God Recites a Poem- By Salem Lorot

Song: Toingela, toingela lopagore namonokomoke zambizee layani waa ezani namonokomoke«X2

1. I am God, I share no name with mortals, I am Elohim, God the Creater and Transcendent I am El Shaddai, God All Sufficient

2. In the beginning even before beginning was beginning I was there; For I can't be measured by time For I am El- Olam, the Everlasting God

3. I am God, the Indescribable One For I don't fit into the tongue of man I defy his lexicon for I am the lexicon Words are under me

4. Jehovah- M'kaddesh is my name, The Lord Who Sanctifies I am holy, delight is mine for righteous souls Chagrin fills me for the unrighteous

a poet In fact the greatest poet in heaven and earth ( Heaven and earth? Nay. My poems are not enclosed in books They are in the lips of man my creation They are in the beaks of birds my creation They are in the tides and waves Morning dews Nightingales. I am God. I am God. without limitation of time and space) I need no script to write my verses and proses I need no inspiration I need no style I suffer no writer's block 7.5. My poems need no review nor critique For they are just that: Classicals You see them everyday on the face of a stranger A talented man walking on tight rope . the Invisible One You can't paint me on a canvas Yet I take a walk in Exhibitions And marvel at your works 6. 8.

once writ no one unwrites For I am Alpha and Omega. those are my classical 9. I am El-Gibhor. I am God. The Sonnetist. The Bard. voice is under my feet . I need no experience I need no reward If I write I write. The First and the Last Time is me. I am the Everlasting Poet. I don't have a voice-box For I am the voice.You see it on a child's face You see it as the wind blows on a grassy field Those are my poems. The Ace Rhapsodist In my poetry. I don't move with emotions 10. I need no audience For I can be my own audience I seek no man's approbation nor appraisal I am God. the Mighty God For I can roar as thunder and whisper in the winds I can lift the poor and humble the wealthiest I can speak now and echo throughout eternity My voice has no limit. experience is under my feet 11.

storytelling is under my feet 13. I fit no description. I suffer no depression. I am indescribable Yet my facet is known throughout the ages Of my mercy. Jehovah-Shalom is my name. The Lord of Peace. I can create and destroy I can even destroy what is already destroyed For I can create what has not been created I can lift a village into a city and bring down empires At one fell swoop For creation and destruction are under my feet 14.12. I can calm turbulent waters. I can conciliate I can mollify. mortification is not me I never tire. I need no story-telling For even storytelling is me. my righteousness. the Creator I speak and create. recess is for my creation . I can pacify raged hearts I can send a dove to the mind of a killer. placating is under my feet 15. lethargy is not me I need no holiday. I can placate For peace is me. exhaustion is not me I never sleep. I am God. my holiness Men speak my story.

the Inexhaustible C) Lorot Salem 2011 .I am God.

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