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House Rules for SmogShoppe

Effective January 2011

First and Foremost -Our neighbors are very important to our sustainability. Please respect our neighbors and neighborhood. -No parking on Cullen St., Alvira St., or any neighboring streets, ever. -All vehicles involved with events at SmogShoppe must be in a designated SmogShoppe lot at all times. -All vendors are never permitted to consume alcohol before or while performing services at SmogShoppe, including during load out. Loading/Unloading -No parking is allowed on the side streets. All loading vehicles, previous to or after an event, must park on La Cienega or in the SmogShoppe lot. -All loading should be through the large red door on La Cienega. If this door is not opened, loading should happen through the front door on Cullen St. -Temporary parking on La Cienega for loading/unloading is allowed, except for posted anti-gridlock times of MonFri 7:00am-9:00am, and 4:00pm-6:00pm. This will be enforced by the site manager and LA Parking Enforcement. -Parking is never allowed on the sidewalk. -During events, if items need to be taken out, and the red door on La Cienega is closed, the front door to Cullen St. must be used, not the side door. -The side door near the kitchen to Cullen St. must remain closed at all times unless there is an emergency or if supervised by the site manager. Staff Parking -For unloading previous to event, staff may temporarily park in the lot behind SmogShoppe, if valet is not yet onsite. -Staff must move their vehicles to the designated staff lot AT OR AFTER the following times, but BEFORE the valet staff arrive. -Mondays through Fridays the staff lot opens at 5:00pm. -Saturdays the staff lot opens at 2:00pm. -Sundays the staff lot is open all day. -Staff parking is strictly monitored. Vendors who do not inform all staff of the rules will be removed from the preferred vendor list or prohibited from working at SmogShoppe for future events. Rear Alley -The alley behind SmogShoppe is absolutely off-limits, at all times. House Furniture -Benches must only be handled under supervision of the site manager. These are delicate furniture pieces and all staff should be made aware of this. -No dragging furniture. To move furniture, it must be safely picked up. -Furniture must be used as intended. No sitting on the backs of the sofas, no stepping or sitting on tables, chairs, sofas, or benches, even with no shoes. Kitchen Usage -Kitchen equipment can only be used if the client has paid for it in advance. No prepping is allowed onsite prior to the day of the event. -Only the site manager is allowed to uncover, prepare, and light pilots of all kitchen equipment. -All kitchen equipment must be used as intended, safely and properly. -Kitchen floors must have rubber mats before prepping begins, approved by the site manager. -All equipment must be cleaned to the same state it was opened, before the kitchen staff leaves. Drip pans removed and cleaned. Bar Setup -Self-service of alcohol is never permitted at SmogShoppe. All alcohol must be served by the bartending/catering staff. -Any liquid spillage, garbage, napkins, broken glass, or food must be cleaned immediately by service staff to prevent slips and falls. -All ice tubs should be wrapped with a plastic liner to prevent condensation from puddling on the floor. -Bartenders are responsible for the rate at which alcohol is consumed by guests. -Bar mats are required behind the bar to protect the floor and keep the area dry.

Send Decor signed copy to TACT Event Managment by fax or email | Fax 626.236.9227 | -Candles are highly suggested, however: Any wax candle must be in an enclosed glass container that is at least

-Bar mats are required behind the bar to protect the floor and keep the area dry.

Decor -Candles are highly suggested, however: Any wax candle must be in an enclosed glass container that is at least 3 wide by 5 tall. No exceptions. -LED or oil cartridge type candles are allowed in any size container. -Any additional lighting must be pre-approved by the site manager and professionally installed. -Real flower petals are not allowed to be on the ground, even temporarily for ceremonies. We suggest paper or linen petals. -The site manager has final authority on the safety and usage of all decor. Landscaping -Plants are not to be trimmed or handled. -Wires, equipment, decor, etc. should not be placed on or through any landscaping. -The fountain cannot have any flower petals or foreign objects in the water. Audio -PA systems or speakers other than the house system are only allowed if approved previous to the day of the event by TACT or Marvimon Productions. -The site manager has final authority over the audio volume. -It is highly suggested to have a band, DJ, or any other audio performers contact TACT at least one month prior to the event, to be informed exactly what equipment is available for use, and what the venues expectations are in more detail. Visual -For projection sources other than a standard DVD or Blu-ray (i.e. laptop or flash drive), the client must schedule an A/V meeting with TACT. This should be scheduled no later than one month previous to the event. -Visual cueing during the event is the responsibility of the client, not the site management. Private Suite -Children are never allowed upstairs. -The site manager has final authority on who is allowed upstairs. -The private suite is reserved for the host/hostess of the event, and should not be considered part of the general event. -Vendor storage is allowed only at the discretion of the site manager and client. Cleaning Up -Everything goes, nothing stays. Decor, personal and rental items all must be removed from SmogShoppe by the end of the contracted time. -All trash is required to be double-bagged and taken to the dumpster ONLY at the time the site manager allows. -Leftover clean ice should be dumped in the sink, never in the landscaping, street, or sidewalk. -It is the hired vendors responsibility to leave Smog Shoppe in equal and better condition than it was opened. -All floors must be clean of debris, garbage, food, or waste before the captain of the service staff leave. -All captains and managers must check out with the site manager before leaving. Vehicles Left Behind -No vehicles are allowed to be left past the end of the contracted time. -If a guest is deemed unable to drive by site management, the client is responsible for having the guests vehicle taken by a sober driver. -Vehicles are towed from any SmogShoppe lot after the contracted time. I have read and understand the House Rules for SmogShoppe, and have clearly relayed this information to all persons involved in my operation. Manager/Owner Printed Name:

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Send signed copy to TACT Event Managment by fax or email | Fax 626.236.9227 |