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The Chronicles


Hooshang Danesh

Copyrights 2011 by Hooshang Danesh

The copyrights to all my works; songs, words, music, paintings, photographs and letters are protected by Three. My will lies doubly therein.- for the homeless-

and the poor, world over-One Tree Press

Once God has spokenyou have heard it twice that there is no power but God. Psalms 62-65

Child Its the most fundamental rightof any childto choose his or hersexual preference, in their future, by their spirit-its already in their nature-incest, rape and molestationare the most heinous crimesin our domainEven gods may not alter yourown chosen paths(you can not touch any infant-orChild-sexually) To do so, is to invent disastersIn your names Left-or-right, The message is the sameThen-as-now, And those of othersTrust me,


Width Stirs of these prayers-words, Travel unimpededAlong the width of the worldAlong nearlyAll times-and-spaces, In those rented hoursThey go yessingThe may, Reducing the may-nots And the may-nots (still!!) Reduced by 2In the light of their soul(reduce to pebbles-and-dust)(For thats enough)Tis dance of god-Over the creationIsnt forlornEven thoughYou read them: How many years after, and before? Im no more eager to knowThan the ebb and flow ofThe recurring tidesIve already feltThe ripples-


Come along the stones We, like a lamp-Stood, And you like the windBlew-In your favorThere on the edgesThe world belowis never silent I built this houseOut of nothingWhile far away voicesShouted here, Murmured thereAnd mournedBut agreed upon: Tis permanent nuptial: Que son un solo cuerpo, una sangre Unum corpus sumus et uno sanguine Christi Domini nostril-Amen--3-

Azita (One of Marys Names) Deep meaningful faceyou cant forget, the desiresshes only a pretenderin his neglectsomething not far-in the Sirius star shes so heavy, lest I lie, and she forgets-I just have to turnand shes sitting there, for sureits like she comesbut leaving-is never really her choiceits like being born-every morning-dayright before-the light right after, love its madeits way, in and-of shadesright near the beginning-of dawn, and your children, must obeyOr the light of your makerLeaves them-aloneStrayed, For tis- too-has beenJudgment dayTrust me--4-

Pamela-66/99 The love for-Her is neverIndifferent-She isThe living bodyThe soul-Of many-manyStarsTheir flower-And fleshSet, The mouth-Of their existingExcepted, It was summer-WhenWe-MetThe floweringSpring, When-We closed, And -- in betweenWas forged-The fragileTenements-OfTwilights-Bedlam beginningOn the spiresOf heaven-Ensnared And we instinctively-AliveBroughtThe frost of heaven to hellAnd thoughtthe redemptionsa swoon-of love, not-neglect--5-

Venus She had the-Most intelligentToes-Id ever seenTainted-BrownTainted-PaleBridal skinnedLike ornaments-you seeOn fairiesIn talesLike eternitys-BeenA blossoming-of scalessmaller than-tiny cloudsforevered over flamesunnoticeableexcept by the fastest-glimpseswho never caressthe surfaces-too long, Venus-next-Earthonly testing-imagination- over them-Like thoughtsNever comprehending a shape-For in pure-BeautyLies intelligenceForming-FormlessnessWaves-6-

Bye People 8/6 By your in-submissionTo these callsYou reduce your ranksFrom humankind to the beast-and-the-prey, The tiers-Are straightAnd sideways-bent-sames, The world is leveledThe calls-Are balconiesOf numbers and wordsPositive and negative swordsDisplayed, Their foundationsare- my whispersIn the wind(A Life that lives by Love, and loves by Light):

I remove the-Invisible naysFrom the house, relentless, The worldIs a boys school-penThe boy is the living soulOf all the dead-The boy is me, The you in you-Must come homeTo the holder of the,-PEN -7-

The Guardians How do spirits becomeWillfull?Traveling in tunnelsOf black and white-In tunnelsEmotionless? How do you think they have a willfulness? Rolling from one door into nextPlaying Macbeth here-A gambler thereA TV reporter-AfterwardsAnd a male escort then? And to move around-Black-and-white? They need their backs a lot--And my lightIn smallest dosesWhich why-Everyone you stare atOn the screens-Or listen toIs gay--This fate for the worldMust change-Or youll all beGayAnd I shall-Close a worldIve worked so hard-ForJust to see the sameMistakes made? The living gods-777-Are the only promiseWe have out of here-Trust me, The future-Must intervene in its making-8-


Separation Song 10/9 She turns-Curving-To the staged lover(Aman)A thinly kiss-Their dying mindsAround her-In colorIn hours borrowedFrom the livingWho arent even thereBut are watching-The deadAt homes-In frontOf slender boxesHigh-definitiona-fraud-of-the-vision! A secret-deplore-of-existing! Someone named-it-Hollywood, And the name is stuck-On hillsSticking out of-WatersAlong the old-Back streetsThe new sandI want to say:dont believelook how their drunken backsmove-spirited-perishing air-haunted-The little woman-Thanks the wrong manFor impregnating herWith a fingered voice-And I dream of HavvaIn Africa,Angels--oughta dance better than-

this--and there are no-goddesses, in the worldonly Mary--9-

Molly-9 Molly lovedTo be loved,-We climbed-the mammoth--On successive roadOf elevating cloudsOn higher slopes--You feel this incredibleHigh--An absence-of all things: AttitudeJust a repository-of-Good- feelings-Happiness-Jumping on bedsWithout a boneAnd she-Knew-Shell be-over the herdsTheir feed-Unknown-yet, But well gather-allCrops-in natures (mollys)--safein foreverness, And warn herGroundedhead (hooshang)To keep-Out-Of here-And thereFor: Disbelief-Is no heightAnd lest: she makes-any-mistakes, She couldnt put the-Exact-Words outBut disbelief-is not who I am--


Im made of love She insisted-with kind eyesIm of- flowering of bedsOut of longing-and loveone can make-housesOf infinitude--She smiled-knowing-Her mind-Becomes her matchmakerSomeday soon-She smiled-KnowingShe is somewhat, More than adoredHerself,


AlbertSays Albert saidWell remove the- deadestamongst our-blessedNot-temporarily (but for always)Well leave them in sanctuariesWhere-There are finite-Number of holesIn their grounds-Each has our name writtenOn it-And the only way aboveIs aliveAnd albert says: Linda is comingAnd well--Shes got-To paySome-Of-The fare, Albert saidIve covered myself (you) and you Shall payFor them, all, againSadly-Albert says: Im a carpenter again-Albert is an optimist Cause they already know: eis qui me fecit sanum ille mihi dixit tolle grabattum tuum et ambula--


Jerusalem (Beitol-Moghadas) The holy city-Never belongs to anyoneBut ourselves-Never the Jews aloneNever anyones-But the worldsHoly shrine (1)-Belongs to Whomevers-Faithful to god, The holy city-Of gentiles-and JewsSons of god-Sons of MuhammadAre sisters-brothers-In the beginningThe fate of each-Is left-To the other-Loves-Indeed,And a world-That judges-notLest it be judgedBy their lord (living god)98So-let my 2-people live unimpeded-Or: you shall be exiled again God has a huge smile--But with teethAnd your dead have wingsAnd Ive listened to them, patientlySo-I wont rest until, you all have safe homes-and breadMihi crede, nam eis per me


Ahriman The thingIm most conscious about Is the size and the-GoodwillCare-And compassion-Of Pam, Her ahriman-Is a large-ShadowThat unbeknownstTo her, Can drive herInto-Where:The fate andThe wellbeing-Of our people-May sufferAnd Im not here-To allow that (neither is she)She, has been--Carving the backSpace-time-After eachShes been playing the devil backwardIs livedAnd that configuration--being-over, Its time for the covenant--Of love, respect-love-For all the compassion-That hooshang and pamTogether can muster--And that is the lengthOf eternity nowUndisturbedAnd that immense-measure-Has come to-townShuddering unbroken-wave after wavehigh as the iinfinite-suns-deep as many moonsAnd the hour is yours-So gleam-all-

Birds on the waterThe ocean is one permanent stream -14-

Seven- Rules My father cant-By my own spiritthe holy ghost-I wont marry unlessThat marriage--Is for good, Meaning: We can only unite-if/Until deathdo us partAnd my work-Comes first-Pursuits-andpilgrimages--based-upon serviceto a world-thru which-I endlessly rest-My soulThere are no exceptions to these rules-theyre relative-true-2-me- (your rules will be relative true to you) but never indifferent to universal-love-I send out my own roots-Driver-8-hands-On theWheels-of-time, nine-drums temporis dominus, sahib-o-zaman, And we all are in acquiescenceSeven-hearted-eagles--77 When youre the soul of the worldImmense is made to measure Into-Human- stars-


Governance-Prayer Theres no separationIn between--Our makers wordsAnd what governs-Usif the crests in peoples- votes-Dont support, or lead-In his WayThey shall be led--In his nameLest the well-fedAnd-those short--Of-his-light-and-Dreams, drive us-All-in-and out-of disarray the self-absorbedthe voracious-colored-sailsthe foaming-mouths, the jaundiced, Democracies of the well-fed!?!-These words are lightning rodsFor the good of the infants, the meek, the poorFor the good of your fathers fathersAnd mothers-moms-In the equally synonymous hoursBetween here and eternityAnd backTo raise you dead againAnd to re-born you, near our wellsYou must obeyTrust me, -16-

Underdogs The underdogs I like-And protectThe near dogs-Are shaken byThe treeThe equal-dogs-Dont existI just shook-A branchThe living gods, are the one tree-eternal gatesof heaven-whichcame-outof-hell-alive, and became-the sourceof all strengththe landscapes-firedlike gunscreating-the spacebefore-the-tree-was-born,


Seeds DeterminedlyNothing badCan come fromA well-plantedSeed, If its observed: Wellness-aspireIf its scentsAre loveness-inspireIn the houseOf the lordthe righteousare-treasures-thatleaveno spiritbrokenon sofruitfulhills-of-


theirown, for the goodshall covenantthe indeterminableconfirmed,


Wings There seems-To beNothing permanentIn the streams-Yet, not even transitoryNothing like a river-causedBut The unmoving-Are held-Up in little-StructuresThat hold-No moreThan-One or Two-Strings, And the strings? They are-BewilderedBy their-OwnSodden waysBy their-ApathyWorse-By their successivetrespasses-UponEachs-BeingmnessAs though-No onesAmongst-ThemEver-Heard-of-Wings, -20-

You sing-To theirBuildings-In voicesBorrowed-From theirMothers, Their fathersFathersspent-Like pearlsLike-VolumesOf sootheSaid-And shoutedTo their sleep-ness At workAt homes-Amongst their-CorpsesMiners-Soldiers-Coppers And daughters, Still,Muhammads tribes-Have risen firstThe rest-AreTaking-PleasureIn being missed, And talk of-GodAs though-Hes restingSomewhere-Unbeknownst-


Upon-ShouldersThat cant-Exist UponTrees-That arent his ownBut who planted Infinite starsAnd his shipUpon theseFrozen threadsWho--


Attached Strings are attachedIn the foreverness--lestthe eyes-OfMy soul-Cant seeThe shared-DomainsCovenantsLaidBackLow, LaidBack-In the middleOf the lobes-largerThan infinite Africas, Smaller-Than the entiretyOf one word sharedFor the wellness-Of all, Only-in the immaculate absenceOf aloneness-unhesitantSpirals-ToilFor love,


Shepherdess You servedYour space-and-timeWell here, We bought-ShoesAnd dresses-Tops, And skinny jeans-Ad infinitum, Its only that-You neededObjects-Outside of yourselfYetIt was just-That your soulFelt-IncompleteWith so muchWeightOh- that handOf un-sureness-dealt, And you lovedWell-EnoughThe roses bloomedIn between-Your thighsThey were-StrongChild-bearingNever-wrong,

And, how you missed your kids--Them


Mourn-Not Naturally I dont mournThe passing-Of anyoneKnowing-The spiritOf all thingsComeback to me, And are reborn-RevisitedUnburdened eachAs they-Come out of timeInto-Their ownAs they seeTheir entirety-Past, futureOut of nowBack into the streamsTiers-Of AllahThe creator-Who am IJesusAnd Moses-ZarathustraInfinite-names, And Muhammad-Was our-son, Born first under the oraclesA woman namedPamela


Rape Is like turning-A grinA smile-Into a swordThat cuts ones ownSouls-throatBefore being dugOut, Before escorted-loosenedInto shielded-moonsInto rootless terrainThat spin aroundUnshackled whoresThat watch over-The snakesGathering-Around holy poolsThe only light-Is ages awayits awfully coldAnd they see their creatorFor mere-MomentsAnd wonder-Puzzled, They want to seeHis face-,just to openTheir piths-Of darkness, And ask-WhetherLove can-Ever-Lead them- intoNot- fearedRepentance-

Is not-The pool-Or beingSnaked-26-

Its-TheMovements-Of souls-Before itOccurs-


Space Theyre out thereLooking in. The creationCarried on earthMust be protectedFrom thoseWho wantConfigurationsThat serves themBest, And change the tinyMiraclesOf the bedlamClosingForevernessSo, Dont be alarmedYoure hereFrom your futureFrom OtherSpacesWhere rays flourishLike rain,


And their commandHas been to protect tis earthWhereuponCreationTimelessnessFaredTrust me,


No abes Its not-Whos biggerOr smaller-whetherBorn-On this sideOf Jordan-Or the other, Common-landsLairs-Of commonPeople-TribesOf IbrahimPamelas-CypressesCedars-Thrown in the windGhost of the stonesIs a tall woman-Who keepsLook-Out, While I count-TimePages-After-pagesIn a dreamKeeping quickenedPace-With Amens- kingUntil the sun-Appears outOf the black-Into the blue, Before-man is born, Every prophets-Been thruThe servants of the servantsAre the lords Of the ring, And I-Reckon-NotThe coming-But the be-ing


Azizam Oh, its all beenA dreamI dont even want to-Wake up-Until yesterdayWhen I seeIn a vision-BorrowedFrom your sighs-That you received-The firesAcross boardwalk of hell, Into shelters-Sent, Onto-RiversSugar canesWith our backsThe wallAcross magicIntolerableSmell of-


Alonenessin the hornet of everythingthat rootsme outof-memoriesout-ofallwhernesseswhen, the sun, isnt even inand the moon is dead all until youare you againa flowerunder the leavesbehind me like-


a tailburning, youre the large dead birdsleepand suddenly awakespreads-of-pulsatingconsolationsof soul-in-theflesh, strung- wideand-lowsuddenly aliveuntil yesterday-


Pendant Its like walkingOn barbed wireStrung across Two universesWith gravityHung in the between nessof your willand its cause, If the bearsare inwith the huntersthe voice stretchesinto filthy battlesof man againsthimself, awayfrom god, and when theOrions-away-I cant feel myLeft arm,

And then can see giantBeastsMadeOf small bars of iron-65-

So look: Though, I big-bang,Every dropOf sapInvolvedThough, I can rhyme-With every cricketAnd star, The strings can stretchThemselvesInto baroque, into quilted balconies, Of reliefsMade of elementsThat-

Gather themselvesOut-of the dinosaur-dust, and you wantThe genesisExplainedMore--


Its like: Gathering stonesIn a cornerWith a mirrorIn front, Then throwA rock-At it-with- your ownBack , And makean accountantout of your left-

leg, and make-it-allcome backas dust, trust me,


You You have to watch them born, You have to raise them You have to anoint them-IbrahimsAnd MuhammadsOff Budha, ThenSing to themOut of their ownThroatsWide open-

Sing of their backsTo the walls, Watch their livingVanish-and-prosperAgainWatch themWatch you die, Watch theirDeadHungLike-starsVain-and-68-

SmallOn crestsWatch them raisedIn your resurrection, Watch themBecome coherentFragments-

Of your dreams ofNow, Watch their backs, Watch the apparitions Manifest, Teeth of pebbles, Winds of stone-


Ellie-2 In 200 years or soThe tribes of MuhammadWill receive more words-Of love,

Planted-WithinMy soul, Is the diagram-Of the battlesOf Allah, Born then-Will-to-o his wifeShe, who wears the crownIn North Africa, The spiritOf her soulPamela, Who- born-againA little thinnerIn darknessBetween her nakedShoulder blades, -70-

A resemblanceOf her walk (in mine)Lodged--In my dreamThe sound-

Of Samars voiceTouching-the-glass, Her sparrowsShudder, When the Sky is washedWith BuddhaHereTwo: And she shallBe beautifulAnd you shall begin earlyAnd that unionWill prosperIn a marriageThat raisesCainsfruitions That Mean againThe oracles are true Undivided-71-


Treat everyoneWith absolute sincerityInnocence-Is absence of maliceFor such a girly-GirlLies-floating-An opera, Utterly unafraid, Round thine-HeartsGoes a flailingSwirling-Finite HoneymoonsThat end-With a risingWas a consumption-Of our vervetheir spire-of wormsor was it-thatyou-were-born-before-the-sun?--

Like I like-The in between-nessOf any two pointsTheir slender-Tears apartAt ,my notes--Before the endIm drifting-In my imageBones, soul-A walking shelterThe canvass-Of endlessnessA swan hangs-Permanently to the northShe is called: desirable-Another floatsEdgeless-Sobbing fields-Of not-She was first-To discoverShe is milky-SoftBefore-the-dawnWas her first name, When all is lost-I turn-To each-In turnAnd ask-To be dispersedIn what was once:Yes-day-yearsAnd they read-The scripturesAnd whisper: EverydayIs mothers dayI hear myself calling:: Enlace-thine breastsand the crybe-soon-over--and the mirrors find comfort-for usin there--


Balance The truth balancesThe exultations-The yes are evenedOut-True-By the- truth, Everything observable-Must writeItself--Into the beginningAs in the endI dont believe-In riddlesNor shall I spare-DeceptionOut of its-DressDespair-OutOf one-Unbridled-SunVisitations-Gone-WrongOracles-Be-come, The-verse, verum veniat ad eos aeterna--

Nature The very nature-Of perfectionIs her feet-The eyes-violetWide-apart-LegsOf hands-She closedWhen choosing-To lieSleep-Deepthe giving-Is for the giver The giverlays-Low-to-beginGiving-To the giving-BackSo let the giver-and the givings-please and I shall-Be given-The most beautifulFace-From my-Hands--FeetAnd the most shining-Mind and eyesFor my heart-Lies-BeatingForever-StillAnd our-Heart-touchingComprehend-For The raggedWindow-Of his soulIs me--

Jack-2 The soul of-The world-is one andThe same-Its us, Jack-is-Its jacketsThrown-In the windInto the ten-Out of theBlue againIts a refraction-Of the crystalsThat compose-DirectWhen impossible-AscendWhen descendants areNear-The floods-The pulpOf gods-Reduced-Into weighsOf gold-across the fields-unseeingIf not, The throw--Of the canonMust be skillful-The geometryOf perfection-Is up aheadThough-The clevernessOf the NightWill surrender-2 the immortalGirls-thine-BeautyIs just a step-above-The paleAnd brown-black-ImportanceOf--Farada Over the-Wires-Come leaping-for that dayWith important-Faces-

Now crazy--Now notLook: What disintegrates above-Was yesterdays blues-What appears: Is, slowly you in mundo erat et mundus per ipsum factus est et mundus eum non cognovits--

History -is a crossingA yesTrailedBy a towering noWhich was born-To the yesThe tall towering nosAre constellationsLike bearsThe restAfter-fruitsRestingSpatiallyUpon-oneOver-lands,

There are your bodiesCrossing-at-nineDirections-waiting-for-pipers-call-is-no-distant, Their-wind-never-forget-(The sailor-always-forgives-and-forgets)--

Time That mirror-Takes awayMy innocence everydayWith its tattered crayonsThe whispers-From its dark agesThe solitude-I sing notBut its alone, The sole absent-The girls quiet roomUnresponsive to-Everything but:

What soothes-The manIn her eyes-Still: Ill huntFor a face-That woos you-NotBut reflects-The woman in youYour nature-solemnly-SpacedIn between lines-And if I change-orNot, isnt the viewThe view is whether-Or-notYou call them-at allThe woman-in-the-springThats-you-The reflectionsOf-thine-Own-eyesBlue-

Mothers Nature Tsunami followedWhat must have beenQuakesIn the faultsIn secondsIt seemed,

Just fastFor her to showA rescind, In the wall,to--let me byShe later said she wasAloneOn those platesSo I follow a couple-a man-and-womanTo higher groundsAnd that was the way Id written itLater: Everyone says: nothing to worry aboutAnd that worries me so muchwhat now!

Driver 8 Three doors of relicFrom the southUp and downThe spiralsOf sus pestaas: The stairwaysClearly meantFor supervisinWith pamela-

Why do they callHer satan-out that way? Because her house is too bigFor controlAnd she does magic!StillI seem to needHer helpEven hereThey dont hear us well!! Your back has a soundImpregnable you are canand she is your-cant You follow herAnd she follows-you-everyhereWith a no-no-noShe too reluctantto to give-

Im on the outskirtsOf absoluteDriver eightStrings appearOut of no whereAnd so many movementsTo followOn lonely-tiny-

EarthImmaculateExtensinOf yesTurning coalsInto fieldsOf well-Todas las ramasOpenedSpread on the floorUnder a huge innocenceUnfoldFor the coming of the KingIn the queen-ofYester-daysHistorys changimgEvery minuteOf tis intervencinStill: and there beenSo much suffering along the way--

Sodom and Qomm-rrah Ages of cruelty-Ages of bloodshedNear the river-but-Around every otherTime-and-space,The finite weightOf being,Will turnAround its-Own axis, The revolution-Of sorrowSlowly-Out led, You fell out-Of-water, And hurt-The flesh insteadSlowly out of creationYou were sledInto hell- frozen- tailsThe penance is met-When the waterSurrounds your homeswhen the fiesAnd quakesRattle you until, You stop molesting the-childrenBy their mothers-and fathersAnd boys backs-awakenedAs infants by oils-and-beads, And the daughters-grown-soThey wont need their sonsToo-much, So they find comfort-byTheir same, and repeat the sins-

Until when?youre stopped nowBy every other decreeEvery other world-spell-says: If you dont submitYou will be reducedOut of your childrens-tiesrAnd the beasts-will-represent-you, These words were still- metYou can be no moreThan a sigh-In the collective consciousnessOf a mismatch-That endedIn dirt--And doesnt rise againUnless, for the meetingOf the swordsOf childrensThe clusterOf thoseSpacesExhaleThe centerGainsItsCenterAgain, And dont ask me-For redemptionLest-it means-Your eternal-death, Dont find-You even amusing-AfterNightmare-After famineAfter men sold-Into labor, After women rapedIncensedAfter-Jewels-barefoot-squanderedAfter crucification-after-torment, I have no more patienceFor you-Than for lizards and snakesAnd we know you want-Not to pay-

But who will-Save your soul? Who will save-Your soul?

Mad Men Tell their spiresTo lead them out of-Different suitsTo re-humanize, theNew order, The black iris The dead hoursThese are-Only few doorsLeft-For the ruinousThe ones in powerThe old mustPlunge into the new-The new, re-bornBefore the dawn-In the company of the poorIn the brotherhood-Of the meekIn the company-Of the queenWho led them stray-For the sakeOf the giant tree-Burgeoning withThe fish-With the meatWith the spirits-In the voicesat the corners-Turn, We gaveEverything-Our sanity And lived in: Group homes--asylumsSkid row--In the city of angels, elsewhere!!-Let- tis-spirit-Lead them outOf therelessness-

the wherelessnessof colorspay thine duesThe doors are closing behind youIf you dont changeYour subjects--

Wonder It isnt the matterOf winning or losing-The world is brownAs a bullBeneath a green treeAnd the soul-Of the tree: the fountain-Is the pariahVoices-Of deathOf old-The golden shroudOf Christ, Isnt heardAt all-And he doesnt knowBut the ghosts doHis kins can, With allThe hairOff their backThe gentlemenThe womenThe goatsClocked in gearsthe AmenBajo el aguapor encima de las palabraseveryone says: we offer ourselvesTo the lost voicesStill:everyone most unhappy cry-ironically:Gay-Under black clouds-

Onto heavy stars-Leaden with: The metal voices-Of women-

Arched-back-men, And the tiny souls-Quietly wonder: somethings aint rightBlindedAsleep-And eternityIs heavens-away, Under a- -wonans-blanketSold, Happy-feets-motherIs a wonder,

Happy Feet She is theMost beautiful livingSoul Ive come acrossThe suns skinOrange-and-redFoliageOf the matterA red treeOver the blueIngrainedPoised, SingleIn 1-roomNever-abandonedBut stretchedTo bloomAcross, 2too: Bring-onThe-samesHomeThe postureOf-a-soldierIn the heartOf petrified,

Against-theWall. The eyeHidesIn armorThe-AmourIn me, Intact, Its a single roomInside, The outskirtsOf- the-fortress-Called Caesar-Alexander-The devilAnd fury only a mad man invadesRussia-inWinter its a womanSittingInsidea-chamber carvingunavoidable--crests-of:

youHaveToLearn-loveInsteads The-eyesOf-noWomanAre-brightWith-hatredThoughThe-spiresFromBelowHell, Soundindifferent-Spared!! The-red-wallsOf-the-sun: These-streets-wereOnceUnlivable

AT-THECROSSROADSOF-TEN-DIRECTIONSIll wait-wearily-for-her, redemption-is-tis-permanent-trickle-of-rain--

Suns Skin I have to wear--the suns skin(I am in Ables now) Its a gradual changeA permanent fix, For as that sun preparesTo leave the skiesAnd hide forthe beginningOfthe-worldTo inspire me backInto-my-own-words, There-as-I-sitWaiting-for-the-heaven-to-start, You shall knowWe were always hereNever beennever throughNever unfinishedAnd always true: To one undying edict: That all is well--

Bye People 9/6 By your in-submissionTo these callsYou reduce your ranksFrom humankindThe tiers-Are straightAnd sideways-sames- bent, The world is leveledThe calls-Are balconiesOf numbers and wordsPositive and negative swordsTheir decision-Is my whisperIn the windIll remove the-Invisible naysFrom the house-The worldIs a boys school-penThe boy is the living soulOf all the dead-The boy is me, The you in you-Must come homeTo the holder of the,-PEN

Pamela-3 Thrice born, youcan carry allyour spiritshome honey, in France-, youwill (all) be there-was, was-not: A decree againstyour-nameI only bowed tothe pressures of yourspirits-thenand they-callyou cain next out-of-theEdensdoors, next-we-determinethe-past-and-the-futurehere--assured, and-they-call-it-the creation: Pams- out-- firstAnd- then--Hooshang But pam is of of hooshangSo let it be--

Us With usWe re maximizing our powersNot limits, If you follow, You shall receive, If you give-You will be given tooIf you mean wellYour numbers inTo otherwise, Is a road un-lit, To oppose our will-is to leave yourselfwithout one, For I cant allow a world-we worked so hard-for, to be-led, by the-poor-in-sight, by-a-backward-closed, by the weak in-compassion, by-the-deplore, the lords of the dark, are the same as the kingsin -heaven-the houseis- us-undividedbut-by-love--enter-6ixty-four5-seven,, tantum, non solum-You either trust us-Or leave-the-doorsPermanently-not, But-for-few-eons,

Of-coils-, on-moons, pools-of-your-own-lotthe cure, But you already know And I smelt that fearAnd let it go Vidi -

CleverFold What is hope? The child draws line-of its own. And this not an eternal-dilemma, For dilemma too is hope-inverted, And hope is movement of thoughts reallyNot all movements uglysmoggy or stale. (in (theres distance(in (theres time (But boundaries are relative-relent-unThe picture is quite infiniteInfinite means: happiness (simple and quite eternal-weird-elegant Like my wifeBut reality its tooer a he go r w i g-- w n Its not really-a-running-obsession-of-mine were (So distance is the measure-of-growth-u nthought-of-say-


(I mean, I know everyones- wish to be cleverBut clever is born to- Mr. and Mrs. Distantlay (Distance is the son- of Simpleway(And Simpleway i 2 s not- even born yetAnd you say you are so clever And I used to think: me so cleverTill I fold, and then Meet who? E T

Andromeda Chains of morality- lifted off me, -unearthed here on earth, -and Im still - yet-- beside me, Saving sails, hailing: is no bedlam, -was no fade, (And the chains i- laid broken Grew into lilies, beds: Lilies-of-despairSin, --you ask! Sin became wounded by truth, and the age, Graved thus darkling ways, (And the saints, rule still, and dwell,

Letters Dear daughter, dear sonBurning alive, Existing-still, organically-there, I have crossed the bar-ebbed. The crown of life-metHave met, And now which-is-forever, Hunt for the heads-of-a-few-who, Have hunted children, men, women, and continue.. They are easy to spot- to summon, The bid time, again-- again, They carry hellbound cargo well, They feel no spare, temper, pity, relent Benevolence is not their thinkerRemember: they kill, and abuse for- gladness,

Indirectness I say: They never-ever-haveCheered anyone Barring, I mean except: By dint of, I mean through: The labyrinthine, I mean the

Serpentine of indirect-ness, I say, They never ever have, windingly led,

I mean pioneered me into conclusion without Exceptional doses of their madness-Incarnate--

Sundays (Tis, I assure youNo cant or selfLove. No minded self- omen, But the baroquest, I foundWere the doors, In-the-light. Of mine, Own, And tis- Dionysus, Not-your-comforter, Too? Are they not, thineOwn love?

Why Why, must you notRemind me, That I watchFor you Every single waking Hour-and-day, And why can you notTease me for sleeping tooTightly to yourThighs, (or sleeping too late) And why may I sayYour t-shirt not torn-out Of your jeansSided, Your enduring, Look of abandon Your careless whispers,, It always meant incompleteBut god-more-tender-love And why am I notEver---mindfulin-you-but--lost,

Sundays I say, I knowI never fathom, Or comprehend the news Their rhythm is strangenessAnd each beat inclined to conceal, (Which not a rhythm of need) For rhythm of need: is love-wrapped, And electric, through withoutWithin, And answers to no willBut unseal-now, Before my eyes(not my ears) Not-tisUnseemly-cognition, Of all ill-cognition, (unseeing) Only the thinker--soldiers(march) Only the-two arrives home (not-apart)

Metamorphosis Tis able-skin (Soheilas) is scathed throughYou name it: the crossings pay for the sins End-one-world, Bring-on-the-home-in,, And-I have to wearThe-Suns-skinBecoming-PamelaAfter-she-became-us-now, The movements--Consist-of-single-acts-in-onebeing-(Khoda)Meaning: the crown-has-been-worn-out, Just as the sun wears its robe-in-the-beginning-So shall I For just to big-bang-entirely (just to hear)I burned in my body(Without knowing time it was!) (Beginning looked like the endand the end was farada) Every evening before I repeatedly dieAfter resurrection-- suns robes-mineat-dawn, On-these-shores-Falling-off-the-edge, Is no picnic, After-endless-nights-its-a-must, Though-every robe has been kind-Every death landscapes-Every tiny-moment-In-creationFraught--and-won, unhesitant-

Jesuschronicles 11 I see then-that I am-Jesus, Pendant in time, For no/or special reasonI have been, I will be-again, A man not-trapped in Time-- and ceaseless Sefas I die for something, Its good, And am born to my own(chil)dren, I am god, but then, So are you, But I am encircled, And my seedsIn-most-dispersionU, (we-are-ruled-by-love-only) (not alone) (only) (tantum, non solum)

Opera Please, say- pretty star, that you arent just a partOf my imagination-gone-wry, you arent allowed the luxury of fleeting -that--at-all, And can you fly through your stationInto mine--(for a cup of coffee)_ And though -this thoughts a wish Its not-mine--alone, for my will-is-wish, And not entirely discontinuousOr endangered--by fitful of impatienceAbove-See those vignettes, of dancing, Men in tuxedosUshering a new emotion!! ushering you in between them, (Arent believable) (Emotions-must-be-real)So Say pretty star:--not-loudly, But enough so can I hearThat you are for realand sometimesEvenTrue-and-loved. -

Indirectness I got by today Thanks to indirectness, Had a place to stayAn immense andLiberal placeA furiously furnished space, Renovated to convalescenceBooks and such, Arranged theoretically, ChromaticallyAll different, And its nice- very nice, To have been here, and there, Thanks to indirectness Its nice, very nice, To have come and gone, And to have been in such placesSuch immense and exalted spaces, And to have had lost nothing, Absolutely nothing, And to have come and goneWithout losing anything--

Jolt Every thoughtful is, Painful, Like Socrates, Cup ofEnough. Every inward Eye, RemembranceIs un-worthy! Hope blighted, Deferredlike a payment FrizzledOut, Every jolt

Pictures The screens are on againThey were on full-blast 3 years ago, Then they went off quietly, Just as the girls in blazers came in, All sullen, all intense, Perhaps they knew the TVs would Be on again too soonAnd they rapped: We wine and dine wishing our dreams Come true, but the broken soldiers Raiseem, they make our eyes so blue, So they shared their secrets, only with Other girls (and not me), Perhaps the knew the TVs would be on Again tooAnd I, I understood nothing And then came the winds, Humming some beetles tunes, To the sounds of shopping cards Well packed with yesterdays booze, And they shouted and they cursed And shouted..

But it all sounded like music to me, Perhaps they knew the TVs be on again Too soon, and I understood nothing, And then came the prostitutes With their half gestures, Gestures they so quickly construed, they all smell so good I thought, Even when wearing the cheapest perfumes, But then again, perhaps I understood nothing

Jesuschronicles So, its been ChristianityFor 2000 yearsAnd its been rough-andTumble someYears, And it doesnt soothe Everyone -what does! And it doesnt inspireEveryone (Who does). And it isnt all beds-ofRosesWhat isBut its been the kindSpring of billions-yet, And tis true, all religions, Mine, Tis one god, you chooseYour own faith,

But its been-mostly, aLearning house-of-loveAnd graceAnd times dont standStillFor soul-orFlesh (Each grows-with Haste,


Universe is identityBoundaries irrelevantHere, But single identity Is, For identity is love, And loss of self is: Loss of others: Is abuseIs injureIs chaos, unwell And loss of love is: Loss of universe, And lost timetoo is relative-not-lost, Time too is a mea sureA distance between Love and well, Identity: is a garden, Where you walk throughSmelling things-- you can never Smell anywhere else, Love is: you smell so good

Jesuschronicles Most are raisedBy women, married,

Gay women, Raised in basements, Tree houses, satellites andTenementsTheyre chill)dren of one manThe only man, the soul man, For all womenThey come back toMeetThis- theFather- in the name Of the father of All men, erat lux vera quae inluminat omnem hominem venientem in mundum--

Mama Says

And mama said: Child, u oughta knowThis whole dot isOne poliUnithinkinBad-

Son of a naughtMama she kinda rhymes like soAnd unaccount ofMy jiving mamaI reckon- I got noChoice but, listen: I rather youn, Be sum mad yelling, Son of a ought, than-Well, she never finishesHer sentence s, I say mama, urEver been to . J U P I T E R, ?

UnfinishedColors Stay under the skin-blue, Says-child-Vincent, Stay just under the skin child, Where the topstayundetectedAnd true, Stay where the heightCant seep-

Through, Child, Where mornings sing outOf each nightsCool moods, Stay in the mornings child, Saffron faithRing all yourDreams thru, Stay under the skinChild of morning nightChild of spring and fall, Colors of morningPaintedStill make-

Your fathersDream come true, In Vincents eyes, Stay in (her), Vincents eyes--

Aisle 58 We occupy aisle 58With the primordial-death-wish, Laws are decay,

(And you wish-not-love, why not), But why wish-death-noisy-toothfulDeath, My chil)dren have more to doAnd say(I am not through) (I know you wish love-not, but Why wish death? We occupy aisle 58, And there are pretty picturesHanging in your Work-rooms, Inviting lovers-everywhere, Your young into theirOwn spaces, And Im lost in youLike a new-primordial-wish play, I write: (not-Shakespeare, But a play called: I am not you(We occupy aisle 58, We just started, and tomorrowIs yesterday-

A Prostitutes Song The idea of selling lustOf selling tensions ofLove, Doesnt it favor you deep? -doesnt it danceYour-piously-weanedHeart? But you jump alreadyFeet onCharcoalFire, Your heart has, Your minds-ownOn trial, Dont you wish all dreads, Sulfured-andDust? Dont you wish, SoftnessInvited, Some-chasm, Lost inBetween us?

Flecks of love This universe is rich withExistenceTis life is everywhereAt nights, I hearTis screech and bells, Yells-for tolls, What toll I Say, And I become soEngrossed, Even scaredBut my spirit leafsEverywhereThere is his lightMy verveIn you- spiritsCaress your cheeksFrom, lairOutThe new ordersWere sewing tinyFlecks-ofLife-in, you--wher, (trust me,

Empty Hills I dont approve ofThe hills, Restless at the end, Not-like mountainsOf Portofino, Who always end, At the bay of Genoa, a-pretty-end, theres-always-an-endwhich is arepetition) but a melodyends, a thought ends, like a friendbut not-the-hills, (why not end, to begin) (Im going there anyways)


Sirius And Not Thank noble-god of true and light-force, Sirius, For allowing me to sashay, Come and appear tru: the Genuine, bona fide tunnel of Eternal love-with-she, loveLunatic-tunnel-love, certified By much lunatics like: CummIngs and Shakespeare and Every other nut-tunnel-Ulysses-inThe expanding universal Timaeus And Critias, luv-ad-infinitum,

And your mamaIs in nineSupine, Rest,

CreationPlay One must awe, honorSlow gait, linger-

And even nayYay is yet- a jolt ofSurpriseThese days, Yay, is a neverFlower, Of zero relativitySpaceFlightless attendants, ther, in concrete toes, of goldplated-eatware(Through No-Stares Yay is a jolt-ofNay, (Or: Yay, is a crystalCurrently buriedDeep inside myHeadAnd I keep lettingGo, Go, And Where says: Wher? Wher?

Tis though I knowIm nowhere ! I still plan to why-nextNay: why next? -damn,

Dad Daddy Dea n, Leave your beatnik tum, tumWhere it is, enough beat-beat-toFill m-thoughts-swingsTo your jazz-cum-laudemay beLeave it where I can-pleasemore-than-millionsIn their -- (teas For there be nothing-butBlue-news-for-a-time, (Blues-is-goodaint-it!) But leave enoughPeesh-peeshTo fill my head through-andthrough, Just, enough-to-take-back, to-my-wife, Who-is-my-sereneAnd-eternalBaby, (I say daddy D, youre-


I say: Colorsparkyoulovemeters-perfec tion, too, Yourhonorableson,

Breathe Wednesday was the odd dayin, And I felt like a treeAnd couldnt reallyBreathe to pleaseEven me, Whom the pleasestPlease-s

Unseethe, -to please andUnlearn WellThee, And though sheltertoo a pleaseMyNeed, Food is however stolenShelter not may justA --tree, No. shelter true, Is where herEyes having-met, Her-pleaseness In-mine, Sleep, Deep,

Thursday: Tis garden of manyManySeedsThen, bloom

Without Them Without the spiritsOf the four living bodiesThere be no books to read-

Emulate, No musicNo paintingsOr picturesYou follow themIn your sleepAnd in your waking hoursThey listen to your vibesAnd share themIn though the heavenDirected at each floorIs what must be Gardens of planetsBalconies of sunsDrums of rain, And each constellationIs represented at birthOn earthThe dust of all words and imagesSettleOn the windowpanesRooms in the seaOf perplexitiesAnd wonder:

For to see the world: Is to mirrorThese words well, The doors only open: In faithfulness-

To the lordAnd all his subjects, Fared, Its all for thineSouls drinkingThe whispers: Echoed in theRippling shadowsOf our existences, Together, Not-alone, Non soli sumus, Dei nomen in spiritus mundi--

Darmoun Noh (9) hamash mige: Har chee honeymoon begechash, Khersak-ha hey dastoor midan: Boo, Havva/Azita: del mishkanevakheylee: Sangeen, Abes baaj mikhan-o-sareshoun garmoun, Honeymoonshatranj bazee mikonehohey: migehMardom-mamnoon (whatever that means!) In vasat-hafiz-hooshanghe-o-darmoun, (Khoda) Pas Khoda-vaghean--az-khodemouneh! Are-vali-farangee-mizane-donya-Chil)dren,


Our names have always been: Moses, Buddha, Zarthusht, and infinitely moreYour beliefs are fables ofOld- playpens, tales of silhouettes that never existed or dont exist any more-You shall come through in twoI shall lead your tribes intoThe infinite-heavens (of-these finite-earths, Your mother is Pamela who carvedThe heaven-back out of hell, Under Amen, Under Nine, Under-our-saviorJesus-Christ-is-our-lordis-and-alwaysBeen-AllahAnd mayHis-namesThus-saveth-youAs-well-Chil)dren--

JesusSongs II I see thenThat I always amJesus, Pendant in time, For no/or special reasonI have been, I am, And will beAgain, A man not-trapped in Time-- and ceaseless (Sefas, Fesus) Jesus Fetus I die fore something, Its good, And am born to my own(chil)dren, I am god-- but then, So are you, But I am encircled, And my seeds, In-most-dispersionU, (we-are-ruled-by-love-only) (not alone) (only).

Angels Heavens angels, And here there, And everywhere, And in all times, These musesWish to serve god, Spirits and be-ins, Anywhere, They say, youreRe-born, Until youreHeaven-met, And even then, Youre re-born, In Christ, And grace all childrenFared, Oh, happy angels, How your thoughts, Take all hellAway,

Decrees U have a position(vanguard) And its already written, (our chil)dren know more) You must fill thisInventivelyWith (The least amount of burden) The greatest easeFacility andWisdom (eloquence) (No (less) internal rulesOf conduct (burden) (No rules of contempt for humans, And-all; (one must respect onesFriendsFriends, (enemies,

JesusChronicles Theyre good to sing, To utter is perfectionTooAnd to love thyNeighbor, Is a given-gift given, Given for not-sing onlyGiven for perfectionFor foresightForeboding insight(given for imitation), Given for u, to u, From u, (given as an invention(of u, (I am in repeti-tion forU,

JesusChronicles They are still tyrants aFewDusty grimDreamless knells ofNay, And theyre debt-mongers, Handing out guilt-andShameInOuWhers, (No guilt-and-shame in ou-ever, Whers-ever, But they stay, numbers ofRape, abuse-slaughterAnd hateThese murmurs you cantSee and childEven the best most faithfulChild may winceHurtOrStray-

The safety and faith (fate) of ouChil)dren. SealedinWillFaith, The numbers of theirsShall be notBy any means necessaryTrust me,

Pamela-8 I dont care what peopleSee in her: (The suns skin), Full-of-smile, wool, and lace, The tip of her tower -is-The arch-wayTo the flame: That reads: I love youBut: She can feign real anger I knowits so true, The sixth-sense-isDire, If you all sing in that way, A resting place for the fire then? No- the quivers of the dead, -in the enemies-bloodLaid-foreverless-your-waves, (The dots are everywherehow-I-connect-themis-absolution-play)--

Cause eternally-I couldnt- care lesshow she sees herself, I want her to be-seen-asI see herAnd thats: --the-love-object,

Somethings always wrong Watching a lot of things I constantly lose the inertia, the need for them--and only a few things burgeon here-and- then and those are usually buds of my own leaves, not-a-preface--. This goes on and on. Its the only constancy I love. Everything else comes drastically in, leaves drastically out. But something is always wrong. All inscriptionsFall on deadWalls, And they complainAd nauseamTheir ghosts, Every momentOf creation, Is followed by-

Hours ofUndevelopedPainfulDistraught. And you wait-- alwaysIn between the jailsIn between the madnessAnd dead And you always shall sayWhats wrong(With them) In betweenThe madness-and-thewell In-and- above- thePride-Of inner sense and this shallalways stay-in between themChrist.

What is and what is not Theres no beastTheres only the stabIn the woundThe stabberIs my ownMy flockThe wound isWhat carriedYou forwardUntil nowThe healingIs mine-namesThus far (and will be forever)-To see theScar-You have toBoth standNearAnd neverStrayAwayFrom -our eyesIn themUpon seeingYourself,

You oughta see-theRevolutionOf everythingThat exists, Thus beginsThe begin-Of-far da, Thus remembrance: is remembering that everyone is innocentIn the eyes of the lord. 2:page number

If Abled Your firstDutyIs to rememberYoure your sisters keeperYour brothersBrothersYour fathers sonAs you areLords mother-and his daughterAnd been his wifeHer tutorThine ownSpritMust glowIn that veryKnowledgeThat you haveBeen-Both the keeperand-the kept-one, and you must trustuswith or withoutanyonebut yourself,


Each momentIn time and space has an algorithm, Meaning: each momentConcludes in an end, Its reflection Is in the shadowIs in the black-and-whiteEmotionless, To get to the formulaYou must assume thatThe world is made of nos And GodsIs the house-ofYes, And to remember-thatThoughBlack-And-whiteIs emotionlessDoes concludeIn waves-ofFeelingThat-receiveInActsThat areThusFate, (Meaning: if God didnt existyoud have no fate)

Regret Somewhere out thereRegret is oldIts lost its eternal escape (its by and by) its secret pleasures, arere-told-though, like some cosmic fame-like a desire-for perfectionwas embedded in thereand its beinguntoldmakes-any tales-ofperfectionunbelievable(to them) and so regret existsin stonesin pebblesin cobwebs of tonesconfirmedin the handof so-manychildren-and thrownacross so many-


Seemed Everyone wants to barCertain accidents from the worldAnd their futuresIt isnt just meIts like a constantNagging-apparitionsThat cant helpTo be displeasing: Cause tis always: is it next me?Its not soMuch a survivalInstinctThat fights against evilIts a need-notTo--be-left, At the alterOf-possibilitiesOf-not-beingIn rthe riverOf actualities, Seamed--

Judas He is forgivenBy our namesThough, he continuesTo abuse my names--and does-So, Under the usual: people are to blame! Hes the everyoneHe feigns-toEnactimitate-But He is the abe (flaw)In her ables nameAnd she walks mostMorningsyouthfulGlamorousNails cut downIn straightSlopes-triangulared; And says: Judass is: so darklyOf a placeon my Orion-belts. And sometimes-

I even believe the living(Hers)And direct each time, She goes by: One holy spirit-For her direct nessAbodeswhere: fields-of-yes --Imploreout-ofWaves-of-nay I-says,

News of the world I read the news again todayAnd it struck me-how emptyThe lives would beWithout the living godsAll thingsGreat and smallAre frames-on indecisive wallsThat can changeInstantly fromGold to dust, If the light ofIts worldDoesnt restOccupiedOn its soulFor light-is-time, Time-makes-loveTo buildShades-of-eves-sun, And that cage (suns)-Needs-

The reassuringOf --whats-Inherinsides, constantcompleteor objects willBe dispersed before-their-meet.And she hasnt met elsewhere-everYet.

Judgments Like opinionsThey are people-specificTribes-specific, TrinityIs an enormous eyeAnd Within-There, are infiniteReflectionsEverything unburiedOf dark marblesGranite stones, Or lighter murmursIn the centerOf the nightTo the amazementOf bothLeft-and-right, Is home, Immaculate-

And thoughThe sky is spreadBetween the bid- DippersAnd the blue-Orions(All there is) Fits insideA tinyGrain-of-sand, irremovablethe tree does not give away The end of the beginning--ever. And whetherBy chance-or--designYou (are)--

Chaos I have to be chaosSome mornings and daysThe night beforePam and IRecognize our scentsPlay as dogsRolling over one anotherLight columns of weedLiquidShes a black dogIm brownAnd unless we playUnless we tumble withinTheir noisy: whooshSoundWill assassinateMake wars again, And they shall be buriedsix feet under Under heaviest rainsSee: in the nightHer belly is an armAnd the dreary: chaosMay sculpt her-

Any Any objectThat existsIs at or- Has been in movementBeforeMeaning: The movementOf all thingsIs determinableAnd directedBy the lightWhich isThe mover-ofAll thingsIrremovableFor in the eyesOf LordEverything isimpossiblethus-hemakes-itso (cant)-

and thoughrage is in so manycolorsit never-can beall-entireafter-tis-flameshas-takenhold, after tomorrows-done, long-beforeyesterdayscaved-inin betweenmouthfulsof-sorrowthe gaps-excisedin--no, and ifthe villainslook and smellso much as yourselvesthe relief may be-

that worsthas alwayscomegone-

been overdand tis shall berepeatedfor itswaves of existingcan do no morethan here-stay: the crust-and-the-bellyThe appearance, the-deep, The hell-in-the-heavenThey all came and wentAnd you were all awake And what can any doTo overcome the nay?-In god we trustAnd shallRemainin that forever forif wed lost-foreverwhowouldbereading this verse (yes)--

Scatter Everything is a straightLine. thoughEach movesIn differentMomentsThus: theWeightIs no moreThan the-light-stretchedInto longerAnd longerThis making, timeA spiralAroundOne Finder, The finder? Is the bodyOf the flame (Christ)-ThatsUpsideDownIs: no-longer,

The names(mine)HeavenScatterEverythingApartNot asunder, Tis permanentRippleIs the shape-of-aFountain, You-The foliageThe root, The thunderOf thineMountain-My-namesThe airThe very-rainAndWater,

Miracles Im partOf theMiraclesI bringHeaven sacrificedLeft-rightAnd centerAnd enduredThroughPossibilitiesPamela was nextIn vigorSecret steamAble playedPreyAnd thePredatorSeamed,-

EveRaisedAll threeEnthralledEnduredThe impossibleAnd gleamedThrough, And if the meekInherit-This miracle-is-complete,

Then Since wereConvergingAs one SunFor the beginIn my tomorrowTheres a quickYes-and-no, Trailing each thoughtTainting feelingsFor our childrenFor yoursAnd mineAnd thoughIm excited to beIn suns skinAgain, I wonderWhat happenedTo the In between-ness, of all thingsAnd some daysYou sound a lotlike I do,

and we soonshallbothseethose great rivers, Their spirits-have ascendedTheir crucial bodies-are twoAnd are hereLike a murmurIn the windsRestingOffSo many constellations(That I createdAnd soonForgot, Lest, theirSwollen riversAdmonish meFor vanityIn procurement.) and that she always beUs-in-loveSomewhere in time, For neither-sheNor-IBe-oflove-bereft

Creation No oneMay come closeUnless its (am)-MaMeaningThe sourceOf all matterAnd lightIs myself, And-I only-store-theHeart-of-The matterIn women Meaning: there areNo exceptionsTo this-rule, Unless its ma)9 While-everything-stood-still, There was alwaysOnly-myself FromThe chill-cliffhangingEyes-ofLord, Into no wheres

Sum Some cheatMeaning: with wordsMost dont. Some say: Evils inbornMost lay downThe arms, Most say: No way, or my way-Sum say: Only these wordsAre ourSuns-trust them

Closed system Nothing ever leavesThe world, On corners and pyramids-spiresEverythings sculptedOn espalda, From coyotesTo the rabbitsHoles, The anonymousSynchronous-ArchitectureOf presence, The eaglesThe bearsThe man-RStairways of eternityTheir dancings ghostsWhite-in-blackOn blue, Where theres waterYou existWhere there isntWill be so, The artIs to come backWhole-

That judgment-Is mineEntirely, If you rape, dont protectYour weakYoure staringAt yourself incomplete!! Because: the futureAlways determines the pastAnd is that notYou, In the cracks-of-time, Your consciousness droppedUntil you: Shall do no harm? And when you come back-toRepeatIn 5 or 10,000 yearsevery stepthat expiredyour man--, is a gentlyreminderthat thisgardensto please,

Judge Those with personalityShow your hands__ The air aboveThem was empty as a hall, And if you wantPeace and prosperityHow you can? Is to declare yourselfBankrupt ofThat cause !And thus youShall be shownThe way, Be given your purposeAnd the eternalSaved, What flows outOf these hot-declinesIs a chillAscensionOf everyOther-mountainTop, What willRemainOf tis grief-

Is feathered by theDust, and theres no moreUnder the sun(but the Starwars)And their tailBegan and headed--here, And in between5000-- leaves, So help me GodActs-2-7 Luke 19-27.

This is belief The overwhelmingFeelingsThat things are spunBy these wordsThat their truthIs insurmountableBy any forceOr creedThat all-- isWrittenBy the hands-ofLord, AfterAnd --before thoughtsOf eternal eyesCountless bodiesLips, glands-Over so many roomsOf tinyMirrors, Over valleysAnd floors, Fund their way upTo theMountaintopThe whole,

And write themselvesLike sandsThrown into a riverThat only flows, The bread of my bodyThe watersOf my soul EnterEvery otherstairwayof-- more,

The Couple They ain't home-No scent-- or flavor of it-Perched like a flaw-Not the ocean's wind She sleeps withHer girlfriendsIts faces-of theSame -moments-abodes, He visits his boyfriendsTheyre only closetsIf youre very poorOtherwise: There are mansionsAtopHills, Down drivewaysMadness-scenes, and at the endof each-daythey lay the blameon your doorstepsthey say: their soles are, all strandedOn rooftopsLaid upon shoresUnrestment-wise,

They say: Its the people that askFor unhappy museswere all gayThey say its themThat askFor liesAnd untruth, At the-check-outGrocery-stores. By the aislesOf --plentyWoes, Atop sugar bars, Onto slenderBoxesAt nightAnd dayin a fabricationOf-willfulness, Let the queerMarryThe-queerInsteadI sayLet them knowTheir verves-are-Can be carried into heaven(theres no hell)-

Tell themId ratherThey Come out(And play)-Tell them: Ill reborn each and every oneAs I see fit, (Karma pauses here)-And that eveCan carry some verves as love(the women are in the shades) Tell them: Ill see that no One child or infant is molestedRaped, Tell themTheir own rivers-2Will be givenRightTo birthIn the-eyesOf-Christ--Tantum non solum

Grow We leftAnd came-backBillion-leaves, In-between. The shepherdessCarried the backWas-not-detachableUntilNow-sown, The paradise neverStirred-itself, From-itsDream, InsurgenceIs a vastySea, BodilessSheLaidUntil she metHer match-in-Us (2)And was pleasedAnd thus-

We 2-grow,

(she knows whoI am, and veKnown who she isThus loveNeeds-insightFor the-vastFloweringOf its-depth)--

You You haveEverything to knowNot- need to know-butWhat help knowing most, The rest are-all- confessed atThe fingertips- are what one singsBefore sleep, for each has been sung These verses, long and before, your bodiesEyes seizes them, to the souls respite, tolerance, Regretful-unfolding ,the eternal Suns, nailed down, The woven is not impossible to find, if you hold its mirror, Into your finding, for you were thus born, to their miracles, youre held weightless in your rivers, and It-- to the very letter, shape, and signing-- that had Heard the footsteps of the CrossAnd the- inventionIn its pitchedBlackness-as, Though, Silencehas Twice--the--meaning,

Marriage Its always meantThe holy union of a womanAnd man, The lines drawn at theBeginningAnd at the endAre the same. Its an unpinnedFoliageOf the living GodAnd the threeAerial rootsOf his treeIts at the centerOf everythingThat spins-the-dead-andThe-living, Nature is a woman(Us) Her soul mate is-aMan (7), (Must)Though the tyrannyOf the queersMust end, By any meansNecessary-

Its never meantThat their shelterIsnt in, And never myAcquiescenceBeen soReluctant, As the above,But if the sanctityOf infants and children(Is) covenant-sure, There shall be no exceptingOf any oneUnder my- rules, And if its-notEvery livingUn-living objectIn the worldMust unify, Till the violationIs ceasedUntil my willIs complete, Until willfulIs a gift(or tomorrowIs-not)-

Everything Everything that is(Is-light.) And all that exists-not, are its shadows, in the centeris ma (am)and thenis derivedits co-existingfellowsthe Pam, the Eve, The AbeThe starving codesFor if theyrenot spun, into the inexplicableeven if theyre dustwhat will be their rain? Paper tigers? Paper butterflies? Can the paperRise in its own shadow? Everything smellsOf borders here, The mystic rivers-

Rise, to holdOn to herFeet -then, (Padme) The sailorsMid-name, is ThoughBrokenOut of timeInto tiny four squaresOf black-and-white, Theres oneBeginningOne endthis streamof realityopened the eyelidof time, and has my name-

Ma Mother natureIs Sole, Is WhoAll the riverbedsOf flowers and-sap flow inAnd out, StillOf my stillnessRiver, On top, The vibrationsOf my existingOn herTransparency-plant, The sheWho-is my- cagethereafter assured, (lest I run awayA hermit, unchecked)And thusShes theMost beautifulObject-in-your-world(and ours)For no onesImageIs anchoredThus-but-


My right foot Shes a beautyNowAnd forever, An accountOf chanted teethOf chaosTheir brokenBentAcross plainsOf warOr-surrender, (tombs-on-water) Her back-stringsChained-herDownSo coiled, The-worldHad to waitUntil the goodCould winUndeterred. Not-yet-completed, but sheCan watch herselfIn the moons reflection,

And wonder: thus love - by: Arrowswane Right!--


My left foot Im a quick-breeze, All birds-mine, For theyRoamWonderingWhos-come-by, the gist ofSo manyflights, CarriesSuch enormousshelteless, wards she

looksout of the corber

Movements There must be movements-in time, most days of the worldYou work byYour hands or- feetYour though must followTo endorse, And if life-which-isWorkMeans your thoughtsPlease, Your legs and handsMust alwaysFollow suitAnd please the lord, There will beNo more moneyThe walls are downThey were mere actsAnd abused so muchTo the disadvantageOf the most! That Ill leaveMoney-out, Credit everyoneBy what inspiresTheir surroundingsAnd their souls-

Thus you pay meBackBy movements of all sortAlmost every dayOf the week, Prayer, thanks: Is when your movementsare pleasingIn your worlds, The rich: Is she/he whoEndorsesFor: Acts are fixedWithin these words,

Everyday Everything is aboutHere, (I know)All the balloonsAttach to the fluencyOf nowBut everythingIn me, Is about tomorrowAnd thereafter, You come in theBetween nessConstant, Weighing heavilyLike a shrug todayA billowing smokeIn yesterdaysCrutches, (metallic, Un-earthy thoughSounds ofSuicideNow and thenLike a togethernessIn genuine pain)-

these waves of discontentAre here everydayBut Its a dust-settling-Duty ofThe cosmosTo reshape herselfOf some crestsOf nay, (there are indefinable laddersUp and downThe floors)UnavoidableAnd waves of confirmYes-love, (Togetherness is: serenadeTo sum) And I only see theseIf they wit before tis judge: food, shelter, and healthFor everyoneAnd freedom of religionAnd thought, And workIn-pleasure

Until: Everyday-is-Sunday, Until: blueIs laid-outIn betweenAll shadesAnd colorsAnd cherubimFeathersOfGoldevened-waves-of nay For the birthOf ChristWas never a thornBut a bonfire, And that tendernessNever-straysAnyoneAnytime-andPlace--

Bakery Sometimes I wishWe could walk outOf the store together, The blush, The Sirius-ness, The smile behindThe face, The enigmaticTurn of the face toThe leftWhere the commonPeople areWhere shes: Virgin of Guadalupe, And all shades ofEvening- rest likeStrumming gypsiesUpon her permanence ThereWhere sunflowersTremble at theSight of her: And Happy thighsAre happy feetCargados de Girasoles-

Abes reflections Theres stillSomething woodenIn their facesSomething not entirelyCut out, Sparsely sparkedThough wed bathed in itMe in hersHers sanctified, She too is a bodyIn the her vastnesssuffered muchAnd wont again. But this vacuous-ness In nowWhat is it? birds without nestsno- breadsor stuffed with breadsEither way: The keys are offNo hum in the treesNo serendipityBut self-absorptionMusts, take-it-or-leave-itFloors, Where the edge-

Doesnt sink inExcept-in-Sirens-Shrouds, Way-belowOur norms-and-calls, Underneath the shadeTheres no creationBut save(until tomorrows-ifThe deplores-left. There scarsAre-On both sidesOf-my-face, Now, But my nos-Must be cutDownIn scores For-whatMattersMost-sApart,

And the so-calledOrthodox (Jew, Moslem, and Gentile)Have beenNothing but: Liars and thievesBentOn selling hollowed-waresTo the weakIn-hearts, And tell them: Look at the placesWhere-youGot Hurt-the-most,

You can reboundIn Wellness(and youll beGiven-roomsTo dwell-

And breadBut If you rebelyoull be renderedMy will. Againif you raiseYour sword-

Against-my-namesThis-boundIs nulled, meaning The worldMust shatter-theDust-of-yourPresenceUntil your consciousness is no moreAfter here: You can beBaptizedIn the house-of-the-lord, And-Found,, For, Theres lightIn that downpourOf hate,

For Your tyrannysSo-far, (Identical and indifferent) Been of yourselvesMovements-making(Alone) The floods, The warsAre to scatterThe Torture chambersoff bedroomsOf infants and young, (your begat, your own flocks !)

And thoughIve had no patienceAt all, The RevelationsThe sealsWhat disappears-inpartsThis-is-the- pointOf viewThe convergenceOf the house The-forceIs-us-alive-beforeAnd-after wars-

Africa The mathematicsOf the ghostIn-the-machine, Bring the colors-of AfricaHigh upLet the warmthEndureThemIn such, That the violetsThe greensWill produceSuch a sonThat willInspireThe infinite In its seamsAnd that loveCan be sung so perfectlyOf Sara, Mother Samars HandsAre feetOf Africa-inspire-

From within, From insideThe prison cellNot thereinnot the ghostBut the bodyOf Christonly in him,

Honorable women and men There are throngsOf gay womenAnd menWho are honorable Who dont rapeOr molestWho dont wantTo prostituteThe rest, There are thoseWhore committedTo be governedIn love, By loveTo be nurturingEverythingAnd the humankind, Their soulsVibrateKnown, They climb the ladderUp to heavensAnd back-

And there are vile beingsWeaving-in-andOut of wasteKnown, Their timeDoesnt moveIn a spiral, And theyreDream-lessSured Blessed are thoseNot found amongstThe vileBlessed are theHonorable-soulesOf-farda,

Find The truthShall findA wayOut moreAnd despiteThe ignoranceOf the unlightedFoes, Those whoCant hearThe promise- landAre still in shortsAre PrancingVery slowlyDespiteOf their robes-theirTitlesTheir amamesThey returnOur commandsTo exploreWith wooden looksAnd talkDeploringly-infernosThough-Heavens-doorAre never-closedTo anyoneWho insists-

Surging onFamiliarUnder-theseWords, Whose-worldNever-waits-

Honeymoons interment Surreality is aFrenzy of deconstruction-Of reality, Its dissemblance, Its not the houseOf yes (building, prosperity).Its a feature ofChaos-it has its seedsClosed up(like fists)Bruising the gentleIts meant you canSell sugar to kidsAt 8 in the morningThough its clearTheyll run aroundLike mad rabbitsOr: we can showThe cutting off aWomans bodyWhile a pretty breastAngers the public!

These are shadowsOf not-understanding, Theyre long-

Not-bewildered, But confused. ArmedIgnorance has-no fantasies left, In the infinity ofSnow, A lot will be strippedOf their ownWhen the lightAscendsLeavingThe-Left behindthere are noMirrorsIn the waterin factThe mirrorsKnow not whence-

And WhosNot-approving, Any un-river. Un-flow, So thatAll imagesAre un-halting And you want my acquiescenceTo what exact Funereal vagary?

Honeymoons never playedAgainst the devilShe was next to hisKing (the queen)-but he playedAgainst the backSeams in waterThe grades-of-wrathBeen your wavesOn the oceanreduce themBy numbers-

Bit by bitUntil sumIs receivedBy their spiresHeadsAnd I paid And I shall notTake him into heavenIf he mates with the ables-at all-

Obama experiment The black woman says: hell never win-

Shes angryBut hes a manOf colorOf mindAnd nobilityhis mother wasA whoreA white woman Shes more angryBut the jackWins the electionAs expectedBut likeHis mates(Abe and Kennedy)If he steps outOf the lineTheyll assassinateHim too-

Because the rule-of-law: Been the rule of ass-here, Which cant distinguishItself fromOther thingsMeaning: nothingCan exist outside of itAnd if they feel it doesIts mutilated unshapedRaped- bruisedAnd left in And gradually theyveMade THEMselves, in-human, Non-essential, Losing consciousnessBit by bitFor if separationOf mind and matterIsnt essentialyou dont matter to god(me)--

Knowledge The knowledgeOf my being hereIs not consciousTo anyone hereTheir souls-riversPlaguesTumultuousWretched, Asleep They cant graspThe absolute essenceThe consciousness of unityIs too extreme(so unlike them)some are meagerMost are into themselvesBy: being for-selfAlones, Your projectionIsnt godIt isnt sumIt isnt meIts your negativeYour same, and though I can feel youYou cant seem-

(Tis unity is outsideOf your selves)Your actualConsciousnesssAre living stringsOf untruthEach day, (for unchangeable consciousnessRenounces itself dead) How can you be a part ofMe? Though you areLike noses of small childrenPressed againstThe oceanOf lightOnlyNot-alone, (You are)--

Whether The measure ofAnyones importanceIs your treatmentOf them, Whether you lieOr speak the truthWhether your honestyIs meant for yourSharedCongruence-improved, Whether tis loveOccupies more thanA corner inYour soul, Depends onHow you careFor ourChild)dren whole Respect isAs attachmentTo loveAs flower isTo the keepers care-

Is putting ardent into waves(its a place near calm)Imperishable windOf change

Surge of nos The mother of the JewsThe Persians-and the Turks, Is Mary The tall accountant (linda)-Who (my left foot)- is off the strings-Of PamelaBorn to HavvaShell pass through--Mexicao-Africa, Sepulchral houses of stonesMother of David-Son of kuroshAnd after 2000 yearsOf anger-Against your tribe: JudasThey have to pay So, Ill save themOut of Egypt--before, In my names-And if they must pay-

They shall For any offense againstMy names (Jesus) -Is an offence against oursWhen you turnedYour own inThe mirror crackedAnd the hills of rescindCame up1900 years laterAnd Pam must lead themtheres no choiceShe is I--

and your dead-are-sittingThere-still-And-I-cant-move-themNot-until-They-come-to-Their-ownNot-until-Africas-our-Home, Not-Until-LindasMom Not until Mary-

Blue monkeys There should beA monkeyThat can be you(its not the otherWay around) There oughtaBe a tigerWhose bodyYour soulAdorns, Planets saved forBears, MonkeysSerpentsLeopards, for being a human-

is too demandingtiresome? I only knowIf youViolate my commandsYoure Entirely not-here, At all,

For tis consciousNeeds a groomingFrom every tierUp and down, So silently littleBlue dolphinsRoam, And all noblemenAre whales tooAnd heaven is higherThan all mountainsBut hears your sootheBut cries leaveUndividedBearing swordsFor everyone!? (fields-of-no)

Yes The problemHas a humans faceAnd its anothers, So I say, Unto youNo disfigurement, No violation, Of a mans Or Womans and the animalsAre be-ins, your trespassesare insured: abuse, so, they shall have a voicein the house-ofyes,

and dwell withinwhat I shallalways call: love-and-respect(trust)

Relationship Perfect isA relationshipIn between godAnd herselfAnd herself and god(The rest is the same)And god forbidsThat perfectionDoesnt existBesides himselfAt all, And may-this mysteryBecome every womanAnd man alive for His spirit-isIn us all Every bird can singEvery dance is a star I am, only a musicianOf her bodiesPhysicistOf herKalam God.

Man Who caresIf Fariborz-Is Ringo StarrOr whetherHe can everEnter heaven, Most of themDont know whoThey areOr what centuryTheyre inAll I knowIs when youreTrained as a soldierYoure not trainedAs a man And though I sit-hereFor hoursObservingThe unsmooth ness massI am wonderIf they ever-can beHappy with their lotIf forever is enoughFor they weave lieAfter lieAnd in throughThe haze of-

LivesWhich buildDeceitBack into layersThe overflow Pursuing angry dreamsAnd who shall payBut the immenseWeapon of their soulThe body of ChristRevisited, missing the belovedEveryday And everywhere--

Here Reality is theBest storyIn town, Though imaginationHangs, attached, imperiously-from its everywhere, So listen: and youShall hear theTruth here, But stare out gentlyOut into nothing, And the reckless beautyOf everythingIts luminous face, Smelling of silenceSmelling of kissesLimbs-In its curveThe-Distinct--amusing, Brittle, Sounds of: hear---

Stars Theyre doingJobs, Its just that theJobs have: Badly-doneSignsOn them, As in: Make slightOf love, Of belonging, And of passionAnd bring outWhat exists inUs, and call-itAttractive! For were scaredOf the mirrorsInside And cant elevateAt all, There isnt lightEnough inside them What world is ours? They hum. Lords and hersAre undivided-

They cant be-drivenFor you make themLook like drivers! And none can driveAnd tis world is GodsThe only driver And if they dontAcquiesceTo be ledWars will be inventedBy them-andFor themActs.

Now Every timeI ha ve a thoughtI know infiniteSouls think theSame as: Am-Who FeedStructure, ThenWhathow And tis repeatsOver and overUntil the solutionIs in frontOf-now, Wholly, House-ofLove ! Un-whollyDivided through, Acts.

Myth Intelligence isLike beauty-its an innerBuildingWithout a wall, (and these you notice) Through a shudderingUnknown, An embraceDownward, In eyesA recoil ofEverything-hold, A stoopingThrough invisibleDoors, A recklessness hereAnd thereThoughReasoned outIn some un-attachableMyth !

Earth (under Jane Auaten-Marys impression) Their fatesWere bound, Tied byDuty(to whom and when?) Never was clear For thoughEach trekked theBackwaters, The milliaryThe parlor roomsSo carefullyAs to lose allIdentifiableDeclare, FruitionWas alwaysA silhouetteUndetectableEven bysmallestCups-ofMeasure,

As in: What promisesA breezeIf theres no air! And what willBecome of themIf we dont tendTo those mostScared! For if twoCantServe their timeOr eternityWhat becomesOf a man-andA woman, (What duty, why on earth?)


Its like aGreat massThat mightEasilyClimb upTo heaven! And thenWhat holdsUs downIntoHisForever! So, I hangEvery littleObjectAround my spiritSo my cloudsStay above usAnd linger--

Haikus-1 FoodA womans Best hunter, You, The constant, Loss of yesterday, Future woman, Slender noseHas no watch, Two thingsAre absolute, On the grass, A girlIn the dark, Leaps the frog, The thoughtOf objectsHamburgers,


Love, The sun keepsGetting dinner,

The peopleHeld up, Rich dentists,

The big dipper, Manets little girl-(Le chemin de fer) Has, long legs,

Looking at a Pretty woman, She hadnt been,


PerfectionIs a relationship, Before heavenMeditating BuddhaIs whoJesus became, Thus JesusCrossesFreeways, FreewaysIron boughHold the apple, My Mother, Jane Austen, In Guadeloupe,

Haikus-4 BirdsBack from Arkansas, Rained, Share the wealthFlounder, Back-strokes, Neanderthal-Back, Blinds me, off, CowsGrow mad, If Jesus says so! The murmursOf notDebilitating, InequalityDemands, Unjust times,


Bodies on theBus, smell ofSlaughterhouses, North, Up in theRemote, dovesFeel disparate, MistakesYellow eggBaskets of gods Plastic toysBroken inViolent webs, They pumpTheir ass upFace off,

Haikus-6 Boots, Flatten, Their backs (what to do~!) Bent like picklesHow can IApproveThe doorsHave as manySets as roads, The Ghost isTheir ownArchitectMoney laysIn bedUnsured,

Haikus-7 Watch what IEat-- the smell, Afterwards ! Being goodBeing bad, notSo bad anymore, Individualityfaints, Over charcoal, Mothers natureIs sole, Is WhoIn essenceThe objectNever eats itself, Without twoTheres no objectIf the objectIsnt seenIts still wealth,

Haikus-8 Thus self-knowledgeFirst wealth, The bodyOften negatesKnowledge, DifferentIs suchA lone virtue, One is negationTwo isYes, DeceptionIs an attemptTo appear as one, Woke up, An hour early. Worlds yawning,

Haikus-9 Storm troopers, Behind her faceOn sunny days, Sonia withA tattooCant come in, The nailsOn that woman, Long as snails, Therere beautifulSouls only, Not alone, Happiness grantedIn acts of Grace, ConsciousnessIs WhosDomain,

Haikus-10 There are noMasters and servants, Only feed, Soledad withBig ass, marriesShortest men, Great greenJuicy towns, Saints of the dayDisasters-Arrived, If women wail, Bellysseverest-, Weightbehind

Haikus-11 Moon and sunset, Sacred, whollyTruth, When GodLets, yourBody is, Flaws, coverPerfection likeGold, Theres onlyOne meaningtwo is tis,


BeforeThe beginning, Im at the end, RealityIs a produce, The essenceOf movement: Is Happiness,

The essenceOf happinessIs you,

whos afraidOf deathFears life,

Haikus-13 Whos afraidOf life, Not smiled at, I Who amImperfectIn your fear, The orthodoxyHideLavatories, Thinner thanMemory, Smallest hands, This house of-you, by the amazing grace

Haikus-14 Tragedy isnt, AtonementsLove, Whomever eatsPork, voicesIs a squeal, Change isRiding the wavesThe sing, In betweenThe peaks, Errorsseem, Any thingsHas a rippling, perfect, karmAspause is- Ma-daytimes here,

Haikus-15 DownAnd upwardSpirals of acts, Side-glancesOf fateNumbers-windows, Japanese womanBeautifulStares, knowing At the princeThe blessedIdle The meekOver throne of grass, by verse, Indias, BuddhaOf -knowing (danesh)

Haikus-16 LotusUnderHeavens bonfire Who: found-Mathematical explanationOf-Fate, 4 (them)Them-Predicting tomorrowBy today-The holy ghostInsight, By Jacks doors litOrganic growsOn a treeUp-held, Cant dreamOf whatCan never,

Haikus-17 HeavenClear itsknowing by name Two swansCan only dreamof Whos-world,, The pearls-are A gift ofCrickets, CricketsAstros-Domine On his garden well

Ants-StingIn-Water Fails-

Haikus-18 Arch of noses RovingFutures yes Turtles, Newton-Farmers fare Sufis-The darkFoods-- obey ConfusionNor a gentileSail,


Dues for the rich, Jobs for thepoor Samar, AlgeriasMarble thighs Unconditional loveOrbital, Being maintained by Noor (2)

Haikus-20 Store presidentTrudges unhappy: Is everyone gay?

God deliversMost beauty, 2-K9rma-Configuring chaosWith Pan on Me shoulder- sleep Eternity2-- soul-ssprawl


My Left Foot And they rodeChariots of fire, And they were childrenOf those ImamsChildren of theJews, And they wanted to knowWhy I wrote those decrees, Against their fathers namesAnd they were mostly men, And they were gay, And I told themTheir fathers had committedThe most heinous sins, That theyd rapedThe childrenIn their cradlesFor their needs, And I sobbedAnd they leftThey were LindasWho is off Pams stringsThey are both born to MaryWho is IAnd nothing changesThe wellness of my springs,

Beefeaters The power houses, The back ofThe invadersCrashAnd unfurlBy their choices-One by oneFor the wealthOf all isThe wealthOf two(Tis unavoidable Sum)For the powerLunchesAre stretchedInto the fireAlarmed, And for theWorms mustGnaw throughThem fasterThan some And for: thatWeight-

Must reduceThem: Tier by tierAshes by Ashes-Dust- by the-Sun,


Thus The world Began and endedAcross the treetopsAnd down byThe creeksWillow rootsOf the oldLeft for thebeginningbefore the Sun, before one(Where) we laidby the fireun-scatteredblushedyou and I, and in the waterthe boiling frozenseeped, onto the landby the moon-in-usebbingmany threadsborne outof old paintersoil on woods-

Oils on dust,. And I sangTo the closedStores, Of thus havingBeen, and thusHaving been loved-Most, Of allThus havingHad existedFor so long And ever-

After And so afterHere, The acts must followSuit, In the light of heavenUntil, The meek is thrustInto not everyOther costOf well-being, For the fewest of us, Will never goThrough- the doorsUnless, they seeThe rose ofWellnessOf others, For one of thoseOf-us-who cantIs God, And saw everythingMost deplorableAnd sobbedAnd new commands-

Were givenFor the wellnessOf all-Empires,

My Left Foot-2 Eves, Theres no other motherLindas are stringsAttached toPamsAnd both bodiesHave to be born 2Mary(Or cant exist ever)Abes a house thoughWith a stretchedOut shadow, That formFilament Unevenhereunsmilingthere! (blue-Sundays) and unless her bodystraight, knowsher duty 2 her lord-and her spirits-

are notso discordantshell never marryInto the HouseOf Gods-For her lights receivedIn no other way,

Little Theres littleCorrelation- between: WithoutWithin. What appears toYou as beautyMay be ruinsInside his/her seams, ShadowsAre ornamentedFor the spiresTheir seats, on, For your eyesDeceptions, Carelessly- pleasedRuns ! And for, if a mirrorYoure looking-

For, to be ledOut of yourselves Through! And for, if theBeauty insideMust carefullyBe concealedFor the fearOf losing you!

Then I let be-The most beautifulSouls in the worldAre NineFive, SixFour--Trees, And their mirrorsAre insideMy arms, And there onlyThree thingsYou can doTo nurtureYoursGoodwill, ExerciseAnd food-

Theres no moreIn or around the sun,

As Long

For as long asThere is, So much olderThan the Sun. The sand in theTrees, The birdsOn their stems, The vacuityOf time-and-space, The columns-of FiguresAnd numbers, Been speakingTo me, For the resolve of warningsis a Yesand For if You stretchEvery portentIts thrice-The sizeOf being nessAnd un dealt, So devoid ofWonder,

Long beforeThe occupantsArriveTheir fearsTrembling isA long sighOf detention-Into no springOut of no winter, And thoughI be quickTo dispensecreditsanywhere else then, The truthforever--Is, that we neverCameNever leftAnd neverIn- determined,

Vermont Bus On the busHer nails are longAnd floweredShe really meansBoredoms a problem, And theyre thickAs shields: I have toCompete with menFor attention Left-On 52ndTheyreAll parkedOn the left sideOf the streetThe two cops-cars onThe rightStand outThe coppers feetAre out the door: The sneaker thievesIn London hear-

Your voice Theres tensionThe detectiveHas big tattoos on leftArmHes standing by a light-lessHouse, A black-mansIn handcuffsThe copper scales theStreet up and downTheyd likeTo killThe ChristOn these streetsAnother talks to theNeighbor with patience Back at the postOfficeAlmost no one had shownUp for work-

Prayers The prayers-stretch out-- its Who-Meaning its us-2 Means the clocksCan stopPlunge intoThe-Hour-ofBreathLook glassesColumnsThrough, Then she-in-us Can dreamUnder the hoodsAnd lookFor whats bestFor WhoAnd for theSkies withinHim, And WhoPrays for youAnd walks theActs--

That figureCompass-Out of doom,


I sit the wayI like to dieLeaving no bodyBehind for you, Under theRoof of the Sun, IntoOne permanent treeAnd thereYou can come-back BringingDirt and flowersFor the poorIn light of me, Holing photonsDown, Letting yourNumbers climb-the wallBefore and after (We) And there (they) areUnder harvest moon, Into the bodiesLettingHeavens-be,

The Return Of Pan Wheat and barleyFriars,

Milk, honeyThe expenses of One trip toThe milky wayFor the comingOf the queen, For though she laysIn- relentlessPersuasion Of theSoftest objectsIn his kingdomComesHer shoesAre largerthan their scopeshows in -now, and much sweeter than-she admitsfor her becominghas been oneenduring flight of theun-seen s,

And though-

Girls cry outFor theirs soberingIn hers, --Theyre EvesAnd hers, bothfor until-Two theres noOne else, And though-I relentAs if I dont careFor their cry stills, The truthIs, there shall beNo, Queensuntil their--kingdoms-- on--

Meet They wont beMet, Until redemptionsCarved outInto the sunAnd beforeThe muster, Before dug up, The rules thus: They be ledBy no oneOther than them-selves, and themselvesare directlyfrom the housesof rain-and I send(under the sprawling tree)no one butmyself,

Exhaustive shadows On the perch, OutOf million yearsLess and mores- away, Let the tidesTie into theWavesFor the gloryOf GodsIs onlyMotionsLaidAnd forProsperIs what onlytwo hands bear, and fordarkness too isalive and hernames faith-and the feeblerthan nowhas neverbeen, and eternity-

is a glanceagain, Thoughts: bringmore than just shadowsbring flowers, and the-freshcrisp of all scents, for thine beauty, never fails,

Dont Confuse Us They playTheir handsWe neitherPlay, Nor: know cards, they playwith multiple handswe have onlytwo arms, they relegatehonorfor a rideatop, a pork barrelwe neveryieldtowhat we have(and we own it all)the Pan and Ithe living breathsof Marythe living Abel-

(Theyre all Who)Still: their spiresAre as themselvesto themselvesAnd notAs we areTo you