Celiosoft Releases the Second Major Version of TuckAway Intelligent Email Organi zer Celiosoft are proud to announce

the second major version of their award winning software TuckAway Intelligent Email Organizer Brisbon, QLD, Australia, August 13, 2011 -- Celiosoft has launched the new major version of its product, TuckAway Intelligent Email Organizer, an add-in for Mic rosoft Outlook that helps in the daily management of email communication. As par t of this major update the company has also released a free 30 days trial of the software. Due to the fact that TuckAway Intelligent Email Organizer is used as solution fo r email sorting and inbox organizing, the product is recommended to everybody th at is tired of working through hundreds, if not thousands of emails that clutter up in an uncontrolled way. The software is able to learn from the individual us er their filing preferences and will suggest the right filing folder for each ma il the user files. In this way, TuckAway Intelligent Email Organizer can either file sent items aut omatically after an email has been sent (showing the destination first) or by pr ompting to confirm or change the automatically selected folder. As a result, aft er only a short learning curve, TuckAway will be neatly sorting sent and receive d email into meaningful folders creating an organized working environment in Out look, improving productivity and saving time on common user searches. TuckAway allows you to file all emails of a specified thread, reason why when a specific email communication line has been concluded or a project that was manag ed via e-mail is complete, it will be easy to simply archive these emails in a u nique PST file that will keep the main PST of Microsoft Outlook to a minimum siz e, resulting in less problems and overall better Outlook performance. “TuckAway has a unique intelligent filing system that learns the filing patterns o f individual users to improve the accuracy of choosing the right filing folder u sing advance predication algorithms”, said Alexander Lem, Celiosoft director of ma rketing, as part of a recent description of TuckAway’s latest public version. For this reason, TuckAway can be easily considered as a Microsoft Outlook user’s best friend, the product being installed as an Outlook add-on, reason why it will hav e very little impact on overall system performance. “Version 2.0 is available for purchase on the official Celiosoft website. Some of the major benefits of using our product are that it helps keeping your PST file to a reduced size while it is completely integrated with Microsoft Outlook. The integrated artificial intelligence built into this product helps to intelligent ly manage large amounts of daily emails based on fully automatic procedures”, as c oncluded by Alexander Lem. Overall, this version of TuckAway Intelligent Email Organizer manages to bring i nnovation in the field of email communication management thanks to improved addin performance, user interface enhancement as well as a fully automatic predicti on system that is based on state of the art artificial intelligence. On top of the already mentioned benefits, TuckAway Intelligent Email Organizer will make the user of Outlook based rules obsolete, reason why manual creation o f such elements will no longer be necessary, this product being actually capable of eliminating the overall confusion associated with a comprehensive email rule set. For additional information regarding TuckAway Intelligent Email Organizer as wel l as obtaining a free evaluation version of the product it is recommended to acc

ess http://www.celiosoft.com or to contact the company directly using the websit e’s support panel. About Celiosoft: Celiosoft is a company specializing in intelligent software development that wil l result in solutions for customer everyday usage. TuckAway Intelligent Email Or ganizer is the company’s flagship product, reason why Celiosoft is offering profes sional customer support and excellent feature improvements with each of the soft ware’s new versions. Contact : Alexander Lem Director of Marketing Celiosoft Brisbon QLD 4172 Australia 44222656 alexl@celiosoft.com http://www.celiosoft.com