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International College of Business and Technology

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying & Building Economics Edexcel International - UK

Important Information for Students

The criteria each task relates to are shown against that task where possible. Please note that plagiarism is treated as a serious offence and therefore the work you produce must be individual and original although may work in groups in some instances (Please refer to Student Handbook on Plagiarism & Cheating). All sources of information must be referenced using Harvard referencing where a reference listing should be included at the end of the assignment. Please note that the submission date given for this assignment is the final date that you can hand over the assignment. A one week grace period maybe extended with prior approval from the Program Manager Undergraduate. However, note that submissions handed in one week late will be graded lower (Please refer to the Student Handbook on Assessments Late Submissions & Penalties). Assignments returned to students for re-working must be re-submitted within 10 days (Please refer to Student Handbook on Assignments Re-submission). Failure to re-submit the previously marked assignment with the re-submitted assignment will mean that results cannot be released for the respective unit. Please read, follow and reference both the contents of the unit outline and the grading criteria of the assignment before completing this assignment.

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International College of Business and Technology

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying & Building Economics Edexcel International - UK Assignment Brief Read the following case study and write a report covering the given factors. The report should include an introduction, a conclusion and a reference page.

Nation IT (Pvt) Ltd.

The Nation IT (Pvt) Ltd. is a company that provides education in Information & Communication Technology for the nation. This company started in year 2006 January. The head office is the main place, which build up the courses and train lectures. This company has several branches all over the country. In addition many types of courses are conducting in head office. Currently they are maintaining 25 PCs for students. This is not enough for the current requirement and they are facing several problems in maintaining these PCs in this three storage building. (Eg: student have to use the same machine whenever he/she want to do practical due to not having a network system). According to this situation all the machines must have a network connection. These include Labs, Classrooms, Reception and Staff workstations. In future they are going to introduce multimedia courses as well. For a month average of 500 students are there and have to increase it up to 200 workstations and two shared printers. They need 15 workstations, shared printer and a scanner for staff.

Summarization of the system; All branches are connected to the Head Office Company is having a centralized Payroll system, etc. Higher management and Branch Managers needs to access the company information, when they are in and out of the office. Technical experts and Designers are having special computing requirements to carry out their routine duties. 1. What should be the configuration of the computer hardware for the following? a. Main computer which runs the Payroll System. b. Other computers used by the staff. c. Users having special computing requirements. d. Describe what you believe to be the main threats facing this company network and for each threat propose and justify the controls that you would put place to enhance network security. Give reasons for your selection.

P1, P3

1. What is/are the Operating System that in your opinion should be selected to this company? Justify your answer by comparing the features of

P2, P3
International College of Business and Technology

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying & Building Economics Edexcel International - UK various alternatives. selection) Define the features of selected operating system. (Give reasons for your

2. What kind of software that can be used in the systems. Mentioned all relevant software. (Give reasons for your selection)

P2, P3
3. Person X is planning to manage his expenses and incomes; hence he has made a budget for year 2009. But he has not done any summarizations and analysis upon that.

P3, P4

a. Create a Ms Excel work book with below information and format. (Use the currency format with LKR symbol and two decimal places) P3, P4 b. Prepare Budget work sheet with relevant formulas. c. Document the above task.

Note that coverage of criteria for M1, M2, M3 requires Identification of appropriate strategies, application of those strategies to find appropriate solutions and the use of an appropriate report structure.

M1, M2, M3
The coverage of criteria for D1, D3 requires reflecting that the student has identified the weaknesses in the proposed system and has come up with improvements to the system with creative thinking.

D1, D3
The coverage of criteria for D2 requires reflecting that the student has scheduled all the tasks in the assignment and has submitted it within allocated time frame.

This assignment will be assessed on the basis of these criteria (P1, P2, P3, P4, M1, M2, M3 and D1, D2, D3) please ensure that you keep focused on these whilst completing your work.

International College of Business and Technology

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying & Building Economics Edexcel International - UK

Grading Information:

P1 P2

Illustrate your understanding of different hardware components of a computer system and preparation of Hardware specifications. Illustrate your understanding of software; Types of operating systems and their advantages , disadvantages and minimum requirements(for a given OS). Illustrate your understanding of Word processing software when preparing professional documents. Eg. Document formatting, Page numbering ,Table of Context and Table of Figures



Demonstrate knowledge and familiarity in Spread Sheet Software. Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions Eg:


Effective judgments have been made


Select/design and apply appropriate methods/ techniques Eg: A range of sources of information has been used

The selection of methods and techniques/sources has been justified by the design


Present and communicate appropriate findings Eg: The technical language has been accurately used Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions Eg:


Self-criticism of approach has taken place Realistic improvements have been proposed against defined characteristics for success


Take responsibility for managing and organizing activities Eg:

Autonomy/independence has been demonstrated Substantial activities, projects or investigations have been planned, managed and organized


Demonstrate convergent / lateral / creative thinking Eg:

Receptiveness to new ideas is evident

International College of Business and Technology