INDEX Generic Name cefazolin Trade Name Ancef

NURS 2236 Clinical Form 3: Clinical Medications Worksheet (You will need to made additional copies of these forms) Classification Dose Route Time/Frequency anti-infectives 500mg-1g IV every 6-8 hours mild inf. 250-500mg IV every 8 hours For IV meds, compatability with IV drips and/or solutions

Peak Onset end of infusion rapid Why is your patient taking this medication?

Duration 6-12 hour

Mechanism of action and indications Treatment of skin and skin structure infections; pneumonia; UTIs; biliary tract infections; genital infections; bone and joint infections; septicemia; infective and endocarditis; perioperative prophylaxis; not suitable for the treatment of meningitis. Bactericidal action against susceptible bacteria. many gram+ cocci.

Nursing Implications (what to focus on) Contraindications/warnings/interactions hypersensitivity to cephalosporins; serious hypersensitivity to penicillins; renal impairment; history of GI disease; especially colitis; geriatric patients; pregnancy or lactation;

Common side effects Seizures (high doses), pseudomembranous colitis diarrhea; nausea; vomiting; cramps; rashes; pruritis; urticaria; leukopenia; neutropenia; thrombocytopenia; phlebitis at IV site; allergic reactions; including anaphylaxis and serum sickness; superinfection. Lab value alterations caused by medicine

Interactions with other patient drugs, OTC, or herbal medicines (ask patient specifically) Probenecid

Be sure to teach the patient the following about this medication Report signs of superinfection (furry overgrowth on the tongue, vaginal itching or discharge, loose or foul-smelling stools) and allergy. If ever and diarrhea develop call doctor, especially if stool contains blood, pus, or mucus. Do not treat the diarrhea. Nursing Process - Assessment (Pre-administration assessment Vital signs; appearance of wound, sputum,urine, and stool; WBC and beginning of and throughout therapy. Allergy to medication Assessment Why would you hold or not give this med? allergy anaphylaxis Evaluation Check after giving Resolution of the signs and symptoms of infections. Length of time for complete resolution depends on the organism and the site of infection. Decreased incidence of infection when used for prophylaxis.

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