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1)QUANTITATIVE(Arithmetic...mainly from RS.AGARWAL), 2) VERBAL (corect use of grammar, GRE words..

etc), 3)Simple C programs and theory questions on C from tect your c skills(for eg: Whats the specific use of EXTERN INT in C ) 4) Lengthy C Programmers (You need a serious preparation to attempt this section, that much tough are those programs) In this round they selected only 150-200 students out of those 800. --> third round I faced was HR. In this HR will asks some questions about ur family background, and some metal testing questions like : "What will you do if ur higher authority person would do SEX HARASSMENT with ur one of the colleague? " And they will mainly sees the discipline,obediance ...etc. --> Finally 100 people are send for final interview (TR+HR). It is mainly Technical Round only where in which you are going to face questions like : 1)How do you define CONSTANT in C? 2)Define VARIABLE? 3)Function calling procedures? and their differences? Why should one go for Call by Refrnce? 4)Difference btwn STRUCTURE and UNION? 5) Whats the specail use of UNIONS? 6)What is a pointer? What is meant by recursion? 7)Can you write a programme for FACTORIAL using recursion? 8)What is LINKED LIST? How can you access the last element in a linked list? You need a thorough preparation to get through this round ,becaz their requirement is 3-5. Thats all. SO you shouldbe outstanding to deserve that job. I failed to get through this round,just

becaz of FOOTBALL match on previous night. Otherwise I might,ve revised all these C concepts. So my advice is CAREER first all are secondary. Hope I provided useful information to you. The reason to give this matter to you all is : Fron 15th to 17th(one day before to commencement of that walkin) . Ok naa...All the best for ur career.

aptitude comes as----simple intrest,train problems, percentage, profit and loss. ofcourse its so easy. enough to go through rsagarwal. english verbal--------passage,etc

1.WRITTEN TEST: It consists of three sections which are quantative analysis:This consists of 40 ques. of which 20 r verbal and 20 r aptitude.Time for this is 20 min. Time will not be sufficient for aptitude section and u have to be really quick, Verbal will be of GRE level so Barrons will do. Next section is a technical section in which 20 ques. r given based on ,C,.I felt this section is very tough n this requires intense preparation from ur side and time for this section is 30 min. The final section is writing skills test for 10 min. in which we have to write an essay on any given topic.My topic is"Greatest Moment In My Life". They evaluate u based on ur vocabulary usage in this section.Dont neglect this section as this plays a lead role in ur final selection.

PAPER: ADP CAMPUS PLACEMENT PAPER PATTERN (HYDERABAD) The question paper had 4 sections --sections A, B, C and D Section A: It has totally 40 questions. time 20 minutes. 10 questions -analogies 10 questions-fill up the blanks (u have to study barrons GRE to be able to answer these questions. CAT students can do well i guess.) remaining 20 questions from maths R.S.Agarwal thoroughly...most of the them are profit-loss, percentages, time-distance/ work and numbers.

Section B: 20 questions to answer in 30 minutes. All question are based on C programming...the questions are something like find the output of the program, compilation errors, find which line of the given program has an error. u ought to be thorough with data structures in C to answer them will not find simple C programming questions be thorough with data structures using C. Section C: A long C program which is about 2-1/2 pages long and it has only 5 questions to answer in 10 minutes.......i didn't understand half of the had many function calls... Section D: Duration 10 minutes.... An essay of 100 words has to be written on the given topic. first the given topic was "My few favourite things" then they changed the topic to "Same as the last".........God knows what is the meaning of the topic.....the entire class had dumb face when they heard the topic title.....and i am sure most of them actually screwed here..