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Never Never

Mary laid on her canopy bed, glancing out the window into the warm morning light. It was a Saturday, but that didnt encourage her in any way to go outside and do something artistic as her parents called it. She didnt have any friends, not good ones anyway. She even remember their namesweird... She knew that didnt trust a single one of them. Some people called her arrogant, or said that she didnt know when to cut her chances. Her brother Jake on the other hand, was a year older and a lot more mature in her parents eyes. He did public services like helping out the animal shelter. Mary didnt see that as very useful, why couldnt he just be less...well, less good. Marys teachers always targeted her as a trouble maker as well. In fact, whenever people tried to ask her weather she could be more like her brother, or a better child, she had taken accustomed to saying; Never, never! It certainly solved a lot of issues and the awkward silence that followed the questions. If she just stuck with Never, never! she could just run off without worrying about anything. Now the friends that she did have, thought it a very un-mature response. After all, she wasnt three years old. It was just easier to ignore everybody and spend a peaceful day in her room. Marrrrrry! called out her mothers singsong voice. Its time for breakfast! Mary groaned it pushed her head up against her pillow, what had the world come to that she couldnt just lay down and soak in the sun? Im coming! yelled Mary down the stairs, her voice dull and snappish. Mary was a very spoiled person, and her father always shook his head at her when she replied to people like that. Mary didnt try to be rude exactly, she just was. Mary! shouted Jakes voice. Come down to eat already! She didnt even bother to reply to that. Instead, she climbed out of bed and started digging through her dresser for something to wear. And the troll nally awakes! Jake teased, handing her a plate full of wafes and strawberries. She rolled her eyes and sat down at the table. So, she said. Whats Mr. Perfect going to be going today? Jake grinned at her which threw her a little off track. You mean what were going to be doing today, he corrected. What?! Mary shouted, her knees banging on the table as she sat up abruptly. Her mother shot her a scolding look and she sat back down, frowning deeply at her brother.

Well, mom said that it would be good if I signed you up for some volunteer work this summer, so congratulations, were going to do a beach clean up today. Mary groaned loudly. Seriously? You couldnt, you know, ask me rst? Youve been cooped up in your room all summer, Jake pointed out fairly. Besides, itll be fun! Jakes idea of fun was apparently far, far different from Marys. Fine, she said angrily. So lets just think for a moment that I agreed to this whole thing. Then how the heck are we supposed to clean a beach? Like with sticks, or what? This time Jake and her mother laughed. Use your hands, man youre dull sometimes. My hands? Mary asked in horror, glancing down at her long, slim ngers. Oh suck it up, it wont kill you. Never, never... Mary whispered under her breath. They arrived on the beach about an hour later. As it turned out, the other volunteers had dropped out because of the new shelter opening, and it needed help setting up. Now her brother, being the mushy-mushy that he was, offered, thats right offered, to stay and help. So how long is this going to take? Mary whined, looking at the trash-ridden beach. Oh no set time. Just until its clean I suppose. The whole thing? Yup! he answered cheerfully and threw her a garbage bag, Wed better get started! Hours later Mary was sweating in the hot afternoon sun, and the garbage bad felt extra heavy in her hands. Going into the water seemed like a very nice idea, that is, if she had remembered to bring her bathing suit. Jake on the other hand had remembered, and was taking what looked like a very nice swim in the open ocean. Mary watched with envy. Then she noticed the water was coming up higher on the beach, and she remembered the warning sign on her way in, saying to watch out for the riptides. Hey Jake! she shouted across the beach. I think you should get out now! Why? he shouted back, looking very surprised. The tides! Mary replied. Oh, ok he started but the waves seemed to pull him under with a splash. Mary yelped and yelled anxiously. Jake? You ok? No answer, just the rapid beat of the waves on the shore. Time seemed to slow

down, the minutes felt like hours. She ran towards the water, careful not to go to far in. Nothing! She couldnt even see him! That shouldnt be possible! Never, never! she yelled, her brain going crazy. Never, never! She gulped trying to calm herself, trying to get the crazy tone out of her voice. Jake! Mary called out again, more desperate than anything. Still nothing. Jake wasnt there. Alessia opened her eyes, her heart racing. It was just a dream, she told herself. Just a dream...