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No 1. Disc 1 Time Description 00:11:00 There is a wedding gay in American Culture. Anthony marries with Stanford. They are friends of Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (The Four). 00:18:13 Ice-breaking: build a conversation with a stranger, between Samantha and Nicky. Nicky starts to begin the conversation with You look so wonderful. Do you want to dance again? 00:55:42 Politeness between Carrie to a flight attendant. Carrie: I love your hat. FA: thank you. Carrie (to Samantha): but I think, it s too much, hahaha. It does not mean that the hat is really beautiful, but it is just for the politeness. 00:56:06 Date (kurma) is traditional welcome fruit of Middle East. Miranda said. 00:56:19 Miranda says, In the Middle East, a man and a woman are prohibited to embrace each other in front of public. Explanation Comparing with Indonesian Culture, it is surely different. In Indonesia there is no such thing. A wedding is normally and legally just between a woman and a man. It is almost similar to Indonesian Culture about this kind of thing. In Indonesia, before starting to have an introduction each other, Indonesians usually have small talk to begin. In Indonesia, people usually do not speak out in front of or give a direct comment about thing that a stranger wears.



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01:06:47 Miranda also says, The robe using by women is called abaya. And the veil that closes the eyes except the eyes is a niqab. 01:07:09 In Middle East, all women must dress up that way (wears abaya and niqab) in order not to attract sexual attention.

It is different in Indonesia. Date (kurma) is not the characteristic of Indonesia. In Indonesia, sometimes it also looks odd and very rare for a woman and a man for embracing each other in front of public, but there is no strict law or rule to prohibit doing this such thing. There are multi-races also different religions in Indonesia, so, everyone wears clothes based on what they want to wear. There is no such special ward robe except the traditional one. In Indonesia, we can see some Muslim women dress up that way, but not at all.




00:00:02 A private servant in Abu Dhabi who is asked by Samantha about his love s life says that it is a secret. It is normal because we have not to share many things about our life to a stranger. We can call that the question is impolite and it should not be asked because it is privacy. 00:07:09 Make someone to wait is cruel in Abu Dhabi.

In Indonesia, for some people, it is not such a secret to share about life, love, and the other things to somebody else, even a stranger just to make a conversation and friendliness stuff.



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In America also goes in that way. Punctuality and time management is a very important thing. In Indonesia, waiting someone is tiring but the waiters usually understood the reason of why coming late. Comparison of cultures between Western and Eastern: In public area, Indonesians tend to show their politeness and - In Paris / Madrid (Europe): a man and a woman in public friendliness, not sexual purposes. And there is no special rule area may do such intimately things like touching, or law about this kind of thing. embracing, or even kissing. - In Abu Dhabi: the rule about this kind of thing is very strict. Touching intimately, embracing, and kissing could be considered as immoral behavior that against the law. People in Abu Dhabi are well-known of their honesty. People In Indonesia are often admired of their friendliness. About Gesture and Sign: Samantha points her middle This is sign of US people that means anger and it influences finger to show anger and her frustration because feeling Indonesia, this sign is also used by some people. insulted in public. About Gesture and Sign: Samantha shakes her hands off It is common sign and gesture to express hot temperature once she feels her body temperature is so hot in room. that effects comfort.

No 1. 2. Disc 1 1 Time begin end 01:07:05 Description High-class people are usually luxurious, glamorous, fashionably dressed up and expensive! Samantha s assumption is that in a hotel, people are in their free zone, they may wear and do anything they Explanation It is a usual thing and almost true stereotype we usually meet almost all around the world. Hotel is also a public area. So, we may act freely but we have to concern about the law, custom, also rule of the


want. It includes in Abu Dhabi. 3. 2 00:00:20 A private servant of Samantha is considered as homo because of some reasons: - He acts feminine. - When he is asked about how to spell his name, he answered It is Abdul, like you spell Paula.

country where the hotel is in. This thing is to respect the natives also the running rules. It is a common thing that usually a man who acts almost the same like a woman is considered as a gay or homosexual.

a. HONEYMOON No 1. Disc 1 Time 1:01:12 Description Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte got very luxurious service from the hotel in Abu Dhabi. - 4 new maybach (cars) for the fours. - They are surprised about the wonderful hotel - They feel like coming to a paradise. The fours get their own private servants. They are so happy because they will stay in the very luxurious rooms in high class called Jewel Suite with these facilities: private bar, private kitchen, and private salon. Beautiful scenery outside, billiard area, 5 international restaurants, spa, fitness center, night club, and beach. They enjoy shopping in souk market, in ancient of Abu Dhabi. They enjoy fabulous experience of riding camel on desert. They do karaoke in the stage of night club. They do what they want: - Samantha gets a date - Miranda and Charlotte enjoy spa and bar - Carrie meets her ex-boyfriend Explanation

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In this honeymoon session, Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte just feel happy and excited; enjoying what is new in and about Abu Dhabi.

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Description When checking luggage in airport, the officer found many medicines and drugs of Samantha s vitamins and body treatments. Law of UEA prohibits drugs to be brought to the country whatever the reason. So, Samantha s drugs are dispossessed until she will come back to her country. Charlotte is confused how to tip a bellboy in the luxurious hotel. A servant orders Arabic coffee made by rose water and cumin water but the four get shocked about the taste. All the playing pages and websites in internet about hormones are blocked. The four see women dressed all their body up except the eyes and wondered how a woman with abaya and niqab (cadar) eats fried potato. Carrie s private servant is very responsible in doing his job. He obeys the rule of not leaving Carrie when he has not been asked to leave by her. Charlotte wonders about strange food in Abu Dhabi called Hummus , and she prefers eating only fruit. Carrie surprised of how cheap the price of a pair of shoes. Charlotte wonders why the female belly dancers in the night club show their belly and chest but women she saw outside do not. Samantha got really shocked when she got arrested by police based on someone s information that Samantha did kissing with a man in a beach. Many men in souk Market got shocked because there are many condoms come out from Samantha s bag that just falls down and pours down all its contents. This is not an ordinary thing in Saudi Arabia. It is even serious! So they crowd around Samantha and insult a lot in Arabic, Samantha get depressed and angry. The four got shocked of the native language spoken by women that they don t understand what the meaning is.


Cultural shock comes to shock them when they meet different cultures, rules, foods, customs, traditions, also laws. And even they do not exist in America.


c. INITIAL ADJUSTMENT No 1. Disc 2 Time 0:04:40 Description Carrie hears Adzan (call to pray) and she feels fine, that it is part of religion thing, their custom and tradition. Explanation Carrie just understands about it, and does not feel annoyed by. It is just a part of custom in their own religion.

d. MENTAL ISOLATION No 1. Disc 1 Time 1:08:35 Description Samantha feels so frustrated and uncomfortable also not confident because not using hormones, medicines, vitamins for her body treatment because they are dispossessed by the airport officers, and she can do nothing. Explanation Samantha loses her self-confidence and depressed. This part of cultural shock made a person extremely mad and stressed.

e. ACCEPTANCE AND INTEGRATION No 1. Disc 2 Time 00:54:30 Description When the fours see women in a florist in Abu Dhabi, under hundreds years tradition and custom, they got surprised because it is unpredictable that these women see American in different point of view, they love the fashion, they read Carrie s book. They re so lovely, friendly, and welcome. Explanation At this time, Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte feel so happy because the women also help them to solve Samantha s problem to get out safely from the market.