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Building Code of Australia (BCA) + Referenced Standards

Guiding your compliance with the BCA July 2011

Australian Building & Construction Industry The industry has remained resilient in the face of the global financial crisis
stalled in 2009-10 rebounded in 2010-11, with value added of $97.5 billion or 8.5% of Australia s GDP 8 5% Australia's revenue increased by an average 5.0% per annum over the five years through 2010-11 y g employs over one million people in 370,000 organizations

IBISWorld (June 2011)

What is the BCA? The Building Code of Australia (BCA) provides a nationally accepted and uniform set of technical requirements for all areas of building, f f b ildi from d i t construction. design to t ti Developed b th A t li B ildi C d B d (ABCB) D l d by the Australian Building Codes Board on behalf of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, Governments the BCA is given the status of building regulations by all States and Territories.

The BCA Detailed The BCA is a performance-based publication that covers such topics as structure, fire resistance, health and amenity, b ildi access and egress & b ildi services it building d building i and equipment. Comprised of two volumes:
Commercial Buildings (Volume One - Class 2 to 9 buildings) Residential Construction (Volume Two - Class 1 and 10 buildings)

The BCA Detailed Residential Construction (Volume Two) is also known as the Housing Provisions
written in plain English follow the typical staged flow of residential construction, from site preparation to completion includes diagrams and commentary explaining the various clauses

How does the BCA relate to Standards? Australian Standards are good practice publications developed by thousands of industry experts The BCA references over 150 Australian Standards If your building work complies with a referenced Australian Standard, St d d your work will b D k ill be Deemed-to-Satisfy the d t S ti f th relevant BCA performance requirement

If your work needs to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) choose the BCA + Standards integrated service choose service.

BCA + Standards Service Provides anywhere, anytime access to:

Commercial Buildings (Volume One - Class 2 to 9 buildings) b ildi ) Residential Construction (Volume Two - Class 1 and 10 buildings) over 150 referenced Australian Standards the BCA Bulletin and latest industry developments archived BCA Amendments dating back to 1988

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