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Laissez Parenting Impacts and Guidance Types of Parent The laissez faire parents give a free hand to their

r children to decide what they want to do with their life. They train their children to be independent. The laissez faire parents encourage their children to explore and experiment with the nature of things. They want their children to take responsibilities of their actions and deeds, and learn from making mistakes. The laissez faire parents are not anxious or worry about their children future. They allow their children to do as they please to shape their own destiny. Parenting Style The laissez faire parents empower their children to make decisions on what they want to do with their life. They believe that their children are inherently born with the ability to regulate and grow themselves to become independent, successful and creative people. The laissez faire parents believe that whatever their children will be, will be. There should not be any rigid rules for their children. Children should be given the freedom to choose what they want to do. They believe that a tight, regulated schedule of activities will obstruct the creative potentials of their children. The laissez faire parents believe that their children learn best through their experiences of the consequences of their actions. They expect their children to err and learn from their mistakes.

The laissez faire parents encourage their children to experiment with things. They allow the children to explore the world and try new experiences. They believe that their children would grow into maturity by learning and growing out of their experiences. Impacts of Parenting Styles Smart children who are intellectually inclined will not let down their parents by abusing their freedom. They will grow up to become more independent and creative as they explore and experiment to understand the nature of things. They would enjoy schools and can become high achievers in their academic performance. Nave and gullible children with poor thinking skills tend to abuse their freedom and become impulsive, disobedient and rebellious. They lack self-discipline and control and are low achievers in their academic performance. Many may go astray as they are likely to be susceptible to the negative influences of their friends. Some may even fall into the trap of drug abuse. Guidance to Parenting The laissez faire parents must make an effort to know their children well by observing their behavior and getting feedback from others about their conduct. Freedom is given on condition that their children use it wisely to grow their potentials. Should the children abuse their freedom and fall out of line, they must change their parenting styles and become a regulator to put them on the right track. Below are some tips to regulate their children.

- Develop house rules and a schedule for your children activities for study, work, play and relaxation. - Ensure they follow the schedule as planned - Teach your children to organize their school homework for example teaching your children to plan, organize and schedule their activities by introducing some planning and organizing tools such as checklist, planner and diary - Involved your children in housekeeping chores like cleaning, sorting, categorizing things - Assign chore that involves sorting and categorizing keeping notes, homework, handouts, and graded assignments in separate files or folders - Reward your children for compliance to the rules and regulations - Encourage your children to save money by opening a saving account for them - Help your children to list down their assignments and household chores and ensure that they follow the activities listed in the checklist