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Inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,

Lifetime Achievement Award Trustees, Pastor Clash In
Charlestonian James Jamerson, Heartbeat Defamation Lawsuit
of the Motown Sound Rejected for 11th violated the trust of his congre-
time for S.C. Hall of Fame objective of the law-
suit was to clear gation. "Brantley wanted
three years of regular reports
by the gentlemen and Roche,
these gentlemen's unquestioned control of the Brantley accused the gentle-
By Bob Small native son James Jamerson, church so badly that he falsely men of wrong-doing.
good names."
the heartbeat and pulse of the accused the gentlemen of mis-
An old R&B song “Uptown,” famous Motown sound who appropriating $300,000.00 of According to
tells the story of a guy consid- Sanders reports
was turned down for the 11th that the tension the church's money," said Sanders, Brantley refers to
ered ordinary in his neighbor- time for induction into the SC Sanders. himself as "Doctor" and wish-
hood but when he goes between Brantley
Hall of Fame. and the gentlemen See pg 2
Uptown he is recognized as Anthony McKnight, a relative In 2003, with approval of
the standard of cool. stemmed from
of Jamerson, Jerome Smalls, a Brantley and the congrega-
The same might be said about Brantley making
tion, the gentlemen oversaw a Behind the
various requests for
See pg 2
money which were $300,000.00 loan along with Controversy
the rental property purchases
not in the church's
and the subsequent manage- at
operating budget.
When the gentle- ment of the properties. St.
Brantley and the congregation
Rev. Clinton Brantley men denied
considered the rental proper- Matthew
Brantley's requests
ties an investment for the
church and in the neighbor- At a May 22, 2006 con-
James Bell, Ira Banks and in an attempt to stick to the hood around the church. gressional meeting at St.
Vernon Holmes filed suit budget, and to be good stew- Matthew Baptist
against Rev. Clinton Brantley ards of the church's money, After being commissioned to Church, Trustees James
and St. Matthew Baptist Brantley became angry at locate and to purchase the Bell, Ira Banks and
Church alleging Defamation, them. Even though former rental properties in 2003, the Vernon Holmes, were
Intentional Infliction of Finance Officer Francina three gentlemen (as well as removed by the pastor,
Emotional Distress and Roche reports that every Finance Officer Francina Rev. Dr. Clinton
Negligence. The lawsuit penny of the $300,000.00 has Roche) regularly reported Bradley, for misappropri-
arose from Brantley's false always been accounted for in their progress to the trustees ation of funds. The allega-
accusations of misappropriat- full, Brantley sought to move and to the congregation at reg- tions arose concerning
ing money at a May 22, 2006 the gentlemen out of his way. ularly-scheduled meetings. the purchase of the
congregational meeting. To date, Brantley has not No one ever objected, and all Grayson St. Apartments
Attorney T.O. Sanders who ordered an audit of the actions were unanimously located in the vicinity of
represents the gentlemen said, church's finances. approved. During this time, the church.
"When the gentlemen tried to Brantley was present at almost According to
defend themselves at this Sanders says the case was all of the trustee meetings and documented church min-
meeting, Brantley told them to about a pastor who abused the he presided over all of the con- utes and in the minister’s
James Jamerson 'sit down and shut up.' The power of his position and who gregational meetings. Despite See pg 2


The Charleston

VOLUME XXXVII NUMBER 5 •1111 King St. •Charleston, SC 29403• September 24, 2008 • .50

NO EXCUSE FOR Commentary

NOT VOTING Black Inner-City Schools Set-Up For Closure?
Black voter apapthy Let’s examine a few close churches. And they have a
by Arthur Lawrence thing about this historic even change its name, likely
remains a concern. The Presidential elections: local Black-owned newspaper school. They will probably doing this before Burke gets
reasons people give for The Charleston that circulates in our commu-
not voting range from 1844- Jame K. Polk County School District (or nity every week. It felt con- See pg 2

disillusionment with the (Dem) 49.54% CCSD) has presented to the trolled. I walked away feeling
community a new set of crite- that when all is said and done
political process to bad Henry Clay (Whig) that we are in jeopardy of los-
weather. Some common 48.08% difference of ria to assess the future of its
schools. There is a possibility, ing our neighborhood schools.
excuses are cited below. 39,490 votes District officials have said,
that some schools must close. I speculate that
1. My vote won’t make a 1880- James A. Garfield The proposed set of criteria CCSD wants to sell down-
will determine the future of town schools as commercial
difference. (Rep) 48.27% property, which is valued more
Winfield S. Hancock failing schools.
than residential property. If
Many citizens believe (Dem) 48.25% difference Charleston County we as community do not raise
their votes don’t count. of 1,898 votes School Superintendent Dr. our level of commitment to our
That could be further Nancy McGinley led a presen- children and the education
tation of this new plan to the process, we will find our
from the truth. 1884- Grover Cleveland schools sold to the highest bid-
Politicians count two (Dem) 48.50% community last Monday at Burke High School
Burke High School. As I sat der, and our children will have
things, votes and cam- James G. Blaine there and listened, I was very to be bused to another district.
paign contributions. (Rep) 48.25% difference dismayed. The set-up did not I assure you that there is a plan
Unless you’re wealthy, of 25,685 votes give audience members ample is in the works. The School
opportunity to ask questions – District works on a long term
your vote may be the only plan. Right now, CCSD is
chance to be heard. Your 1960- John F. Kennedy we were to only listen to the
plan. It felt like a complete working towards the year
vote is your voice. And (Dem) 49.72% waste of time. 2010. By then, I believe that
history has shown that Richard M. Nixon (Rep) Frasier Elementary will be
one or two votes per 49.55% difference of District officials did closed and likely sold to an
the community a disservice: entity like Trident Tech, just
precinct can make a dif- 114,673 votes like CA Brown was in the
ference in close elections. not only were we not able to
question, only last minute early 1980s. Frasier students
This year’s presidential So now you’re probably notice of this meeting was will then have to merge with
election between Sen. saying, so what’s the dif- given. With all of the tools our Sanders-Clyde students.
Barack Obama and Sen. ference between one voe? CCSD has, they could have
Inevitably, Burke will
John McCain promises Examine the following: sent a press release to all local
TV and radio stations. They be “re-structured”. CCSD
to be a close contest. could have sent notices to local likely wants to change every- Rivers Middle School
1800 - In a determination
Factors Cited for
See pg 2
What It Takes To Be A Good Public Servant Closing of Schools
By State Senator Robert Ford not end after the oath of office Saunders. His public service By Bob Small
Black Community Developer is given. responsibilities did not stop
This is in contrast to white when he joined the S.C. As the Charleston County
When you strip away all of the elected officials who come to House of Representatives. School District goes through
public and media attention public office after being a Charleston City Councilman the process of gathering input
that is directed toward elected member of a major club or Wendell Gilliard got his feet from parents and members of
officials you are left with one organization, the head of a suc- wet in public service back in the community on what
simple truth. An elected offi- cessful business or the benefac- 1971, and he has been helping schools could face closure or
cial is simply a public servant. tor of a special interest group. black people on a daily basis consolidation during their
Those of us who are fortunate Go down the list of elected since that time. And I don’t current budget crisis, the con-
enough to have won an elec- public officials in South expect that to change when he cern for many is that predomi-
tion have asked the public for Carolina and you will see that joins the state House next nately blacks schools will bear
the right to be their slaves dur- this is usually the route that year. the brunt of the closures.
ing the duration of our terms public servants have followed In my case, I got started in my In Peninsula Charleston
in office. Remember the old to win an elected office. early teens with the Southern enrollment criteria based on
adage, be careful what you ask In Charleston, me and two of Christian Leadership last year’s figures would leave
for because of if you get it then my friends and colleagues - Conference under Dr. Martin only one downtown elemen-
what? David Mack and Wendell Luther King Jr. I was first tary school other than Buist
This truth applies to a public Gilliard - are good examples of arrested in 1964, for example, Academy meeting the enroll-
servant regardless of whether community organizers who in Alexandria, La., during a ment criteria, James Simons
he or she is black or white. But didn’t stop providing commu- voters’ rights demonstration. reported student population of
in the case of public servants nity service after we became I truly believe that a good pub- 423.
who are black we usually have elected public servants. lic servant like me, David and Of the 16 criteria’s being used
come to an elected office after David Mack’s public service Wendell have touched the to decide if the schools will
a very long history of serving career started when he was in lives of millions of people by close, enrollment and enroll-
the community prior to run- his late teens with the what we do and how we do it. ment decline over the past 10
ning for a public office, and Congress of Racial Equality Because of that, it is some- years are factors. To success-
that community service does under the guidance of Bill times hard to swallow the crit- fully meet the enrollment part
icism directed toward those of of the criteria high schools
us who carry the dual responsi- should have an enrollment of
bilities of providing communi- 650. Middle schools should
ty service while carrying out have a 500 enrollment and ele-
our mandates as elected public mentary schools should have
officials. enrollments of 350.
For example, I recently read Other factors include, the
articles about black people State Report Card ratings
“HE WANTS A CHANGE TOO.” who want to become elected
Ford Mack Gilliard See pg 2
See pg 2
2-September 24, 2008 The Chronicle

Trustees, Pastors --- What It -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

cont. from pg 1 cont. from pg 1

es others to do the same, officials. But I see a problem do it is because we have a deep
although he never earned his try because we are good at it once they see that you care you
with these people. Unlike love for people, compassion and we have been at it for a Rights Movement with Dr.
doctorate degree. "Brantley is Wendell, David and I, they will not have a problem get- King, I learned one very
for people, particularly African long time. My advice to any- ting elected.
willing to fudge the truth to have decent jobs, they raise Americans and people who’ve important lesson. If you have
obtain the prestige of a title he one, particularly African But if you run and lose a race
money and they run for office been left out. Americans, who want to get the interest and the ability to
has never earned, so Brantley's like white candidates. They stay involved. Just don’t wait help people, do so.
This job is difficult because involved in the political until the next election to get
actions show that he is more come into the black communi- people expect us to give more
interested in unquestioned process, is just don’t do your involved again. You can’t do
ty and they say: “Vote for me, than our white counterparts. job on a daily basis then party
power and prestige than in and I will set you free.” But in that with black people. You
Look at it this way, when the on the weekend. Come in con- have to show them that you
sheparding his flock," says the black community you can General Assembly is out of ses-
Sanders. tact with people in your neigh- care. Factors cited -----------
do it that way. sion, most white elected offi- borhood who need you. Let
Wendell, David and I have When I was in the Civil
cials can take long vacations them see that you care, and cont. from pg 1
Sanders also says, made personal sacrifices to with their families. They don’t
"Brantley calls himself the generate funds for the commu- have to worry about people in
CEO of the church, even nity at-large. In the past two the community calling them
though churches don't have reflecting the school’s level of
years, I have raised as a black with a problem in the commu- Inducted Rock ------------------------------------------- performance. Enrollment
CEOs, because they are not community developer and nity that goes way beyond
businesses. They are houses of cont. from pg 1 decline over the past ten year
state senator close to $500,000 their role as an elected public period. Use of the building for
worship, biblical teaching and that I have given to non-profit official.
spiritual growth. However, other normal school hours;
organizations such as In my case, I get calls not just yearly progress to see if schools
Brantley seems unconcerned Masonic, fraternal and sorori- from African Americans. local community activist who grew up knowing Jamerson as a
that the Bible calls for Christ's are meeting district standards;
ty groups and black churches. Latinos call. White people youth, music historians Jack McCray and Karen Chandler who per pupil cost, what it cost to
followers to be humble ser- And in one case, a contribu- call. Seniors call. Educators have formed a grassroots movement called, “Friend of James
vants." educate a student for a year.
tion amounted to as much as calls. Professional people call. Jamerson,” have worked for years to have Jamerson inducted into Improvement rating, which
$70,000 to an organization. Business people call. All kinds the state hall of fame to no avail. measures past and present
"In 2000 when This is way beyond the call of of people call with their prob- “Here is a man who changed the face of music in America and and
Brantley asked the gentlemen state report cards, minimum
duty. lems because they know we he is not recognized in his home state.,” McKnight said. school size, to see if schools
to serve as trustees, they I represent people on various are going to be there for them. If you’ve heard the Temptations sing, “My Girl, Ain't to Proud to
accepted and volunteered meet space requirements;
issues, problems, concerns and Now that is what you call a Beg, Its’ Growing,” or the Supremes, “Stop In The Name of transfer trends in and out of
countless hours of their time to situations. That is way beyond good public servant who goes Love,” or Marvin Gaye’s, “What's Goin On,” or a host of other top
the church and to its causes. the school.
the call of duty. way beyond the call of duty. R&B hits cranked out by Motown during its heyday, then you Sanders Clyde Elementary
They gave their all and did Wearing the two hats of a David, Wendell and I can put were listening to Jamerson, considered by the pros to be one of the
their jobs right. What they got reported enrollment at 184,
community organizer and a our records as community innovators of the bass guitar. Mitchell Elementary 287,
in return was humiliation at public official is a very difficult organizers and public servants The state adopted shag music as its state music and Jamerson’s
the hands of Brantley which Memminger 333, Charleston
job. The only reason why we up against anyone in this coun- licks can be heard on many of the hits listed under the shag genre. Progressive Academy 332,
continues to this day. In Jamerson’s legacy began when as a young man he made his way to
Charleston's close-knit Figures for Burke were 614
Detroit to try his hand at playing in the growing R&B sound. His and Fraser Elementary report-
African-American church impact was immediate. Barry Gordy , founder of Motown
community, word of this event No Excuse ------------------------------------------------- ed 295 enrollment.
Records recognized the talents of the young Jamerson and quick- Schools in rural areas could
has traveled like lightening cont. from pg 1 ly signed him on to the Motown house band, known as the Funk
and it hurts these gentlemen— also be susceptible to closures
Brothers. Jamerson’s style which some came from the influence in based on attendance. Jane
striking them again and again church as a youth growing up on Edisto Island branded him an
and again as they go about Edwards on Edisto Island
for the Democrat-Republican (at one time both were innovator which many bass players tried to imitate. reported enrollment at 145,
their daily lives," says Sanders. Tributes to Jamerson include being inducted into the Rock and
one party) Presidential candidate, the Electoral Frierson 139, Minnie Hughes
College produced a “tie” for first place between Roll Hall of Fame in 2000, receiving the Lifetime Music 167, Lincoln High reported
On September 16, 2008, Judge Achievement Award in 2002 and being inducted in the Musicians
John Milling of Darlington Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Barr. This deadlock was enrollment at 148,
Hall of Fame in 2007, still the SC Hall of Fame still refuses to McClellanville Middle 109,
decided that the Charleston a result of one elector’s refusal to vote against Barr acknowledge his accomplishments. His latest tribute was being Schroder Middle School had
County Court of Common thereby causing the determination to be made in the inducted into Gullah-Geechee Hall of Fame and receiving the
Pleas did not have jurisdiction 299, Haut Gap Middle 330.
House of Representative. Anointed Spirit Award. Baptist Hill High School had
to hear the case. Milling ruled Born in 1936, he is considered one of the most influential bassist
that Brantley's allegations enrolment 438 and St. James
that ever lived. His bass licks for Motown are legendary and Santee reported enrolment at
arose from a church discipli- 1860 - Democrats Presidential Convention. Dispute many well known bassist in Rock and Roll, R&B, Reggae and
nary matter and that courts over the party’s view of slavery. Members of 2 commit- 212.
the Blues have been influenced by him. Charleston County School
should not get involved in tees submitted reports - - - - support or deplore the Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee paid
these matters. Because there Superintendent Nancy
activity. Party members voted in favor of the moderate tribute to Jamerson during his presidential primary trek through McGinley has already said the
is no South Carolina case law Michigan. When asked about the Tower of Power, (a well known
on point, Milling relied on the report which did not deplore the KKKs activities. Vote R&B group) Huckabee reportedly said “The Tower of Power,
concerns and suggestions of
case law of other states and on 152 - 151. the public would be taken into
absolutely great, but I gotta tell you, as far as laying down the consideration but the final
the First Amendment to the track, nobody has ever been as good as the Funk Brothers. I mean,
U.S. Constitution. According decision would be made by the
1860 - Republican Presidential Convention. During James Jamerson on bass guitar is one of my idols.” school board.
to Sanders, he and the gentle- Huckabee went so far as to send South Carolina Governor Mark
men are considering an appeal, the 3rd roll call, Abraham Lincoln received 231 1/2 of the She said her three main goals
delegates votes but needed 1 1/2 more votes for a major- Sanford a letter urging him to support the induction of Jamerson were: 1. Focusing all CCSD
because the case law Milling into the Hall of Fame, but there has been no response from the
relied on applies to church ity. Result: Ohio provided 4 votes and soon other resources on achieving instruc-
governor’s office. tional excellence. 2.
employees who had been fired states followed. Smalls recalls the days when Jamerson visited Charleston and Establishing optimal school
and to church members who would hang out with family members and friends who lived on
were ex-communicated from designs, locations and capaci-
1888 - Republican Presidential Convention. Although Race Street. ties and replicating successful
their churches. Neither situa- “When he came to town wearing his trademark tam we knew we
tion applies to the gentlemen. he was neither running nor campaigning for office, were going to hear some stories and have some fun,” Smalls
"While churches certainly have Frederick Douglass received one nomination from a Many of the downtown
recalled. schools have been classified as
the right to govern themselves participating delegate. That “one” vote encouraged the McKnight said a James Jamerson Fan Club still exists in London, failing school for the past 10
as they see fit, a pastor should following Black men to run for the same office nearly England and his influence is universal.”
not be allowed to lie about his years and those schools have
100 years later: Jamerson was by most accounts considered a troubled genius had declining enrollments as
parishioners and to humiliate known to do the unexpected. Playing his guitar in recording ses-
them in front of the congrega- parents have exercised the the
sions laying flat on the floor or introducing as totally different right to transfer their children
tion," said Sanders. He went 1968 - Eldridge Cleaver (Peace & Freedom) improv on a song were pure Jamerson.
on to say that the courts were 1986 - Dick Gregory (Peace & Freedom) out of failing schools to
His son James Jamerson Jr., said his father played to his own beat. schools outside their zone as
the only opportunity the gen- 1972 - Walter E. Fauntroy (Dem) He recalled a story his father told him that as a boy he would put
tlemen would have to clear part of the No Child Left
a stick with a rubber band tied to it into an ant hole and play for Behind Law.
their names, because Brantley the ants.
would not want to recognize And, of course, two campaigns by the Rev. Jesse Jamerson died in a Los Angelos hospital in 1983 of sclerosis of the
In another group a resident
them at a congregational Jackson of the Rainbow Coalition. questioned what would
liver and pneumonia a the age of 47. become become of the schools
meeting. Family members have set up a MySpace account for Jamerson after they are closed. Cochran
1924 - Democrat Presidential Convention. Party failed where supporters of Jamerson’s induction into the hall of fame can said the closing of schools in
to renounce the activities of the KKK. Members voted sign an online petition on line petition. the district that have historical
in favor 543-3/20 votes with 542-7/20 votes opposed. 12- “This is a wrong that must be righted. A man recognized all over significance would have a neg-
THE CHRONICLE the world for his talent and giifts should be recognized in his home ative impact on the communi-
10/ 20 declined to vote. state,” McKnight said. ty. He alluded to
1111 King Street The address is, Charles A. Brown High
Charleston, SC 29403
2. Other excuses some folks give for not voting: (A) I’ll School which was closed and
•••• be out of town on election day (B) I’m shut-in due to ill- reopened as Trident
ness or physical disability (C) I’m disabled and can’t Black Inner ------------------------------------------------ Technical College Palmer
(843) 723-2785 Campus.
climb the steps to my voting place (D) I don’t have time cont. from pg 1
Fax: (843) 577-6099 to go and register (E) I don’t have transportation to the
Email: polls (F) I’ve moved and don’t know where to vote (G) the chance to celebrate its May I propose a solution to
J. JOHN FRENCH, SR. I’m turned off by negative campaigning (H) and, I’m 100th Anniversary in 2010. I the financial dilemma: 1) close
too busy. feel that Charleston Buist Academy.
President - Editor//Publisher Progressive is at risk of being
Like we have said, there are no excuses!
“re-structured” and its students
moved to Sanders-Clyde.
It is too small. It sits in a
major commercial district. It
Then the Charleston should get major revenue; 2)
Operations-Business Mgr./ Behind the --------------
Progressive campus will
become Buist’s campus, since
re-locate our Buist and Chas.
Charter students to Burke’s
they have little room for their
cont. from pg 1 current population.
believe that CCSD does not
And I
campus, which can accommo-
date up to 1000 students. RIGHT-
With this, the District will
Receptionist- want any school at Rivers forge a truly integrated school
State of the Church Report, it Trustees to locate and acquire Campus.
Traffic/Photographer was noted that the church had property in the vicinity of the in District 20; 3) sell the
Marketing been mortgaged for $300,000 church to help rid the neigh- District Office Building on 75
Tolbert Smalls, Jr. and that the apartment build-
ings had been purchased for
borhood of its high crime sta-
tus. “I was deeply disturbed to
The School District
had talked up their plans to
Calhoun Street. Think about
how much profit the District
Contributing Writers- create High Tech High at will get from that location.
hear Rev. Brantley accuse
Hakim Abdul-Ali
Beverly Birch
$160,000 with an additional
$40,000 for repairs. He said these Trustees of mortgaging
the church without his knowl-
Rivers campus; a year later,
they ended up saying there
With these actions, our ele-
mentary schools will remain
he didn’t know anything about was no money in the budget
edge.” intact, and we will have a
Bob Small
it, and as a result of their
(trustees) actions, they should Marguerite Grimes,
for this vocational program.
And now there is speculation
diverse neighborhood school
in the heart of our city.
be removed. a 30-year member of St. that the Chas. Charter
However, according
to sworn affidavits the pastor
Matthew, said she attended a
meeting where the real estate
School’s stay at Rivers
Campus will be a brief one,
There is something VOTE-
had attended all meetings committee talked about pur- we, the community, can do to
PUBlICATION DATE due to “construction issues.” I save our schools: go charter.
where these issues were dis- chasing some apartments. believe that CCSD only see
Member: cussed and approved and as a “Rev. Brantley suggested to By converting our schools to
dollar signs when they look at charter schools, we will have
National Newspaper Publishers, Assoc. result should have been aware. the committee to use a particu- that location.
South Carolina Press Assoc. Said 58-year-old
Shirley Mae Taylor, a member
lar bank he was associated
with. Also, Rev. Brantley
more of a say in what happens
in our schools.
Amalgamated Publishers I don’t believe that CCSD is
of the church for 50-years: “I presided over the meeting per-
S.C. Chamber of Commerce was present during several taining to purchasing real
estate and gave them authori-
the sole mastermind of the
plan to sell our schools. I feel
At your next PTA meeting, I
suggest you discuss going
NO REFUNDS ON SUBSCRIPTIONS meetings that Rev. Brantley the business community has a
zation to make the purchase charter for the sake of preserv-
Published Wednesday
TRI State Printing-
presided over, and on May 22,
2006, he stood before the con- without coming back to the
hand in this, too. That is why,
I think, many of our District
ing your neighborhood school.
If each school family work
North Charleston gregation and said he didn’t board. Later, he led the con- leaders are not native together for the greater good
know anything about the
church being mortgaged. He
gregation to believe the
Trustees were dishonest and
Charlestonians. Non-natives,
I believe, are chosen because
of our children, charter can be FOR
Credo of The Black Press
also said money was being called for a vote to remove, and a reality, and will spare our
they do not have that sense of
The Black Press believes that
America can best lead the world
from racial and national antago-
mis-managed and was holding
James Bell, Veron Holmes
they did.”
62-year-old Deloris
familial commitment to the
city and its citizens. That way,
schools from being “re-struc-
tured” or closed by the School YOUR
and Ira Banks responsible. Wilson said she was in atten- District. We must do all we
everything can be strictly busi-
nism when it accords to every
person, regardless of race, creed
or color, his or her human and
Due to this false information, a
vote was taken to dismiss
dance when the minister gave
Trustee Vernon Holmes
District officials,
can to save our schools. RIGHT
legal rights. Hating no person, them.” authorization to get informa- Mr. Arthur Lawrence
fearing no person, the Black
Press strives to help every person
Gerri Miller, a mem- tion on properties in the area
that the church can purchase. I
please come clean: major deci-
sions are made based on
West Side Neighborhood
ber of the church for 40 years, money, not our children’s
in the firm belief that all persons
witnessed this authority being Association
are hurt as long as anyone is
held back
was in attendance where the
pastor gave permission to the given.”
needs. Our District is experi-
encing a financial shortfall.
President, Friends of Burke VOTE
The Chronicle Seotember 24, 2008- 3

Poll: Deep-Seated Racism Among White Democrats Could Cost Obama Close-Call Election
By: Ron Fournier and Trevor enough to counter the nega- white faces flashed on a com- while about 20 percent of inde-
Thompson, Associated Press tive effect of some whites' puter screen, asking partici- pendent voters called blacks
views. pants to rate how well certain "intelligent" or "smart," more
WASHINGTON - Deep- adjectives apply to blacks, than one third latched on the
seated racial misgivings could Race is not the biggest factor measuring whether people adjective "complaining" and
cost Barack Obama the White driving Democrats and inde- believe blacks' troubles are 24 percent said blacks were
House if the election is close, pendents away from Obama. their own fault, and simply "violent."
according to an AP-Yahoo Doubts about his competency asking people how much they
News poll that found one- loom even larger, the poll indi- like or dislike blacks. Nearly four in 10 white inde-
third of white Democrats har- cates. More than a quarter of pendents agreed that blacks
bor negative views toward all Democrats expressed "We still don't like black peo- would be better off if they "try
blacks -- many calling them doubt that Obama can bring ple," said John Clouse, 57, harder."
"lazy," "violent" or responsible about the change they want, reflecting the sentiments of his
for their own troubles. and they are likely to vote pals gathered at a coffee shop The survey broke ground by
against him because of that. in Somerset, Ohio. incorporating images of black
The poll, conducted with and white faces to measure
Stanford University, suggests Three in 10 of those Given a choice of several posi- implicit racial attitudes, or
that the percentage of voters Democrats who don't trust tive and negative adjectives prejudices that are so deeply
who may turn away from Barack Obama Obama's change-making cre- that might describe blacks, 20 rooted that people may not
Obama because of his race dentials say they plan to vote percent of all whites said the realize they have them. That
could easily be larger than the for McCain. word "violent" strongly test suggested the incidence of
final difference between the nomination on the 45th themselves Democrats sup- racial prejudice is even higher,
applied. Among other words,
candidates in 2004 -- about 2.5 anniversary of Martin Luther port Obama, compared to the Still, the effects of whites' with more than half of whites
22 percent agreed with "boast-
percentage points. King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" 85 percent of self-identified racial views are apparent in the revealing more negative feel-
ful," 29 percent "complaining,"
speech, a seminal moment for Republicans who back polling. ings toward blacks than
13 percent "lazy" and 11 percent
Certainly, Republican John a nation that enshrined slavery McCain. whites.
"irresponsible." When asked
McCain has his own obsta- in its Constitution. Statistical models derived about positive adjectives,
cles: He's an ally of an unpopu- The survey also focused on the from the poll suggest that Researchers used mathemati-
whites were more likely to stay
lar president and would be the "There are a lot fewer bigots racial attitudes of independent Obama's support would be as cal modeling to sort out the
on the fence than give a strong-
nation's oldest first-term presi- than there were 50 years ago, voters because they are likely much as 6 percentage points relative impact of a huge swath
ly positive assessment.
dent. But Obama faces this: but that doesn't mean there's to decide the election. higher if there were no white of variables that might have an
40 percent of all white only a few bigots," said racial prejudice. Among white Democrats, impact on people's votes -
Americans hold at least a part- Stanford political scientist Lots of Republicans harbor including race, ideology, party
one-third cited a negative
ly negative view toward Paul Sniderman who helped prejudices, too, but the survey But in an election without identification, the hunger for
adjective and, of those, 58 per-
blacks, and that includes many analyze the exhaustive survey. found they weren't voting precedent, it's hard to know if change and the sentiments of
cent said they planned to back
Democrats and independents. against Obama because of his such models take into account Sen. Hillary Rodham
The pollsters set out to deter- race. Most Republicans all the possible factors at play. Clinton's backers.
More than a third of all white mine why Obama is locked in wouldn't vote for any
The poll sought to measure
Democrats and independents - a close race with McCain even Democrat for president -- The AP-Yahoo poll used the Just 59 percent of her white
latent prejudices among
- voters Obama can't win the as the political landscape white, black or brown. unique methodology of Democratic supporters said
whites by asking about factors
White House without -- seems to favor Democrats. Knowledge Networks, a contributing to the state of they wanted Obama to be
agreed with at least one nega- President Bush's unpopulari- Not all whites are prejudiced. Menlo Park, Calif., firm that president. Nearly 17 percent of
black America. One finding:
tive adjective about blacks, ty, the Iraq war and a national Indeed, more whites say good interviews people online after Clinton's white backers plan
More than a quarter of white
according to the survey, and sense of economic hard times things about blacks than say randomly selecting and screen- to vote for McCain.
Democrats agree that "if
they are significantly less likely cut against GOP candidates, bad things, the poll shows. ing them over telephone. Among white Democrats,
blacks would only try harder,
to vote for Obama than those as does that fact that And many whites who see Numerous studies have Clinton supporters were near-
they could be just as well off as
who don't have such views. Democratic voters outnumber blacks in a negative light are shown that people are more ly twice as likely as Obama
click here Republicans. still willing or even eager to likely to report embarrassing backers to say at least one neg-
vote for Obama. behavior and unpopular opin- ative adjective described
Those who agreed with that
Such numbers are a harsh The findings suggest that ions when answering ques- statement were much less like- blacks well, a finding that sug-
dose of reality in a campaign Obama's problem is close to On the other side of the racial tions on a computer rather gests many of her supporters
ly to back Obama than those
for the history books. Obama, home -- among his fellow question, the Illinois than talking to a stranger. in the primaries -- particularly
who didn't.
the first black candidate with a Democrats, particularly non- Democrat is drawing almost whites with high school educa-
Among white independents,
serious shot at the presidency, Hispanic white voters. Just unanimous support from Other techniques used in the tion or less -- were motivated
racial stereotyping is not
accepted the Democratic seven in 10 people who call blacks, the poll shows, though poll included recording peo- in part by racial attitudes.
uncommon. For example,
that probably wouldn't be ple's responses to black or


-Barack Obama


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4-September 24, 2008 The Chronicle

Is It Too Late New Poll Reveals

Depth of White
for Black
By. George E Curry
By. James Clingman NNPA Columnist
by Jim French NNPA Columnist

PREACHERS IN POLITICS Blackonomics Despite their professed love for Oprah and Bill Cosby, more than
half of Whites harbor Archie Bunker-like attitudes toward
As we round the political curve and circle the people African-Americans. And that has tremendous implications not
For a precious few individual Black folks, it’s definitely not too only for the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, but for how
together that will elect the first African-American President of late; they are doing just fine. No matter what the economy brings,
these United States, I am concerned that many of our preachers African-Americans are viewed in the United States.
I am sure most of them will continue to be financially secure.
are saying to the flock that their role is the spirituality of saving our Of course we have some who, despite their tremendous wealth Much of the coverage of a recent joint poll by the Associated Press
souls, not the mingling in of politics. However, I’m reminded that and fame, will continue to purchase all the “bling” they can possi- and Yahoo News has centered on the finding that one-third of
Jesus Christ not only saved souls but nourished the spirit and fed bly possess and end up broke in a few years, a la Mike Tyson and Democrats expressed negative views of African-Americans, call-
the masses, using the politics of that day. several others I could name. But, as many of my readers know, I ing them “lazy” and “violent.”
During numerous conversations, especially at election have always been about collective economic empowerment rather
time, with the late Rev. Dr. Willis Goodwin, he would become than that of individuals, which is the reason for my question: “Is it However, a more disturbing finding – at least to me – was that
outraged at those who favor the status quo who feel that preach- too late?” more than half of Whites expressed more negative attitudes
ers ought to stay out of politics. He said they believe in a narrow Although I truly hope and pray it is not too late for Black people toward Blacks than Whites.
definition of religion and do not recognize the connection between to make a serious move toward collective economic empower-
faith and action. He said, in his raspy voice, not to pay attention to ment, the closer I look at our situation in this country the more Respondents were given a series of words and asked, “How well
those who say that Christianity has no place in politics, and if that doubtful I become of a positive outcome. I am not a pessimist, and does each of these words describe most blacks?”
were so, tyranny would remain unchallenged by truth and bigotry I continue to work for our collective advancement, but always
would remain unchecked and uncondemned by the Bible. with one eye on reality. Among the findings:
Among my memorable keepsakes which I borrowed And the reality is that in spite of all the messages, all the lessons,
from his many sermons, rang with so much political persuasion, all the instructions, all the examples, all the admonishment, and all • Asked about “complaining,” 11 percent of Whites said the
and this is what he said: the sacrifices made by our forebears, we are still in an untenable description fits most Blacks extremely well, 18 percent said very
“Moses would never have defied Pharoah. Joshua would state of affairs. well and 28 percent said moderately well, a total of 57 percent.
never have conquered Canaan. David would have ruled a nation. What’s our problem? Have we grown so complacent in our own
Elijah would never have confronted Ahab. Amos would never dysfunction that we are willing to continue in status quo? Do we • When given the word “boastful,” 7 percent of Whites said
have shaken the oppressive throne of Jereboam and Jesus would really believe that some day someone will ride down our street on that describes most Blacks extremely well, 14 percent said very
never had leveled the power of God against the Roman empire. If well and 31 percent said moderately well, a total of 52 percent.
a white elephant or a white donkey and rescue us? Have we final-
religion had not been involved in political struggles, Martin ly succumbed to the ultimate okey-doke by subscribing to the fal-
Luther would never have liberated the Church and Martin Luther • When the word “violent” was applied, 7 percent said it
lacy that Black folks just cannot – or will not – work together when describes most Blacks extremely well, 13 percent said very well and
King Jr. would never have integrated public facilities and dignified it comes to economic empowerment? Have we “fallen and can’t
his people.” As we face the conditions of Blacks in the Republic of 28 percent said moderately well, a total of 48 percent.
get up”?
Charleston, they seem to be getting worse, achieving racial justice As I look at our situation in America, having modeled my life • When given the word “irresponsible,” 4 percent of Whites
is getting more knotty as new ways are devised to continue ancient after those who have urgently called for Black economic empow- said that describes most Blacks extremely well, 7 percent said very
prejudices. Witness the Charleston County School Board and its erment, I don’t like what I see. In 2008 Black folks are mired in well and 29 percent said moderately well, a total of 40 percent.
reverse push to a return to school segregation, which was never a the worst conditions since we got our “civil rights.” Despite the
reality, anyway. possible election of a Black President, Black people in general are • Five percent of Whites said the word “lazy” describes
While there are other preachers who are definitely still at the bottom, steeped in poverty, poor health, short life spans, most Blacks extremely well, 8 percent said very well and 25 percent
involved in politics, none more-so than the late Rev. Fred D. crime and disparate punishment, unemployment, and poor educa- said moderately well, a total of 38 percent.
Dawson, that intrepid spirit with the pioneering zeal and political tion.
consciousness who for over 40 years served as pastor of Calvary In all of our grandeur, all of our pomposity, all of our red-carpet Answers to other questions by Whites also provided some inter-
Missionary Baptist Church. flash, all of our champagne-sipping-braggadocios-arrogance, we esting responses. Pollsters provided this statement: “Generations
Rev. Dawson was a stone liberal and a radical in the days have sunk to new levels of selfishness, self-hate, and insecurity. of slavery have created conditions that make it difficult for blacks
when Black political in the Republic of Charleston was neither Our collective prosperity is virtually nonexistent because we have to work their way out of the lower class.” Of the White respon-
organized nor mobilized. He preached from his pulpit that spiritu- fallen for the ploy that directs us toward “I” rather than “we.” dents, only 4 percent strongly agreed with that statement and 15
al zeal ought to walk hand-in-hand with political activism, that As for the so-called “committed” brothers and sisters, they spend percent somewhat agreed. On the other hand, 22 percent strongly
those who pray ought to register and those who read the Bible so much time being philosophers and information junkies that disagreed and 22 percent somewhat disagreed.
ought to vote, that those who believe in God ought to work for the they seldom if ever get anything else done. Our dear brother, the
betterment of the community and those who claim redemption in late Joe Seyoum Lewis of Atlanta, Georgia, called these folks Pollsters also provided this statement: “Over the past few years,
Jesus Christ ought to fight boldly for freedom. Fred Dawson, at “rapolutionaries.” blacks have gotten LESS than they deserve.” Only 2 percent of
least during my time, was the only preacher to demonstrate the Some of our folks have so many ideas, strategies, responses to and whites strongly agreed with that statement and 11 percent some-
essential relationship between the Bible and the ballot, between what agreed. By contrast, 22 percent of Whites strongly disagreed
complaints about the current plight of Black people, but yet they and 22 percent somewhat disagreed.
church and community, between prayer and politics, Jesus and seldom if ever participate in economic initiatives that will move
justice. our people forward. What is wrong with us, y’all?
He was a fearless fighter for Black equality. He fought Another statement: “Most blacks who receive money from welfare
Is it indeed too late for Black people to secure a solid economic programs could get along without it if they tried.” Eighteen per-
for integration in the city’s new housing projects during World foothold in this country?
War II. He put his life on the line when he would take to the cent of Whites strongly agree and 28 percent somewhat agree, a
Is it too late for us to collectively rally around sound economic total of 46 percent. Only 7 percent of Whites strongly disagreed
streets, usually alone, facing down the KKK and police brutality principles and strategies such as those implemented by other
against Black citizens. He fought vigorously and marched in the with that statement and 13 percent somewhat disagreed.
“Tribes” in this country? Is it too late for us to lock-down a pros-
blazing sun to protest the negative editorials in the daily newspa- perous economic future for our children? Is it too late for Black None of this should come as a complete shock to any of us.
per against our people, and to remove etchings-in-cement the people to use the power of numbers to build and sustain a true eco- Previous national polls have confirmed that when it comes to race,
word “colored” from the restrooms in Marion Square. nomic movement? Blacks and Whites do not share the same view of reality.
Of course there was and will always be criticism of Black If Katrina was not enough for us to see that we are on our own, I
religion. Some negative attitudes are justified, others are grossly doubt that the latest economic debacle will do anything to shake The Associated Press/Yahoo News poll was consistent with pre-
unfair, as is the case of Sen. Barack Obama and his pastor, Rev. us. In many cases we have grown comfortable in our complacency vious surveys. Asked, “How much of the racial tension that exists
Dr. Jerimiah Wright, whose face and words will again grace tele- and psychologically immune to the “emergency we now face” as in the United States today do you think blacks are responsible for
vision screens in the coming weeks, more than the snakes on Wall MLK warned us before he was killed. creating?” 54 percent of Whites said “some,” 31 percent said “most”
St. who have robbed the economy of our country. Some of our We have had recent warnings by Dr. Claud Anderson, in his and 5 percent said “all of it.”
churches are responsive to human needs, others seem irrelevant books and speeches on Powernomics; we have heard from
and esoteric but all of them are free. And if they were not fulfilling Amefika Geuka, in his brilliant “Black Papers,” especially the one As gloomy as the poll findings may seem, that does not necessari-
some human need, they could not and would not exist. titled, From Rhetoric to Action;” and the latest watchman on the ly mean that Obama can not be elected president. We should not
Of course, the biggest swindle of all time is the buying off wall to warn us is Bob Law, noted radio personality, who issued forget that Bill Clinton was elected twice without capturing a
politics from prayer so that many people think that one can’t pray his “Appeal for Appropriate Behavior” among Black people. majority of the White vote. Similarly, Obama needs only to win a
politically and can’t politic prayfully. The two must be kept togeth- All three of these brothers agree on the simple principle of eco- significant segment of Whites in order to be successful.
er; knee work must be coordinated with foot work lest politics nomic support for one another. They all agree that we should use
become corrupt and prayer become an escape mechanism. That means that two key groups – young people and African-
more of our tremendous annual income to support one another, Americans – must register and vote in record numbers in order to
Prayer seeks diving intervention. Politics is geared thereby, creating “conscious Black millionaires.”
toward human action. The two must be kept together because it defeat John McCain on Nov. 4. Obama has already proven that he
refuses to do for us when He has given to us the power and the If only those who consider themselves “conscious” would pur- can win virtually all-White states in the West and compete with
opportunity to do it ourselves. That’s why our foreparents used to chase CD’s, books, and other items from conscious brothers and McCain in the battleground states and in the South. But he must
ask, “Is you got good religion?” sisters, if only we would patronize the businesses of conscious do more.
As a Lay member of the Interdenominal Ministerial Black people, if only those of us who are supported would, in turn,
Alliance the past five years, I have learned that the position and recycle that patronage to other conscious Blacks, we would create Obama must maintain focus on McCain’s record. Skip all of this
function of the Black church is the nucleus of life and hope, around “instant” conscious Black millionaires who would surely, I repeat, nonsense about Sarah Palin; she’s a sideshow. As Clinton remind-
which the Black community is organized, strengthened, instruct- “surely” use their financial resources to build an economic founda- ed George H.W. Bush, it’s the economy, stupid. McCain can’t
ed, inspired and sustained. tion for our people. have it both ways. He can’t argue for fewer government regula-
Whether you travel from downtown Charleston’s East or tions – as he has most of his career in Congress – and now portray
I wrote about Ashiki Taylor and his product, Ice Supreme; I have himself as a Wall Street reformist.
Westside, to Liberty Hill and all the way to Moncks Corner,
Summerville, the Sea Islands, there is no shortage of beautiful reli- shared information about Compro Tax, 155 offices across this
country that we can and should support; I have told you about Anyone who can’t readily recall how many homes he has should
gious edifices. In most cases, they are situated in the middle of not be allowed to depict his opponent as an elitist. An elitist is one
neighborhoods that are ridden with drugs and squalor, and yet no Farley’s Coffee and other Black owned businesses that we can
support; I even listed, free of charge, Black owned businesses in who gets in and out of the U.S. Naval Academy largely on the
spiritual force is reviving lives of those areas. Docility and passivi- strength of his father and father’s father being admirals.
ty in the face of conspicuous moral carnage undercuts the role of my latest book, Black Empowerment with an Attitude.” So what
the church. are we waiting for, a deep depression before we decide to act on
our own behalf? I hope not, because then it will be too late. In many respects, this presidential election will be a referendum on
If a neighborhood is good enough for black suit, white White attitudes. Will Whites who say they oppose the war in Iraq
dress-blazing Sunday worship, it should be good enough for a Empower yourself and empower our people, through mutual sup-
port. If the “conscious” among us fail to respond to our appeal for and reject George W. Bush’s economic policies vote in their best
spiritual campaign to rid it of crack houses which serve as havens interest or will they remained blinded by racial prejudice? That is
for crime. The Black church’s mission is not only to talk about “a appropriate behavior, can we depend on the chosen few who have
a question that will be answered on Nov. 4.
land flowing with milk and honey,” but also how to rid the land of “made it” to use their resources to change our untenable economic
crack to protect the citizens and save lives. I’m afraid that the bane position? I kinda doubt it. Is it too late? No; not as long as we’re George E. Curry, former editor-in-chief of Emerge magazine and
of today’s church is that too many of them are being confined to breathing. Just start doing more with what you have, and we will the NNPA News Service, is a keynote speaker, moderator, and
armchair pontification immersed in self-glory. succeed. media coach. He can be reached through his Web site,
Having said that, we hear too much about what church-
es are not doing and too little about what churches have done and
are doing to enhance and liberate Black people. Too much atten-
tion is given to the house the preacher lives in, the car he drives
and the chicken he devours, and too little about his or her labors
and sacrifices in behalf of social and political deliverance.
Just remember the Black church was the only institution
we had during slavery, and there is a Black church in Clearwater,
S.C. that is actually older than the United States!

Also remember that when “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman told

us that we were nobody, our churches told us that we were some-
body. When the law told us that we were only 3-5 human, our
churches told us that we were children of God and therefore equal
to anybody. God didn’t make anyone inferior. When pseudo-scien-
tists predicted that we would never advance from the condition of
servitude, our churches preached to us, “You shall rise, stretch
your wings and be free.” It was our churches which taught us how
to sing and believe, “We shall overcome.”

The ancient foundation of our racial strength and solidar-

ity is not the family but the church. Only the church survived and
it’s still around to help us in our struggle to elect as African-
American the next president of these United States! Mercy.

Don’t Forget-

The Chronicle September 24, 2008-5

As American Muslims Want Sarah Palin’s Pick as V.P. Shows

I Seat at Political Table that the GOP’s Just Fine with
See It
Hakim Abdul-Ali By. Nisa Islam Muhammad Selective Affirmative Action
Special to the NNPA from the Final Call
By: Tonyaa Weathersbee,
DENVER (NNPA) - American Muslims from around the coun-
It’s hard to look at the Sarah Palin craze and not see racial
Autumn Visions try met with Joshua Dubois, director of religious affairs for the
Barack Obama presidential campaign, during the Democratic hypocrisy.
It’s that wonderful time of the year again, and I could only be National Convention to address concerns that the Muslim com-
munity was being marginalized by the campaign. Especially if you happen to be black.
referring to “autumn.” It makes me pause for a cold, stone moment
in time, and I think about myself, family and friends who I care “It’s not a smear to be called a Muslim. We have Muslim staffers
about and what’s going in the rest of the world. all over the country,” said DuBois at a luncheon sponsored by the Since John McCain plucked the 44-year-old Palin from the Alaska
American Muslim Democratic Caucus. tundra to be his vice-presidential running mate, the party that has
If you read anything that I’ve written in this heralded weekly “You will have a seat at the table,” he said, “The issues today are spent much of the past two decades building part of its platform
newspaper, aptly named “The Charleston Chronicle,” over the last too critical for us not to work together.” on the bones of affirmative action seems to be trying to resurrect it
twenty years, you’d know that I’m a nature lover to the bone. And Those remarks were a precursor to an Aug. 26 meeting with cau- for her.
“autumn” is that special season that makes me become very reflec- cus representatives.
tive and introspective. “The meeting went very well. It was a successful event. We asked But only for her.
I believe that many others in this potentially great land of that we questions about the perception that the Obama campaign was Palin has been governor of Alaska for less than two years. Before
call America may share my same vibration(s) about this season. marginalizing the Muslim voice in this campaign. We were that, she was mayor of a town where fewer than 9,000 people lived
The seasons of the year may represent more of an occasion to look assured that that was not the case. We were satisfied with his -- and which she left in debt. It took her five years and four schools
at what’s going on than just a mere climatic weather alteration of answers,” said Dr. Inayat Lalani, chief organizer of the American to finally get a college degree.
nature. Muslim Democratic Caucus, which debuted at the convention And she and her aides continue to intimate that being able to see
with a press conference and luncheon. Russia from Alaska’s islands somehow magically imbues her with
It does to me, and living in the America of the 21st Century as a Muslims have received a double dose of taint during the campaign foreign policy insight.
person of color with hidden racism hiding under every leaf of real- since Sen. Obama has been accused of being a Muslim. He is a Yet Palin’s conservative GOP compatriots insist that she’s more
ity makes realize that truth is very hard to find if we only believe in Christian. qualified than Barack Obama to be the leader of the free world
Halloween and any other “hollow-daze” as mere harmless fun. It’s Many in attendance at events felt Sen. Obama’s stance on Islam should the 72-year-old McCain die in office because she has “exec-
during this time of the year that Black America and its pressing and Muslims had been muddied by the media and the group utive experience.”
concerns appear to be highlighted in my mind-set. planned a meeting with Patrick Gaspard, the political director for
Being of color in the United States of America has always been a the Obama campaign.
struggle for survival for all oppressed “colored” folks, even during No matter that Obama has a Harvard Law degree, edited
“If Barack said there’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim this Harvard Law Review, taught constitutional law and represents a
the “autumns” of their quests for freedom and liberty. What hue is needs to get out to the Muslim community. It alienates them to
racism in America, and what season does it show its real face or U.S. Senate district of hundreds of thousands.
not have this information. The organizers here said that Barack No matter that executive experience is a phony issue -- especially
true nature?Think about that! Obama went to a mosque. Who knows this? We have to send this when one considers that George W. Bush, who may go down in
message to the Muslim community,” said Abdul Akbar history as the nation‘s worse president, had six years of it.
When I envision yesteryear’s “Autumn Visions,” I know that those Muhammad, who writes the syndicated Africa and the World col-
“hue-man’s” sojourns for comfort, prosperity and equality are umn and hosts a radio program,'' he said. ''This is an important
marked by the continual winds of clandestine bigoted changes Yet from the way the polls are looking right now, it seems a lot of
first step. Muslims have been marginalized. It’s partly our fault for
that forever labels a person of color a second-class citizen, and
not being active in politics.'' people are buying it. And this would be laughable if so many black
oppression is a blow to the “hue-man” psyche of morality. people didn’t experience this kind of hypocrisy every day.
Civic immorality is something that politicians only speak of when Muslim delegates came to Denver to make their voices heard and
heed Sen. Obama’s call for inclusion in his presidential campaign. It’s the kind of hypocrisy that blames black people for not setting
it’s vote- getting time, and this public “autumn” is no different if you high enough standards for themselves; the kind that says that if we
can see behind the utterances and words of expressed “change(s).” “We’ve been working very hard in the Democratic party to get the
Muslim community involved. The Democrats know about the all speak correct English, embrace education and reject criminali-
This is an officially bipartisan “autumn,” and truly America is in ty, respect and opportunity will come our way.
need of some kind of “change” for the betterment of the forgotten issues we are really concerned with. We’ve had a good relationship
with them for the last 10 years. We’re very hopeful to put before This hypocrisy also erroneously dictates that affirmative action,
and neglected souls who are going through untold struggles one of the tools that has led to scores of us getting into the middle
beyond imagination’s worse fears. them more of our issues and concerns,” Aftab Siddiqui, a caucus
organizer, explained to The Final Call. class, amounts to a lowering of standards. They argue that it will
That’s why it’s so very, very important now to take a more concen- “Look at the Muslim community. Our concerns are the same as taint us with the stigma of being a token; of having made it
trated look at “Autumn Visions” this year than you might have in other Americans, civil rights, loss of jobs, health care and the war because of a quota rather than qualifications.
earlier years of living in the divided and unequaled realms of in Iraq and Afghanistan. ” said Siddiqui. But Palin’s selection shows that when the GOP wants one of their
American citizenry. America is at a seasonal and twisted crossroad Much of what organizers conveyed during the press conference own to succeed, they’re all for tokenism and lowering standards --
of disbeliefs where its current decreasing real estate values and was to quell fears that Muslims are different and Islam is violent. and calling it something else.
foreclosures have made it liable to economic ruins. “We are as American as apple pie,” said Dr. Lalani. “Sen. Obama
This “Autumn Vision” is a possible ground breaking political sea- stands for everything that we believe in. We believe President Suddenly, being able to shoot and dress a moose becomes a qual-
son of change that many people of color realize and deeply feel Obama will be a president for all Americans. That is good enough ification for holding high office. Fighting earmarks -- another
could offer a little relief from the same old “unreal” seasonal face of for us. phony issue -- becomes more important than an exit strategy from
bureaucratic, forked-tongue political babble. America needs a “Somehow we are not well known by Americans. They’ve been Iraq or a plan to boost the flailing economy.
political change. misled by negative news reports and the happenings around the “Realness,” or rather, frontier nostalgia, becomes more important
world that make people think Muslims are violent, intolerant or than judgment or intellect.
Along with this seemingly universal cry for political change, the want to impose their religion on others. All of this is false.” Now, I don’t have a problem with flexibility when it comes to
escalating masses of the poor, unemployed, and soon-to-be unem- The caucus was composed of 46 delegates from coast to coast, standards. Few people, regardless of color, ever meet every test or
ployed are hoping that once and forever, America will morally who were Black, foreign born, and second generation immigrants. requirement for a position. What I have a problem with is the fact
right its political wrong in making this country’s credo of justice Anthony Muhammad, a convention delegate from D.C., talked that the conservatives who praise Palin as the first woman on the
for all be made sincere for all to see, feel and believe in during every about the importance of the caucus. “It’s part of making history, to GOP ticket yet denounce affirmative action don’t want to extend
season of the year, and “it can be done” some folks are saying, loud have influence over things happening in your community. Islam
and clear. that flexibility to black folks.
gives you a focus, principles and standards that are universal. That’s what’s unfair.
Is it a dream deferred, or is America really the so-call leader of the There are principles imbedded in Islam that allow you to move
free world ready for a great change? If it is in practicality, and not Obama probably never guessed that things were going to come to
out in the larger community and implement them,” he said. this. He is a black man who, as far as I can tell, has done virtually
just whimsical theory, then the contradictions of hidden racism The push to make Muslims an integral part of the Obama cam-
and political correctness must be viewed with something other everything he needed to do as sketched out in the playbook of how
than rose-tinted glasses.
paign also includes the group Muslim-Americans for Obama. The to be a wildly successful American.
group’s website,, reads, “We support But now, the party that admonishes blacks and minorities to make
Such is viewing and envisioning the “autumn” reality of living in Barack Obama because, among other reasons, he rejects the poli- it on their own merits pooh-poohs Obama’s merit. Unlike their
the “real” land of the home of the brave and the not-so-free, if you tics of fear, challenging our nation to embrace its collective identi- icon, Ronald Reagan, who they praised for his communication
know what I mean. With no negative pun intended, America does ty, where each American has a stake in the success and well being skills, GOP leaders have cast Obama’s articulateness as a tool of
become at times racially polarized and is a very mixed salad bowl of every American. We have a duty as Muslims and Americans to the con artist rather than as a trait of a leader. The bar that gener-
of contradictions to and for many of the less than fortunate inhab- organize and vote.” ations of presidents and national leaders raised, the GOP now
itants of the bald eagle’s proverbial democratic landscape. Congress has two Muslim representatives. Andre Carson from wants to reinvent for their girl, Palin.
Also, I see and question the “autumn’s” truth of who’s more con- Indiana and Keith Ellison from Minnesota who took his oath on a
Holy Qur’an owned by Thomas Jefferson and was the first And people are eating it up.
cerned about things like global warning in relationship to the lack What’s happening with Obama and Palin is one big metaphor for
luster education that most inner city children “his-storically” Muslim elected to Congress.
“There’s nothing un-American about Islam. The best ideals of the double-standards that so many black people experience, and
receive. I also wonder who really cares about the inner children of which, more than likely, drive many of us to an early grave.
today’s futures and the collapse of one real estate investment firm America are the best ideals of Islam. Allah knows the great work
after another. that you do,” Rep. Ellison said.
Sounds a little like the reflective singer Marvin Gaye’s torrid plea “This is an honorable day, the first time Muslims have gotten And it’s hard to feel a part of the American dream as long as that
to the masses about pertinent social issues when he asked rather together as a group at the DNC. For the Muslim community in kind of hypocrisy persists.
directly, “What’s Going On?” more than three decades back on his America, who has so much to offer America, this moment is filled
mind blowing album of the same name. Is “Autumn Visions” the with promise and challenge,” he said.
time to champion Marvin’s tune, or are we now really ready for Rep. Carson told the media, “It’s truly an honor to represent New HIV infections high among SC blacks
change? Muslims in public office. So much has been said about Muslims,
In the “autumn” of my continually advancing mind-set, I, again, we need to be active in political life. Where are the Muslim may-
wonder who really cares about the average Joe, Juan, Duquan, COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) _ New estimates of HIV cases in South
ors, school board members and city council members? We need
Amira and Jane as they catch pure wholly hell trying make finan- Muslim women in office with hijab and without. We need to have Carolina shows the infection rate among blacks is higher than for
cial ends meet in a vision less world of hope and pretense. Is this a presence on the grassroots level. It’s a great time to be a Muslim, all other races combined.
the “Autumn Vision” that pervades the inner (and outer) thought time to stand firm and be proud of being a Muslim.” The estimates released last week by state Department of Health
processes of America’s escalating poor and disenfranchised work- and Environmental Control also show that men are infected at
ing poor during this time of the year? nearly twice the rate of women.
This is no laughing matter as the banking industry prepares itself The estimates come from an analysis of repeat blood tests and test-
for a disappearing act that would make Harry Houdini shirk
because being broke and losing one’s home and businesses to fore-
Safe Sex Ring Tone Sings ing history from people who initially were diagnosed in 2006.
Before the state could only count the number of cases detected not
closure is no magical trick that a sane being would want to see or
be involved. America is need of serious change. 'Condom, Condom!' track the true number of new infections.
“Autumn Visions” is the present moment to really think about The number of cases detected has declined steadily over the past
what you’ve just experienced since the last time the leaves fell to several years.
the ground. So much has happened in my life until I know that By Sam Dolnick - AP able with safe sex issues. DHEC estimates there were 990 new cases in 2006, while the
from one moment to the next, and most definitely, from one year number of people diagnosed that year was 777.
to the next, so much becomes unveiled about people, “poly-tricks” NEW DELHI — A cell More than 270 million people
and the country as a whole. phone ring tone that sings __
use mobile phones in India
Everything that happens is a powerful metaphor of remembrance "Condom, condom!" has been and ring tones, especially Information from: The State,
and advancement when the leaves of time chances from melan- launched to promote safe sex those featuring hit Bollywood
choly to reflection. Only those in “hue-manity” who are in tuned in India, where condoms carry songs, are extremely popular.
with the realism of “Autumn Visions” will understand what I mean a strong social stigma and
by that statement. HIV and AIDS are growing "A ring tone is a very public
problems, health experts said thing," she said. "It's a way to
Life in the political ghettoes of America and elsewhere never real- Tuesday. show you are a condom user
ly seems to change so far as the economic and moral seasonal and you don't have any issues
winds of change are concerned. It’s a permanent state of mind The a cappella ring tone fea- with it."
called poverty, and that my dear reader is harsher than any winter tures a professional singer
in America, bar none. America must address that issue now. chanting the word condom The ring tone was launched
When I think of the “Autumn Visions” that the poor and neglected more than 50 times, a playful Aug. 8 and has been down-
of the world have to face this year it’s heart breaking because for approach that public health
these in habitants of “hue-manity,” it’s a no win battle for existence loaded 60,000 times,
activists hope will spark dis- MacPherson said.
and survival. Many are saying we need a moral political “change.” cussion and make condoms
America, the potentially great nation of the (now) low flying bald __
more socially acceptable. On the Net: http://condom-
eagle, can’t stand for any more seasons of the vows of frigid politi-
cians and the oaths of insensitive bureaucrats’ oaths, who care
"We've made a conscious
nothing about the “real” masses of America needs. The country is effort to move the concept of
saying we need an “autumn” change. the condom away from nega-
All Americans, of all ethnicities, deserve a better “vision” of the tive association, like HIV and
American dream, especially during this “autumn” season. Enjoy sex work," said Yvonne
your “Autumn Visions,” and that’s, “As I See It.” . MacPherson, country director
of BBC World Service Trust
India. "Condoms are actually
IF health products and if you
have a condom and you use it,
you are seen to be smart and
Nearly 2.5 million people in
India are infected with HIV
and the disease is still largely
The BBC group, which is
funded by The Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation, hopes the
COMPLAIN condom ring tone can make
people in India more comfort- SEX”
6- September 24, 2008 The Chronicle


How Desk Workers Can Prevent Back Pain African-Americans Have Unique Lung
Cancer Risks, Report Says
(SPM Wire) Work-related Americans was the risk associ- quit smoking more than ten
Special to the NNPA from the ated with chronic obstructive
back pain doesn't just happen St. Louis American years prior to diagnosis; these
to physical laborers, as many pulmonary disease. African- patients had a 58 percent
desk-bound office workers can American men with a prior decreased risk compared with
ST. LOUIS (NNPA) - history of chronic obstructive
attest. Scientists at the M.D. patients who had quit within
"Health problems caused by pulmonary disease had a more the previous ten years.
Anderson Cancer Center have than six-fold increased risk of
long hours sitting in front of a developed a risk prediction Researchers also found that
lung cancer, similar to that hay fever, previously shown to
computer are jeopardizing the assessment for lung cancer seen with smoking. This is
specifically for African- be protective among Whites,
health of the workforce, and approximately two-fold higher was also protective among
affecting corporate America's Americans that suggests a than the risk typically seen
greater risk from chronic African-Americans.
ability to compete in the global from chronic obstructive pul- Specifically, African-
obstructive pulmonary disease monary disease among
economy," said Dr. Peter F. (COPD), according to a Americans with hay fever were
Ullrich, Medical Director of Whites. 44 percent less likely to devel-
report published in the
Spine-health (www.spine- September issue of Cancer op lung cancer, a rate that had and an orthopedic “The one size fits all risk pre- been previously seen among
Prevention Research, a jour- diction clearly does not work,”
spine surgeon. nal of the American Whites.
said Carol Etzel, Ph.D., assis-
Here are some tips from the Association for Cancer tant professor of epidemiology
experts at Spine-health on pre- * Choose an adjustable office lems. As you age, having Research. African-American males have
chair. Make sure it has the flex- strong back and abdominal at the University of Texas a higher risk of lung cancer
venting back and neck pain: M.D. Anderson Cancer incidence at 110.6 per 100,000
* Just move. Your body can ibility to adjust to the needs of muscles - your core body mus- Etzel and colleagues analyzed Center. compared with 81 per 100,000
only tolerate one position for your body and your work and cles - is critical for maintaining data from 491 African-
can support your low back and good posture. These muscles Americans with lung cancer among white males. Mortality
20 minutes at a time, 30 min- As with Whites, smoking was is also higher among African-
create good posture. Consider don't get used in typical every- and 497 African-Americans a significant risk factor for
utes maximum. without lung cancer to identify American men at 95.8 per
* Avoid hunching. Sitting at such features as adjustable day activities, so you need to lung cancer. Current smokers 100,000 compared with 72.6
seat height, back rests and arm keep them in shape. risk factors for the disease. had a more than six-fold
the front of your office chair, They then compared these risk among Whites. Lung cancer
hunching forward to see the rests, as well as lumbar adjust- More details on these tips are increased risk of lung cancer, incidence and mortality rates
factors with a previously estab- and former smokers had a
computer screen, is wrong. ment and padding. available online at www.spine- lished risk prediction model among women are compara-
* Use exercise as the ultimate more than threefold increased ble.
Try to "retrain" your posture. for whites. risk. This decreased risk was
weapon against back prob- What was unique to African- confined to those who had Etzel said the risk prediction

How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

model detailed in Cancer
Prevention Research is part of
an ongoing project to establish
Diabetic ketoacidosis risk models among different
ethnic groups; a model for
(StatePoint) Losing weight and ultimately regain any Colon," that can help you per- Hispanics is currently under
seems to be everybody's goal. weight they initially lost. manently shed pounds while Diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious complication of dia-
We all want to look better, feel "Very few people succeed at becoming healthier: betes. Said Etzel, “What we hope is
healthier and ward off illness. keeping off weight. * Stock up on healthy organic that a doctor can use these
However, for most people los- Sometimes people aim to lose foods. Proper weight loss models to encourage their
ing weight is a huge struggle Diabetic ketoacidosis develops when you have too lit-
too much weight too fast by nutrition includes fruits, veg- tle insulin in your body. Without enough insulin, sugar patients to take steps to pre-
and keeping it off is an even depriving themselves of foods etables, whole grains, dried vent lung cancer. Even if they
bigger problem. they love. Or they follow a beans, low-fat cheeses and fish (glucose) can't enter your cells for energy. Your blood
are never smokers, they can be
Research shows that almost 95 food plan that isn't realistic or lean poultry. Plan meals in sugar level rises, and your body begins to break down at risk.”
percent of repeat dieters fail over the long term and don't advance to avoid making fat for energy. This produces toxic acids known as
cut out foods that are making unhealthy selections when ketones. Left untreated, diabetic ketoacidosis may
them unhealthy by introducing you're hungry and rushed. cause you to lose consciousness. Eventually, untreat-
harmful toxins into their bod-
ies," says Dr. Edward F. * Eat five small meals daily to ed diabetic ketoacidosis can be fatal.
Group III, author of the new help regulate your metabo-
book "Health Begins In The lism. This may sound difficult, Diabetic ketoacidosis is most common in people who
Colon." but it takes a minute to enjoy a have type 1 diabetes, but people who have type 2 dia-
What about that successful banana or a handful of seeds or betes may develop diabetic ketoacidosis, too. In fact,
five percent who lose weight nuts. Large meals can nega-
and keep it off? What is their tively impact your colon and in a few cases diabetic ketoacidosis is the first sign
secret to weight loss? bog down your system. that a person has diabetes. If you have diabetes or
Here are some tips from Dr. you're at risk of diabetes, learn the warning signs of
Larry J. Ferguson, D.M.D Group and his new book, * Eat slowly and chew food diabetic ketoacidosis — and know when to seek emer-
"Health Begins In The completely before swallowing. gency care.
This allows your stomach to
signal your brain it's full, so
you avoid excessive calories.
This is one of the best-kept
• Relaxed, comfortable environment secrets for losing weight and
• Skilled dental care helps your body absorb vital
• Safe, comfortable, “one-hour” in-office nutrients more thoroughly and
whitening rapidly.
• Nitrous oxide gas-
• One pill conscious sedation * Limit meat intake to one-to-
• Same day emergency care three meals weekly and don't
• Dental care credit financing available eat red meat more than twice
• Free Initial Consultation Appointment weekly. Avoid processed
• Exceptional Service Since 1980 meats like bacon, hot dogs and
sandwich meats. Not only will
• Graduate of MUSC School of this help you lose weight, it
Dental Medicine helps eliminate toxins from
Larry J. Ferguson, DMD antibiotics, hormones and
1812 Wallace Rd. - Ste. 400 nitrates in meat.
Charleston, SC 29407 * Avoid coffee, alcohol and soft
(843-) 571-4411 drinks, especially beverages in
aluminum cans. Aluminum can be absorbed by your colon
50% off in office whitening with and many nervous system dis-
Crown and Bridge work orders - like Alzheimer's and
Parkinson's disease - are
(located West Ashley- directly behind linked to excessive aluminum
Office Depot & Barnes & Noble Bookstore) in delicate brain tissue.

* Learn how many calories you

eat in a typical day. If you don't
already know, keep a food
journal. Find areas where your
diet is weakest. Also identify
"hidden" calories from sodas
or snacks. Make a plan that
gradually reduces your caloric
intake. Make sure to eat
enough to keep your energy
levels high and metabolism
charged. Simply limiting por-
tion sizes will help cut calories

* Go Slow. Slow weight loss is

Dr. Stewart Middleton critical to long-term weight
loss nutrition. Aim to lose no
Dental office
for the
Family and Cosmetic
Do you, your chil-
family members or
friends have
Medicaid Insurance?

Our office accepts

Medicaid Insurance
other insurance
(843) 763-3257
8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturdays 9-5 pm
1605 B- Ashley River Rd.
The Chronicle September 24, 2008-7


Affordable, Effective Support for Young Black Males Facing Mental
Caregivers of Loved Ones with Dementia Health Crisis, Group Says
By. Sandra Jordan Depends and pads for the don’t know what to do when Special to the NNPA from ures should not be surprising ly white, middle-class commu-
Special to the NNPA from beds that were terrific,” you are trying to figure out the Louisiana Weekly since adolescent African- nities where they feel dis-
the St. Louis American Weathersby said. everything else you have to American males in contempo- tanced from the white youths
“They let you know the do.” NEW ORLEANS (NNPA) - rary American society face and also from Blacks from
ST. LOUIS (NNPA) - resources that are out there, Memory Care Home A significant increase in men- major challenges to their psy- poorer communities.
Perhaps one of the most diffi- like Depends or Ensure and Solutions was formed in 2002 tal illness and behavioral prob-
cult roles that loved-ones take she (Lisa Baron) sent a spoon through a grant from the lems among adolescent
on is that of a fulltime caregiv- to me too that might be easier Missouri Foundation for African-American males
er when they usually have a full for mother to use when she is Health. It started receiving demonstrates the need for new
slate of responsibilities of their eating.” state funding this year. approaches to treatment and
own. better understanding of the
Earlene Weathersby, 69, and complex challenges facing
her two siblings, Evelyn Lee, these youths, according to a
72, and her late brother, Arnett policy paper issued by
Thomas took turns taking care Community Voices:
of their mom for seven years Healthcare for the
before their mom went into Underserved, an advocacy
hospice care. group based at Morehouse
An email from a friend gave School of Medicine.
Weathersby of St. Louis the The paper, titled ''The Secret
message she needed to Epidemic: Exploring the
become a better caregiver for Mental Health Crisis
her mother, Elizabeth Affecting Adolescent African-
Thomas, 91, who has American Males,'' outlines
Alzheimer’s disease. data indicating that mental Citing these problems, the
The email told her about health problems are rising chological development and
well-being. In addition to deal- paper makes a plea for better
Memory Care Home among members of this at-risk access to mental health treat-
Solutions, based in St. Louis. group, their access to treat- ing with the physical, mental
and emotional issues typically ment for young Black males,
Its program is designed specif- ment facilities is relatively low noting that they currently
ically to reduce stress on the and treatment strategies must experienced during adoles-
cence, adolescent African- often confront a ''confusing
caregiver and to provide more The charge for the service is Baron said too often care- be revamped to address the maze'' when trying to get help.
productive time at home for socioeconomic issues that con- American males are confront-
$1,500. Baron said they ask givers wait until they are at ed with unique social and envi- The paper notes that when
the person with memory loss. people to pay only $150. their wits end before they front them. Black youths do find treat-
“They provided contacts, ''Our research found that ronmental stressors. They
“No one is turned down for reach out to help, adding that must frequently cope with ment, depression is often over-
telling us what’s there and inability to pay. Scholarships people need to call much earli- many young Black males are looked because their symp-
when they have sessions for treatable, but they are going racism and its associated stres-
are available,” Baron said. er in the disease process. sors, including family stres- toms often differ from white
Alzheimer’s caregivers and lit- Washington University is Weathersby agrees. undiagnosed because of fail- youths'. For cultural and social
erature on Alzheimer’s. They ures in America's health-care sors, educational stressors,
tracking outcomes as the and urban stressors.'' reasons, Black youths often
did have a home consultation - organization seeks to delay “It was needed. It was so help- system,'' said Dr. Henrie M. express suicidal feelings
it turned out to be very helpful Treadwell, Director of Moreover, the paper notes
institutionalization of its ful and I didn’t know it was out that: through somatic complaints
and informative and also they clients with Alzheimer’s and there. And I think of other Community Voices, a non- rather than sadness or depres-
pointed out you have to think profit seeking to improve - Racism can affect mental
dementia. caregivers that don’t know it’s health by reducing socioeco- sion.
about caring for yourself - out there and it could help you health services and access to Moreover, the paper calls for
something you don’t tend to health care. ''Our entire socie- nomic status, diminishing
“They still follow up with us. a lot, financially and emotion- access to desirable resources more ''bicultural'' training for
think about,” Weathersby said. When they come in they want ally,” Weathersby said. ty feels the impact of this fail- young Black males. Such
Lisa Baron, J.D. is the execu- ure. Suicides and homicides and contributing to poor liv-
to know what changes, if we ing conditions. training would better prepare
tive director of MCHS. She are satisfied with them. She As Weathersby and her sib- have increased for this group, them to follow proper behav-
founded the organization after and the residual effect is - When positive adult male
sent me a letter - so I would lings pulled together and role models are absent, many ior in school and the work-
her own personal experience call her. It was hard getting found what they needed to impacting communities across place, while also working with
with a loved one with the country. This problem Black youths turn to their
me. They always tried to do take care of their mother in her peers for help in forming a young Black males to get them
Alzheimer’s to teach others follow-ups that kind of amazed waning years, unknowing they must be addressed.'' ready to deal with the discrim-
how to master the role as a Dr. Claire Xanthos, a health male identity, an adaptation
me that they could keep up were also leading by example. that often means absorbing ination they are likely to face.
caregiver while managing with their follow-ups,” “We’ve had the younger ones services research specialist, Also cited is the need for a sig-
dementia at home. wrote the paper, which cites negative influences.
Weathersby said. in the family make statements - Urban stress is an important nificant increase in the number
“It’s modeled after Parents As “When you know there is that we are teaching them how studies showing that Black of Black therapists available to
Teachers—they go into homes males ages 15-19 die from homi- factor in the psychological
always someone you can call to care for us, and I never development of young Black work with African-American
to train caregivers and give when you have a problem or thought about that,” cide at 46 times the rate of youths.
recommendations,” Baron their white counterparts and males because many live in
have a question. I had a prob- Weathersby said. “You are deprived and dangerous Dr. Treadwell said it is essen-
said. lem with a home health care doing what needed to be done, that from 1980 to 1995, the sui- tial that new policies be imple-
“They wanted to be sure that cide rate for Black adolescents neighborhoods where they are
person—it was good to have but there were others, there exposed to violence. mented to address the social
we had equipment that was someone tell you to take the may be outside the family. You rose from 5.6 to 13 per 100,000 and environmental factors that
needed and services for her, of the population. - Significant problems are also
next step further and find just never know who is observ- encountered by Black males create poor mental health out-
like Depends. The state another agency. You really ing you.” Xanthos writes that ''these fig- comes for young Black males.
offered those and they sent us who grow up in predominant-
8- September 24, 2008 The Chronicle
A-58887 (G_LG) 09/25/08

Publix Milk
Grade A: Whole, 1% Milkfat Lowfat,
2% Milkfat Reduced Fat, or Fat Free,
1-gal bot. Limit four.
Ribeye Steaks .............................................................

Bone-In, Publix Premium Certified Beef,

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Kraft Mayo
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Am Deer Park
Natural Spring Water
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.................... 499
Cookie Crisp, 15.6-oz, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Or Miracle Whip Dressing: Original or Light, 18.6 to 18.8-oz can or 15.3-oz bowl SAVE UP TO 1.00
24.9-oz, or Total Raisin Bran, 24.6-oz box All-Out Squeeze!, 24-oz bot. Quantity rights reserved.
Quantity rights reserved. Quantity rights reserved. SAVE UP TO 2.39

Prices effective Wednesday, September 24 through Tuesday, September 30, 2008. Select locations only.

Only in Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester, Lexington and Richland Counties. Quantity rights reserved.
The Chronicle-----
Lowcountry Connection - S e pt e m be r 2 4 , 2 0 0 8 1b

South Carolina REGISTER TO VOTE!

Coalition for
Black Voter

Mon., Sept. 29th,

Burke High
7:00 pm Invited
Charleston County
School Board

Mon., Oct. 6th,

St. John High
School, The Faithworks International Christian Center at the
7:00 pm Invited corner of King St. and Race St. were busy Saturday
morning as they volunteered to attract unregistered
Race(s) voters to take part in the Nov. 4 General Election for
Charleston County president and other local races taking place the same
day. “We’re not telling people for whom to vote,” said
School Board Rev. Doris Haynes (center), pastor of te church, “but
just to exercise their constitutional right to be able to
vote, that’s the real blessing.” Ms. Sheila Mitchell(sit-
Tue.,Oct. 7th, ting), register Mr. Johnathan Mitchell, general manag-
er of the King. St. Apartments. Also, the same scene
Mt. Pleasant was being repeated along America St. on the Eastside,
Town Hall in Liberty Hill at the community center. October 4 is
the last day to register in order to cast your vote in the
Council Nov. 4 election.
7:00 pm Invited
Charleston County
School Board

Veronica Vincent -



Forum POC:

Condida Joy -
2b-September 24, 2008 The Chronicle

The Emancipation
Proclamation Association
Sunday School - 10:00 AM- CHURCH, Invites You
Sunday Service -11:00 AM To COME, SHARE and cordially invites you to their annual King & SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2008-2009
Thursday Night Bible Study
and Prayer Service- 6:00 PM- FELLOWSHIP with
The Seniors Activities Queen Contest on Monday Night, October 20,
The church is located at 75 The Charleston County
America Street, Charleston, Bible Study, Physical 2008 @ 7 P.M. The Event will be held at Missionary Baptist Sarah Elizabeth Nicole
South Carolina Association, Rev. Doctor Robinson of Jerusalem
We are the church where
Fitness, Arts & Craft Wesley United Methodist Church, 446 Meeting Willie Griffin, Moderator, Baptist Church, Dr. William
Christians are at work! Projects, Health announces the awarding of a A. Salley, Pastor, received the
The Honorable L.B. Fyall- Education, Enrichment St., Charleston, SC 29403. Dr. George $500 scholarship, renewable Stanford L. Edley Memorial
Publicity Committee Programs, Speakers, for four years, to Keisha Marie Scholarship. This scholarship
Reverend Leroy Fyall – Pastor McClanan is the pastor. Washington of Central is sponsored by the Whipper
Community Resources, Baptist Church (Charleston), Family.
Trips, Recreation, Please come out and witness a great and mar- Rev. Darrin K. Johnson, Sr., The Bruce Desaussure-
LIFE CHANGING Nutritional Lunch and velous event. Young people from numerous Pastor and its second renew- Arnold Prioleau Service
MINISTRIES - Please lots more fun . . .When: churches and organizations will be displaying
able scholarship of $500 to Award of $500 for the 2008-
come and join us for Bible Jazmon Davauro Kearse of 2009 school term was award-
Every Thursday, Where: their talents and fineries. Covenant Baptist Church ed to Mark Jeffrey Fielding, Jr.
Study on Saturday at 3:30 705 King Street, Time: Please come out and support our young peo- (Georgetown), Rev. James B. of Morris Street Baptist
pm. Sunday Services is Lewis, Pastor. Additionally a Church, Rev. Leonard O.
11:00a.m. Minister Rose 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. ple. They are our future. For more informa- $500 one year scholarship was Griffin, Pastor. Dr. Lucille S.
Washington, Associate Cost: NO tion please contact Mrs. Annice Brown, Youth awarded to Jessica Taylor of Whipper is Chairperson of the
Pastor CHARGE~~FREE, Director @ 843-797-1613 or St. Matthew Baptist Church Education Committee and
Rev. Dr. Clinton Brantley, Mrs. Gloria E. Gantt-
Rev. Glenn Scott, Pastor (843) 723-9929 Mrs. Ethel Greene @ 843-571-4061. Pastor, for academic excel- Lambright is Secretary.
is having its "Tea/Hat & The Public is invited and the Brown United Meth. Church COME ONE, COME ALL, COME AND BE BLESSED
Francis Brown United Payne RMUE Male Choir is having its Anniversary on Sunday,
Fashion Show" on Sunday, affair will benefit students at C. Donna Harris, President
Methodist Church, 2517 September 28, 2008 at 4:00 pm- 1560 Camp Road, James Island,
Sept. 28, 2008 @ 4:00pm. Claflin University. (843-207-103), Pearl
Corona Street in North SC
This will be held at New Rev. Harold E. Gordon, W. Thomas, Treasurer
Charleston. Contact person- Bro Jason Singleton 843-343-9055. Bro Samuel
Pastor of New Francis
Smith, President ; Rev. Thomas Junious, Pastor

For the Sake of Our Families and

Our Futures, It’s Time for You to
Man Up, Brothers

By: Deborah Mathis, and her devotion are not a dime a dozen and that if you
want your own family and
My daughter was married on you’re fortunate enough to find
Saturday. To her mother, she a woman like that, you’d be
was the world’s most beautiful wise -- as I heard a young
bride ever -- radiant, floating brother once say -- to “wife
on air, altogether lovely to her.”
behold. My daughter’s blessed event
It took months of planning brought to mind -- and to the
and attention to details, large event itself -- several young
and minute, but I know that women who also have much to
the key ingredient to a won- offer and want to continue the
derful ceremony and reception tradition of their ancestors by
is the fact that the bride and “settling down” with a mate
groom are intimate, respectful and making a family, but who,
and appreciative of one anoth- for reasons that are many and
er. In other words, ‘twas love varied but seldom fair, have yet
that made the flowers bloom. to find a black man who shares
My handsome, personable, that dream. Or, at least, one
good-as-gold new son-in-law is who is willing to make that
a lucky man. But, more than dream come true.
that, he’s a smart man, having Only one of my daughter’s
recognized that a good, pretty, bright-eyed brides-
grounded and intelligent maids is married, though their
woman who is willing to give a ranks included three business
man her heart, her patience executives, one entrepreneur, a
physician and a doctor of
anthropology. Without excep-
tion, each is personable,
respectful and respectable.
Among these single lovelies,
only one has what might be
called a serious relationship,
and her man, whom I met, isn’t
as serious about the long term
as his lady would like him to
be. This, mind you, is a stun-
ning beauty with major brain
power and an electrifying per-
sonality who, for reasons I
have never quite understood,
REV. CHARLES GREEN has always held down at least
two jobs at a time. Why her
guy -- or any guy -- would not
HOLY ROCK jump at the chance to “wife
MISSIONARY her” is beyond me.
Would someone help me out
BAPTIST here? Would someone clue me
in on why -- when family and
CHURCH commitment run so deep in
our heritage that it must have
burrowed into the DNA by
SUNDAY SCHOOL - 9:45 AM now -- so many of our young
SUNDAY SERVICE - 11:00 AM men are hesitating?
What are they afraid of? What
WED. NITE PRAYER - 7:00 PM do they know that they aren’t
WED. NITE BIBLE STUDY - 7:00 PM telling? And what will become
of the black family and black
2111 RONDO ST. tradition if the current trend
Perhaps boyhood is the fiend.
29414 Perhaps too few are willing to
(843) 763-1005 “put away childish things,” as
the good book says, and man
up, which requires a certain
“WE ARE THE discipline and ambition for
which boys are just not capa-
CHURCH ble. Perhaps this is why I can-
not count the number of guys
THAT SITS BESIDE in their 30s and even 40s I’ve
run into whose idea of dress-
THE ROAD WHERE ing up is to have baggy pants
EVERYBODY and jerseys and sneakers that
are clean, neat and matching.
The Chronicle September 24, 2008- 3b

Four Georgia School Board Members Fired

County, Fla., in the 1969-70 the agency “to turn and look accused the residents of trying board members filed com-
school year, Dr. Elgart said. the other way and grant to remove board members plaints to the agency about
Many individual schools have accreditation to a school sys- because of their race. what they said was unethical
also lost accreditation. tem that does not deserve it.” behavior by fellow members.
George Brown, one of the
Clayton can regain accredita- The board members and their people who filed the com- Mr. Brown, whose sons grad-
tion at any point this academic lawyer, Rodney Moore, could plaint, dismissed Mr. Moore’s uated from Clayton schools
year if board members meet not be reached for comment. accusations. Both black and and whose wife taught in
the standards outlined by the white members of the Clayton them, said he hoped the gover-
agency, Dr. Elgart said. If it The case contains undercur- school system testified against nor’s decision and the agency’s
does not regain it by Sept. 1, rents of racial tension. The the board members at a state ruling would turn around the
2009, the process would start board members who were hearing, Mr. Brown said. school system.
anew and could take two or removed are black, and the five “This was not racially motivat-
three years. Clayton residents who filed a ed at all,” he said. “That’s “We’re all sorry about the loss
complaint against them that ridiculous.” of accreditation,” he said. “But
Asked whether it was fair that led to Mr. Perdue’s decision we’re hoping that the gover-
students might be hurt by the are white. During a state hear- The troubles that culminated nor’s actions will help us get
action, Dr. Elgart said the ing this month, Mr. Moore Thursday began in accreditation back.”
greater injustice would be for November, when several

Mike Glanton (left) and Jessie Goree (right)

ATLANTA — A county Georgia would allow adult
school system in metropolitan actions to penalize children,”
Atlanta on Thursday became Ms. Reeves said, choking back
the nation’s first in nearly 40 tears. “My daughter has been
years to lose its accreditation, getting college invitations in
and the governor removed the mail every day, even from
four of its school board mem- Harvard. Now who knows?
bers for ethics violations. Kids don’t understand that. As
a parent, I’m having a hard
A school board member-elect, time understanding this.”
Jessie Goree, right, with State
Representative Mike Glanton, School accreditation is volun-
after accreditation was lost. tary, but more than 90 percent
of Georgia school systems are
The school system in Clayton accredited, according to the
County, just south of the agency. Many colleges require
Atlanta city limits, was ruled or prefer diplomas from
unfit for accreditation by the accredited high schools, and
Southern Association of until Georgia legislators
Colleges and Schools, one of changed the law this spring,
the nation’s six major private one of the state’s largest col-
accrediting agencies, after lege scholarship programs
school board members failed required students to graduate
to meet the group’s standards from accredited schools.
for leading a school system.
The last school system to lose
An investigation by the agency accreditation was in Duval
found that county officials had
not made sufficient progress
toward establishing an effec-
tive school board, removing
the influence of outside indi-
viduals on board decisions,
enforcing an ethics policy or
meeting other requirements
for accreditation, Mark A.
Elgart, the chief executive of
the association, announced
Thursday at a news confer-

County officials said they were

planning to appeal the deci-

The loss of accreditation could

impair the ability of Clayton
County students to attend
some colleges and earn schol-
arships. It could also prevent This Week’s Specials On The Butcher Block
teachers from receiving bene-
fits if they change school sys- Kellogg’s Froot Loops Boston Butt Family Pack Bone-In Chuck
tems, and could mean a loss of or Apple Jacks Pork Roast Beef T-Bone or Roast
money for pre-kindergarten Porterhouse Steaks
8.7 oz. 2/$400 (2 to the Pack)
$ 29
399 239 lb.
Two hours after the accredita-
tion agency’s announcement,
Gov. Sonny Perdue of Kraft BBQ Sauce
1 lb
Pork Steak Whole Ribeye

499 lb. Turkey Breast

Georgia removed
Clayton school board mem-

bers, Michelle Strong, Louise 18 oz. 5/ 5 $ 00 $ 69

1 lb
Family Pack
Ribeye Steaks
$ 99
5 lb. 4-7 lbs. 169 lb.
Baines-Hunter, Yolanda Bogo Free
Everett and Sandra Scott, for Fresh Fryer Fresh Frozen
violations of the state’s open Produce Center Sliced
meetings act and ethics code. Country Ham Split Breast 2 lb. Medium Shrimp
Fresh Snap Beans $
“The fate of the Clayton
County school system is now 89 ¢
lb. Sliced Shank
in the hands of the voters,” Mr. Ends 2 lb. Whiting Fillets
Perdue said in a statement.
“Through the elections to
replace these four board mem-
Red Potatoes
89 ¢
$ 39
1 lb.
99 lb. $
bers, they can send a clear sig-
nal that the kind of behavior
that has led to this ruling and Mild Yellow Onions
the system’s loss of accredita- $ 89 Grocery Specials
tion will not be tolerated.” 3lb. Bag 1 Mueller’s Regular
The accreditation loss and the Dairy and Frozen Food Valu Time Sugar or Thin Spaghetti
removal of the board members
generated anger and concern
about the fate of the 52,000
students in the largely black
IGA Milk 4 lb. 3/$500 8 oz. 2/$100
district’s 59 schools. 1
⁄2 gal. 199 Autumn Harvest Prego Pasta Sauce
Vernetta Reeves, a Clayton Long Grain Rice
resident, accused the accredit-
ing agency of punishing stu-
dents for the board’s errors.
IGA Orange Juice
3 lb. Bag 2/ 3 $ 00 48 oz. 2/$500
She said she was considering
transferring her daughter
⁄2 gal. 199
Genetta, 17, to a different
Charmin Bath Tissue Bounty Towels
county or a private school.

“I can’t believe the state of

IGA Pancakes
12 ct. 2/$300 24 rolls
599 8 rolls 599
Busch Beer Coke Products
Christian Poetry Contest Tyson Wings ¢
A $1,000 grand prize is being
offered in a special poetry con- 11 oz.
299 24 pk. cans
9 99 99
2 Liter
6 pk ⁄ Liter 2/ 5
$ 00
test sponsored by Christian
Poets Guild, free to everyone.
There are 50 prizes in all
totaling $5,ooo.

To enter, send one poem of

21 lines or less to Free Poetry
Contest, 1638 Dogwood Ln., (A Member of the Independent Grocers Association)
Acworth, GA 30101. Or enter
online at We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities And To Correct Printer’s Errors. We Gladly Redeem USDA Food Stamps. Prices Effective 9/22/08-9/28/08 R62-IF13246 The
deadline is October 18, 2008. 1133 Savannah Hwy., Charleston, SC • 1750 Remount Rd., Hanahan, SC
4b-September 24, 2008 The Chronicle

Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

Former Baltimore Councilman Gunned Down Compromise Could Keep Atlantic Beach, SC Open
By. Sean Yoes ATLANTIC BEACH, S.C. all the people who will be years of unpaid bills in a town
(AP) _ A potential compro- affected, I will not make a deci- that hadn't had an audit in sev-
Special to the NNPA from mise to solve a financial crisis sion on anything,'' Pierce said. eral years.
the Afro-American in Atlantic Beach means the
Newspapers town may not have to close by Williams was sent to Atlantic During the Civil Rights era,
the end of the week. Beach by the Municipal Atlantic Beach was the only
BALTIMORE (NNPA) - Association of South Carolina beach in the area for blacks.
Town Council will hold a spe- in March after the town man- The town has struggled finan-
Former Baltimore City cial meeting Tuesday to con- ager and mayor were indicted cially for decades and nearly
Councilman Kenneth Harris sider a deal that would sell on misconduct charges and went bankrupt in 1988 after a
was murdered Sept.20 outside some of the town's land for suspended from their jobs. wrongful death lawsuit.
a jazz club within the district $120,000 and have North Williams said he has settled
he represented in Northeast Myrtle Beach take over its
policing, interim Town
Baltimore. Manager Charles Williams CP0410C1 INVITATION FOR CONSTRUCTION BIDS
Harris, who represented told The Sun News of Myrtle
Baltimore City’s Fourth Beach. The City of Charleston Department of Parks is soliciting bids from
interested marine contractors for CP0410C1: Milton P. Demetre
District, was killed during a Park Public Pier and Floating Dock. The project scope includes:
robbery attempt at the New The Council refused to
approve a proposal to sell the the construction of a 190’ pier with a 20’x 20’ pierhead and the
Haven Lounge, a long-time land this week, which prompt-
installation of a 40’ floating dock at Milton P. Demetre Park (for-
jazz club at Northwood merly known as Sunrise Park) on James Island, SC. The budget
ed Williams to say that with- range is $ 400,000-$ 450,000.
Shopping Center near out more money, Atlantic
Morgan State University Beach would have to lay off Bid Documents will be available on or after Tuesday September
according to police. the town's five police officers 9th, 2008 from Charleston Blueprint Co. 90 Brigade St.
and two clerks until property
Police report that Harris came tax collection began again at
Charleston, SC 29403. There is a $ 35.00 non-refundable charge
to the lounge at approximately for these plans. Checks shall be payable to Charleston Blueprint.
the end of the year. Plans may be examined at the Department of Parks office at 823
1:30 a.m. and visited with the Meeting Street. All questions can be referred to: Mr. Kevin
club’s owner Keith Covington Kenneth Harris But a day after the vote, Turner, Collins Engineering Inc. 843-763-1576.
and borrowed a corkscrew Boulevard. He was transport- Williams heard at least one
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, council member might be will- A Mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on site at Milton P.
from him when three masked ed to Johns Hopkins Hospital ing to change her vote if North
who won. Demetre Park, Wampler Drive, on James Island, SC 29422 at
gunman approached and where he was pronounced Myrtle Beach hires the five
Harris was a star baseball play- 10:00 AM on Thursday September 18th, 2008.
grabbed Covington. Two of dead at around 2 a.m. Atlantic Beach officers and
er at Dunbar High School
them took the Haven’s owner Harris, who was elected to the agrees to police the city for at Bids will be due on Thursday October 2nd, 2008 at 2:00 PM.
from which he graduated in least a one-year trial.
into the lounge. City Council in 1999, ran for 1981 and he was a graduate of Interested parties please contact Ross Eastwood, Project
Harris ran to his car where he City Council President last ``I'm for giving it a try,''
Morgan State University with Manager at 843-579-7552 or
was shot in the chest by the year against Michael Councilwoman Charlene
a B.S. in Business
third gunman. Harris man- Sarbanes, the son of former Taylor said. ``Those things
Administration. In addition to
aged to drive a short distance U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes can be hashed out.''
politics, Harris was an execu-
near the corner of Argonne and Council President CHARLESTON COUNTY COUNCIL
tive with The other council member
Drive and Loch Raven who voted against the land PUBLIC HEARING:
Comcast Cable.
He leaves his wife Annette, sale, Retha Pierce, still plans
All persons having claims against the following Jr. ``Until we have a public hear- CHARLESTON COUNTY COUNCIL HAS SCHEDULED A
estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the ing with all the stakeholders, PUBLIC HEARING IN COUNCIL CHAMBERS FOR
Personal Representative indicated below and also file sub-
ject claims on Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate OCTOBER 7, 2008, 5:30 p.m., AT THE LONNIE HAMIL-
Judge of Charleston County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, TON, III PUBLIC SERVICES BUILDING, 4045 BRIDGE
S.C. 29401 before the expiration of 8 months after the date VIEW DRIVE, NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLI-
of the first publication on his Notice to Creditors or else MAINTENANCE MECHANIC NA, TO HEAR PUBLIC COMMENTS CONCERNING THE
thereafter such claims shall be and are forever barred. TEN-YEAR UPDATE OF THE CHARLESTON COUNTY
Estate of: MOLLIE T. SMITH The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston is current-
DOD: 8/22/07 ly accepting applications for the position of Mechanic at our
Pers. Rep: MICHAEL L. SMITH Office of Special Housing Needs. Applications will be This notice is being made in accordance with Section 6-29-
1852 CHESSHIRE DR. accepted until the position is filled. 530 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina. If you require
CHARLESTON, SC 29412 further information, please contact the Charleston County
******************************************************************* Planning Department, (843) 202-7200 during regular work-
ESTATE of: BERNIE E. POWELL This position is responsible for performing semiskilled
ing hours, 8:30 - 5:00 daily except Saturday, Sundays, and
2008-ES-10-1011 maintenance on building, grounds and equipment that
DOD: 10/15/06 holidays, or e-mail us at
includes duties in carpentry, plumbing, refrigeration, paint-
Pers. Rep: ARTHURINE RIVERS ing, heating, and/or mechanical or electrical repair.
DANIEL ISLAND, SC 29492 Operates related automotive and power equipment. LENGTHY PRESENTATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED
Performs basic supervisory duties. IN WRITING PRIOR TO THE MEETING.

Minimum qualifications: HS Diploma or GED supplement- Beverly T. Craven

ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES ed by two to three years of semiskilled and unskilled tasks
All persons having claims against the following estates Clerk of Council
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal
such as carpentry, electricity, heating, and plumbing, or an
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on equivalent combination of education, training and experi-
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston ence that provides the required knowledge, skills and abil- ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the ities. Must have the ability to perform responsible craftwork All persons having claims against the following
expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the
Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and at the journeyman level. Must possess a valid state dri-
ver's license. Personal Representative indicated below and also file sub-
are forever barred. ject claims on Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate
Judge of Charleston County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston,
Estate of: EMILY PEARL MACK The Housing Authority offers a great benefit package, S.C. 29401, before the expiration of 8 months after the
2008-ES?10?1190 date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors, or
DOD: 10/26/06 which includes:
else thereafter such claims shall be and are forever barred.
Pers. Rep: ANDERSON MACK, SR. Free medical and dental insurance
2192 BIRD NEST RD., WADMALAW ISLAND, Flexible schedule Estate of: DEXTER KEYES
SC 29487 Generous holidays and paid time off 2008-ES?10?0821
PO BOX 9, CHARLESTON, SC 29402-0009 State retirement plan, 401(k), and 457
************************************************************************* Free life insurance 806 MINNIE ST., CHARLESTON, SC
* Short-term disability, and more. 29407
2008-ES?10?1203 PO BOX 9, CHARLESTON, SC 29402-
DOD: 01/05/05 0009
Pers. Rep: JAMET P. ROSS The starting salary for this position is $12.08/hour. ******************************************************************
VA 22191 2008-ES?10?0823
Atty: DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR., ESQ. This position will require a background investigation, drug
screen and physical at our expense. DOD: 12/14/07
************************************************************************ 3115 BONANZA RD., CHARLESTON, SC
The Housing Authority 29414
of the City of Charleston ******************************************************************
550 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29403
All persons having claims against the following
estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the
EOE M/F/D/V Personal Representative indicated below and also file sub-
(TDD 843-720-3685) ject claims on Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate
Judge of Charleston County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston,
S.C. 29401, before the expiration of 8 months after the
date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors, or
else thereafter such claims shall be and are forever barred.


DOD: 02/02/04
Full-t ime/Regular: Part-time/Temporary : 29415-1611
Administrative Asst II School Crossing Guard Atty: ARTHUR C. MCFARLAND, ESQ.
Appraisal Supervisor PO BOX 80609, CHARLESTON, SC
Construction Project 29416-0609
Manager I Pool P ositio ns: ******************************************************************
Detention Officer Detention Officer Estate of: DENISE JOHNSON SIMMONS
Electrical Engineer EMT 2008-ES?10?0532
EMT Paramedic DOD: 03/26/08
Paramedic School Crossing Guard Pers. Rep: REV. VERNON SIMMONS
Paramedic Crew Chief 1406 RAINBOW RD., CHARLESTON, SC
Recovery Assistant 29412
For details and to apply online visit: Atty: ARTHUR C. MCFARLAND, ESQ.
www .charle stonc ounty .org 1847 ASHLEY RIVER RD., SUITE 200,
or call CHARLESTON, SC 29407
Jo blin e: 843.958.4719 ******************************************************************
The Chronicle September 24, 2008-5b
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed


(Quiet Title Action)
National Gospel Music Heritage Month
Res. 595) designates tions to American culture. The Bill Gaither and many others
ABOVE NAMED: September 2008 as Gospel initiative was created by will be seen in GMC world
sion network has joined with
Plaintiff, YOU ARE Music Heritage Month, hon- Gospel Music Channel, the and network premieres, docu-
vs. HEREBY SUMMONED and Members of Congress, The
oring gospel music for its valu- country's first and only televi- mentaries, original specials
required to answer the Recording Academy® and the
Amended Complaint in this able long-standing contribu- sion network devoted to all and series.
Gospel Music Association to
action, a copy of which is here- forms of Gospel/Christian
SHIRLEY CARNICKEY, with served upon you, and to launch the first-ever National
music. "Gospel music is an historical
WILLIE HEYWARD, serve a copy of your Answer to Gospel Music Heritage
SR., ALFRED ALLEN CAR- the said Amended Complaint
Month initiative. The dual leg- American art form that has
NICKEY, JOHN DOE,) and upon the subscriber at his STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA Gospel Music Heritage spanned hundreds of genera-
MARY ROE, being fictitious office, located at 1847 Ashley islation passed by the House COUNTY OF CHARLESTON Month honors a true tions and both inspires and
names used to designate River Road, P.O. Box 80609, of Representatives (H.Con.
the unknown heirs at law dis- Charleston, South Carolina American art form for its vast entertains across racial, ethnic,
Res. 370) and the Senate (S. IN RE: THE ESTATE OF
tributees, devisees, 29416, within thirty (30) days contributions to our culture, religious, and geographic
legatees, widow, widowers, after the service hereof, exclu- bringing a message of hope
successors and sive of the day of such service; SHELDON RIVERS boundaries. We must officially
assigns, if any, of WILLIAM and, if you fail to answer the STATE OF SOUTH CAROLI- CASE NO: 2008-ES-10- and inspiration to people of all recognize the great contribu-
SIMONS, (deceased), Amended Complaint within the NA ) ) IN THE PROBATE 1238 racial, ethnic and religious tions to American culture that
MOLLY SIMONS a/k/a MILEY time aforesaid, the Plaintiff in COURT COUNTY OF backgrounds. People are
SIMONS (deceased), DORA this action will apply to the CHARLESTON ) IN RE: ) )
have derived from the rich her-
SIMONS, (deceased), Court for the relief demanded IN THE PROBATE COURT encouraged to celebrate itage of gospel music and its
REBECCA SIMONS GRA- in said Complaint.
GARET CLARK ) CASE NO.: Gospel Music Heritage artists," said Congresswoman
06-ES-10-006 ) TO: ALL Month by attending concerts, Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas).
SMALLS CARNICKEY, PARTIES: YOU WILL TO: to gospel music, learning and "This is the opportunity for the
(deceased), SAMUEL CAR- NOTICE IS HEREBY PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that reading about gospel music
NICKEY, (deceased), MARY L. GIVEN that an action has been the above-captioned action millions of gospel/Christian
HEYWARD, (deceased) and commenced and is now pend- F. RENEE GATERS. and more. Visit music fans to have their own
was filed in the Probate Court
all other persons unknown ing in the Court of Common
of the County of Charleston,
ESQUIRE, ATTORNEY FRO http://www.GospelMusicCh national month to honor and
claiming by, through or under Pleas for the County of PETITIONER for more informa-
them or having or claiming any Charleston, which action was South Carolina on January 3,
PO BOX 1015
celebrate the rich heritage of
interest in the real estate brought by the above-named 2007. This action seeks a tion. their music," said Charles
Plaintiff against the above- determination of heirs of 128 CANNON STREET
described in Complaint, Humbard, Founder and
whether infants, i n c o m p e - named Defendants to deter- Margaret Clark who died CHARLESTON, SC 29402
mine the rightful owners of the
Gospel Music Channel will President of the Gospel Music
tents, insane persons intestate on November 15,
under any other disability, below described real estate. 1987. PLEASE present any PETITIONER OR PETITION- celebrate on-air, online and on- Channel.
and AMERICAN GENERAL That the claims to the Probate Court ER’S COUNSEL SHALL demand by featuring the great-
FINANCE. premises affected by this CAUSE NOTICE (PUR- est names ever in gospel music
action is located within the for Charleston County, 98 Gospel Music Channel is the
Defendants. County and State aforesaid Broad Street, Charleston, SC SUANT TO SCPC SECTION throughout the month. fastest-growing network in tel-
and is more particularly or to petitioner’s attorney 62-1-401) TO BE GIVEN TO Mahalia Jackson, Elvis
described as follows: within thirty (30) days of this ALL INTERESTED PER- evision today and can be seen
Presley, Johnny Cash, Amy in nearly 40 million homes on
MON PLEAS ALL that certain lot, piece or present at the said hearing if NEYS. AS THE PETITION-
Grant, Al Green, Dixie various cable systems around
parcel of land containing twen- you are an heir or interested ER YOU ARE RESPONSI- Hummingbirds, Kirk the country and on
CIVIL CASE NO.: 08-CP-10-797 ty-five acres, more or less, sit- party in the within estate. Franklin, Michael W. Smith,
uated in Adams Run Township, BLE FOR OBTAINING A DIRECTV on Channel 338.
County and State aforesaid. _______________________ COURT REPORTER FOR Bobby Jones, Natalie Grant,
O’Neill, Sr. 1847 Ashley River HAVE REQUESTED. IF YOU
Road Charleston, SC 29407 NEED MORE THAN TWO
(843) 763-3900 * 763-7996 HOURS ON YOUR CASE -
STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA tained 25 acres and shown on FAX Attorney for Petitioner
PLANTATION, made by S. Charleston, S.C. August 2,
CLERK OF COURT IMME- All persons having claims against the following estates
FRANK REED, Lewis Simmons, as Surveyor, 2008
DIATELY. are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal
Plaintiff, May, 1881. The residual por- Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on
tion is partially shown on a sur- Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston
vey of LOT 49-D, dated DATE OF HEARING:
Vs. OCTOBER 30, 2008 County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the expi-
October 6, 1997, and recorded ration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this
ARTHUR CHOICE, if he is in the RMC Office for Bounded Northwardly by Big TIME: Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and are
alive, and JOHN DOE AND Charleston County in Plat Bay, Eastwardly and 1:00 P.M. forever barred.
MARY ROE, fictitious names Book EC, Page 851. Southwardly by property now
representing the unknown or formerly of Elizabeth La Probate Court Estate of: DAVID N. FLEMING
heirs, devisees, distributes, or The residual portion of located Roche and Westwardly by land 2008-ES?10?1101
on the easternmost portion of Historic Court House - Third
personal representatives, and now or formerly of Thomas DOD: 05/17/99
SARAH DOE AND RICHARD Lot No. 49, but according to Williams, all of which will be Floor -84 Broad Street
ROE, fictitious names repre- the subdivided plat aforemen- seen by reference to a plat Charleston, South Carolina 23 BURNT MILLS RD., GOOSE CREEK, SC
senting the unknown minors, tioned it butts and bounds to made by J. D. Taylor, surveyor 29401
the North on Pine Log Lane; 29445
incompetents, persons in the dated July 30, 1900. DESCRIPTION/SUBJECT **************************************************************************
military, persons imprisoned, South on lands now or former-
ly of Hamilton and West on Lot MATTER: Estate of: THEODORE JAMES COKER
or persons under any other TMS NO.: 165-00- 2008-ES?10?1106
49-D; the easternmost line is 00-091 ON PETITIONER’S PETITION
legal disability of ARTHUR DOD: 07/17/08
CHOICE, if he is deceased, cut off and show no terminus. FOR DETERMINATION OF
and all other unknown persons HEIRS. 2467 BIRKENHEAD DR., CHARLESTON, SC
BEING the same property con- AMENED
claiming any right, title, inter- 29414
est, or lien upon the real estate veyed to Frank Reed by deed NOTICE NIS This 29th day of August,
of Katherine L. Hare, Acting Atty: JUAN W. TOLLEY, ESQ.
which is the subject of this 2008. 184 EAST BAY ST., STE. 201, CHARLESTON,
action, Sheriff of Charleston County TO: THE DEFENDANTS
dated June 21, 2001 and Irvin G. Condon, JUDGE OF SC 29401
ABOVE-NAMED: **************************************************************************
Defendants. recorded in the RMC Office of NOTICE IS HEREBY PROBATE
Charleston County in Book K- Estate of: DOROTHY FLOWERS
GIVEN that the Plaintiff has 84 BROAD STREET - THIRD
377, Page 291; further con- 2008-ES?10?1147
IN THE COURT OF COMMON applied to the Court for FLOOR
PLEAS veyed to Frank Reed by deed DOD: 05/09/08
appointment of a suitable per- CHARLESTON, SOUTH Pers. Rep: CORDELIA LA BOARD
NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT of J. Al Cannon, Sheriff of son as Guardian ad Litem for
CASE: 08-CP-10-4446 Charleston County, dated June CAROLINA 29401 2127 AMAKER ST., CHARLESTON, SC 29405
all unknown and known
19, 2008 and recorded in the Defendants who may be (843) 958-5030
SUMMONS RMC Office for Charleston **************************************************************************
incompetent, under age, or
(Quiet title action: Equity And County in Book E-663, Page under any other disability, and
Partition by Allotment) 092. said appointment shall become
TO THE DEFENDANTS final unless such Defendants,
ABOVE NAMED: The Tax Map Reference or anyone in their behalf, with-
Number is 312 00 00 008 in thirty (30) days of the service Attention:
of this Notice, shall procure to
SUMMONED and required to Charles S. Goldberg
No. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box
be appointed a Guardian ad Charleston County Taxpayers
answer the Complaint in this Litem for them.
action, which was filed with the 9
Clerk of Court for Charleston Charleston, South Carolina
County on August 7, 2008 at 29402 AMENDED
3:24 p.m., a copy of which is (843) 720-2800
herewith served upon you, and Attorney for the Plaintiff NOTICE OF FILING Notice of end of Redemption Period for
to serve a copy of your Answer
upon the subscribers, at their Charleston, S.C. TO: THE DEFENDANTS
October 1, 2007
offices at No. 61 Broad Street, July 28, 2008
P.O. Box 9, Charleston, South
Delinquent Real Property and Mobile
Carolina, 29402 within thirty
(30) days after the service
NOTICE NISI TAKE NOTICE that the Home Tax Sale
Amended Summons,
thereof, exclusive of the day of TO THE DEFENDANTS: Amended Lis Pendens,
such service; and if you fail to Amended Complaint and
answer the Complaint within TO THE DEFENDANTS Amended Notice Nisi were If your property was sold at the 2007 Charleston County
the time aforesaid judgment by ABOVE NAMED: filed on March 4, 2008 in the
default will be rendered Office of the Clerk of Court of Delinquent Real Estate or Mobile Home Tax Sale and you have
against you for the relief NOTICE IS HEREBY Common Pleas for Charleston
demanded in the Complaint. GIVEN THAT J. Heyward County, South Carolina. not yet redeemed it, please be advised that the redemption
Harvey, 13 State Street, FURTHER
Charles S. Goldberg Attorney, Charleston, SC, has been TAKE NOTICE that Kelvin M.
period ends at:
LLC appointed as Guardian ad Huger, Esquire of 27
No. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box Litem Nisi in the above entitled Gamecock Avenue, Suite 200,
9 action by Order and that such P.O. Box 80399, Charleston, 5 p.m. on Thursday, October 2, 2008
Charleston, South Carolina Order will become absolute S.C. 29416, has been desig-
29402 thirty (30) days after the last nated as Guardian ad Litem for
(843) 720-2800 publication of the Notice of all Defendants who may be
Attorney for the Plaintiff Appointment, herein unless incompetent, under age, or All properties not redeemed by that time will be conveyed to
such of the Defendants as may under any other disability by
Charleston, South Carolina
August 11, 2008
be heirs, devisees, distributes, Order of the Court of Common the successful bidder at the tax sale.
administrators, executors, Pleas of Charleston County,
guardians, and all those per- dated the 21st day of March,
LIS PENDENS sons who may be minors, in 2008 and the said appointment
military service, under any shall become absolute thirty
Only cash, money orders or certified checks will be accepted for payments.
TO THE DEFENDANTS: legal disability, or other per- (30) days after the final publi-
sons claiming by or through, of cation of this Notice, unless
NOTICE IS HEREBY the deceased persons above such Defendants, or anyone in For additional information, contact:
GIVEN THAT an action has named, or someone in their their behalf, shall procure a
been initiated and is pending in
the Court of Common Pleas for
behalf shall in the meantime proper person to be appointed Charleston County Delinquent Tax Department
procure to be appointed as Guardian ad Litem for them
the County and State afore- Guardian ad Litem for them, within (30) days after the final O.T. Wallace County Office Building
said, by the above-named and that such Order is on file in publication of this Notice.
Plaintiff, against the Defendant the Office of the Clerk of Court 101 Meeting Street, Suite 230
above named, and that the for Charleston County,
object of such action is to quiet Charleston County By: Arthur C.
Charleston, SC 29401
the title to the real estate and Courthouse, South Carolina.
to allot by partition described Charles S. Goldberg, Esquire
Attorney for Plaintiff
(843) 958-4570
as follows: Attorney for Plaintiff
No. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box
1847 Ashley River
Road, Suite 200
ALL that lot, piece or parcel of 9 P.O. Box 80609
land, situate, lying and being Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, S.C.
Johns Island, Charleston 29401 29416 Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,
County, South Carolina, con- (843) 720-2800 (843) 763-3900
taining 12.3 acres, more of
less, and is the residual portion
Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, S.C. Monday thru Friday
August 7, 2008 March 21, 2008
of No. 49, which originally con-
6b- September 24, 2008- The Chronicle

Kilpatrick Officially Leaves Office, Setting the

Stage for New Mayor, New Start for Detroit
Cockrel and new City Council
President Monica Conyers
were sworn in Wednesday
afternoon. Conyers is under
federal investigation in the
awarding of a multimillion
dollar sludge contract last
According to The Detroit
Free Press, Conyers invited
reporters to her swearing-in at
the Detroit Election
Commission office, but
Cockrel’s ceremony was pri-
vate and announced after-
The ceremonies enabled them
to assume office at 12:01 a.m.
Friday after Kilpatrick’s resig-
James Barren (left) and Ken Cocktrel, Jr. (right) nation became effective.
The new mayor’s public swear-
By: Jackie Jones, ing neighborhoods in the city. ing-in ceremony on Friday morning was expected be a
“His ability to lead wasn’t the low-key affair in the City
Embattled Detroit Mayor issue; he just made some bad Council chambers at the
Kwame Kilpatrick left office choices,” Robin Barnes, a Coleman A. Young Municipal
officially at 11:59 p.m. Detroit realtor and a former Center.
Thursday, spending part of Kilpatrick campaign volun-
the day preparing a statement teer, told Cockrel said he wanted his
thanking and saying goodbye inauguration to be understat-
to his supporters. Attorney Richard Mack said ed and brief, considering the
“Being elected Mayor of the scandal surrounding the unusual circumstances in
Detroit, my hometown, was mayor was a distraction that which he is becoming mayor,
an honor and a privilege,” said annoyed some residents and according to the Free Press.
the 38-year-old Kilpatrick, who city employees. The Detroit City Council
spent seven years in office. “I “ You literally had daily news voted Tuesday to hold a spe-
want to thank everyone who coverage of one issue or anoth- cial election to fill the remain-
supported me through the er, the scandal, lawsuits, too der of Kilpatrick’s term, which
years. I am proud of the fact much partying, too much ends in December 2009.
that we, as a community, were spending with the credit card,” Cockrel has indicated he will
able to accomplish so much in Mack said. “You can’t have all be a candidate.
such a short period of time.” that and not have it affect your
Kilpatrick encouraged citi- ability to govern.” Candidates must file for the
zens to support incoming Even before Kilpatrick moved Feb. 24 special primary by
Mayor Ken Cockrel, Jr., with out of Manoogian Mansion Oct. 14. The top two winners
whom he concluded transition and relinquished his post, will compete in a runoff in the
meetings on Wednesday. Cockrel on Wednesday began May 5 special general election.
announcing appointments. Kilpatrick and his former chief
Kilpatrick announced his res- of staff, Christine Beatty, had
ignation two weeks ago as part Saul Green, a former U.S. been charged with perjury,
of a plea deal on federal perjury attorney in Detroit, will conspiracy, obstruction of jus-
charges stemming from a text- become deputy mayor. Green tice and misconduct in office --
messaging scandal that con- also has been a federal monitor all connected to their testimo-
sumed the city for months. for the Justice Department in ny in a civil trial last year in
its oversight role with the which they denied having a
Cincinnati police department. romantic relationship.
The Detroit Free Press said Detroit’s police department is
that before the texting scandal under federal oversight, and Those claims were contradict-
erupted, Kilpatrick had tamed Green is expected to help the ed by text messages on the
the city’s budget, cutting near- department meet mandated aide’s city-issued cell phone. MOJA ARTS FESTIVAL CONCERT
ly $300 million in annual costs, federal guidelines.
continued the downtown Kilpatrick is scheduled to be The Choraliers Music Club will present a 1 hour concert of spirituals and other
development trend that start- On Thursday, Cockrel named sentenced Oct. 28. Under the kinds of music, Thursday, October 2, 7:00 pm, Mt. Zion AME Church, 5 Glebe St.
ed under his predecessor, 31-year police veteran James plea deal, he is expected to be Admission: Adults $10; Seniors & Students $8; Children under 6- Free.
Dennis Archer, and was Barron to replace Chief Ella sentenced to four months in
beginning to focus on decay- Bully-Cummings. jail, five years of probation and
will pay $1 million in restitu-
tion. His state pension will be
REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL applied to the debt. VOTE
Project: Compensation and Classification Study for The
Housing Authority of the City of Charleston.
MOJA arts festival
The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston will receive
proposals for a Comparability Study of salary ranges used An Evening of Jazz under the Stars with
by the Housing Authority and other Public Sector Entities
within the Charleston locality. Information provided by the
Contractor will be used to assist in updating the current
salary tables and job descriptions.
BY THE CHARLESTON COUNTY PARK Saturday, September 27 • 7:30pm
Proposals should be submitted no later than 2:00pm on AND RECREATION COMMISSION Cistern Yard, College of Charleston, 66 George Street
Tuesday, October 6, 2008 to: 861 RIVERLAND DRIVE Admission: $25.00
The Housing Authority of the
City of Charleston THEATRE – “EUBIE”
550 Meeting Street September 21, 2008 Wednesday, September 24 - Saturday, September 28
Charleston, SC 29403
Conceived by Julianne Boyd, music by Eubie Blake
Attn: Daysha Alston-Gordon Produced by: Art Forms & Theatre, Inc.
Human Resource Manager REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR A Directed by Art Gilliard; Musical Director, Howard Brown
The Charleston County Park and Recreation Memminger Auditorium, 56 Beaufain Street.
Inquiries may be directed to Ms. Gordon at the above Commission (CCPRC) is requesting proposals Admission: $20.00 general, $15.00 students/seniors with ID.
address, or by phone (843) 579-3017 or via fax (843) 973- from qualified Vendors for the purchase and
3482. delivery of a Train for the Holiday Festival of GOSPEL CONCERT – “A Back Home Gospel Hour”
Lights for use at the James Island County Park,
861 Riverland Drive, Charleston, SC 29412. Sunday, September 28 • 4pm
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES GOSPEL DIVAS, Joy S. Pryor, Lynn-Marie Boone with Christal Brown-Gibson, Javetta Campbell, Martha Rhoades.
All persons having claims against the following estates To receive a copy of the Request for Proposal, THE MEN OF GOSPEL, Anthony Burke Mario Desaussure, and Rev. Randolph Miller
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal please contact Ms. Elaine Richter, 843-795-
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on Citadel Square Baptist Church, 328 Meeting Street • Admission: $8:00
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston 9885, Charleston County Park and Recreation
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the Commission, 871 Riverland Drive, Charleston,
expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this SC 29412. Proposals shall be submitted no later CLASSICAL ENCOUNTER THEATRE – “CROWNS”
Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and than, as outlined in the Request for Proposal.
are forever barred. Wilfred Delphin Wednesday, October 1 -
Estate of: PETER MAZYCK AKA PETER MAZYCK, SR. By: Valerie Francis Saturday, October 4
2008-ES-10-1289 Sunday, September 28 • 2pm Footlight Players, Inc., Written by Regina Taylor,
DOD: 05/27/08 Mr. Tom O’Rourke, Executive Director DIrected by Henry Clay Middleton
Pers. Rep: RAYMOND E. MAZYCK St. Stephens Episcopal Church
200 LAKE ASHLEY DR., BLYTHEWOOD, SC Charleston County Park 67 Anson Street Footlight Players Theatre,
29016 and Recreation Commission Admission: $10.00 20 Queen Street
Atty: KELVIN M. HUGER, ESQ. Admission: $25.00, $20.00 students/seniors
PO BOX 80399, CHARLESTON, SC 29416

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

For detailed information, Friday, October 3 • 7:30pm
or call 843.574.6201. Gaillard Municipal Auditorium
77 Calhoun Street
Full-time Faculty Animation Nursing Network Security Technician
Admission: $15.00
Accounting Anthropology Paralegal Security Specialist III
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Biological Sciences Plumbing Supply Manager I
Mechanics CNC Machining Radio, TV and Film
Cosmetology To order tickets call Ticketmaster at (843) 554-6060 or Order On-Line at
Electrical Line Worker
Cosmetology Sociology Temporary Staff
Criminal Justice Spanish Administrative Specialist II MOJA Arts Festival Box Office, Gaillard Municipal Auditorium, 77 Calhoun Street.
Industrial Maintenance Mechanics
Program Coordinator Economics Theater Biology/Chemistry Tutor For more information, call (843) 724-7305 or visit
Industrial and Manufacturing Electrical Facility Maintenance Welding Computer Technology Tutor
Training Director English Mathematics Tutor
Librarian Esthetics Full-time Staff
Massage Therapy Academic Graphic Design Administrative Specialist II Continuing Education
Program Coordinator Industrial Mechanics Electrician Automotive Glass Training
Mathematics Information Systems Engineer/Associate Engineer II Instructor
Marketing Landscape Maintenance Pipe Welding Instructors
Part-time Faculty Multimedia and Web Site Design Law Enforcement Officer I
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
Nail Technology Law Enforcement Officer II
Aircraft Maintenance Technology EOE/AA
The Chronicle
September 24, 2008 -7b
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

BEING the same property con-

COUNTY OF CHARLESTON veyed to Virginia Roper, Morris
Roper and James Roper by
ACREAGE & FARMS Notice of September, October Meetings And
November Election of Charleston Branch NAACP
deed of Katie S. Roper date FOR SALE
July 9, 1985 and recorded in
the R.M.C. Office for REPEAT
vs. Charleston County in Deed Pre-Construction
Book __ at Page __. The following General ber in good standing of the election. A form of identifica-
Grand Opening Land Membership meetings of the Branch 30 days prior to the tion is required.
MORRIS ROPER, deceased, TMS NO.: 334-12-00-025 Sale less than two NAACP Charleston Branch,
ALL that lot, piece, parcel or hours from Atlanta. for the purpose of election of
ROPER, deceased, NED
tract of land, situate, lying and officers and at-large members
ROPER, deceased, KATIE S.
being on James Island in the Saturday, October of the executive committee. Advertisement
ROPER, deceased, MARY
County of Charleston, State of 11th. Lake lot with
ROPER, deceased, BESSIE
South Carolina, and being 10 Vacation Cottage Restroom Renovations
ROPER, NAOMI ROPER cabin package from 1. On September 25, 2008 at
shown as owned by the Estate James Island County Park
of Lucy Roper on a survey by 6:30 pm at Morris Brown
W.L. Gaillard, Surveyor, dated
$89,900. Limited avail- AME Church, 13 Morris Project #08-CP-025-A
ROPER, DECEASED, ALICE February 2, 1966, and said to ability. Call 888-807- Street, there will be a report of
ROPER WILLIAMS, contain three and five-tenths
2859. the Nominating Committee. September 2008
(3.5) acres. MEASURING
AND CONTAINING on the All members whose member-
northern line seventy-five ships are current as of 30 days
(75.0) feet; on the eastern line ADOPTION prior to the meeting date may
Project Description: Sealed bids will be received for
ALPHONSO WHITE, work that includes, but is not limited to, the Renovation of
DECEASED, BRENDA one thousand nine hundred NEW AD be elected to the Nominating
ROPER, DECEASED, thirty (1,930.0) feet; on the Committee. ten (10) Vacation Cottage Restrooms at James Island
EDWARD DAVIS, MORRIS southern line one hundred ADOPT Loving family
twenty-five (125.0) feet; and on County Park, 871 Riverland Drive, Charleston, SC 29412-
the southern line seventy-nine will provide your baby 2. On October 23, 2008 at 3107. Timing is of the Essence for this Project. Work will
ANTHONY ROPER, ALAN (79.0); and on the western line with a life of uncondi- Morris Brown AME Church,
one thousand nine hundred 13 Morris Street, there will be be accomplished in two phases as outlined under the
ROPER, ANWAR ROPER, tional love, devotion,
sixty (1.960.0) feet be all the Scope of Work.
said dimensions a little more or a report of the Nominating
opportunity, and secu- Committee, receipt of
ROPER, TYNISHA ROPER, ING to the north on property of rity. Expenses paid. 1- Nominations by Petition, and Publication Date: Beginning: September 21, 2008
IVORY ROPER, MAURICE persons not mentioned on said
888-833-8230. election of the Election
ROPER, SHAMIRA ROPER, plat; to the east on property, Supervisory Committe. All
now or formerly, of Thomas Publication Information: Notification will be posted on
Prioleau; to the south on prop- members whose memberships
SA ROPER, SHAKIYA APARTMENTS/UNFU are current as of April 1st may CCPRC’s website in addition to being publi-
ROPER, JALESSA ROPER, erty, now or formerly, of
YVETTA JEFFERSON, AL Grimball; to the west on prop- RNISHED be nominated for office or as cized in the Post and Courier, The Charleston Chronicle
JEFFERSON, EVERETT JEF- erty, now or formerly, of Betsy an at-large member of the and the South Carolina Business Opportunities.
Prioleau; all of which by refer-
ence to said plat will more fully Executive Committtee. In
and at large appear. order to sign a nominating
MARY DOE, RICHARD ROE, NOTICE OF FILING petition, or be elected to the Submittal Information:
And SARAH DOE, being ficti-
tious names used to designate BEING the same property con-
TO THE DEFENDANTS Election Supervisory
veyed to Virginia Roper by Committee, a member must
the unknown Heirs- at-Law,
deed of James Roper dated ABOVE NAMED: Bids shall be on a lump sum basis; segregated bids will not
devisees, Distributees, wid-
August 23, 1989 and recorded be current as of 30 days prior be accepted.
ows, widowers, administrators, PLEASE TAKE to the October meeting.
Executors, successors, and in the R.M.C. Office for
Charleston County in Deed NOTICE, that the Complaint in
assigns, if any of VIRGINIA this action, together with the Bids should be clearly marked on the bottom left hand cor-
ROPER and MORRIS Book F-194, at Page 182.
Summons and Lis Pendens, of 3. On November 20, 2008, the
ROPER, the deceased and which the above are copies, election of officers and at-large ner: Bid Enclosed: 10 Vacation Cottage Restroom
above named Defendant who were duly filed in the office of members of the Executive Renovations, Project #08-CP-025-A
may be deceased and all other T.M.S. NO.: 334-00-00-039 the Clerk of Court for
persons claiming any right, title Committee will take place at
Charleston County, South
estate, interest in or lien upon MEASURING AND CONTAIN- Carolina, on the 20th day of Morris Brown AME Church,
the lands of VIRGINIA ROPER ING on the northern line three 13 Morris Street. Polls will Bids must be accompanied by a BID BOND or certified
June, 2008.
AND MORRIS ROPER or any hundred forty-five and seven- open from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. check in the amount of (5) five percent of the BASE BID.
portion thereof, including any tenths (345.7’) feet; on the
Southeastern line one hundred
FURTHER TAKE In order to vote in a Branch
such as may be infants, incom- NOTICE that Sherry B.
petents, or otherwise under an eight (108.0’) feet; on the Crummey, Esquire of 61 Morris
election, one must be a mem- Contractor will be required to submit a PERFORMANCE
disability, Defendants. Southern line three hundred Street, Charleston, South BOND and LABOR AND MATERIAL PAYMENT BOND, for
five and eight-tenths (305.8’) Carolina 29401, has been des-
IN THE COURT OF COMMON feet; and on the western line ignated as Guardian ad Litem 100 percent of the amount of the work that exceeds
PLEAS ninety-seven (97.0) feet; be all for all Defendants who may be STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA $30,000, prior to work being accomplished.
NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT the said dimensions a little incompetent, under age, or COUNTY OF CHARLESTON
CASE NO: 08-CP-10-3543 more or less. BUTTING AND under any other disability by IN RE: THE ESTATE OF
BOUNDING to the North on Order of the Court of Common FRANK BROWN, JR. Bid Opening Information:
SUMMONS the property, now or formerly, Pleas of Charleston County CASE NO: 2005-ES-10-0054-2
of William Singleton; and to the dated the 20th of June, 2008,
YOU ARE HEREBY SUM- southeast on Folly road eighty and said appointments shall IN THE PROBATE COURT Bids will be received until 2:00 p.m. on Thursday,
MONED and required to (80’) feet in width; to the South become absolutely thirty (30)
answer the Complaint in this on property,, now or formerly, days after the final publication NOTICE OF HEARING
November 6, 2008 at the CHARLESTON COUNTY PARK
action, a copy of which is here- of Rufus Wilder; and to the of this Notice unless such AND RECREATION COMMISSION, 861 RIVERLAND
with served upon you, and to east on the property, now or Defendants, or anyone in their NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
serve a copy of your Answer to formerly, of James Roper, all of behalf, shall petition the Court TO:
DRIVE, CHARLESTON, SC 29412. Contractors who mail
the said Complaint on the which by reference to said plat to have a Guardian ad Litem bid documents must send bids Return Receipt Requested,
Plaintiff or her attorney, will more fully and at large appointed for them within thirty CHARLES S. GOLDBERG,
George E. Counts, Esquire, at appear. (30) days after the final publi-
and are encouraged to provide mail delivery by 5:00 p.m.
27 Gamecock Avenue, P.O. cation of this notice. 61 BROAD STREET on Wednesday, November 5, 2008. Bids will be opened
Box 80399, Charleston, South BEING the same property con- PO BOX 9
Carolina 29416, within thirty veyed to Virginia Roper by COUNTS & HUGER, LLC
publicly and read aloud after the specified time. All inter-
(30) days after the service deed of James Roper dated GEORGE E. COUNTS ested persons may attend.
hereof, exclusive of the day of August 23, 1989 and recorded Attorney for Plaintiff PETITIONER OR PETITION-
such service, and if you fail to in the R.M.C. Office for 27 Gamecock Avenue/Suite ER’S COUNSEL SHALL
answer the Complaint with the Charleston County in Deed 200 CAUSE NOTICE (PUR- Pre-bid Meeting:
time aforesaid, the Plaintiff in Book F-194, at Page 182. P.O. Box 80399 SUANT TO SCPC SECTION
this action will apply to the Charleston, South Carolina 62-1-401) TO BE GIVEN TO
Court for the relief demanded T.M.S. NO.: 334-10-00-006 2941 ALL INTERESTED PER- There will be a mandatory pre-bid conference and site visit
in the Complaint. (843) 573-0143 SONS OR THEIR ATTOR- for all interested bidders at James Island County Park
ALL that lot, piece, parcel or NEYS. AS THE PETITIONER
Dated this 16th day of June tract of land, situate, lying and Dated August 14, 2008 YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE Vacation Cottages, 871 Riverland Drive, Charleston, SC
2008, at Charleston, South being on Battery Island Road, FOR OBTAINING A COURT 29412 on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 1:00pm. The
Carolina. James Island, Charleston NOTICE NISI REPORTER FOR THE
County, South Carolina con- HEARING THAT YOU HAVE dimensions and drawings included in the bid document are
COUNTS & HUGER, LLC taining 0.45 acres measuring REQUESTED. IF YOU for information purposes only. It will be the responsibility of
GEORGE E. COUNTS as folows: Beginning at an iron TO THE DEFENDANTS
Attorney for the Plaintiff pipe in the western edge of HOURS ON YOUR CASE - the Contractor to verify measurements and become famil-
27 Gamecock Avenue Battery Island Road at the YOU MUST NOTIFY THE iar with the facilities prior to submitting a bid.
Post Office Box 80399 souheast corner of the lot NOTICE IS HEREBY CLERK OF COURT IMMEDI-
Charleston, SC 29416 hereinabove conveyed to GIVEN THAT the Plaintiff has ATELY.
(843) 573-0143 James Roper and thence applied to the Court for Contact Person: All Technical Questions pertaining to the
south three degrees nine min- appointment of a suitable per- DATE OF HEARING:
LIS PENDENS utes (3.9’) east, seventy (70’) son as Guardian ad Litem for OCTOBER 29, 2008 bid documents shall be referred to: Mr. Erick Briles, Project
feet to an iron pipe, thence all unknown and known TIME: 10:30 A.M. Manager, via e-mail at w no later than 2:00pm on Monday,
TO THE DEFENDANTS south eighty nine degrees thir- Defendants who may be
ABOVE NAMED: ty minutes thirty minutes incompetent, under age, or Probate Court
October 13, 2008 and an addendum, if deemed necessary,
(89’30’) west, two hundred under any other disability, and Historic Court House - Third will be issued no later than Thursday, October 15, 2008.
NOTICE IS HEREBY eighty-eight and 40/100 said appointment shall become Floor
GIVEN THAT an action has (288.40’) feet to an iron pipe, final unless such Defendants, 84 Broad Street
been initiated and is pending in thence north fifteen degrees or anyone in their behalf, with- Charleston, South Carolina Plan and Specifications Available: Bidding documents
the Court of Common Pleas for fourteen minutes (15’14’) west, in thirty (30) days of the service 29401
the County and State afore- sixty-five (65’) feet to an iron of this notice, shall procure to may be examined at CHARLESTON COUNTY PARK AND
said, by the above-named pipe, thence south eighty-eight be appointed a Guardian ad DESCRIPTION/SUBJECT RECREATION COMMISSION, 861 Riverland Drive,
Plaintiff, against the degrees twenty-five minutes Litem for them. MATTER:
Defendants above named, and (88.25’) west, three hundred Charleston, SC 29412. Also in the Dodge Plan Room and
that the object of such action is one and 88/100 (301.80’) feet Dated this 16th day of June ON PETITIONER’S PETI- the AGC Plan Room.
to quiet the title of the below to the point of beginning. 2008, at Charleston, South TION FOR SALE OF REAL
described property. The Real Butting and bounding as fol- Carolina. ESTATE.
Estate affected by this action is lows: To the east on Battery Prime Bidders may obtain documents by contacting, Ms.
described as follows: Island Road, to the south on a COUNTS & HUGER, LLC This 20th day of August
lot hereinafter conveyed to GEORGE E. COUNTS Penny Westerfelhaus, Administrative Assistant, by calling
ALL that lot, piece, parcel or Jaine Roper Deas, to the west Attorney for Plaintiff 843-762-8098 beginning, Monday, September 22, 2008
tract of land, situate, lying and on lands of Nelson Deas and 27 Gamecock Avenue/Suite IRVIN G. CONDON, JUDGE
being on James Island in the to the north on a lot herein- 200 until the day of the bid opening.
County of Charleston, State of above conveyed to James P.O. Box 80399 84 BROAD STREET- THIRD
South Carolina, and being Roper. Charleston, South Carolina
FLOOR Download Available: - No
shown as owned by the Estate CHARLESTON, SOUTH
of Lucy Roper on a survey by BEING the same property con- (843) 573-0143
W.L. Gaillard, Surveyor, dated veyed to Morris Roper by deed Special Requirements:
February 2, 1966, and said to of Mary Roper, Bessie Roper,
contain two and two-tenths Ned Roper, Naomi Roper
Washington, Viola Roper Owner reserves the right to waive any irregularities and to
CONTAINING on the north-
west line three hundred forty- Richardson, Herman Roper, All persons having claims against the following estates are reject any or all bids. PRC also reserves the right to accept
one (341.0) feet; on the east- Arthur, Alice Roper Williams, required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal the bid as a whole or any items listed under the Scope of
ern line five hundred twenty- James Roper and Janie Roper Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on
nine (529.0) feet; on the south- Deas dated June 23, 1969 and Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston
Work. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days
ern line one hundred twenty- recorded in the R.M.C. Office County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the after date and time set for opening of bids.
five (125.0) feet; and on the for Charleston County in Deed
southwest line three hundred expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this
Book C-93, at Page 227. Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and
eighty-eight (388.0) feet be all
are forever barred.
the said dimensions a little T.M.S. NO.: 431-01-00-022
more or less. BUTTING AND
BOUNDING to the northwest COUNTS & HUGER, LLC Estate of: ELIZABETH MURRAY PICKENS Contact, Ms. Lynda Abram, Contract Coordinator with the
on property, now or formerly, of 2008-ES-10-0867
Deleston; to the east and south Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission, 843-
on property of persons not Attorney for Plaintiff Pers. Rep: ALLISON WILLIAMS MCCREARY 762-8081 for additional information.
mentioned on said plat and to 27 Gamecock Avenue 321 BRICKHOPE LN.,GOOSE CREEK,SC 29445
the southwest on property, now P.O. Box 80399
or formerly, of Grimball; all of Charleston, South Carolina By:
which by reference to said plat Atty: CHARLES S. GOLDBERG, ESQ.
will more fully and at large
29406 61 BROAD ST., CHARLESTON, SC 29401 Mr. Tom O’Rourke, Executive Director CHARLESTON
(843) 573-0143
appear. ************************************************************************* COUNTY PARK AND RECREATION COMMISSION