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INTRODUCTION:Bottle filing system

The aim of this project is to design an microcontroller Based automatic bottle filling system that sense the presence of bottle and level of liquid in it and than fills it accordingly up to a fixed level. In this project we developed proximity sensor using infrared sensor that detects the presence of bottle and for detecting level of liquid we used Light dependent resistors and voltage comparator to sense the level of liquid in bottle. Here we used Fuzzy logic to control the filling of liquid in bottle. Microcontroller provides the sample input to the computer and with these input Matlab program generates control signal for solenoid tap and that can be accessed by it through microcontroller.

Controllers are essentially small, purpose-built computers with input and output capabilities. These controllers come in a range of sizes and capabilities to control devices commonly found in buildings, and to control sub-networks of controllers. Inputs allow a controller to read temperatures, humidity, pressure, current flow, air flow, and other essential factors. The outputs allow the controller to send command and control signals to slave devices, and to other parts of the system. Inputs and outputs can be either digital or analog. Digital outputs are also sometimes called discrete depending on manufacturer.

Building Automation System

Controllers used for building automation can be grouped in 3 categories. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), System/Network controllers, and Terminal Unit controllers. However an additional device can also exist in order to integrate 3rd party systems (i.e. a stand-alone AC system) into a central Building automation system). PLC's provide the most responsiveness and processing power, but at a unit cost typically 2 to 3 times that of a System/Network controller intended for BAS applications. Terminal Unit controllers are usually the least expensive and least powerful. PLC's may be used to automate high-end applications such as clean rooms or hospitals where the cost of the controllers is less of a concern. In office buildings, supermarkets, malls, and other common automated buildings the systems will use System/Network controllers rather than PLC's. Most System controllers provide general purpose feedback loops, as well as digital circuits, but lack the millisecond response time that PLC's provide.

System/Network controllers may be applied to control one or more mechanical systems such as an Air Handler Unit (AHU), boiler, chiller, etc., or they may supervise a sub-network of controllers. In the diagram above, System/Network controllers are often used in place of PLCs. Terminal Unit controllers usually are suited for control of lighting and/or simpler devices such as a package rooftop unit, heat pump, VAV box, or fan coil, etc. The installer typically selects 1 of the available pre-programmed personalities best suited to the device to be controlled, and do

Automatic Clutch System for Car

With Auto Clutch you can convert a manual car to semi-automatic at the touch of a button. We manufacture and supply all types of cars and light duty vans. This is an intelligent electronically controlled mechanism which enables the driver to select gears simply by pressing a button on the gear lever and shifting. This automatically activates the clutch pedal movement in a completely controlled system. The car can be driven by using just the brake and accelerator. In traffic when releasing the brake pedal the car creeps forward like an automatic. Auto Clutch takes the fatigue away from having to operate the clutch pedal continuously, particularly in traffic situations. Click here for an enlarged Auto Clutch is mainly comprised of two units. The first elaborate view electronic control unit controls the second compact electric motor. The electric motor is mechanically connected to the clutch pedal with a cable. The accelerator pedal, brake pedal, hand brake and road speed are monitored for signals which result in automatic activation of the system. The entire system is installed in the interior compartment of the car. Some of the features are:

Change gear without using your foot to operate the clutch

Accident identification system

AIS is used in navigation primarily for collision avoidance. Due to the limitations of VHF radio communications, and because not all vessels are equipped with AIS, the system is meant to be used primarily as a means of lookout and to determine risk of collision rather than as an automated collision avoidance system, in accordance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS).

A vessel's text-only AIS display, listing nearby vessels' range, bearings, and names When a ship is navigating at sea, the movement and identity of other ships in the vicinity is critical for navigators to make decisions to avoid collision with other ships and dangers (shoal or rocks). Visual observation (unaided, binoculars, night vision), audio exchanges (whistle, horns, VHF radio), and radar or Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) are historically used for this purpose. However, a lack of positive identification of the targets on the displays, and time delays and other limitation of radar for observing and calculating the action and response of ships around, especially on busy waters, sometimes prevent possible action in time to avoid collision. While requirements of AIS are only to display a very basic text information, the data obtained can be integrated with a graphical electronic chart or a radar display, providing consolidated navigational information on a single display.

Two-Wheeler Security System

Knight hawk offers a comprehensive security system with host of features that gives your bike protection against theft and to you peace of mind. Not only security but also remote operation offers world-class convenience, style and fun, which is the most sought after lifestyle of the generations of the new millennium. Can be used in non-battery type two-three wheelers also [non-battery vehicle owner should install extra battery]. Features: bike immobiliser - if unauthorized person is driving away your bike, you can stop the bike remotely within 80 to 125 feet; easy - fast installation and operation; vibration sensitivity adjustment three configuration; auto alarming after 15 seconds the alarm will switch off and will be reset automatically; unique inbuilt loud hooter eliminates fear of tampering with hooter; engine cut off - any attempt to drive

away the bike will disconnect the ignition and trigger the alarm; remote operation - let you arm and disarm the knight hawk from a distance of 80 to 125 feet, locates the bike in a parking lot, sends as sos in emergency to attract attention; theft detection - any attempt to drive the vehicle or steal parts like carburettor, battery, etc. Will trigger the alarm.