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A BYTE OF LIFE Friday, September 26, 2008

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The short jacket’s back Gowtham Menon turns a compere


Have you lived with one?
Or are you one?
» PAGE 06 Enchanting Kerala
Vipin Goni of Ford Business
Service sent us his travelogue
on his weekend trip to Kerala
02 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Sing along

Namma Chennai
Madras Youth Choir is conducting a music workshop on songs on
national integration, folk songs, etc and on voice culture, from
October 2 to 4; between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at YGP’s School,
Calibre, 21/6, Krishnaswamy Avenue, Mylapore. It is open to all
above 16 years. Participation fee is Rs.150 for all three days.
Further details, contact 9841383421, 9840548073

Corner Nash and his
Top Ten Fiction
1. Sea of Poppies – Amitav Ghosh. Rs. 599
2. Brida – Paulo Coelho – Rs. 295
3. A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hos-
seini. Rs. 395
4. The 3 Mistakes of My Life – Chetan Bha-
gat. Rs. 95
This house music deejay mixes Latino
5. Unaccustomed Earth – Jhumpa Lahiri.
Rs. 450
sounds with African beats
4. A Prisoner of Birth – Jeffery Archer. Rs.
6. The White Tiger – Arvinda Adiga. Rs. 395 DJ Nash at OPM
7. Six Suspects – Vikas Swarup. Rs. 495 PHOTO: R. RAVINDRAN
8. One Night at a Call Centre – Chetan Bha-
gat. Rs. 95
9. You Are Here – Meenakshi Reddy. Rs. 199

Top 10 Non-fiction
1. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne. Rs. 550
2. The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch. Rs. 295
3. Hot Flat & Crowded – Thomas Friedman.
Rs. 595
4. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – Rashmi Ban-
sal. Rs. 125
5. Go Kiss The World – Subroto Bagchi. Rs.
6. Execution – Larry Bossidy and Ram Cha-
ran. Rs. 695
7. Cold Steel: The Multi-Billion Dollar Battle
for a Global Industry – Tim Bouquet and
Bryon Ousey. Rs. 650
8. Men of Steel – Vir Sanghvi. Rs. 95
9. What to Expect When You Are Expecting
– Heidi Murkoff. Rs. 430
10. Black Swan – Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Rs.
Courtesy: Crossword

For those starved of on Wednesdays, the place was

packed till the end.
late night shindigs, Better still, the club stayed
this night was the open till 1.30 a.m., with the DJ
announcing at half an hour to 15
mother of all parties. minute intervals towards the end
that the party was coming to an

f you missed DJ Nash and his end. For those starved of late
firefly trips across the nation, know, that time you dance and night shindigs, this night was the
he played in namma Chennai the feet move on their own. mother of all parties. ■
at OPM, Accord Metropolitan The crowd was a little reluctant
on Wednesday for the club’s la- at first, especially when the DJ
dies nights special. played what came to him natural-
The man specialises in house, ly – starting with his signature set.
but is more electro with strong
jungle sounds infused with Latin
melodies. Listening to it the first
time, especially since the DJ start-
Shifting to hip house within an
hour, there was still no sign of life
on the floor, and any dancing was
around the bar. It was when the
In a nutshell
DJ Nash’s set is
ed playing house first and then DJ shifted to commercial hip hop, called Untamed and
moved on to hip hop, one has to playing Rihanna’s Umbrella and according to his
stand still and swill the sound like Daddy Yankee’s Gasolina that the Myspace site, he
wine before acquiring a taste for club suddenly seemed to have a describes the sound
it. At one point, there were trum- surge of partygoers. Of course, as, “Dirty house
pets blaring while African beats some of the ladies in the house meeting the electro/
took over to create a fusion sound are regulars at 10 Downing Street, tech house sound but
and a unique out-of-the-body and since OPM serves free alco-
remaining consistently
thumping experience – you hol for women through the night
funky and melodic.”
Friday, September 26, 2008
Dandiya nite
Catch the fun and excitement of
Dandiya Garba Raas happening at Taj
Connemara on Saturday at 7 p.m. For
passes call 98410 14925/ 98844 80228.

ergo Hand in hand

909401 3535
Thursday’s query
I am the best there is but my only fault is

I don’t like people finding fault in my work

even though committing errors is a human
Asareere, TCS
I always sleep at my desk
I forget my assignments, when I gossip with
Goutam Dey, Hexaware
To be the smartest in the team
Vaidya, CSS
I tell lies very often
Rajagopalan S., CTS
My modesty
Ranjani, Infosys
I don’t tolerate fools
Thirumalaiselvi Nambivel
I don’t know to judge anybody (including
I m flawless
Anurag Garg
I don’t work for peanuts ... (I am too good for
my CTC)
I am a consummate liar
R Suresh, CGSL
I am flawless, lawless and priceless, isn’t this
best less 쒀 Two brothers take a stroll in Perambur
Carl allsec High Road. PHOTO: V. GANESAN
I lie most of the time...
Aditya, Satyam computer
Not comparing myself with others surrounding
Nithyaalangaran S
Thinking that I am the best there

Being the best

Mohan, TCS

Rebecca, Allsec
I can’t stand my boss. Obviously when he is not

I don’t have a flaw! (isn’t that amazing)


I tell a lot of lies
Radhika Santhanam
Living in this planet with you ... people!
S.Kannan TCS
I am the best there is but my only flaw is I lie
like this often T omorrow (September 27) is World
Tourism Day and if you want to
catch up with some of the events
and celebrations, then there is a
two-day extravaganza in the city.
Ergo Pick The travel and tourism expo is being
I seldom get to know I’m best in doing what!!! organised by The Hindu in conjunc-
Padmavijayan S tion with Tourism Department, Go-
vernment of Tamil Nadu. Tourism
boards from different states will be
Friday’s query part of the fair where a variety of
If the Superstar was a software programmes depicting every state
engineer, what would be his punch will be highlight.
dialogue? Drop in at Rajah Muthiah Hall, Eg-
more on September 27 and 28. ■
04 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

My heart

World Heart Day

When attempting to locate their heart, most
people place their hand on their left chest.
Actually, your heart is located in the center of
your chest between your lungs. The bottom of
the heart is tipped to the left, so you feel more
of your heart on your left side of your chest.

Is your heart safe? V.HARIPRIYA
Angina or heart pain
is often due to block
with other mentioned
factors make them ex-
in one or more coro- posed to risk of sud-
Cardiologist Dr. N. Kapadia
n a sultry Monday morn- nary arteries. If grad- den death from heart
ing, Amit, a 25-year-old ual, it gives heart pain attack as they have no
lists simple tips to save software professional was
rushing to office as usual
or Angina, if sudden,
it causes heart attack,
cardiac reserve,” Dr.
Kapadia says and sug-
your heart ahead to meet his deadline. A chain
smoker who is constantly under
which can be fatal. In
fact the tiny coronary
gests 10 golden rules
to prevent heart
of the World work stress, Amit was un-
aware that the day will be his
arteries have inner
lining replaced by de-
Avoid or stop
Heart Day last day in this world. He felt a
sudden pain in his heart and
posited Cholesterol,
known as Atheroscle- Dr. N. Kapadia
Drink plenty of wa-
breathed his last on the way to rosis, covered with a ter 2-3 litres per day.
hospital. The report cited blood clot in acute cases. Avoid Junk Food. Eat healthy
heart attack as the reason for “Sedentary life style, stress, Meals with less fat, more fruits
death. smoking, obesity, diabetes, high and vegetables.
Every 15 seconds some one is blood pressure, high cholesterol Eat Omega-3 daily (Sources:
dying of heart attack in level, family history and genetic Fish, Walnut, Almonds, and
world. And in India alone, 25 causes are the well established Pistachio).
lakhs of people (0.25% of risk factors”. Walk or exercise for half-an-
Population) died of Heart at- “As far as IT professionals are hour daily.
tack last year, says Dr N. Kapa- considered, they are exposed to Use staircase instead of lift.
dia, a Cardiologist. highly competitive, stressful work Reduce stress by doing Yoga/
Dr Kapadia points out that environment, with long working Meditation/ Prayers/ going
there are two types of heart dis- hours and target fixing jobs. The holidays
eases. biggest enemies causing heart at- Control High Blood Pressure/
Congenital heart defect: De- tack are stress and smoking to High Cholesterol/Diabetes
fects in heart present since birth which they are becoming more Regular health check-up for
like a hole or defective heart friendly inviting trouble for heart disease, ECG / Echo /TMT /
valves making baby blue. About themselves. Depression, stress, Cholesterol/Blood Sugar check at
8-10 of 10,000 children are born anger with above factors specially least once in six months.
with congenital heart defects. if there is family history of heart Do not neglect any chest dis-
Atherosclerosis: Heart gets its attack, makes things worse. Ex- comfort or chest pain. It can be
nutrition and oxygen through cessive deviation from healthy heart attack and timely treatment
small arteries called Coronaries. diet and normal sleep pattern, can save life. ■

Pistachios good for heart

A handful of pistachio nuts a day can reduce
your chances of developing heart disease,
according to a team of American researchers.
The scientists have found that pistachios
bring down levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the
blood, as they contain an antioxidant called
lutein, also found in fruit and leafy green veg,
which cuts the build-up of bad cholesterol in
the arteries.
“Pistachios are very healthy in moderation.
A handful a day is very easily incorporated
into the diet and they are less calorific than
peanuts as you have to take the shell off,” the
Daily Express quoted nutritionist Angela
Dowden, as saying.
To reach the conclusion, scientists at Penn-
sylvania State University and Oklahoma Med-
Pistachios bring down levels ical Research Foundation chose 28 adults
of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the whose average bad cholesterol level was ‘bor-
derline high’.
blood, as they contain an The study has been published in The Amer-
antioxidant called lutein ican Journal of Clinical Nutrition. ■
Friday, September 26, 2008
ECG Heart beat
The electrocardiograph (ECG) was invented
in 1902 by Dutch physiologist Willem In a 70-year lifetime, the
Einthoven. This test is still used to evaluate average human heart beats
the heart’s rate and rhythm. more than 2.5 billion times .


Chocoholics rejoice
hocolate has already been ducted by the Research Laborato- dial infarction to stroke, just to
linked to many health bene- ries of the Catholic University in mention the major diseases. Keep-
fits, and now, a group of scien- Campobasso, in collaboration with ing the inflammation process under
tists has given chocoholics the National Cancer Institute of Mi- control has become a major issue
another reason to savour their fa- lan. for prevention programs and C re-
vourite sweet by suggesting that The findings, published in the active protein turned out to be one
dark chocolate prevents heart dis- last issue of the Journal of Nutri- of the most promising markers, de-
ease. tion, official journal of the Amer- tectable by a simple blood test.
The Italian study, the first out- ican So-ciety of Nutrition, come The Italian team related the levels
come of a large epidemiological in- from one of the largest epidemio- of this protein in the blood of exa-
vestigation, has found new logical studies ever conducted in mined people with their usual cho-
beneficial effects of chocolate in the Europe, the Moli-sani Project, co-late intake.
prevention of cardiovascular dis- which has enrolled 20,000 inhabi- Out of 11,000, researchers identi-
ease. tants of the Molise region so far. fied 4,849 subjects in good health
According to the researchers, 6.7 By studying the participants and free of risk factors (normal cho-
grams of chocolate per day repre- recruited, researchers focused on lesterol, blood pressure and other
sent the ideal amount for a protec- the complex mechanism of inflam- parameters). Among them, 1,317
tive effect against inflammation mation. It is known how a chronic did not use to eat any chocolate,
and subsequent cardiovascular dis- inflammatory state represents a risk while 824 used to have chocolate
ease. factor for the development of car- regularly, but just the dark one.
The population study was con- diovascular disease, from myocar- ANI

10 best ways
to cure a
broken heart
F inding it hard to get over a break-
up? Well, then all you need to do
is follow these simple tips, for they
at the point of orga-
sm, which give that
feeling of euphoria.
will help put the spring back into Clear the clutter
your step. Getting rid of those
Following are the ten best cures old love-notes and cosy
for a broken heart, reports the In- photos is extremely ca-
dependent. thartic.
Eat well Learn a language
A diet high in complex cabs, ome- Learning a new language
ga-3 and vitamin C will boost your is a great way of meeting new
levels of serotonin, which helps fight people and broadening your
fatigue and depression. horizons, as well as helping you
Go for a walk out of a mental rut.
A good walk in the fresh air can Write it down
help clear the mind. Writing down your thoughts on
Spa retreat paper is a great way of working
It’s a great way to relax your mind through emotions.
and work away any pent-up tension. Chocolate
Plan a holiday Chocolate is a true ‘positive indul-
Pack your bag and take yourself gence’.
on the trip of a lifetime. New outfit
Exercise A new outfit can give you a new
Exercise can help release endor- lease of life, at least in the short
phins in the body. These are the very term. ■
same chemicals released in the body ANI
06 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Big Story
Roommate from Hell!

Are you one of those whose hostel or bachelor/spinster life COULD have been better were it not
for the annoying presence of that unforgettable someone? That roommate from hell who made
your stay miserable or unbearable. Remember the person who made coming back from college
or workplace an unpleasant experience? A general classification of annoying roommates (not
that all fall under these categories):

The Untouchable ways than you would like. Your The slob The whiner
toothpaste is his, so is your sham-
No one shall wander anywhere poo, deodorant, towel, hair oil, The bedsheets are never Nothing keeps this one happy.
near her. Her bed shall be barri- etc. washed, neither are the utensils. It could be boyfriend/girlfriend
caded with a dozen suitcases, the You will step into your room to The clothes, too, never see deter- trouble, homesickness, bad mess
clothesline is hers only. If you re- find him sprawled across your gent. What comes out of the food, scheming roommates, the
ceive a phone call while Her Maj- bed and he will not need your shelves never goes back to its weather, forgetful parents, hostel
esty is asleep, you shall step out, permission if he wants to raid proper place. You can never ex- deadlines, too little, too much…
The Owl or remain inside at your own per- your biscuit jar. Fill up the buck- pect him to lend a helping hand everything. Life becomes one
il. If you’re about to cough please ets for unexpected water shortag- even if you offer to clean up. long agony aunt/uncle session
She wakes up at midnight, proceed beyond earshot. This es and you’ll find this one doing Shabbiness is thy second name. and there’s no escape.
when the world (including her one’s the other extreme of the his laundry with it.
unfortunate roomies) is asleep. Owl. “The lights shall be switched The snorer The show-off
The lights go on, books that have off at 10 p.m. Not my problem if The animal lover Your room’s thief-proof, what The name says it. Sometimes
been gathering dust all day come you work night shifts” is the in- This one believes in peaceful with the high-decibel snores of a it’s the new watch that her par-
out of the cupboard, and a dull struction. Use a torch for light if co-habitation and non-violence. roomie who could scare away the ents sent from the US, sometimes
buzzing noise of someone mug- you have to. So what if it’s those lice roaming most strong-hearted of men. it’s the chocolates some aunt sent
ging up text will form the back- freely on her head. And she likes Nothing dulls out that sound; from Switzerland, sometimes it’s
ground music for those in The what’s-yours-is-mine you, too. The more you try to stay iPod on full volume or a fat pillow some perfume another forgotten
dreamland (and those jolted out believer away, the more will she try to that would snuff out the more or- relative sent from Paris, etc., etc.
of it). This one is your friend in more come close. dinary breathing sounds. The Whiner’s opposite. ■
Friday, September 26, 2008
“H ell Was Full, So I Am Back” This was written on his
t-shirt when he came to live with me. After a short
Dear Ergo Readers,
stint in Hyderabad he got a project in Chennai and as I
was his only contact here, he moved in. I knew him from
Thank you for the tremendous response to ‘Roommate from Hell’.
my college days, when he was a hosteller and I a day
scholar. I did hear a few stories of him being a nasty fellow
Obviously, many share the suffering. However, due to constraint
to live with, so I was in quite a fix before inviting him in.
He came for three months as he was on a client assign-
of space, we’ll be able to carry only a few responses on the page.
ment. My other flat-mates straightaway declared that I
was going to be his roommate as I was the one to invite
him. The moment he entered the flat he started cursing
the city and its intolerable heat. He was sweating and
handed me his entire luggage as soon as he entered. Then
stated a three-month-long story of grief and suffering. As
he was here only for three months, it was out of the ques-
I t was during my training period in Bangalore. I stayed
in a semi-furnished men’s hostel consisting of around
60-70 IT guys from various IT companies, all under one
I was in Canada for four years and during my stay
I shared a house with a Canadian. I had a tough
time with him, an avid pet lover. The list of his
tion that he should buy a mattress for himself. “Hey, I roof. All from different backgrounds, states and languag- pets included a brown cat called Grumpy which
don’t need a mattress to sleep, chill” he would say every es. It was a lot of fun. However, we had a roommate who slept over the microwave all the time; and two
time I suggested that he buy one. But he follows the oppo- had a habit of chewing tobacco and drinking, which was more black cats, one on the couch and another in
site of what he says. A 3x6 mattress, which was only wide not allowed inside the hostel. He was friendly with eve- the basement. Then there was an iguana, 3 ft long,
enough to accommodate one, bore the weight of two. ryone but the hostel guys avoided him due to this annoy- which lived in the basement and was not properly
He used to talk to his girlfriend on the phone every night ing habit. He would be chewing and spitting all over the protected. So, quite often, he visited the other
at the top of his voice. Insomnia was a habit I developed in place. And the most disgusting part was that he kept a rooms. Whenever the iguana was out, you can
those three months. plastic bag in the room and would keep spitting in it like imagine the fight with the cats. Apart from these
It was next to impossible for him to get himself and his an old granny’s spittoon. It was really very, very annoy- was one cobra (4 feet long) and two other snakes
clothes ready in the mornings. Then there were my neatly ing. We couldn’t stay in the room as the smell became grown in separate fish tanks, again in the base-
ironed and washed clothes which he would use. I would unbearable. Also, he used to wake up in the middle of the ment. The most horrible thing was having a pack
have to find another set then. night, go out and come back into the room late, leaving of frozen small white mice in the refrigerator – to
He never purchased soap, toothpaste, razor or any article the door open. The hostel warden had warned him many be fed to the snake and iguana. The funny thing is,
which he could take from me. Now I wonder if he even times but he wouldn’t listen. After all the hostellers start- this roommate would take the mice out, warm
purchased his own toothbrush. ed complaining, he was asked to vacate immedi- them in the microwave, leave it out for a
Two weeks after his arrival his white shocks had given up ately, which he did. while and then feed his loving pets.
their colour. They stank so much that even he refused to Anonymous S.G.Umashankar
use them.
We used to cook our own food after office and he never
gave a helping hand except for the finishing part, when we
all sat and ate.
Finally, the day arrived when he was supposed to leave.
He was on leave and I had to go to office. I took half day of
so that he could get a final ride on my bike to the railway
station. When I entered the flat at 3 O’clock he had already
O n the first day of my college life I was told
that a guy would be joining me as room-
mate. He came after two days.
in Hyderabad. We were seven colleagues stay-
ing in a 2 BHK house. We were in the night shift
in a reputed BPO. Every morning, when we
left, leaving our room as neat and clean as possible. It was He bathed occasionally. I would buy perfume, were back from work, my roommate would
hard to believe that he did it by himself. There lay a gift toothpaste and talcum powder and he used change into his night suit and lie down next to
box with a note on it: “You were the best roommate I ever mine without hesitation. The hostel provided me. We used to catch up on what happened at
had. Thanks for your support. Even after my misdeeds you us a mosquito net for our window. He never work before sleeping. At least for a couple of
never complained. I am leaving a few things for you which bought stationary, but that day he went to the hours during this time, he would continuously
you shared with me. Will always miss you…” It was departmental store and came back with a Super dig his nose till it turned red. I could not take it
a kit carrying all necessary items like a razor, Max blade and torn the net. “Machi, we need anymore and ultimately had to shift elsewhere
soap, toothpaste and a new TOOTHBRUSH! pure and fresh air to inhale,” he told me. because of this. We named him ‘The Excavator’.
Sourabh Nirmal This was in the year 1999, when I was working R. Dhiraj Mathur

W e had just moved into a new house when I was

given an onsite assignment. As happy as I was
about it, I was worried about leaving my roommate
the bed, hair on the shelf, and the highlight...stagnant
water full of worms in the buckets in the bathroom.
After my initial bout of throwing up, I called up a
the house everyday. I am not paying for that,” Man-
isha told me.
As unreasonable as that sounded, I agreed so that I
Manjusha alone in a new and unfamiliar place. friend and asked to stay at her place for the weekend. would get at least the rest of the money.
“Dont worry,” she said, “I will find another roommate Monday evening, I returned home, hoping that things She did give her share of the rent for the past few
to stay here with me soon.” But then, within a week, would be better, now that Manisha was back and had months, but then, the next month was not far away.
Manjusha was also given an onsite assignment. She enough time to clean up. High hopes! “We need to pay this month’s rent. Could you give
called me soon after the news came, “The house own- The girl was lying in the middle of all the mess, happily your share now itself?” I asked.
er is a bit upset...he said he didn’t want the house to reading a film magazine. “Hi Manisha, glad to meet “Just now you made me give you such a huge amount
remain locked. He feels it is not auspicious to keep it you!"(glad, indeed!) “Shall we clean up a bit and then of money, and now you are again asking for more?”
unoccupied. Manisha has asked to live here...we won’t settle down?” “Clean up???!!! Why?” Well, what do you she retorted
be comfortable with her, I know, but we won’t be say to that!!! I reminded her that the money she gave as a ‘bulk
getting another roommate in such a short time.” “Well, things kind of look out of control here...” “Real- amount’ was actually the money she should have giv-
“Oh, how bad can any roommate be?” I thought as I ly???!!!” en each month.
told her to inform Manisha that she can move in. “Well, yes... come on, let’s clean up.” “No, I am tired, After I got tired of perpetually cleaning up after her
One week. That’s all the time it took for us to realise you go ahead.” and getting insulted in the bargain, I confronted her.
our mistake. Our house owner sent us mails saying, That was new to me! “Manisha,” I said, “there is a limit to how much I will
“The current occupant is a very rude girl. I would I went ahead and cleaned the whole place, thus re- bear with. I am not going to allow you to do this to me
prefer the house to remain locked rather than have ceiving the full sympathy of our daily maid the next anymore.”
her stay there. Please arrange it among yourselves.” day. “I have been telling her I won’t come to work here Immediately, the response came, “Ok, I will move out
Eventually, these mails changed in tone: “Either you again if she keeps the floor like this,” she informed me, this week. I always knew you people are very selfish
move her out or you all move out. I will not be ordered “the only reason I keep coming is because I need the and insensitive. As for this month’s rent, I will pay it at
about and disrespected in my own house.” money very badly and I haven’t received my salary for the end of the month once my salary comes.”
There was nothing much we could do about it while the last two months.” I was happy enough with that deal. She eventually
we were there, so we replied with apologies and prom- I later learnt that the rent was also in a similar state, moved out and went on a long-term assignment with-
ises that we will rectify everything once we are back. due for the number of months we were not there. out informing any of us, so we never received the rent
Eventually, my return date came. The day I reached It was a miracle that the house-owner hadn’t kicked amount when salary day came. All the same, I don’t
home, my dearest roommate was away for the wee- us out already. regret ecstasy was complete in itself at her
kend. I entered the house and realised what everyone After clearing all the dues, I calculated each person’s moving out, and I sent a mail to Manjusha who was
was complaining about. The whole house was in dis- share and sent a mail to Manisha and Manjusha with preparing to come back from onsite. “Congrats Man-
array. There were clothes on the floor, unwashed all the calculations. An irate Manisha called me up. ju, you will return to a clean house.”
plates in the sink with fungus on them, spilled food on “The maid didn’t do anything for me. She only swept Anonymous
08 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Websites of the day

Play pranks on your friends with this fake email generator:
Check online weather forecasts so you’re not caught out by
summer showers:

Beer made from 45 million year Beatlemania in Israel as

old yeast McCartney plays for ‘peace’
A tiny colony of yeast trapped inside a Lebanese weevil
Beatlemania has taken
covered in ancient Burmese amber for up to 45 million
hold in Israel as Paul
years, has been brought back to life in barrels of modern
McCartney prepares to
beer. According to a report by ABC News, Emeritus
play his first ever
Professor Raul Cano of the California Polytechnic State
concert in the Jewish
University, originally extracted the yeast a decade ago,
state today, saying he
along with more than 2000 different kinds of microscopic
hopes to spread a
creatures. Today, Cano uses the reactivated yeast to brew
message of peace in
barrels of pale ale and German wheat beer.
the troubled region.
Four decades after the
Fab Four were forced
to cancel a gig over
official fears they
Blind Muslims can take guide would pervert the
country’s youth, Sir
Paul will perform an
dogs into mosques outdoor concert in Tel
In a move welcomed by many, the Muslim Law (Sharia) Aviv, defying death threats from an Islamist cleric and calls
Council UK has issued a ‘fatwa’ (edict) to allow blind from pro-Palestinian groups who wanted him to boycott
Muslims to take their guide dogs into mosques. Israel. Tight security will surround Hayarkon Park, where
Mohammad Abraar Khatri, an 18-year-old blind Muslim tens of thousands of people, some paying as much as
student in Leicester, is the first to be allowed to take his 1,000 euros for the privilege, will watch the legendary
pet into a UK mosque. Leicester has a large minority of left-handed guitarist belt out his tunes. “You have to
Indian origin. The announcement followed a series of realise that any high-profile event brings with it some
discussions between the worries,” the 66-year-old said in an interview.
Guide Dogs for the Blind AFP
Association and the
Muslim Council of
Britain on Khatri’s
request. The association Sir Donald Bradman’s bat
said it was ‘a massive
step forward for other fetches US$ 145,000
blind and partially- Cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman’s first test
sighted Muslims’. Dogs cricket bat fetched a whopping US$ 1,45,000 at an
are still barred from auction in Melbourne. Bradman’s bat was snapped
entering the prayer hall up by an Australian bidder at a record price which
for the sake of hygiene was US$ 25,000 more than the upper pre-sale
but are allowed to estimate, a media report said. A spokeswoman for
guide their owners to Melbourne’s Leski Auctions said bat would remain
the area where shoes on home soil after being bought by a private
are placed. vendor.

Why US is crazy about Palin?

Zardari says it’s because she is gorgeous

orgeous,’ this is how Pa- mer Pakistani Premier Benazir
kistan President Asif Ali Bhutto.
Zardari described Repu- An aide of Zardari then told the
blican Vice Presidential two to keep shaking hands for the
candidate Sarah Palin when she cameras.
met him at New York. “I’m supposed to pose again,”
“You look so gorgeous. Now, I said Palin, who has energised the
know why the whole of America Republican Presidential nominee
is crazy about you,” Zardari said, John McCain’s camp.
while receiving Palin, also the “If he’s (aide) insisting, I might
Governor of Alaska, at the Mille- hug,” 53-year-old Zardari replied,
nium Hotel here. for which Palin smiled politely in
“You are so nice,” 44-year-old response. The conversation was
Palin, a former Miss Wasilla run- captured on a camera and tele-
ner up in Alaska beauty pageant, cast later. ■
told Zardari, husband of slain for- PTI
Friday, September 26, 2008
Gipsy predicts lottery win This day, that year
A couple who run a snack bar in England won a It was in September 26, 1983 that sport’s longest winning
multi-million dollar jackpot on the lottery - days streak, lasting 132 years, was broken. It was held in the
after a gipsy predicted the win. Gary and Ann America’s Cup race where the United States team, expected
Henry say the mystery gipsy woman read Ann’s to maintain the title they were defending for the 25th time,
fortune after they gave her a free egg sandwich. lost to challenger Australia II.

Do you have these habits?

Seven worst habits of workaholics revealed

ou might be working harder Even busy professionals need
and longer in a desperate seven to nine hours of sleep every
bid to succeed, but if you night. Missing out on sleep can
are doing so at the cost of lead to irritability, difficulty con-
your health, then you need to get centrating, memory problems
rid of those workaholic habits. and poor judgment. It has also
“Many people feel like they been linked to obesity.
have to push themselves to un- 4. Not making time for exercise:
healthy levels in order to succeed. Getting at least 30 minutes of ex-
But high-pressure jobs and long ercise most days is very impor-
hours take a real toll on your im- tant to immediate and future
mediate and future health,” said health.
George Griffing, M.D., professor 5. Working even when sick:
of internal medicine at Saint Many people come to work de-
Louis University. spite being ill. But there are three
These are the seven worst hab- common sense reasons to stay
its of workaholics, according to home - Nobody wants your
Griffing. germs, you’ll be less productive
1. Forgetting to relax: While and you need your rest to get bet-
some stress can be good because ter.
it keeps you alert and motivated, 6. Drinking (too much): Exces-
too much stress or chronic stress sive drinking can lead to alcoho-
will take its toll on your body. lism, liver disease and some
2. Eating on the go: Between forms of cancer.
meetings, conference calls and 7. Skipping annual medical
deadlines, workaholics forget to checkups: In order to detect
take out time to sit down for a problems early, prevent others
healthy lunch. But a good meal is from developing and get the best
exactly what a person needs to treatment if you have a condition,
stay mentally sharp throughout you need to know what’s going
the day. on in your body. ■
3. Putting off sleep for work: ANI

Man asked to Painting own life

pay Rs 78 lakh
under RTI Act
A n applicant in Bihar has been
asked to pay over Rs 70 lakh for
securing the information he
78,21,252, estimated to be spent
on photocopying of the docu-
sought under the Right to Infor- “I have also been asked to de-
mation Act. posit money in the Bhojpur col-
Gupteshwar Singh, a social lectorate by July 25,” Singh said.
worker from Agiyaw in Bihar’s “Otherwise it would be under-
Bhojpur district, had on June five stood that you are no more in-
filed an application seeking date- terested for the information,” he
wise information about the dis- said quoting the letter of the offi-
tribution of foodgrains and kero- cial.
sene through the public Under the RTI act, the appli-
distribution system (PDS) in Ud- cants are required to pay Rs 2 for
vantnagar, Agiyaw, Tarai, Garha- each document being photoco-
ni, Sandesh and Saha panchayats pied.
of the district between 2000 and Charging the district supply of-
2008. ficer with being vindictive, Singh
Talking to PTI, Singh said that said he had never sought the
Bhojpur District Supply Officer photocopies of all the PDS docu-
Jawahar Prasad informed him ments for the last eight years. “I
쒀 An artisan paints an idol of the Hindu goddess Durga ahead of the upcoming
that the desired information just sought information,” he said.
festival of Navratri in Mumbai on Thursday. AFP PHOTO
would be made available only ■
when he would deposit Rs PTI
10 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Oracle’s comp

Software giant Oracle announced its
entry into the computer hardware
business with a brainier, brawnier
machine crafted to manage the
explosion of digital data. It will be
partnering with HP.

Lasts long, really long

The new Dell Latitude sips energy drinks
There’s nothing worse than a dying laptop
battery when you are away from power Snippets
sockets and need to get some work
done. sourced from
The Dell Latitude E6400 solves that
problem with a whopping 19-hour T3 magazine
battery life. Seems as if it sips energy
drinks to stay alive that long, but this of Infomedia
14.1inch notebook actually does that
using a combination of various features Group
such as a 9-cell battery and SSD storage.
Imagine being able to work unhindered over
long haul flights and get that presentation in
shape before you land. Part of the latest
portfolio of Latitudes, the other new additions
in the range include the semi-rugged E6400 ATG,
the 13.3inch E4300, and the 12.1inch E4200, the
latter being the lightest commercial notebook
from Dell at just 0.99kg. Rs 54,990,

Bargain-bin cam
Cheap clicks
Here’s a way to get 1080p for cheap: the Aiptek
PocketDV AHD Z500 Plus. It’ll give you full-HD flicks, and
you can film at 60 frames per second or 30 if you can put Seven reasons to buy...
up with a mere 720p’s worth of HD. Take it to the zoo This earthquake-proof Denon sound system
with a 32GB SDHC card, and you’ll walk away with a cool 1/Vibration-resistant construction means that, even if you’re
eight hours of hi-def zebra action. Now that’s something, cowering under a doorframe during an earthquake, Denon
isn’t it?Rs 20,000*, super audio CD receiver RCD-CX1 and speaker system SC-
CX101 will make sure that your music won’t skip a beat.
2/The power circuit maintains a stable current even during
.sudden peaks, so cymbal crashes will always sound
realistically annoying
3/It plays music in numerous formats, from iPods to Super
Audio CDs, to standard CDs, and MP3 and WMA CDs
4/Control your docked iPod using the supplied remote.
Physical effort is very overrated
5/A power output of 150W means you’ll wake your
neighbours’ neighbours
6/Switch input sources while a song is playing and it’ll fade
out gently
7/A double-layer cone in the woofer reduces magnetic
distortion, allowing for sound so spacious, it could fill an
average-sized department storeRs 1,00,000*,

Shoes 2.0
Smarties as sole-partner
This Supercup High racing
shoe has more tech
than most cars: a
heel that’s oil-and
fire-resistant, and
Zoomed-out snapper more padding than
Nikon shrinks one of its classic SLRS an airbag. The
At 1.65 lakhs for the body alone, you need to be pretty serious about International
your snaps to buy one of Nikon’s monster SLRs, but you get your Motorsport
money’s worth. The new D700 is a shrunk-down version of the pro’s Federation
choice, the Nikon D3, with the same 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, as well approved it, and
as an anti-dust system that uses high frequency vibrations to shake the there’s a casual street
image sensor clean - think of a dog shaking itself dry. Plus the shutter version for us non-professionals
release time lag is just 40ms, so you’ll be able to capture drops of water too.
in mid-air. Possibly flying off a dog shaking itself dry.Rs 1,65,000* (body TBC,
Friday, September 26, 2008
Computer treatment Google phone just ok
Researchers at the National Space Biomedical G1, the new Google phone is ’Nice try with
Research Institute (NSBRI) are developing an the new phone’ according to experts. Some
interactive, multi-media program that will assist analysts noted its lack of some typical
astronauts in recognising and effectively managing smartphone features such as corporate e-
depression and other psychosocial problems. mail and companion desktop software.

IP addresses running out warns

IP addresses are as crucial to websites as street addresses are for businesses,
but some network engineers predict that we will run out of them in two years

int Cerf, the ‘father of the internet,’ According to current figures, the exist-
has warned that the world is on the ing IPv4 address will run out in 2010 and
verge of running out of the internet possibly as early as next year.
addresses that allow computers to But, scientists have already kept aside a
identify each other and communicate. new system, called IPv6, which has been
Cerf, one of the world’s leading com- ready for implementation for more than a
puter scientists, has asserted that there’s decade.
an immediate need for businesses and Under IPv6, each address has 128 bits
consumers to switch to the next gener- and so provides 340 trillion, trillion, tril-
ation of net addresses. lion different addresses. And it is believed
Every computer and online device is as- that this will meet humanity’s needs for
signed a unique IP address, but according decades to come.
to estimates, the pool of unallocated Both the protocol systems will run si-
numbers will soon run dry. multaneously and IPv4 addresses will still
IP addresses are as crucial to websites work as normal.
as street addresses are for businesses but “This is like the internet running out of which provided 4.2 billion addresses. But if the IPv6 is not widely adopted,
some network engineers predict that we telephone numbers and with no new Each IPv4 address is a series of 32 binary then those using it may find themselves
will run out of them in two years. numbers, you can’t have more subscrib- digits. unable to connect across the whole in-
However, Cerf has said that it’s high ers,” Times Online quoted him, as saying. However, with the boost in the number ternet.
time that preparations are made now, Cerf and his colleagues devised the In- of internet-enabled devices, especially The Organisation for Economic Co-op-
otherwise some computers might not be ternet system in 1977, and he set in place mobile phones, less than 14 per cent of eration and Development has warned
able to go online and the connectivity of “internet protocol version four” (IPv4) those addresses remain vacant. that shifting to the new addressing
the internet might be damaged, unless scheme was “critical for the future of the
preparations were made now. He also But, scientists have already kept aside a new system, internet economy” and was likely to affect
said that particularly Internet service pro- called IPv6, which has been ready for implementation for “all businesses that require IP addresses
viders are needed to prepare and that for their growth”. ■
time was running out for a smooth transi- more than a decade. ANI

Eye Candy Where do the candidates

stand? Ask Google
Program "Google In Quotes", displays statements by the
electoral candidates on whatever subject the user enters
into a search box
W ant to know where Barack
Obama and John McCain
stand on abortion, health care,
ries which have appeared on
Google News.
For the moment, “In Quotes”
Iraq or any other hot button top- only provides quotations from
ic? politicians but not all of them
Internet search giant Google are American. Google has also
has developed an experimental created Canadian, Indian and
new tool which allows Web surf- British editions of the program
ers to compare quotations from featuring leading political fig-
the US presidential candidates ures in those countries.
side by side. The site created by Google
쑸 Called “Google In Quotes” Labs is still under development
A model from Japan’s electronics giant Matsushita Electric (, the and carries a hefty disclaimer.
Industrial displays a new lightweight notebook computer program displays statements by “Quotes and their speakers
called "Let’s note F8", in Tokyo on Thursday. The new the candidates on whatever sub- are determined automatically by
note book PC, designed with and integrated handle for ject the user enters into a search “Spin” allows users to scroll a computer program and we
portability is equipped with Intel’s Core2Duo processor box. Enter “Iraq,” and up pops back through their previous don’t guarantee the complete-
and a 14-inch LCD display, combined with long battery the latest quote on Iraq from the comments on the selected issue. ness or accuracy of the informa-
life. AFP PHOTO candidates. A box labelled The quotes are drawn from sto- tion you may see,” it says.
12 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008




Friday, September 26, 2008

Snapshots from the Milan Fashion Week:


Dsquared2 Marni
Did you know?
The bolero is a
type of slow
dance and
his is Fashion Week time. As catwalks around the world,
from New York to Madrid to London and Milan, got busy, a
60s-inspired garment yelled out its presence – the bolero
musical form that
This short jacket (either waist-length or shorter, with sleeves or
extended flaps) is being paired with everything from evening
originated in
gowns to skirts and jeans.
At the London Fashion Week, feisty London label PPQ paired Spain in the late
the bolero jacket with tees, high-waist trousers and dramat-
ic headgear, while at Duyos at the Spring/Summer 2009 18th century,
collection show at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week in Ma-
drid, ruffled chiffon turned into a bolero. performed solo
At Elio Berhanyer the structured look returned. Gucci Etro
The most noticeable appearance of the bolero or by a couple.
jacket, however, was at the Giorgio Armani
Spring/ Summer 2009 collection show-
cased in Milan. The mini jacket was
It’s to this dance
paired with shimmering strapless and
tube dresses in chiffons and silk, and
form that the
chic returned. At Just Cavalli, at Lon-
don’s Spring/Summer 2009 ready-to-
bolero jacket
wear week, it was again about animal
prints and the bolero jacket completed the owes its name as
ensemble, paired with leopard-print shirts
and pants and sporting cuffs in the same print. the jackets were
Prada and Blumarine, too, had their own ver-
sions of the bolero, the former indulging in mostly worn, and
crushed silk and the latter in beaded bling.
os At the time it originated in Spain in the consequently
‘60s, the bolero jacket was chiefly tai-
lored out of velvet or flannel. It has popularised, by Roberto Cavalli
obviously broken away from the
mould. While denim, woollen
and knitted cotton bolero
the female
jackets are ideal for casual
wear, ones in lace and
crochet look great on
Not only does a bol-
ero jacket give you a century paintings
chance to make interest-
ing an otherwise dull outfit, of bolero dancers
it is also great practical wear;
something you can pair with will feature the
spaghettis and tube tops when
you’re not sure about the occasion. ■ bolero jacket.
Giorgio Armani
Salvatore Ferragamo. Bottega Veneta
14 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Honeymoon Island

Iraq unveiled plans on Sunday for a multi-billion-dollar resort with spas, golf courses
and a six-star hotel to revive a once popular honeymoon island on the Tigris River in
Baghdad. The potato wedge-shaped island overlooks Baghdad’s Green Zone, the highly
fortified area where the US embassy and most Iraqi government offices are situated.

Refreshing break
A weekend trip to Kerala leaves you rejuvenated

VIPIN GONI made it virtually impossible to

see five metres ahead of you and

ur most awaited journey to we groped our way around and it
the God’s own country was fun as more often than not a
commenced on a Saturday few of us stumbled over or
evening. We boarded our banged against each other. We
train from Chennai Central and had lunch at the beautiful Sum-
after a good night’s sleep we reac- mer Sand resort. The artificial
hed Ernakulam in the wee hours pond and the hilly surroundings
of the morning. After our morn- gave the pace a mystic elegance
ing cuppa we hit the road, driving and we were left spellbound with
to our next destination – Athirap- the beauty of the place. We also
pally waterfalls. The place en- took a trip to the Suicide Point
chants you with its beauty and which gives you a bird’s eye view
with a heavy heart we moved to- of Vagamon.
wards our next destination. After making a fool of our-
But after reaching selves at the near by pine
Kumarakom we were forest, it was time to
quick to forget our head to our base.
heartaches for Ath- Back in Kottayam
irappally and few of us went on a
cruising through shopping frenzy
the backwaters we and packed our
felt that we were in bags with Kerala
a different country. chips, sweets and the
Vast stretches of water traditional dhoti and
meandering along aim- saris. After two memora-
lessly helps you to lose your ble days in ‘Gods own Coun-
sense of time and you are left try’ we were ready to take on the
wandering in a dream world. We world again, completely revital-
made our way to Pathiramanal ised and bursting with new found
and the scenic beauty of the place energy.
was absolutely breathtaking. We boarded a night train from
Next morning we woke up early Kottayam on Monday and were
to pay a visit to the famous Siva back in Chennai the next morn-
temple at Ettumanoor. After an ing, already planning our next
early breakfast there we drove to trip. ■
misty Elappara and the rolling The author works for Ford
meadows of Vagamon. The mist Business Service Centre
Friday, September 26, 2008
Hello Backpackers
Send us pictures of your team or family outings with a small write-up on the place,
mentioning why the trip was special, how you got there or any travel experience
for that matter. E-mail:

SOMINI SENGUPTA hanging like upside-down tulips,

cigarette smoke rising from the

European M
y mother went to Mo- tables. Fish a la Moutarde is
cambo to listen to Doris grilled bhetky, a Bay of Bengal
Day covers. I went to Mo- delicacy, drenched in a spicy
cambo for Fish a la Dia- mustard sauce, whose virtues a
na. Mocambo opened its doors in Bengali can croon about. Angels
1956, a European oasis of glam- on Horseback is chicken wrapped
our and jazz on Park Street, Cal- in bacon. Fish a la Diana is in-
cutta’s famous cabaret row. Its dulgence itself: bhetky, stuffed

second-generation owner, Nitin with prawn and cooked in cream.
Kothari, called it independent In- The most expensive dishes
dia’s first nightclub, which is range around Rs 200 and the best
plausible, even if impossible to choices on the cocktail menu: In-
verify. dian-made Old Monk rum and
There was a German architect, Black Dog whiskey (splurge on
an Italian manager the 12-year vintage,
and, soon after its about Rs 200 a dou-
opening, a 17-year- ble shot).
named Pam Crain,
The music The music
stopped 20 years
who wore a French stopped 20 ago. Kothari blamed
evening gown and years ago. Communists elected
sang standards with to power. They dis-
Anton Menezes six-
Kothari approved of bour-
piece band. “She blamed geois indulgences
had a good voice, Communists like dancing cheek
she was very good- to cheek, he said.
looking,” Kothari, elected to They raised the en-
61, recalled. “Very power tertainment sur-
glamorous.” charge to 30 percent.
My father would, Others on Park Strip
of course, wear only blamed power outag-
proper shoes, no matter the es. Despair – and then globaliza-
swampy Calcutta heat. I asked tion – hit the other clubs, one by
my mother if she danced in a silk one. The Blue Fox became a
sari. She denied dancing. So McDonalds and then closed after
many stripes of Europeans left a gas cylinder exploded. Magno-
their mark on this city – Dutch, lias Sunday afternoon jam ses-
Portuguese, Armenian, English – sions were abandoned. A
that it seems somehow fitting sprawling KFC opened across
that in cuisine and cabaret vibe, Park Street. The only restaurant
Mocambo is still an odd jumble to still have a live band is Trincas,
of Europeanisms: a mural of faux which began as a tea room.
Degas ballerinas, red vinyl ban- The government has since
quettes, red silk lampshades dropped the entertainment sur-
charge. But Kothari is wary of re-
turning to the past. “With God’s
Mocambo grace, we are doing OK without
25-B Park Street, Kolkata
music,” he said. “So why mess
Phone: (033) 2229-0095 or
2265-4300. around?” ■
NYT News Service

T he Chennai Trekking Club is
organising a trek to Coorg from
September 30 to October 5. The
in Chennai, starting from 7 p.m.,
include Tidel Park, Taramani,
Madya Kailash, Guindy Circle
group is trekking to Thadiyand- and Ramachandra Hospital, Po-
mol and Brahmagiri peaks, and rur.
will be covering a total of 1,200 Log on to www.chennaitrek-
kms. to know more about this
The trek holds special as the non-profit association, check-
club members are exploring the lists and the latest updates on
Western Ghats after a long time, their treks.
where forests are deep and dense If you would like to be a part of
with plenty to explore. the trek, email them at
They will be travelling by car
from Chennai and will require People dropping out at the last
one person in each group to drive minute can call 99400 73713. ■
the four-wheeler. Pick-up points Ergo Correspondent
16 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Moin slaps defamation notice on PCB

Former skipper Moin Khan has slapped a defamation notice on the Pakistan
cricket Board, seeking an apology for defaming him in connection with the
Indian Cricket League (ICL) issue. Moin’s lawyer, Imran Qureshi said that for a
long time Moin had been tolerating statements from the Board officials
regarding his involvement in the ICL.

Kubica can win the

o n
est v
BMW Sauber chief Mario Theissen is confident
his driver Robert Kubica still has a great chance
of overtaking Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa

p e s r e
and winning the world

championship. The Pole is
currently 14 points behind

leader Hamilton, in a his
McLaren, and 13 behind superior-

Ferrari’s Massa with four ity. The number
races to go, starting with the two player (Crivoi) was

first-ever night race in okay and to target him was the
Singapore this week. Kubica key. Prakash played well in the sec-
came in third at the last Grand Prix in Italy, his ga- ond set against him but then he got
picking up valuable points on his main rivals me,”he said. tired. He (Prakash) is a player who
who finished seventh and sixth respectively. prefers grass and he lacked experi-
“It’s a situation still offering Robert the chance Clay feat ence on clay.”
of making it to the very top in the world The former Davis Cup player Like Team’s non-playing captain
championships,” Theissen said. The fact that strongly emphasised that Indians SP Misra, Bal also dismissed reports
Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen closed a 17-point gap
on Hamilton with two races left to win the I ndia
have swallowed a crushing
need to improve their game on clay
courts as Indian players more often
struggle on red clay. “We have to put
that it was due to the acrimony
among the players he and former
skipper Leander Paes missed Pra-
championship last year is not lost on Kubica
and BMW. 1-4 defeat against Romania in the them (Indian players) on clay. And kash’s match.
AFP Davis Cup play-off tie but coach there are two ways to that. One is to “There was a plan. I was there
Nandan Bal asserts that the team did send them to Europe for two-three when Prakash warmed up and it was
not come back empty handed as it months in a year. Let them play and my duty to accompany Somdev
Big break for Pak cricketers has found a future star in Somdev learn there. Secondly, if we can im- when he warmed up with Leander. It
The deal signed between Pakistan Cricket Board Devvarman. port synthetic courts, we can import was my job to be with him. And as
and Dubai Sports City (DSC) is not only going to Somdev, who is currently playing clay courts also. Put down 5-6 courts soon as we finished the practice we
reap rich dividends for the PCB, but also for an ATP Challenger tournament in here and let our players practice bet- came back to see how Prakash’s
Pakistani cricketers as they will be earning Romania, had squandered a winna- ter,” he said. match has progressed.
around USD 100,000 each for playing in the ble position in his second singles Bal heaped praise on Romanian We could not get noticed as we
offshore matches. According to information against Victor Crivoi but did trouble number one player Victor Hanescu, actually sat near the practice court
received from well placed sources, under the the higher-ranked player and im- who pummelled both Somdev and stands. There was no problem at all,”
three-year deal signed between both the parties, pressed with his game. “In Somdev Prakash in the tie. “Hanescu was out he insisted. ■
the PCB stands to get paid around USD 3 million we have found a player who is hard of reach. There was no doubt about PTI
for each event they play in the DSC. For each working and keen learner. He is very
event to be played in the offshore venue, the good. Let him play 2-3 more Davis
DSC will pay the PCB USD 1.5 million and USD Cup ties and you will see him pro-
100,000 to each of 15 Pakistani players selected ducing results,” Bal said. “He just
for the tournament. “The Dubai Sports City lacked experience (in the dead rub-
management will hold the broadcasting, ber) to put away a tie. But he is ready
sponsorship and advertising rights of these to learn and I am sure he will win
events planned in the next three years,” one many ties for India in future,” he
source said. added.
PTI Speaking about the second reverse
singles, which Somdev lost after
leading 5-4 in the second set, Bal
Platini to take on said Crivoi curbed his unforced er-
rors amazingly and clinched victory
Euro 2012 hosts from the jaws of defeat. “Apart from
UEFA president Michel Platini is expected to take a double fault, Somdev also commit-
a break from criticising Arsene Wenger and ted a foot fault. This is something he
switch to Poland’s and Ukraine’s has to learn. He suddenly held back.
lack of progress in preparing to Crivoi on the other hand played an
host Euro 2012 at a meeting aggressive game. The guy did not
starting on Thursday. Platini, make any mistake. Somdev started
who made headlines by saying playing safe, ultra-defensive in hope
in a newspaper interview this that Crivoi will make some mistakes
week that Arsenal manager but the Romania player did not give
Wenger cared more about Somdev any such chance. He raised
business than football, is likely
to make clear, however, that both countries will
keep the right to co-host the tournament.
The executive committee of soccer’s governing Indian Davis Cup
body should also endorse an expansion of the
European Championship finals to 24 teams from coach praises Somdev,
16 at its two-day meeting. The head of UEFA
may also get another chance to speak out rubbishes claim of
against the introduction of video replays to help
referees, a move asked for by many coaches factionalism within
including Wenger. Platini has visited Poland and
Ukraine twice this year and warned officials that the team
they risked losing the right to stage the event if
stadiums and infrastructure were not ready.
Reuters AFP
Friday, September 26, 2008

A Test series on Indian soil is considered tough. It’s the toughest series, but it
gives you immense satisfaction if you are able to win it. The big strength we
have is the Indians might think we are inexperienced and perhaps in Test cricket in this
country we are, but the guys that have come in have played a lot of first-class cricket.
Mike Hussey

to ride with Astana

even-time Tour de France
champion Lance Armstrong
will make his cycling comeback
with the Astana team. The 37-
year-old Armstrong said yesterday
he will reunite with Astana team di-
rector Johan Bruyneel, who was the
team leader for Armstrong’s record
tally of Tour wins.
“While we looked at other teams
and talked to other teams, as a
friend and as a long time partner
and as somebody that really trusts PROVE HIS
Johan on every little decision in the
program, I could not ever imagine
racing against him or racing without CREDENTIALS
him,” Armstrong said. The only ma-
jor race before the Tour that he
knows he will definitely compete in strong’s tests on the Web.
is the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, Armstrong said he had given Catlin
Australia, in January. permission to test him anytime,
Kazakh Cycling Federation deputy anywhere. Catlin will be paid by As-
chief Nikolai Proskurin told The As- tana, but Armstrong insisted it
sociated Press that Armstrong wasn’t a case of buying his approval,
agreed to ride for the Kazakhstan- because Catlin wouldn’t risk his
based team for free the first year credibility by telling anything but
and has signed up to take part in five the truth. “I think this will be the
races, including the Tour de France. most advanced anti-doping program
Armstrong said he has committed in the world,” Armstrong said.
only for next year, but he wouldn’t
rule out competing beyond 2009. He Question mark over teamamtes
has dedicated his comeback to rais- What Armstrong’s Astana team
ing global awareness for the fight will look like is unclear. Alberto Con-
against cancer. tador, the 2007 Tour de France
champ, might already be looking for
Establishing authenticity a new team. “I think I’ve earned the
Also, to try to prove that he is right to be the leader of a team with-
clean to sceptics who doubted that out having to fight for my place,”
he could have achieved his feats the Spanish rider said on Tuesday in
without using performance-enhanc- AS newspaper. “And with Arm-
ing drugs, he is adding a new mem- strong some difficult situations
ber to his team: Anti-doping expert could arise in which the team would
Don Catlin, who will run a program put him first and that would hurt
to regularly test Armstrong. “I think me.”
it’s the first time an athlete can ac- Contador, signed with Astana
tually be totally validated on the through 2010, won the Spanish
chance he’s successful,” he said. “In Vuelta on Sunday. Combined with
my opinion, Don Catlin is beyond re- his 2008 Giro d’Italia title, he became
proach. When I began to think about just the fifth cyclist to win the three
coming back, I knew there had been highest-regarded tours. “I think
questions in the past, many of which there’s room for all of us on that
we considered to be unfounded. In team,” Armstrong said. He called
the off chance that I do perform Contador “the best rider on the plan-
well, I didn’t want to leave any et right now,” and questioned
doubt,” Armstrong said. whether he’ll be able to keep up. “I
“So I reached out to Don and would encourage him to give the sit-
asked him to oversee this program uation an opportunity,” Armstrong
to be completely independent, to be said, “and I’m looking forward to
completely removed from me.” Cat- racing with him.” ■
lin will post the results of Arm- PTI

18 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Brangelina and clan move to Germany

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have moved house from France to
Germany for a three-month stay. The Hollywood couple and
their six children left the French chateau they called home for 5
months and have arrived at the German villa Palais Parkschloss
on Wannsee Lake.

Actor Sivakumar releasing the audio CD of the movie V̀aaranam

Aayiram at Satyam Cinemas in Chennai on Wednesday. (from
left)actors Ramya, Surya, Director Gautham, Babloo, and Music
Director Harris Jayaraj. PHOTOS: S.S.KUMAR

Dipika Pallikal
keeps it personal
ANUSHA PARTHASARATHY dividually release the seven
songs. Other Kollywood

he audio release function of bigwigs namely Nazzar, Sa-
Gautham Menon’s Vaaranam tyaraj, Meena, Naresh Iyer,
Aayiram, which was held at Sa- Devan, Benny Dayal and
tyam Cinemas on Wednesday, lyricist Thamarai were also
was a gala function with many artists present.
from the Tamil and Telugu film in- Veteran actor Sivakumar
dustry present to grace the occasion. was called upon to release
The album was released by the en- the first song, ‘Mundhi-
tire unit including the technical staff nam’. The proud father was
and all the other celebrities who all praise for his son, who
came. Gautham Menon himself had gone on a stringent diet
played host throughout, making it a for 16 months for the movie.
Meena very personal one. This is the second “In the movie, there is a part Shruthi Hassan is peppy and fast
time Surya has teamed up with where Suriya is a 17-year-old. To get and is a good dance number. ‘Nen-
Gautham Menon and Harris Jayaraj. that look, Suriya lived on a strict diet jukkul Peidhidum’ has a lilting tone
The first was Kakka Kakka, which of greens and salads for sixteen and is a song that stays for a while
turned out to be a runaway success. months and I could see him suffer in even after it is over. ‘Oh! Shanthi
“My first experience with Gauth- front of my eyes. Shanthi’ is a faster version of ‘Nen-
am Menon was with Kakka Kakka. It I have had 40 years of experience jukkul Peidhidum’, Yethi Yethi; an-
was an amazing hit and took to me a in this industry and though Sivaji other peppy one, that may take a few
different level in acting. The same and MGR are legends, I have not times to like, Annul Maelae, by Sud-
way, I think Vaaranam Aayiram will seen even them attempt such a feat,” ha Ragunathan; melancholic but
take me up another level. Besides he said. The last song of the movie, nice and ‘Ava Enna’ by Karthik and
this, Harris sir’s music in all my mo- ‘Yethi Yethi’ was released by the chil- Prasanna, which will premiere as the
vies has been a hit. This time too, he dren of the various crew members. first Ghana song in a Gautham
has really outdone himself”, said Ac- The musical score by Harris Jaya- Movie.
tor Suriya, who has kept his own raj has seven songs. ‘Mundhinam’ The soundtrack is by Sony BMG,
name in the movie. The function was by Naresh Iyer and Prashanthini which has released its second Tamil
attended by notable names such as starts off with a dialogue from a mo- sound track after Dasavatharam.
Dipika Pallikal, Major General vie and progresses into a light num- Three theatrical trailers and videos
Bakshi, Ameer, Sasikumar, Sivaku- ber. ‘Adiyae Kolluthey’, also the title of two songs were also shown at the
mar, who were all called upon to in- track, by Krish, Benny Dayal and function. ■
Friday, September 26, 2008
Aniston plans to adopt Hollywood’s hottest dad
Jennifer Aniston, who’s soon going to be 40, is Brad Pitt is Hollywood’s Hottest Dad,
considering adoption in her bid to become a according to a new magazine poll. The star
parent. The stunner is looking for ways to have a has beaten the likes of Tom Cruise and Ben
child without having to rely on a man. Affleck to land the honour.

Britney’s Cine City

delayed for
spruce up
B ritney Spears’ comeback single ’Wom-
anizer’, which was to hit the shelves
on September 22, has been held back in
a bid to put final touches to the song.
The singer’s label has decided to post-
pone the release of her new single after
a part of it was leaked online, along with
a secret recording of the singer practis-
ing her new dance routine in a studio.
The bit was picked up by a local US radio
station and evoked a disappointing re-
“The label held the song back to make
it as good as possible,” the Sun quoted a
source as saying.
The pop icon’s ’Womanizer’ is now
scheduled to release on November 24,
while her comeback album ‘Circus’ will
be launched on 2nd December - her 27th
Sakkarakatti to release today
birthday. Sakkarakatti, starring Santhanu and Ishita, will hit
Britney, who recently gleamed at the the screens today. The film has been cleared by the
MTV Video Music awards winning 3 tro- Regional Central Board of Censors with a U
phies, may soon be performing at the certificate. Sakkarakatti is directed by Kala Prabhu,
British reality show, ‘The X-Factor’. son of producer Kalaipuli Dhanu. The music is
composed by A.R. Rahman and the audio of the
film has already made record sales.

Endhiran team to
fly back to India
The Endhiran team, which has been
busy shooting for nearly a month in
the US and Peru, will fly back to India
on September 27. Endhiran is
produced by Ayngaran Films on a
mega budget crossing over Rs.100
crore. The songs are choreographed
by Raju Sundaram.
20 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Angry in-laws

According to, Liz Hurley’s Indian father-in-law revealed
in April 2007 that he had cut ties with his son, Arun, amid
anger over their lavish wedding. Vinod Nayer told the media
that he and his wife Joanne felt "publicly humiliated" and
treated "like social outcasts" at the event.


Star Movies Star World Discovery Travel and Living Zoom

War of the Worlds – 9 p.m. Friends – 7 p.m. A matter of taste with Vir Let’s talk – 7-30 p.m.
An unthinkable and ultimately Rachel dreams about a romantic Sanghvi – 8-30 p.m. ‘Let’s Talk’ hosted by Omar Qureshi
unexpected, murderous machine encounter with Joey after a visit to Based on the writings of Vir sets out to have a heart-to-heart
decides to take on Earth and its up the set of Days of Our Lives. Sanghvi, one of India’s most chat with celebrities. Tune in to
to dock worker Ray to save himself, Chandler buys a non-refundable charismatic journalists, the series catch them speak about themselves,
his children and the world from this weekend getaway for himself and showcases his opinion of the food their forthcoming projects and the
malformed monster. Monica. trends and styles of India and hobbies they indulge in.
contemporary Indians.

PICK OF THE DAY - Saturday

Animal Planet Zee Café National Geographic Zoom

In search of the giant Pain behind the fame – 11 Strange days on planet The Rakhi Sawant Show
Anaconda – 6 p.m. p.m. earth – 4 p.m. – 7-30 p.m.
In Search Of The Giant Anaconda. Watch as the deepest darkest Troubled Waters. Series 1, episode Watch all the spicy gossip about our
South African photographer and secrets of celebrities are uncovered 4. This series examines evidence that colourful film industry via the bold,
adventurer Austin Stevens is behing all the glitz and glamour. toxins are being spread throughout brutally honest and much talked
travelling to the Amazon to catch a the world’s water systems and sees about host, Rakhi Sawant!
wild anaconda in the water, and what people can do to remedy the
attempt to bring it to land. problem.


Star World Discovery Animal Planet Sony Pix

Ghost Whisperer – 7 p.m. Man vs. Wild – 6 p.m. Ghost of the Ganges – 2 p.m. The Man in the Iron Mask –
Melinda finds that she is European Alps. Bear Grylls shows us In one of the world’s most sacred 10-30 p.m.
investigating the intricate world of how to survive the Alps, Europe’s rivers there exists an almost The three musketeers reunite to put
gossip and romance within the high greatest mountain range. Millions mythical creature. Seldom seen the the real Louis the XIV back in power
school before she uncovers the visit every year, thousands becoming Ganges River Dolphin is a creature after he is shamelessly bound and
reasons for the hauntings. stranded. Bear Grylls parachutes in from another age, and a creature hidden by his twin brother. Staring
& demonstrates survival techniques. out of time. Leonardo DiCaprio and John
Friday, September 26, 2008
Council bans clowns
Clowns in the U.K. have been silenced by a council which has banned them from
playing their trumpets at Zippo’s Circus. The circus said it was told by council
officials that the show could not go on unless the clowns dropped the musical part
of their act. The circus, which is currently performing in Birmingham, fell foul of the
Licensing Act 2003 which forbids the playing of live music without a licence.

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22 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Escaped bird captured

Traffic Jam
A giant five-foot tall emu-like bird which escaped from a
house in Cheshire, England has been recaptured. The 5ft
female adult rhea, which has white feathers and large
claws is described by its owner as not aggressive. Police
previously urged local residents to be vigilant in case they
came across the creature.


This is “the
miserable tale of a
pregnant male”
and we have
Ashwani Gupta
sending us proof of
Yes, that’s what he
has captioned this
picture which he
shot on their recent
trip to the Yelagiri
Ashwani works
with Citigroup.
Hobbies: Art of
Living, music,
movies, reading!

So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space, with credit.

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Friday, September 26, 2008
Woman sues police after gaff Word’s worth
An angry woman driver is seeking compensation after British police said she "Weesle" (wee-zul) a very rare, underservedly
looked like a man. Short-haired Pauline Synnott, 59, was caught speeding and obsolete word meaning ’toooze.’
admitted it in a letter to police. She expected a fine and three penalty points
for doing 52mph in a 40mph zone. But officers who looked at the speed camera
photo were convinced the driver was a man - and wrote to her father instead.



Due to impetuosity you may spoil your relations
with superiors. You are advised to proceed with
your work slowly and steadily. This is the best day
to propose someone. If already in relationship, you
are likely to enjoy good time with the loved one.


If you are handling administrative part of job, day is
favourable. Your leadership qualities may help you
to handle others. Beware of technical problems in
your computers. In relationship matters, you may be
sensitive and may need attention of your partner.


Ganesha finds you communicating with many higher
BORN LOSER authorities today. Don’t be too authoritative while
talking to those working under you. You may
express your sentiments in front of beloved in a very
different way but you will get encouraging response.
Ganesha advises you to resist yourself from
meddling with others affairs. In short, it is day to
mind your own business. Your personal life may
require some refreshing experiences. Try to please
your partner by going for a long drive or walk.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Your self-esteem may help you handle everything
very efficiently. It is right day for negotiations. You
may be able to impress the person you like or love.
It is favourable most day for exchanging gifts to
instil good feelings in beloved one’s heart.
You may be calculative in your work today. This is
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT the best day to plan strategies. You may have good
going on the career front in general. You may wish
to analyse your life partner’s emotions but Ganesha
advises you not to get into any such things.
This is best day to arrange meetings. Your academic
interests may also develop today. Your family life
may remain smooth. You may wish to take your
family members out for dinner or some
entertainment programme.
You are advised to be very attentive. There are
chances of goof up if you are not careful. Double
cross check all the work done. You may feel that
your beloved one’s emotions are drying out for you
but this is a temporary phenomenon.
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carry out new projects. If you present a presentation
in a meeting, it will be appreciated. In short, it’s
favourable day at work. If you are already in a
relationship, you will enjoy company of beloved.
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over-excitement. Your actions and reactions need to
be restrained while you are in a meeting. You can
expect full moral support from your life partner or
beloved one. On the whole, it is an average day.
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and to help out others, you may also keep your
ISSUE’S own work aside. But make sure that your work
doesn’t suffer. In personal life, you may let partner
SOLUTIONS decide everything. Your mate will surely like this.
Today, you may face some hindrance in your routine
work due to some petty technical problem. On the
other hand, you may be trying very hard to finish
off pending tasks. At home, you may need to be
tolerant and adjusting, to avoid conflicts.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
24 ERGO Friday, September 26, 2008

Pig holds woman hostage

A pig in Australia turned on a woman and effectively
held her hostage - after she tried to help it. The
creature in New South Wales held 63-year-old Caroline
Hayes captive, refusing to let her leave the house with
its aggressive behaviour.

Hugh Hefner and No. 1

girlfriend to split?
Hugh Hefner and his ‘No. 1’ girlfriend Holly
Madison have indicated that their relationship
won’t last forever.
Holly, who was recently snapped getting cosy
with illusionist Criss Angel, has claimed that
she wants to get married and have a family,
and thus Hefner may not be the man for her.
“I want to be with somebody who I can be
married to, and have kids,” Fox News quoted
Madison, as telling
Also, Hefner (82) who is still legally married to
Kimberley Conrad (45), mother of two of his
four children, has admitted that he does not
want to marry her.
He said, “I love her very much, but she wants
very much to get married and have children.
That isn’t very much in the cards for me. So
there has to be a certain reality there. And I’m
sure the time will come when she’ll be dating
others. That’s part of the transition.”
Madison says, “We’re together. If I’m ever not
his girlfriend, he’ll be the first to tell you.”