Vice President, Amy Margerum
Policy and Public Programs, Executive Vice President, Susan Sherwin
International Partnerships Operations Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary External Relations

Key Leadership
Kitty Boone Melissa Ingber
Director, Public Programs Director, Socrates Program
Vice President Deputy Director, International Partners Deborah Murphy
Conference Director
Todd Breyfogle Jennifer Jones
Director, Seminars Director, Accounting Jennifer Myers
Cindy Buniski Shelley Taggart Kee Public Affairs
Vice President, Administration; Director, Human Resources
Executive Director, Aspen Wye Campus Trent Nichols
Sun Kordel Director
Peggy Clark Director, Financial Services Information Technology Services
Executive Director, Global Health
and Development
Vice President, Policy Programs Kristen B. Loden Tarek Rizk Vice President, Development Director, Interactive Services
Lisa Consiglio
Executive Director Cristal Logan James Spiegelman
Aspen Writers’ Foundation Director, Roaring Fork Valley Vice President Community Outreach Communications and Public Affairs
Mickey Edwards
Executive Director, Aspen Institute- Jamie Miller Jane Wales
Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership Director, Public Programs Executive Director, Program on
Vice President Editor-in-Chief, The Aspen Idea Philanthropy and Social Innovation Vice President Vice President
Abigail Golden-Vazquez
Deputy Director, Leadership Initiatives Eric Motley Steven Wickes
Vice President Managing Director Director, Society of Fellows Henry Crown Fellowship Program;
Donna Horney Commission to Reform the Federal Damian Woetzel
Director, Administration, Appointments Process Director, Program in the Arts
Policy and Public Programs Vice President Harman-Eisner Artist in Residence

Policy Program Directory
Advocacy Planning and Communications and Homeland Security Program
Evaluation Program Society Program Clark Ervin, Director
David Devlin-Foltz, Director Charles Firestone, Executive Director
Initiative on Financial Security
Agent Orange in Vietnam Program Community Strategies Group Lisa Mensah, Director
Charles Bailey, Director Janet Topolsky, Director
John Molinaro, Co-Director Justice and Society Program
ASCEND, the Family Economic Meryl Chertoff, Director
Security Program
Anne Mosle, Executive Director Congressional Program Alice H. Henkin, Director Emerita Dan Glickman, Executive Director
Nisha Patel, Deputy Director Market Building Initiative
Council of Women World Leaders Ashraf Ghani, Co-Director
Aspen Network of Development Laura Liswood, Secretary-General
Entrepreneurs Clare Lockhart, Co-Director
Randall Kempner, Director Economic Opportunities Program
Jenny Everett, Associate Director Maureen Conway, Executive Director Middle East Programs Toni Verstandig, Executive Director
Aspen Strategy Group Education and Society Program Michael Bergman, Director
Nicholas Burns, Director Ross Wiener, Executive Director
Jonathon Price, Associate Director Nancy Pelz-Paget, Director Program on Philanthropy & Social Innovation
Jane Wales, Executive Director
Business and Society Program Energy and Environment Program
Judy Samuelson, Executive Director David Monsma, Executive Director Cinthia Schuman, Deputy Director
Nancy McGaw, Deputy Director Nicole Alexiev, Associate Director nicole Program on the World Economy
Joan Lovett, Director
Center for Native American Youth Global Health and Development
Erin Bailey, Program Director Peggy Clark, Executive Director Vice President, Policy Programs Roundtable on Community Change Anne C. Kubisch, Director
College Excellence Program
Josh Wyner, Executive Director Global Initiative on Culture and Society Sports & Society Program
Damien Pwono, Director Tom Farrey, Director
Commission on
No Child Left Behind
Gary Huggins, Director Health, Biomedical Science, and Society Initiative
Franmarie Kennedy, Acting Director
Commission to Reform the Federal
Appointments Process
Eric Motley, Director

Sidney Harman

Aspen Institute Trustee (2000-2011)

n 1931, Albert Einstein published the following passage in
a paper titled “The World as I See It”: “The most beautiful
experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental
emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true
science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder,
no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.”
Einstein’s comment has enormous application to the world
of business. Interpret his “mysterious” as “curious.” Then think
of creative curiosity as driving one to think anew and to
reject the orthodoxy that declares, “This is how we always
do things.” See it as prompting systems thinking rather than
bureaucratic process. When you see that in a senior executive,
you are looking at the material of leadership, creativity, and
serious response to a changing business universe.

From remarks delivered by Sidney Harman at the

Institute’s 2004 celebration of Albert Einstein

The Aspen Institute Board of Trustees (as of April 2011)

Robert K. Steel, Chairman of the Board Henry E. Catto, Vice Chairman

Walter Isaacson, President and CEO

Madeleine K. Albright John Doerr Alma L. Gildenhorn

Chairman Partner Honorary Trustee, Kennedy Center
Albright Stonebridge Group Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Gerald Greenwald
Paul F. Anderson Sylvia A. Earle Managing Partner
Senior Advisor Chairman Greenbriar Equity Group
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. Deep Ocean Exploration & Research
Patrick W. Gross
Mercedes Bass Michael D. Eisner Chairman
Sid R. Bass, Inc. President The Lovell Group
Tornante Company
Berl Bernhard Former Chairman and CEO Arjun Gupta
Partner The Walt Disney Company Founder and Managing Partner
DLA Piper US LLP TeleSoft Partners
Chairman Emeritus Brooks Entwistle
The Aspen Institute Managing Director and CEO Hayne Hipp
Goldman Sachs India Private Investor
Richard Braddock
Chairman and CEO Alan Fletcher Gerald D. Hosier
Fresh Direct President and CEO Principal
Aspen Music Festival and School Law Offices of Gerald D. Hosier, Ltd.
Beth Brooke
Global Vice Chair of Public Policy Leonhard Fischer Ann Frasher Hudson
Ernst & Young President Partner
Aspen Institute Germany Javelina Partners
Melva Bucksbaum
Martin Bucksbaum Family Foundation Henrietta Holsman Fore Robert J. Hurst
Principal Managing Director
William D. Budinger Holsman International Crestview Advisors, LLC
Founder, Former Chairman & CEO
Rodel, Inc. Ann B. Friedman Walter Isaacson
Educator President and CEO
Stephen L. Carter The Aspen Institute
Professor of Law Stephen Friedman
Yale University Law School Senior Advisor Jean-Pierre Jouyet
Stone Point Capital President
Henry E. Catto Aspen France
Vice Chairman Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
The Aspen Institute W.E.B. Du Bois Professor Yotaro Kobayashi
Former Ambassador to Great Britain; of Humanities Administration Office for Directors
Chairman Emeritus Harvard University and Officers
Atlantic Council of the United States Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Mircea Geoana
James S. Crown President David H. Koch
President Aspen Institute Romania Executive Vice President
Henry Crown and Company Chemical Technology
David Gergen Koch Industries, Inc.
Andrea Cunningham Professor of Public Service
Chief Marketing Officer Harvard Kennedy School;
Rearden Commerce Senior Political Analyst
CNN 49
The Aspen Institute Board of Trustees (continued)

Timothy K. Krauskopf William A. Nitze Isaac O. Shongwe

Principal Chairman Chairman
Round Lake Designs, LLC Oceana Energy Company Letsema Consulting Company;
Chief Executive Officer
Leonard A. Lauder Her Majesty Queen Noor DNA Supply Chain of South Africa
Chairman of the Board of Directors Humanitarian Activist;
The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. UN Expert Advisor Anna Deavere Smith
Chairman Emeritus Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue
The Aspen Institute Jacqueline Novogratz New York University
Founder / CEO
Frederic V. Malek Acumen Fund Michelle Smith
Chairman Director
Thayer Capital Partners Olara A. Otunnu Robert H. Smith Family Foundation
James M. Manyika LBL Foundation for Children Javier Solana
Partner President
McKinsey & Company Elaine Pagels Aspen Institute Spain
Professor of Religion
William E. Mayer Princeton University Robert K. Steel
Partner Chairman of the Board, The Aspen Institute
Park Avenue Equity Partners Charles Powell Deputy Mayor for Economic
Chairman Emeritus Chairman Development, New York City
The Aspen Institute Sagitta Asset Management Limited
Gautam Thapar
Bonnie P. McCloskey Michael K. Powell Chairman, Aspen Institute India
President Chairman Chairman and CEO, Avantha Group
Cornerstone Holdings, LLC The MK Powell Group
Shashi Tharoor (leave of absence)
David McCormick Roderick K. von Lipsey Congressman, Lok Sabha
Member, Management Committee Managing Director Indian Parliament
Bridgewater Associates UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Giulio Tremonti
Anne McNulty Margot Pritzker Chairman
Managing Partner Chairperson Aspen Institute Italia
JBK Partners Zohar Education Project
Incorporative Vin Weber
Karlheinz Muhr Managing Partner
Chairman and CEO Peter A. Reiling (Ex Officio) Clark & Weinstock
Cenario Capital Management Executive Vice President
Seminars and Leadership Programs Alice Young
Clare Muñana The Aspen Institute Chair, Asia Pacific Practice
President Kaye Scholer LLP
Ancora Associates, Inc. Lynda Resnick
Co-Owner and Vice Chairman
Jerry Murdock Roll International Corporation
Managing Director and Co-Founder
Insight Venture Partners Condoleezza Rice
Stephenson Senior Fellow on
Marc B. Nathanson Public Policy
Chairman Hoover Institution
Mapleton Investments Former U.S. Secretary of State

The Aspen Institute Lifetime Trustees

James C. Calaway, Chairman

HRH Prince Bandar bin Sultan Jacqueline Grapin John J. Phelan, Jr.
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia President Retired Chairman and CEO, NYSE;
The European Institute Chairman Emeritus
Keith Berwick The Aspen Institute
Keith Berwick Chair Irvine O. Hockaday, Jr.
The Aspen Institute Retired President and CEO Thomas R. Pickering
Hallmark Cards, Inc. Vice Chairman
John Brademas Hills & Company
President Emeritus Nina Rodale Houghton
New York University President Warren B. Rudman
Wye Institute Partner
James C. Calaway Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton
Chairman, Lifetime Trustees Jérôme Huret and Garrison
The Aspen Institute Aspen Institute France
Jay Sandrich
William T. Coleman, Jr. William N. Joy Television Director
O’Melveny & Myers Partner
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Lloyd G. Schermer
Lester Crown Retired Chairman and CEO
Chairman Henry A. Kissinger Lee Enterprises, Inc.
Henry Crown and Company Kissinger Associates, Inc.
Vice Chairman Emeritus Carlo Scognamiglio
The Aspen Institute Ann Korologos Honorary Chairman
Chairman Aspen Institute Italia
Tarun Das Rand Board of Trustees
Chief Mentor Chairman Emeritus Albert H. Small
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) The Aspen Institute President
Southern Engineering Corp.
William L. Davis Robert Malott
WLD Davis Holdings, LLC Retired Chairman and CEO Andrew L. Stern
FMC Corporation International President
Al Dietsch Service Employees International
Chairman Olivier Mellerio Union
Best Year Yet LLC General Partner, Interfinexa
Solomon D. Trujillo
William H. Donaldson Eleanor Merrill Graviton Inc. (retired)
Chairman Publisher Emeritus
Donaldson Enterprises Washingtonian Magazine Paul A. Volcker
Federal Reserve System (retired)
James L. Ferguson Elinor Bunin Munroe
Retired Chairman President Leslie H. Wexner
General Foods Corp. Elinor Bunin Productions, Inc. President and Chairman of the
Richard N. Gardner Sandra Day O’Connor The Limited, Inc.
Senior Counsel Chancellor
Morgan Lewis Business and Financial The College of William & Mary Frederick B. Whittemore
Practice Group Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Advisory Director
Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.
Hisashi Owada
International Court of Justice

2010 Annual Report (draft audited financials)


December 31, 2010
(With Summarized Financial Information as of December 31, 2009)

Assets 2010 2009

Cash and cash equivalents $6,975,288 $4,935,128

Investments 76,095,101 71,194,645
Investments held for deferred compensation 1,647,025 1,215,093
Accounts receivable, net 1,131,985 1,288,256
Grants and contributions receivable, net 24,701,726 29,616,462
Prepaid expenses 489,754 510,267
Inventory 97,936 96,834
Property and equipment, net 59,366,458 55,087,651
Security deposits 169,542 145,182

TOTAL ASSETS $170,674,815 $164,089,518

Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts payable and accrued expenses $3,923,553 $4,456,276
Grants payable 713,504 3,358,209
Customer deposits 3,717,684 2,660,443
Capital lease obligations 376,097 347,225
Deferred compensation 1,647,025 1,215,093

TOTAL LIABILITIES 10,377,863 12,037,246

Net Assets:
Board Designated 85,844,583 72,607,975

Temporarily restricted 49,067,431 55,725,346
Permanently restricted 25,384,938 23,718,951

Total net assets 160,296,952 152,052,272

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $170,674,815 $164,089,518

For the Year Ended December 31, 2010
(With Summarized Financial Information for the Year Ended December 31, 2009)

- 2010 -
Temporarily Permanently 2010 2009
Unrestricted Restricted Restricted Total Total

Operating Revenue
and Support:
Project grants $ 177,398 $27,889,493 $ - $28,066,891 $25,304,532
Contributions 9,286,433 10,864,128 1,665,964 21,816,525 21,168,282
Investment income
appropriated for operations 948,189 1,486,725 23 2,434,937 2,883,029
Conference and facility fees 8,504,279 - - 8,504,279 9,362,511
Contract revenue 4,687,683 - - 4,687,683 5,256,199
Seminar fees 5,454,695 - - 5,454,695 5,081,068
Other 412,571 - - 412,571 461,415
Rental income 202,357 - - 202,357 156,756
Net assets released
from restrictions:
Satisfaction of time restrictions 21,807,812 (21,807,812) - - -
Satisfaction of program restrictions 26,121,959 (26,121,959) - - -

REVENUE AND SUPPORT 77,603,376 (7,689,425) 1,665,987 71,579,938 69,673,792

Program Services:
Policy programs 28,819,276 - - 28,819,276 27,013,630
Campus activities 13,409,777 - - 13,409,777 14,574,871
Public programs 4,430,973 - - 4,430,973 4,298,724
Global leadership network 2,862,859 - - 2,862,859 3,369,567
Seminars 1,403,976 - - 1,403,976 1,660,766
Other restricted programs 900,375 - - 900,375 1,006,949

Total Program Services 51,827,236 - - 51,827,236 51,924,507

Supporting Services
General and administration 12,816,092 - - 12,816,092 11,624,157
Fundraising and development 2,099,874 - - 2,099,874 1,863,409

Total Supporting Services 14,915,966 - - 14,915,966 13,487,566

Total Expenses 66,743,202 - - 66,743,202 65,412,073

Change in Net Assets
from Operations 10,860,174 (7,689,425) 1,665,987 4,836,736 4,261,719

Non-Operating Revenue
Investment income in excess of
earnings appropriated for operations 2,376,434 1,031,510 - 3,407,944 6,479,071

Change in Net Assests 13,236,608 (6,657,915) 1,665,987 8,244,680 10,740,790

Net Assets,
Beginning of Year 72,607,975 55,725,346 23,718,951 152,052,272 141,311,482

Net Assets, End of Year $85,844,583 $49,067,431 $25,384,938 $160,296,952 $152,052,272

Society of Fellows as of December 31, 2010

Gold Leaf Society C. E. and S. Foundation Mason and Elizabeth Phelps

($50,000 and above) Gustavo Cisneros and Doren and Sheldon Pinnell
Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Jim Ragland
Greg and Karen Amadon Sara Fraser Crismon Marsha Ralls
A. Huda and Samia Farouki Marshall and Jane Crouch Richard H. Rosenthal
Nancy C. Crown and Nancy and Miles Rubin
Chairman’s Society A. Steven Crown
Vicki and Roger Sant
($25,000) Sylvie and Gary Crum
Reneé Schatz
Elissa and Gary Davis
Anonymous Segal Family Foundation
John Debs
Roy and Merilee Bostock Carl and Peggy Sewell
Lawrence and Suzanne DeGeorge
James and Phyllis Coulter Jacquelin Sewell and
Claiborne and Elaine Deming Carl Sewell III
Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson
Gloria Story Dittus Neal and Jacqueline Shear
David and Sheila Fuente
Thelma Duggin Muriel Siebert
John and Alicia Goldsmith
Richard and Gail Elden The Simms/Mann Family Foundation -
The Bruce T. Halle Family
Foundation - Diane and Gail and Alfred Engelberg Victoria and Ronald Simms
Bruce Halle Ted and Bess Enloe Bren Simon
Walter and Cathy Isaacson Judy Estrin Laurie M. Tisch
Michael Klein and Joan Fabry The Honorable and Adam Trombly and
Toby Devan Lewis Mrs. Melvyn J. Estrin Nancy Oliphant
Dr. and Mrs. Vijay Mallya Shannon and Richard Fairbanks Charles and Nancy Wall
Michael Mendenhall Alan and Dafna Fleischmann Sam and Tillie Walton
Scott D. Miller Rosemarie Forsythe Judy and Fred Wilpon
Robert C. Pew and Susan Taylor Jim and Karen Frank Randy Work and Mandy Gray
Anne and Chris Reyes Jessica and John Fullerton Beau and Heather Wrigley
Rob and Melani Walton Barbara and Gerald D. Hines Cheryl and Sam Wyly
Beatrice and Anthony Welters Woody and Gayle Hunt Dee and Charles Wyly
Alireza Ittihadieh Barbara and David Zalaznick
Robert and Marjie Kargman Mortimer B. Zuckerman
President’s Society
Michael and Elizabeth Kasser
Joel and Robin Kassimir Aspen Leaf Society
Robert J. Abernethy Suzie Katz Snyder ($5,000)
Anonymous (2) Lawrence and Anneliese Ladin
The Acorn Foundation
Adrienne Arsht Laura and Gary Lauder
John and Lizbeth Adams
James and Donna Barksdale Jim and Jean Lowrey
Gerhard and Jeanne Andlinger
Ambassador and Marianne and Sheldon Lubar
Mrs. Stuart Bernstein John and Holly Madigan
Zoё Baird Budinger
Luciano and Giancarla Berti Amb. Bonnie McElveen-Hunter
Robert and Cara Barnes
Dr. John S. Brown and James and Betty Anne McManus
Dr. Susan Haviland Alan and Jane Batkin
Lisa and Willem Mesdag
Matthew and Kay Bucksbaum Grace Bender
Michele and David Mittelman
Nancy and Clint Carlson Mike and Jackie Bezos
Diane Morris
Tara Carson and Barbara Fergus Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
Susan and Bill Oberndorf
Martin and Ruth Carver Martin and Aviva Budd
Margaret and Andy Paul

Calvin and Jane Cafritz John and Hee-Jung Moon Marilyn and George L. Baker
James Carreker and Robin Francis Sara and Bill Morgan Judith Barnard and Michael Fain
CASERVE Foundation Jeannette T. Nichols Nathaniel and Cornelia Bates
Claudia and Bill Coleman Sue and Jim Oates Allison and John Beadles
Richard and Cornelia Corbett Mike and Chris Pack Linda Bedell
Patricia Cox Patricia M. Papper John and Marsha Beeson
J. Lester and Brenda Crain Pauline B. Pitt Ted Bell and Page Lee Hufty Bell
Susan Crown and William Kunkler Robert and Lexie Potamkin Jim Bellinson
Alexander and Lorraine Dell Dennis Ratner Chuck Bellock
Jan and Neal Dempsey Debbi Fields Rose and Michael Rose Norman Belmonte
David and Holly Dreman Marcia and Phil Rothblum Charles and Karyn Bendit
Margaret and Jerrold Eberhardt Michael and Cari Sacks Paul and Sigrid Benton-Aufterbeck
Sheldon and Clayton Erikson Arthur and Pamela Sanders Gilchrist B. Berg
Joseph and Sherry Felson Mara and Ricky Sandler Barbara and Bruce Berger
David and Jaimie Field Mary and Patrick Scanlan James Berger
Marilyn and Larry Fields Sue and Shelly Schneider Jack and Christine Bergstrom
Jerry and Nanette Finger Dr. and Mrs. H. Del Schutte, Jr. Jeffrey and Rebecca Berkus
Linda and Gregory Fischbach Aziz and Sue Syriani Adam and Tracy Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Edouard Gerschel Cheryl and Peter Tague Jill and Jay Bernstein
Gary and Virginia Gerst Joel and Shelley Tauber Archer and Sandie Bishop
Marilyn and Michael Glosserman Alan and Irene Wurtzel Robert Blattberg and
Richard and Harriett Gold Selim K. Zilkha and Mary Hayley Rebecca Donelson
Jeannette and Jerry Goldstone Rita and Irwin Blitt
Deborah Good and Fellows Garrett and Diana Bouton
Thomas Theobald ($2,500 - $3,500) Mark A. Bradley
George J.W. Goodman Stuart and Lotta Brafman
Roger and Ginny Aaron
Andrea and Jim Gordon Frank and Eileen Bresnan
Fred and Penny Abrams
Scott Gordon John Breyo
BJ Adams
Anthony and Joanne Guerrerio Steven and Cynthia Brill
John K. Adams
Gordon and Llura Gund Peter and Lael Brodsky
Rita and Jeffrey Adler
William and Candace Hamm Carolyn Brody
Tracy and Dennis Albers
Irving Harris Foundation - Gordon Bronson
Nina and Billy Albert
Joan W. Harris Jay Bronson
Pamela C. Alexander
James and Mary Ann Harris Keith and Arlene Bronstein
Judy Ley Allen
Bruce and Vicki Heyman Albert “Buzz” Brown
Carolyn Alper
Leslie and George Hume Susan and Robert Brown
Patricia Alper-Cohn
Diane Goldberg Hunckler Glenn and April Bucksbaum
and William Hunckler Paul and Tanya Alston
William and Jessica Budinger
Barry and Ellen Hyman Judi and Alan Altman
David Budler
C.A.* and Diana J. Kalman Dean V. Ambrose
Bob and Linda Buford
Alex Kaufman Anonymous (3)
Jacques R. Bughin
Bicky and George Kellner Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
Ambassador and
Jeffrey L. Kenner Randall and Ronnie Antik
Mrs. William Cabaniss
Sidney and Dorothy Kohl Jim Aresty
Tony and Terri Caine
Nicola and Jeffrey Marcus Wendy Aresty
David L. Caplan and
Carol S. Marks Becky Ayres Karen E. Wagner
Thomas and Janet McKinley Brad Bachmann and Michelle Stern Robert Caplan and Carol Randolph
Susan Miller Jane Baird

Peter Carman Edward W. Easton Libby Cater Halaby
William Carrico Marcy and Leo Edelstein Jan Hamilton
Penney Evans Carruth Linda and Alan Englander Richard Hamilton
Don and Nancy Carter Debbie and Jerry Epstein Carolyn and Ken Hamlet
Coley Cassidy Michael Estes Julia Hansen
Merle C. Chambers Jeanne and Sanford Fagadau Steve and Sally Hansen
David and Katherin Chase Vivian Farah Gordon A. Hardy
Debbie and David Chazen Suzanne Farver and Clint Van Zee Anne Hatfield and Howard Weir
Tony and Deb Clancy Anne and Alan Feld Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
J. Thomas and Linda Clark Nora Feller Brian Hazen
Jim and Vicki Click David Fenton Nikos and Alison Hecht
Suzanne and Bob Cochran Joseph Sebastian Fichera Reuben L. Hedlund
Jeffrey Cohen Richard and Susan Finkelstein Lita W. Heller
Larry Cohen Brian and Helen Fitzgerald Susan Helm
Nancy W. Collins Lou and Heather Fouts Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.
Tom and Noel Congdon Sam and Marilyn Fox Jamie and Bush Helzberg
Phyllis and David Cook Barry S. Friedberg and Casady M. Henry
Christian H. Cooper Charlotte Moss Clarence and Linda Herbst
Bunni and Paul Copaken Karl and Barbara Friedman Cecil and Noelle Hernandez
Dale Coudert Golda and Sheldon Friedstein Juliane Heyman
Anna Forre Covers Katy and Adam Frisch Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand
Don and Sarah Cowan Nancy S. Furlotti Richard Hillman
Gerard Cox Shelby and Frederick Gans Carla Hills
Howard Cox Don and Eydie Garlikov Paul J. Hoenmans and
Carol Craig Gloria Garrett Judith Zee Steinberg
Charles Cunniffe Gideon and Sarah Gartner Robert B. and Janet A. Hoffman
Mark and Yoly Davis Richard Garvin Phyllis S. Hojel
Martin Davis Bobbie and Jamie Gates Carol Hood
Francois and Susan de Saint Phalle Larry and Kristen Gellman Ron and Sue Hopkinson
Michael and Dudley Del Balso Bruce and Lori Gendelman S. Roger Horchow
Jason A. Denby Paul Gerard Heidi Horner
Thomas and Leslie Derosa Kenneth Gettinger John Horton
William and Katherine Devers David Gitlitz Richard and Erica Horvitz
Maggie DeWolf Lynda Goldstein Kenneth Hubbard and
Richard C. Goodwin Tori Dauphinot
Brian and Susan Dickie
Nelson Gordman Devin Hughes
Sidney and Barbara Dickstein
Gretchen M. Gorog Mike and Carol Hundert
Michael Dillard
Sandy Gottesman Priscilla S. Hunt
Muffy and Andy DiSabatino
Arthur N. Greenberg Fern K. Hurst
Andy Dolce
Dean L. Greenberg Barbara and Pitt Hyde
Marcia and John Donnell
Lenore and Bernard Greenberg Carolyne Hyde
Buzz and Carol Dopkin
Ronnie Greenberg Mary Ann Hyde
Rod and Jackie Drake
Gabrielle Greeves Liba Icahn
Mary Douglas Drysdale
Elizabeth Guenzel Irwin and Julanne Isaacson
Heather and Todd duBoef
Vin Gupta Melvin and Martha Jackson
Antonia Paepcke DuBrul
Ann and Frederick Haack Dorothy and Marvin Jacobs
Andrew Dunigan
Stoyan Hadjivaltchev Irwin and Joan Jacobs
Nancy S. Dunlap

Robert Jacobson Dave and Alicia Leyrer James and Ilene Nathan
Thomas A. James John S. Lillard Thomas H. Neel
Joseph P. Jangro John N. Lilly Judith Neisser
Jim and Jane Jenkins Sam and Judy Linhart Hermine Nessen
Sis and Hasty Johnson James and Nancy Loewenberg Werner and Judith Neuman
Shana and Clint Johnstone Robin Loewenberg Berger and David Newberger
Warren and Kathleen Jones Louis Berger* Stuart H. Newberger
Mark and Victoria Joseph Bob Long and Wendy Larsen Michael H. Newman
David Joubran Mona Look-Mazza Craig Newmark
Rita Karmiol Mary Ralph Lowe and Mark A. Nichols
Charlie Flanders
Jane and Gerald Katcher Tricia Nichols
Ernie Ludy
Katz Family Foundation - Peter Nicklin and Linda McCausland
Bruce Katz Lee and Joanne Lyon
Helen Nitkin
Ann and Stephen Kaufman Paul and Laurie MacCaskill
Dennis and Bavi Nixon
Sylvia and Dick Kaufman Laura Maggos
Wally Obermeyer and Helen Ward
James C. Kautz and Mary Nickerson Jay Magidson
Peggy and Marne Obernauer
Dena Kaye and Richard Fallin William F. and Amalia P. Mahoney
Janet and Tom O’Connor
Christian K. Keesee Mrs. Wendy Makins
Janet C. O’Grady
Donald and Nancy Kempf Nancy R. Manderson and
Candice Olson
William M. Coats*
Robert D. Kennedy Susan Christine O’Neal
Betsy and Peter Mangone
Helen Kalin Klanderud Jane Ottenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Marek
Melvyn N. Klein Paul and Peggy Pace
Don and Barbara Margerum
Ellen Klutznick and Arthur and Karen Pappas
Katherine Klutznick Laurel Margerum
Lee Pardee
Jon and Cat Koplovitz Marilyn Marks
Allen G. and Jean Lee Parelman
Nancy Walker Koppelman and Anne and Austin Marquis
Esther Pearlstone
Lawrence Koppelman Susan Marx
Richard L. Pearlstone
Ms. Ishik A. Kubali-Camoglu Joanne Matthews
Susan and Paul Penn
Fred Kucker Laurie and David Matthews
Amy M. Pennington
John and Constance Kurowski Katherine D. Mayer
Mary Ann and Lou Peoples
Jay and Sally Lapeyre Cheryl McArthur
Jordon and Essie Perlmutter
Marcella Larsen Sharon Teddy McBay
Richard and Donna Perlmutter
Garland and Mollie Lasater Richard and Carolyn McRae
Marian and Mike Peters
Nathan Laurell and Kris McCoy Emily Gold Mears
Brooke and Diane Peterson
Rosemarie R. Lavender Nancy and Peter Meinig
Mrs. Dion Peterson
Joany Lebach Gail and Alec Merriam
James and Hensley Peterson
Robert and Elaine LeBuhn Robert E. Meyerhoff and
Rheda Becker Rees and Sara Poag
Jonathan and Barbara Lee
Ellie and Robert Meyers Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst
Donald and Judy Lefton
Jeffrey and Susan Miller Bill and Pat Podlich
Edward Lenkin and
Roselin Atzwanger Mr. and Mrs. George P. Mitchell Charlie Podolak
Jesse Levin Mary Mochary Arnold and Diane Polinger
Ronald and Felicia Levin Marc and Shelah Moller Arny and Anne Porath
Ted Levine and Lucia Swanson Susan E. Morrison John and Monika Preston
Walter Levy Darrell and Virginia Morrow Shirley and Fred Pryor
Adam and Melony Lewis Carlos Musso Andrew L. Quiat and
Rev. Jane Keener-Quiat
Memrie M. Lewis Stephanie and Michael Naidoff
Kathryn and Richard Rabinow
Steven H. Lewis Adib M. Nasle

Eden Rafshoon Juliet Shield-Taylor Louise Walker-Resor
Ellen Randall Phyllis and Nathan Shmalo Bill Wallace
Whitney Randolph Lydie T. Shufro Tina A. Walls
J.R. Reagan Ruth Lande Shuman John and Carol Walter
Nancy and George Records Mort and Ellen Silver Viviane M. Warren
Pixie and James Reiss Mark and Nancy Silverman Marsha and William Wayne
Rebecca Reynolds and William Witt Eric Simon Evelene Wechsler
Robert S. Rich Aggie Skirball Rabbi Martin and Karen Weiner
Charles and Pamela Richards Albert and Tina Small Bryan and Marjorie Weingarten
Marta T. Riordan and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith Myriam Weinstein
James M. Boyle Beverly and John Snyder J. Fred Weintz, Jr.
Peter Rispoli and Donna DiIanni Marc and Audrey Solomon Betty Weiss
Judy and Emerson Robinson, Jr. Selma Spaccarelli Donald* and Marion Weiss
Arthur and Toni Rock Ron and Lisa Speaker Marvin Weissberg
Katie and Amnon Rodan Nancy Spears Sallyann Wekstein
Herbert and Michelle Rosenfeld Bill Spence and Sue Edelstein Nadia Zilkha Wellisz
Nina Rosenwald Diana Davis Spencer Leslie Westreich
Joseph and Sandra Rotman Melvin and Rita Spira Wendy Whitman
JoAnne and Richard Rubinoff Martin J. Sprinzen Brenda Wild
Nasser Sadeghi and Dr. Patricia Hill Earl W. Stafford Ginny L. Williams
Paul and Sherri Sadler Silbi Stainton Ambassador and Mrs. Philip D. Winn
Karim A. Sahyoun Ron and Phyllis Steinhart Ruth Winter
Amy Salzhauer Paul Stoffel Mary and Hugh Wise
Jeffrey and Ammanda Salzman Helen E. Stone Jaqueline Wogan
Elaine Sandler Fleur and Curt Strand William J. Wolfe and Carolyn Wolfe
Thomas C. and Lois L. Sando Barry S. and Evelyn M. Strauch Amy Halperin Wood
Marius and Clare Sanger Tracy Straus Corinne Wood
Susan Small Savitsky and Ellen and Steve Susman John and Lydia Woodard
Gerald Savitsky
Marcy Syms Jane Woodhouse
Omar A. Sawaf
Stephen S. Taylor Doug Woods
Mark and Lorraine Schapiro
Ronald Temple M. Richard and Judith Wyman
David and Lisa Schiff
Lynn Thoman Mei Xu
Barbara and Gene Schmitt
Anne and Bill Tobey Russell Young
June and Paul Schorr
Alexis Tobin Buzz and Alison Zaino
Terri Schrager
Maurice Tobin Leo and Judy Zickler
David and Alece Schreiber
Jim and Karen Tucker Harold and Mary Zlot
Lynn Schusterman
Dr. and Mrs. Teviah Turkat Pamela Zuker
Robert and Louise Schwab
Justin Udelhofen Paula Zurcher
Phyllis and David Scruggs
Jill Uris
Stephen Shapiro and Amy Attas
Dennis H. Vaughn
Robert Sharpe
Peggy and Ellis Wachs
Joyce Sher *Deceased
Joan Walker
Martin J. Sherwin

Aspen Wye Fellows
Alice Bower Cheryl J. and Frank S. Hermance Mary Jay and Peter Michel
Carol and Oscar W. Carlson Beth C. and Jeffrey H. Horstman Sharon and Trent Nichols
Linda M. and Stephen R. Clineburg Nina Rodale Houghton Camille M. and
Brian J. Corden Deborah E. Jennings Anthony H. Passarella
Jacqueline A. and Mary and John J. Jubin Debbi and Keith Patten
Joseph E. Doddridge Gingie and Frank J. Keefer Delphine M. and Charles E. Peck
Lou and Carl Doll Freia K. and Warren K. Kershow Edgra and Ira Ringler
Antoinette June and Ervin R. Easton Elizabeth and Claude Koprowski Mary Anne Shea and Blyth Reynolds
Merrilie Davis Ford Patricia and Donald N. Langenberg Barbara E. and Michael D. Sheridan
Anne and George Foss Linda and Edward C. Langley Priscilla F. and Paul D. Thut
Sylvia Garrett Patricia N. and Donald T. Lewers Margo and Benjamin Tilghman
Katherine K. and Sherry and Charles W. Manning Ann and Charles Webb
Christopher T. Gilson Irmhild and Philip J. Webster
Richard Marks
Madge Henning and Peggy and William Wivel
Susanne W. Max
Warren N. Davis
Elizabeth and Timothy E. Wyman

Individual Donors
Virginia and Roger Aaron Dean V. Ambrose Christine Balling
Dot and Peter Abbott Mary H. and Paul F. Anderson Keith Banks
Tarek Abdel-Meguid Max Anderson Donna and James Barksdale
Joan F. and Richard A. Abdoo Paul Anderson Judith Barnard and Michael Fain
Robert J. Abernethy William Anderson Cara and Robert Barnes
Odeh Aburdene Jeanne D. and Gerhard R. Andlinger Rebecca B. Barrick
Chip Ach Karen and Harry Andrews Thomas Barron
John K. Adams Anonymous (15) Lawrence N. Barshay
Lizbeth S. and John W. Adams Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Katherine E. Barton
Rita and Jeffrey Adler Anita Antenucci Megan and Harris S. Barton
Alison F. and Joe Agley Julie Anthony Barbara Bascom
Maryam Alavi Wendy Aresty James G. Basker
Tracy and Dennis Albers Lane Arnold Mercedes and Sid R. Bass
Nina and William Albert Laura K. Arrillaga-Andreessen and Carol Batchelder
Madeleine K. Albright Marc L. Andreessen Jane and Alan Richard Batkin
Eleanor B. and John K. Alexander Ricky Arriola Julie Battilana
Paige Alexander and Adrienne Arsht Donna and Donald Baumgartner
Stephen R. Grand Lorraine Arvin Cathy and Robert C. Bayers
Pamela C. Alexander Elizabeth Atkins and Carol Bayley
Kathleen Allaire Richard C. Goodwin
Jacoline T. Beann
Judy Ley Allen Amy Attas and Stephen J. Shapiro
Marci and Robert Beattie
Carolyn Small Alper and Milton Mulitz Diane Averyt
Douglas Becker
Patricia Alper-Cohn and David I. Cohn Rebecca T. Ayres
Rheda Becker and
Daniel Alpert Charles Bailey Robert E. Meyerhoff
Joan and Lawrence Altman Jane Baird Susan Beckerman
Judi and Alan Altman Susan M. and Stephen Baird Linda Bedell
Greg and Karen Amadon Zoë Baird and William D. Budinger Marsha and John S. Beeson
Deborah and Joseph A. Amato Marilyn and George L. Baker Tatyana and James Beldock 59
Carolyn and Laurence David Belfer Daniel Brabec Shannan Butler and Joshua A. Adler
William C. Bell Susan and Richard S. Braddock Denise M. Byrne and Peter A. Reiling
Carolyn and Jim Bellinson Mary Ellen and John Brademas Catherine and William Cabaniss
Chuck Bellock and Mark A. Bradley Jane and Calvin Cafritz
Madeleine Morrison Susan Brady Elaine and Harris Cahn
Vivian and Norman Belmonte Lotta Bea and Stuart M. Brafman Terri and Tony Caine
Grace and Morton Bender Irja Brant and Alireza Ittihadieh Jim and Connie Calaway
Paul and Sigrid Benton-Aufterbeck Wendy and James D. and Jenny Ko Calaway
Jane and Ronald E. Berenbeim Titus A.M. Brenninkmeijer Jill and Philip C. Calian
Gilchrist B. Berg Eileen and F.X. Bresnan Beverly A. Campbell
Barbara and Bruce Berger Ginny and Charles Brewer Pam and Al Capitanini
James Berger Marilyn and John Breyo Teal Carlock
Christine and Jack Bergstrom Patrice Brickman Carol Carlson and
Marnie Beringham James Briggs Oscar W. Carlson, Jr.
Tina and Simon Beriro Cynthia and Steven Brill Martin Carlson
Ronit and Bill Berkman Michal Brimm Mary M. Carlson
Rebecca and Jeffrey Berkus Karen Brink Nancy P. and Clint Carlson
Lori and Bruce Berman Nina Brink Peter Carman
Thomas Bernard Deanna Brinkman Joyce Carp
Karen and Berl Bernhard Edythe and Eli Broad Tenley Carp
Jill and Jay Bernstein Amanda Brock Robin F. and James D. Carreker
Tracy and Adam Bernstein David M. Brodsky Suzan Woods Carrico and
Wilma and Stuart Bernstein Carolyn and Kenneth D. Brody William N. Carrico
Giancarla and Luciano Berti Brenda Brokamp Nancy Jean Carrigan
Sheena and Keith Berwick Gordon Bronson Meredith and Rick Carroll
Mike and Jackie Bezos Jay Bronson Tara Carson
Sandra K. and Archer W. Bishop, Jr. Beth A. Brooke Michael J. Carter
Glykeria C. Bitounis Margaret E. and Charles H. Brooks Nancy and Donald Carter
Steve Black Marian and Albert L. Brown, Jr. Noel Carver
Anne and Clarance Blackwell Pauline and Marshall Brown Ruth and Martin G. Carver
Janet and Robert Blaich Ruth Brown* Jean and Stephen M. Case
Louise Riddell Bland Ruthie Brown Virginia Q. and Richard P. Case
Judith Bleiler Susan and Robert Emmet Brown, Jr. Annie and Coley Cassidy
Christine Blish and Tom Morrison Jackie and H. Lee Browne Edward M. Caswall
Rita and Irwin Blitt April and Glenn Martin Bucksbaum Susan Catherwood
Susan M. and Lawrence C. Blount Matthew and Kay Bucksbaum Henry E. Catto
Suzanne Bober and Stephen Kahn Melva Bucksbaum and Michelle Causton
Liz and Jon Bokram Raymond J. Learsy Lisa Ceremsak and Stace D. Lindsay
Jarie Bolander Aviva and Martin Budd Marwan Chaar
David Bonderman and Donald V. Budinger Marianne and Donald C. Challoner
Laurie Michaels Jessica and William Budinger, Jr. Karen Chamberlain
Kitty Boone and Zack Taylor David Budler Merle C. Chambers
William B. Borden III Linda and Robert P. Buford Joan Chapman
Sophie Bortolussi and Martin Davis Jacques Bughin Katherin and David D. Chase
Susan Boslough Cynthia and Drew Buniski Debbie and David F. Chazen
Gina R. and Ralph Boswell Mildred Buniski Micki Chen and Steven Gross
Amy Bourret George Bunn Yorgos Cheretis
Diana D. and Garrett F. Bouton Coventry Burke and Davis Berg Chele Chiavacci
Alice and Mark A. Bower Shelley Burke and Al Nemoff Lauren Chivee

Rachna Choudhry Nancy C. and A. Steven Crown Germaine and Alfred J. Dietsch
Dexter and Dennis Cirillo Paula and James S. Crown LeaRaye and John Digiglia
Peter Clancy Renee and Lester Crown Tammy and William K. Dirks
Deborah and Tony Clancy Susan Crown and William Kunkler Gloria Story Dittus
Linda and J. Thomas Clark Toby and Lester Crystal Barbara and Eric Dobkin
Peggy Clark and Michael Jenkins Carolyn Culbreth and Mark S. Ain Jacqueline A. and
Judy and Stan Clauson F. Peter Cundill* Joseph E. Doddridge
Christin Cleaver Charles Cunniffe Ann H. and John L. Doerr
Vicki and Jim Click, Jr. Andrea Lee Cunningham and Josephine K. and Joseph Doherty
Linda M. and Stephen R. Clineburg Rand Siegfried Kelly J. and Michael Doherty
Rosalyn Coates Pamela Cunningham Camille and Andrew J. Dolce
Suzanne and Robert Cochran Andrew Currie Carol P. and Dixon R. Doll
Ethelyn and Howard Cohen James Curtis Lou and Carl Doll
Jeffrey Cohen Evelyn R. David Mary Dominick and Svem Coomer
Claudia L. and William T. Coleman III Sara Jane and C. Richard Davidson Rebecca Donelson and
Frances and Fred Davies Robert Charles Blattberg
Shere Coleman and Paul Gray
Elissa and Gary Davis Carol Donnally
Janice S. and Charles T. Collins
Sally J. Davis Marcia and John R. Donnell, Jr.
Michael Collins
Yolanda and Mark Davis Suzanne and Matthew Donohoe
Nancy Walbridge Collins
Mary Davy and J. O. Pippin, Jr. David Dowler
Sandy and Michael Collins
Samantha Deaner and Martha Ann and William F. Drake
Tom and Noel Congdon
John M. Woolard Sheila Draper
Valerie M. Conn
Alexandra and Arnaud de Borchgrave Mary Ann and David George Draut
Arlene and Robert Cook
Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and Holly and David N. Dreman
Phyllis and David Z. Cook
Gustavo A. Cisneros Milton H. Dresner
Christian H. Cooper
Susan and Francois de Saint Phalle John P. Driscoll
Sandra and Rankin Cooter
Catherine and Jerome H. Debs II Hyacinth V. and Lance F. Drummond
Bunni and Paul Copaken
Deborah L. DeHaas and Minnie Dubilier
Sharon and Toby R. Coppel Dave Underwood
Elizabeth and Richard Dubin
Cornelia and Richard Corbett Dudley and Michael Del Balso
Heather and Todd duBoef
Brian J. Corden Lorraine and Alexander Dell
Antonia Paepcke DuBrul
Margot and Lloyd Cotsen Cheryl and Joseph Della Rosa
Stephen M. DuBrul, Jr.
John Michael Cottingham Marjorie DeLuca
Andrew Dunigan
Susan and John Cottle Elaine and Claiborne Deming
Nancy S. Dunlap
Dale Coudert Janet and Neal Dempsey
Annie DuPont and Gerald D. Hosier
Phyllis and James G. Coulter Jason Alexander Denby
Sylvia A. Earle
Sarah L. and Donald Cowan, Jr. Nicole Denholm
Amy and Edward W. Easton
Gerard Cox Roberta B. Denning
Antoinette June and Ervin R. Easton
Howard Cox Steven A. Denning
Margaret D. and Jerrold Eberhardt
Jean I. Cox Annie Denver
Marcy and J. Leo Edelstein
Patricia O. Cox Nancy Alison Derene
Sue Edelstein and William Spence
Alice M. and Robert J. Craig Leslie and Thomas J. Derosa
Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson
Carol Craig Rohit Deshpande
Richard Edwards
Jennifer Craig Stephanie DeSibour and Marc E. Miller
Jane and Michael D. Eisner
Brenda and J. Lester Crain Anne B. Devereux
Lenora Gray and J.K. Elbaum
Carmela Crawford Katherine L. and William J. Devers, Jr.
Gail and Richard Elden
Sara Fraser Crismon Margaret DeWolf
Elyse Elliott and Jeremy Bernstein
Jane R. and Marshall C. Crouch III Donna Di Ianni and Peter Rispoli
Suzanne and Edward Elson
David A. Crown Muffy and Andrew Di Sabatino
Gayle Embrey
Janet Crown Susan and Brian N. Dickie
Gail and Alfred Engelberg
Laurie Crown and Richard Ortega Barbara and Sidney Dickstein

Bess and R. Ted Enloe III Henrietta Holsman and Richard Gilder
Harriett H. Ennis Richard L. Fore Katherine K. and
Sylvie Erb and David Fenton Lance Fors and Shari Selover-Fors Christopher T. Gilson
and Anne and George Foss Francis Ginsburg
Roysi Erbes
Jeanne K. and James B. Foster Jeanette Ginsburg
Clayton and Sheldon Erikson
Heather and J. Lou Fouts Louise and David Gitlitz
Peter Escher
Marilyn and Sam Fox Sarah Elizabeth Glendon
Mary Eshbaugh and Jim Hayes
Suzan and John F. Fox Marilyn G. and
Dafri and Michael Estes
Carla Frampton Michael J. Glosserman
Judith L. Estrin
George T. Frampton, Jr. Carol and Peter Gluck
Suellen and Melvyn J. Estrin
Eustacia S. and Edmund Frank Ethel and William Gofen
Bruce Etkin
Karen and James S. Frank Barbara and John Gold
Betram Eyakuze
Mary Ann and Otto Frenzel Harriett and Richard E. Gold
Joan Fabry and Michael Klein
David Frey Justin Goldbach
Thomas H. Fagadau
Josabeth and Paul J. Fribourg Diane Goldberg and
A. Huda and Samia Farouki
Ann B. and Thomas L. Friedman William J. Hunckler III
Barbara Farris
Barbara and Karl Friedman Amy Goldman
Suzanne Farver and Clint Van Zee
Barbara and Stephen Friedman Melinda Goldrich
Elizabeth and Michael Fascitelli
Golda and Sheldon Friedstein Alicia and John Goldsmith
Reed Fawell
Mary Helen and James R. Friel, Jr. Barbara L. Goldsmith
Joeanne Feagan
Katy and Adam Frisch Lynda Goldstein
Mary C. and Paul F. Fee
Dorothy Frommer Thorey and Barry J. Goldstein
Peter Feer
Sheila and David Fuente Jeannette and Jerry A. Goldstone
Dianne Feinstein and
Jessica M. and John B. Fullerton Deborah Good and
Richard C. Blum
Thomas C. Theobald
Anne and Alan D. Feld Norma Lee and Morton Funger
George J.W. Goodman
Jewell Ralls Feldman Nancy S. and Alex Furlotti
Linda K. and Nelson Gordman
Sherry and Joseph Felson Ellen V. Futter
Andrea S. and James Gordon
Barbara Fergus Nancy and R.J. Gallagher, Jr.
Gretchen M. Gorog
Esther B. and James L. Ferguson Shelby and Frederick Gans
Laverne Gossling
Jacqueline and Michael W. Ferro, Jr. Richard Newton Gardner
Sally S. Graham
Susan and George Fesus Eydie and Donald Garlikov
Jacqueline Grapin and
Joseph Sebastian Fichera Gloria Garrett
Michel Le Goc
Jaimie and David J. Field Sylvia Garrett
Donna and Bernie Grauer
Marilyn and Larry Fields Sarah and Gideon I. Gartner
William C. Graustein
Elaine Finesilver Sara Garton
Mandy Gray and Randy Work
Nanette and Jerry E. Finger Richard Garvin
Cornelia Greaves and
Susan and Richard Finkelstein Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Nathaniel Bates
Donna Fisher and Roberta and James Gates Renee Green
David G. Behrhorst Ruth and James Gaulke Arthur N. Greenberg
Lula and Aaron Fisher Kristen and Larry Gellman Jan and Ronald K. Greenberg
Pamela and Thomas Fisher III Anne E. and David R. Gergen Lenore and Bernard Greenberg
Helen and Brian Fitzgerald Paul Gerrard Marilyn and Dean L. Greenberg
Alexa Fitzpatrick Brooke and Edouard Gerschel Glenda and Gerald Greenwald
Jean E. Flanagan and Neal Batson Virginia and Gary Gerst Gabrielle Greeves
Alan Fletcher and Ronald J. Schiller Eric Gertler Sheila and Patrick W. Gross
David B. Ford Kenneth Gettinger Elaine Grossman
Merrilie Davis Ford Ann and Gordon P. Getty Lisa and King Grossman
Merrill Ford* Randi and Jay Coen Gilbert Susan and Geoffrey F. Grossman
Tina Nelson Fordham Alma and Joseph B. Gildenhorn

Elizabeth Guenzel Gerald Herring Gayle G. and Woody L. Hunt
Joanne F. and Anthony L. Guerrerio Annette Heuser Priscilla S. and Richard M. Hunt
Pedie and Thomas Guggenheim Juliane Marion Heyman Fern Hurst
Allison and Donald E. Gulbrandsen Vicki and Bruce Heyman Soledad and Robert J. Hurst
Llura and Gordon Gund Scott A. Hicks Arthur Hyde, Jr.
Arjun Gupta Jack D. Hidary Barbara and Joseph Reeves Hyde III
Laurel and Vinod Gupta Lutz Hilbrich Carolyne T. Hyde
Janet Guthrie Melinda and Jeffrey Hildebrand Mary Ann Hyde
Ann and Frederick L. Haack Patricia Ann Hill and Nasser Sadeghi Ellen and Barry Hyman
Stoyan Hadjivaltchev Carol and Roch Hillenbrand Liba Icahn
John Hagel III Bobbie and Tatnall Hillman Robert Iger
Libby Cater Halaby Richard H. Hillman Melissa and Shai Ingber
Diane and Bruce Halle Carla and Roderick M. Hills Mick Ireland
Candace S. and Barbara and Gerald D. Hines Morenike Irvin
William Hersey Hamm III Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp Cathy and Walter Isaacson
Margot B. and Richard Hampleman Peter Hirshberg Julanne and Irwin Isaacson
Julia and Edward* Hansen David Hobbet Frederick Iseman
Sally and Steve Hansen Ellen and Irvine O. Hockaday, Jr. Martha and Melvin W. Jackson
Georgia and Andrew Hanson Lisa and David Hoener Sarah Jackson-Han
Lillian and Gordon A. Hardy Francis Hoffman Susan R. and David S. Jackson
Jane and Sidney* Harman Janet A. and Robert B. Hoffman Dorothy and Marvin Jacobs
Donna Harper Anneliese Hoffmann Joan Klein Jacobs and
Marilyn Hill Harper Phyllis S. Hojel Irwin M. Jacobs
Joan W. Harris Karen and Bayard Hollins Lucy Jacobs
Mary Ann and James R. Harris Dane Holmes Rusalene and John V. Jaggers
Grace W. Harvey Gail and Philip M. Holstein Jyoti and Manoj Jain
Asher Hasan Suzanne L. and Richard L. Hood Mary and Thomas Alan James
Susan Hassan Sue and R. Ronald Hopkinson Susan McLaughlin and
Susan Haviland and Joseph P. Jangro
Carolyn and S. Roger Horchow
John Seely Brown Roe Jasen
John Hornblower
Alison and Nikos Hecht Beth and David Javdan
Heidi Horner
Jody and Andrew Hecht Jane and James M. Jenkins
Beth C. and Jeffrey H. Horstman
Reuben L. Hedlund Deborah E. Jennings
John Horton
Audrey Helfman Jay Arthur Jensen
Cindy Houben
Lita W. and Morton* Heller Lydia Jett
Jennine Hough and Joe Myers
Susan and Robert Helm Shana and Clint Johnstone
Maisie and James R. Houghton
Jamie and Bush Helzberg Kathleen K. and Warren D. Jones
Nina Rodale Houghton
Shirley and Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr. Wendy Jones and J. Todd Mitchell
Morgan Houtsma
Shirley Henly Victoria and Mark Joseph
Mele Howland and
Casady M. Henry Timothy K. Krauskopf Michele and David Joubran
Kristen Henry Tori D. and Kenneth Hubbard Mary and John J. Jubin
Madge Henning and Laura Huddleston Mary E. Junck and Ralph Gibson
Warren N. Davis Diana and C.A.* Kalman
Ann F. and Edward R. Hudson, Jr.
Clarence A. Herbst, Jr. and Richard Kang
John M. Hughes
Linda Vitti
Dorothy and Richard W. Hulbert Laura and Mike Kaplan
Cheryl J. and Frank S. Hermance
Luann Robinson Hull Maury and Gerald Kaplan
David Hernand
Leslie and George Hume Robert Steven Kaplan
Lorene Hernandez
Carol and Michael Hundert Diana E. Kapp and David B. Singer
Noelle and Cecil Hernandez
Ellen Hunt Elizabeth and Peter Karabatsos

Anne Karalekas Dorothy and Sidney Kohl Jesse Lentchner
Geraldine Karetsky and Rachel Kohler and Belinda and Pascal N. Levensohn
William Mayer Mark Hoplamazian Felicia and Ronald Levin
Marjie and Robert M. Kargman Linda Sirow Koplewicz and Jesse Levin
Rita Karmiol Harold Koplewicz
Bonnie Levinson and Donald Kay
Jacquelyn Kasabach Cathy and Jonathan Koplovitz
Lynne and Dan Levinson
Elizabeth and Michael Kasser Ann and Tom C. Korologos
Tom Levitt
Robin and Joel J. Kassimir Barbara Koval and Michael Solhein
Karen and Walter Levy
Jane and Gerald Katcher Paul Kowal
Pamela Levy and Richard Crandall
Dasa and Bruce R. Katz Jill and Peter Kraus
Susan and Tobin Levy
Alex Kaufman Jamie and James Kravitz
Patricia N. and Donald T. Lewers
Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman Maggie Kromer
Melony and Adam J. Lewis
Rhonda Kaufman and Lisa Shalett Ishik A. Kubali-Camoglu and
Memrie M. Lewis
Tevhit Camoglu
Sylvia and Richard F. Kaufman Toby Devan Lewis
Ellen and Fred R. Kucker
Carol and James C. Kautz Elizabeth Liechty
Tracie L. and Larry B. Kugler
Dena Kaye and Richard Fallin Paula and John S. Lillard
David Kunin
Mary P. and James E. Kealy Judy and Sam Linhart
Constance and John Kurowski
Joan A. Keefe Jeff Lizotte
Lawrence and Anneliese Ladin
Gingie and Frank J. Keefer Nancy and James R. Loewenberg
Linda Lafferty
Laura O. and Michael J. Keene Mary A. and Paul M. Long
Julie LaNasa and John T. Kunzweiler
Jane Keener-Quiat and Natasha K. Long and
Andrew L. Quiat Sarah and Eric Lane
Mark Leydecker
Christian K. Keesee Patricia and Donald N. Langenberg
Paula and Monty Loud
Jacqueline and Gerald Kehle Linda and Edward C. Langley
Mary M. and Peter Louras
Chris Keller Cynthia and David
Linda Lourie
Hamilton Langstaff
Martha Keller and Denis Hayes Tricia Louthis
Sally and James Lapeyre, Jr.
Martha and George A. Kellner Jean and Jim Lowrey
Marcella Larsen
Martha Noel and Peter B. Kellner Marianne and Sheldon B. Lubar
Shannon Larsen
Regina A. and Melvin L. Kelly Ernest G. Ludy
Wendy Larsen and Robert Long
Noreen Kelly-Najah Jonathan Lyman
Mollie L. and Garland M. Lasater, Jr.
Melanie Kenderdine Joanne and Lee R. Lyon
Scott Lasser
Hyunja and Jeffrey L. Kenner Laurie and Paul MacCaskill
Doris and Robert B. Latousek
Freia K. and Warren K. Kershow Lynne Pfrimmer Mace
Evelyn and Leonard A. Lauder
Kathryn L. Kershow Marlene A. Maddalone
Laura and Gary Lauder
Shrenik M. Khasgiwala Mathilde L. and Parker A. Maddux
Rosemarie R. Lavender
Samer S. Khoury Doren Madey and Sheldon R. Pinnell
Judith H. and Robert G. Layton
Lorraine and Robert Kingsbury Holly and John W. Madigan
Patricia V. and
Susan and Stephen Kinney Trudy G. Magarill
Thomas S. Leatherbury
Andrew Klaber Amalia P. and William F. Mahoney
Joan C. Lebach
Helen Klanderud Norah L and Russell Mail
Virginia Lebermann and
Mary Helen and Kenneth Klare John Wotowicz Anna Maisel and Jeffrey Norman
Annette and Melvyn N. Klein Elaine and Robert LeBuhn Marie and James C. Malaro, Jr.
Robert D. Klineman* Barbara and Jonathan Lee Marlene and Frederic V. Malek
Ellen Klutznick and Dean Elias Eric D. Leenson Shelly and Tony Malkin
Katherine Klutznick Judith and Donald Lefton Rekha V. and Vijay Mallya
Momoyo and Yotaro Kobayashi Aimee R. and Robert Lehrman Amy and Michael Malone
Julia and David H. Koch Tara Lemmey Nancy and Thomas J. Maloney
Kathryn Koch Edward Lenkin Sue Keene Malott and
Serena Koenig and Mark Tompkins Grady Lenkin Robert H. Malott

Betsy and Peter Mangone Anne Mehringer and Kevin W. Murphy
James Mann John T. Beaty, Jr. Marcie J. and Robert Musser
David G. Manning Geeta and Krishen Mehta Ranji Nagaswami and
Sherry and Charles W. Manning Nancy E. and Peter C. Meinig Robert Hopkins
Sarah and James M. Manyika Caroline Meirs Stephanie and Michael Naidoff
John A. Manzoni Michael Mendenhall Balan Nair
Kathryn and John D. Marchi Umaimah Mendhro Ilene and James A. Nathan
Nicola and Jeffrey Marcus Gail and J. Alec Merriam Jane and Marc B. Nathanson
Stephen J. Marcus Eleanor Merrill Constance H. and Richard Neel
Joan and Michael Marek Lisa and Willem Mesdag Emily and Thomas H. Neel
Barbara and Don Margerum Kathy Meyer Judith E. Neisser
Steve Mariotti Libby Meyer and Michael Dillard Elizabeth A. Nelson
Carol S. Marks Eleanor and Robert M. Meyers Elizabeth K. MacGlashan Nelson
Mary Jay and Peter A. Michel and Thomas Nelson
Marilyn Marks
Ann F. Miller Tanya Nelson-Carnegie
Richard Marks
Rosemary E. Reed Miller Hermine and Maurice N. Nessen
David O. Marlow
Scott D. Miller Judith and Werner Neuman
Lucretia and William Marmon
Susan and Jeffrey Miller Gloria S. Neuwirth
Amy Austin Maron
Susan Miller and David Newberger
Martha Anne and Austin Marquis
Sydney E. Scheinman Marcy and Stuart H. Newberger
Catie and Donald B. Marron
Mary Mills Brooke Newman
Katherine S. and Scott Martin
Cynthia and George P. Mitchell Sheila and Michael H. Newman
Susan and Larry Marx
Mary Ann Mitchell Craig Newmark
Sarah Ann and John P. Mascotte
Michele and David Mittelman Judy Ney
Laurie and David Matthews
Mary Mochary Jeannette T. Nichols
Susanne W. Max
Shelah and Marc S. Moller Mark A. Nichols
Arline G. Mayer
Beth and Joshua D. Mondry Sharon and Trent Nichols, Jr.
Katherine D. Mayer
Daniel Moon Mary Nickerson
William E. Mayer
Hee-Jung and John J. Moon Brent R. Nicklas
Madeline Mayor and Jerry Churchill
Diane Moore and Joel Sax Suzanne Niedland and
Bruce Maza
Katherine Moore-Lilly and Lawrence F. DeGeorge
Anthony Mazza and
John N. Lilly Julie Nini and Martin J. Sprinzen
Mona Look-Mazza
Gayle Morgan Amy Nislow
Cheryl McArthur
Sara and William Morgan Helen Nitkin
Sharon McBay
Diane L. Morris Ann and William A. Nitze
Laurie and John McBride
Susan E. Morrison Elizabeth Nix
Linda McCausland and Peter Nicklin
Virginia and Darrell Clay Morrow Robert Nix
Bonnie and Tom McCloskey
Robert A. Mosbacher, Sr.* Elma and Dennis Nixon
Kris McCoy and Nathan Laurell
Anne Mosle Nitin Nohria
Roberta McCoy
Charlotte Moss and Queen Noor
Bonnie McElveen-Hunter
Barry S. Friedberg Jacqueline Novogratz and
Roberta and Mike McGowan
Elisabeth and Karlheinz Muhr Chris Anderson
Roni and Kenneth McGuire
Lorraine Mullings and Sue A. and Jim Oates
Janet and Thomas McKinley Alfred Campos Wally Obermeyer and Helen Ward
Martha and William R. McLaughlin Clare Muñana Peggy and Marne Obernauer, Jr.
Betty Anne and James R. McManus Elinor B. and George Munroe Susan and William Oberndorf
Judith and Joseph M. McManus Donald A. Munson Janice Obuchowski
Anne Welsh McNulty Julie Muraco Barbara O’Connor
Carolyn and Richard McRae, Jr. Gina and Jerry Murdock Sandra Day O’Connor
Emily Gold Mears

Janet M. and Thomas O’Connor Nancy E. Petrisko and Don Beckham Lola C. Reinsch
Diana M. Ogden Robert Pew Priscilla and James J. Reiss
Cynthia and John C. O’Hara, Jr. Elizabeth and Mason Phelps Toni Rembe
Blanca U. and Cavanaugh O’Leary Jane Phillips and Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Shannon O’Leary-Joy and William H. Donaldson William J. Resnick
William N. Joy Julie Comins Pickrell Anne M. and J. Christopher Reyes
Nancy Oliphant and Adam Trombly Pauline B. Pitt Rebecca Reynolds and William Witt
Candice and Peter Olson Alan Platt Carrie Rhodes
John F. Olson Sara and Rees Poag Cynthia G. and
Susan Christine O’Neal Marlene Pobrislo J. Thomas Rhodes, Jr.
Marie and Jim O’Neill Dorothy and Aaron S. Podhurst Harry C. Rhodes
Christine B. and Jay Orris Pat and William F. Podlich Condoleezza Rice
Maureen Orth Diane and Arnold Lee Polinger Pamela and Charles F. Richards, Jr.
Hans J. Oser Christy and William H. Pope Rachel E. Richards
Jane Ottenberg Anne and Arnold Porath Amy Richardson and
Laurene B. and Thomas P. Owen Catherine Porter David McCormick
Margaret and Paul Pace Jayne Poss Edgra and Ira Ringler
Christine and Michael Pack Lexie and Robert Potamkin Marta T. Riordan and
James M. Boyle
Elaine Pagels Jason Potts
John Ristine
Lynda Palevsky Carla and Charles Powell
Bob Ritchie
Olivia and Jason Palmer Michael and Jane Powell
Liz Robbins and Douglas Johnson
Ellen Pao and Alphonse Fletcher, Jr. Monika and John Preston
Judy T. and Emerson Robinson, Jr.
Dorothy Papazian Margot and Thomas J. Pritzker
Kenneth G. Robinson, Jr.
Gerald S. Papazian Judith and Charles Proctor
Mary Robinson
Patricia M. Papper Irma Prodinger
Tamara Harris Robinson
James Lee Pardee Shirley and Fred Pryor
Toni and Arthur Rock
Jean Lee and Allen G. Parelman Stefan Pryor
David Rockefeller
Erin Leider and Paul E. Pariser Damien Pwono
Katie and Amnon Rodan
Jennifer and Michael Parkinson Patty Quillin and Reed Hastings
Marcela Rodrigues
Camille M. and Jennifer J. Raab and
Anthony H. Passarella Michael Goodwin Carolyne Roehm and Simon Pinniger
Fonda and Charles Paterson Saafir A. Rabb II Julia Rogers and John Schen
Debbi and Keith Patten Kathryn and Richard A. Rabinow Keith F. Rogers
Noel Thomas Patton Joe Raczak William D. Rondina
Margaret and Andrew M. Paul Eden and Gerald Rafshoon Debbi Fields Rose and
Michael D. Rose
Norman Pearlstine James Ragland
Ann and Frank B. Rosenberg
Esther Pearlstone Thomas Rajan
Michelle and Herbert Rosenfeld
Richard L. Pearlstone Marsha Ralls
Lois and Richard H. Rosenthal
Delphine M. and Charles E. Peck Ellen B. and Edward Randall III
Shirley Lord Rosenthal
Bin Pei Carol Randolph and Robert Caplan
Lyn and George Ross
Simmy and Haven Pell Whitney Randolph
Mary and Jeff Ross
Susan and Paul Penn Sara Ransford
Sylvia Rothberg
Amy M. and Brian Pennington Elizabeth S. and David Ratcliff
Marcia and Philip Rothblum
Mary Ann and D. Louis Peoples Dennis Ratner
Sandra and Joseph Louis Rotman
Donna and Richard Perlmutter Rebecca Ratner
Richard Royce
Essie and Jordon Perlmutter Stephen Reade
Barton Rubenstein
George Perreault Kyong and J.R. Reagan
Nancy and Miles L. Rubin
Charlotte Perret Nancy and George J. Records
JoAnne T. and Richard K. Rubinoff
Marian and Mike Peters Barbara S. Reese
Shirley and Warren B. Rudman
Hensley and James Peterson Barbara Reid and David Hyman
Margot and Darin Ruebel

Lydia and Patrick G. Ryan, Jr. Sheri Scruby Christine and John Smith
Ellen Sabin Phyllis and David Scruggs Kathy Daubert Smith*
Sherri and Paul Sadler Lisa See and Richard Kendall Michelle Smith
Lily Safra Carole and Gordon Segal Beverly and John Snyder
Sharon Sager Christopher G. Seldin Susan Katz Snyder
Charlotte and Karim A. Sahyoun Maria Semple Doris Sohmen-Pao
Philip Salet Heidi and Timothy Semrau Audrey and Marc Solomon
Nichols Sally Alice and William S. Sessions Stephanie and John Sommers
Karen S. and A. Douglas Salter Peggy and Carl Sewell Maurice Sonnenberg
Ammanda and Jeffrey H. Salzman Luky Seymour and Gene Law Selma Spaccarelli
Camille Samuels and Scott Mataya Katherine and Dhiren H. Shah Jane G. Sparks
Pamela Samuels Nancy and Barry Shapiro Lisa and Ron Speaker
Pamela and Arthur Sanders Tina B. Sharkey and Seth Goldstein Nancy Spears
Fran M. and John T. Sanders Pat and William Sharp Lorraine and Pat Spector
Elaine and Paul* Sandler Deborah and Robert Sharpe William A. Spence
Mara and Ricky Sandler Isa Catto Shaw and Daniel Shaw Diana Davis Spencer
Lois and Thomas C. Sando Mary Anne Shea and Blyth Reynolds Scott Spencer
Linda and Jay Sandrich Jacqueline and Neal Shear Jerry I. Speyer and Katherine Farley
Clare and Marius Sanger Paul Sheehan Debra Spicehandler
Vicki and Roger W. Sant Jill Sheeley Rita S. and Melvin Spira
José Maria Sanz-Magallón Naheed and Aamir M. Sheikh Srinija Srinivasan
Judy and John W. Sause, Jr. Kayla Shell and Randi Shade Silbi and Tim Stainton
Susan Small Savitsky and David Sher Gregory C. Staple
Gerald Savitsky Joyce Sher and Barry Golden Maureen Stapleton
Penelope and Andrew Savitz Barbara E. and Michael D. Sheridan Sandy and Stephen Stay
Simi and Omar A. Sawaf Elizabeth Sherman and Gillian and Robert K. Steel
Mary B. and Patrick Scanlan Mickey Edwards Elizabeth L. Steele
Rosa Scarcelli and Thomas Rhoads Susan and Martin J. Sherwin Judith Zee Steinberg and
Henry B. Schacht Juliet Shield-Taylor and Dave Taylor Paul J. Hoenmans
Charlene and Bart Schachter Isaac O. Shongwe Phyllis and Ronald Steinhart
Lorraine and Mark Schapiro Lydie Shufro Andrew L. Stern
Renée Schatz Whitney and Desmond Shum Michelle Stern and Brad Bachmann
Betty and Lloyd G. Schermer John Shurman Gayle and Paul Stoffel
Ruth L. and James Scheuer Muriel Siebert Helen E. and Edward D. Stone, Jr.
Lisa and David T. Schiff Cormac Siegfried Joan and Alan Stone
Spencer Schiffer Rona Z. Silkiss and Neil Jacobstein Norma K. and Donald J. Stone
Jennifer and Robin Schiller Ellen and Morton Silver Alice Stover and Thomas
Barbara and F. Eugene Schmitt Jo Ann B. Silverman and Reeve Pickering
Susan and Sheldon Schneider Robert Jacobson Patti and George Stranahan
Debra and Dennis Scholl Nancy and Mark J. Silverman Fleur and Curt Strand
June and Paul C. Schorr III Victoria and Ronald A. Simms Evelyn M. and Barry S. Strauch
Terri and Phillip Schrager Bren Simon Tracy Straus
Alece and David Schreiber Janie Simon Marcia D. Strickland
Linda J. and Robert J. Schuerholz Sandra E. Simpson and Francis Stuckens
Don Davidson Melanie Sturm and Marc Zachary
Tricia C. and Rick Schultz
William Dean Singleton Libby Sullivan
Linda and H. Del Schutte, Jr.
Anila Sitaram Rahul Sumant
Carole Ann Schutter
Aggie Skirball Ellen and Stephen D. Susman
Louise and Robert Schwab
Tina and Albert H. Small, Jr. Kenichi Suzuki
Elizabeth Schwartz
Shirley and Albert Harrison Small Jon Swan
Gail and Alan E. Schwartz
Anna Deavere Smith Lucia D. Swanson and
Patricia B. Schwartz
Beth K. Smith Theodore A. Levine
Mary Hugh Scott
Christine Smith Todd Swanson 67
Betty P. Sylvester Nancy and Charles R. Wall Elaine and James D. Wolfensohn
Marcy Syms and Bob Lathan Christopher E. Walling Beverly H. and Robert A. Wolffe
Sue and Aziz D. Syriani Tina A. Walls Robert Woo
Cheryl and Peter A. Tague Carol and John R. Walter Amy Halperin Wood
Mark Tapper Melani and S. Robson Walton Corinne and Paul Wood
Shelley and Joel D. Tauber Tillie and Sam Walton Karen and Kent Woodard
Carole L. and Frederick B. Taylor Leah and Ralph Wanger Walter E. Woodford, Jr.
Stephen S. Taylor Jayson Ward Jane and Dennis Woodhouse
Karin Teague Viviane M. and Gerald Warren Doug Woods
Diane Tegmeyer-Peterson and Marsha and William Wayne Tamara and Frank Woods
Brooke Peterson Ann and Charles Webb King R. Woodward
Ronald Temple Cheryl and Vin Weber Mary Woolley
Lisa Tennyson Irmhild and Philip J. Webster Stephanie Work
Mimi Teschner Karen and Martin S. Weiner Victor R. Wright
Gautam Thapar Marjorie and Bryan S. Weingarten Heather and Beau Wrigley
Lynn Thoman Myriam Weinstein Irene and Alan L. Wurtzel
Mary Holmes Thompson Rosemary and J. Fred Weintz, Jr. Lina and Eduardo L. Wurzmann
Amy and Doug Throm Lynda R. and Douglas Weiser Cheryl and Sam Wyly
Priscilla F. and Paul D. Thut Annette Weisman Dee and Charles J. Wyly
Margo and Benjamin Tilghman Betty J. Weiss Elizabeth and Timothy E. Wyman
Laurie Tisch Marion and Donald P.* Weiss Judith and M. Richard Wyman
Anne and William R. Tobey, Jr. Marvin F. Weissberg Mei Xu and David Wang
Alexis Tobin Sallyann Wekstein Linda K. Yates and Paul R. Holland
Joan F. and Maurice B. Tobin Jacqueline Weld and Rodman Drake Alice Young and Thomas L. Shortall
Cheryl Towning Nadia Zilkha Wellisz Russell Young
Alicia Tranen and Dave Leyrer Carrie and Joseph Wells Alison and Boniface Zaino
Tammy and Guillermo Trevino Jane and Jonathan Wells Barbara and David Zalaznick
Candis and Blair Trogner Beatrice and Anthony Welters Batia Zareh
Karen and James Tucker Laura and Art Werlin Karen Zeliff
Roberta and Teviah Turkat Leslie Westreich Judy and Leo E. Zickler
Cynthia and Stanley A. Twardy Charlene Wexler Kerry Ziegler and Adib M. Nasle
Mish Tworkowski Dolores D. and Clifton R. Wharton, Jr. Selim K. Zilkha and Mary Hayley
Justin Udelhofen Carol Whitley and Gary Gartsman Mary and Harold Zlot
Mary Margaret Valenti Lara Whitley Mortimer B. Zuckerman
Angela Valles Marc Whitley Ruth Jane Zuckerman
Jessica Van Lieshout Wendalin Whitman Pamela Zuker
Marja and Gerard J. VanderBeek Marion and Frederick B. Whittemore Ariane Zurcher and Richard Long
Linda and Dennis H. Vaughn Dorothy and Albert Wildman Paula Zurcher
Cathy and Fred Venrick Ginny L. Williams
Enzo Viscusi Leonora and Frank Williamson * Deceased
George Vojta Marilyn H. Wilmerding and
Barbara Marie and Paul A. Volcker Doug Burden
Diane von Fürstenberg and Judith and Fred Wilpon
Barry Charles Diller Brenda Wilson-Hale
Alexia and Roderick K. von Lipsey Elle and Philip D. Winn
Carole Wagner-Vallianos and Ruth Winter
Peter Vallianos
Mary and Hugh D. Wise III
Karen E. Wagner and
Peggy and William B. Wivel
David L. Caplan
Jaqueline Wogan
Joan Walker
Carolyn and William J. Wolfe
Katharine K. and John M. Walker, Jr.

Corporate Support
Accenture LLP Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton Goldman Sachs & Company
ACCION International CMGRP Google, Inc.
Actis, LLP Coca-Cola Company Hansen Construction, Inc.
Aetna Inc. Colorado Audio Visual Hewlett-Packard Company
African Agricultural Capital Comcast Corporation Hillman Capital Partners
AGT International ConocoPhillips Company Hines Interests Ltd. Partnership
Alitheia Capital Limited Continental Grain Company Holsman International
Allstate Insurance Company Corporation for Public Broadcasting Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc.
ALP Associates Credit Suisse Securities, LLC Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ALSTOM Power, Inc. Crowell & Moring IBM Corporation
Altria Group, Inc. CSC Holdings, Inc. Ignia Partners, LLC
American Electric Power CXO Communication ImagineNations Group Inc.
Service Corporation Deloitte InnoCentive
American National Bank Deutsche Bank Intel Corporation
Anonymous Discount America’s Tire Interactive Corp (IAC)
Applied Materials Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. Inversor
Aramco Services Company DLA Piper US LLP Michael C. Ireland, PC
Arkansas Electric Cooperative Dolce Hotels & Resorts Journalism Online
The James W. Down Company, Inc. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Aspen Grocery Inc.
Duke Energy Corporation K And K Woodward, Inc.
Asprem Analytics
E. Liechty, LLC Kaye Scholer LLP
AST Capital Trust Company
E+Co KLF Group, Inc.
of Delaware
Ecos Sustainable Equity KSM Business Services, Inc.
Edelman Company Kurowski, Bailey and Schultz, LLC
Axela Government Relations, LLC
Edgewater Management, Inc. L’Oreal USA Inc.
Ayllu Initiative Inc.
Edison Electric Institute The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
Bamboo Finance
Emerging Markets Group Lazard Freres & Co., LLC
Banco Santander, S.A.
Emmis Communications Corp. Les Dames D’Aspen LTD
Bank for International Settlements
Endeavor Global, Inc. Levi Strauss & Co.
Bank of America
Equus Private Wealth Liberty Global, Inc.
Barclays Wealth
Management LLC Lighthouse Energy Group
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC
Ernst & Young Lockheed Martin
Evolution Markets Lubar Nominees
Blue Orchard
Extraordinary Things LLC M&T Bank
Boeing Company
Exxon Mobil Corporation David O. Marlow, Inc.
Booz & Company
FEHU Group, Inc McKinsey & Company
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc
For CEOS Only, Inc. MediaEdge
Bracewell & Giuliani
Ford Motor Company Mercedes-Benz
The Brattle Group
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner &
Calvin Cafritz Investments Jacobson LLP Smith Inc.
Century LLC FSG, Inc. MG Consulting LLC
CH2M Hill Inc Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Microsoft Corporation
Champion Industries, Inc. FX Bresnan Shipping, Inc. Mish, Inc.
Charles Pratt & Company, L.L.C. General Mills Monitor Company Group, L.P.
Chesapeake Operating, Inc. Gilead Sciences, Inc. Monsanto Company
Cisco Systems, Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Morgan Stanley & Company, Inc.
Stephen Claire Associates Globe Capital Partners

MPower Ventures II, LP Rosemore, Inc. Tishman Speyer Properties
National Semiconductor Michelle Rosenfeld Inc. TMG Custom Media
NCH Design LLC Ryan Enterprises Group T-Mobile
New York Life Insurance Company SA Capital Limited Toyota Motor North America Inc.
Nomura Securities North America Schlumberger, Ltd. TransCanada PipeLines Limited
Northrop Grumman Schoenfeld Insurance TriLinc Capital Management, LLC
NV Energy, Inc Associates, Inc. Teviah Turkat Medical Corp.
Obermeyer Asset Management Sempra Energy Turnstone Associates, Inc.
Company Serengeti Advisors Ltd. UBS Financial Services, Inc.
OC Stichting Oxfam NOVIB Shaw Construction UMB Financial Services, Inc.
OTF Group, Inc. Shell Exploration & Production Co. Universal City Studios LLLP
PepsiCo, Inc. Shorebank International United Airlines
Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC SNR Denton U.S. Trust Company
Pfizer, Inc. Solgenix, LLC Van Ness Feldman
Pharmaceutical Research and SRBI, L.P. Verizon Communications, Inc.
Manufacturers of America Standard Bank PLc Versant Ventures
PNMR Services Company Statoil Gulf Services LLC Vox Capital
Premier, Inc. The Studio Account Water Street Capital
Prudential Financial Talisman Energy Inc. WB Family Offices
Pyme Capital Target Weatherstone Services LLC
Qualcomm Ventures, TechnoServe, Inc. Westport Innovations Inc.
Qualcomm Incorporated
Telefonica SA Winston Partners Group, LLC
Telesoft Management Services, LLC World Media Productions
R.F. Builders
Textron WWV Management & Operations LLC
R.W. Beck
THC Enterprises, Inc. Pearl B. Young Inc.
Rabobank, N.A.
Thomson Reuters Zirrus.Net
Raczak Real Estate Company Inc.
The Thrift Shop of Aspen
The Rendon Group, Inc.
Time Warner Cable
Rianta Capital Limited

The Walter Paepcke Memorial Building on the Aspen Meadows Campus. (photo by Dan Bayer)

Foundation and Organization Support

Fred and Penny Abrams Blandin Foundation James M. Collins Foundation

Philanthropic Fund Blue Foundation Columbia University
Absolute Return For Kids, LTD Blum Family Foundation Copaken Family Foundation
The Acorn Foundation The Bodri Foundation Cornell University
Acumen Fund, Inc. Boettcher Foundation craigslist Charitable Fund
Aetna Foundation, Inc. Bostock Family Foundation Arie and Ida Crown Memorial
African Centre for Global Health and The Boyd Family Foundation The Nathan Cummings
Social Transformation Foundation, Inc.
Richard & Susan Braddock Family
African Management Services Foundation The Cundill Foundation
Agora Partnerships John Brademas Foundation Charles A. Dana Foundation
ALCOA Foundation The Brady Foundation Dasra -- Catalyst for Social Change
Alexandra Foundation The Bridge Fund The William Davidson Institute
The Alper Family Foundation, Inc. Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation Nick DeWolf Foundation
American Clean Skies Foundation Carolyn S. Brody Family Foundation DiSabatino Family Foundation
American Council on Education Ruth H. Brown Foundation Dixon and Carol Doll Family
American Express Foundation Martin Bucksbaum Family Foundation
Amnesty International Foundation John and Marcia Donnell Fund
Andrews Family Foundation Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Dornick Foundation
Anonymous (6) Family Foundation The Dreman Foundation, Inc.
Appropriate Infrastructure Buford Foundation Milton H. Dresner Charitable
Development Group Business Council for Peace Foundation
The Arches Foundation Calvert Social Investment Elizabeth and Richard Dubin
Arrowhead Foundation Inc Foundation Foundation
Artemisia Brazil Government of Canada East Meets West Foundation
Arts Midwest Carnegie Corporation of New York eBay Foundation
City of Aspen Carrico Fund Edlis/Neeson Foundation, NFP
Aspen School District No. 1 RE The Stephen Case Foundation The Eisner Foundation Inc.
Aspen Young Professionals CASERVE Foundation Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Association Casey Family Programs The Elizabeth Foundation
The Atlantic Philanthropies Annie E. Casey Foundation Engelberg Foundation
Avina Foundation Castaways Foundation Fairbanks Family Foundation
The Ayco Charitable Foundation Catto Charitable Foundation Joseph & Sherry Felson Family
B Lab CDC Development Solutions Foundation
Stephen W. & Susan M. Baird C. E. and S. Foundation The Fetzer Institute
Foundation Center For Creative Leadership Financial Services Volunteer Corps
Bank of America Foundation Centre on Philanthropy The Flunison Fund
Barnard/Fain Foundation The Challenger Foundation Ford Foundation
Sid R. Bass Management Trust Chambers Family Fund Foundation for Enterprise
Laurence D. Belfer Family Foundation Development
The David Franklin Chazen
Dorothy G Bender Foundation Foundation Foundation for Social Technology
Berg Family Charitable Foundation CHF International Foundation to Promote Open Society
Bernstein Family Foundation Chino Cienega Foundation J. S. Frank Foundation
Bertelsmann Foundation Citigroup Foundation The Barry Friedberg and
Charlotte Moss Family Foundation
Bezos Family Foundation ClimateWorks Foundation
Friedman Family Foundation
The Bieber Family Foundation Robert & Suzanne Cochran Family

Friedman Family Foundation The Robert B. and Janet A. Hoffman Latousek Foundation
(New York) Foundation, Inc. The Lauder Foundation -
Ann B. & Thomas L. Friedman Ken Hubbard Fund Leonard and Evelyn Lauder
Family Foundation Humanity United Lee Foundation
Friel Foundation, Inc. William and Diane Hunckler Ronald and Fifi Levin Family Fund
Fundacion Bavaria Foundation Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc
Fundacion Bolivar Davivienda Hunt Alternatives Fund Living Cities, Inc.
Fundacion Bolivia Roy A. Hunt Foundation Leon Lowenstein Foundation
Fundacion IES Hunter College Jean and Jim Lowrey Fund
FUNDES International Hurst Family Foundation The Lubar Family Foundation, Inc.
The Funger Foundation, Inc. Fern Karesh Hurst Foundation Henry Luce Foundation
Furlotti Family Foundation Hyde Family Foundations The Ludy Family Foundation
Gideon and Sarah Gartner Ellen and Barry Hyman Fund Lundin for Africa
Foundation ING Foundation MAAK Foundation
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation InReturn East Africa Fund I.C.V. The John D. and Catherine
The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Institute For Financial Literacy T. MacArthur Foundation
Institute for International Madigan Family Foundation
Edouard R. Gerschel Foundation Monetary Affairs Malott Family Foundation
C Gary and Virginia Gerst Foundation Institute For State Effectiveness Grace R. & Alan D. Marcus
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation International Finance Corporation Foundation
The Gilder Foundation Invitrogen Corporation Markle Foundation
Global Business School Network Foundation Inc. Maverick Capital Foundation
Goldman Sachs Foundation Thomas A. & Mary S. James The William E. Mayer Charitable
The Goldrich Family Foundation Foundation Foundation
Barbara Lubin Goldsmith Foundation Jaquish & Kenninger Foundation George B. McKinley Family Fund
Goodwin Foundation LLC JLK Foundation, Inc. John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty
Grameen Foundation Johns Hopkins University Foundation
Grassroots Business Partners, Inc. The Robert Wood Johnson Media Development Loan Fund
Foundation MercyCorps
The Ronald K. & Jan C. Greenberg
Family Foundation The Suzanne Nora Johnson & Merrill Family Foundation
David G. Johnson Foundation
Audrey & Arthur N. Greenberg Fund The Mesdag Family Foundation
Joy Family Foundation, Inc.
The Greenwald Foundation Middle East Peace Dialogue
Joy Foundation
The Gordon and Llura Gund Mitrani Family Foundation
Foundation Joyce Foundation
Marc and Shelah Moller Foundation
Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation Karetsky Family Memorial Fund
Norman M. Morris Foundation Inc.
The Halloran Foundation The Katcher Family Foundation, Inc
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Edward & Julia Hansen Katz Family Foundation
Muhr Family Foundation
Foundation, Inc. Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Nathan Family Foundation
Harbor Lights Foundation Kaufman Foundation
National Association of
Harman Family Foundation Ann and Stephen Kaufman Broadcasters
The Irving Harris Foundation Foundation
National Geographic Society
Harvard School of Public Health Kautz Family Foundation
National Opinion Research Center
Harvard University Danny Kaye & Sylvia Fine Kaye
National Rural Electric
Morris A. Hazan Family Foundation Cooperative Association
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Hazen Polsky Foundation, Inc Naya Jeevan
Richard & Lisa Kendall Foundation
Heart Social Investments Neisser Family Fund
Karen A. & Kevin W. Kennedy
Lita & Morton Heller Foundation The Neuman Family Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation New Leaders, Inc.
John S. and James L. Knight
The Bruce and Vicki Heyman Family Foundation New Ventures Mexico
Philanthropy Fund News Corporation Foundation
Kraus Family Foundation
Hillenbrand Family Foundation Nicklas Family Foundation
The Kresge Foundation

Northern Star Foundation Root Capital, Inc. Sturm Family Foundation
Novo Foundation Root Change Susman Family Foundation
The Obernauer Foundation, Inc. Michael D. Rose Family Fund Swiss Agency for Development
Omidyar Network Fund Inc. Ross Family Fund and Cooperation
Open Society Institute The Rotman Family Foundation Swiss Federal Department of
Foreign Affairs
O’Toole Family Foundation Royce Family Foundation
Oxfam Sacks Family Foundation
Sy Syms Foundation
P & C Collins Fund The Sage Foundation
Ten Ten Foundation
Pack Foundation SalesForce Foundation
Lucille S. Thompson Family
The David and Lucile Packard The Mara and Ricky Sandler
Foundation Foundation
Tides Foundation
Pan African University Sando Foundation
The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
Patricia M. and Emanuel M. Papper Santa Clara University
Foundation, Inc. Tobey Foundation
Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan Family
The Andrew M. Paul Family Foundation Tobin Foundation
Foundation Adler Schermer Foundation Twordc Foundation
The Pearlstone Family Fund, Inc. Scheuer Associates Foundation, Inc. United Arab Emirates
Peck Family Foundation The Schiff Foundation United Nations Foundation
Brian C. Pennington Foundation The Schmitt Family Charitable United States-Japan Foundation
Charlotte Perret Family Trust Foundation Universidad De Los Andes
The Pierson Foundation The Phillip and Terri Schrager University of California
Podhurst Family Supporting Foundation University of California Berkeley
Foundation, Inc. The Mary Hugh Scott Foundation University of Michigan
The Preissman-Beriro Foundation Segal Family Foundation University of Texas at Austin
Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Shared Interest, Inc. Ute City Charitable Trust
Margot and Thomas J. Pritzker Family Shenandoah Foundation Villagereach
Foundation ShoreCap Exchange Villgro Innovation Foundation
Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation The Simms/Mann Family Foundation Walden University, Inc.
Prudential Foundation Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation
Fred and Shirley Pryor Advised Fund Small Business Administration The Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
Quantum Communication SAL Small Enterprise Assistance Fund Whittemore Family Foundation
Records-Johnston Family Foundation Michelle Smith and the Robert H. Vincent Wilkinson Foundation
Red Bird Hollow Foundation Smith Family Foundation
The Herbert and Ruth Winter Foundation
Regulatory Source Association, LLC. SNV
Wireless Innovation Forum
Emerson G. & Dolores G. Reinsch Nancy and John Snyder Foundation
Wolfensohn Family Foundation
Foundation The Diana Davis Spencer
World Education Foundation
Resnick Family Foundation Foundation
World Resources Institute
J. Christopher and Anne N. Reyes Jerry & Emily Spiegel Family
Foundation Foundation Victor R. Wright Foundation
The Frederick W. Richmond Robert K. Steel Family Foundation Barbara & David Zalaznick Foundation
Foundation Stichting Feeling Europe Jacquelyn & Gregory Zehner Foundation
The Ripple Foundation Alan Stone Family Charitable
The Rock Foundation Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Barry S. and Evelyn M. Strauch
The Rockefeller Foundation Foundation, Inc.
Rodel Foundation 73
Special Funding for Scholarships and
Program Excellence
The lifeblood of the Aspen Institute continues to be the leaders who come into our programs.
Starting with the Executive Seminar in the 1950s and continuing with the Henry Crown
Fellowship Program and all leadership programs, the Institute has engaged entrepreneurs,
elected officials, nonprofit leaders, and others in examining what it takes to lead a life that is
good, useful, worthy, and meaningful.
In 2010, the Aspen Institute was pleased to award over $1 million in scholarship support to
400 scholars from 30 countries. Across our programs we aim to achieve a balance of gender,
ethnicities, nationalities, political affiliations, and professions, convening leaders who will, in
turn, extend the reach and resonance of civility in an increasingly complex world.
The Institute gratefully acknowledges the donors who made gifts and pledges in support of
scholarships in 2010, as well as those whose generosity in prior years created funds that can be
tapped for future needs and opportunities.

Scholarships and Fellowships: 2010 Donors

Greg and Karen Amadon Henry E. Catto Alma and Joseph B. Gildenhorn
American Clean Skies Foundation Joan Chapman Gilead Sciences, Inc.
American Council on Education Katherin and David D. Chase Francis Ginsburg
Anonymous Rachna Choudhry Jeanette Ginsburg
Wendy Aresty Anneliese Chumley and Harriett and Richard E. Gold
Carol and Robert Auld Lawrence Ladin
The Goldrich Family Foundation
Barclays Wealth Judy and Stan Clauson
Arjun Gupta
Barnard/Fain Foundation James M. Collins Foundation
Diane and Bruce Halle
Thomas Barron Colorado Audio Visual
Harvard School of Public Health
Donna and Donald Baumgartner Columbia University
Harvard University
Douglas Becker Noel R. and Thomas Congdon
Noelle and Cecil Hernandez
Gilchrist B. Berg Cornell University
Phyllis S. Hojel
Barbara and Bruce Berger Sara Fraser Crismon
Karen and Bayard Hollins
Ronit and Bill Berkman Nancy C. and A. Steven Crown
Heidi Horner
Thomas Bernard Paula and James Schine Crown
Host Hotels and Resorts, Inc.
Bezos Family Foundation The Cundill Foundation
Nina Rodale Houghton
The Bieber Family Foundation Andrew Currie
William and Diane Hunckler
Glykeria C. Bitounis Elissa and Gary Davis Foundation
Suzanne Bober and Stephen Kahn Catherine and Jerome H. Debs II Soledad and Robert J. Hurst
Susan and Richard S. Braddock Gloria Story Dittus The Ithaka Foundation
The Brady Foundation Ann H. and John L. Doerr Johns Hopkins University
Irja Brant and Alireza Ittihadieh Edlis/Neeson Foundation, NFP Karetsky Family Memorial Fund
Amanda Brock Gail and Richard Elden Marjie and Robert M. Kargman
Carolyn and Matthew Bucksbaum The Elizabeth Foundation Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Kaye
C. E. and S. Foundation Bess and R. Ted Enloe III Foundation
Jane and Calvin Cafritz Exxon Mobil Corporation Richard and Lisa Kendall Foundation
Connie and Jim Calaway Joan Fabry and Michael Klein John F. Kennedy School of
Barbara Fergus Government
Jenny and James Calaway
Sheila and David Fuente Sarah Kennedy and Martin Flug
Nancy P. and Clint Carlson
Jessica M. and John B. Fullerton Susan and Stephen Kinney
Ruth and Martin G. Carver

Helen Klanderud Susan Christine O’Neal Christine and John Smith
Rachel Kohler and Mark Hoplamazian Maureen Orth Kathy Daubert Smith*
Ann and Tom C. Korologos Jane Ottenberg The Robert H. Smith Family
Marcella Larsen Doren Madey and Sheldon R. Pinnell Foundation
Shannon Larsen Robert C. Pew and Susan Taylor Susan Katz Snyder
Evelyn and Leonard A. Lauder Hazen Polsky Foundation, Inc. The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation
Laura and Gary M. Lauder Anne and Arnold Porath Gregory C. Staple
Elaine and Robert LeBuhn Michael and Jane Powell Gillian and Robert K. Steel
Toby Devan Lewis The John and Lisa Pritzker Judith Zee Steinberg and
Family Fund Paul J. Hoenmans
Jeff Lizotte
Saafir A. Rabb II Kenichi Suzuki
Natasha K. Long and Mark
Leydecker James Ragland Gautam Thapar
Paula and Monty Loud Marsha Ralls TMG Custom Media
Linda Lourie Barbara S. Reese University of California Berkeley
M&T Bank Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute University of Michigan
Trudy G. Magarill Resnick Family Foundation Angela Valles
Marlene and Frederic V. Malek William J. Resnick Linda and Dennis H. Vaughn
Carol S. Marks Carrie Rhodes Melani and S. Robson Walton
McNulty Prize Fund Amy Richardson and Tillie and Sam Walton
Scott D. Miller David McCormick Jane and Jonathan Wells
Diane Moore and Joel Sax Marta T. Riordan and James M. Boyle Carol Whitley and Gary Gartsman
Diane L. Morris Tamara Harris Robinson Heather and Beau Wrigley
Muhr Family Foundation Rodel Foundation Cheryl and Sam Wyly
Clare Muñana José Maria Sanz-Magallón Dee and Charles J. Wyly, Jr.
Sue Murdock and Dan Lynch Charlene and Bart Schachter Barbara and David Zalaznick
Renée Schatz Foundation
Stephanie and Michael Naidoff
Schoenfeld Insurance Associates, Inc. Batia Zareh
Suzanne Niedland and
Lawrence F. DeGeorge Carole Ann Schutter
Susan and William Oberndorf Peggy and Carl Sewell
Nancy Oliphant and Adam Trombly Bren Simon

Scholarships and Fellowships: Existing Funds and 2010 Awards

Mortimer J. Adler Scholarship Fund* Harman-Eisner Artist-in-Residence Polsky Scholarship
Aspen Ideas Festival Scholarships Endowment* Margot and Thomas Pritzker Fund
Aspen Writers’ Foundation William R. Hearst Endowment Fund* for International Fellows*
Scholarships HKS Fellows Program Public Health Graduate Fellowship
Lloyd G. Balfour Scholarship Nakasone / Japanese Rose Associates Scholarship
Bezos Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund* Endowment*
Business and Society Program Bicky and George Kellner Betty and Lloyd G. Schermer
Scholarships Scholarship Fund* Scholarship Fund*
Calaway Education Fund Henry Kissinger Fellowship* Kathleen Daubert Smith
Lauder Seminar Scholarship Fund* Scholarship Fund*
Canadian Scholarship Fund
Nancy Cain Marcus Fellowship Socrates Scholarship Endowment*
Columbia Fellows Program
Robert McKay Endowment* Stanton Fund
Cundill Scholar Fund*
David T. McLaughlin Robert K. Steel Fund*
Dena’s Scholars Endowment Fund*
Leadership Fund* Stradivarius Fellowship*
Environmental Policy Graduate
Fellowship McNulty Prize Fund* Gus and Marie Tyler
Middle East Leadership Initiative Scholarship Fund*
Federal Judges Fellowship
Scholarship Fund Wye Faculty Board Fund
General Scholarship Endowment*
Paul H. Nitze Fellowship*
*Endowment or quasi-endowment
The work of the Aspen Institute is further enhanced by generous support for program funds
and other activities that advance values-based leadership at home and abroad.

Program and Other Funds McCloskey Speaker Series Named Initiatives and Series
Keith Berwick Chair* Catto Fellowship Program
McLaughlin/Crown Endowment*
Henry Crown Fellowship Endowment* Farouki Middle East Roundtable Series
(A component of the Henry
Doerr-Hosier Programming Fund Crown Fellowship Endowment) The Alma and Joseph Gildenhorn
Friedman Joint Venture Fund Book Series
John P. McNulty Fund*
Japanese Garden / Betty Musser McCloskey Speaker Series
Socrates Endowment*
Endowment* Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership
Washington Ideas Roundtable Series

*Endowment or quasi-endowment

Gifts In Kind
Cara and Robert Barnes Hotel Jerome Aspen Modo Design Group
Laura G. Blocker and Mark Seal Soledad and Robert J. Hurst Montesquieu Winery
Shere Coleman and Paul Gray Cathy and Walter Isaacson North Face
Creative Class Group, LLC Jay’s Valet Parking & Luxury Janet O’Grady/Aspen Magazine
Patricia H. Deyton Shuttle Service Margot and Thomas J. Pritzker
Annie DuPont and Gerald D. Hosier Cynthia and David Hamilton Proskauer Rose LLP
Suellen and Melvyn J. Estrin Lynda and Stewart Resnick
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
Nora Feller and Francois Couturier Renée Schatz
Laura and Gary Lauder
Jaimie and David Field University of Maryland
Belinda and Pascal N. Levensohn
Margarita Herdocia and Jaime Linda and Dennis H. Vaughn
Montealegre Lindt & Sprungli (USA), Inc.
Gioia Zwack

The Greenwald Pavilion on the Aspen Meadows campus. (photo by Dan Bayer)