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Power Pitching Preparation
Coach Dan Huff, CSCS

Power Pitching Preparation, Page 1

Warming Up To Throw

We Dont Throw To Warm-Up, We Warm-Up To Throw! If youve been around baseball for longer than a day and a half youve seen guys get the eld, grab their glove, & head out to start warming up by throwing. This is quite possibly the worst thing you can do for your arm. Instead of throwing to warm up, weve created this comprehensive warm-up program to make sure that your ballplayers bodies are completely ready to throw before they even think about picking up the ball. For more Done-For-You baseball specic training programs be sure to visit us at

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Self Message
Using The Stick roll out the knots deep in

your calf muscles.

Sit with the foam roller under your hamstrings. Roll from just above your knees to just below your glutes.

Place the roller under the side of your thigh a nd roll your IT Band from just above your knee to just below y our hip.

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Self Message Cont.

Lie face down with the roller under your quads. Roll from

just above the knee joint to just below your hip.

Sit on the roller with one leg . crossed at the opposite knee

Lean toward the leg that is n crossed. Using a small motio roll the glutes.

Lie with your u pper back on the roller. Tou ch your elbows togethe r. Roll your entire upper bac k.

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Sit with your legs straight out in front. Lead with your chest

reaching down toward your toes to stretch your hamstrings.

Spread your legs wide and reach your chest down the

middle stretching your groin & inner hamstrings.

Place the botto ms of your fee t together. Use yo ur elbows to p ush down on your kn ees. Lean your chest forward to stretch you r groin.

Power Pitching Preparation, Page 5

Stretching Cont.
Cross one ankle to the other knee. Press your

chest toward your shin to stretch your hip.

Lay on your side and hold your ankle behind your back stretching your quad.

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Muscular Activation
Sit your weight on your heels and lower your hips down to

the back. Gradually pick up speed as you progress.

Stride forward dropping your back knee to the ground. Keep

your upper body tall while ur pressing back up through yo front heel.

Starting with yo ur feet wide, dr op down into a deep lateral lunge keep ing your opposite le g straight and pointing your to es up. Repeat on the other side.

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Cone Drills
Shuffle from side to side touching the cones

with quick explosive bursts.

Moving your feet as quickly as possible, run the cones.

lateral figure 8s around

Explode laterally from cone to c one landing with you r outside leg an d touching the co ne with your ins ide hand. On landin g load your hips and keep your ches t elevated.

Power Pitching Preparation, Page 8

Ladder Drills
Run the Icky SHuffle by stepping both feet into the

In-Out, In-In-Out

ladder and then stepping one foot out. The rhythm is In-

ws The Wide Icky Shuffle follo ar the same rhythm as the regul of Icky Shuffle with the goal covering as much distance as possible on each pass.

The Crossover step begins with outside foot ste pping into the la dder then both feet stepping out to the other side befo re repeating the same steps back to th e starting side.

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Ladder Drills Cont.

The Ali Shuffle is a simple switch-foot drill where you

quickly switch your feet in & out of the same box.

The Wide Ali Shuffle simply takes the same drill as above larger steps.

and uses more power to take Power Pitching Preparation, Page 10

Hurdle Drills
Lateral Running through the hurdl es landing both feet in between each

direction back to the start.

pairof hurdles. One one foot ste ps out on the end before reversing

Run Figure 8s around the hurdles with quick steps

driving forward, lateral, backward, lateral, & repeat.

Crossover Run through the hurdles steppin g into the first hurdle with you r outside leg. A t the end finish w ith a hockey s top before driving yo ur outside leg b ack into the hurdles . Power Pitching Preparation, Page 11

Crossover & Throw

Grab your Crossover Symmetry & follow either the Standard or Advanced


Get your glove & ball and get down to the business of throwing! Power Pitching Preparation, Page 12

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