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Master of synonyms list...

Black Rose Writing (Reagan Rothe)

Please let us know if you have any favorite/poetic words that you think we should have on our list???

Portcullis iron grate beyond a castles drawbridge Intrepid fearless, bold Sinuous full of curves Diffuse spread out, verbose (wordy), not focused Vacuous dull, stupid, empty-headed This is a vacuous book Misanthrope/y A hater, hatred of mankind Contumacious disobedient, rebellious Ant: Malleable Ascetic n. one who leads a simple life of self-denial Bombast pompous speech, pretentious words Churlishness crude or surly behavior; behavior of a peasant Alacrity cheerful promptness or speed Loquacious very talkative Sagacious wise Anachronism something out of place in time Ex: Airplane in 1492 Quiescence state of being at rest or without motion Ellipsis omission of words that would make the meaning clear Coda in music, a concluding passage Perfunctory done in a routine, mechanical way, without interest Bilateral pertaining to or affecting both sides or two sides; having two sides Beneficient kindly, doing good Attenuate to make thin or slender, to weaken or dilute Anomaly an oddity, inconsistency Abstemious sparing in use of food or drinks Codify to organize laws or rules into a systematic collection (code) Cogitate to think hard, ponder, or meditate Irascible prone to anger Pretentious claiming great merit or importance, ostentatious Laconic sparing of words, brief, terse, pithy, concise Salubrious promoting health Malevolent wishing evil Ant: benevolent Discrete separate or distinct Discreet judicious in conduct or speech Putrefy to decompose, to rot Inert inactive, not reacting chemically Engender to bring about, to produce Intractable stubborn, not easily managed Josh was a very intractable athlete. Paradigm model, prototype, pattern

Commodious spacious, roomy, convenient Extrapolate to infer what is unknown from something known Autocrat/cy an absolute ruler, government ruled by one Imperturbable calm, not easily excited Comeliness beauty, attractiveness in appearance or behavior Disinterested neutral, unbiased Uninterested not caring Luminous emitting light, enlightened, intelligent Putrefaction a smelly mass that is the decomposition of organic matter Arduous difficult, laborious, strenuous Truculent adj. fierce, savage, cruel Disingenuous not frank or candid, deceivingly simple, hypocritical Contiguity juxtaposition of two or more events in time and space Inept incompetent, clumsy, hopeless Decorous suitable, proper Archetype first model from which others are copied; prototype Tractable adj. easily managed Ant: intractable Squalid filthy, wretched Tortuous adj. full of twists and turns; not straight-forward, possibly deceitful Incredulous skeptical, disbelieving Ingenuous noble, honorable, candid, open nature Ingenious very smart Ubiquitous omnipresent, present everywhere Omnipotent having unlimited power or authority Ephemeral short-lived, transitory Ant: eternal Caprice a sudden, unpredictable, or whimsical change Spurious not genuine or authentic, bogus Allude to hint, to refer indirectly to something Viscous thick and sticky (said of fluids) Sycophant a flatterer of important people Wes is an extreme sycophant. Cloying adj. too sweet or excessively flattering Cacophony a harsh, inharmonious collection of sounds, dissonance Prevaricate to lie Discourse to converse, to communicate in orderly fashion Constrain to force, limit, restrain, compel Pristine primitive, pure, uncorrupted Facetious joking in a an awkward or improper manner, silly Complacent self-satisfied, unworried Complaisant eager to please, obliging Catharsis a purging or relieving of the body or soul Circumlocution a roundabout or indirect way of speaking; not to the point Cornucopia plethora of, a lot of something Burgeon to grow or develop quickly Acerbic adj. sour or bitter in taste or manner Illusive deceiving, unreal Allusive to hint at

Astringent causing contraction, tightening, stern, Aseptic germ free Ossify to turn to bone; to harden Obviate to make unnecessary Malign v. to speak evil of adj. an evil disposition Ant: benign Propensity a liking for, natural tendency toward, an inclination Pedantic emphasizing, teaching Antipathy a natural dislike or repugnance Garrulous talkative Crass stupid, unrefined, gross Assiduous carefully attentive, industrious, diligent Amalgamate to mix, merge, or combine Encomium high praise Unsheathe to draw from or as if from a sheathe Ebullience an overflow of high spirits Panegyric high praise Assuage to relieve, ease, make less severe Atrophy to waste away, as from lack of use, to wither Conundrum puzzles or riddles Banal trite, without freshness or originality Insipid uninteresting, boring, dull, flat Indigenous native to a region, inborn or innate Ex: Spaghetti in Chili Endemic native to a particular area of people Inherent part of the essential character, natural, intrinsic Placate v. to appease or pacify, soothe Implacable unwilling to be pacified or appeased Disputatious argumentative Welter a confused mass; turmoil Evanescent vanishing quickly Arcane obscure, secret, mysterious Exigent urgent or pressing Incisive to the point Enervate to weaken, sap your strength Inchoate not yet fully formed, rudimentary Snivel to cry or whine with snuffling Arid dry, parched, barren Impassive showing no emotion Apposite pertinent, appropriate, apt, suitable Opposite set over against Iconoclast one who smashes revered images Coterie a clique, group or faction Contiguous touching, adjacent Converge to move toward one point Ant: diverge Denigrate to defame, belittle Derision mockery, scorn, ridicule Deride to laugh at with contempt, to mock

Subjugate to dominate or enslave Dissemble to pretend Extemporize to improvise Feign pretend, fake Baleful harmful, malign, detrimental Chicanery trickery or deception Gainsay to speak against, contradict, to deny Impugn to attack with words; question the truthfulness or integrity Diffident timid, lacking self confidence Impervious impenetrable, unaffected Recondite hard to understand, profound scholarship, complex Deleterious harmful, hurtful, noxious Tenuous thin, slim, delicate, weak Magnanimity nobleness of mind, fairness Cloture a parliamentary procedure to end debate and begin to vote Palpable touchable, clear, obvious Cogent to the point; clear, convincing in its clarity/presentation Altruism n. unselfish devotion to the welfare of others rather than self Contravene to oppose or contradict Debilitate to enfeeble, to wear out, hinder Obdurate stubborn, inflexible Diatribe a bitter or abusive speech Penurious stingy, miserly Rancor strong ill will, enmity, spite Specious plausible but deceptive, believable but false Petulant cranky, rude Deprecate to express disapproval of, protest against Debacle disaster Contentious quarrelsome Aspersion slanderous statement, a damaging or derogatory criticism Emollient softening or soothing to the skin Maculate adj. spotted, blotched v. to stain, spot, or defile Macerate to soften by steeping in liquid (stomach juices) Recalcitrant stubbornly rebellious Intransigent uncompromising Disparate unequal, different Amalgam a mixture or combination (often metals) Baubles a small, showy ornament of little value; a trinket Naught a nonexistence, lost, ruined, worthless, nothing
Black Rose Writing & Reagan Rothe