The Basics
Agents: Players. Handler: The Game Master.

minimalist spy/kung ku Action RPG by Joshua Kubli
Mission: The Adventure. Mooks:: Minor enemy agents, bystanders, and animals.

Task Resolution
Each +7 higher 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Roll GUN or KFU vs. Target's ACRO

+1d12 1d12 1d10 1d8 1d6 1d4 1d2 1

Mythical Legendary Extremely Hd Very Hard Hard Average Easy Automatic

Convince/Seduce Roll Charming vs. Stubborn. Enemy must accept -1 to QI to ignore a successful roll. Gamble Notice Roll highest Trait (except Ace) vs. Target's highest Trait (except Ace). Roll Cunning vs. Target's Sneaky.

Withstand Poison Roll Tough vs. Poison's DF

So, Level 13 would be 1d12+1d10, and Level 30 would be 4d12+1d2, right?

Divide 20 Levels between Attributes; 3 is human average and 6 is human maximum; all start with 1.
Acrobatics (ACRO): Moving gracefully and avoiding attacks. Gear (GER): The number of gadgets you possess. Guns (GUN): Hitting people at a distance. Kung Fu (KFU): Hitting opponents up close and personal. Qi (QI): Inner power and weird abilities. At 0, you're Apathetic; at negative full Levels, you're Catatonic. May spend Qi to improve die rolls, or to temporarily boost HLT. Strength (STR): Physical might. Do (STR) damage with a punch/kick; melee weapon damage adds to this. Carry up to (STR) gadgets. If STR is reduced to 0, you are KOed; at negative full Level, you're Toast.

Personality Traits
Divide 10 Levels into Traits; maximum is 6; all start with 1.
You can add your Personality Trait to any roll where it wouldn't normally apply, by explaining why adn accepting -1 to QI. Ace: Ability to drive and pilot. Charming: Ability to sell ice to Eskimos. Command: Your ranking in The Agency and ability to bark out orders. Cunning: Ability to lie, cheat, and steal. Genius: Knowledge of science, history, art, and such. Sneaky: Ability to walk unseen, and impersonate others. Stubborn: Ability to ignore other peoples' bullshit. Tough: Ability to ignore poison, disease, and infomercials.

Combat and Gadgets
Al characters start with one gadget per GER.
Firearms: Base cost 2 GER, damage 1d10+1. Melee weapons: Base cost 1 GER, damage STR +1 Level. Large weapons suffer -1 to hit, and cost +1 GER, but do +1 Level of damage. Armor costs 2 GER but adds +1 to HLT; Heavy Armor costs 3 GER and adds +2 HLT. Other gadgets, like grappling hooks, surveillance devices, and the like cost 1 GER. Disguised gadgets (laser watches, etc). Also cost +1 GER. One round is 6 seconds. Every character gets 2 actions per round, and may Move (up to STR *15 yards), Attack, Dodge (+2 to Acrobatics vs. Attack rolls), Fiddle With Stuff, or Aim (for +1 Level to attack). Health (HLT): is highest 2 of QI, STR, Stubborn, or Tough. Each time you take more damage than this total, all Attrributes except GEAR suffer the excess as a penalty. Conditions: This is the bad stuff that can happen to you. Apathetic: When given an order, you must obey or stand immobile, no other choices. Catatonic: Cannot act, but aware of surroundings. KOEd: Unconscious for 1d6 hours. Toast: Defeated and captured, until the dramatic escape scene. Mooks are Toast if any damage die rolls maximum against them, or if the attacker succeeds on the Attack Roll by 3+.

Qi Powers
Requires QI of 5+: Each Level of QI above 4 gives you 2 Levels of Qi Powers.
Iron Shirt: When you spend QI to temporarily boost HLT, the amount is increased by (Levels)/2. Leap of the Clouds: Move (Levels *10) yards in any direction. Palm Strike: Do (Levels)/2+3 additional damge with a punch. Qi Blast: Do (Levels +2) damge with GUNS roll, out to (Levels *2) yards. Qi Stun: Choose one action; enemy cannot perform this action for (Levels) Rounds. Cannot deny Attacks to enemy unless they cannot Aim AND cannot Fiddle With Stuff. Qi Sense: Sense some unusual thing up to (Levels *10) yards away. You can make up your own Qi Powers, too; just don't go overboard, and get permission from your Handler.

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