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Features n Provides One Form C Programmable Relay Contact n Monitored and Controlled from a Signaling Line Circuit (Addressable Loop) n Powered By Signaling Line Circuit. No External Power n LED Indicates Relay Operation n High EMF/RFI Noise Immunity

OXA-502RM Front View

OXA-502RM Rear View

General Information The AUTOCALL OXA-502RM and OXA503RM modules provide a form C relay contact for annunciation and auxiliary control purposes with the AUTOCALL TFX series fire alarm systems. Both are monitored and controlled as an addressable device on an AUTOCALL TFX system signaling line circuit. The relay contact may be programmed to operate in conjunction with any single or group of input events. Each relay monitor module uses one of 126 available addresses on an AUTOCALL TFX signaling circuit. It responds to regular polls from the control panel and reports its type and status. A flashing LED indicates that the module is in communication with the control panel. Up to 99 modules can be placed on an individual circuit. The OXA-502RM is an addressable field module and is provided with an attractive plastic cover with eggshell finish. The status LED is visible through the plastic cover.

The OXA-503RM is an addressable, plugin module for use with the OXM-501 motherboard (P/N 9976253), which accommodates up to three OXA-503RMs. Installation and Wiring The OXA-502RM mounts on a standard surface 2-gang electrical box or a recessed 4" square box with 2-gang adaptor. Testing and Maintenance Routine functional tests may be performed by providing the appropriate input to the AUTOCALL TFX system and verifying relay operation.

Listings & Approvals UL Listed: File Number: S374 (OXA-502RM) File Number: S2561 (OXA-503RM) CSFM No. 7300-1493:152 MEA No. 415-92-E Vol.VI FM ID No. OB2A9.AY

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Notes: 1. All wiring to conform to current National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, state, and local building code requirements and applicable notes. When installed to comply with N.E.C. Article 760, Part A and Part B, these circuits are classified as non-power limited. When installed to comply with N.E.C. Article 760, Part A and Part C, these circuits are classified as power limited. 2. The red LED (seen from front) indicates the following when addressed by the control panel: - When scanning normally (relay deactivated), the LED will illuminate once every two seconds when the module address is scanned. - When the relay is initially activated, the LED will illuminate for a short period, then illuminate once every two seconds when the address of the module is scanned. The LED will be brighter than when the relay is deactivated. 3. Terminals marked N.C. are not used. 4. Set address according to site plan. Switch ON Values: Sw. Pos. Value Sw. Pos. Value 1 1 5 16 2 2 6 32 3 4 7 64 4 8 5. Break wire run to provide supervision. 6. For nonpower-limited circuit application, add blank label to cover the POWERLIMITED reference. Make sure that all power-limited/Class 2 wiring is separated at least 0.25 inches from any wiring that is not power limited. Use cable ties or other permanent means to secure wiring. 7. Use only UL Listed 24V power supply suitable for fire protective signaling service.

OXA-502RM Addressable Relay Module, dry contact

OXA-502RM Addressable Relay Module, powered relay circuit

Addressable Relay Module Wiring Diagram (OXA-502RM) Specifications Operating Temperature: Operating Humidity: Relay Contact Rating: Addressable Loop Current: Standby Current Alarm Current Cover Material: Contact Surge Protection: Shipping Weight: Dimensions:

32F/120F 85%(noncondensing) 2 amp at 24VDC, 0.6 amp at 120VAC 0.18mA 0.18mA Polycarbonate ABS Alloy 250V MOV 3.6 ounces 4.5"H x 4.5"W x 1.3"D

Ordering Information Part No. Model Description 976258 OXA-502RM Addressable relay module, mounted to two gang plate 976259 OXA-503RM Addressable relay module, plug-in style 9976253 OXM-501 Motherboard kit. Provides connections for up to three OXA-503RM addressable relay modules. 976170 Auxiliary mounting backplate. Provides mounting for up to four OXA-501 motherboards.
Please reference both the model and part numbers when ordering.

This literature does not cover all the variations in the equipment described, nor does it provide for every possible contingency to be met in connection with installation, operation and maintenance. All specifications and listings are subject to change without notice. If you need more information on this product, or have a question, contact Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Company, Westlake, Ohio 44145. 1999 Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Company, a Division of the Grinnell Corporation. AUTOCALL is a registered trademark of the Grinnell Corporation.

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