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Book of Psalms Greek word Psalmos to pluck string instrument Book of Psalms greatest collection of songs, prayers, poetry A book of great emotion, expression, deep feelings by the author Reflect the feelings of a person deep emotional works which use Wrenching language, dramatic exaggeration and figures of speech Record, in powerful, poetic language a person s response to God. From a desperate cry for help to an ecstatic shout of, each Psalm attempts to reach out and communicate with the God of the universe. Written King David/shepherd credit of 75 King Solomon King David s son Also Moses 500 years before King David Moses wrote Written for public singing and intended for worship in Israel s temple. Were written over a period of 1,000 years from time of Moses to time of Ezra At least 73 Psalms have King David s name as the writer Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm. Composed of 176 verses, in sets of 8 verses each beginning with one of the 22 Hebrew letters. The middle of the entire Bible is the Psalms The middle chapter of the Bible is Psalms 118 The longest chapter of the Bible is Psalms 119 The shortest chapter of the Bible and Psalms is 117 Psalms of: Praise 117, 8:1, 108:1-5 Thanksgiving 75:1, 118:1-2 Comfort/encouragement Ps. 23 / Ps. Ps. 27:1

Forgiveness 32:1 Ps. 51 Protection Ps. 91 my favorite Worship Ps. 150



Book of Psalms Review: Longest Book in the Bible Middle of the Bible Longest chapter in the Bible 119 Shortest chapter in the Bible 117 Written mostly by King David Solomon Moses Psalms written on Praise, Thanksgiving, encouragement, comfort, forgiveness, protection

Chapter 1 Theme THE TRULY HAPPY MAN The Blessing in reading this Psalm the writer is saying WHAT HE WILL NOT DO Not allowing himself to be in the presence or under the influence of the wicked Because of His DECISION he is COMPARED TO A HEATHLY AND FRUITFUL TREE Nourished by rivers of water whatever he does he prospers The Wicked are not so blessed-they are like CHAFF driven by the wind will not Stand THERE ARE TWO WAYS IN LIFE Two Paths to take WAY OF THE HAPPY MAN-Righteous WAY OF THE WICKED Let s look at verse 1 HAPPY ARE THOSE---This is YOU Who don t LISTEN to the wicked

Who don t GO where sinners go Who don t DO what evil people do In the USA we teach our Children these words from the time they are very small

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STOP---LOOK---LISTEN when we are teaching them about rules of walking/crossing a road Why? We don t want them to get hit Stop stand still think Look this way that way do you see a car Listen do you hear a car Ok---Go Such it is in life/you can apply these same principles Stop think Do you want to do what others are doing-people of the World/wicked

Look at what is ahead do you want to Go down the path Wicked people are going Listen do you want to listen to the people of the world and let them dictate your life or God IT IS YOUR CHOICE YOU CHOOSE THE PATH LIST THE WAYS OF THE WORLD --what are some things the wicked of the world call us to do

IF YOU FOLLOW THE PATH OF THE WICKED --it only leads to Heart ache serious consequences hurt to others/loved ones sometimes even death BUT IF YOU FOLLOW THE WAY OF THE RIGHTEOUS AS THIS MAN IN THIS CHAPTER HAS CHOSEN 1. he love s the Lord s teachings Ps. 119: 11 hiding word of God in His Heart 2. when you hide the teachings of the Lord in your heart you become STRONG --HE is compared to a Tree strong healthy tree planted by a river


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ROOTS GO deep to water (water to God s Word) your relationship to Jesus If your walking the right PATH your Roots are in Jesus And if your Roots are in Jesus you will be strong Let s Look at some verses in Proverbs next book over Proverbs 3:1 7 Promises long life will be successful-your body will be healthy and your bones strong Produce Fruit Fruit Galations 5:22 if you are truly in the Lord your fruit is Love-joy peace

But the WICKED are not like this tree Chaff that the wind blows away WHAT is Chaff straw-threshed husks of grain worthless stuff (harvesting RICE) --the wicked will not Escape Gods punishment/will be destroyed Proverbs 2:22 the Wicked will be removed Proverbs 4:4 keep my commands and you will live


Pg 6 Psalms 3 Read Psalm 3 Divide into 3 Parts V. 1-3 V. 3-4 V. 5-8 David has a problem Cries out to the Lord God s Comfort

Problem I have many enemies People have turned against me Many are saying things against me Who are David s enemies go back to 2 Samuel 15-18

David had a son Absalom who plotted had a plan to actually take over his father s kingdom It started by the people would come to King David with their problems And because there were so many people Absalom began helping/by listening to some of the people and their problems And he began to win their hearts V 6 of Chapt. 15 he stole their hearts

After a period of several years he began to say himself I d like to be King So he planned how he might take over his father s throne V 12 Men turning against King David--He gathered men formed an army to attack his father and even kill him Messengers came and told David what was happening -V 13 15:14 David said to his men we must leave quickly hurry before he catches us and destroys us kills us

Pg 7 David had to run HIDE would hide in caves

Saying evil things against him And even while he was running a man came out and cursed him and Threw Stones saying Get out you murderer, you troublemaker the Lord is punishing you for the people in Saul s family you killed So this why we have this Psalm It is a CRY from David to the Lord Stop and think Have you ever felt like David Felt Others were against you speaking evil to you wanting to hurt you Your closest friends hating you even family members against It is a horrible terrible feeling Makes want to run and Hide like David What do you do?? V 3 David cried out to the Lord not only cried out-poured out his Heart BUT, LORD SAYING THIS IS KNOWING HE HAS TOTAL CONFIDENCE IN GOD you are my SHIELD my wonderful God who gives me courage Shield Duet. 33:29 He knows he can cry out to God God has always been with him He helped him kill Goliath I WILL PRAY TO THE LORD and He will answer me from His holy mountain --When all else fails---pray--Wow

V 5-6 I can lie down and go to sleep-and I will wake up again

Pg 8 How does David know God will protect him He has that confidence

Hadn t God always protected David Goliath God was in charge

--V. 6 I will not be afraid He had complete trust in God We too can have complete trust in Jesus We have not need to be afraid or worry when we are in Jesus V 7 ARISE Lord take quick ACTION SAVE ME/DELIVER ME You have struck my enemies on the cheek You have broken the teeth of the wicked refers to a wild animal attacking with teeth God did back in 2 Samuel 18:6 David s army went out into the field against Absalom s and they fought There David s army defeated Absalom s army 20,000 men died that day You know what happened to Absalom V 9 of 2Samuel As Absalom was riding his mule, it went under the thick branches of a large oak tree Absalom s head got caught in the tree, and his mule ran out from under him So Absalom was left hanging above the ground Now did God hear and answer David? Did God take care of Absalom

Now if God can hear and answer David Don t you think he will take care of you

Pg 9 When things are crumbling all around you call out to God he will hear you Put your faith and trust in Him

Pg10 PSALMS 5 DAVID S PRAYER V. 1 Lord, listen to my words. Cebuana for Listen. Urgency this Psalm begins right away with urgency. Lord------ I need your Attention THIS WASN T ANY ORDINARY PRAYER THAT STARTED OUT He wasn t going through a regular prayer routine Like Our Father, who are in Heaven V. 2 Listen to my CRY for help I need your ATTENTION NOW This is IMPORTANT God I m SAD I M hurt How many of us go through this with our Children--everyday My King and my God Look at how he address s God David was a King but He acknowledged God as his King David had a relationship with God He truly knew God as his King How did David have this Relationship? V3 I pray to you every morning You know my Voice Lord David didn t just pray ONE morning He prayed every morning Every morning I tell you what I need David truly had Relationship with his King/God WHY? Everyday he Prayed/Spoke with his King

So when David -and I like to say Rushed in the presence of God David felt he had that privilege /right HE KNEW GOD Pg 11 Ok Ask yourself How s my Relationship with God Does God know my Voice Do I meet with Him every morning Do I feel like I can rush into the presence of God

I CAN TELL YOU WHAT I NEED AND I WAIT FOR YOUR ANSWER I know you will answer How did He know God would answer? God had answered him the past Remember last week Absolom Remember Goliath David knew he had CONFIDENCE in a God he could Trust A God who was Faithful A God he had a Relationship with How about you? How many times do we pray to God and say Lord, if you are there Maybe Lord you might hear me We have doubt at times DOES GOD really hear me YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU HAD THE RELATIONSHIP LIKE DAVID We need to pray like David Faith not Doubt

But Remember you won t Experience the CONFIDENCE like David had You won t Experience what David Experienced unless you have the Relationship V 4 -5-6 Pg 12 Read So David states what He know about His God May you hear what David is saying God ---(read again) God hates Sin BUT V 7 Because of your great LOVE---/or Your great Mercy I can come before you into your Temple RAGS---we are but Filthy Rags AND THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO OUR SELVES TO BE CLEAN But because of God s Mercy RIGHTOUSNESS (WE ARE MADE RIGHT BEFORE HIM) --And How is that made Possible for us to Day Philippians 3:9 Now I am right with God, not because I followed the law, but because I believed in Christ. So knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you are Right before God I can worship in your holy Temple. V8 Now we Find out the Urgency of David s prayers Lord, I have many ENEMIES Show me the Right thing to do---URGENTCY Show me Clearly how you want me to Live IMPORTANT

Like saying- Lord I don t have time to waste here Look at David David requests the Lord to give him direction How often do we ask God give guidance Show me what to do V 9 This is what his enemies are doing --enemies mouths do not tell the truth LYING --hearts want to destroy others have EVIL in their hearts --throats are like open graves saying MALICIOUS things Pg 13 V 10-GOD declare them GUILTY DO SOMETHING TO THESE PEOPLE

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--How often do we ask God do something to that person they hurt me

Proverbs 29:6 say about this EVIL PEOPLE ARE TRAPPED BY THEIR SIN, BUT GOOD PEOPLE CAN SING AND BE HAPPY. V 11-12 Here is the Blessing Sometimes in Life we find ourselves saying its not Fair That person goes out they cheat they lie they do bad things and nothing happens to them But don t be FOOLED There is joy in being Righteous (doing the right thing) Everyone who trusts you will be HAPPY do you think a lier a cheaterperson who says evil things is truly HAPPY no Protect those who love you You will have God s protection Lord, you bless those who do what is right You, protect them like a soldier s shield word SHIELD

JUST like last week Chapt. 3 Lord, you are my shield