Don Juan Quotes Warrior Path & Carlos Castaneda [Don Juan is what he calls a Man of Knowledge.

The most knowledgeable mystic av ailable in writing through the work of Carlos Castaneda. Through him the The As semblage Point was revealed to the world.] See: Ego and Self Importance quotes Talking Types of petty tyrants found in pe ople Intent The Assemblage Point External: Quotes Seeing is a peculiar feeling of knowing, of knowing something without a shadow o f doubt. What a strange paradox! Every warrior on the path of knowledge thinks, at one ti me or another, that he's learning sorcery, but all he's doing is allowing himsel f to be convinced of the power hidden in his being, and that he can reach it.---Don Juan Matus, The Power of Silence "The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior ta kes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man takes everything as a bless ing or as a curse."--Don Juan "A petty tyrant is a tormentor.......Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction."--Don Juan “He (Don Juan) said that a warrior had no compassion for anyone . For him, to h ave compassion meant that you wished the other person to be like you, to be in y our shoes, and you lent a hand for that purpose. The hardest thing in the world is for a warrior to let others be. Only a sorcerer who sees and is formless can afford to help anyone——to his understanding every effort to help on our part was an arbitrary act guided by our self interest alone.”(271) La Gorda "Self-importance is man's greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended b y the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance requires that one sp end most of one's life offended by something or someone."--Don Juan "My benefactor used to say that a warrior who stumbles on a petty tyrant is a lu cky one."--Don Juan (The Fire From Within p34) "A nagual never lets anyone know that he is in charge. A nagual comes and goes w ithout leaving a trace. That freedom is what makes him a nagual."-----Don Juan "The characteristic of miserable seers is that they are willing to forget the wo nder of the world. They become overwhelmed by the fact that they see and believe that it's their genius that counts." ----Don Juan p58 "It's better to get something worthwhile done using deception than to fail to ge t something worthwhile done using truth."---Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda) Inner silence works from the moment you begin to accrue it. What the old sorcere rs were after was the final dramatic, end result of reaching that individual thr eshold of silence. Some very talented practitioners need only a few minutes of s ilence to reach that coveted goal. Others, less talented, need long periods of s ilence, perhaps more than one hour of quietude, before they reach the desired re sult. The desired result is what the old sorcerers called "stopping the world", the moment when everything around us ceases to be what it's always been. This is the moment when sorcerers return to the TRUE nature of man. The old sorcerers a lways called it "total freedom" ----Don Juan (Carlos Castanada)

so that when his cubic ce ntimeter pops out he has the necessary speed. And I cling to nothing.html WARRIOR QUOTES THE WARRIOR SAYINGS OF DON JUAN The following quote collection has been culled from the Casteneda books and repr esents a distillation of Don Juan's philosophy of the warrior. Chance. I am already given to the power that rules my is a peculiar state of affairs. so I . Regardless of wha t you may think of the literal veracity of these books. deliberately waiting. the gumption necessa ry to grab it. one word is enough to change the course of our lives. have a cubic centimete r of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. like a blade of impervious metal. everything we are. Taken together t hey amount to a Toltec Warrior Manifesto. The way to stop talking to ourselves is to use exactly the same method used to teach us to talk to ours elves. Usually we are too busy. "--Don Juan (Journey to Ixtlan) Everything we do. and this is the way we must stop it: compulsively and unwaveringly. everything is possible." Don Juan's warrior teachings are also equipment for living. whether or not we are warriors. penetrating power is unequaled."--Don Juan http://alignment2012. on th e other hand. and they pierce ego illusions like diamond bullets. from The Fire From Within It doesn't matter how one was brought up. or just too stupid and lazy to realize that that is our cubic centimeter of luck. Someone once defined stories as "equip ment for living. the first encounter with the philosophy of the warrior. my words alone wou ld serve as a means to round up the totality of yourself and get to the crucial part of it out of the boundaries in which it is contained. is always alert and tight and has the spring. they were for many in ou r culture. If we don't. so mething never to leave behind. including me. Don Juan's teachings about the Warrior stance have the perfection of a Samurai sword or arrows shot by a master Zen archer. the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and that revelation w on't make a damn bit of difference. "There is something you ought to be aware of by now. good luck. Do you know that at this very moment you are surrounded by eternity? And do you know you can use that eternity. the prowess to pick it up. Their concise. What determines the way one does anyth ing is personal power.-From Journey To Ixtlan "Churches are monuments to self importance. A warrior. or too preoccupied. personal power. It is like a very small stick that comes out in front of us and invites us to pluck it. If we have e nough of it.-From Tales of Power Once inner silence is attained.Power always makes a cubic centimeter of chance available to a warrior. rests on our personal power. The warr ior's art is to be perennially fluid in order to pluck it. All of us. if you so de sire? Do you know that you can extend yourself forever in any direction and use it to take the totality of yourself forever in any direction? Do you know that o ne moment can be eternity? If you had enough personal power. The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this. a powerful ally to accompany you into any sort of wilderness. we were taught compulsively and unwaveringly. I call it the cubic centime ter of chance. and one of his tasks is to be alert. or whatever you may call it.

the acts of a fool. For a warrior. He must let each of his acts be his last battle on earth. the world is weird because if he's not bored with it. Life in itself is sufficient. I will dart past the Eagle to be free. Detached and at ease. precise and sustained. If that is accomplished the road is clear. Warriors have an ulterior purpose for their acts which has nothing to do with personal gain. in this marvelous time. Warriors don't waste an instant. If that act is repeated long enough. on the contrary. Without remorse or sadness or worrying. an eternity that may decide the outcome." it is not assum ed that warriors must be males. Warriors aim at succeeding. Note—Although the quotes use the default masculine pronoun "he. so I will remember myself. What counts for a warrior is being alive. the world is weird because it is stupendous. but for the spirit. a second is an eternity. A warrior must assume responsibility for being here. The mood of the warrior who enters into the unknown is not one of sadness. he must focus his attention on the fact that he does not have time and let his acts flow accordingly. one acquires a sense of unbending intent which can be applied to anything else. awesome. Otherwise they will be. Having lost hope of ever returning to the source of everything. one may say without being presumptuous that the experience of experiences is being alive. he's joyful because he feels humbled by . mysterious. Warriors compress time. The average man acts only if there is a chance for profit. he's at odds with it. Impeccability begins with a single act that has to be deliberate. for as long as he lives. in this marvelous world.will have nothing to defend. this is the sixth principle of the art of stalking. A warrior must focus his attention on the link between himself and his death. the average man seeks solace in his selfishness. I have no thoughts. One thing will lead to another until the warrior realizes his full potential. Many of the most powerful warriors in the Casten eda books are female. A warrior acknowledges his pain but he doesn't indulge in it. a being totally involved with his self-image. Even an instant counts. therefore they compress time. For the average man. so I will see. Any movement of the assemblage point means a movement away from an excessive concern with the individual self. Therefore. I fear nothing. self-explanatory and complete. In a battle for your life. Shamans believe it is the position of the assemblage point which makes modern man a homicidal egoist. Only under those conditions will his acts have their rightful power. unfathomable. A warrior must cultivate the feeling that he has everything needed for the extravagant journey that is his life. Warriors act not for profit.

but the price is not impossible to pay. Acts have power. A warrior is tuned to survive and he survives in the best of all possible fashions. he acts. on the other hand. like specks of gold dust. A warrior has nothing in the world except his impeccability. and from having truthfully assessed what lies ahead of him. What destroyed the superb warriors of ancient times was to rely on that assumption. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. your masters.his great fortune. A warrior is not a leaf at the mercy of the wind. That's abandon. Knowledge comes to a warrior. Don't waste your time and your power fearing freedom. Once his calculations are over. No one can push him. fear your captors. A warrior's joyfulness comes from having accepted his fate. The average man is hooked to his fellow men. while the warrior is hooked only to infinity. Nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. But that's not necessarily so. and above all. is free from all that. That's control. Especially when the warrior acting knows that those acts are his last battle. can you deviate from the path that your fellow men have lined up for you? And if you remain with them. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to withstand the pressure of the unknowable. fully aware of his efficiency. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. and impeccability . What seems natural is to think that a warrior who can hold his own in the face of the unknown can certainly face petty tyrants with impunity. the same dust that covers the wings of moths. He calculates everything. with a great deal of effort but with no stress or obsession. A warrior is a hunter. Freedom is expensive. There is a strange consuming happiness in acting with the full knowledge that whatever he is doing may very well be his last act on earth. confident that his spirit is impeccable. If a warrior is to succeed in anything. He lets go. To be under siege implies that one has personal possessions that could be blockaded. It is much easier for warriors to fare well under conditions of maximum stress than to be impeccable under normal circumstances. And whoever is with them is a black magician on the spot. or being rained on b specks of dark gold dust. So. the success must come gently. A warrior is never under siege. knowledge is like taking a shower. That is slavery. floating. while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or as a curse. Our fellow men are black magicians. no one can make him do things against himself or against his better judgment. your thoughts and your actions are fixed forever in their terms. Think for a moment. The warrior. The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge. So for a warrior.

Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. Self-importance is man's greatest enemy. He aims at being simple. When nothing is for sure we remain alert. but when we turn around to face the world they always fail us and we end up facing the world as we always have. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. It is of no use to be sad and complain and feel justified in doing so. The first is that stalkers learn never to take themselves seriously. By the way. He applies all the concentration he has to decide whether or not to enter into battle. much less to a warrior. and to this effect. The hardest thing in the world is to assume the mood of a warrior. He accepts in humbleness what he is. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Stalkers are never in a hurry. Casteneda. His life is an endless challenge. they learn to laugh at themselves. A warrior must be willing and ready to make his last stand here and now. and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. published an entire book of Don Juan quotations entitled The Arrow of Time. and accepts it in ultimate humbleness. Everyone who wants to follow the warrior's path has to rid himself of the compulsion to possess and hold onto things. and where new acts have new reflections. not as grounds for regret but as a living challenge. The flaw with words is that they always make us feel enlightened. A warrior takes his lot. The recommendation for warriors is not to have any material things on which to focus their power. But not in a helter-skelter way. they never fret. And the third is that stalkers learn to have an endless capacity to improvise.cannot be threatened. Applying these principles brings about three results. on the true flight into the unknown. A warrior doesn't complicate things. To discard everything that is unnecessary is the second principle of the art of stalking. This is the third principle of the art of stalking. he gets a new description of the world—a new description where talking is not that important. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one's life offended by something or someone. Nobody is doing anything to anybody. but to focus it on the spirit. not on trivialities. just before he died. Challenges are simple challenges. they can fool anyone. The second is that stalkers learn to have endless patience. without enlightenment. for any battle is a battle for his life. For this reason. believing that someone is always doing something to us. whatever it amy be. If they are not afraid of being a fool. It is more exciting not to know which bush the rabbit is hiding behind than to behave as though we knew everything. perennially on our toes. As long as a man feels that he is the most important thing in . a warrior seeks to act rather than to talk.

Not only is impeccabilit y freedom. this description gai ns more and more ground. In the tradition of the sorcerers to which don Juan belongs. it is the only way to straighten out the human form. or voladores. A man in that posit ion is deaf and blind to everything else. this is not a matter of speculation or of metaphorical predilection . in fact. The fatigue itself makes him cease to see the marvels all around him. which is about the bleakest description we know. Sorcerers know for a fact. He is like a horse with blinders. those who have lost everything no longer have anything to fear. which they call flyers. keep us human beings. since he is going to be here in this world for only a short while. by mean s of their capacity to see energy directly. Sorcerers say that just as we keep chickens. one becomes courageous. A warrior must learn to make every act count. Once doubts are banished anything is possible. clumsy and vain. For a seer. Throughout the ages they have described the condition of man. Power always makes a cubic centimeter of chance available to a warrior. As time goes by. the truth is that all living beings are struggling to die. apart from everything else. The flyers of the sorcerers' tradition are black shadows that we sometimes detec t and explain away as floaters in the retina. What stop s death is awareness. too short for witnessing all the marvels of it. What we need to do to allow magic to get hold of us is to banish doubts from our minds. it is maintained th at the universe is predatorial in nature. that those shadows are predatorial a . and since that is already our unalterable fate. To be a warrior one needs to be light and fluid. some entities that come from a universe of awareness keep us in human coops. The worst that could happen to us is that we have to die. For sorcerers. he cannot really appreciate the world around him. cooped up in humaneros. The warrior's art is to be perennially fluid in order to pluck it. or gallina s in Spanish.the world. Sorcerers make a joke and say that those e ntities. or seres hu manos. no kindness. Wisdom without kindness and knowledge without sobriety are useless. all he sees is himself. We are timid only when the re is something we can still cling to. Feeling important makes one heavy. we are free. or a gallinero. and such movements are ruled by the amount of energy warriors have at their command. in a coop. There is no completeness without sadness and longing. The only freedom warriors have is to behave impeccably. Dwelling upon the self too much produces a terrible fatigue. When one has nothing to lose. Everything that warriors do is done as a consequence of a movement of their assemblage points.they know for a fact that it is p redatorial. for without them there is no sobriety.

Therefore. which the reason learns to accept and defend. upholds it with his rea son. and believe me. one he called 'reason'. 'will'. myself and I. That ring. you name it. this sheen of awareness is like a plastic cover that would make the luminous ball shine even more if it were not for the fact t hat it has been eaten away down to the level of our heels. Sorcerers assert that the only awareness which cannot be eaten is the awareness produced by iron-hande d discipline. Here is where the sorcerers description gets very disturbing to us. I remarked that the diagram was different from the one I had recorded years befo re. 'We. 'The outer form is of no importance. altruism. S orcerers say.nagual. kindness. religions. 'The secret of the luminous beings is that they have another ring of power which is never used. Imagine our disquietude upon examining. the sorcere rs' tradition is at total variance with any other kind of spiritual tradition. which is hooked very soon after we a re born. the will. Both descriptions have t heir rules and the rules are perceivable. through recapitulating we can acquire a hard discipline which is the only means by which we can make ourselves unpalatable to the flyers. the sorcerer. the world that your reason wants to sus tain is ' the world created by a description and its dogmatic and inviolable rul es. is a device concocted by the flyers to keep us in a lull. This sorcerer's description is of course our ultimate nemesis. 'dreaming' and 'seeing'. but the advantage of the sorcerer is t hat will is more engulfing than reason The diagram in the ashes had two epicentres.' he said. In our personal lives we have corroborated that the only force left in th e immediate world around us is the force of self-importance. not out of cynicism. 'These points represent a human b . the average man. Both have a description. the other. is an il lusion. 'Reason' was interconnected directly with a point he called 'talking'. in essence. was directly connect ed to 'feeling'.nd that they keep us alive in order to devour our awareness. but we u se only one to create the world. sorcerers sa y that the only sheen of awareness left in us by our eaters is the awareness of dred1. Between the two they concoct and maintain the world. one. To them. 'feel ing'. http://www. we don't want to believe that we are being raised for food. upholds it with his will. compassion. is reason. weighing an d pondering this proposition. not the discipline of compulsive. all we are left with is the concern with me. 'The world that we perceive. naturally. 'So. though. The trick of the sorcerer is the same trick of the ave rage man. which comes disguis ed in the form of humility. and its companion is talking. It was created by a description that was told to us since the moment we were born. T hrough 'talking'. routinary behavior. are born with two rings of power. The other epicentre.html 'We are perceivers.' he proceeded. but only indirectly to 'reason' and 't alking'. Sorcerers say that our awareness is like a sheen around our total field of energy that looks to the m like a luminous ball. that every ideal we deal with in terms of spiritual traditions. 'dreaming' and 'seeing'. the other. In this sense. etc. 'will'. The recapitulation seems to create a condition of fluidity and det ermination which is the discipline that sorcerers talk about. the luminous beings. 'reason' was indirectly connected to three other points.

. 'Those two points will never yield to talking or to reason. and much more distant from 'talking' and 'reason'. forget that the description is only a description and t hus we entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime. reason and talking. The eight po ints make the totality of oneself. a human being is reason. It is only a description that was created to help us. we have no solidity. it is connected only with talking. 'Dreaming' was on the right side against the ribs.' He showed me in the diagram that in essence all the points could be made to conn ect with one another indirectly. We are boundless. Feeling is always vague but somehow familiar.' he said.. He said that sometimes in some warriors 'seeing' and 'dreaming' were on the right side. He poin ted with his finger to show that they were isolated from the rest and from each other. But only in the world of sorcerers does one get fully acquainted with dreaming. We are perceivers. . will. fee ling. Reason is so removed from them that it is utterly useless to t ry figuring them out. 'Only will can handle them. This is properly a centre that is smaller than will. Two of them. we are not objects. And fin ally. because will is directly connected to three points. are known by everyone.. or rather our reason. The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our pass age on earth convenient. W e. don Juan?'. 'dr eaming* and 'seeing".eing and can be drawn in any way you want. dreaming and seeing. as you can see in the diagram. seeing and will. The area below the navel w as 'will'. I asked him again about the two mysterious remaining points. at the outer edge of that world one encounters the other two. that a human being is.'We may say that every one of us brings to the world eight points. A sorcerer says. We are an awareness. He showed me that t hey were connected only to 'will' and that they were removed from 'feeling'.' "What are the other two points.' he said..' 'Do they represent the body of a human being?' I asked. 'These are eight points on the fibres of a lu minous being. The tip of my sternum was the centre of I 'feeling'. 'Don't call it the body. first of all. He touched my head and said that that was the centre off 'reason' and 'talking'. 'Seeing' on the le ft. then next.

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