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Are you Your Animals Biggest Problem? The Human Animal BodyMind Mirror Thats just spooky!

A current client told me when I pointed out that each she and her dog had a problem within the exact same vertebrae in their backs! I assured her that this happens all the time, and that it has to do with the Human Animal Body-Mind Connection. Did you know that animals mirror you in mind, body and spirit? They Reflect Us. Animals are spiritual teachers, and are at times barometers of our souls! So when they have a problem, they're talking to us. The question is: are we listening!? The Human Animal Body-Mind Connection is really a deeper assessment of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual connections among humans and animals, and frequently serve by reflecting back to us the lessons we are here to learn. Its been stated that more than 90% of our problems are based in emotional, psychological or psychosomatic issues! When we are in denial, are disconnected or disassociated, our emotional wounds are deep beneath the surface of our subconscious mind. The globe around us, our animals and our kids, will mirror these issues back to us by acting out or reacting to our distress. Our animals know us much better than almost any other becoming on the planet. They see whats in our minds eye, they really feel what we're feeling, and they are often closer to our hearts than anybody else. What is your animal trying to let you know? Are you having issues? Then, it is time for you to begin truly listening to your animals! When we're in pain, they might also be in pain. Susan Chernack McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers and Healers, tells her story about how her dog had the same rare cancer she came down with. Within the book, she credits her dog with teaching her how you can survive cancer! Thats what gave her the idea for the book so she went on to collect other peoples stories about how their animals mirrored them in some way. So the Human Animal Body-Mind Connection is about looking under the surface to discover what the real problems are, why they are showing up the way they are, whose problem it truly is (and it could be both of them!), and what to do to rebalance the relationship. Just last night, I was gazing at my sweet old dog who is recovering from just having a tumor removed from her forehead, slightly off center and above her right eye. My glance shifted to her brother whose brown spots above his eyes are now misaligned because of surgery to repair a wound received above his right eye in a fight with an additional dog. I myself had a patch of precancerous skin removed from above my correct eye; I was allergic to the antibiotic, and now have a bump of scar tissue there. Last night, as we all 3 looked at each other, it hit me; we, and our healing wounds, had been actually all mirroring one another! Shelby Our animal partners are in many methods our best friends, the beings who know and adore us much better than anyone else, who chose to spend their lives with us, helping us heal, loving us when we're sad or sick, often showing us

what unconditional love indicates, and numerous times demonstrating what it takes to live life totally in each and every way reminding us of whats essential, and whats not! Unfortunately, they also mirror our problems and woundings, reflecting our discomfort and anger, sponging our grief, sadness and dis-ease. When they get sick or act out with behavior that is inappropriate and even life threatening, they're asking for assist, telling us that the load they are carrying for us is more than they can bear! My eight year old cat, Peach, couldnt get off the ground anymore, could hardly eat, barely walk, was weak and extremely crabby. I finally thought to quit guessing what was wrong and to just ask her what was going on. She stated she was helping my husband and I by attempting to drain off all of the negative emotions we were struggling with, sort of like a sponge into her own body. She had taken on so much of our grief, anger and frustrations into herself that she was dying. I told her she did not have permission to do such a thing, and she replied that it was the only way she knew to assist us! That she thought it was her job! I told her NO! I did not want her carrying my discomfort or grief or anger and neither did my husband! We wanted her to assist us by bringing us back to our center, our peace, our power. And from that location we could learn our lessons and heal our relationship, but that it wasnt her job to carry our discomfort in her own body, that in fact it added to our tension and upset! Once she understood and accepted her new role, she returned to great well being inside just a couple of days, and went on to live to the ripe old age of 19 years! So the first question we should ask is: how are we involved in the animals issue? For example, with fearful or aggressive problems frequently the human is afraid subconsciously, so the animal either acts out their fear, or, becomes more protective which, of course, looks like aggression! Or the animal is in reaction towards the fear, which is really a large instinct trigger for them, by the way! When we appear a bit deeper, examining the subconscious problems, we generally discover some thing that we havent been able to create peace with. Then via counseling and other healing modalities, our well being and behavior improves! I promise you, what your animals do makes perfect sense to them from their viewpoint! Our job is to listen to them so we can learn about their experiences, share their wisdom, and learn about any discomforts so we can take appropriate action. Numerous Angels, Masters, Healers and Teachers are disguised as animals do you know who you're living with? one piece review