our mission
To improve the health of our community by providing high quality, caring, culturally appropriate primary health care that addresses the needs of people regardless of their ability to pay.

Pamela Dunn, Chairperson Joan Kleinberg, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary Jerry Sale, Treasurer Cheryl Anderson Patrick Ferguson Cindy Granger Robert Lesko Ly Sieng Ngo Adrienne Owens August Piper, MD Winnie Sperry Robert Strait Sara Thompson, MD Emeritus Willie Gammon Lisa Taylor ex-officio Colt de Wolf Kathy Smith-DiJulio Greg Swint Raleigh Watts

Front Cover and all Annual Report photos: ©2010 Amos Morgan Photography, www.amosmorgan.com


dear friends,
Country Doctor Community Health Centers is celebrating its 40th year of providing healthcare services to our community. This year and next are shaping up to be the most challenging in our history. The number of people in Washington who have no health care continues to increase as the economy and job growth remain stagnant. As Federal, State and Local budgets are cut to reduce deficits, Country Doctor finds itself on many of these lists of cuts. The reserves that were set aside over the years to meet challenges like the one we now face are being called on in the face of massive cutbacks by the government, and we are working harder than ever to find new sources of funding as well as continuing to bring the case for meaningful healthcare reform to our representatives at the Local, State and Federal levels. As a patient of Country Doctor Community Clinic for over 10 years, I can’t begin to tell you how important this organization has been to me. When I was a single parent in school and with no insurance, Country Doctor was there for me when I needed a doctor. Now as a patient with health insurance I continue to go to Country Doctor because the care I have always received is first class. Along with all of our Board members, I feel a special calling to do whatever I can to make the services of both clinics – Country Doctor Community Clinic and Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center – available to the people who will need them in the future. Country Doctor and Carolyn Downs will continue to meet our mission to offer quality affordable healthcare without regard for the patient’s ability to pay, and our Board of Directors will continue to work to meet the challenges we face now and in the future. Your support, past and present, has been an essential part of meeting our mission. On behalf of the Board of Country Doctor Community Health Centers, thank you for your help. Sincerely,

Pamela J. Dunn, Chairperson Board of Directors



During 2010 Country Doctor Community Health Centers (CDCHC) maintained focus on its three primary goals, increasing access to patient care, providing care of the highest possible quality and developing the strong financial systems and diversified funding sources needed to achieve the previous goals.



2010 was again a year of growth for CDCHC. Overall the medical program increased the number of visits provided by 6% and the number of individuals seen by 8%; of great significance was the achievement of the Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center (CDFMC) medical team – in 2010 the CDFMC site provided 11% more visits than in 2009! A GREAT SUCCESS in terms of working to maintain future access to care was the addition of the Swedish Medical Center’s Cherry Hill family medicine residency

The increase in patient visits at the CDFMC site was the result of the addition of 5 new exam rooms in July. This was part of a remodel funded with Stimulus dollars which also expanded provider office space for the new residency program and allowed us to make some significant, structural repairs to the Country Doctor Community Clinic (CDCC) site. These improvements were all made without closing the clinic sites for even one hour – both patients and staff deserve great praise for their ability/willingness to work and receive medical care in a construction zone, while our contractor (Aldrich Construction) deserves accolades for their collaborative, sensitive approach to working in a clinic setting.



CDCHC was accredited by the Joint Commission for the FIFTH time with minimal findings. In 2010 CDCHC also achieved six of eight clinical goals: • CDCHC enrolled 85% of pregnant women into OB care during the first trimester • increased the number of 2 year olds that are fully immunized to 79%, 5% higher than goal • increased the number of diabetic patients with HgbA1c levels under 9 to 78%, 4% higher than goal • increased to 54%, 9% above goal, the number of hypertensive patients with blood pressures less than 140/90, and • achieved a 67% level of providing fluoride varnish to children between 1 and 2 years of age – a 37% increase over 2009!

program at the CDFMC site in July. We welcomed two first year residents with great excitement but little disruption to patient care. The CDFMC site is now Cherry Hill’s third community-based residency site, joining SeaMar Community Health Center and Seattle Indian Health Board.


Challenges: the success of CDCHC’s private development program was especially important given the challenges of maintaining public funding and providing care to increasing numbers of uninsured patients.
The success of increasing access at the CDFMC site was tempered somewhat by the alarming 33% increase in sliding scale visits at that site and a 12% decrease in patient payments. The CDCC site had a similar experience – with virtually no change in the number of patient visits, it saw a 7% increase in sliding scale visits and the same 12% decrease in patient payments. 2010 state budget cuts resulted in a 21% reduction in the volume of maternity support services visits, and gradually eroded enrollment in the Basic Health Plan from 541 in January, 2010 to 400 in January, 2011, a 26% loss. One of the impacts of Basic Health Plan changes is the need for eligibility staff to spend extra time with many Basic Health Plan enrollees to try to maintain their BHP enrollment at recertification time.

CDCHC’s relatively new maternal behavioral health program experienced significant growth during 2010 – by the end of the year 1,112 women were screened for depression – almost twice the number anticipated. One unfortunate result of screening more women is identifying more who would benefit from counseling or other interventions. As the number of women who screen positive grows, identifying agencies to which to refer them – especially for those who speak languages other than English – becomes more and more difficult. Many of these agencies experienced funding cuts similar to those experienced in 2010 by CDCHC and have weeks-long waiting lists.



2010 was a good year for CDCHC’s private development program. For the second consecutive year the private development program exceeded expectations in most areas – an achievement that is particularly significant given the economy and its impact on many CDCHC supporters. The second annual special event netted $102,119, approximately the same amount as in 2009, despite slightly reduced attendance. Annual giving exceeded expectations by 99% (!), major gifts by 47%, and grants by 47%. Additional support came from the Stranger’s Strangercrombie fundraising effort and the Eat Out in Columbia City event.



Total Program: 64,964 visits
MEDICAL VISITS: Carolyn Downs Site Country Doctor Site Hospital Services Behavioral Health OTHER HEALTH VISITS: Eligibility Assistance Diabetes Health Maintenance HIV Support Services Maternity Support Services Maternal/Children Depression Nutrition Counseling WIC Tai Chi Classes Wellness Classes Acupuncture 50,550 18,399* 28,695* 1,245 2,211 14,414 3,484 2,835** 2,819 658 1,027 455 1,993 265 171 707 2010 ExPENSES

21% Administrative

79% Program

REVENUE SOURCES: Federal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17% City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15% County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1% State . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4% Patient . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53% Private . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7% Other . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3% Total Expenses: $11,469,912 (Audited)

*Included in these visits are 3,993 Health Care for the Homeless primary care visits at the CDCC site and 2,381 at the CDFMC site. **Included in these visits are 1,593 Health Care for the Homeless health maintenance visits provided at the shelters.

Support Program Visits
MATERNITY SUPPORT AND OB CASE MANAgEMENT SERVICES: 658 VISITS Maternity Support services help ensure the health and well-being of both mother and child. One-on-one education includes nutrition, pregnancy, and parenting education as well as social work services including maternal depression counseling. WIC (WOMEN, INFANT, AND CHILDREN) AND NUTRITION COUNSELINg: 1,993 VISITS WIC is a supplemental food program designed to add protein-rich foods into the diets of pregnant women and mothers with young children. Nutrition counseling is provided by a registered dietician and includes assessing diet and eating habits, and working with patients to create a diet plan to meet their healthcare needs. HIV/AIDS SUPPORT SERVICES: 2,819 VISITS Case management services are provided to HIV+ patients on-site by an RN who provides medical case management ensuring that patients follow through with the treatment plan developed with their medical provider. An adherence counselor works closely with patients to help them comply with their medication regimens. Referrals to housing, food banks, and other services are also provided. DIABETES HEALTH MAINTENANCE PROgRAM: 2,835 VISITS Diabetes support staff assess needs of diabetic patients, working with them to set self-management goals, and provide the tools and supplies patients need to monitor and control the disease. WELLNESS AND TAI CHI CLASSES: 436 VISITS Tai Chi and Chair-Robic classes complement our medical care with relaxation movements and exercises that build strength and promote stretching. The classes are open to any patient. ELIgIBILITY/SCREENINg SERVICES: 3,484 VISITS Eligibility specialists help uninsured patients determine their eligibility for public insurance programs. If needed, staff helps patients complete the application process.




THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS Heather Barr Jeanne Chamberlain Julie Conklin Mary Curiel, MD Sue Fleiger


52% 44% 56%

6% 6% 6%

24% 35% 19%

15% 13% 16%

3% 2% 3%


Elizabeth Grande Alice Hall, Pharm. D. Kate Homewood Sarah Hufbauer, MD Bobbe Kovar Monica Lake


4% 4% 4%

22% 39% 13%

47% 21% 61%

21% 31% 16%

6% 5% 6%


Sarah Lesko, MD Angel Mathis Debra Monroe Laura Morgan Ly Sieng Ngo Ray Padilla


44% 40% 47%

56% 60% 53%


Justin Pat Tammy Peterson Carrie Rubenstein, MD Chau Tran Astra Doty Vargas Cameron Winter Raleigh Watts


23% 18% 26%

46% 46% 47%

24% 31% 19%

7% 5% 8%

100% 150% 200% OVER 200%

Lane Youngblood


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0-4 5-12 13-19 20-44 45-64 65+


5% 8% 3%

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57% 51% 60%

26% 24% 28%

4% 4% 3%



“Dr. Megan DeBell saved my life. If you guys didn’t have an on-site colposcope, I would be dead.”
After years of employment with health insurance benefits, Bridget found herself without insurance. At the same time, she knew something was wrong but without insurance or the money to self-pay, she ignored her symptoms for several years. A friend, knowing there were resources out there, encouraged her to be “proactive and do something about this!” Bridget recalled with a knowing smile. A colposcopy during her first visit with Dr. Megan DeBell in May 2009 showed that Bridget had invasive cervical cancer. She was immediately referred to a specialist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for surgery. “In 11 days I went from avoiding my health problem to having my life saved!” Though Bridget now has a job with health insurance, she continues to see Dr. DeBell. “I know these doctors could work elsewhere but they don’t, they choose to work at the clinics.”

After a month of outside counseling, Marjorie, to her credit, was ready to swallow “the pill of reality…”
Marjorie arrived at Country Doctor as a new Seattle transplant overwhelmed with numerous anxiety issues. According to her provider Eileen Petralia, ARNP, Marjorie was convinced the anxiety was due to hormonal changes, that she was going through menopause. In reality, Marjorie wasn’t going through menopause, but was abusing alcohol. It was her vehicle for dealing with the real issues in her life that were causing a high level of depression and despair. After a month of outside counseling, Marjorie, to her credit, was ready to swallow “the pill of reality,” as Eileen describes the situation. Marjorie joined a gym, stopped drinking, and was ready to take antidepressants. She opened up to Eileen, and Eileen learned that her patient was genetically predisposed to depression and had suffered previous social and emotional stresses. Marjorie’s trust of her provider and counselor combined with her commitment to an ongoing medication regime resulted in “radical improvement in just a month,” says Eileen, who is very pleased with Marjorie’s progress. Several months later, “Marjorie is doing really well.” Marjorie’s clinic visits are down to just a few times a year. In the words of her provider, “Marjorie has gone from barely functioning to fully functioning.” Eileen continues, “Marjorie sent me a holiday card. It was the first one I’d ever received from a patient. I’ll keep it forever.”

Names have been changed to protect patients’ privacy.



We Thank Our Donors – You Made a Difference!
$10,000 AND ABOVE Amgen Foundation Boeing Employees Community Fund Byron and Alice Lockwood Foundation Glaser Foundation Horizons Foundation Bob and Sarah Lesko, MD Morgan Stanley Foundation Overton–Dennis Fund Petunia Foundation Safeco Insurance Foundation Seattle Foundation the Stranger Virginia Mason Medical Center $5,000 – $9,999 Anonymous (2) Alison Allgor Group Health Cooperative Norcliffe Foundation The Polyclinic Foundation Joseph Saitta, MD Jerry Sale and Rachel Klevit Swedish Hospital Medical Center $1,000 – $4,999 Anonymous (3) Aldrich + Associates Mari Anderson Judi Beck and Tom Alberg Board of Directors of Country Doctor Community Health Centers, In honor of Peg McVeigh Sheila Burroughs Chenoweth Family Foundation Combined Federal /King County Campaign Community Health Plan Cooper Levy Trust Bill and Peggy Eaton, MD Susan Eisele Family Unity Fund Greg and Valerie Gorder Rebecca Hicks Jeff and Anne Holden Hopkins Family Karl and Sally Hufbauer Kawabe Memorial Fund Jesse Kerns

Joan Kleinberg and Phil Katzen Laboratory Corporation of America Scott LaMontagne Susan Leavitt and Bill Block Tanya Martinez-Lemy McKinstry Charitable Foundation Linda McVeigh Microsoft Matching Giving Program Peter Morgan and Raleigh Bowden, MD Jeffrey Ofelt and Wade Weigel Carol Pencke The Polyclinic Lynn Rowland, DDS George Sandison Schiff Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Seattle Children’s Hospital Winnie Sperry Greg and Bronsa Swint David Taft and Dana Persson-Taft The Philip and Julia Meshberg Family Foundation The Radia Fund Sara Thompson, MD and Richard Gelinas Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund Raleigh Watts Wells Fargo Foundation Michael Westley Catherine Holmes Wilkins Charitable Foundation Kevin Wold
$500 – $999 Joe and Kay Beavo Deborah and Richard Berger Robin DeBell Jason Eintracht, MD and Tara Eintracht Pat Clayton and S. Frederickson Sam Cullison, MD Gino Gianola and Esther Herst Paul and Alice Hill Sarah Hufbauer, MD and David True, MD Diana Judson Kaplan-Nelson Fund Kinsella Construction

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UP TO $99 Anonymous (4) Edward Baiter Amy Bannister Emile Belliveau Kate Bennett Nari Benson Pamela Blakely Nancy Blase, In honor of their dog Norton, Alison Voinot and Rick Rosenberry Laurie Boroughs Laurie Brown Joy Bryngelson Hazel Carlough, In memory of Peg McVeigh

We have made every effort to be accurate and complete. Our apologies for any misspellings or omissions. 10

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