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SOHAIL RAFFAN KHAN Email: sohraf@yahoo.


OBJECTIVE: To join one of the leading organization requiring interpersonal communications, analytical, and managerial skills which will lead to broadening my vision and achieving organizational goals. WORK EXPERIENCE: Working as an accountant in computerized accounting environment (ERP) for the group of companies (company names are confidential), which are dealing in Clearing Forwarding, Transportation, Warehousing Handling, and Shipping Agent. Working period as an Accountant for the group of companies o From January 1998 to date.

Prior worked as an assistant accountant in the same group of companies from February 1997 to December 1997. RESPONSIBILITIES: o Plans and provides systems and services relating to the financial dealings of enterprises and individuals, and advises on associated record-keeping and compliance requirements. o Checks the budget, proper account coding, authority limit and authorization in all purchasing requisitions, requests for payments, petty cash, corrects, billing and confirms cost center expense code allocations for vouchers & payments. o Monitors actual monthly expenditure against budget and tasks/recommends appropriate action to deal with any adverse budget variances. o Prepare cash flow reports. o Prepares the monthly, quarterly financial reports. o Maintains regular accounts re-conciliations and other finance work.

o Accrues all known liabilities, prepares and reconciles outstanding liabilities accounts. o Assist in budget preparation. o Analyze the monthly accounts and provide feedback to the department Managers. o Provides (actual vs. budget) and (current vs. previous) months results. o Assist in preparing feasibility studies. o Knowledge of banking operations. o Performs any other duties as required. o Following Financial Regulations. KNOWLEDGE OF BANKING OPERATIONS: o o o o o General Banking Accounts Dept. IT Dept. Foreign Exchange. Computer Posting.

EDUCATION: UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI, PAKISTAN 1998-99 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) with major in Finance from the University of Karachi, Pakistan in 1st Division. Courses include: _01. Business Communication. _02. Business Economics. _03. Principles of Marketing. _04. Business Mathematics. _05. Financial Accounting. _11. Advance Management. _12. International Business. _13. Managerial Accounting. _14. Financial Appraisal. _15. International Banking. _06. Introduction to finance. _07. Organizational Behavior. _08. Business Research Methods. _09. Statistical Inference. _10. Cost Accounting. _16. Application of Computer in business. _17. Financial Statement Analysis. _18. Financial Management. _19. Financial Institutions. _20. Business Policy.

COMPUTER EXPOSURE: o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Windows XP. MS Office. Windows 2003 Server. Peach Tree (Accounting Software). Quick Book (Accounting Software. Tally (Accounting Software). Internet. FoxPro. COBOL (under LAN). Data Structure. Basic Language. Ms Word. Ms Excel. Electronic Data Processing. Disk Operating System (DOS). : : Available on request. As soon as possible.


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