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Anjali Jha (WT01 - Insurance) Pokharkar, Ashok

Sent: Wed 8/10/2011 3:21 PM

Subject: RE: Hi --Missin You Attachments: View As Web Page

Hi Dear.

How are you..I am fineGhar ka trip was gudThere was a puja which has to be done compulsarily. This puja is only in our caste. So initially Abhis family was creating some probs dat y m doing it n all that but later my parents said that we will bear all expenses and also said its very imp den they agreed. So ghar jaane se pehle bhi bahut tension wala maahol tha..But atleast my parents were happy coz agar ye puja nai hoti to mere relatives aur comments karte..Total expenses in this puja was Rs 50000

Wen I was at home u had called one day on dads cell bt I cudn hear uwas waitin for ur call again bt might be sm prob in networkI really really miss you a lot.I wanted to talk to u n tell u all these On Friendship day also I missed you..I cudnt go out coz I was not well.

Things with HIM are ok okI am trying to live widout fightingso m nt interfering in his life n asked him nt 2 interfere in mine.I know I have to live this life nowBut I am telling you truly from my heart I can never bring back the same feelings for him in my entire lifeIts just a compromise now. I know you care for me and worry bout meI am missing you a lot wana spend some time with you dear

Also wanted to ask you wat is the condition of US market ..I am thinking for Masters ..Wat shud I go forGRE,GMAT,MBAor wat I don no.Also I have to think for finance I will

need to study Have lots to talk to you You can call me anytime between 3 pm to 6 pm according to Indian Time and between 4.30am to 7.30 am in MexicoJJ But there is no prob at all even if you call me in the morning in India wat ever time you will be able to call me just send me a mail and I will be waiting for you DEARJ

Reply wen you see my mailJJ

From: Pokharkar, Ashok [] Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 7:06 AM To: Anjali Jha (WT01 - Insurance) Subject: Hi

Dear.. how was ur vacations..? How is mummu and pappaa..? Hope everyone is happy now.. and recovered. Well..

I missed you all on friendship day specially when all were together and they called me.. and I talk with everyone.. there

Aaan tu.. kaaisi haai..? how is everything going now.. Is it better now.. ? My mind is saying it will be little better now as compare to before.. because settlement takes little time in this new life.. everything is new.. and practical.. not like the one we see in movies or imagination.. practical challenges are more killing.. which we need to face and overcome to bring happiness for self and loved one too.. So live life while having fun.. !!

Take care and let me know when I can call you.. in this week.. missing you my dear..!

Thanks and Regards, Ashok Pokharkar /CapGemini LAM RTB, Front end. | HTSL-LAM CTSO Cards and Collections, Mexico City, Mexico. _____________________________________________________________ Mobile. + 521 5515228090 Email.| Together. Free your energies _____________________________________________________________

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