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Live of the Sith

sampling.of what's coming out this April and May is any indication of how the rest of the summer,s g.*g ," fare, ihough, 2005 is'be ibanner year for.tle 1o1ies. k1.y: tly: 3^"-":T_l:i Frere's a ,"i"u* opu. ut out new Southlarfru. to"udott *ire going 6 be;ble to bring you more of the best movies in town than ever-'


of the fiirns that

will changu viot lil" itt


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Sin City is infested

wiih criminals, crooked cops rlJl sery dmes, some seardting for vengeance' som for redemption mclot(en,both. RobertRodriguezandFrani<Millerhavetemeduptoseatewhat'sswtobecomethecomicbook qp3m1c direciing_duo hanslated Mill:r's legendary movie by which all other conric adaptations are
stories from page to screen by remaining absolutely faithhrl to the



feel and dialogue of the boola.

Nancy flessica Alba); SIN CITy siars Bruce Willis as Hartigan, a cop with a bum ticker and a vow to Prottrt stripper Mickev Rourke as Man, *re outcast misanthrope on a nission to avenge the death ofhis one hue love, Goldie flahe

Klns).'and clive owen as Dwight, the clandestine love of shelley (Brittany MuPhy), who spends his nights from Jackie Boy (Bmicio defe"ndlng Gail lnosario Dawsoniand her Otd Tome girls (Devon Aoki md Alexis Bledel) Del Toro[a dirty cop with apendnnt for violmce

Jup*.se hotor *ouie,


'.. different thmAmerican honor moues: tlrcy'T:t"V ghosts tnu.rr t"-u. ruia ror t}re saples of Japanese honor ihat Ieavi us feeling chilled- the female i6t out of vour rmse of vision, the ominous vision of the fufure that permeates wery hame wlth a sens of dread' right there lr our md the faci that moie often than not the honor isn't relegated to some gloomy haunted house i(s *".fa *tf. *, *.a. more frightening by the blandness oi the reality that surmunds it ONE MiSSED CALL is Takashi miglt*think this movie sounds Miike,s take on the Jap-.r. f,orro, gi-., md he stays so true to tire staples that you new tone. \{hen she see.s too familiar.. A girl doesn't arower ier cell phone when it mgs with a shage Se i,On. \4isr.d Cil,', she checla her messagei md discovers that it's from her number, ftom thee days in the tut$e. Americanized-JaPanese honot Three davs later, she dies. And then more"phones start to ring, Compuisons to recent fii.t l"."iuUle, but ONE MISSEDTALL is the real dial, from one of ou favorite dlectors of our time'

Oft trtlSStll GAlL'APnll29'lllllagG & $outh lamar WFj,y:-T,|1E"




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I0 rlfi GltffiY - flPnll 29

it panic... Stck oui your thumb to loin the most ordinary man in $e w9r! Jn an e1tra9qryry 11I1l:*-.^,10I the loig-awaited fiJrnic adaptation of Douglas Adansl THE I{IICHHIIGR'S GUIDE TO THE about day. .AXY Bqtlr* Arfru having very Cefan Farthman Arfrur Dent is havine a verv bad dav. His house is about to be bulldozed, he discovers that his Uuriiri*a ir Am, and to top things oif, Planet Earth is about to be demolislrcd to make way for a hlperspate bmas. Arthur's onlv cJrance for suwival hitch a ride on a passing spacecraft. For the novice space haveler, the joumy,t" *tti4-lt giJatest adventue lri the universe begins whm ttrg wom aral .{!trm. sets outon a Si: he leam that a lowel is just the most useful thing in the univene, finds the meming of life, and il"-tf.ri.* ir 6 ii ".*t: he needs to know cm be fomd in one book" discovlrs that everything


illtil0nE$ 0t illURlltR - G0iltlllG lil [Pm'$outlt lamar

planting evidence and torturing Park Du-man (Song Kong-ho) isn't a bad cop. Granted he regularlycndorses to tell iJsoneone is guilty smoects. but it,ionl"v in sripport of what his intuition tells him. Ordoesit? Du-man's ability to $. *hen the body of a young woman is found by the side of the road in rural i, kor"i Th. probl"* is he's never had to deal with a case of this severify and scope and the.old tactics iust don't seem ;y11"re. Big city detective Seo Tae-ym (Kim Sang*yung) is called in with his refined methods of on the hue story t.tvio* oo *'a uvidmci to irelp out. Inrmecliately there is ternionbetwem the two men. Based il;i;."gnred serial kitl's case frorn 1985'- 1991, Joon-ho Bong's second feature manages to.hanscmd ihe by focusing on the emotional toll dealing with such oimes has on tlrc deiectives.

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witha full beard, The A whole bunch of wookia. The longest light saber battle ever seen on soem. Ewan Mc_Gregor some ol them s 'l r.drdn't birth of Darth vader sure, there ue iome sTAR WARS fans that were putoff by Episode I and But this is it, think that ATTACK OF THE CLONES *$.ool mough to make up for tlB first film in the Prcquels. wherc all the cool stuff trappmsileais aie. fni: Empire rises. The Empeior gets m a light sabT ,.""f" ,fr" tl. "^" lui, enunn" U..o."r Darth Vader And maybe,lust maybe... Jar-Jar Bink won'tsurvive? Hey, he's not in Episode IV
at all, so there's some new hope, right? at the Alano And to satisfu more of your STAR WARS craving, don't miss our STAR WAIS CLIPSHOW midnights Downtom! More inJo on Pg. 29!


Ple$Gnteil by the

lustin lilm

soGIGty & Alamo



In a yakuza syndicate, the Anjo dan has sufiered the loss of their head leader Kakihaa, Anjo's right hard mm, gets out on a quest to find his boss (regardless of the evidence that he's.dead). Things begin to tum for the worst whm a group o{ men who were recendy hcked out of their qndicate set t}reir vmgeful eyes on seeing the An o Clads complete am.ihilation. To make thing's worse, they've got the mysterious and extremely deadly killer Idri on their tails. !\iill the Anjo Clm wive thmugh ldri's slaughter? Can they defy their gloomy fate? A sick md twisted fantasy about sadism and masochism witlr m ending so puzlhg tlnt il ll drive you to watch lhis nihilishc ride into ihe deepest herrhes of tre human psydre a second iime, a third time, hell, maybe even a fourth. A film based onthe exhememangawith tre sameme, Miike TakaslLibrings the pmels of inl to life in this controversial

IHt IfillTR ffiffiffiffffi- ffi TPilI

0 ffi,-ffi$ffiffi$-".,ff tPttl
Kiyoshi is a failed TV show reporter detemined to do a docummtary about
sex and yiolence


the youth. He is

film. (KFCCinem)

so focused on his project that he exploits

his family's problems to create materia,l {or his documentary -- including a gm


THI[lil[0 lrBAFflt0u$r:




opening scene that routinely hm audimce members

aswitlr how hans$essive, \IISIIOR Q has a validity and m allue thai push it far beyond simple shock value and into the realrn of
the door. But


every Miike filn, no mafter


Because these

characte$ are more or

Kintaro is a formr delinqumt, the former leader of a biker gang who has gone shaight. Working at a conshuction compmy, his morthodox tactics cause houble with his colleagues. He is hansfened to a tiny brandr in the counhy where he butts heacls with his lazy superior -uniil the hvo of *rem discover a plot by the competiiion to put them out of business. Wth tlte help of his old biker friends, Kintaro prepres {or a showdom.

less normal people at heart, it's not surprising to learn that what they really strive for is harmony and mi$.It just takes a big blow on the head, Literally, for
them to realize it. That blow is dealt by

SfilNUUI(U OUTI-AW is the 6ni film to fit the shuctual.and tirematic mould that would come to dlaracteriz DEAD ORALM md SHINJUKUTRIADSOCIETY. Miike's films, and formstheblueprintlorMiike'slaterfilns All of these feature a policemm imme$ed in tlrc criminal underworld; the fitle SHINJUKJ OUTLAW rcfers just as mudr to him as to dre gangsters he is out to apprehend. SI{IN|.JKU OUTLAW also aeated the charactu type played by Shinya Tsukamoto in Miike's ICHI THE tr3LLER - a behind-the-scenes mmipulator preys on the weak-willed ard employs them to adrieve his own goals. SI{INfLKU OUTLAW is Miike's fust mature film ard the starting point of Mike as the artist he is recognized io be today.

enigmatic yomg guest, the visitor of the tide, who after beating dad on the head with a rock on two occasioru, shacks up with the fmily md shows each of them in their om miquely twisted way what it is. they huly need or want (like a Japanese

verion of Pasolini's TEOREMA). It's a process that involves several muders, neaophilia, md a kitchm floor covered in a mix of breast milk and vaginal fluids.

(ishiwada is a working dass neighbourhood of Osak4 very similar to the one Miike himsel{ grew up in. BOY HOOLIGANS IN KISHOWADA (aka NOSTALGIA) is set at the md of tlre sixties and porhays a couple of nonths in the life a t2-year old boy "One of his most emotionally sahsfying films. It's also a very success{ll qrnbiosis of form and contenf since nostalgia and the child's point of view pervade this fi}n on every level. It is one of the most
crucial, defining and representative film's in the director's oeuvre, the apogee on the theme ofnostalgia. Kishiwada Shonen Gurenfai-Bokyo is, in sho4 one of Mike's greatest achievements as a filnmaker" (Tom Mes)

The sequel to BOY HOOUGANS. One oI

Mike's most autobiographical filnu, YOIJNG THUGS follows three friends tluough their fust year after leaving scllool. Unlike most young mm in Japanese society, these tluee me definitely not on $eh way to becoming responsible members of society. They are already considered delinquents by their peers md teadrers, and they soon find that the only placa they can find work is as Yakua enlorcers or similar low-paying jobs in some gmg. But while the trio's lives may be tougiu their shong friendship allows them to find the humor in their situation.


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sitg*r,g'"qi'91fu4'*.;h+..t1'-tW,L#,tJf ilo ruluemc hmd:Tqtil InF&Jdrm aI

in the palm of his
olhers m nearl
u rtr'r others could look for


ljlJdffifis qgil4d, not Mahatrna Gandhi ffit c-nrilrrrffir.qi6dtr dssident gele*IJeffias the real reason the British lu", 'ntr"rlfit ""i"i*"i"* .Jtrt.."*try. No, these menliffimeto*gteaimffiitul fie": $l i.1"h:]: you saw Gmdhi jurnpSackwards out ol a hee to k]ck s"it 8'y 'b.:1"ryi


men,'but when s the lmilime

ristus, th" m* whom refer ,h"is ffiii.ilfi'ilffiffiil;;ii.,-t draw uridlndian cinem throughout tthe in bigg.rt bo* ofifi."



is none orher *ran 1970s and the crown

nin."of SoIl*ooicinemi Takingcuesfromspaghettiwestems'blackactionfiIru'martialartsmovies'

as the Bachchai was ar the forefront o{ what becme known melodrama, sex appeaf md cool And the quintessential ^.Aot, most notorious crime bosges ir Cnandra Brot s fuN. Bactrchan's character is one of the iiar* ^.ti"ir-fit" Interp,olagtnl havlrg to fend ofl gargsters' vengelul in the entire world, and is Ueng pusuJby a tubby *0..n, md coii euery stE ot tire way nOry i5o has me of the fla!-out *or.n, *t. tqz6t. oo, t even hive to kick you ass with his own {oot He can iust tong md let it kick your ass for him (Keith Allison' Teleport-City) hit

il;"d;fil,*, #il"##:;; .mi, fff-, tpt.V irf*at;t;6.1 ;;il,;;;'r;";; ; ;;;; ;h;



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illt I0BBY! [nlffi $PIGIIIS! rilDll]r illttu!fl$Is 0] cunnY!

wmm. ffiwffi&K ffi, ?ffiffi:

Ilil illilIs 0t ilmuH lllll(

had upon this

MILK captures not A devastatirgly skillfr.rl md conviction, THE TIMES OF HARVEY and sooallmdscape emotionallv co"rpelline docmen_ only l\,tilk himeLf, but also the political rn,ris oi HARVEY in which rhese events look place. The interviews-with il-i# articulate and

bomd of

i,,fftf .f,*r-af,. p"litical rise md friends, politicim, md joumalists-are *i. fftst openly gay heart{elt, expresing the impact that Milk
"f .iw officlid"in the Uni6d
Staies,' historicalmoment lBretFetzer) Harvev Milk. konicallY, *re same electio'n that brought l,4ilk to the

ffiffi$ $$, Fwxs$:




TEN LINDER TEN higtriights the best short documentaries bY UT Docummtarv studmts in 2005. It is

cig suPeruisots of San Frmcisco also elected tlre mm who killed him, a iomer Police officer and fuemm nmed Dan White.
After White shotboth MaYor George

from viewing these shorts tlut

something exciting is going on over

in the RIF
were all

Department at UT esoecially comidering these fiims

mde for under

$10 eachl

Moscone md Milk, his de{ense lawyers convinced the jury that \{hite's iudgment wm imPaired bY deoression md iunk food, resulting in'a convictron lor manslaughter instead of murder-a verdict that
prompted riots. With care and


Tllt SlllUS $ll0W ue$Gnr$


ll0WllT0Wlft lnfil 8,9,22,23 r 2g - l a g:45 ilay 6,1,14,20,21t 28-7r g:45

join us as The Sinus Show celebrates/desecates one o{ America,s premier celebrities. Few other actors have had a career so simultaneously good and awful. yes, he was great in
URBAN COWBOY SATURDAY NIGIIT FEVER" etc. But lefs nol forgot STAYING AL[T, PERIECI LOOK WHO'S TALKTNG (f II and III), and" of course, ihe Dianetics inspired BATTLEFIELD EARTII. J.T has participated in some of the best and worst films of our [me... and that desenes recognition. We,1l have dips hacing his entire career including: BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE,1VELCOME BACKKOnEII TWO OF A ICND, FACE OFF (where he plays Nicolas Cage...m acting tour de force!) and mucll much more. John swears the erotic aerobic scene with Jamie Lee Curtis in PERFECT is worth the ticket price alone. So put on you favorite Travolta costume, stnit down to the Almo and witness Johry Jem and Owen take on a grin the size of Brooklyq a slighter large chin md an ego that beats them both put together. Don,t miss it. (Owen)

tghtlill$l?I'fi?f;fi$i8 s'unil t/x a diarosue:



lull2: ll0UlnWil

f:00 &

The story follows some elements of the Lucas original (always intercutting back to the original source material when marginally appropriate), there's a lovable robot, a mechano-voiced Vader guy, an imprisoned princess and some stomtrooper iypes. But there ue also mummies, paper macle monsters, a huly wacked out rock pmdring haining regime4 literally dozens of bloody decapitafions, gratuitous ux of hampolines, rubber-suited monsters, and a space gorilla with iinsel-draped fingers who may or nay not be a Chewbacca figue. You will not believe you eyes, and no you won't believe your eas. Folelvision's TIIRIQSH STAR WARS is the cinematic event of the new millennium. (Tim)


Iri, ilay
13 e

Sun ilay 29:

ll0lfltT0[lil - I:30 & 945


(1979 d. Eddie Nicart) Unbelievable! From fhe Philippines, a land without shame (and without copyright lawyen apparently), comes this egregious, entirely inappropriate James Bond ripoff staning chihuahuasized midget Weng Weng as agent 003 t4. You wontt believe your eyes as the little fella takei dom whole gangs of polyester-dad gmgsters with his incredible kmg-fu technique, which consists primarily of vicious rabbit-pmches to the groin. Ouchl And when it comes to loving he's a pint-sized Prince Chaming. You iust have to see it to believe iL Best of a[ FOR YOIr'R HEIG]IT ONLY is presented in Folelvision. Wider than Cinemascope, deeper than 3D, more sonically astounding thm TT{X, it's FOLEY\{SIONI Every line of dialogue, every note of music, every single sound effect iI perfomed right before your eyes by the amazing Foleyvision cast. We'll see you there. (Las)

GinemaExa$ and tlotiOn illGdia Uideos


lrts [lc$Gnts

Tllt lrl0llSIIB 10IIRI[ I0UR

[ylim ]inn &mnrtlonos A[lil4,l [m: ll0wllT0ulll
ArthurJones is an animator md illustratol who studied at the Rhode Islmd school oI Design. His animated shorts are fast-paced, meiiculously detailed, creepy and rute. His design work includes promotional paini, byrumber kits for the public radio prcgram This American Life, advertishg for thrill Jockey Records, and mt direction {or Dirty Found magazine. Jim Fim lives in Chicago and makes videos about;nal animals, love and comunism. His house is a kind of MGM lot for experimental animal videos.
These two artists have taken to the roadthis spring on an intemational (suiously, they're going to Canada) tour that showcmes the best of their worl induding Jin Finn's LA LOTERIA series of vidios that use cultuml re{erences like love songs, sports, mimals, revolufionary ballads, md political iconography like someone 1ifting a wet log to see what's undemeath. Ard Arthu Jones will be presenting truo po*erpoint presmtations live in the theater as well as screening a 17 minute piece he calls TT{E MONSTER TEAM, in which Wolfmm, Phmtom of the Opera, Cavemm, Creature of ttre Black Lagooq and Mummy are the Monstu Team, a clueless {ratemity o{ aeatures that live in a clubhouse that looks suspiciously like the Eroon headquarters.



llomt0m tln

and G0l01ad0l

-Illlrge llndcn0nrc$t0l

BunGu - Soum hmal


Just bact from being the featured media artist at the Sundance Film Festival, Luke Savisky presents Film

Actions V, the latest in his series of ethereal live pmjection performances. The visuals will be accompanied live with musical pieces by Graham Reynolds and Stars of the Lid, with a special guest pelformance by the Tosca String Quartet (fresh from

their world tour with Darrid Byme).

performance, Savisky continues


and projection into and ONTO ihe audience. Don't miss this rnind-bending film
expedence. Location TBA.

of film with

stretch the environmental film




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IIIRI BllW1 PRTST]IT$: IHT BIG lTBOWSIil B0wllilG R0RD$H0W! ItGIGt tltGlulrt$ B0urltlrG HfiitTr nusstAlt$! t $110il$l trfiY $' 0& l. trt0PH

(1985; PG) Eightis




ilrll28:lfif mf ndi$fu
Mother's Day

(1963; G) Scavenger Hunt! Prizesl

IllURS. lrllY 12: itl8lil8 ffi

1987; PG13) Celebrate


at DARI B0Wl
waich the movie - live it!



the Coen Brothers' cult classic bowling epic on

ou gialt

ilUns. il[T


outdoor screen, then bade in

** *******************
Pg 8

md mioying the Dude's favorite beverage with other Lebowski nuts! the Dude Abides. So cm you!
sheet shoes and spend the er ening bowling


(2004; PG) End of the School-Yer Bash

iltf$lt0fr DlffiHlI[

- Soum



Dlann0u$G Ghoma -


tfi[ ilrd G0l01ail0l -Iillage tlnilol$onrc$t0lBurnc0

lamil thmar andlrerilwGlll -f,

frxe{.rlive {jit*f J*hil S:ii}ilrQf+* {r; *'r if rlprrlql lir;. iiar',+ iri iq itqr.^rfiir:rl I. lrtt.rtr:{.r;i .*lqli: {ii,r;{:{irilr.i {rrir,t {tij&lfd l$ r*ivi;i1*;**t liir:
,r.t'*flix{}ftilrl rf*u:'i;ir {++t#il?*rl+*1" i,fii[t +*r:i ii.{56$ihist i]ir'{................{r:frfi{lt-l i$' i:ei*'+".i. Iti{i i,.,ci,{.1r.,'-r" Jdqirrcr.rfl i',i+::t ,, ll,:: l'ri:.r: ,;rl:clut' i-4ulltri': i.$'i), rir':.trlrr.gr4ir iri {.rrr:.. !,tt' i4rr.r i(, fhll, ilvj;',,r:i :;y1iji,,' " . : {i&ri; rtild ir*$l.i $.irla y*mr, tlar*rFirlt* r:r**+ , l1* l,"ii '.r,' fb.!rli,t!)+.r; urrru'],..,i'il, '-, I ra

can't own, ftom time to time there are movies that we want to play-when they're fust released in theaters but we Th"*,gh wmt aren't "qf""tt "f -rr fit thefi into our schedule. Sometimes it's because we're already booked up with other fare and other times it's because the films we J*uv, fro- *"ga-studios md there iust aren't enough prints io go aromd. But because we can't sit comfortably with the idea of seeing these movies in a theiter that isn't as frm to go to as the



is, we go out o{ our u'ay to bring a few select fiLms to


*ff {& +l;]*






lnm a[PBll5,9'I5[m
2004, 118min, 35mm)


ld td


ll0Ttl nUlilllA
(cl. Terry George,2004,


In 1948, Alfred Kinsey, a goofyJool.jng prolessor from Indiana unirustty previomly knom (if at all) for his long md laborious study of gull wmps, pubiished S exunl Belaaior in the Anuicnn ilale, and th. .o*try was never the sime. For yems, Kinsey had been hekking aooss the country with his tem o{ resemchers, intewiewing md studying thousands of people about their sexual attitudes ard behavior His book was the result of this sururyand it tried to prove to Americans - nmy of whom were starting to believe the Cold War

Bil condoq

prcpaganda o{ conformity being forced upon them - that their fellow citizens were much more sexually dwersdmd (GODS AND MONSTERS) ierierlel thm had ever been pieuiously ihought. In Kinsey, miter/director Bill Condon '.uk r u[ this hto a divertingiy fresh stbry aboui a scientific crusader who was just too honest md nquisitive.for his om good. It's a scintillating-portrait of a Lailblazer whose clear-headed approach to sex md its study can still shock in these supposedly more liberated times. (

l6,lnm,4[L t



& 4/10,


in Rwarda, a.mrllionmembers oJ the Tutsi tribe were killed by is not *re members of thiHutu hibe in a massacre thai took place while the worid looked away. HOTEL RWANDA essentially, a I'ery of that massacre. It is the story of a hotel mmager who saved the lives of 1,200 people by being,

121min,35m) In


good hotel There is



United Nations "presence" in Rwanda, represmted by Col. Oliver (Nick Nolte). He sees what is happenlng, inloms his superiors, asla for heh and intervention, md is ignored. Paut Rusesabagina.(Don Chtadle) inloms the greatest concem. corporate headquarters in Brusseli of the growing tragedy, but the hotel in Kigali s not the chain's Finily it .orur do*at to these two men acting as free-lmcers to save nore thm a thousmd Jives they have somehow
become responsible for. (Roger Ebert, Tfte C&icago SunTtmes)




lllslllt -APR|I19,24 e 26,llm



(d. Alejmdro Amendbar, spain,2004, subtitled, 125min,35m) At the age of 26, RamonSampeclro mrsjudged the depth of water he was diving into and broke his neck. For the next 29 yers, he lived the life of a.quadriplegic that he considered not worthiving. Despite having iost the use of his body below the nec( he still had a voice and a mind, and he put both ol those to irse, wigng a m-nm war for the right to die: his rigll to die. Since he could not -the help of others. However, the law would prosecute.accomplices for acomplish the decl on his own, he need"ed aiding him, and Ramon was unwilling io subjeci mother to such a penalty, so he was trapped.-ln the late 1990s, as Ramo'n's case made its way tluough tlie Spanish couts, he becme nbt only a national celebrity,.but one whose story reached beyoncl the shorei of Spair. EvenAnerica's ABC-W did a feature on him. But it was after his death that the controversy exploded, especialiy when his "open letter" t0 the legal, political, md religious authorities h Spain was

public. Now Ramon's story

has been

tramfomed into one ol the best movies of


- IIIAY 10, 11, 9:45nm & IIAY 12,


"A worthy successor to AKIRA!" (Robert Bricken , Anime Insider\

(d. Katsuhirc otomo, Japan, 2004, subtitled, 125min, 35nm) Katsuiriro otomo's MIRA is widely credited-with *uie io America. Its {ans and detractors have equal passion (a Japmese roomate of miru at NYU bringrog th. apolig#ed to me when I said I had seen the film) but there is litile question that it fi_gur-es lage in any dscussion,of tatet, this gJnre, thepopulurity of whichseems tobe inaeasing continually andexporentially. Six1ren1ea1s ru has retumed wm 5l bAMttU Y/ a nlm mal maKes exPtrclr urc ue8ree Lu wr uu I dydtEDE d 'u in^1850s have influenced each other over the past couple of decades. Set against lhe backdrop of the World Exposition Stem Lonclon, STIAMBOY is the story of Ray Stem, the youngest ina family of inventors who seek to hamform



Power into a nearly limitless source of energy. Not suPri;jngly, this technology becomet fu f.oj:t 9* rylioty^*d (FilmT?ueat) industrial struggle that divides even the onc-emified Siem fanily, md Ray is caught in the midclle.

BIn tnucnrruil - illN



Illfl lt

& 19,


"A rapturous masterwotk." (Peter Travers,

olling Stonel

(d. Pedro Almodovar, spaia 2004, subtitled, 109min, 35mm) Wth Lath heartthrobs Gael Garcia Bemal and Fele Mmtinez in the sane'movie together, it aLmost doesn't matter that BAD EDUCATION hm been lauded as Alnodovar's fhest movie in yeai. But flawless casting choices aside, Almodovar has outdone himself with BAD EDUCATION, whichblends airtobiography, film noir md his t}?ically twisted take on passion into a deroely layered, darkly fumy look at the ties peopie till themselves and others in order to make thel fmtmies come true. Bemal and Martinez stil as Ignacio md'Enrique, two childhood friends whose affection for each other and their mutual passion - the movies - is"mrred by lgnacio's sexual abuse by their Catholic school principal. Fifteen yems later the-two arereunited to embark on m iutiobiographicai film project together, md are once again dram into a tmgled web of deception and obsession.

pgl0-ilmO 0nffi0u$0

Glnema- D0mtom tfin and c0l01Nd0l

-Iillr00 tlnilGrsontrGst0l Dunell

- Soum

t0mil llrmalrndlrorfiElll'urtr'ilnfln0u$.G0n



4/3, !/1, gil5nm a

waters movies. The broad outline is fascinating enough, bLit the story becomes evd more compelling with more detaif as provided in the compelling new docurnentary GLTERRILLA: THE TAKINGOF p]A,TTy IIEARST. Like 2002's THE WEATT{ER LINDERGROUND, GL'ERRILLA demonstrates *re hagic lengt}rs that unhinged revolutionaries will go to when ordinary politica.l chmge seems impossible to ichievi.

(D. Robert stone 2004) rn 1974, tte 19-yerold heiress to the publishing empire established by her grand{athu william Rmdolph Hearst was kidnapped and held for ransmby j group calling itseff.the symbionese Liberatior Army. After-several montla in captivity, Hearst appilenti be;m to qanpittrize with her caplors'ostensible fight on behalf of Amerim's oppressed underclass md'miriorities,'she joined the qoup, a banl robbery once captured, she did some prison time but was gltimately given a fulI pardonty President Bill Clirton; and now spmds her time appearing in small roles in Johir




Congress Ave. in Austin, meet. She used_a digital


DNS 0r TilI $Ail


(D. Liz Lambert, 2005) LAST DAYS OF THE SAN JOSE is a doctmentary about the San Jose Motel, a notoriously seedy joint on S. whidr Liz Lambert bought with the idea of teming it dovm to build a cool boutique hotel. But it took her two years to get a btr* to lom her the money, md in the meantime she dicided io mmage the old motel h order to make ends

vidm camera to docment_many of tln color{ul characters and odd experimces she encomtued duing thattime,whidrwerecutintothisdocummtary IfyouhavelivedinAustinformanyyers,LastDaysof theSmJoseisakini
of loopy Valentine tolhe days when S. Congresi wai more disrEutable, be{ore anyone ever thought a6out using the aboninably pretentious term "ffio" to desoibe the are a. (lette,'Celluloid Eyx)


ilfi nilffi$
one of


iltr utnrAl

D0WtT0Wt 4/ll, l[m, 4/10 a f/14 9:45nm

"A truly
akind documentary." - Bob Strauss, L.A. Dnily News singular and haunting Eperimce." - Entertainmen! Weekly (D. Jmsica Yu 2004 81ryn. !Sm) Hemy larger, and elderly rmluse, spent his childhood in Illinois' Asylm {or Feeble Minded Children md hisadulthood working as a jmitor Osiar-wimer Jessica Yu masterfully employs mimated sequences td.bringto Iife the endrmted world of a most eccentric artist. When he died in 1973, Darger left '300 aintings mcl 30,00b pages of writiirg, f including his magnm opw * The Realms of lhe Umeal, a 15-volume, 15,000-plus-page illustrated novel on "which he hai appuently been_working since 1909... Cmhal to the noveL are the Vvian Girls, sevm 6lond Kewpie doU-like heroines who are the sweelsouled" ferocious leaders o{ the Child Slave Revolt... That his Jittie girls...display male ginitalia makes Darger's vision all the more meruing." fohn Anclerso4 Netusday)

SIB[llGtB: BIRlllt W0RRILl lltl HRIII

(ZOOI {. fnil lefiorg) Since writing a pimo concerto at age 8, Bemie Wonell has been acknowledged m a musical genius. But when Bemie broke from the constrictions o{ classical music, he exploded. He joined ParliamentFunkadelig an outfit of rebels, iconoclasts and wild meq where his imovation with keyboads and s;'nthesizers changed music forever. Ttuough his work with Talking Heads, Keith Ridrmds, Wanen Haynes and Mos Def, Wonell almost single-handedly shaped the electrdnic somd of the last four decades. Along the way he became one o{ the mostsampled mrsicians in Hip Hop. At 50 yems old, Wonell is struggling md anonlmous.'Ihough musiciars view him as more vital then eve1, Wonell risks spiralling deepei into obscuity in the ind'ristri FEAfuIiNS iNiCdCWS With DAVID BYRNE, GEORGE CLINION, BOOTSY COiLINS, FNW.S PALX, BiLi LASWELL,LE,S

sGldening uiut lalG l00ta0e 0f PailiamGnt lGatullng Bernie worrell DOwHOm ryfl, ry12, 945[m & 4/14 nm

CLAYPOOLmd more.

G[]rtI 0uIB: tfispAn0tt [1t0 ilfi D0wtl0ttt 4/11, 41 20, 4l Tnw



(D. VikramJayanti,2003) ForgetTT{E TTRMINATO( this real-lifebattlebetwem mm md machine coniains no more action thm two bespectacledten staring-a!1 ctysslg$, {p$1g the conhoversial matdr in whidr world chess drampion Garry Kasparov lost to acomputu, GAME OVER:KASPAROVAND!p$ACm$ a subjectwith the poteniial{or crushingboredom. kstead we gei a

filmwhichbuildsintoagrilpingblendofWHENWTWEREKINGSand200l:ASPACEODYSSEY InftaylggT,undefeatedw:orld chmpion Kasparol was challenged by-com?uter corporation EM to a "friendly rematdr" with thek supei-powerftrl chess playing computer, named Deep Blue. Having already thrashed the madrine in a previous match, Kasparov had no prcbtem agreeing. nit when the computer's playing abiJitysuddenly started improving during the second of the six-gime series, the champion iried "Foull" Dd_ IBM cheat? To try md find m mswer, the film patches toge*rer news footage from the time, md interuiews everyone involved. With mpyably pmmoid quesfiore about corporate behaviou - particutarly the way EM's shme price rose thada to iheir computer wirning the matdr - the end result is like watching an old-fashioned conspiracy thriller where you're rooting for the hero ugainst th" evil corporate bigwigs. IBBC)







ItoufitTowll {/27 - t


"The most exciting and hcart-brcaking piece of cinema in yearc." (IndieWire) (D. Trmt Hanis, 2001) I4hile working as a news cameraman in 1979, Trent Haris was accosted in a Salt Lake City parking 1oi by a fellow named "Groovin' Gary". The hammy, self-proclaimed "Ricli Little of Beaver, Utah" offered up a slew of imp,ersonations for Harris'bewildered camera, but *re real gem came weeks later at a Beaver

High School talent show when Gary donned a platinum wig and black leather pants and revealed himself to be none o*ter than...Olivia Newton-John. As iI Hards' documentary wasn't absurd enough on its own, o\''r the next few years-he filmed fictional supplements to/remakes of the origina! with a Spiccoli-era Sean Penn tGroovin' Larry" ii Beaver Kid 2 and a young, already eccenhic.Crispin porhaying ^Glovei as-the protagonist in 1984's The Orkly Kid' Only in recmt years have the tluee films been touring as a whole, and the effect is asiounding Also staning the vastly undenated 80s fixture Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily.



i filrn dedicated to ttre legendary ,{rstin restaurant that was home to intelleciuals, and various eclectics tluoughout the Ausfm communi$ A victim of corporate uniformity, ihe restaurant was closed when, due to the technologyboom of the nineties, it could no longer. afford its skyrocketing rent and now houses something called "Starbucla" (never heard of 'em). The film looks at various other loial landmirks that were closed and replac6d with national chains and franchises, and showcases some of the local talent, artists, musicians, and empioyees thatmade a home out of Les Amis. (Matihew Millhauser)
Nuncy Higgu:ls, 2005) VIVA LES Al'4S ls

5/3,g:f5nm a


ll0wtT0wil 5/3 a 5/5,lnm
fitrt Uay Lnelda Marcos. Granted unprecedented
oni'dei ouff
(d. Ramona Diaz, 2003) The conhoversial story (it was banned in the Philippines for a time) of former Philippine access to her still Siamorous, gver.zany, sgv:nty+omething subject, iilmmaker Ramona S..Diaz seems captivated, literally. knelda holds court in what might be a motorized careenins th,roueh the sneets of downtown Manila. Meanwhile, Diaz hacla the diva's rise from "l Will ieenage beauty queen ind patiotic songshess to the pinnacle of power, ignominious exile, and her cunent Sursiie" retum.' Irnelda, of course, hai no difficulty holding the camera. Whether posing with her husband's embalmed corpse or campaigning for her children Bong-Bong and Imee, she's always on-_inepressibly sel{-

, a"a totally shameless. W-e ryere the ultimate victims,'. knelda explairu. in reference to"the never s'olved 1983 assassination of opposition leader Benito Aquino. The movie's lunatic closer has Bong-Bong and Imee getting down to Depeche Mode's "Just can't Get Enough.'', Enough, indeed. (J. Hoberman )
dramatizing, extremely uotult

tltsilrt llttPTlln0[r ll0WllT0ltil 5/4 & 5/5, $:45[m, 5/10,l0m

"kttemely entertainirg,"
- D noid Edelstein, Slate

"lt's a treasure trooe of kicky archioat t'ootage- and a pointed lookback at the opening cultwe wm that still rages to day - Senn Bums, Philadelphia Weekly

in a

(D. Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato 2005 90min. 35mm NC-17) In the beginning, Gerard Dami.ano was a hairdresser. Listming to his clients talk about sex, which in his salon was apparently al1 theytalked about, he realized that pomigraphy had crossover appeal. All you had io do was advertise a movie in such a way that couples would come, instead of only the raincoat brigade. with abudget of $25,000 $r9s9 named iinda Lovelace, he made DEEP frmOer 6rzz;, wtrich inspired a national censorship batde, did ' indeed athact couples and grossed $600 millio$ making it the most profitable movie of all time.

Always ihe fust to pounce on a sensational subject, Bailey and Barbato's (PARIYMONSTE& TIIE EYES OF TAMMY FAYEj htest film uses new and old intewiews and newsreel footage to remember a time when pom was chic.

pe 12

- llrm0 0nlh0[sG GInGmt - D0mtom ll,fi rnG G0loltdot.IlllNgG llnd0nln m$t 0l

lun6tl - s0uilt l"mil llrmn rnd Il0afiGIIl - trsJnlh0[$0,00m

P0PIG[illn: T[ ] IRI [llD $UBlttB$l0tt 0] nllil ll0wilf0wt 5 l2tllnm,il25 r [/26,gilinm

"Ron's art is sn antidote to fhe poison fu out ctltwe, (Lilly Hatch,
((D. Pedro Carvajal 2004 78rdn BETA sP)



Atts Magazine)

popAGANDA; IIIE ART & sUBVERsIoN oF RoN ENGusH is a fikn about ihe culture-jamming and billboard-liberation antics of Ron Englislr, best known recently for hjs bastudization of McDonalds iconography in the filn SIJPER Sm ME. The inodem day Robin Hood of Madison Avenu., 'Ron painb, perverts, inJilhates, reinvents and satirizes modern culhle on canias, in songs, and directly on hundreds ofpirated billboards. Englisll who started making these sortsofworks in Tems ltSeinly place he,s ever been anested) and later moved to New York, subsoibes to the basic spirit of art as vandalism ly using graffiti
styles and engaging in the politics of tagging. Shoi entirely guerilla*tyle, the film cluonicles the evoludi of an artjst who offers an aliemative universe where nothing is sacred, everyting is subverted and thue's always room for a liftle good-nahred fun. Also featuring art by shepad Fairey, Anthony Ausgang and Cicada, with music by The Dmdy warhols, Daniel Johroton, Tripping Daisy, md morel

llP$IlGttilt rymthfir,
Pls$ utiltGln lr0wtl0utx 5/01 - t & 9il5
(D. Ruth Leitman,2004 75 mi'o)'UPSnCK AND DyNAMITE is based around the experiences ofsix former 'girl wrestlen": Ella waldek (who wrestled from 1952-71), Ida May Martiniz (195259), Penny-Banner{1%4-77), Cladys Ciliem (1942-62), Mae youg (1948-presmt) md The Fabulous Moolah (1949-premt). The film is well done and m ercelle"nt irnoduction to a littleknlvn.fSet oi e.u$ profgryionat wrestling. Director Rrth Leitnm makes good use of rare rchival footage from the 1950s, iuxtaposing tire presentday interuiews with heisubjects against $ry of therl.foynSgr selves, wearing pinupgitt Uuth*g suits and Hestling loos, Liiting, droking and body-slamning eadr othel in-front ot cheiring crowds. The lively soundtracik features music by Neko Case, who is actually Ella Waldek's gr;t-niece. All the women featured in LHTTCK & D\ IAMITE are srill commding persoialities who have mostly kept the glmorowlook oflheir wrfstlingdays - dyed hair, irlinakeup, flashy clo*res. Howevea it's the eUin.oop-haired Gladys Gillem, looking every day of her 84 years, who really steals the movie


with her staccato dedarations in dreerfully unreshaned lmguage, whether talling about her love f*tng Billy Wolfe" or desaibing how her eyJgoiputlv knocked dut of her head duing a rough match." (Mereditlr Renwick , St lU Sportsj -

life: "I was


ll0[llll0Wil 4l2l,l:00

tflilt r0ltG

approval md his most excellency actually deciding to show up) (d. Shin Sm-Ok, 1985) When we heard the completely biiane circum.stances surrouding the making of this fikn, we just had to show it. Drector Shin San{k, a renowned South Korean filni-maker was literally kidnapped by the North Korean govemment


llt Prns0lt!

and forced to make this film, an epic about

Korean dictator Kim ll-Smg father of eqrally whicked-out current leader KimJong-Il had his heart set on a highly commercial monster movie in the GODZLLA mold tlai

gianl rubber-suited monster. North

glorfies North Korem communist vhtues. Unlike the chaotic neutral Godzilla.

Pulgasari figlrts side by side with the famrers against the oppressive landowners who seek to deprive them o{ their iron (don't ask). So basicaly Frigasari roanu aound the colnkyside itoTlhg q" nonbelievers into dust. The'wholi thing is somehow an {egory f:1 the North Korem nuclea progrm. I have to admit l,vi spent very little time thinking about North Korea's nuclear mbitions. But after watching this ;indbbwing insanity {or an hour and a haU I now believe they should have the nukes they want. Long live Kirir Jong-Ill (Lars)




movle is one of the $eatest pleasures life has to offer.


I'*:t',il:::*::#":I*:':,::*:I""14*l*5f,yg:g,-**onesre alkabouton tL"'p.s!;?q,;krybecoming oneorourravorte rhinss todoat the r4ftenyouyeirb;.k.iih;""#;"#'[#trftii-ofi'rffiffiiffi:I'x'iilt*'di-Jd::il:tffi:ffi:,f"::J;;fg1:,ffifijij:tr]: th*s;f;, *ia ,i..lrlLiry y"i, Uy nlf.g y,;,i, ,"J *irfl?^.g* i"lrlf.
AJamo fool out of yoursell in a movie theater, you,re also commrming with tfre gods of fiI",

Tffi DIRI St$ 0] iltr RilrB0w lllY ll, 18, 22 & 2t DoWtT0t$t, tfiy 20 & ?t Uttl[Gl
Drd Pinkrloyd rltenf to slmch up the Dark side of the Moon with the classic the wzARD oF oZ? some sav VCRs were $10000 at that time and it wourd be imposibre tosyncrr a phonograph to rhe firn, ;r,rg. and keep syrch Others say- the album cover'to The Dark Side of tt'e t4[o,i b.g,n, *ith a bem ol white lisht which Passes through a Pnsm and turu into a rainbgw.ollolgts thgpassing tluough yet mother prism ard reierts back to white light ' . Jwt like the movie which begrns in bta& and wtrite buittten pises ttuorgh ti. prr*;f th" and becomes colored beginning in Mmcirkinland md thm goes back to black md *t,t! *r,.ri o*otnu ild retums to Kansas. Kind of hard to refute. Regrdless, come to the Alamo, get properlv stinulated and navb"


i"..J; j.r"*ri,

to feel it in your chest





l\hedon's BUFFY TliE VAMPIRE SLA),ER (the W show not the movie) became m instmt phenomenon for its snappy dialogue, believable chracters,.md its constant geme-bmding, mle-breaking f""yr hti, t *t"rr.r-tf,ri"" other show on network television daed to tread. Whm vie fint decid& to bring eve;roneb favorite vamoire slaver to the big screen back in December, we knew that there woLrld be a lot of fam e"xcitej.U""t *,. ii.l. ail";i realize how incredilly populm_the show would be, or how fun it would be for people t" ."*. u*l over and over again. After the fi$t night of sitting in a sold out theater with 200 other Buffv fans sineine ani blowins bubbles md ltuowing urdemear uound,though, we knew that we had to do it agarn.'And again i.a ugain again The BUFFY THE VAMPIRI SING-ALONG is bac( so everyone who missed it"the first mie can luue'a *,"ncl to come outmd see how.great itis, md everyone H ho already experienced the show once can come back for another oose r nere ll be tree bubbles, tighters & vampire teeth for everyone, md a special ,,Buffyoke,, version of the Almo,s vrut'uKt at ntenrusron, m don't miss dris chance to be a part of our interactive scremins of oNCE MoRE WJTH FEELING. Before the sing-alon& we'lt starr each nighr with a we watched TIIE ZPPO and both of the Vmpire Willow episodes. This lme around l'm thjnkine I want to do;t'e up on the BuIfy & spikehotmd heavy scmes, iowe'llhaveSOMET}IING BLUE onsaturdayand;bir oidMAsHE; on Smday night... ftteroi)

;a *p.i".*li




slightly loopy plot So ifs just like you conmon-or-grden musical in that way, " I4here the ftlm rea"llv takes off is in rts subversron ot sexuar mores as Brad md Jmet break free from thel nomaliry Richrd o'Brien $eated THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW for the London stage,.andin additior to.writing duties also rhom up * Uutt i'nift-nuti Nlis.:oprJrd of theirprodigal son thaitlrey,re S1T:-1"*:.t:q:f.Hilitjo:r, this lear),.But \rongs to Tm curry as crossdresiing scjentirirrunt w p']fl.. Ana r:lly times,thar you re rhed of singmg alq,g, you cm gain nerithrills by string ir ar the cinema and :,T:^,:,r: world ot audimce mtemg the ParticiPalioq,Dres upi Ttuow ricel Squirt water pistolsi Shout"at the screen and enter conversations with the chmactersin the-fitrnl Mmy daim that audience paricipation ir tf,1" .i tfr. ROCKYHORROR experience, md the fiJn itself merely aa excuse for this

eiltAmeri5l,myRh Brad.Majors (Brry Bostwick)md fimcedJmei weiss lsusan Sarmdon) decide to visit thet old Protessof, UnJoItmately, their cmbreak down outside a sinjsler house, md they are forced to stav the nisht. Inside the house Brad and Jmetfind a worrd filled with subversive sexualily. n e rir," it .u

fllnY sffun[Ay [r iilDilGilT [r TilI Utll[GEt


_',ll*': ry ffi f:

prmins;;';hd;;-";;; t "r.*.


ll0stcd [y 0wen a lodi Egofi0n! - suiltff,


CREASE 2, the bastard child of Hollywood musicals, always liuing in the shadow of its ouer Itottrer. Ir*as n.ue, a hlt Wlllnever. be seen on Broadway, but it is seoetly treasued in the hearts of thousands. This time the roles are rcversed a t l{ydeil High Michelle Pfeiffer lyesl Michelle Pfeiffu) plays the bad lea therclad (a

GnH$r 2 StilG-ll0]tc! ]lN t, I s, 945 m

girl fmale Travolta if

there ever was one) and Maxwell Caulfield plays the straight-laced niw kid from over seas. L-ove is in the air.. and so is a good dose of teen hormones. No othei nuuical has irore stretched metaphors for fomication in itr indudingbow-iing., surviving.anuclearwr and (leastimagrnative, but pretty d'amn frn) flor.tpottinution.i!* *,. T-B$s.ggrs,'Ill shgwyou where the stignra goes." The GplASEzsrNG-ALloNGwill o;.. and iodi Egerto4 who put together our MWpET MOIIIE SING-ALONG for u in March and ironlse to deliv'er more aromd.W.ettput the words onrhescreerl you sngalong. GREASE 2 and wJ will bsilent no more! wegonna grease our hair,we goma don ou fivorite 50's attire, gJ*;sing uo lt lor ou counhy at the top of our lmgs, and we without a doubt are gonna score tonight! (ow!n)

* gl-i


:lT: q::*:,q:,y:

ir'.,;;.ig,,iltpi;; *. kr,


w/ llrRIGT0R nrcilAnll

tlHtlll lluH


lPnll 30, 9:45 & IllllllllGlll 'The Gllliltl flftl[ 0t underground


Pichard Elfman, 1980, 35mm) Filns don't come much cultier than animators Max and Dave to life, Fleischer, it has been designed to resemble a cartoon from the 1930s brougli

iOnsDlEltl ZoNE. Influenced by the work of

is Gay, with sets and chaiacters bursting into song at ftequent interuals -of Vmice, Califomia discover thai thet Gav Gav Cav). The Herruies tamily b"i"..nt hous., a cloor to the Sirth'Dimmsio& which is ruled by King Fausto (Hew6 Villechaize) and his wicked queen Doris (Susan T;nrell) On1mominp i{ercules daughter Frenc\ (Mrie-Paicale Elfrnan) is curious- about what would haooen if she"entered the Sxth Dimensiort but it's fime for school so she md her


But brither Flash (Phil Gordon) tie up their grmdfa*rer as usual and head off when thev set there, thev hear lrom chic[en-boy Squeezit (\4atthew Bright) th'at his trmsv'esltite blother tras bem abdur

other world...Seeing the little

FANTAS' rsLAN'D shamg a love,*tSusm Tynell is not the only ttqlt y:Ild_n:yg

#*ffi.wu**.,.. i
_ .-."


hs ffiiffi

duo the Kipper Kds, lots o{ hideous libertines, catfights, and a lively perfomance of the mosl retuied Alphabet song you ve ever heard. Highly recomended, especially with supplementary

ilill,lU[G[anil Bllt [HItElqT-[!c-E nersonl '-' .''

filmmedium; the As anfunatioa conti^ues tobe plagued asthe singlemostmisimde$tood m*it sadly uirdenalueil and r'riderexPosed in Anericancinema' despite .oote"iution tLmughout the rcst of the w;rH' ilnth hck, popular'animated


0n6nC tri,




"rrGltii;tr *ia"*r"J

ri"tit.d theahical play, but are all too'oftm relegated ;ffifi;;il;*.*1i "r1*y television,'or worse, are only exhibited on the ;;Jy;idilil.noppJ.pit**
of tlre Fantaistic Tli fi$t theadcal animation festival was bom in tr975 with the launch [tti".f,.lhis was ihe firs! show to:create the now-udveryal lpr9g1am-on .a i"tt to rceive a first-run 35mm theahical release' The Fantastic Festival's ?lJ; *a reafter for similar programs throughout the idJ*d ,6r; #hrdfu spitce and uikes restival of Animation, the foumee of Animation'




aridseveral o0rerg ttritiame and wentwithitarying



tlr"""i;*h;;;i"rilL;d titraJ*
lltir y.*ts*tt

nto-more theaters vear,lhe Anirnation Show promises to Put mimated short films in Americm history we aim to finally give these tn" *ia. exposure tireu work desewes and to share tltese short masterPieces

on lhe big screm, where they belong.

Academy Award nominaied short ftom Bill Plympton!

PES illiMl3- anoihet neru twiston animatingwiih realworld objects from --^ i-ffibilltc;!Uft- tr.,. ".*,r,*fr".DlnHertzfektt, tire creatu of REpCIED!!!




SHOW' of course: more, more,morel lf you made it out to last yeart ANIMAIION shorts 0t any tlrm vou alreadv know that this is one of the Prcmiere venues tot theatrlcat sur" you don't mist this year's show, too' or you'll be selling



;:itt;"k" : ,



l0 - Llrno Dil$trus0 cinoma - D0mt0m tfin rnd G0t0nd0l

Ullhlc tlmol$on

f,Gst 0l Bulttctl - s0uth lNmar

tlrmal rnd rlGrilrclll 'ww'drarul0usG'c0||l


uitlr liue$core [y tnEilDs 0I DIAI| ttflRltltt4 ll0WllT0W[[ll- I and g:45nm lB0uTTltt ]tlil:
This fihn tells the story_of_Nerno's legendary voyage effects may seem mrde by todays standards, the cinema history

UilDm TilI Sti[

The rarelyscreend 1916 version ofJules Veme's classjc novel feahues the first use of undemater photoSfaphl. The story of Captain Nmo has tlrilled viewers md readers for mily years.


well as his earlier life. While the sirecial is nonetheless a fascinating piece of

IB0UTlBlttll$ 0I ltHll illfiTl]llt:

Friends of Dean Martinez are from Tucson, md their music reflects the sexy languor of the AmericanSouthwest Theyplaysad,swee!in$trumentalclassics(mostofthemofginal$,with Bill's steel guitu acbng as bo*r lead guitar md voice. Ihoqgh the mood is rather laid-bac( they're not to be nistaken for lomge lizmds-people jut have a hard time categorizing nonrock music. Far from bemg a "novelty" act, Friends Of Dean Martiriez are jusione oimany contemporary bmds rediscovering the emotional power of music beyond rock ,n' roll.

tntrl lfflc'$ ilIIH0P0Lls

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Genera.lly coruidered the first great soence-fiction film, (i926) fixect forthe rest oftre century tlie image ofa futuristiccity as a hell ofscient'rficprogrbss and human despau. From this filn; in vrious ways, descended not onty'.bark Crty but'Blade Rmer," "lhe Fifth Element Al"phavile, "Escape Fro'n L.A.," "Gattata, md Batrnan's Gothm City. Ihe laboratory of its evil genim, Rotwang, created the visual look of mad scientists for decadesto come, espiially afterit wal mirrored in "Brideof Frankenstein" (1935). And the device dfthe'Tab;Maria,,

anil 945nm IBOUITIII HIiT "Metropolis',

the robot who looks like a human being, inspired the 'Replicmts,' Blade Runner" artificial hand was givin homage in -Dr. Suangelor,'e." (Roger



[B0UT Dt iltGfi lt[GI(:

An intemationally knom and respected artist, DJ Nick Nack is the suu of Austin . Y^q![r]t, a highly regarded performer ard producer whose piatters can be foundinthe aates of DJt_aroundtheworld. ButliveperfornanceiiwhereheAuty shines, as thousands of club-goers aromd the corrntl' will tesiify. Find out hois aborit Nick Nack at his website w*r.cmwdconholreords.con

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le fo*r, 90 miry Pc, 35mm dual prqector, g8 - urcludes 3-D glasseg The day after B-WaNA ,tn{1e DEVIL (the film that laundred *re 1950's 3D aaze) showed the public's intense interest in 3D, Jack Wamer put the wheels in motion for the making of the first Wamer Bititheis 3D fihn AND as it tumed out, the ultimate 3D feahue. HOUSE OF WAX brought Vincent Price nto the honor geroe, where he fit as snugly as a scalpel in a mad scientist's hand. A renake of the 1933 fibn I\.{YSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEiTM, iiis mtertaining Gothic shocker cmts Price m a sculptor of wax figues; his mwillirg victims-er, ,,models,'{end their bodies to his lifelike depictiom of ll'trie Antoinette md Joar oI Arc. Thi fi]m was one of the top 10 mo.neymakers of its yeu, thmk in put to the 3-D gimick, which explains why so many things ae aimed at the camera (why else woulil the paddleball nan be thse?). The iD effects in HOUSE OF"WAX are flawless, and when paddleball champion Reggie Rymal begms whackin' the little red ball, audiences b0 yers latu ue stilJ ducking for cover
Pglt-ilrm0llnnn0u$G Ginen0'D0tlll0m l4h rnd G0l0nd0t -ullaoc nndGtt0n flest0l trfino0 - s0uth lamil tt0milandlr0Ndr6lll -rrr.dnllDuse,c0m

5/15, 4 & t[m, 5/18,

Wil in 3-lt! t[m & Ellg, gfSnm


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their parents while they were still in their midteero and they hit the Joad, where they were presented lile lailbait. Sirger Cherje Currie taking the stage in a lacy corset that may have camed temperahues

to dse in m auditodm, but


ftiction when the band went backstage md deeply vlctory llsc.ru9r,-Dre s raw mq qeePry The Rmaways were an all g1ll group ahead oi their ' Victory Tisdrler-Blue's tine, and their story goeiwa! beyond the usual personal titm f11 titi.1 story and many sex, drugs und toili'n' roli clich6s, allegedly others, powerfully- illustrathg how a involving" emotional psychological and physicil group oI teenage Suzi Quaho fms had abuse, fisbian trysts, suicide"attempts,' violent thel dreams .of rcck. stildon tainted fights, md too mu,ch fast food' Wanrrabe Svengali (MichaeL Hayden, London Film Festival)





Seftember o{.1979, the Walker Art Center in \4imeapolis hosted,the lirst ev$ "New-No-Now-Wave Festival", featuring music by The Fleshtones, 'lhe Monochrome Set, Tuxedomooll lhe Suburbs, Dark Day, Janes Chance md the Contoriiors, Judy Nylon ard a hosi of others - including rare footage of DEVO perfoming under the name 'Dove'. This is a conceri filrn of New Wave in it's inJmcy, before MW. Stylish, yet raw, this captures the hansition from No Wave to New Wave, the mommt before it all exploded. The footage was lost in a morass of girlfrimd's closets for 24 years, now lovingly restored to its


bLack and

white glor1.

D, P.hil Di Fiorc

A"NM!\]mm, BETA



lntcrsc0[G Rcc0rds
& Planet nGDhy DlGsGnt


writing a piano concerto at age 8, Bemie'Worrell has been acknowledged as a musical "when Bemie broke from the corohictions of classical music, lre exploded He senius. But ioined Parliament FukadeUc, m outfit of rebels, iconoclasts md wild men, where his lmor ation with kevboards md slmthesizers changed music forever' Through his work with
Talking Heads, Keiih Richards, Warren Haynes anJ Mos De{, Wonell almost surgle-hmdedly shapei the eleclronic somd of the last four decades Along lhe way he becme one of the o0 years old, wonJll r, smgglns md mbnlmou n p H.i. Though musicims view hrn as more vital lhen ever, Wonell risls spiralling deeper iirto




obscr.iity in the industry. Ieaturing iniewiews with DAVID BYRNE, GEORGE CLINION, BooTSi coLLlNS, PruivcE PAur, SnLLaSWELLIES cLAYPooL and more.

*'GII RTlilST PARTY* 8 aidea ntshtlil0tl|lY illY 2

NIN CD with a screening of the unreleased music videos for the Brcken EP plus a shitload of too-hot{orMW directorls cuts o{ other NIN videos (including Closer) PLUS a Hard Copy segment on the IBI's yem-long investigation into the Reznor video they thought was a genuine snuff film! All oi this rolled intobne big orgy of hostility scienhficilly designed to further aggravate you latent suicidal tendencies!
Celebrate the new

1il1t8 lllGll


D. Kier-La lanisse, pop historiaro know that bubblegurl was the product of Svengaiis md it filtered dom to the co.nsqmer it wore someone eise's Kim Cooper t buibu the time

Datid Smay trsA2005 DVD ihe

Dr. Frankensteis toiling away in the back rcom o{ the music indutry, name. Some bubblegu stars were witers md producers in their own rght, but nost were employees at best, cartoon characters at worst. lrom the Aichies to Brikrey Speus, bubblqpn music hm excited every gJneration of music lovm. Focusing on thd gglden age of prepubescent pop (1967:1972) rve'll have rare {ootage of the 1910 Fruitgm Company Revolutio-ru the




the Sweet, Thebay City Rollers, and their S-A-T[JR-DAY moming comtei?arts Lmcelot Link & the Evolution Splits, the Wombli:s, the Jaclson 5 Cartoor! as u'eil as coverage the scene's noven md shalers like Don Kirshrer original Kaseriatz-Katz, Chimichap md morel Based on Scrani Magazine staffers Kim Cooper md David Smay's book of the sme name, this compilation dismmtles the worst myths about how bubblegum is produced md identili* pisdb, Abba; the Monlees, md the Ramone_s. Revealing the light and duk sjdes of the music, BUBBLEGLM MUSIC IS THF NAKED TRUTH! tells bitter tales of litigiou backstabbing, piitol wielding producers. md tle pewer'ifies behind the iingles.
.Lrchies, Ohio Express,


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pg1g.ilamO 0nltn0useGInomr.00uil0m

H$ rnil G0l0ra[0] -Iill0gG

tnndcis0n trcst0lBurn0u -$0uut

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tn ruSt, the Sinser,oi,ttre *riuia'f.luwefra" Black Metal bmd |\,IAYHEM was fourd dead in his aparbnent o{ a self:inllicted shotgun womd. A photo of his nultilated body graced the cover of MAYHEM's subsequmi ilbum. This was to be the first in a series of violent evmts associated with the increasingly fearsome Black Metal scene in Scandimvia, whidr over *re next few years would escalate tp include the buniing of nearly 100 churches md culminating in the murder of Mayhem PIUSr in conjunction with this screening, Dallas guitarist Euronlmous by fellow band member photographer PETER BESTn's acclaimed Varg Vikemes afta Cormt Grishnackh. Ths inNorwegian Death Metal Phoios will be on house docummtary contextualizes these exhibition at THE SPACE (next to I Luv Video

Airport). Stay hrned to for daies and opening reception details!

This 1982 docurnentary takes a look at the legacy of Phil Spector before the muder trial overshadowed his legron of musical

Tllt il0UlE

T|Yruruilil'$ lIll]IT

accomplishments. Fantasiic early '60s footage of Pffi Spe*or writing songs in his mmion md reheusing the Crystals in the studio. Rae

md interesting imight into Phjls scenhic personality tfuough interiews wdr Ehmet Ertegm, Jerry leiber, Mike Stoller, Jeff Barry, Lester Sill, Somy Bonq Bmps Blackwe[ Dmlene Love, Ronnie
Spector, the Rmones and others. The Ramones tell of Phil tlueatening

$emwith g SufrtAlso, GoldStarstudio engineenstanRoss md

Lerrine explain the seaet of Phil Spector's "Wall of Somd."


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a:t ...



Compiled by Kier-La lanisse USA 2005

D. Lasse Hallstrom, Sweden 1977

(also playing midnights May 26-28)

ilO]iltAY t[AY 23

Revisit the sweet harmonies and infectious chamu. of Agnetha, Bjii4 Beruty, and Anni-ftid! in one of his fust


One of pop music's most original


endearing iconmlrots,

fikrs, director
n Dog)


Hailstiim (Choc oI at, My Life As

follows the fun-loving

singer/songwriter Lre ltazlewood was mentor to mily, induding Duane Eddy, Nancy Sirutra, Arn Margret, md phil Spector His writing arrd producing hansfomed Nancy Sinaha into an intemational stm, and his duets with her - Ia.i*:or md
arnong then are still covered with also no coincidence that rmy of Lee's hmdp_icked ression players went on to become part of the legendary
Some Velaet







ABBA, on an Australian


at the height o{ the grcup's

"Wrecking Crew", Hollyrvood's most in-demmd group of

session musicians. In 1970, Hazlewood landed in Sweden, where


Don't miss the catchy musig

outrageous stage costums,

and, according lo 7977 press, tire "sexiest bottom :n Euope"!

he ftarted_working on fiJm projecb with dirmtor Tobjom Axelnm. Thisin-house compilation features rm footage from
lBe's films and vintage live performmces


exarni]res the

lasting musical influence of a true American original.



19 & 20,


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tPP[ErilCE BmnBn00il $fi, [PRll30u,

Does anyone really feel

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,,*5ol',, ffi


guilty about enjoying their guilty pleasures? We certainly don't. And while we're not going to start proclaiming NBC's THE APPRENflCE as a masterpiece of the art of television, we're not going to take myone seriously if they dorlt admit to a secret love of watching The Donald's flowing toupee bounce aromd as he looks gravely at innocent young idiots md tells them that they're fired. We're all hooked md after filling ou Tivos up with too many episodes to comt, we decided to see what would happen if we took this staple of reality TV md added ou own twist to it, because, hey, iI Martha Stewart cm get away with
it, we should get our chance

;,;,$offi ::fit*$tln,,*,.4.I6!,16O*';,.,i.,,..;.,,,








toq right? Right.

So we teamed up with LII's Enterpeneur Club to find willing participants and set the ground mles: two teams will be lormed from their club. Each tem will be given a budget and a timeslot at the Alamo Domtown, which they cm fill wi0r any sort of progrming they wmt. Then they'll have to muket their shows md try to convince you to come to the theater md spend you money. Whichever tem gets more of you to spend more of your money wins and a portion of the proceeds is donated to their part of the club. The other tem willbe ridiculed and someone will be fired LIVE in ow very om Alamo Boardrmm on Saturday, Apil 30th! (Henri)


Bouldin Cre.ek, you olwoys get service...

with a



HEC , E$.,A ILfiBLEl.i,i. SW.*trFlOPl,F*EE.lf.; $!fi pf ! : .,i...


lusTril fi n GUlTnR G[A[tPl0llsHlPs!


ffi ffi k*:





IUI$, [PRll 26th, g:15[m,

IlllAlS: $[I, ]tllY 21,8:30[m,




'The Chmpionships were fomded on a peace ideology: a person playing ihe Air Guitar camot sinultaneously be up to ary rnischief, md after playing At Guitil on stage in ftont of a freroied crowd, mischief jwt seems lme in comparison. The purpore was to play the Air Guitar all over the world simultaneously for peace, from the Great Wall of Chim via the Eiffel Tower to America. A bit like the eviction of space aliero was celebrated in the final scene of TV series

V This day still lies ahead

o{ us, however perhaps not all that far away." (From World

Air Guitar Champions


in (or just sit back md revel in) the Austh Air Guitar Chmpioruhip. Contestmts droose a hack with hot licks, crank on the fog machine, grab their air-axes and ROCK OUT! Fabulous prizes, a hophy with an actual air guitar on the top and the green lighi with flocls of air-guitar $oupies arc yours if you win.

will adyance to the Austin Finals in May. 'lhe wimer in May will wn a free hip to Los Angeles to compete in the Air Guitm Nationals, md the winner there wins a hip to Finland to represent the USA in
The top competitors each night

sGH0010l RoGI(


lfiils oflnG ilatulal tal tr$iG sGn00[


ffiHlrn#ffiffiffi {*&ffi jg$S}SfitrF:iii:BNll


SiitSrSI - -."-At*


by the Join us for a very special screening o{ Rick Linklater's SCHOOL OF ROCK wit}r a [ve performmce Austin's very own-"School of Rock": The Natural Ear Music School! Kids as yomg as 8 years old (cute!)

l:00 [m, $0UTll

kidsof will be

rocking out for your pleasure before the movie! (d. Richard Linklater ZOO3 pC-tg tO8min. e5mm) "l serve society by rocking," explains Dewey Firur flack Black). That excuse doesn't exactly sit well with Dewey's roommate Ned (scriptwriter Mike White) or his friend's harpy-like girlfriend Patty (Sarah Silverman). Dewey has been sponging off the pair formontlrs, possibly years,while.trying 1o irake it big with his rock group. Even more of a problem is that weela before the impending battle of *re bmds competition md its $20,000 prize that rerues as the Holy Grail of Dewey's existence, his group decides to kick him out. besperate for a way to eam his share of the rent, he impersonates Ned - who is a substitute teacher - in order to lmd i gig at m elite private school. At first the job is one big recess for both teacher and class, but then he hears his fiIth-graders making sweet music duing their weekly classical lesson. With the big wheels tuming in Dewey's head, he iomulates a plan to use the kids as his backup band to win *re competition - once they've had a little highintensity schooling in Rock 101, that is. (Jon Niccw, Iawrmce loumal-World\



since 2001 the Alarno Dra{thouse has been hosting a unique series of exploitation classics culled from private collections, abandoned wateholses,.even dumpstirs. We present a peeriess selection o{ honor, sexploitation, action and more, mostly from the gorden era of th. '60r and ,70s. Many of til.Jrifti;;; nothing has evrr been.written about them. Some of them are bad, all6f

free. f|ld-ll:::l-gtll1]-19: from 9.f crushing lameness of we think of it u, u .onrnr,inity tans, a heaven-sent escape I.', lhe
the real world.

.fl, ift.absotutety

thefiil;;r.;";;;. th.;;r;;;i;;;;;il;;;;;;;;;



0 - ilff 10w

lflRlll tlunilrns

forcedtoacceptwhateverroleshecouldget. B*heprobablyneverimagiredhe'denarfrith.s"rir.ffir.ijtoit tionn*u.r, designed to cash in on the Mansoo Tutj.:. Dmahue pliys a free-loie gun.namcd Moon who presiG ovei a cutt ot teenage lll$It: To say lhat Troy Donahue lacle the intensity to portray a messiiric death-cult leader i* ,'gtor;""d.r;trt menl.

d' Robert L. Roberts) Wholesom-e early'60s leen idol Troy Donahue's career had really taken a nose dive by 1970 mtl he was

IaidbackhenakesPeterFondalooklikearabidgilamoniler liutit'spreciselythatabsudbitofriiscastingatthecenterolthis

He,s s0

movie so entertaining. rilmed erfirely m loution in.the iqualid ihird.floor walkups ,nJrri'ini*t.a urr.y, or rv.* Yotk city' it has the cude look md Ieel of a warhoi movie. Donahue was back io otiuet stoo.'t fiiri,". sizunr, prrying second liddle to Hene Villechaize. That's enough degradation for anybocly, even Troy Donahue. (Lars)

11111.1#:ltl}"l:T:l.T LlYlls.,l"tty, Hackrnan's G"te

is p{-rhayed as a Srim march fron the nang-er to the slaughterhouse Feaiuring Angel Tompki"r.

HiscompanyMaryAnn'sMeatsdealsineverykindofmeatmdrreat. girts rinctuding sis1.spicer,, -r,"ri. l-pt,.gJ ri n.l.jin ,qurria p**. ruthless.hillbillies led by PLAN 9 rRoitt our en spicr stu' c*gory mr.iit *'w*ni. - tit.*ly lrina li1-T,_,jyl;8j:asv thelr enemres into sausage. Into this bizane milieu slrides Lee Marvi4 as m almost supemituially cool *iggeman who soon finds he's bitten oI{ mpre thm he can chew This may be the most peruerse American action novie ever made. The heartland is un{latteringly porhayed as a medium rare nightrnare of neat. And mry. Even more subvemivery, rrt. er.rl.* *"y oi life itself


i"'j:T :l!]:-11ry "* Anntorsomereaso4Presidesoverarorruptempireofflesh.

American gangster Iiln. Lee Maroin stars as a Chicaso hitmm middle.American criminal organizarion. Hackman s character, nairetl Mary



ro reenage





d' Lmn card) Finallfa movie ttrat rips the moon roof off lhe custom van craze bf the '70s. The story of a group of fun loving kids md their solar pow-ered supervan vmdora. Vandora or vD. for short, is a *ott of ,oo*.rut. uitirt.u .*t u *ia. chromerheels up to its laser tunet Like most Anerican males bom in rhe j70s I rrd. prp.. of my drean van -- baroqle asenblages oI shag carpet, waterfaJls, power-generating ""iJui"r. tropical iistr rants eic. nut lt never once orcured l0 meto add deadly lasers to the mix The clinax oI the movie takes"place at a'curtor uuo rt or t*tluut chamingty calletl


ffi it


theFreakoutwherelackyairbrushunicom_sandproto-mulletsuetheorderof^thetlay. Thut,rpl."ty;i;.;;;oln*iormritor.. this movie. But then charles Brkowski shows up! No shil. The drunken t..n*oo'r po.irii*, ,s a drurken lecherous reveler Just when you think you,ve seen everything... ]esus. {Lars)


lPntl 2r - SIAnGnf,Sil
(1979.d' Luigi Cozi).Memo to George Lucas: "Listen you frealish twerp - when I shell out my an efilng space war lt's because I wmt 1o have fun and leave my cares behind, not because

girly nin

hard.emed monev on a movie about I want to be inundated with a bunch of

Mark Ill,:l11Ti.j1:ldtwv+vedlittle as Stella Star, tne sklmPlest spacesuit imaginabie


the rtarimssiveustL a badass tn,ng,na instead oI those big, expensive, technically competent special eflects you iavoq srAR cRASH features the much nore entertaining cheap, home"noviicatiier effects *.'u..Jr. to'|oilo*r,.tri r.iti. so pem fronr and cenrer rhis_t^'.d".J,y o, 9":Tl.:::":t-.-.lJl,':: ry*.|*.KlT rearunng torner chlld evilgelist Mai0e Gortner, Christopher Plumner, Joe Spinell, cry hol Najia cassini as the leaier of the space mazons md David Hasselhoff as the heir to the throne of the universe, wearing more eyeliner thai tt*-*iol. a.rn crr. club. (Lan)

Hamill in theieacl it features bodacious Brirish bombsrrei iarorne uuru-o in the best starehip pilot in the whole alminum.foil galar.y. And rather than an

::f:'",:l:"lT:{"1:.,'.d"yltT.liqli'\.ccent, cames a patr 0t laser six-shooters on his belt.



; t;;;," i*,i,',r,i"s

*"." r*

IrllY4 - SWII$P GtRl

d' Don Davist Hicksploitation has got a hold on us and we've iusl got to feed the monkey. So here.s one of the most entertainingsouthemdrive-intrashfilmsyou'relikelytofind. swAMPGlitL,asyou'veprobablyalreadygumsed,thestoryot a girl who lives in the-swmp, when a psy4ho fenale prison escapee crosses her Jh. ,"oti l*i tn. il#Jrm.. u.t rhe swmp girl and - well, regular girls. And when the 6lack man ihe calls pa is killed by scummy "..n allig"t* po; sl,. goes completely overthe-edgt apeshit' This filn is as hot md the oke(moL.* s*uolp *h.rJii*r? ii-lr"ia, giL *triglrtr, , countrymusic,andtotallyunsanctionedmeof

rattiesnakes. StaningSimoneGri{feth(DEAbHRACE2OOOi*ttu'"u.ngiogung.t oI the swmp and country singer Ferlin Husky as the forest range, i,ho helptt er. {Lars)

Pn21-llrm0 DrNn[ou$E Gi[Bmr - [0mmw[ t4tn lnd Goloradol -uilllse ondo$onsest 0tBumE0 $outn lsmartlrflNrrn[rloadwclll -Hnr.drilu'us'.D'm


Lopez Moctezuna) If weird movies are like a drug and lhey certainly te, then watching this movie is the celluloid equivalent of having a polar bear-sized dose of PCP inj ected directly into your brainsten with an indushial shength compressed air gun. Which can be a lot of fun in the righl sefting. If this sounds like a bunch o{ exaggerated fanciful talk to you then you haven't ieen DR. TARR'S TORTURE DUNGEON. Based on Poe's "The System of Dr Tan md Professor Fethel', ifs ar amazingly baroque, suneal Mexican exploitation filn about a vast, isolated asylm that has been laken over by its imates. The film glides from one absud, outlandish tableau lo mother with the logic and pace of an opim dream. Considered too exploitative for arthouses and too artsy for grindhouses at the tine o{ ils release we are happy to give this film the audience il deseroes. (Lm)
(1972 d. Juan





itlY18 -roP sHlsAiloil ata mtsElluctRt

Ottavio Alessi) Thig Italim sex conedy ha-r one oI the most bizme premises oI any sexploilalion movie we can think of. A rich with beautiful prostitutes in an attempl to shaighten out her apparenlly autistic leenage son. The hookers, played by the staggeringly luscious tanden of Rosalba Neri and Edwige Fenech, frolic md carry on naked a lol while the kid runs aromd setting things on fue. Eventually they moor at m isolated islmd where they tenorize a sheepherder (Eva Thulin). Meanwhile, one o{ the girls mikes sweel sweet love with a goat while a depraved German photographer snaps pictures. Hald lo believe but hue. Tastiless, meaningless, chock full of gleeful nihilism - lhis is huly a novie for our time. We'll be expecting you. (Lars)
(1969 d.

mom slocks a yacht


(1973 d. Stephmie Rothman)'Where society dmps its hunan garbage!" At some irdistinct point in the very near future, which looks suspiiiously like the early '70s, America has oullawed capital punishment. So murdeters ate sent to a blockaded islmd to fend Ior themselves. A new Daminian social o'rder asserts itself and the few women on the island have a pretty rough go of it. Until they decide to fight back. This is very likely the first women-in-prison movie directed by a wonm, but it's hudly a drick'flick' Stephanie Rothman, like so many other talented people in the novie business, was given her start in filns by ihe great Rogel Coma4 who certainly desenes a statue in Holllvood, albeit m inexpensive one. Her films, while every bit as sweaty and violent as lhose of her male counterparts, always contain fascinatilg touches oI Ieninine insight. Featuring the glistening naked torsos oI Phyllis Davis, Barbara Leigh md Marta "Losl In Space" Kristen. Plus, look for Torr Selleck as a coke-snorting doctor. (Latr)

it0tmY illY


was_ a weird guy, but this_movie erceeds all_reasonable expectations-of weirdness. feff Bridgis plap fugitive draft-dodger novelist Nero Finnegar, who reluctantly takes a job with "yellow peril" superuillain Mr' Go (Jimes Mason!). The will piot (nanated-byiluddha) features laser bems, an ape, an evil lesbian, lots of action, a giant, car chases, discussions about literature and nudity. Burgess Meredith himself plays the Dolphiry Mr Go's treacherou acupuncturist! (Lars)




Ylll0 0t



tl. Burgess Meredith) I'd always suspected that diminutive character actol Burges Meredith

d. Arthur Marks) The thinnest plotline imaginable (two fory sislers hit the road alter killing their lecherous stepfather) is pushed as {ar as it cm go. And I nean AS FAR AS IT CAN GO. As tasteless as it is fun, and it's a fuckin'blast. If you thought Arthur Muks' companion piece THE CANDY SNATCHERS was honifying md offensive, you might want to sit this one out. If, on the other hand, you thought THE CANDY SNATCHERS was a religious experience beamed down directiy fiom the brain of almighty God {or the benefil of hummkind - ryell, then you might want to weu a diaper for BONNIE S KIDS, 'cause you're goma SHIT! A slam-bmg frontal assault of sleaze. This will be one oI the grealest moviegoing experiences of your life. Mark my words. (Lare)


illY 9,Ipm - B0lllllH$ lills

Samo) Nobody made adult novies like Joe Sano. Starting in the mid-50's, Samo created his om unmistakable style of stylish, ulha-imaginative psychodramis. Deserving of a spot in the pantheon alongside such other greats as Russ Meyer, Jess Franco, ard Radley Metzger; Samo has nevcr goften adequate ieiognition. Sure he *urleatuted in RB/Search's "Incredibly Shmge Films" book but even mosl cult-film a{icionados are scarcely familiar with his work. Finally the ,ilmo seeks to right this grievous wrong by screening one of his best films. Sano, masler of the kinky situation, concocts a whopper a love hiangle between a husban4 his wife, and her nother Oh, and their next door neighbom too. Yep, il's that kind of party. Bring a date, a raincoat, or both. (Lars)
(1977 d. Joseph

il0t[AY ]rllY16,lnm - G0lltISSl0tlS 0f nY0UilG

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(1975, 4. Jamaa Fanaka) From Jamaa Fanaka ("the black Ed Wood"), director of crowd favorite Penilentiary md nany other classics, comes this _unheralded blaxploitation classic. Emma Mae, straight off the farm, comes to live wilh her aunt and uncle in the projects of South Central LA when her mother dies. At first Enma Mae, with her Southem drawl, unlashionable Sunday clothes, md country ways, seems totally unequipped to deal wilh the big bad ghetto, but pretty soon she's at the top of the heap, mainly due to the Iact that she cm kick ass like John Wayne. Nobody can do as much with the rudimentary arsenal of curse words as

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fleshed-out, menorable characters. So that when the time comes Ior Emna Jamaa 1anaka, and that's i very high compliment. Faraka also takes lhe time to create Mae to kick ass you may b'e surprised to Iind yourself standing up in your seat cheering her on. (Lars) Mother was my_single favorite cinema experience oI all time. Ifs that good. (1968 d. Jerry Gross) I am going on record as saying the December viewing of Teenage After witching this filn, iiragiie that it actually pliyed in thealers to general audiences 35 years ago. What the hell happened to the cinema indushy that we are not still 4elivererl'such {electablJs as this? A group o1 cardboard-stiff thirty+omething high school students leam about the natural beauty of childbirth from their new Swedish sex-e6 inshuctor by witnessing ihonifyingly close-up {orceps baby delivery film. There's also a sub-plot of daterape and lengthydisco dmcing sequences choreographed for Tourettei sufferers. Sublime. Jerry Gross needs to be inducted to some type of hall of fme or legion of superheroes. - Tim

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p! 22 -llan0ltl0ltlrouse Ginoma - ltof,ilOm tltn anil colorailol.Iillag0 tlndclsolw0sl0l Burm0 - s0rllh lamat llamil




Flicker is a bi-monthlv short fiIms by local filmmakeri md all other enthusiasts who dme submit via mail. Everything saeened at Flicker must originate on filrn and be mder 15
tions at every show, please go lo

ninutes in length. flickerguarantees m rray of prcjects md inkiguing jwtaposj_ with linear narratives butting up against radiia , polished productions_ followed by eamest fusi etrois. For more in?ormation,



the 1mt Thursday of every month, the Third Coast Activist Resource center presents powerf'l with a me,sage md a hue calling to make the world better by battLing lig m'eda anJ .;;,++if..t1lL?.Fli"nirlg[irj;i.l ielling the storic ,ou cm't see on CNN,

coAsr Acilvlsr REsouRcE

GENTER presenrs
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CHAVEZ, VENEZUETA, & THE NEW TATIN AMERICA THURS, APRIL 2& 7:OO PM Hlgo Chavez hr emerged as an iconic figure in the anti-imperialist md social justice mov..ent .
More thar




a s1mbo1, his contribution and the developmmt of the social revolution h venezuera studv ard exmination.

"Chavez, Vmezuela md the New Latin America,' haces the recent history Lnavez, ymeatela l\ew Latn America, oI the Bolivarian Bolivari onh briefly, m excellent produdions such as TLIE REVOLUTION1 \^IILL NOT TTIEVISED have already covmd in rivethg detail the events smounding the April 2002 U.S.{uppoded coup against Chavez. Rather, this new production features a nmber of interviews with the protagonists of social .u chmge, speaking with political organizers in the barrios of Caracm, md in the pro-Chavez wing of the rnilitary.



Away from the glare of the media, in the most remote md dmgerous parts ol Afghanistm, US marines are on a mission to hmt dom the lalibar. But ir mmy places their secwitv sweps ue proving comterproductive. Moie and more rillageis "l are alJeging they have been abused by marines. This weiks ,l

docummtuy is a dishubing erpose of Americm actioro in

Afghanistm. Camela Barmowska spent three weels l embedded with the marines. She then retumed in seoet : document what was really happening. lt's a story of prisoners .' abused md villagers hmiliated. This repori promptid a


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fm tempted to descdbe NOTHING tlQtJID


as a sketch comedy show, extept I think that ttut m.ight lead ridiculously_ bolulS' vou to believe that it,s sucky, because, let's face it, most sketch contedy shows ue if tlEt: And ihe go* Lven SATURDA) MGHT LiVE only has a couple of funny skits on each episode, about them 50 shows,like MR. SHOW or THE SI\TE- nevel seem to last, so a1l too often we foryet whatever votr do, don t think of NOTHhIG LiQUID m just anothet sketdr com@y,$hoyr'b$ause'jtlB

;."'iti';tilrl'otemptedtotellyou,an ab;gloY\oIHryGUQUID,ismderp:llt:j:j.'lg fiilr U'u u-o,lup of tocal fiLnmaters, dut that muld be bad, too Genetally when we go see a th9ry bl a

artist' ilght I 5eeng lmal filrun"aker we're doing it to fel good about owselves for supporting a shuggling keep.Ausiin vfeird. lhess NOTHING UQL;D i$,jt giing to {eel like c}rarity qral1, and it won't help to NIGFil and after they rEeatedly won tle audimce Suys first.rorc-to out ail;tio"n at OPEN SCREE]\ ot them have i#ard ul,nost euery *onth that they cme out, I knew I was seeing something spcial, ]wo one of them started the most dlnamlci since been hired by MIV - before ihey even finlshed filni sthool. is like notlingvo!'ve ever seen before, overfioyilg{1$ put,they're-prcs' and beforc tleni4l1 *a *"y rit'rutions, butnever becomiirg obscene



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-ffily overyou'llberaughins.*,l.dT:Y,P.',1..:iig::i:iL""T:nY*::*,"Ti:HT:i"i:l: {or comg!y.,,

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but someimes


theprice you have topay

- $UllD[Y ilAY



Ittreolitl,Wme*,themlwies atereryCtiEMlSTRY tft shW andfm 91t filEPhilt;lulll1t# THE o{ u auting irow with one of the *"i] ryial9.l"yus of all time' headt\::i Wl*s the fro'ao.ers o{ BL15p DATE,or THE FlFTHWHEELrsctrur headshots the or#ucers ot rfiLtU naTlc rHlflt}lWHEE!Soq date they're,go11s^out i"'.iiot-,n lil^tFrq;* watuiabe acton'ard models to pretend likecasting at all.Ou daters.ue 91a i*if,"r. *.,ou assembled a trio of daten wit6out coneulting cenhal and thm oiit.Jno* vout tunl* (*rey're all loud at the Ala$o, at pre\iou CHEMISTRY I01 shows)

8,I &$:45'


krthis eprspde, ourdirters will ao:te inspuea by ttremovie we,re going to watdr. then they'll be *mst into some iocme asting'sminar with Ue,'treiea 1o a',wine hsting ryminarlwith no Y9T' powder, -*ith after nice md fnaui' ttrey'lt r.n "*th ti* fingers,"o finalJy they ll enjoy -a ni59 meal together atter ,a srvq'\ rwu ur ursur will they mq trvue wuv? u two 0f thetn ,^c c{u1 wurlr *o1fl CA-I'E stomrlni CAFfif HILL CAFE .. but wilr'urev find true wuvr If storming CASTLE lle-:ach.oTtl * l$p^k-:p Fl out agan, ney u wur d scrurtu ualc qt to sav thefd lrke to go our agm, they'll win a second date at ASl'l TRATTORLA'



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And three pmPle ftom tne "PRINCESS BRIDE that'i sue to help us all feel better about hwe wove *iff U" pl.f..d to be the daftrs fd the next ePrsode o! C$YSTRY i0i! *

n""* ,f,.it night out went together, we'll conthue with ours for

r"Jl..r"",r'"'*.ui,s:",11.! iq,b'.11'1.l-f::-11,1::i*;3i#
a special

screming of TFIE


FREEI Every Friday at Midnight at theVillage!
screen' The oremise: we play a clip from one of your favorite movies on the


you act it oui

Wlratyoudofromtherei5upt0you ""..tlt"ritfrtf,.*fjfitlesprovidedontiremonitorinfrontofyou t,ig.'una .la*.t the professional actoiwithin or do a spot on.impression of the ;i;;;.i;ilrf;; ,;;..n.bth.o tuk. th. ,iirophone md write rheir own original dialogue to ihe rene, replace the real volces ol the which car either be reaily fumy or lealll painlul And somehmes people lust as long .frrr.t* *iaf, tfr.i, "*i riffy'5,n*tr. fhe key is to jmp into voui performmce 110%, and Videoke asyoua like a'o* f.ofa Uu.f., tf.. *dienie"will happtly go along for the iide with you We m ou night who iasiad steo-clLild of frlr.,lf ruCeL\ IDOL, too,"with juiges md a final romd. md a wimer erery r-*,i'Jtn frmous prizes Admission is itee,"and everyone who comes out to the show gets-a """. 3"r""" i., *" ft.. r*ials'at I LW VIDEO md two free coffeei at SPIDERHOUSE, so you should really cm out and check it out Trust me, it'5 a blast {Henri)


(heck out past performances and watch clips to practice at www.videoke.otg!


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On the last Saturday of e6ry month, the Alamo Dralthouse Cinema, the Austin Chronicle, Ain't It Cool News and Big Brothers Big Sisters put on free screeningi for chitdren. Now this isn't you run-of-the-mill multiplex slmuner film series, with rerun showings of Scooby'Doo and Little Meriraid. These are classic, timelesi.chil_dre1's films, from 50's sci-fi, to Harryhausen classics, swashbucklers to pirates, from King Kong to Swiss Famiiy Robinson, it's fun for the whole family!

Gl0Al( & ll[GGIB:


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The San Antonio Riverwalk is one of the odder attractiom in any Texas city, but no matter what you personal feelings toward the Riverwalk ue, CLOAK & DAGGER is without a doubt the best thng that that putirular Texm touist trap ever gave the world. For years after seeing this movie, which stars a yomg Henry Thomas fresh off his stming role

E,i,I,d get caught up irr some imaginary spy movie oi my own every time my family went to the home of that olftet Alamo. Ecfioes of-those adventures still bomce mourd in my memories every time I fhd myself down there again. And happily, the movie itself )ives up to the repeat viewings my menories provide. When 11-year-old Davey discoveii tirat there s a sinister plot afoot to smuggle top-secret mfitary information oui of the U.S. iroide a cassette of his favorite video gme, "Cloak md Dagger," no adults believe him md he's forced to play the hero he always wanted to be in his imagination. But when his imaginary world of spy games is invaded by a real murder mystery how long will his imaginary ionic book fiend Jack Flack be able to help him? (Heroi)

"Captures the spirit and ioy of growing up on cheesy old horror movies. One of th9 bJtt pilT 9l " nostalgii ever made." (Blake Davis, KFOR CFIANML 4 NEWS)
It's 1g62 and 15-year-old horror film fan Gene Loomis (simon Fmton) is the nw kid in a small Key west tom; the his way, and Cuban Missile Chsis is happening in his own backyard; an intriguing girl (Lisa Jakub) is actualy looking flitk best of a[ master showmm Lavirence Woolsey fohn Goodman) is in tom promoting his latest sci-fi hbror mutation Cene and his friends eagerly gather at the local theater for the debui o{ MANI!, a terri$ing tale of m mm's into a demonic ant, At tle tiriater they experience the thrill of a lifetime, as the threat ofnuclear wm looms overheadhonorpromoter who revels in the creation of one-ofJohn Goodmm is at his uproarious best ai the larger{han-Me a-kind shock md telor m the nation waits for its fate to be revealed. lvra*llNEE is a masterful homage to B-movie fiction classics of the 1950s and '60s that ingeniomly combines science fiction shock md suspense wi*r the real

ItlAIl ll tt: illy

zB, ]t00lt,


life honor of the Cubm Missile Cnsis (Rotten Tomtoes)

sHffix#a$s sFs*#TffisHs

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28 & 29, ll00ll, $0uil1

Illt EIIRI'Iffi


llilm, ffiIt!


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The first film in our Summer Kids Camp Weekend Matinee series! Catch a new classic every weekend this summer at the Alamo South Lamar!
It's been 23 years, but

$.#Y$ SF WH#&W $ffi&flK$

still cm't imagine phoning home without


everyonds iavorite{ovable alien pop-up in my mind's eye, glowing linger and all. Ii's bem 23 years, and I still catch myself doing doubletakes at the full moon, waiting to see a-group of kids flying by on theu birycles. Twenty-three years, and t'rr sttl iealous of fUiott for getting to have the perfect pet/friend/resunecting Christ-liie figue whiie all I ever had were fumy little dogs we picked up at the pomd to sav"e from being put io sleep. And none o[ my dogs were smart enough io follow a hail of Reese! lieces, either But really of couse, I got to har e E T as a a frien4 too. We all did. For the past 23 years we've looked to the stars with differeni sort of wonder than the people wlo came before us. Space may be a vast empiiness, or it could be filled with aliens that wart to kidraP us or deshoy our planet, but maybe, lust maybe, it's got enough exha tereshials to go aromd, too' bne day maybe we'll know for sue Until thery we'll always have E.T (Henri)



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109min. 35mm)

(D. Jeff Stein

(Formerlv CHARLIE'S FAMiLY) (D. Jim Van Bebber 2003 93min. 35mm) After 16'years in the making, jim Van Bebber's epic Manson_docu-drama is finally ready_for public .onro*ption. Bootlegs have 6een floating around since 1992 when a workprint was screened at several' festivals in attempt to gain finishing funds. After a long battle doing it_his way, Van Bebber's undisputed masterpiece is completid, blown ufto 35mm, and poised to deshoy arthouses across the nation. Everyone knows the story so there's no need to sl,r-Lopsize - although it should he mentioned that Van Bebber's biopic goes into far fireater detail (e'pecially concerning thdrace wars) than any version previous. He also iranagc" to c,l"pturc the true ciraos oi tt'e fur-ity, their ass-backwards idealism, and aptly shows the and progrission from flower-children to baby-kllers_with a chilling believability. Using Manson s, dial"ogue taken verbatim from interviews with the Family (as seen in the documentary ]VL{NSON), Van Bebbdr conveys the horror of a group of kids gone terribly wong, with a arsenal o{ weapons and warped philosophies ihat lead them to the inevitable ilimax on Cielo Drive. A11I can say is, The Manson Family *as woith the ruit. This is the f inal word on the Mansorr mythos, and Van Bebber hopes that now the door can be shut. (Kter-La Janisse)



Forget the Beatles, forget the Rolling Stones. The \Aho are the greatest band time. This documentary, compiled by an obsessive teenage fan, band from early covers

of all



appearances on The Smothers Brothers

Show end Shirdlg tluough


interviews, promotional


(including one Ior the spirited single CalI MeLtghtning) and incendiary live performances of Baba O'Reilly nd Won'l Get Fdoled Agnin in the 1q70s. swinging microphone, fringe and English bull-

$cl|00t0tillt il01YBI[$I
ll0WllT0Wil 4/1{' 4/10

Roger Daltrey's

ill0tllGlll 4/fl


(D. Noritumi Suzuki


Townshend's John

worksuits and windmills,

Entwistle's gawky weirdness (Borls the Spidu, anyonel. The School Bully?'1

A mind-blowrng critique of Catholicism * Japanese-style - in the guise of an exploitation film. In what plays like a bawdy version of Sam Fuller's SHOCK CORRIDOR, a young woman enters a convent to investigate ihe mysterious death of her mother. She
soon discovers a smorgasbord of vice as she's abused by lecherous archbishops, a lesbian mother superior and a line oi fellow nuns


I Japan(subtitle$ /

and Keith Moon's



- all these

conhibuted to an icoruc image that would bum itself into the pages of
rock history They are also one of the few o1d guard bands whose street cred held its own agairut the onslaught of angry punk - partially because their mod beginnings were in tune with the largely wolking-class nature of British punJ<, their live shows were arenas of mass destruction, and because no-one fingers to emblematized

ready to whip her (in the film's most deliriously over-the-top scene) with rosethoms! An unholy mix of lesbian sex, comedy, drugs, flagellation, horror, fetishism, blasphemy and political commentar) is brilliantly fused in one ouhageously provocative package. Truly excessive and absoluiely wjld, this demented masterpiece is also one of the most visually beautiful fikns of all


fmn[mlllffilll]lGl1l lffi
[0tflltT0ll|il f/214/23, Ull,lAGt 4/29 - f/30
(D. Terry Gilliam 1998, 118 min., 35mm) The death of legendary gonzo joumalist S. Thompson this February brought an end to an enfirely unique perspectiv_e on our culture and times. \Ahile Dr Thompson may have played fast and loose with the facts, his ability to distilt huth from the madness of his times was unparalleled. And nowhere lvai his singular voice more scathing, funny or true than in his master$'ork Fenr,4 nd Laathing In I'as Vegas: We are proud to present these screenings of Terry Gilliap's film version of FEAR AND LOATHING, featuring Johnny Depp's
eeriiy perfect per{ormance as the good doctor. Get t}iere early for rare TV apPearances by the God{ather Of Gonzo himself.

authority like Moon the Loon. THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT may not offer you the contextualized true story of The nrho, but it.niapsulates the raw,
hysteric essence of rock n roil that this band Iived to share with their fans. As I always say, it's easy to sourd like the Beatles. And the Stones, uell their irnitators are legion. But no one sounds like The l\ho. (Kiet-La)

pn 2g - llam0 Dnflh0uso GinGma - 00wnt0wn


and Golot|ilol - llitlf,g0 tlndeys0n ws$i 0l 8$rnGt! - S0!!lh tam0l tlamal {nd

lrcaduolll - trm[.dnfln0usc.c0m

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maried couple who rinl

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att th.rinuue into their gorgeous


,.u66. 6-9ll{dder

George and Kathy

Lutz,i newly

iiff illti'f, J::niT:tlffi ff ;:i".'fi,,T1';#rTH;: j*,flr""ffi,:T$ina:ll$l-ru;r ,ilhTi.?:,[i:TiliTH#;:rg#'{rr*;ffijffidl'il::;',*.rff a giant pig named anjnvisible friend_- 'n:;q:titr; Jody (again.-, SATAN). on. of ihe classic ghost storie, or *," ;il'#'"ffiH;;;iffi il:ffi r'ni"\tH';'fibT-'5ft rqzn".l"g^lo f;j'4ffi,",',1i1*iy,Hfi :tr?Tt#

i,Hft il,fl1{ltr,TfihqFffirnsomething,."ff1j,,?qr,
windrle down iti rinal i.rrion'or'tssr. It, ashophvsicist, homv counserors (incruding

Fewgenres courd rend themservesress

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in ard around a New England


band for the last time at

(D D'A' Pennebake; rgzl' lo








btBowiein hishigh-anarofrnu .ii'r"f illifl,:#tfJi'f#"1fi1'i:*-.'*'nto*urr.r*i.;ii,:*.,v.1hiflymob'eroJagJtlitreneastheswirtpace pionTnnq;ffir;.kil;u,i.lfio* i, -th*".'yonffisilrij'[rilel'o tight-a &ro, r:{y,:p,#;fr

DavidBowie performed as ziggy srardust wirh ,the the spiders From Mars ut euay r*ndi,nua and v6rir6


-..'p.*r'v'ffi; i:kl"{jiTriilttrffi:f|".ri,:}frff:|fiH5

directs) *'ir;^, r..-... " ,, ^;';, and



. 10,!!T.0,!n! t t z6 t t zt-,n tDiltEflr t l"-'.iff t#Sffi?lffill+o** n6 minutes) Revisii ge sweet harmonies

I[_rli ltlt t[0utr j,#ff

and inJe*ious charms or

rfl T"{#trffi ##;:i:#Ti"ttri,fl :ii:?jff^i:,,,,,fl1ffi [trt,&i"j,,"#.* $ liif:T.t?Tr:lilffl,4l:^m;;nx;;,X::;[';;::,1^ffi]:;'^h:iT%H:].f,',T'JiTi,n catchupto.thesupersiouproranintirvi*- "0."-'to',,iiii'ffi;#lil"Tln]nf]r:;:1.,?f.1#ffiJ:

anq, according to 192 prcss, the'sbiest





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