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My Personal Introduction ................................................................................................ 4 Dont Just Survive Thrive ............................................................................................ 4 The Missing Puzzle Piece ............................................................................................... 6 A Business For The Average Person? ......................................................................... 8 A Simple Plan For Attracting Dozens Of New Retail Customers A MonthWith Or Without The Internet ........................................... 11 The Ultimate Network Marketing Dream .................................................................... 16 Mass Communication Without All The Headaches .................................................. 19 The Network Marketing Rat Race ............................................................................... 20 Why Attraction Marketing DOESNT Work For Most MLMers ................................ 22 This Sounds Great. . . But How Does This Fit Into My Current Business? .......... 23 Teaching Sells ................................................................................................................ 23 The Majority Is Always Wrong ................................................................................... 25 Do You Date People The Same Way You Prospect Them? ................................... 26 The Primary Method Of Communication Used By Your Prospects ....................... 29 Why The Internet Might Be Your Worst Enemy ........................................................ 30 The Power Of The Expert ............................................................................................. 32 Information Production And Distribution ..................................................................... 35 He/She Who Owns The Content Makes The Rules .............................................. 37 Legal Counterfeiting ....................................................................................................... 40 A $1.2 Million Dollar Lead Generation Example (Or How To Make $36,205 Per Page Of Content) .............................................. 41 But Im Not An Expert ................................................................................................. 43 The Real Reason Why Some People Make 47,600% More Money Than Everyone Else......................................................... 45 A True Story: How To Cripple Your Network Marketing Company In Less Than 90 Days ......................................................... 46 Cracking The Lead Generation Code ......................................................................... 48 When Attraction Marketing Becomes A Bad Thing .................................................. 49

2011 80/20 Marketing Inc

If You Dont Give People A Reason To Follow You, Theyre Going To Follow Someone Else .............................................................. 50 The Only Real Currency (And Why You Dont Have Any) ...................................... 52 Credibility Ranking & Recommendation Power ........................................................ 53 The Surprising Secret To Quickly And Easily Becoming The Top Distributor In Any Company .................................................................... 53 The #1 Most Over-Looked Strategy To Becoming A Prospect-Magnet (Plus, 133 Or More Ways To Differentiate Yourself) ........... 57 The Frame Is More Important Than The Message ................................................... 58 Positioning Yourself Against The Competition .......................................................... 58 Niche Specialization ...................................................................................................... 60 How To Repackage Your Product So That Your Customer Sees It As One-Of-A-Kind Even If Everyone Else Is Selling The Exact Same Thing .................................................................. 65 The Future Leaders Of Network Marketing................................................................ 67 A Quick Recap Of Attraction Marketing ...................................................................... 68 Join The Conversation .................................................................................................. 71

2011 80/20 Marketing Inc

My Person Introd y nal duction

Dear Friend, r Friend, I hav never be as excit to share knowledg as I am r ve een ted e ge right now. This Manifesto has been in the works for a long time and I believe tha for many n s at peop it will be a defining moment in their busin ple ness career r. In fac Im going to go as far as to sa I believe that many people will begin ct, f ay expe eriencing life e-changing results in their busine as soon as tomorr t ess n row as a resul of reading this docum lt g ment. If you uve had a hard time getting going with your own mark g r keting online or have e been confused about wher to start, I have no d n re doubt this M Manifesto will fill in all the blanks for you. b On th other ha he and, if you are currently generatin your own leads onli a ng n ine, what Im about to sho you will help you breakthroug h to new le a ow evels of inco ome that you may have never dream possib m n med ble. Ther res never been a bette time to be in busine for your b er b ess rself and for some of r us, we may nev see ano w ver other opport tunity like th in our lif his fetime. You may not realize just ho well pos ow sitioned you are. u Youre in the right industry at t the right time, but even more e than that, youre e also consuming g the right inform mation. Unfo ortunately, not all network markete are goin to be ab to cash in on the n ers ng ble comi home based busin ing ness explos sion over the next few years. b shed with th Manifest his But by the time youre finis to

Youll Not Only Be Able T Surviv In N B To ve This Gutte Ball Economy . . Youll Know T er E y. How To Thriv As A R ve Result Of It f
2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 4

More than ever, people rea e alize that jo security is an illusio ob on. Over 11 million Americans are out of work and a despera r s are ately looking for ways to ma money NOW. ake y Ther res never been more interest in starting up a home bas business. b i s sed And the people who are go oing to benefit the mos from this massive m st s migration ar re going to be thos who hav learned how to attra business to them. g se ve h act But this Manifes also goe way bey t sto es yond attract tion market ting. re y t ut ts Ther are many books out there abou how to ge prospect and customers to et come to you, an obviously thats a big part of th one too. e nd b his But it also much more tha that. ts an a o y on arketplace ( (by Its about how to continually elevate your positio in the ma incre easing what I like to ca your cre t all edibility rank king) so that you beco ome THE go-to person in your niche. o T This way yo not only ou g MORE p get prospects c coming to y you but those who a also buy are y m more stuff fr from you, s stay with yo longer, ou a refer m and more people to you. o If you a seasoned attrac ure ction marke eter, feel fre to skip to page 46 to find out ee o o how to take you income and your ma ur a arketing to t next lev Ill shar with you the vel. re the tw specific things Ive done to pr wo c rogressively and syste y ematically e explode my busin ness from $3,000/mo to $90,00 $ 00/mo to $250,000/m mo. I do think you would still ge an enorm t w et mous amount of benef though by going fit y throu the entire Manifes ugh sto. As va aluable as my other fr reports have been ree

I Feel Th This Is The Mo Impo hat I ost ortant Piece Of Informat Ive Ever Rel P I tion leased
d Marketer lea ad When I unveiled my groundbreaking Renegade Network M gene eration system almost two years ago, I was t a totally unpr repared for the

2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc

response. This 143 page business plan has turned into something beyond what I ever could have imagined. Almost every day I hear from people whos results have been nothing short of phenomenal. For the first time ever theyre making reliable, consistent money from their efforts and they finally feel like theyre building a real business. And even though the system was created for network marketers, its had a stunning impact on other traditional business owners as well. Ive received letters from ever industry imaginable, from radio station sales reps to water filtration installers to insurance agents all telling me that their sales or their income has never been higher. I recently held a contest to see if I could find the best success story from people who have put these methods to work. It took myself and one other full-time person over two months to go through all the stories we received and to interview the best ones! One woman was elated to tell me that thanks to my free newsletters alone, her income had reached the six-figure mark! She was just beginning to go through The Renegade Network Marketer when I talked to her. However

For Many People, There Was Still A Huge Puzzle Piece Missing
Id like to be able to tell you that every network marketer or entrepreneur Ive ever tried to help has had their bank account suddenly flooded with an influx of cash. Unfortunately, that simply isnt true. And anyone who makes that kind of claim is either lying or naive; or both. After being exposed to this new model of attraction marketing for the first time many people are left with even more questions than when they started. Questions like

2011 80/20 Marketing Inc

This sounds gr s reat but how do I fit it in with my ent curre business? Will this really work for me w e? How do I sell my company w m ys retail products using these l u e meth hods? I hav no idea where to get ve starte ed?!? Wha do blogs, landing at page autoresp es, ponders and eboo have to do with oks build ding my MLM? Now that Im ge w enerating leads and people are callin s ng me, what do I do next? w But more than anything, m a most people have been as t sking for mo step-by ore y-step guida ance on how to get w starte with their own mark ed keting onlin ne. What makes the internet and this new model of business-b e a w building so p powerful is that it opens up an infinite amount of possibilities for the av i s verage pers son. Unfo ortunately, this is also what prevents a lot of people from taking ac w m ction. If your new to th whole approach it can feel a liittle bit like trying to dr re his c rink water out of a fire hyd o drant! If you uve ever fe lost or ov elt verwhelmed like this a any point its okay but theres d at t s no ne for it to be comple or difficult. eed o ex It too me years to truly fig ok s gure out how to apply t w these techn niques to m business my s beca ause I had no one to guide me. In fact, I alm ost gave up altogethe even n n p er after I started making thou r m usands of do ollars a mo onth using th hem! hough man people kn ny now about the method I teach in my book, ds n Thats right. Alth n ed d m ely Ive never share how it is I stumbled upon them and almost complete dism missed them m. You see, long before I eve knew wha pay-per-c b er at click advert tising was before I knew anything about a com w a mputer or had even co h onsidered d doing business on the

2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc

intern net even before I sta arted buyin opportun leads I had disco ng nity overed how w to att tract dozen of rabid new custom ns n mers to me a person and nally sell tho ousands of f dolla worth of my compa ars f anys health and nutriti on product every mo h ts onth. The problem wa I had no idea what I was doin as, o t ng! I had unknowingly stumbled upon the d secret to becoming o g highly so ought-after by my cu ustomers, but I bec came very frustrate because I ed didnt un nderstand the proc cess I was using and so I didnt know how to app it to the rest of my business, let alone g d ply teach it to anyone else on my team. h So my first goal with this re m l eport is to help you se how attra h ee action mark keting fits into the bigger picture, as well as how to get sta rted immed t p w w diately if you a ure comp plete beginner. I also have some very exciting news fo you if you h or uve been looking for a mo paint-by ore y-numbers approach to your busi o iness. Seco ondly, Im going to help you quick scale up your marketing onc you have p kly p ce e a goo grasp of the basics od f s.

Is This Rea eally Doa For The able Average e Person? ?

A lot of people in the i MLM industry still M think that attrac k ction mark keting is all just a bunc of hot air or that th internet isnt duplica ch r, he able.

2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc

Even more so, most people have a ha time be n ard elieving that it would re t eally work for th hem. Other people ma aybe if you grew up o compute or youv got a lot u on ers ve of mo oney to spe but not them. end This couldnt be further fro the truth, which is a e om another rea ason I wrote this report e t. I wan nted to pull back the curtain and completelly demystify this whole process c d y e beca ause there is absolutely NO REAS SON that a anyone in ne etwork mar rketing today shouldnt be generat y ting their ow high-qua wn ality leads. Its ju too easy not to be doing it. ust y fact, not In f only is it ridiculous how w eas ordinary sily y peo ople are sco ooping up pro ospects and d cus stomers on the internet e the days (it ese s got tten even eas and sier che eaper since e I wro The Ren ote negade Net twork Marketer almost two years ago) t But it actually even more duplicatea ts e able than th warm and cold mark method he ket ds that many peop are still being taugh to use! A Im goin to prove it to you. m ple b ht And ng e panies them mselves are waking up to the cha e p anges going g More and more MLM comp on an are start nd ting to train their distributors on h n how to gene erate their o own leads onlin (Ill be sh ne haring with you a few of my own s y o students wh have been asked ho by th compan heir nies to train for them). n I reco ommend yo print this document out and be ou s t egin reading it immedi iately, if thats at all poss s sible. You might end up rearrang m u ging the rest of today (or tonights s plans once you get into it, because you will mak some ch s) u , y ke hanges to y your busin ness and what you do each day once you fin w o nish readin this. ng

2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc

Oh and if its as good as I say it is, feel free to send this report to an s o nyone you know or show th w hem where they can pick up a fre copy of t p ee their own. y! Enjoy

Ann Sieg

2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc

1 10

A Si imple Plan For At ttracting g Dozens Of New Retail C s w Custome A ers Month M With Or Withou The Int r ut ternet
When I look bac at the gr ck rowth of my business o y over the ye ears, I was h by a hit shoc cking realiza ation. Ther have bee a few key defining moments th I can pin re en m hat npoint and say without a dou heres where thin started to change for me. ubt: s ngs Whats startling about this is that the three bigge turning p est points or de ecisions tha at e de siness whic ended u p making m THE MO ch me OST amoun nt have been mad in my bus of mo oney were all made fo reasons OTHER TH or O HAN making money. g Ever single one of ry them was made for m e the sole purpose of s learn ning someth hing, with no expecta ation what tsoever of beco oming wealt thy. Let me tell you m abou the first one. ut o When I was with h one of my forme o er comp panies, there were lots of meetings to go to. There wer Tuesday and s . re y Thur rsday night hotel meetings, multip home m ple meetings on various nig n ghts of the week and usua a trainin at someo k, ally ng ones house on Saturd e day. nt s I wen to all of them. It was my life. But the most im t mportant one were the big month state tra es e hly ainings. The were ere usua 500 or more people at these weekend co ally m e w onferences and this is where they s s would hand out awards an recognize all the lat nd e test achieve ements. ed t when the guest speak would ker The part I looke forward to the most though is w u nth mpany would fly in a ne distribut from out d ew tor t get up and talk. Every mon the com of tow to teach us their pa wn h articular sys stem they w were using to build the business eir s. t m e ts etting and Most of them were pretty much all the same. Th ere was lot of goal se mind dset tricks they talke about ho to meet n ed ow new people and expan your e nd sphe of influence (the re ere eferral techn nique, buyin clothes a departme stores ng at ent and then returning them in order to pr t n rospect the same clerk)... how to introduce e o 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 1 11

your product or opportunity into a conversation (F.O.R.M. family, occupation, recreation, money). Some of them even liked to dance around on stage to music. But one month there was a particular speaker that Ill never forget. This one was different. She didnt get all worked up and yell or try to motivate us. She was very professional and she presented a system for retailing our companys products that I had never heard anyone talk about before. For once, this seemed like a real, legitimate approach to building my network marketing business. It was something I could easily see myself doing. She called it a Health Awareness Seminar. And all it was was simply an educational class that showed people how to start improving their health and their diet right now without having to buy anything. First she talked about a few of the bodys different systems and how they worked. Then she gave a visual demonstration of the digestive system using a nylon stocking to represent the colon.

Thats Where Things Started To Get Messy

With an apron and some latex gloves on, she began cramming the average American diet into the large intestine. Hamburgers, fries, a can of Dinty Moore, a jelly donut even some Coke and a milkshake. Almost immediately the stocking began to clog up as the food clumped together and stuck to the sides. It looked like a boa constrictor that had just swallowed an animal three times its own width. In order to get it to pass through she had to constantly work it and knead it with her hands. It wasnt a pretty picture enough to scare anyone into giving up fast food forever. And a lot of people did. Then she started over with a brand-new, fresh stocking (if only it was that easy, right?). This time she began dumping apple slices, grapes, pineapple chunks, carrots, celery and all kinds of other fruits and vegetables down the tube. They all slid right through without a single hangup. This was totally different than the usual product shows we were taught to do where all we did was talk about how great our stuff was. Even the name health awareness seminar was very unintimidating and made it sound like you were going to get a lot out of it no matter what.

2011 80/20 Marketing Inc


At the end of he presentation, she simply mentiioned the p er products we had that e could help with some of these issues, like impro d oving digest tion. The re was est pitch h-free, high-quality info ormation. Throughout her whole talk my pen wa a blur on my notebo r as n ook. I knew this was w some ething I cou do too. And I knew I would en uld A w njoy doing it because I wasnt t push by nature and I liked helping pe hy e d eople. Most importantly, I knew I would learn a lot by do t n oing it. Tha was my g at goal. Rober rt Kiyos saki, the pe erson I cons sider to be more respo onsible for my financia freedom al than anyone els said in his book Rich Dad Po Dad, dont do any se, h oor ything for the money you will make, but instead for the skillls you will l m learn. This has turned s d out to be the mo valuable advice Iv ever rece o ost e ve eived. So I went home and began preparing my presen e n g ntation right away. I did some t extra research into the hea issues I was going to be talki about a I a i alth g ing and pract ticed the wh hole thing until it felt natural. I wa a little ne u as ervous abou someone ut e askin me a question that I wouldnt know the an ng k nswer to, b I knew if other but f peop could do this, so co ple o ould I. As so as I wa ready, I scheduled my first hea awaren oon as s alth ness seminar at the hous of one of my downline members. se f

It Was A Complet Flop t C te

Three people sho owed up. I knew it just hap w ppened to b be a bad night thoug and that gh t ould still wo so I ork, this wo setup another on for the ne following week. This ti ime was a l better. lot There were abou ten ut people there and I sold a e d couple hundred d e dollars worth of product. . u es er so Up until this point I had been selling a few bottle of stuff pe month, s I was pump about selling that same amo ped s ount in one night. t rt d olon demon nstration w a big hit was t But the best par was, everyone loved it. The co and people cam up to me afterwards and thank me for how incred p me e s ked dibly helpful

2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc

1 13

my information was. There was no pressure, I hardly talked about my products at all and I didnt even ask anyone to buy!

Then Something Amazing Started To Happen

Word started getting out. People loved the information so much that guests were telling their friends about it and they were coming back each time with new guests of their own, and they werent even in the business! The audience kept getting bigger and bigger each time and I was taking more and more orders. But the truly amazing part is that

People Were Literally No, I Mean Literally Lining Up To Get My Advice. . . As If I Was Their Doctor!
After the presentation, they would stick around and wait to ask me questions about all kinds of different health issues they had, even ones I hadnt talked about. Many times I would have 8-10 people stand up and get in line to talk with me! They wanted to know what I thought about dealing with allergies what my recommendation for diabetes would be low-energy ADD arthritis you name it. And they soaked up every word I said with complete, undivided attention. I couldnt believe it! I wasnt a nutritional expert. I didnt have any kind of certification or degree. I had zero accomplishments to speak of and no extensive background to fall back on. In fact, the very presentation that I had given to them I had just seen for the first time myself only a few weeks ago! And yet here I was, commanding as much respect (if not more) than their own doctor! This is what I had always wanted but could never get before when I was trying to force people to see how awesome my products were. I had always believed our products were the best but no one else seemed to care, no matter how hard I 2011 80/20 Marketing Inc 14

tried to convince them. Eve when I showed the all kinds of stories about how e en s em s they were helpin other pe ng eople, there was still re e esistance. a But as soon as I stopped pitch hing them and starte genuine ed ely teach hing them about a how they could solve their problems without always having a hidden agen every nda ything chan nged. Then when I DID n make a recomm e mendation (whic they pretty much ch always asked fo or)

It Was As If I Wa Filling Out A Pr A as g Prescripti For T tion Them!

They took it with y hout question. It wa at this po that I be as oint egan to rea alize, hey, t this really w works and so I started d impro oving and expanding on my pres e o sentation. I beg doing a lot more re gan esearch into how peop could he themselves o ple eal natur rally and I even started pointing them toward other resources in my e d t ds prese entation. It wa a lot of fu and in th end, I kin of did be as un he nd ecome somewhat of a self-made e expe ert. en But the things started getting d really c crazy for me. Other people in the com mpany wer re seein how well I was doin with thes health s ng ng se seminar things and st tarted askin me if I co ng ould do it fo their team or ms. So I did. Upline crossline no-line whoever e r. I didn care if th were in my organiz nt hey zation or no because I saw it as an ot oppo ortunity to hone my pre h esentation and improv my skills. a ve 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 1 15

By now it seemed like everyone in the Twin Citie area was talking ab e es s bout my semi inars and it was pretty much stan y nding room only every time we did one of these People were sitting on the floo and wher e. w or rever else th could f hey find a spot. Then it happene n ed. A salespersons ultimate dream come true. s d e

People I Had Ne Met In My Lif Starte Callin Me ever fe ed ng Out Of Nowher And Asking If I Could H The f re A Help em!
Someone who had been at one of my presentations or som h a y meone who heard abou it from so ut omeone else had told them to give me a calll. e t e I had never met them befo and they had never met me but they wou call and d t ore y uld d comp pletely unlo about all their prob oad a blems and t then ask if I had anyth hing that could help them d m. Peop felt ple comf fortable refer rring their friend to me ds beca ause they truste me. ed They knew I wo y ould give the honest advice and I wouldnt jump down their throa em d n at to bu anything or try to ge access to the names and phon numbers of their uy et o s ne s entire family tree. e It got to the poin where I no longer ha to keep going throu my nam list. I t nt n ad ugh mes just kept doing my health awareness seminars a one-byk m a and -one my cu ustomers all came to me. e

From A Couple Hundred Dollars A Mont In Sale . . d s th es. To Over $3,000 A Month T $
I was now perso s onally sellin over $3,0 worth o products every mon My bes ng 000 of s nth. st mont was over $3,500. I also won th award fo top retaile in my sta twice in th r a he or er ate a row at the very same co w, onference where I had learned ab w bout doing t these semi inars. I was getting ab s bout 2-3 new customers a week all people who called me and I w e d also got tons of repeat pur f rchases from existing c m customers. Way more than I eve e er did before when all I did was solicit th b n hem to buy more stuff. 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 1 16

Not only that, bu for every product I personally s o ut y p sold, every yone else w selling 4 was 45 tim that amount as a result of the health awa mes r e areness se eminars! And when my te eam started duplicating me by do d oing their ow seminar we even wn rs, n bega renting out hotel conference ro an o ooms and p putting toge ether differe versions ent s of the seminars that were geared tow e g wards differe health p ent problems. In a minute, well talk abou why this is so import m ut i tant to do o once youve begun to e attract customers and how you can do this in yo own bus w our siness, exce even ept easie er.

But first, I want you to stop and think about some f p ething for a moment. Do you think yo could hold up a nylo stocking and stuff it full of food for 15 y ou on t d minu utes? Soun pretty simple, doesnt it? nds s e oing this de emonstratio or some on, ething Well I want you to imagine yourself do m ut Picture their faces, all r similar to it, in a living room with abou 30-40 pe ople in it. P ching and lis stening to you intently. y watc As yo finish yo presenta ou our ation, six of them get u to come talk to you Three of f up e u. them end up bu m uying stuff from you an you sell a couple hu nd undred dollars worth o of product. Now, I want you to visualiz a room of 1,000 peo u ze o ople. Try to think abo how big of a room it takes to h out i hold 1,000 p people. This is a large main floor conference room in a h m c hotel like th Marriot o the he or Radisson. Pictu how ma rows of chairs it wo ure any ould take to seat 1,000 people. If the room o 0 f was divided into two main sections of 500 peopl e on each s o f side and ea row of ach 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 1 17

chair in each section sat 20 people, there would be 25 row of chairs in each rs s 2 d ws s section. d up e. Now imagine giving your demonstration in front of this grou of people Actually try to picture wh it would be like to have 1,000 faces 2,0 eyeballs all o hat h 000 focus on YOU all at the same time sed U, e e. After the presen r ntation a lot of people leave. But a lot of peo t ople also do ont. In fact, , there so many who want to ask que es y estions that you need a small tabl with a le team of people to help you out. m u Okay y. Are you ready? y Now I want yo to pictur a crowd of 30,000 p ou re o people. y h Do you realize how huge this is? Have you ever been to a major sporting event? e m Im sure you wa s atched the 2008 Olymp in Bejin Remem 2 pics ng. mber the Be ejing stadi ium? Its cu urrently the largest stee structure in the wor and durin the el e rld ng game it held 80,000 peop Well, im es ple. magine a litt less than half of tha Go tle n at. ahea Try to ac ad. ctually visualize yours standing in the mid self g ddle of a sp ports stadi ium. Now tu around in circles to see 30,00 people s urn o 00 surrounding you. g

All of them lis l stening to YOUR mess Y sage. ut y oing it in fro of a gro of 30-40 ont oup 0 Now think abou how many products you sold do ple, en out ud peop and the think abo how much stuff you sell (or how many people youd sponsor) doing the exact same thing in fro of a group 1,000 tim that d e ont mes size. A group of people wh found yo on their o f ho ou own and we already looking for ere y r a sol lution to the problem. eir

2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc

1 18

Mass Commu s unicatio Witho on out All The Headac e ches

And what if you could enjo all the be oy enefits of this kind of m mass comm munication witho actually having to be there in person? out y b That was one of the difficu ulties that pe eople on m team had with duplicating my my d healt awareness seminar th rs. While many of them did du e t uplicate me others we uncomfo e, ere ortable with it because h e they were afraid of screwin up live in front of an audience of people. d ng n n But what if, rath than hav w her ving to get up in front o a room a do it liv you of and ve, could just record a video of your pres d o sentation wh henever yo felt like it right from ou t, the comfort of your own ho c y ome? And what if, rath than ha her aving to driv around a over tow and do th ve all wn hese prese entations over and ove and over and over a er r again every week you could y just do it once, record it, an have it seen by tho d r nd s ousands of people, 24/ even six /7, x mont from no ths ow? This is exactly what people just like you are doin right now with the in w e ng w nternet. And you dont even u n have to use a presenta ation as long as m health my seminar was. After mo than a ore year of s spending thousand of dollar rs ds on opportunity leads an nd expensiv ve motivatio onal seminars Diyana s, Alcheva, a college student f from Portland Oregon, d, still had not mad a dime in profit with her business. h de h

2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc

1 19

Acco ording to all the motiv vational trainers, SHE was the pr roblem, along with her why. g But as she would later a find out, the rea o al problem was the poor busin ness strateg she gy was being taugh to ht use. After discoverin r ng attraction marke eting and learning ho to l ow reach the right h audie ence throug gh onlin videos, articles ne a and blogging, she b quick generate 633 kly ed leads and over $7,600 s in co ommissions all while spending less e than $300. Just one of the lead-gener ration video she creat was a s os ted staggering one minute e and forty five se f econds long and she filmed it in the car on h way to t beach. g her the This video has been viewe by 10,25 people a last count and at times was b ed 53 at t gene erating her an average of two new product s a e w sales a day. .

If You Dont Currently Have Th u y his Kind Of Leverag In You Busin f ge ur ness, Youre Still Stuc In The Rat Rac . . S ck e ce. But Instead Of Tradi Hour ing rs For Dollars Youre Trading r s, g Hours For Prosp pects
I hav ads that I placed on the interne over TW O YEARS A ve n et AGO that I havent touch since and to this day, they co hed a d ontinue to p produce fre esh, new, qu ualified leads for my business ev s very single day!

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I thin a lot of th time thou its eas to miss th full significance of w nk he ugh sy he words like lead prospe ds, ects, opt in or subs ns scribers. T They just do sound v ont very human n. e ngers magic cally found you and Well imagine if every single day three new stran came up to you at the groc e cery store, the gas sta t ation, on the street, wh e herever, and d said, Hey! Youre John Sm mith! I hear that you t rd teach peop like me h ple how to run their own home based bus siness. Cou you tell m more ab uld me bout that? I you dont If have time right now, thats okay. Here heres m contact information Just give e s e my n. e me a call or sen me an email. In fact, let me ge yours too nd et o. THATS WHAT A LEAD IS!! T I unity lead, mind you. m (Not an opportu se ne s Thos are phon numbers of people who want to win a free ipod or a gift n card to Applebe ees. The on way to get nly g these types of le e eads is to generate them g yours self. You ca annot buy them. Not fo or any price.) p If the was a system out there that could do this for people network marketers ere t c s e, would be going bananas over it. Ther would be rabid mob of distributors up in o re e bs arms to get thei hands on it. s ir Well guess wha at? The internet IS that system m!! And its free for you to use e. w ng f But were gettin ahead of ourselves here. If you wanted to sell more of your com u o mpanys ret product and you h tail ts happened to ha health and nutrition products that were s ave a similar to th ones I wa selling, he as you could take this health awareness seminar m c t s model and c copy it right now and start getting kille results im er mmediately Just like I did and jus like my te y. st eam did. But your results wont be anywhere near what th could b if you don y s a hey be nt unde erstand the formula be ehind what youre doing. y mula, your results might be fast a exciting but theyr also likely r and g, re Without the form e d. nt ong ealth. to be short-lived They won create lo term we te uccess I wa having re as etailing my products us sing these You see, despit all the su semi inars

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I Still Ha No Ide What I was Do ad ea t oing!

I kne that wha I was doin was wor ew at ng rking, but I didnt know WHY it wa working. w as Its very similar to getting lu v ucky and hitting it big with a good stock pick Sure you d k. u migh make som money, but if you dont unders ht me d stand the fa actors that were at work that made it such a good pick in the first pla k g n ace, youre not going to be able e to du uplicate you success again the next time. ur a n As obvious as it seems no looking back on it, a the time I didnt real t ow b at lize that e nal-style seminars wer the key to becoming the hunte rather re g ed, these education o than the hunter. I had d dozens of people calling me e e every m month about my produc but I still cts, couldn sponsor nt someo if my life one e depend on it! ded I was extremely frustrated. s y . I thou ught this wa something that only worked fo health an nutrition products. I as y or nd didn think to apply it to the rest of my business, like my recruiting effo t y , orts. And I certainly never thoug to use it with the in n ght t nternet or la arger-scale advertising g meth hods. o w ame old, on ne-on-one, When it came to recruiting people, I was still stu ck in the sa h-fest minds or the u set un-leverage SPAM m ed mindset as I like to cal it. ll pitch But the reason Im bringing this up is because I know Im not the only one whos t g strug ggled with this. In fac Ive foun that this is one of th biggest h ct, nd he hurdles for many netw work mark keters after they are in ntroduced to this new m o model of a attraction marketing or inter rnet networ marketing for the first time. W rk Were conditi ioned by so ociety, our empl loyers, the governmen and yes our MLM companies NOT to think nt, M o outsi the box. And so wh we do discover a new and be ide hen etter way o doing of some ething, som metimes we dont even see it for w n what it is.

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This Sounds Great. . . But How Does This Fit Into My Current Business?
This is a big question many people have after discovering attraction marketing. Also, there are a lot of books and lead generation systems out there about how to recruit people into your business. This creates confusion for those who want to know how to use this type of marketing to sell their companys retail products. I cover this in my main course The Renegade Network Marketer and heres where a lot of people get hung up: Its not about health awareness seminars. Its not about ebooks or webinars or lead capture pages or funded proposals or customizable marketing funnels or any of that stuff. Its not even about the internet or the phone or hotel meetings or face-to-face appointments. These are all just tools, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. What its really about is a very simple formula that can be used in many different ways to sell many different things. Once you understand this two-word formula, the internet marketing recruiting and how to finally start making some money with your home based business will instantly become crystal clear. Here it is:

Teaching Sells
Thats it. It really is no more complicated than that. Thats what I was doing with my health awareness seminars and thats what this whole big game of trying to get people to buy things from you is really all about. Look at everyone who is having success attracting people to them online. What are they doing? Theyre teaching others how to do something.

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Whether its how to run a business, how to live h w b healthier, or how to he their join eal nt pain prospect and customers flock to those w demon ts k who nstrate that theyre know wledgeable about a subject. Flip through a t maga azine. Whic ads are ch you naturally n draw to? The wn ones that are s offering some usefu information or that actually teach you som ul a mething in the ad itself right? f If the internet ha always been a vast mystery to you and y e as b t o youre always on the other side of the table on this (ie yo r e oure always someone elses lead instead of s d f other people be r ecoming your leads) he eres how it works: t ry rketing or le genera ead ation system has one t m thing in com mmon. Ever good mar At their core, no matter how complica o w ated they m seem or how many bells and may y whist tles they ha ave, what makes them all work is an educat m m s tional/instru uctional mess sage of som sort that is offered to people in exchange for their m me t e money or their contact inf fo. They ju package ust e this inf formation in n different ways. A lead is genera ated when one pe erson has a desire to learn someth hing and anothe person is er s willing to teach them w what they want to know. o You can also ge enerate a le using a more traditional phys ead sical produc like a ct, free sample of something, but in the information age, inform s mation itself IS a s er aper to use because thanks to th internet, it e he product. And its a lot easie and chea snt u ay does cost you anything to give awa informatiion. n, ople have co onsumed your educat y tional mess sage and yo ouve Then once peo earned their trust, they will buy ANYT l THING from you. m

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You see, no sal ever take place wit le es thout trust. And the be way to b est build trust is s to ge enuinely inv vest in your customer first. r f

The Majority Is Alwa Wron y ays ng

-Earl Nightengal l le Foun nder, Nighten ngale-Conan nt Whenever some eone has something to sell, their immediate natural in s o r e, nclination is to blu out how great it is, as loud as they can, t whoever will listen. urt w to This is what the majority of people do and thats why the m e f o s majority of people hate sales and arent any good at it. s It is NOT natura to refrain yourself (in N al nitially) from telling pot m tential customers abou your prod ut duct and instead to teach the how the can acco em ey omplish wha at they want to on their own WITHOU having t buy anyth UT to hing from y you. Thats why so fe people do this ew d and thats why it works like crazy for t i e those who do. e 60 ye ears ago when networ rk mark keting was first conceiv of, a f ved good old fashioned sales pitch could d p still get the job done. Making a list of g d peop you knew and going over to ple w their house and sharing yo d our products with th hem may ha been a ave legitimate appro oach to buil lding a ondary incom 10-15 years ago cold calling strangers and trying t get them me. y c to m seco to a teleseminar about you business opportunity might hav still been effective. t ur y ve n Sort of. But in todays over-saturat ted, over-hy yped world where every househo has two old comp puters and three (or fo TV sets and peop le are bombarded with hundreds our) s h s and thousands of sales me t essages a day, the on way to g attention and make d nly get n e yours stand out is to tak on the ro of a trust advisor self o ke ole ted r. The internet, the phone, ho meetings, face-toe otel -face the are all ju different ese ust ways of delivering a messa to someone. s age And when you deliver a me d essage to someone yo can eith pitch the or you s ou her em can teach them. t hing is out. Pitch 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 2 25

Teac ching is in. ean ver your produc or oppor cts rtunity. It This doesnt me you nev tell people about y just means you have to ea the right to pitch t m arn t them, if you want to ca it that, by u all y build ding a relatio onship first.

Do You Da Peop The D ate ple Same Way Yo Prosp e ou pect Them m?
If all you do is in ncessantly pitch peopl that com across as very needy. le, mes And needy is ve unattrac ery ctive. Just thin of it in nk terms of dating. f When yo were ou looking f a for potential partner, or if you are right now w, did you look for the most desperate, clingy, and needy pers you cou find? y d c son uld Prob bably not. Chances are you were looking for someone who had a lot to offer C e, e r r in ter rms of common interests and cha aracter trait that you t ts thought we ere impo ortant. Getti top quality people to line up to buy your products and join you ing o ur oppo ortunity is actually extremely simp ple. ats ctive (non-s stop, shame eless pitching) and sta doing art Stop doing wha unattrac what is attractiv (teaching and helpin others). t ve g ng This is easier th you cou ever ima han uld agine -- mu easier t uch than what y youre probably doing right now. Like I said before, ther is absolu L b re utely no rea ason that ANY YONE in net twork marketing today should stilll be putting themselve through y g es the misery of co calling and repeate rejection by friends and family m old a ed n y. A littl later on Im going to be sharing dozens of case stud le o g f dies with you of regular peop who are using the principle of teaching s ple p sells to attract busine to them ess and are literally getting 10- times th results th were b a -20 he hey before are working e less hours ha aving more fun and best of all, a b arent payin a dime f their ng for omers and prospects! custo g ne ample for n now But let me just give you on more exa

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Jerry Neumann is a former NASCAR mechanic who didnt know anyth y r hing about comp puters othe than how to send an email eve ry now and then. er n d d t s would work but after k, He didnt think that using the internet to build his business w follow wing a few simple step to get his first video up online he was a ps s os e, able to make e more money in two months than he had in the p e s h previous two years. He has since o e gone on to crea an autom e ate mated mark keting web that inclu b udes multipl blogs, le articl and onli videos that fill his downline w new dis les ine t d with stributors an nd custo omers 24/7, regardless of whethe hes work er king or not, allowing h to quit , him his jo and stay home with his kids ju six mont after lea ob y h ust ths arning how to do attraction marke eting. Ever since then his upline h been a has asking him t show to them what hes doing. m In his videos (m s most of which are just a couple minu utes long), he h teach people how to hes preve their he ent eartburn from getting out of t contr to the po rol oint wher they have to re have surgery. e Ther are many re y reaso this typ of ons pe educ cational marketing is so effective way too many to get into in m t this report but heres r t just one of them o m: Even if you taug your pro n ght ospect ever rything they needed to know in o y o order to solve their problem on their own witho buying from you e out e t ess! Youre still going to get the sale and their busine ow e (I kno because Ive done it!) Why? ause at the end of the day, what most peopl e really wa is a quic m ant ck-fix Beca solut tion that doesnt requir a lot of time and ene re ergy (aka a product) ). p s eally have t their best in nterests in m mind, it sets s The teaching part proves that you re you head and shoulders above every h yone else w whos just try ying to get their mone and it positions you as a trust ey, tworthy exp pert.

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By co ombining th strategy with free videos on Y his y v Youtube, Je was abl to erry le gene erate 26 new customer and distr w rs ributors in o month a attract a further one and 178 retail customers and business pr r b rospects in the next 10 days. 08 Whic raises a very interes ch sting question for you: :

If Jerry Did It, And I Did It, d And Thousan Of Ot T nds ther Peo Are D ople Doing It.. . .

Why Cant YO C OU?

If the simple act of giving your prospe e t y ects useful information is all that s n stands betw ween you an hundreds of eager, new customers like Jerry has nd WHY NOT DO IT? Y Espe ecially since distributin information like this is easier a costs le now e ng and ess than ever before e. You see, the ke to unders ey standing ho the inter ow rnet works a how it can help and you build YOUR business faster than you ever t hought pos b R ssible, is to think of it in n offlin terms. ne Where have people always gone whe they wan to find ou more abo s en nt ut out some ething? e The library righ ht? Or, if theyre looking for a ry ver specific ution to a solu pro oblem of the eirs, they flip p ope the en yell low pages. And if you pick d k up a book and you want to find something in par y o rticular, whe do you go? ere The index.

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Well, the interne is the yel et llow pages or the libra of the w ary world. And search eng gines or dire ectory-type websites liike Google, Yahoo, Yo ouTube, Digg, etc are the index.

People Are Starting To Use The Interne More T e e et Than They Watch TV. . . Or Even Rea The Ne T E ad ewspape er!
Fact: A recent Jupiter rese J earch report found that more than 25% of the people t t n they studied hav cut back on watching TV so they can s ve k o spend more time on e the in nternet! On to of that, op 18% of people in the study e said they were reading news spapers less and gettin their ng inform mation on the in nternet inst tead. A couple years ago, when Americans had a buy s ying decisio to make, over 70% on of the used th internet to research their differe options em he t rent s. This number ha risen dra as amatically since then. The internet is now the sta n andard meth for rese hod earching an nything. Even the very name Goog has become a ver and is us to desc n n gle rb sed cribe the ac ct of fin nding something. Look king for ___ _____? Jus Google it. st Than to the in nks nternet, you can now get your me u g essage in fr ront of more prospects e s than ever before in the history of the world. e w All th hose people who were watching TV, reading the newsp e e T g paper, flipping through h the yellow page driving to the library or headin over to th mall are now going y es, o y ng he onlin and looki for thing theyre in ne ing gs nterested in n. An instead of seeing co nd o ommercials on TV, the can be lo s ey ooking at yo ads, our reading your we ebsite, and buying YO OUR PRODUCTS. And this is only going to increase especially d uring downturns in th e he econ nomy.

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Buying on nline is faster, mo efficient, ore saves on g and gas makes it o obscenely easy to do o compariso on shopping. Why would someone e whos rese earching home bas sed businesse take the es time to go to five o different o opportunity meetings w when they can hop o online and in n five secon pull up nds twen different options on the front page alone? nty n p ?

Why The Inte y ernet Mi ight Be Y Your Wor Enem rst my

The fact is, if yo f oure not tak king advant tage of the internet rig now o more ght or impo ortantly, if yo oure not ed ducating yo audienc youre losing cust our ce tomers, prosp pects and existing dow e wnline mem mbers to tho who are (whether you or your ose e uplin realizes it or not). ne i Say youre y ma aking your rou utine 50 dials a day to you batched ur opp portunity leads. Or bet yet, tter you making ure g you three ur new contacts w a day while going about work and errand And you just so ha k ds. u appen to hit on someone whos a the right t at point in their life where the t e eyre legitim mately lookin for an op ng pportunity a you and caug them at just the right moment in their day where the ght y eyre willing to take the g e time to listen to you. And say you actually manage to pique their curio s e osity enough to the point whe theyre interested in finding ou more. e ere ut

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What happens is, you setu an appoi i up intment with them to s h show the pla (aka an pitch fest) you schedule a three wa call with t h u ay them and y your sponso (aka or pitch fest) you invite them to attend a conferen call abo your op h u d nce out pportunity (aka pitch fest) you se them a DVD or an email with a link to a v end s video thats all ab bout your opportunity (aka pitch fest) or you direct them to yo beautiful h r our comp pany websi which is all about you guess it. Your one-of-a-k ite sed r kind oppo ortunity. In the meantime theyre doing their own researc online ab e e, o ch bout your oppo ortunity network mar rketing (eve though y told the it wasnt MLM, of en you em t cours se) worki from ho ing ome you name it... a in the p and process they come y acros someone who is off ss ffering a free report ab bout why mo people dont make ost e mone with thei home bas busines or mayb a free vid series a ey ir sed ss be deo about how to ge enerate cus stomers for free using the internet instead of talking to t t f their friends s and coworkers (which doesnt appeal to them ve much). c l ery So th give the name an email ad hey eir nd ddress in ex xchange for the inform r mation and most likely, forg all about their appo t get ointment wit you. th They start recei y iving more of this pers sons emails offering u s useful inform mation they see them as a helpful guide, a fr a l riend, some eone whos looking out for their best interests trust is built until ev ventually th ask that person ho they can hey ow n do what theyre doing. w Than you very much for the lead. nk y Its not really fair, but the people who are still do n p oing the grunt work of o one-to-one prosp pecting are fueling the downlines and custo e e s omers lists o those wh are of ho posit tioning them mselves as a valuable resource u using the internet. he At th very least you need t, to be online if e for no other on reaso than to prote your ect offlin ne prosp pecting efforts. As millions of m curre MLMers ent s, former MLMers, p o and people who

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have been pros e spected by MLMers are being driv online, everyday p e ven people who o are im mplementin even the simplest attraction m ng e a marketing te echniques c cant help but scoop them up by the hundreds. s Thos who are acting now are becom se w ming the fut ure leaders of the indu s ustry. Its already happening but fortunately the interne hasnt ev come close to a y et ven reach hing its full potential and theres still plenty o room left s of t. But thats only a small part of the stor t t ry

Th Powe Of The Expert he er e

Now imagine if you had a book about say, preve t, enting mos major diseases st befor they star by making a few sim re rt g mple change in your d es diet, or som mething like that, and it beca ame a #1 best seller on the New York Time list, which is read by b o w es y over 1 million pe eople every yday and ov 1.4 mill ion people on Sunday ver ys. Or say you were interviewe on the y e ed Oprah Winfrey show, which averages h h about 8 million v t viewers per airing, about how more and more people are t leavin the tradit ng tional 9-5 ra race and at are in stead maki the com ing mmute from m the be edroom to t their compu for their uter main s source of in ncome. Or wh if you ha a regular column in hat ad n a pop pular home based busi iness maga azine, or ma aybe even y your own e radio show, where you gave people nd ues w tips an techniqu on how to work from h home. Do yo think that youd eve have to ou er prosp pect another waitress a again? Do you th hink youd e ever have to make o anoth er cold call l? ou ud e m Do yo think you still have a problem d y take you se eriously? with respect and credibility or getting people to t I don need to tell you that best sellin authors o people w appear on popular nt t t ng or who r r TV or radio shows have tre o emendous power and influence. A they hav to do is ve All put th name on something and it se like hot heir o ells tcakes.

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Being a recogni ized expert makes you sought-af and hig t u fter ghly desirab to your ble targe audience And it gives you the power to re et e. ecommend anything to your o prosp pects and have them scramble to buy it! h s o This is the powe that teac er ching gives you. Its th same po he ower I was harnessing with my he g ealth aware eness seminars and that Jerry is with his YouTu videos. J h ube If you havent begun taking your business online yet, heres why you n u g e s need to:

The Int ternet Ha Made This Po as e ower Avail lable To Anyone.. . . For Free A
And I do mean anyone. Now even the most inexpe m erienced ne ewbie on the tightest shoe-string budget can e n imple ement large e-scale mar rketing tech hniques tha used to c at cost thousan of nds dolla techniq ars ques that were basica off limit to the av w ally ts verage pers 10-20 son years ago. s (By the way, this t is the reason e youv been ve taugh to use ht one-t to-one mark keting to build your d busin ness. Its supp posedly easie and er beca ause the little guy cant e do marketing lik the big boys can. Neither of w m ke b which is tru ue.) This is why the internet ha changed the rules o how sales and mark as of s keting are done forever. e Its essentially created Mas Communication 2.0 by allowin anyone t be their e c ss 0 ng to own publisher or have thei own TV show overnight. o ir s When you cut th hrough all the noise an confusio all these internet m t nd on, e marketing and traffic gene t eration meth hods are jus different ways to dis st stribute (ie publish) your information n.

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Or in other word Teach people. n ds: p Having a blog (Wordpr ress, Blogger) is similar ) to having your own g regular c column in a newspap or per magazin except ne, its free a you and dont hav to meet ve any edito ors requirem ments. Your r articles o posts can or be as lon or as ng short as you want. You can post th hem whenever you wa and as o ant often or as little as you want. u Socia networkin sites (Myspace, Fa al ng acebook, Tw witter also a microb o blog) are just like participating in a re network eal king club th gets together every Saturday hat y for breakfast. Ex xcept here the networ rking takes place 24/7, 365 days a year. Plus, your sphe of influe ere ence isnt limited to a meager 20 0-30 mile ra adius around the area you live. Its global. And its free And you never have to leave a A e. e your house. Socia bookmar al rking sites (Digg, Delic ( cious, Stum mpleUpon) a pretty unique to the are e onlin world but they could be compa ne t d ared to som mething like a library ca atalog, a direc ctory of reso ources or a rolodex. Theyre basiically ways of sorting information on th internet, which in an of itself IS a form o informatio And whe YOURE he nd I of on. en E the one whos doing the so o d orting for ot ther people (its kinder rgarten-sim mple), it can be a very powerful way to position yo ourself as a valuable, g go-to resource for your custo omers. How wever, just like the rest of the inte l ernet, these types of sites are e infinitely more powerful and useful to marketers like us than their offli p n ine equiv valents because they interactive and are constantly changing based on yre e y what popular. Plus, theyre free. ts Video sharing sites (YouTu s ube, Metac cafe) are of course like having your very own e n telev vision station, the ultim mate form of mass com f mmunication because i combines n it s the power of vis p sual and au udio. And just like having a blog, i totally u to you its up when you want to broadca your message, how often you want to do them, and n ast w o how long or sho you wan them to be. Oh, and its free. ort nt b Pay-per-click ad (Google, Yahoo, MSN) are like newspaper classifieds on ds e stero oids. Podca asting is like having your own radio show. Eb e books are o course of like books (exce without the cost of printing an distribution). b ept f nd

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Ther are thous re sands of oth sites, marketing m her m methods and tools on the internet, d but th purpose of all of them is to ge people to an opt in b (which can be on he e et o box your blog or website), a sa ales letter, a landing pa age, a sque eeze page, a reverse eeze page, whatever th heck you want to c it som place wh he call me here they sque can give you the email ad g eir ddress. This way you c s can Give them more informatio e on! Colle ecting a list of email ad ddresses an using an autorespo nd n onder to sta in touch ay with them is like having yo own phy e our ysical news letter that g gets sent ou to your ut ravin fans in th mailpe ng he erhaps the ultimate an most pro nd oven way to continually o y teach people (a make them want to buy from you witho even as h aka t m out sking for their money). Again, the intern net make it es free, or next to nothi ing. Depe ending on ho ow many y page you es have the e, type of pape you er use, postage, etc, sending a single ne g ewsletter is ssue out to 10,000 peo ople can cost you in the neighborho of $5,00 or more. ood 00 . On th internet: A good au he : utoresponde will usua cost you anywhere from $19er ally u e 39/m mo. And your emails can be as short or as long as yo want. Plus, just like with many s s s ou e y of the interne methods, the results are nearly instantane ese et s y eous. So, to break the principle of teaching sells dow into a mo practica t e o g wn ore al, actio onable formula that you can begin incorporat u n ting into yo business right our s now

Your Jo Is To Become A Produ ob B e ucer And Distributor Of Inf D formatio on

Youre not in the network marketing business, yo e m b oure in the informatio business e on s.

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Youre not in the health an wellness business, youre in th informati e nd he ion busin ness. Youre not in the legal serv e vices busine ess, youre in the infor rmation bus siness. Youre not in the travel ser e rvices busin ness, youre in the info e ormation bu usiness. Youre not in the real estat business youre in t informa e te s, the ation busine ess. Youre not in the (fill in the blank) bus e siness, youre in the IN NFORMATION busin ness. You hear the wo conten used a lo on the internet. Tha what my health ord nt ot ats y awar reness sem minar was and thats what you wa to produ ant uce. The mo you ore produce, the mo customers and lea youll ge ore ads enerate. y Very few peop truly ple get th (I his didn for a t long time) and yet it soooo ts simp ple. Show wering prosp pects with free conten that brings enormous value to t f nt their lives b before you allow them to ev purchas from you opens the floodga w ver se u ates of grow and wth profit for you. ts Think about this for a mom k s ment and wh it means for your b hat business: Noth hing is sold without con ntent. Its what makes the world as we know it function w s a w n. This is what eve website TV station magazine and news ery e, n, spaper pub blisher on e earth lives and breathes fo Good co h or: ontent. Why? ause people are attrac e cted to value (content) , not sales pitches. e Beca Peop dont bu magazine for the ads. They b them for the article The ple uy es a buy es. more articles a magazine has and the better qua e h e ality they ar the more re, e subs scriptions th magazine sells. The more subscriptions t magazin sells, the he e the ne e

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more readers th people who pay to have their a in the m e he w ads magazine g to get expo their me ose essage to. Same with TV. Peop dont ple watch TV for the e comm mercials. They watch it fo y or the c content and in the process e they end up viewi the ads ing s. The e exception o of cours (besides se s the S Super Bowl) ) is info fomercials! point is: The p Cont tent is the reaso that on adve ertising is able to exist in the world. w If you not doing something to educ ure cate your pr rospects an enrich th lives, nd heir your like a TV station tha runs noth re V at hing but com mmercials 2 24/7. Whos going to watch that? ? On th internet youll also hear the ph he hrase conte is king. ent Well I disagree. I don think this even comes close to conveying the aweso nt s ome power and influe ence that co ontent gives you with your prospe ects, customers, other netw workers and even the very interne itself. v et Im sure youve heard the old adage, he who ow the gol makes th rules. s o wns ld he Well, in a world where limit physica resources are no lon ted al s nger the mo valuable ost e modities on earth, this is not the case. n s c comm The truth is t

He/Sh Who Owns The Conten Makes The Ru he O e nt s ules

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And in reality, this has always been the case all throughout history, its just that its become a lot more apparent and in-your-face during the information age. When you control the content You become more valuable to your customers than the products you promote. This is the much-sought-after-yet-little-known solution to the massive problem of attrition that every network marketer faces. Your distributors and customers have to be bonded to YOU, not a product or opportunity. Sales reps are a dime a dozen. But someone who goes above and beyond and teaches their customers is a rare thing. When you do this, you have the ability to promote anything you want at any time, making you more financially secure than any one company can. If a company you promote goes down the tubes or you find something better, no problem. When you produce the content your customers loyalty is with you and they will take your recommendation on anything. Search engines and other websites will love you and reward you with swarms of free visitors to your sites. Other people will pay you to let them advertise on your sites and theyll even pay you to let them use your content. Youll get free sales and leads from word of mouth like youve never experienced before. MLMers are often told that the network distribution model is so powerful because of word of mouth, yet for some reason very few people have ever truly experienced what its like to have their message spread out-of-control like a wildfire. Why? Because regular sales reps who have only ONE agenda getting the sale dont get word of mouth referrals. People who position themselves as leaders by teaching others do. Just as I was writing this report I received an email from one of my subscribers that illustrates this point perfectly:

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When you produce goo content, people willl link to you from their websites W od u re others to you even if they do get paid for it pu efer ont d ublish your c content in th newsletters and on their web heir bsites and theyll eve quote yo in their d en ou content. Because of the content Ive create in the pa people quote me a the time B t ed ast, all in their blogs emails, and website which giives me ma n s, a es, assive amounts of free e exposure to their entire audience. As an exa mple, just look at som of the e me people Ive talked abou or quoted in this Ma t ut d anifesto (wh hich is being sent out t g to over 250,000 network marketers). As a resullt, theyll pro m . obably end up with a st teady little stream of fr sales and leads fo a long, lo time to come due ree a or ong to people reading this report and then going and checki them ou on the o r t ing ut in nternet. Do you think anyones going to qu D k uote your sa ales pitch? Dont coun on it. nt You also get to take ad Y dvantage of the spillov effect. This is wha we were f ver at ta alking abou before ab ut bout how pe eople who a doing th prospecting offline are heir e are losing th leads to people do heir o oing it online This also happens o the e. o on in nternet too though. When you create conte you bec W ent, come a ralllying point for people who need e help (which is 98% of the marketp place) and y youll get a lot of the customers and leads of those who do nothing but pitch t f o g their prospe ects and do provide ont e hem with an real valu ny ue. th If youre just your avera f t age, run-of-the-mill dis stributor and you dont own any o d t of your own co ontent, your basically working fo those wh do. Its no fun if re y or ho youre on the losing sid of this eq e de quation, but this is the reality of h t how things work and its never goin to chang so you m w s ng ge, might as we be the o on the ell one re eceiving en nd. 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 3 39

This happen to me all the time with my hea awaren T ned a w alth ness semin nars. Someone fro someon elses do S om ne ownline wo uld bring a friend who would then n go home and tell one of their friends about th great de o his emonstratio they just on saw and how it might help them with their pro w h w oblem. But instead of giving them m th phone number of th person who brough them to th seminar they would he he w ht he r, te their frien to call me. A lot of the times I would find out who referred this ell nd m t person and then tell the to order through th em r hem, but the would ad ey damantly in nsist on buy ying through me. They didnt know how it wa supposed to work, y w as , th just kne that I wa the one putting mys out there and help hey ew as self ping people e.

Produ ucing Co ontent Is B Better Th han Co ounterfei iting

Producing content is better than g s having a license to p print money y. While prin nting more money only y decrease the value of the rest es e t of the dollars in circu ulation, producing more content g increases the value of all your s other content ex r xponentially y. Any physical resource has a relatively fixed valu Even du s y ue. uring period of ds extre eme inflation, gold has only toppe $1,000 a ounce ju once. s ed an ust t f r celess. But the value of a single piece of content to your business can be pric Ever piece of content you produce (like Jerrys YouTube v ry c u videos) is a perpetual mone machine that will co ey e ontinue to pump fresh new custo p omers and leads into your business months and even year after you produced i m d rs it. And unlike phys sical resour rces, conten is free to produce a you can do it right nt o and n from your own home. h Almo two years ago, I pu ost ublished my very first r y report on th internet The 7 he Grea Lies Of Network Marketing. It was packed with 35 pa at N w d ages of high-value conte ent. I use this report to genera leads fo my busin ed ate or ness and I a also allowed other d peop to use it to generate leads for theirs, wha ple atever it ma be. Once someone ay e gene erated a lea with this report, they could offe them their opportunity or any ad y er other product th wanted. r hey

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Plus, if their leads ended up buying any of my u a own info produc it further qualified them as a cts r great prospect for their bus t f siness and they also got a commissio on it. on It wa a true win win, win: People wh as n, ho down nloaded tha e-book re at eceived trem mendous value and were thankful to me or who e o oever offered it to them I made money and so did the m. m other people wh used the report, and all of us r ho e ende up with tens of thou ed usands of new leads and customers. c So fa so good right? Wait: The story gets better ar r.

Still Generating 160 l 0,000 New w Prospe A Year: Wort $1,267 ects th 7,200
Toda nearly tw years la ay, wo ater, direct links to that download page still g t generate an n avera of over 440 opt ins a day ro age r oughly 160 0,000 new p prospects e every year. Prett impressiv right? Ha on to your hat ty ve ang y Abou 9% of tho prospec will mak their first purchase within three months. ut ose cts ke t e Thats 14,400 new sales with an aver n w rage first tim order of $88. Total revenue: me f $1,26 67,200. Thats $36,205 per written page! c ases (which is where t bulk of t profits h the the This isnt even counting future purcha y m) e ats when they b anythin from the buy ng really come from or all the money tha made w perso who gen on nerated the lead or join their oppo e n ortunity. Th first sale is just the he begin nning. All that from a littl t le report and downlo page I oad created in 2007! d My cur rrent time investm ment? Zero o. My cos Zero. st? Do you think tha marketin as usual distributo -- distrib y at ng ors butors who f to fail provi leadership for their prospects and instea simply hound them for the sale ide r s ad e

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or the sign up every time they talk to them -- get that kind o residual effect from e t of m their marketing? ? ourse not! Of co The network ma arketing ind dustry loves to talk abo the pow of lever s out wer rage but it fails to teach pe eople how to apply this principle t ALL of th busines activities s to heir ss s. Most distributor work their butts off, pay through the nose for junk op t rs pportunity leads and dedicate a mas s, ssive amoun of time a effort fo every single sale nt and or and their results still arent even close to being this good. t s t e n ou strate what the power o one good of d Im not telling yo this to brag, but to simply illus piece of content can be an to inspire you to beg creating your own. e nd e gin g You dont have to wait until you ha a ave wling spraw organization to expe erience the peace of mi that com ind mes from having a pass sive income e strea am. You can start enjoying it rig now (an frankly, w a lot le headac ght nd with ess ches than trying to find oth people who will du g her w uplicate you u). If you current doing an kind of marketing on the intern like blog ure tly ny m n net gging, articl or video youre not far off fro something like you own spec report. les os, om ur cial What do you ha when yo ave ouve got 15 blog post or so? A special rep ts port! The same pieces of content ca be used over and ov again in many diffe e an o ver n erent ways. Just repackage them and they autom t matically hav a higher perceived value. ve r o , each your audience in the form o content a n of So to sum it up, failing to te Dooms you to obscurity and invisibility D y Sentences you to spen S y nding a fortu for biz opp leads and traffic generation une z c n th other distributors get for free hat g Condemns you to work C y king much, much harde for much much les er h, ss Ensures that you will al E lways just be one sma insignific b all cant voice in a sea of n offers scream ming for yo prospec attention our cts n

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And on the othe hand, tak er king the sim mple steps r required to position yo ourself as a trustw worthy reso ource ad ve mpetition an gets you the nd u Lifts you hea and shoulders abov your com attention you need to explode you business u e ur Empowers you to attrac massive traffic, new leads, new customer and new E y ct w w rs profits without spending a dime on advertisin g n ng Multiplies the money an results you earn fo r each hour M nd y

But Im Not An Ex N xpert

Im going to let you in on a little secre g et: The only differe ence betwee you and the peop who are enjoying t type of en ple e the lifest tyle-choice and total fr reedom that youve alw t ways dream about is that one med day they woke up and said Hey, Im going to be an expert at ______ t u d, e t _____. The v vast majo ority of peop in the ple world have d conv vinced them mselves they y are in ncapable of f achie eving great thing so they gs, settle for the me e ediocre. Therefore, the level of co e ompetition is actually f fiercest for the te echniques that are MO OST ineffec ctive, ironica making the metho that ally g ods actua do work the easies to implem ally k st ment. Its easier to spo e onsor five people a mo p onth than it is to spons one per t sor rson every five months. Its easier to sell a couple thousand dollars wo of product every m s s d orth mont than it is to sell a co th ouple bottle es. You may think to yourself I could nev do that or that might work for some t ver k peop but not me or w am I to be teachin others h ple, who o ng how to do so omething? I dont know anyt t thing about _________ t _____. But Ill show you other peo u ople who we more in ere nexperience and who were in ed o wors situations than you are right no who are now attrac se s ow e cting 300-50 new 00 prosp pects every month for free on the internet, a theyre doing it wo y r e and orking only an ho or two a day on their busines our ss.

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Ill sh how you how you can get started knowing n othing mor than wha you know re at w right now. act You may not realize it, but the very fa that youre reading this report and that youv been on my email list makes you more kn ve y nowledgeable about m marketing and how the internet works than 95% of network marketers or even traditional h s % k s busin ness owner out there This posit rs e. tions you rig now, as is, to attra ght s act hund dreds and even thousa e ands of peo ople to you. Rem member, I wasnt anything even close to an e expert when I started d n doing my healt awareness seminar Neither was Jerry N th rs. w Neumann o Diyana A or Alcheva or any of the other dozens of case studies Im goin to be sha o r f ng aring with y in a little you e bit. Even ntually I did beco ome some ewhat of an n expe along ert the way, but it w wasn until well nt l after I had alrea started ady attracting customers and making mon m ney. This is a very im mportant po for you to realize if you haven already b oint f nt begun to put th hese techniques to wo for you. You can get started R ork RIGHT NOW no matte W er how new you ar re no ma atter how much you kn ow (or dont know) ab bout your products or opp portunity and regardless of wha level of success or a at achie evements you currentl have. y ly t trategies lie in the fac that you c begin e es ct can enjoying all The true power of these st the respect and benefits of being a re d f ecognized a authority fig gure, withou actually ut havin to be one! ng All yo have to be is one step ahead of your pro ou s ospects (and I can gua d arantee you u alrea are, you just may not realize it). Thats a thats nee ady u n all eded to get the kind o t of resul Im talkin about. lts ng Out of all the pe o eople I know who are receiving m w r massive amounts of ex xposure for their business even the big names you would recognize almost no of them b y one m e xperts when they got started. n s were actually ex They just used some very simple tech y hniques tha anyone c use to immediately at can y eleva their sta ate atus with their market.

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Why Som Peopl Make 47,600% More W me le % Mo oney Tha Everyo Else an one e
m n: Let me ask you a question Do you really th y hink Dr. Phil is the best, smartest, most expe , erienced ps sychologist in the world? e Or do you think hes just positioned th way bec o hat cause hes on TV? The average inc come for a psychologist with a Ph in most states is around hD $63,0 000/yr. $ Dr Phil makes $30 million a year. Thats more tha 476 time the avera income of his pee an es age e ers! What makes him so differe m ent? Is he re eally 476 times better or more ex r xperienced than all the othe psycholo er ogists in the country? D e Does he wo 476 time harder ork es than everyone else? e Or is it just beca s ause he kno something about marketing that they dont? ows Dr Phil makes 47,600% more per yea than the average pe 4 ar erson in his field s beca ause hes po ostured him mself as the premier go guy for personal, social and e o-to r relati ionship problems. Not only is he the s host of a h TV show hit w, hes also t author the of six #1 N New York Times bes stsellers. Dr Phil isn doing nt anything that anyone e else could do, he dnt just knows that his job as a psycholog is NOT doing the t k gist T things that a psyc chologist do oes its pr roducing an distributing informat nd tion that rel lates to his audie ences prob blems. Beca ause of the tremendou leverage the interne offers as a commun us et nications tool, you dont have to writ a book or have your own daytime TV sho With h te r ow. many of the tec y chniques av vailable to you, even ju a few se y ust entences is all it takes s to produce 5-10 fresh new leads a da for your b 0 w ay business fo months o end or on

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numb bers that ar hundreds of times better than what the av re s b verage netw work mark keter experi iences! t m nd xperiencing You can apply these principles on a much smaller scale an begin ex amaz zing results at no cost and with very little eff s t v fort. On th other ha he and, with a lot of effort, you can p , produce results that are almost e dang gerous

The True Stor Of How A Quiet Homesc ry w t chool Mo om From Mi innesota Nearly Crippled Her a Network Market Com k ting mpany. . . In Less T Than 90 Days 0
If you begin usin this stra u ng ategy of teac ching your audience a you dec and cide to go all ou with it, yo have the ability to make or e ut ou e m even break your netw work mark keting comp pany. As I told you be efore, I was selling thousands of d dollars wort of produc every th cts mont as a resu of my he th ult ealth aware eness semin nars, but I w still ext was tremely frustr rated becau I didnt know how to use thes same me use se ethods to s sponsor peop into my business. I asked eve ple eryone I cou for advic and it wa always uld ce as the same thing: Talk to mo people. s ore I was almost rea to give up when my son, who was a top performing online s ady m o p affilia for companies like Best Western and Wa ate almart, told me I needed to learn how to go after my target market on the internet . m I was tired of the all-fluff-no s o-substance training a every me at eeting, so I decided to start completely over. y I left the company I was with and wen on a long process o mental nt g of deto oxification and re-education. I join another company specifically for the pur ned r s rpose of improving my phone y skills and I start to work leads that were suppllied by my upline. The leads s ted ese w were generated fr rom my uplines own n personal w website w where he of ffered an

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educ cational CD to people in exchange for their c contact info ormation. Th CD gave his peop a few sim ple mple steps on how to build their o own home based busi iness, and as a result, prod duced a lea that was highly-qua ad alified and v very pre-sol ld. They were such quality pro y h ospects tha I quickly b at became a t perform in the top mer comp pany, sponsoring 10 or more peo o ople every m month. At this point I ha now tast success with both retailing an sponsoring and the ad ted s nd e whee in my he started to turn. els ead It fina began to hit me th all these different p ally t hat e phone tricks sales gim s, mmicks and fancy closes tha people were taught to use wer just band y at w re d-aid answe that ers didn really get to the root of the prob t blemthe s same way I had been teaching peop that drug and surg ple gs gery treated symptoms not causes. The key to making d s, y g sales easy was not necess s sarily what happened ON the pho one, but rat ther, the proce that someone wen through BEFORE yo ever talk with the ess nt B ou ked em. er m s xt egan studying everythi I could Eage to take my business to the nex level, I be ing on in nternet marketing and how to gen nerate my o own pre-qua alified prosp pects. I cons sumed massive quantities of infor rmation, pic cking up ev very book an course I nd could get my ha d ands on. As I studied people like John Rees Perry Marshall, s p se, Clayt Makepe ton eace, Gary Halbert an other info nd ormation-m marketers, I came to a shoc cking realiza ation:

I Hadnt Even Sc t cratched The Sur d rface Of Wh I Cou Have Done W hat uld With My He ealth Aw wareness Semina s ars
et, d th With the interne I could have created my own information empire wit contenth sletters videos of my seminars on my own blog and other sites v s n rich health news like youtube how-to artic y h cles that wo ould get dis stributed all over the w web my own information product the sky wa n as the li imit. I may not have been selling health an y nd nutrit tion produc anymore but I now cts e, w realiz the sam model could be applied zed me c to recruiting peo ople into my opportuni y ity. Arou this time I was also paying for und e o indiv vidual coach hing with the director of o traini for my company. He told me that I ing c H need to start becoming an indepen ded ndent mark keter by pos sitioning my yself as an expe ert. 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 4 47

That was all the encourage e ement I nee eded. n hat tiated me a my ability to help p and people. I I put up my own website th different offered the sam educational CD my upline was giving awa and I als started me s ay so send ding follow up emails to people who requeste it. u o ed It wa dj vu. as Peop were ca ple alling me an lining up to get my a nd advice once again. So much in e o fact that I had to start char t o rging $200/hr for my tim (Bumm right?) A people me. mer And e were more than happy to pay it. Think about all t time yo spend ch e n p k the ou hasing peop around leaving messages without ev knowin if theyre going to ple m ven ng sign up in the end or not. Wouldnt it be a heck o a lot easi if they ju paid you W b of ier ust u for yo time up front, and then if you got the sig up that w just icin on the our p gn was ng cake Essentially thats wh was hap e? hat ppening. I w being p was paid to pros spect peop (and it wasnt even in a levera ple w aged way lik with an i ke info produc After ct). giving them som helpful pointers on how to sta rt their own home bas me p n sed busin ness and what to avoid their nex natural qu w d, xt uestion was so what business s, do YOU do? Y I was sponsorin 10+ new distributors a month a so wer lots of oth people s ng w s and re her on my team. m

I Had Finally Cracked The Cod d d de

I had a clear pic d cture in my head of ho it all wor ow rked and aft years of relentless ter f dream-building, goal-settin and near ng r-financial d disaster from my husb bands windshield repla acement bu usiness going under, I was ready to take it to the next y o level. After someone became a lead on my website, a we did wa sponsor them into r l all as r the business. My downline was growi rapidly but it was s taking a b M e ing still awhile to actua get the residual co ally ommission checks. I kne that if I could make more money right aw up front I could exp ew c way t pand my adve ertising even faster. n So I we to the ent owner of the compa and any asked to do someth hing that had ne ever been done b before.

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4 48

Like many companies, this one had sales training courses and other material that it typically only sold to distributors who were already in the business. But I figured that if the free content I was giving away produced such a high quality lead, charging people for additional how-to information would create an even more qualified prospect for my business. So I asked the owner if I could buy their courses at wholesale and re-sell them on my website at retail. Ill never forget the conversation. They werent used to selling large quantities of these and I wanted to make sure that they could handle all the orders I was *going* to bring them. Because of the incredible results I had been getting so far, I knew people were starving for this kind of information. Understandably the owner thought it was all talk. With a little chuckle, he replied, dont worry about that part Ann. We can handle whatever you can bring us. What happened next floored me along with everyone else.

In Less Than Three Months I Was Selling So Many Courses They Couldnt Hire People Fast Enough To Keep Up With All The Orders!
I was getting close to 7,000 unique new visitors to my website every day and was taking over $75,000 in orders every month. I expected it to go well, but not that well! Now before you think Im getting all hypey on you here, theres a couple things you should know: 1) To say that I was working more than full time on my business at this point would be an understatement. And 2) I had some help. By this time I had been forced to hire a couple people just because of all the prospects who were calling and emailing me (easiest place to look if youre in this situation: people who are already in your organization). I was now sponsoring 50 or more people a month without even talking to them and dozens of people on my team were sponsoring anywhere from 10-20 people a month. Every month corporate posted a list of the top performing distributors in the company, and every month 80% or more of those listed were people on my team. 2011 80/20 Marketing Inc 49

It got to the poin t nt wher the re comp pany actually stopp posting ped g my re number eal rs beca ause I wasn nt doing it the way g y every yone else was being taught to do it and they didnt wan people a w o y nt asking what I was doing. But the side effe t ects were unavoidable u e. Word got aroun (just like with my he d nd ealth awareness semin nars) about how well t our team was doing and pe eople from other team in the company star ms rted calling corpo orate to ask to be mov to my downline. This was aga k ved d ainst their p policy of cours but peo se, ople simply quit and wa aited the re equired thre months t re-enter ee to unde me. er All be ecause I wa offering people goo how-to tr as od raining mat terial before I offered e them my opport m tunity! And it wasnt ev my own content I was just using ven n some eone elses s! Rem member wha I said abo how dis at out stributing co ontent make you a ra es allying point for people who need help (whic is basica everyon t e d ch ally ne)? Some people do think th is fair, but ont his

If You Dont Give Pe Y t eople A R Reason T Follow To w You Theyre Going To Follow Someone Else u, w e
And if yo oure not going to do it, theres p plenty of other pe eople out there wh are more ho e than willing to reap ards of the rewa standing out from g the crow wd. mple, just For exam go to inearticles.c c www.ezi om and click on the e

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5 50

expert authors link in the upper left hand corner. Youll find over 125,000 very ordinary people who happen to like the idea of being their own boss just like you who are all enjoying the freedom and peace of mind that can only come from daily sales and leads on autopilot. Go ahead and click on a few of them and see what theyre up to. Many of their articles are as short as three paragraphs. Click on their links at the bottom and see what theyre promoting. Youll find every niche and industry imaginable, from cell phones to debt consolidation to coffee. Are they doing anything you couldnt do? It wasnt all smooth sailing though. I started to run into problems. When I ordered more training courses I placed the order with my company who then placed the order with their supplier. The supplier then shipped the courses to my company who then shipped them to me. My home had become a makeshift warehouse/USPS depot. Being an MLMer I was used to this kind of home takeover, but the problem was we werent getting the courses fast enough. At times I was forced to slow down, and even pause my advertising altogether, because they couldnt keep up with all the orders. On top of that, their customer service was starting to suffer because of the rapid growth. (Im not suggesting this is what you want to happen, but it just goes to show the power of information marketing.) We talked about setting up dropshipping and I was even considering going directly to the supplier, but then I realized something: What was stopping me from putting together my own information product? If I did it in an electronic format (aka an ebook) keeping up with demand would never be an issue plus the people who came to my website were begging me to show them how to setup their own marketing system! The sales training course was great (and still infinitely better than the painful and humiliating techniques most distributors are taught to use), but what people really wanted to learn was how to get prospects to call them, like I was doing. So I compiled everything I had learned about marketing and lead generation up until that point and released them in an ebook called The Renegade Network Marketer.

2011 80/20 Marketing Inc


Beca ause I had been building up a loy following of people for awhile, my b yal g busin ness almos tripled fro over $90 st om 0,000 a month to $250 0,000 a mon and to nth, be ho onest, Im still in disbe s elief to this day! d Not because of my rapid tr b ransformation from qu homeschool mom from uiet m Minn nesota to w well-known and respected interna ational business coach BU BECAUS MORE PEOPLE ARENT DO UT SE A OING THIS TOO! The reason Im telling you all this is not to toot m own horn but to illustrate a my n very important point and to show you how to pro p o ogressively and system matically take YOUR bus siness to hig gher and hi igher levels of income as you lea s e arn eting. attraction marke The point is:

You Have No Cred Y e dibility

Huh? ? Stay with me he ere. Have you ever heard the saying, cre e s edibility is th only real currency? he l Its an inescapa a able fact of life that mo people think like this: ost If its on TV it must be true. m If its in the new wspaper it must be true m e. ey k e If the have their own book it must be true. If a professor sa it it mus be true. p ays st If my doctor say it it must be true. y ys If the governme says it it must be tr e ent t rue. e er Our entire pape mone system is ey i base on credib ed bility. Do you trust you y ur treas sury departm ment? If you didnt, and no one d else did, the glo obal nomy would very d econ 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 5 52

quickly collapse. Credibility is everything. And its very difficult to influence anybody if you dont have it. This is bad news for us because we all know that our biggest problem as network marketers is that no one takes us seriously. The best way to permanently solve this is by increasing what I like to call your credibility ranking. Many people, after getting started with the basics and generating a few new leads a day for their business, want to know how to take their attraction marketing to the next level. For me, there were two key factors in blowing past the part-time/side income level and jumping to the six figure mark and beyond: 1) Creating my own content 2) Gradually creating more and more advanced levels of content Now, Im not saying that youre going to be able to retire tomorrow by doing this or that you even need to take it as far as I did. What I am saying is that anyone can easily get a few hundred top-quality prospects contacting them every month by implementing just a fraction of what Im talking about here. And once youve started doing this using some super-simple techniques like blogging, video sharing, article marketing, social networking, etc your next major breakthrough is not far off. Okay, heres how it works:

Your Prospects Equate Different Types Of Content With Different Levels Of Knowledge Or Expertise
The more effort it takes to put something togetheror more importantly, the more effort your audience thinks it takes to put together (think Dr Phil)the higher your credibility ranking. The higher your credibility ranking, the easier and easier it gets for you to make money.

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For example, di you know that many people pu together marketing c e id w y ut campaigns that are specific a cally design to get th book to the top of the New Y ned heir o f York Times or Am mazon best tseller lists (its not tha difficult if you know how to wor the at rk syste not bec em) cause of the actual pro e ofits from th book sal he les, but sole because ely e of the immense credibility it gives them? e Here somethin else to consider: Th vast majjority of the population still thinks es ng c he e n s that you have to be a supe y o er-geek (or hire one) to be doing business o o online and that it costs a sm fortune This is gr i mall e. reat news fo you beca for ause it doesnt. Your custo omers and prospects dont realize this howe d e ever, which means the attach a ey highe credibility ranking to your onlin pieces of content th they wo er y o ne f han ould if they knew the truth. w This is why I en ncourage pe eople in The Renegad Network Marketer to begin e de o deve eloping their own stuff r f. Crea ating your own content gives you a s highe credibility er y ranki than ing using someone g elses content s and it also forms a greater bond betw i r ween you an your pro nd ospect. When you go from being ju another sales rep w does n ust r who nothing but regurgitate e the same old co s ompany ling go to prov viding even the smalle bits of u n est useful, educ cational con ntent, you will immedia w ately see a 300% 50 00% even 1,000% o n or more increase in your cred e dibility and therefore yo recom t our mmendation power. e arted this co ontent prod duction proc cess, you w experien a will nce Once youve sta cred dibility snow wball effect In order to generate more custo t. o omers and more leads s, just produce mo content and/or more advance levels o content. p ore ed of arted immed diately by placing your own ads t p r that simply lead people e You can get sta w here they ca request a piece of information. an to a website wh From there you can begin creating yo own artiicles you own video m our ur os your own blog you own lead capture pa (also ca ur age alled landin pages or squeeze ng r page es) your own website your ow special report yo own em o e wn our mails and yes, even your own inform mation produ uct. Why might you want to con nsider crea ating your ow informa wn ation produc some ct day? ? ause your credibility an recomm c nd mendation p power shoo through the roof! ot Beca

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5 54

If You Want To Become The Top Distributor In Any Company, This Is The Easiest And Fastest Way To Do It
Since I decided to come out with my own info product, Ive become the number one affiliate/distributor for many different programs by doing nothing more than sending out a few emails! For just one such program I promoted about a year ago I now collect regular fivefigure checks every month and have done nothing to actively promote it since. All this stuff isnt about taking you away from what youre currently doing, its about causing a crowd of people to be magnetically drawn to and to come under your influence and happily give you money. The amazing thing about it is its totally under the radar. While everyone else is trying hard to pressure people into buying, producing your own content allows you to influence the crowd in a more subtle way. Youre perceived to be more of a friend than a salesperson. This results in people wanting to buy from you repeatedly. Heres a very short list of some different types of content you can create. Generally speaking, the same piece of content in physical form carries a higher credibility ranking, ie an actual physical book vs an ebook.

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(If yo oure having trouble readin the words o this diagra just t ng on am, incre ease the view wing size on your pdf reade It looks lik this): y er. ke

Now, if youre brand new to b all of th and youre just his gettin started with attracti marketing, dont le all this co ng w ion et onfuse or intimidate you. A home study course is jus a higher level of tea c st aching peop than say a two ple y, minu Youtube video. Sam concept. ute e me You dont have to do all this to becom massive successf Not eve close. me ely ful. en (And if you wan you dont even have to do it yo d nt, t e ourself). t dents haven even imp nt plemented 5% of thes things. They spend se Most of my stud abou 45-60 min ut nutes a day setting up a few simp pieces o automate leady p ple of ed gene eration cont tent and the now mak more mo ey ke oney in one month tha they hav e an ve in all their previo years of MLM com ous o mbined, ma of them having bee in any m en work market ting for 10 years or mo y ore! netw ive me nd ou possibilities (and your s This is just to gi you som ideas an show yo that the p incom potentia are endle with ed me al) ess ducational s style marke eting.

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5 56

The #1 Most Ov ver-Looke Secre To ed et Beco oming A Prospec ct-Magnet (Plus, 133 Or More Way To Diff 1 M ys ferentia Yours ate self)
When most peo ople are intr roduced to online netw work marke eting or attr raction mark keting for the first time its usually through a message a piece of content, o e, e, f or an ad that soun something like this d nds s:

Com mpared to th typical ze he ero-value messages th most re put out t m hat eps there when n they try to do th own adv heir vertising (th same re who will tell you tha the he eps l at net t ese seful information stick intern doesnt work), the how-to messages offering us out li a sore thumb. ike Now, when som meone stum mbles upon one of thes message and they begin se es y imple ementing attraction ma arketing in their own b business, th first inst heir tinct is usua to do ex ally xactly what the person who introd duced it to t them is doin in the ng exac same way ct y. en, This is extremely effective and its how many of the people I have bee and will haring with you, have gotten their results. be sh e However, there is an even easier way to become the cente of your pr y er rospects ntion, and it going to become inc ts creasingly more important as the network e atten mark keting indus develop and mor and more people sta using at stry ps re e art ttraction mark keting. You may have already gue a essed what Im going t say. t to 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 5 57

What happens when every w yone starts saying find out how t add 5 pe d to eople a week to your bu k usiness or stop cold calling and start gettin prospect to come c ng ts to yo ou? It can all start to sound the same right? n o e You wont hear this from your comp pany, but la of ack uniqu ueness has s always been on of ne b the biggest problems with the way network mark keters have e been taught to sell n s thing The internet gs. just makes it a lot more ap m l pparent. Before the inter rnet came along, it too a few dec a ok cades for n network mar rketing to satur rate the ma arketplace to the point where, if yo stopped 8 out of 10 people on ou d 0 n the street to sha your op s are pportunity, theyd ask this Amw is way? Beca ause of the mass-reac speed and low-cost of commu ch, t unication on the n intern this same process is happen net, s ning in a few years onl w line. One of the most profound things Ive ever learne in marke ed eting, from o of my one favor teacher Mark Joy rite rs, yner, is this s:

The Fr rame Is More Im M mportant Than Th Messa he age

t ir ssage is an isolated e n event in thei prospects ir Most people think that thei sales mes life. It isn nt. Very few realize that its ta y e aken in relat tive to ever rything else thats goin on out e ng there e. All th other no his oise in the world the news, som e mething a f friend told them, a head dline on a magazine ra create your pro m ack es ospects fram of mind or the me glass ses that they view you message with. ur e Their frame of mind, the th r m hings they see and hea prior to v s ar viewing you message ur e, has more of an impact on their buying decision t m g than anything else. 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 5 58

And one of the biggest influences on your prosp pects frame of mind is your e s comp petitors.

Yo First Job As A Market Is To P our ter Position n Yourse Again The C elf nst Competit tion
-John Carlto on Million dolla copywrite ar er Here somethin else you company wont tell y es ng ur y you: All th hose other thousands of distributo in your company (a the mil t ors and llions of distri ibutors in other compa anies) guess what? Theyre all your competitio on. When it co omes down n to it, your all re competing for the g same pros spects attention. This can e either work against yo ou or if f you learn how to differ rentiate you urself, it can be the gre n eatest oppo ortunity of s several bus siness lifetim mes. Thes things ne se ever even cross most peoples m c minds. They certainly never cross mine. sed For most people their bus m e, siness is re eally nothin more tha a big scr ng an ratch off lotter ticket. Th marketi plan can best be d ry heir ing described b my forme uplines by er favor saying, when in doubt, blurt it out! rite This means that those of us who are strategic in business a in life g to reap u n and get the big rewards that others simply envy and drea about. b s am p attention an getting t nd them to The key to immediately seizing your prospects a enthu usiastically ACT on yo product recommen our ndations is not blendin in and ng just being a coo b okie-cutter replication of everyone else its developing your own r o e s n uniqu angle. ue

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5 59

Whic of the ad below is more believ ch ds vable, more intriguing and seems more e s likely to be able to help you y e u?

If you goal is to recruit bus ur o siness build ders for you opportun (well co ur nity over retail ling in a min nute) the fir step in attraction m rst a marketing is giving your prospects s usefu information about ho to build a business ul ow s. The next step, if you want to secure yourself a p y permanent s spot at the forefront of f your prospects mind, is to specialize in teaching them a sp o g pecific meth or hod strate for building a busi egy iness. You want to car out a niche for you rve urself bec come known as the blogging guy n y or th myspace gal. he e This is a counte er-intuitive lesson. Its natural to a assume tha you wont get as at t many prospects this way because your message isnt broa enough, but in fact, y s b e ad the complete op c pposite is tr rue. Youll draw more people to y than ev those d you ven who are trying to appeal to everyone. t o .

Creatin A Targ ng geted, Laser-Focu used Me essage Is The s Most Surefire Way To Cut Thro S W C ough A Se Of Off ea fers, Gathe A Loya Follow Of P er al wing People To You, An o nd Double . . Triple. . . Even Quadru e. n uple You Response! ur
s ere e ands of sub niches b The possibilities for you he are endless. There are thousa e-money-fro om-home/ne etwork mar rketing indu ustry, possible more within the make than any other out there. o es hort e o brainstorm some ideas: Here a very sh list of examples to help you b

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6 60

Youre probably terrified no because you think you have t learn ALL these y ow e to L thing in order to make mo gs t oney online but you do e, ont. In fact youll prob t, bably never even have to bo n other with 90% or mor of them. 9 re Again, educatin other peo ng ople on how to use an one of these method has the w ny ds abilit to supply you with more leads than you w ty y m t would ever k know what t do with. to Just pick one or two of the that appeal to you a specialize in them Each one r em and m. e of the topics is an entire world in an of itself a there a hundred more tha ese i nd and are ds at I hav vent mentio oned or don even kno about. nt ow These are all different aspects of building a business that you can teach others about and position yourself as an expert in even if you know nothing about them right now.

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6 61

Rem member:

Being An Expert For The Purpos Of Lea B n t e se ad-Gener ration Means Knowing Slightly More A K g y About Th Topic Than he The Custom Nothing More mer. e.
ply a e ut hese topics and youll h have all the e Simp go out and buy one book abou any of th conte ent-materia you need to start attracting swa al arms of info ormation-sta arved prosp pects that are despera a ately looking for someo to follo one owsomeo whos one willin to offer th ng hem a little bit of guida ance. u Just to give you an idea of how dee ep you can go with any c h one of these top o pics, heres an example of so ome more s sub niche within th es he emai marketing il g niche e: Also, as you can see from the ma f ain list above, you can c even focus in on a n n certa website within one particular type of adve ain t ertising me ethod. For e example, Craig gslist. ow alizes in tea aching peo ple how to get the mo out of ost I kno one guy who specia their Craiglist ad with tips like these: ds Thats th kind of he stuff that makes t people f fight to be on your team! And if th here happens to be a lot s t of competition in one of th hese sub niches, s what? so You can do it be etter. You can do it ch heaper. 2011 80/20 Ma arketing Inc 6 62

You can do it with more e w edginess to it. o m vely. You can do it more creativ By si imply prese enting your information with a diff n ferent spin or story, it can be perce eived as an entirely different piec of conten or produc even if its teaching n ce nt ct, g the same thing that someo else is. s one Last year a well know inter l rnet market released a course that taught people ter d t how to launch a new produ of their own. uct hat, wn marketer re eleased ano other Not long after th another well know internet m mation prod duct that es ssentially ta aught peoplle the exac same thin (I know ct ng inform beca ause I bought both of them :) However, becau the sec use cond guy to a different story abo how he had used old out e nformation contained within his course, it wa perceive by the m w c as ed marketplace the in as be eing a completely diffe erent, one-o of-a-kind pr roduct. Both courses cost a couple thous sand dolla Both ars. sold out within hours or days of o their release. Want some mor ways to differentiate yourself? re e c d e erent forma than othe people. at er Just take your content and repackage it in a diffe This has a simil effect as using a different stor (sometim even m lar s ry mes more so). Some people pr refer ebook over phy ks ysical books Some pe s. eople prefer the latter. r ont ading at all and prefer to learn by watching o listening. y or . Some people do like rea Or How about takin any of th sub niches from the diagram a ng he e above and s specifically focus sing on teaching them to people in XYZ or A m ABC network marketin ng comp pany? With over two th housand ne etwork mark keting com panies out there, that idea alone multi iplies your niche possi n ibilities exponentially.

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6 63

Mark keting to oth MLMers people who are loo her s w oking for a new opport tunity are e in be etween opportunities used to be in MLM o whatever the case m be is e or r may what many people do when they first begin using attraction marketing and its a t g n g very powerful st trategy. When a new netw work mark keting comp pany launc ches, who does the s corpo orate head dquarters targe their ad et camp paigns towa ard? People who alrea are or h e ady have been in the indus stry. Its the e faste and mos guaranteed way for them to bu a large d est st uild distributor b base quick kly. This audience already believes in the network m a e marketing bu usiness mo odel, and thats half the battle right th s here. Ther res over 15 million net 5 twork marketers in the United Sta e ates an e estimated 5 53 millio worldwid on de and 95 or more of them ha never m 5% e ave made a dim in profit me with their busine ess. Thats a lot of people who are looking for help. g Its a very hot niche, but its not the on one. nly Ther is of cour the broa re rse ader home based bus iness niche people w may or e who may not have ever been in nvolved with MLM. h Youll find wildly varying st y tats on this saying that anywhere from 63%t e -98% of adult want to start their ow busines I do know that CNN reported t ts s wn ss. w N that some eone starts a new hom based business ev me b very 11 seco onds in the United State Plus, with the econ es. nomy in que estion, more people ar looking f other re re for optio now tha ever befo ons an ore. So th point is, its a pretty big niche. he y All th hese people need to be taught the same skill sets from the diagra above. e e m am From there you could spec m cialize in ma arketing to Colle kids ege Stay at home moms m

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6 64

Single parents Baby boomers y Seniors king profess sionals Work Any definable group you can think of. g .

How To Repa T ackage Your Pro oduct So That Yo o our Custome Sees It As One C er I e-Of-A-Ki . . Eve If Eve ind. en eryone Else Is Selling The Exact Same T S T t Thing
nt What if you wan to focus on retailin s ng your companys s products rather than recruiting other distributor r rs? The same princ ciples apply y. Ever ryones got a cure- product -all t these days. e Rath than trying her to be all things to all e t peop pick one ple, e group of people or e one very specifi v ic need and focus in d on it. . Again, it may se eem like yo miss ou on custom oull ut mers this w way, but you missing ure g out on a whole lot more by having your offer dro o y owned out b a barrage of other by offers that all so ound the sa ame. os y dressing s say, people with e The people who specific problems you are add ema will re espond in droves as opposed to if you were marketing your d o e ecze product as a cure-all (even if it really IS a cure-a n all). t e n h Most people are afraid to narrow their niche like this, which is exactly the reason why it works so well. There far less competition for those who do. es n

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6 65

Tim Ferris, the #1 best-selling author of The Four Hour Wo # orkweek (h hmm are we on to something here?) freed hims from hiis 12-hour-a o self a-day-corpo orate-prison by se elling a nutr ritional supplement ca alled BrainQ QUICKEN. It wa designed to improve focus, me as d e emory and m mental perf formance. In his book he explains how he starte out by m arketing his product to students e w ed s o athle etes, which at first glan seemed like it wou be a goo niche to go after. nce d uld od o However, it prov to be to broad as no orders were coming in. ved oo s s He r repackaged his produ and narrowed his a d uct audience ev more to martial ven o artist and powe ts erlifters miniscule markets com m mpared to th massive student he mark and sa ket ales took of eventually reaching as high as $80,000 a month. ff, g s Exac same ct product. Different target ence. audie If you in the ure healt and th nutrit tion indus stry, again the n, poss sibilities are endless. e Here are just a e few examples: e The beauty of educ cational style mark keting and the precis reason why you MU d se w UST begin p putting it to use in you o ur busin ness today is becaus it allows you to market your products to p se s people with h these health conditions on a mass sc e cale using th internet, while stay he , ying 100% comp pliant with even the str e rictest company guide elines and w without gett ting into any y troub with the FDA. ble If this is unclear to you righ now how to do this, I have a re s r ht w esource Ill b pointing be you to in a minu if youre interested that show you exac how to set up your t ute, e d, ws ctly own marketing pipeline tha specific ats cally tailored to your pr d roducts. What about if yo have a team of peo ou t ople?

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6 66

If your company has one main product, you can all market the same product, each taking a different angle. Or, if you have multiple products, you can do the same. This is what my team and I started to do with our health awareness seminars. As we started to grow, each of us began specializing in different areas. I started with digestive health and eventually others branched out into dental health and womens health. If youre not in the health and nutrition industry, all the same principles apply. For example, if you sell legal insurance there are all kinds of different niches. Traffic violations DWI/DUI Criminal actions Civil actions IRS audits Personal injury Divorce Workers comp Medical malpractice Bankruptcy I know of one person who makes a very good living online by marketing specifically to people with speeding tickets.

The Future Leaders Of Network Marketing

Targeting a specific niche like this is not mandatory to get started in attraction marketing, but if you can begin identifying a certain group of people or a specialty that you want to go after, you will be light years ahead of where most network marketers are today. Its already starting to happen, but the people who begin doing this now are going to dominate this industry in the future. This means that for a period of time there is a tremendous window of opportunity for you. If you differentiate yourself right now using these strategies, it will give you an impenetrable competitive advantage that will last a long time into the future. But be forewarned: Each and every month thousands of new distributors and entrepreneurs are discovering just how powerful, and profitable, attraction marketing really is. So if you hesitate if you allow others to get the jump on you youll experience its power in an entirely different way a decidedly costly way as they leapfrog 2011 80/20 Marketing Inc 67

ahea of you an scoop up the custo ad nd omers, pros spects and d distributors that should s d have been your (or maybe were you e rs urs). e ke ople who are still clinging to the old school e Make no mistak about it: Those peo netw work market ting techniq ques dont stand a cha s ance agains the attrac st ction mark keters of tod day. I crea ated this Manifesto to help make sure that d doesnt hap ppen to you. But unde erstand this, within the next 23 da alone o e ays over four million emails will be s sent, and a minimum of 25 , 50,000 netw work marketers will rea THIS do ad ocument so th world will know soon enough. The ones w move q he T who quickly will reap the rewa ards. For tho who do ose ont, their dr reams of a residual inc come throu network ugh k mark keting will become har b rder and ha arder to fulfill. But none of this will do you any good unless you put it to w n s u u work right aw way.

A Quick Recap Of Attracti Mark R f ion keting

As I said before my goal with this Ma e, w anifesto was two fold: s First, to help de-m mystify this whole w attraction mark keting/lead gene eration thing to show yo that, if you are still sitting on th sidelines theres nothing g ou he s, comp plicated or fancy abou what you see other p f ut people doin online. A theres ng And no re eason you shouldnt be participating in this m s e modern day marketing gold rush y g eithe er. Seco ondly, to he you quic (much more quick than you may have previously elp ckly m kly u thoug possible scale up your mar ght e) p rketing and breakthrou to new levels of ugh incom that, until now, ma have see me ay emed too fa fetched to even drea about. ar o am Wev covered a lot of gro ve ound. Heres a quick re s ecap: The amazing sales miracle that begin when you STOP thin a es n u nking of yours as a ma self arketer and begin think king of yourself as you ur prosp pects advoc cate and tru usted advis sor. How to complete eliminat all resista t ely te ance to you message so that ur e peopl listen inte le ently to eve word yo say and e ery ou enthusiastically ACT on ev very produc recomme ct endation you make by simply edu u ucating them m instea of pitchin them. ad ng

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6 68

The internet allows you to enjoy the benefits of mass communication that were previously only available to large corporations and people with a lot of money. By reaching 10, 100 even 1,000 times the amount of people with the same message for little or even no cost at all, you are able to create MORE results with less work and less time for once making a truly part time business a reality for the average person with a full schedule and a limited budget. Prospects and customers flock to those who demonstrate that theyre knowledgeable about a subject. The key to attraction marketing is a simple two word formula (Teaching Sells) that allows you to effortlessly sell massive quantities of any product or service, in any industry. On the other hand Failing to teach and educate your audience makes you invisible to your prospects indistinguishable from everyone else. This dooms you to obscurity and a never-ending treadmill of having to fight tooth and nail for every sign up you get, along with the nagging uncertainty of never knowing where youre going to find your next potential prospect. Because of the speed, efficiency and number of options available, the internet has become the primary method for doing research and making purchasing decisions. The people who are still doing the grunt work of one-to-one prospecting and daily cold calling are losing their customers and prospects to those who are positioning themselves as valuable resources using the internet. No matter what business you are in, your job is to become a producer and distributor of information. The purpose of every internet marketing, traffic generation or advertising method is to distribute your information. When you become a producer and distributor of information (content) youll get free sales and leads from word of mouth like youve never experienced before eliminating the need for you to spend a fortune or huge amounts of time on advertising or junk opportunity leads like other distributors. The difference between the top income earners in any industry and everyone else is the way they package and distribute their information. Being an expert for the purpose of lead-generation means knowing slightly more about the topic than the customer. Nothing more. Because of the tremendous leverage the internet offers, you can get

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started right now regardless of your past experience or level of success. Producing lead-generation content is better than having a license to print money. Its free to make and one single piece of content can continue to fuel your business with fresh customers and distributors for months and even years after you produced it. This kind of residual traffic effect is not enjoyed by regular sales reps. If you dont give people a reason to follow you, theyre going to follow someone else. By handing out valuable information to people, you will collect all the orphaned customers and distributors out there looking for help, rather than losing them to other people who are doing the same. People equate different types of content with different levels of knowledge or expertise. Once youve gotten started with attraction marketing, there are two ways to predictably and systematically explode your credibility ranking (and therefore your income): 1) Create more content 2) Create more advanced levels of content The easiest, fastest and most guaranteed way to become the top distributor in any program (even if youre struggling right now) is to produce more advanced levels of content and offer your product/service to people after theyve consumed your content and have become bonded to you. The #1 most over-looked (and therefore most powerful) marketing strategy in the network marketing industry is differentiation. A few ways to differentiate yourself are: Specializing in a niche, putting a different spin on your content, packaging your content in a different format than others, and targeting a different audience. How to get all the attention your product deserves by simply repackaging it for a different target audience, creating the perception of a totally unique, one-of-a-kind solution that will have people clamoring to buy even if everyone else is selling the exact same thing you are. Information marketing allows you to sell your products and services on a mass scale using the internet while staying 100% compliant with your companys guidelines -- whereas the traditional bulldog style of selling/advertising that leads with a heavy pitch for your product does NOT.

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As yo can tell, this is just a little bit more of a sc ou m cientific app proach to b building you ur busin ness than make a nam list or dial 50 lea a day. mes r ads Its easy to see why norma people ar able to a e al re achieve suc phenome ch enal results s in su a short period of tim on the internet. uch me Thes marketin secrets are so pow se ng werful they can increas your res se sults even if f you do them wr d rong!

Time To Join The Con T nversatio on!

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