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Vaetchanan 2011 And I Pleaded. Deut. 3:23 7:11.

This Parsha starts off with what looks like a grammatical anomaly. Deut. 3: 23, And I besought the Lord at that time, saying:

And I besought the

LORD at that time, saying, It should have been rendered, VAni chanan, and I pleaded, but we note it is written, VEt chanan. This seems to infer the Alef-Tav rather than Moshe as the plaintive one here. The gematria of VEt Chanan is 515, the same as the word for Kohanim Priests, Priesthood. The phrase connected to VEt chanan is also important at that time. It is seen on 6 different occasions in this chapter alone and indicates that Messiah was also directly involved in each of these encounters. 5 of the at that time phrases are connected with the destruction of the Principal Giant leaders and Israel possessing their lands, while the 6th involves the petition of Moshe/Yahshua as Israel prepares for the final encounter. I believe this is a pattern revealing events of the 6th day 6000th year, where Israel once again, is preparing for AT THAT TIME. Coincidentally, the gematria of the phrase, At That Time - Beth hahuw, equals 489, the same as #2955, Taphath, translated, ornament, it is from #5197, natap, meaning the dripping of rain, like the words of Torah, which refresh! Its two-letter root stem, Tet-Pey, Taph, #2945, #2946, conveys the idea of offspring, a spreading out, to rear children - metaphorically it speaks of the heavens spread out like a Torah Scroll! This is fulfilling Gen. 15:5 where YHVH tells Abraham his children will be spread out like the heavens, dropping the Torah, like rain, into the Nations of the Earth! Thus, The TetPey, Taph/children of the Tav/Covenant are the topic here! Israel is again at a Threshold, about to cross Jordan into Canaan. Moshe is a shadow picture of Messiah who was offered (as the Lamb) in Egypt at Passover/Pesach. If we count the letters in this verse (23) we see a reference to the 23 chromosomes of Messiahs DNA being added to change Israel once again! 23 in Hebrew is written Lamed-Gimel, #3849, log, a liquid measure

specified in the cleansing of the leper (Lev. 14: 10), is it possible a reference here, to the measure of HIS DNA that it takes to repair us? Ironically, if we reverse the letters, Gimel-Lamed, #1530, #1531, there is an inference indicating the ratification of a covenant, in addition to, a bowl or vessel for oil. This is the root of Golgotha, the site of the transfer of the contents of the vessel that would redeem us! A. As we listen to the pleading of Moshe Messish regarding entrance to the Promised Land [a foreshadowing of his death] we are reminded in his own words, that it is the fault of the people that he is not allowed in. Thus, a connection to the Waters of Contention in Numbers 20: 10 12, is seen in this Parsha. Lets first examine the name Moshe: Moshe, #4872, Moshe, One From Whom Water Is Drawn. Interestingly, his name backwards is haShem, The Name. Lets look at each letter. Mem, waters, chaos, womb. Shin, tooth, two to do again, Hey, behold, revelation. From the living waters of the womb, two will again bring revelation. The two? Moshe, Messiah! The gematria of the 3 letters = 345, is the same as #5609, Sepher, book. This word not only refers to the Torah specifically, but also to the National Records of Israel during Ezra the Scribes Day (who was contemporary with Daniel). It would have been these additional books that was consulted to determine ones specific lineage in order to be allowed into the Temple THE CENSUS OR POLL TAX! He was also a scribe as well as, a priest and would have assisted Daniel in SEALING UP THE BOOKS!

Ezra 7:6, says Ezra was a ready, #4106, mahiyr, skilled, wellversed. It is cognate with #4107, mahal, to weaken, dilute, something adulterated by water so that it loses its character and quality! The twoletter root stem, Mem-Hey, #4100 - #4101, asks what, how much, how long, and connotes also, to tarry, hesitate, to delay doing something. The gematria of Mah, Mem-40, Hey-5= 45, the same as ADAM! Was Ezra, along with Daniel, complicit in altering the HEBREW language, thus delaying the forming of the Final ADAM? HMMMM? Look at the name of Ezra, #5830, ` Ezra', translated help. However, the Ayin = To see, perceive, understand while Zayin-ReshAlef= ZERA, the Seed!

The language of Moshe in Numbers 20:10 is revealing, he says, must we (he and Aaron) fetch, #3318, lead out, bring forth, a fem. noun meaning captivity and ones going forth. It is from #3319, yesa, to complete, to finish, as in the construction of the Temple, and is cognate with #3320, yasab, to stand to confront, to take ones stand, to present oneself like putting oneself in a place of honor. Thus, Moshe and Aaron put themselves in the place of the ROCK as deliverer& builder of the Tabernacle of Israel! Yet, the flesh cannot deliver itself! Water from the Rock? Rock, #5553, Cela, rock, The gematria of these 3 letters (Samech60, Lamed-30, Ayin-70) equals 160, the numerical value of one of the name of one of Judahs sons; Ben-Chanan The Son of Pity, the Son of Grace! A.K.A. Messiah! Thus connecting us again to the title of this Torah portion! Ironically, the root of Cela is #5536, Sal, (Samech, Lamed) a masc. noun meaning a basket used to hold the Unleavened Bread offering (Messiah) [remember Moshe was taken out of a basket]. The numerical value of Sal = 90, the same as the word TZADDI & #1350, goliym, kinsman redeemer! In Hebrew, the pictograph of the Rock, Sal, is that of the Samech the support, one who upholds, gives rest, refreshes, revives. It is a picture of the High Priest laying his hand upon the sacrifice thereby transferring in a legal setting, the sin of the individual to the animal & the Lamed, the Shepherds staff. Thus, it is the Shepherd who offers REST, support, and who revives! It is YHVH & Yahshua alone who fetch this Water! It is evident Moshe & Aaron placed themselves in a place of honor intended for the Rock, the Son of Pity, The Unleavened (Sinless) Bread, The Righteous, Kinsman Redeemer! Like Messiah, Moshe thus becomes a shadow picture of the First Adam, who thought to take the penalty of the Adulterous Bride/Eve and die on her behalf. (Adam was fully aware of the Redemption Plan of YHVH, as was Moshe Rev. 13: 8 The Lamb was slain before) Yet, like Adam, Moshe rebels when he should have Sanctified YHVH (The Lamb was already slain Pesach) (Numbs. 20:12) #6942, qadash, holy, as in a set apart Husband, cognate with #6945, qadesh, Temple prostitute, only one vowel point different between them. His flesh, like Adam, causes him to enter the same rebellious sin and incur the same penalty. However, the Lamb is slain for their Salvation Yahshua/Joshua leads them into the Promised Land! Deut. 3: 28 tells us Moshe is commanded to Charge, #6680, sabah, anoint, appoint, Joshua. The

Hebrew reads: Vetsav ET-Yehoshua! The Vav also implys, I have appointed ET as Yahs Salvation!! Ironically, in verse 27 YHVH takes Moshe to #6449, Pisgah. This word has #6448, pasag, to go through, to view carefully. The Hey suffix indicates it is feminine and conceiving. Thus, Moshe is being allowed to watch a birthing take place! The two-letter root, Pey-Samech, pas, indicates a tunic, specifically a multi-colored one, and also connects us to Pesach Passover! Is it possible that Moshe not only sees the division of the House of Jacob, but also is seeing the rebirth of the House of Joseph/Israel and the Priestly anointing belonging to him? This is consistent with the pattern of Gen. 32: 1-2, 7, where Jacob is met by the Angels of YHVH: Lets Look! Gen. 32:1 And Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him. In the next verse as Jacob sees the Host machaneh, he called the place, Machanayim! Met, #6293, paga`, to meet; encounter to establish a boundary to reach a certain point. Here, the division of the Physical House of Jacob takes place and this division boundary would continue until the Last Days Ezek. 37: 16 22! This word Paga has the two-letter root, Pey-Gimel #6291, pag meaning an early fig, a green fig. It is this same FIG TREE Matt. 24: 32 that is the prevalent sign of the end the TWO HOUSES BEING RESTORED INTO ONE! It is in the previous verse where He mentions gathering His elect from the 4 Winds, GK. #417, anemos, a violent agitation or stream of air it is not a coincidence that the word for Torah Law, is GK. #459, anomos, spelled the same with only a vowel point change in the Greek. The Word or Torah will be a violent, agitated breath that fills the BONES OF EZEKIEL 37:4,5,9,10!

Yahshua earlier cursed the fig tree (Matt. 21: 19) because it had no figs on it, and He came specifically to restore the Whole House! Thus, the fig tree was cursed because it lied! Implying a false, fleshly attempt to join the House together, which will be exposed for the counterfeit that it is! The Ayin as a suffix indicates to, see, perceive fully understand! *NOTE, look at the gematria of this word Pey-80, Gimel-3, Ayin-70 = 153, the same as Bnei Elohim, Sons of YHVH, the number of fish caught by Yahshuas disciples after the resurrection. You will see this again!!!

Jordan becomes a paga - boundary. Jacob will never cross it again divided! Back to Pisgah! Pisgah is normally translated, cleft, but as weve seen it is from Pasag, which means to pass between or to divide! Just as with Abraham in Gen. 15, Moshe is being shown the House divided and YHVH/YAHSHUA walking between the pieces guaranteeing the Covenant with Abraham in spite of the split of the 2 HOUSES! The numeric value of Pisgah = 148, the same as #4266, machanayim, meaning two-camps. If we add the letter Hey (5) the total is 153, the same as Bnei Elohim, the Sons of Elohim reminding us of the 153 fish that the disciples caught after Yahshuas resurrection! It was to this location Mochanaim that King David (MESSIAH) resorted when Absalom (ANTIMESSIAH) usurped the throne for a time. We can break the word down thus: Mem=from, out of, the origin. Chet-Nun, favored by obedience. The Camp of those who are favored because of their obedience! It was here (Gen. 32:1) where Jacob sees the HOST, #4264, machaneh (Gem. = 103, the same as Chasah, to divide in half), if we subtract 103 from 148 we get 45, the number of ADAM & Lot, in effect, separating the two camps into the Flesh and Spirit! Pisgah also reminds us of Abrahams offering where a deep sleep and a horror of great darkness fell upon him (Gen. 15:8 18) and a smoking, (#6227, `asan, to smoke, to be angry) furnace, (#8574, tannuwr, firepot, from #5216, niyr, lamp or candle, the Tav prefix indicates 3rd person future tense, you, he, shall) and a burning, (#784, esh, fire, related to the word for man, ish) lamp, (#3940, lappiyd, firebrand) passed between the pieces.

Abraham cannot honor such a Covenant in the flesh and the anger of dealing with the sin of the flesh must be satisfied by One who can The Light that shall come, the Man of Fire, who walks between the pieces, (#1506, gezer, a division, half, to divide, to separate, cognate with #1503, geza, a stump from which, a righteous branch will grow [Is. 11:1]. It is Yahshua as Messiah who reconciles the Adam who has been cut off, a Branch grows from the stump of Adam! The same is true in Deut. 3, Moshe cannot honor a Covenant that requires one who must overcome the horror of death and flesh, and thus, the Alef-Tav must pass between them again! He alone can reconcile Adam, Abraham, Moshe and Israel!

153 the gematria of paga and HaPisgah, is also the same as the word Bezalel, (the one who builds the Tabernacle-Body & its furnishings) #1212, meaning in the shadow or protection of YHVH, or better, in the image or likeness of YHVH! (Gen. 1:26-28.) This [153] again, is the same as the number of fish caught by Peter in Jn. 21:11 a reminder of the ingathering of the Sons of YHVH purchased by the Man of Fire, which will form the Body-Tabernacle designed in the image and likeness of YHVH! If you add the total of the 3 names that equal 153, paga, Pisgah, Bezalel, the total = 459, the same as #5892, ` iyr - #4733, miqlat, City of Refuge, the place where one who was guilty of blood-shed could seek refuge! Each of us caused the death of Messiah and thus must seek this CITY! There were 6 total, representing the VAV-Man who was killed for our redemption! Finally, Chanan Chanan, #2603, chanan, favor (not mercy) grace, obtained through obedience. The entire phrase, Va`etchanan, (vav, aleph, tav, chet, nun, nun) has a gematria of 515 the same as the phrase, , Ohel ha edot, Tabernacle of the Law and the word #3477, yasar, to stand upright (Yasar-el, Yisrael) and yiqahat, #3349 which means literally to submit, which is what Yahshua declares is His intention, Not my will, but yours in Matt. 26. Therefore, the Alep-Tav sought favor by submitting, in behalf of Israel, that they might stand upright before the Tabernacle of the Word! Chanan can also mean camp, encampment. The Chet symbolizes the fenced off place and the #8 of new beginnings. The nun, nun spells the word nun, and indicates all that pertains to life, it looks like a seed. Thus, it is the Alef-Tav who leads Israel in their return to the fenced off place, a new beginning, where the Seed of Life-The Word-Torah, encamps! This Alef-Tav represents Messiah Yehoshua Yahshua (physically represented by Joshua) and the boundary line or fence is Jordan! This time the House of Jacob goes in as one and as we face the same scenario, we will go in together as ONE again! NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BE DIVIDED! This should be our real intent in crying NEVER AGAIN!