Smolder and Arkham drag Mug Ruith into Drake's apartment. Unicorn follows behind them. Drake and Jeff are still watching TV. DRAKE Now you guys are just being rude! Smolder throws Mug Ruith onto the floor in front of the TV. SMOLDER Scullery's been kidnapped again. Jeff turns off the TV. JEFF By who? SMOLDER The Anders. DRAKE Those bastards! Jeff points at Mug Ruith. JEFF Who's that guy? SMOLDER A guy who better have answers. ARKHAM (to Mug Ruith) What are the Anders' plans? MUG RUITH I'm not telling you anything. Unicorn kicks Mug Ruith in the stomach.

UNICORN Ma shelomkha learn to use Felix Callkadawn's doorway system? MUG RUITH My lips are sealed. Unicorn crouches down next to Mug Ruith and pulls his lips apart with her fingers. UNICORN Tell me now. ARKHAM Unicorn, that's not gonna help. Unicorn stands up and kicks Mug Ruith in the stomach again. DRAKE Kick him again! Unicorn starts to kick Mug Ruith again but Arkham stops her. ARKHAM That's not helping either. Unicorn walks over to the couch and flops down on it looking upset. ARKHAM What were you doing in the government facilities you snuck into? MUG RUITH I guess I can answer that. DRAKE Kick him again! MUG RUITH I was gathering data on your government's security protocols so we could know the best

way to attack. SMOLDER Why are you guys going to attack Washington? MUG RUITH That would be telling. SMOLDER Where did Indrid take Scullery? MUG RUITH Why would I know that? It's not like I'm in the loop right now. You did capture me after all. CUT TO: INT. DARK ROOM Scullery is tied to the chair. Indrid Cold stands next to her. SCULLERY What are you hoping to accomplish by kidnapping me? Smolder rescued me before and he can rescue me again. I'll just wait right here and he'll save me, you just watch. He'll use his thingamajig and I'll be out of here in no time. BAAL (O. S.) You're quite chatty. Baal walks out from the shadows. BAAL Smolder's thingamajig can't find you here. Why? SCULLERY

BAAL Because we're nowhere. SCULLERY You're very stupid. BAAL No, you're very stupid! His thingamajig can't locate anything here because this place doesn't have a location. SCULLERY How's that possible? BAAL Magic. SCULLERY Okay sure... Alan SUDDENLY appears on the table next to the chair. SCULLERY Alan! Scullery? (to Baal) What's she doing here? BAAL Indrid captured here. SCULLERY Smolder and I have been so worried about you Alan. BAAL Worried about your property, huh? Alan is a unique individual and he is not your slave! ALAN

SCULLERY (to Alan) What's he talking about? ALAN I-BAAL You don't have to say anything to her Alan. SCULLERY What's going on? BAAL Alan recently realized the truth about his relationship with you and Smolder. SCULLERY And what's that? BAAL He knows that you never really loved him. SCULLERY But that's not-Baal waves his hand at Scullery and her mouth shuts. BAAL That's enough chatty chatty from you. (to Alan) Don't you have somewhere to be? ALAN Ah, yeah... Alan disappears. Scullery opens her mouth again.

SCULLERY What did you guys tell him? BAAL The truth. Aka a lie! SCULLERY

BAAL Exactly! Now you're catching on. SCULLERY Smolder and I love Alan! He's like a son to us. BAAL Too bad you never let him know that. SCULLERY Well I... I thought I... Scullery starts to cry a little. SCULLERY This is all my fault. BAAL Thanks for making it so easy to turn Alan against you. SCULLERY Shut up! BAAL No, you shut up! CUT TO:

Mug Ruith is tied up on the floor and Smolder, Arkham, Unicorn, Jeff,

and Drake are sitting around him in a circle. ARKHAM You have beady little rat eyes! SMOLDER You're a big fatty! UNICORN You smell ra and you have kakha kakha sense of style which angers me! JEFF You're blind so you can't see the wonders of creation! DRAKE You probably like things that are stupid! Mug Ruith starts to cry. MUG RUITH It's true. I do like things that are stupid. (pauses) Okay, I'll tell you. ARKHAM The Circle of Shame never fails. SMOLDER How are the Anders planning on attacking Washington? MUG RUITH We're going to destroy Seattle. That's where the President is right now. After he dies the rest of the country will fall into chaos. Then we'll take out every major city in the United States. After that we'll take control of the country and go to war with the rest of the world.

DRAKE That's kind of a stupid plan. Smolder closes his eyes and then opens them. SMOLDER I know where the President is. (to Unicorn) I need you to take me to him. Unicorn and Smolder stand up and leave through the front door. DRAKE Well... this has been a very weird night. Let's not do it again sometime. CUT TO: INT. THE PRESIDENT'S SECRET BUNKER President Wong sits at a desk. He's on the phone. PRESIDENT WONG (into the phone) Why haven't we heard back from her? (pauses) How could she have been captured? I thought she was suppose to be the best. (pauses) Well figure it out. We need to know how to stop this before it starts. President Wong hangs up the phone. Unicorn and Smolder enter the room through the door. PRESIDENT WONG How did you get in here? SMOLDER That's not important but this is. The Anders are going to destroy Seattle in an attempt to assassinate you. You have to evacuate

the city. PRESIDENT WONG How could you possibly know that? SMOLDER Just trust me. President Wong pauses for a few seconds. Okay. PRESIDENT WONG

SMOLDER Thank you. Smolder and Unicorn leave through the door and close it behind them. The door bursts open and Agent Skaar rushes in. SKAAR Are you alright Mr. President? PRESIDENT WONG For the moment but we need to evacuate Seattle right now. CUT TO: INT. DARK ROOM Scullery is still tied to the chair. Indrid appears again and he has Ryanne Fasthorse with him. She's tied up. He throws her to the floor and dissapears. Ryanne is facing away from Scullery. RYANNE Hi Scullery! SCULLERY Do I know you? Ryanne rolls over so she can face Scullery.

RYANNE I'm Ryanne Fasthorse. We talked on the phone a few times. SCULLERY Oh right. How'd they capture you? RYANNE I infiltrated their war room but before I could inform the President of what their plans were they caught me. SCULLERY You were working for the President? RYANNE Yeah, he hires me from time to time. Scullery cries a little. Are you okay hun? SCULLERY Not really. A good friend of mine's been brainwashed into hating me which might not have happened if I'd just told him how much I care about him. RYANNE You're talking about Alan the shoe box right? SCULLERY How'd you know? I'm a spy. Indrid appears again. INDRID We do not have any need of you two anymore. I am here to execute you. RYANNE

Indrid approaches Scullery and she SCREAMS. SUDDENLY the ropes holding Scullery fall off her. She jumps up and grabs Indrid's face. He YELLS. SCULLERY Take us to Smolder right now! Indrid, Scullery, and Ryanne dissapear. THE END FADE OUT: